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unless you want me to

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"I usually prefer a less bloody mode of death," Paul says warily, watching Hugh's graceful hands angle his scalpel, miming his interrogation techniques.

"This isn't for killing someone." Hugh smiles sideways at Paul. "I don't like blood either. Maximum pain, minimum bloodshed."

"I just want troublemakers out of the way. Pain gets in the way," Paul says.

There's a flash of something almost gentle in Hugh's expression before it's replaced by a knowing smirk. "Am I scaring you?" he says, his voice soft and pitched deeper than usual. He places the scalpel on the cart as he takes a few steps closer. Paul’s breath grows shallow.

"No," Paul scoffs indignantly, trying to maintain his composure. "I never liked interrogation though."

"I rather like it," Hugh confesses, taking another step closer. "Or at least, I like being able to elicit exactly the... desired... response from my victim." He's almost purring.

Paul's breath catches in his throat.

Hugh grins at the soft noise, reaching out slowly as he moves within arm's reach, trailing a finger down Paul's cheek. "Perfect," he says as Paul exhales shakily, unable to move, completely enraptured. Is this the seduction before the kill?

Hugh seems to read his thoughts, now standing just centimeters from Paul's body, fixing his gaze with an intense, burning stare, that sly smile making Paul's knees weak. "Don't worry. I don't want to hurt you... unless you want me to."