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A List of My WIPS

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  1. Boku No BakuDeku [ABANDONED]
  • This work was abandoned because I honestly bit off more than I could chew. It's a multiple-book series, most of them finished and unedited. It ended up not making much sense. I love the plot and the OCs. If anyone wants to check out this mess of a fic, feel free. Maybe I'll re-write it someday.
  • This work was also abandoned because it wasn't getting much engagement at the time (hits, kudos, or comments)

     2. I Suck At Titles But Fuck You It's A Kachako Fic

  • This fic is a WIP simply because I want to play around with this ship more. The fic could be counted as complete if you want something short, but I might keep it going scene for scene.

     3. The UA Traitor Theory

  • This is a WIP simply because of time's sake. It involves research and such. But I want to finish it before the traitor is revealed

    4. The Heroes of Skyrim (BNHA/Skyrim AU)

  • This will probably be my next full work! I'm super excited about it and hope you are, too!

     5. Izuku X Shinso 

  • This work hasn't been started yet but it's a ship I want to play around with!

     6. Izuku X Ochako

  • Honestly, I just want to have an even mix of straight and gay ships. Plus Dekuraka is the purest of the pure. This one is also not started yet.

     7. Villain Deku

  • A Concept not started yet but I want to mess around with