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            Today was the day. The day of the ultimate confrontation. It would have far-reaching effects stretching for years, possibly even decades into the future. Everything depended on the answer of a single boy. The reveal would shake society to its very core, and the world of Quirks and heroes as they knew it would be undone.

            A low beep went off as a red light began to glow. The signal. It was time. From across the sea of verdant vegetation, eyes of gray and teal burned into eyes of forest green. Dramatic music played in the background. A single step forwards echoed across the endless field. The duo faced off, and heterochromatic eyes narrowed to slits. The time was nigh.

            “Midoriya,” Todoroki Shouto uttered. “Are you All Might’s secret love child?”

            With a sudden silence, the background music cut off with a screech as Ashido Mina dropped her electric guitar.


All Might is Deku’s Father

Reasons why U.A. student Deku/Midoriya Izuku is clearly All Might’s illegitimate child:

  1. Quirks – during the Sports Festival, Deku displayed a Quirk extremely similar to All Might’s. Multiple times, Deku used “Smash” attacks. He also possesses what is clearly an extremely powerful strength Quirk, just like All Might.
  2. Father – Deku’s father has never been seen. His mother, Midoriya Inko, exists, but his father has never been met. Therefore, All Might could be Deku’s father, who has not told the world in order to protect his wife and son.
  3. Relationship – anyone who spends time with both Deku and All Might can easily see that the two of them have a very close mentor-student bond that All Might shares with none of his other students. In fact, this bond is so close that some might even go as far as to call it paternal. All Might even constantly invites Deku to eat lunch with him. Additionally, from the very start of the school year, All Might already had this relationship, meaning that Deku and All Might already knew each other closely before U.A.
  4. Arrival – the same year that All Might comes to teach at U.A., Deku arrives as well. Coincidence? I think not. All Might came so that he could teach his son, and also so that he could be close to him publicly without it seeming weird.

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illegitimight @illegitimight

Deku is All Might’s love child: confirmed! Read more at my Tumblr, which can be found at! Click this link to see the post!

#illegitimight #tumblr #deku #midoriya izuku #all might


nimninnim @niminy

Honestly, don’t people have anything better to do with their time?


nimninnim @niminy

Where is this information even coming from, anyway? While the Quirk section is obvious, and the Sports Festival was nationally televised, some parts aren’t. The bit about the mother is probably available on the Internet somewhere. However, knowing that the kid’s father is missing, while, again, probably on the Internet, would take serious digging into government archives, birth registries, and so forth, and that requires serious stalker-level dedication. Creepy that a random Internet user is looking up everything about this poor kid’s life, isn’t it? The third section is baseless because we don’t know what goes inside U.A., everything we know is all second or third-hand information. Finally, coincidence? I think so.

And think about this first year at U.A., who already has this slander and rumors about him. How does that feel? And how does he feel that people think his mother was unfaithful to the real husband? And that his father isn’t actually his father? Words can hurt, guys, be aware. Cyberbullying is a real thing that happens to people.


fps4win @fpsmaxed0ut

@niminy Also, would All Might really leave his kid and wife/girlfriend just to avoid scandal? I don’t think so, and I agree with all your points.


sourceofalllife @emisart

hey but like idk if any of you consider that maybe @illegitimight is either a student at ua, teacher, janitor, whatever


sourceofalllife @emisart

it would explain where their info on all might and deku came from + wld make it more reliable and accurate bc im psure they if anyone outside of am and d wld be the ones to know


yttrbiuium @yttrk1ddo

You’re all being ridiculous someone’s just being an Internet troll this post doesn’t mean anything it’s not true either just some random student with a strength quirk happened to be coming in the same year that all might comes to teach okay

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            “Izuku,” murmured Shouto in a low voice. “Now that we’re dating, and I’ve already met your mother, isn’t it time for you to introduce your father to me?”

            “…what?” Izuku said. He stops walking and turns to look at Shouto. “My father disappeared, Shouto. No one knows where he went.”

            Patiently, as if speaking to a very small child, he said “No, Izuku, I meant All Might, not ‘Midoriya Hisashi.’”

            Izuku leaned in, large green eyes filled with concern. “Are you feeling all right?”

            Izuku must be still trying to pretend not to know. It was nice how worried he was for his parents because he loved them so much. And Izuku’s love for All Might was clear for all to see, with how close they are, just like father and son. Inko and All Might had to have told Izuku, right?

            “It’s okay, Izuku, you can tell me the truth. We both know that ‘Midoriya Hisashi’ was just a fake alias for All Might so that you and Inko-san wouldn’t be targeted.”

            “Shouto, what on Earth are you talking about?”

            “…Izuku. Did you seriously not know?”

            The green-haired teen sighed and sat down on the sidewalk. Dropping his bag beside him, he reached into and rummaged around for a minute before pulling out his phone. Shouto couldn’t see what his boyfriend was doing, but Izuku swiped and tapped with a look of deep concentration for a minute. Finally, he held up his phone with a sigh, turning it so that Shouto could see.




[Image Description]

The photograph is slightly blurry, out of focus, indicating that either the photographer was a novice or the camera quality was low. A green-haired woman vaguely recognizable as a much younger Midoriya Inko smiles out of the picture, jade eyes crinkled. Her arm is wrapped around a young man with fluffy black hair. He’s laughing at something, staring at something offscreen. With his face crinkled up into a smile, freckles stand out prominently against pale skin. A wisp of stray smoke curls away from the edge of his mouth. In the background, there’s a park bench covered in fallen leaves of red-gold and blossom petals. A partially cut-off group of ducks can be seen waddling behind the pair.





Hey, Bakugou, have you ever met Izuku’s dad?






dekus dad up and left him and auntie inko when we were little

i think we met but i dont remember him

good riddance





I hate to break the news to you, Izuku, but, well.

Your ‘father’ was just an actor being paid by All Might to pretend to be your father so that no one would get suspicious. If no one met your ‘father,’ people would wonder where and who he was. But with the hired actor, your ‘father’ could leave after a few years and no one would find it suspicious, just another single mom raising a kid after the father left them.



Shouto what are you talking about

please don’t tell me this is related to the picture earlier



I really can’t believe All Might didn’t tell you, though…







The truth will out, people

All Might is Izu’s dad

Conspiracy theory: confirmed



whoa really

you're not even using periods

what happened

where is the confirmation



Spill the tea Shouto

What’s happening



I’m about to swarm the Internet. Hurry, we need to take all the possibly applicable URLs, usernames, and emails that could relate to Izuku as All Might’s child.

We need to ensure that we control the flow of information. If we are the only source of information, everyone will look to us first and are more likely to believe us, which will mean that we control the minds of the people.

Also, easily taggable and memorable names look better. Like,‘illegitimight.’ A single salty user who takes an official-looking name could ruin the release, so make sure to grab all the catchy names and anything that could sound important, such as anything with the word ‘official’ attached.



Todoroki you sound so villainous.

People say I’m a villain for my Quirk but if anyone’s a villai nit’s you the hero’s son.



dude yeah you sound super villainous idk what to say

yo shouto but like mina said we need to have solid proof though

even if your villain mojo is kinda cool



I’ve taught him too many bad habits…

Like stealing that last ice cream bar from the box but leaving the box in the freezer for someone else to find

And expect to eat

But in reality, there’s nothing in there besides air and dust

Possibly an empty wrapper



That was you????

How could you I thought we were FRIENDS

It was you all along, wasn’t it



No comment

Shouto may have helped though






shouto as your friend

i tell you

never do that again

who corrupted our pure innocent child




Mina, I agree.

Shouto, whatever you’re thinking, this is a terrible idea.



 ♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆






TO ME???




AllTrueAllAlong @alltrueallalong

[Image Attached]

All Might is Deku’s father. We can no longer deny the evidence.

#alltrueallalong #all might #deku




[Image Description]

            It’s a candid photo, as neither of the subjects seems to notice the camera. The shot itself is tilted and slightly blurry. All Might is smiling down at a green-haired teen, but not just his typical trademark smile, a gentle, almost paternal one. The teen is holding an illegible paper, bawling his eyes out. Underneath, however, he is smiling.




fps4win @fpsmaxedout

Legitimately, where are all these theorists coming from? Two weeks ago, no one’s ever even considered this insane theory, but suddenly all of them come popping out of the woodwork. It's popular too, since there are already 84K likes at the time of commenting.


yttrbiuium @yttrk1ddo

I was originally against this theory but honestly this pic makes me think otherwise??? All might is looking very dadlike here


ilesseaseverything @ethanolethan

@fpsmaxedout I’m actually considering that they’re all the same person? First, all of them, as you said, showed up around the same time, leading me to believe they’re connected. Second, most of them have shown insider knowledge and/or photos of Deku and All Might at U.A. Therefore, either every one of them goes to U.A. in some way or have access to this information. Finally, all of them have very similar syntax and ideas.


listhebestletter @firewatersword

@ethanolethan But there’s at least 20 accounts spread everywhere? What sane person would do that?

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1-MightStand @one-mightstand

All Might had a one-night stand with Midoriya Inko, which lead to the birth of Midoriya Izuku. Midoriya (the younger) was unaware of this until he entered U.A., at which point he simulated his father’s costume in the hopes of gaining All Might’s attention. Deku’s first costume was almost exactly like All Might. Don’t believe me? Look at this photo, and then come back and say it to my face. [Image Attached]




[Image Description]

            Two images have been Photoshopped side-by-side. The first is a picture of All Might, hair tufts sticking straight up and grinning widely. His arm is pumped in the air. The second is a picture of an unknown person in a green costume. The costume has two fake green ears sticking up in the air, almost giving them the appearance of a rabbit. An attached mouthguard imitates All Might’s broad grin.




peerless-airplane-constructed-of-cucumbers @peerlessairplanecucumber

this theory makes the most sense out of them all explains why All Might never openly acknowledged the kid and the photo is pretty convincing


nimninnim @niminy

So now we’re slandering All Might? Do we really believe he would up and leave a woman after sleeping with her? Is this what the world has come to? The Symbol of Peace, Number One Hero, a shining beacon of justice, and yet, we can easily believe he would do that?


nimninnim @niminy

Or maybe we’re all just jaded because the hero system is actually like that. Maybe we would believe it of All Might because Uwabami spends more time modeling than heroing. Maybe we would believe it because U.A. chained up a first year and muzzled them to receive a medal. Maybe we would believe it because Endeavor’s attempts to catch villains have caused millions of yen in property damage. Or maybe we would believe it because Uwabami makes so much money off her modeling that her PR office can easily cover it up and divert attention. Maybe we would believe it because U.A. is considered the top-tier hero school in all of Japan. I don’t want to know what the worst is like. Maybe we would believe it because the Hero Public Safety Commission has never fined or warned Endeavor. What does this say about heroes in Japan?


ilesseaseverything @ethanolethan

Well, based off my earlier theories, this picture is probably a real picture of Deku’s first costume. But really, if he’s anyone’s child, Deku is Miruko’s, not All Might. Deku looks like a rabbit here.

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            Shouto stared at his computer screen. Must… resist… he thought. His hand involuntarily twitched and began to reach towards his mouse. Gritting his teeth, Shouto yanked it back and sat on it. No, he rebuked himself. Izuku is All Might’s child, not Miruko’s. Even if the theory is funny, it doesn’t make any sense, unlike if Izuku was All Might’s son. Then, he had a thought. The ship name. All self-control disappeared and he eagerly began to work.







Shouto, what have you done?

Do you actually believe this is true?

Or did you just make it up because it sounded good?



Big oof

Yaomomo knows all



Wait what’s going on



You don’t know???



Aizawa-sensei was training me to use a capture scarf for the past two hours




hitoshi my child you’ve been holding out on us

cruel and unusual punishment

can you convince him to give me better scores on my tests

or let me turn in homework late





i got a 63% on that last math test ok

deal with it



I doubt it

I would appeal to Yamada-sensei instead






They’re married

And Yamada-sensei is a softie

He’s actually really nice



shinsou hitoshi

how do you know this stuff

is Aizawa-sensei your dad???



so sorry walked in on the tail end of this





Were none of you aware they were married?

Both of them have matching rings.

It’s very sweet, actually.



Yaoyorozu you’re still here?


What did Todoroki do

I can’t believe I forgot about that





All Might and Miruko: Secretly Married or Messily Divorced?

For years, All Might and Miruko have had a relationship, one that culminated in the birth of Midoriya Izuku, a student at U.A. However, are they secretly married, or did they leave each other after Midoriya’s conception? The second theory seems more likely, as Midoriya grew up with an adopted mother. Miruko kept in contact with her son after giving him up for his own safety. However, when Midoriya manifested his father’s Quirk late in life, Miruko sent him to U.A. Upon discovering that he had All Might as a teacher, Midoriya felt great resentment towards his father for leaving his birth mother. In an act of revenge, he based his own costume off a combination of All Might and Miruko’s. He never expected that All Might would figure it out…

Read more

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hurry someone @ our wayward son




Why is his name so ridiculously long



im psure thats spelled incorrectly





There’s too many letters in this


Why is typing on a mobile so hard









f in chat to pay respects













Even you Yaoyorozu???

I hate you all

You act like you’re all so much better than me

Like something about you puts you above me

But in reality you’re not

In the same situation each of you would do the same





that was uncalled for



No, it really wasn’t



Indeed, my good friend



Thank you, Sero



I must agree, Shinsou committed a horrific crime



I hate you all so much



why simply a show of blatant betrayal



FINALLY, someone agrees

Mina 100% betrayed me!



poor mina

stabbed in the back by hitoshi



What, how, Mina, you literally shouted it to the entire class and then proceeded to tell everybody you knew



my trust has been irreparably shattered

i will never be able to trust another again






following such treachery i understand completely



Following such treachery by the Conspirisquad, I understand completely why someone taped the box of ice cream bars

With double-sided clear tape

Inside and outside



the only person who can heal my broken heart now is…



I reached in first

My hand got stuck



Drumroll please!



Then I tried to pull it off with my other hand






Which then also became stuck






Wait have you been here the whole time



The tape was unnaturally strong

Nothing you would find at a general store



Yes, he has.

You know there’s a list of people currently online, right?




i definitely knew that

right guys



Almost like a Quirk was used to make it



pfft no way

if i didnt know how cld you






hmm idk

maybe bc i got a C on that English test












Now, now, children, don’t fight.

After all.

I got a perfect score.




Illegitimight: All Might and One Night?

By Tokuda Taneo

            In the past, you may have known this journalist for my pictures of All Might’s close relationship with Deku, U.A. student. However, some of you may be familiar with the trending tag that’s sweeping the nation: #illegitimight. Variations on this exist, including #one-mightstand and #alltrueallalong as several of the most popular. These three are believed to be some of the original proponents of the theory, with their first posts dating to several months back. No earlier posts than this have been found.

            What is this theory? Several people believe that All Might is Deku’s father, and that Deku is his son, whether illegitimate or legitimate. However, most believe Deku to be illegitimate, as seen in the title of #illegitimight. While at first, many, including myself, were extremely skeptical, evidence began to pile up in the form of photos, videos, and other media. Indeed, many of the originators are believed to be at U.A. in some way based on the location of these images.

            While no one wants to directly accuse All Might of anything like this, conspiracy theorists have been investigating constantly. New evidence, whether manufactured or real, is always appearing on the internet, especially in relation to #illegitimight.

            The following of the theory began to grow, moving from a measly 12 at its lowest point to becoming what it is currently, with 1,258,039 followers of illegitimight @illegitimight. Most believe this user to be the very first, but there are many popular accounts and theories. No one knows who these users are, but if they come out, they would likely gain instant Internet fame. The top five include illegitimight, one-mightstand, alltrueallalong, minimight, and, oddly enough, mightuko.

            At first glance, mightuko seems to be a combination of “Might” and “Deku.” However, it is, instead, a combination of “Might” and “Miruko” stemming from the theory that the two pro heroes had a child, who is Deku…

Read more




            Shouto stared at the news article. It loudly proclaimed “Trending Today” and “Top Ten!” Was he really that popular? One line stood out to him.

            No one knows who these users are, but if they come out, they would likely gain instant Internet fame.

            That was him. They were all him. The top five at least, and he knew that the rest of the Conspirisquad were occupying multiple other popular accounts. If Shouto told the Internet that he was all of these popular accounts…

            …He’s never had fame outside of Endeavor before…




[Video Description]

            The video starts in a low-lit room, camera facing towards a U.A. student hunched in front of a computer. While the student’s face and hair are not visible, one of their arms is cast across the table, signature blue, white, and red easily seen. Suddenly, the student’s head pops up, revealing none other than Todoroki Shouto.

            Is this running?

            [muffled noise]

            Oh, okay.

            He folds his hands neatly in his lap.

            Welcome, to my conspiracy theory channel. Before we start, I’d like to prove my credentials.

            He reaches out and spins the computer to face the camera. There’s multiple tabs open, and the camera zooms in to see the text. Each of the tabs is logged into one of the many accounts associated with the #illegitimight trend, including all of the top ten accounts.

            I was the first one to think of All Might as Iz- Deku’s father. This is my proof.

            His face is perfectly calm, unruffled, and he looks as if he hasn’t just revealed a mind-blowing secret to all of Japan.

            [muffled noise]

            Really? Well, we need to wrap this up, sorry, but subscribe to my channel for more content in the future, and-

            The video cuts out with static everywhere.

[Video End]




#illegitimight Unveiled – Todoroki Shouto


Conspirisquad – Todoroki Shouto

1.4M subscribers