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Bookshop Secrets

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Izuku, for the most part, was happy with his day to day life. He owned and managed a book shop that was doing pretty well in downtown. It was late at night about 20 minutes before closing time and there weren’t any customers in the store at the moment, so Izuku was thinking about closing up earlier tonight. The bell on the door made a jingle sound when someone walked in catching his attention. Whoever it was, was bundled up against the cold in a black pea coat, scarf bundled up around his face and a beanie so only some spikes of blonde hair poked out.

Izuku had to bite back the groan that was trying to free itself from his lips. He was so close to closing the shop for the night. His quirkless life had brought him to just being an owner of a bookstore never a hero. If he hadn’t registered as an omega, he may have been able to have a chance. But his father made sure that it was known Izuku was an omega. So all the way around useless and quirkless omegas are people no one really wants or cares about. Alpha always overlooked them, because how is anyone going to get a powerful quirk or good bloodline out of a quirkless anything. It was a reason Izuku thought this was why he was running his bookshop and no alpha was gunning for him despite being a rare omega male.

"Hello! Welcome to the One for All bookshop," Izuku said with a bright smile. 'oh great an alpha.' Izuku thought. He hadn’t meet very many alphas while by himself. "How.... how can I help you," he added staying behind his desk now. Izuku had become curious about the power that was rolling off the alpha, it was coming in waves and sweetened the air. This was a Prime alpha. It made Izuku kind of pale. He wasn't going to back down and submit even if there was this prime alpha in his store.

The alpha reached up and unraveled his scarf so it was only around his neck loose and not uptight around his face. He was model handsome and tall too. Katsuki took in a deep sniff unable to help it, his eyes focusing on the person behind the desk. His scent was all omega, and he smelled like greenery and fresh rainfall. Like spring. Admittedly, Katsuki was stepping into the store to avoid some fans who’d guessed who he was, but now that he was here... “Got any good books?” He asked, eyes scanning the shelves and shelves of them. Katsuki didn’t do much in his off time besides sleep, but he did read on occasion. Mostly sci-fi.

Izuku eyes locked on the alpha. Oh shit, it wasn’t just any old prime alpha it was a hero. Izuku blinked. ".....Yeah sure..... ah," was the only thing coming out of his mouth at the moment. Well if he didn’t sound stupid. This hero he had seen him many times before on the tv and newspapers. "You’re.... You’re Ground Zero!" Izuku said in a shocked, tiny, hype voice. He bit his bottom lip. "Is there a type of book you like?” he said quickly, as he looked around for a few books before pulling a few books behind the desk. As much info he knew on heroes, He didn’t know Ground Zero book choices.

“Yea.” Katsuki sighed, so much for not being recognized here too. He glanced back outside, noticing the group of high school girls had moved on at least. “I like sci-fi I guess. George Orwell” he said, relieved when the little omega didn’t seem to freak out by his presence. Although he couldn’t help stepping closer, he smelled good. “What’s your name?”

Admittedly he was intrigued by him. Katsuki hadn’t met a male omega before. They were rare, and for a gay alpha, well, he was interested. Katsuki hadn’t even dated or been with anyone, yeah he was in his mid-twenties, but who gives a fuck, he wasn’t gonna fool around unless he found the one for him. He didn’t have time to date anyway. So he did his best to try not to look interested, but he was putting off a strong alpha come here scent. He was a pro hero prime alpha. He had every right to pick this omega up and claim him. Being no marks or ring on the little omega, he could just pick him up and force him if he was that kind of guy. But he wasn’t right.

Izuku seems to freeze up a bit, a tint of red coming over his face. "Midoriya... Izuku." Izuku whispers. "Ah good choice.... he has a new one that came out about 2 months" Izuku added scrambling to find the book, of course, meant leaving the safety of his desk counter. He came around the desk finally wishing he had a quirk to pull books to him.

This was Ground Zero. He never thought he’d meet let alone have the guy’s scent to be overwhelming. He wanted it to be his. Izuku pointed to a row. "It’s… it’s down that row" Izuku squeaked out, his hand shoot up to his mouth. Before he shot down the row books to a few with the titles he was looking for stopping in front of them. He looked back thinking his voice had returned better. "Look..... Before you keep getting happy over me being a male omega..... I have no quirk. I am quirkless." Izuku said as strong as his voice could at that moment.

Katsuki was looking at the books and grabbed all the new ones Izuku had mentioned without even looking at the titles. He read everything Orwell wrote so he knew it would be good. He looked back at Izuku, a smirk growing on his face. “Never said I was interested in you nerd, but if I was, that shit doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got enough quirk for both of us.” Ground Zero walked towards him or more like tower over him. For an omega, Izuku wasn’t weak or tiny omega built, he had some height and muscle. Though Ground Zero had a good amount of height over him, “I want all of these, Deku.” Came the rough voice of the pro hero.

Izuku face was so damn red he swore he had no blood anywhere else in his body. Though hearing his name be murder like that made, Izuku shook his head. "Then stop the scenting. Its all I smell and I’m getting a little twitch from it." Izuku said quickly, as he turns going back to the safety of his desk again. "Ummm... I’ll ring you up." Izuku said with gritted teeth so he wouldn’t take in any more of the be mine scent.

Well, that was kind of odd most alphas wanted an omega with a quirk to make their bloodlines stronger and better. A reason no one didn't come around when he was younger. The reason he could still own his shop and not be locked up. It hurt. But he had moved on. He lived above it too. Yagi had left him a lot of things even money. So he could live ok with the bookstore and things. Not that he had taken any trip or saved up for a mate or anything.

Katsuki was still staring though. “Your scent, it’s on everything here. I wonder if I’ll still smell you on these books when I get home.” He said quietly. Red eyes were watching Izuku like he wanted to devour him. Katsuki was waiting as Izuku ring him up and passed his card over to buy the books.

Izuku did his job. "It happens when you work in one place every day and live upstairs." Izuku said with a small tone of resent. "I'm sorry I don't have an alpha scent all over. I don't know many alphas to scent my place up." Izuku added as he put the books in a bag. Izuku stops well that may have been too much info. Izuku held his sigh. He slid the book over. "Well I hope you enjoy your books hero Ground Zero," he said.

Katsuki still stared down the omega. He’d never felt like this before about anybody. He could just imagine grabbing the omega’s collar and pulling him, kissing and claiming that mouth. Instead, he blurted out, “Give me your number, Deku.”

Izuku body jerk shocked causing him to drop the extra books he had in his hands. "..... Ah hmm...... Why?..... You can't even call me by my name. Ground Zero. You don't need my number..... I'm a quirkless bookshop owner. I don't have anything you'll like." he said quietly as he picked up the fallen books.

“What? Deku’s your name ain’t it? And you’re saying that I’m not good enough for you?” He growled with a flash of anger. He stepped closer, picking up some of the books Deku had dropped. “No, you’re afraid. Listen, I ain’t like most alphas. Fuck, I just...never mind. Stupid idea anyway. Bye.” He shoves the books back in Deku’s arm and, with his bag of books; went right out the door before Izuku could do anything to stop him.

Izuku head flop to the back as he let out a long breath, he wasn't scared. "..... Well ok," Izuku said to himself before moving to lock his bookstore down and turn the open sign off. He cleaned up the store before going to the backdoor and outside to his stairs that lead up to his little home above the store. he opens his door walking in his cat greeting him. "Hello Boom" he whispers at one time Ground Zero was one of his favorite heroes, not that he was going to say that to the guy.

Boom let out a loud meow. He was an orange cat, absolutely humongous. Not fat. Just big. He’d shown up at Izuku’s door one day and never left. Boom went forward and rubbed on izuku’s legs. He sneezed when he smelled the trace of alpha scent on him.

Izuku laughed. "Yeah, Ground Zero scent up the place didn't he. Can you believe it Boom? He wanted my number." Izuku said kicking off his red boots. He stopped to look at a photo of him and Yagi. "No don't worry I know how much this place meant to you." Izuku said. Izuku didn’t understand that it was never the love for the bookstore but the young omega, Yagi passed away before he could ever tell Izuku that he was more than a quirkless omega.


The next day Izuku woke up and got ready to open his shop again everything was very normal going as he got ready other than his stomach seemed to be a little tender. Looking at his phone for the date, his heat wasn't for another month or two. So he shouldn't be tender. Izuku sighed it had to be that alpha scenting and trying to sway Izuku to him. He hoped that his heat wasn’t coming yet. Normally the heats stuck to the cycles. Shaking his head he came to the front opening his shop. After flipping his light ‘OPEN’ on and unlocking the door he turns to rest at his counter, the sweet caramel scent was still in the air. Izuku let a puff of air out. How long was the alpha scent going to last in the air?

What Izuku hadn’t expected was that exactly 15 minutes later, that said alpha walked right into the shop. It was early and he was in sweatpants and sweatshirt, Nikes, and still a beanie with sunglasses. His hoodie was soaked with sweat, and that caramel scent was even stronger than before. There were bags under his arms. he came straight up to the counter, he pushed up his sunglasses. “I can’t stop thinking about you, so...hope this will make you think twice about what I said last night. Gotta go to work.” And then he was gone again.
It wasn’t until Katsuki left again that Izuku noticed the bags on the counter. One was coffee, he’d guessed right that Izuku liked it sweet with milk, and this particular kind was a fancy Starbucks drink, and then there were fruit pastries, a lot, more than Izuku could ever eat and then inside the last back was a cashmere, ridiculously soft dark green scarf. The same color as Izuku’s eyes. And GZ business card, when he flipped it over there was a handwritten message. Call or text me, and his personal cell phone number written.

Izuku mouth dropped at each item. Rubbing his eyes to see if he was seeing this right. If this was a joke he would punch someone, he didn’t care if his punch didn’t do much to anyone. He bit his lip as his fingers ran over the cashmere. "Ugh” he mumbles, brings the coffee up to his lips and tasting it, oh that was the stuff. He started to tap the card on the counter for a while. He had set his new items under the desk for now. He did finish the coffee.

"Why!" Izuku groaned. "I was fine in my little bookshop. Alphas don’t normally willingly come here unless their mates asked them to.” he said. Biting the bullet he pulled out his phone texted Katsuki after what felt like hours. //It's Izuku not Deku// and left it at that as he taps his desk. He had been keeping himself pretty busy being he had a new book release tomorrow. So he wasn’t checking his phone too much, waiting for that text back.

Unfortunately, it was a while before Katsuki could return a text. Must be busy with villains and when Katsuki did text back, it was funny. //Good. Wondering why your mother named you Deku. Dinner plans?//

Izuku face dulled at his phone // Yeah, my dinner plan is set up for the new book release.// he texted, he wasn't going to be the omega of omg top prime alpha hero was asking him out.

Katsuki let out a groan when he saw the message. His omega wasn’t going to make it easy. He quickly texted back before putting his phone away. His shift had ended hours ago but they’d called him in to help with a bad villain. Now that he’d mopped the floor with the fucker and was heading into his agency to change. /See you soon./


Izuku eyed the text. He almost yelped for people to leave so he could lock up and hide. Of course, he had people in the bookstore so it wasn't like he could just close up. ‘What is with this guy?’ Hell didn't he just have a date with like 3 omega a few weeks ago it was all over the media. The media though didn't realize that it’d been for a sick girl's wish. So no one knew he was doing to be nice at the time. Izuku sighed as he started getting the boxes for the new release being the last of the people in the store were heading for the front door done with their book shopping, when he heard his door open. He looked back to see the people that were leaving stop in their tracks to stare at Grounds Zero.

Normally Katsuki was nice to his fans, but he was feeling a little annoyed tonight. Izuku even caught him baring his fangs a little, but he did ultimately sign some things to get them to leave. “Thought they’d never leave.” Katsuki groaned before walking straight over to Izuku. He grinned when he saw Izuku was wearing the scarf. “Let me help,” he picked up the boxes. “Just tell me where.”

Izuku blinked. "The front left side window I… I need about 10 of the books in the front window and the rest in the empty shelves.” Izuku said, well he wasn't getting Katsuki out himself. His stomach shifted again, what the hell. "Thank you for your gifts." Izuku whispers with a blush. "You don't need to help." he added but watched as Katsuki shut off his open sing and locked it. Izuku raised an eyebrow at Katsuki actions

“Yes, I do. You’re about to go into heat. And before you freak out on me, need I remind you that I’m a hero? I ain’t gonna pull anything. Let’s finish up here and then I’ll go out and I’m going to make you a good filling meal.” Katsuki said. There was no expectation of being asked to stay. He didn’t think Izuku would ask. They’d only known each other for 2 days, barely. “Anyway...” he looked off. “You shouldn’t be working so close to your heat. What if the wrong kind of alpha walked in your door?”

Izuku looked to Katsuki an eyebrow rising high on his face. ".... It wasn't supposed to come right now..... And it didn't stop you walking in here," Izuku mumbled. "I have 2 months....." Izuku sighed. Izuku showed Bakugou how they had to be set fancy. "I am not going into heat. I have the new release tomorrow there’s going to be a lot of people in here. I can’t put it off." Izuku said.

“Don’t you have any employees?” Katsuki asked. He was a quick learner and was now following Izuku’s instructions, making sure the display was perfect.

Izuku looked over. "After Toshinori passed away they didn't want to work here anymore. He left everything to me. So they got jelly and all quit." Izuku said with a huff of air. "My heat won’t fully start yet..... wait how did you know that it coming?” Izuku asked he hadn’t been around any alpha this close to his heat. So he didn’t know what was giving off I’m going into heat omega to any alphas.

“You should hire new kids or something,” Katsuki said with a blinked. “Wait, you don’t know? I can smell it.” He pointed to his nose. “Your scent is different. Haven’t there ever been any alphas that go crazy around your heat? I mean I’m fucking glad there hasn’t...tired of shitty douchebag alphas.”

“No, I haven’t been around other alpha at that time... I self-med and try to sleep through it. My father was a prime alpha and he wasn't and still isn’t around. My mother hasn’t been very well mind wise," Izuku mumble. "and omega." Izuku said as he flinched again. “It’ll be fine tomorrow. I will be at my counter most of the day and scent blockers on.” Izuku said as he started to turn the lights off in the shop and to the back door to head up to his home. He kind of came to stop his eyes blinking a few times as Katsuki followed him. He gave a what the hell look at Katsuki, but the alpha gave an ‘obey me and let me in the house’ scent. Which cause Izuku to start up his stairs to his home and unlock the door letting both of them in. before giving a slight glare at the alpha. When they both enter the house, Boom came up with a greeting meow at the two.

"I guess I can let you in." Izuku he said through gritted teeth, he was starting to get a headache and didn’t care why In all the announce the freaking alpha was starting to smell really good to him.

Katsuki noticed the cat, Boom, was glaring at him. Boom sneezed and shook his head before meowing loudly again. He then went to Izuku letting his dislike be known. “Your cat is fucking huge.” Katsuki said staring after it. He set down his coat and things on one of the small kitchen chairs.

He thought Izuku’s apartment was nice. It wasn’t anything like his own, felt warm and smelled like Izuku. “Let me cook you dinner.” he said and began looking through Izuku’s fridge for ingredients. Izuku stood there with a what the hell look again.


"Boom, ah, works out," Izuku said being funny for a moment. "Look umm.... I don't think you’re going to find much. I'm kind of terrible cook," Izuku added. "There isn't much in there. We’re better off ordering out." he added. Izuku was scooping up boom in his arms and cross the floor. “So being an awful cook I don’t buy a lot of ingredients…. Thank you for the help” he said.

“Like hell. You’re about to go into heat and you have no food to eat.” Katsuki said his eyes shooting at Izuku. Boom jumped out of his arms with a grunt and continued to glare at Katsuki. Katsuki moved to Izuku picking the omega up in his arms carrying him off. Izuku eyes widen and a gasp passed his lips. It took Katsuki a bit but he found Izuku’s bedroom and put Izuku on the bed. “Try to sleep. Don’t move from this bed. I’m going shopping for food. I’ll be taking this and locking the door behind me.” Katsuki said grabbing the house keys. It was the first time they’d touched and it left them both electrified. Katsuki wanted to stay but he needed to do this.

Izuku flop back onto the bed after Katsuki left. "He took my keys he can get in I can't even lock him out." Izuku groaned as he stared up at his ceiling. As much as he wanted to scream that Katsuki was the reason his body was doing this earlier. He didn't want the alpha to get a big head for ‘yeah I just make omega just drop into heat around me’. Izuku slowly got up even if he was told to stay in bed. He had things to do, well for one there wasn’t anywhere for Katsuki cook when he returns, slipping on gym shorts then his normal clothes to help his body that was starting to hurt.

Katsuki came back about 30 minutes later (he shops fast) with arms full of bags of food. His eyes about bugged out of his head when he saw Izuku vacuuming. He growled and turned off the vacuum. “Don’t omegas to need rest and shit? I don’t know. But you don’t need to worry about cleaning for me.” He said pushing Izuku back towards the bedroom with his vacuum still in the omega hands.

Izuku eyes went to Katsuki like he had forgotten he’d be back. "Had nowhere to make any food on or sit and it kept my mind off it." Izuku answers. "Kachan, you don’t need to be doing this." he said a little hoarsely. This heat was coming on faster than normal

God, he was hot and that wasn't in a sexy way. He had open his windows. Katsuki could kind of smell Izuku scent out on the street from the open windows. So Katsuki was moving around shutting the open windows and locking them. “Hey I'm hot, I need them open!" Izuku groaned out as he leaned on his vacuum not making a move to his bed yet.

Katsuki shifted turning on the AC when he found the control panel. Izuku sighed as he stared at Katsuki, oh that scent. "I can't lay down it feels like it is going to come faster.... and being awake means I feel it all. Out on meds.... Alone with you. I’m going to miss my opening tomorrow." Izuku whispered. Not that being awake was going to help anything he would be whimpering in need and pain for a few days.

Katsuki grunted somewhat in answer. “I got someone to come help for the new release and run the shop.” He said. Kirishima owed him about Mina and their 1 year. Kirishima said he’d bring in Iida they would handle the bookstore. Katsuki just has to get notes from Izuku before he couldn’t answer.

Izuku stared at Katsuki. "Why.... Why are you doing this?" he asked as he moved back to his bedroom sitting down on his bed.

Katsuki had a hard-on so large he wished he had loser then normal pants. Seeing what Izuku was dressed in. The scent of Izuku’s second gender was in the air which made Katsuki’s alpha mind groan and growl for freedom. To claim Izuku as his own and pleasure/help.

Izuku had to climb under the covers when Katsuki bought the food to him. He almost lost the tray as Izuku groan. Izuku went red. “….”

Katsuki was shaking so bad, that the dishes on the tray started rattling as he set it down on the bed next to Izuku.

“This right here… God damn you…. You are proof that I’m gay.” He blurted out, face red. Katsuki had been around a few omegas before that had gone into heat, a few times he had to help females that had miscalculated their heats and needed help getting to a safe place. He never reacted like this though. He was able to be himself and get the female omega safely to where they need to be. He had never had this kind of reaction to omega in heat. The alpha in him wanted to get in that bed with Izuku and never leave. “You should tell me to go. I don’t want to, but you should tell me to leave if you don’t want me.” He said.

".....I don't know you..... But I don't want you to leave. .... I'm not thinking clearly." Izuku whispers as he sat up he had lost his shorts and was just in a t-shirt, the fabric had hurt rubbing on things.

Keeping his covers up on his body as he sat up, but boy the moment he sat up the new scent of wet and ready hit the air. Izuku whimper at Katsuki's look. "I've never been with any alpha. I'm sorry." he said quickly. His second gender just hurt now as the heat came in.

Katsuki was bright red.”Don't be sorry.... Please eat” he said as he pointed at the food that he had sat on the edge of the bed, his face bright red, and his dick seriously hurting. “I’ve never been with anyone either” he confessed. “I don’t know what I’m doing, but if I stay, I want to. I want you so badly.” He had to look away as he tried to breathe. It was so hard for him, but he wanted Izuku to eat. “I’ll be back.”

He had to force himself to move away from Izuku, so to keep himself busy he went out checking to make sure the door was locked and that the cat had food and water. “What the hell are you doing Katsuki” he mumbled to himself as he shakily sent an email to Work on his phone that he’d be out for the next couple of days.

Boom stared up at Katsuki like ‘do something wrong human I will cut you’. Katsuki was getting a little bit more of a look around the apartment Izuku lived in. What caused Katsuki to come stop was a wall that had many hero items on it. Like anything All Might and so on. What made Katsuki blink was all the Ground Zero stuff on the wall and table. As he was looking through all the stuff of heroes. He found one picture to the side of All Might in his smaller form with Izuku. Katsuki forgot about his hard-on for a moment as he studied the picture. How did Izuku know All Might? When a groan hit the air from the other room, Katsuki jerked up and looked back, his dick standing up and making Katsuki remember what was going on in the other room.

Izuku had eaten some of the food when Katsuki came into the room. He looked around seeing Izuku was not on the bed, but the flush of the toilet and the door reopening to show Izuku who went bright red finding Katsuki to be standing there. Katsuki's eyes were on Izuku legs. The hard-on he got as he heard the squeak from Izuku as the omega cupped himself to try to hide from the staring eyes. Being he had stripped to nothing. Izuku was in his birthday suit.

“You’re muscular for an omega.” Katsuki said. His voice had dropped low, almost a growl. Izuku was so incredibly sexy. It was like he was begging to be taken like that. “Would it make you feel better if I show you mine first?” Katsuki asked, In one swift moment he had his shirt up off over his head and then was unzipping his pants taking those off and his thin black boxers all in one motion. “Come here Izuku.” He purred, his dick standing straight up, the twitching was very noticeable.

Izuku gasp staring at the other male, the alpha was very much male. Izuku eyes went up to Katsuki head wide-eyed. A small smile came to his face around his blush. "You said it right this time." he laughed.

Izuku didn’t move at first before his body started to feel the pull of the alpha. In small steps Izuku moved forward still cupping himself in hiding his parts. "It won't stop gushing now," He whispers meaning his slick was coming now. Or it had Katsuki drooling. "and I'm so hot," he added. "I normally zonk myself out before this." he said as he tried to not look up at the alpha that stood before him.

Katsuki was sweating too and he dimly realized that he was going into a rut, driven by izuku’s heat. “Well let me… I want to take care of you.” He whispered before bending down to take Izuku’s face in his hands, kissing him. It was a little awkward at first but got heated quickly, with both falling back on the bed in a tangle of limbs. Katsuki’s hand had slipped down to feel Izuku and growled when he felt how slick he was. “Wanna be inside you.” passed Katsuki lips sounding very much like a heated purr.

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Izuku mind was so clouded as the heatwave of pains burned his inside. "Please” he whimpered. “I need you… Please make it stop hurting." Izuku gasped. Izuku had never been served by an alpha. He normally was able to self-med himself to sleep through this torment. Omegas that were not claim/mated would have an alpha serve them. Though that sometimes leads to being claimed after the heat. In this world the laws for omega were hard and uncaring, even if they were the all-important part of having kids in the future. So not many omegas nowadays took that chance. Izuku groaned his body arching up one of his hand reaching out and gripping Katsuki’s arm. A ‘help’ slipped out of his lips.


Katsuki couldn’t hold back much longer, but he was glad to finally get the ok from Izuku. He rolled Izuku onto his back and spread his legs, groaning when he saw even more slick come out. It smelled good and he wanted to bury his face there, but not yet. He lined himself up and pushed inside, doing so slowly to stretch Izuku and not break him, he was worried about that, but once inside he growled. Katsuki made short work of that virginity. “So tight and hot, my omega.” He growled possessively, already moving in and out when Izuku let out an adorable keening noise.

Izuku didn’t know what the hell he was doing, none of this it was all new. He could have found an alpha that would have helped him through this, but all the horror stories of alpha not giving a fuck and tormenting the omega. Izuku gasped as he tightened around Katsuki’s cock as Katsuki hit a spot that made Izuku see stars. Fear stuck though him though when he felt the knot forming on the alpha. Izuku opened his eyes that had been closed tight with pleasure. ".... I..... You’re starting to knot" Izuku said worriedly. Izuku nails dug into Katsuki's shoulder and arm. "Don’t.... don't knot" he said quickly.


Katsuki’s eyes went wide. His fangs were bared. He had been out of his mind, he’d even thought about marking Izuku without asking him for it. He pulled back abruptly and rolled over. Doing that sucked a lot more than he thought it would, without Izuku’s hot heat, his body had nothing to grasp onto. His knot was full though and he came hard, groaning, his back arching up, tears of pain in the corners of his eyes.


Izuku was gasping for air, his body was so angry that the alpha hadn’t finished, his release wasn’t cooling him down inside. "I'm sorry...." He whispers. "I just know... We really don't need pups..... We don't even know each other." Izuku said though he had to pull himself in tight, curling in his knees to his chest. The heat inside was not happy to not get the release it demanded. Izuku eyes went to Katsuki. He hated that it had hurt Katsuki too. "My meds are in my closet I’ll take those and go to sleep." Izuku breathed out. Though he knew his body was not going to go to sleep, he may have been too far into it now.

“Sorry, I’ll go. Just...I need a minute.” More like several minutes. Katsuki had come a lot. At least most of it was on himself, but his knot was still there. “Stupid...I’m not normal am I?” he groaned. He was oversensitive, his body going all kinds of what the fuck. It would be at least 20 minutes before his knot went away. “At least...I don’t think that should have happened… a rut normally comes when you are bonded to an omega and mating season.” Katsuki grumble.


Izuku shifted to look at Katsuki better “It could be a special rut,” Izuku answer when Katsuki looks at him with a raised eyebrow Izuku let out a ruff "... I read a lot. It might be a special rut..... one where the body knows something you don’t.... you know bonding ruts. They're not timed.... like my heat just dropping in even though I still had two months." Izuku whisper.


"I'm so sorry it hurt." Izuku continued. He felt so bad about making Katsuki pull out. Alpha in a rut was to breed no matter what since the old days. Stopping halfway was as painful as his heat. Izuku forced himself out of bed going back to the bathroom before he came back with a cream. Very careful and gentle he put some on Katsuki knot and area helping it to cool and relieved Katsuki parts. The cream normally helps with Izuku parts when he woke up from his drug sleep. As he finished he looked up at Katsuki. “Is that helping?” he asked.


Katsuki let out a sigh. “Thank you.” he said, feeling a hella lot better. He was able to sit up and take the washcloth Izuku had offered to clean himself up. “You must be in pain too. This must be our bodies telling us to get together huh? Well, I’ve never wanted anyone until you.” He said. When things had calmed for a moment Katsuki eyes wandered to Izuku eyeing him and seeing as he didn’t have anywhere else to be. Yet wanting need, he had the advantage of being a pro hero, had started to push Izuku's legs apart, leaning forward to bury is face there, licking and sucking at the sensitive part.


This caught the little omega off guard. Izuku squeaked as was pushed onto his back. It started the heat and slick all over, which Katsuki caught on his lips. The sweet honey taste of an omega slick got him going too. "Kacchan!" Izuku grasped as he started to fist the bed needing something to grip and pull. His eyes went to the blonde alpha hair reaching out to pull it. Before he could get a full grip on Katsuki though, his body was jerking back and releasing hard into Katsuki's face and hair. Izuku with the little energy he still had pulled his head back up and turn red seeing the mess he just caused all over the hero Ground Zero. “Oh God!” he gapped.


“Kacchan?” Katsuki said, his hooded eyes coming up to Izuku’s face, a smile crossed his lips. Heck. He was happy to have pleased his omega so much. He touched some of the cum with his finger and brought it to his mouth sucking on it. When Izuku let out a squeak again, a guttural preening noise came out of him. Izuku wanted to hide in a dark corner. Had he said that name out loud. Katsuki hadn't fully come out. so it came out ‘Kacchan’. He tried to cover his mouth to stop staying stupid things. "Wha-eek!" Izuku gasped.


“Don’t cover your mouth” Katsuki said as he stopped and reached up taking Izuku’s hand away. “I like hearing the little noises coming from you.” He kissed up Izuku’s happy trail, sucked on his nipples, then his neck. His knot was gone but he was definitely hard again. Izuku could feel it pressing against him.

"I keep saying stupid things" Izuku whispers. He let out a whimper needing Katsuki deep again the heat was growing again. "I need you." Izuku whispered as he shifted his body up to rub on Katsuki.

Bakugou groaned loudly, his body responding to Izuku’s. “Me too.” He said, this time when he slid home it entered much easier.


So much for not letting a knot form and not get stuck together, the lost in pleasure caused another knot. Izuku sighed though it felt good. He would just have to make sure he took the little pill to stop anything coming into life. Not all omegas got to the choice. His quirkless self-had gotten the choice. He had the pills, not that he ever needed to use them in the past, the doctor had given to him.


Katsuki woke up early the next day when he found Izuku missing and knew he was still in heat. Those things last about 2 days or more. Izuku was trying his best to stay ok in the bookshop as many came to buy the new book. He put on scent blockers and also Katsuki all over him helped hide. Izuku knew Katsuki to be asleep for awhile up there in the apartment, which he was glad for. Putting his head on the counter as he waited for the end of the day to come, which was still to come. Now two alphas came into the store. They were big alphas, but they didn't look as good as Katsuki.


Izuku pushed himself up and put a fake smile on his face. “Welcome. There are a few of the new releases......" he stops as the heatwave return full force. The two alphas oh they weren't here for books. He hadn't seen them before, didn’t seem to be the reader type. One was spotting a hard on pop up tent in his pants as they both looked toward Izuku. Shit was his scent blocker already coming off. His buddy chased off a few of the other customers in the place before moving and locked the door flipping off the open sign. Izuku stood up. "I'm sorry but you should leave." Izuku said as he tried to look strong. The two alpha smirked at one another before the two came up circling Izuku. The heatwave hit again which caused Izuku unable to move.

The two alphas grab him pulling the omega over, ripping clothes stripping the omega down. “Damn he already wet from his slick.” One laughed.


Izuku wanted to scream but his voice was so broke from the heat. God, he couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He went so long with no trouble. His heart stops and started to beat quickly when the growl was heard from behind them. By the time they registered the smokey alpha scent had taken over the room, it was way too late for them to escape. Katsuki stood there with a flicker of fire in his eyes as he came forward he was so angry his fangs were bared in full aggression. “He’s mine you fucking pieces of shit.”


Izuku fell back on his butt as he watched Katsuki beat the two up with his bare hands. He didn’t even need to use his quirk. One of the bastards even said stupidly, before Katsuki punched him “Ground Zero?”


“Yeah, that’s mine mother fucker. Gonna make it so you perverts can’t use your fucking dicks anymore.” As all this was happening, Iida finally showed up, blinking as he watched through the glass of the front door. Of course, he was locked out.

"Kacchan!" Izuku said quickly. "Remember you’re a hero" he added getting up. "You can't..... you can't even if they are stupid." he said quickly. When Katsuki even growled at him which was more of a stay back. Izuku groans and not in pleasure at all. Seeing Iida he moved to let him in. Iida was also mated happily so he wasn't too affected by Izuku heat. "Are you able to save them?" Izuku asked quickly.

His body wasn’t going to let him do much more, he was in pain, hot, and so tired he even bent down. It was Iida who was getting Katsuki to look over.

"I will handle them and you take care of your omega," Iida said quickly. "I will handle the store after don't worry Izuku" he added.

Izuku made a face. There they all went with being Katsuki’s omega. When did he say he was Katsuki’s? Izuku forced himself to stand again and stay standing. "For the love of All Might. I'm not his omega.... we've known each other 2 days..... and my heat just had to pop in...." Izuku stopped or that wave would’ve been worse than the first time around. Why? Because he was up moving around and had tried to stop it. It was stupid. He was stupid trying his drugs to stop it. Normally it had to be done before it started. Izuku gripped his stomach, the heat was back and his legs were weak. The alphas weren’t listening to him. “What should I use my new found quirk? The quirk of no one hears me, for good or evil” he grumbles


Katsuki had to force himself to stop beating them. “This alpha trash were about to rape him. Don’t be gentle. Thanks.” He said, making sure Iida knew that they didn’t deserve shit after what they had almost done. He then turned to Izuku, picked him up, taking him up to his apartment without a word. Once inside he shut the door and locked it up tight. He was still shaking with pent up aggression and arousal. “Izuku, let me mark you.” He asked, laying him down on the bed.


Izuku paled and stared. "What!" he yelped. Marking was a very personal thing to do, it was claiming someone that worked like marriage. "..... My quirkless self isn't meant to be happy." Izuku shuttered out, unsure about it all.

"That's the dumbest shit I ever heard. Who hurt you?" Katsuki said shaking his head at what Izuku had just said. "Let me protect you. Since I can’t be around all the time, my scent will stay." He said. Groaning as Izuku let out a cry again as the heatwave shot through the omega making him shake. ‘Oh yeah, the heat’. He got rid of the clothes and took Izuku again. This time it was a little crazy. Hard and fast. Katsuki wanted to bite Izuku so bad his jaw hurt. "Please." he desperately asked.


Izuku was hazy now, the hard, deeper movements of their bodies. Izuku’s eyes fell on Katsuki when he could. They closed for a moment before he slowly leaned his head to the side to show his neck.

"Ok." Izuku said. He knew Bakugou would get tired of him soon enough and leave and never came back. Not that he ever had any alphas come around him in the past. Well but a few that used to beat the hell out of him. Lucky he never got used, couple close calls. "Your fault." Izuku mumbled. "For choosing bad." he added. Izuku gasped as Katsuki grunted and thrust in hard and deep. Another knot following. Izuku knew he wasn't getting out of that knot if he was being marked. Izuku closed his eyes for a moment again.


Izuku came hard, tightening around Katsuki the the alpha was coming too, spilling his seed into Izuku. His knot did its job, locking them together and keeping the cum inside. It was then that Katsuki sank his fangs into Izuku's neck, right over his tender scent gland. There was the initial sting of course, but then a rush of pleasure so strong Izuku thought he might pass out from it.

Which he kind of did when he came back around Bakugou had shifted them around so Izuku was resting on his chest. Izuku shifted only to flinch as they were still hooked. So he hadn't been out too long. A hand shifted up to his tender neck. He let out a long breath. "I'm not leaving my bookstore." Izuku said quietly. It was more of a statement than a request.


“That’s fine. I’m not asking you to change your life for me.” Katsuki mumbled. He was rubbing Izuku’s back, massaging the tense muscles there. “I know this sounds fucking insane, but I wanna continue this with you. See where this goes.” He blushed. “Go on dates and stuff, I guess. Shit, I’m bad at this.”

Izuku head jerked up. "You’re weird Kacchan.....” Izuku whispered, blushing himself. "How long was I out? You’re not hurting this time right?" Izuku asked as he kind of looked down at their connection.

“Not long. You worried me, blacking out like that.” Katsuki starting licking the bite mark at Izuku’s neck sending little lightning bolts of pleasure down Izuku’s spine. “Not hurting. Feels good. Real good.” As if on cue his dick made itself known again. He couldn’t move too much, but he did, grinding his hips into Izuku. It felt good, the knot filling him up and catching on the sensitive spot that made him come every time. “Fuck” Katsuki preened as he came again, and again.


"....It was a lot at once," Izuku whispers. "ah first time for everything. The pleasure overload." Izuku said red. He squeaked as Katuski pushed in again. Izuku groans in please and ugh. "I should take my pill." he whispers as Bakugou rolled them again. So Izuku was pin to the bed again and still locked together.


“Deku, I can’t pull out.” Katsuki said with a dull look. That much was true; his knot was not going anywhere it seemed. His alpha nature couldn’t care less. “Would a baby be that bad?” He hummed, before kissing Izuku deeply. “I saw all my merch you have. Can’t you tell me you don’t want Ground Zero’s baby?” he teased.

Izuku went bright red. "You weren't supposed to see that." he groaned his hand on his face. Only to have Katsuki pin his hand above his head. "I... I.... I don't know if we’re ready for a baby. 3 days of knowing each other. I can have a habit you don't like." Izuku said quickly. "Your bloodline should be mixed with a just as strong bloodline. Not a quirkless loser running a bookshop." The omega huffed.


“Shuddup! I already chose you. And it’s already done, no going back.” The blonde alpha pulled back a little to look at Izuku, blushing some as he did so. His knot was still there but he was amazed by how beautiful the omega was. “This is the best thing that ever happened to me...and...did you you can’t have known...the old shop owner. I saw your pictures. Toshinori Yagi. He was All Might.” He said quietly. “So he saw the good in you too Deku.”


He let the being called Deku pass as he didn’t fully understand it, he almost bonked his head with Katsuki as he shot up. "All Might!?" he said quickly. Oof that hurt felt a tiny rip, from the knot tugging. Izuku flopped back putting a hand on his forehead, remembering something. "We've met before as kids...... not long... I was not the best thing that happened to you.... you couldn't stand a quirkless loser wanting to be around you." Izuku said with a sigh. ".... Kachan came from then..." he added as he stared up at Katsuki.


Katsuki stared back, eyes blown wide. He didn’t remember...but now, maybe, he knew why Izuku seemed so familiar. A memory of a squeaky voice saying kacchan. His shadow. “I forgot.” He confessed, a little embarrassed.


"I never stop believing in you that you would be a great hero even after me. We only were around each other as small children..... You claimed me as yours... but when my quirk never came in you started being the bully.... and I believed it..... you can see why I'm not hyped for a pup now.... you may go back to the old days." Izuku confessed quietly, starting to get upset and uncomfortable. "And I don’t want you to treat our baby that way because he or she could end up quirkless."

Katsuki let out a sigh. “I was a stupid kid that was...god, 20 years ago? I can barely remember it. Izuku, fuck. I’m sorry for the things I said, and the shit I did. But I’m not like that anymore.” He said. He knew Izuku wouldn’t believe him no matter what he said. Wasn’t this life? He finally found someone for him and he had screwed up. Ruined any chance of this working before it even started. His dick seemed to feel it too and the knot went away he pulled out and separated himself from Izuku. “Do you want me to leave?” He said, looking down and away.


Izuku looked at him. "Did.... did you not hear the first of that?" Izuku asked seriously. "I never stop believing in you!" He looked at Katsuki. "I.... I just like to date first before babies." Continuing, "You saw the Ground Zero items I own..... but you understand what I mean by being worried you'll go back to the old ways...... you’re the reason I didn't want anyone else.... but also the reason why I never let another alpha near me." Izuku turned over slowly to face Katsuki.


Katsuki looked a little pale. “You’re so confusing.” he said and then they both were laughing. It was kinda ridiculous. “So...those pills you mentioned...should probably get those.” he sighed and stood up before helping Izuku to his feet too.

Izuku nodded, going to the bathroom, though when he pulled out the bottle it was 2 years over bad. Izuku blinked. ‘shit’ he mumbled to himself as he sighed. "I'll have to buy some more......" his hand going to his neck to run when he felt the mark. "... Ugh, they're not going to give me the pills..... Being marked.... they won't.... alpha gets all the control now.... with the bull shit rules now.” Being marked. Katsuki hadn't realized it yet. That, when marked, omegas lost all rights to most decisions and it was up to the alpha that claimed them. If the alpha wanted the baby the omega didn't get a choice. It has to go all through the alpha. "Fuck" Izuku groaned. No one was going to give him the meds now that he was claimed by Katsuki.No one knew if it was a real bond and not a service for his heat.


“What? Can’t I just go and get them for you? Hold on there might be a way.” Katsuki said when Izuku started freaking out. He called Kirishima. His friend was happily mated to an omega...maybe they could help. When Kirishima picked up. “Hey, can you get me some of those pills omegas take so they don’t get pregnant?” He asked.

"Whoa.... Wait ... What!?" Kirishima exclaimed.

Izuku sat on the bed. He sighed as he flopped onto his back. At least the heat had finally stopped. His eyes wandered to Katsuki’s naked form. The blonde turned red. He was glad that Kirishima couldn’t see his face.

“I claimed an omega without doing the paperwork. A male omega...he was in heat and I knotted and...we just met.” He said slowly. “Listen, it’s cool if you can’t, just thought maybe you might have some suppressants.” Katsuki asked, since Kirishima was mated to Mina.


"I think female omegas and male omegas need different ones," Kirishima said quietly. "Bakubro. .... congrats on meeting the omega of your dreams." he added knowing Katsuki wasn't the one to mess around. "We have some but I don't want to give the pills to a male omega and make him sick." Kirishima added. After that Katsuki thanked him then let Kirishima go.

Izuku sat up. "I guess .... we see if a pup comes.... will just have to hope that nothing has come along on this one, maybe because it the first time taking care of my heat that nothing comes. Hopefully, it doesn’t return in 2 months." he added.

Izuku eyed the front of him now. Ok yeah, once he had a fantasy of Ground Zero. He even jerked off to his poster of Ground Zero. Ugh, what the hell was wrong with him, letting himself get marked and letting Katsuki knot him. He could have gotten Katsuki to knock him out. "I guess we should worry about the paperwork and things soon." Izuku whispers still eyeing Katsuki’s body.


Katsuki smirked when he saw Izuku’s eyes and where they went. “I’ll get the forms tomorrow. Besides the chances that you’re pregnant have gotta be low. We weren’t bonded until the end.” He walked over to him. “If you are pregnant with my pup, I can promise you that I ain’t ever gonna make you feel bad about yourself for who you are, and the pup too. You’re mine.” He crawled into bed and wrapped his arms around his new mate, tucking him under his chin so Katsuki had Izuku’s back against his chest.


Izuku slowly nodded. "I'm holding you to that... I'm not that weak Deku you knew so long ago. I can hold my own even without a quirk.” Izuku grumbled with a small smile on his lips.


“I know this.” Katsuki whispered with affection. They must have fallen asleep because when Katsuki opened his eyes again it was morning. The alarm on his phone was going off and it pissed him off more than it normally would have. He was warm and content with Izuku in his arms. He reached over and turned it off, wishing he didn’t have to go to work. But he’d been away long enough.

Chapter Text

Izuku was rubbing eyes trying to rid them of the sleep that was still heavy on his eyes. Ugh! His body hurt in a whole new way.

"What?.... Ugh what is the time?" he asked himself sitting up, the covers coming off to show his nude body. Katsuki had bitten many places on Izuku claiming him with bold marks. Izuku’s eyes shifted over to his mirror in the room as he yet out long yawn, before his mouth went loose and gasp at all the marks on his body that could be seen from there. "Really? You had to mark me that many times!" Izuku yelped. "I have customer to talk to and -eeek!" He stops seeing a nice bite at the base of his male gender and on both cheeks.

“7.” Katsuki grinned as he watched. He moved over to run his hands up and down Izuku’s sides. “And they look good on you. I had to make sure my scent stays.” He whispered kissing the nape of Izuku’s neck. He reluctantly pulled away. “Mind if I use your shower? I won’t have time to stop home before I need to be in the office.” He said.


"Yeah go for it, the clean towels are in the hallway.... wait 1 minute before you go under it take that long for the heat/hot to work." Izuku said lightly as he got up putting on lost clothes.

Katsuki was mid grabbing a clean towel when he saw Izuku out his door, most likely to check on the bookshop. As much as he didn't want to move Izuku out of his home, this apartment as homely as it was to them as it was old and falling apart.


Katsuki got dressed and looked at the photos on Izuku’s desk again. No, as much as he’d like to, he knew this place meant too much to the omega to leave it. The alpha decided that he would do all he could to renovate the space instead. He grabbed his duffle bag of clothes and headed down to the store to say goodbye to his new mate. He smiled when he saw Izuku was amazed by how orderly the store was with a note from Iida. “He takes shit seriously. I’ve gotta go. Can I see you later?” He asked dipping his head down to kiss Izuku softly.


“You kind of walked in and scented the place up already, I think you own it now. You can come and go as you please." Izuku said gently as he returns the kiss. "I will go get the papers so that things can get started. So that it doesn't drag out if there is a baby. I don't have much."

Because of the new bond, omegas were most likely to loose their things as it was the alpha that was now in charge. It was like being married without the ceremony. Izuku bites his lip. Katsuki could see he was worried about his shop. He would have to give up his little home. "I.... make ok money so you don't have to give me any money in this," Izuku stated, "and can I have Iida’s address? I like to send a thank you card to him. He did a lot and even extra things he didn't need to." Izuku added. He looked up as the back door open and red riot walked in.

"Yo you are still here? Iida gave me the where.... well hello there little omega." Kirishima said with a full smile. He was in his hero gear. "You weren't picking up the phone so I thought I’d stop by to make sure you two were all ok." he added. Ok, Kirishima had been a little worried about the omega and the need for the after pills. He hoped no one had done anything stupid.


Katsuki raised an eyebrow. “We were sleeping. As you can see we’re fine. This is Midoriya Izuku, Izuku this is my pain in the ass, Kirishima Ejirou.” Katsuki pointed it out like it was no big deal. “Hey, you ok?” His attention returning to his mate when Izuku didn’t answer, the omega’s eyes were big and he was shaking.


Kirishima looked at Katsuki. "What you do to him Bakugou?" Kirishima said getting a little worried again. When Izuku let out a high squeak, disappearing back out his back door and coming back inside with a notebook in his hand the title ‘Red Riot’ on the front of it. He squeaked again holding out the notebook to Kirishima.

"Did you bang his head on the bedpost?" Kirishima asked Katsuki with a raised eyebrow. Izuku went bright red. Kirishima eyed the notebook and was shocked at the picture of the notes and info, who he was mated to and info on Mina. Nothing weird just info. "Pinky would be happy to see this," he said.


“No, he’d just a nerd.” Katsuki barked out a laugh as he watched Izuku. He found his omega to be adorable, although when he saw the notebook he felt a pang of jealousy. “That’s nothing. He has a whole shrine for me in his apartment.” He scoffed, arms crossed as he glared at Kirishima, some of that angry smoky alpha scent coming out.


"Want me to sign it don't you?" Kirishima assumed. Izuku head shook yes kind of fast. Izuku kind of looked to Katsuki. "Bro you getting jelly over there. For one you know I’m not gay and for 2 I’m happily mated. Relax. He has you, why would he need you to sign anything when you just marked him from head to toe, and for all we know having a baby?" Kirishima said looking up.

Izuku went red again. "You’re the one he called last night" he whispers.

Kirishima nodded. "I'm his best friend....... well was from the way he’s looking at me," Kirishima said as a sweatdrop rolled down the side of his face.

Katsuki sighed. “Oi, you still are, shitty hair.” He looked at Izuku. “You can trust him. Iida too. Guess we should introduce him to Mina too, some time. Pinky would like you a lot, probably try to dress you up and shit. She’s like that.” He looked at his watch and groaned. “I’ve got a meeting soon. Those guys shouldn’t be coming anywhere near this place again, but call me if you see or even feel uncomfortable, ok?” Katsuki cupped Izuku’s chin and brought his face up so he could kiss him. “Make sure you eat” he added as an afterthought, reluctantly he pulled away from the kiss and licked his lips. He was savoring it.


Izuku nodded slowly. "I have 5 notebooks on Ground Zero and that just from the past year," Izuku mumble messing with the edge of his shirt as he spoke. "I need to go shower and dress and open. Be careful" he added.


Katsuki smirked. He leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Well, you’ll be able to fill up a whole new notebook with notes after I have my way with you again tonight.” He pulled back and followed Kirishima out of the store. His bookstore seemed empty without the giant alphas in it.


Izuku rubbed his arm as he headed back up to the apartment with his newly signed notebook of Red Riot. He took his shower, cleaning up trying his best to be careful of his tender area. He starred in the mirror at his belly, so much for not ever having children. He kind of did the making his belly move out and out more as if there was a baby growing that quickly in him, just to see how he would look before he let out the breath in a sigh that he been holding. He got dressed and headed back down to his bookshop opening the doors. When his head came up to look up at the open sign he stopped in his tracks with shock on his face. There were people waiting to come in the store. It seems seeing Iida in the store the last few days and Ground Zero going in and out, it attracted some attention. People were fanning out wanting books from the store that heroes were being seen in working and visiting.

Izuku could hardly believe it as his store filled with customers. He had never been so busy and at this rate he was going to have to put in an order for more books by the end of the day. Some girls were checking out the romance section.

“Did you see the mark on his neck? It’s gotta be Ground Zero.” One said.

“Awwww! Why do all the hot ones have to be gay?” Said her friend.

Izuku was red as he kept moving. Finding his green scarf from Katsuki a few days ago he put it on. It did not help to hide the main bite on his neck as much as he fussed with it, so he ended up taking it off. Sighing, he was going to get back at Katsuki for this. Izuku stops ‘well so much for the paperwork’. He noticed some of the girls were sticking around. His chairs for reading were being used. He was rushing around trying to find books for some people. Izuku just about tossed a book when two of the girls were in front of him with bright smiles.


“Hi!” She had a really big, smile and it was really white. “Are you the shop owner? Ground Zero was spotted here and I was just wondering what your relationship is to the pro hero?” Uh oh, Izuku looked down and saw the other girl was recording. They were reporters in disguise.


"He... was in here to get away from fans.... that’s all" Izuku said quickly as he moved to collect more books to make a pile. He sighed again. This day was turning into a little annoying now as the reporters start to dig into him.

“Oh. Because we noticed that you have been newly claimed so,” she said with a small smile. “And then Ingenium was in here for the past 2 days. You must have a lot of hero friends!”


Izuku had found that it was a bit rude to be asking about being newly claimed. "Ah...” Izuku’s hand went to the mark on his neck. "Yes friends with a few heroes." he added, letting a sigh be heavy in his action. "I don't have to say anything to you." he added. He didn't know if Katsuki was ready to have the world know. He didn't like this being cornered in his own shop.


Suddenly, the bookshop became very quiet and when Izuku looked around he noticed why. Katsuki had just walked in, dressed in hero gear, and looking for Izuku. He seemed shocked by all the people. “Deku!” He called out and then following his nose, finally saw his mate and the sea of people parted so he could go to him. “Oi, leave him alone.” He barked and the two girls backed off, mouths agape as ground zero walked right up to Izuku. “Do you normally have this many customers?” Katsuki asked. Izuku had lost track of time and when he looked at the clock on the wall he realized it was 6 already, and he hadn’t had time to take a lunch break or walk to get the paperwork.

Izuku groaned, realizing. "Shoot the office would be closed already," The omega glanced at his All Might watch. "I.... I didn't know it was late... no, it nice lots of books are selling.... just a few nosey ones... I didn't know how much you want out about us yet." Izuku whispers behind a book pile. "Iida and you kind of brought in the people." he added.

Some of the fangirls were giggling and were eating up the interaction between the two. They hadn’t heard Ground Zero talk this nice to anyone but Kirishima and that was only on Kirishima's wedding day and what had been posted online.

“I thought you might forget. I got the papers while I was out.” Katsuki said. It was odd, but Katsuki only seemed to have eyes for him. It didn’t matter that there were people all around them. “I guess it’s good for business to be dating me, hm?” He said, and there were a few quiet squeals and squeaks from people who were overhearing their conversation. Izuku and Katsuki were between two bookshelves, mostly obscured. “Do you think...can you close early?” He asked. “Are you hungry? I want to take you out for dinner. We can fill out the paperwork then. Talk.”


Izuku kind of looked around. "I don't know if I can get people out I've never had this before," he said with a gentle laugh. "I also haven’t eaten today," He added his stomach growled in answer. "Yup nothing” he lightly laughed.


“I’ve got an idea.” Katsuki leaped onto the counter with the register on it. “Oi!!! The store is closing in 5 minutes. If you got something you wanna buy better come do it now. The rest of you get the hell out.” he yelled. He dropped down, and what did you know, people started listening to him. “I’ll help,” he said with a smirk, bagging the books for Izuku as he took care of ringing them up and payment. People were buying books now, so it took a lot longer than 5 minutes before everyone had left...but Izuku’s cash register had never been so full of money. “Better make a night deposit at the bank, eh?” Katsuki suggested after he’s locked the door.

Izuku nodded. "Yeah may be a good idea, the moths get lonely in the bank," Izuku mumble. Izuku let out a breath. "Thank you.... for a lot I... I haven't seen this place ever that busy since when he was alive," Izuku whispered. His stomach growled again and almost became upset. Ow, maybe that was the bleeding. He almost felt a little disappointed now.

Katsuki stared at Izuku’s stomach and unzipped a pouch on his belt. He tossed an energy bar to Izuku. “To hold you over....I’d feel better about it if I had actually helped in some way. Don’t get me wrong, being a pro hero was all I ever wanted to be, but I could do without all the fame bullshit. ‘Cept for the kids.” Bakugou rubbed under his nose. “Hey, do you mind if we stop at my place for a minute? I want to change.”


Izuku started eating the bar. " I couldn't have you give up being a hero to help here. The people are just snooping right now it'll calm down soon. Or if I have to sell it'll look better if I have people in the store." Izuku said his eyes shifted up as Katsuki turns to him. "But yes we can stop and let you change." he added as he pulled out a notebook, that had Ground Zero written on it. "You seem a little to jelly seeing Red Riot’s," Izuku said gently smiling. Vol 19 was also written on it.

“I...I wasn’t jealous.” Katsuki stammered a light blush on his face. He looked down at the notebook. “Why do you think you have to sell this place? All Might gave it to you. My apartment...well it doesn’t mean anything to me, it’s just a place I sleep at. I was hoping to move in with you.” He said, he was staring off at the wall, too embarrassed to look at Izuku directly but he meant every word.

Izuku eyes widened. Well wasn’t that a surprise to him, that Katsuki was willing to give up his home for Izuku. "Well. I..... You mean it... I don't have to give up my home. I know it not much. I haven't had the money to fix it up. It not really up to date for pups." The omega softly spoke as he looked up at the alpha. “It’s just with all the omega rules, normally we have to give it up and move in with the alpha." He thought for a moment before hugging Katsuki tightly tears forming in his eyes. This bookstore was his everything, he couldn’t give it up.

Katsuki looked down at Izuku and his breath caught. His omega was too beautiful for his own good. “Cute...” He mumbled, nuzzling him. “There’s a lot I’d like to do to fix it up if you’re ok with that? It could be a lot nicer than it is. I know I don’t look like it. But I’m good with tools.” He said with a little pride. “And I can make it into anything you want it to be. I want to do it.”

Izuku blinked his eyes to stop the tears that were welling up as he looked up at Katsuki after begin nuzzled. "Really.... only if you want to... ah, but if you live here I may need help in the bookstore upgrades and it needs a lot of upgrading too." he said with a sweatdrop. "May need to hire one or two more employees.... Depends if there’s a baby. But my stomach is upset ... could be the bleeding... if not.... you don't have to do anything." Izuku stopped. Katsuki wasn't doing it because of the thought of a baby. He just wanted Izuku.

Katsuki raised an eyebrow. “I thought I already made it clear to you that baby or no baby, this is what I want. You are what I want.” He said. “You probably need food, that’s why you aren’t feeling well. Let’s get going. Are you ok to hold on?” He walked outside the door with Izuku, the bookshop now fully closed up for the night.

Izuku tilted his head to the side "Hold on?' Izuku asked with a raised eyebrow, a confused look floating in his eyes.

“You know, on my back.” Katsuki said kneeled down, and looked back at Izuku, expecting him to climb on. “I don’t like using the train when I can just blast wherever the fuck I want.” He added with a playful smirk. “Faster and no people breathing down my neck.”

"Oh!....Wait Can you do that with someone on your back?" Izuku questioned quickly but doing as told now.

“Of course I can, but I need you to hold on tight.” Katsuki grabbed Izuku’s legs and crossed them across his waist and tucked Izuku’s feet in the straps on his hero pants. It was almost like a seatbelt and a good thing too because when he put his hands down and blasted off from the ground, Izuku felt his stomach drop from the velocity. Air rushed through his hair, noise in his ears. They went up. Every so often Katsuki would run and jump off a building. It was scary but awesome.

Izuku grip Katsuki tightly, a squeak leaving his mouth as he closed his eyes at first before opening them as they moved. It was amazing but oh how he likes his feet on the ground. Izuku did more squeak here and there which made Katsuki smirk until he got to his apartment. It took a moment for Izuku to stand right. "That was amazing!" Izuku quietly said in awe.

They had landed on Katsuki’s balcony. He opened the door and let them inside. “You squeaked like a pig, my omega.” He laughed warmly. It was a crazy nice apartment huge and modern. It shocked Izuku that Katsuki would leave this behind for his shabby apartment over the bookstore. “Make yourself at home.” Katsuki said as he pulled off his boots and made his way towards his bedroom. He took off his hero gear and gauntlets and put them in the locked part of his closet. “Gonna take a quick shower” he called back, before getting in, letting out a groan as the hot water hit his sore muscles. Izuku kind of shifted. "Would you like me to join you?" He asked from the doorway. He was already half undress.

Katsuki looked at Izuku through the fogged glass. “Yes, yeah I would.” He said, the scent of his arousal coming on strong. When Izuku got into the shower he saw Katsuki was rock hard. Yep, it didn’t take much to get him going. “Come here.” He gestured, pulling Izuku gently towards him so he was under the hot water too. Izuku smiled gently as he was bought into the shower.

"You have a nice place here." Izuku commented. Katsuki could smell Izuku slick was starting to flow and harden.

“I like your apartment better.” Katsuki whispered. He grabbed his shampoo and started lathering Izuku’s fluffy hair. He dipped his head down to suck on the omega’s shoulder as he did so, letting out a groan.

"Kacchan don't make another new mark..... So many were giggling about the marks." Izuku squeaked only to have Katsuki bite him.

Katsuki drew back, licking the spot now. He let out a laugh. “I like seeing my marks on you. I want everyone to know you’re mine.” He rinsed out Izuku’s hair and his fingers slid between the other’s legs, parting him. Seconds later he was holding Izuku up against the shower wall, fucking into him hard. Izuku’s ‘oh my god’ made Katsuki go harder.

Izuku was still tender from his heat. He made sure he didn’t show it though, not even the upset stomach. "...... I.... I really do like you." he gasps as Katsuki came deep in him.

Katsuki had already let his feelings known a while ago, hearing that from Izuku had made him release hard into the omega. He just kept himself quiet after hearing that not wanting to ruin the moment by saying something stupid. Izuku nails dug deep into Katsuki shoulders as his own release rocked his body. To not let Katsuki think about what he just said. "We need to go eat..." He whispers as he pointed his toes with a trying get down from his pined spot.

Izuku’s stomach growled loudly, and then Katsuki let him down. “Well you shouldn’t have come here with me.” he said with a smirk, no real heat behind it. After they’d washed up again and pulled clothes on, Katsuki walked with Izuku, arm around his shoulder, to the restaurant. Izuku could feel all the stares but Katsuki didn’t seem bothered, if anything, he was the proud alpha. He could care less what the extras thought.

“I like you too.” He finally said, random as it was when they had to stop at a crosswalk. A light blush crossed his face. “Maybe...more than just that. I know this, us, has happened fast, but I don’t want it to end.”

Izuku blushed deeply. "I... I don't want it to end nether" Izuku whisper as Katsuki bought him into a passionate kiss, which Izuku enjoyed until he noticed the people looking at them. He pulled back to look at them with shock eyes his face turn red.

They were ALL staring, and now crowding around them a bit taking pictures and stuff. Katsuki let out a sigh. “Come on, the restaurant is private at least.” He took Izuku’s hand again and they disappeared into the crowd. Once inside the host seemed like he knew Katsuki well like he’d been here a lot, and sat them at a table on the roof of the building. It was nice and secluded, only the server interrupting them for drinks and menus.

“There’s a reason I come here a lot,” Katsuki said. “Sorry about the pictures and shit. It’s taken me a while to get used to it and even then it’s annoying as hell.” he commented. He had a folder with him and got it out. All the paperwork.

Izuku smirked. "Already on top of things... I'm sorry I didn't get to it. “ Izuku said gently. He let out a breath as he took the papers looking over some of it. He was scared. A claimed omega even though safer, meant everything fell on the alpha for their life, how many children, if they work or what they do.

“The office is right next to my agency. It’s no big deal... Hey Izuku?” He said when he noticed Izuku was actually shaking, the smell of fear coming off of him. “I know you have no reason to trust me, but your body is your own. I hate the stupid laws.” He said. When Izuku looked closer he saw the half that Katsuki had filled out. It was the absolute minimum of restrictions for Izuku. He had signed away most of his alpha rights. The only ones he couldn’t sign away were birth control and abortion type laws. “Couldn’t do anything about those. But as I said, you do what you want. If you want either of those things I’ll sign it.” He said, surprising him. “I know this may surprise ya, but good deals of my friends are omega. I’m tired of this shitty government.” He grumbled.


Izuku blinked a few times. "They protect us yes. But so many abuse it." he commented. "Like the fact if you wanted to, you could have more omega mates, and to many alphas like that so they won't change it. The alphas like how if they rape and breed one they win the omega or at least the offspring which of course the omega does not want to give up." He added. "Or when in heat and the alpha dose a claim on omega that is too far out. You at least asked when my mind was cleared. Alpha still owns the world and with lower and lower omega it getting a little hard to have babies" Izuku finished. There was only like 15% male omega in the world. Male omega rareness made them kind of a caught better chance at prime alpha with a powerful quirk.

“Yeah well, there’s a lot of shitty alphas in this world too. It should be the other way around, omegas calling the shots. 90% of the villains I fight are alphas” Katsuki said. There were a few omega heroes but not many, and even then they hid their identity as beta, but they looked omega. Omega’s tended to be smaller, shorter in stature, with big eyes and pink lips. Everything about an omega screamed delicate beauty, except Izuku was a little more muscular than any Katsuki had seen. Then again he only knew one other male omega, Denki.

Izuku sighed. "There’s a reason claimed omegas can't be a hero anymore to be protected. Their alphas worry something going to happen." He said as he set the menu down. "I'm happy to see you’re not a shitty alpha" he added.

Katsuki choked on his water. It took him a second to catch his breath. “I told you I’m not that asshole kid anymore!” He said blushing. They put in their food and drinks order. Katsuki was drinking whiskey, watching Izuku. “So, I should warn you. Our parents will probably find out about us before we’re able to tell them, with all the photographers earlier.” He said. “And I have some ideas for your apartment but I wanna get your approval first.” He put his drink down and got out his phone. He was a nerd too in a way; he had a Pinterest board of ideas already.

"What.. what do you want to do the bookstore?" Izuku asked. "Oh mom .... Mom doesn't really look on the internet anymore. She wasn't the same after he died. My father..... I haven't seen him in years." Izuku changed the subject. "Well at least you won't be disappointed in my face." he added as he shifted. "Hopefully our pup will take up your quirk." his eyes went back to the paperwork. ".... Why is this part empty about the change of last names.... do you not want me to have your last name?" Izuku wondered aloud he read the papers.


Katsuki rubbed the back of his neck. “That’s up to you. Take it or don’t, that’s your decision.” he offered.

Izuku made a face. "That isn't a reason to change my last name. Could have given a reason to want it if you say it like that" Izuku mumbled, as he crossed his arms. "You know could have done it with some romance in it. You may have gotten to claim me. But you’re not getting out of the romance of it all.” Izuku said as he slightly smirked at Katsuki.

Katsuki blinked. "Oi, I'm giving you as much freedom as I possibly can and you're still sassy." he said, lips upturning in a smirk. When Izuku was done he put the papers in the envelope. In the last part, they had to sign in person in front of an official. "Ok so tomorrow we’ll go in the morning to make it official?" The alpha agreed. The waitress brought another round of drinks and dessert. The dessert was strawberries and cream.


"Last chance to run screaming" Izuku joked as he looked up slightly. "I don't think there is a baby. My stomach has been upset I think it the bleeding." He sat there his head on his hand now resting on the table, his other hand on his belly. "

Ha! I'm here, aren't I? Maybe you should be the one running, fanboy." Katsuki said before taking a drink of his water. He then took one of the strawberries on his fork and fed it to Izuku. He watched as Izuku licked the cream off and man that went straight to his dick. "Is there anything I can get you for it? Or something I can do to help?" He asked.


Izuku raised an eyebrow at Katsuki. He could see Katsuki shifted. "I think you need seems you have an issue in your pants." Izuku laughed. When Katsuki's phone started going off it was Iida.

"Bakugou please say Izuku is with you," Iida said quickly when Katsuki had answered the phone. "There were villains in his bookshop... It... It not good they partly burn it. Please say he’s not in here somewhere.” Iida sounded worried.


“He’s right here across from me. We’re at Haruna’s. Shit—Boom. Can you get up to the apartment? Izuku has a cat.” Katsuki said quickly. When Izuku gave him a questioning look Katsuki got out his wallet and put money on the table. He had no idea how much it was so he put more than enough to cover it plus a really nice tip. “Come on we gotta go. Villains were in your bookshop.” he spilled.


Iida let out a breath. "Thank god. The villains they got away, they were looking for something and set the place on fire... " Iida stops talking as someone was walking up. "Kirishima found the cat. He ok just going to need a bath and pets." The speedy hero breathed a sigh a relief.

Izuku heart stopped in his chest. Why would anyone break into his home?

When they got back to the bookshop the sob that ripped from Izuku chest made even the 3 alphas there flinch. His home, the front windows blow out front, the top of his home was badly burned. So much damage from the fire and the water from putting the fire out.

Izuku took Boom, who purred, in his arms as Izuku hugs him crying. Even after all the good money made the last two days wouldn’t be able to replace much of the stuff. His home had coverage, but not a lot. He never had the money to do any more than the bare minimum.


Katsuki couldn’t believe this...that someone would harass his omega like this. “What’s my fault.” he said in shock. He put his arms around Izuku hugging him tightly. “I’m so sorry Izuku.” He said. Katsuki looked over Izuku head to Kirishima. “Any footage anything of who did this?” Katsuki asked his fangs bared and angry. Not at Kirishima but he wanted revenge for this.


"Fire quirk and big villain. Dabi was seen going into the bookshop was in there about an hour or so before he set the place on fire" Kirishima answer. "I don't think it was you." he added looking at Katsuki his eyes went to Izuku. "We could tell he was looking for something though he got something on his phone and got pissed." The red headed alpha finished.


Katsuki looked down at his omega. Boom was happily wedged between them, purring loudly. “Izuku, do you know this man?” He asked him. “I don’t care about your past, but if there’s anything you know...I need to keep you safe.” Katsuki said.

"No.... I only heard about Dabi on hero news. ... I don't know why he would be at my home." Izuku whimper. "My memories…. my good ones. The first books Toshinori gave me... It’s all gone." he whimpers, as he hides his face in boom fur crying again. His head partly on Katsuki's chest. "Thank you for finding Boom... he been my only friend since Toshinori died. He kind of showed up on the bookstore steps and made his way in won't leave. Once I let him in he never wanted to leave." Izuku whimpered more. Poor Kirishima looked like he was going to cry too for the omega.


“Once they say we can, we can look and see if we can save anything.” Katsuki said sadly as he rubbed Izuku’s back. He looked at Kirishima. “Thank you again, Kiri. I’m going to take Izuku back to my place. You guys should go home too. Nothing we can do now.” The firefighters and police were taking control of it. They’d already talked to Izuku. Katsuki got a taxi back to his apartment and rolled his eyes at the driver when he complained about the cat. Until the guy recognized him and shut up, “I’m gonna pay extra for the cat, just drive.” Katsuki grumbled.


Izuku sighed as he sat down in the taxi. "He’s a good kitty he won't do anything, he'll be on our laps the whole way." Izuku assured. He looked to Katsuki slightly. "Well, I guess we don't have to sell your place." he nervously jokes. "I'll find a new job." he added. He wasn't going to be a freeloader even if Katsuki had claimed him.


"No I haven't dated anyone.... you know that’s true after my heat." Izuku whispered so only Katsuki heard him. "I don't know what he would have been looking for" Izuku whispers. "It’s scary..... What if I had been home and he showed up?”

"Only if you want to....and why not rebuild the bookstore? But really, it's your future. What did you want to do before Toshinori left it to you?" Bakugou said. He made sure Izuku was wearing his seat belt. Boom was glaring at him. Apparently, the cat did not like being in a car. "Doesn't that hurt?" he added on, seeing how Boom had his claws dug into Izuku's pants.


Izuku flinched at the question, not at Boom craws. Izuku started to cry again. "Kacchan I wanted to be a hero... but you ...... All Might.... told me it would never happen." Izuku said with a voice that trembles badly. "With what money can I rebuild with..... I put my savings into it last year because we were losing money..... Yesterday and the day before was the first time I have seen that many people in the bookstore." Izuku cried, he been holding it in for so long. He rubs his eyes. God his life was falling apart.

Katsuki kissed izuku’s forehead. “It’s gonna be ok. I promise. Fuck, I wish I could go back and be there to stop that mother fucker but I’ll make it right.” He said. His bonding scent was warm like a campfire. “I promise you Izuku.”

Chapter Text

Izuku eyes meet Katsuki's eyes. “I believe you,” he said quietly, his skin paling and stomach flipping inside him "I feel sick" he mumbled as he pulled his knees up in the seat, keeping Boom in his arms. Had the bleeding finally started? The signs that no pups were coming of the heat? Izuku gulps down air to maybe settle the uneasy feeling in his stomach. He could have been dead if Katsuki hadn't taken him out or was still asleep from his heat meds. "I'm sorry Katsuki.... you kind of just signed on for a mess of an omega,” Izuku talked down.


Katsuki settles back in the seat and smirked.“Nah, you have to put up with me so we can call it even. I’m an asshole on a good day.” He put an arm around Izuku’s waist to steady him as they got out of the cab. They made their way up to the alpha’s apartment. Once inside Katsuki let out a curse. “I don’t have anything Boom needs.” He said realizing the lack of cat things. He didn’t feel like going out now that it was so late, nothing would be open. He had an idea. Tetsu had cats with his omega, Denki, and happened to be in the apartment across from his own.


Izuku set the orange ball of fur down in the living room to look around and check the place out while Katsuki was in his thoughts. Slowly sitting down on the couch the omega’s eyes floated around the living room, following his pet. Could he call this place home? //I’m so sorry Toshinori… good, I’m so sorry your bookshop that you trusted to me is gone// He thought as he flopped his face into his hands. “God my memories of Toshinori all up in smoke” Izuku whimpered.

Katsuki sat down next to Izuku watching as the cat went around sniffing everything. Katsuki reached out gently started rubbing his mate’s back as he got out his phone and called Denki. “Yo,” He said when Denki picked up. “Do you have any cat stuff?”

"Uh yeah you know we own like 3 of them." Denki answered casually. "Why?"

“Because I have a cat now. It’s...a long story. Can you bring over litter and stuff? And don’t bitch. I make you loser’s dinner half the time.” Katsuki grumbled.

“Yeah ok Katsuki!” Tetsu said in the background.

Katsuki sat back looking at Izuku wondering if he was ok when there was a knock. “Just some friends.” he reassured Izuku before getting the door.

Denki was smiling “Where’s the cat?” He asked nearly plowing down the blonde alpha, Tetsu following in behind his mate with arms full of a box, litter, and food.


Boom looked at Denki with a glare, growling. Izuku picked him up calming the big kitty. "Don't be rude boom," Izuku whispered to the ball of fur.

Tetsu looked over the stuff in his arms. "..... You got more than a cat there Katsuki." he laughed. "Denki relax." Tetsu added seeing that Denki wanted to pet the cat.

"Hello," Izuku said trying to not be shy.

“Sorry! I’m kind of a crazy cat omega! That was rude of me” Denki laughed. “I’m Denki and this is my alpha Tetsu Tetsu.” Denki said gently with a bright smile.

Katsuki took the things from Tetsu, the two of them setting up the litter box for Boom. He looked over at Denki. “Izuku is my mate now. Thought you two might get along.” He said.

Tetsu eyes shot to Katsuki. "Your mate!? So Kirishima wasn't just talking huh? Not that he said, mate. Just a male omega was around you." Tetsu. Though he could see the mark and smell the warning on Izuku. "Congrats" Tetsu added.

Izuku set Boom down so he could sniff the items that were for him. "Thank you for the cat stuff." Izuku thanked quietly. Denki could see the tears, first thinking maybe Katsuki had forced him into this or had hurt him. Katsuki was a scary guy sometimes so Denki started to worry now.

"It happened fast," Katsuki said. "And he's been through hell in just a few hours, so I thought maybe, you know, Denki is good with this.” He sighed. "His bookstore and apartment were just raided by Dabi, burned. We don't know if anything can be saved yet." Bakuogu said quietly to the newcomers.

Denki was never one to bother about personal space, or even think about it, so he was hugging Izuku. "I'm so sorry. No wonder you're so upset. Baku, he was good to you? He didn't force you into this? Yes, he's my friend, but I'll shock him until he's brain dead if he hurt you." he said.

Izuku was a little shy at first eyes going to the other omega before cuddling into Denki he never met another male omega. "No he hasn't done anything wrong. He has been very nice.... he was even going to let me keep it all, live with me in it." Izuku informed.

Tetsu blinked. "Oh man." he said gently. "Dabi... as in a league of villains Dabi? What the fuck was he doing in little omega home?" he grumbled crossing his arms.


Denki blinked. “No way, I can’t believe Baku is finally growing up. Honestly, I thought he was gonna be single forever. And you’re so cute too!” He giggled. “Sorry I’m kind of excited I’ve never met another male omega before. Everyone always treats me so strange except for Baku. He’s an asshole to everyone.” Denki said.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Yeah, whatever.” He looked back at the other alpha. “I don’t know why and it pisses me off. Izuku’s never met him before. Kirishima and I are looking into it.” Katsuki said looking at the other Alpha.


"I never met another male omega I didn't think any were in town." Izuku began to smile. "... he.... he hasn't been a jackass at all to me... ah, pushie with gifts and phone numbers, scaring customers off." The omega added making Tetsu to laugh.

"When he found a male omega, of course, he was going to jump ya," Tetsu said with a shake of his head.

Katsuki made a face. “That ain’t the only reason. Izuku’s...well, you’ll see. He’s not boring or annoying like everyone else” he said.

Denki leaned in to whisper in Izuku’s ear. “I think he just said'' I love you.”

Izuku went red hiding his face in Denki's neck since Denki was still hugging him.

"Wow you even marked him." Tetsu whispers to the other alpha. "Good going Katsuki,” he said as he crossed his arms. Tetsu mouth dropped as Katsuki crossed his arms.

“There may be a baby.”

The visitors became silent and still in shock, looking back and forth between the very newly mated couple. Their eyes wide.

It was Katsuki’s turn to be red. “Uh, well, I helped Izuku through his heat. Even though it was prior to me marking him, I still knotted.” He realizes he may have said too much. “Listen, you both need to keep your mouth shut about this. The freaking journalists are harassing us already.” he said.

Denki snorted. “I’m not telling those sharks anything! Baku, you’re an idiot.”

Katsuki growled. “Watch it. I’m letting you stink up my omega right now.” He said.

Denki stuck his tongue out “I don’t stink.” He said. In fact, he smelled pretty great to Izuku. Like fresh orange juice. There was a little of Tetsu's scent too which wasn’t unpleasant either.


Tetsu raised an eyebrow. "We won't do that. The fact that someone can be Denki's friend is nice. He needs another omega to be around." he said gently. "Though when he goes in for his checkup which needs to be soon, it should be 3 days after his heat and an alpha help. But it seems you guys been busy. Get him in for his checkup." Tetsu advised. "Then you can know or if he is going to need his stuff for his bleeding." Tetsu added.

Katsuki looked across the room at Izuku. “Tomorrow then?” He asked his omega. He’d already told work he wasn’t coming in. He’d told them about Izuku. Hadn’t wanted to but it was needed so they knew.

Denki hugged Izuku a little bit tighter. “That would be amazing if you were Izuku. Tetsu and I, well we have been trying for pups.”.

Izuku looked at Denki. "You haven't been able to?" he asked quietly.

"Though if you were, it may help Denki too, his heat may come more than the normal cycle." Tetsu said gently. “Were both healthy. Just harder for male omegas. So Katsuki does it on the first time. Damn" Tetsu mumbled.

"... it wasn't my normal cycle," Izuku said.

"Well that even more of a sign you two belong together," Tetsu said. "Denki, love, let’s the little omega breath. Tightening the hug isn't going to make you pregnant." Tetsu added seeing Katsuki getting a little grumpy when Denki took hold tighter of Izuku.

Denki blushed and let go. “Sorry, just excited.” he laughed. “We should be going, it’s late. Do you want to hang out tomorrow? We’re the apartment just across the hall.” Denki said as he went to Tetsu, snuggling into his chest and wrapping his arms around Tetsu’s waist.

"I would like that, but It seems we have a busy day, doctors, papers to turn in and looking through my apartment." Izuku said he was holding his hands together now tightly. He hadn't thought of the checkup, omega could be told very early if they were pregnant and not that Izuku had said it. He hadn't bled yet. Even though he had been telling Katsuki that it was the bleeding pain. Katsuki had knotted a few times in him it had only been that first one that he had knotted out in the air.

“Oh, right! Well anytime ok? You call me. Katsuki can give you my number. See you later!” Denki said, Tetsu said his goodbyes too before the left.


The next day was busy. Katsuki made breakfast, they ate and then went to the office to turn in the paperwork. Everything became official then. Then, they went to the pet store for Boom, met Izuku’s insurance person for the store, which made Izuku cry...and now they were at the doctor. One that Denki saw too and was one of the only ones around that knew male omegas.


Izuku and Katsuki were in the room now. Izuku was now in that grown. "I don't like being out in the air." Izuku mumbled as he looked at Katsuki. "They seem excited for us?" Izuku mentioned Katsuki’s friends.

Katsuki snorted. “Here lay down over here and I’ll put the sheet on you.” It was a little warmer than with the fabric and less out in the open. “I’ve known them for years. They’re the closest friends I have except for Kirishima and Mina. Denki, he used to be a hero, I don’t know if you remember him, Chargebolt?” He said. He was trying to distract Izuku from feeling nervous. “He passed as a beta. No one knew except a few of us. Everything was good until he went into heat unexpectedly. It was...not good for him. Tetsu found him and the villains didn’t make it out of there alive.” He whispered. “Denki wasn’t able to go back after that, PTSD and shit. But he still does modeling crap.” Katsuki said.

Izuku stared at Katsuki. He remembered the story and the end of the hero's life for Denki. It had been bad, it may be part of the reason Denki hadn't been able to get pregnant with Tetsu. "God." Izuku whispered. It was a scary world for Omegas.

Lucky the doctor was female omega when she came in. Because Izuku didn't think he could handle a male anything. "Ah hello..." Izuku said gently, though this was the first Katsuki learned that Izuku took his last name. Being the doctor called him Izuku Bakugou. "Yeah... my heat had started 5 days ago, it wasn't part of my cycle neither." Izuku said. He wasn’t seeing the shock on Katsuki face as he stared at the omega.

“You took my name,” Katsuki said in surprise, staying back a bit as the female omega had Izuku lay back.

“The nurse told me you haven’t bled yet. Any pain?” She asked gently touching Izuku’s stomach.

Izuku smiled at Katsuki. "Well, I want it. We're family now." he whispered gently. "My stomach been upset for the last two days I thought it was the bleeding but nothing has come out" Izuku spoke louder for the nurse. "He knotted 3 times during my heat.” His face going red with embarrassment. Izuku wasn't used to telling anyone about his heat or what Katsuki had done during it.

“Okay, well let’s take a look and see what’s happening hm?” She looked at Katsuki. “Will you be ok with me touching your mate?” She asked.

“Yes,” Katsuki said, although he was a little worried about Izuku.

He stayed right in his chair, holding Izuku’s hand as the doctor examined him down below. It was a little uncomfortable to have the doctor look and then shove some sort of device up there. She was looking at izuku’s womb on the computer screen.

“Well Izuku, your cervix is completely closed and you have lots of cushion in there for your little one. Although too tiny to see the right one, you are with pups.” she said, at least waiting until the wand was out of Izuku.

Katsuki jolted up to his feet, heart nearly bursting out of his chest. “Are you sure? How many? Is everything ok?” He fires off.

The doctor laughed warmly. “Daddy is worried already. It’s too early to tell how many. But it’s rare for a male omega to have more than one. And yes, Izuku is healthy. Everything looks fine.” The doctor said with a warm assuring smile.

Izuku eyes were wide. So much for being able to wait. But the tears that came to his eyes, had Katsuki freak again. Though he stopped only when Izuku smiled in his tears happy tears "... well, I hope... I hope you want kids." Izuku said as he rubs his eyes. The doctor left the room so they could be alone to process.

Katsuki relaxed. “Shit, I thought you were upset little omega,” he said hugging Izuku. “And the answer is yes, but never thought it would happen.” He kissed Izuku. “We’re gonna be parents, ha! Our kid is gonna be cute like you and strong like me. The world has never seen a more perfect kid!” he boasted as Izuku giggled a little bit.


Izuku smiled. He never really thought of kids. Why, well who he was he never thought any would want him for a mate then a mother of their child? "Kacchan.... will you still love them if they are quirkless too?" Izuku asked quietly as he stood there mid putting his shirt on. "Jeez I haven't even met your parents." Izuku added pulling the shirt down. Izuku sighed ugh and he couldn't even hide in his room with his books right now.

“Yes. And I’ll kick the ass of anyone who has a problem with it.” Katsuki promised. For him, it would almost be a relief. If their kid was quirkless they’d most likely pick a different career, something safer than being a hero. “As for my parents, there’s time to meet them later. A while later, Are you still up for going to your apartment today?” He asked, taking Izuku’s hand as they walked out.


"I’d like to.... there are important things I would like to have." Izuku agreed. "God I have to tell my mom. I don't know if she'll be ok with this." He worried, blinking. "We may want a car. Your quirk is fun to travel in, But I won't be able to do that soon and, ah well, can't be blasted around with baby even if he or she is in a car seat." Izuku laughed.

Trying to blow past how he felt about his mother. She was overprotective and hated that he was living there in that apartment alone. He had a feeling she may have known something he didn't, As they walked. "Oh I don't know if I should rebuild now. That money should go to the baby. if they’re an omega..... I want them to be able to protect themselves." Izuku brought up. He has been lucky for a long time. and still lucky that it was Katsuki that came into his life.


“It might be good to wait until I get that Dabi fucker locked up in prison. I hate the idea of him targeting you. don’t need to be worrying about money, ‘Zuku. You’ve got plenty of it now. You can get whatever car you want. Never needed one ‘till now but you got a point.”

It was a nice day, sunny. And most of the people going about were minding their own business. They got a few glances but not one approached them. They walked up to Izuku’s place; the outside was scorched and blackened. A firefighter was there to meet them. He didn’t want anyone going inside alone because it had structural damage. So they got boxes and started packing up Izuku’s things, carrying them down to a U-Haul Katsuki had rented.


Izuku looked once more after they had the boxes down. Sadly there hadn't been much to save. He did find his books of notes and what he had written for his own books. Some of his All Might and Ground Zero items lived. Izuku eyes wandered up the front of the building. When he felt eyes on him he shifted looking around. Someone was watching him. His hand going to his stomach protection even if he couldn't do much. A baby was in there now and he would protect it no matter what.


Katsuki put the last box in the truck. He jumped down and closed the doors, looking for Izuku; he saw his omega looking around. When the breeze carried Izuku’s scent, he smelled fear. “What’s wrong?” He was over and to his mate’s side in an instant.


"Someone... someone’s watching.... or I'm just thinking and believing I'm feeling it. Ugh, the baby makes me worry more now.” Izuku breathed as he looked up at Katsuki.

Katsuki was instantly on high alert. “Get in the truck and lock the doors. I’m going to look around.” He quickly kissed Izuku on his cheek and urged him in the truck. He waited until he saw Izuku hit the lock button and then started investigating.

Chapter Text

Thank you, everyone!!! I'm so happy that everyone is enjoying this story

The little omega’s heart was beating so hard in his chest that it felt like it would beat right out of him. Why were there so many villains showing up at his bookshop? He didn't believe there was anything worth taking from him.

“Kacchan,” passed Izuku lips, as he stared out the windshield of the moving truck. The panic was laced in his tone.

Why had Katsuki left his view he couldn’t find his brave alpha anywhere. He looked down at the keys in his hand. Izuku could easily make a run for it not that Izuku wanted to leave Katsuki behind. Even if the alpha was a pro hero Izuku couldn’t bring himself to just leave him. When the omega’s eyes shot up again at a noise outside of the truck cab. A new villain stood there his eyes glaring down the truck and the omega inside. Sliding over, Izuku turned the truck on, maybe he could run him over if he tried anything.

Katsuki jumped down from the room of the nearby building when he saw the guy staring down Izuku.

“Hey! Fucker!” He screamed blasting over. “That’s mine and only mine!!” The alpha growled.


Izuku body kind of shiver hearing the alpha’s words. Well if that didn’t make his body heat up for a moment. Izuku started to shake his head, not the time or place for that. This villain he had seen him before. A sick feeling dropping into his stomach.

"Don't let him touch you," Izuku yelled. "His quirk will do something to you if he touches you!" Izuku yelled as he hoped to something, anything to save his alpha.


Katsuki could see that Izuku was yelling something but he couldn’t hear him over his own explosions as he attacked male in front of him.

“What!?” He yelled back, hoping to hear his omega without taking his eyes off the villain in front of him.

Though he finally had to turn his head to look back at Izuku so he could read his omega lips.

He also didn’t want the truck here anymore being it wasn’t the safest place for his mate. “Drive!”


Katsuki turns back in time to dodge out of the way of a punch from the villain. The villain’s fist hitting nothing but air. Katsuki then came up with a fiery explosion knocking the villain back a good amount though they just slid back on their shoes. Katsuki was trying to fight but the worry for his omega and baby was strong.


Izuku reached for the gears of the truck his hand shaking so much his eyes kept jerking up to Katsuki who had turned to him again yelling for him to leave. The villain was moving forward again, taking the chance with Katsuki looking away to attack and use his own quirk. The villain was able to touch and grip Katsuki's side who in return used his quirk in a punch knocking the villain off his feet this time and sending him back and to the ground.

Katsuki wanted to let out one of his laughs at the villain but the blood that flooded from his throat cut off any noise that could have come out. His side, well most of his side was missing from that touch of the villain. Ripped away like it was paper.


The villain was able to stage upon his feet again. Katsuki's hand grip his side. Shit, he was a pro how was he messing up so badly….. well duh because his new family was only feet away. Katsuki could have sworn he heard the truck door swing open and someone getting out in a rush. Katsuki's eyes flicker back not that they were seeing much was that Izuku out of the truck.

“N-no….” Katsuki struggled.

“Deku back in the truck and leave.” He gasped as he finally went down. The villain was going for Katsuki to finish him.

"Leave him alone!" Izuku yelled his skin glowing with power.

"SMASH!!!" Izuku yelled bringing this unknown power on the villain sending him flying into a wall with a cracking noise. The villain's head had made the cracking noise, the body slid down the wall going limp on the ground.

Izuku turn going to his alpha on the ground, “Oh god Kacchan!” Izuku whimpered, not knowing what the hell to do first for him.


Katsuki was in extreme pain but that hadn’t stopped him from seeing what had happened. His eyes had been able to catch the one-punch finishing move.


Katsuki looked like he’d seen a ghost. “Zuku...that power—“ he couldn’t talk anymore as he coughed, more blood coming up and slipping out his lips.

Shit the damage on him was terrible. He slowly pushed himself up to his feet, having to grab the truck to keep himself upright, not wanting to grab Izuku and have them both end up on the ground. No, he would not take any chance on his baby inside his omega.


Izuku shook his head. "Don't... don't worry about that." He said quickly. Terror so much terror in his eyes and body shaking. He was able to help Katsuki up into the big moving truck before climbing into the cab of the truck himself. Katsuki stared at Izuku as he drove. To Izuku his red eyes looked glassy and dazed.

“I’ve had worse you know,” the pro hero mumbled, trying to chuckle it off. “But you got him good lil omega. Who knew you were hidin’ a secret like this.” The wounded alpha words were a little slurred. Katsuki was definitely losing too much blood.

By the time Izuku got to the hospital, the seat underneath Katsuki was soaked with blood and Katsuki wasn’t talking anymore, his eyes had closed unable to keep them open.


Izuku whimpered as the tears fell as he shoved his door open barely putting it in the parking gear. Screams of help leaving his throat. It got the people to look and come quickly being Izuku was cover in the blood too.

"Not mine," Izuku warned as they got Katsuki out.

"I'm... I have not been hurt," Izuku informs as he got his phone out calling Denki, the only number that he had on his phone.


Izuku panicked as they took Katsuki away leaving him kind of standing there lost on what to do. He held the sob back. So he finds an alpha that could love him for him and he gets killed off not even 2 weeks of knowing him. Izuku though as he held the phone to his ear so tightly, as the phone rang he was led to the waiting room.

“Helloooo,” Denki answered cheerfully but that changed when he heard sobs on the other line. “Izuku, is that you? What’s wrong?” The electric blond asked.

"We... we were attacked...oh god… the villain quirk ripped Katsuki’s side open." The upset omega sobbed out. Oh, he didn't feel good at all, he didn't know if it was that power or the baby. Izuku looked over as a nurse came to him. He guessed he looked awful too. The nurse asked how he was and was going to give him something to help him.

"I….m... I'm pregnant... I don't know what I can and can't have," Izuku said quietly to the nurse which made her worry now.

“Someone brings over a wheelchair. Male omega pregnant!" the nurse called out to the staff behind them. Izuku blinked why were all getting worried about him? Izuku could faintly hear Denki say he’ll be there shortly.

Izuku’s brain didn’t register that anything would be wrong with himself until he felt the sharp burning pain. Ok, so some of the blood was his after all. His shoulder had a gash in it but was nothing like Katsuki’s. Though his wound was enough to bleed. Oh his arm was a messed up. Well, that could be why his arm wasn't working correctly and the pain now. Izuku hand loosened on the phone causing it to drop as he realizes just how damaged he was.

It wasn’t long before Izuku was being taken back to looked over and have his arm fixed along with making sure everything else was ok.

When Denki got to the hospital, the little omega was freaking out. Tetsu was working and he hadn’t wanted to bother him during his shift, but now he kind of wish he had. Being the hospital was bringing back all sorts of bad memories.

“…. excuse me. I’m looking for my friends, Bakugou Katsuki and...Izuku,” Denki realized he didn’t know Izuku’s last name “Bakugou too maybe?” Denki squeaked out to the person at the desk. His heart was beating a mile a minute. He hadn’t been back in hospital since that terrible night he went into to heat while fighting an alpha villain.

Izuku hadn’t wanted to be in his own bed. He was now fussing with the nurse with his feet on the floor. He had been strip down and put in hospital clothes. He looked up as Denki was let into the room looking so stressed himself.

"I'm sorry Denki they took my phone while they were checking thing,” Izuku said quickly as the other omega moved into the room hands gripping the backpack he was traveling with, tears of anxiety and stress in his eyes.

“It’s ok, I’m so glad you’re alright! When the call cut off like that...” He sat in the empty chair, kind of flopping into it.

“They say Baku’s out of surgery. That he’s going to be ok. They won’t let me see him yet. What happened?” Denki asked.


Izuku let out a long breath. "Oh thank God." Izuku whispered.

"We were getting my things that we could save from the fire and another villain showed up. Kacchan just wanted me to drive away.... he got hit by the villain quirk." Izuku spoke up.

"I... they though I need to be in bed. Letting them know I’m pregnant made them worry," Izuku said not wanting to bring up what could be a quirk he didn't know he had.


“But your’s broken?” Denki said, pointing out the cast on it.


“You’re a lot like Baku, you know? He glosses over injuries too like it’s no big deal. He probably considers what happened a scratch,” Denki snorted.

"I told them not to put a case on me." Izuku mumbled. Katsuki was going to freak again when he finally got to see Izuku.

"He lost so much blood," the green-haired omega sighed as he shifted.

"I don't want to be in this bed but they won't let me out," Iuku said with an annoyed look.

"They were able to find the villain to he was knocked out," Izuku told in relief. The villain had broken back and head damage from Izuku’s attack.

“Oh yeah, the word is that he’s pretty fucked up. They’re not sure if he’s gonna pull through. But considering what he did to you and Baku, it’s what he deserves...and don’t worry about legal stuff. Alphas are allowed to kill if their omega is in danger.” Denki said. He thought about his own alpha then, coming to his rescue years ago Denki hadn’t been his mate yet, but he’d fallen for his hero pretty hard.

Izuku shifted. "What if it wasn't the alpha that did the damage," Izuku asked. "They ... they won't take me away from Kacchan right or take my baby away?" he said starting to breaths quicken and a panic attack was starting to come in.

Denki blinked. “I don’t know if that’s ever happened before, but I don’t see why it would be different. Omegas are still protective of their mates or babies.” He said his eyes widened.

He dropped his voice to a whisper. “Wait, Izuku, was it you who hit the villain? I just realized I never asked you what your quirk was.” Denki said leaning forward in his chair now. Izuku was playing with the blanket that was on him.

"I'm quirkless… I have been all my life." Izuku said looking at his working hand.

" I don't know what to say about what happened." The quirkless one added when there came yelling from the hallway. Loud hard and what could be chaos in halls as if the doctors were trying to keep a person their room in there be only to have them trying to break free.

“Kacchan?” Izuku said knowing that voice already so well.

Denki jumped up. “Uh oh. This could be bad. I’ll be right back.” He ran out and soon the screaming stopped. So at least Denki had calmed Katsuki down, hopefully getting him back in bed. Shortly afterwards a nurse came.

“Well, Mr. Bakugou. Your mate is causing quite a commotion. We’re going to move you into his room before he blows up our doctors,” she laughed.

“You have quite the explosive mate. He’s very worried about you.” She disconnected the monitors and then helped Izuku into a wheelchair.

Katsuki was awake and angry as ever when Izuku was wheeled in. “Oh thank—your arm! What the fuck, he hit you?” Katsuki growled once again trying to sit up but Denki shoved him back.

“Stop Baku! Your omega is fine. He’s ok.” Denki said quickly.


"I'm ok Kacchan really I am so is our baby boom," Izuku said quickly as he shifted in the wheelchair as the nurse brought him closer to his alpha’s bed so he could reach out and take Katsuki's hand.

"He didn't do this but will talk later." The little omega said quietly as Katsuki grip his good hand worry all over Katuski's face.

Katsuki held izuku’s hand tightly. “I’m pissed I let a nobody villain get one over on me like could have been killed. Some fucking hero I am,” The wound alpha gritted out.

Izuku bit his lip. “That’s not true,” He said.

“It is. What’s the point of being number one, if I can’t... if I can’t even protect my mate,” Katsuki said hiding his face with his other arm, which was now propped over his eyes.

Denki who has been trying to hold it together was getting affected by the stress and worry in the room, His sensitive mind was always one step from going over the edge. He has been damaged for some time now.

“I just need some rest,” Denki said clearly getting upset, alpha angry affected omega normally. Though Izuku seems to be a stronger omega and yet here was Denki once a hero and he couldn’t even stand in a hospital to support his friend who needs him. Kirishima came in just then.

“Knock knock!” Kirishima yelled before coming in.

"Hi, Kirishima," Izuku said looking back to the door to the redhead. Izuku eyes fell on Denki who was trying to grip himself without being noticed too much. Izuku held out his bad arm to Denki so the omega could move in close. Denki came over in a quick movement his arms going around Izuku and holding on in a tight hug. Izuku using his bad arm as well as he could return the hug.

Izuku eyes and face turned back to Katsuki who hadn’t let go of his good hand and most likely not going to.

"Kacchan ... things happen. I didn't like seeing it happen. But don't worry about me in a fight. If that what causes this don't worry about me." Izuku said quietly.

Katsuki laid back on his pillow for a second, annoyed at himself. “I will always worry about you.” He said.

Denki looked st Izuku. “It’s true, can’t teach an alpha new tricks,” he said.

Izuku shifted. "You really don't... I’ve made it through life this long without being hurt" Izuku grumble.

"I'm a big boy, I’ve been taking care of myself for this long" Izuku added.

When Katsuki bought up, ‘the omega going into heat and happening when Izuku not being ready.’

"It wasn't part of my cycle Kacchan." The omega squeaked as he sat back in the wheelchair and crossed his arms trying to look grumpy. Yes he was an omega but he didn't like it he didn't like being quirkless, so he had worked out got stronger and normally knew when his heat was coming and be locked up and asleep. It wasn't like he let any other mount him. Katsuki had somehow bought on his heat. Now a baby. Oh boy, what did he get himself into?

Katsuki groans loudly and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I don’t think…. Damn deku… I wanted to protect you… I don’t think you’re weak…. I protect you because you’re important to me.” Katsuki whispers when he bought his face back to look at the omega.

“You’re not alone anymore. So stop acting like it.” He was a lil grumpy from the pain meds, but still didn’t let go of his mate’s hand. Denki looked up when Tetsu came into the room joining them as well.

“Hey, you made it,” Denki said letting go of Izuku to go hug his mate and get scented by him. Tetsu took his time holding his omega close letting him feel better.

Izuku stared at Katsuki. "You are not alone either. Kacchan. We're together and there will be 3 of us before long," Izuku said gently his eyes meeting Katsuki’s.

Tetsu blinked. "Congrats Bakugou. Congrats on baby," Tetsu said as he still held on to Denki. Izuku shifted. Katsuki smirked a little.

“Thanks, just found out earlier today, before the shit hit the fan,” Katsuki said.

"Yes, a baby that we both need to start thinking about. When I tell you to watch for his quirk watch out." Izuku grumble. Izuku rearranged himself in the wheelchair his eyes going to look at his arm again. It had all been so confusing to himself. He didn't have a quirk. He never had a quirk So what had that power been that he used on the villain called Rip Paper”? He could rip people to items like paper.

"Rip Paper in a coma. Whoever got their hands on him had knocked him out with one hell of a hit.” Tetsu said quietly. Katsuki looked at Izuku again.

“I don’t remember anything past the fucker shredding my side. How’d he end up like that?” The grumpy alpha asked. Denki looked over.

“Izuku did it, somehow,” Denki said finally pulling away from his own alpha. Katsuki’s eyes widened.

“What? Deku you did that with your bare hands?” Katsuki yelled as he sat up straight only to yelp in pain and flop back.

Izuku started messing with the edge of the hospital gown he was in. "It’s how my arm is all messed up.” Izuku answered slightly looking around at all the alpha in the room.

Kirishima had been quiet and still quiet. It made Izuku not want to speak about this right now in front of the others. “But Kacchan will talk about this later ok?” He said not liking the eyes of the other on him.

“You started calling me Deku again,” he added looking at his mate with a bit of a shock. Katsuki just kind of smirked.

“You call me Kacchan I’m calling you Deku,” he said.

"Don't worry about it," Izuku added shly. Tetsu looked at Katsuki back.

"Well, it seems your little Omega is more than we knew,” Tetsu said his arm just around Denki's shoulder. It was helping Denki calm down and relax more.

"Ugh, you keep deflecting, fine," Katsuki grumbled. He wasn't happy about it, but he got the sense Izuku didn't want to talk about it with a room full of people.

"Always has been Tetsu. He's different," Katsuki said his eyes finally going to the other in the room then his omega.

Tetsu let out a breath. "I’ll get the truck to unloaded and take it out to be clean before we have to return it. You kind of bleed all over the cab. " Tetsu told.

Izuku looked up before tears coming now as he looked at Katsuki before climbing up on the bed and hugging him tightly hiding his face in Katsuki neck as the tears came.

"You had stopped talking to me..... God, I was happy for a moment in my lonely life and it was all gone for some unknown reason. Everything was getting taken away from me," Green hair omega cried as he cuddles into Katsuki who let out an oof of pain but the fact Izuku just said all that he was happy. Izuku was happy to be his omega, to be in his life.

"I'll come too," Denki said taking the keys from Izuku.

" Let's give them some time," Kirishima said, the 3 of them left so Izuku and Katsuki we're alone. Katsuki ignored the pain he felt as Izuku put pressure on his stitches, but he could care less because Izuku said he liked being with Katsuki for the first time.

" takes a lot more to kill me. I'm fine. It's ok," Katsuki whispered rubbing Izuku's back with his hand that didn't have an IV in it. He kissed the top of Izuku's curly hair, inhaling his omega's scent. It calmed him down when nothing else was.

"I knew I had to fight to stay around. I was lucky enough to get you, I can't just kick the bucket now." Katsuki said as he kissed the top of Izuku head.

"It was so much blood... I just finally started to be happy..... I don't want to lose you or my happy dreams... I want our baby to know you" Izuku cried as he fisted Katsuki hospital gown.

Chapter Text

Katsuki shifted as he moved to kiss Izuku forehead, running a hand through Izuku’s green curls.

"Shhhh. I'm ok. I'm breathing." The wounded alpha whispered. After a while he noticed Izuku's breathing had evened out, his body going limp. His omega had fallen asleep, too worn out to stay awake any longer. Katsuki pulled the blankets a bit higher over them both and promptly passed out himself.

When the nurse returned to help Izuku back to his room and bed, she stops. Finding the little omega was well placed in Katsuki arms cuddled close and careful around his alpha. If she moved Izuku now she worried Katsuki would start up again though she also worried about Izuku hitting Katsuki wound. The nurse sighed and moved to make sure all the cords and tubes were not being crushed or pulled. Making sure Katsuki wound was ok and not bleeding again.


The little omega awoke to the beeping set off by the machines in the room. Izuku hadn’t noticed those before. Blinking away the sleep in his eyes he realized where he had fallen asleep on Katsuki. The alpha had pulled him close holding on like he was going to lose his omega somewhere. Izuku let out a small yawn and shifted finding that Katsuki's hand was on his ass up under the grown.

Izuku went red from the death grip Katsuki had on him. Izuku had one leg fold up on Katsuki as he rested. In shifting his lets he notices a lot more of his alpha. Without moving too much he lifted the covers to find Katsuki length full and thick. Izuku even though he had a tinted red on his cheeks, He went red even more. Snorted a small laugh. Well even wounded like this his alpha proved he was still all-male and able to salute. Izuku lowers the covers gently as he cuddles his face into Katsuki neck taking in his alpha scent. Katsuki in his sleep shifted Izuku more on to him, so Izuku was resting on his body.

Katsuki let out a groan in his sleep and ground his hips against Izuku. Katsuki moved so his cock was up against izuku’s ass and rolled his hips. It was only when Izuku started laughing that Katsuki came to, realizing he was in the hospital. Izuku was trying to keep quiet with his bright red face.

“The hell.” Katsuki moaned loudly

Izuku snorted. "You don't seem to care where we are hmm?" Izuku whispers. "But while still here and everything hooked up to you. That is a n o." Izuku added gently as he patted Katsuki's chest.

"At least they took the tubes out of your dick before you got hard, that would’ve hurt." Izuku mumble as his eyes drifted up to Katsuki half hooded eyes.

The grumble of a laugh in the alpha chest made even Izuku smile. “Yeah, me too. It kind of hard to not react to your body this close to mine.” Katsuki said in a gruff voice. Katsuki's eyes wander around the room looking for a clock. “They better let me the fuck out of here today. I want to sleep with you in our bed.” The alpha grumbles as he yawns and then let out a groan of pain. His side was pretty much healed due to the doctor's quirk.

Izuku started to climb off of Katsuki only to have his alpha grab his ass again and grip him. The squeak that escaped Izuku lips had Bakugou hard on getting even harder if that was possible.

“Kacchan, you’re going to make me slick and I don’t want to do that here,” Izuku squeaked out. His face red again it seems to be his new skin tone. Izuku did move to kiss Katsuki's lips very gently. “If you get to go home. I’ll let you touch all you want, but only when we get home.” Izuku said gently as he pulled his body off of Katsuki being very careful of Katsuki hard on.

“You’re no fun.” Katsuki grunted. He looked so sad when Izuku got off the bed. “I really want out of this place.”

Katsuki looked over when a nurse came in to check on him. “When can I go home?” The alpha demand of her. She was removing his bandages to put clean ones on.

“Very soon Mr. Bakugou they had to rebuild some of your organs.” The nurse said as she finished looking at the bandaged area. She turns to Izuku who was now sitting in the chair next to Katsuki bed. “Izuku, I'd like you back in a bed, please. We’re going to keep you a little longer we want to keep an eye on you being pregnant. It’s so close to the start of your baby's life. We have to make sure with the use of that quirk you’ve got there didn’t affect them.” She said as she pointed to the empty bed that had been brought into the room at some point while they were sleeping.

“Quirk?” Izuku said as he looked up to her.

Katsuki blinked. “That can’t be right. Izuku said he was quirkless.” He said.

The nurse nodded. "That what the records said but from the damage Izuku took and the damage to the villain. It proves that Izuku has a quirk.” She said as she got Izuku to settle in the other bed.

Katsuki turned to look at his mate. Thoughts were churning in his head now. “Ah, must have been mistaken then. Guess you only just now discovered it,” he said. If it was what he thought it was, the nurse needed to believe the power was always izuku’s.

Izuku raised an eyebrow at Katsuki but shifted. "is everything ok with my baby?" the little omega asked.

"So far yes, but we just want to make sure." the nurse said gently as she checks Katsuki machines now.

“How long then? I want to go home as soon as possible.” Katsuki said. He wanted to welcome Izuku in his bed finally. They hadn’t even slept one night together at his place. Denki and Tetsu were taking care of Boom for them.

“A few hours for you Mr. Bakugou will get you another healing with doctor Mekin.” The nurse said. But of course, it had only been about Katsuki getting out. It seems Izuku would be stuck here a little longer.

Katsuki let out a grumble or two. “Fun fact about me. I hate hospitals.” Katsuki said to Izuku. “But I guess them wanting to watch over you and the baby isn’t a bad thing. Just wish we could be in our bed.” Katsuki said. Izuku agreed with Katsuki he really didn’t want to stay another day without Katsuki.


Izuku was stuck in the hospital for another whole day. When he finally got to go it was Kirishima's car with Katsuki driving. Being Katsuki didn’t have a vehicle that Izuku wouldn’t have to balance on. Izuku was waiting in a wheelchair just because that's how they were when taking out someone. Before Izuku had even gotten standing Katsuki was out the driver side and over to Izuku lifting him up and very gently put Izuku in his seat. Izuku let out a squeak “You are not supposed to be lifting things yet let alone me!”

“Relax. I’m fine. Doctor with a healing quirk put the finishing touch on me this morning. As a hero I get preference. Not a bad thing to get preferential treatment sometimes.” Katsuki said as he set Izuku in his seat and made sure he was buckled in.

"I put the cat tower together before coming to get you. I kept it locked in our room for now. I thought you'd want to see Boom's reaction to it" he added as he drove off. They'd gotten a cool cat tower for boom at the pet store before everything had gone sour. It even had a little cave for him to nap in. It was styled like a castle.

Izuku looked at Katsuki and let out a small nod. “Poor kitty he has most likely been so confused over everything,” Izuku said as he looked out the window. “It was lonely last night without you. I never thought I would start feeling like that.” Izuku said gently looking to Katsuki again. “Baby Boom's to tiny to feel yet. So it was very quiet and kind of got to me.”

"I didn't sleep great either," Katsuki whispered, there was a slight blush on his cheekbones. "Glad that they cleared you and our baby. There's something I want to talk to you about, but later." He parked at the apartment and helped Izuku out. This time he let Izuku walk but didn't let go of his hand in case Izuku stumbled. They took the elevator though, which normally Katsuki took the stairs.

Izuku raised an eyebrow at Bakugou remark. “I’m ok walking Kacchan. I didn’t mess up my legs, only my arm and shoulder” the omega said with a sweatdrop. Izuku didn’t take the waste of the change he moved pulling Bakugou to him gently kissing him. With them riding up the elevator the kiss intense. Until the door open and showed Tetsu and Denki waiting to get on. Bakugou kind of growled, keeping his omega to him who had blushed and tried to pull back. Tetsu let out a laugh.

“Well, they seem ok to me,” Tetsu said looking at Denki.

Denki laughed warmly as he looked at Izuku and Katsuki. He stepped back so they could get out of the elevator. "Boom will be happy that you're home Izuku. He misses you. Keeps hiding under the bed! Tetsu had to chase him out with the broom so we could get him to eat." Denki said gently. Katsuki gave a dull sigh.

"You weren't supposed to tell him that," Katsuki said.

"Well, Izuku is home now." Denki said hugging Izuku "Tetsu and I are heading out, but let us know if you need anything!” Denki said before getting in the elevator with his mate.

Tetsu smirked as he got on the elevator with Denki. He was very happy since being around Izuku, Denki's body was starting to go into heat. They were going for a nice date and get things they will need if it happens.

Being around Izuku seems to be helping his omega. Denki wants a baby now that he couldn’t be a hero and was home most days he wanted a baby of his hero. The damage had messed him up along his heats' cycles. Denki heats rarely came. Denki didn’t know if he could get pregnant anymore.

Izuku gently smiled. "Boom is very much Katsuki in kitty form" Izuku laughed as they head for their apartment. Once in the front room Boom appeared seeing Izuku meowing loudly..

"Aww, my fur baby boom it's ok I’m home," Izuku said picking up his kitty who purred like crazy nuzzling his head into Izuku neck. Boom wasn’t happy until he had climbed inside Izuku's hoodie pocket, staring up at him. He was much too big so he stuck out at either end.

"Your cat is weird," Katsuki said with a raised eyebrow. Katsuki hadn't been doing much relaxing. There were freshly baked muffins in the kitchen, and Izuku knew they must be for him because Katsuki hated anything sweet. Also the cat castle. Katsuki brought it out and Boom looked over at curiously.

"Yes, go to your house and get off my omega, pussy." Katsuki growled. Boom hissed at him but did wiggle out from Izuku's hoodie to go inspect the cat castle.

"Kacchan, by nice to him. Boom, he's daddy, don’t hiss at him." Izuku mumble. "You were supposed to resting here at home," Izuku added as he looked at the cat castle while Boom sniffed it before a happy meow came from the kitty.

"I don't like to sit still," Katsuki said. "And now that I don't hurt anymore but can't return to work, well, getting caught up on shit here." he tossed Izuku a muffin and started to make tea for both of them.

"Kirishima found the security footage outside your place. I finally saw what happened after I blacked out." Katsuki said.

Izuku kind of looked back at Katsuki. "Oh?" The omega said as he slowly sat down. He looked at the muffin in his hands it smelled great. He wasn't ready to talk about this. But he guessed Katsuki was which caused him to start biting his bottom lip. Katuski looked up Izuku stressed scent in the air.

"What you did to that mentor had the same type of quirk," Katsuki said. He put a cup of tea in front of Izuku and sat next to him, staring into his cup.

"Toshinori Yagi. All Might. See... there are only a few people on earth that know the secret of his quirks and I'm one of them. It's a secret I've held for a long time now. He saved my life at the end of his hero career. And I saw a side of him no one else did. You know, skinny." The alpha took a deep breath.

"I don't know why he told me...but he did. See All Might was quirkless once like you until someone gave him his quirk. I think he passed it on to you. I guess he never got around to telling you before he died." Katsuki said looking at his omega. All Might's death had been sudden. He'd died protecting, like the true hero he was, even if no one had known him in that form.

Katsuki kind of saw Izuku flinch and let out a long-held breath. "He kind of told me.... He supposedly gave me the quirk. But then he passed before I knew if anything happens. I never felt different so I never did anything." Izuku whispers as he looked up for only a brief moment before his eyes went back to the cup in his hands.

"I never really knew he was All Might until near the end and he was giving me the quirk. I thought it was mean... To tell me this, gives me this and then die. I was upset for a long time and then forgot about it." Izuku said as he looked at his tea not looking to Katsuki.

Katsuki's eyes blinked slowly in a bit of a shock. "So that's why you were trying to pretend as nothing happened?" He asked quietly. "I mean...I get it, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone this secret and now I'm spilling it to you." He rubbed his eyes. "I didn't know it could hurt you like that. I never noticed it backfiring on All Might. It might be best to let it be until our baby is born." The alpha whispered.

Izuku nodded. "I …. Just when I saw you get hurt. I just snap." Izuku said as he looked up again. "You're mine and I wasn't going to give you up before we even got anywhere," he added a blush crossing his cheeks.

"I don't think my body was ready for the quirk Toshinori was going to work with me," Izuku said as he set his cup down after a few sips of tea.

Katsuki had an evil grin. "Oh, I can put you through my training program little omega," he suggested. "Once our young is here your ass is mine."

Izuku raised an eyebrow. "I thought my ass already was," he said as he took a bite of the muffin. Izuku let out a small laugh as Katsuki kind of stocked up to him from where the alpha had been standing near the island where his tea now rested.

Bakugou body was already alive. The alpha body remembered just where he had left off in the hospital. Izuku squeaked as Bakugou started to tug Izuku pants off of the omega from where he was sitting. "Kacchan!" The omega squeaked as he lost the fight to keep his lower clothes.

Izuku hadn't even put his muffin down, it now had been flung out of Izuku hand and bounced across the floor. Well so much for eating that. Katsuki pulled Izuku's pants off his feet and chucked them on the floor.

"Listen, I've been waiting a long time for this," Katsuki growled. He kissed up the inside of Izuku's calf, his thigh. "Everything was too rushed before during your heat. I wanna take my time. Make my omega beg." he blew on Izuku's skin and then sank his fangs in. Tiny little bites.

Izuku gasped his body reacted to his alpha teasing very quickly. "We had the shower fun." He squeaks as he shivers opening his legs more for pro hero alpha to work. Oh, his omega had started to slick there. The scent made it hard for Katsuki to keep his clothes on. "Katsuki." Izuku gasped out which turn into a moan.

Katsuki ran his hands up the inside of Izuku's thighs but stopped just shy of Izuku's sex. He was teasing now. He did pause to take his clothes off and then kissed Izuku deeply. "Not yet omega." Katsuki rasped out when Izuku rolled his hips trying to get him to touch without Katsuki being ready for it. Katsuki took Izuku's hands and pinned them up over his head. While doing that, he kissed down Izuku's neck, his nipples.

“So… not.. Fair.” Izuku whimpered in a pout at his alpha who only smirked. Katsuki laughed teasingly, and seeing his omega was nearly in tears, he finally moved lower licking Izuku's core and prepping him with his tongue. He purred happily when Izuku came from that and replaced his mouth with his member. Katsuki was taking his time and loving each move, each touch and noise that came from his omega.

Izuku groaned as he arched his back letting Katsuki's hard dick length deep into Izuku core. Izuku eyes looked up to Katsuki with a smile on his lips as he opens his arms. Now that Katsuki had let his arms free to grip his thighs better.

"Katsuki... I love you" Izuku said quietly as his body tightened around Katsuki dick. Katsuki’s eyes were blown wide his body froze mid-thrust. All he could do was stare down at his little omega because at that moment Izuku looked so beautiful right then. “I love you too baby,” Katsuki said kissing those lips he loved.

Izuku body tightens again around Katsuki making him cum. Both coming in the rush of heat and pleasure. They seem to fit so well together as Izuku kissed his alpha. Though his Katsuki could see the marks and bruise on the arm better now.

Izuku blushed when Katsuki let out a growl seeing it. Ripped Paper was still in a coma. So there wasn't getting anything out of him. The fucker wasn't awake to tell why he or Dabi had come after Izuku. His pregnant mate, his baby, his omega.

"Kacchan... Kacchan don't worry about the villains right now." Izuku whispers. Taking Katsuki's face in his hands again.

"They don't know where you live. They don't know I'm mated. The one that saw us together is still in a coma." Izuku whispers. He bought Katsuki down to him to kiss him again. They both kind of looked up out in the hallway a scent strong. Denki.

Denki was going into heat. Izuku looked back at Bakugou. "Oh, I hope this works for them. I know Denki wants a baby. I think he was staying around me hoping it will set his off. It seemed it has." Izuku said with a smile. "And no he still a good friend. He hasn't been here around me just for that." Izuku added as Bakugou pulled out so he could cuddle down with Izuku.