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Clingy and Needy

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(Semi aged up idiots. So, adults pretty much.)

Hitoshi and  Katsuki 




Katsuki loved the way Hitoshi melted into his touch. Maybe it was because of how touch starved Hitoshi was as a child, something Katsuki wished he could have helped with earlier on, but Hitoshi practically clings to him like a koala. It's cute, unlike koalas, those are weird.

It was morning in Katsuki's house when Katsuki came to this realization on how much he loved it. He was laying down on his bed with Hitoshi, both on their sides when he cupped his cheek. The purple-headed boy leaned into the hand, making a small noise in his throat that resembled purring. Cute. "Toshi, you're purring." Hitoshi opens his eyes slightly, his eyes half-lidded, his hair a mess even in a bun. Katsuki loved Hitoshi's hair, the way it stuck to his face, clinging for dear life. The strands stuck to the purple-headed boy's cheeks, giving them small kisses, as if they were adding to the light array of freckles on Hitoshi's cheeks. Katsuki would kiss every freckle if he could. "Hm." Hitoshi hummed, his purple irises shining slightly because of the light from the window nearby, opened just enough for Katsuki to see the boy's face. "I wan' you... kiss please?" Hitoshi wrapped his arms around Katsuki's neck slightly, his forehead up against Katsuki's, his eyes pleading.

"I don't know, Toshi, it’s pretty early, shithead. Do you even deserve it?" He asked teasingly. Hitoshi pouted softly, burying his face in the crook of Katsuki's neck. "Yeah, I do," Hitoshi responded, his smile hidden. Katsuki huffs before pushing Hitoshi slightly off him, to face the boy. He started to peck the other boy's freckles, hearing Hitoshi chuckle as his face took on a nice shade of reddish-orange. "Your right, you do. You're fucking perfect.." Katsuki murmured against the other's cheeks. He pulled Hitoshi close and kissed him lovingly, wrapping his arms around Hitoshi's waist. The purple-headed boy's hands went up to the ash-blond's hair, wringing his fingers through the hair. He tugged slightly on the ash-blond’s hair when the kiss became rougher, smiling slightly into the kiss.

"Nuh Uh, Hitoshi," Katsuki warned, pulling away from the kiss. Hitoshi always got nippy and clingy in the morning. Usually, Katsuki would argue and curse at Toshi, telling him that they have to get ready for work, or that they have to brush their teeth first, or that they smell, etc. Right now, however, he just wanted to tease Toshi to no end.

Hitoshi whined, a small frown on his face. Katsuki couldn't say no to that face, he realized. He sat up and straddled Hitoshi, his hands on either side of the boy under him. Those purple eyes looked up at him, somewhat pleadingly, making Katsuki crave him even more. He leaned down slightly, his forearms laying near Hitoshi's head. "You said you wanted me, Toshi?" Katsuki asked softly, watching as Hitoshi stared at him in want. Hitoshi nodded, his cheeks deepening in color. Katsuki couldn't help how adorable his boyfriend was. He closed the gap between them again, exploring Hitoshi's mouth as the other moaned. The other boy's arms went up to Katsuki's neck, Hitoshi wrapping them around, pulling Katsuki in. The ash-blond's hands went up to Hitoshi's hair, the purple strands of hair flowing through his fingers. Katsuki couldn't help but smile into the kiss at the fact that Hitoshi was all his, it made his heart pound.

Katsuki's hands started to roam the other's body until they reached his thighs. He pinched them, earning a small squeak from Hitoshi, something completely out of character for him. Katsuki liked it. He squeezed Hitoshi's thighs with his hands before starting to pull Hitoshi's shorts off. Another thing about the boy, he never seemed to get cold, wearing whatever clothing he felt suited him at the time. It was hard to care for someone who cared so little about the weather. Katsuki could recall the time Hitoshi walked into the house, soaked and uncaring, not even wanting to shower, only caring for napping on the couch. The incident ended with Hitoshi having a cold, much to both of the boys’ displeasure.

Katsuki pulled the pants down, sitting up, watching Hitoshi intently. He took two fingers and brought them to the other's mouth, Toshi already knowing what to do. Hitoshi started to slowly suck the fingers as Katsuki grabbed the lube and condoms from the nightstand. He pulled the fingers away and put some of the lube on them, rubbing to make it warmer. Katsuki doesn't like doing this in the morning, makes too much of a mess in his opinion, but there are times like this morning where he just wants Hitoshi in every and any way possible.

He inserts a finger in Hitoshi's hole, earning a grunt and a small squirm, the other gripping a pillow. He waits a moment before inserting two and pumping them in and out, kissing Hitoshi on the lips, swallowing his moans and whimpers. The other boy arches his back involuntarily, his hands clutching the pillow. Katsuki pulls away from the kiss and starts to nip at Hitoshi's neck, keeping a consistent pace. "K-Katsuki... please?" The ash-blond looks at the purple eyes of his boyfriend and drowns in the other's pleasure. He adds another finger, curling them, looking for Toshi's prostate. After a moment, Hitoshi moans loudly, panting, practically chanting Katsuki's name as his back arches again. He grips the bedsheets, the pillow he once had forgotten on the floor. Katsuki pulls his fingers out of Hitoshi, earning a strangled whine as the other tries to gather his breath.

"Aw, you want more Toshi?" Katsuki lifts Hitoshi's shirt as he says this, flicking his nipples, smirking at Toshi's expression, his lips puffy and abused from biting them to stifle his moans. Flush covers Hitoshi from his face to his ears to his chest, as his chest heaves from his panting. "Katsuki..." he whimpers, turning away in embarrassment. Katsuki hums and starts to lick, nip, and suck at Hitoshi's nipples, drawing loud moans from the purple-headed boy. He stopped with a pop and moved up to Hitoshi's face, kissing his forehead softly. "Stop teasing!" Hitoshi gasps as he brings his hand towards Katsuki's waistline. Katsuki chuckles slightly, letting his boyfriend unbuckle his pants. He gently grabs the other boy's wrist and pins it down above Toshi's head once his pants are taken off. He then pulls his trousers off and lines up with Hitoshi's hole, letting go of the wrist.

Katsuki takes the lube and slicks himself, smirking at Hitoshi, who looks ready to collapse. Once done, he grabs the purple-head's hips and then enters slowly. In return, he gets a whimper and small squirms from the boy under him. He makes sure Hitoshi's ok before thrusting into the boy at a steady pace, smirking at the amount of moans he can draw out of the other. He tenderly kisses and nips at the boy's neck while Hitoshi practically claws at his back. The ash-blond bites down on the other boy's shoulder area, earning a muffled moan. "I want you scream my name, Toshi." Then, with no warning, he thrusts hard into Hitoshi repeatedly, wanting to see the moment he breaks down. "K-Katsuki!" Hitoshi shrieks as he cums over their chests, heaving hard. Katsuki continues to thrust until he comes too with a groan before getting up and laying down next to his boyfriend.

"You do realize it's only morning, right Toshi?"

"Mmngh, why do I make such dumb decisions?..."

"I think either is fine until you start limping around the house like a wounded puppy, shithead."

"Shuddap, you find it fucking ‘hilarious’ when I do that."