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The Grand Unified Theory of Shěn Qīngqiū

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There was no doubt that Shen Qingqiu was dead. Dead as a doornail. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing which follows will be miraculous.*

And then there was light.

[ Achievement Unlocked: Fatal Attraction! Achievement Unlocked: A New Leaf! Host has enough points to purchase 'New Game Plus,' initiating with current memories and cultivation level! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!]

Affinity with 'Shen Jiu,' 14%. Earliest origin point available; Qing Jing Peak, 12 years after birth of protagonist. ]

{ System, does this mean if I increase the affinity enough, I can transmigrate all the way back to the Qiu household? } Reliving the memories from the Dream Demon had given Shen Yuan a strong dislike of Young Master Qiu. Imagining being back there with a mid-Core Formation cultivation level was--appealing.

[ Transmigrating to savepoint 'Qiu Household' requires 80% affinity. Please continue your efforts! ]

{ How many points would it take to transmigrate into a different character? }

[ Other characters are not available in this universe. Host may only transmigrate into his own incarnations. ]

{ What. }

[ Please repeat your query in the form of a query. ]

{ What do you mean, my own incarnations? I'm from the real world! }

[ Host was resident in instance designated 'The Real World', with the identity of 'Shen Yuan.' Host reincarnated in world instance 'Proud Immortal Demon Way', with the identity of 'Shen Qingqiu', born 'Jiu.' ]

{ That's ridiculous! I don't remember being Shen Jiu! }

[ Host's preincarnation memories were unlocked by an unusual combination of high fever and qi deviation. This bug has been reported to quality control. Host's current incarnation memories may be unlocked by raising affinity with identity 'Shen Jiu.' ]

{ What. The. Fuck. }

[ Please repeat your query in the form of a query. ]

{ Why didn't you tell me this earlier, you stupid System?! }

[ ...This host did not ask. ]

{ Is there anything else I should know? }

[ Database inaccessible. Username "Stupid System" is not recognized. ]

Shen Qingqiu realized the implications with dawning horror. { Does that mean Airplane-Shooting-Towards-The-Sky really is the Creator? }

[ No! ] The toneless machine voice of the System still managed to sound appalled. [ In world instance 'The Real World,' the host linked to the account 'Shang Qinghua' had visions of world instance 'Proud Immortal Demon Way'. He has a detached retina in his third eye.** ]

{ How do I raise affinity levels? }

[ Raise affinity level by interacting with people, places, and artifacts associated with 'Shen Jiu.' Would you like to purchase the optional quest marker upgrade for this mission? ]

{ ...How many points? And how many do I have now? }

[ Quest Marker Unlock for this multi-part quest is 500 points. Host account balance is currently 10,120 points. New Game Plus mode costs 10,000 points. ]

{ If I start without buying New Game Plus, what happens to me? }

[ A clean slate, host! Forget your worries, forget your past mistakes! ]

{ ...I'll buy New Game Plus. }