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A Rock and A Hard Place

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Their arrangement continues for three months with no change. Katsuki gets horny and Eijirou immediately responds to his call. They probably would have continued like this indefinitely if XXXPlosion didn’t have to go on tour. To make things worse, Katsuki didn’t tell him about it; Denki did because Denki was going with Histoshi.

“And Toshi said we’d be staying in all these big hotels and that Tetsu would be there,” the blonde was cooing as he packed his bag.

Eijirou had managed to keep his ongoing...encounters with Katsuki a secret from his roommates, citing band practice (even though he had quit two weeks into sleeping with Katsuki) as his reason for needing to leave all the time. He knew Mina and Ochako were suspicious, but Denki was absolutely clueless.

“When are you leaving?”

“Oh, in two days, but Toshi wants to approve my wardrobe and give me a few things, too~.”

“So, is he your boyfriend or your sugar daddy?” Eijirou teased, raising a brow.

He’s my sugar daddy and Tetsu is my boyfriend,” Denki giggled, rolling his eyes playfully.

Eijirou just chuckled, standing to walk to his room. He shouldn’t be disappointed. Katsuki had made it clear that theirs was a sexual relationship, no feelings involved. No strings. No fuckin’ messes.

He sat on his bed and laid back, tears filling his eyes. He had given up a lot to maintain his availability for Katsuki. Not that it mattered. Family money had been supporting him this long, so he really didn’t need a job. He didn’t even want to do Folk Rock anymore. Granted, Folk Rock had never been his first choice. 

The tears were really flowing now and it made him almost angry as he curled up on his side. Why should he be crying over that asshole? He didn’t really care about him. 

He punched his bed as a soft sob broke free of his chest. No matter how little Katsuki cared about him...he cared about Katsuki...hell, he might even love him.

Bzz Bzz.

“, don’t do this...” he whispered to himself as he rolled over to pick up his phone and holding it to his ear. “Hello?”

“Are you crying? Why the fuck are you crying? What the fuck happened?”

“Nothing happened, Kats. I’m getting up, I’ll be there s-.”

“Hey, shut the fuck up. I’m coming to get you. You better be fucking dressed in something nice, got it? We’re goin’ out tonight.”

Then the call ended, Eijirou just staring at the phone. Except in the car, they didn’t have sex in public and they had never, never , gone out before. He was immediately on his feet and walking to his dresser, tossing shirts aside he knew would be too tight. 

He had a lot of extra time now that he didn’t work or have to practice for his band so he spent a lot of it in the gym at his apartment block. He wasn’t the size of Tetsutetsu, XXXPlosion’s bodyguard, but he was no longer twinky looking like Denki. Katsuki had even praised him once that he would make a nice hunk once he had enough muscles.

Since a lot of his clothes got dirty, or, in some cases, ripped, in the course of his time with Katsuki, he often came home in the rapper’s clothes. When he stopped being so skinny he had to always tighten the drawstring on sweatpants, he started taking jeans from him. He had a few nice shirts, too, that were only slightly tight on his biceps. Those would work.

He pulled out one that was black with an orange X on each of the breast pockets. He left the top three buttons undone to show off his chest a little more. Then he pulled on a pair of black jeans he was pretty sure were supposed to be straight legged, but they fit him like skinny jeans, clinging to his calves and thighs. He looked at his reflection and sighed.

Three months ago he only wore loose fitting clothes and soft, pastel colors or shades of white. And now he was wearing all black. It was like he was trying to force himself into Katsuki’s aesthetic so he felt like he belonged more. He grabbed a black bandana and wrapped it around his head, holding his long hair out of his face. Katsuki liked it down usually...made it easier to grab during blow jobs or makeouts.

He slipped on a pair of black canvas shoes, grabbed his phone and wallet, then jogged downstairs. “I’m going out,” he called, but was floored to see Ochako and Mina standing in the living room...talking to Katsuki.

“He’s my fuckin’ boyfriend, I’ll take him when and where I damn well please. And for as long as I fuckin’ want,” he heard the rapper growl. Boyfriend? The word hit him like a ton of bricks.

“If he’s your boyfriend, why haven’t we heard about it?” Mina shot back, glaring at him and keeping her arms crossed.

“Him keeping things from you’s not my fuckin’ business.”


“Yeah?” he muttered, walking into the room. Mina turned to him with her mouth open, then she froze looking back and forth between him and XXXPlosion, her eyes wide. It didn’t take long for Eijirou to realize why since Katsuki turned to him. They...they were wearing the same shirt.

“So you are dating him?” Ochako supplied for her girlfriend who was still staring back and forth. Eijirou nodded, his cheeks burning

“I fuckin’ knew I already owned this shirt,” Katsuki growled as he walked over to him. “C’mon, we got places to be.”

Eijirou let himself be led out to the car, still trying to wrap his head around being claimed as someone’s boyfriend. 

“Did you mean it?” he asked, when the passenger door was opened for him, looking up into the ruby eyes glaring down at him.

“Mean what?”

“That...that I’m your boyfriend...”

“Fucking...” Katsuki grabbed him by the chin and kissed him deeply. “Of course you’re my goddamn boyfriend, idiot.”

“But, but you said-”

“Forget what I said...I want, fuck, I want you to not look so fuckin’ sad when you get to my place and I want you to not sound fuckin’ depressed when I call. If making you my damn boyfriend will make you fuckin’ happy, I’ll do it,” Katsuki said, glaring down at Eijirou.

A warm, happy feeling filled him as he surged upwards and kissed him excitedly. Katsuki wanted to make him happy. He was Katsuki’s boyfriend . He pulled back from the kiss, still grinning and was graced with a sort of half-smirk.

Then his smile slipped off of his face when he remembered that Katsuki was leaving in two days to go on an eight month tour around the world. “What the fuck’s wrong now?” 

“You’re leaving...” Eijirou mumbled, his lower lip trembling despite him trying to stop it.

“Yeah, I gotta fuckin’ work, why’s that makin’ you sad?”

Eijirou draws himself inward, shaking his head as he got into the car.

“No, Eijirou, tell me what the fuck’s wrong.”

“It’s’re need to work...”

Katsuki’s glaring down at him, he can feel it, but he doesn’t want to look up because there are tears gathering in his eyes. He hates himself for being so weak and indecisive and childish. He’s nineteen and Katsuki just turned thirty-three. Why is he putting up with a kid like him, anyway?

“Eijirou,” the voice is soft, not one he’s ever heard Katsuki use so it gets his attention. “Please tell me.”

It was the second time Katsuki had used his real name instead of Shitty Hair or idiot which made him even more pliable. “You’re leaving... me ,” he chokes out the last word before starting to cry. He feels strong arms lift him up momentarily, then he’s settled into Katsuki’s lap and the passenger door is closed.

“No the fuck I’m not. That’s why I came to get you,” he hears him grumble as the big, sturdy hands stroke his hair. “‘M takin’ you with me.”

Eijirou hears blood rushing in his ears and can feel him still stroking his hair, but he’s shut down completely. He was going on tour with Katsuki. He was going on tour around the world for eight months . By the time they got back, they would have known each other almost a year and there’s no telling what might happen in that time.

“You alright, now?” Eijirou nods, taking a deep breath because he knows Katsuki is going to let him go. “Good...we got a dinner to go to.”

He smiles up at Katsuki as he’s deposited back in the seat and earns another long kiss. Then he watched the older man walk around the front of the car and get in. When he starts driving, Eijirou just leans his head back slightly, smiling to himself.

Katsuki thinks it’s cute how happy he looks. No, no, it’s not cute. Fuck, why can’t he stop thinking that way? He didn’t think things were cute. He liked them or he didn’t, no cute . Another glance at Eijirou had him thinking the stupid thoughts again.

He had agonized over taking Eijirou with him on tour. Convincing himself that this was the perfect opportunity to cut things off. Not feel so fucking sappy all the time. But every time he thought about not getting to see the kid for eight months, his chest hurt and his stomach felt weird. 

Then Hitoshi had told him he was bringing his little sugar baby with them. The sugar baby that lived with Eijirou. It had infuriated Katsuki that he had thought about not bringing him along when apparently anybody could go with them on tour. 

He had spent most of the day buying clothes for Eijirou, surprised by how much he liked the idea of him wearing clothes he’d bought for him, but tried to ignore those implications. It wasn’t bad for him to want his boyfriend to have the clothes he’d need for a tour. And it wasn’t exactly off brand for him to get aroused thinking of seeing him in the clothes bought for him.

Fuck...he was a sugar daddy, wasn’t he? Shit. He glanced at Eijirou again and nodded to himself. Yup, he wanted to buy things for this kid. Lots of things. Any things.