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The sun was shining bright in the afternoon one day at Cross Academy. The Day Class was busy with the work their professor was providing them, and the Night Class were just beginning to wake up. Unbeknownst to either, a black car made its way down the road and slowed as it reached the front gates. Coming to a stop, the sleek ebony of the doors glossed over as one opened. Four figures, all whom were hidden in black cloaks, stepped out and surveyed the area. Once they saw that the coast was clear, one of the tallest figures - their statuesque and slim build indicating they were female - curved her hand. A haze of pale indigo-blue conjured around the beings, covering the radius of her and her comrades' bodies in a dome-like form. The other taller figure turned to the limo and extended a hand towards the opened door. A pale hand reached out from the car and grasped it carefully, bringing an arm and subsequent body, out with it. Unlike the others, this figure was much smaller, their silhouette covered in a pristine white cloak tied and embroidered in gold.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" The soft-spoken, feminine voice at the figure's left asked. A lightly sun-kissed hand fell upon their shoulder. The white hood averted their attention downward, the person hiding behind it in deep thought.

"You can never go back to the shadows," a stronger voice - the female who created the haze - claimed. "You're very existence could divide society. The Senate will-"

The one holding the tiny figure cut them off. "She knows the repercussions of what will happen." This voice was more masculine, yet mild despite the tone he used. "She's a lot smarter than you think. After all, you taught her everything she knows."

The last figure stepped over to the female and grabbed her other shaky hand. "Are you ready?"

The white figure looked up. She had no reservations and no cold feet about this. She spent a decade out of the public's eye, and she was tired out of living in the shadows. She wanted to interact with others, humans and vampires alike. She wanted to learn about history, learn more about herself and about the world. She even wanted to see him again. She just wanted a normal life. Well, as normal as a vampire could get.



It didn't take long for the five figures to get past the gates, nor did they have any major issues getting to the main building. As they found the headmaster's office, a man stepped into their path as they reached the door. He looked to be in his thirties, tall with outlines of musculature beneath his layers of clothing. A cowboy hat sat upon his head of long, wavy black hair, which partially covered the scar and metallic eye patch on the right side of his face. His one visible eye was a cold icy blue.

"Who the hell are you?" The man asked. His eyes seemed focused on the white patch surrounded by black. The masculine figure tightened his grip on her hand.

The tall female stood forward, just barely missing her own haze. "We request a word with Headmaster Kaien Cross. Let us pass, hunter."

He gritted his teeth, the cigarette in his mouth nearly breaking in half. "It's Yagari Toga to you, missy. Again, who the hell are you?"

"Let us through, dude! We don't have time for this!" The small black figure bellowed. All of the metalwork in the room began to frost over, threatening to freeze and make them brittle enough to shatter.

Yagari reached for his gun, removing it from its holster as the haze got thicker and darker until it was near opaque. The sounds of weapons drawn added to his confused and hostile state. He tried to distinguish the white cloak from behind the blue, but it seemed the more he tried the more trouble he had. Glaring at the barely discernible figures, the hunter prepared to take aim.

But before anyone could try anything, the door behind Yagari opened and Kaien Cross popped his head out. "Yagari? What's going on?"

A stunned silence filled the air, the tension it created so thick you could cut into it with a knife. The white hood, seemingly unaffected by the confrontation, rested her hand on the front figure's arm. A deep breathe could be heard before most of the indigo started to fade back to its initial baby blue.

"Are you Headmaster Kaien Cross?"

The blonde's confused gaze brightened with glee. "Oh! You must be our new student. I'm so sorry for Yagari. He can be a grouch. Please, come in! Come in!" Noticing his lingering gaze, the white hood politely nodded at Yagari as her companions ignored the hunter and led her into the room. Closing the door behind everyone who entered (both hunters included), Kaien crossed over the room to witness three of the black-hoboth beings unveiled their faces.

The tall female who conjured the haze was an aristocrat. She looked twenty-one at the most, rich brown hair partially pulled back in a tight bun as the rest falling in a chestnut river that framed her slim physique. Her sharp indigo eyes glowed against the pale glow of her skin, matching the deep blue in her ensemble. The teenaged aristocrat who blasted Yagari was almost as small as the white hood with long, wavy golden hair that was tidy on top and messy on bottom. Her peach-toned fair skin paled in comparison to her scarlet clothes and eyes, like the warmth in them were enough to ignite flames around them. The last one, a young lady of average height, was absolutely lovely. Pretty enough to be an aristocrat, if not a pureblood. Her bronze hair curled at the tips as the little wavelets fell to her waist despite the intricate braids around the sides of her head. Their vivid metallic color gave an almost sun-kissed glow to her light complexion. Her periwinkle eyes complimented the pastels of her dress. She was a definite eye-catcher.

Yagari looked stunned at the vampires, confused as to how nobody - not even Kaien - informed him about this. Just as he was about to question them, Kaien said. "My, what lovely ladies you are! Will you be staying with your mistress throughout her stay?"

The brunette nodded. "Yes. It is imperative that we remain with our mistress to ensure her well-being, health and safety. We have raised her most of her life, and we don't plan to stop anytime soon." The other women agreed.

Kaien smiled, grateful for their efforts in protecting such a precious being. "And the young man?"

"I gave him a new life," the cloaked female claimed. Her sweet voice made Kaien's heart skip a beat. "He is one of my best friends, and he protects me. I will take care of him and keep him out of trouble, sir."

Yagari furrowed his brows at that. What did this thing mean? Gave him a new life? She'll take care of him? His eyes grew wide as he realized, bolting up to end the male's life when the female placed herself in front of him. The other females moved to shield her.

"Mr. Toga, I can assure you that my companions and I have everything under control. Mizuki is no danger to anyone. He is not descending and he never will. I have cared for him since I found him. I don't intend to stop now."

He snorted. "We'll see. I'll probably be the one to put him down." The scarred hunter could sworn he heard a hiss from the woman.

Kaien, on the other hand, couldn't find the words to express his shock and joy. Never before has he ever met another person with so much care towards someone like this young man. The brunette decided to inform him about the male and his status before their arrival, so it wasn't unexpected that he would be coming. He did wonder what the society would think, though. This wasn't a common occurrence. Questions would be asked and explanations demanded.

This girl. If memory serves him right, her lineage was open-minded and considerate. It was only right that she would inherit such attributes. He should have known a person like her would carry such strong morals and opinions of whom her kind saw as lesser beings.

"So, his name is Mizuki. Such an adorable name!" A stiff nod came from the male in question. He must be uncomfortable about the situation. Taking note, Kaien looked to the three vampires. "May I ask for yours?"

The brunette bowed. "My name is Fumi. It's nice to finally meet you. This is Aurora." The bronze-haired one curtsied in a subtle manner. "And -"

"I'm Naomi. Things are about to get a lot more interesting around here!"

Fumi scolded the blonde for her words, adding a very firm smack to the head for good measure. Kaien couldn't help but laugh at the banter as she and Naomi argued. Oh how nostalgic. Even Yagari and Aurora tried to hide their laughs behind a grimace and shake to the head. The hunters noticed the silence of the last two figures. They were looking over one another for injuries, standing close enough to reveal the strong connection between them.

"May we see you now, little one?" Kaien inquired. His one request caught everyone's attention again.

With a polite nod, the final female pulled her ivory hood down and met Kaien's gaze. The bespectacled blonde thought his heart would stop at the sight of the teen before him. He thought Aurora was beautiful, but this girl... This young lady was breathtaking. She was even prettier than most purebloods. Her heritage served her well.

"I-I... You are just the cutest thing I've ever seen!" He squealed. The hug he pulled her into was a a bit overwhelming, but nothing she couldn't handle. It was his strong grip that would take some getting used to. Giggling, she returned the loving gesture.

"Thank you, Mr. Cross."

He pulled away, a cheery smile on his lips. "Oh, please! Call me Headmaster or, better yet, Daddy!"

The rest of the room stiffened and winced at the implication. The young woman before him froze before cocking her head to the side. It wasn't that the words unnerved her. It was more confusion than anything else. Realizing his overly eccentric mistake, Kaien shook his head frantically. "My apologies! I didn't mean-"

A bell-like giggle escaped. "It's okay. I understand the excitement of meeting a potential new friend," she shrugged off. She was excited herself when she met Naomi.

"Friend?" Yagari scoffed. Her kind being friends with a hunter? Yeah, right.

"I would love to be friends!" Kaien cheered, ignoring his comrade. He seemed oblivious to the bewildered reactions of everyone around them. "I will help you with anything you need. Just ask!"

She smiled. "Thank you, Headmaster. I'll keep that in mind."

Yagari made a statement of clearing his throat, earning a glare from Fumi and Naomi. Kaien, remembering the situation, straightened up into his more stern demeanor.

"So, you will be enrolled in the Night Class, I presume?"

Fumi went to stand beside her mistress. "She will, sir. She is of the most elite. It is only right for her to be with her own kind, since all she's grown up with is us, the servants, and normal humans."

Kaien nodded and maintained a professional composure as he helped Fumi organize a schedule and explained the rules and ways of the Academy. The uniform the teen will adorn was handed to Aurora to handle until crossover, and her supplies and belongings were provided in a bag given to her as well as in her dorm. Kaien watched as the pale being accepted everything in a very polite and gentle manner. He would do everything in his power to ensure this girl was well taken care of.

Watching all of them leave with Yagari right behind them, the Headmaster couldn't help but let his mind wander. This young girl - her entire existence - could change everything. He knew what happened in her past, so it astounded him how she didn't seem to show any severe reaction to his earlier words. It was as if she were almost completely in the dark. Did she not remember what happened that night? If that was the case, he would have to tread lightly with those already aware of the truth behind the tragedy. He didn't want to destroy the poor girl by letting her learn all of the horrific details. It would break her sweet little heart.

He then recalled the president of the moon dorms, and how he would react to his new classmate. "Someone is going to be very surprised that you're still here..."

He smiled, hopeful for the reunion starting to form in his head.


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The sun had finally passed after crossover, and the Day Class started to go back into their dorms. The Night Class were settling into their seats, most of the noble vampires surrounding the two purebloods in the room. Takuma looked over as his dorm president talked in hushed tones to his recently-awakened sister. Yuki Cross had asked Kaname Kuran to turn her into a vampire back at a soirée in town, and everyone knew their prince wouldn't refuse her request. So, the human girl was bit and changed. However, she didn't become a Level E like that hunter under the name of Kiryu. Instead, the brunette turned out to be Yuki Kuran, the only daughter of Haruka and Juri Kuran, and the sister of Kaname Kuran. The pureblood's circle of aristocrats were all ready to question Headmaster Cross about this discovery, but the chestnut-haired male threatened them if they tried. So, the group left things be and Yuki was hesitantly transferred to the Night Class. She no longer lived with Kaien, at Kaname's request. Now, she stayed by her brother's side and stood nearby during crossovers. She didn't like giving Artemis up though, but the first time holding it hurt her and Kaname refused to take any chances.

It wasn't all bad, though. Yuki couldn't help but be relieved that she wasn't just some ordinary human who wasn't worthy of respect or Kaname's affections. She missed her parents dearly, and felt guilt over being an indirect reason for their departure from the world. But Kaname was by her side, and he never made her feel bad about anything. He loved her, and she loved him. Now, they didn't have to worry about the public and what the Senate thought of them. Nothing could force them apart.

Unfortunately, Kaname was still on the fence about her early awakening. The Senate were now aware of his beloved sister's existence, and were already making proposals that could manipulate her. This was what he was afraid of. Well, that and himHe was definitely an issue that needed to be dealt with.

The more he thought about everything, he remembered something strange from when he woke up earlier. A crowd of fragnances from potpourri, frozen fruit, and syrup to a mix of musk and firestone. Then, he swore he could smell something else. It was very brief and subtle, but different. Like flowers, or something soft and sweet. It was hard to pinpoint, as it came as soon as it passed. Kaname thought that would be the end of it. But he was wrong. Something in the back of his mind kept nagging at him, telling him to investigate. To speak with Kaien, Takuma, someone. That was so confusing to him. Why was he giving it a second thought?

He swore if he closed his eyes, he could see flashes of hair. Long, wavy tresses that felt like blush-tone silk around pale fingers. The way they bounced around their owner's form, framing a small heart-shaped face. Gemstone eyes glittered happily as they gaze upon the birds in the trees, the sun in the sky, and the flower buds that began to bloom. A marvel to behold.

Kaname blinked the images away and sighed. That time seemed so long ago. And her...


The pureblood turned to his sister who now sat next to him. She was lovely as always. Her hair was combed thoroughly with a few pieces pulled back and out of her face, her chocolate eyes revealing more red than when she was still a human. The Night Class uniform fit her well, matching the red and silver rose hair clips in her head. Her silver bracelet from Kaien no longer adorned her wrist, instead wearing a platinum one given to her by the Senate as a welcoming gift.

Yuki surprisingly wasn't as worried about the Senate's influence in her life. She allowed her beloved brother to take control of those situations. Well, all but one: their potential betrothal. She was more than happy to marry her pureblood brother. The mere thought of them being together forever was a heartwarming dream. She had to wait until after they graduated, though. At least they'll be beloved monarchs like their parents and their grandparents.

"Is something wrong?" She asked. What could have her brother so troubled?

Before Kaname could answer, Yagari stomped in with a grimace. His cold, harsh aura was seemingly worse than usual. Some of the Night Class students braced themselves for threats against them or their pureblood superiors. Others like Hanabusa and Ruka nearly stood and raced towards the Kuran siblings, ready to protect them.

"Alright, vampires! Sit your asses down and shut up!" Yagari bellowed. He was still very irritated by Kaien neglecting to tell him about the new arrivals. The Hunters Association would have his ass when they found out another lost pureblood lived.

All of the vampires tensed at the tone the hunter used. Yuki froze in fear. He was worse than any teacher she's ever had. Kaname narrowed his eyes in firm distaste, but kept a humble smile. "A pleasant night, isn't it sensei?"

Members of the Kuran's circle snickered around them, even Yuki who tried to turn away in bashfulness. Yagari shook his head before remembering Kaien's words from earlier. His icy blue orbs met Kaname's garnet-colored ones and smirked cockily. "Oh, I think it will be quite something."

The brunette was confused and - dare he say it - almost at a loss, but his pride kept him from visibly showing it. Whatever this hunter meant was probably nothing to worry about. Right?

Yagari stood behind the desk, face showing a mischievous evil that unsettled all of the students. "You have a new student. Be sure to give 'em a nice, warm welcome, you little beasts."

It was then that the door to the classroom opened, grabbing everyone's attention in the process. A trio of women entered the room, all lovely as vampires were - one brunette, one a redhead, the last a blonde. A fog of powder blue came in behind them, familiar to the teacher but not his students. Kaname, as if by instinct, set his sights upon the hazy figure. Whoever they were, they were smaller than Yuki in their white cloak. Considering the way the blue-eyed female (who reminded him of one from the past) looked at them, it seemed the figure was constantly protected. Especiallly when he couldn't catch their scent.

He could easily connect the scents of before to the trio; the blonde smelled of frozen fruit despite the fire in her eyes, the brunette's aroma was of a thick and smooth syrup, and the redhead was a subtle but lovely potpourri. The only one missing was the musk with firestone.

The trio assembled themselves behind the cloaked silheoutte in a protective assembly, ready to jump into action if they saw any sign of danger to their mistress. "If I may ask, who are you?"

The hooded being looked towards the Kuran male who asked, a flash of soft blush that exited the cloak bringing back the nostalgia. She stared up at him for a few moments before glancing down. She looked in the direction of Fumi, who nodded politely before twisting her hand. The fog disappeared, exposing the definition of her species. Sharp intakes of breathe came as the realization hit.

"What is this?" Ruka demanded.

"Another pureblood?" Hanabusa bellowed in disbelief.

The hooded female nodded in response. Her subtle fragrance was of sugar and petals. Like candied violets, roses, or other flora. Not too weak, yet not too strong. A perfect balance.

"That scent..." Takuma said. He looked over at Kaname, who now stood staring at the white cloak with astonished eyes.

'This... It can't be.'

Two small hands rose up from the cloak, grasping the hood as Aurora reached around and held onto the gold tie keeping it together. With a count of three, the tie was pulled loose and the hood fell into the bronze-haired girl's arms.

Everyone gasped.

The pureblood female standing before them was around Yuki's age, though her slim and petite figure was slightly wider at the hips and her breasts were somewhat larger than what was usually seen at Cross Academy. Her snowy complexion was flawless and smooth against the thick frames of wavy, baby pink hair that curled at the tips. Her eyes - a rich ruby-pink hue - were set inside a heart-shaped face with thick, dark lashes and a light flush of pink rushed to her lips and cheeks. The Night Class uniform fit her figure like a glove, a gold chain peeking from under her ebony dress shirt. She was a sight to behold

The teenager gave a caring smile. "It's nice to finally meet you all. I hope we can all get along and become friends." With that, she made her way up to where the Kurans were and stood with the male.

Kaname couldn't believe his eyes. How was this possible? Flashes of innocent, cheery smiles with round cheeks. Of soft, bubblegum-colored hair and wide eyes. A tiny body that sat like a cherub in his arms. This girl looked exactly like her.

The pink-haired pureblood bent into a curtsy. "It's been a decade since we last spoke. I'm glad to finally be here, and it's an honor to see you again, Kaname-sama."

Ten years. That's how long Yuki was human. It was how long their parents had been dead. How long he was subdued. Ten years of pain, believing she was gone, ruined and lost with the others.