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The Adventures Of A Horny Adrien Agreste

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Adrien knew it was that day when he woke up. If the tent in his briefs wasn't enough, the fact that there was a huge wet spot on the front was. God he hated waking up with his briefs cum stained.

He was quick to get into the bathroom and lock the door. He took off the briefs and licked off the cum. What could he say? He liked the taste.

He turned the shower on and waited as the water heater up. He'd tried to take a cold shower to handle his, problem, but it hadn't been effective. Actually it had found a way to make it worse. He still wasn't sure why this was happening, but it probably had something to do with the miraculous. Plagg had just shrugged it off, preferring to each cheese then explain why this was happening.

Adrien felt the water and it was perfect. Just the right mixture of extreme heat, but not too hot for him to handle. He stepped in and let out a sigh of pleasure. There was nothing like a hot shower to help him relax. He ran a hand down his chest and avoided a certain spot, just for a moment. He enjoyed how his body had become more built from being Chat Noir and he couldn't help but admire his body.

Even his dick had grown in length. Not a lot, since Adrien had already been quite impressive in length, but it had added an inch in length and about that in girth. It was definitely strange and different, but he fucking loved it.

He leaned against the wall and ran his hand back down his chest and lightly wrapped his fingers around his dick and gave a small, but effective tug. He knew he wouldn't last long. Honestly he never did, at least not this early in the morning. He'd get off at least five more times before noon.

His left hand stroked his cock slowly while the other played with his right nipple. He'd found out how sensitive they were when he'd enlisted Kim's, help, the last time this had happened. He wondered if he could get the boy to do the same again.

He switched to his left nipple and played with it for a short while. When he could feel his release approaching he reached the hand back to play with his ass. He slowly inserted a finger and quickly found his prostate. That was enough to push him over with a loud moan as he shot his cum across the shower. He continued to stroke until he knew he was done and let out a sigh of joy.

Usually he would have softened by now, but he was still hard. Not quite as hard as before, but he knew it would be back to it's fill glory soon enough. He stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist before leaving the bathroom. He walked into his room and opened his closet. He chose to wear something looser today. Do to his problem, he really had to make sure he didn't wear anything tight. He put on a new pair of briefs that he knew would get stained anyways and then pulled on the pants.

Even in the loose pants, he could still see his erection standing proud. He tucked it into his waistband, and let out a sigh. It wasn't to obvious, but you could still see it pretty clearly. He pulled on a hoodie, going for a more simple and comfortable look.

Adrien checked the time. He might have enough time to get off one more time…

He made quick work of his pants that he had just pulled on and began to stroke himself quickly. He would clean the mess he would leave later. He tried to picture Ladybug, but he never seemed to crave any women on the days where he could get off more than any human should.

It had first happened three months ago. He remembered waking up and thinking nothing of it. It was probably just morning wood he had thought. He'd gotten himself off quickly and then, to his surprise, was back to full length in a matter of minutes. So he jerked off again, but he kept getting hard. He could resist jerking off for only so long before he felt a sudden urge. The longest time between was about an hour and that took him a lot of resistance.The first month he only did it alone and the next time it happened, he had ended up making a deal with Kim. Kim would suck Adrien off if Kim could fuck Adrien. That was the first time Adrien had anything in his ass and at first he wasn't sure about the whole thing. I mean Kim was just chasing his own pleasure, so he wasn't trying too hard to make Adrien feel good, but then he hit his prostate. Adrien had let out a cry of pleasure so loud, he was sure the entire school had heard it. He'd shot at least three loads before Kim reached his release and the feeling of cum filling his ass had made him cum again.

It was strange to think that his first time had not only been with a guy, but also in the school bathroom. Hed always thought it would be with Ladybug or at least somewhere nice, but honestly, it was amazing.

He shot his load at the memory, moaning Kim's name. "Jeez Adrien. Could you at least do that in the bathroom," Plagg groaned out.

Adrien didn't reply, just pulled his pants back up and grabbed his school bag, Plagg flying inside. He headed outside and walked out the front door. As he got in the car, he thought about how this day was gonna go. He wondered if he could get Nino to help him during class. It got harder to make himself blow his load later during the day and Adrien couldn't function very well if he didn't get off enough.

He let out a quiet sigh and could feel his pants tent up more. He didn't bother fixing it. He'd worry about it when he got to school. All he had to hope is that there was no akuma attack. That would be about the worst thing that could happen.