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Dreaming about you

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Aizawa shifts underneath the other, his legs around the blonde’s hips and arches his back when the other grinds down against him.

“H-Hizashi...” He pants, feeling the other man running his hand down his hip in a gentle stroke. His mind feels hazy when they kiss and leans up into it, eager to run his tongue against his lip; He break it with a kiss and stares up at the beautiful man, reaching up to press his hand against his cheek. “Please...”

The blonde’s smile makes his heart skip a beat.

“So eager, aren’t you?” Yamada asks in a teasing tone, hooking his leg further up his hip. “You look so good like this, Eraser. You’re coming apart so nicely beneath me; I just want to fuck you so bad and get those pretty sounds out of you, can you do that for me?”

Aizawa would do anything for him, he whines and presses himself up against him desperately.

“I need you, Zashi.”

~ ❀ ~

Aizawa wakes up with gasp, covered in sweats and sit up in his bed; He’s alone in his room and the AC chills his heated skin.

It was just a dream, a very vivid one.

He pants, looking down to see his erection bulging beneath his boxers and runs a hand through his damp hair. His cat perks her head up from the end of the bed to stare at him, standing up and wanders towards him.

Aizawa pets up along her back, glancing towards the photo of him and his best friend on his nightstand.

It’s the fifth time this week he’s had some sort of lucid dream of Yamada and each time he would wake up flustered and disappointed that he was alone in his apartment.

He supposes he should get up and take a shower, a cold one and get ready for the day.

~ ❀ ~

Aizawa hands out simple work sheets for his students to work on while he crawls into his sleeping bag to nap, his head is still preoccupied from his dream this morning, he just wants to take his mind off of it but it didn’t help that the moment he walked into the school, his best friend and crush since school walked up to him and wrap his arm around his neck with a cheerful greeting.

And it’s not Yamada’s fault for his sexual frustration towards him, he’s always been a touchy-feely person towards him, even when they were kids but it didn’t exactly help with his feelings towards the loud man.

Aizawa would bluntly pull his arm away from him and greet him too but then Yamada would start rambling about all these songs he heard and how excited he was to play them on the show, about his listeners and Aizawa couldn’t help but to listen in awe. The way he smiled when he talked about these things always made him happy for the man.

He’s so passionate about his fans and love talking with them, Aizawa could listen to his show for hours to hear how Yamada talked to his fans about their opinions and hobbies.

He’s a truly charismatic man, the absolute opposite of who he was as a person but he couldn’t help but feel a lot happier around his chipper friend.

He settles into his sleeping bag to doze off a bit.

“Aizawa?” It’s a familiar voice, soothing and makes his heart flutter. Aizawa hums in reply, feeling a hand brush against his hair. “Aizawa.”

He wants to lean into that lingering touch.

“Hey, wake up man.” Aizawa’s eyes snap open and is met with green eyes staring back at him. “Class is over.”

Yamada chuckles, shrugging his shoulders. “Though I don’t mind if you want to continue sleeping, I can just teach around you; you’ve seem more tired lately.”

Because you’re always plaguing my dreams.

“I should head the lounge.” Aizawa shakes his head, unzipping his sleeping bag. “And mark those papers.”

“Alright but you get some rest though!” Yamada chuckles, helping him to his feet. “Can’t have you feeling dead on your feet, yeah?”

“Yeah, I’ll take a short nap afterwards.” He yawns and gathers the sheets off the desk.

“Hey, want to eat lunch together?” Yamada asks, peering around him to meet his eyes. “A fan recommended a recipe last night so I cooked some to give it a try, you can have some too.”

“We always eat lunch together.” Aizawa points out, watching the blonde smile and pat his back.

“Alright, I’ll see you then; Give me your honest opinion.” Yamada says as he leaves the room so the blonde could start English.

Maybe he should start touching Yamada more often, would it be too weird? He’d like to rest his hand on his back or loop his arm around his, letting his foot brush against his leg or run his hand through what he could guess would be soft hair.

Yeah, it would be weird.

“Someone looks glum.” He hears and lifts his head to see Nemuri walking beside him. “And tired, have you been sleeping well?”

“Not really, no.”

“Nightmares again?” Nemuri asks worriedly.

“No, I haven’t had any nightmares.” Aizawa replies and feels her hand on his shoulder.

“Want to talk about it?” He’s sure Nemuri is the last person he would want to tell about having sexual dreams about his best friend but...honestly she might be the only person he could talk to about that sort of thing.

“Could we talk about private?” He asks hesitantly and surprisingly she just nods without any further questions.

~ ❀ ~

“So you’ve been having sex dreams about a friend and these dreams are keeping you up at night?” Nemuri relates and Aizawa just nods. “Because you feel guilty or feel overwhelmed?”

“Kind of both, I suppose.” Aizawa says, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’ve been having them more often lately.”

“Who is it?” She asks and he should have known she was going to want to know who he’s been dreaming about. “Is it me? I won’t be mad if it is.”

“No, it’s not you.” He huffs as she makes a offend noise. “But I do like them...”

“Why don’t you tell them that?” Nemuri playfully nudges him with her elbow. “Then you could have the real thing.”

Aizawa rolls his eyes at her.

“I’m not sure if they feel that way towards me.” Aizawa says. “I know they’re bi but they never showed any feelings towards me other than just being a friend.”

“Bi? Oh, it’s Mic, isn’t it?” Nemuri says, watching his eyes widen for a brief moment before hiding his flushed face behind his capture gear. “It is! Oh my gosh, you’ve been having wet dreams about your best friend?!”

“Nemuri, lower your voice please?” Aizawa says, moving to get up. “Don’t need you announcing my business to the entire school.”

“You should tell him-“

“That I’ve been dreaming about us having sex?”

“No, stupid.” Nemuri pulls him back down on the couch and wraps her arms around him in a tight hug. “That you like him.”

“I don’t think that’s possible.”

“What? Why? You two are so close-“

“That’s the point, I don’t want to make things awkward between us and ruin the relationship we already have.” Aizawa mutters, untangling himself from her arms.

“Don’t be that ‘he obviously doesn’t like me so I won’t say anything and bottle all my emotions up’ type of guy.” Nemuri pouts, holding him by his waist as he struggles to get free. “That’s so cliche and unhealthy!”

“It’s not worth ruining a lifetime friendship over.” Aizawa argues, wiggling his way out of her arms.

“Come on, I didn’t hide my feelings from Thirteen; I told them right away that I liked them.” Nemuri frowns as he fixes his outfit and brushes his hair over his shoulder.

“Well, I’m not you.” He mutters, Midnight is a attractive woman and any person would be very lucky for her to be attracted to them.

“Come on, Eraser; Don’t do this to yourself.” She says, leaning on the couch towards him. “Mic is pretty reasonable, I’m sure if he doesn’t like you like that, it wouldn’t ruin your friendship.”

Aizawa shakes his head, rubbing his eyes as he walks over to his desk work on his papers, feeling her eyes on him the whole time.

Probably wasn’t the best to tell her, he honestly hopes he doesn’t regret it.

A few minutes later Yamada comes in, yawning into his hand as he settles down at his desk, not even noticing the tension in the room and sits at his desk.

Nemuri eyes Aizawa until he meets her stare and she motions to their friend, wanting him to say something to him but he turns back around to his work. Nemuri narrows her eyes at him and glances to Yamada, she smirks and sits up on the couch.

“So...Yamada...are you busy tonight?” She asks casually, getting the blonde attention. He turns in his chair and thinks to himself for a moment before shaking his head. “Want to go out drinking with me and Thirteen tonight?”

“Oh? Um, I don’t want to intrude on you two.” Yamada chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck. “If its a date or something-“

“That’s fine, it can be a double date~!” She smirks when Aizawa turns his head to glare at her. “Aizawa can be your date.”

“Ha, I’m sure he would love that.” He says amusedly. “But he’s got patrol tonight, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” Aizawa answers.

“I’m probably just going to go home tonight and gets some sleep anyway but thanks for the offer, Nem.” Yamada says, stretching at his desk before turning to his friend. “You should get some sleep tonight too when you get home, you look exhausted.”

“I will.”

~ ❀ ~

“You’re doing so well, Shouta.” Yamada runs his hand through his hair and smiles warmly down at him as he sucks eagerly, taking as much as he could without gagging and groans around his erection. “Look so gorgeous like this, baby.

Aizawa rubs his tongue against the heated skin and moans, desperately wanting to touch himself but is unable to move his hands from the man’s thighs no matter how much he tries.

“That’s it, you feel so good.” Yamada grins, taking a fist full of his hair and guilds his head towards his body. “Want me to cum down that pretty throat of yours, don’t you?”

He feels himself whine against his cock and squeezes his eyes shut, wanting it so badly; To be used for Yamada’s pleasure and beg for him to fuck his throat.

“You’re so naughty, Eraser; Think I don’t notice how you look at me?” Yamada asks, brushing a thumb underneath his eye. “Practically begging for me to bend you over the desk and take you?”

Aizawa opens his eyes to meet his, wishing he would and whines around his cock.

“Would you like that? Me making sure everyone knows who you belong to like a good like slut?” Aizawa shutters, closing his eyes again and takes him down his throat.

~ ❀ ~

Aizawa jolts awake in bed, panting as he turns to the clock on his nightstand and sees that it’s only two in the morning. He cusses under his breath and reaches under the blankets to palm at his erection. He kicks his blankets off and pulls himself free from his boxers. He strokes himself firmly and imagines he’s still in the dream, rubbing his tongue against the roof of his mouth like he still had Yamada’s dick in his mouth.

He imagines Yamada running his hand through his hair and using him like his own personal toy, praising him for how good he feels and shutters at the spike of pleasure that run directly to his groin.

“H-Hizashi.” He pants, biting his lip and runs a thumb over the tip. Aizawa pants heavily and grips the side of his pillow with his free hand, focusing solely on his hand around his erection, pretending that it wasn’t his own and arches his back as he finishes, biting back a cry.

His body jolts from the small waves a pleasure, staring up at his ceiling and blindly reaches for the tissue box beside his bed to clean up with.

His face is burning with shame.

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“Eraser, man; You look exhausted.” Yamada says, setting a cup of coffee down in front of him before sitting down beside him on the lounge couch with his own cup. “Are you doing okay, buddy?”

“Just having trouble sleeping.” Aizawa replies, picking up the coffee to take a sip; Black with just a little bit of sugar, just the way he likes it.

“Are you still having nightmares about the incident-“

“No, it’s not about the Incident at U.S.J.” Aizawa replies, rubbing his eyes. “We’re off tomorrow so I’ll get some sleep then.”

“Want to handout at my place? Maybe watch a movie and order some take out?” Yamada asks, setting his own cup down on the table. “We haven’t done something like that in a while.”

“We done something like that just last week.”

“Forgive me for wanting to spend time with my best friend, I’m such a fiend.” Yamada pokes at his side. “You’ve been really stressed lately and I can tell so don’t try to deny it.”

“I’m not denying anything, I have been stressed lately.”

“Is that why you haven’t been sleeping well?” Yamada asks, leaning back against the couch and sees his friend nod in the corner of his eyes. “Want to talk about it?”

Aizawa doesn’t look at him and remains silent so Yamada turns to him again, the man looks kind of tense.

“What’s the matter, Sho?” He asks with concern.

“Nothing, it’s not important.”

“It’s important if it’s bother you, man!” Yamada counters, turning to face him fully and pats his friend’s shoulder to get him to look at him. “You know you can talk to me so what’s up?”

“I...” Aizawa doesn’t want to lie to his best friend but he couldn’t just tell him what’s disrupting his sleep schedule. “I’ve been just having some weird dreams lately.”

“Weird dreams?” Yamada repeats, turning his head. “Like...what kind of dreams?”

Aizawa shakes his head, not wanting to explain so Yamada doesn’t push and reaches for his drink again. He sips at it while watching the dark hair man, looking him over and sighs.

Aizawa shifts in his seat and sits closer to the other man, letting his leg brush against Yamada’s as he hesitantly leans back to lean against his friend’s shoulder.

Is it too strange or forward? Yamada doesn’t seem to mind the physical contact, even rests his arm long the back of the couch behind him. He closes his eyes and feels his head lull towards him, he could definitely fall asleep like this; soaking up Yamada’s warmth and the scent of his cologne.

He’s just about to fall asleep when he feels Yamada’s head rests against his own and sees his friend resting his eyes too; Yamada must be tired as well, with three jobs and all. He closes his eyes again and gets comfortable against his side, falling asleep.

~ ❀ ~

Aizawa pins the writhing man beneath him, using his capture gear to bound Yamada’s hands above his head as he arches his back off the mattress with a whine.

“Shouta, stop teasing me!” Yamada begs, desperately trying to thrust up into Aizawa’s body. “I need you so bad, baby; Please, please!”

Aizawa finds himself chuckling down at the man slowly falling apart beneath him, slowly rolling his hips to get a choked moan as the blonde tried to lift up to get deeper.

“Patience, sunshine; I’m going to take real good care of you.” He leans down, holding himself up with a hand beside Yamada’s head to kiss him.

~ ❀ ~

Aizawa snaps his eyes open, breathing sharply through his nose and quickly glances to Yamada to thankfully find him still asleep.

How long have they been asleep? Classes are over but he can still hear some students outside in the hallway.

He reaches for his phone, waking up the other man in the process.

“Oh man, how long were we out for?” Yamada asks.

“Only a couple of minutes, it’s probably best if we head home and get some sleep.”

“Could always come over tonight since we’re off tomorrow. I could make those dumplings you like.” Yamada offers. “And watches those cute cat videos until we fall asleep.”

Aizawa shallows thickly, feeling the urge to kiss that smile right off his friend’s face; He nods slowly and feels his cheeks beginning to flush.

“That sounds logical, just let me gather my things.” Aizawa says, turning to avoid the other from seeing his red face. “Could I borrow some clothes for the night?”

“I think I still have some of your clothes at my place, I washed them and put them away for you.” Yamada yawns, grabbing their cups and brings them over to the sink to wash them. Aizawa turns to watch him, looking him over and stares at his ass.

When they were younger, he used to tell him that his choice of hero attire was completely ridiculous, that the tight leather would limit his mobility but right now Aizawa is very grateful that his friend kept the look. He turns away before the other catches him and focuses on putting his mark assignments away for the night.

“Want me to help you cook?” Aizawa offers.

“I’m sure I’d just be happy with your company but I won’t say no if you want to help out.” Yamada says, turning around and leans against the counter. “Remember when we used to try to make things from scratch when we were younger?”

“And your burnt almost everything you tried to make?” Aizawa says amusedly.

“Like you’re one to talk.” Yamada laughs, he definitely gotten better since he was younger and Aizawa really enjoys his best friend’s cooking; Yamada is always trying to new things his fans suggest and it always turns out perfect. “Let’s go, I want to pick something up by the store before we head home.”

Home, Aizawa wishes it were his home too. He would look forward to coming home from patrol if Yamada were there and crawl into bed with him, holding him close and falling asleep next to the other man.


Chapter Text

Yamada kicks off his shoes as Aizawa closes the door behind him, shrugging off his leather jacket and heads for the bathroom, probably to wash his hair and change into more comfortable clothes.

“Just make yourself at home while I hop into the shower real quick.” Yamada calls back to him, closing the bathroom door and hears the shower beginning to run.

Aizawa stands there for a moment before taking off his shoes and wanders over to the couch, he should probably take a shower after he gets out. He glances towards the bathroom when he hears the blonde humming to himself and wonders what it would be like to shower with the man, he’s showered with him before after gym in the locker room before but nothing intimate like being close enough to touch...

He would love to wash Yamada’s long hair for him and run his calloused hands over his body, feeling his naked body against his own as he lavishes his body with soap.

His cheeks heat up and stares at the coffee table in front of him, shame rolling off of him as the shower turns off; Aizawa sits up a bit straighter and listens to Yamada get out of the shower.

When the door opens and steam rolls out, Yamada comes out in purple sweats, a plain white t-shirt with his hair wrapped up in a towel. He presses his normal red framed glasses up his nose and flashes a smile in Aizawa’s direction.

“It’s all yours, feel free to use my shampoo and conditioner if you like.” He says. “I’ll go get you some spare clothes and set them on the counter.”

“I can go get them myself.” Aizawa replies amusedly, getting to his feet. “Why don’t you start dinner, I’ll come out and join you afterwards?”

“Alrighty.” Yamada gives two thumbs up with a flashy smile and turns towards the kitchen before he can see the fluttered look on his friend‘s face.

He needs a cold shower, Aizawa doesn’t know what’s coming over him but he feels like a hormonal teenager who can’t keep his feelings in check; Something didn’t seem right.

“You alright there, Sho?” He hears as a hand waves in front of his face and perks up to look at the other. “Spacing out on me.”

“Sorry, was just thinking; I’ll go hop in the shower real quick.” He mutters, quickly walking towards Yamada’s room to gather himself something to wear and retreats to the bathroom.

He approaches the sink to look at himself in the mirror, his face looks flushed and reaches up to rub his cheeks. Was he getting sick?

Aizawa steps away to remove his clothes and turns on the water, stepping under the spray and lets out a sigh of relief. He reaches for the shampoo and opens the cap, smelling the exact smell that his friend’s hair smelt like and holds the bottle up to smell. He wonders what washing Yamada’s hair for him would be like, his shower is definitely big enough for two people and bites his bottom lip.

Certainly big enough to fooling around in too, he can imagine them both getting up and having a quickie in the shower before getting ready to leave. The thought stirs something inside of him but he pushes it down in favor of washing his own hair.

Yamada would probably be repulsed by his thoughts and he couldn’t risk losing the other man over his own selfish desires.

“Yo Shouta!” Aizawa nearly jumps when he hears a knock and Yamada speak to him through the door. “What would you like in the dumplings? Beef or pork?”

“Uh...” Aizawa pokes his head through the curtains. “Whichever, I’m not picky. You can choose.”

“Okay, I’ll leave you to it then!” Yamada says and he hears him walking away from the door, leaving his heart beating rapidly through his chest.

“I’m disgusting.” Aizawa mutters to himself, turning off the water and stepping out to dry himself off.

By the time he gets out of the bathroom, he can smell beef being cooked and follows the smell into the kitchen, finding Yamada in front of the stove with his hair up in a messy bun, humming to some tune with his back towards him.

“Smells good.” Aizawa says, rubbing a towel against his hair as he approaches his friend. “Need me to do anything?”

“Could you get the wrappers ready for me? It’s almost done.” Yamada smiles towards him, motioning to the table with his head. “Then you can help me prepare them.”

Aizawa gives him a nod and sits down at the table to cut out the wrappers by hand, listening to Yamada continue to hum to himself.

It feels almost domestic, like a couple preparing for dinner. His heart flutters in his chest and steals a glance at the other man, his eyes trailing down his body and stares. He wants to walk up behind him, just wrap his arms around him and rest his chin on his shoulder to watch him cook.

Aizawa smiles and turns back to the task at hand, cutting individual wraps and sets them aside.

“So Nemuri and Thirteen are planning on have a party at their place next week.” Yamada asks, turning to look at him from over his shoulder. “Wanna go?”

“I don’t know, maybe?” Only if you’re there too.

“I think it’ll be fun, should help you unwind a bit.” Yamada says, turning back to his cooking. “You need a break, you work too hard; It’s no wonder you’re having trouble sleeping.”

“Hmm.” Aizawa wipes his hands off and turns in his chair to face Yamada.

“Maybe after a night of a few drinks and spending time with your friends, you’ll relax a little.” Yamada removes the pan from the stove and turns it off, removing the meat from the pan to a plate to set it on the table.

“Yeah...” Aizawa says, watching the other to sit down next to him. Yamada cuts up the meat and starts making dumplings to set on the oven pan. “It should be fun...yeah, we should go.”

“That’s the spirit.”

Chapter Text

Aizawa leans his head against Yamada’s shoulder as they lay on Yamada’s bed while the blonde held up a tablet for them to watch cute videos on.

“Want to listen to music while we go to sleep?” Yamada asks, turning to his friend who is about to pass out against him.

“I don’t really want to listen to American music right now.” Aizawa mutters against his shoulder and hears Yamada chuckle as he types on the tablet.

“I was kind of wanting to listen to some of Selena Pérez’s songs, she was an American but she’s more of an Mexican-American singer, she had a lovely voice.” Yamada says under his breath and this makes Aizawa lift his head to look at the blonde as he scrolled on the screen.

“...Had?” Aizawa asks, lifting a brow. Why did Yamada sound...sad about that?

“She died at the age of 23 back in 1995 by a gunshot wound, killed by her own manager in her hotel room...” Yamada said, clicking on a video and lays his head back down. “I couldn’t imagine being in a situation like that, shot by someone I’m supposed to be friends with; I watched the movie about her was heart breaking.”

“Sounds like it.” Aizawa replies, rubbing his friend’s back as he listens to the song; She did have a amazing voice and could tell why Yamada liked her music; To die so young before her time, it was truly heartbreaking.

‘Late at night when all the world is sleeping,
I stay up and think of you,
And I wish on a star,
That somewhere you are thinking of me too.’

Aizawa closes his eyes and gets comfortable, his arm still laying over Yamada back as he takes off his glasses to gets ready for bed too.

'Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight,
'Til tomorrow, I'll be holding you tight.
And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be
Than here in my room dreaming about you and me.’

He smiles softly and pulls the blankets over them after the lights are turnt off, feeling his heart flutter at the lyrics and feels himself beginning to nod off.

‘I just want to hold you close
But so far, all I have are dreams of you
So I wait for the day, and the courage to say
How much I love you.’

~ ❀ ~

Aizawa brushes his hand over Yamada’s face, watching him sleep as sunlight shines through the curtain, he leans in and presses a kiss against his forehead and sees a lazy smile on the blonde’s face as he leans back, opening his bright green eyes.

“Good morning.” Yamada says tiredly, reaching up to run his fingers through his hair and presses a sleepy kiss against his lips. He hums and wraps his arms around the half awake man to pulls him toward him, enjoying the warmth of his body and holds him closer, whispering sweet words of affection before pulling back to rub his cheek against his stubble. “I love you, Shouta.”

“I love you too, sunshine.”

~ ❀ ~

Aizawa opens his eyes, hearing upbeat music still playing from Yamada’s tablet and turns his head to find the other still fast asleep next to him.

It was just a dream, one that has his heart pounding inside his chest. He presses the palm of his hands against his face and lets out a breath he’s been hold, turning towards the other man to wrap his arms around him.

He just wants told hold the man close, just once, even if it’s not in the way that he wants and if Yamada questions it in the morning, he’ll just claim he did it in his sleep.

He feels tears burning in his eyes and squeezes them shut, pressing his face against Yamada’s hair as he tries to fall back to sleep. The other moves, making Aizawa tense up for a moment until he feels Yamada turn in sleep and hook a leg over his hip.

Aizawa shutters and presses himself close to the other’s chest, settling down as he listens to his friend’s breathing and the comforting sound of his heart beating in his chest.

He couldn’t imagine losing Yamada the same way that singer’s friend’s and family did, the thought has him tightening his arms around the other man and falls back to sleep listening to the sound of Selena’s voice singing in the background.

~ ❀ ~

When he wakes up again, he feels Yamada stirring awake next to him and for a brief moment he considers just falling asleep again since it’s the first time in the past couple of days he wasn’t plagued by lewd dream of him and his best friend; That is until he remembers he’s practically clinging to Yamada in bed and quickly sits up, startling the blonde into opening his eyes and looks at him.

“What’s wrong, Sho?” Yamada yawns, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“Uh, just need to use the restroom.” He lies, hiding his face and gets to his feet. “Maybe make a run and get us some coffee, you like the caramel frappe, right?”

“Yeah.” Yamada rolls onto his stomach and presses his face against the pillow, mostly likely falling back to sleep.

He looks so cute and peaceful when he’s sleepy, Aizawa has to resist the urge to crawl back into bed with him but instead he walks to the door, telling him he’ll be right back and rushes out of the apartment to clear his head.

Chapter Text

Yamada was up by the time he gets back to his friend’s apartment, in the kitchen cooking breakfast and smiles at him over his shoulder as he sets the coffee down on the table.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Yamada asks, bringing two bowls of rice to the table. “You seemed to, kept saying ‘I love you’ in you sleep-“

Aizawa almost chokes on his coffee as the other took a sip of his own.

“W-What?” Aizawa clears his throat to stare at him.

“It was really cute, Sho; I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say those words before.” Yamada pushes his bowl over to him and smiles, picking up his own chopsticks. “Who were you dreaming about? A crush? Have they been the reason you’re having trouble sleeping?”

Aizawa stares down at his food, no doubt that his face is pink and is loss for words; How does he respond to that? He doesn’t want to lie to his friend but he couldn’t tell him the truth, at least, not yet.

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but I think it’s really sweet, you looked really peaceful last night.”

“I’m surprised that I got any sleep with your loud snoring.” Aizawa chuckles, Yamada makes a dramatic gasp as he tries to kick his friend underneath that table.

“I do not snore, you ass!” Yamada replies playfully and eats a bit of his rice, giving his friend a narrowing stare.

“Hmm.” Aizawa smiles as he brings his coffee up to his lips and glances at Yamada through his lashes; He likes this, being with Yamada, eating breakfast in the morning and teasing him. “But yeah, I had a nice dream last night, maybe I could spend a night again tonight if you’d be okay with it.”

“Of course, man!” Yamada says, peeking up in his seat excitedly. “You know I like having you over, we can do whatever you like. Stay here and watch movies or go out and do something, whatever.”

I don’t care as long as I’m with you.

“If you want to go out, I don’t mind; I’ll just have to run by my place and grab some clothes to change into.” Aizawa tells him.

“Want to go to a bar and drink a little? There’s one close to my house.” Yamada offers, stirring his rice around the egg. “We can get drunk and just come back to my house afterwards.”

“I’m not sure if it’s a good idea-“

“Let loose, man; We’ll just have a few drinks, on me.” Yamada leans against the table and smirks at him. “Afraid I’ll take advantage of you or something?”

“I’d like to see you try.” He would love it if Yamada smothered him in affection while they were both wasted out of their minds.

“Mm, Maybe put some cat ears on you and take a picture...would be great blackmail material for later.”

“Zashi, I would really kick your ass then.” Aizawa feels a smirk force itself onto his face and hears the other laugh.

“I’m sure you would; Fair point.” Yamada sits back in his chair to stare at him from across the table with a lazy smile.

“What?” Aizawa asks, meeting his eyes.

“Nothing, I’m...just happy...I don’t know.” Yamada rambles, rubbing the back of his neck. Aizawa bites the inside of cheek and stares down at his cup, was he reading into it too much or is, that couldn’t be it. “Hanging out like this reminds me a lot of when we were kids and would spend time at each other’s houses.”

“I’m happy to be here with you too, we’ve been busy the last couple of weeks and you’re right, I do need to relax a little.” Aizawa says into his cup and peers at the blonde, who is still currently staring at him. “Maybe a few drinks couldn’t hurt but if you throw up on me again, I’m kicking you to the floor.”

“Would you be a gentleman and hold my hair back for me?” Yamada asks, getting up to put his bowl into the sink. There’s no doubt in Aizawa’s mind that he would, rubbing his back comfortingly and lay him down afterwards, making sure he drank enough water.

“If you only drink a little, you shouldn’t get to that point.” He replies, getting up to wash his own bowl as well and brushes his shoulder against the blonde’s, letting the touch linger for a couple of seconds until Yamada pulls away to place his clean bowl on the drying rack.

He glances over his shoulder to watch him pick up his frappe and pull the straw out to lick some of the whipped cream that clung to it, focusing on Yamada’s tongue as it runs over the straw and quickly turns back to the sink before the other catches him staring.

“I’m going to start a load of laundry, do you want me to wash your Hero suit too?” Yamada asks as he tosses his empty cup into the trash and turns to the other. “I won’t wash it with colors this time, I swear.”

“...I think I still have a diluted pink capture gear somewhere in the back of my closet.” Aizawa smirks when the other chuckles.

“Still won’t let that one go, huh?”

“You’re lucky I’m an underground hero and no one got a picture of me that week until my new one came in because I would have strangled you with it.”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time, Eraser; That’s totally not cool.” Yamada comes off with as he leaves for the laundry, leaving Aizawa standing with the air punched out of his lungs as he stares wide eyed in the direction he went off to.

What? Good time? He’s joking, right?

Aizawa leans against the counter, lost in thought and pounders over what the other could have meant by that; Does being choked durning sex? Even dominated?

The idea of Yamada laying underneath him submissively is a pretty appealing image, having his hands around his throat with half lidded eyes staring back up at him as he fucked has his lower half stirring with interest.

He had to admit that Yamada would be a gorgeous looking sub, he would love to see the blonde wearing lingerie with his hands tied to the headboard and begged to be fucked.

Aizawa lets out a groan and rubs his hands against his face, get your head out of the gutter, that’s your best friend you’re thinking about; You’re being absolutely disrespectful and reading too much into what he said.

Chapter Text

The bar is dimly-lit, not as crowded as he thought it would be and they did served pretty decent drinks here but that’s not really what’s on Aizawa’s main focus right now, he was listening to Yamada ramble on to the bartender in front of them as he nurses his drink right beside him.

“So she called in because of that dude that works in the back? Is he bothering her?” Yamada asks, leaning against the bar with a bit of a frown. “Could always report him to the manager, could you?”

“We’ve tried but since he hasn’t really did anything that crossed the lines with the boss, he hasn’t done anything other than give a talk to the guy.” The man on the other side of the bar said, cleaning a cup with a shrug. “Me and a few of the boys are thinking about talking to him ourselves, figured if we threaten to rough him up a bit, he’s knock it off.”

“Well me and my friend here are off duty tonight so if you do, we didn’t see anything.” Yamada says, taking a shot of his drink and gives him a wink. “Just don’t actually hurt him and it’ll be fine by us.”

“He just doesn’t understand the difference between flirting and rejection, won’t leave the poor girl alone, she’s a sweet girl and is like a little sister to most of us.”

“Sounds like a creep.” Aizawa mutters, leaning against the voice hero’s side with a flushed face. “We could talk to him if you want...”

“Aizawa, you might be a little too drunk to intimidate anyone right now.” Yamada pats his back with a light chuckle, turning back to the bartender. “Cut him off and get him some water, we’re drinking lightly tonight.”

Aizawa turns when he hears a cup sliding in front of it and takes it without question, drinking the water before leaning back against Yamada.

“How was it that you got so wasted before me?” Yamada asks, rubbing his back with a light chuckle.

“Drowning my sorrows.” Aizawa sighs, leaning his up against the other’s shoulder and notices the look of concern on Yamada’s face. “What?”

“Is there something you want to take about, Sho?”

“Not with you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Yamada asks softly, turning to see his face. “Did I do something to upset you?”

“ didn’t do anything wrong, Zashi.” Aizawa sits up off of him and picks up the cup again to sip on.

“Then why can’t you tell me?” Yamada asks in a comforting tone, Aizawa meets his eyes and he sees no annoyance in them, only genuine worry.

“Let’s just not talk about this, I want to have a fun night, Zashi-“ Aizawa groans, giving him pleading look. “Please?”

“Alright, you don’t have to tell me now if you don’t want to...” Yamada takes a drink of his whiskey with one arm around Aizawa’s shoulders and sets the empty glass down on the bar. “But you’ll tell me eventually, right?”

“Yeah.” He nods slowly against his shoulder and enjoys the warmth of the other man as the room sways, feeling woozy and light headed. He rests his eyes and listens to Yamada continue to talk to the bartender, leaning with him when the blonde moves to reach something; That’s when Aizawa hears the man behind the bar say something, he barely hears it but it makes him more alert.

“I think it’s time to take your boyfriend home.” He hears the bartender chuckle and feels Yamada sit up straighter against him, Aizawa feels himself stop breathing. “Neither of you are driving, right?”

“No, I live close by.” Yamada says, reaching for his wallet to pay their tab; Aizawa’s face feels like it’s burning for a entirely different reason now.

“Need to borrow a wheelbarrow?”

“Nah, I think he can walk.” Yamada pats his back and he pretends to wake up, sitting up straight and rubs the side of his head. “Hey, want to head back, sleepyhead?”

“Hmm.” He nods, getting to his feet and his knees go weak from the room spinning but a arm around his waist keeps him from falling to the floor.

“Let’s get you to bed.” Yamada says, waving goodbye to his friend as he walks him outside into the cold air. The walk back to the apartment was quiet which didn’t bother Aizawa in the slightest because he couldn’t get the fact that Yamada didn’t deny that they were boyfriends, there’s no way he didn’t hear that man say it because even he heard it even in his drunken state.

When they got back inside, Yamada helps him sit down on the couch and leaves to the kitchen only to come back with a juice and some crackers.

“Here, this should help if your stomach is hurting.” Yamada sets them onto the coffee table and sits down next to him, when he looks at the blonde, he has that same smile from this morning on his face. “You alright? You’re kind of swaying.”

“Yeah...” Aizawa wants to lean into him and wrap his arms around him and in his drunken state, he doesn’t see why not, he knows the blonde isn’t going to push him away. Aizawa scoots closer to him on the couch, wrapping his arms around his waist and presses his face against his chest.

Yamada leans his head back and feels his eyes staring at him but at this point he doesn’t care, he’s comfortable and with his favorite person; That’s all the matters to him.

A hesitant hand reaches up to his back to rub circular motions and he feels Yamada shift to look at him, a sound of a phone’s camera doesn’t even bother him as he nuzzles his face against his chest to get more comfortable.

He can fall asleep peacefully like this.

Yamada’s hand runs up his back and into his hair as he types away on his phone, the fingers against his scalp is soothing and feels himself beginning to nod off listening to Yamada’s heartbeat.

Chapter Text

Aizawa shifts from where he’s laying and feels that he’s on top of someone, he lifts his head and sees that Yamada is sleeping underneath him on the couch.

His head his groggy from exhaustion and the alcohol, he feels likes he’s not awake; Another dream?

He leans up a bit to bury his face against the blonde’s neck, feeling arms around his waist hold him securely as he peppers the side of the blonde’s neck with light kisses.

Yamada hums underneath him, turning his head away from him to expose more skin but doesn’t wake up. He bites and sucks to form a hickie onto his neck before rubbing the side of his cheek against Yamada’s, listening to his soft breathing as he sits up to look down at the still sleeping man.

This feels so real, are his dreams becoming more vivid?

Aizawa sits on the other man’s groan and runs his hands over Yamada’s chest, rolling his hips against his and moans breathlessly. His eyes close as he does it again and leans down to make more hickies on his best friend’s neck, his hand reaches up to run his fingers through the blonde’s hair as the other slips under his shirt to play with his pierced nipples.

A soft moan comes from the man below him and smiles from his neck, he wants to get more of those beautiful sounds from him.

“Zashi...” He sighs, placing a leg between Yamada’s and grinds up against him in a quicker pace, wanting the other to feel good and hear more of those moans he can get out of him. Another moans slips from the other’s lips and he feels his legs part slightly underneath him, feeling a growing erection against his thigh as he rubs up against it.

“...Wha?” Yamada turns his head and shifts underneath him, face scrunching up as he stirred awake and opens his eyes to meet his.

They widen in alarm instead of affection.

“S-Shouta?!” Yamada scrabbles back on the couch to get out from underneath him. “What are you doing?!”

Aizawa stares at him in confusion for a moment because Yamada never acted this way before in one of his dreams.

“Hizashi...” He reaches up to touch Yamada’s cheek, wanting to reassure him that it’s okay and he only wants to make him feel good. “Come here, Zashi.”

He leans in to press a kiss against his lips but Yamada quickly grabs his hands and leans away.

“I think one of your drinks may have been spiked, Sho; You’re not acting like yourself.” Yamada says, those words shatter the fantasy that he was in and makes his blood drain from his face.

This wasn’t a dream.

“Oh my go-“ Aizawa pulls away from the blonde and quickly crawls to the other side of the couch, he just assaulted his best friend in his sleep; The hickie forming on his neck is proof of that. “Hizashi, I’m so sorry-fuck, Zashi-“

“Calm down, Sho.” Yamada says, his face flushed as he reaches for his glasses. “Come here, I want to look at your eyes and see if they’re dilated.”

Aizawa stares at the ground as his friend sits closer to him on the couch, turning to face him and takes his face into his hands to get him to meet his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t-“ Yamada shushes him as he turns his head to side to side. “Hizashi.”

“You’re eyes are pretty dilated, I’m going to call RG, alright?” Yamada says, getting up to go grab his phone but Aizawa grabs his hand before he could get to far.

“I’m not drugged.” He says, looking up at him with a look of regret on his face. “At least, I don’t think I am...”

“What are you talking about, man?” Yamada asks, staring back at him confused. “What’s going on, Shouta?”

“I’ve been having dreams...about me and you; I should have told you when you asked but I was afraid.” Aizawa says honestly, not able to keep eye contact and feels Yamada sit back down on the couch. “I wasn’ my right mind, I wasn’t aware-“

“You thought you were dreaming?” Yamada asks, looking a little taken back. “And you were...dry humping me on the couch? Are those the kind of dreams you were having the past couple of nights and they were all with me?”

“...Yes.” Aizawa replies, lowering his head in shame; He just wants to be shallowed by the ground and never resurfaced. The silence is deafening, his whole body is tense and could feel Yamada’s eyes staring into him; He feels like he’s over stayed his welcome and Yamada is bound to be uncomfortable. “I should leave...”


“Why?! Why do you think?” Aizawa says, lowering his head and tenses when Yamada wraps a arm around him.

“I’m not mad, it’s fine-“

“I molested you in your sleep.” Aizawa says, drowning in guilt. “It’s the opposite of fine.”

“Well you’ve been having sex dreams and I let you sleep practically on top of me; what did you think was going to happen?” Yamada chuckles, patting his back. Aizawa finally meets his eyes, he doesn’t look mad and his eyes have a kind look to them. “Just let me know next time...”

Yamada leans over a bit with a smirk, getting him to look him in the eyes before pulling him closer with his arm.

“So...what happened in these dreams of yours, Sho?” Yamada asks, grinning ear to ear; Aizawa raises a brow at him. “Come on, I want to hear all the details. Did I fuck you or did you fuck me?”

“Why do you want to know?” Aizawa has to ask, looks over his face and watches his smile grow wider.

“Because I just woke up to my best friend grinding me into the couch because he thought he was dreaming so...yeah, I have to know.” Aizawa feels his heart racing rapidly in his chest as Yamada turns his head to the side. “Shouta, do you want to fuck me?”

Chapter Text

Aizawa stares back at him, mouth parted in shock as Yamada turns his head to the other side, his eyes never leaving his own.

“Well, Sho?” The blonde sounds smug and places his hand over Aizawa’s, leaning closer with a small chuckle. “That’s alright, you don’t have to say it; It’s written all over your face.”

He reaches up to bury his fingers into his hair and lets his hand rest against the back of the man’s head. Yamada closes his and leans in closer as Aizawa sucks in a short breath, feeling the blonde’s lips brush against his and feels his face beginning to heat up.

“Want to kiss me?” Yamada asks in a uncharacteristic whisper, opening his eyes to meet his wide ones. “You can if you like, I won’t mind.”

“Are you sure I’m not dreaming right now?” Aizawa asks against his lips, reaching up to grab the front of his shirt just to make sure it’s real.

“I don’t know; You’re the lewd dreamer, you tell me.” Yamada chuckles, closing the distance and presses his mouth against his; Aizawa feels like his heart skips in his chest but returns the kiss eagerly. He holds his hands on both sides of Yamada’s head as he turns his own to kiss him deeper, breathing sharply through his nose and shutters when a tongue teases his lips.

Yamada hums into the kiss, smiling as his fingers tighten in his hair and reaches up with his other hand to squeeze Aizawa’s thigh. His heart is racing and mind is reeling from the simple taste of his friend’s mouth, feeling of a hand massaging his thigh as it works it way up to his groin.

He groans, pressing Yamada’s hand down with his own and thrusts up into his touch, breathing heavily as the other breaks the kiss to chuckle into his ear.

“You’re hard.” Yamada states, sucking on his jaw and nips at his facial hair. “Just for me?”

“Yes.” Aizawa turns his head to allow him more access to his neck, wanting to just shove the man back down to the couch and ravage him until he has to eraser his quirk. “I want to touch you, so bad, Hizashi.”

“Then touch me, I won’t bite until you ask me to.” Yamada pulls back to slide his sweat pants down over his hips to his knee, rubbing at himself through his brightly colored underwear; He’s hard too, Aizawa notices and slowly reaches out to press his hand against the bulge. “You can put your hand inside if you want.”

Aizawa slips in hand inside his underwear and rubs his hand against his cock like he’s imagine so many times before, the soft moan that leaves Yamada’s lips is like music to his ears. He wraps his hand around him and steadily stroking him until Yamada is leaning back against the back of couch, moaning his name softly.

Taking this as encouragement, Aizawa pulls his erection free from his underwear and strokes it quickly, feeling the blonde’s hips shake under his touches.

“You look so good right now, Hizashi.” Aizawa mutters, licking lips as he takes in his best friend’s appearance. His head is leaning back with his eyes closed and mouth slightly parted, his cheeks are pink from arousal with a hand gripping the couch behind his head. “Can I blow you? Would that be alright?”

“Yes.” Yamada nods quickly, shallowing as he bites his bottom lip. The eraser hero slips down between his knees and settles close to the couch, running his hands over his thighs before pulling both his underwear and pants completely down to his ankles. The sight alone was enough to make Aizawa’s cock throb with interest; Yamada was pierced down here, three studs underneath the shaft, one at the base, one in the middle and one just below the head. He knew he felt something off when he touched him before but his mind just didn’t piece it together.

Curiously, he wraps his hand around the erection again and looks up to his best friend still panting above him.

“When did you get these done?” He asks, never in his fantasies did he imagine Yamada would have his dick pierced.

“Don’t like them?” Yamada asks, lifting his head up to glance down at him.

“I like them; Just didn’t expect it.” Aizawa answers, pressing a kiss against his inner thigh. “It suits you, you just never told me about them.”

“I got them a little after we graduated on a dare.” Yamada chuckles, running his fingers through his hair. “I was embarrassed so I never told anyone other than Nemuri.”

“She was the one who dared you, didn’t she?” Aizawa questions, getting a simple nod as an answer; He hums amusedly before taking the head of his cock into his mouth, going up and down it with little ease, throat tingling from the foreign feeling.

“That feels so good, baby.” Yamada shifts to move his lower half closer to the edge of the couch, hand petting through his hair as he grins down at him. The pet name sends chills up Aizawa’s body, rubbing his tongue against the underside before pulls back to suck on the head. “You looking so fucking gorgeous right now, Shouta.”

Aizawa glances up at him through his lashes as sees that lazy grin on his face, he licks the tip before wrapping his hand around it to keep stroking.

“How is that?” He asked, wanting to hear the man explain why he find him so attractive right now, he needs to hear it. “Tell me.”

“You’re face is so flushed, it’s cute and your eyes are hazy with lust...fuck, I just want to kiss you.” Yamada says, leaning up off the couch to hold the side of Aizawa’s face with his free hand. “Your mouth looks so good around my dick, baby.”

“Take a picture of me and I’ll tie you up with my capture gear.” Aizawa warns, leaning up off the floor to lean against his chest, mouthing his pierced nipples through his shirt.

“I wouldn’t shared any photos I take of you, I swear.” Yamada says, hugging his head against his chest. “I’ll keep them all for myself.”

“Would you jerk off to them?” Aizawa asks, kissing along the side of his erection and feels Yamada’s body tremble underneath him as he nuzzles his face against his neck.

“Would you want me to?” Yamada answers with a question of his own, Aizawa grins and nips at the brushes already forming on his neck.

“Yes.” He groans, rolling his hips against him before getting up. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Yamada scrambles to his feet to follow behind him, his hands on his hips and pulling him back against his chest before they even make it through the door. He nips at Aizawa’s neck and presses his erection against his ass, hands fondling his tented boxers.

“How do you want it, Hmm?” He asks into the dark hair man’s ear. “Want me to fuck you into the mattress or do you want to fuck me?”

“I don’t care as long as we do something now.” Aizawa answers, leaning his head back against his shoulder, arching his hold as he presses back against the blonde’s body. Hands tug at his boxers until they fell to the floor and a hand wraps around his cock, stroking slowly as Yamada sucks along his neck. “Stop teasing.”

“Hmm and if I don’t?” Yamada chuckles against his neck; That smug moment was short lived when Yamada suddenly finds himself being thrown to the bed with his hands pinned above his head. He blinks in surprise up at the shorter man as he sits on his stomach, intensely staring down that him with a expression that makes the blonde shutter.

“Then I’ll leave you tied to the headboard and use your cock as my own personal toy.” Aizawa says in a low and threatening tone, Yamada can’t help but to arch up against him and moan. “And leave you begging to cum.”

“Fuck, Shouta; Please, use me as much as you like.” Yamada says breathlessly, leaning his head up for a kiss which Aizawa leans down to meet him halfway, kissing him hard before sitting back up.

“Lube, where is it?” Aizawa asks, knowing for a fact that the blonde had some stashed somewhere. Yamada turns to look at his night stand and motions for him to open it.

Aizawa opens the drawer for the night stand and find the bottle he’s looking for along with a red dildo with a suction cup end.

“What do we have here? Have you been naughty, Hizashi?” Aizawa asks, pulling both items out to look at the toy. “Have you used this recently?”

“A couple of days ago in the shower.” Yamada answers with a toothy grin. “Had it on the wall so I could fuck myself on it...want to know what I was fantasizing?”

“Entertain me.” Aizawa says, still looking the toy over. It was a pretty good size, clear red silicone with a vein running up towards the head.

“I was imagining you got fed up with me over something after sparring.” Yamada says, getting Aizawa’s attention again at this point so he grins. “So you came into my shower stall to bend me over and fucked me nice and hard.”

Aizawa nearly drops the toy and stares down at the blonde with surprise; A couple of days ago, that was before Aizawa even came over to stay a night.

“You like me too?!”

“Well obviously.” Yamada laughs, sitting up to be closer to the man sitting on his lap.

“But you never said anything.”

“Well neither did you, man.” Yamada pokes his chest and pulls the toy out of his hand. “Would you like to see me use this on myself sometime? I would mind a audience~”

Aizawa’s brain circuited for a second before pulling the blonde into a heated kiss.

“Damn, Shouta; Can I fuck you?” Yamada asks breathlessly as he pulls back, his eyes blow wide from arousal and rubs his hands against his back. Aizawa nods without hesitation, opening up the bottle of lube and pours some into Yamada’s hand.

“If you want to fuck me, you better work for it.” Aizawa says against his ear and wraps his arms around his neck, lifting himself onto his knees for Yamada to prep him. The blonde grabs his ass with his other hand as the other presses a lubed up finger against his entrance, slipping a finger inside; After all the sexual frustration and fantasies, the intrusion forces a soft cry of bliss from the hero. “Ahh...”

“You like that, kitten?” Yamada rubbing his back with his free hand as he thrusts his finger inside him. “You’re so tight, Shouta; Can’t wait to feel you around my dick.”

Aizawa moans into his ear, begging for him to hurry so he presses another finger inside, curling them just right to brush against his prostate and has the man writhing above him.

“Does that feel good, Shouta?” Yamada asks with a sly smirk on his face. “Like it when I fuck you with my fingers?”

“I’m going to cum if you keep doing that!” Aizawa says, burying his face against his shoulder and rolls his hips to meet his hand; He didn’t want this to end so soon after it just started. “Zashi!”

“Cum for me then, we have all night to play.” Yamada says, turning to brush his nose against his cheek. “Show me how good you feel right now.”

Aizawa trembles as he thrusts his fingers into faster, purposely rubbing them against his prostate and kisses his cheek; Aizawa comes with a shout, arching his back as his arms tighten around Yamada’s head.

His body goes limp in his friend’s arms, still trembling from pleasurable waves the went throughout his body.

“I would love to have a video of you cumming on my fingers.” Yamada chuckles, pulling his fingers free and hugs the limp man tightly against him. “I would use it to jack off to when you’re not here.”

Aizawa lifts his head up, panting as he looks at Yamada and pulls him into a soft kiss.

“I’m ready, Yamada.” Aizawa says against his lips and leans off of him to lay down on his back, spreading his legs for him. “Wanted you for so long, sunshine; I can’t wait anymore.”

“Fuck, Sho; Are you that eager for my dick?” Yamada chuckles, crawling over to settle between his thighs and rubs his hands over them.

“I’m eager for you.” Aizawa points out, reaching up touch his chest. “Please, I need you.”

The sudden feeling of love swells in his heart, the blonde smiling brightly down at him as he takes his erection and presses the head against his entrance, slowly inching forward until the tip was inside.

“Tell me if it begins to hurt, alright? I want our first time to be good.” Yamada says, slowly pushing forward until he’s half and pauses when the man beneath him tenses. “Hurt?”

“Just give me a moment.” Aizawa pants out, taking slow breaths and trying his best to adjust. Yamada hums as he leans down to kiss at his hairy chest in the meantime, teasing the skin until he flicks a tongue at a perky nipple; He’s rewarded with a sudden loud gasp and grins mischievously.

“Are your nipples sensitive?” Aizawa’s cheeks become redder in response and Yamada feels as if he just won the lottery, taking the sensitive nub into his mouth and lightly bites on it. A loud moan fills the room and Aizawa arches off the bed, his hand tightly tugging on his hair as he squirms under Yamada’s teasing tongue.

“H-Hizashi!” The blonde finds himself becoming addicted to hearing Aizawa moan his name and tweaks the other nipple with his hand to get more noises out of the other man. “Hizashi, please.”

He decides to have mercy on him...for now.

Yamada leans back up and tests the waters a bit, thrusting slowly into the man to get deeper until his pelvis finally met the other hero’s rear. He searches Aizawa’s face for any pain and only sees longing and adoration, taking that as a sign to start moving.

The pace is slow and leisurely, holding himself up with arms as he stares down at the completely flustered man, feeling him rock his hips to meet his thrusts.

“Does...does it feel good?” Yamada asks through pants, feeling sweat on his back and brow. Aizawa nods quickly, pulling him down to smother him with a quick kiss, his body rocking along with his movements.

“Harder.” Aizawa says, his hands resting on the blonde’s shoulders as Yamada complies with his demand, watching the dark hair man’s face twist up in pleasure before letting out a whine. Yamada returns a soft moan of his own as he leans up and he holds Aizawa by his hips, fucking him hard enough he can hear the headboard smacking the wall. “I-I’m close.”

Yamada can feel himself getting close as well when he feels the familiar pressure build in abdomen, biting the inside of his cheeks as he presses his face against the side of Aizawa’s neck to moan encouragements into his ear.

“Shouta, I want to see your face when you finish. Look at me please.” Yamada asked lifting his head to look down at him, his eyes meeting onyx ones. “You’re so handsome...stunning, I l-love seeing you like this.”

Aizawa bites his lip before closing his eyes and arches up against him, cumming between them and goes limp, still shaking from overstimulation. Yamada stops moving and pulls out, taking himself in his own hand, stroking himself quickly as his best friend lays in front of him in a hazy daze. His body jerks when he cums in his own hand, letting out a stuttering gasp and hunches forward over the other.

Neither of them moved for a couple of moments until Aizawa lifts his head and sits up, reaching up to press his hand against the blonde’s cheek.

“Want to take a shower? I feel kind of gross.”

“I don’t think I’m capable of standing right now, my legs feel like jelly.” Yamada chuckles, looking up with a goofy smile. “Don’t think you could carry me, could you?”

“Come here, we can cuddle until you’re able to stand on your own two feet.” Aizawa pulls the man down on top of his own body and wraps his arms snuggly around him, nuzzling against the side of his face. “Then we can clean up.”

“You’re not sore anywhere, are you?” Yamada asks, turning his head until his nose touch Aizawa’s.

“I’m perfectly fine, Zashi; Don’t worry.” Aizawa mutters tiredly, rubbing the other man’s back.

“ you want to be my boyfriend? Like officially?”

“What do you think?” Aizawa laughs softly, pressing a soft kiss against the corner of his mouth.

“Good because I don’t think I could do the whole friends with benefits thing with a man as good looking as you.” Yamada smiles, closing his eyes to calm down from his buzzing high and reaches for Aizawa’s hand to hold. “I want to take you out on a proper date later.”

“That would be nice.” Aizawa plays with the blonde’s hair with a lazy smile.

“You never told me what happened in your dreams.”

“We can talk about those later if you want.”

“So when you were saying ‘I love in you’ in your sleep last night...?

“I was saying it to you, yes.” Those makes Yamada giggly to hear and buries his face against his neck.

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

A soft moan escapes Yamada’s lips and it echos as he eases himself back against the wall of his shower, holding himself up by the edge of the tub and takes the dildo deeper inside his body.

His hair falls in front of his face but he can still see the man sitting in front of him, watching as he pulls himself forward before impaling himself onto the toy again.

“What are you imagining now, Hizashi?” He hears Aizawa asks, sitting forward in his chair and rubs his chin as he takes in the blonde’s face behind his hair. “Am I still mad at you for something you did after a sparring match?”

“N-no.” Yamada shakes his head, breathing heavily as he continues to fuck himself and tries to keep his knees from buckling from just hearing the other man’s voice. “You’re...a fan of m-mine.”

“I bet I would be a really eager fan, wouldn’t I?” Aizawa asks, chuckling as he pulls his chair closer to the shower. “What is fan me doing to you?”

Yamada lets out a choked whimper and forces himself back against the wall, taking the toy to the base.

“H-have me pinned to my studio’s desk; It’s after hours, I should have locked up and left...already.” Yamada shutters as the head brushes up against his prostate. “You...surprised me, must have left the back door unlocked.”

“So I let myself inside and found you locking up?” Aizawa chuckles, brushing a strand of Yamada’s hair back behind his ear. “What led me to bending you over your desk?”

“You t-told me you were a huge fan, that... you wanted to show me how much you appreciated my work as a hero and...entertainer.” Yamada says off the tip of his head, leaning his head into his boyfriend’s touch and holds onto the side of the tub with a tight grip.

“Did I force myself onto you?” Aizawa asks, rubbing his thumb against his cheek and watches Yamada shake his head. “No?”

“Not really, you took me by surprise but I couldn’t help but to think how handsome you were.” Yamada breathes out, stilling for a moment to catch his breath. “You got in my space and backed me up against my own desk, pressing yourself against my body...ohh, Shouta, I could feel how hard you are against my thigh.”

“What did I do next?” Aizawa asks, rubbing himself through his sweat pants and sees how his boyfriend’s body trembles. “Am I rutting against your leg with my own thigh rubbing between yours? Are you begging me for more?”

“...Please...” Yamada’s face is flushed, thrusting back against the toy and lets out a low moan as he spreads his legs wider to hold himself up more steady.

“Are you begging me to bend over the desk and fuck you?” Aizawa asks with a chuckle, letting his lips brush over his brow. “Are you always this eager for your really eager fans?”


“I’m just special, aren’t I?” Aizawa chuckles into his ear. “But can you trust me to not take pictures of you, Present Mic and post them online to some lewd website?”

“Shouta...” Yamada pants with a broken sob, lifting his head to meet his eyes.

“But I’m not that type of fan, am I? No, I think I would love to keep this image of you all to myself.” Aizawa says lowly, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. “No one else gets to see you like this but me.”

“Yes...” Yamada arches his back to continue the kiss, rolling his hips onto the toy and his breath hitches.

“Only I can have the voice hero underneath me, moaning like an absolute whore.” Aizawa hisses, biting Yamada’s bottom lip and earns desperate moan mixed with pain and pleasure. “No one gets to see my hero like this but me.”

“S-shouta.” Yamada pauses in his thrusts and shake with lust.

“Do I bend you over face-first to the table and pull your pants down to your knees?” Aizawa asks, his hand roams his boyfriend’s back as he continues to fuck himself on the toy. “Before taking you from behind? I bet it feels nice to have such a devoted fan to make you feel good.”


“You want me to go harder?” Aizawa asks, pulling back to look him in the face. “You can barely stand, if I go harder, you’ll fall.”

“Please...” Yamada pants, trying his best to hold himself up. “Prove that no one else can fuck me as good as you can, baby.”

Aizawa curses under his breath and yanks his head up by his hair, kisses him hard as he other hand reaches underneath him to grab his aching cock.

“Are you going cum, Mic? Can you hear yourself?” Aizawa asks, stroking him quickly with his thrusts. “Moaning like a slut on a fan’s cock? What would the media think if they could see you right now?”

“Shouta.” Yamada gasps out in a warning, getting closer as his boyfriend whispers into his ear.

“You look so good like this, Present Mic.” Aizawa chuckles, rubbing the head with his thumb. “Would I cum inside you or all over that pretty face of yours?”

A whimper escapes the blonde as he turns his head to kiss the other, moaning into his mouth until his entire form tenses up and cums into his fist; He lets out a final moan before sliding off the red dildo and onto his knees on the shower floor, hands still gripping the side of the tub as he tries to catch his his breath.

“You did so good for me, hero but have you forgotten about me?” Aizawa asks, licking his lips and lifts Yamada’s head up by his chin. The blonde stares up at him with hazy eyes and chuckles.

“Of course not; how could I forget my number one listener?” A goofy smile spreads on his face as he leans over the edge of the tub, tugging on the hem of his sweat pants. “I want that cock of yours inside my mouth.”

Yamada licks his lips as he pulls Aizawa’s erection free, stroking it a little before glancing up to him with a smirk.

“You’re looking pretty cocky for a man who was just fucked in his own studio by a overzealous fan.” Aizawa mutters, leaning back in his chair as he boyfriend takes his cock into his mouth. “You’re pretty worked up over that fantasy, aren’t you sunshine? Maybe you just like the idea of fan me having my way with you?”

Yamada moans around his dick, taking more of him into his mouth and pulls back to suck on the tip.

“Only you, baby.” Yamada grins, cupping his balls in a hand and rubs them. “Only you can get me riled up like this.”

Yamada strokes his cock and looks up at him.

“You know to not cum in my mouth like we talked about, right?” Yamada asks, licking his tongue along the side and Aizawa takes in breath, nodding as he buries his fingers into his hair.

“Of course, Zashi.” Aizawa says reassuringly. “I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable in any way.”

Yamada hums, taking him back into his mouth and sucks sharply around his length.

“I love you so much, Hizashi.” Aizawa sighs, letting his head fall back and close his eyes so he can focus on the skilled tongue rubbing up against his cock.

Yamada takes him into his throat and hums around him, his free hand fondling his sack as he pulls back to suck on the tip.

A curse slips from his mouth as he watches Yamada go down on him again, already so close from just watching his earlier performance.

“I’m close, baby; Take it out.” Aizawa warns, Yamada pulls back without hesitation and strokes him firmly as he pushes up his side to press kisses against his belly.

Aizawa cums moments later in his hand and slumps against the chair, panting as Yamada pulls back and chuckles at him.

“I don’t suppose we could use a shower before bed?” Yamada asks, sitting back up into the tub. “Or a bath?”

“Yeah but take that thing out before we get in.” Aizawa motions towards the dildo that was still suctioned to the wall behind him.

“What? Don’t like my first boy toy?” Yamada teases, pulling the toy off the wall and sets it down on a towel. “It’s because I still fool around with it, isn’t it? Don’t be jealous, baby; you know I’m yours, we’re just friend with benefits.”

“You’re an idiot.” Aizawa chuckles, getting up to turn on the water. “But I suppose you’re my idiot and I love you.”

Yamada scoots closer to front of the tub to allow the other sit behind him, laying back against his chest.

“I love you too.” He sighs, closing his eyes as the eraser hero stares down at him.