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love out loud

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“I can’t make it home in time for dinner tonight, Izuku.” A silence grips at the green-haired Omega’s throat as his heart plummets to the pit of his stomach. “I’m sorry, but the damn boss has me staying in late so I can review all the notes for tomorrow’s trial. I know I haven’t been home lately, and I miss you so much...Please don’t be mad, we really need the money. I’m off in the next three days for sure and I have a surprise you’re going to enjoy, okay?” 

The Omega looks down at where he’s mixing the spaghetti noodles. No, he wants to say. We’re well off enough as it is. What I need is you…I fucking miss you, damn it! But instead, a quiet and timid “Okay” falls through the phone. 

“I love you,” Todoroki hesitates before continuing on. “You know I don’t like this as much as you do, but maybe when you find a part-time job I can start taking on so many shifts.” 

“You won’t,” Izuku sighs. “You do this because you like helping people...You like to give them what they rightfully deserve - whether it be life in prison or a $50 ticket instead of $500. It’s your dream job, babe, and I understand but I miss you.” 

“I miss you too, baby,” the Alpha coos over the phone, causing his mate to gnaw at his bottom lip. “I’ll be home around one tonight, and I don’t have to go in till five in the afternoon tomorrow. We’ll go out for breakfast, okay?” 

The Omega gives a weak smile despite his mate being unable to see him - trying to push back tears that threaten to spill from his eyes. “Yes,” he agrees. “I love you.” 

“I love you more,” Todoroki pauses, and Izuku can hear someone walk into the room and then muffles as his mate covers the phone so clarity can’t seep through. “I have to go,” he lets Izuku know when he comes back. “I love you so much, baby. I’ll see you tonight.” 

“Love you too...bye,” 

When his mate hangs up, Izuku sighs and smacks it onto the countertop beside him, pouting down at his half-cooked spaghetti noodles. What do I do with you now? There’s enough in here for two people... Finishing up his dinner, he pours the entire pot of spaghetti into a container and closes it before placing it in the fridge for later - appetite gone as he stands over the sink and starts to scrub away at all the tools he used to cook. 

He can’t remember the last time he and Todoroki had sex. His mate still hugged and kissed him, gave him cuddles, but fuck - when was the last time they had sex? There were multiple occasions in the past two weeks or so where Izuku had tried, but it always ended in a speech about how Todoroki was so exhausted and sorry he couldn’t...perform. What else was Izuku supposed to think of that, other than something was wrong with him? Logically, it should be the Alpha’s fault, but…

Groaning, the Omega flings soap suds from his fingers and then takes a hand towel to dry his hands before turning the sink off. Looking around him, he can’t help but feel his heart sink even lower into the pit of his stomach. He had everything he could ever dream of - enough time to volunteer at the animal shelter, plenty of time to work on his comic books (which Todoroki helped publish), and a home he hoped to one day fill with his and Todoroki’s children…but what was all that if he didn’t have his mate by his side? 

Izuku’s Omega inside is trying to claw from the inside out, practically whining for his mate to come back home and show them the passion he once showed when they were younger. They were still young, only 27, but still…

Reaching into the liquor cabinet, Izuku’s hand reaches out to grab the wine bottle and freezes. He remembers a time where when he’d do this, Todoroki would be behind him holding two glasses - a soft smile on his face before he followed his Omega outside to the balcony, the two cuddling on one lounge chair and speaking about everything yet nothing at all. Eyes slightly watering, Izuku lets his hand drop to his side, using his fingernails to dig into his palm as he shuts his eyes, squeezing them harshly. 

I’m not that pathetic, Izuku thinks. I have friends...Yeah, I can always invite Uraraka and Iidya out for a drink. I think I’ll do that. 




Izuku: i’m heading to the bar right now, you guys wanna come? 

Uraraka: can’t, i’m caught up helping Asui with smthing rn :( sorry 

Iida: yea, i’m doing something with kaminari’s kid atm. Kid’s in an engineering class and needs help with his hw :/ 

Iida: wish i could tho, this kid makes me wanna turn my blood into vodka…

Placing his phone in his pocket, Izuku sighs as he sits in the driver’s seat of his car, unfocused green eyes zooming in on the front of the bar. He was sure they would come, but...whatever. He was mated, he smelt taken...He’s sure a couple drinks just to ease his mind would help. Iida would be mad knowing he drove with even one drink in him, but whatever. He hadn’t had any human interaction in quite some time now. It seems nowadays all he did was cook dinner for Todoroki and him, only to come up dry when his mate couldn’t find his way home. 

Izuku: it’s fine, i got one of todoroki’s friends to come, have fun!!

Lying might have been low, but if either of his Beta friends knew he was drinking alone...the mere thought made him want to sigh in frustration. Getting out of his car, Izuku double-checked twice to make sure it was locked and then tucked his keys in the front of his skinny jeans before walking in - enjoying how the slightly dimmed sky turned into a slightly above average bar stinking of Beta’s, Omega’s, and Alpha’s all searching for a quick fuck or quick fight; pool tables tucked in the higher corner of the bar while the walls near the lounge area had darts to play. Skipping both altogether, the Omega slides over to the bar and tucks himself in the corner - two seats away from where two Beta’s were flirting, both female. The taller one places her hand on the smaller one’s wrist, grinning seductively while the other blushed. Heart suddenly hurting, Izuku looks away and finds a bartender smiling at him - hair a wild, red mess on his head. Once more, his heart hurt. He had the same shade of red Todoroki’s left side claimed. 

“Got any mind on what you want?” The bartender asks, and Izuku’s sensitive nose could pick up on the cologne trying to beat down his pungent Alpha scent. “We’re a full bar so we pretty much have everything! Cocktails, specialty cocktails, dessert cocktails, beers served in bottles, drafts, pitchers and buckets, and red and white wines! Don’t forget out mojitos and bubbles...Those are good.” 

Izuku finds himself smiling at the bartender - enjoying the cheesy salesman sort of vibe he read off of him. “I’m driving myself home, so I just want a nice mojito to nurse on while I watch the game.” 

The bartender - Eijiro, his name tag read - gave the Omega a wink. “Good choice, my man, I’m fuckin’ killer when it comes to mojitos!” 

Izuku smiles, watching as the bartender pulls a tall glass out and sets it in front of his customer, placing two mint leaves in there and some other things before getting a small and smooth metal tool to smash the leaves and grind the others. “I haven’t had a mojito in quite a while,” he admits to the bartender - and maybe the guy doesn’t wanna hear it, but when you’ve lacked physical and verbal interaction for so long, Izuku can’t help himself. “I think the last time I had one was when I took a trip to Hawaii. 

Eijiro lets out a low whistle, grabbing a bottle and pouring an ounce of its liquid into the glass. “Damn, son! I wish I could go to Hawaii...but nah, I’m stuck here trying to scavenge enough tip to be able to pay rent.” 

“Is it hard?” Izuku asks, slightly pouting at the idea this Alpha wasn’t well off on his own. “You know, being a bartender?” 

Eijiro hesitates, and Izuku watches as he takes a metal mixer cup and pops it on top of the glass; before picking it up and starting to shake. As he shakes, he talks - “Not too bad,” he lets Izuku know. “I also have a job working part-time as an assistant to one of my friends’ dad... that’s bad.” 

Izuku raises an eyebrow. “Why?” 

“I like people and don’t like being told what to do,” Eijiro confides. “Bartending is pretty much independent unless I have to ask another bartender where they put everything when they closed. Being an assistant...especially for that guy, it’s practically hell! I’m not even allowed to check my phone to see if boo texted when there’s downtime because, in his words, there’s always something to do. Tch. Yeah, right!” 

The Omega watches as skilled hands turn the glasses so all the contents can pour into the glass he’ll be drinking from - tossing the metal mixer in the sink behind the bar and then grabbing a cherry to set on top of the ice on his drink. “Wow,” he says, sighing. “I just draw and write comic books...But my mate, I live with him, and he pretty much pays all my bills.” 

“Ah, a sugar daddy,” Eijiro tisks, sliding the drink to his quest. “I need to get me one of those.” 

“He’s not my sugar daddy,” Izuku blushes. “He can barely act as my mate.” 

He regrets the words as soon as they exit his mouth, but the bartender doesn’t seem to judge him - he just seems intrigued. The bar is slow due to it being a Monday night, and nobody’s sitting in his section, so Eijiro places his elbows on his side of the bar and then places his chin in the palm of his hands. “Trouble in paradise, huh?” 

Gripping his drink tightly, Izuku swallows before taking a small sip of the drink - enjoying its taste. He takes another sip, this one larger, enjoying the cold swimming in his veins as he speaks: “Yeah,” he mumbles. “Just the regular type of stuff, you know. Ignoring me, never being home...etc, etc…” 

Eijiro pouts and is about to respond when the door of the bar all but slams open - almost everyone near the pool tables and Izuku’s side of the bar startling and looking over. There’s an attractive Alpha in the doorway - dressed in a tank top that showed off his curves and muscles, loose jeans that pooled around the top of his boots, while his hair was styled in a spiky blond mess above his head. There was a sneer on his lips, teeth bared as he crossed his arms over his chest and tilted up his chin to sniff out the place. Izuku blushed when crimson eyes met his. This man was the type of Alpha both his mother and his mate would hate - letting his scent of smokey trees and rain roll off him in thick waves. Izuku looks away and turns to Eijiro, expecting their conversation to be fired up again, only for Eijiro to look over him with a scowl on his face. 

“In a bad mood as always,” Eijiro says - and the scent of the Alpha near the door comes closer until Izuku is practically drowning in it. “What happened this time?” 

Izuku’s blush runs over his nose and across his cheeks, and he turns to the side to see the explosive Alpha standing right behind him, to the side, with his hands on his hips and a scowl still etched into his face. 

“Stupid coworkers, as always.” The blond pulled out the stool beside the small Omega and sat in it - only he stayed close near Izuku, something Todoroki would have done if he were here. “Damn dipshit Tetsutetsu dropped an entire ass cinderblock twelve stories, and guess who had to fill out the report? I did.” 

“Sucks,” Eijiro responds, eyes flickering between Izuku and the Alpha with hesitant eyes before continuing. “I’m assuming you want something with vodka today?” 

Izuku wrinkles his nose. Gross. 

“No, I’ll take an IPA Goose Island draft today,” the blond says, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. 

Eijiro looks down the bar, where the beer is located - making a mental note on how far away it is from where the Alpha sits. He sighs. “Anything for my favorite customer,” he says - tone dripping with sarcasm before he pushes himself off the bar counter and walks away, leaving nerves to chew away at Izuku’s stomach. 

For a moment, it’s silent. Izuku is gripping his mojito with a vice grip; staring down into the glass with slightly wide and glazed over eyes, hyper-aware of how close the Alpha beside him is. He can’t help but slightly sniff the air around him, almost enjoying the stranger’s scent. 

“You have an Alpha,” 

Izuku startles slightly, eyes now fully wide as he looks to the man beside him. The blond is now leaning over, and up-close Izuku can spot the darkened stain from sweat around the front of his tank top. He blushes, leaning back slightly as a muscled arm lays down in front of them - a threat. 

“Y-yes,” the green-haired Omega stutters. “I do, I…” 

“Then why does he smell faint on you?” 

Izuku’s mouth snaps shut, his lower lip jutting out slightly into a cute pout. The Alpha beside him chuckles, leaning backward and crossing his arms over his wide chest while a cocky smirk takes over his scowl. “That’s...that’s none of your business,” he settles. 

“I think it is if I’m trying to see if you’re single or not.” 

The Omega huffs, crossing his own arms as he leers to the side of him. “I literally just said I had an Alpha, were you not listening?” 

“But you have no marks on your neck, his smell on you is faint - probably from you trying to scent yourself using articles of his clothing - and if you two were truly close, the scent of being turned on wouldn’t have came off you the minute I walked in,” Izuku can’t help but drop his arms, turning to look at the cocky Alpha who’s going on a rant, Eijiro walking over to place a large mug of beer in one hand. “Face it, baby, you don’t have an Alpha anymore.” 

Eyebrows narrowing, Izuku stands up and smacks one hand on the countertop in front of the blond, leaning downwards so their noses are almost touching. A smell of spice takes over his senses, but the Omega’s feelings are so out of control he ignores it. “I have an Alpha,” he spits, baring his small canines to the Alpha in fury. “He’s kind, smart, beautiful, and he takes care of me better than anybody else could. Better than you could.” 

The Alpha is still smirking, his tongue sticking out to swipe over his lips. “I know the tell-tale signs of a failed mating, darling. I know you’re still in the stages of denial, protecting your Alpha as a way to comfort yourself, but deep down you know the truth. You wouldn’t be this interested in me if he were around to please you, and boy oh boy...would I love to take his place.” 

Izuku’s face blows up in flames as he brings his fist up and down - but instead of hearing a satisfying fuck that hurt spill from the Alpha’s lips, he here’s the slap of his fist being caught by an overly large hand that curls around his. 

“Wanna try that again, sweetheart?” 

Growling, Izuku rips his fist from the Alpha’s grip. “Fuck off,…!” 

“The name is Bakugou,” the man says, his aura still drenched in spice. “First name’s Katsuki.” 

“I don’t give a fuck!” Izuku reached into his back pocket, took out a ten, hope it paid for his drink, and slammed it on the bar. “You’re a dick, that’s what you are!” 

As the Omega storms off, hips swaying side to side in anger, the Alpha - fucking Bakugo - staring after him, a look of pleasure on his face. “If you wanna meet a great dick, just come over at my house later, sweetie!” 

Yeah, yeah, Izuku thinks in fury, getting into his car and slamming it shut - tears welling in his eyes. I’m just glad I’ll never have to see that jerk again in my life.

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When Izuku gets home, he still smells of Bakugo. Wrinkling his nose in disgust, he makes his way to the bathroom where he strips himself of his clothing and steps into a warm shower, tense muscles relaxing as the water cascades over him. He takes a loofa and drenches it in Todoroki’s liquid soap, thinking of Bakugo’s ugly words as he scrubs the soap into his skin. 

I know the tell-tale signs of a failed mating, darling.

Todoroki and him were not a failed mating. Todorki was just busy nowadays, that’s all. He still cuddled and kissed Izuku, took him on dates when he could...Izuku squeezes his eyes shut, the Alpha’s words digging deep in his heart and triggering tears in his eyes. Todoroki loves me, he reminds himself. He loves me, I love him, and one day we’ll have children...I know we will. I know it. 




“Dude, what the fuck was that?” 

Bakugou turns from looking where the Omega took his exit, gripping his glass of beer and taking a long sip before letting out a satisfying ah. “It’s called hitting on someone,” he tells Eijiro. “You should learn how to do it some time.” 

The red-head crosses his arms over his chest and narrows his arms. “First of all that was borderline harassment, not flirting, and second of all, I already have a boyfriend, thank you very much.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes. “Whatever, Kirishima...hey, did you catch his name by any chance?” 

“You’re the flirting expert,” Kirishima sasses. “And you didn’t even ask for his name?” 

Blond eyebrows narrow in anger. 

“Fine, fine,” Kirishima sighs. “No, I didn’t...He seemed to be in a sour mood and all you did was make it worse if the punch says anything.” 

“He didn’t get to me,” 

“Still!” Kirishima leans against the fridge mounted into the wall behind him, sighing. “He was about to give me juicy gossip only strangers ever get to receive before sparking a totally awesome friendship and then you came in and ruined bonding time with what could’ve been a potential regular!” 

“Don’t be such a bitch baby,” Bakugou scolds, taking another sip of his beer. “He’ll be back.” 

“And how would you know?” 

Kirishima raises an eyebrow when he gets a dirty smirk in response. 

“Please don’t kidnap him or something,” the bartender pleads. “He’s too cute for your...your…” 

“Explosiveness?” Bakugou tries. “Violence? Self-destructive tendencies? Determination on getting in his pants and possibly becoming his mate?” 

Kirishima grumbles. “All of the above.” 

“Don’t worry,” the blond reassures. “He’ll be back in no time, holding my hand, and mateless. All on his own accord too...I’ll just be a helpful hand, that’s all.” 

“What are you planning?” 

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” 

Kirishima sighs. He has the total amount of brain cells as a chocolate eclair, the redhead thinks. 





Izuku snores. 


Izuku snores again. 

“Baby,” slender but muscled hands grip at the Omega’s sides, the Alpha releasing a calming pheromone so all Izuku does is give a light jump before his eyes open and his sleep riddled mind has to adjust to the world around him. “Are you awake?” 

The green haired Omega rubs his fists into his eyes before stretching out his entire body — both arms spreading out above him while his legs spread open invitingly. Izuku purrs when all the knots in his back pop and he can relax back into Todoroki’s chest, his eyes half lidded and content. 

“I’m awake,” the Omega grumbles, voice soft and oh so fuckin’ cute. “I’d rather not be, though.” 

Todoroki chuckles, pressing a soft kiss to the smaller male’s forehead that makes him melt even more into his Alpha’s chest. “I know you’d rather be sleeping, but I’d rather not go to breakfast all alone.” 

Izuku hums, shifting so he can throw one leg over his mate’s torso and then settle nicely into a straddle - his upper half pressing down onto Todoroki’s. “Or we could stay here,” he says softly, one hand gently gripping the back of the Alpha’s neck. “And do something more... active. ” 

Todoroki sighs as his mate presses his lips against his softly - them kissing gently before Izuku deepens it, his hand trailing down the soft shirt and trying to dip his hands into the Alpha’s sweatpants...only for a larger hand to grip tightly at his wrist. “As much as I’d like to continue,” Todoroki whispers, his voice husky and deep. “I’m practically starving.” 

The Omega feels a hand crush at his heart, mood souring as his mate gently pushes him off. “Oh,” is all he can say, propping his body up on his elbows as he watches the Alpha give him a warm smile. “Right, breakfast.” 

“C’mon,” Todoroki says, holding out a hand for his Omega to grasp. “We’re going to have your favorite - pancakes!” 

Izuku forces a smile on his face, and while a small piece of his heart warms up at his mate remembering his favorite form of breakfast, the damage of not feeling good enough had been done. 




Izuku tries to keep the depression off his face all throughout breakfast, and it must work since his mate doesn’t ask if anything is wrong - not even once. There are moments where the Omega wishes he could curl into bed and cry himself back to sleep so he wouldn’t have to force his real emotions down, but he knows that wouldn’t do anything nice for him. It’s easier to just feel nice in the attention Todoroki is giving him at the time - listening to all his stories about work, nodding along and chiming in to give slick comments that don’t fail to make his mate laugh. 

It almost works to make him feel better, until their waitress comes over as Izuku is about to squeeze Todoroki’s hand - which is instantly retracted. A dread starts to eat at the Omega’s stomach, and for the rest of the breakfast he keeps one hand on his fork, and one hand on his lap. 

Todoroki doesn’t try to hold his hand, and doesn’t say anything about the retraction for the rest of the meal. 




Izuku can’t handle himself when Todoroki leaves. 

He tries to watch television, and fails. He tries to bake cookies, but fails since all he had to do was stick dough in the oven and then take it out. He then works out for a little before his stomach starts hurting, and after that he showers so his tears can blend in with the water and the steam can help dim the puffiness of his eyes. Afterwards he dresses in faded jeans and a regular white t-shirt and stares at himself in the mirror. 

There was nothing special about him. 

His hair was as floppy as it had always been, his eyes round and wide, with a mouth that nowadays always seemed to be in a forever pout. His shoulders were lithe, his stomach flat, and his hips slightly curved outwards so his ass and thighs gave the perfect heart shape most Omega’s always had. As he combed his hair, he couldn’t help but think of how Todoroki had pushed him away from sex and hadn’t taken his hand at breakfast. He was on the verge of shattering, but currently all his broken pieces were strung together by a loose thread. 

I wonder when it’ll break. 

Unable to bear the sight of himself anymore, Izuku shuts his eyes and inhaled deeply before letting out a soft and sad sigh. I just need something to do, that’s all...maybe Todoroki doesn’t like me being the useless house-Omega most people adore...maybe I can start looking for a job…

Walking out of his room, Izuku stands at the kitchen counter and pulls his laptop out — going on a career website and googling wanted jobs in his neighborhood. The only ones that seemed to grab his attention was the cashier for the grocery store, a groomer for an animal shelter nearby, and a receptionist for a law agency; which didn’t require any experience or degree or anything! Izuku prints out the employee fill-outs for each and excitedly fills them out in a hurry — a small gush of happiness oozing out of his broken heart. 

Izuku: guys I’m finally applying for a job!! 

Uraraka: omg!!! I’m proud of you!! 

Iiyda: good for you, buddy!! 

Iiyda: as long as it’s something you find fun, I support you!!!!! :D

Izuku smiles as he pockets his phone, grabs his keys, and makes his way to his car — the three applications in his hands. Maybe if I’m lucky, Izuku tells himself. I’ll get a job...which means less time on my hands, and maybe Todoroki will be so proud our relationship will go back to normal! 




Handing in the applications were...odd. 

When he went to the grocery store nearby and asked for a manager, it was an old, fat, balding, short Beta that looked him up and down with a sneer — muttering something about Omega’s and how much he hated having to do schedules to work around their heat. The interview didn’t go too well; as the manager was more interested in his sex life — if he was attempting to get pregnant, was he fixed, was he taking suppressants, did he have a heat every month, how long it lasted…the man didn’t ask a single thing about his goals, his attitude, how well his customer service was...geez, it was just all about him being an Omega and if his mate agreed with him looking for a job. Tch. 

The law agency was next, and they were a little bit more warm towards him. The hiring manager was a short Alpha just a tad taller than him — her black hair slicked back into a high ponytail and dressed in a skin tight pantsuit. Her name was Yaoyoruzo Momo, and she didn’t ask a single question that wasn’t irrelevant. She asked about his attitude, what he looks for in his job, his past experiences...of course they asked about heats because it was a requirement, but he didn’t mind it. While Ms. Yaoyoruzo was strict, she was still kind and gentle and fair towards him — not giving him any heat for his secondary gender, and also not belittling him by acting as if he was a liability. It felt...good. 

As he walked into the animal shelter, he couldn’t help but have a pep in his step. The law agency was super good and full time, and he’s hoping the animal shelter is ever better! It’s one of the best in their county, with a strict policy against abusing animals, and they were also the company that sponsored the animal adoption fair every year. All in all, it was pretty amazing. They had an open field where the dogs could run, wide and large cages for birds to fly around in, even a couch section for cats to paw at and tall desks for them to jump on and scratch at. It was amazing. Like; literally. Amazing. 

“Hello,” he says to the man at the front desk, who has spiky yellow hair with a little lightning bolt tattooed on the high of his cheekbone. “My name is Midoriya Izuku, and I saw that you guys were hiring a groomer?” 

The guy pulled his headphone out of his ear — yikes — and gave him a grin. “Oh, cool! We literally put that application up a day ago! You’re pretty fast, Midoriya.” 

A blast runs across the Omega’s cheeks. “Thank you very much, uh…” 

“Kaminari Denki,” a hand shoots out proudly, the Beta giving him a warm smile. “I’m the receptionist, or some shit like that.” 

The Omega grasps the larger hand and shakes it, nervously laughing. “Oh, that’s cool,” he lamely responds. As opposed to the law agency, this place was pretty laid back it seems. “Um, do you know who I have to give this to?” 

“I got just the man for you,” Kaminari says, standing up and giving him a thumbs up. “Just wait right here. Honestly if we could hire you on the spot, we would, considering literally all our groomers quit. Probably because the boss is such a knucklehead, but...forget I said that! Let me get him real quick, alright?” 

Izuku smiles warmly, watching as the energetic boy walks off through the two doors behind him. Afterwards, he looks around and observes the art around him. They were all oil paintings of various types of animals — his favorite so far being the Labrador finger painting. As he’s taking in the art of a drawn pug, there’s a faint sound of a door opening before a familiar smell of smokey trees and rain overcomes his senses.

Chapter Text

“Well, well, well,” the Alpha says, pressing his fists into his hips and grinning widely; one of his sharp canines glittering from the light hanging above them. “I knew we would meet again, but I didn’t know we would meet so soon!” 

Izuku can’t help but shiver at the words, a shot of confusion racing up his spine. Didn’t he say something about cinder blocks and reports with his coworkers at the bar? What the hell is he doing here! 

“You at a loss for words, sweetheart?” 

As the Alpha approaches him, Izuku is frozen as the taller male’s scent swims through his nose and makes him want to preen in want - which, no, that’s just his stupid secondary gender talking. The only Alpha he truly wanted was matter how nice this man smelt. A large hand swiftly plucks the application he’s holding in his hand out of it, red eyes skimming over it. 

“I thought you…” Izuku is struggling with words as he takes in the Alpha - who’s wearing a similar attire to what he wore yesterday; except a white tank top is complimenting his features, while joggers frame his legs nicely. The Omega’s face heats up when he sees the outline of the Alpha’s prick through the fabric of the pants. “I...something...cinder block?” 

Bakugou soaks in the stuttering from the Omega with pride - only causing Izuku to want to punch him in the jaw even more. The last thing this Alpha needs is an ego boost. 

“I work part-time in construction, part-time here,” The Alpha explains, his cocky grin falling into a mere smirk. “I don’t care too much for the pay, but I love the animals.” 

How could someone like you love anything? Izuku wants to ask, but instead he sighs. “So, um...You’re in charge?” 

“Kind of,” Bakugou says, eyes still skimming over his paperwork. “Izuku, huh? Is Midoriya your given name, or your mates name?” 

“Why does it matter?” 

Crimson eyes meet his, and Izuku can’t help but narrow his eyes. 

“You’re pretty spicy for an Omega, you know that?” 

Izuku gives a mere hmph. “Well, I’m applying for the job,” he explains. “I’ve already handled a Beta who for some reason needed to know all about my sex life, which has nothing to do with the job. Whether or not Midoriya is my mate’s name or my given name has nothing to do with the job, and I’m tired of small minded men treating me differently due to being an Omega.” 

Bakugou narrows his eyes back, crossing his arms and crumbling Izuku’s application in the process. “I was just wondering, considering what we spoke about the other night, you stupid Deku.” 

“What the hell is a Deku?” 

“You,” Bakugou spits, causing Izuku’s cheeks to rise in flames once more. “Now since you can’t handle personal questions and think I have to be all professional since this is a workplace or some crap, I’ll cut the shit. Follow me to my office.” 

Izuku raises one eyebrow as the Alpha turns on his heels and walks away - Kaminari letting out a low whistle as they walk through the doors of the building. 

Turns out his office wasn’ office. Bakugou led him through a hallway and then down a flight of stairs before opening a door and letting sunlight blind the Omega - before two warm paws were landing on the bone of his hips and a sloppy tongue was pressing against his cheek. Caught off guard, the Omega stumbles slightly back before he realizes a golden retriever is smiling up at him - teeth bared happily. 

“These are the dogs,” Bakugou explains, and once the dog clinging onto Izuku lets go, he spots a couple more playing with a tall and thin black haired boy throwing a frisbee. “Since you have no experience, you’d most likely be working with them. I tend to be the...leader, of sorts, when it comes to people wishing to adopt them.” 

The Omega’s heart warms as the dog who jumped on him walks around in two circles before deciding to curl on right on top of Izuku’s feet. “I...I wasn’t expecting this,” 

“I’m sure you weren’t, you shitty Omega,” Bakugou says - causing the smaller male to glare at him. “Sorry, just Omega since you’re all business and no play.” 

“I can…” Izuku fumbles over his words, before settling on the worst thing to say. “I can... play. ” 

Bakugou crosses his arms once more, ticking one blonde eyebrow upwards. “Oh, yeah? You’d be able to hang with people who poke fun at you being an Omega, drink hard liquor after dealing with the shittest of people, and can take hits sometimes?” 

Izuku blinks, mouth opening before closing. “I don’t...I’ve never really been in an environment like that before…” 

“Listen,” Bakugou sighs. “The company will be excited when the figure out an Omega applied for a job, and will want you to join on the Adoption team, which is basically someone who hypes up the animals and gets them sold. You applied for grooming, though, and we need the groomers so you’ll probably start off as that first before the swap you over to the Adoption team. Until then, I’m not gonna lie and tell you what corporate wants me to say - that it’s all rainbows and butterflies and equality, and blah, blah, blah. Right now we’re using people from multiple branches of the building to help out in grooming the animals, which means you’ll be dealing with creeps like that dickwad Tomura, and then dealing with cocky sons of bitches like me. We all act like friends no matter what, and if you can’t fucking handle that then you might as well leave because I know for a fact Tomura is gonna tell you something creepy about the shit he gets up to in bed with his boyfriend, and a lot of people are gonna be hitting on you and I don’t wanna hire a fuckin’ weak willed shitty Omega who can’t take a hit. Okay?” 

Izuku stares at Bakugou as if he’s grown a second head. What type of company is this? 




Turns out those weren’t the only dogs living in the facility. They had around five different places where multiple dogs lingered - and when Bakugou informed Izuku would be coming in every day not only to groom but also to just give all 100 of them attention, he felt like he had died and gone to heaven. He spent a longer time at the animal shelter (which now was looking to be more of an animal mansion ) then at the other places he looked at. 

Bakugou was strict on hiring people that not only knew how to do their job, but knew how to work with the other people he that were already working there - so Izuku started to lighten up a bit and just ignore jokes or questions he found too personal, not allowing his distaste for them show on his face. He even made a joke about how small Bakugou’s dick was to one of the other employees that came in later - his name was Koda. The boy had merely blushed while Bakugou hissed at him, saying something about shitty little nerd Omega’s. 

By the time Izuku found himself being escorted back to the front, Bakugou talking about getting him a background report, his heart dropped a little bit. He hadn’t thought of Todoroki and his situation the entire time he was here, and he actually smiled for once this week. 






Izuku peels his jacket off and hangs it up on the coat rack near the front door, ignoring the scent of smokey trees, rain, and dog food that lingers on it. The dining rooms light is on, the brightness leaking into the living room. Toeing off his shoes and leaving them next to his mates, Izuku walks to the kitchen to find dirty dishes in the sink, along with a pot left alone on the eye of the oven. 

He finds Todoroki in their room - sleeping. 

The Omega gently walks over to the bed and instead of getting in on his side, he sits in the small opening near Todoroki’s hip. A shadow of sadness curls around Izuku as he watches his mate sleep - his chest rising up and down peacefully, one hand shoved underneath the cool side of the pillow. Reaching out, Izuku places his hand over Todoroki’s heart. 

He wanted to tell the man all about his day - inform him he’d be getting a job soon either at the animal shelter or the law agency - and that maybe it would help them a little bit in their home life. Todoroki was always going on about how they need money, and maybe if Izuku was starting to chip in...well maybe Todoroki’s heavy work schedule would lighten a bit. 

Sighing, the Omega lets his hand shift up so it’s cupping his Alpha’s cheek and he bends down to press a soft kiss against sleeping lips. 




Izuku wakes up facing Todoroki’s back, the Alpha’s cheek pressed into his pillow as he scrolls through emails on his phone. The Omega can’t help but remember when they first mated - he’d either wake up with Todoroki stroking his hair while staring at him with fond eyes, or to Todoroki doing something mischevious to spark lazy, I love you and good morning, sex. Now it was like waking up with a stranger. 

“Todo,” Izuku mumbles, reaching out and placing one hand on his mate’s shoulder. 

Todoroki locks his phone and turns over, allowing his Omega to rest his hand on his cheek. “You looked peaceful,” he informed Izuku. “I didn’t wish to bother you.” 

Izuku smiles, face slightly flushing. “I love you,” he says. “Do you have anything important on the agenda today?” 

“Not really, no,” Todoroki grabs Izuku’s hand and presses a kiss to his knuckles. “I was actually thinking we could spend the day together - go out to eat, visit the zoo...anything you want.”

The Omega sits up and grins widely, his green hair bouncing as he does so. “Really?” he asks. “You mean it?” 

“Of course,” Todoroki coos, sitting up and pulling Izuku close so he can kiss his forehead. “I actually have two tickets to go to the ballet tonight, if you want. A coworker gave them to me for free.”

Izuku’s heart soars. “Yes! Yes, oh my god, yes!” 

To any other mate, it’d be odd if their partner acted like it was their first time being asked out - but Todoroki didn’t seem to think too much into why Izuku was so excited. Maybe he just wanted to have something to do that would get him out of the house, Todoroki knew he was currently suffering from a block with his comic books. 

“I’ll get started on breakfast,” Todoroki tells him with a smile. “You go take a shower - you reak.” 

Izuku bites his lip before moving forward and capturing his mate in a soft kiss. There’s a moment of surprise before Todoroki presses back gently. When he pulls away, the Omega can’t help but whisper I love you for the second time that day. 

And if Todoroki doesn’t say it back, well...he was never one that was good with words.