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A year in the life of the Baker Street boys.

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Hi it's John,


Sherlock told me I should start a brand new blog for some reason... Mostly because I was interrupting his deductions and I was an idiot. Apparently.


We're in the middle of a case at the moment that is barely a three, but he's bored. As usual.


Rosie is growing fast. Soon she'll be starting school and Sherlock better take her there every once in a while. I can't keep relying on Mrs Hudson all the time. I'm out of practice with writing at the moment. But there's nothing better to do on a Wednesday evening. Rosie's asleep at the moment and Sherlock is just laying there. Not moving a single muscle, or twitching or blinking. I Might need to check he's breathing at the moment.




18:27 PM SherlockHolmes


Honestly, John, you're always an idiot, and you wrote this new blog of your own accord. SH


18:31 PM John.H.Watson


Sure I did Sherlock. JW


19:07 PM M.Hudson


Nice to see you have started a new blog, John.


19:19 John.H.Watson


Thanks, Mrs H



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Hi, its John.

        Sherlock solved that case I was talking about yesterday, and now he's playing with Rosie. He's giving her toys different voices, and they are currently having a tea party. It's quite sweet.

Mrs Hudson is coming up tonight and is cooking us a big family dinner. Greg and Mycroft are also coming over. I hope for Rosie's sake that Sherlock and Mycroft don't argue over something stupid.

Sherlock tried to convince me to let Eurus come over as well, but I doubt anyone will go for that idea. We asked Molly if she wanted to join us, but she couldn't.

Nothing else much to say. Except for something strange that happened today. There is a mysterious box full of costumes that are far too big for Rosie. Should I be worried?

That's about it for today; I hope you enjoyed today's blog.


16:38 SherlockHolmes


John, I'm not sweet. I was only playing with Rosie because you were moaning I wasn't productive yesterday. It wasn't a tea party either. It was a fairy princess meeting with tea and rainbow cake.


16:42 John.H.Watson


Okay sorry, Sherlock. I didn't know it was a fairy Princess meeting with tea and Rainbow cake. XD


16:51 Greg Lestrade


Yes, get it right, John. XD


16:52 SherlockHolmes


Yes. Even Lestrade knew what it was, and he's not here yet. What does XD mean?


16:59 John.H.Watson


It doesn't matter Sherlock. Your brother will be here in about ten minutes.


17:01 SherlockHolmes


But people aren't supposed to be here until half-past.


17:03 John.H.Watson


This is Mycroft we're talking about.


17:07 M.Hudson


I hope that flat is clean up there boys. 


17:08 John.H.Watson


It was when I went upstairs. But I'm slightly worried as I haven't heard a thing from either Rosie or Sherlock.


19:41 Greg Lestrade.


Thanks for inviting me to dinner, it was lovely.


19:44 John.H.Watson


No problem Greg


19:46 SherlockHolmes


What Lestrade means is that he enjoyed looking at Mycroft.


19:50 Mycroft Holmes


No brother dear. You must have mistaken yourself for yourself and a certain other people.


19:52 SherlockHolmes  

Shut up Mycroft.  


19:57 John.H.Watson


Stop it, you two. The entire world can see your conversation. Sherlock, if you strop don't wake Rosie up or I will never talk to you again.


20:00 SherlockHolmes


You wouldn't do that, John .


20:11 SherlockHolmes


Would you?


20:19 SherlockHolmes




22:14 SherlockHolmes


John!!!!!!!!! Answer me.


23:58 SherlockHolmes


You fell asleep hours ago. Don't be boring and wake up. I want to do something with you.


23:59 SherlockHolmes

Night John.

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Hi its John,

This morning I found Sherlock writing something. He hid it as soon as he noticed me, though. It's odd. He always stores his information in his mind and only writes if he's composing, but his violin and composing book were on the other side of the room.


I went and started to make breakfast as usual and went to get Rosie from her room, halfway through. I came back, and Sherlock was finishing the eggs. In the ten years that I've known him. He has never cooked breakfast for us.


He's acting strangely for some reason, and I know I won't get a straight answer if I speak to him in person so Please, Sherlock, tell me what you're up to.


Right then. I went to the clinic today, and Rosie went to playgroup. She's on half term next week.


I came home to find the smell of chemicals. You can guess what that is. Sherlock had covered the entire table some equipment I have never seen before and some bubbling green liquid. He had no safety goggles or gloves on, and everything was spilling everywhere.


That's not like him; he always makes sure everything is hygienic and that everything is safe. I had to raise my voice though because of Rosie's safety because I don't think he should be dealing with chemicals if he wasn't feeling right.


After Rosie had come back, she noticed he wasn't himself and gave him her favourite teddy. She never lets that thing out of her grasp.


I think I'm going slightly crazy. That's about it today. I wish everything could be alright tomorrow. 


18:11 SherlockHolmes


I'm fine, John. Nothing is wrong with me. I'm acting perfectly normal.


18:19 John.H.Watson


That's the thing though Sherlock. You don't act normal.


18:21 SherlockHolmes


Right. Okay. How do you want me to act?


18:28 John.H.Watson


Act like you. Be the Sherlock, I know.


18:32 SherlockHolmes


But I haven't been the Sherlock you know for over seven years John.


18:34 John.H.Watson


Oh. The fall. 


18:39 SherlockHolmes


Yes, John. The fall. 


18:42 John.H.Watson


Sherlock, are you sure you're okay? I can give you some time alone if you want.


18:44 SherlockHolmes


I said I'm fine, John. I'll be in my room if you need me but only knock if it's serious.


18:45 John.H.Watson




19:17 Mycroft Holmes


John, you idiot, Sherlock needs company. Not space.

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Hi its John,

Today was boring. I just watched Doctor who for most of the day while Rosie was with Mrs. Hudson.

Sherlock was pretending not to watch it with me but I'm sure he was trying not to shed a tear in Doomsday. He tried to deny it after and said he was in his mind palace. Sherlock told me not to watch the Lazerus experiment because Mycroft auditioned for a part in that one and apparently wrote some of the episodes. I honestly can't believe Mycroft is a Doctor who fan but that man can be surprising sometimes. Also, there's a rumor that Greg auditioned for a role in 2012 but I haven't seen that one yet. I need to introduce Rosie to it all when she's older.

I'm surprised Sherlock didn't find it all boring. We were just sitting on the sofa, with the fire on and a blanket between us.

Rosie brought us up some cakes she was making with Mrs. Hudson and I'm proud to say, she is getting talented at it.

I can't think of anything else to say.

I'll talk soon.


18:05 PM MycroftHolmes.

John just to let you know, the Doctor Who thing is completely confidential. Also, Sherlock used to love Doctor who as a child. 

18:32 PM SherlockHolmes.

Stop giving away everything Mycroft. You were the one to get me into it anyway. I was not crying at Doomsday John. Stop Romanising everything.

18:39 PM John.H.Watson.

Ok, Sherlock. Thanks for watching it with me anyway.

18:46 PM SherlockHolmes

As I said, John. I wasn't watching it but you're welcome.

18:51 PM SherlockHolmes

John, can we watch another episode?

18:53 PM John.H.Watson

Once Rosie has gone to bed. Which episode were you thinking?

18:58 PM SherlockHolmes


19:00 PM John.H.Watson

That's only because you have a giant crush on John Barrowman.

19:02 PM SherlockHolmes

Shut up, John!!!!!

19:04 PM John.H.Watson

LOL. when you go through the kitchen, get me a cuppa.

19:05 PM SherlockHolmes

Get it your self. I'll be there in a minute.


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Hi its John,

Rosie woke me up early this morning and said "Daddy there are only eleven days till Halloween."

I suppose Mrs.Hudson told her yesterday. I told her to wait a little longer so she went out of my room and pondered away. A little while later she came back with Sherlock in tow. He had bed hair and hadn't woken up yet. He sat on my bed and started to fall asleep again but Rosie was getting impatient so she started to pull me out.

I gave in and got up. It was only five in the morning. I went downstairs with her and put something on the tv for her. 

When I had made breakfast for us, Sherlock was in the doorway and still looked half-asleep. And I'll tell you something, Sherlock is very clinging when he is half asleep but I won't say anymore because he will just deny it infrount of everyone.

A few hours later, when it was a sutible time, we all got ready to go out and shop for Halloween costumes.

In the end, Sherlock had brought her a little pirates costume. It was red with polka dots and it came with a little sword, an eyepatch, and a hat. When we got home, we all just snuggled on the sofa. Sherlock was looking at cases on his phone and I was reading to Rosie.

These last few days have been quiet but there's a saying. The quiet before the storm.

18:34 PM Greg.Lestrade

seems like an intresting day, John. Nothing much has been going on at the yard but we'll take extra caution on Halloween.

18:37 PM John.H.Watson

It was an ok day but tiring. I must say though, Sherlock is good at snuggling.

18:40 PM Greg.Lestrade

Are you sure there is something you're not telling us, John?

18:44 PM SherlockHolmes

There is nothing going on between us Lestrade!

18:47 PM Greg.Lestrade


18:50 PM SherlockHolmes

What do you mean, yet?

18:52 PM Greg.Lestrade

You two are so oblivious.

18:56 PM John.H.Watson

What are you talking about Greg?




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Hi its John,

It was a late morning today. The sun was up and I went downstairs to the smell of sausage and egg. The flat was clean and it was a beautiful October morning. Sherlock was just sitting there, In his chair with his black curls nearly going over his eyes and the top button of his purple shirt was undone. I felt my heart skip a beat but I think that was lack of tea. 

I know that's a load of rubbish. 

Sherlock had to go to Scotland yard today so I spent the day with Rosie in the flat. We played with some of her toys and then we read some books. 

We went out to costa coffee for some lunch and we sat in Trafalgar Square for a while. After that, we popped round to the yard so I could ask Sherlock if I should cook dinner or get a takeaway. My reply was "You could've texted me John!!!!"

Rosie and I went home after that and I put her down for a nap. I watched another episode of Doctor who and was halfway through the voyage of the damned when Sherlock walked in.

"John, why are you watching it without me? It has Kylie Minogue in it. You know I like this episode." This rant took half an hour. 

That's about it. 



19:20 PM Greg.Lestrade

Kiss already.

19:23 PM John.H.Watson

Stop asuming Sherlock and I are together Greg. It's like me saying you and Mycroft are together.

19:39 PM MycroftHolmes

We are together John. Stop putting your self in misery. 

19:44 PM John.H.Watson

I'm not in misery Mycroft and Sherlock is my best friend and I don't even like him in that way.

19:47 PM John.H.Watson

Mycroft, I think Sherlock just threw his computer out of the window.

19:52 PM MycroftHolmes

I wonder why.

19:56 PM John.H.Watson

It can't be the Doctor who thing can it?

19:59 PM MycroftHolmes

John, you just told him that you didn't love him via a blog. 

20:02 PM John.H.Watson

But I don't love him. Not in that way.

20:08 PM Greg.Lestrade

I am litery banging my head against a wall here. 








Chapter Text

Hi its John,

Sherlock hasn't been talking to me today or even looking at me. He only went into the kitchen twice and then locked himself into his room the rest of the time. 

Mycroft went in and came out. He looked at me as if I'd killed someone and slammed the door out.

Even Rosie didn't talk to me all day and Sherlock let her in his room. I tried to knock and see what was wrong but no one answered.

In the end, I had enough of the silence so I took a train to Birmingham new street. (I just jumped on a random train and brought a ticket.) I thought that Sherlock might need some space so I gave him the entire of southern England to run around. I'm not home yet, but the train is about to leave. And yes, I did bring my computer with me. I didn't tell anyone where I was going. That was slightly stupid.

Could someone please tell me whats going on?

Rosie is going to be going to bed soon and I haven't rung home yet. If anyone has been texting me and I haven't been answering, Its because I've used all my data.

I have now realized that I'm a bad parent and a bad friend.

That's about it.


18:58 PM Greg.Lestrade

What have you done John?

19:02 PM John.H.Watson

What do you mean what have I done?

19:09 PM Greg.Lestrade

You left your little girl with a man that couldn't even handle looking after himself today. He didn't even know you'd gone and when he noticed, he had a panic attack.

19:14 PM John.H.Watson

But what about Mrs. Hudson?

19:18 PM M.Hudson

I went to America yesterday John.

19:27 PM Greg.Lestrade

Sherlocks going to be staying with Mycroft for a while. You just need time John and if you want, I could look after Rosie for a few days.

19:32 PM John.H.Watson

Thanks, Greg, but I'm completely fine.

19:34 PM John.H.Watson

Greg is Sherlock alright. I know what I said last night upset him but I don't know why. 

19:37 PM Greg.Lestrade

He should be ok in a few days, but I'm keeping him of cases for a bit.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Guys, I feel bad and I'm sorry for everything because I realised something today. I might be in love.

17:54 PM Molly.Hooper

Who's the lucky sole?

17:59 PM John.H.Watson

I can't say, Molly. I don't want to cause any more pain then I have already.



Chapter Text

Hi it's John,

It's still quiet. I had a good day with Rosie this morning and then I went to my afternoon shift. 

I looked through some of the case emails but there was nothing intresting. There never seems like much to talk about and Sherlock, if you're reading this. I'm very sorry that I said those things and I didn't mean it.

19:00 PM SherlockHolmes

I forgive you, John.

19:34 PM John.H.Watson.

Do you?

19:37 PM SherlockHolmes

I'm not going to repeat myself, John. 

19:40 PM John.H.Watson

Thanks, Sherlock

19:43 PM John.H.Watson

So when are you coming home?

19:45 PM SherlockHolmes

I don't know John.

19:48 PM John.H.Watson


19:53 PM SherlockHolmes

Say hi to Rosie for me.

19:59 PM John.H.Watson

Will do.





Chapter Text

Hi it's John

I had a meeting this morning and I have another tonight. It was just general stuff about a new system at work. 

It's getting boring without Sherlock here and I can't watch anymore Doctor who without him so I'm a bit stuck. I had to leave Rosie with Greg today so it's just me until tomorrow afternoon. I really didn't want to put pressure on anyone though.

I've decided that I can't write and nobody is actually reading this blog except for a few people.

That's about it today


15:38 PM SherlockHolmes

I might be home tomorrow John.

15:40 PM John.H.Watson

OK... l miss you.

15:44 PM SherlockHolmes

I've only been gone a few days John.

15:48 PM MycroftHolmes

What he really means is that he misses you too.

15:50 PM SherlockHolmes  

Shut up Mycroft. I just need someone to talk to.

15:55 PM John.H.Watson  

I still miss you.

16:11 PM SherlockHolmes

I miss you too.



Chapter Text

Hi its John 

Today was ok for starters. 

Rosie came back at lunch and we had some cheese on toast. Greg stayed for a cuppa but then went back to the yard. We read a book and I put some cartoons on but I wasn't paying attention.

I heard the front door open and footsteps coming up the stairs. I immediately knew who it was and before Sherlock could come through the door, threw my arms around him. I then realised that he probably wasn't expecting that so I took a step back.

"Oh, sorry"

As I thought, he looked very bewildered.

"Um, it's ok." Then he went over to Rosie and gave her a hug. "I couldn't stayed away that long without seeing my favourite little girl." 

I feel that I'm falling in love with this man the more I spend with him.

That's about it.


19:04 PM Greg.Lestrade

Got there at last mate.

19:15 PM John.H.Watson

Shut up Greg.

19:19 PM Sherlock.Holmes

John, can we watch Doctor Who and snuggle?

19:24 PM John.H.Watson

What has the world come to? Sherlock Holmes wanting to snuggle and watch Doctor Who. We can if you want.

19:28 PM SherlockHolmes


19:32 PM John.H.Watson

Since when did you use emojis?

19:37 PM SherlockHolmes

You'd be surprised. 😉 Now we need to watch things.

19:39 PM John.H.Watson

I'll be there in a minute.






Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Last night was amazing. Sherlock and I watched Doctor who untill three in the morning but the clocks changed so technically it was four in the morning.

We watched the first half of season seven, just so I could see if Greg was actually in it, and a few of season ten.

We woke up this morning on the sofa and Rosie was playing on the floor. Sherlock went to make us some tea and Greg came through the door.

"Greg, I can't be bothered to run around after idiots today." Sherlock shouted.

Greg sighed. "Triple serial suicide, all took the same pill and were found in places that they had no reason to be in."

I stood up and went to get Rosie a drink. "That sounds like daja vu. Any murderous cabbie drivers going around?"

"Very unlikely John. Maybe it's Moriartys way of celebrating our 10th anniversary." Sherlock said.

"Maybe. Is it really ten years since we met?" I asked.

"Nearly." He turned to Greg. "I'll be there in half an hour. I'll get a cab."

I can't say anymore about the case yet because this is not that type of blog but I'll keep everyone updated. 

That's about it for today.

17:42 PM SherlockHolmes

This blog is turning into a story now John.

17:50 PM John.H.Watson

Yes, but it's getting better.

17:52 PM SherlockHolmes

Half term finishes tomorrow. London might be a slight bit emptier to catch a criminal.

17:59 PM John.H.Watson

Or maybe the killer is a child.

18:14 PM SherlockHolmes


18:19 PM Greg.Lestrade

Or it could be actual suicides.

18:27 PM SherlockHolmes





Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

I have something to tell everyone. 

Sherlock and I we sitting on the sofa. (We seem to be doing that a lot lately)

Well we were doing that and he was looking at cases on his phone and I couldn't resist because for some reason in that moment he looked so angelic and hot at the same time and I kissed him.

At that moment, it felt like my heart stopping and beating at a hundred miles per hour and time stopped completely.It felt like a Wiz of electricity. 

The kiss wasn't that big and it was only on the cheek but still and he didn't pull away or anything. He just said he was busy and pretend to be annoyed but it was light-hearted.

In that moment, I felt like nothing could stop us. 

That's about it. Even if there was more about today, this is the only thing I could think about.

17:36 PM SherlockHolmes

John, it was only a Peck. Stop over exaggerating it wasn't anything that special. If you did it again then maybe I'll have more data. I wasn't thinking the first time. 

17:40 PM John.H.Watson

Is that your way of saying you liked it?

17:45 PM SherlockHolmes

I can't say for sure if I like it or not. I don't need to repeat myself John . I wasn't thinking.

17:49 PM Greg.Lestrade

And since when do you not think?

17:54 PM SherlockHolmes

Since John decided it was a good idea to kiss me. I was caught off guard and it made my brain shut down for a few seconds.



Chapter Text

Hi its John. 

Today I went to the clinic. It went ok but it's annoying when people turn up with no symptoms because they think they have flu. I had to give Rosie the flu jab and it must have scared her a little bit. 

Sherlock went to the yard to solve another three murders. He got bored and I told him he couldn't dissect a human colon.

That's about it. Sherlock is threatening to cut up all the Halloween decorations.

17:32 PM Mrs.Hudson 

I only just read yesterdays entry. Now don't go doing anything silly Infront of little Rosie.

17:38 PM John.H.Watson

Why would we? And Sherlock wouldn't do that anyway.

17:45 PM Mrs.Hudson

Have you said I Love you to each other yet?

17:49 PM MycroftHolmes

Give them time Mrs H. It's taken them this long to get this far.

17:53 PM SherlockHolmes

No one asked you for your put Mycroft.

17:58 PM MycroftHolmes

Start acting your age brother.



Chapter Text

Hi it's John. 

Today was really busy. Rosie and I were putting up some Halloween decorations for tomorrow. Sherlock was spectating and asking what was the point in a black plastic spider when he had some chopped up real ones in a cupboard. 

It nearly took the whole day and we were only doing the living room and the windows but everything kept going missing or certain people couldn't be botherd to help me put the ceiling things up. 

We only bothered with decorations this year, because Rosie was having friends around after trick or treating and I asked Sherlock if he could go with us and surprisingly he said he would. I also said that he had to wear a costume and he said he had it all sorted.

It's really late and I think I might go to bed soon. That's it for today.

20:59 PM MycroftHolmes

Halloween is for children.

21:12 PM SherlockHolmes

And that's why we're doing it, for Rosie's sake. John's gone to bed because I was being a pain in the arse apparently.

21:16 PM Greg.Lestrade.

I think you tired the man out Sherlock. It's like he has two children to look after.

21:19 PM SherlockHolmes

But can you really imagine be acting like an adult. Acting like a child is less boring. The way they think is different to an adult so viewing cases from there point of view is interesting.

21:24 PM Greg.Lestrade

You learn something new everyday. So what are you dressing up as?

21:27 PM SherlockHolmes

I can't say. You dressing up Greg.

21:30 PM Greg.Lestrade

I can't I'm afraid. I'm on duty. What about Mycroft.

21:36 PM SherlockHolmes

He doesn't need to dress up. He's already super scary as he is. Especially when he was a teenager.

21:38 PM MycroftHolmes

Grow up brother mine.

21:42 PM SherlockHolmes

Not until after Christmas.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

It's officially Halloween and soon Sherlock, I and Rosie are going out soon so this will be a short one.

I know some of you wanted to know what Sherlock is dressed as but it's hard to explain at the moment. He's still getting ready and has been for the past hour so I'll tell you when we get back and when the party is over.

Rosie is excited and is definitely hyper before the massive suger rush that she's going to get tonight. Also for some reason she knows what Sherlock is dressing up as. 

I have to go now because Sherlock has just showed up and you should see his costume. He's a vampire and he has made his face all dead somehow and has put dark circles under his eyes. He has fangs and has blood all over him and at the moment I'm contemplating if it's real blood or not. 


17:29 PM Greg.Lestrade

Sounds good. Hope you have a good time and save me some sweets.

17:36 PM John.H.Watson

Thanks mate. No chance of me saving you any sweets though. Sherlock and Rosie will probably take them all.

17:39 PM SherlockHolmes

Do you like my costume then?

17:43 PM John.H.Watson

You look dead hot in that costume Sherlock.

17:47 PM SherlockHolmes

I'm flattered and we need to go.



Chapter Text

This is Sherlock, I stole John's computer.

John is currently asleep because he was exhausted from yesterday and I told him that eating some sweets would make him more awake.

I also noticed that ,while he put my costume in so much detail, he didn't say a word about his.

He was dressed up as a werewolf but I have to admit that I thought he was Mycroft when I came downstairs. My observation skills were inadequate but that was because of the lack of suger. When I knew what he was, I was about to say something along the lines of...

'you can't be a werewolf as it's not full moon.'

...but I decided to not say that for the chance that he might ban me from helping Rosie with trick or treating and I spent hours doing my costume. 

I know caring is not an advantage and I apparently have no heart and I'm a sociopath, but I seriously love that man. Mycroft, don't bother to comment about it because prying into people's privet lives is seriously not good. Yes I know that is what I usually do, but it's all part of the job.

This blog is rediculous. Its basically what John put on his old blog and the only people that comment on it are Lestrade, Mycroft, Myself and Mrs.Hudson.

The main reason I'm writing it instead of John is because he promised you lot an entry everyday and he will probably be asleep untill one in the morning.

I have to go and do less boring things. 

18:05 PM Greg.Lestrade.

I don't know what to say.

18:21 PM SherlockHolmes

Was there a need of stating that?

18:24 PM Greg.Lestrade


18:28 PM SherlockHolmes

Where are you at this presise second?

18:32 PM Greg.Lestrade 

Mycrofts flat.

18:39 PM SherlockHolmes

He has a flat.

18:45 PM MycroftHolmes

I've had that flat for the past five years.

18:52 PM SherlockHolmes

That's not important. John has just woken up.

18:59 PM Greg.Lestrade

Do you want me to send maximum backup? 😂

19:02 PM SherlockHolmes

Why would I need backup. It's only John.

19:09 PM Greg.Lestrade.

It was a joke. Text me tomorrow if you're still alive. I have some cases I want you to look at.

19:19 PM John.H.Watson

Sherlock, did you write in my blog?

19:22 PM SherlockHolmes

I might've done.

19:30 PM John.H.Watson

I love you too. 

19:34 PM SherlockHolmes


19:37 PM MycroftHolmes

Are you seriously sending those now?

19:43 PM SherlockHolmes

You're one to talk Mycroft. You never seem to text any words to Greg.

19:45 PM John.H.Watson.

Leave your brother alone Sherlock. 



Chapter Text

Hi its John,

Nothing really special happened. Rosie has a cold and Sherlock has been unsocial all day so I didn't go out. Not that I wanted to go out as its freezing out there. 

I did some work on a few cases and tried to solve who Jack the Ripper was but if Sherlock can't solve that one, then no one will. There was an interesting one based in America that included a woman with her eyes pushed in. She was in a locked room with no way of anyone coming in. I don't know why Sherlock is getting cases from America but he's probably bored. 

I made Rosie some fish fingers for lunch and I read to her a bit and Sherlock was in exactly the same spot. I wonder how his muscles don't seize up. 


17:11 PM MycroftHolmes

I've told him multiple times that not moving for a long period of time could affect the times that he runs around London like a lunatic. 

17:19 PM Greg.Lestrade

Sherlock will never listen though. John, if you find out who Jack the Ripper then I will be impressed. 

17:27 PM John.H.Watson

Solving that problem will never happen.

17:32 PM SherlockHolmes

John, could you pass me my laptop, please.

17:34 PM John.H.Watson

It's right next to you. Get it yourself.

17:37 PM SherlockHolmes

I can't be bothered though.

17:42 PM John.H.Watson

I'm looking after Rosie.

17:48 PM SherlockHolmes

Get it after you look after Rosie.

17:50 PM John.H.Watson

No. I'll be down in a minute.

17:53 PM SherlockHolmes

Fine, I'll get it myself.


Chapter Text

Hi it's John,

Sherlock set the kitchen on fire. Apparently that was supposed to happen. Just because Rosie is out of the house, doesn't mean you can use dangerous chemicals.

This is Sherlock. John had to go and collect Rosie from her friends and I took the liberty to do this. The chemicals weren't dangerous. It was only potassium hydroxide. Everything is so boring and even the cases were dull. John's is a bad mood so he won't want to watch Doctor who or snuggle. I'm being sentimental again.

17:41 PM John.H.Watson

Sherlock, stop stealing my computer.

17:49 PM SherlockHolmes

I thought you were picking Rosie up.

17:54 PM John.H.Watson

I was but then we decided to had dinner out seeing as you burnt the kitchen. I'll bring you something back.

17:58 PM SherlockHolmes

I didn't mean to burn the kitchen.


Chapter Text

Hi it's John,

Sherlock and I just had the best kissing session ever.

John, please refrain from putting our personal lives on the blog.

Sherlock, you're right next to me. You don't need to write on it. 

Well you're doing it.

Oh shut up. Anyway, it was the best kissing session ever and it was just as he had come back from the yard. He looked like he had a terrible day and at least he was happy at the end of it.

I better go because sherlock wants another kissing session.

17:58 PM SherlockHolmes

I do not want another kissing session John.

18:08 PM John.H.Watson

Well I want one.

18:21 PM SherlockHolmes



Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Tonight Rosie, Sherlock and I are going to the fireworks display in Wimbledon. I wouldn't gone if Rosie didn't want to go and Sherlock said there might be a suspect for some murder.

I went to the clinic today and Sherlock looked after Rosie. 

17:13 PM Greg.Lestrade

Lets just hope that the murderer isn't reading this. 

17:19 PM John.H.Watson

Oh damn it. I didn't think.

17:22 PM SherlockHolmes

Wouldn't be the first time you forgot to think babe.

17:23 PM SherlockHolmes


17:26 PM Greg.Lestrade

Did you just do that?

17:28 PM SherlockHolmes

You did not see that Lestrade!

17:30 PM Greg.Lestrade

You have a pet name for John. That is so cute.

17:33 PM SherlockHolmes

Don't you ever describe me as CUTE again Lestrade. Only John is allowed to do that.

17:35 PM SherlockHolmes

Lestrade, you broke John.

17:38 PM Greg.Lestrade

I'm what way?

17:41 PM SherlockHolmes

He's laughing and he can't stop.

17:44 PM Greg.Lestarde

I think you're the one that broke him. If it makes you any better, I think you broke Mycroft.

17:47 PM SherlockHolmes

So that's why he hasn't commented yet. 


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John,

last night was hectic. That's all I'm going to say. Rosie and I were only at the display for half an hour and Sherlock went to catch the murderer and caught him within ten minutes and came home again.

Today I got Sherlocks Christmas present. That's all I'm saying and I won't tell you where I went until after Christmas.

Rosie came back from playgroup with a letter. It said that she had a parents evening coming up soon and she's going to be in the nativity. I think she should be ready to go up to primary school after Christmas and she is nearly five. She should be alright with the play and Sherlock is helping her learn how to do some of it. Something else I learned today, Sherlock got an A* in Drama GCSE. That explains the dramatics. I've known him for the best part of nine years and I still hardly know anything about him.

I've also been thinking to go on a little winter holiday for a few days but it's only an idea. 

That's about it for today

18:13 PM SherlockHolmes

John, what do you want for Christmas? It's important. What would Rosie want for Christmas?

18:18 PM John.H.Watson

You don't have to get me something. Rosie will take whatever colourful, pretty and fluffy girly thing you see first.

18:22 PM SherlockHolmes

Be more specific.

18:27 PM John.H.Watson

I think shes into unicorns at the moment so maybe a toy.

18:30 PM SherlockHolmes

I'll think about it and I have to get you a present because for reasons I can't say here as it's extremely sentimental. 

18:34 PM Greg.Lestrade

Sherlock, could you and John come to the yard as quickly as possible?

18:37 PM John.H.Watson

There's no one to look after Rosie.

18:40 PM SherlockHolmes

What's the rating of the crime?

18:42 PM MycroftHolmes

I'll look after Rosie John.

18:43 PM John.H.Watson.

Thanks, Mycroft

18:43 PM SherlockHolmes

Lestrade, what's the case?

18:44 PM Greg.Lestrade.

Moriarty. I'll text you the details.




Chapter Text

Hi its John,

I can't say much today because somehow Moriarty hasn't finished this stupid game yet. Its been nearly ten years and it's still going. At the moment, we don't know what he had planned for us but we know it will come fast and there will be nothing we can do about it. 

Sherlock went to see Eurus but apparently she didn't know anything about it. I need to keep Rosie out of the way for a bit so she's safe but I'm scared that I might lose her or Sherlock. 

17:55 PM SherlockHolmes.

John, I need you to come to the morgue ASAP. I think there's someone you might know.

17:59 PM John.H.Watson

Are they dead?

18:03 PM SherlockHolmes

What do you think?

18:08 PM John.H.Watson

Right, Yes. I'm on my way.

18:12 PM SherlockHolmes

At times like this, I wish that the Doctor was real.

18:13 PM John.H.Watson

Who says he isn't real.

18:15 PM Greg.Lestrade

Normally non-Whovians.

18:17 PM SherlockHolmes

We don't have time for this. We need to go and find someone.

18:20 PM Greg.Lestrade


18:22 PM SherlockHolmes

I'll tell you on text. This chat is too public.



Chapter Text

Hi its John,

The person at the morgue yesterday was a woman called Valerie Brown. She was one of my patients at the clinic and she came by every week for years just to say hello. She was killed just for the amusement of some heartless Idiot. Today someone else died. Charles Thompson. He was also a patient. They were both tortured and shot in the hip. They died of blood loss.

Sherlock has been busy sorting out the data, not talking unless its to tell Lestrade and me to shut up. I need to warn every one of you to keep safe and don't hesitate to report something suspicious.

I need to go. I'll keep you posted if anything important and non-secret happens.


Hey Sherlock. Did you miss me?

18:05 PM SherlockHolmes

Who's this?


Oh Sherlock, don't be BORING!!!

18:11 PM SherlockHolmes



That's me! 

18:16 PM SherlockHolmes

You're supposed to be dead.


So were you. I've been watching you play around but I'm disappointed that Eurus is on your side. Though it makes things more intresting. Three Holmes to play with instead of two.

18:19 PM John.H.Watson

You know that the whole world can see you, Moriarty.


OH, Johnny boy. You're still around. The world can't see me but they're shivering in fear because guess who's back and alive.

18:26 PM SherlockHolmes

Where are you?


What would be the fun in telling you that? Play the game, Sherlock and You'll find me. I'll see you later.

                                                                                           PRIVET TEXT




That wasn't really Moriarty, was it? JW 


I'm afraid it was John. SH


But how can someone, who loves to show off, be dead for seven years? JW


Quite easy. He probably walked around London in a really good disguise. SH


But how is he here? Why didn't he show up properly when we were at Sherringford? JW


He had a plan, John. When he started this game all that time ago. He wanted to destroy us. Bit by bit. SH


But he did that already Sherlock. JW


No, he hasn't. He nearly did, but obviously it didn't work. SH


Where are you? JW


At the lab that you first met me. SH


I'll see you there then. JW




I Love You. JW


Love you too. SH






Sherlock, are you busy?


What do you think? SH


Can you come over to the yard? There's some old casework I need you to look at that's related to Moriarty.


Can it wait until tomorrow? I'm testing something and waiting for John.


Ok. I'll see you tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Sherlock thinks he found Moriarty. We're not to sure yet though.  Someone else died today. Daniella Smith. She was only seventeen.

I can't tell you much more but Moriarty, if you're reading this then I need to tell you something. You are completely sick. But just to let you know, you can't get under our skin this time. 


Oh Johnny boy. I'm not going to get under you're skin. That's BORING! I'm going to peel your skin off and take out your heart with my bare hands and eat it for Christmas dinner. And because Rosie will have no parents anymore so I'll be her adopted father.

19:17 PM SherlockHolmes

You leave Rosie out of this Moriarty. If anything happened to John, then I'd look after her. But I will make sure that nothing will ever happen to him.





Hey Sherlock. Have you found where Moriarty is yet? JW


Not yet but I'm close. Someone else from your clinic died today. Her name was Daniella Smith. SH


She was only seventeen. So young. I'll see you later. JW


Ok. Love you. SH


He can't do anything to Rosie. She's only four. JW


I won't let him do anything to Rosie or you. I love you two so much. JW


You're my everything. I'll never let anything happen to you either.


I know. Meet me the yard in half an hour.


Ok. But after that we need to eat and sleep.


We have no time to do that.



Chapter Text

This is Sherlock.

You might know that this is remembrance Sunday and I know that the soldiers that died can't see this, but I want to say thank you. Because without you, I wouldn't have met John. Rosie wouldn't have been born and the crime rate would've gone way up. Thank you, Alan Turing, for showing the human race how to be Intelligent and thank you, Winston Churchill, for giving Mycroft a position in the government thirty years before he was born. Thank you all of those who are currently trying to win a war and Thank you to the people who gave John his army pension.

I need to go and do some important work because Moriarty has no respect for people and decided to kill another one of John's patients today. I forgot what her name is. I also saw the queen today but that was only because John made me go to the Cenotaph. Lestrade and the force we're there as was Mycroft. Lestrade was in his proper uniform and Mycroft couldn't keep his eyes off him but there again, we could never resist a man in uniform. John looked dashing in his. 

I definitely need to go now. Johns back from his duty and now he's mine.

18:02 PM Greg.Lestrade

I'm sure Mycroft was too busy to look at me.

18:08 PM MycroftHolmes

I wasn't busy Greg. I think I was looking at you 90% of the time.

18:13 PM SherlockHolmes

I actually think that John and Greg we're the only ones paying attention to the thing. 

18:19 PM John.H.Watson

At least you actually went. And I didn't know you had a thing about Alan Turing.

18:21 PM MycroftHolmes

Every child has someone to look up too. Sherlock went through many phases. First, it was Eurus and Myself, then it was The Seventh Doctor and ACE until he was thirteen. Then it was Alan Turning.

18:27 PM Greg.Lestrade

OH wow.

18:32 PM SherlockHolmes

Wait until you hear Mycroft's list.

18:34 PM MycroftHolmes


18:39 PM SherlockHolmes

You started it. Well, it started off with The fourth Doctor, then The Fifth Doctor, then Mary Poppins, then Rosa Parks and at one time, he had the costume for all of them and didn't take them off for a long time. He still has the umbrella for his Mary Poppins Costume.

18:43 PM Mycroft Holmes

I hate you so much.

18:45 PM SherlockHolmes

Serves you right.

18:47 PM Greg.Lestrade

This information will be useful in the future.

18:50 PM John.H.Watson

It sure will. Did Eurus have any icons?

18:55 PM SherlockHolmes

She may have been an evil little girl but she was a huge fangirl at heart.

18:58 PM MycroftHomes

She had posters everywhere and had autographs and everything.

19:00 PM SherlockHomes

She still has them. She hides them under her bed.

19:02 PM EurusHolmes

So this is what you talk about when I'm not about.

19:05 PM MycroftHomes

Did you steal someone's computer again?

19:08 PM EurusHolmes

I was bored. Good Job I was too. I didn't want my brothers to tell all my secrets.

19:11 PM SherlockHolmes 

I'll do it anyway. Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, King Henry VIII, and the Master. More specifically, Roger Delgado. You also seem to have a recent soft spot for River Song and Missy.

19:17 PM EurusHolmes

You are so annoying.

19:20 PM John.H.Watson 

That's enough children!!!

19:22 PM SherlockHolmes

Oh, shut up John.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John. 

I'm sick and tired of playing this stupid game. I haven't seen Rosie for days, Sherlock and I hardly talk except for texting. For once I thought that we had gotten rid of him. But no, he decides to show up again and thinks that we are just going to drop everything for him.

18:36 PM SherlockHolmes

Do you really think that we're falling apart?

18:39 PM John.H.Watson 

I didn't say that Sherlock.

18:48 PM SherlockHolmes

But you implied it. I'm sorry if I'm messing around but I can't be around you.

18:50 PM John.H.Watson

Why not?

18:55 PM SherlockHolmes

I think we need to split up.

19:00 PM John.H.Watson

Why. Sherlock, please don't. 

19:21 PM SherlockHolmes

I never loved you anyway. I was just seeing what it was like.

19:23 PM John.H.Watson

But I can't be apart from you though.

19:33 PM SherlockHolmes

It's for the best. 

19:42 PM Greg.Lestrade

Did you seriously do that over a privet blog?

19:49 PM SherlockHolmes

I don't love him, so what does it matter?

19:55 PM Greg.Lestrade

You are so low, Sherlock Holmes.





Are you alright John. That was harsh.


I don't want to talk about it, Greg. I don't know why I trusted him. JW


If you need anyone to talk to, then we could always go for a pint.


Thanks, Greg. JW






What the hell Sherlock. Do you have any idea what you just did?


It was for the best. He deserves better than me. SH





John, do you trust me? SH


Yes. What are you planning? JW


Do you trust me, because whatever I'm going to say to everyone is to keep you and Rosie safe? SH


I'm getting a sense of deja vu. Yes, Sherlock, I trust you with my life. JW


Please don't be angry. I love you, no matter what I say.


I love you too. Don't do anything stupid. JW


What I'm about to do is extremely stupid. We have to stay in character until we get rid of Moriarty. Nobody else knows about it. Now don't reply and delete the conversation. SH


Chapter Text

Hi it's John, 

I left Baker Street. I went far away, with Rosie and I'm staying with a cousin somewhere in Scotland. I can't face Sherlock ever again. I fell into his trap and actually thought he loved me. It hurts. Loads have probably dealt with this stuff and it's no big deal in the end, but it still hurts. I need time though and it's going to take a while. Moriarty was right. I was his pet. Nothing more. But I'm not going to play the pawn in this game though so I'm not going to say any more about the matter. 

Normally on a Tuesday, I would go to the clinic early morning and be back by lunch. Sherlock would be blowing something up and be annoying while I made Rosie some food. Then we would go out and feed the ducks or something and be back by dinner. Then I'd read to Rosie and watch Doctor who on the telly and then go to bed. I need to spend more time with Rosie. I'm hardly ever home as I'm running around London or doing something in the yard. I'm going to stop it all and never come back again. So Moriarty, If you're reading this, then you've won. You've got to me and destroyed half my life. I hope you're happy. As for you Sherlock. I get the message. I won't talk to you if I dull your mind. You could've said a long while ago that I was being an Idiot. I can tell you what you are Sherlock Holmes. You are a heartless freak with no friends and no one could ever love you. Mycroft, please don't bother finding me. You are just like your brother and I don't know what Greg sees in you. 

I'll still post every day but that doesn't mean that you lot can talk to me. 

That's it today. Goodbye

18:59 PM Greg.Lestrade

Have you gone insane!

19:00 PM John.H.Watson

No. I'm moving on.

19:03 PM Greg.lestrade

Why Scotland.

19:08 PM John.H.Watson

Why not?

Privet Text




What the hell are you doing John?!


I already told you. I'm moving on. JW


Are you planning something? You sound off.


No. For once this is genuine. JW


Will you come back and visit?


I suppose I'd have to. I expect Rosie would want to see Mary's grave. JW


You alright.


I'm fine. JW


Privet text




John. You need to move away. It would seem odd if we broke up and you stayed in the flat. SH


That blog entry was upsetting. SH


You don't actually think I'm a freak, do you? SH


John. Did you really go to Scotland? SH


I miss you, John. SH


Please answer. Are you still alive? SH


I'm fine Sherlock. I just got kidnapped by your brother. He actually believed it all.


I would never think that you're a freak and writing that part literary tore me apart. 


I love you, John. I think it would be safer if we didn't speak anymore. 


Chapter Text

Hi it's John,

I'm sorry I ranted on so yesterday. You guys didn't deserve it. The journey to Scotland was long and it tired Rosie out a lot. For the first time, she asked me about what I did when I was little. I realised then that the only, still alive, that knew about my past was my sister and I thought you ought to know.

First I told Rosie about my first day at primary school. What I remember of being five is rather vague but I think I was one of those children that automatically fit in. At that time in my life, I still lived in Glasgow and the school uniform had a kilt and a tam o'shanter. My mother made me stand by the door for fifteen minutes so she could take pictures. I remember the long walk, past the autumn trees and the dark sky. It was windy and there was a noticeable frost in the air. Harry was telling me that everything would be alright and that I would love school. I was still nervous though, but anyone on their first day of school would be. When we got there, it was light and the building seemed gigantic. The whitewashed walls towered over everything and back then, it was liked it has millions of windows and other children. The bell rang and I followed the convoy of my new classmates into the school. The inside was just as big, maybe even bigger. I thought I would never find my way around in the seven years that I would be here.

At this part of the story, Rosie fell asleep.

I made friends quickly and started doing more. I was a class leader for three years and was a prefect in my last year. I started playing rugby and got made the team leader. Before I went to senior school, My mum, Harry and I had to move down south to Plymouth and I went to a school there. I didn't realise that everyone was separated into different groups of friends. According to everyone, I was part of the Jocks. I didn't mind it but most of my friends kept making fun of those who were considered uncool. One of the boys they kept bullying was called William Holmes. He started when I was in year eleven and he left within the first year and went to a posh school in London and I completely forgot about him until I knew that Sherlock's first name was William. He was pretty when he was eleven but he was quiet and did things in his own way. He was different and I don't think the other people liked it. I don't think he knows I was once in the same school as him and I wouldn't blame him if he deleted it. All I'm going to say is that I walked into him in the dance studio while he was dancing. It was pretty good.

That's about it for today.

19:00 PM MycroftHolmes

I went to that school once. It was dreadful and Sherlock was getting bullied by your friends. He refused to go after that first year but I'm certain that he knew that you were there. I remember him not talking about anything else but you for a week. A little while after you moved into Baker street, he asked me to look at your files as you seemed familiar.

19:19 PM Greg.Lestrade

Sounds good, meeting your soul mate sixteen years before you know him. 

19:26 PM John.H.Watson

How many times do I have to tell you that he is not my soul mate?

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

This one is only going to be a short one. I heard a rumor that Sherlock is moving to America, only because me moving to Scotland wasn't far enough distance. He'd probably move to New York and work for the NYPD but I don't believe it. Sherlock would never move out of London without good reason and we've already established that I'm not a good reason. Rosie should be though. She's less enthusiastic about everything and doesnt feel like doing anything. She misses Sherlock. For her, it feels like she lost another parent. Never the less, she'll be fine. Hopefully.

Since we moved, I've heard nothing about Moriarty but I assume we're safe. God, I'm stupid. This is Moriarty we're talking about.

I'll have to go now.

17:20 PM Greg.Lestrade

Where did you hear that rumor?

17:32 PM John.H.Watson

I don't know. It just appeared in my mind.

17:46 PM Greg.Lestrade.

That's odd.


Privet Text




Lestrade, I need to come in. SH


I'm not in but my office is open.


Thanks, SH


Are you ok?


A bit tired. I'm 99% sure where Moriarty is. SH


I didn't mean that. I meant are you ok with John? You seemed a bit off when he went to Scotland.


It's fine. It was my choice to part with him. SH


Did he actually go to Scotland? 


I don't know. He didn't say if it was permanent or not. SH


What do you mean?


Did you know that the type of phone you use is more likely to get hacked into than someone else phone? SH


Are you saying that someone is looking into this conversation right now?


Obviously. SH


I'll talk later.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

All I did today was watch Doctor who. Rosie went out with some family to a big sleepover thing. I went for a few hours but came back home and lounged around for a bit.

I can just imagine what life would be like if we went back in time a few hundred years — victorian Sherlock, solving Jack the Ripper. There would be more evidence then. Mycroft, owning the government and keeping an eye on everything and Greg, wearing a top hat. I would write an actual book and Baker street would be brand new. The only problem with it though is that Mycroft and Greg wouldn't be allowed to show their love. Not that they do anyway, but at least now they wouldn't be arrested. 

That's it for today.

16:39 PM Greg.Lestrade

I would never wear a top hat in my life. Sherlock has some news for you.


Privet text




John. Moriarty is dead. JW


Are you sure? Like 100%


I'm sure. I killed him myself. SH


Can I come back then?


Yes. Where did you go, anyway? SH




I don't believe that for a second. SH




Really. And you didn't take me with you? SH


I still have a few days left on the rooms. Have some time off. There might be some new crimes.


I'll come down tomorrow. I Love you, John. SH


I love you too.


Your acting was compelling. SH


You're not the only one with a Drama GCSE.


I know that. You also had a dance GCSE..that's why you used to come to the dance studio in school. SH


I didn't do very well in either.


Mycroft sent me your records. You got a C in both Drama and Dance, but you got an A* in Biology and F in sport. SH


I still wonder how I got an F in that. I played it every day.


But you were rubbish at it. I hated you then. SH


I don't blame you. I should've stopped the other boys. You were only a tiny year seven.


Oh, shut up. I was taller than you. SH


I'll see you tomorrow. Love you. SH


Love you too. 



Chapter Text

Hi it's John. 

I'm writing a little early today because Sherlock will be arriving soon and we're going to be extremely busy.

Rosie isn't awake yet but it's nearly 9am so I'd better wake her up soon. I was thinking of taking Sherlock to some crime scenes down here. I saw one earlier that looked interesting.

That's it for now.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

As you know, Sherlock came yesterday and it felt like I haven't seen him for years. When the train came into the station, I felt the whole world stop for a second. He got off and embraced him and kissed infront of the entire station. We didn't care though.

I showed him the crime scene but I had to leave Rosie a day thing. It was a rather brutal murder but Sherlock solved it and caught the killer within the hour. After that, we went home and spent four hours together, before we had to pick Rosie up, alone.

Today we woke late and decided to have a lay in until 11am. I brought some food and then Sherlock, Rosie and I watched doctor who. Though we only watched the ones that wouldn't scare Rosie too much. So no wooden dolls or Daleks or Cybermen.

We went out for dinner to a nice Italian restaurant.

18:43 PM Greg.Lestrade

You two are made for each other.

18:56 PM SherlockHolmes

We've established that Greg.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John,

Although We had a few more days of the holiday left, we decided to go home. Back to a standard, safe, everyday life with nothing to worry about. I think if that were the case, Sherlock and I would die of boredom. It was a lovely Monday morning as far as Monday mornings at Baker street go. I dropped Rosie off at Playgroup, and Mrs Hudson arrived back from America. At around ten, I went to the clinic for a few hours and had to deal with people wanting antibiotics for colds and paper cuts. Sherlock came in half an hour later, claiming he missed me too much and couldn't stay away for much longer, so I packed up and walked with him around London.

We wandered around Hyde Park, with Ice-creams, and just took in the late autumn breeze. Watching the people dart off to their various destinations and the squirrels gathering the last of the food they stole from people. We sat down at one of the benches and Sherlock was abnormally quiet.

"What' up?" I asked him. He pretended not to hear me, so I waited a few minutes then asked him again.

"John, when did you start having feelings?" He questioned in barely a whisper.

This was something I was not expecting, so I answered. "Since 'A Study in Pink.'" As you probably realise, this was nearly ten years ago, and I only acted on it a few weeks ago.

Sherlock nodded and silence held for only a few seconds. "So technically We've been each together for almost ten years, and nothing really can be too fast."

At this point, I completely lost the meaning of what he was saying, so I asked him. "What are you getting at?"

He gave me one of those 'its obvious' looks. "John, if I asked a really fast forward question, would you get angry?"

It must be something big that he was asking for. He looked nervous and reluctant to ask whatever he wanted to ask. "Sherlock, I would never get 'that' angry at anything you asked."

"Could we adopt a baby?"

Well, I wasn't expecting that. I understand what he meant now because if we weren't two stupid idiots, then we would've been together for years. But if that happened then, Rosie wouldn't be alive. But another Child was a massive thing. A thing that needs a lot of time to think over and quite a bit to prepare. But we need a mini Sherlock running around the flat, and There's a spare room upstairs next to the one Rosie is in.

I told him I would think about it, and we said no more. 

That's about it for today.

19:42 PM Greg.Lestrade

That's something to think about. Rosie is a mini John, and we definitely need a mini Sherlock.

19:49 PM MycroftHolmes

Greg, please rethink what you just said. A mini Sherlock sounds disastrous. 

19:54 PM SherlockHolmes

That's the point Mycroft. I was thinking it would be a nice thing.

19:57 PM Mrs Hudson

That would be delightful.

20:00 PM MycroftHolmes

Just because Rosie is a good child, doesn't mean this one will be.

20:17 PM John.H.Watson

Stop planning ahead. I haven't decided if it will happen yet.


Privet text




John. Have you thought about it yet? SH


Not yet. These things take time. It would probably take years to get the child.


Mycroft could bring them within two weeks. SH


I asked Rosie if she would mind having a brother or sister, and she said she would love one.


That's settled then. SH


Have you thought about it yet? When did you get the idea for it?


I've thought about it a lot every since June. SH




Do you mean it? SH


Yes. I do. 


I love you so much, John. SH


I love you too. We'll talk about it more tomorrow. 


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Sherlock and I are definitely adopting a child. We decided to maybe get a little girl, per request from Rosie, and we were hoping to get one around five or six. We would've gotten a newborn, but that would take a lot of time, and Mycroft said that he wouldn't be able to make it happen quicker. 

I don't really know what else to say because there isn't much else. Sherlock, Rosie and I just stayed at home and talked. 

18:18 PM EurusHolmes

It's such a hard life. My little brother has finally grown up.

18:20 PM SherlockHolmes

And my big sister hasn't yet.

18:21 PM MycroftHolmes

Eurus, could you please refrain from stealing other peoples laptop.

18:24 PM SherlockHolmes

And Mycroft has been grown up since he was born.

18:25 PM EurusHolmes

That's true. 

18:30 PM John.H.Watson

Why do you even read my blog?

18:32 PM EurusHolmes

It's the only way I get to see what my brothers are doing.

18:37 PM John.H.Watson

I thought Sherlock came to see you every once in a while.

18:40 PM EurusHolmes

He does. But we don't say a word and only play the violin. When we do talk, it's mostly making fun of Mycroft.

18:44 PM MycroftHolmes

That clears everything up. You too are the most childish adults ever.

18:45 PM SherlockHolmes

I'm not a child. I'm adopting a child with John.

Privet text




John, can we go and pick her up now? SH


It takes time love. We'll go and book an appointment next week.


But what if I have a case? SH


Then we'll have to miss it. We'll take Rosie with us.


How many times will it be until we see her? SH


I don't know. I've never adopted a child before.


Love you, John. SH


Love you too.

Privet text




When can John and I go and see her? SH


You need to wait, brother. These things take time. MH


But what if I'm not suitable to be a parent. SH


You look after Rosie. MH


But she's not legally mine. She's Johns. SH


It'll be fine, Sherlock. MH


Privet text




Greg, Sherlock is worrying about it. MH


Did you tell him he'll be a fantastic parent?


In my own words. MH


But he looks after Rosie.



I told him that, but he said Rosie wasn't his. MH


But he's as much of her dad as John is.


I know that. Could you tell John to do something? MH


Why do I have to do it?


Because if I did it, then it would come out as something offensive. MH


Ok, I'll do it. I'll see you at home Myc. Xxx


Privet text




John. Sherlock has the impression that you don't think that he is Rosie's parent.


Does he really think that? He's been as much of Rosie's parent as I have. Even when Mary was still alive.


Have you told him that?


No. I thought he knew. Rosie sees him as her second dad. 


Go and tell him. Tell him that he is a wonderful Dad and always will be.


I did it. He cried and didn't believe it at first. Thanks, Greg.


No worries.



Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Mycroft has booked Sherlock and me for an appointment at of the children homes tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!

It's apparently a friendly place where they house twenty children at a time from the ages of five to sixteen. The person we're seeing is called Mrs Janeson, and I'm shaking with nerves. Sherlock thinks it's too soon, but it's now or never. 

We had a case today, but Sherlock went early, but I stayed. It was triple murder by a chain saw. The bodies were cut in half and chucked in a skip half a mile away from the murderers' house. It was interesting, but even Anderson could've worked it out. I took the afternoon shift at the clinic, and they have already put the Christmas tree up. I decided to walk home rather than get the tube and took a detour down regents street, which was packed and saw the angels. I very stupidly stood right in the middle of the pavement and just looked at them. It made me think of Sherlock and how is my conductor of light and could be mistaken for an angel. He's just so beautiful, and ever since I saw him in St Barts, I fell to the depths of hell, and he pulled me right out again. I remember the feel of his soft lips on mine, which is the meaning of heaven and it feels as if I can't let go. 

Sorry I was daydreaming while writing that bit. That's about it today. I'll tell you about how it goes tomorrow.

18:50 PM PAnderson

That is offensive John.

18:55 PM SherlockHolmes

Who asked for your input Anderson.

19:00 PM John.H.Watson

I was romantic. Did you like it?

19:07 PM SherlockHolmes

Yes, I loved it.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Sherlock and I went to the children's home today. Sherlock pretended he had better things to do and started doing up an experiment half an hour before the appointment. I knew he was nervous, but it was annoying. We got there just on time. The place was prominent with whitewashed walls and Ivy growing up the front. We knocked on the door and a strict looking woman, probably Mrs Janeson, opened it. She showed us to her office and gave us some forms. On it was the usual parenting things like if we suitable parents and all that.

It went well for a first meeting, and someone is going to come and look at the flat in a few days. We don't know when they will come precisely so that they can see the flat at its normal state. Hopefully, it will be alright and if it is then Sherlock and I are going to meet the children. We went home, collected Rosie from Mrs Hudsons and snuggled in our bed while watching Doctor who for the rest of the day.

That's about it.

18:21 PM MycroftHolmes

And my brother didn't deduce everyone in sight. Maybe he's finally growing up.

18:29 PM SherlockHolmes

I didn't want to ruin everything.

18:33 PM John.H.Watson

You won't ruin your chance love.

Privet text




What if I'm not suitable enough. SH


What the hell are you on about. EH


What if they say I'm not good enough to be a father. SH


What makes you think that I'm going to give you advice about that. I'm a psychopath, what am I going to know about that? EH


But you're still my sister so you should at least tell me the wrong thing to do. SH


OK OK. Keep calm and don't turn 'High functioning sociopath' on everyone. That's all I'm saying. If you want more help, ask Mycroft. EH


I doubt I'll be asking Mycroft for help. SH


Well, that's enough sentiment talk. I need to go and terrorise someone. EH


Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

I stole Johns computer again for no reason at all.

Today we did usual boring stuff that you don't need to know because it's strictly privet. After we did things, we took Rosie to Regents Park for a walk. She collected leaves for a picture she wanted to do. We went around the lake when I got a text. It was obviously from Greg, so I deduced that we had a case. John said that I couldn't say anything about it because of boring privacy reasons. We got to the main road, and Mycroft pulled up next to us in one of his many black Limozines. He said something along the lines of

'I'll look after Rosie and leave you alone for the rest of your life.'

But I wasn't listening as I couldn't be bothered. That's all I'm going to say. I have important things to do with John.

18:31 PM MycroftHolmes

I did not say that at all. MH

18:36 PM SherlockHolmes

As I said. I wasn't listening. SH

18:39 PM Greg.Lestrade

When do you want Rosie back?

18:42 PM SherlockHolmes

Around now. SH

18:47 PM Phillip-Anderson

Why doesn't anyone put me in the blogs?

18:50 PM SherlockHolmes

Because you're an idiot Anderson and you couldn't even find any evidence around the body. Evan Sally found some and she isn't even on forensics. SH

18:55 PM Phillip-Anderson

Nobody asked for your input freak.

19:00 PM SherlockHolmes

Who was the one that set up an 'I believe in Sherlock Holmes club' five years ago? SH

19:08 PM Greg.Lestrade

Please don't remind me of that. It made me go insane.

19:13 PM SherlockHolmes

I can imagine. You still haven't told me all of the theories yet. SH

19:17 PM Greg.Lestrade

I'll tell you later. 

19:22 PM EurusHolmes

Those were funny. My favourite one is where Sherlock actually dies, and his twin takes his place and takes over the world. EH

19:39 PM MycroftHolmes

Charming MH

19:41 PM EurusHolmes

Wait, Mycroft. My second favourite is the one is where Sherlock is tired of his life, so he wants to start a new one and runs away with John and moves to Australia. EH

19:44 PM John.H.Watson 

Where did that one come from?

19:47 PM EurusHolmes

I think that was when you went on holiday and didn't tell anyone where you were going. EH

19:50 PM John.H.Watson

Imagine if Sherlock had a twin. 

19:55 PM EurusHolmes

I'm not even going to Imagine that. EH

20:00 PM SherlockHolmes

Oh wow. SH 

Privet text




Sherlock, We have a case.


What sort of case? SH


A woman half-buried in the ground. Been dead for only four hours and she has a deep cut on her left cheek.


And... SH


Her ring finger on the left hand is missing.


Obvious. And... SH


We don't know who she is. No files or identification. No fingerprint or DNA matches or anything.


Where? SH


105 Chalton street.


I'm going to need someone to look after Rosie. SH


I'll get Myc on to it. 


That case was boring. SH


It took you an hour to work out what was going on.


Privet text




Where are you?


Morgue. SH


When are you coming back?


Soon. Can I write the blog? SH


You can if you want.


Thanks. We'll let Mycroft keep Rosie for a few more hours. Love you.


Ok. Love you too.


No. I love you more then you love me. SH


How could you possibly work that out? I love you to infinity, and I don't think anything can get over that.


I love you too Infinity plus five. SH


Whatever you say, I'm going to overpower you. 


I'm never going to give up. I'm on my way. SH









Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

We had a suprise visit today. The woman at the home came for a flat check at seven in the morning. Thank god we were awake because that would have been embarrassing. 

She came in with her clip board and started firing questions about our life styles. About our jobs and the safety of the place. She went to see Mrs Hudson and talked to her for a while about what we do and then talked to Rosie. A few hours later, she left and seemed quite content.

That's about it for today. There's lot's too do.

18:03 PM Greg.Lestrade

I'm glad it went all right.

18:05 PM MycroftHolmes

Did the inspection include chemical experiments? MH

18:17 PM SherlockHolmes

It was all fine. It went well. SH.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

We had nothing planned today, London was unnaturally quiet, and there was no crime or anything.  Mrs Hudson was on an outing with her reading group and took Rosie with her, so Sherlock and I had a Lazy day. We watched Doctor who and CSI, though the only reason why I suggested that is because it's funny when Sherlock insults it. We were on season seven of Doctor who while dozing off when I heard a crashing downstairs. It was only half two, so Mrs Hudson wouldn't be back yet. Sherlock looked at me and then at the door and whispered.

''John, I think someone has broken in downstairs." 

He went quietly to the top cupboard in the kitchen and withdrew my gun. Why was it there in the first place?

I texted Greg a quick message and Sherlock, and I crept downstairs, missing all of the steps that creaked.  We stopped outside the door of Mrs Hudson's flat and listened. It sounded like the person was looking for something in particular and I think they found it because they were coming towards the door and suddenly stared down the barrel of the gun. They were wearing a black mask so we couldn't see the face, but within five minutes, Sherlock tied up the intruder and started deducing their entire life story. He didn't unmask them, nor did he retrieve whatever was stolen.

Greg finally came with a few of his team though I'm pretty sure that he doesn't cover break-ins.

After a few minutes, we uncovered the person. A man called 'Joseph Smith' undercover for the NYPD. He didn't steal anything because he was in the wrong part of town. He was supposed to go to Batchelor Street because someone stole some important evidence for a case over in New York. Sherlock got out a lot from him and then rang up the NYPD. He said something along the lines of

"You have to fire him. Not only did he get the wrong part of London, but he told us all of your secrets of the case, and he got scared because he heard a Dalek." There was a pause in the conversation, and Sherlock rolled his eyes. "He got scared of a Dalek because my boyfriend and I was watching Doctor who. Use some common sense." There was another pause. "What do you mean you don't know what Doctor who is. "The person on the other end of the phone was really testing his patience. "You lot are a bunch of Idiots."

He put the phone down slowly and told Greg what to do with Mr Smith. When everything was sorted, we fell onto the sofa. 

"How did that idiot not know who the Doctor was?" He said and a second later Jackie Tyler Said. "Doctor, Doctor who?"

I don't know how the Tv switched from season seven to season two though.

That's about it for today.

18:58 PM MycroftHolmes

That sounds exasperous. MH

18:58 PM SherlockHolmes

Which bit. That he was in the wrong place or that he didn't know what Doctor who is? SH

19:00 PM MycroftHolmes

The latter. MH

19:04 PM Greg.Lestrade

Did you watch Dinosaurs on a spaceship?

19:08 PM SherlockHolmes

No. I think that was on when you walked in. SH

19:11 PM MycroftHolmes

Hilarious. MH

19:17 PM John.H.Watson

I think it was The Dalek Asylum. 

19:20 PM Greg.Lestrade

Makes sense.

19:23 PM EurusHolmes

How was CSI? EH

19:24 PM SherlockHolmes

Terrible SH.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Today Sherlock and I had planned to revisit the children's home, but Rosie refused to go to playgroup. We woke up like usual and I was getting Rosie ready, but she was having one of those 'I won't do anything you say' moods. She also said she was too big to go to playgroup and she wanted to go big school. After about an hour, Sherlock called in at a local primary school, and we took her there for a few hours. I think she would be ready to go there at some point after Christmas and Sherlock agrees with me. Rosie had fun, and by the end of the day, she forgot about the small fuss she made this morning. I have something special planned for tomorrow.

17:46 PM EurusHolmes

I vaguely remember primary school. EH

17:48 PM MycroftHolmes

You did get expelled from three of them. MH

17:51 PM EurusHolmes

I don't think I did anything that bad. EH

17:55 PM MycroftHolmes

You set fire to the first two and nearly killed the headteacher in the third one. MH 

17:57 PM EurusHolmes

As I said. Nothing too bad. EH



Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Today I took Sherlock on a date. We don't usually get to do those, but I thought It would be a nice change.

I took him to a wonderful Italian that wasn't Angelos with plenty of people for him to deduce if he wants. We just talked about life in general, which we never really do. No cases, nothing about anybody else but us. The Restaurant was full of candlelight and felt so peaceful. We went home to a completely empty building (Mrs Hudson is out, and Rosie is staying with Mycroft and Greg for tonight.)

We stayed on the sofa to watch a film and just snuggled into each other. Well, not for long. We completely blocked out the world around us and kept our focus on each other. The feeling when our lips touch is just so electrifying and so sweet. 

That's about it today.

21:47 PM Greg.Lestrade

I'm so glad you didn't go into any more detail.

21:50 PM John.H.Watson

Have you kissed Mycroft yet?

21:51 PM Greg.Lestrade


21:53 PM John.H.Watson

How does it feel?

21:55 PM Greg.Lestrade

Pretty much how you explained it.

21:56 PM MycroftHolmes

It's better than that. It feels like the hight of heaven and the fire of hell put together. MH

21:57 PM EurusHolmes

Too much information. EH

22:00 PM SherlockHolmes

It feels like the best thing in the universe. Better than the creation of the world and the sun, when it starts a new day. SH

22:02 PM John.H.Watson

Everything disappears, and nothing bad can happen.

22:05 PM EurusHolmes

You do realise that this is public. EH

22:06 PM MycroftHolmes

Since when do you care about that stuff? MH

22:08 PM EurusHolmes

Since it has to do with the love life of both my brothers. EH



Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

John has been out all day and won't be back until much later. Reading yesterdays blog, I didn't know that Mycroft was so Romantic and I have a lot of other stories about him, but I'll save that till another day. You are warned, brother. 

John booked an appointment at the Children's home, but he couldn't go, so I had to. I didn't know what to say to Mrs, what's her name. I only asked her what she wrote when she came to visit the flat. Then she said that I have worse manners than some of the youngest children. So, of course, I had to say something back, but It wasn't that bad. I only told her that her husband has a secret child with her co-worker. I'm glad I haven't made a big mess of, and she said that next time we come, we could see the children. 

That's about it for today.

20:44 PM John.H.Watson

Love, what have you been doing?

20:47 PM SherlockHolmes

Nothing intentional. SH

20:50 PM MycroftHolmes

Behave, brother. You will not tell your tails of my childhood. MH

20:51 PM EurusHolmes

What childhood? You've been prime minister since you were three. EH

20:55 PM SherlockHolmes

At least he knew how to keep me occupied. SH

20:57 PM EurusHolmes

But you were a difficult child. EH

21:00 PM John.H.Watson

Stop acting Rosies age.





Chapter Text

Hi It's John,

Sherlock and I fought late last night. It's Early in the morning, but I can't sleep. It was over something stupid too.

It started with me coming back from an important meeting at the clinic, and he told me about what he said to Mrs Janeson about her privet life. I then said stupid things like;

"She should've looked under the bed where your poisons and chemicals were. Then she would see that you can't be around children."

I don't even know where that came from, and then the argument became big. It ended up with him slamming the door and not coming back. I assume that he's gone to Mycroft's and Gregs. We nearly came close to shouting loud enough to wake the whole street and doing something we would regret more. I know these things happen, but I hate fighting with him. It creates a hole.

That's all.

09:01 AM EurusHolmes.

Finally. Something interesting. EH

11:39 AM MycroftHolmes

Shut up. MH

Privet text




Mycroft, can I stay over? SH


Why? MH


John and I fought. SH


Ok. I'll send a car to pick you up. MH


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

I went to Mycroft's place and went to Sherlock. He was holding a book, but he wasn't reading it.

"I'm sorry love," I said to him. He looked up, and I went to hug him (Because hugs always solve everything.) He said he was sorry too and that was it. Everything was fine.

"Come on. We need to go and get Rosie and advent calendar." I told him, while nearly pushing him out the door." 

"why?" He asked.

At this point, he was stating the obvious. "Why do you think?"

He didn't answer, so we left the house and went shopping in London in the middle of rush hour on black Friday. The best idea in the world but at least we managed to get one at a reasonable price. And an extra one for Sherlock just in case.

That's about it for today.

19:38 PM MycroftHolmes

Sherlock, you know precisely what an advent calendar is. You ate three in one go when you were nine. MH

19:40 PM SherlockHolmes

Yes, but I ate them five days before advent because I didn't know you had to eat them at a particular time. SH

Chapter Text

Hi, it's Sherlock.

John let me write this one because I want to tell everyone Mycroft's secrets. Not government ones though. Childhood ones.

Right then. Mycroft has always been a big fan of Doctor Who, and so have Eurus and Myself, but he was the biggest fan of it ever. He didn't let anyone in his room and avoided coming out from it. There was this one time, when I was about five, that I learnt how to pick locks and I went inside. You would think at twelve; his room would've been full of books about politics and law but no. Everything was blue, and he had magazines and books and posters of Doctor Who. I remember the seven-metre long scarf, draped over a chair that was in front of his desk. He came in, and the look on his face was hilarious.

There was that time a few years later when he was revising for his GCSEs. He was in year nine at the time and thought that he had to take his exams that year and he got upset that he didn't have to do them yet. It was 1990, and I believe that the lack of new Doctor Who episodes was getting to him. Of course, when he did do his exams, he got an A* in everything except for house economics.

Quite a bit of time after that, when he was going to University as a fresher, Eurus and I pinned a message on the back of his new suit saying 'Say hello to the Doctor who loving Cyberman.' At this point, he told Eurus and me that caring is not an advantage, and we wanted to get our own back. He didn't suspect a thing until he took his jacket off. Around fifteen people looked behind his back and laughed on his first day, but I think we went a little too far. A week later, things happened, and I never saw my sister again for twenty-three years.

There's a lot more to say, but I won't be that mean.

19:25 PM Greg.Lestrade

Oh wow. That's a lot of stuff.

19:33 PM MycroftHolmes

Don't listen to him, Greg. He's childish again. Wait until I tell you the things he has done. MH

19:38 PM Greg.Lestrade

Tell me another day. I can't be bothered with sibling rivalries.

19:40 PM EurusHolmes

Oh. That's disappointing. EH

19:42 PM John.H.Watson

It's fun but childish.


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

This morning Rosie opened her advent calendar and I made Sherlock opened his. He tried to eat more than he was allowed but I have hidden it in a safe place until tomorrow. Sherlock and I also put the Christmas decorations up but we won't get the tree up. This year we have gone all Santa themed just for Rosie and Sherlock brought an elf of the shelf which I'll probably use more on him than I will on Rosie. We made gold and silver paper chains and put tinsel everywhere.

I can't stay for long, there's still a lot to do and everything. No need to comment on this post.

18:36 PM EurusHolmes

Why? EH

18: 55 PM SherlockHolmes

Are you being annoying on purpose? SH

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Sherlock nearly told Rosie that Santa isn't real. She was all confused.

"What is Sherlock talking about daddy?"

I had to tell her that he was being an idiot and of course santa is real. She believed me thank God. Sometimes, he really needs to learn when to shut up. 

Update on the adoption. Sherlock and I are going to meet the children tomorrow. We're excited, or I show the excitement and Sherlock tries his best not to show it. It's funny.

That's about it for today. I'm taking Sherlock to a concert tonight.

18:14 PM Greg.Lestrade.

Make sure you don't tell any of the Children at the home about Santa. 😂

18:17 PM SherlockHolmes

I won't. I think John would hide all my experiments and burn my skull if I did that. SH


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Sherlock and I went to meet the children today. We went when the children had come back from school and they all went to their normal things. A few of them looked at us in interest but apart from that, there was no conversation made. Sherlock leaned towards me and whispered.

"What am I supposed to say?" 

I just shrugged and noticed a girl in the corner by her self, reading a book about Anatomy (Even though she looked about five). She had long, raven black hair and deep sapphire eyes.

"Go and talk to her, and be nice," I told him.

He went over and just sat down next to her. She looked up, rolled her eyes and went back to reading and I couldn't help but smile. It was such a Sherlock thing to do. Then Sherlock deduced her and I thought she was going to hit him but she didn't say a word. We had to go not long after and Sherlock said Goodbye to her and I saw she smiled a little. We made an appointment for two days' time and then went home.

That's about it.

19:36 PM SherlockHolmes

I do not do that. SH

19:46 PM John.H.Watson

Yes, you do.

19:49 PM Greg.Lestrade

Will she be the one?

20:00 PM SherlockHolmes

I like her. Not many five-year-olds read books about anatomy. SH

Chapter Text

Hi it's John. 

We had an important case today and I have to get back to it quick. Nothing to bad. Just a murder set out like cluedo. 

Some person was having a party and he died and apparently all of the guests are suspects so I'll let you know how it went.

And no Sherlock. If this is a game of Cluedo, the dead man can't be the one that killed.

Privet text




John. You know how to play Cluedo property? SH


Yes. Why?


We have a case set out like it. With a big house and everything. There are certain possible murder weapons and the same rooms. The only thing different is the amount of people involved and their names. SH


Sounds interesting. I'll ask Mrs Hudson to look after Rosie. Who's in forensics?


Guess. He's probably never seen a Cluedo board in his life. SH


I'll get Lestrade to pick you up. It's complicated to get to. SH


I love you. SH


Love you too.



Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

I took Rosie to see Mary's grave and Sherlock went to visit Eurus in Sherringford. Rosie only just understands how Mary died but she's still too young. Mycroft came to pick her up around two because Sherlock and I have a meeting and Mrs. Hudson is out.

We left as soon as Sherlock got back and our appointment was at four. We got there and the children were doing their things and the girl that Sherlock spoke to was in the same corner, reading a book about Astronomy. We went over and Sherlock started a conversation.

"Hi. We're back."

She looked up, disbelievingly. "I didn't expect you too."

He seemed confused and quickly deduced her. "Well, not everyone in the world is a right old..." I stopped him before he swore in front of her. She smirked and went back to reading.

"If you were wondering, which you were, my name is Matilda. But under no circumstances are you to call me that. I prefer Tilly or Astra." She said, not taking her eyes off the book. "And for some reason, I don't have your name but you look familiar."

Sherlock winked at me and said. "I'm Sherlock Holmes and this is John Watson."

She dropped the book and her eyes were bright. "What?"

Sherlock smiled. "yep." 

She looked at me. "And you write the blogs?" I nodded. The poor girl seemed extremely overwhelmed. "And you two are here too..."

Sherlock and I both nodded.


"Seems like it?" Sherlock answered. 

Tilly sighed. "And I thought I was staying here forever."

I can't say much more because the rest of the information is confidential. 





Chapter Text

Hi, It's John.

We didn't do much today. I saw Sherlock counting down to something on the calendar and it said '26 days until Doctor who.' Christmas is coming very soon and Rosie is full of beans. I told her about Astra (She told us yesterday that she wanted us to call her that.) and she is excited. 

That's about it for today.

19:15 John.H.Watson

I just realised that the entry wasn't long.

19:17 SherlockHolmes

You got distracted, John. SH

19:18 Greg.Lestrade

With what though?

19:20 John.H.Watson

Shut up, Greg.

19:22 Greg.Lestrade

I didn't say anything.

Privet text




Do you have anything? SH


Nothing to interest you.


How was yesterday?


It went alright. John and I had talked to Astra and she was fine. SH


That's good then.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John. 

Today was normal. Sherlock and I went to solve a case that even I thought was boring. Rosie and Mrs Hudson went on a girls day and did Christmas shopping.

Chapter Text

Hi. It's Sherlock.

I went to the home by myself today and talked to Astra. I showed her a few cases (nothing too terrible.) And she was thrilled. She said that anatomy books can get boring sometimes and she always wanted to hear the real thing.( Not just John's blog.)  Showed me what kind of things she was doing at school and stuff. I told her that I'll bring Rosie with me next time and she seemed happy.

That's all because I'm busy.

20:34 MycroftHolmes

At least everything is coming on ok. MH

20:39 John.H.Watson

So am I. 

20:44 SherlockHolmes

I love you John.

20:51 John.H.Watson

I love you too. What have you done?

20:55 SherlockHolmes

I might have turned one of your jumpers into a santa san for my skull. SH


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

It was Rosies' parents evening at playgroup today.  Well, it's not really parents' evening.

The person that ran it says that she's a pleasure to have and tries her best in making friends. After that, she asked us about Astra.  (Not that she knew her name. Rosie keeps saying that she's getting a new sister.) It took a lot for Sherlock not to say 'Mind your own business in the rudest possible way', but he managed. Just. 

We went home, and Mycroft was in the living room with Greg.

"What are you doing here?" It was a reaction that everyone knew was coming. Sherlock wasn't having a good day. Mycroft just rolled his eyes. (Also a highly expected reaction.)

"Why can't I be here?" He retorted.

The room was getting very scary very quickly. It seemed Mycroft was also in a bad mood so Greg and I stood outside. Rosie was showing something she made to Mrs. Hudson, so she was out of the way from Holmes Fire. 

"Typical," I said out of nowhere.

Greg leaned back against the door. "We only came to tell you that we can quicken up the adoption by a few years. It will only take a few months." We heard a smash from above.

Sighing loudly, I spoke up so that Sherlock and Mycroft could hear me from the open window. "I hope that wasn't the new angel I bought for Rosie." 

The younger of the two Holmes swore loudly. 

"We might as well go somewhere. They might be a while." Greg stated. I agreed and took my coat. We went to the pub to have a pint and talked about rubbish.

That's about it.


Chapter Text

Hi. It's John.

Today we had a case. It was intresting.

There was a woman lying dead in her living room called Ann. Next to her was a picture with her name on it. We thought that is was a suicide but no. Her dopple ganger was also called Ann that was some psychopath. 

Her name isn't really Ann, but I had to change it due to privacy. Nothing else really happened today.

17:56 EurusHolmes

Boring. EH

17:59 SherlockHolmes

It's more exciting than being stuck in a room all your life. SH

18:32 MycroftHolmes.

Dont start you two. MH


Chapter Text

Hi, its John.

We went to Rosie's nativity today. She was Mary.

It was funny.  All those three and four-year-olds forgetting what to do and going the wrong way. In the middle of it all, Rosie got bored and did a stroppy face and said. 

"But what if I don't want to marry Joseph. Angel Gabriel is much prettier." 

She has so much sense in her sometimes. Sherlock recorded it all and I'm going to show her when she's older.

That's about it. 


Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Sherlock and I took Rosie to see Astra today. She was excited and full of beans. Astra seemed nervous at first but after a bit of time, they got in like a house on fire. We all talked about games and books and some of the small cases that Sherlock and I have done. Then I asked Astra if she wanted to spend Christmas around ours and she happily said yes. We had permission from the social worker that was there. Then we went home and Watched Doctor who.

That's about it.

17:56 MycroftHolmes

She sounds like a sweet child.

17:57 SherlockHolmes

She is. 

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Today, Sherlock and I watched Doctor who and then I went to work. Noting much happened except there was more patients then usual. It has nothing to do with Friday the 13th. It's just chance.

That's it for now. There might be something more interesting then that tomorrow.

20:50 SherlockHolmes

You missed out the most important bit John. SH

20:56 John.H.Watson

And what's that?

21:02 SherlockHolmes

You are beautiful. Completely beautiful.

21:09 John.H.Watson

Not as beautiful as you.

21:14 MycroftHolmes

How many times have I told you to stop flirting over a public blog? MH

21:18 SherlockHolmes

And when have I ever listened to you? SH

23:48 SherlockHolmes

I assume I won that one. SH


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Today Sherlock and I went out of the city and went to Norfolk. 

The South Norfolk Police needed some immediate help and called Scotland Yard up and they sent us. First, we went around Norwich to see what was there and it's a nice place. Nice is the very word I would use for it. Boring is the word that Sherlock would use. 

There were the usual gangs that thought they were the most dangerous in the world but they should meet the ones in London. Then we talked to some people and then took a bus. An old London one as well. We went south of the city to a place called Wymondham. It has a police station where they deal with a few things. We went in and we showed them our ID. Sherlock walked around like he owned the place like always and we spoke to a few policemen. There had been a string of murders in Wymondham, Attleborough, and Higham. All-around six miles away from each other and if looked at on a map, formed a triangle. Sherlock studied it and then we left the station.

"First we will go Attleborough and look around that place. See if there is anything intresting."

We went to the Town and looked around a little. There were teenagers everywhere. We had to push ourselves through all of the children. A few of them were holding hands with their big groups of friends. Others were on their phones and taking selfies of people in Santa hats and tinsel.

"Come on John. This place is making me nauseous." Sherlock murmured to me.

"Why? They're only fourteen-year-olds." I said to him. He went off in the other direction and I followed. We highjacked a Truck.

"What the hell are we doing Sherlock?" I asked him.

He rolled his eyes. "Going to Hingham."

So we went to a small village with a medieval church. It had quite big houses and in the middle, there were a few people singing carols in front of a tree that was lobsided.

"This is pitiful." He said bluntly.

We went down an alleyway at the side and there was a figure in black standing there. He had a knife hidden in his back pocket and was advancing on an old lady. Sherlock crept up behind him and grabbed his knife. He threw it over to me and I hid it. Not long after that, we had caught the murderer and the police had come. We stopped by at a small restaurant and had some food and then went home.

That's about it today but I will say something. That village had to be one of the most boring places I have been to.

20:13 Greg.Lestrade

Norfolk isn't that bad John. Though I do agree that nothing really ever happens there.

20:19 SherlockHolmes

At least it was something to do. SH


Chapter Text

Hi it's John. 

We just stayed in today. It was too cold to go outside so we had the fire on and Sherlock played some Christmas songs on the violin. 

That's all.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

I've stayed at home and I've caught a cold so I've been sleeping all day. Sherlock has been looking after me though so I won't complain too much. I was going to go to work but there wasn't any point but I should be alright by tomorrow.

19:13 Greg.Lestrade

Get better soon

19:32 John.H.Watson

Thanks Greg.


Chapter Text

Hi it's John. 

I'm feeling a bit better now. I stayed at home mostly because Sherlock didn't want me getting any worse. Rosie went to Mycrofts for the day to do something that I have no clue about. Sherlock and I watched some James Bond movies and then he had a small case that he needed to show up too. He came back a bit later with an interesting story. Apparently this woman was a serial adulterer/killer. It only took two hours for him to catch her.

That's about it today. 

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Nothing much happened today. Rosie and I shopped on Amazon to see if we could find a present for Astra. It took a while to find something but we did in the end. I also sent out last-minute party invitations for new years eve, because Sherlock has only just agreed. 

That's about it for today.

18:30 EurusHolmes

Put something more intresting up. EH

18:42 SherlockHolmes

He's trying his best you know. We can't always help the lack of being able to write. And he's been ill. SH

18:48 EurusHolmes

You could've written for him. EH

18:51 SherlockHolmes

I was too busy looking after him. SH

Privet Text




Mycroft. I need advice. SH


Is it important brother? I'm busy stopping a bomb in France. MH


I'll tell you tomorrow then. It's not like you're stopping the bomb. SH


Stop getting stroppy Sherlock. you're thirty-six not three. MH


Shut up. SH

Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

John is busy catching up on work and Christmas and things and he seems very stressed so I thought I would do the blog. There is seriously no point in promising to upload every day because what If we get kidnapped or need a holiday or something. I told him this and said that it's very unlikely to get kidnapped and how many times have we even got kidnapped. I said I've only been kidnapped a few times, but he's been kidnapped loads. He got kidnapped within the first month of being here. That was nearly a decade ago and I just remember what that Christmas before I met him was like. 

It was cold and boring and miserable. It was during the times of the cabbie murders and Christmas day was awful. I had to go to Mycroft's because I'd only just moved into Backer Street and stuff was everywhere. We watched the Doctor Who Christmas episode which was really sad, though not as bad as the New years one. I didn't like Matt Smith at first as he wasn't David Tennant, but he grew on me. After watching that, I drank a lot of Baileys and ate mince pies. (Yes, I actually ate something.) Another fun fact, I've met John Barrowman. John just seems to be the best name in the world. Christmas 2009 was not the greatest. I had my birthday on January 6th and eight days later, I met John. Best birthday present I've ever gotten from Mike Stamford. 

The next Christmas after that was ok because I had John. That was a few months after the pool thing with Moriarty. We didn't have a Christmas party or anything and I don't think he put that on the blog. We also Didn't put that many decorations up except a Santa hat on the skull and I secretly watched the Doctor Who episode, not knowing he was doing the same. That was 2010. I think you know about 2011 with Irene Adler. That was a mistake and I couldn't watch the Doctor who episode until the next day. Not the best Christmas in the world but certainly not the worst. Then that thing that We don't talk about happened. Christmas 2012 and 2013 were just the worst in my life. It was worse than spending twenty years of Christmases with Mycroft. It didn't even bother me that I couldn't watch 'The Snowman' or the one where Matt Smith regenerates. I missed John too much. Then I came back in January 2014 and then I had to buy presents for Mary and John at Christmas. Then it was Christmas 2015 and stuff happened. Though the look on Mycroft's face was funny. Christmas 2016 was Rosies' first Christmas (I think. These times were busy.) Then I found all of that family stuff. Then for the first time in a long while, Christmas was normal. 2017 and we actually decorated the place and was able to watch doctor who without interruptions. 2018 was ok but I burned the kitchen down while attempting to cook a turkey.

I realise now that even though John and I went through all of this stuff, I wouldn't have missed a second of it. (Well, maybe except those two years.) What would've happened if Mike didn't reintroduce John to me? I would've spent all of that time with Mycroft and never realised I had a sister and Moriarty would still be alive. Remind me to thank him for helping save the world. (Also without John, Greg wouldn't have asked Mycroft out and that would be a nightmare.)

That's about it for today.

19:30 Greg.Lestrade

There are two things that you've said that has made me cry. This and the speech at Mary and John's wedding.

19:33 SherlockHolmes

I didn't make it too poetic did I? SH

19:38 Greg.Lestrade

No. It's fine.  

19:45 EurusHolmes

I have no words. EH

19:48 MycroftHolmes

Well done brother. You are officially the first person to shut her up. MH

19:50 SherlockHolmes

And yet I can't make you shut up. SH

21:15 John.H.Watson

This made me cry.

21:18 SherlockHolmes

You ok? SH

21:22 John.H.Watson

Yes, I'm fine. I love you so much you know.

21:22 SherlockHolmes

I love you too. SH

Privet Text




You needed to talk to me? MH


Yes. Have you thought of marrying Greg? SH


What's brought this on? MH


Answer the question! SH


I suppose the thought has entered my mind. MH


It's not too early, is it? SH


I see what you're getting at brother. Greg and I have been together for nearly a year but you and John have been together for a month and a bit. MH


But technically, we've liked each other for nearly a decade.SH


But it might be too much too soon. Especially if you're adopting a child. MH


Originally, I was going to ask him to matty me but I backed out and asked for a child with him instead. SH


Why did you back out? MH


I didn't feel like we were ready. SH


There's your answer. If you're that desperate, at least wait till Astra had been fully adopted. MH


OK. So are you going to marry Greg? SH


Might do. MH


Well when you do, make sure there are no good cases on. SH


I'll try my best. MH




Chapter Text

Hi it's John. 

I had the best day with Sherlock. I love him so much and he has planned the entire of Christmas day for us all. Astra is coming around tomorrow and is staying untill School starts again. Mycroft and Greg are coming on boxing Day. Sherlock has made up some fun things for everything and promised me that he will turn down any case up untill January 2nd. 

That's all for today.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Sherlock and I picked up Astra today. It was eight in the morning and Rosie was still asleep so we left her with Mrs. Hudson and when we got there, Astra was sitting outside and sitting on her suitcase and reading a book. Someone came out and gave us some paperwork about some stuff that I haven't read yet, and we took Astra home for the first time. She was nervous, but so were we. Rosie was up and she came down to meet us and dragged Astra to see her room. At the time being, they are sharing a room because there is no more space until I clean the spare room up. 

They were up there for a few hours doing god knows what, but I heard Rosie's box of lego fall over so that's what I'm guessing. We had Lunch out at Pizza Express and Sherlock told the girls about some more of the cases. 

That's about it for today.


Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

We had a movie day and watched through as many Disney films as we own. We stayed in pajamas and Sherlock was solving cases online but I don't think he knew that I noticed but I'll let it slide just this once.

That's all.

Chapter Text

Hi, It's John.

Today, Sherlock and I took the girls to Hamleys to go and dee Santa. Astra kept asking the man so many difficult questions that not even Sherlock could answer.  They were questions like 'How don't you get Ill from eating all of those cookies' and ' How are you going to park in the middle of London when you don't want people to see you.' It was funny but she held up a lot of people so they were getting annoyed. We then went to St James Park for a walk and then went back home. The girls went upstairs to play something and Sherlock and I watched Doctor Who for a while before getting dinner ready.

That's it for now.


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

The girls were so excited today. We watched the NORAD santa tracker and watched a lot of movies. They went to bed early so they weren't awake when 'santa' got here so Sherlock and I got the place ready.

We put all the presents under the tree and decorated the place more so it looked magical. We also got most of the food ready for tomorrow so we didn't have to cook much and cleaned the table up and made it look like a royal buffet.

That's it for today.


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Merry Christmas

The girls woke up early this morning and I made them pancakes and hot chocolate. Astra opened her presents first and loved them. Rosie got her a fluffy unicorn (Because why not.) Mrs. Hudson gave her a hat, scarf, gloves, and chocolate. Sherlock gave her a telescope and a book of different stars and I gave her a drawing pad with crayons and paints. Rosie went next and she got the usual Chocolates and toys and books and clothes and things. Her favorite was from Mycroft and Greg (No surprise there.) It was her own police kit with a badge and hat. They also got her a day pass to see Scotland yard and meet police people. Then Sherlock opened his. I got him chocolate figures of me and him and his face was hilarious.

Then I opened mine and then Sherlock and I got the rest of the food ready for Christmas dinner. We had dinner and pulled crackers and read the jokes and everything. Then we had the Christmas pudding and played games.

When the girls went to bed, Sherlock and I had a glass of wine and sat down on the sofa. he leaned closer to me and teasingly kissed my ear. "Best Christmas ever." He whispered and we kissed.

That's it.

Privet Text




Hey Greg. Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas.


Guess what happened. Mycroft proposed.






What did you say?




Congrats mate.


Thanks John.



Chapter Text

It's sherlock.

I didn't know that Mycroft was such a hypocrite.

One day he says that emotions don't get you anywhere and all that stuff and the next minute he goes and proposes. Even though he said he wasn't going to. Right. Now we're done with that 

Boxing day. Traditionally a day of for the servants where the master gives them presents. Now, it's a day where brothers and their fiancé comes around for left over turkey sandwiches. It's also a day where said brother spoils your daughters even though Christmas was yesterday. Yes. Mycroft gave Rosie and Astra more presents and there is no place in the flat to put everything. At least with food, you can eat it and there's room to put more stuff. 

This entire day annoyed me. John tried to get me to play the violin and I only did it because John asked me too. It was hard not to ask Greg for a case. Oh, and Eurus posted a big family present to us. It was just a letter saying all of the weird voodoo stuff that she always says. It's great being related to the most dangerous people in Britain. Especially at Christmas.

That's all.

18:04 EurusHolmes

You are so going to regret saying that. EH

18:18 SherlockHolmes

If you say so sister. Merry Christmas. SH


Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Does anyone else feel that December 27th is a random day that nothing happens. Today we slept. Well, I slept. God knows what the other three were doing which really should worry me more than it does.

That's it because I can't be bothered to write more.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Sherlock and I took Rosie and Astra Ice skating. Well, Sherlock didn't skate, he was just observing. It was fun overall but I fell over countless times.

I'm slightly busy at the moment. The girls decided to tip the big box of Lego over in the main room and we are building a gigantic house.

That's it.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Rosie said that when she's older, she is going to write her own blog entry on this. I think it's a good idea but it will be out of the window sooner or later. 

Sherlocks birthday soon and I have something prepared. 

That's all.

Chapter Text

Hi, It's John.

Nothing much happened today. We all pretty much had a lay in all day and watched Doctor Who and those things. I can't wait for the new year's episode on Wednesday though.

That's about it.

Chapter Text

Hi, its John.

We're having a small new years party with just the four of us and Mrs. Hudson and then We're going to watch the fireworks from the top of St Thomas' Hospital. Don't ask me how Sherlock managed to get us permission but I think the answer is Mycroft. The answer is generally always Mycroft. I will tell you how It went tomorrow after We've watched Doctor Who.

That's it for now and Happy new year.

20:27 Greg.Lestrade

Happy new year.

20:30 EurusHolmes

Who's kissing who on the bell? EH

20:31 SherlockHolmes

Like you care. But for the record, I'm kissing John while I tell the girls to look at something far away. SH

20:34 Greg.Lestrade

They might be asleep long before that. I'm so glad I'm not on duty tonight. 

20:37 MycroftHolmes

Who is on Duty? MH

20:40 Greg.Lestrade

Anderson and Sally.

20:44 SherlockHolmes

The best thing I've heard all decade. The worst was at the beginning of the decade and you said Anderson was on forensics. SH


Chapter Text

Hi, Its John.

It's 2020 now and last night was crazy. The girls fell asleep early and the countdown was a little late but that's London for you. Not that Sherlock and I noticed. We were too busy to actually see the fireworks display but Greg had taken the girls to see the fireworks from a different angle. Mycroft was busy with some important government thing, but I bet he was trying to find a way onto the London eye while everything was happening. I didn't get to bed until three this morning and woke up annoyingly early. 

I got everyone breakfast and then went back to sleep again so Sherlock had a few hours with the girls. When I did wake up again, it was late afternoon and the first day seemed to go very slowly. Then Doctor Who came on. It resulted in Sherlock throwing one of the old lamps on the floor and saying very dramatically...


I then reminded him that the Master is a time lord and nothing is impossible. Just highly unlikely. 

He went into a stop and ate a lot of chocolate. like a lot. like 2 big family pack sizes of dairy milk.

That's about it for today.

20:47 SherlockHolmes

I didn't eat that much chocolate. It was a normal-sized Maltesers box. SH

20:50 John.H.Watson

True. So tell everyone what you thought about the last Decade.

20:54 SherlockHolmes

Painfull. But at the same time, it was the best because I met you. SH

21:00 MycroftHolmes

What have I told you about flirting over a public conversation? MH

21:03 SherlockHolmes

You never tell John to stop writing up our kisses in immense detail. SH

21:05 MycroftHolmes

Well, he's not my brother is he. MH


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

We went on a walk today. Just the girls and I. There was an important case that Sherlock had to go to so we met him in the yard. Astra liked it in there. She kept asking everyone all of these questions about their work and she confronted Anderson which was the funniest thing ever. She kept asking him why he didn't ask Sherlock and well he couldn't tell the truth to a five-year-old girl and he was speechless. 

Sally was a bit nicer but she kept giving us weird looks.   

Then we all went home and had hot chocolate. 

That's it today.


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Sherlock took me on a date to an Italian in Chelsea. Mrs. Hudson had taken the girls to her flat so they could do some baking.

It was a posh place and Sherlock and I had gnocchi and red wine. We spent a few hours there and then we went for a walk around Hyde Park and back to Bakerstreet. We went upstairs and obviously the girls were asleep so we spent the rest of the night in paradise. As soon as we shut the bedroom door, I pushed Sherlock against it and pressed my lips onto his. He undid my tie and threw it on the floor, my shirt soon following. The kiss was soft and long, and it soon got heated but I won't go into any more detail because Mycroft will murder me in my sleep.

That's about it.

23:56 SherlockHolmes

Love you, John.

Chapter Text

Hi, its John.

It was Astras last night here. She goes back tomorrow afternoon as school starts on Monday. 

Rosie also starts primary school on Monday, so we need to get her prepared on that. It's good that she doesnt need uniform until year 1 and she's only going for four hours a day. Sherlock and I also go back to work so that's fun, especially as it's Sherlock's birthday.

We took the girls to the theatre to see Matilda. Well, Sherlock snuck out halfway through because he said it was too childish and he'd prefer something more classical. So then I had an idea what to get him for his birthday. Tickets to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. I haven't told him yet so reading this will hopefully surprise him. I brought two seats that have one of the best views and it includes a three-course dinner with champagne and a bottle of wine. 

That's about it because I can't wait to see his face.

18:05 SherlockHolmes

You didn't. SH

18:07 John.H.Watson

I did.

18:11 SherlockHolmes

Seriously? SH

18:18 John.H.Watson


18:20 SherlockHolmes

I love you so much. SH

18:22 John.H.Watson

Love you too. So it was a good idea to get you the tickets?

18:25 SherlockHolmes

God yes. I've always wanted to go to a proper concert. SH

18:34 MycroftHolmes

You've been to concerts, Sherlock.  MH

18:37 Proforming in the concerts don't count brother. Anyway, I've never been to the Royal Albert Hall. SH

Chapter Text

Hi, It's John.

We had a lay in today and we stayed in pajamas until late. I helped Astra pack her suitcase so she could go back to the home but she stropped. She refused to leave her bed and to get dressed. She threw her breakfast on the floor and then locked herself in the bathroom for half an hour but we all know why she did it so we didn't raise her voice too much. 

We finally got her to talk. I asked her why she didn't want to go back and she just said that she didn't want to and that everything was fine. It was obvious she was hiding something.

Then we got the truth.

The home wasn't treating her very well. Apparently it was because she was different from the other children and she did things differently. She was bullied by the other children and nobody was doing anything about it. She said that at one point, she didn't come out of her room for three days so she got no food or anything. I then told her to unpack her things and go back to sleep. 

Sherlock phoned Mycroft and told him the things. He told him to shut the place down and find somewhere for the other children. 

Within the hour, we got a phone call saying that we could look after Astra till a later date and that was that.



Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Sherlock's birthday today. I took him breakfast in bed, which didn't have much on it as he never eats a lot on Monday before eleven. I also took down all of the Christmas decorations and we took the girls to school. Astra goes to school on the other side of London so we might transfer her to Rosie's new school. 

Sherlock and I then stayed in our room for a few hours and then Mrs. Hudson came up and gave Sherlock a birthday cake that we would sort out when we bring the girls back from School. Then I suddenly had a thought. The children that Astra used to live with probably go to the same school so we need to do the transition sooner than later.

Mycroft brought the girls back and then stayed over for a bit, while Sherlock was opening presents. He got a few books and things. The yard got him a new magnifying glass thing as he smashed it while having an argument with the vending machine. Then we had cake which is always good.

That's it for today.

Chapter Text

Hello. It's Astra.

Sherlock let me write today's blog and will check grammar and spelling and redo the entire thing but keep in the things I want to say.

I don't need that much help with spelling and things. 

You need to know things about me because it's important to know as much information as possible.

My full name is Matilda Astra Moon. (I hate Matilda so never call me that!)

I'm Five nearly six and am in year one at school. 

I got sent to a home three years ago because my mummy and daddy went away somewhere but nobody told me where. I used to have two older sisters called Jamie and Sam, but they moved to America with my Grandma. School is easy and I go to the library at Lunchtime where it's quiet and no one comes in to talk to me. I've read quite and few books. All of the Harry Potter stories and the entire of the English Dictionary so then I'll know the meaning of all of the words. The teachers said that I'm above target in maths because I'm on solving equations with fractions when everyone else is doing their three times tables. Rosie says I'm clever like Sherlock Because I can do hard things. I'd like to learn magic., but I can't go to Hogwarts until I'm eleven so I have to wait. Christmas was fun here this year. I'd like to stay with Sherlock, John, and Rosie. I like Greg and Mycroft too but I don't like Anderson because he's mean to Sherlock.

John and Sherlock said I could join their family if I want which is epic as I'll be related to:

A Consulting Detective,

an Army Doctor, 

A Detective Inspector

The Prime Minister (Not far off)

An Assasin (Rosie said I could Share her mummy)

A Psychopath. (No Offence Eurus)

A mathematician

And I'll have a little sister.

That's all because Sherlock doesn't want John knowing I wrote this.

From Astra Watson-Holmes.

18:32 MycroftHolmes

I am nowhere near Prime Minister. I'm flattered though. MH

18:37 EurusHolmes

Mummy wrote one book about maths. She wasn't a mathematician. EH

18:39 SherlockHolmes

I think she has the same problem like John. Addicted to a certain lifestyle. I've never met a five-year-old who was excited to be related to a psychopath. SH

18:44 Greg.Lestrade

How many five-year-olds have you spoken too?

18:48 SherlockHolmes

Astra SH

18:55 Greg.Lestrade

It's sweet how she put Watson-Holmes in the end.

Chapter Text

Hi, It's John.

Nothing much happened today. Sherlock got another case but it was only a small one. I went to the clinic and the girls went to school.

That's it.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John. 

Today I spoke to Astra's School and Rosie's school to see if I could do a transition and they said yes. So within two weeks, Astra will be with Rosie. Mycroft said that because we're are looking after Astra more permanently, we can have the adoption papers quicker. That and the fact Mycroft may have changed the law, but don't tell anyone.

That's all today 


Chapter Text

Hi, it's Sherlock.

John went to do something for someone, somewhere. Astra and Rosie are still at school probably doing Riddiculesly boring stuff. Greg has no cases or anything and Mycroft for once isn't doing anything annoying. Which I find annoying. Mrs. Hudson is out. Molly is on holiday. Eurus has banned herself from visitors and I can't be bothered to travel to my parents so I'm stuck here being bored. 

I'm going to play a prank on Mycroft because there is no point in acting my age.

Yes, I did put that on here.

Yes, Mycroft can see it.

No, I'm not stupid because I've just read 99% of your minds.

Yes, Greg, I'm talking to you.

No, I'm not going to shut up. That's payback for not bringing me murders.

I am also not going to tell you how I did that. It's obvious.


18:45 Greg.Lestrade

Am I the only one that hates it when he does that?

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.
Sherlock has finally gotten a murder. Nothing too big, but at least it's something.

I think Mycroft searched for one because Sherlock played some serious pranks on him.

For example. He faked a major terrorist attack and made Mycroft believe it. It took him five hours to notice it wasn't real. You should've seen how angry he got and all Sherlock said to it was...
'Are you feeling better now brother?'

After that, we made a run for it. It was dangerous, but that's how we live. We just have to be more careful now that we have two girls.

So the case. Just an ordinary one. A blunt instrument to the back of the head and then a stab wound to the left kidney and the back of the heart. It was easy. Obviously it was personal because the killer couldn't look the girl in the face while murdering her. We also got to talk to someone while being in disguise. Sherlock pretended to be an old man and I had to be his career. It was fun. And I solved it before Sherlock which is a bonus.

That's it today.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Sunday today. I don't like them much and nothing happened.

That's it today.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

I took the girls to school and went with Sherlock to the Yard. It was a retirement party for some old detective that I didn't know but apparently Sherlock worked a case with him once. Right in the middle of it all, we were called out to murder and we all worked on it, just like the old days. It was solved and done by the time we brought the girls home and we told them all about it. Just not the gory bit where the eyeballs were taken out and put in the mouth. To be honest, even I flinched a bit at the sight. 

That's all today.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's sherlock.

John is not going to be able to write for a while so I'll do it until he's ok.

Well there was a case. This phycopath was just killing people there and then but we managed to catch him. 

Astra and Rosie had a day of school because they deserved one. Mycroft and Greg are going to look after them, so I'm in the flat alone. I watched some Doctor who, but I got bored and then I went out to annoy people. I went to St Bart's to do something important and then I went home. 

Nothing else happened and that's it.

22:23 Greg.Lestrade.

I'm sorry.

22:38 SherlockHolmes

No. Shut up Greg. I don't want the whole world knowing. Sh 

Chapter Text

Hi it's Sherlock.

Greg told me to tell you what really happened.

That serial killer I was talking about yesterday. Well. John was in the wrong place the wrong time. 

It's nothing too serious. He pulled through it once and he can do it again. He's fine. Greg came around today to see if I was ok, but I'm fine. It's not me he should be worrying about. I don't show emotions so why shouldn't I be ok. John's ok.

It's Greg.

What ever he's been telling you, he's just trying to cover up the truth. He can't take it and he doesn't want to believe it so I'll tell you.

The killer had a gun and was just shooting it without a care who got hit. We caught him thank goodness. John was trying to stop him but he got in the way of a bullet. He's in intensive care at the moment and the Doctors didn't think he'd pull through. It hit him right next to a vital organ and he had surgery. His heart stopped for a few seconds but he should be ok but he's still unconscious. The girls don't understand it properly so we told them that John had gone away for a while. I think Astra knows but she hasn't told little Rosie. Sherlock wants to stay with him, but he's not allowed in. 

Thanks for reading.

18:36 SherlockHolmes

You didn't have to write the blog Greg. SH

18:39 Greg.Lesteade

Yes. But they need to know the truth and you just suger coated it.

18:47 SherlockHolmes 

But you didn't have to tell them he died. For a split second he wasn't alive Greg. How could you even write it down? I thought you were his friend.

18:55 Greg.Lestrade

I am his friend and I hope he pulls through. He's alive Sherlock. Fucus on that.

18:59 SherlockHolmes

Shut up. You don't know how it feels to have someone you love on the brink of death.

19:32 Greg.Lestrade.

Now you know how he felt when you went away for two years.

19:38 Greg.Lestrade

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that.

20:00 Greg.Lestrade

You're staying with Mycroft and me for a bit.

20:13 SherlockHolmes

What. You're scared that I'll start using again. Do you really think that low of me. My boyfriend is in hospital and my girls have no idea how bad it is. I'm not going to put their life in danger just because I'm a little upset.


Chapter Text

I went to the hospital today. They said he isn't  going to make it. They're giving him a week and it's their fault. They accidentally hit his heart when they were doing surgery on him and they didn't tell anyone. 

I shouldn't blame them, they're only trying to do their job which John could have done better. I knew a few seconds before it happened that he was going to be shot. 

I wasn't quick enough and I'm going to be the reason Rosie isn't going to have a father by next Thursday. I went to them today. They saw that something was wrong and Rosie asked if he was going to be ok. I can't lie to a four year old but I can't tell her the truth. Astra was trying to be brave, but she's still only a child. I don't know what they're going through and I can't imagine a life without John. I can't live without him and I know that you're probably saying, 'you managed before you met him...' but I didn't. The amount of times...

You don't need to know about that stuff. 

I shouldn't have got attached to him in the first place. It was stupid. John would still be doing what he loved best. Saving people. He's saved so many people, so why aren't they saving him? He could be working in his own hospital and had his own book to train new doctors. He could've changed the way we did medicine but I stopped him from doing that. Everyone would've had much better lives.

Mycroft could've been the most successful prime minister. I stopped him from studying. Greg could've been the head of police. I got him demoted. Eurus could've had a real life, not stuck behind bars.

There's no point moaning anymore. It's not going to bring him back, is it.

22:04 Greg.Lestrade.

He wouldn't want you saying that.

22:23 SherlockHolmes

Stop talking like he's dead already. SH


Privet text




Do you need assistance brother? MH


Stop fussing I'm fine! SH


Could you come to collect me? SH


Yes. I will send a car presently. MH 


You know things could chance. He could make it. MH


And the chances of that are almost impossible. SH


Nothings impossible brother. The car is outside. MH


I see you're not in the car. SH


I'm busy Sherlock. I'm trying to keep John alive. I'm sending the best people I've got. MH


And you couldn't have thought of it sooner? SH


There was a problem. MH


Sure there was SH


Thank you Mycroft. SH

Chapter Text

It's Greg.

Sherlock has been in his mind palace all day and he told me to do this entry. I've never seen him so upset and emotionless at the same time. It was my day off, so I took the girls to school. They only went for a few hours today and their teachers have given them some work to take home if they feel like doing it. We had to tell them what happened but they're too little to understand these things. I feel bad for Astra though. I don't know what happened to her birth parents and Mycroft can't say until Sherlock and John signs the adoption papers, but I suppose that's fair. Even Mycroft has to follow the rules sometimes.

The hospital said that John has slipped into a deep coma overnight. They've put him on a ventilator and the doctors are losing hope quick. They said there is nothing left that can help him and we should be prepared for him to die peacefully. We're all going to see him tomorrow to say goodbye, just in case. He's a good man and is a great friend to everyone unless Sherlock didn't like them. Sherlock's not giving up hope. I bet he's trying to work out a way to save him, and knowing Sherlock, he will. I would try the same if Mycroft was laying there.

That's going to be about it for today because there are some important things I have to do. Trying to get Sherlock to move is one of them.

19:06 SherlockHolmes

Stop being dramatic Graham. I will save John before anything bad can happen. SH

19:09 EurusHolmes

You're not crying, are you? EH

19:22 MycroftHolmes

Now's not the time sister. John is very close to Sherlock's heart. MH

19:24 EurusHolmes

And he's going to die. Everyone dies Mycroft. That's what people do. EH

19:32 SherlockHolmes

Shut up. Stop quoting Moriarty. In fact. Stop talking you psychopath! SH

19:35 EurusHolmes

I'm no more than a psychopath then you are. EH

19:37 SherlockHolmes

I'm a sociopath, you idiot. SH

19:40 EurusHolmes

You call me that, yet I'm more intelligent than you. You're stupid Sherlock. You've just let someone turn of Johns's ventilator. EH

19:43 MycroftHolmes

Please tell me you didn't MH

19:43 EurusHolmes

Well, I didn't. But someone else did. I made them do it and John is dying. EH

19:44 MycroftHolmes

How could you do that to your little brother? MH

19:46 EurusHolmes

And that's not the best of it. The gunman that shot him, was one of mine. ;) EH



Chapter Text

JIt's Sherlock.

Yesterday, I got there just in time. Eurus did switch off the ventilator, but I turned it on again.

I'm still here, by his side and talking to him like an idiot. I know he can't hear me, he's too far down in the coma and he could slip away at any second. I've decided to stay next to him for as long as it takes for him to get better and I refuse to leave.

I don't know why I'm still writing on this blog because it's John's job. Though if anything were to happen, I would take over. He would want me too.

That's all. Don't bother to say anything Greg. Everything will get better.

Privet Text




How is he holding up?


Same as he was ten minutes ago. SH


Things can change. I have a case for you if you want it. It might take your mind off things. 


Would I have to leave the room in order to solve it? SH


It would be nice for you to check the scene, but I'll send pictures.


Ok. I'll email the results to you in ten minutes. SH


I sent it to you. Did you get it? SH


Yes. I'm going to the hospital later. Did you need anything?


A coffee and a donut. The staff keeps trying to make me eat something but I'm not eating hospital food. And don't stay for too long .SH


OK. I'll only be there for five minutes.



You forgot a glove. SH


So that's where it went.


Obviously SH

Privet Text




Greg is an idiot. SH


What did he do this time? MH


Left his glove at the hospital. SH


That doesnt make him an idiot Sherlock. That makes him forgetful. How long was he looking for it? MH


About half an hour. Then I had to tell him that he left it. SH


OK. Maybe he's a bit of an idiot. MH


John's starting to flatline. SH


Mycroft. He's dying! SH


I'll be there in a minute brother.MH


I promise you that I'll not let him die. MH


Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

He died. For a few minutes anyway. His heart keeps failing. They said that they should just turn of the ventilator and let him have a quick painless death, but I said no. I don't care if it's selfish, but he's not going to die on my watch.


Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

He's stabling thank goodness. The doctors still don't think he'll live, but they're idiots. If he pulls out of this, I'll marry him and I'm being serious. This is not a good time to joke about things. Rosie and Astra came to visit the hospital today. Rosie had made him a get well soon card which was sweet. They stayed for a few hours and then Molly let them stay at hers for a bit.

That's all and please think about John. It might make him feel better if everyone thinks the same thing. I don't know how true the one in doctor who is, but I'm going to give it a go.

Chapter Text

Its Sherlock.

You'd never guess what... Well let's start from the beginning. I woke up next to John and I found a coffee next to me on the table. It must have been put there a few minutes before hand and there were flowers next to the hospital bed, so it must've been Molly. Anyway, I read a book to John (the name of the book is of no importance) and then I told him about what he had missed while he was asleep. Then, Mycroft came into the room and we had some sort of argument about something that I forgot. We were being very loud. John woke up and said...

"Stop acting like five year olds."

I admit the fact that it surprised me a little and Mycroft looked liked he had just seen a ghost which is an extra bonus. 

John was awake and everything is going to be fine at last.

This also means I'm going to have to ask him to marry me because I said I would.

When we had gotten over the shock, Mycroft left and I explained everything to John. I then called Greg to bring the girls over as soon as he could and I made sure the Doctors checked over him properly. They said it was a miracle and I've never believed in them, but maybe this once, I will. 

That's all. I need to be with John.

15:03 Greg.Lestrade

The girls were so happy when I told them.

15:09 MycroftHolmes

I'm sure they were. Now that John's awake, maybe I can convince Sherlock to eat more then donuts and cheese scones. MH

15:15 SherlockHolmes

But donuts and cheese scones are nice. SH

Chapter Text

It's sherlock

I mostly spent most of my time looking after John and making sure he wasn't over doing anything. Then I was curious and asked him if he remembered anything but he said he didn't. 

I seriously don't know what else to say. Though maybe I need to say this. If any of you put my John in this situation again, I will let Mycroft deal with you. And no Greg, that was not a threat, it was a warning so there's no point in shoving the law up my nose.

That all.

18:37 Greg.Lestrade

It is a threat Sherlock.

18:55 SherlockHolmes

No, a threat is something like 'if you say another word, I wont help you with any cases'. SH

19:00 MycroftHolmes

I think he meant that one. Best not to say anything. MH

Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

The next few entries aren't going to be that long because I don't want to take my eyes if John for too long. He sat up and was well enough to eat food which is good. He read the blog days that he was asleep for and said I was a right sop but he'd marry me if I wanted and then emotions got overwhelming so I shut down my thought process for a few moments. 

That's about all for today.

Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

I've only just realised how boring it is to be in a hospital. John was asleep so I went wondering into different places. I became a canteen worker and helped with a few kidney transplants. Then John woke up and he suspected nothing, and he won't until he reads this. Everyone came to visit John. I was half expecting Moriarty to hop back from the dead and visit him. The Doctors said that they would let John go home in a few days, or rather I said he could go home in a few days and look after him at home.

Thats about it.

Chapter Text

Morning, it's me.

John hasn't woken up yet and he's making a speedy recovery so when he feels like getting up, I'll take him home. Molly lent me her dvd thing so I didn't get bored. I watched Les Miserables and it supprisingly wasn't terrible. It was in French as well which was also supprising but Molly said that she had accidentally picked up the wrong one. I remember one time when Greg and I were on a case, we talked about it in fluent French because Sally and Anderson were being annoying. 

Thats all.


Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

We are all now currently in Baker Street and having a little social thing. John is getting better and is almost back to his normal state if mind, but he'll have to keep laying down for a few more weeks or so. Nasty business this stuff. The girls are happy that he's back and he got to watch Doctor who, which is the main thing. He was totally fanboying over Jack,  it was funny.

That's all.

21:17 Greg.Lestrade

Sherlock. I think you were more excited then John with Jack coming back.

21:19 SherlockHolmes

Shut up Greg. SH 

Chapter Text

Hi, its Sherlock.

John said that he would be well enough to write the blog tomorrow just to give him something to do. Greg gave me a case. It was the best one that I've had in a while. I wanted to go to it but I didn't want to leave John but he said I could go, so long as I was back before the girls came home. It was a good case. The woman who had reported the murder was the one that committed it. She gave out a lot of red herrings, but I still caught her.

Then I went to collect Astra and Rosie and took them home. Rosie went to play with John and I made dinner while Astra did homework (That was far too easy for her intellect.) I then gave the girls John food while I did simple cases on my phone and then we all watched a Disney movie.  I can't stand them. Too much singing and big eyes that are out of proportion with their body. 

That's about all.

19:16 Greg.Lestrade

And you actually watched a Disney film? 

19:20 SherlockHolmes

Yes. Astra made me. She can be very persuasive. SH

20:14 John.H.Watson

I'd have thought Mycroft would've said something by now.

20:23 SherlockHolmes

He can't. He watches Mary Poppins. SH

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

I hope you didn't miss me while I was gone. 

Being shot once is unfortunate, but twice is just unlucky. And painfull (Understatement.)

I can't really say much about today. I was sitting on the sofa, watching Doctor who. But there is only so much of that you can do without dying of boredom.

Greg brought the girls back from school because Sherlock was running a little behind with something. He got back around half ab hour later with a takeaway. Astra then asked me if I would let her help Sherlock solve a case and I said yes, so long as it was sutible for her. I went through some of the cases first so I could check to see if they were PG. He moaned that they were boring cases but I reminded him of her age and he reluctantly agreed. There were no murders or anything. Just a small robbery with no injuries worse than a twisted ankle.

She solved it in the end and seemed very pleased. She is definitely going to take after Sherlock. 

That's all today.


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Today Rosie went round a friend's house for tea and Astra stayed at an after school club, so Sherlock and I had some more time to kill.

A few clients came around today. I took notes and Sherlock did his usual pose. One person said that he felt that he was possessed by a demon, so Sherlock told him to contact Sam and Dean Winchester. He then went away and came back within an hour and said that they helped him a lot. All he did was buy the box set of supernatural, drew a demon trap, stood in it and memorized the Latin. I shouldn't laugh, but it was funny. 

A girl came in and said she needed advice on how to get a boyfriend.

Some people came in with a monkey and said he couldn't get it to speak English.

And a teenager needed help with his maths homework.

That's all for today. 

Chapter Text

Morning, it's Sherlock.

John isn't going to be aloud to read this so I'll tell you what I'm planning to do.

He's getting better so I want to supprise him when he's up and about. I'll make a case, just for him and at the end I will present him with a ring. I need to shop for it but I'll do that tomorrow. Mycroft is making sure that everyone is sworn to secrecy and has disabled John from the use of a laptop. So in simple form, that means he can't read the blog even if he tried. 

That's all for now. He's starting to get suspicious and that's not a foot thing.

21:19 Greg.Lestrade

He's lucky to have you.

21:23 SherlockHolmes

No. I'm lucky to have him. Not many people can put up with me. SH


Chapter Text

It's Sherlock. 

John went for his last tests at the hospital just to be sure of anything. While he was in there, I went to a jewelry shop with Molly to find a ring. (I went with Molly because she has some sort of idea about this kind of thing.)

She found one in the end and I liked it and I think John will too. It was just plain silver with a gold line through it. Then I had an idea. I could get it ingraved with something that would be sentimental and soppy. 

I had to think about it for a while, so I didn't buy the ring. Not yet anyway. I home and John was there. He asked me where I'd been and I just ignored him. I do that a lot. 

I have now been in my mind palace for five hours and the girls have come home and gone to bed in that time. I think I should ask them what they think. 

That's all.

Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

February has arisen and yet it still surprises people that it's a new month. Apparently time goes quick bit it's still 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week and so on. Its just because people let the time fly away from them. They don't notice it's slipping away until it's gone and then it's too late.

Right, enough with the poetry. I asked Rosie and Astra this morning what they thought about the whole marriage thing and they quite liked the idea. Rosie then said that she thought we were already married. I suppose I can see why she thought that. 

About the ring. I've realised that words don't and will never describe the feelings, so I'm using small pictures. 

His old walking stick and my magnify glass. 

Basically a reminder of the first day we met. I know that sounds soppy but shut up. 

That's about it for now. 

Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

The universe is rarely so lazy. Except for when the date only has zeros and twos in it. At least Anderson won't get mixed up with it like he normally does. 

Sunday's are boring. No, I did not get that from Doctor who, we just have the same points of view. 

Have you ever just wanted to give a person a hug out if nowhere? Even if the person is fictional. (Though John refuses to admit that the Doctor is fictional. To be honest, I find it a little hard.) I don't hug people. I thing I have hugged someone ten times by choice and even then it was quick. John doesn't count. He can have as many hugs as he wants. 

Mrs Hudson took the girls someplace and them we watched Doctor who. There is something suspicious going on with Yasmin. Unless the acting has changed suddenly, but that has a low possibility. 

That's all for now. Have a good what ever you are doing.


Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

This one will be super short. I'm busy with a murder and I need to pic the girls up from school. (Not a sentence I would have imagined writing ten years ago.)

I brought the ring and hid it. I've booked a murder somewhere, (it's not real, no need to panic) and a few of my homeless network are in on it. I've got to make it convincing and I need to find the right time to give John the ring.


Chapter Text

Hi, it's Sherlock

I'm planning to do it on Saturday because why not. John is getting a lot better and will be able to get out and about but I don't think I can over do it so I'll make the research very enthusiastic. 

I still need to work out where and when to present the ring.

That's all for the time being.

Chapter Text

It's Sherlock

I've got the first murder dealt with. 

Mycroft persuaded the press to put in a murder and then John will read it in the papers tomorrow. I think I've got most of Scotland yard onto the plan and I'm telling them where to be and all that. I've even given them a script.

Don't tell Anderson that I'm sorry Greg. There's no point.

The girls are slightly in on it as well. All they're going to do is wake John up and give him a note. They've got to act a little worried or scared or something like that and then Mrs Hudson is going to look after them. Then she will take the girls to where I will present John with the ring so they don't miss out on it.

That's part of it done.

Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

Now I've got all my actors and they know their lines (most of it will be improvisation so it seems real.) Everyone knows what they're doing and we've had a few mini dress rehearsals. Anderson knows his part the best. All he has to do is be stupid and everything will be fine.

Chapter Text

I've never been nervous before but here I am, completely taken over. I mean, one wrong move and the entire plan will get distroyed. And even if it does work, John might say no. He could walk away and never want to speak to me again or take the girls and leave. I doubt he'll be that dramatic though. It's still a 50/50 chance.

privet text




You know that he will 99% say yes.


And the other one present? SH


That would be him being very stupid and the entire world telling him to reconsider. I know he loves you too much for that sinario.


But what is something goes wrong in-between? What if Anderson decides he doesn't want to do it. He's got a big part in this. SH


Well who else are you going to boss about and call an idiot?


Exactly. All I told everyone was to look at the plan and act normally. I gave him his own bit. Though I must admit, it's payback for his little group paring me with Moriarty. SH


Anderson was being unreasonable but that theory was a little funny.


I didn't know you were paying attention to them. I thought you were crying over my fake dead body. SH


Whatever Sherlock. Don't worry about the end result tomorrow. It's going to be fine.  

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Early this morning, Astra and Rosie woke me up with concern on their face. They had a note which Sherlock had written and it said...

'John. As soon as you wake up, I need you to help me with a case. It's important, I'll send you the details on your phone. SH XXX.'

Something was definitely up. I asked Mrs. Hudson to look after the girls today as there was nobody else. Mycroft was busy with important things and Greg was leading the case that Sherlock was on. I grabbed everything I needed and caught a cab to the yard. It was busier than normal but it didn't worry me too much. Must be a lot of crime going on today. I got to Greg's office and he was standing there, looking slightly annoyed. Sherlock was in there too, obviously being the one to annoy him. 

"Is everything alright?" I asked.

Sherlock's head snapped up and looked at me. "Of course everything's not alright. Do you think I would've got asked you to help if it was? You've only just got better and you're still not 100%."

He went back to whatever he was doing. I didn't say anything back to him so I looked over his shoulder at the file.

.MI6 agent mysteriously killed after quitting her job.

I remember seeing this in the newspaper or somewhere. Apparently there were two more identical murders afterward. 

"What do you think?" I asked.

Sherlock sighed and peered out of the window. "Could be Mycroft assassinating people to stop government secrets leaking out." Greg gave him a look. "Or It could be someone trying to get the information from them and they've said no."

He walked out of the door and Greg and I followed him. We went to the crime scene of the most recent victim that was murdered only a few hours ago. She was covered in blood and had about thirty stab wounds and a gunshot to the back of the head. Anderson came through the door and rolled his eyes when he saw us.

"What's he doing here?" Sherlock asked very loudly. Anderson just gave him a death glare and walked out of the room. I could have sworn I saw worry flash over his face but it was gone in an instant.

Together we looked over the body and then we went to the morgue. Molly was there and she was working with something. We stayed for about two hours before we went to one of the victim's houses. It was dark by that time so we had to use torches. The rest of Gregs team was there and he gave us LED lights.

"I've found something you should see."

He lead us to a room with a small table on it. The wallpaper was ripping away and the torches caught something red behind it. I pulled the wallpaper off and there was writing.

I took a step back and rubbed my eyes, not believing what was written on it.

John Watson. Will you marry me?

I then looked down at the table which had a small box it top. A small ring box that Sherlock took in his hands and then knelt down on one knee. I felt tears pricking my eyes and I saw that everyone was standing outside of the door. Even Astra, Rosie, and Mrs. Hudson. I couldn't remember the speech coming from my mouth but it did, but with whatever I said, I knew it was good because the next thing I knew,  Sherlock and I were kissing. We pulled away slightly so he could put the ring on my finger.

"I love you, Sherlock," I whispered too him.

"I love you too. " He whispered back.

He then turned to the crowd. "You lot are invited to the wedding, apart from Anderson. He messed up."

I can't believe he had planned his own case just so he could propose to me.

That's it for the day.


21:03 Greg.Lestrade

That will definitely go into the record books. It was so sweet.

21:14 MycroftHolmes

Congrats, little brother. You too John. MH

21:16 John.H.Watson



Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

Yesterday went well even though I say so my self.  Anderson is a douche bag, he messed up. We were supposed to have a giant augment and then I would've had an idea and it would have lead us to that house. Anderson decided that he wouldn't bother and I had to redo the plan inside my head. He's not invited to the wedding. 

Rosie and Astra are already planning the wedding. John and I thought it would be a good idea to let them plan the design. They've already chosen the flowers though, pink roses with cardboard stars together. This will be fun. 

John is really happy and I'm glad he is. It would be worrying if he was sad.

That's all.


Chapter Text

Good Evening, its John.

Today I woke up and Sherlock was still asleep. It was an unusual sight so I left him to sleep for another hour or so. 

I made a cup of tea and went to watch the morning news for a few minutes and then I woke the girls up for school. I made them breakfast and then took Sherlock a cuppa. He's normally not that easy to wake up if he's actually asleep but he wasn't too bad today. 

He went to the yard to do some casework and I took the girls to school and went to the clinic. Pretty much just a normal ordinary boring day. The girls came home and said nothing much happened at school and then we all watched a bit of Doctor who and had dinner and the girls went to bed.

That's about it.

22:08 SherlockHolmes

I'm pretty sure we did more than that John. SH

22:12 John.H.Watson

It wasn't that exciting.

22:15 SherlockHolmes

You shouldn't have gone to work. You've barely recovered from that thing. You could've pulled out some stitches. SH 

22:17 John.H.Watson

I know what I'm doing love. I'm careful about these things.

22:23 SherlockHolmes

But John!!!!!! SH

22:25 John.H.Watson

What??? When are you going to finish that experiment?

22:27 SherlockHolmes

Its got to sit for another half hour. SH

22:28 John.H.Watson

I'll wait for you then.


Chapter Text

Hey, Its John.

Its Rosies Birthday on the 19th. She's going to be five and I just think... 'Has it already been five years since she was born?' 

Time really does fly and nobody notices it slipping away until it's too late.

Sherlock went to see Eurus today and I think it might be to yell at her or something like that. Mycroft went with him, probably for the same reason, so Greg and I went to the pub for a pint. (He's off today.) So we left them to have a great big family argument and we were making fun of it. 

They came back in the early afternoon and they looked like they had deffently blown off some steam. 

Sherlock and I went home and we snuggled on the sofa. It was quite cold so we had the fire on and Sherlock fell asleep within twenty minutes. Mrs. Hudson collected the girls from school from us and it looked like they were busy today. There was paint all over their uniforms (I swear the teachers do this on purpose) and they were carrying big pictures. I woke Sherlock up and they explained to us that they'd designed the wedding properly. The pictures were actually quite good. I'm putting Sherlock on doing some most of the wedding designs and putting everything together. He's pretty good at things like that. 

That's about it for the moment.


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Today had a bit more action in it.

Identical Murderers in Ilford, Bullsmoor, Brent Cross, Clifford Ave, and Horn Park. If you connect the lines, it creates a pentagram inside of the A406. Inventive but not cleaver. The killer lived right in the middle of it and was super easy to find. Sherlock was impressed by the imagination though. The killer got ten years for every person he murdered. They were all children, unfortunately. 

That' about it.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

I just thought. Tomorrow is valentines day. I can't stand it for the reason that it costs a lot and you can't buy love. Sherlock doesn't like it either so we're not going to do it but surprisingly Greg and Mycroft are. Each to their own I suppose. Nothing much happening today. We ordered a takeaway and watched a film before the girls went to bed.


Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Today is a day I don't care about. 

They just bring back bad memories that I wish I could erase because they're frankly just embarrassing. 

Starting from the first one in high school. I was eleven and my friends kept telling me that it was cool to have a girlfriend and I wanted to be like them so I tried to get one. I asked some popular girl out and she said yes and we probably spent twenty pounds on each other on Valentine's day. And this was 1989 so it was much more than. We broke up the next day because she was expecting more apparently. The next year went the same and two more years after that. I gave up in year eleven so on Valentine's day, I hid in the dance studio to practice some routines and Sherlock was there. I can remember that he was also hiding from it all so we just hung around there. We didn't speak or anything like that though.

That's about all.

19:32 SherlockHolmes

Don't remind me of that John. It's terrible and weird and freaky. Valentine's day should not be a thing and most of the people in that school were desperate. I nearly spoke to you that day because I wanted the whole practise room to myself. You were distracting me and I couldn't concentrate. SH

19:43 John.H.Watson

What were you distracted by Sherlock? XD

19:48 SherlockHolmes

Nothing much. Maybe just the fact you were there and you were just so pretty and everything like that. SH

19:50 John.H.Watson

So basically soulmates since the beginning. 

19:53 SherlockHolmes

Yes. Solemates. I love you, John. SH

20:00 John.H.Watson.

I love you too. I think I have since I first saw you but there was no way of saying.

20:03 Greg.Lestrade

So bloody Cheesy.

20:09 John.H.Watson

You're one to talk Greg.

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Hi, it's John.

Half term for the girls so there's going to be a lot done. And Rosie's birthday is in that time so that's good.

Nothing much happened today so I won't bore you with boring things that will probably be boring.

Chapter Text

Hi, it’s John.

 I took the girls to a Drama group today and Rosie liked it a lot. She said that she wants to go to Drama school when she’s older.  I said she could and we have enough money to let her go if she still wants too. It’s still quite cold (What else would you expect in February.) but at least running around all day will warm us up. Sherlock was out again, covering up some traces of an abduction.  I don’t know why but there’s no point asking.

That’s it today.

Chapter Text

Hi, it’s John.

Today the girls stayed at home with Mrs. Hudson while Sherlock and I went shopping for Rosie’s birthday presents. I asked Astra what she wanted to get for her so we could get it. We went into the city and went to Hamleys to get some bits and bobs and then got some birthday banners and balloons. After about two hours of shopping, we went to a café nearby to get a coffee. I might have found myself getting lost in his eyes again while he was talking which isn’t helpful. Sherlock just said that I should make a map so I won’t get lost in them that often. The trouble is, I’m not very good at reading maps which is slightly confusing because how did I manage to get my way around Afghanistan.

We then went home to find the girls messy in cake batter and Icing sugar.  The cakes were good, even though they were more icing than cake but they were good. And colorful.  We got them cleaned and sorted and Sherlock took them out to Regents Park while I wrapped the presents and his them.

That’s it for today.

Chapter Text

Hi, it’s John,

Today’s the last day that my baby girl is four. She’s getting excited about it and she’s bouncing around the place.  

The girls went to their room early to play a bit before bed so Sherlock and I could decorate.

I’ve got to go no because there’s a lot to do.


21:34 Greg.Lestrade

I feel old. 

21:49 MycroftHolmes

You're not the only one. I've been in the government for nearly fifteen years. MH


Chapter Text

Hi, it’s John.

You’d never guess what time the girls woke up this morning. Half-past four in the morning. I told them to go upstairs and play for at least an hour or two. In the end, we all woke up at six which was much better than before. I got the camera ready to start taking pictures. She opened the one Astra chose for her, which was a unicorn Lego set. I got her a recipe book with her own fairy cooking utensils and dressing up costume. Sherlock made her tickets for a little crime scene that he set up for her. He decided to give her his old deer stalking hat so she could solve it like him. She was so happy about it and gave him a big hug and said ‘Thank you, daddy.’ She actually called Sherlock Daddy and his eyes started tearing up. Then we had a big family hug thing and Astra went downstairs to get Mrs. Hudson and the cake that they had both made.

That’s it for today.

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Hi, it's John.

Yesterday was busy and the girls and Sherlock slept in this morning but I had to go to the clinic. 

I came home around one in the afternoon and took the girls to Covent Garden today for some ice-cream. I don't normally take them on the tube but I did today. 

That's it today.

17:17 SherlockHolmes

Why do you still go to the clinic? We have plenty of money.

17:32 John.H.Watson

I need something else to do Sherlock.

Chapter Text

Hi, It's John.

I think Astra is starting to get ill but should not be anything to worry about too much. We sat in all day and watched movies and eat pizza which is a one-off because I don't normally let the girls eat too much of it. Not much happened apart from that because Sherlock hasn't really had a case lately which he keeps reminding me of. 

That's all for today.

Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

I'm Bored. Nobody has been murdering anyone for a few days which is good in a sense but leaves me with boredom. John told me to take Rosie out somewhere (Astra was too ill. I think she has a touch of flu) so I took her to the science museum. I don't know why, but it was something to do. She enjoyed it and brought Astra an overpriced thing that will probably break in ten minutes. It made her happy at least.

 John was in a bad mood today and it was annoying. That's all. 

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Hi it's John. 

Nothing much happened today. We all stayed in and did everything inside. We watched doctor who which was a shock. Didn't like the cliffhanger much but I hope it all goes well next week.

That's all.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Didn't do much today. Rosie went to school and I went to work so Sherlock looked after Astra and they both did a few cases that didn't contain too much gore.

Thats it for today.

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Hi it's John.

Pancake Day today. We made quite a few and invited Mycroft and Greg over. Sherlock pretended that he didn't like pancakes but ate at least five of them. Astra didn't eat that many because she's I'll but she didn't want to miss out off all the fun and Mycroft getting squirty cream on his nose. He didn't notice and nobody told him for half an hour.

It was fun but we didn't do much else. That's it.

Chapter Text

It's Sherlock.

I'm waiting for the last episode of Doctor who so of course the week is going slow on purpose. Today has felt like two weeks already. I can't be bothered to write anymore and Astra needs something because John and Rosie are out.

Good bye people and enjoy what ever normal thing you are doing.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

I can't write much today. Too busy to type anything and Sherlock couldn't be bothered to write. We're all fine. Astra's getting better and Rosie is doing well in School.

That's all.

Chapter Text

It's John.

I almost forgot it was a leap year. It's almost March already but at least it will be spring. I can't stand all the winter weather.

That's all.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Doctor who is tomorrow. I'm glad this week is going quick. Sherlock has been a pain for most of it because he can't stand waiting. He's wanting attention at the moment so I have to go.

Chapter Text

Hi it's John.

Just watched Doctor who. Well... Sherlock is currently sobbing his heart out secretly in the bedroom making sure nobody hears him. I can't really say much about it but that cliff hanger was cruel but at least we have more information about time lords and so on. Apparently Mycroft is doing the same according to Greg but he's being more subtle about it. 

That's about it at the moment.

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Hi, it’s John.

Astra is almost completely better now which is good. She might be ok to go back to school on Thursday and it’ll give her time to get used to being out and about again. She’s going back to her usual lively self and is taking more interest in things. I had to go to the Clinic today again for a few hours because everyone seems to be on maternity leave so Sherlock had to stay at home. When I had finished my shift, I picked Rosie up and took her home to find that Sherlock was in the middle of an experiment. Astra was watching him and asking him questions about it. Though at least it wasn’t anything toxic and it wasn’t everywhere like most things in this house is.

Later on, I helped Rosie with her homework and then played some Lego with her and Astra. When the girls went to sleep later that night, Sherlock and I finished a case that involved some sort of stolen Jewel that has been missing for at least fifty years and he found it. Or rather he found the person that stole it and he told us where he had hidden it. The owner of the Jewel died three years ago and had no family, so we gave it to the British Museum. Sherlock said that there was no point because someone would probably steal it again.

That’s it for now.

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Hi, it’s John.

The wedding is on the 20th of July so everything is going to get really busy. Molly and Mrs. Hudson are taking the girls to go browsing for dresses next weekend and we’ve got to book the reception and things like that. Sherlock has started composing music again. He hasn’t done any for quite a while so I’m glad he’s starting again. I went to work for a few hours and then stopped off at a patisserie to get some custard slices that I knew the girls liked and a box of macaroons for Sherlock and myself.

That’s it for today.

Chapter Text

It’s Sherlock.

John’s out and the girls are somewhere with Mrs. Hudson. Nothing important is going on today and I’m really not in the mood to recount the tales of my childhood. Though I do have some more hilarious stories about Mycroft but that is for another time. Today, I’m going to tell you my perspective of people. You already know that I know that 90% of people are idiots because they are. The other ten percent are Mycroft, Einstein, and Alan Turning and so on. Approximately, there are 70000000 smart people in the world so the list would go on too much but there are many more idiots in the world. There are around seven different kinds of idiot.

.The type that really doesn’t know anything and keeps making stupid comments like Anderson.

.The selfish type that doesn’t care about anyone. I sometimes fall in this category but I have gotten a lot better since John made me better.

.The kind that is always running into the center of danger and would die for someone they love. John defiantly goes into this one but I don’t mind it much.

.The lovable idiot kind. This one isn’t so much about stupidity but you could call someone an idiot half-heartedly while being extremely in love with them. I suppose OTPs fall into this one. (Molly got me into a weird fan thing. She sent me some Doctor who stories that fans had written about the tenth Doctor and Jack.)

.Then you’ve got teenagers. Not all of them, but most of them. I don’t need to explain this one, I’m sure you understand.

.Criminals are one of my favorite ones. They might think they are cleaver like Moriarty, but if you commit a crime, then you’re an idiot. Jim thought he was clever and smart and all of that, but he messed with John and that is the lowest kind of stupidity ever.

. The kind that think that John is an idiot. These people are stupidly idiotic because John is too strong-minded to be an idiot. Not an inch of him is selfish and he is the kindest person ever. I’m lucky to have him. I could use that for the wedding vows.

So more about people. It’s different with each person, isn’t it? It’s in human nature to be judgemental. Someone will look at a young girl wearing black and they immediately assume she’s a Goth. Or you have it when people assume other people’s gender or sexuality or race. This leads to wars and arguments and breakups and those sorts of things.

People have good sides though. Even if you can’t see it. This good side is helping someone else across the road or giving the homeless something to eat. This good side tries its best not to become judgemental but that part of humanity is drilled into DNA. I suppose it’s how we were all brought up but then that depends on how their ancestors were brought up. There’s no way to stop it and all we can do is try. It wouldn’t hurt to smile to someone in the street. For all you know, it could save someone’s day.

That’s it for today.

18:08 Greg.Lestrade

That is some power with words Sherlock.

Chapter Text

Hi, it's John.

Sherlocks annoyed at Greg at the moment because he said that he couldn't let Rosie and Astra onto a case, and after seeing the crime scene, I wouldn't let them on it either.

When the girls got home from school, Rosie had a sudden interest in going to Mycroft's work to see what he did there. She told me that in school they had to draw what their family did for work and she drew Sherlock and Greg and me around a dead body but she told the teacher she didn't know what Mycroft's work looked like because it was secret. Then I wondered how she knew what the crime scenes looked liked and she said it was on the television. Astra then said that they accidentally saw a picture on Sherlocks' computer when they had opened it. I just sighed and told them to get out of their uniform and put pajamas on. 

Later when they had gone to bed, Sherlock was on the sofa so snuggled in next to him. "You know that the girls saw a crime photo don't you?" I asked him.

"I had my suspicions." He answered back and he placed his arm around me. "At least they have learned not to look through my computer again."

It was true but a cruel way to do it.

That's all for today.

Chapter Text

Hi its John

Today was just one of those normal (Or as normal as you can get being engaged with Sherlock) days. I took the girls to school while Sherlock stayed at home to do an experiment. I took a bus to the yard so I could talk to Greg about wedding things. 

Mycroft's and Greg's wedding is going to be in late September because both of them are sometimes busier then Sherlock and me and that was really the only time they could get off. 

I asked Greg to be my best man. I would've asked Sherlock again but I'm marrying him so that's slightly impossible. 

Later on that day, I picked Astra and Rosie up from School and took them to Mollys flat because she was going to do something with them.

Sherlock and I watched a film after he had finished with his experiment (We're still not over Doctor who so we watched Pirates of the Caribbean.)

The girls came back from Mollys just before they had to go to bed and the couldn't tell us what they were doing so I assume it was something for the wedding.

That's it for today

21:09 John.H.Watson

Unusually quiet day today.

21:13 Greg.Lestrade.

Hardly anything at the yard.

21:22 SherlockHolmes

It was boring though I got to think about weddings and things.

21:24 SherlockHolmes

Lestrade, you're not going to call me for help to write the best man's speech, are you?

21:49 Greg.Lestrade

No that was you. And I know how to write speeches.