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The Program

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‘I'm just saying,’ Ginny held her hands up in surrender, ‘I think you should consider it,’ she said, as she cleared the table with a flick of her wand.

Hermione’s mouth flew open in shock, ‘Consider it?!’ it felt like her eyebrows were pressing into her hairline. She plonked the kitchen roll in her hand on the now cleared table, as she listened to the clattering of the plates as they slotted themselves into the dishwasher. She looked at Harry, ‘Consider it?!’  causing the dark-haired wizard to flinch, nearly dropping the glass he was drying with a towel in his hands, ‘Harry, you can’t possibly think this is a good idea? Seriously?’ she shrieked. 

She watched Harry’s Adam's apple bob in his throat. He set the glass on the kitchen countertop, throwing the towel over his shoulder, ‘Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea...’ 

She threw her hands up in frustration, slapping them back down against her thighs, ‘Oh great. So even you think I’m just some broodmare who should be locked away just for the use of alphas!’ 

‘It’s not like that, Mione,’ he moved towards her, setting his hands against the back of the dining chair in front of her, leaning on it for support, ‘It’s as much for them as it is for you.’ 

Hermione went to tell him how ridiculous he was for believing that when he interrupted, ‘Your heats have been getting worse,’ he said, voice soft with sympathy, ‘we’ve all noticed.’ 

Hermione leaned both of her hands on the table and stared at her knuckles, holding the table so tight her knuckles were turning white. The worst part was that Harry was right. She had spent the last week drowning in her bed, begging for something that she had never even experienced before. 

She only even knew one alpha. People were secretive of this sort of thing. The only people who knew she was an omega were Ron, Harry and Ginny. The only alpha she ever actually knew was Charlie Weasley, and he had helped talk Ron out of being with her. He’d been with an omega before and apparently it was inevitable that an alpha would seek her out and usurp him. Ron was adamant his brother was wrong until Hermione’s heats hit maturity. Apparently it made him feel like he wasn’t enough, and that he’d never be enough. She would be angry with him if she hadn’t been there, crying and mewling for relief he just couldn’t provide. It was for the best ultimately, but she still wondered what could have been. 

‘Hermione, please say you’ll go...for your next heat,’ the sincerity in Ginny’s voice startled her out of her thoughts. Hermione looked up to see she had moved beside Harry, gently holding onto his forearm. Their faces mirrored each other, worry and distress written in the lines of their faces. 

She thought back to how it felt, lonely and burning in the dark, pleading for someone who didn’t exist to help her. Sometimes, when it got really bad she’d dose herself in calming draughts and every kind of sleeping potion she could brew. She knew the lengths she’d go to just for a minute of peace in those moments were getting dangerous. 

‘Fine, I’ll make an appointment,’ she said quietly staring down at her feet. 


The sweat gathered into a neat bead in his hairline. The bead began to swell and swell until it could no longer take the weight of itself. It slid down his forehead and trickled right to the end of his nose, stretching and pulling to hold on, but inevitably it fell landing with a silent pop onto the ink on his parchment.   

‘For fuck’s sake!’ Draco leapt from his seat throwing his smudged parchment off his desk. He stood panting in his study, hands gripping his desk so hard the ancient wood started to give under the pressure. 

‘Merlin’s beard, you need to get laid.’ 

Draco closed his eyes tight, forcing a gush of air through his nostrils, like a bull ready to charge. He slowly and deliberately opened his eyes and turned his head towards his friend. 

‘You should sign up for that alpha thing. The ministry’s running it,’ Blaise lifted his foot and deposited it on his right knee, setting the parchment he had been studying onto his lap. ‘At the very least you might get a good shag out of it,’ He looked up at him over tiny round glasses that should have made him look ridiculous, but somehow just made him look cooler. 

‘I’m not going to be some...some..’ he rolled his hand vigorously in circles looking for the right word, ‘... bastard who takes advantage of an omega in heat, Blaise!’ 

‘Oooooh,’ his friend sang, rolling his eyes at him, which only served to raise his hackles even more. ‘It’s all consensual, Draco,’ Blaise looked at him with half-lidded eyes, ‘they sign off before they even go in heat.’ Blaise looked back to the parchment in his lap, ‘If you want to stress yourself out into a rut other there by yourself. Be my guest. But I think I’d like you a lot better if you just gave in to your needs ,’ Blaise’s lip curled up at the sides into a mischievous smirk. 

He frowned, knowing that his friend had chosen the word ‘needs’ very carefully. Draco was an alpha, and alphas needed omegas. He’d been told time and again this would happen. Eventually, he would start to become a slave to his own designation. His body would start to rut for him unless he mated. The pulsing in his forehead told him he was nearing the point of no return. If he didn’t do something the beast inside him would take over control, and who knows what it would do. At least if he signed up to this scheme the omega would be willing, using him for the same thing he would be using her for. The only thing that settled it in his mind was that whoever she was, she would sign when she was in her right state of mind, a witch rather than an omega. 

Draco huffed a breath and shuffled through more parchment on his desk. He dipped his quill into his inkpot, ‘Fine. I’ll book an appointment,’ he returned to writing, and he tried to ignore the little scoff coming from where Blaise was sat. 


‘Now Miss Granger, I just wanted to confirm before we start that everything that happens here is strictly confidential,’ the little Mediwitch said, straightening the parchment in her hand. She was almost the same height standing as Hermione was sitting down, that meant she was likely an omega herself, which she had to admit settled her nerves considerably. 

She smiled, pushing her chubby cheeks up her face, as she handed her a clipboard with the parchment, ‘These are your consent forms, you’ve already read the rules and regulations, but I’ll highlight the important parts.’ Hermione stared at the paperwork in front of her, lightly running her eyes over it to make sure they hadn’t changed any of the wording from the one she received in her welcome pack.

‘It is forbidden for either of you to hurt or claim the other,’ the little witch read from the paper in front of her, ‘You will both be given a potion to confuse your senses about your partner, what you see and hear will not be connected to the part of your brain that stores details about the people we know and meet. This means that you will not recognise them, nor will they recognise you, Miss Granger,’ the tiny witch sped through the disclaimer like she did it a thousand times a day. She probably did. 

‘You are free to receive the identity of your partner afterwards, but only with full consent of both alpha and omega,’ she set the paper down on the medical bed beside her, ‘Now, Miss Granger, if I could have your signed consent form...’ she held her gloved hand out and Hermione scrawled her signature before handing over her forms. 

‘Lovely,’ the Mediwitch beamed kindly, ‘now we get to the fun part!’ she wrinkled her nose, ‘we get to choose a man!’ Hermione couldn’t help but laugh. The witch was middle-aged and too cute to talk about men with. 

She crossed to her cupboard and pulled out a long test tube holder holding several tubes, each one filled with a clear liquid, ‘now,’ the little witch set the tray of test tubes in front of her. Hermione stared at the colourless liquid, feeling the weight of her anxiety in her chest for the first time. 

‘Based on the answer to your questions at the previous appointment we have selected seven samples for you to try. These are pheromones collected from the alphas. They will also be shown your sample from last week and the most compatible alpha will...appreciate your scent in the same way you’ll appreciate his.’ The little witch lifted a test tube from the rack and placed it in her hand.

Hermione lifted the bottle and sat up straighter, hoping it would calm the butterflies in her stomach. She had smelled alphas before, the odd scent attracting her attention in a crowd, but she had never gotten this close to the source of the alluring scents spreading through the air. She pressed her thumb to the cork containing the pheromones. She took one last look at the Mediwitch who smiled encouragingly, slightly nodding her head. 

Hermione pushed the cork from the bottle with her thumb and apprehensively brought her nose to the sample. The smell travelled up her nose burning through her nose hairs as it went. It smelled like bleach to her, nearly burning her eyes.  She immediately pulled the sample away from her face, choking on the fumes. 

The Mediwitch giggled, her rosy cheeks getting even rosier, ‘You’ve got the control one straight away then, Miss Granger. We always give a sample from an incompatible male to make sure we got our predictions right. It seems we were spot on with you. You should find another of these more to your liking.’

Hermione frowned, putting the cork back into the disgusting tube, and lifted the next. She swallowed, expecting it to be as horrible as the last as if this was all some sort of practical joke on her. 

She decided to be brave, and popped the cork on this one quickly, shoving her nose under it preparing herself for something unpleasant. She unwrinkled her nose as she realised it wasn’t totally unpleasant. It smelled like fresh mornings, the kind where there’s just a little frost on the tips of the grass’ blades. While it wasn’t unpleasant, it didn’t exactly draw her in either, she didn’t experience any of the symptoms she had expected. Something about this particular alpha felt too...comfortable. The best way she could describe it was like a relative. 

She set it down and opened the third bottle, it smelled like burning wood. Like a warm comforting fire, and she could nearly swear there was the smell of marshmallows melting in there too, though that didn’t make any sense. It was really nice actually, there was something warm and comforting in the smells of this one. There was something in it that piqued her interest, but nothing dramatic. She smiled warmly but set it down in the line of tubes regardless, perhaps he would be an option if the other alphas’ didn’t give her much of a reaction either. At least she assumed she could be comfortable with him.  

She lifted the fourth bottle and popped the cork out of the bottle, lazily bringing the bottle to her nose. She was starting to lose hope, there were only a few vials left. Would she be the one omega they couldn’t match? 

She breathed in the scent and instantly felt lightheaded. It was a cold kind of spice, like peppermint and cedarwood. It hit her like a splash of freezing water in her face, and it ran down her body increasing in heat as it made its way down her stomach like a caress. By the time it reached between her legs, it was boiling. She could feel it bubbling against her lips. Or was that her pulse? The last thing she remembered was desperately sucking the air into her lungs to get more of the delicious scent, and a vague dreamy notion of a beat. No, a chant getting farther and farther away. 



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‘We really appreciate you coming in, Mr Malfoy,’ for such a tiny witch she was nearly impossible to keep up with, ‘It’s not often we get a case like this.’ She shuffled at an almost inhuman pace through the hall. He was thankful for his alpha height, his long strides managing to keep him at her heels. 

‘It’s no problem,’ he awkwardly shoved his hands into his pockets. He hadn’t expected this. He hadn’t even heard of something like this before. 

‘Now just remember, you can always say no,’ she pushed her small stout body against a door, shoving herself through it like it didn’t exist. 

The urgency was starting to give him the first flutter of nerves for the first time since he’d been sent an urgent owl that morning. As he turned to enter the door himself, the Mediwitch had already laid out a few tubes filled with pheromones on the table. He hadn’t even had a chance to take his coat off. He hadn’t expected everything to move so fast. Neither did the witch he had been assigned to he supposed, the poor girl fell right into a heat the minute she smelled him. He couldn’t deny the very thought of that made the space between his breaths shorter, as if the alpha in him was trying to scent out it’s female. It sickened him. 

‘Now before we start do you have any questions?’ 

He swallowed, forcing himself to ask the question that had been rolling around his mind all morning, ‘Why did this happen to her? Surely just the scent of an alpha isn’t usually enough…’  he asked as he took off his coat and sat in the chair opposite her. 

‘I’m afraid there’s a lot I’m not allowed to disclose with you, Mr Malfoy,’ she said. He tried to hide the disappointment and anxiety in his eyes. He must have failed, because her already wrinkled eyes crinkled further, filled with the warmth of sympathy. She took a deep breath, ‘but it is an awfully difficult choice that has been thrust upon you. It just shows that it’s highly likely you have an intense compatibility,’ he stared down at the tubes in front of him, wondering if the same fate beheld him as soon as he opened pandora’s test tube. He zoned out from what the woman was saying but something in his subconscious pricked at his awareness when he heard, ‘She’s also never really embraced being an Omega.’ 

His eyes flew back up to meet the little witch’s. He knew what that meant, she had never been with an alpha before. His eyes instantly started to fill with panic, worried that the girl was just that, a girl. 

The Mediwitch seemed to sense the pieces connecting in his head, and something turned frantic in her as she started flapping her chubby arms at him, ‘No no dear! She’s around the same age as you,’ her eyes shot open wide and she instantly flung her hands across her mouth, ‘I didn’t tell you that!’ she muffled into her hands. 

He smiled down at the floor, relieved that the omega awaiting him was at least a woman, ‘Told me what?’ he said, looking back up at the Mediwitch and winking at her. 

She brought her hands away from her mouth to reveal a bright warm smile in thanks, only slightly reprimanding for his cheek. She spun away from him and brought him the tubes laid out in the rack to his side of the table. It was clearly designed for a lot more, there were currently only three in the rack in front of him. It was a clear but subtle nudge towards helping the girl, whilst still implying he still had a choice. 

He lifted the first tube from the rack and inspected it in front of him, turning it around in his hand. To all intents and purposes, it looked a lot like water. He glanced back up at the Mediwitch in front of him, ‘The same thing won’t happen to me will it?’ he asked, almost cringing at the hesitation in his voice. 

The Mediwitch raised her eyebrows apologetically, ‘You haven’t been with an omega witch either, Mr Malfoy,’ she said softly. 

He breathed through his nose and remembered the night he had before. His cock was painfully hard, waking him every few hours with its insistent pumping. His dreams were haunted by soft faceless women, taunting him with their curves and breathless voices. Every time he woke, it was in a cold sweat, his own pheromones in the air nearly burning his eyes. The alpha in him was taking over. He looked back at the test tube in his hand, he had no choice. 

This omega had been through far worse than he could imagine...regularly. She had sat in his shoes just yesterday, maybe even in the same seat, staring at the human beings reduced to scents in a tube. She was probably even suffering now. He refused to let her be brave on her own. He popped open the cork on the tube and sucked in the scent, closing his eyes waiting on the alpha pulling him into the darkness...nothing. He smelled nothing. He opened his eyes and stared down at it frowning. His eyes were moved to the Mediwitch when he noticed she was giggling. 

‘She picked the control tube first too,’ she said, pulling her hand back from her mouth to her lap, ‘maybe you two are just that compatible,’ she smiled at him. 

He didn’t say anything, he just shrugged and picked up the next tube, leaving the control back in the rack. The next tube looked different, it was thicker than water, and when he swirled it around in the jar it reflected the rainbow back at him on the clear surface. At least this one definitely seemed different. He didn’t give himself time to think about it as he pushed the cork out with his thumb, bringing it to his nose and breathed in. 

It was the most alluring thing he had ever smelled in his life. The edges of his vision blurred so badly, as the alpha ripped at his consciousness, it was easier to just close them. He took another deep breath of the heavenly sweet fragrance. 

He heard a ‘Mr Malfoy,’ off in the distance, he briefly wondered who Mr Malfoy was and who was calling him. It sounded vaguely familiar but he supposed it didn’t matter. Everything seemed dull and blurry in comparison to the smell of the omega, the only sense in his mind that was sharp was the painful throbbing cock pushed up against his stomach. 

Something grabbed his wrist and took the scent out from under him. He growled deep in his throat as the scent seemed to disappear. He opened his eyes and desperately sniffed the room, searching for what he had lost. A small figure stood in front of him, ‘Mr Malfoy,’ it said, firm but he could hear the fear in her voice. 

Fear? No! He didn’t want to be feared, his vision unblurred and he found himself looking into the apprehensive face of the Mediwitch. He looked to her side and noticed her wand drawn by her side, ready if he should move.

A terrible mixture of dread and guilt stabbed him right in his heart, ‘I’m...I’m so sorry,’ he said throwing his head into his hands. A shot of anger ran through him, ‘I hate being like this,’ he pulled his head out of his hands and leaned his elbows onto his knees, staring at the grey tiled floor underneath him. 

‘It’s alright, dearie. It’s why you’re here is it not?’ He felt her take his hand and squeeze it comfortingly. He allowed it, and held onto her hand firmly, ‘We’re going to help you.’ 

‘That was her, wasn’t it?’ he said quietly into the floor. 

She swallowed before she answered, but nevertheless she whispered back, ‘yes.’ 


When Hermione woke up she was in an unfamiliar room. She had expected it to be white and sterile, but instead, it just looked like an average room. Well, what passed for average in the wizarding world that hadn’t seemed to have left the victorian period behind. The walls were papered with olive green damask wallpaper, with dark hardwood floors. She sat up on the bed, holding her head through its pounding. She felt like she had been drinking the night before. 

She buried her hands into the covers under her, they felt soft and were a similar green to the walls. She looked down to her own body and noticed she was now in a simple white nightdress that came just to her thighs. She rubbed her bare arms, finding them cold in the room. They must keep the temperature low to help the omegas in their heats. If she was honest she didn’t know what an Alpha would experience, much to her frustration she could hardly find a book on the topic, just what awkward conversations she could have with Charlie but for a dragon tamer even he was shy on the topic. So she learned to stop asking. 

She stood up from the bed when she spied a letter awaiting her on her bedside table. She eagerly ripped it open, 


Miss Granger,

Welcome to the program. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that your unexpected heat has brought you. We are here to help you through it and should you require any assistance please ring the bell above your bedside lamp.

As detailed in your welcome pack, you have been administered with heavy hormone suppressants, allowing you to thwart the effects of your heat for a limited time. We would like to remind you that the program can not guarantee how long these suppressants will last as the effects differ from witch to witch. 

Please make use of the facilities provided and dress in clothing appropriate for your heat. 

The alpha chosen by you in your admittance test has accepted your invitation to join you through your heat. Please note, as per your admittance procedure detailed in your welcome pack, you have been administered a potion to limit the chances of recognising your alpha

Your chosen alpha is due to arrive in

00.59. 44

The timer on the parchment beat down with every second passed. 

00.59. 44

Hermione was hit with a ball of anxiety in her chest as she watched the numbers descend. That was the time she had left before her alpha arrived. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the omega inside her purring at the thought of her alpha. 

She set the letter down on the nightstand and made towards the shower, she could tell in her sleep she had been sweating through her heat. They must have sedated her eventually. She was glad, being in heat all that time waiting without her toys to help would have been torture. She pulled her nightdress over her head, folding it up on the cabinet in the bathroom. She stepped into the bathtub and turned on the shower, turning it as hot as she could stand it. She knew it would be the last hot one she could tolerate for days. 

She was glad to see her own products in the shower for her. At least she had packed her bag and submitted it to them before doing the tests. She hated to admit it but she was terrified of not meeting this man’s expectations. What if he walked in, saw her and rejected her. It was a completely irrational fear because he had obviously selected her pheromones as well. But nevertheless she lifted her razor and started shaving her legs.


He was slowly drifting into madness staring at the knots in the door outside her bedroom. He’d been waiting for at most five-ten minutes but it felt like he had been waiting for centuries. The alpha roared in the back of his head that behind that door was an omega ready and willing for him, and it was nearly impossible for him to keep still. But he wouldn’t make a move until he was instructed to, the last thing he wanted was to barge in and frighten her. 

‘Mr Malfoy,’ he heard, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the door, ‘It’s time.’ 


Her skin was already beginning to feel hot. 

She had chosen a simple tank top and shorts but she was still beginning to heat, even in the cold temperature of the room. She looked down to the parchment sitting on the table in front of her. 


She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, steadying the nerves crashing in her stomach. She hugged her arms to her belly, as if it would somehow hide her own nerves from her, and watched the countdown. 


It was too late to change anything now. She wondered how his suppressants were holding up, if hers were already quickly fading from her. A low tingle between her legs told her they wouldn’t have long before she went into heat again. 


She fixed her bra strap uncomfortably on her shoulder and wondered what she should do with her hands. 


Should she be standing when he comes in? Should she get up and shake his hand or is that weird?


She pulled a lock of her hair out from behind her ear to the side of her face. 


She allowed herself a deep breath, as though she was going to sink under the weight of her own nerves any minute. 


It was too late to do anything now. She just waited, staring at the doorknob, but no knock ever came, no twist of the handle. She tried to tell herself she was being irrational, it was only a few seconds but she felt like it was a century in the breathless room. She looked down at her hands, nervously wrapping around each other on the table in front of her. 

Then she heard a creak from the door, and she watched in terror as the handle dropped, and the wood came slowly closer towards her. She stood up out of sheer instinct, feeling too vulnerable sitting down as the door finally opened wide enough for her to see him. 

The first thing she noticed was his height, he was tall, much taller than her but not like some of the other men she had suspected of being alphas

The second thing she noticed should have been the first when he looked up from the floor towards her, she gasped. He was the same age as her, yet his hair seemed even whiter than platinum blonde. He was undoubtedly handsome, with sharp angled features and icy eyes to match his hair. She had never seen someone look so...from this world. There was nothing Muggle about him, his robes were expensive, black and fashionable, but would be very out of place even in Muggle London. Even so, despite how different he was to everyone she had ever met, something about him seemed familiar. She was immediately fascinated by him. 

It wasn’t until his scent hit her that she knew she was truly gone, the smell she had desperately tried to remember before he came wafted in through no effort at all. The peppermint and cedarwood drifted through her senses once again, and the hairs on her arms stood up. She tried to resist taking a deep breath of him while he stared at her. 

Something similar must have been happening to him because she saw his apple bob up and down his throat, his silver eyes daring to look down her body. She was almost certain her skin was turning pink, she couldn’t tell if it was from the heat or his assessment of her. She couldn’t watch him, so she stared off into the hardwood floor. 

‘My suppressants...’ his deep aristocratic voice penetrated through the silence in a warning. 

‘I know,’ she said, feeling the effects of her own wearing off more and more with each breath of his intoxicating scent. 

She heard the sound of one of his feet hitting the floor as he approached her, and she couldn’t control the breathing in her chest. She was ashamed to say with each slow careful step he made towards her, the more her body prepared itself for him, sending floods of arousal through her system. 

Go to him. Go to your Alpha . The omega in her head pounded in her ears, but she stood still, staring off to her right as he approached. She stood completely still in the hope it might appease the predator stalking towards her. 

He walked until he was almost chest to chest with her, she’d never been this close with an alpha before. His scent was almost overwhelming, and she could drown in it. Unlike before when she became oblivious to everything around her, this time everything seemed heightened. She could feel the static electricity moving between each of their bodies, feel his breath against the side of her cheek. 

She was Hermione Granger, usually so brave, but now she stood unable to move. But it was when his face moved closer towards her that she realised why she had the urge to turn her head from him. She could feel his breath on her scent glands as he smelled her. It was primal and raw, she felt vulnerable under him but she’d never felt this strange mix of fear and desire before, and she found she was famished for it. 

He growled, deep and loud, almost like a purr of approval. The vibrations rattled against her scent gland and it sent ripples of arousal through her. When he gently dipped out his tongue to lick over it, she let out the gasp she had been holding. She was so aroused she pressed her thighs tight together, the heartbeat between them too intense. 

He kissed her neck beside it, ‘I can smell you’re scared,’ his voice rumbled against her neck, sending more shivers of desire through her body, ‘you don’t need to be scared of me, Omega. I’m going to take care of you.’

She didn’t have much experience with alphas, but somehow she knew it wasn’t the wizard speaking anymore. He had mostly overcome his suppressants. She had expected him to have less control, part of her expected an alpha to be forceful, out of control. But he was holding on tightly to himself. She couldn’t pinpoint why, but she found that ridiculously hot. 

She leaned into him, pushing her body closer to his, and he groaned at the contact but he still didn’t move. She was close enough now to push her head into his neck. He turned his neck and allowed her access. She nudged his scent gland with her nose, and he sucked in a gasp at the touch. His reaction prompting her to bite her lip at the sound. She released it and allowed herself to indulge in his scent right from its source. She was immediately overwhelmed by it,  the omega in her begged her to sink her teeth in, but she resisted, only allowing herself one slow torturous lick across it. It felt like her pupils widened to the size of her irises as she drank in the taste of him, the arousal reaching an unbearable state as her skin now burned piping hot, she was thrown back into her heat. 

The Alpha took this as permission, and he grabbed her hips into him. She gasped and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, happily submitting into his arms. She pulled her face out of his neck to find his lips ready and waiting. The desperation in his kiss matched hers, his tongue sweeping across her lips for entry she happily supplied. She couldn’t take much more of the waiting, ‘Alpha, please,’ she moaned against his lips, high pitch and desperate. 

He groaned against her lips and started stepping in her direction, she allowed him to push her back, the omega in her delighted they were moving closer to the bed. He threw her down onto the bed, and she landed with a giggle she didn’t believe herself capable off, and she delighted in watching him roughly start to take off his robes.

 Her own clothes felt like it was smouldering against her skin, and the familiar pain caused by too much arousal was beginning to settle its way through her body. She ripped off her top above her head and pulled her knickers and shorts down in one fell swoop. 

The alpha stopped in his tracks, the pale skin of his chest the only visible skin on show so far. It seemed to visibly pain him to see her naked in front of him. His chest was heaving as he fought a battle within himself, the silver mercury in his eyes losing the battle to the black of his pupils. She delighted in watching him watch her. 

You have pleased your alpha  

She reached for her breasts and squeezed them tightly in her palms, partly for her own relief and partly to contribute to his torture. It was enough to make him lose whatever battle he was fighting. He leapt on her, sucking and swirling his tongue around the nipples of one of the breasts she still held her hands. She cried out and pushed her hips towards him, ‘Alpha, I need to come,’ he latched onto the other one and flicked his tongue across it, staring into her eyes defiantly, ‘Pleeaasse,’ she cried, closing her eyes tight with the torture. 

He took mercy and released her nipple with a loud kiss. He stood tall and grabbed each one of her knees in his hands, using them to wedge her legs open with a primal strength that made her clit throb. He stared at her sex and bit his lip as he pulled his eyebrows together. 

You’re on display for him, and he likes it. 

His breathing turned into an outright pant, and he launched himself at her again. This time he latched onto her inner lips, sucking them almost entirely into his mouth. Her mouth fell open, and a voiceless scream fell from her lips as his tongue dipped only slightly into her before sliding up to her clit, lapping at it relentlessly. She was embarrassed by how quickly she was melting into his tongue, she could feel the familiar tingle of orgasm building it’s way through her clit at his harsh consistent strokes. He slipped his hands underneath her ass and tugged her to him, like he was a man starved. 

‘You taste so good, my sweet little omega,’ he purred against her slit, before he shoved his face back into her. She looked down to see his platinum hair between her thighs, as she felt his tongue brutally assault her clit and it was enough to send her over the edge. Her body contorted above the bed, her spine arching up into him as she came. She wanted to scream but no sound could come out. Her senses were so acute she could feel her clit spasm against his tongue, contracting over and over as he licked her through her first orgasm. 

It did nothing to deter her arousal, she instinctively knew it would take him to penetrate her for her to get any relief. 

‘I told you I’ll take good care of you, Omega,’ he said into her thigh as he kissed the soft flesh there. 

‘Please, Alpha. I need you.’ she whined, taking her breasts into her hands once more hoping it could take some of the pressure from between her legs, ‘I need you inside me,’ she answered, too aroused to be ashamed. 

He moaned, he actually moaned, and the noise sent another ripple of arousal through her, only heightened by her orgasm to a status where it could almost be called a mini-orgasm itself. She watched as he ripped open the front of his trousers and forced them down his legs, along with his tight boxer shorts. Her mouth opened when she saw his cock force its way out of his underwear. It was huge, and she wondered how she was going to get it inside of her, but she couldn’t care. All she could think about was how it would taste.

 Before she had the chance to think the omega in her forced her to leap up on her knees, kneeling on the bed in front of him. She didn’t give him a chance to respond before she took him into her mouth, using her hands to stroke the length of him she couldn’t reach. She swirled her tongue around his head and he struggled to hold his own weight as he moaned for her. 

‘Oh you are such a good little omega, aren’t you?’ 

You have pleased your alpha , her omega purred, supplying her with a fresh mini orgasm shooting through her womb in reward. She moaned against his cock and he must have felt the vibrations, because he had to use one of the bedposts to keep his balance, ‘Merlin’s beard,’ he said to the ceiling, his head thrown back in pleasure, ‘You’ll need to stop before I knot your mouth,’ his voice was soaked with desperation, much like the wetness running down her own thighs, ‘Turn for me.’ 

She became overwhelmed with the urge to obey, keen to put herself on display for him again. She pushed her ass up towards him, delighting when she felt him line himself up to her entrance. 

‘Do you want this, my little Omega?’ he said gently, rubbing his cock up and down her slit, causing the most painfully erotic shot through her. 

‘Please, Alpha, Please,’ she begged him, all she cared about was having the relief from her heat. 

He pushed his cock into her slowly, and she gripped each inch of him like a vice. It felt like he pressed her to her capacity, but another inch kept going with a bit of gentle coaxing. Finally he sunk into the hilt with a groan and she had never felt so full, it was an instant relief. 

He moved slowly back out and into her again, it felt like he hit every pleasurable spot she had inside her as he moved. After a couple of slow strokes, he moved inside her easily. She could tell she was wet enough to likely be covering him in her juices. As much as she didn’t want to admit that she loved it, it was like she was marking him with her scent, and it drove the omega in her wild.  

It grew impatient with his tender strokes. The pleasure running through her was almost painful, she craved release, and his slow strokes were cruelly withholding it. She pushed her ass hard against him, slamming his cock against her cervix. He let out a strangled grunt, ‘Oh you want it harder, do you?’ he said through his own pants.

‘Yes,’ she cried, tears nearly pricking at her eyes in desperation. 

His hands gripped onto her waist, squeezing possessively into the flesh before he pulled her back hard against him, causing her to moan out in nearly a scream, ‘Is this what you want? You want me to fuck you rough?’ 

He kept picking up his speed with every thrust, and she could barely even speak. The pleasure radiating from his every stroke stole her tongue, but she managed a ‘Yes, alpha,’ in a high pitched cry. Her body was so wound up she felt even a feather across her clit would make her scream out her orgasm. Her omega wanted him to fall with her, all she could think about was how he would feel cumming inside her. 

‘Kn..knknknkn...knot me,’ she forced out through his thrusts. 

He let out a roar of a groan, and leaned down between her thighs, rubbing her clit while he pistoned inside of her even faster. She started to feel his cock swell even bigger and she knew he was going to knot. She couldn’t hold it, she screamed out her release as it washed over her. She had never felt anything like this, it pulsed up and down her body as her toes curled behind her. He groaned and shoved his cock deep into her as his knot swelled inside of her. She could feel his hot cum shooting up deep into her and it only lengthened her orgasm. His hands dug into her hips, as his head landed against her back. 

Her pleasure waves started to lower with each one, until they hit a quiet feeling of satisfaction she had never managed to reach on her own or with anyone else. She sat panting on her hands and knees until he moved behind her, lifting and manoeuvring her like she weighed nothing onto his lap. She lay her back against his chest as they caught their breath, simply enjoying the feeling of his knot inside her. 

‘Alpha?’ she asked weakly. 

He nuzzled his face into her neck, ‘yes?’ he said, kissing her gland as his arms settled around her waist.  

‘What do I smell like to you?’ 

‘Irresistible. Sweet. Like strawberries and roses,’ he managed through his pants. 

‘Hmmm,’ was all she had the strength to say as she closed her eyes relaxing against him.

Chapter Text

The alpha released its grip on his consciousness, sinking slowly into the back of his mind in a contented purr. 

He couldn’t describe what had just happened to him. He was no virgin, but he felt like it at that moment, his knot still pulsing inside of her. He had never done that before, he didn't even think his cock was as big as that before. He started to regret spending so much of the time he spent researching on omegas and none of it on how his own body would react. He stupidly assumed nothing would change. 

He never would have guessed in his wildest dreams that knotting would feel so good. Sexually it felt amazing, his orgasm had slowly ebbed away rather than the usual abrupt ending, sending spikes of pleasure through him like a heartbeat long after he had cum. Then there was how it felt mentally, he finally had space inside his own head to breathe, the alpha in him had become more and more demanding as he denied its needs. Now it felt like he had finally regained control of his own mind, with his alpha merely stroking his consciousness in the back of his mind. 

The hot skin laid against his chest began to cool, and it allowed him to focus on the feeling of her breathing against his chest. With his alpha finally retracted, he could stop kissing and marking her glands with his scent, and instead just rest his face into her neck, comforted by their mixed scents around his face. Sweet strawberries freshened with the smell So that’s what he smelled like...he was happy with that it was clean and natural.

She shifted slightly under him, and it brought his attention immediately back to her, he pulled her in closer against him to make her comfortable. There was something about this witch, he was instantly at ease with her, and all he wanted was to make sure she was content. He assumed it must be biological, because he’d never had this urge with anyone but her. 

He didn’t know if he had ever met an omega before, but he found it hard to believe he could walk right past one if they were all like her. She was beautiful to him: her dainty features complete with a light dusting of freckles, her deep dark brown eyes rimmed with long black eyelashes, and the mass of wild hair on her head tamed into tight curls. Not to mention the way her body fit perfectly against his. 

She shifted again in his arms, this time moving her back from his chest as she woke and looked around her sleepily. He could tell the precise moment she realised he was still inside of her, because her back stiffened and she stopped still. The awkwardness of the moment was enough to drain what arousal remained in his cock to keep his knot swollen. She must have felt it loosen, because she lifted herself off of him and pulled a blanket around her front, covering her body from his view. He wasn’t facing the omega anymore, but the witch housing it, and her brown eyes were widened in embarrassment and discomfort. 

Your omega is hiding herself from you, you have frightened her , displeased her.

He ignored the alpha’s growl in his head and lifted a pillow beside him, using it to cover himself from her in hopes it might put her at ease, ‘How are you feeling?’ he asked, trying his best to make his voice sound comforting, but the dry rasp that left his throat fell far short of comforting. He tried to swallow to soften his voice, conscious of the fact that a loud clearing of his throat could scare the witch away further. 

‘Better,’ her voice barely came out, she cleared her own throat and started again, ‘more like me.’ 

‘Good,’ he said gently, looking down at the pillow in front of him, ‘me too.’ 

They sat in the silence for a moment before he spoke, seizing his opportunity to speak to the witch and not the omega, ‘I, ah, need you to know something.’ 

She jumped, a little surprised by his voice through the quiet, she looked at him but didn’t respond. He lifted his eyes from the pillow and tried to communicate his sincerity with her, ‘I won’t hurt you.’ 

She readjusted in her seat, awkwardly shifting from side to side onto crossed legs. She avoided his eyes for a moment before she hardened her face to unsuccessfully hide her vulnerability, ‘How do you know?’ It was a question, but it sounded more like an accusation. 

She doesn’t trust you. My omega is scared of you

He laid his hands on the cushion in front of him, ‘Because my alpha is lecturing me that I’m scaring you, and it physically pains me to see you look at me like that.’ 

She looked to his hands in his lap, watching him nervously rub his thumb with his other hand. She seemed to consider what he said, only follow up with, ‘How do you know you won’t when…’

‘When your heat kicks in?’ he finished for her. 

She nodded, meeting his eyes again. She looked guarded, but it wasn’t enough for him not to see she was worried. 

‘Did I hurt you last time?’ he knew he hadn’t, but his hands still threatened to sweat, terrified of her answer. 

‘No,’ she said sharply. 

‘And you’re...not in your heat right now, are you?’ 

‘No,’ she repeated, voice lifting in curiosity at the vowel, as is prompting him to state where he was going with this. 

‘Then answer this.’ 

Her body gave the slightest jolt when he suddenly sat up from the bed and leaned back onto his knees, still holding the pillow across his crotch, he swallowed, preparing himself for what he was about to ask, ‘would you let me do that again?’ he said quietly, trying desperately to keep his alpha from his voice as he offered himself up to her. His cock gave a slight jolt of its own as he felt her eyes trail down his chest. 

Her mouth fell open, as a flush thrashed its way across her cheeks and down her neck, ‘Well..I…’ she stuttered. 

‘Say no and I’ll leave this room and you won’t ever hear from me again,’ it physically hurt him to say it, he knew every step toward that door would kill him, not to mention rub salt into the wound in his pride if she refuses him. She stared at him dumbfounded until he couldn’t take her silence any longer. He looked down to the bed below him, clenched his jaw and forced his walls back up. He moved to get off the bed before he was stopped by a small hand on his forearm.


He stopped and looked up at her, eyes connecting with the nerves clearly reflected in hers. He kept his body completely still as she moved her hand up his bicep. Each little touch from her was electric, lifting the hairs on his arm as her hand travelled. It eventually landed on his chest when she answered, ‘Yes.’ 

They shared a moment where icy grey and warm brown eyes assessed each other like wild animals unsure of the others next move. The cold from her palm was beginning to warm against his chest, ‘Do it again,’ she whispered breathily. He watched chest rise and fall in deeper faster breaths in front of him but he refused to move, determined to show her his restraint. 

She leaned closer towards him, and he watched her freckles get closer to him until he couldn’t make them out anymore. Her chest lightly brushed his and he almost hissed at the feeling of her nipples brushing against his chest. He couldn’t help but breathe in her strawberry-rose air, letting it cloud his mind, but keeping a tight grip on himself. 

He closed his eyes as the world became too unfocused for him to see, the last thing he saw was the tentative desire in her eye before she cautiously brushed her soft lips against his, and his alpha awoke in the back of his mind. 

She wants this. She wants you . Take her. 

He silenced its pleas in favour of closing his eyes and lightly sucking her lips against his own. His heart thundered in his chest when he felt her move closer towards him, pressing her breasts into him. He kept his urge to touch her buried down as he let her push him back onto the bed by his shoulders, pulling her lips from his own and replacing it with the intimacy of looking into his eyes from above him. 

She’s moving further away!

When his back connected with the bed below him, she moved the pillow covering him and lifted her leg to straddle him. He loosely wrapped his fingers around her tiny wrist, stopping her movements entirely as she looked blankly at him. He lifted it to his lips, he stared back at her as he enjoyed the hitch in her breath when his lips connected with her gland, smirking when he pulled back, ‘‘You’re skipping a step,’ he taunted, knowing full well that even his breath against her sensitive gland would be sensual for her. 

She looked down at him, eyes wide with surprise, before she tentatively gripped the base of his cock. 

Yes, yes, let her. 

His hips jolted up into her grip, desperate for the motion from her hand, but nevertheless he shoved his need down, ‘No, not me,’ he managed to ground out only seconds before she could suck his head into her mouth. He shifted himself further down onto the bed so his head was no longer resting on a pillow, and adjusted his shoulders beside her thighs.  

She seemed to register his meaning and tentatively lifted her leg to the other side of his shoulders. He was immediately hit with the overwhelming scent of her, and it took everything in him to shove his alpha down as his cock tensed almost painfully. 

Instead, he wrapped his arms around her thighs, gripping the flesh of her ass, before placing a wet kiss onto the soft skin of her inner thigh by his head. She gasped out a breath and her thighs wiggled underneath his mouth, ‘I have something to prove to you,’ he said as he placed another kiss higher than before.

Her skin was getting hot against his hands, and when she replied it was breathless, ‘What do you need to prove, alpha?’ 

‘Me,’ this time when he kissed her he followed it with a swipe of his tongue. 

 ‘Yes, alpha,’ she breathed, her skin now hot against his lips. He smiled, content he had teased her omega from her. He had never felt more powerful than now, lying under her at her mercy. His cock was rock solid, and he could feel the pre-cum gathering at his head. There was something irresistible about giving himself up to her, with the taste of her on his lips teasing him. He wanted to shove his face into her, letting her strawberry juices scent even his face, like she owned him. 

 ‘I’m proving I can submit myself to you, sweet omega,’ it was the last thing he said before he gave into his alpha and plunged his tongue into her, delighting in how she ground her hips against him. 

This was nothing like what she expected from an alpha. The last thing she expected was to hear his alpha voice tell her he would submit to her, it was the sexiest thing she had ever heard in her life. And here he was, a full-grown alpha, lying underneath her, lapping at her clit like it was addictive while leaving his own pleasures unfulfilled. She had never felt more powerful as his fingers started to dig into her ass, pulling her closer to him. The slight pain in the pleasure only made it more intense as her omega praised his strength.

He could overpower you if he wanted to. He could lift you up and throw you off him and pound you. But he’s letting you have him. 

She gripped onto the headboard and squeezed it almost as tightly as her closed eyes. Her jaw lay open. Her hips took on a life of their own, grinding her clit against the soft wetness of his tongue. She found she couldn’t speak but her omega took speech over in her mind. 

Alpha wants to give you pleasure let him. A shot of pleasure swept over her, and she wasn’t sure if it was the wizard below her or her omega, Please your alpha. 

The heat of her skin was almost at boiling, she desperately needed relief. All she wanted was to touch him. She took her omega’s command literally, and moved out of his hold on her ass. To her surprise he let her go immediately without so much as a growl, revoking everything he had holding her there. She moved her legs to straddle him facing the other direction, as soon as she was open to him again he leapt at her, sucking her clit into his mouth and swiping it with his tongue. She moaned out in the pleasure of it, but stuck herself to her task, she leaned her abdomen against his and took his cock into her hand. 

He growled into her, and the vibrations sent ripples of pleasure through her body. She took her opportunity and sunk her mouth onto his cock, sucking it while he licked her. She could feel the pressure rising in her clit. It was all too much, sucking and licking him only heightened her arousal, his moans sending vibrations through her. She knew she was going to come but her mouth was so full of him she couldn’t tell him. She could only moan against the cock buried in her mouth while it broke over her. He relentlessly licked her through each wave of her orgasm until she squealed from the sensitivity.

She felt the loss of his mouth and set to catching her breath while the last waves of her orgasm washed over her. To her surprise she felt something sink inside of her, reigniting her pleasure as he pushed against the sensitive spots inside of her. She arched her back and pushed her ass into him, the omega desperate for more. 

‘That’s it, you’ve only had one of your orgasms love,’ his voice was dark and deep, the alpha tone sending shivers down her body with its power, ‘we have plenty more to go.’ 

She felt blunt pressure on the flesh of her ass when she realised he had bitten her there, it sent a new wave of her juices through her. If she wasn’t so turned on and in her heat she might have been embarrassed by it but now she didn’t care if it ran down her thighs. Her brain had almost melted to mush by the way he was repeatedly brushing the soft spot inside her hard with his fingertips. She lost the strength in her arms and dropped her upper body down onto the bed, her rear end firmly as his mercy. 

She felt something brush against her clit, and she pulled away from the sensitivity, immediately regretting that his fingers had stopped slamming into her. 

 ‘Do you trust that I can make you come, omega?’ 

‘Yes, alpha,’ she whined, hungry from the loss of his fingers’ movement inside of her. 

‘Will you let me take another orgasm from you?’ the alpha asked. 

Yes yes yes yes

She hadn’t realised she had said it out loud until he resumed his movements, fingers dragging deliciously across that spot inside of her. His thumb returned to her clit, and she grinned her way through the sensitivity with her toes clawed and teeth clenched. 

‘I know your clit can take more than one for me.’ 

Suddenly the feeling became less and less uncomfortable, and to her surprise it actually started to feel good, actually it felt amazing. She started grinding herself up against his hand, finding herself closer to orgasm than she thought. 

‘Alpha, I’m going to come’ she whined.

‘That’s a good omega, come for me,’ his alpha voice vibrated through her sending her over the edge. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as he kept stroking her through, softly and slower now to ease her over sensitive flesh. 

It slipped out of her grasp too quickly, and when she came to she found her heat had come back in full force. The pumping between her legs was too much, and she could feel the sweat beginning to coat her skin. 

‘Please alpha!’ she called out, ‘Take me. I need…’ she said as she spun to face him, planting her lips on his in a fierce kiss as she readjusted her legs around his thighs. She could taste herself off his tongue and it sent a shock of pleasure through her knowing her scent was all over him. She bit his bottom lip, and dragged it away from his teeth, content in her own show of dominance over him. 

‘Take what you need,’ he said, letting her hold onto his lip until she bit down hard enough to draw a little blood. She sat back, and watched the hazy lust in his eyes as he watched her lick his blood from her lip, she delighted in the tortured look in his eyes. She reached out with her thumb and stroked it across his wound, smiling at him while he looked at her hungrily. She gathered a little of the bright red liquid, and stroked her thumb down between her breasts, marking herself with him. He growled deep in his throat as he clearly fought with every instinct he had, but he couldn’t help but grind his hips up into her. 

Fuck me alpha, knot me, mark me, please

She hadn’t realised she had said it out loud until he groaned hungrily underneath her. She  impatiently grabbed his cock and lined it up to her entrance, sinking down on him in one smooth motion. They moaned together as they adjusted to each other. She ground her hips forward and closed her eyes with the pleasure of it. 

He sat forward and held onto her back as she rode him. It was when she felt his lips on her scent gland she knew she was fucked. 

Mark me,Mark me,Mark me,Mark mealphaplease

She twisted her hands into his hair as he licked and sucked at her sensitive gland. The pleasure shot across her unexpectedly, and she moaned and came for him again, clinging on to the white hair in her hand as he used his hand at her lower back to keep her moving over him through her orgasm, as she pumped the cum out of him. She could feel his teeth sharpening over her gland and it heightened the desperate pleasure coursing through her as his knot started to swell inside her. She threw her head back when the last the waves faded away, letting him kiss and lick along her neck, trusting him with the most vulnerable part of her body. 

She smiled up into the ceiling, enjoying the twitches of his cock inside of her, and his hands at her waist as her skin started to cool. Her heat finally satiated. For now.