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A Rock and A Hard Place

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“Eiiiiiijiiiii! Come out! We just want to know what happened!” Mina whined from the other side of Eijirou’s locked bedroom door. 

“Can you leave me alone long enough to take a shower?!” he snapped back, taking off the shirt he’d gotten from Katsuki and tossing it on his bed. 

“What do you need to take a shower for, Eiji? Do something naughty?”

Yeah, Eiji, what did you do? Why is there cum leaking out of your ass? “Just, shut up , Mina!” He walked into the bathroom connected to his bedroom, his face red. He showers quickly, but is careful to get all of the sticky cum out of his ass before going back to his room. He pulls on a pair of clean shorts and Katsuki’s t-shirt before walking downstairs.

Mina, Denki, and Ochako are all sitting on the couch and they turn to stare at him.

“Is that an XXXPlosion shirt? Do you even know who XXXPlosion is?” Ochako asked first, frowning up at Eijirou.

If Eijirou hadn’t known before, he did now. “He’s a rapper...that took me home last night,” he muttered the last part, his face red.

“YOU’RE THE DICK IN THE PICTURE?!” Mina screamed, her eyes wide. “What the fuck, Eiji?!”

“I thought you didn’t believe in one night stands?” Ochako said, concern and confusion obvious in her eyes.

“I didn’t, but Denki abandoned me at the club last night and-”

“You abandoned him with XXXPlosion?!”

“I didn’t know XXXPlosion was gay!”

“Yeah, no one did. That’s kinda why there’s a lot of media attention on it.”

“Shit...your dick is all over the country!” Mina said, her eyes wide.

“Noooo, I had no idea about that,” Eijirou replied bitingly, glaring at her.

Mina frowns at him, obviously hurt, and Eijirou immediately feels bad about it. “Sorry, sorry...I just...I’m dealing with a lot right now,” he murmured, looking down.

“Like what? Eijirou, did he hurt you?” Ochako asked gently, pulling him onto the couch with them.

“I mean, no? But he probably will. I had sex with him and I just met him and I don’t know how to handle that.”

“Oh,’s alright. One time isn’t a bad thing.”

“...and I fucked him in his car when he dropped me off,” why did he say that? They’re all staring at him and he feels his skin heat. “And he told me he’d be calling me.” STOP TELLING THEM MORE!

“You...who are you and what did you do with Eiji?” Mina whispers, staring wide-eyed at him. The incredulity in her voice and the shock on her face is enough to make the tears start.

“I...I...I don’t knowwww,” Eijirou wails, covering his face. And he doesn’t. This isn’t how he usually acts. He’d been called a prude more times than he could count and he had only, previous to last night, only slept with two guys. And both of those guys he’d been dating for months before he had sex with them. Katsuki’s words whisper in his head and his tears increase. “I’m a sluuuut!”

“Hey, hey! No, you aren’t! You don’t have to see him again! Just because he calls doesn’t mean you have to answer or go see him again,” Ochako soothes as she and Mina wrap their arms around him and hug him tightly.

But Eijirou knows. He knows the moment he gets that phone call or that text, he will be on his way. He knows because calling himself a slut made him feel a tiny shiver of excitement.

Two full days passes and Eijirou has been watching the drama unfolding surrounding XXXPlosion’s sudden outing. All the female musicians saying he was rude and had a mouth on him, but he never crossed any lines. No previous male lovers popped up though Eijirou knew there had to have been some.

He’s in band practice when he gets THE phone call. He glances at the others before stepping into the hallway, gripping his acoustic guitar.

“Oi, shitty hair, I want you over here five minutes ago.” A shiver goes down his spine at the name. Why can’t he get a handle on that?

“Wh-what? You mean at your apartment?”

“Yeah, I’m sending a car, where are you?”

“...I’m at Rush band practice.”

“Well that ass better be waiting for the car when it gets there. I’d hate to have to drive down there to get you myself.”

“Why? What would you do? Spank me?” Eijirou feels his body getting heated.

“I’m walking to my car now, shitty hair, better take it back.”

“Oooo, I’m so scared.” Why is he teasing this man? What is he thinking?

He hears a low, ominous chuckle and a car starting up in the background. “And here I was thinking I could be nice to you...apparently you’re a brat who needs to be taught some manners.” With that the call ends.

And Eijirou is painfully erect. He takes a few deep breaths to calm himself as he puts his phone away, then walks back into practice with the excuse that it was his mother. His guitar hides his boner so no one questions it.

He’s not really coming. He wouldn’t really do that. He was just messing with Eijirou. But he wants to see him. He wants to be around Katsuki. It isn’t even just the sex, he had felt a real connection or he wouldn’t have slept with him.

After ten minutes, Eijirou fully relaxes into the belief that he was just being teased. He hates how disappointment curls in his stomach at the thought, but he knows it’s better this way. He really can’t be going on booty calls just because he might have feelings. And if Katsuki is making those booty calls, he clearly doesn’t have feelings.

And that thought depresses Eijirou.

“Um! You can’t go in there! They’re practicing and really-”

The door bursts open and XXXPlosion is standing there with a scowl. He points at Eijirou and crooks a finger. In a haze, he puts his guitar down and walks over to him, his body trembling slightly. The blonde leans down and kisses him hard and possessively which makes his knees a little weak.

“Your friend and I have business to take care of,” he heard the gruff voice say, likely complete with a scowl.

“Eijirou? Are you okay?” he heard the lead singer ask him. He just nodded, leaning on Katsuki as he pulled him out of the studio. 

Suddenly he’s in that car again and looking up into ruby red eyes. “You gonna get yourself ready for me?” he hears Katsuki purr and he lets out a huff as he pushes his shorts and boxers off before his hand is wrapped around his cock. “Good boy.”

Yes, he wants to be a good boy. He wants to do what Katsuki tells him. His hand is stroking his cock without him really thinking about it and he hears himself moaning and getting more praise and approval from the man driving the car.

But inside he feels so dirty and broken. This wasn’t what he wanted at all. He knew he wouldn’t have a normal life as a musician, but now he was the sex toy of some rapper? And he liked being a sex toy.

He doesn’t realize he’s crying until the car stops and he hears Katsuki’s worried, strained voice. “Hey, hey! Fuck. Don’t cry! I’m sorry, -fuck- I thought you liked this. I didn’t mean to upset you,” he’s saying quickly, pulling Eijirou’s hand off his dick, but that just makes him sob harder. 

“I...I...I don’t want to be thrown away,” he whimpers, looking up at the blonde beside him, through the tears. He hears a soft tongue clicking nose and he’s being pulled across the center console and held in Katsuki’s lap.

“Shut the fuck up. ’M not gonna fuckin’ throw you away,” the words are gruff and angry, but he can hear the gentleness behind them. “I just can’t get you out of my fuckin’ head.”

Eijirou nodded, still sniffling softly as he hid his face in Katsuki’s shoulder.

“We don’t have to do this, you know. You can actually tell me no.”

“...I didn’t, did I?” Eijirou mumbles, lifting his head to look at Katsuki. “I just...don’t want to...I don’t know...I want to be used, but I don’t want to be used , ya know?”

Katsuki nods slowly, cupping Eijirou’s chin lightly. “I don’t fuckin’ date. But ‘m not a fuckin’ monster. ‘M only gonna fuck you until we’re both done, got it?” the redhead nodded, biting his lip with impossibly sharp teeth. “Good. Now, let’s get to my apartment before I fuck you in this goddamn car again.”

The younger man is scrambling back to the passenger seat and putting on his seatbelt before starting to stroke himself. Once Katsuki has confirmed he’s happy with playing with himself again, he puts the car in drive and starts toward his apartment again.

He had been shocked at himself for being so worried about the kid, but he just didn’t want him crying. The strange, unfamiliar feelings in the pit of his stomach were ignored. There was no way he actually had feelings for the kid. This was just a way for them both to have a good time, nothing less, nothing more.

“I’m so close...please hurry, I need it,” he hears the slutty moan of the man in the passenger seat and he grips the steering wheel harder. Why did he have to be so hot?

“Better shut the fuck up or I’ll have to face fuck you in the car before we go up.”

At first that quiets Eijirou and Katsuki tries not to be disappointed, but then the moans get louder and he hears the lewd sounds of wetted fingers being pumped into an ass. He is gonna fuck this kid so goddamn hard. He has never been so aroused in his life except the previous two times he’s slept with him.

He pulls into the garage of the apartment and parks in one of the little stalls higher up instead of the first empty space he finds. He pulls his pants down quickly, his cock springing forward. “C’mere, suck it.”

Eijirou nods as he quickly leans over the console and takes his dick into his mouth, moaning around it softly. He’s quickly bobbing his head up and down on the length as his tongue explores and teases Katsuki’s dick. 

“Fuck, yeah, you suck cock like a champion, huh? You’re my little slut, huh? Just fuckign for me,” Katsuki groans, unaware of the effect his words are having on Eijirou. “I’m gonna get you inside and fuck you until you can’t walk. You’d like that, huh? I’ll fuck you everywhere in everyway. That’s what you want isn’t it.”

Eijirou nods as he sucks heavily on his dick, drool covering his chin and tears running down his cheeks.

Katsuki groaned, grabbing the back of his head and forcing him up and down roughly, but Eijirou doesn’t mind it as much as he probably should. He likes the roughness and the slight pain. It’s not much longer before cum is shooting down his throat and his cock shoots a load onto the console.

When his head is released and he sits back, Katsuki makes an annoyed noise. “You better fuckin’ clean that up,” he said, nodding to the cum on the console. With red cheeks Eijirou starts looking for napkins. “With your mouth.”

Why was that so hot? He nodded and leaned down to start licking up his own cum. “Good put your fuckin’ pants on and let’s go the fuck inside.” He nods again, eagerly pulling on his pants. He just came, but he’s only too eager to have that cock in his ass again.