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A Rock and A Hard Place

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“Yeah, he’s sick, too. I don’t know what they got into, but Ei’s been puking since he woke up and he says he feels tired,” Katsuki says to Hitoshi over the phone, rubbing Eijirou’s back as he retches again. “You and Denki didn’t go out drinking last night, did you?”

Eijirou shook his head miserably before throwing up again, tears streaming down his face. He hated being sick. But he was starting to get worried that this wasn’t just a sickness. 

He had been hiding his morning trips to the bathroom from Katsuki for two weeks now, but this morning it had been worse. And apparently Denki was sick, too. Not that he was surprised since he’d spent most of the previous day talking to Denki about this only to learn his friend was getting sick in the mornings too.

It had been two months since he and Katsuki had started getting back into having sex regularly. Eijirou was ecstatic, but after about a month, he started feeling different. He had ignored it until he started throwing up. What if he had some disease? What if he was dying? He had to make sure Kats never saw this again. He didn’t want to worry him.



Fuck these jeans. Fuck them straight to hell. Why wouldn’t they fit? Eijirou felt hot tears filling his eyes as he tried unsuccessfully to button them again. They were supposed to be going to a new location today and he couldn’t even dress himself. He let out a frustrated sob, ripping his jeans back off and throwing them to the ground.

He knew his hips had gotten wider and that there was a softness to his stomach, but for his pants to not fit was the last straw. He sat on the edge of the bed in his boxers and t-shirt, burying his face in his hands and crying. Why was his body changing? This wasn’t fair! If he wasn’t eating, he was crying or horny. They had originally been slated to fly back to Japan a week ago, but had extended the tour instead.

“Ei! You ready?” Kats called from the front of the suite. Eijirou quickly dried his tears and grabbed a pair of sweats from his suitcase, pulling them on and putting the jeans back in his suitcase. 

“Yeah! I’m coming!” he called brightly as he zipped the suitcase and put it on the ground to pull along behind him. 

The trip to the airport was uneventful except that Denki was trying to hump Hitoshi in his sleep. Their last plane ride was routed out of a big airport instead of a private one like they usually did. And of course their driver took them to the wrong end of the airport. There wasn’t really any reason to get him to drive them to the other end when it would probably be faster to just walk. 

Before going through security, they decided to walk across the airport despite both Eijirou and Denki whining about the long walk. At first Eijirou didn’t think anything of it really beyond wanting to be spoiled. The longer they walked, though, the more light-headed he felt. He hadn’t eaten that morning because nothing sounded good and not the night before because he’d felt a little nauseous. He told himself he’d be fine and just eat on the plane.

As they got ready to go through the checkpoint, Eijirou heard his blood rushing in his ears and was walking to the metal detector when his vision rapidly narrowed before going black as he heard Katsuki yell his name.

Katsuki’s at Eijirou’s side immediately, his eyes wide as he immediately picks him up. “Eijirou! Eijirou, wake up!” he yells, unable to regulate his voice in his panic.

It’s only a few seconds before his eyes flutter open and a hand goes to his stomach. Is he going to be sick? Is something wrong? Katsuki can’t tell because his attention goes to where Hitoshi is catching Denki who just passed out as well. He makes eye contact with his manager and nods as he stands with Eijirou in his arms. They’re going to the hospital.


“Pregnant? How? They’re guys,” Katsuki yells at the doctor, his hands running through his hair. He’s doing better than Hitoshi though since the purple haired fucker isn’t even able to talk after finding out Denki is pregnant with twins. Tetsutetsu looks like he’s not quite understanding what he’s being told. Katsuki is the only one able to talk.

“It’s been showing up recently. Certain men, always gay men, able to get pregnant,” she says calmly. “Humans are evolving to make it possible for any couple to have children.”

Katsuki doesn’t want a kid. At least...he didn’t . Granted he had never thought he’d get the chance since he was gay. The thought of Eijirou growing with his child...a warm feeling filled his chest as he looked through the window into the room Eijirou and Denki were sitting in hospital beds in, eating.

“Once they’ve eaten, we’ll let you tell them since we assume you all helped make these babies, then we can do ultrasounds. They’re both far enough along for use to be able to see the genders,” the doctor continued, smiling before leaving them in the hallway.

Fuck ...babies...” Hitoshi whispers after a long silence, leaning his head back. “That’s...better than what I thought was wrong, but...I don’t know that Denki knows how to parent.”

“It’s a good thing he has both of us, Toshi,” Tetsutetsu says softly. “And Kats looks thrilled.”

Katsuki hadn’t realized he was smiling as he thought about Eijirou being a dad and glares at him. “Ei will be a good dad,” he says confidently, nodding.

When Eijirou and Denki finish eating, all three men walk in and sit around the room, watching them quietly. Katsuki is trying to think of what to say first since they’d decided he would be the one to tell them. He opens his mouth to talk, but is interrupted by Eijirou.

“Are we really that sick?” he asked quietly, tears wobbling in his eyes. Wide-eyed, Katsuki looks between him and Denki, who also looks like he’s on the verge of tears.

“You’re not sick,” Katsuki says, frowning slightly at the idea that Eijirou would even think that. “You’re pregnant .”

“No, we’re not,” Denki and Eijirou chorused, staring at Katsuki in disbelief.

“You are,” Katsuki says, smiling despite himself as he stands, glancing at Hitoshi and Tetsutetsu who both nod seriously. “C’mon, we’ll show you.” He helps Eijirou up out of the bed and into his clothes as Hitoshi and Tetsutetsu do the same for Denki. 

Naturally, they’re separated to get their ultrasounds, but Katsuki prefers that. He wants to be the only to see their little baby with Eijirou.

Eijirou only manages to stay calm in this situation because Katsuki is so calm. He grips his boyfriend’s hand, watching the technician put cold gel on his stomach before starting the search for this baby that has apparently been growing inside him. He’s still dubious about this whole thing until he sees it.

It’s small, but it’s very clearly a baby. Eijirou’s eyes are wide as he watches the baby wiggle slightly and is surprised he hadn’t felt it move like he does now. If he had, he probably would have thought it was a figment of his imagination. But...that’s his baby. The baby he made with Katsuki.

“Well, it seems you two will be welcoming a little girl in a few months,” the tech says, smiling up at them. Eijirou can’t stop the smile spreading over his face as he imagines Katsuki with a daughter, their daughter. He looks up at Katsuki and nearly laughs at the stunned, but proud look on his face and feels a pang of love at the tears sliding down his cheeks.


Because of the delay in actually flying out, they had had to cancel several events, but Katsuki didn’t care, his mind was working. He hadn’t had a song come to him so easily and fully in years, but on the plane ride he had written out all the lyrics and even started working on the music. He got up during the flight to get his guitar and started working on a melody. 

The song wasn’t rap in any sense of the word or even hip hop which was what people expected from him, but he was putting his heart into the song. He didn’t sing the words aloud as he worked with his guitar, wanting it to be a secret for Eijirou. He glanced at his sleeping boyfriend and smiled to himself.

When they landed, he did a press conference because it had spread quickly that Eijirou and Denki had passed out in the airport. The rumors for why this happened ranged from XXXPlosion using them to smuggle drugs and both men being deathly ill, but forced to carry on for the tour. They all made Katsuki angry so he wanted to address them.

Telling the world about men who could get pregnant and that his boyfriend was one of them was not something he wanted to do, but if he didn’t he wouldn’t be able to use his song. Once it’s over, he locks himself in a studio with his band, teaching them the new song. Kyouka, his drummer, laughs at how soft he’s being, but he doesn’t mind for once.


Eijirou is sitting up in the VIP box, rubbing his tummy like he’s been doing a lot since finding out two days ago. He’s never been so happy in his life. Katsuki’s concert is coming to an end and his band does the last song they usually do so Eijirou stands up to go down stairs, but stops when he sees a stagehand bring Kats his acoustic guitar while another brings a stool and standing mic.

“I’m sure a lot of you have heard in the media about the unexpected turn my life has taken. I know a lot of my fans aren’t exactly happy that I’ve gotten ‘domestic’ or whatever, but I can’t help what I feel. I wrote this song on the flight here after finding out that I was gonna be a dad,” Katsuki says, his face turned to the VIP box where Eijirou is sitting. “So this song is dedicated to my daughter.”

He steps back and sits on the stool before starting to strum his guitar before starting to sing. “Well I just heard the news today, it seems my life is gonna change. I close my eyes, begin to pray then tears of joy stream down my face.” The song is beautiful and has tears running down Eijirou’s face as he listens to Katsuki sing the song to their unborn daughter. He can’t see Katsuki’s face clearly, but he knows he’s crying too.

When the concert’s over, Eijirou practically runs to the band’s dressing room and tackles Katsuki in a hug. “I love you,” he proclaims, looking up at him with tears in his eyes.

“I love you, too, baby,” Katsuki murmurs before kissing Eijirou deeply, holding his body close. He breaks the kiss momentarily, smiling at him. “Always have and always will.”