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A Rock and A Hard Place

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For a month and a half, Eijirou and Katsuki only ever have sex in the dark and as gently as possible, but now Eijirou’s missing how they used to do it. His panic attacks have lessened and he doesn’t cry when they have sex. The roughest he’s gotten Katsuki to be was when he bit the rapper first and got bitten back in return. It was fun and Eijirou came instantly when he was bitten back.

As bad as his therapist says it is to have an escapist mentality, he wants to go back to the way things were. He wants Katsuki to want him as often and in the same way as he did before. He’s not trying to ignore what happened to him, he just wants to not feel broken and for other people to treat him like he is.

Today, he has a plan. While Katsuki, Shinsou, and Tetsutetsu go do appearances and meetings, he convinces Denki to go shopping with him. Momo agrees to go as well and the new bodyguard Katsuki hired to protect Eijirou, Tenya Iida, follows along dutifully. 

Denki is giggling and skipping happily as they walk. Only he and Eijirou really know where they’re going: a lingerie store. Eijirou was going to seduce the hell out of his boyfriend if it was the last thing he did. And if he had decided to do that in women’s lingerie, who was going to stop him?

Momo tried her best when they first walked in, but he glared so hard at her that her protests died on her lips. Denki was very familiar with the store and leads him to the part of the store with full lingerie sets. Just looking at the lacy, skimpy clothes brings a blush to Eijirou’s cheeks. 

For about half an hour, he just looks through the different sets, unable to really think about wearing any of the underwear. Then Denki comes over with two sets and drags him into the fitting rooms with a grin.

“I found the perfect one for you!” his friend exclaims, grinning up at Eijirou as he holds out a slightly less revealing lingerie set made of silk. It’s all black with orange stitching and bows decorating it. Black and orange were Kats’ favorite color...

He changes into the lingerie in front of Denki, unashamed since, before the incident, they had watched each other get fucked so...this really wasn’t a big deal. He feels a little weird about wearing a thong, but it fits him well (he’s glad he wasn’t more well-endowed or it might have looked unattractive). There are orange bows on either of his hips, but he likes how pretty it makes him feel.

The top part of the set is a silk teddy that hugs his pecs in a way that almost makes them look like breasts which made him blush. The part over his chest has orange stitches in the shape of an X and there’s more stitching just under the bust part. The hem of the top is orange with black Xs all the way around. Denki, of course, also had a black garter belt with black and orange stockings.

Would Katsuki really like this? He certainly hoped so kinda made him excited to think of his boyfriend seeing him like this. He felt his cheeks heat as he grinned at his reflection; Denki was right, this was the perfect one for him.


Katsuki opened the door to his hotel room looking at his cell phone as he texted Hitoshi about one of his meetings the next day. He looked up as he shut the door and froze when he saw rose petals on the ground in a very obvious path. What on earth was that crazy kid up to now?

Slowly, he followed the path curiously and wasn’t all that surprised it led to the bedroom. What did surprise him was what was waiting on the bed for him. The sight of the lingerie alone was enough to make his head go fuzzy, but what Eijirou was doing made it even worse.

“Nnn...Kaaatttsss,” he heard him moan, watching the fingers pump in and out of his hole. Eijirou was in black and orange lingerie with the thong pulled halfway down his thighs as he fingered himself with his hips raised and his face pressed into his other arm. “Fuck...Daddy...”

It took a moment for Katsuki to realize Eijirou hadn’t heard him come in. This wasn’t just for his viewing pleasure, his boyfriend had put on lingerie and gotten so horny on his own that he was trying to get off. And it was so hot . Hot enough for Katsuki to forget the tenor of their sex life for the past month and a half as he spoke.

“What a little slut...getting off all alone?” he growled, walking to the bed.

Eijirou squeaked, slightly raising his head to look at Katsuki with a dazed expression. “I can’t, Daddy...I need your cock. Please, Daddy, please,” he moaned, removing his fingers with a wet schlick sound and reaching back with both hands to spread his cheeks.

Katsuki had never been so aroused in his life. He didn’t even bother to completely undress, just undid his pants and pulled them and his boxers down before kneeling behind Eijirou and pushing into him slowly with a low groan. He had almost forgotten how good it felt to fuck his boyfriend like this.

Eijirou, for his part, was whining and moaning as he thrusted into him, his back arching heavily. Katsuki reached forward and grabbed his hair, pulling the slightly smaller man up so he was flush against Katsuki’s chest as he was fucked. His face was red and his eyes were slightly crossed as he moaned with his tongue hanging out.

It nearly made Katsuki cum just to see that expression. He had missed seeing his boyfriend so into sex. He was thrusting hard and deep into him, earning loud cries of pleasure every time he bumped his prostate.

“You gonna cum? Huh? You gonna fuckin’ cum like the whore you are? Who’s whore are you? Who makes you feel so good?”

“Daddy! Daddy fucks me so good! I’m Daddy’s whore! Please, Daddy! I’m so close! Daaaadddyyyy!” he squeals before his whole body starts spasming and his cock twitches out a small amount of cum. He never came a whole lot, but he got more pleasure from his dry orgasms anyway.

Katsuki groaned as he continued thrusting into Eijirou, even as he came. “Yeah, really wanted Daddy’s cum, huh? You like feeling it all inside you?”

“I do, Daddy,” Eijirou panted breathlessly. “I want Daddy’s cum...I wanna have Daddy’s baby. Daddy, breed me...” he mumbled, thoroughly blissed out and not even realizing what he was doing to Katsuki with his words.

Katsuki moved without thinking, pinning Eijirou back to the bed with his face in the mattress before he started pounding into him. The redhead’s squeals of delight only encouraged him further. Fuck, he would fuck Eijirou until he was pregnant, even if that wasn’t actually possible.

It was three hours before Katsuki passed out, still hard inside Eijirou who had lost consciousness nearly an hour before. Once he got it into his head that he wanted to get Eijirou pregnant, he couldn’t stop. He’d think he was fine and rest for a little bit, cuddling, then the little bitch would incite him again . It wasn’t his fault Eijirou’s stomach had a cute little swell to it now, he had wanted that.