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under the Stars

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katsuki was on a hill, the grass up to his knees with the stars looming over him. he sat down, surrounded by a sea of grass and flowers, his breathing silent as he gazed up.


peaceful. calming. so serene.


the crickets sounded like they were lulling him to sleep. playing a tune so faint yet vivid to the teenager's ears. his crimson eyes half-lidded, his chin tilted up as he examined the sky.


a relaxed and quiet sigh left his lips as he allowed himself to fall into the field on his back. 


then he heard it.


a russling that made him abruplty sit back up. alert crimson eyes meeting tired, dark-rimmed lavender ones. neither saying a word as they continued gazing over one another.


the stranger's face seemed familiar, but katsuki didn't know where he'd seen it. his skin was pale, dark eyebags under his eyes, his body was average, his indigo hair wild as it stood up in all directions. 


a deep voice halted his thoughts, "bakugou katsuki, correct?" ah, he knew his name.. "who's asking?" he asked back, not as much bite in his tone, but it still held its fire.


"why you here so late, huh?" he seemed to dodge the question. katsuki furrowed his brows and growled out, "answer my damn question, eyebags!" it wasn't as loud or as snappy as usual but he blamed that on his tiredness.


the other only seemed to roll his eyes before replying, "shinsou." he paused. "shinsou hitoshi."


the content look in katsuki's sharp eyes had hitoshi staring. 


they didn't speak after that. had only sat across from the other, watching as katsuki turned to lie back down into the grass. hitoshi did the same, a confortable silence remained between the two teenagers.


the presence of the other radiated some sort of heat. a heat that dared coax the blonde to sleep. a heat that seemed to put him at ease.





the loud blaring of his alarm clock woke him abruptly. sittin up in his sheets, his wild hair messy, his features dishelved and his voice groggy.


damn, what a dream that fucking was..