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Happy Birthday Boy

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Kirishima brought his knees to his face. He'd been waiting for Bakugou for ten minutes now, sat on the sidewalk under the glare of the moon, the scent of recent rain still lingering in the air. The dark didn't bother him much, it wouldn't be manly if he were afraid, but the silence in the street was surprisingly unsettling. He glanced down to fixate his attention on anything other than the quiet and found his eyes on a wilting flower. At first he only noticed that the stem was half snapped off and a few petals were missing, but when he adjusted his eyes to the starlight more vividly he was frozen. It was beautiful, a pretty pale yellow with a pinkish-red center which blended into the petals like a surrealism painting. He moved in closer and the glint of moonlight on the water drops which covered it was almost enchanting. 


Something soft brushed against his back, making him jump. A gentle laugh calmed him before his eyes met with Bakugou's, two pairs of crimson stones entrapped within one another until an amused chuckle broke them out of it. He was kneeled beside Kirishima, head tilted slightly to see what he was seeing.


"What the hell are you doing?" he asked quietly, voice hushed due to the late hour. In his hand was a plastic bag with what Kirishima assumed was their food for tonight. He shrugged, sitting back so he could see the blonde clearly. The artificial lights of the convenience store clashed with the moonlight, but neither took away his breath like Bakugou did. His eyes were fixated on the flower, just as his had been, and his focused stare sent the redhead's heart on an unstoppable race.


"It kind of," Kirishima started with a laugh, "reminds me of you."


Bakugou cocked an eyebrow, eyes moving to the other boy. 


"This flower?"


"Yeah," Kirishima chimed. 


"Are you retarded?" Bakugou frowned, softly punching Kirishima's shoulder when he pouted.


"No, look closer," he breathed with a defensive huff, pointing a finger at it. "It's kind of roughed up, but under the starlight you can see how beautiful it really is." 


When the blonde stared at him with wide eyes for about ten seconds Kirishima turned away quickly. "Well, it's yellow too. And red," he tried, offering a peppy grin. 


"Are you saying," Bakugou prodded, ignoring that last comment, "that I need the starlight to make me look beautiful?"


"What?" Kirishima gaped, melting at Bakugou's glimmering eyes. 


"No! If anything, you make the starlight more beautiful," he whispered almost too casually. That one caught Bakugou even more off guard than the last. He chuckled softly, leaning his head on Kirishima's shoulder. 


"Hmm. When you put it like that I can't object. Let's head back before those idiots realise we're gone," Bakugou offered, tilting his head up to see Kirishima's face. His eyes were on the stars, lost in them momentarily before he glanced back down with a small smile.




Bakugou got up first, starting down the street while Kirishima stood. He gave the flower one last glance before jogging after Bakugou. For around three minutes the pair walked in silence under the moon, no real need for verbal communication, each boy's presence enough to keep each other company. The apartment they were headed to was Sero's, who had invited them all over for the week while they were in town, seeing as pro work had them all spread out and around the country save for those who had teamed up, like Kirishima and Bakugou. The visit was nice - even Bakugou would admit that, albeit internally. 


Wind pushed up the scent of rain and wet dirt as they reached the end of the street. Bakugou stopped at the turn off, turning to face Kirishima, who had halted now as well. He cocked an eyebrow, but when Bakugou stepped towards him he couldn't contain the light blush that touched his pale face.


"I need to tell you something before we go inside."


Kirishima nodded, ignoring the fact that they still had a whole street to walk down before they got there. Bakugou looked down at his feet for a moment before his eyes glanced back up to meet Kirishima's. His cheeks flushed a light pink, too.


"Y-you. . . you're important to me and. . ." Kirishima's eyes widened, and Bakugou scoffed at himself before plunging his hand into his hoodie pocket and pulling out a just-over-palm-sized rectangular box carefully wrapped in brown craft paper. Without a chance to process his words Bakugou chucked the box to him with a huff. Kirishima caught it, noticing Bakugou's relieved sigh with a fluttering heart. He lifted his head to say thank you, but no words formed in his mouth. Bakugou took the gleam in his eyes as a sign that he was beyond grateful, which seemed to be a pleasing decider that he needn't drag the conversation on.


"Happy birthday, dipshit," he breathed, turning again to continue walking. Kirishima stared down at the box with wide eyes. His limbs felt numb, the sensation pulsing through him as he struggled to open the wrapper. It hadn't occurred to him that Bakugou actually knew it was his birthday today, and thought that by asking him to come to the store with him to by food maybe he'd caught on from his distant and vacant tones he'd given off out of disappointment that he'd forgotten. Now he realised, with a violent blush, that he'd known the whole day.


"H-hey, wait up! Lemme open it," Kirishima exclaimed, jogging up to the blonde again. When he caught up Bakugou averted his gaze, grateful either way for the boy's presence beside him. Neither one stopped walking as Kirishima finally got the wrapper off. Kirishima, walking two steps faster than usual to keep up with Bakugou, beamed at the cardboard box. His eyes glanced up at Bakugou's excitedly, which caused the blonde to smile.


"It's a camera!" he exclaimed happily, eyes brighter than the stars above them. Bakugou shook his head with a laugh.


"It's a miniature polaroid camera, idiot. An instant one. You can -"


There was a faint snap. Bakugou glanced at the redhead with a frown, eyes widening when he was met with the end of the camera instead of shining crimson eyes. A small white slip slid out the bottom of it, and Kirishima grabbed it with a frown.


"Where are you?" he complained. Bakugou held back his blush and snatched at the film unsuccessfully. Kirishima held it away from him in fear of it exploding in Bakugou's ready hand.


"You need to shake it, dumbass," he breathed in defeat, deciding he didn't want to waste the film. It was expensive. That, and. . . Kirishima's smile was heartwarmingly adorable. 


"Okay! What will that do? Is it gonna. . . it's working!" Kirishima beamed.


Bakugou frowned, though couldn't bite back a grin. Kirishima continued to shake it until they arrived at the doorstep. When they both stopped at the complex stairs a quick glance at one another made clear that neither boy wanted to go inside.


In silence they found themselves back on the curb. Kirishima marveled at the forming picture in his hands while Bakugou marveled at Kirishima.


"I meant it, you know," Bakugou whispered, eyes tilted up to watch the stars. When he focused his gaze he noticed barely visible grey clouds spread across the sky in streams.


"I know. I meant what I said, too," Kirishima smiled, prompting the blonde to rip his eyes from the sky. The redhead's gaze was still on the photo, an unexpecting Bakugou in the midst of explaining his gift to the boy. Even in the photo his eyes caught the gaze of the stars and somehow seemed to shine brighter than them. In that moment he knew exactly what Kirishima meant.


He turned to the blonde, cocking his head with a smile that made his heart flutter. Bakugou leaned his head onto Kirishima's forehead, their eyes locked onto one another, bewitched. Bakugou chuckled softly, bringing a strong hand to the back of Kirishima's head. Kirishima smiled. 


"You really are beautiful, Bakugou."