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2Jung's Day at the Pool

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The summer was coming to an end, and the girls were left with some rare free time in their schedules. Yerin had made plans, and reserved a private pool. Although it was outdoors, it was atop a building that gave a view overlooking the scenery. She originally planned to invite a few of the girls to join her, but Eunha was the only one who could make it. And even then, she still had to remind her a number of times to get her to actually show up.

She had bought some drinks in advance. But now that it was only going to be the 2 of them, it ended up being way more than necessary for just them. But even so, it was too late now. So she decided to make the best of it, and kept them on ice in a few coolers poolside. The pool itself was very spacious, and had plenty of chairs set along side it with some sun umbrellas.

When Eunha finally arrived, she was in her sandles and a sarong wrapped around her waist, covering the bottom half of her 2 piece bikini. Yerin greeted her, and offered her something out of the coolers. While getting a lite start to their day drinking, they sat on the edge, and let their legs dangle in the water. The girls looked out at the landscape ahead of them. It was slightly obscured by the guardrails at the edge of the building, but they could still see the beautiful hillsides in the distance.

They took off their sunglasses, and spent some time playing in the water. It was relaxing for both of them to let their bodies float around and take it easy for once. They even had a floating cushion that had holders for their drinks, so they could keep them at hand while they stayed in the water. After a bit, they both swam up to the edge of the pool, and went to grab another drink. As Eunha pulled herself above the water to reach inside, Yerin couldn’t help but check her out. The water shimmered and ran down her exposed skin. She instantly lost herself in thoughts of the girl in front of her. Maybe the last hour or so that they spent drinking was changing her way of thinking. But she couldn’t help it. When she finally came to her senses, she decided she needed to make a move.

While still feeling around through the cooler’s ice to find any remaining drinks inside, the girl could feel a light touch around her torso. The soft, water-soaked arms reached around her, and embraced her. She smiled, and in her tipsy state, lost her balance and fell backward. Pushing both of the girls under the water until, they both surfaced a few seconds later. Eunha reached out and pulled the soaking wet hair out of Yerin’s face. Looking deeply into her eyes as she did. Yerin leaned in, and started kissing her deeply. Pushing herself and Eunha up against the wall of the pool behind her. Pinning her in place against it.

Eunha kept up with the advances, and started to undo the older girl’s bikini top. As soon as it was untied, it was released, and left to float away on the surface of the pool. Yerin couldn’t return the favor in their current position, but instead pulled the remaining top down, letting her partner’s breasts spill over the top. She pressed their chests together, and started using her own nipples to tease hers.

The short haired girl pulled herself away from the kiss, only to be met with hands guiding her head, and trying to pull her back in. But when she finally managed to get away, she climbed out of the pool. Quickly taking the bottom piece of her bikini off, she sat back down on the edge, and spread her legs wide. Yerin pulled herself up the the edge, and got her head to a comfortable level. She had a little bit of difficulty focusing on her service at first. Trying to fight her sloppy mental state. But eventually got herself back in her usual groove. The younger girl pet her hair as she continued, and soon clenched her thighs tight around the sides of her head. Squeezing pretty tightly. She made the girl feel like she might end up being unable to breathe if they kept it up too long. But it wouldn’t have been the worst fate in the world.

Eventually the girl was released from her hold. And she got herself out of the water, she wanted to lead them to a chair, but decided that would be too awkward to try to use. There was a padded mat she spotted near the edge of the pool. It was left out to assist with sunbathing. But it was going to be serving a different purpose now. She laid Eunha out on the soft mat, and removed her own lower swimsuit. She stumbled a little as she tried to sit down. Falling off the mat for a second, but quickly regaining her composure. She maneuvered the girl’s legs, and got herself closer. She took her lead and started to grind their pussies together.

They reached out to each other, and held hands with one pair as they continued. Both of them panting and moaning from their weak stamina. Eunha took her free hand, and tried to go back and forth between rubbing her unnie’s clit and her own. Both girls had a harder time reaching their orgasms in their drunken states, but eventually made it. After they both came, Yerin backed off a little, and laid back on the soft mat, trying to catch her breath. Eunha took the opportunity to tease her a bit longer, and started to eat her out. The girl played with her own body, groping her breast and rubbing herself with no real direction, as she let the pleasure run through her. And after she came yet again, they both decided to call it quits.

It took them a bit to get themselves back on their feet, since they both ended up passing out soon after their activity. When they both work up some time later, they were thankful it had been so late in the day. Otherwise they might have suffered some serious burns from sleeping the rooftop sunlight. When they got dressed, they took some time to try to reach Yerin’s top, still floating around in the pool. They dried themselves off, and headed back to the building’s changing room before heading home, and heading right back to bed to continue sleeping off their drinking.