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Madison loves watching Zoe ride Kyle.


It's so rare that Zoe lets herself be the center of attention, allowing Kyle to push her hair out of her face and pull her shirt over her head. But whenever she actually gets over herself and succumbs into just feeling and relaxing, it's like the whole world stops spinning for a little bit. Her chest gets all pink and splotchy, and the flush rides all the way up to her cheeks. She worries her lips and it turns red in a way that makes Madison clench her thighs together.


She gets to watch Zoe buck her hips down onto Kyle, who is every bit as enchanted as Madison by Zoe's open mouth and bouncing chest, gasping lightly every time she slams back down.


(A part of her will never get over the fact that Zoe got to have Kyle first. After all, she's the one who introduced them. She brought him back to life, for Christ's sake, and he went flocking to Zoe with her big lips and doe eyes, leaving Madison in the dust. But hey, she was the one who first saw the way Kyle closes his eyes and bites his lip when cums, so who's the real winner?


But then, she remembers who she is. How she's never slow to a comeback and buries her feelings under cigarettes and tequila. She was hard to love, and she knew this. Maybe if her parents hadn't of thrown her in front of a camera before she could talk, Kyle would've loved her first. Maybe in another world, she would've been brave enough to help Zoe bring him back instead of just helping him figure out how to unbuckle his belt. Besides, they're all together now anyway. It doesn't matter who was there first.)


"Madison," Zoe gasps out, eyes opening for a moment. "Why are you all the way over there?" Her hair is fussed and her fingers are squeezed tightly around Kyle's hips.


Madison chuckles. "Sometimes watching is just as good as participating, babe."


Zoe tilts her head to the side. "I like it better when I can see you both."


And really, who's Madison to refuse Zoe? She sighs and stands up from the couch, plopping herself on the pillow next to Kyle. "So needy," She says, but there's a smile on her face. She makes a show of trailing her eyes from Zoe's eyes, to her lips, all the way to where pink skin stretches with every rise and fall of her hips.


Kyle lets out a moan that sounds like heaven and hell all mixed into one. He ducks his head into the crook of Madison's neck. She can feel the heat if his breath on her skin, and it gives her goosebumps. He skids a (surprisingly scar free) hand up and over the sensitive parts of her chest and down to the place in between her legs. She barely manages to contain a less-than-intimidating whine as his fingers set a quick pace on her clit.


"Zoe, can you - ah - can you slow down a little bit?" Kyle breathes out, face contorted in a way that an outsider might think looked like pain, but Madison knows better.


"Sorry," Zoe mutters, slowing the pace of her grinding a minuscule amount. It doesn't seem to do much.


Madison stares at the way Kyle's shaft disappears and then reappears with every thrust. She lifts her hand to the place Zoe and Kyle are joined, thinking: wow, weird, and then wow, hot, and then why not, before she presses her finger into Zoe, thrusting in and out with a rhythm matching Kyle's.


Zoe's body gets impossibly tight as she moans out. Madison's not sure whose name it was, or even if it counts as English, but she starts bouncing faster, murmuring something that sounds a bit like Latin. In return, Kyle gasps and his fingers pick up the pace, and suddenly Madison can't think about anything other than the places their bodies meet.


Kyle's head lifts from her shoulder to her face, looking very kissable and already a bit fucked-out. His shaggy blonde hair falls into his eyes and his lips are puffy and red. A saint would have trouble refusing him, and Madison's no saint. She leans in and allows him to ravage her mouth. He gasps into it, but Madison can barely hear it over the cry Zoe gives out. It almost sounds like affirmation, like she couldn't be happier than she is now. Deep down, Madison hopes that she feels like that.


She starts to laugh, just because Kyle's chuckling a bit, and they're still kissing, which is weird but not unwelcome. Before she knows it, all three of them are in a fit of laughter. It's strange because Zoe doesn't stop lifting her hips up and slamming them back down, and Kyle's fingers haven't slowed from where they move in between her legs, but they're laughing.


Zoe says, "I love you," And it doesn't matter which of them she was talking about or if she she even decided which one of them to say it to before it came tumbling out of her mouth, because Kyle's hips stutter up and he lets out a little ah and his fingers press into Madison. Then, Zoe's shoulders shake and she whispers both of their names like a mantra, before slowly leaning back to rest on her hands.


It's just the sound of their breathing and the wet noise Kyle's fingers make as they dive in and out of Madison when Zoe says, "C'mon, cum for us."


Just like that, the coil that had been forming at the bottom of her stomach unwinds, and she lets out a shaky moan as an explosion of pleasure courses through every muscle in her body.


They're silent for a while, the sounds of their breathing growing softer as each of them come down from their high. The side of Madison's face that Kyle had been pressed into is wet, and she can tell he must've rubbed some of her mascara off. She doesn't really mind.


"Round two?" Madison asks, showing a set of white teeth to Zoe. Kyle looks at her like she's insane and she shakes her head. "I'm kidding."


"Sure you were," Zoe replies, crawling off of Kyle to squeeze in between the two of them. A strand of her hair tickles Madison's shoulder.


They lay there in silence, and Madison thinks about how far they’ve come. She thinks about how a year ago, she couldn’t feel. A year ago, she was hungry for anything that filled the hole inside her just a little bit. A year ago, she would’ve had a problem with the way Kyle’s playing with a strand of Zoe’s hair and staring at her like he’s trying to find salvation in her eyes.


Now, she lets her own eyes flutter shut, pulls the blanket up, and swings a bare leg over the two bodies on her left. She’s met with the sound of covers rusting as they try to make the too small bed comfortable enough for the three of them. 


Kyle falls off.


Madison says, “Okay, this is getting ridiculous. We can at least afford a queen by now.”