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Video transcript: Intro Video 

[Usopp and Luffy standing in Luffy's bedroom in front of a wall of movie/TV posters. Usopp bouncing nervously on his toes]

Usopp: Okay, okay, okay, I'm Usopp [grins at the camera] 

Luffy: I'm Luffy! [Luffy grins too.]

Usopp: Which makes us Usopp and Luffy!

Luffy: Luffy and Usopp. [Luffy stares at Usopp for an extended period of time]

Usopp: [Looking at Luffy] Usopp and Luffy flows better, it will look better on our social media.

Luffy: Oh, I guess you're right! 

Usopp & Luffy: [Both looking at the camera] We're Usopp and Luffy! 

Usopp: So you might recognize us from Vine, if you don't that's alright. Since vine died-

Luffy: Rest in peace

Usopp: [Does a half laugh] We're-

Luffy: ON YOUTUBE NOW BIATCH! [Usopp jumps at Luffy's shouting]

Usopp: [Looking between Luffy and the camera] Yeah, that! Pretty soon you'll start getting videos of us tormenting our friends and wondering why they put up with us, exploring some cool stuff every now and then, and just being us!

Luffy: Every week!

Usopp: Exactly, every week until the day we die!

[Usopp and Luffy are silent] 

Usopp: We'll that's all that we've got to say, we'll see you all soon. Sorry for the short video!

Luffy: See ya guys! 

[Luffy's hand moves in front of the camera. The video goes black and ends]

"You sure about this?" Usopp asked, reaching to turn off the camera. He raised his brows and looked over his shoulder at Luffy. 

"Duh," Luffy stuck his tongue out at Usopp. Usopp took the camera off the stack of textbooks the two had piled on Luffy's shelf to get the right angle. 

"Alright, I'll edit the footage and send it to you by this weekend," Usopp assured, checking his phone. "I should get going, homework and all that." Usopp sighed and scanned his surroundings for his keys. 

"Awesome, I'll upload it after I look at it," Luffy said, They headed out of Luffy's bedroom and into the living room, Sabo was tuning his guitar, Ace wasn't home yet.

"How'd it go?" Sabo asked.

"Not horrible, we'll know better after we upload it," Usopp said. Sabo nodded.

"Drive safe, it's starting to rain pretty hard," Sabo said.

"Uh-huh, see ya, Sabo," Usopp said, waving as he left

"Is your homework done, Lu?" Sabo asked.

"Nope," Luffy answered.

"Better get it done, you know Ace will only let you have one plate until it's finished," Sabo warned.

"You're right!" Luffy rushed back to his room to grab his school bag so he could try and finish his school work before dinner. While Luffy did homework, the rain started to pour harder and harder outside. There were even window-shaking claps of thunder and blinding lightning, maybe Luffy should call Chopper and make sure he's okay.

He doesn't like lightning storms...

Must finish homework first!

It wasn't long before Ace got home, soaking wet, but home none the less. Ace being home meant Sabo was going to start making dinner which meant Luffy really needed to finish that homework soon.

Luffy managed to get everything but math done in time for dinner. After eating one plate, he went back to work, Ace and Sabo had already started their second plates. Ace's stupid rule was unfair! And Sabo went along with it, which was worse.

Luffy had only two problems left when there was a knock at the door. Ace and Sabo were in the living room, having already gotten full of food, leaving hardly anything for him!

"Who'd be out right now, the roads must be nearly flooded," Ace said. Sabo shrugged and stood up. There was another knock, at least it sounded like it. It was kinda hard to tell with the storm and all. Then the power went out.

"Shit, Lu, can you get some candles?" Ace called.

"I'll get the door," Sabo said. Luffy turned on his phone's flashlight and rummaged in the kitchen drawers for the candles Sabo kept for emergencies.

"Hey, Sabo-ya," a voice said as he answered the door.

"Holy shit," Sabo said, he was silent for a moment. "Come in!" Luffy found the candles and brought them to the living room, while Ace came back with a bunch more. They started lighting all the candles and put them on the dining table, all over the coffee table, and on the bookshelf in the hallway.

"Hey, Ace, guess who was at the door," Sabo said just as we finished, Luffy hadn't paid much attention to Sabo or the tall guy that he let inside while Ace and he got all the candles ready.

"Wh- Oh shit!" The tall guy pulled his hood off and smirked at Ace.

"Long time no see, huh?" He said. Ace full-on bear-hugged the guy.

"You asshole, you haven't even called in months!" Ace let the tall guy go and punched him in the arm.

"A lot's happened the past few months, I didn't want to drag anyone into it really," The guy said. In the dim lighting, it was hard to make out his features, but he had gold ringed piercings and sideburns. His eyes were all silvery gray in the candlelight. Saying he was attractive was an understatement.

"Obviously, you're out, you're free!" Sabo said. "Wait, you're not a fugitive right?"

"I wouldn't come here if I was," He said. Wait, what?

"How then?" Ace asked. The three of them moved into the living room. Luffy followed. Or at least tried to.

"Luffy, did you finish your homework?" Ace asked.

"Er, yep!"

"Nice try, go finish it," Ace said. Luffy sighed and returned to the dining table.

"It took a while, over a year, I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up, so Fai was the only one that knew and I made sure she didn't say anything to anyone either." The guy started.  His voice was hard to ignore, Ace and Sabo, sure, no problem, but he was just so attention-grabbing. 
"Fai hired a team of private investigators- she said she spent years saving the money for it- and a really good lawyer. They dug through all the evidence again, found new evidence. That proved I was innocent without getting anyone else involved, which I thought was strange but, hell, I'm not complaining. It went to trial and I was released three months ago."

"Trafalgar," Sabo sounded upset. So that was his name, no wonder he was so familiar. He was Ace and Sabo's friend from high school. "You waited three months to come to see us?"

"I have a reason, let me get there," Torao said.  "While I was in prison, this guy, Bellamy, that had it out for me. The guy tried to cut my arm off." Sabo raised his eyebrows.

"Shit." Ace muttered. Luffy decided to turn his attention to his homework again. It was hard with Law talking though...

"Then doctor there ended up prescribing me Vicodin for the pain, it was no surprise when I ended up addicted to it." Luffy stared down at his paper and Law, Ace and Sabo talked some more.

Luffy had tried this problem several times and gotten different answers each time, at this point, he just wrote down whatever sounded closest and moved on. Compared to that the last problem was easy. Luffy shoved his homework into his bag and put the last of the food onto his previously empty plate. Luffy ate it quickly before going into the living room with everyone else.

"I found a guy who could get it into the prison, I didn't ask how and I don't think to want to know. The guy got out a week before I did and I started to detox, so when I got out I checked myself into rehab the same day."

"Shit," Ace repeated.

"Like, I said, I didn't want to drag anyone into it, the only one that knew was Fai-ya. I wanted to be clean before anyone knew I was out." Law paused for a long moment. "And I don't want anyone else outside this room to know..."

Sabo nodded. "You don' have to worry about that." Sabo cut Luffy a glance before talking again. "What's your plan now then?"

"I got my GED while I was in prison. So, I want to get into school again to study medicine. Anything in between I'll figure out as I go."

"You'll have to do prereqs at a community college, no?" Sabo asked. Law nodded.

"That's a start, man," Ace said, grinning "I'm happy for you man." Luffy stopped paying attention to their conversation. 
Law though, Luffy couldn't take his eyes off the man. He was tall and fit, he had tattoos on the back of his hands. His eyes were almost metallic in the candlelight.

And his voice, his voice was just nice to listen to. Him, Ace, and Sabo talked for hours, though it hardly felt like that. Luffy tuned in and out of their conversation.

Law needed a place to stay until he could get a job and an apartment. He had money some dead guy had left him and he planned to use that for school. Sabo and Ace told him he could stay as long as he needed to.

Luffy was kinda glad Law would be around, he wasn't sure why. Luffy barely remembered the guy. Eh, whatever.

Luffy went to bed late that night, waking up the next morning was a pain in the ass.

Luffy woke up and got ready for school quickly, Zoro wasn't there yet, which meant he was probably still asleep. So Luffy hogged down breakfast as quickly as he could and went next door to Zoro's house.

Mihawk was sitting in the living room, Perona was at the dining table, sleepily drinking coffee and Luffy could hear the twins in the bathroom.

"Morning, Mihawk, is Zoro up?"

"Probably not," he said. Luffy headed for his room and pushed the door open.

"Zoro!" Luffy shouted, dropping his bag by the door and jumping on the lump of blankets.

"Luf, what the fuck?" Zoro hissed, shoving Luffy off him and onto the floor.

"It's the only way you'll wake up," Luffy pointed out. "You better get up, you're gunna make all five of us late for school."

"Mhm." Zoro stood up and changed. We went out into the kitchen, Zoro grabbed something he could snack on in class.

"You guys ready? If not I'm leaving you here!" Zoro called. All three of the siblings made their way to the door, right behind Luffy and Zoro.  The two got into the front seat while Kai, Tashigi, and Perona squished into the back.

"Hey, Luffy," Kai said, leaning forward and sticking his head between the seats.

"What's up?"

"How's Sabo's band doing?" Kai really liked the music that Sabo's band made.

"They're working on a new album right now," Luffy said.

"Should you be telling him that when they haven't announced the album yet?" Zoro asked.

"You won't tell anyone, right Kai?" Kai shook his head.

"Get out of the way," Tashigi muttered. Kai sat back in his seat. "Zoro, that's the wrong way, Perona's school is on the left." Zoro spun the car around in a U-turn.

"And that wasn't legal," Tashigi added.

"Do you want to be late to class?"

"We'll be really late if you get pulled over again, and dad will take the keys and all of us will be stuck walking," Tashigi countered.

"That's why I don't get pulled over," Zoro said.

"You got pulled over before," Luffy stated.

"That was because your grandpa was pissed at you about running off with us, and had nothing to do with my driving," Zoro said.


"Now it's on the right!" Tashigi yelled. Zoro turned on the blinker and took the turn fast.

"You ass," Kai kicked the back of Zoro's seat.

"Tell your sister to stop backseat driving," Zoro retorted. Zoro pulled to a stop in front of their old middle school. Perona grabbed her bag and got out of the car and Tashigi scooted into the seat Perona had been in.

"Okay, now just straight, then a right, and a left. You got this Zoro," Tashigi said. Zoro rolled his eyes but did as she said anyway while muttering under his breath. Zoro found a parking place. 
The four got out of the car, Tashigi, and Kai headed for the coffee shop around the corner, where they went for breakfast a lot. Zoro and Luffy walked into school, most of the others had already gotten there. Nami, Sanji, Chopper, and Vivi, were at their table with breakfast.

"Hey, guys!" Luffy smiled and sat down across from Nami. Zoro took a seat next to him.

"Hey Luf," Sanji smiled and slid a paper-wrapped pizza bagel across the table.

"Thanks!" Luffy grinned and dug into the food. It was definitely from the restaurant.

"Guys!" Usopp slid to a stop on the slick concrete floor and slammed a paper onto the table. It looked like he printed off an article. Luffy tilted his head and leaned forward to get a better look at the paper. Usopp's hand was covering the header and Luffy wasn't about to try to read the article.

"What?" Nami asked she didn't buy into Usopp's dramatic act.

"Check this out, do you remember the guy that was arrested on campus the spring before we started here?"

"You mean the guy that killed his dad or something like that?" Sanji asked.

"It was his uncle," Usopp corrected.

"Whatever, he got twenty-five to life didn't he?" Sanji asked.

"Yep, his trial was controversial, everyone remembers it, it was only a few years ago and he was like, 17," Nami said. I had no clue what they were talking about. "What was his name?"

"Trafalgar Law," Usopp said. Now I remember who that Torao was.

"Oh!" I said sitting up straight. "That was Ace and Sabo's friend."

"Yeah, well he was let out a few months ago," Usopp said.

"Why are we barely hearing about this now?" Nami asked with a bored expression.

"This," Usopp pushed the paper to the middle of the table, there was a dark, blurry picture of Torao getting off the bus, it was probably taken last night. "The guy is back in town, people think he's looking for revenge, look at how pissed he looks."
Nami, Vivi, Chopper, and Sanji leaned forward to look at the photo.

"He was arrested for killing his uncle?" Chopper asked. Luffy didn't like this conversation anymore. They didn't know the truth. Usopp nodded.

"He was tried as an adult and got convicted, people were really angry about it, the whole trial was super publicized."

"He was arrested for something he didn't do," Luffy blurted. Everyone stared at him.

"Luffy, do you know this guy?" Usopp asked.

"Yeah, he's staying at my house," Luffy stated, "he was friends with Ace and Sabo."

"A murderer is at your house right now?" Usopp asked with a voice was full of concern.

"He didn't do that," Luffy repeated. Usopp frowned.

"Luffy, just because he's friends with Ace and Sabo doesn't mean-"

"Torao didn't kill anyone, this conversation is dumb," Luffy decided, getting up from his seat and leaving. Luffy went to his first class. 

The school day was long and boring, lunch was the same as usual, Usopp didn't even bring up the thing with Traffy again. After school, Luffy met up with my friends in front of the library like they usually did. People darted around the fairly large group of friends.

"We should go to the arcade, we haven't been there in forever!" Usopp said he pounded his closed fist into the palm of his hand.

"I'm broke," Chopper muttered, kicking at the cemented floor.

"Me too," Sanji sighed.

"Let's just hang out at someone's house, we can get 5 dollar pizza on the way," Nami suggested instead.

"My house will be empty until next week," Vivi offered.

"Oh, and you've got the huge TV we can watch Avatar on that and it'll be awesome," Usopp said.

"Where's Zoro?" Robin asked. Luffy looked around, he really wasn't here yet. Luffy's phone began to ring and vibrate in his pocket. It wasn't a number he knew but he still answered.

"Yo," Luffy said into the phone the others went back to debating about what we were going to do.

"Hey, Luffy-ya, Sabo-ya sent me to pick you up, I'm outside," Law said.

"Shishi, okay I'll be there in a second, see ya Torao," Luffy promised.

"It's Trafalgar, just call me Law," he grumbled as Luffy hung up.

"Were you talking to that Law guy?" Usopp asked nervously.

"Yep," Luffy said, stuffing his phone into his pocket.

"Sorry guys, someone was being a dick to Kai again," Zoro muttered. Luffy frowned.

"Is he okay? Can I kick the other guy's ass?" Luffy asked.

"Kai's fine, I already took care of it," Zoro said.

"Okay, I gotta go, Torao's picking me up so I can't hang out today, see ya guys!"

"Bye Luf," a few of them called back. Luffy went down the stairs and to the front of the school.

Sabo's car was in the parking lot. Law was standing next to it, looking down at his phone. Don't people usually wait inside the car? Guess it didn't matter. Luffy crossed the drop-off area and went into the parking lot to the car.

"Hi, Traffy," He said.

"Just call me Law, you had no problem doing it before," He muttered. Luffy got into the passenger seat while Law got in the driver seat and pulled out of the space he had parked in.

"How come Sabo wanted me picked up? I usually hang out with my friends after school," Luffy wondered out loud. Law shrugged.

"Hell if I know, he just asked me to drop you off at the studio," Law said.

"Oh," Luffy hummed. Law pulled out of the parking lot and turned into the direction of Sabo's music studio. Law was really quiet, so Luffy turned on the radio and switched back and forth between stations when he heard something familiar.

[1]"-what are you waiting for?" The radio sang out.

"Oh!" Luffy gasped, frantically searching for his phone. What had he done with it? Law glanced at Luffy.

"Wha-" He stopped, clearly paying more attention to the radio and the road of course. "Is that Sabo-ya?"

"Yes!" Luffy declared, pulling his phone out of his backpack. Luffy opened Snapchat right away and started recording.

"-Now, stop at nothing no matter the costs,
There's a world that I heard of, I'm planning to see it."

"Sabo! Your song is on the radio!!" He shouted

"-Tell myself when I finally look back I'll think
'Oh my god, what a life I had-'" Luffy stopped the recording, saved it to his phone and sent the snap to Sabo and added it to his story too.

"He hasn't been on the radio before?" Law asked. Luffy shook his head.

"Nope!" He stuffed his phone into his pocket and nodded his head to the music and singing to the chorus. Sabo's band didn't have a lot of songs out, they had a few singles but no album yet. They were working on one though and Sabo was excited about it.

 The song ended and Luffy turned the volume down a little bit as it cut to a commercial break. Law turned onto the street the studio was on and pulled into the parking lot shortly after.  Luffy headed inside and Law took off to where ever he was going. Luffy marched through the small, elegant lobby and into the lounge that was warm and cozy. Koala and Inazuma were sitting on the old green couch, eating Burger King, now he was hungry.

"Hey Luffy, Sabo's in the recording room," Koala said. "Fries?" Koala offered Luffy the rest of her fries, he gladly accepted them and went down the hall.

"Hiya," Luffy said with his mouthful.

"Luffy, you know you shouldn't have food in here," Sabo said.

"I don't," Luffy had already finished the fries.

"Come check this out," Sabo said. Luffy sat down between Sabo and Hack. Sabo stuck the headphones on Luffy's head. Luffy adjusted them to be more comfortable and Sabo started playing the song. The first thing was humming. 

[2]"I've spent twelve months,
Fighting this illusion of me,
Stuck in the shadows...
Of the person, I'm supposed to be.
And Lines got blurred somewhere in between-" The song was slow, and kinda sad, not really something Luffy could see Sabo singing. But there he was, singing it. 

"-There's a soul, there's a pulse, there's a warrior
There's a hole where my heart used to be,
And I'm filling it up with all the things I always said I'd be-" Sabo pulled the headphones off.

"What do you think?" He asked with a grin.

"It sounds good, but it doesn't seem like you," Luffy said.

"We'll Koala wrote it, but that doesn't matter in the long run. What do you think of the music?" Hack asked.

"I said it sounds good, the lyrics fit with it too," Luffy said. 

"Wanna hear the rest?" Sabo asked. Luffy nodded and put the headphones back on. I really liked the chorus but the rest of the song was really slow, so it wasn't my favorite.

"Did Ace hear it yet?"

"Nah, he's at the shop all day today. Him and Marco have a bunch of appointments. You're the first," Sabo explained.

"Awe yes!" Luffy pumped his fists. "Oh! that reminds me, did you check the snap I sent you?"

"No." Sabo reached across the table and grabbed his phone.

"Oh, Inazuma and Koala have to see too," Luffy said, jumping from his seat to go get them. When he came back Sabo had his Snapchat open. Luffy pulled his phone out again to record Sabo's reaction and send it to Ace.

"What's up?" Koala asked she sat down next to Sabo and Inazuma stood over the three. Sabo opened the snap and Luffy started recording.

The song started playing, the quality wasn't that great but that was just the video he took.

"That's on the radio," Hack pointed out.

"Shit, we're on the radio," Sabo repeated with a huge grin.

"We are!" Koala agreed, hugging Sabo. The group exchanged high fives. Luffy stopped the snap and sent it to Ace, along with the text:

 Luffy stopped the snap and sent it to Ace, along with the text:

Chapter Text

"Here should be good," Usopp said, setting up the camera's tripod on the back of Zoro's car.

"Shishi, yep," Luffy agreed.


"Yup!" Usopp took off the lens cover."And go."  

"Hey, What's up guys, it's Usopp and Luffy!" Luffy greeted a little louder than he had intended. Oops.

"Welcome back, for those who don't know, I'm Usopp, that's Luffy," he said. "Today we're outside our good friend's house, Zoro. What he doesn't know is that he's about to get pranked."

"We just go back from the store, with these!" Luffy pulled the packages of mouse traps into the view of the camera.

"And these," Usopp held some more mouse traps. "We have close to 200 mouse traps here. 
We also just got permission from Zoro's dad and with the help of his sisters and brother, we're gunna trap him, inside his room."

"So let's get started," Luffy said. Usopp grabbed the camera and they headed inside.

"Inside we have good old daddy Mihawk," Usopp panned the camera to Mihawk, who gave the boys a questioning glance but for the most part ignored them.

"That was traumatizing," Perona stated.

"And of course there the baby of the siblings, Perona," Usopp grinned as he focused the camera on her.


"Oh you're back," Kai called with, coming down the stairs.

"Half of a pair of twins, Kai," Usopp added. Tashigi came down the stairs behind him. "And, last but not least, Kai's other half, Tashigi!"

"Luf, take the camera." Luffy took it from Usopp and followed Usopp up to  Zoro's bedroom.

"As you can see, Zoro's room is furthest down the hall, and we're gunna fill the hall up to Kai's and Tashigi's room." Luffy panned the camera down the hall to show the whole area. Before he and Usopp set the camera up at the end of the hall and got to work.

"Careful not to snap your fingers guys."

"Okay, so outside, Zoro's window, there's the garage, and it's super easy to get on top of. So Usopp is going to go to that side, and while we were at the store, I got this cool thing," Luffy Explained to the camera, holding up the airhorn. "Usopp is gunna use it to get Zoro up."

"Let's get this prank started," Usopp added. He took the airhorn and went outside, Luffy set up the camera in front of the door. Usopp was supposed to be filming on his phone too. There was a couple of minutes before Usopp texted him.

 There was a couple of minutes before Usopp texted him

"Guy's, Usopp's gunna wake Zoro up," Luffy announced. Zoro's siblings gathered behind the camera with Luffy and they waited. Within seconds there was the sound of the air horn. It blared through Zoro's room and Luffy heard it well. The noise was long, with a short pause, it started up a second time.

"What the fuck?" Zoro grumbled. He very loudly got out of bed and stumbled to the door, he didn't get close enough to the traps. Not yet anyway. 

"What the hell?" He grumbled, glaring at us.

"Morning, Zoro!" Luffy chirped in a fit of laughter along with Kai, Tashigi, and Perona. Zoro looked down at the hall for a moment, then back at the four and the camera. Usopp started to creep up behind Zoro. He pressed a finger to his lips and took a few steps closer.

"You couldn't have done this later in the day?" Zoro asked.

"Shishi, nope," Luffy said. "What would be the fun in that?"  Kai and Tashigi tried to hold back from laughing as Usopp crept even closer to Zoro. 

"Wait, you're filming, where's Usopp?" He asked suspiciously. 

"I dunno," Luffy lied, grinning. Zoro started to look behind him but it was too late. Usopp shoved Zoro forward. Zoro stumbled into the traps and set a bunch of them off. 

"Usopp you jackass!" Zoro shouted. Zoro pulled Usopp into a headlock and dragging Usopp towards the traps. 

"AH!" Usopp shrieked. "Mercy! Mercy!" Zoro threw Usopp onto the ground next to the traps, some of them snapping onto Usopp's overalls. Luffy started laughing at them, Zoro's siblings were laughing too. 

"Why don't you come closer, Luf?" Zoro taunted, grabbing a mousetrap from the base. 

"I'm good here," I said. Zoro stood up straight, with Usopp on the ground out his feet. There was a mousetrap stuck to his pajama pants. 

"Sure you are, why don't you put the camera down?" Zoro muttered he chucked the trap at Luffy's feet. He jumped. Zoro looked at the floor for a moment. He went into his room before coming back out with a blanket and pillow. Zoro stepped over Usopp and started setting off the traps. Usopp jumped and nearly knocked Zoro over. Zor pushed the traps aside with the pillow and set off more of them with the blanket. Some traps got caught on the blanket. 

"Not the camera Zoro!" Usopp shouted as Zoro came closer to me. "Luffy run!"

"Zoro's not gunna do anything to me," Luffy said confidently.

"I don't give a crap about you, I'm worried about our camera," Usopp retorted.

"If you're so sure about that, put the camera down," Zoro said.

"Fine," Luffy replied. "Kai, can you take this?" 

Kai took the camera from Luffy, as soon as he had it, Zoro pulled Luffy into a headlock. He dragged Luffy to the traps. More laughter erupted from the siblings and the traps started going off. Zoro trapped Luffy in his headlock, no matter how much he fought Zoro, he wouldn't budge. Zoro wrestled Luffy down to the ground, leaving him there, in the sea of half-set traps. 

Usopp got to his feet and threw a trap at Zoro in retaliation. Lucky for Luffy, Usopp had a good aim. Luffy tripped Zoro and brought him down into the traps.

"Son of a bitch!" Zoro cursed as trap snapped against his skin. 

"Well, what's going on here?" A familiar voice asked.

"Dad!" Kai and Tashigi said. Luffy managed to peel his face off the floor and Shanks was standing at the top of the stairs. The twins hugged him.

"Hi, Shanks!" Luffy said. Zoro got off of him and waded through the maze of traps.

"Hey old man, how long are you staying home this time?" Zoro asked Luffy got off the floor too.

"The plan is to stay until about a week after Perona's birthday, but if anything comes up I'll have to take off again," Shanks said. Perona smiled at that.

"I-is Yasopp here too?" Usopp asked somewhat hesitantly.

"As far as I know, I haven't seen him since the airport," Shanks said. Another set of footsteps came up the stairs and Mihawk stared at our mess. Usopp took the camera to film. Mihawk just sighed when he saw the mess, he squinted and glared at each of us.

"The six of you are cleaning this up," he decided, staring down the hall with distaste.

"I wasn't part of this!" Zoro protested.

"They are your friends," Perona pointed out.

"I think we've got enough for a good ten-minute video," Usopp said.

"Then let's finish it,"  Luffy said.

"Of course you idiots are posting that online," Zoro muttered.

"Send me a link when it's finished," Kai insisted.

"Will do," Usopp agreed. Usopp set the camera up with the mess of our prank in the background, Zoro stood next to us while Kai, Tashigi, and Perona started messing around behind us.

"And that's what happens when we wake Zoro up early on a weekend," Usopp declared.

"And now we have to clean that up," Luffy added just as Kai threw a trap at Perona. 

"You know, this means I just have to get you back," Zoro said. Usopp went silent.

"I think that's a little extreme," he said after a moment or two.

"You guys are going to pay," Zoro said.

"Anyway! If you guys liked the video, give us a like and don't forget to comment and subscribe too so we can keep playing jokes on our friends!" Luffy said.

"Yes, exactly what Luffy said, see you guys next week," Usopp said, he put his hand over the lens before turning off the camera.

"First, we need brooms and garbage bags," Usopp said to Zoro's siblings.

"Got it, Perona and Kai are on take out duty, get all bags downstairs. The rest of us will get the traps thrown away," Tashigi said.

"Who put you in charge?" Kai asked.

"My plan did, now let's get going, I've got school work to get to," she said. Usopp and Luffy found some garbage bags and brought them up we started filling the bags and when they got full, Perona or Kai would take out the garbage. Three bags later, the six of us were laying on the hallway floor. 

"Which of us decided that was a good idea?" Usopp asked.

"You did," Luffy answered.

"Right," he muttered. "I should probably get home, Yasopp will be looking for me," Usopp said.

"See ya," Luffy said, Usopp got up and grabbed the camera.

"I'll send you the video we filmed a couple days ago tonight, I'm done editing it. I think we should wait 'til we have another video filmed to post it so we can have a good post schedule."

"Okay," Luffy said.

"See ya," Zoro said as Usopp headed downstairs. 

"Hey Luf, bet I can kick your ass at Halo," Zoro said. 

"Is that a challenge?" Luffy asked. 

"Hell yeah," Zoro taunted. 

"You're on," Luffy said, getting off the floor and heading to Zoro's room. Zoro's room wasn't very big, there was enough room for a dresser, bed, and desk but that was about it. Zoro's room was always messy too, mostly just things left out. Video games stacked without rhyme or reason on top of the dresser, right next to the TV. A pile of clean clothes in the desk chair, his bed was rarely ever made. It was cozy and Luffy felt like he was in his own room. 

"Can I play too?" Kai asked while Zoro was getting up to follow Luffy. Zoro paused and considered it for a moment.

"You can play winner," he offered. 

"Alright!" They left the girls in the hall and retreated into Zoro's room. He fired up the gaming console and set Halo 3 up to play. 

"How many rounds?" 


"You wanna watch me kick your ass ten times?" Zoro asked 

"No, I want you to watch your ass get kicked ten times," Luffy corrected. They got comfy on Zoro's bed and started playing. 

"Keep talking shit," Zoro muttered. The next thing Luffy knew he was dead. Zoro won the first four rounds. Luffy still kicked his ass at the last six though. Kai and Luffy played while Zoro went to get snacks. Luffy beat Kai too, but his winning streak ended there. Zoro and Luffy played again and Luffy lost all ten rounds. Zoro and Kai were in the middle of their fifth-round when Kai's phone buzzed. 

"Oh, hang on," he said, reaching for the phone. 

"No mercy, I'll kill you where you stand," Zoro said, killing Kai without hesitation.

"Jackass," Kai grumbled, still checking his phone. "It's here! Zoro, can you take me to the mall?"

"What for?" 

"My binders just got shipped," Kai said. 

"Alright, Luf, you coming?" Zoro asked, he stood and grabbed his car keys from his desk in the corner.

"Yep," Luffy said getting up too. 

The three of us headed outside. Mihawk and Shanks were in the living room watching TV, Shanks had his arm over the back of the couch, and Mihawk sat next to him. 

"Me and Kai are going to the mall," Zoro said as we headed out. 

"Drive safe," Shanks called.

The three of them got into the car, as soon as Zoro started it, the radio came to life with Sabo's band's song playing. 

"Isn't that Sabo?" Zoro asked.

"Shishi, yep!" 

"Oh, Luffy, turn it up," Kai said as Zoro pulled into the road. Luffy did as Kai requested and the chorus was loud and clear. Luffy nodded his head to the music, this song was his favorite of Sabo's so far.

They arrived at the mall only after Zoro made two wrong turns and had to pull a U-turn because he passed the mall. 

"Zoro, you should park at the other end, that's where Venus Envy is," Kai said.

"We're here, you can walk," Zoro retorted. 

"Now you just sound like dad," he muttered.

"Hey, this way we can get milkshakes on the way back to the car," Luffy realized. 

"If your buying," Zoro retorted. 

"Fine by me," Luffy said with a grin.

"Awe, yeah," Kai cheered. They climbed out and made their way through the parking lot. The mall was pretty empty for a Saturday. Regardless, they walked across the mall to a little store and went inside, there were all kinds of weird things in it. Zoro and Luffy waited for Kai to get what he needed and we headed back across the mall, stopping to order some milkshakes on the way. 

"That's lame, pass the aux," Kai said as the car started and the radio started playing. 

"If you play something emo you can walk home," Zoro said, plugging in the cord to the radio and giving the other end to Kai. 

"You're emo," Kai muttered.

"Great comeback," Zoro retorted, he pulled out of the parking lot and music started playing. 

"Get the bass," Kai insisted. Zoro sighed and did just that. 

[1] "I'm fresh to death, I'm in the zone

I checked my head, but no one's home..." Zoro started nodding his head to the music. 

"This is why you're my favorite brother," Zoro glanced at the rearview mirror when he spoke. 

"One more shot and it's time to roll,  smoke these pots and I'm out the door," Luffy started singing with the lyrics and Zoro joined in. "Chug some rock but I sip patron. Hit that spot 'til you lose control." Kai joined in too. 

"You died, I'll go out alone. Bitch, you must be out your dome."  We sang to the song without thought or shame. Kai played another party song, that one Luffy didn't know the words too, but Kai and Zoro did. Then another, and another. With the music, time flew by and they were back before Luffy knew it. 

"I'm gonna get home, see ya later," Luffy said when they pulled into Zoro's driveway.

"See ya, Luf," Zoro said. Luffy walked into someone screaming.

Ace screaming actually. Luffy followed the noise into the kitchen. The noise came to an abrupt end just as he entered the kitchen. 

Ace was running his hand under the faucet and Law was in the kitchen with him, laughing. Luffy could tell he didn't laugh very often, he should though, his laugh sounded almost lyrical.

"Dumbass, I told you it was hot," Law snickered.  Luffy could see the edges of tattoos inked into Law's skin that peeked out from the tank top he wore. What could they be? Something cool he'd bet, Law was really cool. 

"Who died?" Sabo came rushing into the kitchen, nearly knocking Luffy over.

"Ace-ya grabbed a hot pan after he was told it was hot," Law explained.

 "You're an idiot, why would you do that?" Luffy asked. Ace glared at him.

"I didn't do it on purpose," he snapped.

"That doesn't make sense, how do you grab something on accident?" 

"Oh, fuck off," Ace said, turning the cold water higher.

"Hey, how are you going to work with a burnt hand?" Sabo asked.

"Fuck!" Ace yelled. "I didn't even think about that, I can't draw like this."

"Better let Marco know," Sabo opened the fridge next to them. "Here." He tossed Ace a bottle of Aloe Vera gel.

"Isn't this for sunburns?"

"A burn is a burn," Sabo said, "I've got a couple songs to read through." Sabo went back into his room. Luffy went to his room too and found that Usopp had sent the first video we filmed. Luffy watched it texted Usopp. They agreed to post it next Sunday. 

Chapter Text

Law knocked on the door, it was old but well maintained. Not anything fancy. It was as average as a house could be. Painted a dull brown that blended in with the rest of the neighborhood. Law came to the conclusion he'd be knocking on doors a lot the next day or two. Trying to get a hold of old friends. Granted there weren't many, Law was just putting off going to see her. 

"Holy, shit, Law!" Sachi greeted him with a smile, Law hadn't expected anything less. "You're a complete ass, get in here." Sachi stepped aside and let him in. The house turned out to be separated into apartments. "Yo, Peng, get out here!" Penguin came into the small, yet cozy living room. He froze for a moment when his eyes met Law's.

"Damn, man, how've you been?" He asked, wasting no time in pulling Law into a hug. 

"Better now," Law said. 

"Good, thanks for keeping in touch over the years, asshole," Penguin said. 

"Really great job there," Sachi bit. 

"Sorry, I had a lot on my mind, I haven't even spoken to Lami," Law said, sitting down on the couch.

"And Fai?" Sachi asked he sat down too. 

" She's the only person I've talked to,"  Law admitted. 

"You haven't even talked to Ace or Sabo?" Penguin asked in amazement he found a seat in a love seat adjacent to the couch.

"Not until last night, I'm staying with them for now." 

"Have you read the paper?" Sachi asked this time. Law nodded. "How much is true?"

"Well, I'm certainly not here for revenge," Law muttered, "And I didn't pay my way out." Shachi and Penguin nodded along. 

"What's been going on with you guys?" Law asked, he really didn't want to get into the reason he had been the last few months.

"Oh man Law, you're not gunna believe this-" Shachi didn't finish the statement. He was cut off by Penguin. 

"We're getting a podcast started we've got everything we need but a voice actor for the main role."

"Really?" Law asked. 

"Speaking of that, you need a job?" Sachi asked. Penguin tilted his head ever so slightly. 

"You're a genius, Law's got the perfect voice for Cecil!"

"What?" Law muttered his eyes darted suspiciously between the two. 

"Yeah man, do this podcast with us, all you gotta do is voice act from a script," Penguin insisted. 

"I don't know, what If this becomes really popular? I'd rather not be on constant watch by the internet," Law said. He had spent the past four years under constant surveillance. Law could do without any more of it.  

"You'll be playing the voice of a fictional character, people will love the character and not really give a crap about the actor," Sachi explained.

"For the most part anyway," Penguin added. 

"Besides, podcasts never get all that popular, to begin with," Sachi concluded. What's the worst that could happen? Law would get paid, get some respectable attention on the media, hell, he could end up being able to pay for the rest of his education on something like this. That depends on several other factors of course. 

"Alright, but I want to be able to make adjustments to the script," Law agreed. 

"Hell, yeah!" Penguin cheered. 

"We start recording this Saturday, I'll text you the address, be there by 9 am," Shachi said.

"I have a new number," Law remembered. 

"What is it?" Sachi asked, pulling out his phone and opening his contacts. Law gave Shaci his new number, Penguin too. He stayed there for a few hours, until Sabo texted Law,  asking him to pick Luffy up from school and drop him off at the recording studio. 

 Law left with the script for the first episode in hand. Sabo was letting Law borrow his car, it was only fair that he give Luffy a ride. Once Law dropped him off Law decided it was time to see her. There was no getting around it. Fai gave Law her address, all he needed to do was get his cowardly ass over there. 

Law pulled into the parking lot of an apartment building, a plain, gray-brown color with cracked paint. The color was washed out by the sun. No plants to decorate the property it was a minimal place towards the edge of town. 

Law stared at the wall of her apartment building, trying to sum up the guts to get out of the car. He hadn't even tried to talk to her since he was sentenced. Apparently, Fai hadn't talked to her much either. From what Fai had told Law, she got herself emancipated as soon as she turned 16. She didn't want anything to do with Doflamingo, and by extension, Law. 

 Law couldn't imagine, his little sister wanting nothing to do with him. 

Law finally mustered the courage to get out of Sabo's car. He made his way up the rickety steps that didn't look all that safe. This was, by no means, a nice place. But it wasn't shit either. Even if it were, Law wouldn't blame her, having to balance school, a job, and bills had to be a suffocating task. 

Apartment 7 on the second floor. Law found the door with a plastic 7 bolted in. He raised his fist to knock on it.  He didn't. The very thought of talking to her left Law's hands shaking. What if she wouldn't even hear him out? Did she honestly believe Law killed Rocinante? What had Doffy told her? 

Suck it up, Trafalgar. Law told himself. 

He knocked on the door, two, short brisk knocks and He wanted to run back down the stairs and hide in the car. There was the sound of old, creaking wood, followed by a deadbolt being turned. Law held his breath as the door opened. 

"Hi, Lami," Law said. She had let her hair grow out. Her features far more mature and grown-up than the last time he saw her, but that was to be expected. She had become a beautiful young lady, but she was tired. Law could see it in her half glazed over eyes and slumped shoulders. She shut the door and locked it. 

Law stood there, stupidly stunned. He had expected to give her a lengthy and detailed explanation if she wished it. Answer any and all questions she might have. Law had anticipated a lot of things, but Lami flat out closing the door in his face without a word was not one of them. Law knocked again. 

"Lami, hear me out," Law called, what else was he going to do?

"Go away or I'll call the police," she said through the door. 

"Lami, please," Law pleaded, Law could hear the desperation in his own voice.

"Go away, Law," She bit. Her voice cracked. Law pressed his forehead to the cool door. He wasn't sure what came over him next. Law knocked on the door again, harder than he had intended. 

"Lami!" Law pleaded still. 

"Law, I'm serious, go away and don't come back," she said through the door. Law stepped back, unsure of what to do. It's not like he can make her listen. Law sighed and went back to the car. He found a pen and a napkin in the glove box. Law wrote down his phone number, careful to be sure it was legible. Law returned to Lami's door and slipped the folded napkin underneath. 

"Call me, please," he said. Law doubted she heard him. Still, Law returned to Sabo's car again. He bit his lip and rested his head against the back of the seat. Damn it. 

How could she do that? Law was her brother for fuck's sake! Didn't she want to know what happened?  Law couldn't do anything to stop the sheer frustration that was building up in his chest like ash in a fireplace

Screw this fucked up mess I'm in.  Law thought. Fuck Doflamingo and his arrogant ass, fuck my parents for leaving us in the mess. And a special fuck you to every person involved in the court case that got me registered as a fucking murderer. 

Law sat there in the silence of the parking lot, trying to get a handle on the untargeted rage he felt towards the world. This was shit. Law leaned against the seat and dug out his phone. Law had to call Fai. 

The phone rang a couple times, long enough to convince me she wouldn't answer. 

"Hey, Law," she said. 

"Lami won't talk to me," he said. 

"Well, good afternoon to you too," Fai retorted. "I'm surprised you even went over there, what happened." 

Law recounted his interaction with his sister after not seeing her for over four years. 

"Ouch, I'll talk to her and try to convince her, but there's not much else to do Law. Doffy put the poor girl through hell after you were gone. She's probably more scared of Doffy getting to her through you than anything else," Fai said. Law rested his head against the steering wheel. 

"Thanks, Fai, I don't know what I'd do without you."

"So one could even say you need me?" She asked, her voice becoming cheeky. 

"That's an understatement, I'd still be locked in a cell if it weren't for you," Law muttered. 

"You would have figured something out," Fai said. That wasn't likely, Law tried for four years and came up with nothing. It's not like he had a genius brother to pull some Prison Break shit. Still, Law didn't argue with her. 

"Something like that," Law said, leaning back in his seat once more. 

"Hang in there, she'll come around, see ya," 

"See you," Law muttered, hanging up and dropping his phone into the passenger seat. Law happened to get a message from Sabo just before he pulled out of the parking spot. All he had said was that there was a key above the door on the edge of the door frame and that no one was going to be home until later. Law was thankful for the quiet time he'd manage to get. The three brothers were chaotic, to say the least.

 When all three were together, it was usually loud, that at least hasn't changed over the years. It was odd, being around so many people Law could trust again, in prison and in the rehab center it was a trial of luck just leaving a possession unattended, let alone being able to trust someone wholeheartedly. Law pulled into the road and headed back to his temporary home. 

Like Sabo had said, the house was quiet and empty. Law sat down, not really sure what do with himself. There had always been something to do, or someone to avoid, always needing to look over his shoulder. This... it was surreal. 

No one that could harm him, no one to take anything from. It was normal. Law realized then, that he had left the script in the car. So, he went to retrieve it and made coffee before sitting down to read through it. 

The thing was ridiculous. There was no clear storyline, but what the hell did he know? Besides, it was just the first episode. Only Penguin and Sachi could come up with content as weird as this. Law didn't see anything that left him rolling his eyes, sure he was confused as to what the hell was going on but there couldn't be any harm in doing this. 

Sabo, Luffy, and Ace came home later in the evening, filling the house with their noise. The stench of alcohol was strong on them. Law realized it was mostly Sabo. 

"Law, you missed out, one of Sabo's songs was on the radio," Ace said with a grin, he dropped his car keys onto the coffee table and plopped onto the couch next to Law. 

"I know, Luffy-ya and I heard it when I was dropping him off at the recording studio," Law told him.

"Oh, well, it was awesome," Ace said. 

"Yup!" Luffy agreed. "But was even better was when Hack locked Sabo and Koala in a supply closet."

"Hey! We don't need to talk about that," Sabo remarked. 

"Koala? Wasn't she a cheerleader when we were in school?"

"Yes!" Ace said. "She's practically Sabo's girlfriend."

"She is not," Sabo had a bright blush across his face now. 

"Whatever, she's got you whipped," Luffy stated, he sat on the other side of Law, he leaned against Law and threw his feet over the arm of the couch. Sabo pulled a bean bag chair from the closet and fell into it as gracefully as a walrus. Ace turned the TV on and started a TV show we had started watching as teenagers. 

"Is this the Walking Dead?" Law asked. 

"Oh shit," Ace promptly paused it. "I forgot, where were we at?" Law thought about it for a moment, it had been years since he watched this, and the only time he ever did was with Ace and Sabo. 

"They were just getting to Terminus is the last thing I remember," Law recalled. 

"Damn, that was a while ago," Sabo muttered. 

"That was the end of season 5 right?" Luffy asked, shifting and leaning on Law even more. Law's first instinct was to push him off of me. But that might just be from the paranoia from spending years in prison...


That Saturday, Law headed to the address Sachi had given him. Law left the house before any of the brothers had woken up. It was a recording studio, in a not so pleasant part of town, old and small, but hey, make the best with what you've got, right? Law went inside, Sachi, Penguin, and Bepo were talking with another, a woman he had never met. 

"There's our Law," Penguin said. 

"Like, I said, he's not experienced in this, so the first few episodes will take a while, but Law's the smartest guy I know, and can pick up anything real quick," Sachi explained.

"Let's get rolling then," the woman said, she brushed her short pink hair behind her ear and sat down in a chair in front of a table that has all kinds of dials and buttons. Law had no clue what any of them did. Penguin grabbed  Law's shoulders and steered him into a smaller, more confined room. The only thing in it was a microphone. 

"Let's start with a few practices, just read out the first few lines," the woman said. "Give it a personality, try not to sound like a robot." 

"Here, these on," Penguin passed Law a pair of headphones. Law put them on and Penguin gave him another copy of the script before leaving Law alone in the room and closing the door behind him. Straight to it then, alright. 

[1]"A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome to Nightvale."  Law read, doing just as the woman had told me to do.

"Not bad, but try to give a more unique character to your voice, we're going for a quirky radio host," She said. What the hell did that even mean? Law read the line again, watching a huge smile spread across Sachi's face as he did. Sachi leaned over the woman and pressed a button

"That's it, man, it's perfect! Keep going." 

"Hello, listeners. To start things off I've been asked to read this brief notice. The city council announces the opening of a new dog park at the corner of Earl and Summer Set, near the Ralphs. They would like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed in the dog park." I was careful to add emphasis on certain words, make myself be the character if that made any sense. 

"People are not allowed in the dog park. It is possible you will see hooded figures in the dog park. Do not approach them. Do not approach the dog park. The fence is electrified and highly dangerous. Try not to look at the dog park. And especially, do not look, for any period of time, at the hooded figures. The dog park will not harm you." The woman cut me off again. 

"You're getting monotone," she said. 

"That's just Law's normal voice," Penguin snickered. 

"Keep doing what you started off with. Again, from 'Hello, listeners,'" she instructed. Law did as she asked. This time getting through the entire page before they had Law start from the beginning. Twice. An infuriating endeavor, really. They did this with each page. Ran through it twice without stopping. And that was if Law got through it without stopping. His dilemma seemed to be holding the tone and personality of Cecil. Law was more than relieved to return home that day.  

Chapter Text

Luffy ran down the hall and into the kitchen, breakfast was on the table and Ace was talking to Marco on the phone in the living room, still trying to deal with his burnt hand from the sound of it. This definitely wasn't Ace or Sabo's cooking. It looked too nice. Luffy peeked into the kitchen and Torao was cleaning up some of the dishes he must have used to cook. 

"That smells good, Luffy said just in time for his stomach to growl. "Thanks for breakfast."

"Yup," Law said. Luffy grabbed a plate and quickly hogged the food down before going next door. Zoro was already up, yelling at his siblings to hurry up or walk to school. They barely made it to school in time for class. Zoro and Luffy slipped into English just before the bell rang, Luffy found his seat next to Usopp.

"Guys, I've been looking for you all morning," Usopp said.

"Why?" Zoro asked, raising his eyebrow.

"We got invited to a party," Usopp grinned.


"A youtuber's he lives in the next city over, but he saw some of our stuff from Vine and wanted us to come," Usopp explained. The bell rang.

"That's so cool, when is it? We gotta go!" Luffy leaned forward, barely able to contain his excitement.

"This Saturday, the guy said we can bring as many people as we want," Usopp said.

"Awesome, you gotta come, Zoro," Luffy said.

"Hell, yeah, count me in." Zoro agreed with a grin. With that, the teacher started class. Like every other school day, this day was equally uneventful and boring. Though a kid brought a plate of fried chicken into second period and our teacher let her warm it up in his microwave. That just made Luffy hungry and excited for lunch. Which was still so far away.

At lunchtime, Usopp was late, and Luffy and the rest had gotten in line without him. When he did make it to the cafeteria, he slammed his hand onto the table, getting everyone's attention.

"It's Friday the 13th tonight and we have to have a movie night." He said.

"As long as we actually rent horror movies this time, I'm down," Nami said, looking up from her phone.

"Zoro's in charge of movies," Usopp said.

"I am?" Zoro asked.

"Yep," Usopp said.

"Whose house are we doing it at?" Robin asked curiously.

"Oh, you guys should come over to mine, my dad's out of town too, so we'll have the house to ourselves," Vivi said with a smile.

"Oh, and you've got that big theater room," I recalled.

"Exactly." Vivi smiled and ate a french fry.

"And you and Luffy can get snacks," Nami said to Usopp.

"Damn it," he muttered.

"Robin, could you let everyone else know?" Nami asked. 

"Of course," Robin agreed with a smile. 

"Alright, does anyone have stuff after school today?" Nami asked.

"I have to talk to a teacher about one of my history papers," Robin said.

"Me and Kai got swordsmanship 'til five," Zoro added.

"I'm off work at 5:30," Sanji said.

"So six, we should all meet at Vivi's?" Robin asked.

"Sounds good to me," Vivi agreed.

"Alright, we haven't had a movie night in forever!" Luffy cheered. 

"Oh, before I forget, Luffy and I got invited to a party in the next town over. The guy said we could bring as many people as we want." 

"Whose party?" Nami asked. 

"Just look at this," Usopp said. He set his phone on the table, it was Snapchat messaging. 

"Who?" Nami repeated. 

"He's an old Viner that switched to YouTube, like me and Luffy are gunna do. He messaged me last night." Usopp said

"You've never met this guy?" Vivi asked she frowned and bit her lip with uncertainty. 

"He's cool, I checked out his channel and stuff," Usopp insisted. 

"I'm down," Sanji decided. 

"I guess I'll go," Nami decided. 

"Nami, are you sure?" Vivi asked. 

"Better that we all go so none of us get kidnapped," Robin said with a small smile. 

"I'll tell the others!" Luffy announced, pulling out his phone and texting their group chat. Luffy ought to let Ace and Sabo know too. 



  Lunch ended with a bell ringing and, like clockwork, the entire cafeteria started to empty, with food piling into the garbage cans

  Lunch ended with a bell ringing and, like clockwork, the entire cafeteria started to empty, with food piling into the garbage cans. As Luffy was heading to his next class Nami texted him. 

After school, Luffy and Usopp went to the grocery store in Usopp's beat-up, white honda civic

After school, Luffy and Usopp went to the grocery store in Usopp's beat-up, white honda civic. The two went inside as all but power walked to the snack aisle after grabbing a basket.

"Okay, priorities, popcorn first," Usopp said.

"Jerky, we need jerky," Luffy added. Usopp shook his head.

"It's too expensive and not all of us will be able to get some," Usopp said.

"Look, the chips are on sale, let's get a few family size bags," Usopp suggested. He added some chips and popcorn.

"Licorice," Luffy had a couple packages, Usopp nodded and they were added it to the basket. We got some cotton candy, rope nerds, and a big pack of gummy bears too. Sanji would probably want to cook something, he usually did, and if not they could always order pizza so Usopp and Luffy didn't get too much. They paid for everything and went back out to the car.

"We've still got a few hours," Usopp sighed.

"What should we do?"

"We could film another video, I thought that was why the camera was in the back," Luffy said.

"I was gunna see if you wanted to vlog our movie night since something crazy usually happens," Usopp said.

"Oh! I like that better," Luffy said.

"Luffy! We could go to Vivi's earlier and have her help us with a prank," Usopp shouted suddenly. 

"But what prank?"

"I got it, so we filled Zoro's hall with mouse traps right?"


"Let's fill Vivi's entrance with cups filled with water." 

"Shishishi, okay."

"Okay, then we should buy the cups at the dollar store," Usopp said. "First, I gotta call Vivi." Usopp grabbed his phone and called Vivi, setting it on speaker. 

"Hey, what's up?" Vivi said. 

"Me and Luffy have a video idea," Usopp said, he adjusted in his seat and held his phone between us. 

"Oh no," Vivi muttered. 

"We just want to pull a prank on the others, it'll be harmless!" Usopp said.

"To who?" 

"Everyone involved?" Usopp said in more of a question. 

"What is it?"

"We're gunna fill the entrance with cups of water," Luffy said before Usopp got the chance to intervene. 

"Are you going to clean it up too?" Vivi asked. 

"Yep!" Luffy said Usopp made a face at me that meant he did not want to do that. 

"Alright," Vivi said with a heavy sigh. 

"You're the best Vivi!" Luffy yelled. 

"Don't make me regret it," she muttered before hanging up. 

"Okay, let's go!" Luffy pointed forward and Usopp backed out of the parking spot.

Luffy grabbed the camera from the back and turned it on.

"Hey! What's up guys, it's Usopp and Luffy!" Luffy shouted after making sure everything was good to go.

"Oh, we're doing this now?" Usopp asked.

"Duh," Luffy said.

"What's ups guys!" Usopp said, glancing at the camera with a huge grin.

"So, we came up with a great idea for a prank, like, two minutes ago," Luffy said.

"came up with a great idea for a prank like two minutes ago," Usopp corrected before continuing. "If you don't know, me and Luffy, and our friends have horror movies binges on Friday the 13th, which happens to be today," Usopp paused and focused on the road for a moment. "Today we're doing it at our friend, Vivi's house and her house is ginormous, so we gave her a call, and she agreed to let us do it."

"Right now we're on the way to the nearest dollar store," Luffy added. "And we're going to fill up her entrance with solo cups before all our friends get there."

"Exactly," Usopp said. The dollar store was only down the street from the store they were at.

The two headed inside with the camera. They got a few curious glances from other customers but nothing out of the usual.

"How many cups do you think it will take?" Usopp asked he grabbed a cart while Luffy filmed.

"I dunno, 1,000?" Luffy guessed. They turned down a walkway and Usopp looked up at the aisle signs.

"Maybe 2,000...." Usopp said. They turned down the aisle for party stuff.

"Will there be that many here?" Luffy wondered.

"We might have to go to the other one across town." Usopp and Luffy looked up at the shelves in search of cups.

"Oh, here!" I said.

"Oh, they're 100 pack too," Usopp noted as he grabbed a bunch and stuffed them into the cart. "This will be a lot easier on my wallet."

There was just enough for 2000 cups.

"And look at that, we don't have to go to another store," Luffy said.

"Now let's get all this to Vivi's." Usopp looked up at the camera and turned the cart around.

"Woah, I haven't had these in forever!"

Usopp and Luffy froze. They knew that voice. 

"Is that-"

"Kai." Luffy finished. "Let's go say hi!" 

"No!" Usopp snapped, gesturing to the bags of cups they were in possession of.

"Huh?" Luffy tilted his head. 

Usopp sighed. "We can't let them see! It will ruin the prank." 

"Oh!" Luffy hummed,

"It sounds like he's in the next aisle over..." Usopp muttered.

"Get 'em if you want 'em," that was Zoro.

"Zoro's here too!" Usopp mumbled. "Let me see the camera." Luffy passed it to Usopp. He crept around the edge of the aisle.

"We'd better get outta here," Luffy said more to himself. Usopp rushed back.

"They're looking at snacks, we'd better get out of here, fast." Usopp passed the camera back to Luffy and lead the way. They made it to the checkout and got their stuff through as quickly as possible.

"If we keep doing pranks like this I'm going to need a better job." Usopp decided as he and Luffy headed out.

"We'll have to find better ways to do pranks then, huh?" Luffy replied. They loaded up the car and headed to Vivi's across town.

Luffy helped Usopp carry the cups inside. He pushed the door open without knocking as he entered with Usopp right behind him

"Vivi!" Luffy called. Luffy went into the kitchen and dumped all the bags onto the counter. 

"Vivi?" Usopp called, doing the same as Luffy had. 

"Is she not home?" Luffy asked. Usopp shrugged.

"The door was open," Usopp said. 

"Oh well, let's get started." We headed into the entrance with our cups.  Luffy aimed the camera at Usopp.

"Okay, we made it too Vivi's and I'm starting to think we need more cups...." Luffy panned around the entrance hall.

"That's a later problem," Luffy said.

"Right, and with our friends being gone, that means, we have plenty of time to pull a prank on them. What we're going to do is fill Vivi's whole entrance with 2,000 cups of water," Usopp explained. "Yes, it is that big." I picked up one of the cup bags. "Don't worry, we'll recycle all the cups," Usopp added as Luffy opened the bag and all the cups clattered to the floor. Usopp and Luffy stared down at the mess on the floor between them.

"Let's get started!" Usopp said, looking back up at the camera. Usopp picked up the camera. "How are we gunna do this?" 

"Well, you'll need pitchers, first of all," Vivi said. 

"Ah! I knew you were here," Luffy said. Usopp pointed the camera at Vivi. 

"Shout out to Vivi for letting us destroy her house," he said.

"Better get this done, Nami's coming over early," Vivi said. 

"Let's do this!"

Vivi pulled out pitchers and filled them with water. They brought those and all the cups to the entrance. started setting up the cups around the door, leaving space for the doors to open. After every three or four rows Usopp, Luffy, and Vivi filled the cups with water. The entrance was filled with cups all the way to the stairs. 

"I'll lock the gate to the backyard and the garage so they can't get in that way," Vivi said with a grin. 

"Oh, good idea!"  Usopp said. Luffy picked up the camera from the chair it had been set on. 

"Okay, everyone, we just finished setting it up, and it's beautiful! It looks super cool on camera," Luffy panned the camera around the room. Usopp waved. "The others will be here in-" Luffy looked at my wrist as if there was a watch there. "Usopp, what time is it?"


"Half an hour, so now we wait." 

"All settled now, weird, Nami said she'd be here by now..." Vivi sighed. Usopp shrugged. So the three waited for a little while and, sitting in Vivi's kitchen, just talking when the front door clicked. 

Luffy snatched the camera off the counter and ran into the entrance, turning it on. He set the camera on the chair. Vivi and Usopp came into the entrance too.  Luffy couldn't help the grin on his face. The door opened then stopped. Zoro peaked into the gap. 

"Watchya doing?" Zoro asked. 

"Pranking you," Luffy said still grinning. Usopp picked up the camera and Zoro pushed the door open a little farther. He looked at the ground and then at us. Nami came in behind him.

"What?" She muttered 

"Hi, Nami," Vivi waved at Nami across the hall. 

"You turned my girlfriend against me?" Nami asked with her hand on her chest. "How dare you!?" 

"Have fun getting inside!" Usopp taunted. Zoro picked up a cup and slooshed the water around. 

"Jokes on you, I've got the movies," Zoro said. 

"Pft, Vivi has Netflix, we've got snacks," Usopp retorted with a smug grin. 

"The snacks are still in the car," Luffy said. Usopp looked at Luffy and turned the camera to himself. 

"So, I just lost my other half, this channel is called 'Usopp and', now, the position is open to the highest bidder," Usopp said. 

"Hey! You-" A cup came flying at Luffy and water splashed all over his shirt. 

"We'll just throw them at you until we clear a path," Nami shrugged and passed Zoro another cup. He threw it at Vivi.

"Ah!" Vivi yelped.

"Usopp put the camera down," Nami said with a smirk. 

"Hell no!" Usopp took a step back and stood partly behind Luffy. 

"Why are we standing in the doorway?" Sanji asked, peeking around Zoro and Nami. "Oh." 

"Where'd Vivi go?" Nami asked. Luffy looked around, she wasn't there anymore. 

Okay, where DID she go? 

"Luf," Usopp muttered. Usopp pointed the camera to the side of the door where there was an entrance to the living room. Vivi was creeping up on them, it was all dark so she was kinda hard to see. She had a cup in her hand. Vivi splashed water at them and Zoro was covered in. 

"Ha! Payback!" She announced. Zoro wiped the water off his face. 

"I could just walk through this." 

"Only if you don't get water all over my shoes," Nami said. 

"I don't give a shit about your shoes."

"If you ruin them, you'll have to buy me a new pair and pay for the trauma you cause me," Nami stuck her nose up. 

"Fine, I'll just carry you," Zoro huffed. 

"Excuse me?" Nami asked, but it was too late. Nami was swept off her feet and Zoro carried her, bridal style, through the cups. Sanji stared at them, open-mouthed. "If you drop me I will murder you in your sleep!" 

"That sounds like the best way to go to me," Zoro said. 

"AH! No one's safe!" Luffy shouted, darting out of the hallway and into the kitchen. A few moments later, Zoro followed Luffy, without Nami in his arms.

"Hey, Luffy, you little shit, c' mere!" Zoro said. Luffy ran around the island counter. Zoro ran around it to catch him, Luffy ran to the other side. Usopp came in with the camera

"You can't run forever, you'll want food eventually," Zoro taunted. 

"You'll pass out or get lost before that!" Luffy retorted. Zoro launched himself across the counter, knocking over all the cup packages and plastic bags. Luffy couldn't escape in time. 

Zoro and Luffy crashed to the ground between the counters. 

"What was that?" Vivi shouted. 

"Ah! Zoro remember you're my best friend!" Luffy yelled. That didn't stop Zoro from grabbing the back of his shirt and pulling Luffy to his feet. He dragged Luffy back into the entrance hall, right past Vivi, who had come to check on us. Usopp stepped out of the way.


"You got yourself into this!" Nami said. 

"What the hell?" That was Franky, he must have just come in. Zoro pushed me onto the soaked ground, straddling me, giving me no escape.

"Franky! Help!" Luffy begged. Usopp brought the camera over to Luffy and Zoro. Zoro grabbed a cup of water and poured it over Luffy's face. 

"Mercy!" Luffy pleaded. 

"Not until I'm done with you!" Zoro grumbled. He poured more water over Luffy. Luffy grabbed Zoro's shirt collar and shoved him off of himself with as much strength as Luffy could muster. 

"Woo a fight!" Franky shouted. 

"You can do it, Luffy!" Brook shouted. 

"You idiots!" Chopper yelled. Luffy straddled Zoro now, pinning one of his arms between his side and Luffy's leg. Luffy poured water on his face. Zoro grabbed Luffy's shirt, pressing his whole forearm against Luffy's chest, and threw Luffy over his head. Zoro got to his feet. 

He offered his hand to help Luffy up. He took it. Zoro helped Luffy to his feet. 

"I will be getting you back for this too," Zoro decided. 

"Better make it good so we can put a video up," Luffy grinned. Cups started flying over their heads. I looked back at the door and Jinbei and Franky were throwing cups. 

"Not the camera!" Usopp shouted, jumping out of the way. A cup splattered water against Usopp's back in his retreat. 

"Not the camera!" Usopp repeated. Usopp ducked into the kitchen, recording in its safety. Luffy started throwing them back, Zoro too. 

Neither of them saw Robin in the doorway. And Luffy didn't mean to hit her with a cup thrown full force. 

Everyone went quiet. She looked down at the cups, and at her water splattered shirt. Then at Luffy.

"Luffy," she smiled and picked up a cup, gently sloshing the water. 

"Remember, I know where you live," Robin smiled and set the cup back down. 

"You're going to die," Usopp muttered. Robin stepped carefully, avoiding stepping on any cups. 

"Is everyone here?" Luffy looked around.


"You'd better clean this up then, huh?" Vivi said. 

Usopp and Luffy glanced at each other. 

"Dang it," Usopp sighed. 

"Let's film this outro then!" Usopp said. He set the Camera back on the chair, it had somehow gotten moved into the middle of the cup chaos. Usopp and Luffy crouched down, and Zoro and Sanji started throwing cups at each other again.

"Okay, guys, that was fun but now we have to deal with clean up," Usopp said. 

"So give this video a thumbs up and stay tuned for more!" 

"I will be getting these dumbasses back, and they will probably film it." Zoro crouched down behind them and put a hand on Luffy's and Ussop's shoulders. 

"This is going to start a prank war, isn't it?" Usopp asked. 

"You asked for it." Zoro smirked. 

"Bye guys, we'll see ya later- well, I'll see you, Luffy will probably be dead." Usopp covered the lens with his hand and turned the camera off. 

They spent the next hour cleaning up the hall and drying off before they all got settled for a movie. After Usopp and Luffy got the snacks from Usopp's car, obviously. 


Chapter Text

Luffy woke up nearly falling off the chair he had passed out on. Oh, he fell asleep at Vivi's.  Luffy looked around, everyone else was still there too. Everyone but Zoro and Sanji, that is. Luffy got up to use the bathroom.

When he was done, Luffy heard voices in the kitchen. It was Sanji and Zoro.

"I don't know what to do about it. Kai doesn't want to tell our parents, and he won't even talk to Tashigi," Zoro said, He was leaning against the island while Sanji was digging through the cupboard. He tended to cook whenever we all hung out like this, be it dinner, breakfast or lunch. Sanji really liked cooking but he rarely got to because of his family.

"Would you tell your parents?" Sanji asked. He pulled pancake mix down from the cupboard. Zoro was quiet. "Let Kai deal with this on his own, He'll be dealing with it his entire life and he won't have a big brother to protect him all the time." Zoro frowned.

"Hey, guys," Luffy greeted. "What's up?" Zoro sighed.

"Kai's being picked on again," Zoro said.

"By who?" Luffy asked and hopped onto the counter next to Zoro.

"Don't know, he won't tell me." Zoro shrugged.

"Kai's strong, he can handle it," Luffy said.

"Physically, I don't doubt that," Zoro muttered.

"Teenagers are assholes, it sucks, but Kai's got an awesome family to back him up," Sanji said, he took more ingredients from the fridge.

"Yep!" Luffy agreed.

"Now get out of my way, moss head," Sanji shoved Zoro with his shoulder, setting stuff down on the counter. "Luffy get off the counter." Zoro scoffed but moved and Luffy hopped off the counter.

"Waffles or pancakes?" Sanji asked.

"Waffles!" Luffy said.

"Waffles it is," Sanji agreed.

Luffy's phone went off, so did Zoro's and Sanji's. 

Luffy put my phone away. He should get home soon, his phone was gunna die. Maybe after breakfast. Zoro Sanji and Luffy talked while Sanji cooked. The smell of food was starting to make him really hungry.

Still, no one was awake when Sanji was done, Sanji made Luffy and Zoro plates before he woke up the others to let them know there was food. They ate and helped Vivi clean up the mess they all made the night before. Afterward, Zoro gave Luffy a ride home.

"Ace! Sabo! I'm home!" Luffy shouted as he stepped inside. No one responded. Weird. Maybe they were all asleep?

"Torao?" Luffy called. Luffy peeked into the kitchen, no one.

Luffy went into the living room and plopped onto the couch. There was a note on the TV. Luffy groaned and got back up to read it.

Lu the house is empty, me and Ace won't be home until after you leave.

Law will be home eventually

Don't destroy anything, call if something comes up


"Huh, well that's lame." Luffy dug his phone out of his pocket and called Zoro.

"Hey, no one's home, I'm bored wanna come over?" Luffy asked.

"I've got Swordsmanship in- ten minutes ago," Zoro said over the phone.

"Ah, okay, see ya," Luffy hung up and sighed. He headed to his room, with nothing better to do, Luffy plopped onto his bed, plugged in his phone and started scrolling through social media. There was nothing interesting going on. This was so weird, Sabo and Ace were never gone at the same time on a Saturday morning.

What was Luffy supposed to do? Luffy stared at his ceiling. There has to be something. Maybe Usopp wasn't busy, they could film a video or something.

Or they could post that first Video we made...

Luffy found Usopp's contact and called him.

"Hey, Luf," Usopp said. There was some kind of noise in the background.

"Come over so we can post that first video!" Luffy said.

"Oh," Usopp said. "I guess we could do that, we do have a few videos."

"So you'll come over?"

"Uh-huh, I'll be there in a few minutes." Usopp agreed.

"Awesome, see ya," Luffy hung up and waited for Usopp.nHe got to Luffy's house in just a few minutes, as he promised. He had his laptop with him.

"Did you look at the video at all?" Usopp asked he sat down on the edge of Luffy's bed and pulled his laptop out of its bag.

"Mm, nope, but you edited it and looked at it right?" Luffy laid back onto his mattress while Usopp got the computer turned on.

"Yep," Usopp said, typing in the password.

"Then it's fine."

"Alright," Usopp said. He opened Youtube. "What should we call it?"

"The First Adventure!" Luffy sat up and leaned over Usopps shoulder to look at the screen better. 

"There's no adventure."

"But that sounds cool!"

"That's just clickbait, Luf," Usopp sighed. "How about Intro Video?"

"That's boring," Luffy complained. Usopp typed it into the text box.

"That's what the Video is, on Monday we'll post the mouse trap prank, I think I'll have it edited by then," Usopp said. "Then we'll just post a video a week for now."

"Alright, but I'm naming the next video."

"Okay." Usopp Agreed.

"As soon as it's uploaded you should post a link on Twitter," Usopp said.

"Alright." Luffy waited for Usopp to upload the video. As soon as it was done, he posted the link. 

"All done," Luffy declared. "Oh, Zoro already replied."

"What'd he say?" Luffy showed Usopp his phone.

"Sanji did too," Usopp passed Luffy's phone back to him. Usopp closed his laptop.

"What do you think we should do for our next video?" Usopp asked after a minute or two of silence. Luffy shrugged.

"Maybe we can vlog the party today," Luffy said. Usopp nodded.

"Hopefully Kid throws decent parties," Usopp grinned. The front door opened.

"Torao?" Luffy called Usopp stiffened.

"I forgot that guy was staying with you..." Usopp muttered. Luffy frowned this.

"You're wrong about Torao, he didn't do anything wrong," Luffy said. "Just wait 'til you meet him."

"Um, what?" Usopp raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah?" Law asked from the doorway of Luffy's room.

"Oh, I was seeing if it was you or one of my brothers," Luffy said.


"This is my friend Usopp, Usopp, this is Torao." Law scrunched his nose. Luffy thought that was kinda cute...  Luffy looked away from him.

"Law is fine," he said, "nice to meet you." Law waved as he left the room.

"See? He's fine," Luffy said, smiling at Usopp.

"You would trust anyone who gave you food, I'm not convinced," Usopp mumbled. He looked down at his phone.

"C' mon, Usopp, Torao is cool!" Luffy insisted.

"He has 'DEATH' tattooed on his fingers," Usopp muttered, not looking up from his phone

"So cool, right? I bet Torao has lots more too," Luffy said. Usopp pressed his lips together and looked up at Luffy in silence.

"That's not-" Usopp sighed and looked back down at his phone without finishing his thought. "Oh shit, Luf check your Twitter.

"Why?" Luffy picked up his phone and did as Usopp said.

There was another post he was tagged in. Luffy looked at that too. 


"Usopp! They're gunna kill me!" Luffy said.

"I'll make sure to record it, we'll get tons of views, I can see it now, 'Prank Gone Too Far: Kills Internet Sensation, Monkey D. Luffy.'" Usopp said.

"Ass," Luffy grumbled. Usopp shrugged.

Usopp and Luffy hung out until it was time to go to the party. They forgot it was going to take almost an hour to get there, so Usopp and Luffy were already going to be late. Usopp and Luffy were only running late by a few minutes though, so it was no big deal.

About fifteen minutes from Marineford, Luffy turned on the camera.

"Hey, guys!" It's Usopp and Luffy! Today we're doing a vlog." Luffy greeted, unable to help the excited grin on his face. "Why's that Usopp?" Luffy turned the camera to Usopp. He was nodding his head to the music. 

"We are going to a party in Marineford," Usopp said, only glancing at the camera, and keeping his eyes on the road. Luffy turned the music down, Usopp frowned. 

"Whose party?" Luffy asked

"Us," Usopp paused and gestured to both of us, "and all our friends were invited to Eustass Kid's party." Usopp grinned as he spoke

"That's right, and what do we know about Kid?" Luffy asked.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, other than he did the same thing we're doing with social media," Usopp kept driving. The car started to make a weird noise.

"What the hell?" Usopp's voice hitched with panic.

"What is that? Did you hit something?" Luffy asked.

"No, I didn't hit anything- I don't know!" Usopp started to slow down. A cloud of steam rose up from the front of the car. Luffy turned the camera on it.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!" Usopp yelled. He slammed on the breaks and pulled to the side of the road.

"That can't be good," Luffy stated. Usopp put on the hazard lights.

"No shit," Usopp grumbled. He put the car in park and got out. Luffy did too. Usopp opened the hood and took a look at the car. Luffy couldn't tell what was broken, so he just held the camera.

"It overheated..." Usopp mumbled to himself.

"What does that mean?" Luffy asked.

"It could be a few different things." Usopp went back to the car and grabbed something from the center, he came back with his phone in hand. He turned the flashlight on and aimed it to the engine. "Oil on the engine?" Usopp muttered.

"How far are we from Marineford?"

"10 or 15 minutes," Usopp said.

"The others are probably already there, we can have them come get us," Luffy suggested. Usopp nodded.

"I'll need the car towed, can't leave it here, we should text Franky, his truck can pull it," Usopp said.

"What are we gunna do while we wait?" Luffy asked

"What are we gunna do while we wait?" Luffy asked. Usopp shrugged. 

"Not like we can go anywhere." I looked around, there wasn't much where we were. Just half dead fields of grass. Some bushes and trees. The sun was starting to set. 

"Woah, what's that?" Luffy pointed out a building that was hiding behind some trees. Usopp looked in that direction and squinted. 

"Looks like an abandoned house..." Usopp said. 

"Let's go check it out!" Luffy went in that direction. 

"L-Luffy! Shouldn't we stay here to wait for Franky?" Luffy glanced back at Usopp. 

"Why? He'll see the car, plus, this looks super creepy, we gotta check it out."

"Uh," Usopp glanced around. "Haven't I told you, Lu? I've got the Can't-go-into-creepy-abandoned-house disease!" Luffy blinked. What?

"Usopp, you're fake diseases stopped working on me a long time ago, let's go!" Luffy insisted. 

"I'll wait for you by the car and keep a look-out for Franky," Usopp said. Luffy shook his head. 

"It's no fun by myself, let's go! " Luffy marched through the field and Usopp followed. "Here, take the camera." Luffy passed it to Usopp and made it to the house. 

"Guess they left the door open for us," Usopp said as Luffy stepped over the wood plank in the doorway. There was debris all over the floor.

"Woah, the ceiling caved in." 

"That means we should go," Usopp said. Luffy ignored him and stepped around all the rubble on the floor. There was tagging all over the walls and the walls were all broken up. 

"'There's thing's inside that'" Usopp read some of the tagging on the wall. It looked like whatever else was up there was destroyed by the gaping hole in the wall. "'That' what?" Luffy looked up at tagging that was on the ceiling. How did someone get it up there? It must have been a really tall dude. 

"Apparently, God hates us all," Luffy said when he read what was tagged. 

"Oh great," Usopp muttered, he went into another room. "Luf, check this out." Luffy followed Usopp's voice and found him filming a wall.

It was maybe the only wall that was intact, save for the mural that was painted onto it. The rubble was cleared away from the wall too. 

"That looks sick, man," Usopp said.  

"I told you this was worth exploring," Luffy said. 

"Yeah, okay," Usopp rolled his eyes. 

"Let's check out upstairs." Luffy went into another room in search of the stairs. 

"Did you see the caved-in roof? The second floor is literally in the entrance!"  Usopp argued. 

"Well be fine."  Luffy turned a corner and went into a really dark hall with beams from the ceiling hanging down. "Found the stairs!" Usopp was behind Luffy. The two of them made their way up the creaking steps. The second floor was covered in just as much debris and rubble as the first, but there was less tagging. And it was a lot darker than downstairs. Usopp's phone started ringing. 

"Hey, Franky," Usopp said. 

"Hi, Franky!" Luffy shouted. 

"Oh, yeah we're in an abandoned house close by," Usopp said. "Thanks, I owe you one." 

Usopp hung up. "Franky's here let's get outta here."

"Shishi, alright!" They made it back down and through the field, all the way to the road. 

Luffy and Usopp got back to the car and found Franky looking under the hood

Luffy and Usopp got back to the car and found Franky looking under the hood. 

"Your coolant reservoir has a leak," Franky said without so much as a glance toward us. "And it's empty." 


"Help me get this all hooked up," Franky said. They got Usopp's car hitched to Franky's truck. 

"Keep your hazards on," Franky said. Franky and Luffy got into the truck and Usopp got into his own car

Just twenty minutes later, Franky pulled to a stop in front of a house that was crowded with cars. Loud music came from the house and strobe lights were in there somewhere. There were colored lights in the windows too and people outside in the yard. 

"Finally!" Luffy cheered, running up to the house before Franky and Usopp even got out of the car. The entrance was crowded with people too, loud music pounded in Luffy's chest and there were people dancing on a table. 

"Strawhat," Somone said from behind Luffy. He was tall and had spikey red hair  "Glad you made it, we haven't properly met, I'm Kid." 

"Oh, hi!" Luffy shouted over the music. "Just call me Luffy."

"Alright, Luffy," Kid smirked. "You and Usopp are switching to Youtube, no?" 

"Yeah, we are!" Luffy confirmed. Kid nodded. 

"I'm thinking of starting a second channel, I want to make sort of a bucket list channel," Kid said. 

"That sounds really cool, whatchya gonna do on it?" Kid shrugged. 

"Bucket list stuff, bungee jumping, traveling, you name it," Kid explained. 

"Really?" Luffy asked, just the thought of that made his heart pound with excitement. Or maybe that was the bass. Either way, doing that would be so cool. 

"I think I'm gunna call it 'The Fuck It List,'" Kid grinned. 

"That's perfect."

"Luffy!" Zoro threw his arm over Luffy's shoulder. He had a beer in his hand and wreaked of it. 

"You've gotta come see what Nami's doing," Zoro's words slurred just a little bit, and he stirred Luffy in the into another direction. 

"See ya, Kid!" He called. Nami was dancing with a beer in her hand and a Corona box over her head. Luffy started laughing. 

They partied, danced, drank, and met some new people. Luffy left late, a little drunk, and Nami was definately past curfew. Luckily, no one let Zoro drive. 

Luffy woke up the next morning to his stomach growling

Luffy woke up the next morning to his stomach growling. And there was no food cooking. At least not that He could smell. Luffy got out of bed and noticed something was off, almost right away. What was it? Something was missing...

Luffy shrugged the feeling off and went into the hall. Ace and Sabo's bedroom doors were open, that was odd, they usually sleep with them closed. Luffy peeked inside both of them. Huh, it looked like they hadn't been here all night. That was weird. Luffy wandered into the living room. A blanket was folded and set on the armrest of the couch. 

Law had been there, he was asleep when Luffy got home. 

Where were Ace and Sabo though? 

Where were Ace and Sabo though? 


Chapter Text

Oh my god, where is it!" Luffy shouted, running into the living room and dropping to his knees to search under the coffee table. Luffy climbed over Law's feet and reached under it. 

"What are you looking for?" Ace asked. He sounded like he was standing near the kitchen. Law picked his feet up as Luffy searched under the couch next. 

"My hat!" Luffy yelled. He stretched his arm as far as he could under the couch, moving over the carpet as he looked. Nothing. 

"Where did you last have it?" Law asked. 

"I had it all day yesterday," Luffy said. He picked up the couch cushion. Nothing under there but some change and candy wrappers.

"What about that party you went to?" Ace asked. He was closer now. Luffy looked under the next cushion. 

"I had it after," Luffy whimpered. 

"Are you sure?" Law asked. Luffy nodded. "Did you look everywhere in your room?" 


"I'll help you look again, it's easy to miss something when you're panicking," Law offered. 

"Okay..." Law and Luffy went into Luffy's room. They looked under the bed and through the closet and through the dresser. No luck. Where could Luffy have possibly left it? He's never lost his hat like this before.

"Lu, I'll take you to Marineford," Ace offered.

"You shouldn't be driving a motorcycle with that hand..." Law said.  

"It's not like Sabo's car is here and you can't drive my bike," Ace said. Law frowned. 

"A hat can wait a little while, besides, Luffy-ya, you should get a hold of whoever threw the party to check if it's there," Law said. Ace glanced at Luffy. 

"Oh, I guess you're right Torao," Luffy said. If it wasn't there, they'd waist all that time driving instead of looking for his hat. Ace shrugged and wandered out to the living room, Law followed him. 

Luffy got on his phone to try and find Kid on some sort of social media. 



 A little while later, Luffy put his phone down and went back out to the living room where Ace and Law were sitting, both of them on their phones, with the TV on in the background

 A little while later, Luffy put his phone down and went back out to the living room where Ace and Law were sitting, both of them on their phones, with the TV on in the background. 

"Kid said it was over there so we can go get it!" Luffy announced. 

"When is Sabo-ya coming back?" Law asked. 

"He said he was going to come to get something and have you take the car," Luffy explained. 

"When?" Law repeated, glancing up at Luffy before looking back at his phone. 

"I'm not sure, he didn't say." 

"Alright," Law sighed and started typing away on his phone. Luffy sat down next to Law and waited anxiously while Sabo got home. 

When Sabo walked through the door, Luffy jumped up from the couch.

"Hey," Sabo said, walking past all of them, to his room. 

Luffy got his sandals on and waited by the door, Law stood up too, but he wasn't waiting by the door. Sabo came back out with a headset and joined him at the door,  Law went over too, taking the keys from Sabo. The three of them shuffled out of the house and made their way to Sabo's car, parked in the driveway. 

"Whatchya working on, Sabo?" Luffy asked, bucking up in the back seat as Law pulled out of the driveway.

"Me and Hack got this great song going, I think it will be single when we get it pushed through. We're all trying to write it all together, so it's going to take forever," Sabo said with a grin. Luffy smiled. 

"What's it called?" 

"Don't know yet, when it's done I'll make sure you and Ace hear it first," Sabo promised.

"How long do you think it will be before the album's done?"  Law asked. 

"Well, Inazuma's got a song they're almost done with,  they've just got a section of music left to work out. Hack and Koala put a song together that we're recording, that's why I needed the headset. And I've got a song I just finished, I still don't know if I want to add it to the album yet. Plus-"

"Is it the one you wrote about Koala?" Luffy asked with a huge grin. Sabo blushed. 

"Shut up, Luffy!" 

"You've really got a crush on the cheerleader?" Law snickered. "We used to make fun of them."

"Well, that was before I really knew her..."  Sabo avoided looking at us. 

"Ace-ya told me you guys had a class together, senior year and she hated you," Law said with a smirk on his face. 

"Yeah, well, now we're friends," Sabo said. 

"You clearly have feelings for her, so what you haven't told her, or what?" Law asked. 

"No, I haven't," Sabo muttered. 

"Any idea if she feels the same?" 

"She totally does," Luffy cut in.

"How would you know?" Sabo asked. 

"She acts different when she's around you than with other people, Kaya did the same thing before her and Usopp started dating," Luffy said. 

"That doesn't mean-" 

"Different how?" Law asked me. 

"She's always more concerned about Sabo than she is about others and she scolds him the way Mihawk does to Shanks."

"Mihawk and Shanks?" Law questioned, glancing at Sabo. 

"Zoro's dads," Sabo clarified. 

"I'll have to agree with Luffy-ya," Law decided. 

"Hey, look, the studio," Sabo announced. It was still down the road. I saw Law roll his eyes in the rearview mirror. 

"Is a record label picking you guys up? " Law asked. 

"Yeah, DigSin, they're not super well known, but it's a start." Sabo grinned

 "You've got all your shit figured out, huh?" Law asked. 

"We really do,"  Sabo smiled and looked out the window. Law pulled into the parking lot.  

"See you guys later, I'll text you when we're done," Law parked and Sabo got out. Luffy crawled over the seats into the front. 

"You could have just gotten out of the car..." Law muttered as Luffy buckled up. 

"Yeah, but this way was more fun," Luffy said. 

"I guess," Law said. He stretched his arm behind Luffy's seat to look back as he pulled out of the parking spot.  Wow, he smelt good. What was that? It certainly caught Luffy's attention. It didn't smell like Calonge. Calonge had an artificial hint to it, whatever Law smelt like, wasn't that. It was sweet, cool and sweet. Law faced forward, turning the wheel and driving through the parking lot. Luffy tried to ignore the smell but now it was the only thing he could focus on. 

Torao's jaw was really defined, wow he was pretty. Luffy thought

"Where am I going?" Law asked. 

"Huh?" Luffy muttered, Luffy barely heard him, oh, yeah, he asked where they were going. "Marineford."

Law rolled his eyes and glanced at Luffy. "I know that, where, in Marineford?" 

"Oh, um..." Luffy scrolled through his phone, trying to remember where Usopp had sent the address. was it on Snap? The groupchat! Luffy found the address and added it to his phone's GPS. 

"There," Luffy showed Law the phone. 

"I'll need it when we get closer to Marineford." 

"Shishi, alright," Luffy said, turning on the radio, there wasn't a good song playing on any station. Law seemed to agree.

"Doesn't Sabo-ya have an aux cord?" Law asked.

"I think so," Luffy opened the glove box, which was kinda a mess of receipts and Napkins. "Here it is, you want it?"

"You can take it," Law said.

"Awesome! Sabo and Ace never let me use the aux cord," Luffy said. Luffy plugged it into the radio, then his phone. "What do you feel like listening to, Traffy?"

Law scrunched his nose. "If you insist on calling me a cringy nickname, stick with 'Torao.'"

"Shishi, okay, still what do wanna listen to?"

Law shrugged, "Something with a Hollywood Undead feel to it."

"Oh, I have some of them," Law smirked and glanced at Luffy.

"A ball of sunshine, like you, is into Hollywood Undead?"

"Well, they're one of Zoro's favorites, and I like some of their songs." Law nodded. "Oh, this one is Zoro's favorite song right now he listens to it so often it gets stuck in my head."

Luffy played the song. Law frowned as it started. "Is this new?" He asked.

"Um, I think it came out last year," Luffy tried to remember but he honestly didn't know.

"I haven't heard it before..." Law sighed and shook his head. After a little while, he nodded his head to the beat.

"What's the song called?"

"Bloody Nose." Torao scoffed.


Luffy starting to sing along to the lyrics because really it did get stuck in his head all the time. Towards the end, Torao hummed along to the chorus.

"What else do you have from them?" Law asked when the song ended.

"Uh," Luffy picked up his phone and started scrolling through the songs. "Pour Me, Party By Myself, Another Level, Been To Hell, Dead Bite, Live-"

"Oh, that one," Law said.

"Live Fast, Die Young?"

"Dead Bite," Law clarified.

"Okay!" Luffy picked the song and Law nodded his head as he drove.

"What other music do you like?" He seemed genuinely curious.

"A lot of different artists, I like Panic! At the Disco a lot right now, but last month I could only listen to The Score."

"That's a pretty big difference," Law agreed. Luffy shrugged. He shifted in the seat, slipped his sandals off and propped his feet up on the dashboard. "Even Ace-ya doesn't have such a wide taste in music."

"I listen to what my friends like, Nami, Vivi and Robin like sofer  music, Zoro, Sanji, and Franky like more rock-ish stuff Usopp loves party music, and Brook likes really old music, the kind in like orchestras and that, so sometimes I listen to that too."

"Classical?" Law asked.

"Uh, yeah I think that's what it's called," Luffy said. "Oh, and Chopper likes Imagine Dragons and stuff from musicals. I think the one really likes right now is the one that goes like 'I'm waving through a window...' or something."

"I have no clue what you're talking about," Law muttered he pulled onto the highway.

"You know, a musical, a movie with songs like The Lion-," Luffy explained

"I know what a musical is, I have no idea which musical you're talking about," Law scoffed.

"Oh, I can't remember what it's called- Dear- something- Hamson? I dunno."

"Yeah, no clue," Law said. Luffy shrugged.

"I'll remember eventually," Luffy said.

"Mhm," Law hummed, nodding his head to the song that played. Luffy sang along to the lyrics, putting as much emphasis on the words as the artists did. Luffy got Law to mutter along to the music too. The song ended and there was a moment of silence while the song changed. Luffy couldn't help but laugh. Luffy chuckled a little bit too.

"What kind of music is The Score?" Law asked as the next Hollywood Undead song started.

"Rap, sorta," Luffy said, moving his feet on the dashboard.

"Put them on," Law instructed. Luffy reached for his phone and did so.

"Oh, this one is my favorite from them." Luffy picked Stronger. He sang along to that song too. Law and Luffy went back and forth, playing different songs on our phones. Law listened to a lot of the same stuff Zoro did, though Law's playlist was a little darker than Zoro's.

Some of his songs were really depressing, but Luffy listened to them because Law liked them. They did this until Law came to a stop outside Kid's house. At least Luffy assumed it was Kid's since he threw a party there. Luffy checked his phone.

"He says to go in, I'll be right back," Luffy announced as he opened the car door.

"Alright," Law said before Luffy closed the door and walked up to the house. The door was actually cracked open when he walked up to it.

"Look out!" Someone shouted as Luffy stepped inside. A trash bag flew at me. Luffy stepped back, bringing the door with him as a shield.

"Shit, sorry," the same voice said. "Kid! That guy from the party is here!" Luffy pushed the door open again and stepped inside. The place was trashed. Cups and cans and bottles everywhere, streamers too. Spots of the livingroom were cleared out and there were three trash bags sitting next to the door.

"I know," Kid said, coming from the stairs with Luffy's hat in hand.

"Hi, Kid!" Luffy chirped, moving into the house, trying not to step in anything sticky. Luffy hated when his sandals stick to the ground when he was trying to walk.

"Hey," Kid said. "I can't believe you drove all the way over here for a hat." He passed the hat to Luffy. He took it from him and inspected it. No bends or scuffs or tears that weren't already there. Good!

"I only live in LA," Luffy said.

"That's still an hour's drive," Kid shrugged and Luffy put his hat on the top of his head.

"My hat is important," Luffy said. "Thank's for taking care of it."

"No problem," Kid said.

"Torao's waiting, so I've gotta go." Luffy pointed to the door. Kid nodded.

"Oh, hey, do you think you and Usopp would film a video with me?"

Luffy tilted his head. "What kind of video?"

"It's definitely up your alley, I'll snap you the details," Kid said.

"Oh, okay," Luffy said. "Usopp will do anything I say we should do, so sure!"

Kid chuckled. "Alright, see you around Strawhat."

"See ya!" Luffy smiled and let himself out. Law was typing on his phone.

"I got it!" Luffy announced as he plopped back into the passenger seat.

"What's the deal with that hat anyway?" Law asked. He seemed to be just trying to make conversation but that didn't bother me. 

"Oh, a really good friend gave it to me back in Brazil."

"Brazil?" Torao questioned. He played a song, put his phone away and pulled into the road.

"Yeah, didn't Sabo or Ace tell you? We grew up in Rio."

"They didn't," Law confirmed. 

"Well, we did, until I was 11." Law nodded.

Luffy slipped his sandals off and propped his feet back up on the dash. "Thanks for driving me out here, Torao."

"Mhm," Law hummed. "You're, what 17? How come you don't have a license yet?"

"Sabo says we don't have the money to put me through driver's ed, and neither of them has the time to teach me. I've driven Zoro's car a few times though."

"I'd teach you," Law said off-hand. 

"Really?" Luffy asked, leaning forward a bit. Law glanced at him. 

"As long as Ace-ya and Sabo-ya don't mind, I don't see why not," Law shrugged and pulled onto the freeway. "You'll have to get your learner's permit first."

"Awe, don't I have to take a test for that?" Luffy frowned. 

"Yes," Law said, cutting another glance towards me again. 

"Damn," Luffy muttered. 

"Well, how else do you expect to get it?" Law asked. 

"I dunno," Luffy shrugged and Torao pulled back out onto the highway. The ride home went by as quickly as the ride there had. Before he knew it, Luffy and Law were back home, just in time for lunch!


Chapter Text

"What's this guy's history with voice acting? The audio you guys have is great!" A woman said as Law walked in the front door of Shachi's house. He had told Law to meet him here for a little while. The woman and Shachi were sitting at his couch with a laptop in front of them. 

"Nothing, he's spent the last four years in prison," Shachi said. 

"Really? Wait-" It took Law a moment to realize it was Bonney. She grew her hair out.  She wore a green hat that looked almost like a winter hat, despite it being spring. Her big brown eyes were as captivating as her voice. Saying she was beautiful did her no justice.

"He's amazing, it only took one session to record this," Shachi spoke proudly of Law. 

"No way, why won't you tell me his name?" Bonney huffed. 

"I'd ruin the surprise." Shachi leaned back as he spoke. 

"Hey," Law called as the door closed behind him.

"There you are," Shachi grinned at Law, pushing up the oversized hat he wore just a bit. 

"Law!" Bonney gasped when she saw him. "Holy shit!" Bonney jumped up from the couch, nearly knocking the laptop in front of her to the ground, and hugged Law. He hoped this would be the last time he was ambushed like this

"How the hell did you- oh my god!" Bonney stepped away, tears forming in her eyes. 

"Don't you follow local news?" Shachi asked her. 

"No! Shut up!" She snapped. "How've you been Law?" 

"Better now, than I have in a while," Law answered honestly. 

"Good," Bonney smiled at him, it was something sweet but sad. "You've gotta tell me how the hell you managed to get out."

"It's not really worth telling, Fai-ya did more work than I did."

"Well, I'll have to thank her." Bonney nudged Law with her elbow and it was like they were 17 again, in the halls of Grandline High, running late to class and stressing over the homework that didn't get done because they were busy screwing around at the skate park instead. 

"What was it you wanted me over for?" Law asked Shachi before his mind had the chance to linger on all the other stupid little things Law had missed out on. 

"Me and our beta over there just got done with the audio and I wanted you to listen to it." 

"Oh please, that's a blanket name for the shit I do for you dumbasses," Bonney said. Shachi ignored her comment. Law made his way over to the couch and sat down next to Shachi. Bonney sat down on the other side of him. 

"Here," Shachi grabbed the headphones that were sitting on the coffee table. "This is the audio Peng will upload tomorrow."  Shachi set the computer in Law's lap and Bonney leaned over him to rewind the audio. She smelt like something sweet. Law put the headphones on and listened. It was odd hearing his own voice, even odder considering he didn't sound anything like he had expected. The only part Law hadn't been aware of, was the 'weather report' in the audio, turning into a song but Penguib had said that something was going to be added to it. 21 minutes, and 29 seconds later, Law pulled the headphones off and returned them to the table. 

Bonney rested her elbow on Law's shoulder. "What do you think?" She asked. 

"It's certainly interesting, how do you plan on getting it out?" Law asked. 

"Peng's been staying on top of the podcast community online, he's got a few people who would gladly put it up on blogs and such," Shachi explained. "And I'm running twitter page for it, Reiju, our manger, and tech girl- I don't think I properly introduced you- she said it'd be a good idea." 

"Wow, you've put a lot of work into this," Law muttered.

"I told you we've got everything ready to go, We've even got a few investments into the show, and some sponsors, as soon as this episode is uploaded, it's payday baby!" Shachi grinned. 

"You like it, no?" Shachi said. 

"I like it enough to keep voicing your character," Law decided. Peng muttered. 

"Ass," Shachi pushed the bill of the hat Law wore down over his eyes. "Me and Peng got the next episode all done, Bonney already read through it and did her magic." 

"It's hardly magic, just a fresh set of eyes," Bonney waved him off. Shachi leaned over and scooped up the script. 

"Magic," Shachi insisted. 

"Whatever," Bonney sighed and crossed one leg over another. 

"Anyway, you'll be getting a 6th of the cash we get, well sorta. Half of it goes to the equipment and renting the studio, all that stuff, the other half is for us." 

"That sound's like a lot for reading some words off a page,"  Law speculated. 

"It won't be very much," Shachi waved his hand as he spoke. "We're getting paid, in short, by the episode until we start getting rates." 

"If you say so," Law shrugged and leaned back in the chair he was in. Bonney's elbow fell from his shoulder. 

"When do you want me at the studio?" Law asked. 

"Hm, Tuesday or Wednesday, I gotta see when Reiju is free, I think she had something important going on with one of her brothers or whatever,"  Shachi said. "I'll text you." 

"Alright, was that all?" Law asked. 

"There was something else..." Shachi trailed off, he looked around the room for answers.

"Oh, we're going to the bar later tonight, you should come," Bonney said. Well, it's not like Law had much to do but hear from Fai about Lami. Law tried not to think about that too long. He didn't have a clue what happened to her after he was imprisoned... or what Doflamingo told her. Who knows what was going through her head. Law suppressed those thoughts. They didn't matter right now. 

"Sure, what time?" 

"Eight-ish," Shachi said, grinning again. 


Shachi stared at Law. "Oh! Yeah, it's not Party's anymore though, that closed down three years ago, the building is Nojiko's now, remember her from high school?" Law was reminded again, all that he had missed out on. He really tried not to dwell on that too. 

There were a lot of things taken from Law when he was sentenced. It did no use to linger on them... at least that's what Law told himself. It's not like Law could turn back time. It would have been cool to be honored on the swimming team's senior night though... Considering all the work he did.

"Yeah, I remember her," Law muttered. She was the first in our class to get tattoo's if Law recalled correctly.  "I've gotta get going, Sabo-ya needs his car soon."

"Alright, see ya Law," Shachi said. Law set Shachi's laptop on the table in front of him. 

"Bye," Law waved to both of them. As Law left he noticed a framed picture. Bonney, Shachi, Peng, and Fai at graduation. The photo sat at the top of a bookshelf right at eye level. They were all smiling big in the photo with those, god awful, square caps. Bonney had a huge bouquet of flowers and had gold cords for honors, and all of them had those popcorn money necklaces. Law smiled at the photo. He didn't expect seeing his friends in their cap and gowns would hurt the way that it did. 

"You should have been there," Bonney muttered. 


"No, it's not fair, you should have been there, you deserved to graduate as much as we did," Bonney said. 

Law scoffed. "Don't you think I know that?" Law looked back over his shoulder at her. "There's a lot of things I should have had. There's no point in wallowing in it now." 

"I hate that you weren't there, it was wrong." Bonney made her way towards Law. Fuck this, Law thought.

"Yeah, no shit." Law shoved his hands into his pockets to keep them from shaking. It doesn't matter now. What mattered was that Law was out of that nightmare. "I've gotta go." Law left and quickly got into Sabo's car. Maybe I was a little too harsh towards her- whatever. 

Fuck it was frustrating. And Law's self-pity was pathetic. It was over and done with, get over it, Law reminded himself. He had spent enough time in prison thinking about how he missed the swim team making it to state competitions and wining and how he didn't even go to a stupid high school dance. Law doubted he'd ever would have unless the others made him. But fuck, at least he would have been able at least choose. 

Doflamingo took the most fulfilling parts of high school from Law. And Law refused to let Doflamingo consume anything else from Law's life. Even his thoughts.  

Law took a deep breath. It was fine, it was over, he was out and had the rest of his life to make his own. That was enough. Law stuck the keys in the ignition, buckled up, and made his way home. 

Only Ace and Sabo were there, and as soon as Law got back, Sabo would leave and the house will be relatively quiet. At least until Luffy got home. He was far too loud sometimes. Law really needed his own place. And his own car. he'd get there eventually. One step at a time, right?

"Law, Law, I've got to know, when did you get all the extra tattoo's?" Peng asked, leaning against the table of the booth the four of them sat in. At this point, Law's three friends were getting tipsy. The idiots had four years on Law of underage drinking and they still didn't know their own limits. It was juvenile. 

"Yes! I thought you'd never get another one after the DEATH ones," Shachi added. Law shook his head and looked down at his hands, DEATH printed over his fingers. Law didn't exactly hate them, but whenever someone gave him shit about them,  he tended to blame the ink on his "stupid younger self." Then there were the additions Law let Ikkaku do. The ones Peng was talking about weren't even half the other tattoos Law got. 

"I only got them a few months ago," Law said, rolling his eyes out of the emphasis they added to the situation. It really wasn't a big deal, in fact, it was hardly a 'deal' at all. 

"Yeah, the mysterious three months you won't talk about between you getting out and you coming back to LA," Bonney added, she took a long drink from her glass. 

"I can have my secrets," Law stated. The addiction he dealt with was nothing he was proud of, and something he didn't want others to know about. Law didn't even want to tell Ace or Sabo. But they were a different story entirely. Law knew they'd be on his side no matter what. They were when Law was arrested and that was more than Bonney, Penguin and Shachi had to say. Of course, these guys would too, now, but it was just different with those brothers... A different kind of relationship.

"Oh, c' mon, you don't have to tell us what you were doing, just where you were!" Peng insisted, clapping the table across from Law. 

"If I told you where I was, you'd know what I was doing," Law stated, rolling his eyes at them. They'd get over the mystery of it all eventually. 

"Don't you trust us?" Shachi feigned hurt and pouted, pushing the bill of his hat up. 

"Of course I trust you idiots, but it's not a matter of trust with this, it's a matter of I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it." For the most part. One day he'd tell them, maybe. 

"That's lame," Penguin decided. 

"I don't give a shit." Law sipped his drink before speaking again. "A girl I met saw the designs I drew out and really wanted to do them."

"Back to the tattoos? Someone's avoiding the conversation," Bonney said.

"Ah, so you were running around with a secret girlfriend?" Penguin asked, dismissing Bonney's comment entirely. 

"No," Law said, shaking his head at their nonsense. 

"A secret boyfriend?" Shachi asked, "Law if you're gay, you can tell us, we still put up with Peng after all." 

"Fuck off," Peng retorted.

"Again, no." 

"Oh, at least tell us if we guess correctly!" Shachi demanded. Law shook his head at him again. But an idea came to mind, something that could get amusing given the circumstances... Or it could dig Law into a hole. Well, what was fun without a little risk? 

"I'll tell you what, if you can guess where I was by the end of this year, I'll tell you. But only at the end of the year." Law doubted they'd get anywhere near the right guess. Who would expect the formerly straight-A student to resort to popping pills?  Sure, I got detention a handful of times, but that was mostly for the way I spoke to asshole teachers. 

"Deal!" Peng shouted before anyone else could say anything. 

"You have until New Years," Law stated matter-of-factly. 

"No limits?" Shachi asked. Law shook his head. 

"I think you've underestimated us, Law," Bonney said. "Giving us nearly 8 months?" Bonney shook her head. "That's gunna come back to bite you in the ass." 

Law simply shrugged. "I doubt you guys will get anywhere close." 

"Did you join a motorcycle gang?" Peng asked. Law scoffed. 

"Hell no." 

"A mafia gang?" Bonney ventured, another drink from her glass. 

"I'm not answering you anymore," Law decided, taking another sip from his drink. 

"Fine, I can't think of anything right now anyway," Shachi stated finished off his glass. "But, you've gotta spill." 


"Everything that happened to you in prison, spill it!" Peng added to the demand. 

"That's four years worth!" Law retorted. 

"So now's a great time to start, there has got to be something stupid, or funny, or just flat out asshole-ish that you got into," Shachi insisted. Law sighed. They had their hearts set on getting something out of Law

"Definately something asshole-ish," Bonney agreed. Law rolled my eyes. 

"Alright, there was this time my cellmate got into trouble for having a weapon," Law recalled, musing over the memory. "He had taken this rock- the length of my thumb- and sharpened it on the edges, then used an old toothpaste container as a handle." 

"Would that even work?" Bonney asked. 

"Never got to see it used, they shook down our cell before he got the chance to use it because-" because the doctor thought Law was popping pills, he was, but they didn't need to know that. Law thought up a reason quickly. "Someone had ratted him out." 

"Oh, shit," Peng murmured. 

"The prick tried to say it was mine," Law shook his head at the ordeal. In all, it really worked out in his favor that they found that. Otherwise, they might have found his stash... 

Well, it was all over now. Nothing left to be done or said. 

"Don't tell me that's it?" Peng asked. 

"Of course not, I can't tell you all everything that happened in one night. It's too much, and I'll get bored fast," Law scoffed and sipped his drink some more. "C' mon, clue me in on whatever the hell you dumbasses have gotten into." 

"That's a fair trade, alright then, Law," Bonney said. "Peng's dating a guy from out of town." 

"You bitch," Penguin cursed. "We're not- just because you caught me sleeping with him doesn't mean we're dating." 

"Wait, what?" Law asked, watching Penguin pull the bill of his cap over his eyes. 

"Even I haven't heard about this," Shachi turned in his seat a bit to face Penguin. "What's the guy's name?" 

"Fuck off," Penguin muttered, drinking from his glass and crunching on ice. 

"You don't know?" Shachi snickered and elbowed Penguin's side. 

"It's none of your damn business who I sleep with," Penguin snapped.

"Awe, Peng, we were only teasing," Bonney said, she rested her elbows on the table, her long hair falling over her shoulders. 

"Whatever." Peng leaned back against the booth and looked out the window next to him. "You're all assholes." 

"Awe, big baby," Bonney reached across the table and pinched Peng's cheek. 

"Why don't you tell Law what you've been up to?" Peng slapped her hand away. 

"Like what? He already knows I'm helping you two with the podcast and-"

"What about the run-in you had with Drake last month?" Law looked at Bonney next to him, she blushed. 

"Oh, you're good." She muttered. "I'll bite, I went out with some of my girl friends and we got a little too drunk, I hooked up with Drake." Bonney shrugged and downed more of her drink. 

"And again, and again," Shachi added, nodding his head side to side with each 'again.' 

"Hey, you've got no place to judge me," Bonney stuck her chin up a bit. "How many girls did you sleep with the summer after we graduated?" 

"That-" Shachi started to say. 

"Didn't you end up getting the clap?" Peng cut in. Law raised his brow at that. Shachi flushed bright red. 

"Shut the fuck up," He grumbled. "I'm getting more drinks."

"Don't get anything else," Law cautioned.

"Law, you're an asshole,"  Shachi said as he walked away. Law sipped some more from his glass. 

"That's not new," Law muttered. Bonney elbowed him. Law just shrugged and took a little more than a sip of his drink. 

"Now that you know we've all become filthy whores, how's the sex life, Law?" Peng asked with a smirk. 

"Peng, I just got out of prison," Law reminded him. 

"Yeah, but prison is full of guys with loose morals, besides, there are those mysterious months," Peng waved hand as he spoke and pressed on. "C 'mon Law, you're hot, there's gotta be something." 

"I didn't have sex with inmates, that's weird, there's no privacy- and god, I wouldn't have wanted to sleep with anyone I was around between getting out and coming back." Well, maybe one but that was more physical attraction than anything else. 

"Were you out of the country?" Bonney asked. 


"Really?" Peng sat upright. 

"No." Penguin frowned. 

"Are you saying you haven't had sex in four years?" Peng asked as Shachi sat down.

"What, Law? No way." 

"That's none of your business," Law stated. Resting his elbow on the table and leaning his head against his palm. Shachi watched Law for a moment, his eyes making small movements. Law waited. 

"You dog," Shachi snickered. 

"I didn't say anything," Law muttered. 

"Who was it?" Law rolled my eyes at him. 

"I told you, I didn't say anything."

"That's alright, I'm a patient man, I can wait until you're drunk," Shachi mused.

"You'll be wasted way before that," Law scoffed. 

"Why's that? You've been getting contraband?" Shachi asked, taking a long drink from his glass. 

"We've been here an hour, maybe two? This is my first glass, that's your third," Law smirked and leaned back. 

"That is not your first," Bonney said.

"It is," I drained what was left of it. "You dumbasses still don't know your own limits." 

"Maybe we're just not lightweights," Peng said quite arrogantly. 

"Uh-huh," Law hummed. 

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[1] "- One death has already been attributed to the Glow Cloud. But listen, it's probably nothing." This was ridiculous. Law thought it was when he read over the script the first time. Goddamnit.  

"Were you guys high when you wrote this?" Law asked.

"Law shut the fuck up and read the damned script," Peng said. He had to do the opposite of what he just said in order to do that. Law really should have said as much but he held his tongue. 

"From 'One death...'" Reiju instructed. Law took a deep breath and read over the next few lines again. Repeating the words he had just spoken before moving on to the next. 

" If we had to shut down the town for every mysterious event that at least one death could be attributed to, we'd never have time to do anything, right?"

"Again," Reiju said. She was starting to get on Law's nerves. He took another breath and started over. This was a damned disaster. Law couldn't focus on the script at all. He read through the page another time before Reiju finally let him move on. 

Seriously, how the hell did Penguin and Shachi come up with this? A floating cat, a "Glow Cloud," a five-headed dragon. This was insane. Who was actually going to be listening to this?
What the hell?

Law read through the whole script, taking breaks between pages. Each page seemed to drone on and on. It's not that it was boring, there was just enough of a what-the-fuck? factor to keep Law intrigued. It's just that every page he read over and over. And every page Reiju made sure Law was nothing less than perfect. 

Law supposed if he did it enough it would become second nature and he wouldn't even have to think about the way he articulated words or the tone he put into each sentence.  

Shachi stretched his arms back, locking his fingers behind his head and leaning back in his swivel chair. "Finally done, I'm starving! Let's go out to eat, celebrate the second episode!" 

"That sounds great, I'll call Bonney too," Peng said. Law checked his phone, it had gone off a couple of times since we started. "You in, Reiju?" 

"Where are we going?" She asked. 

"Where ever you feel like, I'm so hungry I don't care," Shachi turned in his chair. "You're coming too, Law." 

"Can't, Ace-ya needs the car," Law stated. He needed to pick up Marco's daughter from school since Marco was taking his appointments because of Ace's hand. 

"Damn, you've gotta get your own car," Peng said. 

"You gunna buy me one?" Law retorted. 

"Well, no." 

"Then shut up." Law grabbed the car keys from the table he had left them. "I'll see you all later." Law waved as he left. It was particularly warm out today. The heat of summer really was starting to set in. It wasn't a pleasant warmth either, it was one that made clothes cling to skin and made the hair feel thick.  Law had nearly forgotten just how hot it can get in the city. At least it was a little cloudy. He headed home. Ace left shortly after Law returned. 

Law sat down on the couch, scrolling through his phone with nothing better to do when there was a knock on the door, followed by Bonney's contact popping up on his phone. Oh? 

"Hey, Bonney-ya," he answered. 

"Answer the door, dumbass, we're getting food," She said before hanging up. Law sighed, grabbed his wallet, and did as Bonney said. She'd just keep knocking on the door If he didn't.  

"Let's go, we're going to a Thai place near the studio," Bonney said with her hands in fists on her hips.

"Don't really have a choice, do I?" Law asked. 

"Nope, I missed you so I'm hanging out with you, even if you are an ass," Bonney stated. Law rolled his eyes. He left the door open as he collected his wallet. 

"Let's go then," Law said and closed the door behind him, making sure it was locked. There was no one home after all. Bonney grinned and lead the way back to her car. A tiny, black Mitsubishi with two doors. The same thing she was driving when they were in school. 

"Still got that base?" Law asked her as he got into the passenger seat.

"I wouldn't trade my bass for anything in the world," she said, digging out the aux cord from between the seats. "Have at it." He couldn't help the smirk that spread on his face. Law plugged his phone in and opened his music. Law really did miss this.

Bonney pulled into a parking spot, cutting off whoever was trying to take it from her, singing to Law's music that still played. The other car protested with a blaring horn. Bonney flipped the driver off before shutting off the car. The mild ringing in Law's ears from music that was playing too loud was something Law had missed. There was a lot of little things Law missed. Bonney and Law got out of the car and headed inside to the small restaurant, nestled on a street corner, backed up to a much more corporate looking building. 

Reiju, Shachi, and Peng snagged a table in the corner, near the window. Bonney took the last seat in the booth next to Penguin, leaving Law to pull up a chair between her and Reiju. The three were already immersed in a conversation when we sat down. 

"-then this freshman got himself into even deeper shit. He threw a damned chair at the asshole and it went through the fucking window." Peng made a swinging motion as he spoke. "He got suspended for two days- I heard later that he hid out behind the school 'cause he didn't want his parents or whoever was in charge of him to find out."

"What did we miss?" Bonney asked with a small sort of laugh at the description Penguin gave. A waitress came padding over. She smiled as she greeted them and took their orders. She left just as she had come. Shachi filled them in.

"You remember that fight Peng walked in on when he was a TA?"

"Oh, yeah what was that kid's name again? I think he's in the same year as Lami," Bonney said that last part to Law. 

"It started with an L?" Penguin wondered, frowning and pushing up his hat. 

"Oh, shit, no, wait, wait, wait!" Shachi cut in, clapping the table. "It was Ace and Sabo's little brother!" 

"No way, are you sure?" Penguin asked he shifted in his seat. 

"Luffy-ya?" Law wondered.  Reiju's eyes widened just a little bit. 

"Oh, that's one of Sanji's friends," She commented. 

"No fucking way," Shachi muttered, brows raised, leaning forward in his seat. Reiju nodded.  

"Damn, and I thought we were living in a big city," Bonney hummed, resting her chin in her palm as she leaned against the table. 

"What happened exactly?"  Law asked. Sure,  Ace and Sabo always talked about something stupid Luffy had done, but Law never recalled them complaining about Luffy destroying property. 

"Senior year I was a TA and was running some papers to another teacher, I walked into the class, and it must have been a prep-period or something," Peng started. "The classroom was empty except for these two guys just beating the crap outta each other. I wouldn't have even said anything if the window didn't break." 

"Damn," Law muttered. 

"That wasn't anything compared to after you were arrested, you should have heard the shit that went around," Shachi snickered. 

"Oh- Law would have had fun with the rumors that spread," Bonney's sentence was broken up with laughter.

"Don't leave me in the dark here," Law said, smirking and leaning over his forearms, resting on the table. Law had a lot of fun with the rumors that would go around about him in high school. 

"Let's see," Peng spread his fingers apart and started counting. "There was one that you robbed a bank, you murdered a student, you murdered a teacher, you were actually a drug dealer, you murdered your sister- cause she was gone the day you were arrested and didn't show up for almost a week after- I think there was one going around that you raped a girl-"

"Sabo got pissed when he heard that one," Bonney cut in. "Picked a fight with the kid that said it to him, got suspended for a week, came back, found the girl  that started it, threatened to kick her ass too, and got suspended again." 

"Ace was pissed over the one about Lami," Shachi recalled. "He kicked the guy's ass behind the bleachers after school one day."

"At least some of my friends defended my honor," Law muttered. 

"Hey, we had your back after!" Peng insisted.

"After  I had to convince you, dumbasses,  he wasn't a murderer," Bonney grumbled. 

"Anyway," Shachi coughed out, glancing at Reiju who had been watching them in silence, before looking back at Law. "Ace and Sabo got into at least five fights over the rumors that were going around about you." 

"Really?" Law had to admit he was left a little shocked. Law certainly didn't think he was worth that kind of effort, or the consequences those two must have dealt with. 

"Six, there was that one at the start of senior year," Bonney added. Shachi snapped his fingers. 

"Oh yeah." 

"What about Lami?" Law mumbled, looking down at the table. He almost thought they didn't hear him. 

"She..." Bonney started to say. "Lami wouldn't talk to us at all, not Ace or Sabo either, hell, she wouldn't even wave as we passed her in the halls..." 

"Yeah, we really have no idea what happened with her, even Fai mentioned not really being able to talk to her anymore," Penguin added. 

"Have you talked to her?" Bonney asked. Law glanced up to meet her eyes. They were soft, her entire expression was soft, it was odd coming from her. Law found it comforting though.

"I tried," Law admitted and explained how she had threatened to call the police if he didn't leave her alone, and that Fai was going to convince her to try to talk to him. 

"She'll come around," Shachi assured, Law wasn't so certain. From the words Shachi said next, Law was sure he could tell. "She adored you before, she'll come around. Especially since Fai's sticking her nose in it." 

"I'm not so sure about that..." Law muttered. The sound of her voice had to have been the most unsettling thing. Law just hoped his little sister didn't hate his guts. There wasn't a lot Law had left to care about. His friends, Fai, and Lami. That was it.  Still, more than he could ask for.

"Oh, look food!" Bonney said, the waitress was coming over with a tray of plates in one hand, Once food was on her mind, there was no arguing with Bonney, or distracting from the matter at hand. The waitress set down Reiju's plate first, then Shachi's, Peng's Bonney's and finally Law's. The food was good. Sure, Law had been out in the 'real world' for almost a week. But everything felt new and fresh, and free. The food was better, the people, especially the people.

Pigging out, especially in public was not something Law was accustomed to. But he hadn't had Thai food in years and it smelt so damned good, the taste was off the charts too, Still, Law was clean, even elegant in comparison to Bonney. Though that was nothing to win an award over.

There was little talk while they ate. When all plates were empty, Bonney was the first to break the silence.

"So what are you going to do about Doflamingo?" She asked. That wasn't something Law wanted to think about just yet. So he shrugged.

"I want nothing to do with him, as long as he doesn't bother me, I could care less what happens to him," Law admitted. Peng and Shachi stared at him.

"Who the hell are you?" Peng asked. 

"What the hell are you talking about?" Law asked.

"The Law I know would have wanted revenge," Shachi muttered. Law wasn't sure what to say to that. Of course, he wanted Doflamingo to pay for what he did to Cora, to Law. But, fuck, Law wanted it to be over with more than anything else. He didn't want to think about Cora's death or the way Doflamingo shaped the entire investigation to lead to him.

Law was sick of it, he'd prefer if he never had to think about it all. Put it the past behind him. Again, Law shrugged.

"What's the point?" It really didn't matter.

"What if he comes back here?" Penguin asked. Again, Law shrugged. 

"I'll see if it happens I guess." Law watched the window, the cars passing by and the people walking in groups.

"What the hell?" Shachi muttered. "No plan?" 

"I'm liking this new version of our Law," Bonney decided. "There's no point in worrying about what might happen, right?"

"Something like that," Law muttered. He would like to see Doflamingo get the karma he was due. Why should he get away with killing Rocinante? Law shook his head. Thoughts like that would only keep Law from moving on from that part of his life...

"I need to get going," Reiju said.

"Oh, okay," Shachi said, he scooted out of the booth and let Reiju out. "I'll cover your bill." Shachi winked at her, 

"If you insist," Reiju complied and walked away.

"I better go too, I gotta work soon," Bonney said. 

"Alright, see you two," Peng said.  Law waved as he and Bonney got up to leave. After covering our bills, Bonney and Law were back in her car, going down the street, playing music too loud. Bonney stopped at a light and turned the music down just enough to talk over it.

"Hey, Law," Bonney asked, glancing at Law from the corner of her eye before looking back at the light. "The day you were arrested, you texted me and said you wanted to ask me something..." She trailed off, moving with the rest of the traffic as the light changed green. Why on earth would I-oh.   

Oh, fuck.

"You said you were going to talk to me at lunch, but you were arrested before that," Bonney proceeded when Law didn't reply. Her voice was quiet, meek even. And difficult to hear with the music. Law turned it down a bit more. 

"Yeah, I remember," Law said, not wanting to look at her anymore. Or be in the same vehicle for that matter. That was a long time ago... things have changed. Law had, she had. The palms of Law's hands were sweating and he couldn't fathom a place to put his hands anymore. 

"What was it?" Bonney asked. Law watched as Bonney zoomed by the traffic. If he told her the truth that would result in a very awkward drive. No matter what she replies with. But this was Bonney, Law wouldn't lie to her. He had enough of lying and keeping secrets in the last four years...

"I was going to ask you on a date," Law admitted with a deep breath. It was four years ago. Bonney was silent. Law stared out the window, determined not to look at her, or speak unless spoken to the rest of the way back home. The silence seemed to last years. 

"I would have said yes," Bonney said quietly. Barely above a whisper, like she didn't want to admit it. Bonney gripped the steering wheel. Another long stretch of silence before either of them spoke again. "I still would." 

Law could no longer find words. What could he possibly say to her? What the hell was there to say? Law chewed his lip. This was something Law should be able to deal with... wasn't it?

Law opened his mouth to speak but still couldn't find the words. Fucking hell. Law stared out the window. Fuck, why was this so damned weird?

"Law?" Bonney ventured, her knuckles white on the steering wheel. 

God damn itGod fucking damn it, Law thought.

"I-" Law started to say like the intelligent being that he was. Law glanced at Bonney, she was chewing on her lip, frowning and watching the road. Law took a deep breath before trying to speak again. "I don't know what to do with that information."

Bonney laughed nervously. "God, this is fucking awkward." That statement alone eased the tension Law didn't realize was in his shoulders.

"You're not wrong," Law muttered, still preferring the window more than anything else. Another stretch of silence, Bonney stopped at another light and let her hands fall into her lap. 

"What now?" She asked. That's a good fucking question... 

"I don't have a clue," Law muttered, god, he wished he had some experience of some sort in this field. 

"Do-" Bonney stopped mid-sentence, hesitating. "Do you still want to?" Did he? Law didn't even know the answer himself. Law glanced at Bonney, aside from Ace and Sabo, she was the only one of Law's friends that believed him when Law had been arrested. Shachi and Peng always had his back, but when Law was arrested, they doubted him. He could trust Bonney... 

"I think so..." Law muttered. Bonney drove on again. 

"There's a 'but' in there," Bonney stated, she wasn't wrong. 

"But-" Law said, "I'm still trying to figure my shit out, to see if I want to go back to school in the next semester or wait a little while, figure out this shit with Lami and fuck, just getting used to being around people I can trust again-"

"I get it Law," Bonney said gently, she glanced over at him with an almost sad smile. "I'll be waiting for you, how about that?" 

"Bonney-ya, you don't need to-"

"Law, I know. " She said, her voice was shaky. Almost like she was trying not to cry. Bonney took a deep breath.  "I already decided I would, so shut up and let me do what I want." 

"Okay," Law muttered. Bonney turned onto Ace and Sabo's street. The house was still a ways down the road. 


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"Zoro and Robin can't come today," Vivi said, stepping forward to avoid a kid bumping into her. 

"Awe, how come?" Luffy asked. Vivi shrugged. 

"Neither of them said anything else, just that they were busy and couldn't make it." Vivi shifted her backpack on her shoulder. 

"Nojiko is having the bar inspected today so we can't go there," Nami said as she walked up to them. She dropped her school back at her feet, not caring that it flopped against her leg. 

"—I fucking hate my brothers, every single one of them," Sanji growled, coming from the stairs to join them as well. 

"I can kick their asses for you!" Luffy offered. Sanji just shook his head. 

"Thanks Luf, but I think that'd only make it worse, I still have to live with those assholes, remember?" Luffy puffed up his cheeks. 

"Fine, but if they lay finger on you I'll kick their asses," Luffy declared. 

"Trust me, I'll help you," Sanji muttered. "Where is everyone else?" 

"Robin and Zoro aren't coming," Usopp said, "everyone else, well I dunno." 

"We can always go to Franky's," Vivi said. 

"Doesn't his brother get annoyed when Franky has friends over?" Usopp asked. 

"I don't care," Nami waved her hand. "Franky will get us liquor." 

"And weed," Sanji added with a smirk. 

Nami rolled her eyes. "I hate the smell of that shit." 

"I know, I'd never smoke it around you," Sanji said. 

"Hi!" Chopper chirped, Kaya was with him, they had their last class together. Usopp smiled at her. Kaya slipped her hand into Usopp's. 

"Anyway, we can give Fanky a call, or see if Jimbei will let us hang out in his dojo," Nami said. 

"We aren't going to Nojiko's?" Chopper asked Nami shook her head and pulled out her phone and called Franky. She wasn't on the phone with him very long before she hung up.
"Franky says it's all good, he'll head out to get some beer and meet us at his shop."

"Iceberg won't care?" Chopper asked, pulling on the straps of his backpack.

"Franky said he was out of town, so what's there to care about?" Nami said. She put her phone away. "See you there!" Nami waved as she left. Vivi followed.

"I'll give you a ride Luf, let's go," Usopp said. Usopp, Kaya, Chopper, and Luffy made their way to the ground floor and out to the parking lot. It was full of people trying to get out and students walking around, people yelling at their friends and lingering in the courtyard. Chaos as usual. Usopp's car was parked at the end, near the parking lot's exit. Chopper, Kaya and Luffy climbed into Usopp's car. Several minutes later, they were sitting in front of Franky's auto shop, well, technically it was Iceberg's, but that made no difference.

"Huh, Nami's not here yet," Usopp muttered as he parked. "Or Sanji."

"They'll be here soon," Luffy said, jumping out of the car. Franky's truck was right next to them. Luffy headed through the door that read CLOSED ahead of everyone.

"Franky!?" He called. There was the sound of creeky footsteps.

"Upstairs Luf-Bro!" Luffy hurried up the stairs into the apartment that was above the auto shop. It was a small, two-bedroom place that Franky shared with Iceberg. As soon as Luffy walked in, he found Franky setting a case of beer on the coffee table. As usual, the apartment was cluttered with things, tools, and projects, some wrappers floating around.

"Where's everyone else?" Franky asked.

"Zoro and Robin can't make it, the others are coming though," Luffy said.

"Jimbei-bro and Brook-bro too?" Franky asked.

"I think so," Luffy replied. He plopped onto the couch and heard the door ding accompanied by Usopp's voice.

"We're up here!" Luffy shouted. Usopp made his way up and after another ten minutes, everyone else showed up too. They gathered around the coffee table.

"Okay, okay, can we just acknowledge the fact that Zoro and Robin won't say where they are?" Vivi said.

"I wonder what they're doing..." Luffy wondered while Nami pulled a deck of cards out of her backpack.

"Probably making out somewhere, lucky bastard," Sanji scoffed and took a sip from the beer he opened.

"Huh?" Franky mumbled he frowned at Sanji's words.

"No way, Robin's not into Zoro that way," Nami said, she took a big gulp from the can she had.

"And Zoro's gay," Luffy said.

"King's Cup or..?" Nami asked as she shuffled the deck.

"Wait, what?" Usopp asked.

"You didn't know?" Nami asked.

"Well, no."

"Zoro's never even so much as glanced at a girl," Kaya pointed out.

"Zoro's seen me naked and didn't even blush," Nami added. Vivi blinked at Nami, her brows furrowing.

"He's made comments on guys," Jimbei chipped in.

"Has he?" Nami asked, "That I never noticed."

"Zoro talks about guys a lot," Luffy said, recalling some of the conversations he has had with him.

"Oh," Usopp mumbled.

"So, King's Cup?" Nami repeated.

"Can I play with juice?"

"Why the hell not," Nami started dealing out cards.

"Oh, Sanji," Franky said, he got to his feet and dug around in a duffle bag that was sitting on the kitchen table behind them. He pulled out a ziplock bag that was stuffed full. "This enough?" Franky tossed the bag to Sanji.

"Holy shit, that'll last me the whole damned summer," Sanji said. "Thanks."

"No problem, bro," Franky returned to his spot at the coffee table. Sanji didn't smoke that stuff very often, only when things got bad with his family. It was worrying. Luffy tried not to think about it, Sanji would say something if he needed help. At least Luffy expected him too.

Sanji reached back for his own backpack. He shoved the ziplock bag in and turned his attention back to the game Nami was dealing.

"Regardless, I still think it's weird that neither of them said what they were doing," Vivi stated. Luffy shrugged.

"Eh, who knows, I'm sure they'll mention it later." Luffy didn't really care either way.

"Alright, who's first?" Nami asked once she was done.

"I'll go," Luffy said, picking a card. We played four rounds of Kings Cup and a few of Fuck the Dealer before Robin and Zoro showed up.

"Sorry everyone, I had some car problems," Robin said with a polite smile. "Zoro gave me a hand."

"You asked Zoro for help?" Franky frowned and raised his eyebrow. Robin found a seat on the couch, crossing her legs.

"He was there," Robin dismissed Franky's words.

"You guys are up to something..." Usopp muttered he shifted, making some space for Zoro.

"What are you talking about?" Zoro scoffed. He plopped onto the floor between Luffy and Usopp, leaning back on his hands.

"I don't trust either of you," Usopp muttered, he crossed his legs and leaned forward onto the coffee table that had become littered with cards and beer cans.

"I don't see why," Robin said, watching Usopp with a smile.

"Oh, I definately don't trust you," Usopp decided. Robin leaned back and shrugged. 

"You in Robin?" Sanji asked. 

"I'll play the next round," she decided. 

"Alright, but I've been drinking a lot, I think I'm close to my limit," Nami said.

"Weak," Zoro muttered.

"Says the one that just got here." Nami rolled her eyes and flipped the card over. "Luffy?"

"Ah, 5!" 



"Four," Nami rolled her shoulders. Damn.

They played another round and more beers were opened. It was getting close to sunset when Luffy got back home. Zoro gave him a ride home, Robin was with them which was a little odd, but whatever.

"Ace and Sabo aren't home yet..." Luffy muttered that was weird. They usually weren't out that late, and when they were, they left a text. Zoro and Robin came inside with Luffy. That was a little odd too.

Luffy threw his backpack on the couch and kicked his sandals off. Weird, Law wasn't home either. Luffy shrugged it off and headed to his room. Luffy's bedroom door was closed. Did he leave it like that? Luffy opened the door and a shuffling noise filled the hallway. And tons of white blobs poured out of his room and around his feet.

"AHH!" Luffy jumped away from whatever creature was crawling out of his room. There was laughing from behind him. Luffy didn't realize until the movement stopped that his room was filled with white packing peanuts.

"Welcome to the Prank War, Luf," Zoro chuckled. He was holding Usopp's camera. How did he even get that?

"You guys suck!" Luffy shouted. Robin giggled, standing next to Zoro.

"Consider it a warning," she said.

"You want a Prank War, eh Zoro?" Luffy asked.

"Hell yeah, I'll kick your fucking ass all over Saoboady," Zoro taunted.

"Nuh-uh," Luffy argued. Zoro scoffed.

"That's your come back?"

"You want a Prank War!" Luffy said. "I'll give you one!" Luffy waded through the sea of packing peanuts into his room. He let himself fall back into the peanuts. "It's a war on all of our friends, YouTube can pick the winners with the videos with the most likes."

"We may have just started something..." Robin realized.

"Yeah..." Zoro agreed. Luffy sat up and looked over at Robin and Zoro, unable to help the smile on his face.

"Just wait, I'll get you guys back!"

"I don't feel very threatened, do you Zoro?"

"Nah," Zoro shrugged. Luffy frowned.

"How cute, Luffy, you're pouting," Robin said. Luffy stuck his tongue out at her. "We better get this back to Usopp's, I'm sure he'll find the footage soon enough."

"Hey! You're helping me clean this up before you guys go anywhere!" Luffy shouted, jumping up from the packing peanuts and running towards them. The peanuts flew everywhere. "I helped clean up the mouse traps and the cups!"

"He does have a point," Zoro sighed in defeat. "Where are the garbage bags?"

It took a few hours, and Zoro and Luffy absolutely did not spend half the time throwing packing peanuts at each other. Nor did they shove each other into piles of packing peanuts only to send them flying everywhere.

None of that happened at all, just cleaning up.

They finished filling up the last bag when Law walked in, looking pretty as ever. A giddy feeling bubbled up in Luffy's stomach when he heard his voice. 

"What in the fresh fuck happened here?" He was still at the front door, staring at the bags that were piled up between the kitchen and the living room. 

"Hi, Torao!" Luffy called from his bedroom. Luffy dragged the bag Robin and he just filled up into the living room with the others. Luffy dropped the bag fast and hugged him. Law stiffened and didn't move. "Welcome back!"

"What did you do?" He asked suspiciously as Luffy let go of him. His eyes darting around the room, lingering on the trash bags. 

"didn't do anything, Robin and Zoro filled my room with packing peanuts!" Luffy gestured to Zoro and Robin who were both in the living room now too. "We cleaned it all up!" 

"Why would your friends do that?" Law muttered glancing at Robin and Zoro before staring back at the pile.

"For a prank, because Luffy's a little shit," Zoro explained, he crossed his arms and watched Law like he was about to do something bad. Law turned his gaze down the hall.

"It was only right that we get him back," Robin added.

"I'm not going to ask any more questions," Law decided, he went to the couch and sat down, looking at his phone. 

"Oh hey, do you know where my brothers are?" Luffy asked. Law shrugged.

"Nope, haven't seen 'em since this morning," Law said.

"Luf." Zoro tossed a bag at Luffy and he caught it. "Put 'em in my back seat, we're gunna use them to get Usopp later."

"Can I help!?" Luffy asked.

Robin smiled. "Of course."

"That was all of it, right?" Zoro asked.

"Almost," Robin reached out to Luffy and pulled a packing peanut from his shirt. "That's all of it." 

"Finally," Zoro muttered. Luffy took the first bag out to the small yard. Zoro started tossing the bags out the door. Zoro had left his car unlocked, so Luffy opened up the back door and started shoving the bags into the back seat like, Zoro had said. Once the back seat was filled, Luffy stuffed the bag last of the bags into the trunk before Robin and Zoro came outside too.

"Torao seems nice," Robin said with a small smile. Zoro scoffed.

"The guy had DEATH tattooed on his fingers, that's weird." 

"You're just jealous that he looks so cool, Zoro," Luffy stuck his tongue out at him. Zoro crossed his arms over his chest. 

"You think so?" Robin asked she smiled like she knew something Luffy and Zoro didn't. Which was probably true since she's so smart. 

"Yup!" Luffy grinned at her.

"I'd better get home, I've got homework to do," Robin said. 

"Okay! See you," Luffy waved at Robin as she cut across mine and Zoro's lawns to her car that was sitting in Zoro's driveway. Huh, Luffy hadn't noticed it before. 

"I better get mine done too, Tashigi will never let me hear the end of it, that little shit," Zoro muttered. 

"Okay, see you later, Zoro!"

"See ya," Zoro waved as he headed for his front door. Luffy went back inside. Law had started reading a book. Luffy closed the door behind him and started to head to his room. 

"Sabo-ya said to make sure you finish your homework," Law said without looking up from his book.

"I don't have any!" Luffy insisted. 

"He said you'd say that. Ace-ya said if you aren't at least working on it by the time he gets back you can't have seconds even when you're finished."

"He can't do that!" Luffy argued. Ace wouldn't! He might be mean but he wasn't cruel!

"He said he's getting pizza." 

"That such bullshit!" Luffy snapped. 

"I didn't make the rules," Law murmured, still not looking away from his book, how did he do that? "I won't even enforce them, I'm just the messenger." Luffy huffed and went to go get his backpack. Luffy tossed it on the floor next to the dining table and sat down. This was going to be a long night... 

School was particularly boring on Fridays. Luffy really justed wanted classes to be over so he could hang out with his friends. But it was sixth period and the class was just dragging on and on!! There were less than five minutes left but one minute felt like a year and-ugh Luffy was going to be here until he graduated! Luffy watched the clock. 

His phone buzzed a few times in his pocket. That made waiting worse, but finally, four long, boring minutes later, the bell rang. Luffy jumped from his seat and shoved his stuff into his bag and was out the door as fast as possible to meet up with the others outside the library. 

Luffy remembered his phone buzzing so he fished it out of his pocket to see what notification he got. Kid snapped him!

"Hey, Luf!" Usopp hooked his arm around Luffy's shoulders

"Hey, Luf!" Usopp hooked his arm around Luffy's shoulders. 

"Hey," Luffy finished texting Kid and looked at Usopp. 

"Kid wants to do a video with us," Luffy said. Usopp and Luffy parted to go around a small group of kids walking down the hall. 

"Are you serious?" Usopp went pale, well, as pale as he could get. Luffy turned his phone off and looked at Usopp. 

"Yeah, him and his friend are going to Utah or something, he wants us to go with him."

"Utah? That's kinda far..." Usopp trailed off. 

"So? It will be fun!" Luffy insisted. "Plus, we could find a way to prank Kid for a video." Usopp grinned.

"You're evil, let's do it!" Usopp agreed. "I'll have to let Yasopp know first." Luffy's phone buzzed again. 

"Kid said he wants to leave tonight," Luffy said.

"Ouch, are you sure Ace and Sabo will let you?" 

"Of course they will!"

"Hey you two," Vivi greeted us as they got to the library. "What are we doing today?" 

"Me and Usopp are getting outta town this weekend!" Luffy announced. That got some questioning glances from their friends. 

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Nami asked. 

"Of course it is! Kid's awesome," Luffy assured. 

Chapter Text

"No way in hell," Sabo said. 

"So much for that," Usopp muttered. 

"Oh, C'mon they're both older!" Luffy said. 

"No fucking way, that doesn't make it any better," Sabo insisted, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall that separated the kitchen and living room.

"Torao! Tell Sabo he's being silly!" Luffy pleaded. 

"Oh fuck no, leave me out of this," Law said. The door opened and Ace came inside. Both Sabo and Luffy stared at him. 

"What?" Ace asked, looking at Sabo and Luffy.

"Ace!" Luffy shouted. "Kid wants to film a video with me and Usopp this weekend in Utah and Sabo said no!" 

"Why can't you do something in town? There's tons of shit to do in LA." Ace said. 

"Kid's going to Utah for the weekend." 

"Kid's channel is pretty big, it'd be really good for our channel if we did video's with him," Usopp added. 

"How big?" Ace asked.


"Sabo, Luffy's trying to make a career out of this, remember? If this helps that we shouldn't stop him," Ace stated. Sabo frowned. 

"Fine, but I want to meet these guys first!" Sabo relented "But if I don't like him you're not going."

"Sabo-" Ace scolded. 

"If Ace doesn't like him you can't go," Sabo muttered. 

"Whoo!" Luffy cheered. Sabo sighed. 

"When are you leaving?" Sabo asked.

"Tonight," Luffy said. 

"Oh my god," Sabo pinched the bridge of his nose. Luffy pulled his phone out to tell Kid the good news. 

"Before I forget," Usopp said. "I've got that prank we did on Zoro ready to go." 

"Oh really!?"

 Usopp nodded. "Let's get it uploaded." Usopp and Luffy went to Luffy's room. Kid would come to pick up Luffy and Ussop later on. While they waited, Usopp and Luffy planned out some of the next few videos they were going to do. Next Usopp was going to edit the video they did on the way to the party and they had some footage from the party itself. Then there was the video they did at Vivi's house. Usopp didn't say anything about the footage Robin and Zoro put on the camera the other day so Luffy didn't mention it. 

Luffy packed a bag for the weekend and he and Usopp stole the TV from Law and were in the middle of a round in Call of Duty when Kid sent Luffy a snap. Luffy and Usopp had already gone home right after they got out of school so he had a bag packed and ready to go. 

"Kid's here!" Luffy announced, pausing the match they were playing and getting to his feet. They felt like jelly from sitting in one spot too long. Usopp turned off the console and stood up too. 

"Ow, Ow," Usopp muttered, stumbling a little bit. "My feet fell asleep." 

"Shishishi." Sabo came into the living room, quickly followed by Ace. 

Luffy went out the door before they could. Kid was sitting in a red Honda with the windows down. Killer in the passenger seat. Wearing a mask, that was kinda weird but to each his own.

"Hey, Straw hat," Kid said with a smirk. 

"Hi, my brothers want to meet you before we leave," Luffy said. Kid frowned. 

"Alright," He said, he turned the car off and climbed out. Ace and Sabo were making their way out the front door. Kid and Luffy met them halfway. 

"You must be Kid," Ace smiled, he offered his hand to Kid, who shook it politely. "I'm Ace, this is Sabo." 

"Hey," Sabo said, Kid, shook his hand too. "Where exactly are you guys going?" 

"The Arches National Park, Killer and I have always wanted to head over there," Kid explained, gesturing to Killer back in the car. Sabo nodded. 

"Are you camping over there?" Ace asked. "That sounds like fun." 

"Nah, we've got a hotel booked in Moab." Ace nodded this time. 

"Alright then, have fun Luf," Ace smiled and hooked his arm around Luffy's shoulder. "Don't get into trouble, or I'll kick your ass." Ace ruffled Luffy's hair.

"Hey!" Luffy pushed his arm off of him. Sabo chuckled a bit. 

"Really Luffy, stay out of trouble," Sabo warned. 

"I will!" Luffy promised. Usopp came out with their backpacks and dropped them on the grass when he got to their circle. 

"Ready to go?" Kid asked. 

"Yeah, let me grab our filming gear too," Usopp said. 

"Killer! Pop the trunk," Kid called. Killer did and Kid and Luffy grabbed the backpacks to pack away. Usopp came out with our camera and the stuff that went with it. 

"Alright, see you Luffy, be safe," Ace said. 

"See ya!" Luffy chirped. And with that, they were off. 

"Alright, we're gunna go about halfway and stop for the night where ever we end up," Kid explained. 

"Okay!" Luffy chirped. 

"What video's are we doing?" Usopp asked. 

"We're going to do the four-wheel routes down there," Killer answered, he plugged the aux cord into his phone. 

"Hell's Revenge," Kid said with a grin. "And there's a bunch of four-wheeler trails out there." 

"Really?!" Luffy leaned forward in his seat and grabbed Kid's seat in front of him. 

"Yeah," Kid chuckled and glanced at him in the rearview mirror. 

"Hell's Revenge?" Usopp questioned, his voice cracked a little. 

"You scared or something?" Killer asked. 

"No! Of course not!" Usopp blushed. 

"Usopp gets scared of everything," Luffy said leaning back in his seat. 

"Luffy!" Usopp blushed. 

"You should be, shit, I'm scared of Hell's Revenge," Killer huffed. Usopp went silent. 

"Okay, you can let me out right here," Usopp said. "I've suddenly gotten very sick and I don't wanna get you all sick."

"Oh, no, you're not getting out of this now," Kid smirked. 

"W-what?" Usopp murmured. "Luffy?"

"I'm with Kid, you're not going anywhere, shishi." 

"Hang on-"

Killer clicked his tongue. "You're fate was sealed the moment you got into the car, kid." 

"I'm gunna die!" Usopp said. 

"You're dramatic," Kid scoffed. 

"Oh-" Luffy sat up again. "I like this song turn it up!" They drove the entire afternoon, through the evening until the sun had set. Only stopping at little rest stops right off the highway until they got a place they could stay the night. There was a motel and another building of some sort. Food probably. Luffy couldn't tell until they got closer.

"Is that a fucking bowling alley?" Killer asked. Usopp and  Luffy leaned into the front seat to see better. It was. 

"Holy fucking shit," Kid laughed at that. 

"That means food, right!?" Luffy asked. "I'm starving let's got eat!" 

"I could use some food too," Kid agreed. 

"Alright!" Luffy pumped his fist. Kid parked in front of the bowling alley. 

"I have an idea," Kid stated, looking at the bowling alley's entrance. 

"No," Killer said. 

"You shut up, it will be fun," Kid insisted. "Let's stay overnight here."

"You have to drive in the morning," Killer reminded him. 

"Get me a Monster and I'm all set," Kid assured. 

"That sounds like a bad idea," Usopp said. 

"Let's do it!" Luffy agreed. 

"Didn't Ace and Sabo tell you to stay out of trouble?" Usopp asked. 

"But this will be fun! Right. Kid?" 

"What Strawhat said." 

Killer sighed, "If I get arrested, I'm throwing you under the bus."

"Consider me warned." Kid paused and unbuckled. "Get the camera, let's film an intro and get some food." Kid held the camera low as they went inside. 

"There are only thirty minutes 'til closing," Killer said. 

Kid nodded. "Perfect." We ordered food and sat down. It was only a few minutes before someone brought our food out to them.  

"So, there's another 5-hour drive to Moab from here tomorrow," Kid said as one of the two employees that were here with them walked by.

"I figured we can leave here at five and get there by 10." 

"That sounds miserable," Killer muttered. 

"Well, it's not like we have more than this weekend," Kid stated. Usopp nodded. 

"Luf and I got school Monday," Usopp said.

"You guys are still in school?" Killer asked he seemed surprised. 

"Uh-huh, we're graduating in June." Usopp took a bite of his burger. 

"Even I thought you had already graduated," Kid stated, he set his arm across the back of the booth behind Luffy. He shrugged and ate a fry. Luffy was too busy eating to talk so Luffy didn't say anything.

Kid glanced behind him, he set the camera on the table, reaching over Luffy to do it and stretched his arm on the booth again.

"The question is, how are we gunna stay, here," Kid whispered, looking around the room.

"We could hide in the bathroom," Usopp suggested. 

"And like what, stand on the toilet seats?" Kid asked. Usopp nodded. 

"I don't think there's another way unless we go hide behind the lanes," Killer said.

"They'd see us going back there," Kid shook his head as he spoke. 

"I'll go check out the bathroom to make sure we can hide there," Killer said. He stood and headed to the huddle of lockers on the other side of the bowling alley. Luffy finished the last of his food as Kid rested his ankle on his knee, bumping Luffy's leg as he shifted. 

"What if they clean the bathrooms at night?" Usopp asked. Kid frowned and looked at the two guys working. 

"Nah, they're tired, they'll leave it for the morning shift,"  Kid said. "They seem ready to leave, I doubt they'll do much for closing." 

"You sure?" Usopp asked. 

"Mm, yeah," Kid looked past me in the direction Killer had gone. 

"There's Killer," He stated. Killer came around to our booth and sat down. 

"There's only one stall," Killer stated. 

"Shit, really?" Kid asked. Killer nodded. 

"What are we gunna do?" Usopp asked. 

"So only one of us stays inside and they can let us inside after the two leave," Luffy said. 

"Not a bad idea," Kid stated. "Who's staying. Usopp and Killer looked at Kid. 

"It was your idea," Killer said. "And I can take the car over to the motel next door and park it so they don't get suspicious that someone's still here."  Kid nodded. 

"And one of us can text you when we see them leave," Luffy added. 

"Alright, What time is it?" 

Luffy checked his phone. "10:50," he said. 

"So closing in ten, let's go." Kid spoke louder. He grabbed the camera and held it low as they got up and headed for the exit. 

"Imma go to the bathroom real quick," Kid said. 

"Alright, we'll be outside," Killer said. Kid tossed Killer his keys and they went outside. The three of us got in the car and Killer parked in the motel parking lot. They watched the entrance for a while. Twenty minutes, maybe half an hour. 

Luffy, Kid, Killer, and Usopp watched the two guys leave, five minutes apart from each other at least. 

"Luffy, text Kid," Killer instructed. Luffy did and we got out and went to the front door. Kid was already on the other side. Luffy waved at him and smiled, bouncing back and forth on his feet. 

Kid looked at the door in front of him and frowned. His lips moved like he was talking but Luffy couldn't hear him. 

"Open the door, Kid," Killer muttered. Kid gestured to the door and shook his head. 

"He can't open the door," Usopp said. 

"Why not?" Luffy asked. 

"There's probably no latch," Killer said. 

"I bet there's a window in the kitchen!" Luffy said. He jumped up and down, pointing the direction the kitchen was in. "C' mon!" Luffy ran around the building, reaching the other side before the Killer and Usopp. They were right behind him though. Kid noticed the window and jogged over to Luffy, Usopp, and Killer. Luffy started bouncing, he couldn't help it. They were gunna have a whole bowling alley to themselves!! Luffy bit hid lip as Kid approached the window. Kid smirked and unlatched it while holding the camera. Kid slid the window open with a smug grin. 

"Oohhh!" Luffy and Usopp gasped and started laughing. 

"Shh," Killer grumbled. 

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger may I take your order?" Kid asked. Usopp laughed harder and Killer chuckled. 

"You're a dumbass," Killer shook his head.

"Let's get in, let's get in!" Luffy bounced on the balls of his feet. "C' mon." Kid stepped out of the way and Luffy pulled himself through the window first. Luffy misjudged how long the counter was and fell backward. 

"Shit," Kid caught Luffy, his chest against Luffy's back and arm around his shoulders. "You good?" 

"Uh-huh." Luffy pulled his legs closer to himself, Kid let go but stayed close to him. Luffy spun around on the counter. He slid off the counter and his feet hit the floor, Kid stood in front of Luffy, close enough that Luffy could feel his breath.

"Luffy move your ass," Usopp snickered. 

"Oh." Kid and Luffy moved and Usopp crawled through the window next. Then Killer. 

"Close the window," Kid said. Usopp reached over Killer and pushed it closed.

"Well, shit, we're in a bowling alley," Killer said once he was off the counter. 

"Yeah!" Luffy chirped, bouncing on his toes again. "Let's go explore!" Luffy grabbed Kid's wrist because he was closest to me and ran out into the bowling alley. Luffy spotted a microphone on the counter in the dining area. 

"Hello, people of the-"

"Shh, we don't want anyone to hear us," Kid said. 

"Oh," Luffy put the microphone down. 

"Yo, Kid, Luffy, Usopp." Killer waved them over towards the lanes. Luffy could feel the grin he must have had under that mask. "Let's check out back there, you wanted to explore, right, Luffy?" 

"Yeah! Let's go!" Killer led the way, Usopp right behind him, then Luffy, and Kid behind him. 

"Oh, hold up," Usopp said, Killer paused and Usopp got in front of him with the flashlight on his phone turned on.

"Usopp, there could be someone back there," Killer muttered. Usopp covered the light so it only shined on his feet. 

"Why do you even need a flashlight?" Kid muttered. 

"It's scary Kid!" Usopp said walking along the wall. Usopp turned the flashlight off when they got to the entrance. Killer and Usopp got ahead of them. Luffy couldn't see anything and hit his shin on something followed by a loud clanging. 

"Ow!" Luffy yelped, jumping back and holding his leg.

"What was that?" Usopp asked. 

"Are you okay?" Kid asked, his hand on the small of Luffy's back. 

"Yeah," Luffy muttered. 

"What was that?" Usopp repeated. 

"Strawhat being a klutz," Kid said. 

"C' mere," Killer called. They followed his voice around the corner and found him shining a light on a huge round thing with a bowling pin sitting in the bottom. 

"Oh! This is the machine that resets the pins!" Luffy said. "That's so cool!" 

"Oh my god, look at how big this thing is," Usopp picked the pin up.

"That's what she said," Killer snickered. Kid chuckled and Usopp started blushing. 

"I-I didn't mean it like th-that!" Usopp stumbled over his words. 

"Look there's more!" Luffy picked up some more pins, tapping them together. 

"Aw man," Usopp stepped between Killer and Kid to the pile of pins. 

"Usopp! Usopp!" Luffy stepped back an pointed the bottom of the pin at him. "En guarde!" Usopp grinned and hit the side of his bowling pin with his. Luffy smacked his back and they started 'fencing' with the bowling pins. 

"Oh god," Killer muttered, chuckling to himself. 

"You're both fools," Kid muttered, laughing right along with Killer. Luffy hit Usopps pin really hard and sent it flying against the wall. 

"Shit," Kid moved out of the way and the pin clanged against the metal. 

"Okay, let's not break something back here," Killer said. 

"We're in a bowling alley, let's bowl," Kid suggested.

They made their way back up the lanes.

"We gotta turn it all on," Usopp said. He ran up to the front counter. Luffy followed him, with Kid behind him. Usopp went around the counter, looking around the computer. 

"This thing is older than me, how the hell do I use it?" Usopp muttered. 

"We don't need it," Kid said. There was a dark room behind the counter. Luffy went to explore it, he turned the flashlight on his phone on. There were a lot of important-looking boxes mounted on the wall and wires? that climbed up those same walls. On his left, there were a bunch of switches. They all had labels. Entrance, Lanes, Kitchen, Dining, Main Floor and a bunch more. Luffy started flipping them on. All of them. 

"Whoa!" Usopp laughed as the room lit up. 

"Luffy?" Kid called, he came to find Luffy. 

"Oh, Luffy, you should keep the front lights turned off so no one sees us from the road," Usopp said. 

"Oh, yeah," Kid muttered. Luffy turned down the switch labeled "Entrance." 

The lights turned off and the sound of a bowling ball hitting the floor and pins being knocked over echoed. 

"Whoo, strike!" Killer called. 


"We came here for one reason, so let's bowl dumbasses," Killer said. 

"Don't need to tell me twice!" Luffy chirped. Luffy ran down to the floor, stopping only to grab a ball. Killer got ready to bowl again. 

"Killer, hang on, hang on," Luffy said. 


"Let's bowl at the same time," Luffy said, grinning. 

"Oh, okay." Luffy ran up to the lane next to Killer and they bowled at the same time. 

"Yay! Strike!" Luffy called. Usopp ran up and bowled in the lane next to Luffy while Luffy went to go get his ball. Kid started chuckling.

"We have a whole ass bowling alley to ourselves and you dipshits are bowling normally?"  Kid asked. 

"How else are we supposed to bowl?" Usopp asked, frowning at Kid. Luffy picked up his ball and walked between them. 

"Luffy, what are you doing?" Killer asked. The floor was slick under his sandals, Luffy walked right up to the pins and bowled the ball, slipping as Luffy let go and nearly smacking his head against the lane

"How the fuck did you still miss that, Luf?" Usopp asked. 

"Hey, Strawhat," Kid called. Luffy looked back at him over his shoulder, he stood at the end of the lane Luffy was laying in. He had passed the camera to Usopp. "Why don't you spread those legs a little wider, hot stuff?"

"Huh?" Luffy did and heard the ball hit the lane.

"AH! Luffy get out of the way!" Usopp called, laughing, doubled over and clutching his stomach.

"Oh shit!" Luffy rolled over into the gutter as the ball rolled past him. Kid was laughing just as hard as Usopp was.

"Kid!" Luffy shouted back. "You're an asshole!" Luffy got to his feet and went back to them, his feet slipping from underneath him. 

"Is it that slippery?" Kid asked when Luffy was close to them.

"Uh-huh." Luffy finally got out of the lane. "That's why I fell." 

"I just assumed you were a klutz," Kid grinned. "And you know, being that much closer to the ground you'd think it'd be easier to see. Kid shrugged and went to grab a ball. 

"I'm not that short!" Luffy huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. 

"Sure, you're not, short stack." Kid came back with two balls and stepped into the slippery lane. He slid nearly fell on his ass. 

"What are you doing?" Luffy asked, laughing as he started to half waddle down the lane with two bowling balls. 

"I'm getting a fucking strike!" 

"Kid!" Usopp called, hitching his voice on purpose. "Kid!" He aimed the camera at Kid. When Kid got to the end of the lane, he tossed the balls into the pins and still didn't get a strike. 

"You were four feet away!!" Usopp shouted. 

"Fuck off!" Kid retorted, stalking back down the lane, his feet sliding every couple of steps. Luffy grabbed a ball and ran down the lane, sliding most of the way there. 

"Strawhat-!" Luffy slipped as he passed Kid, he tried to catch Luffy but they both fell on their asses, the ball Luffy had rolled away. Down the lane. Leaving Luffy and Kid in the middle of the lane. Luffy was almost in Kid's lap, with his legs over one of Kids."You damned klutz!" 

"You got in the way!" Luffy stated. He did. Luffy just wanted to knock out all the pins. 

"Why would you come running down the alley, to begin with?" Kid scoffed. 

"I wanted to knock down the pins!" 

"Oh, god, look at Killer," Usopp said loudly. Luffy glanced over in his direction, he was standing on a strip between the lanes, swinging two balls back and forth. Luffy got to his feet and started to jump across the lanes, sliding as he did. Luffy grinned oh, this was gunna be fun. 

Luffy nearly crashed into Killer when he got to the last lane. Killer stopped him though, reaching his arm out in front of Luffy's chest before he ran into him. 

"Oh, sorry!" 

"No wonder you're brothers worry about you, you'd walk into oncoming traffic if someone wasn't keeping an eye on you."

"It's only 'cause the lanes are slick," Luffy insisted. 

"You're the only one that's fallen." 

"Kid did too!" 

"Because you ran into him," Killer shook his head and stepped past Luffy, walking on the metal thing between the bowling lanes.  Luffy got off the lane just before Killer and plopped down into a seat behind a scoreboard. 

"Here," Usopp passed Luffy Kid's camera and picked up a ball from the return. 

"Usopp!" Luffy called. "I bet you can't get a strike from right here," Luffy pointed to the space behind him.

"Are you kidding? Of course, I can, Luffy! I'm the great Usopp!" He declared walking past Luffy to the space Luffy pointed at. Luffy aimed the camera at him. 

"You're a great dumbass if you fuck up the floor," Killer stated. Usopp took a few more steps back before bowling the ball across the floor. It dashed between the ball returns, down in the lane, straight down the middle into the pins. All but one tumbled to the floor without hesitation. The last one wobbled back and forth.

"Oh!" Usopp gasped and the pin fell. "OHH! WHOO!" Usopp cheered jumping and pumping his fists. The noise of a megaphone echoed in the alley, the words jumbled. Luffy jumped and Usopp stopped, mid-celebration and Killer ducked into a crouch. 

"Excuse me, sir, calm down you are in a bowling alley right now," Kid was standing near the diner. 

"Oh my god!" Usopp clutched his chest. "Kid you're an absolute dickhead! I thought you were a cop." Kid laughed. 

"Just keeping you on your toes," Kid said into the microphone. 

"You scared the shit outta me," Killer grumbled. 


"Oh, Kid, let me see that!" Luffy jumped to his feet and ran across the alley, jumping over the chairs as he did. He had an idea. 

"Careful with my camera!" Kid snapped into the microphone. Luffy jumped onto the counter Kid was standing behind, sliding on his stomach a bit. Luffy took the microphone, rolled over and sat up. 

"Hello!" Luffy yelled into the speakers made a screeching noise that made his ears ring. 

"You don't need to yell," Kid huffed, he uncovered his ears. 

"Hello!" Luffy said, not yelling this time. "I'm Monkey D. Luffy and I'm going to be King of the Pirates!" 

Kid started laughing. "Are there even pirates to be King of any more?"

"Of course there are pirates!" Luffy said, still holding the microphone close to his mouth. Kid leaned on the counter and pushed it down. 

"Name one," He dared. Luffy turned on the counter to face him, crossing his legs. 


"Where's your ship, Captain Luffy?" Kid asked, there was a different tone to his voice. He spoke lower, his voice a little deeper. 

"I don't have one yet."

"A crew?" 

"Usopp is part of my crew! And Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Brook, Jinbei, Chopper, Robin, and Vivi too!" 

"What am I a part of?" Usopp leaned on the counter next to Luffy. 

"My pirate crew!" 

"Oh, of course," Usopp agreed with a grin. 

"You're both crazy," Kid muttered shaking his head. 

"Well, a Fuck-it List channel needs some batshit crazy dumbasses," Killer joined us at the counter too.

"Fuck-it list?" Luffy tilted his head. 

"Yeah, that's the channel this is going up on." Kid gestured to the camera now sitting on the counter between me and Usopp. Kid looked up at me and grinned. 

"It'd be pretty fucking awesome if you two would keep doing these videos with me and Killer, I've got a ton of shit planned for the next few years." Kid leaned a little bit closer to Luffy. 

"Really? Like what?" Luffy asked and leaned forward a bit. Usopp coughed, it sounded forced. Luffy glanced over at him, Kid too. His eyes darted back and forth between Luffy and Kid. 

What? Luffy wasn't sure what Usopp was getting at. Oh well, Usopp acts weird sometimes.

"Trips out of the country, doing stuff like bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, shit like that," Kid said, drawing Luffy's attention back to him. 

"Really!? That sounds so fun!" Luffy said. "Usopp, we've gotta!" 

"You're trying to kill us," Usopp grumbled. 

"Obviously." Kid rolled his eyes. 

"I can't tell if you're being serious..." 

"Guess you'll never know then, huh?" Kid pushed himself off the counter. "Anyone want a drink?"

Chapter Text

"You think 100 bucks is enough?" Kid asked, throwing a glance at Killer and sticking a beat up 100 between the keys on the keyboard. 

"Yeah, that should cover it!" Luffy agreed. 

"Won't that make them look at the cameras?" Usopp asked. He nervously bit his lip. 

"Probably," Killer agreed, shrugging and taking a few steps towards their only exit. When no one else moved he glanced back. 

"They'll probably see that we just bowled like idiots, had some snacks, and figure this is good," Kid assured Usopp. 

"Are-are you sure?" Usopp asked, still chewing on his lip.

"Yeah, we'll be long gone by the time they figure it out anyway." Kid slipped his wallet back into his pocket. 

"Let's get on the road, I need a monster," Kid said. Usopp and Killer went without a thought. Luffy waited for Kid to get all the lights shut off. 

"Shishi, this was fun!" Luffy said. Kid smirked. 

"Yeah?" Kid asked looking over at him from the doorway. His eyes wandered over Luffy. The lights started to flick off.

"Ace and Sabo might get really mad though..." Luffy thought out loud. All the lights went out and Kid and  Luffy followed after Usopp and Killer. 

"Don't tell 'em if you're that worried about it," Kid shrugged as he spoke.

"Oh," Luffy muttered then frowned. "Isn't that like lying?" 

"Yeah, but so what? Whatever keeps you out of trouble, right?" Kid and Luffy reached the kitchen. Usopp was already slipping out the window and Killer was waiting. Killer slipped out too. 

"After you," Kid muttered. Luffy climbed on the counter and slipped out the window feet first to join Usopp and Killer on the outside. Kid followed. He made sure the window was closed before they all headed back to the car.

"So much for sleeping, huh?" Killer asked. 

"Yeah," Kid chuckled and rolled his shoulders. "I'm stopping at the next mini-mart to get a Monster. 

Hours later they were there. Despite it only being the end of April, the heat was scorching.  Luffy got out of the car and could already feel the sweat dripping down the back of his neck. Still, he grabbed his bag from the trunk when Kid popped it open. Killer had already checked into the motel for them and the only thing that was left was to take their shit inside. Good thing the door was only a few feet away from where they parked.

Before they were even out of the car Usopp had the camera rolling. 

"What's up, guys!? It's Usopp and Luffy," Usopp shouted at the camera. Luffy grinned. 

"You won't believe who we're with today!" Luffy chipped.

"Well, they might after the party vlog goes up," Usopp said. 

"Oh, yeah," Luffy muttered. "Anyway-" Luffy looked up at the camera. "Today we're here with Killer and Kid!" Usopp turned the front of the camera to the front seats. 

"The plan is, to head over to the national park here in Moab- otherwise known as the hottest place on the planet- and get on some of those 4x4 trails," Usopp said. 

"If Usopp doesn't chicken out," Kid remarked. 

"Hey! I won't!" Usopp declared from behind the camera.

"Ohh, that's on video you can't back out now," Killer snickered.

"Let's go, I wanna drive that four-wheeler already," Luffy said, his impatience was becoming overwhelming. 

"First we gotta get our shit outta the car," Kid stated. 

"And pick up the rentals," Usopp added.

"Which we can't do for another hour," Killer said. 

"Alright," Usopp turned the camera back on himself. "We'll get all that done and see yeah in a bit. Usopp shut off the camera. Luffy was the first out of the car as soon as Kid popped the trunk. Luffy grabbed his bag while Killer got the door to their motel room opened up. 

Usopp and Kid grabbed their bags too and followed Luffy in. It was hot in there too. Hot and muggy at that. Kid grunted. 

"They coulda turned on the AC since they knew we were coming," he muttered before dropping the bag onto the bed closest to the door. Luffy dropped his bag on the ground next to the bed. It was really hot, and Luffy was getting thirsty.  

"You guys wanna go get something to eat before getting the rentals?" Killer asked. "I'm hungry."

"YES!" Luffy shouted without hesitation. Meanwhile, Usopp was getting the camera turned on. 

"We better go to a buffet or a really cheap place," Usopp muttered. 

"Why?" Kid asked. Usopp looked at Kid with a flaccid expression. 

"Luffy can eat twice your weight in food." He explained. 

"You've got to be exaggerating," Kid scoffed. 

"Kid, you can eat twice your weight in food," Killer retorted. "We can hit a buffet." 

Fifteen, hot, sweaty minutes later the boys were at a small buffet downtown. They ate their fill and headed for the Recreational rental place that was near the entrance to the Arches National Park. Soon enough they were taking two four-wheelers into the park. They only stopped at the information center for an extra map and a few souvenirs. Keeping the camera rolling all the while. 

The four gathered around Kid's car, filmed an intro in the parking lot for Kid's video and started talking about their next move. Killer took the camera as they did. 

"Alright," Kid spread the map over the hood of his car. "We can hit the Willow Flats first because that's a pretty even drive and it will be nice to start. We'll drive back up the car and get some more water before going towards the tower arch here." Kid moved his finger along the paths on the map as he spoke." After that, we're meeting with one of our friends to do Hell's Revenge."

Luffy bounced on the balls of his feet. "That sounds so cool! I get to drive the four-wheeler right!?" Kid glanced up at Killer. 

"You can ride with me and I'll  let ya, Killer can take Usopp." Kid smirked as he spoke. Killer scoffed. 

"You'd probably scare the shit outta Usopp anyway," Killer stated. Usopp gulped.

"I can take it! I'm not a coward!" Usopp huffed. 

"Alright, then you can drive when we do Hell's Revenge," Kid said. 

"Apoo won't let anyone drive that jeep but him," Killer stated. 

"He will if I pay him," Kid grinned at the camera. Killer scoffed again. Luffy leaned over the map in the meanwhile and tried to guess at how long it would take to get there. 

"C'mon the day's half over we gotta go!" Luffy stated, pulling on Kid's arm. He was the driver after all. The four of them shuffled back into the car, they were only inside for a few minutes but the heat that had festered inside the car was unbearable. Kid cranked up the AC and headed for the trails. 

They stopped at little pull-offs here and there to take pictures of the sights and moved on quickly. They had plans for the day that did not include all the hikes that went to some of the coolest arches Luffy had ever seen. Kid promised that would be something they did tomorrow morning before they left for home though. 

Finally, they got to the parking lot for the trail they's be taking. The four gave the camera a quick update and started getting things ready for the trail. Luffy and Usopp got a small drawstring bag filled with water bottles for the four of them while Killer and Kid got the four-wheelers ready to use. 

The motors rumbled to life and the smell of exhaust filled the air around them. Luffy grabbed the drawstring bag and ran to Kid and Killer. 

"We got the water," Usopp said, gesturing to the bag Luffy was carrying. 

"First aid?" Killer asked.

"Luf, did ya grab it?" 

"Nope." Usopp sighed and went back for it. 

"Hey grab the black bag too, it's full of filming shit," Kid called. Usopp struggled to drag the bag over. It was heavy. What on earth could be in there? Kid took the bag from Usopp and Usopp stuffed the first aid kit into the bag with the water bottles. Luffy abandoned him with the task to see what was in the bag Kid took. 

Kid set the bag on the seat of a four-wheeler. He opened up and started pulling go-pros out. Two of them. 

"Wooah, what are you gunna do with those?" Luffy asked. 

"Mount them to the front of the four-wheelers," Kid said, getting more stuff out. Kid went around to the front of the four-wheeler and stooped down. Luffy assumed he was mounting the go-pro like he said he was. Kid did the same to the other. 

"How many cameras are we using?" Luffy asked. 

"Four, I got two more go-pros and we shouldn't need anything with better quality for this," Kid said. He got out selfie sticks from the bag and two more go-pros. Kid closed up the bag. "Can you take that back to the car?" Luffy took the backpack and returned it to the trunk. Luffy went back to Kid right away. He came to a stop in time to watch Kid climb onto the four-wheeler, go-pro in hand. Kid adjusted and scooted back, making room for Luffy. 

"What ya waiting for?" Kid asked him. "Didn't you wanna drive it?" Luffy grinned and didn't hesitate to hop on. 

"How do I make it go?" Luffy asked. 

"Like this." Kid reached past Luffy and turned the handle and the four-wheeler jerked forward before Kid stopped it. "And that's the brake." Kid pointed it out to Luffy. 

"Oh!" Luffy chirped and grabbed the handles. 

"Wait for Usopp and Killer to be ready," Kid said. Luffy glanced over at them. Usopp was climbing on, he was taking so long. Luffy wanted to go already. 

"There ya go waterboy," Killer said, teasing Usopp. Usopp huffed and pulled the bag over his shoulders. 

"You can set the pace Luf," Killer said.


"He means you're leading," Kid stated.

"Oh!" Luffy grinned and turned the handle and the four-wheeler jerked forward. Luffy steered it down the path. Kid wrapped his arms around Luffy as they bounced down the trail. "Woohoo!" Luffy cheered. He grinned at the hot air blew over his face.

Luffy was sure he heard Usopp scream behind him but he didn't pay much attention to that. The first portion of the drive was mostly a flat dirt road save for some huge potholes. The second portion was full of drops from what looked like old lava beds. Kid took over driving for that part and Luffy took the camera. 

They turned around before they hit the section of the road that left the park and headed back, only until the fork that broke off toward the other part of the road Kid had pointed out earlier on the map.

Kid stopped at the fork, and Killer pulled up next to him.

"Water?" Kid asked. Usopp slipped the bag off his shoulders and passed it off. Kid grabbed a bottle and passed it between the four of them. After their little water break, they started down the road again. 

"Kid!! Let me drive!" Luffy pestered after about fifteen minutes down the dirt road. 

"You had your turn!" Kid retorted. Luffy rested his chin on Kid's shoulder and huffed. 

"C'mon," Luffy all but whined. Kid let out an exasperated sigh and came to a stop.

"What's up?" Killer called.

"The brat wants to drive," Kid said. 

"I'm no brat!" Luffy argued. Kid got off the four-wheeler and Luffy scooted forward with a grin. As soon as Kid was back on Luffy moved as quickly as possible. Kid hugged him tightly, he hadn't been expecting that. Luffy passed the go-pro off to Kid and sped off with Killer and Usopp tailing them.

Luffy whooped as he hit a large bump and caught some air. The road sloped down and Luffy and Kid started to pick up more speed. 

"Damn it Luffy!" Usopp shouted from pretty far back. At least he sounded far back to Luffy. Another bump and Luffy caught a little more air than the last one. 

"You better not roll this," Kid warned. 

"I won't!" Luffy shouted into the wind. Each time Luffy caught air a rush of adrenaline filled his veins and Luffy lived for the high he got off of it. He grinned and hit a ramp created by a cluster of flat rocks. The four-wheeler bounced a bit and there was that rush. Luffy felt more alive than he ever had before. 

"Hey, hey, slow down," Kid said over the noise of the engine


"We lost Killer and Usopp!" Luffy came to a gradual stop and turned to look back at the trail. They couldn't hear the sound of the engine coming towards them. 

"Go back," Kid ordered. Luffy turned and started heading back They went back over a hill and found Killer and Usopp at the bottom of it. Usopp was standing next to the four-wheeler with the camera and Killer was sitting on it with his back to Kid and Luffy and his leg propped on the seat. "Keep going." 

Luffy came to a stop next to him and realized that Killer's leg was all scraped up. 

"You alright?" Kid asked. 

"Just a few scrapes," Killer replied. He picked some rocks out of the scrape with tweezers from the first-aid kit. 

"Did you roll or what?" Kid started walking around to the front of the four-wheeler Killer was sitting on. 

"Yeah, we hit that turn too fast, I dunno how you guys didn't." 

"Luffy went through the brush," Kid scoffed. 

"I tried not to!" Luffy attempted to defend himself. Killer put the tweezers away and got alcohol wipes out. 

"I'm not even bleeding.." Killer muttered. 

"You alright Usopp?" Kid asked. Usopp nodded. 

"I scrapped my arm a bit but Im fine," Usopp muttered. "Aside from the mentally scaring experience I just had."

"You're a spaz," Killer muttered. He finished up cleaning his scrapes through the newly formed holes in his jeans. "Good to go."

"Aright, the camera is good too," Kid said. Luffy waited until Killer and Usopp were settled again to go back up the hill. they made it to the rock formations that the trail was famous for. Though they did have to take a little hike to get to them, but that was alright. They took a few pictured before heading back. They were starting to run a little late since they still had to go meet up with Killer and Kid's friend. 

Kid drove the whole way back, much to Luffy's dismay, but they got back to the parking lot without anyone rolling a four-wheeler. They loaded up the four-wheelers, made sure all was secure before piling back into Kid's car and heading back into town. 

In the next few hours, they returned the four-wheelers, got some lunch, and headed for Hell's revenge. It was a 4x4 trail just outside of Moab and Kid and Killer were visibly excited to go on the trail. Luffy fed off that energy as well. He had no idea what he was getting into but that didn't matter much Luffy was ready for anything. 

Usopp, on the other hand, was not looking forward to it. He had put some time into looking up the trail and frankly, he'd rather sit this one out but no way was he gunna look like a coward in front of Killer and Kid. And he didn't want to let Luffy down, they were filming for this too! 

"There he is," Killer said as Kid turned into the trailhead parking lot. Kid parked next to a big red jeep. 



Chapter Text

The house had been quiet in the last two days. Way too quiet. With Luffy away for the weekend, Sabo hardly there at all the last few days, and Ace back at the tattoo shop, the quietness was no surprise. And Law simply didn't know what to do with himself. It wasn't boredom, Law hadn't been bored in a very long time. 

He didn't have the nerve to be bored. 

Or... maybe he was bored, it had been too long for him tell. 

Regardless, Law sat on the couch by himself, on his phone, not sure what else to do. There was nothing else for him to do really. Then his phone started to ring, Fai's contact was on the screen. Law answered. 

"Hey, what's up?" Law asked. 

"Not much, not much, I'm at Lami's right now," she said. That got Law's attention. He sat up straighter and even leaned forward just a bit. Law wasn't sure where to go from there. 

"How is she?" He asked quietly. 

"She's managing, things are really hard for her you know, she's living on her own while still going to school," Fai took a deep breath. Law bit his lip to keep it from trembling. He wanted to do something for her, anything to make it so she could enjoy her last few months of high school. It seemed pointless now. 

Law hated Doflamingo even more for this. For Lami being left on her own, for whatever he told her that made her not trust Law. 

"I wish I could do something..." Law admitted. 

"Law, don't you think I've tried? She won't let me do anything to help her, she won't let anyone do anything for her." Law's leg bounced. 

"I'm her older brother, I can't just-" Law didn't even know where to go from that statement but it simply felt wrong to let her continue to struggle so hard when he could do something. 

"I know, I know, I felt the same way..." Fai said with a sigh. "But, she's willing to talk to you, as long as I'm here too."

"Really?" Law couldn't keep his voice from shaking. 

"Yeah, how quickly can you get over here?" Fai asked. Law went silent. He didn't have any sort of car at the moment but there was always the bus, he'd have to transfer at least twice- or he could call Bonney. 

"I'm not sure, with-in the hour..." Law said, checking the time on his phone just to be sure. Yeah, if nothing else he could always walk. Law called Bonney though. He promised her gas money and she dropped him off in the parking lot of Lami's apartment building. 

Law climbed the steps and made his way to her door. He wasn't even sure what he had to say to her anymore. What had he intended to say the last time he was here? Law didn't remember. Well, he was here now. 

Law knocked on the door, staring at the flimsy plastic number that was bolted to the door.  Law took a deep breath and waited. He heard mumbling on the other side of the door. Followed by footsteps, then the doorknob clicked and the door opened. Lami was standing in front of him.

"Hi." She said, not making any eye contact with Law. It really didn't take all that much for his little sister to go from looking up to him like he was some sort of hero to not being able to even look at him. Law gave her a sad smile. 

"Hi, Lami," Law said. Lami pulled the door open a little more and made room to let Law inside. 

"Come in," she said, still not meeting his eyes. Law stepped inside his sister's apartment. It was small, a living room that should have been cramped but was filled with an old, tattered couch, a bean bag chair just as worn out, a small TV that sat on top of a coffee table, a bookshelf in the corner, and not much else than that. 

Fai was sitting on the couch, she smiled when she saw Law.

"Hey, Law, whatchya been up to?" Fai asked. Law hadn't talked to Fai about anything but Lami since he got here, Law realized as he sat on the couch next to her. 

"Shachi-ya and Peng-ya are working on a podcast, I'm voicing their main character," Law explained, he sat down on the couch too and Lami shifted the bean bag chair before sitting down as well. 

"They got that going?" Fai asked. 

"Apparently, they're releasing the first episode next week, but yeah, they told you about it?" 

"Of course they did, but that was months ago, they didn't even have a name for it, what did they go with?" 

"Welcome to Nightvale." 

"I've heard of that," Lami added quietly. "Some girls were talking about it at school." 

"Really?" Law asked, looking over at her. Lami was leaning against the wall next to the TV. 

"Yeah, they were talking about an account or something that's making a podcast." Lami continued. 

"Were they some of your friends or just classmates?" Fai asked. 

"Classmates, Robin and Vivi, I think I've mentioned them before," Lami said. 

"Mm, probably," Fai agreed. Lami glance at Law but didn't say much else. The three fell into somewhat of an awkward silence. 

Lami took a deep breath before speaking. "What happened the night that Cora died?" She asked Law, her voice was cold. Nothing like the way she used to talk to Law. 

Law thought she'd ask that he was surprised Fai had never done that.

"Lami, you really want to make Law remember that?" Fai asked, grimacing. 

"I want to know the truth, Doffy told us all about how you murdered him, he was so detailed I couldn't see how you were innocent," Lami said. Her voice cracked as she spoke. "The only one who didn't believe him was Fai and she wasn't there, so what was I supposed to think?" 

"You're right, I don't blame you," Law muttered. "We were on our way back from delivering CD's to a record store in San Fransisco but he got off on a really slow stretch of the highway...

"That wasn't our exit, Doffy," Law muttered, watching the highway get further and further away. 

"I know," Doffy said, he leaned back in his seat. Law looked over at Cora, who was asleep in the seat next to him. Law was smushed in the middle of the big truck they used to ship to this CD store often. Law still didn't see the point in coming, especially since he had school tomorrow. 

"Then why?" Law asked. Doffy didn't answer. After a few turns, they were on a dark country road that seemed completely abandoned. Law leaned back. He wished he would have stayed home. Law had plenty of homework that needed to be done, on top of that he had a morning swim practice that he was not looking forward to. Doffy didn't answer him. Law kicked his feet up on the dash, stretching out just a bit. His back ached from sitting for such a long time. 

Doffy turned onto a dirt road and came to a stop next to the remnants of what must have been a shack. It was far too small to be a house at any point in time. 

"Wait here, don't get out of the car and don't look in the mirrors," Doffy ordered. That was weird but Doffy sounded really serious so Law stayed put. 

Doffy was gone for about fifteen minutes before Cora woke up. 

"Why are we stopped?"  Cora asked. Law shrugged. 

"Doffy stopped here, he said not to get out or look in the mirrors." Cora frowned and looked out the window. 

"Stay here," Cora got out of the truck. As soon as he did there was shouting. Angry shouting, it set Law on edge. Law climbed out of the truck too. 

"You said you were done with this!" That was Cora's voice, Law had never heard him so angry.  Whatever was going on was happening behind the truck Law went to it. He rounded the corner and found Cora and Doffy arguing. 

"With the money we have, I don't know how the hell you believed that," Doffy scoffed. 

"You know I can't let you keep doing this, think of what will happen to dad's company," Cora muttered. 

Doffy frowned and strode closer to Cora. 

"Everything with you is always about that man, the company, he's dead, his company is mine, it and I'll decide what happens with it. And so long as you keep your mouth shut, I'll keep deciding." Cora shook his head at Doffy. 

"You shouldn't have been the one to get it, you know it should have gone to the Trafalgar's." 

"It's not my fault our sister said no, besides, you know I'll pass it to Law in the end so why does it matter?"  Law held his breath. He hadn't known his mom was supposed to get the record label. 

"You know Law won't take it," Cora muttered. 

"He will because Lami doesn't want it," Doffy grinned. 

"You're a cruel bastard," Cora said. "I can't let you do this, not when you're the head of the label, not when you're using company trucks. Not when you can destroy everything dad built." Cora shook his head. "I'm informing the police, and I'm only warning you because you're my brother."  Cora turned and Law started taking steps back, he couldn't let this go on, he had to get away from here. Away from them. 

"I can't let you do that," Doffy said. Law froze. "You know I can't."  Law took a few steps forward and peeked around the corner of the truck, careful not to let either of them see him. 

"What does that mean?" Cora muttered. Doffy closed on the space that was between him and Cora. 

"I think you know." Doffy grabbed Cora's shirt and shoved him against the truck. Law jumped back and pressed his back to the side, holding his breath again. Slowly, he peeked around the corner. Doffy's hand's were closed around Cora's throat, Cora's feet weren't touching the ground. Law jumped into action. 

He ran out, fist clenched, he wedged himself between Cora and Doffy and shoved Doflamingo away. 

"What the hell are you doing!?" Law shouted, he could fathom laying a hand on Lami, and didn't understand how Doflamingo could do anything of the sort to Cora. Cora, his brother. 

Doflamingo hit Law with a closed fist, he grabbed Law by the scruff of his shirt and threw him into the dirt. Doffy planted his foot onto Law's chest, pressing down hard. Law couldn't breathe. Before Cora could react, Doflamingo's hands were at his throat again. Even more weight was put onto Law's chest. Law clawed at Doflamingo's leather boot. Pushing with as much leverage he could possibly get. Law let out a whimper that cost him more air than he had. Cora's feet started kicking dirt into Law's face. Law's vision was getting fuzzy. Doflamingo and Cora were becoming blurs over his head.

Law was helpless to Doflamingo. Completely helpless. Just before Law was certain the world was going to go black, Cora stopped struggling and the weight came off Law's chest. 

"Get up," Doflmingo demanded. Law was still processing the fact that he could breathe when Doflamingo grabbed Law's arm and pulled him to his feet. "You won't say a god damn word about this or you will pay, understand?" Law nodded, what else was there to do? 


They got back to LA late. Everyone in the house was asleep. Law had sat through the last three hours in silence, he was sure his heart had turned to lead brick in his chest and settled in his stomach.

Law didn't cry, didn't speak, didn't think of Cora's dead body lying in the back of the truck. Law only stumbled his way to his room without saying a word. He didn't check on Lami who was sick with a cold, he didn't say anything to Fai, who he knew was still up when he passed her bedroom door and the light was still on.

He only texted Ace. Ace because it was the last person he had talked to in his phone contacts.

Lami sad back into the couch        

Lami sat back into the couch. She crossed her arms and stared at the ground. Law could only wonder at what was going through her head. 

"You haven't talked to Doffy since then, huh?" Lami asked. Law shook his head. 

"I tried to call him, I didn't believe he'd pin it on me when I hadn't done anything to provoke his threat, hell I didn't have the time to," Law said. Lami nodded and Fai watched the two, her eyes darting back and forth. Lami frowned and stared at the floor a moment before she spoke. 

"Doffy told me you had tried to run away because you didn't want to inherit the company. He said you took off and Cora went after you when he caught up to you, you and Cora got into a fight and you strangled him before Doffy could find you guys. That's what he told the cops too," Lami explained. She glanced up at Law before going on. "After you were arrested, Doffy said you didn't want to talk to me, or Fai. That you didn't want anything to do with us, I tried to visit you but they said you were in solitary confinement and wouldn't let me see you." 

"Doffy said it'd be better to try and talk to you after the trial," Fai added, "That it'd be a pain in the ass to get anywhere near you before," Fai added. Law nodded, the entire time before the trial Law had been kept with a constant watch. Not the slightest hint of privacy. 

"By the time the trial was over, I was convinced you did it..." Lami muttered. "I still don't know what to think." 

"Lami, hey," Law leaned forward, sitting at the edge of his seat. Lami looked up at him. She reminded him of their mom. Law had only vague memories of her though. "I love Cora, he was like a dad to me, alright? I wouldn't do shit to hurt him." Law took a long pause before he continued. "Not to mention I'm your brother, I think you'd know me well enough to know if I'd murder someone like that."

"Don't pull that bullshit," Lami grumbled, cutting a glare at Law that he was taken aback by. 

"I don't-"

"Don't guilt-trip me like that, this is why I didn't want to talk to you," Lami snapped. Law sat in silence. He wasn't trying to "guilt-trip" her, he didn't want to rebuild a relationship with his sister because she felt guilty.

"I didn't mean to-" Law muttered and looked down at the ground between his feet. He sighed and collected his thoughts before speaking again. 

"I didn't mean to make you feel guilty," Law said, meeting Lami's eyes. Lami bit her lip. "I just want you to know you can still trust me." 

"Where were you the last few months?" Lami blurted. "The papers said you were let out in February." 

Law sighed. "It had to do with something that happened while I was in jail, alright? I didn't want to come back here the way I was and I don't want you to know about it just yet." 

"Why not?" Lami huffed, frowning at Law and glancing at Fai. 

"It has nothing to do with you, I'm not ready to talk to you about it, that's all," Law explained. Lami crossed her arms and watched Law for a moment. 

"It doesn't have anything to do with the record label or Doffy?" Lami asked. 

Law shook his head. "Nope, it was the aftermath of something stupid I did in prison, that's all." 

"Okay," Lami stated, " I expect an explanation eventually." Law smiled a bit.

"And eventually you'll get one," Law promised. He would tell her, maybe after she was done with school, but even that felt a little too soon. With time, he would tell her, that was more a promise to himself than to her. There was a long stretch of silence between him and Lami. 

"Well that went over better than I had thought it would," Fai said. Law had forgotten she was there.  

"We're good?" Law asked Lami. Lami bit her lip. 

"I don't know, I don't know who to believe. Even detectives confirmed that you were the one to murder Cora," Lami stated. "A jury convicted you, I don't know." 

Fai spoke before Law had the chance. "Lami, I hired a team of private investigators to prove it wasn't Law. They weren't too happy about it either, they thought he was guilty. They interview me, and they dug up Cora's body. The way he was strangled doesn't fit Doffy's story. Thy hyoid bone was broken from being pushed down, not up."

"Law's too short to do that to Cora..." Lami muttered. 

"Exactly," Fai said. "They looked at the truck Doffy used that night too, Even if Law stood on that, he couldn't have gotten the leverage to break that bone, Cora had to have been pushed against a wall. They didn't get Law out because they found the real murdered they got Law out because they found proof that it wasn't him, it couldn't have been him." 

Lami was quiet, she looked down at her hands, her fingers fidgeting. "What else? I doubt Law was let out on that alone." 

"Doffy said that Law ran off while they were in San Fransico," Fai explained, Cora's death was timed at around 10 pm, Doffy and Law got back at 12 pm, it's a 6-hour drive from here, there's no way in hell they could have made that drive even speeding." 

Lami nodded to Fai's words and mulled over the information. Law felt like he was on trial again, waiting for the jury to declare his fate. His heart was heavy in his chest and the weight of the world on his shoulders. 

"Is Cora's case going to be re-opened then?" Lami asked. 

"Probably, given the circumstances," Law said. "Cora was still murdered, even if they don't think it was Doflamingo, the proof is still there." 

"It's just a matter of time then," Fai muttered. 

"Why haven't they opened it yet is the real question, you were released three months ago!" Lami stood up and chewed the edge of her thumb with one arm crossed over her chest. 

"Cora was murdered 4 years ago, it's not a pressing case. Like I said, it's only a matter of time before it is, which means detectives will be interviewing us again." 

"And Doflamingo..." Law muttered. "I really don't want to deal with him at all..." 

"Neither do I," Lami sighed. 

"It can't be that difficult, there were only two people that could have killed him, me and Dofalmingo, and I watched him do it, as soon as the case re-opens they'll go after that jackass," Law reasoned. 

"Good," Fai said with a small smile. 

Law stayed there a bit longer, it was an awkward build-up to talking the way Law and Lami had before Cora died before Law was blamed for it. And that left Law feeling much better than he had when he woke up. 

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"Wooooooohoooo!" Luffy stuck his head into the wind, grinning like an idiot or a madman, who knew. Usopp clung to his seat like his life depended on it. He felt like it did. Apoo started driving up the hill. On either side of the narrow road there were steep drops that would not be safe to slip down.

Luffy, on the other hand, was loving the adrenaline rush that came every time they caught just a tiny bit of air because Apoo hit a bump just a little too fast. Luffy grabbed onto the roll cage, pulling himself off the seat. 

"Luffy! You're gunna get hurt!" Usopp shouted, god he sounded like Nami. 

"If you're gunna do something stupid take a GoPro with you," Killer said passing Luffy a camera. Luffy took it and stood, holding onto the frame of the roll cage. The wind blew his hair back and away from his face. Luffy held the selfie-stick out to get a better angle with the camera. Luffy whooped and cheered as they hit bumps and caught air. 

They came around a corner only to come to a sudden stop. Luffy jerked forward and nearly fell over. 

"Oh shit," Luffy cursed and held onto the roll cage for balance. There was a line of three cars in front of them. One of which was climbing up a steep slope that went up a hill. 

"What the fuck!?" Usopp's voice cracked. Kid chuckled as he looked up the hill. There were a few people standing at the top of the hill waiting for the car to get to the top. Luffy sat back down and held the GoPro in his lap while Kid turned back to talk to them. 

"Okay, Usopp," Kid said, chuckling between words. "You can either go stand up there when we climb that or you can stay there." 

"I-I'm not that scared!" Usopp stuttered. 

"Your knuckles are white," Killer commented. Usopp looked down where he was gripping the seat between him and Killer. Usopp let go immediately. 

"If you really want, you can go up there and fly the drone so we can get better shots," Kid offered. 

"I've never flown a drone before," Usopp said. 

"I'll show you," Killer said, he motioned to Killer to get the camera bag. He did, Killer pulled out the drone and the controller. He set both in Usopp's lap. Luffy watched as Killer described which levers did what. Luffy didn't remember half of what Killer said about it. 

"So you wanna film for us or what?" Kid asked. 

Luffy looked past Kid just in time to see the car make it to the top of the hill and the next one started going. 

"Hey, this will be piece of cake," Apoo said with a big grin. "There's no need to be scared." 

"Usopp was worried about the Willow Flats yesterday," Killer said.

"Seriously?" Apoo asked, "That's nothing!" Usopp pressed his lips together. 

"I wasn't that worried about it, I just didn't know what the trail was going to be like," Usopp said in an attempt to defend himself. 

"Says the guy who shrieked when we caught air," Killer retorted. 

"That wasn't from fear, I just  didn't expect it!" Usopp argued. Kid and Killer chuckled at that. 

"Whatever you say, bud," Kid turned back in his seat and sat forward. 

"Oh man, wait until you see the rest of this trail," Apoo said. The car rolled forward just a bit. 

"This is taking forever," Luffy mumbled, huffing in his seat. 

"Well, people don't wanna fuck up their cars," Killer said. Luffy didn't understand how that could even happen here and he didn't care. 

"It's taking too long," Luffy frowned. Kid looked back over his shoulder at Luffy. 

"You are the biggest baby."

"I am not!" Luffy shouted. Apoo, Killer, and Usopp chuckled. 

"Then chill out a bit, We'll have our turn soon enough," Kid assured. And true to his words, they did. 

Usopp got out and climbed to the top when the car in front of them started going and started flying the drone. Luffy stood up again, climbing onto the seat now that Usopp wasn't there for him to step on. Apoo drove just as slow as the other people. 

"Can't you go any faster?" Luffy asked. 

"Pedal's to the metal kid," Apoo said.  They reached the top of the hill, Luffy had a hard time seeing over it at first. Then the car jerked and Usopp was waiting up at the top for them. They pulled off the road at the top and let Usopp back in. They didn't take off again until Usopp and the drone were back in their rightful places. 

It was only a few turns and hills later that they came to Hell's Gate. It was a crevice of two hills with tire tracks going right up it. And it looked like hell. People were parked all around the base of the hills and Luffy could see the tiny silhouettes of people standing at the top, watching as one car tried it's very best to make that climb.

"You can't pay me to go up that thing..." Usopp muttered. 

"Awe Usopp don't be a baby," Luffy teased. 

"Someone's gotta fly the drone," Kid commented. 

"See Luf, I gotta fly the drone," Usopp insisted. 

"I guess—hey Kid, you'll send us footage of from the drone, right?"

"Sure, I don't see why not," Kid shrugged.

"Awesome!" Luffy cheered. 

"Alright, anyone who wants off better get off now," Apoo warned, stretching his arm over Kid's seat and looking back at the three in the backseat. Killer let Usopp out.  Apoo slowing drove up to the start of the climb. No one was attempting to go up it at the moment, everyone who was there was taking a lunch break.

Perfect for them. 

Luffy stood again, GoPro in hand, roll cage in the other. He flipped the camera so it faced the hill they were about to drive up. People were starting to gather around at the top of the hill to watch them. Luffy glanced behind them, people were gathering at the base too. 

"This is gunna be crazy!" Luffy said with a huge grin. 

"And you should probably buckle up for it, Ace looks like he'd beat my ass if anything happened to you," Kid replied. Luffy became deaf to Kid's warning and stayed standing.  Apoo lined himself up with the tire tracks and Luffy bounced with excitement. 

"Luffy, if you fall out and get hurt, it's not my fault," Apoo stated as he started to go. The car tilted back and Luffy hung on tight. He waved at Usopp who was almost to the top of the hill. Usopp didn't see him though. 

Apoo waited until Usopp had the drone in the air before he started going. Apoo started off slow, the car stopped and went and Luffy could feel the car tilting back and gravity pulling him backward. Luffy grinned and waved at the drone as it flew over him. Luffy sat back down in his seat as the slope became steeper. They went on for several minutes and even Luffy could feel each time the car slipped back when Apoo let off the gas a little too much. 

The sound of the car groaning as they moved is what really set Luffy off. He only heard weird noises like that right before the car broke down. Still, Luffy didn't worry about it too much. Usopp was good with cars. 

Luffy got bored with the slow pace that they were moving at and returned to his seat. He leaned back and he could feel and hear every groan the car made so much clearer. 

They were halfway up when the car slipped. Luffy clenched his jaw at the sound of the tire rims scraping against the rock. 

"Shit, shit, shit," Apoo muttered, he grew tense and stopped joking around with Kid like he had been before. 

It took a little while, but eventually, Apoo got the car creeping upward again. The creased the hill and came over the top. People who had been watching cheered. Kid and Luffy cheered. Kid patted Apoo's shoulder. 

"Good job, man," Kid praised. 

"Thanks for not killing us," Killer said. 

"You had your chance to get out," Apoo retorted. Killer stayed quiet. "Besides, I told you I could handle this." Usopp landed the drone and came up to the car as Apoo pulled out of the way. Killer got out to let him back in between him and Luffy.  

After they were all settled and the drone was put away, Apoo drove them through the rest of the loop, which was very similar to the first part. Apoo was a lot less cautious on the second part though. 

Usopp was gripping Luffy's wrist like Luffy was his lifeline. They looped back to the trailhead where Kid had left his car. Luffy was the first one out of the jeep, stretching out his legs that felt like jelly now. 

"Sweet solid earth," Usopp murmured, dropping to his knees. 

"You're dramatic," Killer said, stepping out of the cloud of dirt Usopp stirred up. Kid stepped around Usopp and waited for Apoo to join them on their side of the car. 

"We're gunna grab some food, you can come along if you want," Kid offered. Luffy could already taste the hamburger Kid had promised him before they starting heading back to the trailhead. 

"Sure, where we going?" 

"Just follow me," Kid said. Apoo sighed but nodded. 

Luffy, Usopp, and Kid slipped into Kid's car and Kid led the way to food. After they were done, they headed back to their room for the night. They filmed an outro for their videos and relaxed for the night seeing as they'd have to leave in the morning and that was going to be a long drive.

 They filmed an outro for their videos and relaxed for the night seeing as they'd have to leave in the morning and that was going to be a long drive        


They left early in the morning        

They left early in the morning. The drive back wasn't as chaotic as the drive there, Kid got lost a couple of times because he was convinced he could do the drive without a GPS now. But they got back just in time for dinner. 

Kid dropped Usopp and Luffy off at Luffy's house, as soon as they were gone Usopp nudged Luffy's ribs. 

"You know Kid was hitting on you at the bowling alley, right?"

"Huh?" Luffy pushed open the front door, the house was quiet.

"Yeah, how didn't you know?" Usopp said, "he was all over you!" Luffy shrugged. 

"So what?" 

"'So what?'" Usopp closed the door behind him and followed Luffy to his bedroom. "He's into you!" Usopp grumbled. Luffy didn't get the point Usopp was trying to make. "Or he just wants to sleep with you." 

Luffy only shrugged. He didn't see where Usopp got that from but he wasn't going to argue. Usopp got weird ideas in his head all the time. This was just another one of those. 

"You don't care?" Usopp asked when Luffy did say anything. 

"Nope, let's get started on these videos," Luffy gestured to the camera bag Usopp was carrying. Usopp let it go, there was no point in dragging this on. Luffy was stubborn after all. He'd figure it out soon enough.

"Yeah, okay," Usopp said with a sigh.