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Crisis: Supergirl Returns

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A few months later.

Kara and Lena had basically been living together, dating but without the label they both loved sharing Kara’s bed they both enjoyed waking up entangled in one another. However, they had not yet taken the next step in their relationship teasing and long sensual make out sessions with light groping was about as far as they had ever got. It was slowly building to a bursting point the sexual tension was beyond palpable but the two sustained they both had their own reasons, neither was about to push the other.

Kara had managed to get her freeze breath and heat vision back along with being back to full strength as it came to her literal strength. Kara was so close to having everything back but as the days wear on she starts to get frustrated. Helping people as Supergirl is a big part of her life and who she is. Until she was able to help people and be their hero, she would always feel like less of a person. That brings us to the day that changes that.

Lena had received a distress call earlier in the day some one had been wreaking havoc on national cities computer frame. No one in the DEO knew what it was except for Brainy who instantly called Lena for back up. When Kara spent most of the night with no word from any of her friends she worried and made her way to the DEO. The scene she walked in on made her instantly pale and her heart thump uncontrollably. She was scared many of the DEO agents were unconscious and had obviously been attacked. She frantically made her way through the DEO to her sisters Lab. Alex was unconscious and bleeding Lena, Nia and brainy were busy fighting Indigo someone Kara had though J’onn dealt with so long ago. Apparently, that had not been the case and the older Brainiac version was back and badder than ever.

Lena had managed to pull up an encrypted firewall in the main frame to block indigo from messing with any other systems. Brainy had coded in a virus which pulled Indigo from her non-corporeal data form. From there they had tried to subdue the blue tech alien. But failed as they were still fighting her off Kara made her way to her sister. As Kara reached for Alex Indigo attacked sending Nia into a wall and Brainy through a lab cabinet. Lena launched back cracking the blue Alien to the ground. With a hard thump Indigo crumpled to the floor pulling herself up and smiling wickedly.

“I do not know you Although I must say I am impressed. The last time I was here I dealt with the blonde Kryptonian and the Martian but you. You’re just a regular everyday ordinary human. How is it you are the weakest out of the bunch, yet you are the only one able to actually hurt me?” Indigo asked with a scoff as she stretched. Lena frantically took in her three unconscious team mates her eyes worried but her outer facade cool, calm and calculated. She gave a quick glance to Kara almost as if contemplating something before turning her attention back to Indigo.

“This human is not just ordinary. I am Lena Luthor one of the worlds finest tech geniuses. The reason I can hurt you is because I know your weaknesses. When you took in the virus Brainy inserted into the system it not only pulled you out but gave a very detailed brain scan. I may be human, but I assure you I’m not a person to fuck with.” Lena said with a smile. Her eyes were blazing and her body thrumming with energy as she took another lunge at Indigo. This time however her cockiness got the best of her. She let her guard down and was flung into a lab table. Indigo was on her pulling her up by the back of her neck and extending a finger to morph into a point. Suit or no suit her finger would cut through anything. Lena gulped her eyes wide in fear. Indigo then turned her attention to Kara when Kara stood suddenly.

Kara clinched her fist she wanted to attack and save Lena but without the full range of her powers she wasn’t sure if she could. Lena fidgeted with something in her hand. Indigo was too busy staring Kara down to see Nia pull herself from the ground. Lena motioned for Nia to hold off Nia did as commanded and stayed quiet.

“You have no business being here Non is long sense been locked up and transported halfway around the globe. Why are you here?!” Kara asked her voice filled with rage as she saw Indigo's grip tighten on Lena. With a chuckle Indigo shook her head giving a disgusted look.

“Non was stupid with a one-track mind. He served his usefulness. Her on the other hand. She is valuable and I seek her help in my own endeavors.” Indigo answered as she dug her nail into Lena’s shoulder. Lena groaned out of pain as Indigo’s finger broke through her suit and pierced her skin. Kara felt her body shaking with anger but kept herself rooted in place.

“Let her go. Whatever you have planned ill stop you.” Kara gritted out as she fought herself on attacking. Lena could tell the situation was far from over. She took the small device she had in her hand and tossed it to the ground watching as it slid over to Kara. Indigo saw the device skid across the floor. She hit Lena in the back of her neck knocking her unconscious. Kara took the small distraction and used it to pick the device up from the ground and press the button watching as she was enveloped in a blue and red suit. Kara smirked as her cape and family crest developed on her skin. Indigo smirked and tossed the unconscious CEO over her shoulder.

“You will put her down before I put you down.” Kara gritted out as the suit powered up.
Indigo shook her head and made for the door only to be stopped by Kara with her arms crossed and blocking the door.

“Don’t make me kill her. That would be a shame and then id have to find someone else to do my bidding.” Indigo sneered. Kara simply stared her down hoping for a moment the Alien would give up without a fight.

“Trust me, you don’t want to harm a hair on her head, or I swear to you I will make your life hell.” Kara threatened as she took a step closer to Indigo. Indigo chuckled before she was knocked forward letting her grip on Lena falter as she dropped the CEO to the floor. Nia had taken the opportunity to blast Indigo as she turned her back on her. Kara stepped between the CEO and Indigo the second Lena hit the floor. Indigo gulped hard before she knew what was going on Kara had punched her sending her flying into a few lab computers.

Indigo groaned in pain as she felt cold hard steel and glass crush and bend at the impact of her body. Kara used the suits improved speed to Make it to Indigo only a few seconds after the alien had hit the floor. Kara was on her throwing punch after punch into her abdomen. Indigo had no idea what to do she was panicked as Kara laid into her.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to kill you. I’m just going to hurt you.” Kara scoffed out her anger for finding her friends and family in the situation she had burning at the forefront of her thoughts. Kara let punch after punch fly into any space on Indigo as she could until the Alien had fallen unconscious. Kara huffed as she pulled herself from the Alien. Lena had woken up at some point and managed to program and rig a USB for secure storage and containment of Indigo.


“Good work but I think you may have gone a bit overboard.” Nia said as she patted Kara on the back. Kara shook her head and made her way to Lena.
“Thank you. The suit is perfect and helped so much. I am glad I could save you. How is your shoulder?” Kara asked softly her body relaxed. Lena smiled up and handed Kara the USB.

“I am fine and so is your sister and Brainy everyone else here will come too soon why don’t you and Brainy use that to lock her up while I go and collect everyone for a wellness check.” Lena said as she motioned to the USB then to the area around them. Kara nodded and made her way over to Brainy handing him the device. They made short work of Indigo with a little bit of extra reinforcement by Brainy just as an extra per-caution.

Lena made her way around the DEO giving everyone a clear bill of Health when they were thoroughly examined.

Later that day.

The DEO clean up was quick most of the workers going back to work not even moments after being cleared. The gang made plans for hang out time at Kara’s for later. Kara was so excited to finally have her suit she couldn’t wait to test it out more. Lena was all for running tests on how Kara’s body would react to the suit. Kara trained and pushed her limits with all types of different exercises and tested the max limits to the suit nearly breaking it twice. Lena was worried Kara would go a bit overboard but was happy when she pulled back at the last second sparing her both her sanity and worry the suit would break. Kara however was happy she could use super speed and finally fly again the suit helped her in ways she would never forget. The only time she faltered was when she flew by herself. It felt good but it wasn’t as freeing as it had once been, she hated being stuck in a head to toe concealed suit because it made her feel claustrophobic.

Once all testing was complete, she retired to her apartment with Lena long with times the others would be over.

Knowing she had the suit and most of her abilities back kara gave a content and happy sigh.

"Finally i feel like im completely back".