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A Rock and A Hard Place

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Arriving at the restaurant he was supposed to meet Hitoshi at, he finally remembered that he and the kid were wearing matching shirts. As if they needed help being a gay stereotype, they were matching . It was kinda cute though and he liked seeing him in his clothes, but still... matching.

For a moment, he watches Eijirou look around excitedly, his eyes wide as he looks up at the multi-storied, expensive restaurant called Sugar Rush. It had started out as a bakery a long, long time ago, when the current owner’s grandparents opened it, but it had evolved into a multi-floored restaurant that served almost anything. It was nearly impossible to get reservations, but XXXPlosion and his crew had a standing invitation.

Katsuki got out of the car and opened Eijirou’s door. He didn’t even realize that he always did this for him, it was just automatic. He held out a hand to Eijirou, not looking at him, but was gratified when he took it.

“So you did decide to bring him? How...domestic of you, Kats,” Hitoshi said when they got to the table in the private room of the restaurant. He had that stupid shit-eating smirk on his face he got when talking about Eijirou.

“Fuck off.”

He sits down on the opposite side of the table from Hitoshi and pulls Eijirou unceremoniously onto his lap. Eijirou lets out a surprised squeak and blushes, but didn’t move, his head going to Katsuki’s shoulder. It’s almost enough to lift the scowl from Katsuki’s face.

“And you are matching...are you sure you’re Katsuki Bakugou?” 

“He stole the fuckin’ shirt from me and I bought a new one,” Katsuki growled, one hand possessively gripping his boyfriend’s hip.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes and started droning on about logistics for the tour. Eijirou checked out of the conversation since it really didn’t involve him since, no doubt, Katsuki would just drag him along where he needed to be. Instead he started examining the room from his vantage point on Kats’ lap.

The room isn’t big, but the table is lower to the ground with pillows around it and one wall was just windows overlooking the city. There was some sweets and pastries on the table along with glasses and a water pitcher. Hitoshi is still talking about the plane they’re taken to their first location when Eijirou starts listening to the conversation again.

He shifts slightly in Katsuki’s lap and hears him grunt softly as he does. That grunt is enough to give him ideas. Slowly and carefully, he changes his position so that he is facing the floor to ceiling window, his chin resting innocently on his shoulder. He can already feel a slight bulge pressed to him.

The table is just high enough that it will hide when he starts moving his hips. He makes a soft huffing noise to get just a little bit of Katsuki’s attention before he lightly grinds against him.

“I fuckin’ told you I-hn?!” he hears Katsuki interrupt himself with a surprised grunt. His hips are gripped tightly as Katsuki tries to get him to be still, but Eijirou is determined, grinding more against him. “Fuck...uh...I want the whole...nn...the whole floor. It’s s-s-security, Hitoshi.” 

Eijirou feels himself getting more aroused as he listens to Katsuki try to talk despite getting dry humped in front of his manager. He can feel Kats’ clothed member straining against his pants so, like a good boyfriend, Eijirou rocks his hips more.

“Are you alright, Kats? Your face is awfully red,” Hitoshi asks with a chuckle and Eijirou knows that he can tell what’s going on. Three months ago...two months ago...maybe even a month ago, that might have been enough to get him to stop, but not now.

“ things right. Nn...uh...Leave, Hitoshi.”

“How rude. Telling your oldest friend to leave?”

“Get the fuck out.”

Eijirou can hear the arousal in Katsuki’s voice and it sends a shiver down his spine, but he doesn’t stop, even adding soft whines and whimpers in his ear. He hears Hitoshi laughing as he gets up and leaves the room. When the door shuts, Eijirou slowly looks up at Katsuki, biting his lip.

“I’m going to fuck you in front of him next time.”

“Oooo...please do,” Eijirou replies with a teasing smirk. 

“What happened to the good shy boy? You’ve gotten awfully confident, shitty hair.”

Eijirou whined and pouted up at him. “I couldn’t help felt good...”

Katsuki hissed when Eijirou rocked his hips again. He pulled Eijirou’s face up to his, kissing him roughly and pressing his hips down more, rocking back against Eijirou. After a few minutes of grinding, his back hits the pillows on the ground and he feels his clothes being removed.

He can’t help the goofy grin on his face as he looks up at his boyfriend, warming with the thought. His dick is being fisted by Katsuki and he moans loudly, squirming heavily as he’s stroked. Just as he’s about to cum, the hand leaves his dick and he’s being pulled to his feet. Katsuki drags him to the window and bends him over as his hands splay on the glass.

“Since you want to be seen when you get fucked, let the city watch you be a fuckin’ slut,” Katsuki growls in his ear, pushing into him slowly.

Eijirou can’t help the loud, slutty moan that escapes him as he’s entered. He looks out the window, glad they’re actually too high up for anyone to see him...he hopes. His breath is fogging up the window as the cock in his ass sets a brutal pace. He’s used to that, prefers it even. Especially when they’re doing something risky like this.

“That’s right, you fuckin’ whore. You want someone to see you get fucked, don’t you? You want them to see that slutty face and hear you beg to be filled.”

How can words do so much to him? He cums on the glass of the window with a loud cry, but that doesn’t stop Katsuki. He keeps going, forcing more cum from Eijirou’s cock when he starts thrusting into his prostate. If he keeps this up, he’ll need to be carried out of the restaurant. He feels a sharp sting on his ass and realizes Katsuki wants a response.

“Yes! Yes! I wanna be watched! I want someone to see me being fucked,” he pants, overstimulation encouraging more moans and tears rolling down his cheeks. He knows he’s gonna cum again if Katsuki doesn’t finish soon. “I want them to see you fuck me! You fill me so good!”

“Call me Daddy.”

If Eijirou hadn’t been so fucked out, he would have given pause, but with a cock in his ass and a second orgasm in less than ten minutes rising, he didn’t even think. “Daaaaddyyy! Fuck me, Daddy!”

The fingers gripping his hips tighten and he feels Katsuki slam into him hard, bottoming out as his cock unloads deep inside him. The feeling makes Eijirou orgasm again, though this time it was lacking any actual cum. His knees give out and the only thing holding him up is the death grip on his hips.

“Fuck,’re gettin’ really fuckin’ kinky, huh?”

Eijirou whines as Katsuki pulls out of him slowly. His body is moved back to the pillows and Katsuki is stroking his hair gently. People could say what they liked about the rapper, but he was good about aftercare especially since he was generally a rough lover.

Katsuki smirks as he looks down at the half-conscious look on his boyfriend’s face. It’s hot how undone he can get. He had been so shocked the first time Eijirou had moved that he really thought it was an accident and that his hands holding his hips would stop him...not that it would encourage him to keep going.

After a few minutes, he dresses them both again, but...he keeps Eijirou’s boxers in his pocket, able to tuck them out of sight. He stands and scoops his boyfriend up. Did he clean the window up? No, of course he didn’t. He’s XXXPlosion, he doesn’t clean up after himself or his boyfriend.


Eijirou had been embarrassed and giddy when Katsuki presented him with three big suitcases filled with clothes bought for him. The gesture had earned his boyfriend a very enthusiastic blow job. They had spent most of the rest of that day alternating between sleeping and fucking. By the morning they were leaving, Eijirou was deliciously sore.

Not that that would stop him, of course. There was no telling how tired Katsuki would be on tour so he would get all he could while he could. 

They left early in the morning on the XXXPlosion crew private plane and Ejirou and Denki, every bit the babies their boyfriends treated them like, had curled up in their seats wrapped in blankets. Katsuki sat across from Eijirou, smiling to himself as he watched him sleep. He was so fuckin’ cute. Why did that make him feel so...warm?

He watches Eijirou yawn as he wakes up, blinking open his eyes and looking around. The first tour location was in LA so the flight was at least ten hours long and Eijirou had slept for three hours, but he looked rested. He slowly unwrapped himself from his blanket and held out a hand to Katsuki with a sleepy pout.

With a roll of his eyes, Katsuki leaned forward to unbuckle him and pull him into his lap. Eijirou moved so he was straddling Katsuki’s hips on his knees as he laid his head on his shoulder. He nuzzled the neck of the rapper, his body relaxing into him.

Then he started squirming. No, squirming wasn’t the right word since he was purposely grinding against him.

Katsuki glanced around them before grabbing the blanket Eijirou had been wrapped up in and used it to cover them up before he worked Eijirou’s pants off. He was glad he had convinced him to go commando since it made it easier to get in position quickly. He pulled his sweats and boxers down enough to release his cock, then slid Eijirou down onto him.

He had to kiss Eijirou to silence the whining moan that escaped him. Eijirou’s moving up and down slowly, panting and whimpering. There’s no way the others haven’t noticed, but Katsuki stopped caring the longer his boyfriend rode him.

“That’s it, baby, fuck yourself on my quiet or they’ll hear you being a slut? Do you want them to know? You want them to know how fuckin’ horny you always are, huh?” Katsuki hisses in Eijirou’s ear which only makes him moan louder and bounce faster.

And they are . Hitoshi got so hot watching that he had pulled a still sleeping Denki into his lap to hump against. Katsuki notices that Tetsutetsu has a hand under a blanket that’s movin suspiciously. It makes his cock even harder knowing that they’re watching his baby get fucked even if they can’t actually see how well his ass takes cock.

“Daddy...Daddy...I’m gonna cum...please, Daddy,” Eijirou whines, his hole clenching desperately around his cock.

“No, hold it...hold it a little longer, need to give a show,” he growled, nodding to the others who are watching.

“Daddy, they’re gonna hear me cum...Daddy, no! No!”

“You don’t wanna cum? Alright, I’ll-”

“Nooooo! Daddy...” Eijirou whines, bouncing even faster, his heavy breathing in Katsuki’s ear nearly making him cum.

“Ask them. Ask them if you can cum.”

Eijirou nods, his mind too pleasure fogged to make him stop as he turns his head to Hitoushi and Tetsutetsu. “Uncle Toshi, Uncle Tetsu, can I cum? Please tell Daddy I can cum, please?” he moans, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

The two men nod emphatically. Hitoshi’s even tossed Denki’s pants on the ground and started fucking his sleeping body under a blanket as well as he watches.

“Thank them, then you can cum. Tell them you’re cumming, baby, and why.”

“Thank you! Thank you, Uncles! I’m cumming! I’m cumming from Daddy’s huge dick! Daddy! DaddyDaddyDaddy!” he squeals, cumming heavily on Katsuki’s shirt before collapsing onto him, panting and whining.

Katsuki groaned as he filled his ass with cum, hearing the two other men groaning their releases as well.

“Huh? Daddy! What did you do?” he hears Denki demand sleepily and he chuckles to himself. Poor kid didn’t even know what was going on.

Eijirou whimpers in Katsuki’s lap, nuzzling him. “Hurts...” he mumbles and Katsuki believes him. As much as they’d fucked, he knew the kid’s hole was likely incredibly sore and swollen. He strokes his hips lightly and kisses his cheek.

“I know, but you’ll make a mess if I pull out,” he murmurs teasingly, earning him a blushy pout. “And I like how you keep clenching down on me...”

He really was a lucky man to have such a good boyfriend.