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Crisis: Supergirl Returns

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Kara woke up happier than she had in a while.Alex and Kelly had gotten up before her. She smiled when she smelled bacon instanly she made her way to the table.

"Good morning sunshine." Alwx said with a small yawn as she flipped the pancake in the pan. Kara spotted the playe of cooked bacon and reached over to steal a piece.

"M'rning" Kara let out tiredly as she shoved the piece of bacon in her mouth closing her eyes enjoying the flavor.

Alex set out plates for her and Kara. Kelly had already left for work or she would have made her a plate too.

She filled two mugs with coffee and placed them down smiling as kara basically inhaled half her plate in two bites.

"Kara slow down i just got you back i dont need to loose you to choaking on your food." Alex said with a sigh as Kara grabbed her mug gulping down her coffee.

"S..sorry." Kara said with an embarassed clear of her throat. They continued to eat in silence after that. Finally when the dishes were empty and cleaned Alex gave her sister a serious look.

"So... You need me to go with you to see Lena?" Alex asked. Kara scrunched her brows and shook her head.

" i think ill be okay on my own. Besides you dont need to be taking work off for me." Kara said softly as she took another sip of her coffee. Alex nodded with a thoughtful look.

"This is true... But please dont hesistate if you need me Kara." Alex says as she pulls out a box.

Kara quirks a brow.

"Whats this?"

"I got you a phone yesterday i figured we would need a way to stay in touch now that your back." Alex said as kara opened the box an flipped the phone on.

"Thank you."

Later that day L-corp.

Lena had been exhausted keeping up with the crime in the city that seemingly doubled after universal crises. She was always busy hours of the day spent working on a way to bring Kara back and the night... Well the night was spent cleaning up the criminal population. Alex helped when she could and Lena was grateful for that,but it wasnt enough. A few months after Kara died. She worked on making her supersuit claming the name Emerald as her alter ego. She worked to keep her mind from Kara and she saved the city because Kara wasn't there to be the hero anymore.

She had been so exhausted and delirious after many drunk nights she even began hallucinating the blonde. She spent hours crying, days and weeks even but she knew she would have to push it all aside.

Lena was at her desk flipping through countless emails and project blue prints her entire morning was leaving her secluded,not that she didnt mind it but it was normal she would rather work by herself than surrounded by people the only person she ever paused her work for was gone so she powered on.

After a particularly hard day. Lena passed out at her desk she dreamed of nothing but blue eyes and blonde hair. So when she was pulled from her sleep by a gental hand rcaressing her face she couldnt help but indulge in the feel of contact for a moment before opening her eyes.

"Still the hardest worker ever... Do you never take a break." Kara coos softly as she continues her motion. Lena almost shot up but quickly stopped herself marking it as a very real hallucination. She had even stopped herself from moving or opening her eyes knowing the moment she did the vision would fade to what it really was.... Nothing. So with a soft sigh she induldged in the moment.

After half an hour of her hallucination she decided it was time to pull herself from her thought up paradise.

She opened her eyes abd sat up. Blinking multiple times to try and clear her hallucination from her vison. She groaned before slightly panicking from the emotions that built up. This was real Kara was real and right before her. Without another thought she pulled the blonde to her and buried her face in her neck letting herself weep like she had all that time the woman was dead.

Kara was saddened by what she saw. Lena had missed her and she had fallen apart. She rubbed the CEO's bacl as she made small movements to get them to the couch so they could sit being careful not to break the contact.

Once sat on the couch Kara pulled Lena farther into her body. The action seemed to make the CEO cry harder.

" were dead." Lena sobbed out brokenly her voice slightly muffled from being buried in Kara's neck. She rubbed her hand on Lena's back reassuringly.

"I know. And for all i know i was. But something or someone brought me back." Kara said softky her eyes welling with tears as she took in the broken tone from her best friend. Lena cried for a long time not talking except for broken sentences here and there that barely made sense. Kara did the only thing she could she just comforted her and held her close.

After what seemed like forever Lena fianlly had the courage and strength to pulled back and took at the blonde.

" i...i was so lost with out you.... How do i even know your here that your you?" Lena questioned her rational mind still thinking it was nothing more than a hallucination built on her overwherlming grief. Kara smiled sadly and grabbed Lenas hand first dragging it up to her mouth to kiss the back of the CEO's hand before shifting it down to settle on her chest abover her rapidly beating heart. She stared into brilliant green eyes as she saw the emotion race through Lena with force.

"I am real and i am not going anywhere. I know you feel my heart beat and i can honestly tell you. I havent felt alive since ive been back until now. And thats because im here with you." Kara said with such a softness it made Lena flood with something she couldn't place. Finally with her exhaustion mounting and the stress and relief of kara being back making her feel like mush she cuddled back into Kara her head resting in the crook of Kara's neck. She was tired and now that kara was back she would allow herself to finally sleep. As she clised her eyes and relaxed into kara sleep rapidly in her forveiw Lena sighed.

"Please tell me you will be here when i wake up."

Kara smiled and wrapped her arm around Lena's back placing a kiss on the CEO's head she nodded.

"Im not going anywhere."