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Bumbleby Drabbles

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“Don’t look away from me.”

Yang immediately regretted her harsh tone when Blake recoiled from her.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be talking talking to you like that.” She murmured softly, hand running through her hair anxiously. “ I just- I thought that Sabyr was going to kill you and-“ a gentle hand gripped her own, firmly halting her train of thought.

“It’s okay, Yang.” Blake sounded so tired. It was an effort not to bundle her partner up into her arms. She glanced up into Blake’s eyes and immediately noticed something on her cheek.

“Is that blood?”
“… No?”
“… God. What am I going to do with you?” She sighed, gently grasping Blake’s chin between her fingers and tilting her head, whispering a quiet apology as Blake winced.

“Um. Love me and buy me sushi?” Blake smiled sheepishly up at her.

“I already love you. But I don’t think that any sushi joint is open right now.”

Yang and Blake blinked at each other as they processed what Yang had said. Yang, for her part, felt her cheeks heat up.

“I-I’m just… going to get the f-first aid kit.” Yang stammered before walking into their shared bathroom. The only thing that made her come back out was the fact that Blake’s cheek needed attention.

As she cleaned the cut on Blake’s cheek, she could feel the other girl smiling.
“Look, as pretty as your smile is, I need to patch your cheek up so stop for, like, five seconds.” She grumbled.

“Would you say that you loved my smile?”

“Oh, shut your up.” Blake’s giggle was like rain after a drought; she soaked it right up.

“Don’t worry, the feeling is very mutual.” Yang paused, looking at Blake. While there was definitely a playful smile on her lips, her eyes were far softer.

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

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“Why do you always do that?”

Yang watched as Blake blinked in surprise, slowly lowering her hand from her mouth. Blake tilted her head curiously, one ear flopping to the side slightly.

“Whenever you smile or laugh, you always cover your mouth. Why?” Yang gently grasped Blake’s wrist in her hand, rubbing soothing circles against the inside of it. She could feel Blake’s hesitation.

“You don’t need to tell me if it makes you uncomfortable. I just-“ Yang paused. “I really love your smile. And God knows I could listen to you laugh all day, it’s so beautiful.” Blake’s cheeks had definitely gone a couple of shades redder. Yang felt her own cheeks heat up.

“My laugh is definitely not beautiful in the slightest.” Blake mumbled as she turned her head away, hiding her mouth once again behind her free hand. Yang frowned.

“It is. You’re just biased.”
“Are you sure you’re not the biased one? I’m pretty sure my laugh is the most unattractive thing ever.”
“Okay, I need to know who told you that your laugh is ugly so I can kick the shit out of them.” Blake didn’t laugh as Yang had hoped.

The other woman become more subdued, a pained expression crossing her face.

“You already did.” Oh.
“… what else did he tell you?”
“What’s the point of this?”

“Simple.” Yang let go of Blake’s wrist and turned to face her, gently pulling her other hand from her mouth and softly guiding her to meet her gaze. “I want to know every single lie he ever told you. I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll disprove them all.”

Blake bit her lip and moved her head out of Yang’s grasp, ducking it shyly.

“You’re ridiculous.” She said with a watery laugh.

“And you deserve to know that there is not a single thing about you that isn’t absolutely gorgeous.” Blake floundered for a moment before butting her head under Yang’s jaw, resting her forehead against her friend’s collar bone.

“Leave me alone.” She whined, her ears pinning against her head in embarrassment.

“Excuse me? You’re literally snuggling up to me right now.”

“I’m a cat faunus, Yang, and you might as well be a space heater. You do the math.”
Yang rolled her eyes affectionately. Anyone who tried to claim that Blake Belladonna was anything less than a total dork could talk to Ember Celica. She sighed softly.

“I’m sorry if I’m embarrassing you. But you do deserve to know how amazing you are.” Yang gently rubbed Blake’s biceps (and got distracted for a moment but the less said about that very sapphic fact, the better.) “I don’t know what he said to you all those years but I need you to know that you never deserved how he treated you. I know it may seem hard to believe right now. But you deserve to feel as safe and loved as possible.”

She felt Blake shift so that her legs laid over Yang’s lap and nuzzle her nose against her neck.

“Somehow, you make it easier to believe.” Blake placed an almost shy kiss to the crook of Yang’s neck. Yang instantly felt her face warm up at the contact. She buried her face into her partner’s hair, turning to lightly press a kiss to the base of one of her ears. This earned her a light, involuntary whack to the face by said ear, causing both girls to laugh lightly. She shifted them both, gently holding her partner against her body as she leaned back against the arm rest, more than prepared to spend some time existing with Blake like this; quiet and intimate.


Blake absolutely had scars left from Adam. But Yang was going to do anything that she could to help fade them out until Blake saw the gold that had always laid beneath.

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Yang was incredibly close to starting a bar fight.

When Blake has decided to go search for information at a local bar populated by faunus, she had immediately jumped on board to be her backup. She wasn’t expecting the group of three young men they were talking to to be more difficult than Junior.

“Listen, we ain’t telling no broads nothin’” Yang sighed wearily. This had been going on for fifteen minutes so far and they weren’t getting anywhere. It didn’t help that every time she tried to intimidate them that Blake would give her a look. Did Blake even know the power she held?

“I understand your hesitation, gentlemen, but perhaps we could make a deal?” Blake spoke smoothly, an alluring challenge hidden in her words.

“What have you got in mind, sugar?” Yang narrowed her eyes at the dog faunus. She never was a fan of guys who talked down to women like that.

“How about a bet? I saw you throwing knives at that bullseye earlier. If I throw six knives and get a bullseye on each on, you tell me what I need to know.”
“And if you lose?”

“Oh, honey.” A low, confident chuckle left Blake’s throat. Her voice was nothing but pure, alluring challenge. She knew exactly what she was doing. “I never lose.” Yang stared at her friend. Just where in the hell had that come from?!

The men quickly laughed mockingly at Blake and set up the knives for her.

“Uh, Blake, are you sure about this?” Yang asked as Blake toyed with her first blade, her back facing the target. Blake gazed up at her, appearing bored out of her mind.

“Yes.” Without any warning, Blake threw the blade behind her, earning herself a bullseye without even looking. Upon turning to look at her handy work, Blake winced. “Oof. A little off centre. Let me try again.”

Blake grabbed the remaining five blades and one by one threw them at the target. When she got to the final two, she threw one straight up in the air and spun, using her momentum to throw the other. As the air born blade came back to earth, Blake stepped back and sent a side kick to the handle of the blade, sending it to join its friends.

“Now, boys. About that information I asked for… Are we going to play nice or do we need to learn some manners?” Blake looked around her with a smirk. This wasn’t Blake Belladonna the huntress in training talking. This was Blake Belladonna, future Chief and High Leader making her orders and expecting that they be followed.

To put it bluntly? Yang was doomed.


Yang followed behind Blake as they walked back to the safe house.

“That was one hell of a power move, Belladonna.” She remarked. Blake looked over shoulder and rolled her eyes.

“We has a good few of their kind in the White Fang. Cocky, arrogant and usually don’t know one end of a blade from the other.” Blake scoffed. “You just need to know how to deal with them. A good challenge will do. Throw in a bit of confidence and they want to prove you wrong. Then all you need to is take advantage of their hubris.” Was there an extra strut to Blake’s walk or was Yang imagining things?

“Smugness does not suit you.” Yang muttered, partially annoyed at how much more alluring Blake seemed to be getting.

“You used to love it when I was feisty, Yang. What happened?” Yang was pretty sure that she was going to have a heart attack.

“I made that comment one time and now none of you let me live it down!” Yang dramatically flailed her arms, delighting in the laugh that followed.
Blake slowed down and wrapped her arms around one of Yang’s, butting her head against Yang’s temple before resting her head comfortably on Yang’s shoulder. Yang immediately softened, placing a small kiss between Blake’s ears. She barely resisted to urge to coo adoringly at Blake when she snuggled up closer to her.

Yes, confident and assertive Blake was a sight to behold. But What Yang could never get enough of was a Blake who was no longer scared of being happy, who refuses to let her insecurities and scars chase her away from love.

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Yang was a simple woman. She cared about her friends and family. She could kick ass. She even considered herself to be pretty intelligent. But she did not appreciate waking up to a mouthful of black hair and a cat ear flicking against her eye.

“Hmm.” The quiet disgruntled hum of one Blake Belladonna met her ears as she tried to shift away from said hair. “Stop moving.”

“I wouldn’t be disturbing you if you kept to your side of the damn room.” She felt Blake freeze. Before her partner could apologise, she quickly wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her closer. “I don’t know how we keep ending up in each other’s bed.” She murmured, nuzzling the back of Blake’s neck affectionately. Blake soon relaxed in her arms.

“You’re not uncomfortable or anything?” Blake questioned quietly. Yang smiled softly against Blake’s neck. It was endearing how often Blake liked to check in her. Then again, Yang had the same habit.

“Nope. You’re like my own personal teddy bear.” She felt Blake laugh against her chest before she rolled over to face Yang.

“You’re a dork.” Blake’s smile faltered for a moment. “ I, um, had another nightmare. About him.” Yang immediately pulled her partner closer and pressed their foreheads together.

“I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do?”
“Hold me?”
“For as long as you need.”
“That’s dangerous. I might just stay here forever.”

Yang laughed softly and nuzzles her nose against Blake’s. Somehow, she didn’t think she would mind.

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“Hey, Blake. I think you have an admirer.”

Yang grinned at her partner’s visible confusion. When Blake quirked her head, Yang gestured to the other side of the inn’s pub.

A small child was sitting next her mother staring at Blake with a look of awe, calico cat ears flicking with interest. Blake quirked eyebrow. The little faunus girl immediately imitated her. Blake rotated her ears back, one at a time. Again, the girl mimicked her. Blake dropped her ears to the sides, crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. The girl tried to imitate her before giving up and giggling; much to the amusement of her mother, who gently encouraged her to talk to Blake.

“ ‘scuse me. Are you a huntress?” The small child asked shyly from behind her mother’s leg. Blake leaned forward and grinned at the girl.

“I guess you could say that. I’m Blake. What’s your name, honey?” The almost maternal note in Blake’s voice surprised Yang. Then again, Blake often would let Ruby sit with her in her bunk and read until she fell asleep against her shoulder when the anxiety of exams got too much for the younger girl.

“I’m Viridian.” Blake smiled kindly at the girl.

“Well, Veridian. It’s nice to meet. This is my partner Yang.” Said woman grinned and waved playfully.

“But she’s a human. And you’re a faunus. Doesn’t that matter?” The girl’s heterochromatic eyes blinked up Blake in confusion.

“No, it doesn’t.” Blake spoke patiently.

“Oh. Is she your friend?”

“Only, like, my bestest friend ever.” Blake quipped in a high Atlesian accent, snobbery dripping from her voice. Viridian immediately laughed.

“That’s so cool! I’ve never met a human who wants to be friends with a faunus before.” Blake smiled sadly at the young girl.

“How old are you?”

“I’m twelve.” Blake sighed gently.

“You’re still very young. You’ll meet plenty of kind people as you get older; both human and faunus. It just takes some time to find them.” Blake reassured. The girl’s mother spoke up.

“Didn’t you want to ask miss Blake a question, sweetie?”

“Oh! Yeah! Do you think I could be a huntress one day? You were so cool fighting the Sabyrs! I want to be just like you!” Blake laughed awkwardly. She definitely wasn’t used this kind of attention. Yang tried very hard not sigh like the pining mess that she was.

“Hmm. I don’t see why not. You seem pretty clever. And you look very strong.” The little girl grinned.

“Yeah, I help mum carry things all the time!” Blake’s ear twitched in amusement.

“So I don’t see why not. You just need to work hard. But before you become a huntress, there’s something very important that you need to do.” Viridian stood up a little taller, eager to receive wisdom from the wise huntress. Yang had to bite the inside of her cheek in an attempt to stop her laugh from slipping out. She reminded Yang of Ruby whenever her uncle would tell them stories when they were growing up.

“Don’t grow up too fast. Enjoy being a kid. Have fun. You’ll have plenty of time to change the world when you’re older. Just be a kid for now.” The mother nodded and smiled gratefully. “And listen to your poor mother. You seem like the type to get into trouble. You kind of remind me of myself when I was your age.” The little girl lit up happily while her mother rolled her eyes.

“You have no idea the havoc this one causes. Speaking of which, trouble, time for you to go to bed. Say goodnight to miss Yang and miss Blake.” The trouble in question immediately whined.

“Rule number one of being a huntress; always get a good nights sleep.” Blake smirked. The little girl’s blue and amber eyes widened comically.

“Yes, ma’am! Thank you! Good night!” And with that the little one scampered off to bed, leaving her mother to mouth a silent, grateful “thank you” to Blake and chase after her daughter.

Yang leaned her elbow on the table, head in hand, and gazed at her partner admiringly.

“Yang. You’re staring.” Blake muttered, slightly flustered. Yang knew she was smiling like a fool. But she didn’t really care.

“I didn’t know you were good with kids.”

“I sometimes used to help train them back in the White Fang. They seemed to like me for some reason.” Blake was refusing to look at her now, cheeks aflame with embarrassment.

“Kids are good judges of character, usually.”

“Trying saying that to younger Blake.” She muttered, eyes distant. Yang frowned and reached over to hold her hand.

“There was no way that you could have known Blake. You didn’t bring this upon yourself.” Yang cooed gently. She ran soothing circles on the inside of Blake’s wrist, hoping to reassure her friend. Blake merely shrugged, obviously uncomfortable with their current conversation.

“But you were really good with her.” Yang stopped herself from telling Blake that she’d be a good mum. They were eighteen for crying out loud. She shouldn’t be melting over Blake being good with kids.

“It was nothing.” Blake murmured with a bashful smile, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear shyly.

“It was really sweet.” Yang paused for a moment, feeling surprisingly self-conscious. “You’re really sweet.” She added, leaning over to her partner and pressing a shy kiss to her cheek.

“Oh. Um…”Blake floundered for a moment, sputtering. She eventually settled for remaining quiet, smiling down at her lap shyly. Could this woman get any more adorable?

“Dork.” Blake murmured as she leaned into Yang’s side, hiding her face in Yang’s neck. Yang swallowed nervously and wrapped her arm around her partner, resting her temple against Blake’s hair. Evidently, Blake Belladonna could, in fact, get even more adorable. If she kept this up, Yang’s heart was going to be in a constant melted state.

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T’was a another perfect day in the land of Chibi. The sun was shining, Cinder and her cronies were being chased by an adorable corgi, JNPR were going on a hike, Ruby and Weiss were BFFs and our favourite little bees were sitting in the garden while Blake read to Yang.

As you watch them, dear viewer, you notice that Yang’s eyes have taken on the shape of hearts. This so clearly represents how hopelessly enchanted she is that even the most heteronormative individual could see it. You watch as Blake paused in her reading to smile at Yang and the two get caught in each other’s gaze.

But, dearest viewer, sometimes even in a land where nothing bad ever happened ever, things can go a bit… odd, to say the least. As we observe the bees in their natural state of gay— I mean being, we hear what sounds like a screaming goat.

As the camera turns to the entry way of the garden, we see Adam Taurus in all of his incel, goat bastard horror. Our two heroines jump to their feet, ready to fight.

“Blaaaaaaaaake!” Pathetically bleated the goatman. “You’re meant to be miiiiiine! I’m the hero! I’m the charming, brooding anti-hero! We always get the girl! IT’S NOT FAIR!” The girl’s blink. This was far more pitiful than they had anticipated.

“Okay. You know what? Heck to the no. I have not gone through seventy layers of self-esteem and trust issues for this!” We observe Blake storming over to grab Adam by his horns. “Get burned, Goatboy!” And with that, she throws up into the air and sends a flying kick into his head, launching him at the sun. She flips backwards, landing next to Yang who immediately swoons into her arms.

But wait, what is she doing now? She’s turning to the camera. Perhaps she has a message for you, viewer.

“That goes for you too, Adam stans. He was never your brooding misunderstood hero. It was always meant to be me. This is, and has always been, my story. Perhaps if you had payed attention in series, you wouldn’t be making Cardin look like a saint.”

As the camera pans out, we watch as Blake lifts Yang up bridal style and carries her home. But, dear viewer, I think you and I both know that their home exists within each other’s eyes. Wouldn’t you agree?

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“I really don’t like birds.” Yang muttered. She and Blake were taking a small break in the middle a park, taking the time to catch up on some reading. Well, Blake was reading. Yang was content to watch Blake read. She loved how to could tell what kind of scene her partner was reading based on her facial expressions.

That is until a small flock of birds surrounded them. They were staring up at her with their soulless little eyes.

“Really? I love them.” Blake responded, marking her place in her book and putting it to the side.

“They look like they’re plotting my demise.”

“I forgot how dramatic you can be.”

“You once challenged Jaune to a dual because he took the last tuna sandwich.”

“Tuna is a serious thing, Yang.” Yang rolled her eyes. The worst part is that her partner was completely serious.

“Okay. Fine. Tell me why you like birds, then,” Yang frowned when her partner averted her gaze.

“It’s stupid but I guess I’ve always been able to relate to them.” Yang turned to face Blake more fully on their bench, giving her her full attention. “As a child, I loved his playful they were. Chasing each other and flitting from here to there. But one day, I stopped understanding the ones in the sky. Suddenly, I could only relate to those locked in a cage.”

Yang felt her heart strings tug painfully. She knew Blake was talking about Adam. How he made her feel. How he kept her locked away and tried to turn her into a monster.

“Then one day I escaped. But I still couldn’t relate to birds in the sky. My wings were broken.” Blake turned her with a soft expression in her eyes. “Fortunately, some very kind humans picked up that broken little bird and gave her a safe place to call home, even if eventually the cruel master would return to take her away.” Yang swallowed.

“And now?”

“Now that little bird is free from a cruel master. Her broken bones can heal. She can learn to fly. Especially with the help of a little dragon.” Yang and Blake looked at each other for a long moment before Yang coughed into her hand awkwardly. Blake let out a small, amused giggle and grabbed the remains of her muffin, crumbling it and throwing it to the birds, who were more than happy to devour it.

One of them flew away from their buddies and up to Blake’s knee. Blake’s face lit up as she held out a forefinger for the bird to step onto. As she held the little bird up and started cooing at it, Yang watched in awe. Blake has such a way of speaking that it was easy to see things from her point of view.

As Yang quietly observed this softer side of her partner, she couldn’t help but wonder just how she could’ve missed it. She had known for a while now that she adored this woman. But every time she thought she had Blake figured out, she would do or say something that made Yang hit the ground again and again.

When it came to her feelings about Blake Belladonna, Yang mused to herself, there was always going to be something there that wasn’t quite there before.

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“Are you seriously pouting right now?”

Yang gave an indignant snort.

“No. I just don’t appreciate some random guy talking to my girl like she’s a slab of meat. Like, look buddy, we all know she’s gorgeous but maaaaybe treat her like person instead of a pinup girl.” Yang was less than impressed with that Marigold guy hitting on Blake. She could handle people flirting with her. She knew that Blake had willingly given her heart over Yang. God knew Blake reminded her every chance she got. But Blake deserves better than his pathetic attempt at flirtation. Why did Weiss drag them back to Atlas again? They already saved the world. Why should they go back to the land of stuffy suits.

“He literally told you that you were cute for a faunus. Do you have any idea how much effort it took not to punch his lights ou-“ She was instantly interrupted by her girlfriend stealing a quick peck.

“My hero.” Blake deadpanned. Yang narrowed her eyes.

“That was barely even a kiss. Come back here and do it again.” Blake turned to her and, with a hand on a cocked hip, quirked an eyebrow.

“Excuse me? If you recall, you’re talking to the future chieftain of Kuo Kuana. I don’t take orders from peasants.” Yang nearly choked on her laughter. Blake being feisty was one of her favourite things.

“Please, My Queen, take pity on this poor farm girl and grace me with your affection.” Yang quipped, dropping into a low bow. She then felt a hand under her jaw, gently guiding her back up.

“Chief, Yang, not Queen. Queen is going to be your role.” And with that, Blake leaned forward, cupping the back of Yang’s neck and an instant later, Yang forgot her own last name. She stated as such when Blake pulled away.

“Good thing I’m giving you mine then.” Blake said with a smirk, pulling out a small black box and chucking Yang before walking into Weiss’s office. When she opened it, she almost screamed.

“Blake! Get back here! I haven’t said yes!” The resulting laugh told her that Blake knew better than to believe her lies.

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“Oh. Uh, Blake? How do you feel about sharing a bed?”

Yang let out a nervous laugh. This is not what she meant by “bunking together.” She glanced at the lone double bed in the centre of then room. Definitely not what she meant.

“I mean, I can take the floor? Call down for extra blankets?”

“I don’t mind sharing.” Blake said simply, walking around Yang to the left side of the bed and depositing her bags on the floor there. When she turned to Yang with a curious expression, her ears flicked nervously.

“Are you uncomfortable with sharing?”

“No, no! I just, ya know, don’t want to make you uncomfortable, is all!” God, this felt awkward. Blake quirked an eyebrow at her.

“Then we’re fine?” Yang nodded at her partner. “Great. I’m going to shower and change, then.” Again, Yang nodded dumbly and waited for Blake to be done so she could do the same.

It was an hour or so later when both girls were getting situated for bed. Yang found herself in her orange t-shirt and sweatpants. Blake, her yukata. Yang attempted to keep a respectful distance from Blake at first. Blake was quick to notice this and let out an amused snort.

“Not uncomfortable, huh?” She murmured with the slightest of smirks.

“I am trying to be respectful of your space. Excuse me for being polite.” Blake scoffed and looked at her.

“You’re fine, Yang. I’m comfortable with you. I trust you.” Yang felt her heart melt at her partner’s admission. “Plus you’re basically a human space heater so I’m definitely not going to complain.” Yang let an offended noise in her throat, rolling over to face her friend

“Shut your face.” She mumbled, playfully glowering at her friend. Blake let out a small, tired laugh and if Yang didn’t believe in magic before, she certainly did now. With the moonlight slipping in through the blinds casting Blake in an ethereal glow and listening to the soft, gentle sound of her voice, Yang was more than a little spellbound.

Before she could think to stop herself, she was resting her head in her left hand gazing down at Blake and reaching out to tuck a strand of hair behind her human ear with her right. Blake’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment before closing, reaching her own hand up to grasp Yang’s, pressing it against her cheek with a quiet, contented hum. Yang swallowed nervously and gently ran her thumb back and forth across Blake’s cheek.

There was something so soft and intimate in the moment, something that contained such a shared vulnerability between, that Yang felt tears prick her eyes. They were alive. They were okay. Blake didn’t die. They were fine.
Yang leaned her forehead against Blake’s, the gesture almost ingrained into her from their time at Beacon. She felt Blake shift, wrap an arm under and around her waist and pull her a little closer, tilting her head to nuzzle their noses together affectionately.

“I’ve got you. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” Blake’s words broke Yang’s dam and she felt a choked sob work it’s way out of her throat. She dropped her head to the crook of Blake’s neck and allowed the tears to fall.

As she felt Blake’s arms wrap around her, she felt her partner’s own sobs against her body. After everything they went through, what they needed more than anything was to be allowed to break. To shatter knowing that there would be no judgement from the other.

As they cried and whispered sweet reassurances to one another, their fractured pieces started to shift, fitting together as though they had never really been whole until now.

Theirs was a bond forged in gold and pulled from the shadows of their pasts. Each girl proving the other wrong. Finally, they had found unconditional love and trust. They had found their home and safety. They had found their very soul in the eyes of another.

And if anyone or anything ever tries to tear them apart again?May the Gods have mercy on their soul because these two certainly wouldn’t.

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“The faunus have a long history of being discriminated against. Obviously, we have the history of slavery and violence against the faunus but they have also experienced less aggressive forms of racism.” As usual, Profess- Doctor Oobleck was racing from one end of the room to the other in rapid succession. Yang was beginning to wonder if it coffee in his mug or jet fuel. “Now. Can anyone tell me what a microaggression is? Yes, Miss Belladonna?”

Yang immediately turned in her seat to grin back at her partner. One thing she loved about these lectures? Blake didn’t hesitate to call people out. Yang had to admire that level of pure sass. Then again, Yang admires many things about Blake. Like how her smile could light up a room or how her laugh was the cutest thing ever. And don’t even her started on Blake’s eyes.

“A microaggression is a statement, action, or incident that is an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalised group, such as the faunus.” Yang shook herself out of her Blake induced stupor when said person spoke. “It’s not always malicious or with cruel intent but it can still be just as harmful.”

“Excellent work, Miss Belladonna. As I’m sure you are aware, different faunus have different stereotypes and can often be the target of well intentioned, humorous remarks.” Yang felt a burst of pride for her friend. Of course Blake knew what she was talking about. She was easily the smartest person that Yang knew. “Examples of this can include dog faunus that are thrown bones, bird faunus that asked if they want a cracker and cat faunus that are teased with laser pointers. These are, of course, merely common examples that I have myself witnessed.”

Laser pointer? Yang knew that she had annoyed Blake with one before the dance but she hadn’t seemed hurt by it. Surely she would tell Yang if her actions were hurtful, right? Blake wasn’t the kind of person to just let something like that go.

She spun around in her seat to look at Blake, who had now wore an agitated expression. Crap. Maybe she was hurt by it, after all. Blake rolled her eyes as Oobleck continued to talk, making eye contact with Yang. Blake quirked an inquisitive brow at her. Yang quickly frowned and looked away, missing the way Blake’s face fell.

As the bell rang, Yang quickly sprinted out of the room. Usually she waited for Blake but she had a new mission.


Blake sat in their dorm, trying to focus on reading the newest release of The Man with Two Souls series. It should have been easy. Ruby and Weiss were in the library, team JNPR were out on a walk and Yang was off doing Gods knows what. Maybe she was catching up with her old Signal friends.

But that wasn’t what was upsetting her. Yang could hangout with whoever she wanted. No. What was upsetting her was the fact that her partner had been avoiding her for the last two days. Every attempt that Blake made to talk was brushed off. And now Yang was point blank refusing to be in the same room as her or answer her messages, which was highly unusual for her friend. It was beyond frustrating. She talks a big talk about Blake reaching out to her friends but the moment Blake tries, she gets shut down.

Or perhaps Blake has been misreading things. Perhaps Blake was getting too clingy now. She had been far more touchy with her teammates lately. Maybe she was making them uncomfortable. Was she making Yang feel uncomfortable? She’s looked somewhat angry with Blake earlier in class. The idea sent a sharp, stabbing pain through her chest. She had come to care for the girl deeply. She enjoyed spending time with her. Listening to her talk. She enjoyed being close to her. So much so that she regretted not asking her for more than one dance. Therefore, the idea that Yang felt uncomfortable around her hurt more than she thought was possible.

But then again, she usually ended poisoning things, didn’t she? Why should Yang be any different? She bright and beautiful and full of love and light. Blake was just a toxin that was dragging her down. She always dragged people down. She just wished she knew what she had done wrong.

A water droplet hit the page of her book. Her downward spiral was causing her to tear up. She quickly wiped her eyes just as the door opened to reveal Yang. A very sheepish Yang with her hands behind her back.

“Heeeyyy, Blake. Are you busy?”

“Aren’t you?” She watched Yang wince at that.

“Okay, I’m, like, suuuper sorry about ignoring you but I needed to get something.”

“Something.” Blake deadpanned.

“For you.”

“For me?!” Blake would later be embarrassed about how high her voice squeaked. “Why?!” Yang shuffled her feet, uncharacteristically shy.

“An apology. I didn’t realise how bad the whole laser pointer thing was until Oobleck said something so I decided to get you something to make up for it.” Yang said, slowly sitting on Blake’s bed and handing a a box covered in dragon printed wrapping paper.

“Oh. That’s all.” Blake murmured to herself, relief flooding her voice.

“What do you mean?” Yang’s brows furrowed in confusion. Blake felt oddly compelled to smooth them out.

“I thought you were mad at me. That I had done something to upset you.” Blake ducked her head, embarrassed.

“No! No, no, no! What made you think that?!” Blake sent her friend a sharp look.

“You’ve been completely avoiding me. What was I supposed to think?” Yang buried her face in her hands with a loud whine.

“God. I’m sorry, Blake. That wasn’t my intention.” Yang turned her head to face Blake, a moat woebegone expression on her face. “I just needed a day or so to put your gift together.” Blake rolled her eyes in an attempt to hide her warm cheeks.

“So should I open it?”

“Uh, obviously!” Blake found herself smiling at her friends enthusiasm. Although, she could see that Yang was playing with her hair nervously. Cute.

When she unwrapped the paper, she was met with her own symbol burned into the top of a small wooden chest. A glance up at Yang revealed a very anxious looking partner. When she unwrapped it completely, she had to stifle a gasp.

It was a beautifully made chest, no bigger than a notebook. Her symbol was burned into the top of the lid, with not a flaw in sight. The sides had deadly nightshade flowers burned into the sides. Upon opening it, she saw rows of different flavours of tea.

“I know you drink different teas depending on how you’re feeling so I thought I’d make you something to hold them.” Blake looked at Yang with wide eyes. “I never meant to make you feel like I didn’t respect your culture or your people. But I didn’t realise that I was making you think that I was mad at you or that I didn’t want to be around you. I’m sorry, Blake.” Blake let out a little sniff.

“So if I asked for a hug, that’d be okay?” Yang blinked in surprise.

“Of course it would!” Yang held out her arms and Blake easily moved herself into them. It was strange to feel so warm and safe in her arms. Whenever he would hold her, she would feel trapped, like a possession. But Yang made her feel like a precious jewel. Not because she was weak but because she was something to be treasured. It was simultaneously endearing and terrifying. And it was so much more than she deserved.

“You don’t have to apologise. I know it didn’t come from a malicious place.”

“No, but you’re not a cat. I shouldn’t have treated you like one.. even if it was only for a moment.” Blake pulled back and smiled at Yang. How was this girl real?

“That means a lot to me, Yang.” She murmured, pressing her forehead to Yang’s affectionately. Yang paused for a moment before pressing back back, blinking slowly at her. It was always surprising how easily Yang used her peoples gestures of affection without belittling them.

“Now, come on. I want to see if you’ve actually been paying attention.” With that, Blake jumped to her feet, grabbing both Yang and her new set of tea and made her way to the common room. She still didn’t believe that she deserved this kindness. But if Yang wanted to be around her, she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep saying no to those beautiful, lilac eyes forever.

Chapter Text

Yang turned to her teammates and watched them celebrate their team victory. Ruby looked like she was about to speed around the arena in a victory lap, Weiss looked far too smug and seeing Blake leap into the air with a fist bump may have been the most adorable thing ever. As she walked over to her partner, Blake met her eyes and smirked.

“How’s my favourite cannon ball after our win?” Blake grinned at her cheekily, leaning forward with her hands behind her back. Yang snorted.

“Feeling pretty good. I really think that we could take this.” She quickly glanced over at Ruby who was starting to get impatient and nodded at her friend. They could torment each other after they had lunch.


After watching teams JNPR and SSSN fight, she and Blake congratulated Sun on a good match. Naturally, Sun tried to get them to hangout with his boys but, much to her surprise, Blake had refused. But it wasn’t the refusal that surprised her so much as the reason why.

“Sorry, Sun. I was hoping to just catch up with Yang.” Sun had shrugged.

“That’s fair. Gotta get that partner bonding in, right?”
“Dude. You literally abandon us every five minutes. What do you know about partner bonding?!” Aaannd that was their cue to leave. The girls head back to the fair grounds to wander aimlessly.

“So you just wanted to hang out with me, huh?”
“Yes. I do enjoy your company from time to time.” Blake smirked at her playfully. “Even if you can’t tell a good pun to save your life.”

“Oh, how dare you!” Yang gasped in mock offence. “My joke’s are pun-derful, thank you very much!”

“You’re a little bee-hind.” Yang narrowed her eyes.

“Really? I think I’m the bee’s knees.”
“Don’t you mean the bee’s Schnees?”
“Ugh. Bella-don’t go breaking my heart.”
“You really Rose to the challenge there, Yang.”
“Your Arc is worse than your bite.”

As they went back and forth, Yang was finding it harder to keep a straight face (that’s not the only thing that wasn’t straight about her) in front of her friend. The worst part was that whenever Blake made a pun, she did so in such a deadpan manner that it took you a couple seconds to process it, adding insult to injury.

“Yang in there, Belladonna. I don’t want to Blake you.” Yang smirked. She had to have her on the rocks now.
“Xiao Long have you been sitting on that one? Maybe we should stop dragon our feet.” Yang nearly stumbled into a stall. She hadn’t been expecting Blake to use her name meaning against her like that.

“What’s wrong, Yang?” Blake asked, leaning in close to her, a sly smirk on her face. “Cat got your tongue?” Yang wheezed.

“I forfeit! You win the pun off!” She coughed out. Blake steppes back, a very self-satisfied smile on her face. “But you won’t win this! Tag!” And with that, she poked Blake on the top of her nose and bolted. She knew her partner was hot on her tail. The girl could never back down from a challenge.

The two ran through the fair grounds for a while, laughing like a couple of little kids. Eventually, Yang realised that she needed to stop for a drink. She came to an abrupt halt and waited to see if Blake would bypass her. That is not what happened.

Blake looked onto her and kept running forward and upon getting closer to her, leaped into the air and into Yang’s arms. Yang spun around to keep both of them upright, her arms locked around Blake’s waist and lifting her up slightly.

Laughter rang from them both as Yang came to a stand still, Blake had her arms loosely draped over Yang’s shoulders and held within Yang’s arms. Yang ducked her head, suddenly shy. Well. That was a new feeling. Did Blake have magic powers or something? Because Yang knew that Blake Belladonna was the only person to make her feel like this.

Blake tightened her hold on Yang’s shoulders, leaning her forehead against Yang’s and slow blinking at her. A soft chuckle rumbled from her chest.

“You know. I think I could get used to this.”

“What, running around the fair grounds like a couple of idiots?” Yang asked, quirking an eyebrow playfully.

“No.” Blake leaned closer to murmer quietly into Yang’s ear. “Being held by you.” When Blake pulled back, she gently nuzzled her nose against Yang’s sweetly.

And suddenly she was gone. Yang stumbled at the sudden lack of weight and looked around her. Blake was five feet away and walking backwards with a shit eating grin splitting her face.

“What the hell was that?!” Yang flailed, more than a little flustered.

“Let me take you on a date after the tournament ends and you’ll find out.” Blake winked at her and used her semblance to get away quickly.

Meanwhile Yang stood there feeling very confused. Blake Belladonna has just asked her out. She grinned to herself.

Blake Bella-freaking-donna has just asked her out. One of the most gorgeous, intelligent and mysterious women with the most beautiful amber eyes had just asked her out.

She’d give her right arm for the end of the tournament to get here sooner.


Chapter Text

The first time that she hugged Yang was shortly after her return when she ran.

She had been running laps around the indoor track to get rid of her excess anxious energy. Soon enough, she heard a second pair of feet join her, running along side her. Turning her head had revealed her partner. Upon meeting her gaze, Yang had smirked, shot her a wink and increased the pace.

Not one to be outdone, she had sped up so that she was a few paces in front of Yang. She heard a delighted laugh and before too long, they were both engaged in a friendly competition until they collapsed down on the track and sat next to each other, breathless laughs coming from them both. There was just something about Yang’s laugh, something so full of light and warmth, that Blake always joined in when her partner’s giggles met her ear.
“I would have thought that you’d be mad.” She was so used to mistakes resulting in anger. Anger usually resulted in a split slip. She subconsciously bit her bottom lip and run her tongue over a long since healed injury. Well. Physically healed, at any rate.

“Of course I’m not mad. I mean, yeah, it stings that you felt that you had to trust a stranger over your team, over your own partner.” Blake looked away shamefully. Poison. Bitter, black poison. “But I get it. Your people have suffered a lot because of humans so I understand why’d you’d be scared.”

Blake stares at her partner, more than a little surprised at Yang’s compassionate tone. When was the last time that somebody made her feel like this? Understood and welcomed? Worthy?

“You don’t mind?” She asked quietly, still unsure. He had pulled similar tricks on her before. She knew that Yang wasn’t him but that wasn’t enough to get rid of those ingrained instincts that he had burned into her.

“Nope. You’re still super smart, super brave and still can super kick ass!” Yang turned to her with a reassuring smile. “And I still consider you to be my best friend.”

Blake’s breath hitched as she turned to hide her tears. She hates this. How broken was she that the first sign of kindness and acceptance reduced her to tears?

“Yang?” She asked softly. When her part— her friend turned her, she leaned over to wrap her arms around Yang’s neck in a tight hug, murmuring a quiet thank into her ear.
She didn’t deserve it. Blake should be keeping her distance, keep her safe. But if Yang wanted to be close to her, maybe she could start to believe that things would be okay.

“Oh.” Yang hesitated for a moment before wrapping her strong arms around Blake gently. She was so warm. So safe. So different to everything that Blake was used to. “Blake. You have nothing to thank me for.”

She didn’t deserve this. But then again, he always did say that she was selfish.


Gods fucking damn it. She was right. She was right. She was right this whole fucking time. She never deserved to feel safe or loved by these girls. She had one job; don’t get close to them. Don’t care about them. Don’t let them get hurt.

But look at what happened. Fire and gold tore through her walls, flooding her heart and soul with a light that she hadn’t earned. Blake had let her in and now this beautiful, kind young woman was laying in a hospital bed, with her arm missing. All because Blake’s past came back and demanded that her partner pay the toll.

Why did she ever think that she deserved a fairy tale ending? This wasn’t a story, she wasn’t some brooding prince who’ll emerge victorious and Yang sure as hell wasn’t her princess. Yang deserved so much better than her. She deserved to be safe. That’s why Blake had to leave, no matter how much it killed her inside.

She approached the bed and gently brushed her partner’s bangs back, softly pressing their foreheads together one last time. As her tears turned to sobs, she dropped her head to Yang’s neck and curled her arms around her as best as she could. A goodbye hug. That’s what this was. An apology. A last desperate attempt at feeling the other woman’s warmth one last time.

“I’m so sorry!”

He always did say she was selfish. Told her that she was toxic. He was right. It truly was fitting that her name meant Black Poison. Everyone that she got close to suffered. They were better off without her.

At least if she left, nobody could be poisoned by her toxic touch.

Chapter Text

Blake carefully removed her belt and boots, her body still felt battered from their fight. As she got ready for bed, she couldn’t help but think back on the past.

Before she came back, the last time she had seen Yang had been in the hospital. She had sobbed into the girl’s should and held for what she believed was the last time.

It felt like so long ago. They’ve come a long way since then. And now? Now she had the opportunity to hold her again. To hear her voice. To know that whatever this was between them was real. And it was theirs.

She heard a loud thump as Yang fell onto the bed. Neither girl was too fussed about sharing a bed. Being close to one another was not something that they would turn their noses up at.

Blake crawled in next to her partner, propping her head up with her hand and softly gazed down at Yang. She wouldn’t take this for granted again.

“Hey. You okay?” Yang murmured, reaching up to gently stroke the bridge of Blake’s nose.

“I will be.” Blake reached over and gently brushed Yang’s bangs back and pressed their foreheads together, just like she had done all those months ago. Except this time? She was staying. She was learning. She was growing. And she knew that she was far more than he ever tried to make her believe.

“I missed you.” She breathed out shakily. Feelings were never her forte. But Yang didn’t hesitate to curl her left arm around Blake’s waist and pull her closer.
“I missed you too. So, so much.” Blake swallowed thickly and brushed her nose against Yang’s affectionately. “Don’t even think about apologising. I get it. Why you felt like you had no choice. But we’re here now, right? Together?” It sounded similar to what she had said before Blake had hugged her for the first time.

“Yeah.”After sometime just laying there together, Yang spoke up again.

“Hey. So. If I recall, you still owe me a date.” Despite the cocky tone of voice, Blake could feel her partner’s nervous energy. She let out a watery laugh.

“You would want somebody like me?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”

“You don’t think that I’m toxic?” Blake hates how her voice cracked. Hated the tears that fell. But all of that faded as Yang started to gently kiss her tears away.

“You…Are…Not…Toxic.” Yang murmured between each kiss. “You’re hurt…and he left you a little scarred…but that doesn’t make you any less worthy… or beautiful.” Blake leaned into each touch, letting each word and kiss coat her in a soothing balm.

He always told her she was selfish. That she was toxic.

She told her that she was worthy and lovable.

He lied.

She helped her see the truth. Blake wasn’t going to let Adam trick her again.

“Yang? About that date… how do you feel about sushi?”

Yang had seen something in her long ago. Something that Adam tried to stamp out.

Blake was not poison. She was not toxic. She was worthy. And she was never going to let anyone take that away from her ever again.

Chapter Text

“Is that my hoodie?”

Yang was staring at the hoodie that Blake had just accidentally pulled out of her bag.

“Um. Nooo?” Yang bit her lip. Blake was such a dork.

“It is! I last saw this thing at Beacon. How long have you been stealing my clothes!” Yang frowned in concern when Blake flinched slightly. Did she think that Yang was mad at her?

“Since the fall.” Oh. Yang swallowed and gestured for Blake to continue. “I didn’t think that I’d see any of you again so…” Blake gave a helpless little shrug, bringing the hoodie up to her chest and hugging it in a manner that was definitely subconscious.

“So you wanted something to remember me by?” Yang felt her heart simultaneously swell and break at the self-conscious nod Blake gave her. “That’s actually kind of sweet.” Blake turned to her, unsure. It hurt to think about why Blake behaved the way she did. How she always seemed to expect anger or even a strike during the early days of their friendship. All because of him.

“I, uh, um.” Blake stuttered slightly, cheeks aflame with embarrassment. “Here, you should probably have it back, anyway.” Yang shook her head.

“Hmm… Nope. You can keep it.” If Blake found comfort in her hoodie then Yang wasn’t going to take that away from her. Plus the idea of Blake being so attached to something of hers incredibly endearing. “Probably looks better on you, anyway.” Yang delighted in the flustered expression on her friend’s face. It wasn’t often she could get Blake to blush like that.

“Thank you.” Blake mumbles tightening her hold on said hoodie, ears pinned bashfully. When she glanced up at her, Yang sent her friend a playful wink, much to Blake’s fond exasperation. “Even if it does feel like I’m being teased here.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just- I cant believe that you stole my hoodie.”

“It’s comforting!”

“You could have bought one in your own colour.”

“It’s comforting because it’s you.” Blake grumbled, very indignant about the current situation. Yang felt her cheeks heat up. She knew that was the reason but hearing Blake admit it out loud was something else. “Now I’ve said it aloud, I realise how weird that is.” Blake cringed.

“What? No, no! I think it’s really sweet!” Yang wouldn’t have her partner berating herself like that. “If it makes you feel better, I have a reminder of you too.”

“Why would you want a reminder of me?” Yang sighed softly as she watched Blake close in on herself. She desperately wished that she could take away all of Blake’s insecurities so she could see that she was no less worthy of being remembered.

“Why wouldn’t I?” She came up next to Blake and tilted her head up gently. “You’re special to me. Yeah, you leaving hurt. But that doesn’t change the fact that I had fun with you at Beacon. I enjoyed spending time with you. All those memories we made together? They are so worth remembering.” Blake gently placed the hoodie on the bed and stepped into Yang’s arms, tucking her head into her neck.

“I missed you.” Yang gave a soft, appreciative hum, placing a gentle kiss on Blake’s temple.

“I missed you too.” Blake nuzzled further into her neck, sniffling lightly. After a moment she pulled away and both girls got ready for bed. When Yang came out of the bathroom, she couldn’t help but grin at Blake when she saw the girl wearing a pair of sweatpants and her hoodie. Granted, she was wearing something similar but still. Blake was wearing her hoodie. She felt slightly giddy about the fact. Or maybe that was over the fact they had to share a bed because the inn was overbooked?

“Shut up.” Blake grouched. “I can practically hear you mentally cooing at me.” Yang let out a tired laugh before putting her gear away in her bag. She paused and, coming to a decision, pulled out a book.

“Here. This is my reminder.” Shyness was a new thing for her. She didn’t entirely hate it.

“Oh, The Man with Two Souls? I gave you this back at Beacon.” Blake said, tilting her head.

“You were also reading it when we first met. That’s why it’s so important to me.” Blake ducked her head, lightly shoving Yang, quietly muttering something about her being a dork. “Hey, could I ask you for a favour?” Blake nodded at her.

“Um. So, uh, do you remember how back at Beacon… sometimes we’d just hangout and you’d read aloud to me?” Blake tilted her head, a small knowing smile. She then adjusted herself and nodded at Yang, opening the book up. Yang gave her a grateful smile and curled into her side, resting her head against Blake’s collar.

As Blake started to read, she curled into her a little more, closing her eyes and contentedly listening to the calming sound of her partner’s voice. Finally, she was home.

Chapter Text

“Oh, you dropped your jacket. No, no, I’ve got it. Don’t worry.” Yang picked up the fallen jacket and placed it the back of the park bench. When the owner turned around, she nearly passed out.

Jet black hair in a bob cut, sparkling amber eyes and a jaw line that could cut glass. Was she staring at some ethereal being? The woman stared back up at her in shock. How was it even possible to have eyes like that?

“Um.” Yang smiled awkwardly when the girl didn’t respond. “My name’s Yang. You are..?”

“… Blake.” Her voice had a beautiful melody to it. “Is there a reason you decided to give a stranger her coat, Yang?” Yeah. She could definitely get used to that voice.

“I like helping pretty damsels in distress?” Yang said with a playful wink, delighting in the blush that crept up Blake’s neck.

“Believe me, I’m no damsel.” Yang sighed.

“Okaaay? But you didn’t deny that you’re pretty.” Yang smirked playfully. “I like a confident woman.” Blake gasped, presumably in shock, and covered her mouth and giggled, snorting lightly.

“I’m afraid I must go. But you’re a strange one, Yang.” She gave Yang a gentle, shy smile. “ I don’t doubt that I’ll run into you again. She said, starting to walk away.

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Yang called out before murmuring to herself. “Really nice.”

But little did she know what she had in store for her.


Yang was starting to get confused. She and Blake were crossing paths each time she cut through the park on her way home from work. It wasn’t bad, she enjoyed talking with the other woman. But whenever she returned home and emptied her pockets, she’d find a little trinket of some kind. Some sea glass here or a shell there. She’d even found a purple pendant at one one point. She still didn’t know how she felt about it.

One on hand, it was weird. Blake was reverse pickpocketing her. Yang had no clue how Blake managed it. But on the other, it was oddly sweet. It almost felt like she was being courted. Maybe Blake was simply old fashioned? It was weirdly endearing. Regardless, as she wandered through the park, she wondered if Blake would continue her odd little habit today.

“Hellooo!” She called out as she saw a familiar figure sitting on the bench. “What are you gonna put in my pocket today?” Blake shifted in her seat, refusing to make eye contact. But before Yang could continue teasing her, Blake spoke up.

“Here.” Blake passes her a small velvet box. “I thought that we should get married in the human tradition as well.” Yang stared, dumbstruck as Blake gazed back at her with a very affectionate expression.

“WHAT?!” Yang jumped to her feet. “What do you mean married? I don’t recall sayin’ any vows!”

“You gave me back my coat.”

“How. Is. That. A vow?!”

“Because I’m a selkie. When you give a selkie back their coat, it creates a bond. When you flirted with me, the type of bond shifted into what you humans call marriage.” Yang blinked. What the hell was happening? Her hitting on a gorgeous woman scored her a wife immediately, apparently. That was unexpected. “I know human courtship takes longer and I have been told that human women like gifts.” Yang rubbed her eyes with her hands. She felt a migraine coming on.

“Usually, it takes longer to be “courted.” Yang groaned. “This is so weird. I basically have a wife. A wife that can turn into a seal. What even is my life… this so insane…”

“I’m very sorry.” Yang turned to Blake when she heard the despondent tone in the woman’s voice. The girl almost seemed remorseful. “I didn’t intend to drag you into this. Magic tends to cause more trouble than its worth.”

“Wait. I’m just very confused. This happening ver quickly so why don’t you come over for coffee and explain what the hell is going on?”

“… do you have tea?”

Yang found herself feeling beyond grateful that at least one of her friends was a tea snob.


“… so lets make sure I understand. Some asshat stole your coat when you came up on land, forced you to marry him and you only just recently managed to steal it back and my giving it back to you after it fell off the bench at the park broke your bond to him and tethered it to me because of some kind of ancient magic?”

“That is accurate, yes.” Yang felt an eye twitch. This was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to her. “There is a way of breaking the bond.” Yang didn’t like the hesitant tone in Blake’s voice.


“But it’s usually a painful process for the selkie because of our ties to magic.” Yang let her head hit the table. “I’m really sorry, Yang.” Blake looked like the perfect picture of guilt. This wasn’t her fault and Yang wasn’t going to let her feel like it was.

“I know it’s not your fault, Blake. But ya know; I’ve always said that I want a wife but this is a unique way of going about it.” Blake shrugged helplessly at her. Yang understood why. She was confused and more than overwhelmed, herself. “Look, the last thing I want is to cause you pain. So how about we try it out?”

“Being married?” Blake asked with a curious head tilt. Yang nearly choked on her coffee.

“No! Let’s try this the human way. We go on some dates, we get to know each other and see where it takes us.” Yang didn’t want to cause Blake pain but she also couldn’t just marry her when they barely knew each other! Dating might be a good middle ground. If it works, great! If not, we’ll, at least they tried. Plus, she gets to date a gorgeous, literally magical woman. When else would she get an opportunity like this?

“I guess we can try.” And so Yang embarked on a very interesting adventure indeed; dating a selkie.

This was certainly going to be interesting to tell the kids one day.


Chapter Text

“So Blakey. You excited for our first partner assignment?” Yang grinned at her partner excitedly.

“Don’t call me that. It feels condescending.” Blake had narrowed her eyes at her, unamused.

“I’m sorry. Won’t happen again, I swear.” Yang promised as they headed to the spare training room. All partners had been instructed by Goodwitch to spar with their partners and write a report on their strengths and weaknesses. They were then required to spar with their partners once a week to help each grow as fighters and learn how their partner fights so as to become more in sync during battle.

“That’s it?” Blake sounded confused.

“Yup. You tell you don’t like a nickname, I apologise for using it and then I never use it again. Simple.” It was conceding that she was confused by this simple fact but Yang put it down to Blake having had different friends from Yang.

Yang trotted over to the sparring mat. They were dressed relatively similar. Both wore a T-shirt in their respective colours. Yang, however had opted for sweat pants while Blake had opted for yoga pants.

“That’s very… respectful of you.” Yang shrugged and gestured towards Blake to get ready, Ember Celica at the ready. Blake narrowed her eyes, pulling Gambol from its sheath and getting into position.

“Ya know, I could always take it easy on you.” No sooner had the words lefter when she was forced to dodge roll out the way of her partner who had launched herself towards Yang with a flying kick. Before Yang could get on her feet, she was forced to stop. Gambol Shroud was an inch away from her throat, the side of the blade pressing against her jaw and forcing her to look up at Blake.

“Nothing about you strikes me as easy.” Yang gave a nervous laugh.

“You’d be the first to think that.”

“Perhaps people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Eh, I’m easy to read.” Blake tilted her head curiously at her. Yang took an opportunity and fired a shot at her feet, causing the girl to flip out of the way. “But I never said I was easy to open.” Yang smirked, winking playfully at Blake. Blake merely quirked an eyebrow, almost seeming bored. Good, Yang thought to herself, she might actually get a challenge. And with that, they charged at each other.

The two girls traded blows for what felt like hours. Yang was slowly becoming more frustrated with herself. Blake was evasive, plotting ambushes and darting away before Yang could get a strike in. She knew she struggled with evasive opponents but she was usually able to eventually get the better of them. This was different. Blake had skill that didn’t get taught at school. It was obviously gained by experience. To put it simply? Blake was kicking her ass.

“Gotcha.” Yang truly thought she had her when she grabbed Blake’s wrists to grapple her. But when Blake faded away, she was immediately brought down to her knees with a swift kick to the back of them. Blake grabbed one of Yang’s wrists and pulled it diagonally across her back, her other hand pressing Gambol Shroud against Yang’s throat to push her back into Blake’s body and keep her there.

“I’m sorry. What was that? ‘Gotcha’” Blake gave an amused snort. “You sure about that, Xiao Long?” Oh. She was feisty. Yang could respect that.

“I maaaay have been a little too cocky. I concede defeat.” Yang said, a light giggle in her words.

“Good to see you’re not so full of yourself that you can’t admit when you’ve been beat.”

“Well. To be fair, you’re the first person to actually win against me in a while.” Blake turned to her with a slight smirk.

“So I’ve bested the Sunny Little Dragon when no one else could? Where’s my fair maiden?” Blake deadpanned. Yang blinked in surprise for a moment before leaning on her knees, laughter filling the room.

“Oh, I like you already. I mean, I’m torn between being insulted or impressed but…” Yang grinned up at Blake, drawing out the last word longer than necessary. “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.” Blake shrugged, awkwardly looking around her, a pink tinge to her cheeks.

“Do you want to go to the library and write our reports after this?” Blake asked, looking thoroughly embarrassed. Yang, deciding to spare the other girl, nodded and with that, they headed off.

Their first training session was a success. And Yang couldn’t wait to see how far they would go.


“C’mon Blake. Let’s see how far you’ve come.” Yang was wearing a pair of sweats and a T-shirt as she waited for Blake on the sparring mat. With everyone else either shopping or trying to get Ironwood’s attention, she and Blake had decided to work on their partnership by way of sparring.

“Yang. I won nearly all of our matches back at Beacon. I doubt that anything has changed.” Yang let out a laugh. Blake wasn’t wrong. Even in hand-to-hand combat, Blake had her beat. But growing up in the White Fang would do that to you.

Today would be hand-to-hand since Blake’s weapon was still out of commission. This would be their first sparring match together for a very long time so both girls were eager (and nervous) to test each other. Yang adjusted her T-shirt. She liked to fight in higher clothing fro avoid grappling. But she was quick to notice that Blake shirt was baggier that hers. She could use that. Or so she thought until an amused snort cut through her thoughts.

“I know what you’re thinking and no, you’re not getting that advantage.” Blake smirked, reaching down to grab the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing a black sports bra. Yang damn near died a little.

“Uh…” Anyone who tried to claim that Blake had no definition was a dumbass. Blake welded a sword and threw Yang around on a regular basis. The woman definitely put work into her body and was very well rewarded.

Blake shook out her now much shorter hair, ruffling it lightly with her hand as she threw her shirt to the side. She stretched out her spine and arms and jogged over to Yang, who coughed to hide her flush, with a playful grin.

“Ready, Xiao Long?” Yang chose to answer by aiming a punch to Blake’s abdomen. Blake responded by dodging and trying swing her leg at Yang’s knees. Yang launched away from her.

And so it went. Each girl gave as good as she got, taunts and teasing comments being thrown as well as blows.

“You’ve gotten better against evasion, Yang. I’m surprised.”

“And you’re still a pain in the neck.” Blake faded out as Yang made to grab her.

“But I’m your pain in the neck, right?” Yang yelped as Blake spoke softly into her ear, spinning around wildly. Blake was nowhere to be found.

“Blake?” Great. She was being stalked. Like a mou- actually, it was better if she didn’t finish that thought. She heard a noise from her right and quickly turned just in time to grab Blake’s arm. Blake merely smirked and grabbed onto Yang’s other arm and fell backwards, dragging Yang with her. As Blake’s back hit the ground, she wrapped her legs around Yang’s waist, rolling them over and pinning her wrists down firmly.

“Pinned you.” Blake cooed patronisingly. Yang rolled her eyes, trying to wiggle free. When Blake sent her a disbelieving look, Yang have up with a pout. “You’re better. But not quite enough to best me.” Blake looked down at her with a playful smile, a happy glint lighting up her eyes.

“Okay, I admit it. I lost. Happy, oh powerful one?” Blake laughed, sitting up to smack Yang’s shoulder playfully. Yang stared, completely spellbound. A happy, laughing Blake was truly a sight to behold.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that?” Blake gave her a small, self-conscious smile.

“You’re really pretty when you laugh.” Blake huffed, cheeks flushed and moved so that she was sitting next to Yang. Yang sat up and gently guided Blake’s jaw so that she could nuzzle her nose affectionately. “I’m serious, you know.”

“…yeah” Blake gazed back at her, soft and sweet. “But you’re pretty all the time so you can’t talk.”

“Oh please. I’m nowhere near as elegant as you.” Blake giggled lightly and leaned against Yang, tucking her head under her jaw.

“You’re perfect.” Yang wrapped her arm around Blake and kissed her head shyly. This, whatever this was, was so new to both them that she was feeling all sorts of nerves that she never knew she was capable of. Which was weird. She was the confident one. The strong one. She was helping fight a war, for crying out loud. And here she was reduced to nothing more than a nervous, giggling school girl just because Blake looked at her. Yang sighed softly, pulling Blake into her side a little more firmly.

Eventually, they would have to get up and move along. But for now? They were content.

Chapter Text

“Man, I almost feel awful for Rubes.”

“Yes, I imagine that having to go on a mission on your birthday would be disappointing.”

“What? Nah, Ruby’ll love it. I meant being trapped with the Ice Queen for three days. On her own!”

Yang grinned at the fond, eye roll that Blake gave her. Slowly but surely, she was getting the other girl to open up.

“You’re terrible.” Blake murmured, playfully smacking Yang’s bicep. “Weiss is getting better, Yang. It’s not her fault everyone in Atlas has an icicle stuck up their arse.” Yang almost walked into a light pole.

“Okay, wow. Didn’t expect that one from Blake Belladonna.” Yang said, cheekily poking her friends ribs. Blake caught her hand and pushed Yang away lightly.

“Shut up, you dork.” Blake laughed. Yang immediately felt stupidly giddy. Her partner had one of the most adorable laughs ever, including the little snort she gave whenever something particularly tickled her funny bone. The only bad thing was that they were so rare. Therefore, she tried to coax one out of her at least once a day.

“C’mon, the movie is about to start.” Yang said happily, pulling her partner into the theatre. With their mission not due for another week or so, the two had found themselves with a spare couple of hours to kill this weekend. Yang had instantly begged Blake to go see the newest horror movie; NightMare. Blake was reluctant at first but ultimately agreed.

So, with a bucket of popcorn and drinks in hand, the two friends made their way to their seats. Upon sitting down on Blake’s right, Yang grinned and snagged a piece of popcorn and threw it into her mouth.
“Just so you know, partner. You’re more than welcome to hold my hand if you get too scared. You can even hide in my shoulder if it gets too scary.” Yang quipped with a playful smirk.

“I think I’ll be fine.” There was something hidden in Blake’s tone that made Yang’s smirk fall. These moments happened frequently when it was just the two of them. Ones where Yang could catch a glimpse behind the mask that Blake wore around everyone else and saw just a fraction of a scar before she pulled back. Yang wasn’t sure if she wanted to know what had caused said scars but she did want Blake to feel comfortable and safe with her.

“True. You’re, like, the most badass person I know.” Yang said softly, gently changing the subject. Blake turned to her with a grateful smile. One that Yang didn’t need. If Blake didn’t feel comfortable opening up, that was more than okay. She knew how scary it was to be vulnerable with someone. She would never push that onto Blake without good reason.

Moments later, the advertisements started to play and she shot her friend a reassuring smile and turned to face the screen. She was sure that this was going to be fun.


This was not fun. Nope. Not at all.

Yang had hoped to spend some time with her partner. Get a mutual fright from a stupid slasher. A bit of a thrill. But this… having Blake curl in on herself every time a certain character was on screen? That was not her intention. What really concerned her was the fact that it wasn’t even the monster that was scaring Blake, it was one of the male leads. Granted, his character was an ass. Treating his girlfriend like property and generally being verbally abusive to her. It was awful. Yang didn’t have to guess as to why he made Blake uncomfortable. With the way she recoiled whenever he spoke and the way she flinched at his treatment of the female lead, it was easy for her to understand that somebody had hurt her partner once upon a time.

The idea that somebody once treated Blake like that… well, Yang hated it. Blake was a sweet person. She was stubborn, hotheaded and impulsive. But kind and compassionate, even if emotions and communication wasn’t her forte. She didn’t deserve to be treated with such cruelty. Nobody deserved to be in an abusive situation like that.

“You’re mine, my darling. Don’t you forget that.” As the character in question spoke, Blake went pale, her hand instinctively coming up to grasp at Yang’s wrist. She was terrified.

“Hey, c’mon. Let’s get out of here.” Blake sent her a confused look but Yang was already standing and gently guiding her partner out of the cinema.

“Yang, you don’t hav-“ “Blake. I’m not going to prioritise a movie over my partner. You’re way more important than some stupid slasher.” Blake paused, grabbing Yang’s arm and turning her around. She must have seen something in Yang’s eyes because when she next spoke, her voice was filled with self-depreciation.

“You know. Of course you’d know. You’re the smartest person in our year so of course you’d pick up on it.” Blake muttered the last sentence to herself, evidently unhappy with herself.

“… You don’t have to talk about it. But please understand that I am not going to make you sit through something that reminds you of, well, whatever happened to you.” There they were again. Blake’s scars were making themselves known. Of course Yang was going to be gentle.

“I’m not fragile. I don’t need you to walk on eggshells around me!” Blake’s eyes had narrowed, challenging Yang.

“No. You’re not. I’m not going to treat you like glass, Blake, I promise. But I also want you to feel comfortable. Safe.” Blake looked up at her, almost surprised. “This pain doesn’t make you weak. I don’t know what happened but I can promise you that you deserved so much better. You’re safe here, okay? You have nothing to prove. You don’t need to act tough when you’re not feeling okay. Not with me.” Blake looked at her suspiciously for a moment before taking a deep breath.

“Okay. Thank you.” Yang nodded and tried to smile reassuringly at her partner. Blake gave a small, watery smile of her own back before biting her lip thoughtfully, looking away for a moment. Blake let out a soft sigh and shook her head before stepping up to Yang and pressing a soft kiss to her cheek.

“Thank you for understanding.” There was something more in her tone. A hidden message that Yang read loud and clear; thank you for not pushing me. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for letting me take my time.

“Of course, Blake. We’re partners. We look out for each other, yeah?” Yang gently curled her arm around Blake’s shoulder, sighing in relief when the other girl leaned into her and gently butted her head against Yang’s jaw, a quiet hum of agreement slipping from her throat as the girls made their way home.


Yang was an intelligent woman. It was obvious to her that somebody had put Blake through hell. That Blake felt trapped within the shadows of the past. Maybe with time, Yang could help pull her out. No matter how long it took, Blake Belladonna was worth it.

Chapter Text

“Dear Diary..”

“Diary? Let me look at that….”

“Ruby Rose! You dolt, this is Blake’s journal!”

Yang groaned. The crew was damn near getting cabin fever due to the fact that Ironwood had them laying low. Which meant that her sister and Weiss were close to killing each other. Although, if Blake found out about her diary being stolen, they might all be dead.

“How was I suppo-“ “Has anyone seen my journal?” Well, speak of the devil.

“Ruby. Is that my journal?” Yang glanced up at her partner. Blake stood with her arms crossed and hip cocked. Her gaze was trained on Ruby with a slight tilt of her head, ears pinned in agitation. Her tone oddly reminded Yang of a displeased parent, an amusing concept when it came to Blake considering how awkward she was with little Adrian Cotta-Arc.

“Watch out lil sister. Blake’s using her mum voice on you.” Yang grinned when she noticed Blake’s lips twitch slightly.

“U-um. Well, you see..” Ruby stammered. “SCATTER!” She suddenly threw the book at Yang and grabbed Weiss and sped off. Yang sighed wearily.

“Nobody read it.”

“I gathered. If they did, you’d all be a bunch of sentimental messes.” Yang blinked.

“So there’s sentimental stuff about us in here?” She asked gently, handing her friend back her journal as she sat down next to her.

“Yes. You’re not going to ask to read it?” Yang shook her head.

“Nope. Those are your thoughts, Blake. It’s not my place to know them.” Yang said, reaching out to gently stroke her partner’s arm with the back of her hand. Blake bit her lip gently, looked away and tucked her hair behind her ear shyly and looked back. Yang laughed softly, Blake could be such a shy dork when she wanted to be.

“Thank you.” The gazed at each other for a moment before Yang reached up to gently grasp Blake’s chin and bring her closer. They had been teetering on the edge of whatever this was for a while. Maybe it was time to jump. She grazed Blake’s lips with her own, testing the waters and pulling away. Blake let out an involuntary whine of disappointment, reaching out to grasp Yang’s jacket. Yang smiled softly, and pulled Blake closer, closing the distance and kissing Blake properly. Blake hummed against her, her journal falling to the floor to be forgotten as she threaded her hands through Yang’s hair gently. Yang’s arms curled around Blake’s back, supporting her weight.

When they finally pulled back, Blake butted her head against Yang’s.

“… I think I can let you see my journal now.”

“Oh? So there’s stuff about me in there? Like what?”

“Like how you’re so beautiful that I’m surprised that there’s not a religion dedicated to worshiping you. Or how you’re so strong you could pick me up as effortlessly as a feather. That you’re the most intelligent person I’ve ever met in so many ways and in many ways that I lack. I talk about your smile and laugh. Your kindness and compassion. How loving you are.” Yang felt her cheeks heat up.

“Huh. Wow. I might have to start one about you, then. Return the favour. But I don’t think there’s enough pages in the world to write about you.” Blake giggled, cheeks bright, and pressed a kiss to Yang’s lips again. Yang sighed happily into it.

“You’re something else.”

“And I’m all yours.” Blake turned away, nervously playing with Yang’s jacket.

“You don’t belong to me. I don’t feel comfortable with… possessive terms. I don’t want to own you.” Yang understood. With the way Adam had treated her, Blake didn’t want to feel trapped again, nor did she want to trap Yang.

“Okay. I understand. No possessive terms.” Blake looked up at her, unsure. Yang smiled gently and Blake let out a relieved sigh.

“I do want this. But I’m not exactly… unbroken.” Yang felt her heart break along with Blake’s voice.

“You’re not broken. You have scars and wounds. Just like anyone else. They won’t stop me from loving you.” Blake froze.

“You… love me?” Blake asked, as though she couldn’t believe that somebody could. “Even after what I did?”

“You came back. That’s what matters. You chose me. Nothing could stop me from loving you. You deserve love, no matter what he tried to tell you.” Yang pressed forward, kissing Blake and pulling back. “You don’t have to-“ “I love you too.” Blake interrupted her, dragging her down into another kiss.

“Rea-“ “I’m happy for you two but I will not hesitate to kill you if this ridiculous dialogue continues.”

The two turned to see an exasperated Weiss. They could hear Ruby and Jaune arguing in the next room.

“Oh joy. She kills Grimm and moods. Good to know.”
“Watch it, Belladonna.”
“Oh bite me, Schnee.”
“Isn’t that Yang’s job now?”
“… You’re like the irritating sister I never had, you know that?”

Yang fell into the back of the couch and groaned into a pillow. When Weiss and Blake went at it like this, it usually went on for a while.

“I truly despise you.”
“You love me.”
“Shut up.
“Make me.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?!”
“What’s your face supposed to mean?”
“That makes no sense!”
“Your face makes no sense.”

Yang let out a laugh. At least life wasn’t boring.

Chapter Text

Tai-Yang was conflicted. One on hand, he wasn’t happy about his children running off into the unknown. But he was beyond proud of them for trying to make a difference. Just as he and his team had.He saw the dedication and strength of their mothers within them and saw his own promise to keep trying looking back at him. But the one thing that had concerned him was Yang.

The girl had been moping around a lot longer than was generally expected for a huntress that’s lost a limb. He often had wished that Summer was still around. She had always had a knack of getting the girls to listen, he mused as he carried a box of books up to the attic. But now she was off to go look after her sister. At least they had each other.

One of the books caught his attention. A notebook that was written in Yang’s handwriting. Curious, he pulled it out and moved to the kitchen table and placing it on top of it before sitting down and opening it. He leaned his head in one hand and used the other to turn the pages.

“Blake Belladonna” was scrawled in messy script over and over again. He recognised the name of Yang’s partner. He swallowed nervously. Please don’t let this be like him and Raven. Please don’t let his little one be repeating his mistakes. He took a deep breath and continued reading.

“I miss you.”
“Should I hate you? I don’t want to. I could never hate you.”
“Come back to me.”
“I miss you.”
“I need you.”
“What did I do wrong?”
“Was I too weak for you?”
“I never want to see your face again!”
“I want to hold you. I need you to hold me!”
“Why was I not enough! Why am I never enough!”
“Please. Blake. Come back.”

At first, Tai felt a burst of anger at the girl who had so clearly broken Yang’s heart. His anger was soon followed by guilt. Blake was just a kid herself. Whatever had happened to her? It had spooked her enough to run. He had heard stories of this girl. Her determination and passion. Her caring nature that hid behind a stoic façade. Ruby thoroughly adored her. There had to be a reason why. He just hoped that Yang would get the chance he never had; to reconcile with the girl she loved and to hear her out. He had come to the last page. It was a letter.

“Dear Blake,

I don’t know what to say. You’ll never get this letter. Just like I’ll never see your beautiful eyes again. Never see that mischievous little side smirk that I used to think was just for me. I’ll never hear you laugh and I’ll never make you smile. Maybe it’s a good thing I never asked you out. Maybe it would hurt so much worse than it does now.

It’s hard to imagine, though. I loved you, Blake Belladonna. Did you know that? I still do. I want to hate it. I almost want to hate you. But how can I hate somebody that made me feel like I could just be me? Not child or a sister. Not a caretaker. I could just be Yang.

But this proves it. I’m not worth staying around for. First Raven. Then Summer. Now you. Nobody stays. Everybody leaves. And I’m left broken and unwanted.

I know you had your reasons. But I don’t care. You sure as hell didn’t care about my feelings, did you. I was so stupid for thinking that you might love me too. God, I even did that stupid lovey dovey bullshit in my fucking notebooks at school. You know what I’m talking about, right? Yang Belladonna with a fucking heart surrounding it. Blake Xiao Long. Or maybe it would have been Blake and Yang Xiao Long-Belladonna! The perfect power couple! Woopty fucking doo! Ain’t i cliché?

God, look what you’ve done to me. The worst fucking part though? I don’t want to forget it. I don’t want to stop loving you, Blake. You made me so happy during our time as partners. I felt special. Like I finally found somebody who wouldn’t replace me. You made me believe in all of the stories about soulmates that dad and Summer used to tell us. I thought that you were mine, Blake. But I was wrong. I was so fucking wrong. And it fucking hurts. But I still can’t hate you. I don’t want to, no matter what I said to Ruby. I still know that you deserve somebody to love you unconditionally. Even if it’s not me.

This is my goodbye to you, Blake Belladonna. Not that you gave me the chance to say it. But my feelings never really mattered to you anyway. Did they?

Forever yours,
Yang Xiao Long”

Tai threw the book away. It was like looking into a mirror. If he only knew where she had gone, he might consider sending the Belladonna girl this letter. Along with one of his own, pleading her to go to Yang. He could only hope that the fates would bring the girls together and give them a chance for closure.


A week after Blake had returned home, Kali was still in shock that her and Ghira’s baby girl was back. Just as stubborn and hotheaded as always, she swore that she and Ghira were losing years off of their lifespan already.

Ghira was currently attending a meeting with some of the local fishermen. Blake was trying not to kill her blonde friend she had brought home. Kali had gotten a thoroughly foul look when she had suggested that this was why they shouldn’t feed strays.

The senior Belladonna woman was now tidying up her home, putting away some clothes in her daughter’s room. The idea still nearly made her cry. Her baby girl was home. She had just closed the drawer when her foot kicked Blake’s bag over, sending a page from a notepad flying out. Kali’s curiosity got the better of her and she started to read. And the more she read, the more her heart broke, both for her little girl and the incredible young woman she hoped to one day meet.

“Dear Yang Xiao Long.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You have always deserved a better partner that I. And now you’re paying the price. All because I had to choose you. I still don’t know what came over me. Was it your strength? Was it your kindness? Or was it that I saw my soul reflected in your eyes? I don’t know. But you paid the toll, didn’t you? He came aback into my life and saw the way I looked at you. He knew it before I did. I love you, Yang. Which is why I had to leave. I know it’s going to hurt you. I know you’ll hate me. I deserve nothing less.

You’re truly, without a doubt, the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. You’re strong. You can deadlift an Ursa in one breath and in the next be the biggest sweetheart I could imagine. Your intelligent in every single way, even in areas I lack. You’re kind and compassionate and gentle when the world should have turned you to stone. You’re smile could light up an entire city and your laugh could heal a nation. As for your eyes… I didn’t know I had a favourite shade of purple until I met you.

You truly are a remarkable person. A sunflower in a field of ash and smoke. I can only hope that my toxic touch hasn’t forever tainted you, sweetheart. You tried to pull me from the shadows when I hadn’t earned it. I’m selfish and a coward. Running is all I do. So I’m going to use that talent to protect you. All of you. But especially you.

This is my farewell to you, Yang Xiao Long. I’m sorry I’m not giving you the chance to hear it. But I know one look at you will make my resolve crumple. You’ll change my mind and we’ll both fall and burn. That can’t happen; because you are all that matters. So please hate me. Hate me. Hate me.

Yours eternally,

Blake Belladonna.”

Kali gently tucked the page into her pocket, determined to bring it up to Blake when they were alone. She couldn’t let this go. They all had to convince her to return to this girl. If Yang truly was Blake’s soulmate, they couldn’t let her throw it all away because of her past. Both girls deserved closure. Please, Kali prayed, let them find it.

Chapter Text

“Thank you for the tea, mum.”

Kali smiled softly at Blake as they say next to each other in the garden at the back of their home. This was something she had missed terribly; their mummy/daughter tea sessions.

“Of course, baby girl. I remember how we did this all the time when you were little.”

“… you mean when I gave you puppy dog eyes until you let me have some tea, despite being told no?” Blake shot her a shadow of that cheeky smile that she became so infamous for as a little girl. Kali smirked at her.

“Yes, Blake. If I recall, I had to make a deal with you; stop trying to fight the human guards and I’d let you drink tea.” Blake instantly sputtered.
“That was one time, mum! And he had it coming! He made fun of your ears.” Blake trailed off into a grumble, ears pinning. Kali let out a laugh. Blake had always had an attitude problem. One that certainly got worse with age, apparently.

“Oh, Blake. Mummy’s just teasing.” Blake wearily rubbed her eyes.


“Daughter.” Kali grinned cheekily at her daughter. She had missed out on so much good natured teasing. She had some catching up to. But right now, she had an important job to do. She sighed gently as she watched Blake gaze sadly at a bumblebee that had perched itself on her hand.

“Listen, kitten-“ “Mum! I’m not a little girl anymore!” Kali let out an exasperated sigh. The stubbornness was a Belladonna trait. Gods know Blake didn’t get it from the Forrest side of the family.

“We need to talk. About this…” Kali braced herself and handed Blake her letter, the bumblebee flying away. A pained, betrayed expression crossed her features and Kali was quick to press forward. “I didn’t go snooping. It fell out of your bag and my curiosity got the better of me. Yang was your partner, correct? Sun mentioned that she got hurt protecting you.”

“Wow. Getting right into it, are we?” Blake let out a pained laugh. Blake buried her face into her hands and her shoulders shook. Kali resisted the urge to hold her. She couldn’t push. Not just yet.

“Sweetheart. This thing that happened to her? It was Adam’s fault. Not yours. She got hurt-“

“Because of me. Because I cared about her. Because I poison everything that I touch!” Blake was hyperventilating at this point. “I love her, mum! I can’t let her get hurt because of me! She deserves better so much better than what I can give her, don’t you understand?!.” Kali felt her heart shatter. Just what had that monster done to her baby? Gods, if he ever showed his face in Kuo Kuana…


“No, mum!” Blake stood up and paced around desperately. “He hurt her because he saw how I felt and he would keep doing it if I had stayed! I hope she hates me! It’s better this way! It’s what I deserve!” Blake was standing with her jaw set and tears streaming down her face.

“Blake. Stop.” Kali said firmly, standing up and quickly pulling Blake into her arms. Blake struggled at first before a ragged sob tore itself from her throat and she clung desperately to her mother, no more than a child seeking comfort after a nightmare. “You are not poison. You do not deserve any sort of pain, baby girl. You deserve happiness and love, just like anybody else. And if that’s with this girl, then you need to go after it.”

“She won’t want to see me. She’s been hurt before and now I’ve done the same! How could she possibly want me?” Blake whimpered weakly.

“Shouldn’t that be her decision to make?” Blake froze before nodding, a heartbroken sob tearing through her body as she buried her face in Kali’s neck. “After everything with the White Fang is over, you should go to her. Closure will be good for you. Both of you. But you’ll never know if you don’t try. And I know for a fact that my little kitten is as brave as a panther. You can do this, sweetie.” Kali cooed tenderly as Blake gave an weak, embarrassed groan but didn’t refute the old nickname.

Kali gently guided her daughter to sit down, reaching over to wipe her eyes gently before holding her cup of tea with both hands and smiling at her daughter.

“Now. Tell me about her. I want to know all about the woman who has stolen my daughter’s heart.” Blake sniffled lightly and rolled her eyes with a watery laugh.

“I don’t know where to start. I’ve never… talked about this stuff before, mum.” She mumbled shyly. Kali hid a smile. Her usually outspoken, bold as brass daughter who was always ready for a shouting match was actually being shy for once. She really must meet the woman who had such an affect in her.

“I would say at the start but I don’t think you can remember your past lives, can you? She is your ‘’soulmate’’ after all.” Kali giggled at the mortified expression on Blake’s face.

“… you’re awful.” Blake growled, irritation filling her words. Kali grinned.

“Mother’s job, baby girl. Embarrass thine child.” Blake smacked her forehead.

“Ugh. Fine.”

“Now about Yang?”

“Yang. Um. Yang is..” Blake sighed wistfully. “The most beautiful person I’ve ever met, inside and out. Her looks, her personality, her strength. I don’t know how to describe her. Words will never be enough.” Blake was blushing. Kali resisted the urge to coo at her. Despite the situation, there was something adorable about the soft tone her daughter spoke with, the way her eyes carried a light of complete and utter adoration. It reminded Kali of how Ghira looked at her when they were that age. Blake truly loves this Yang girl. It was very endearing, Kali thought as Blake continued.

“And her eyes, mum! Gods, I could look at them all day. You can just tell how kind she is just by looking at them. And don’t even get me started on her hair!” There was still traces of pain in Blake’s face but as the younger woman went into detail about Yang, Kali could see that Blake adored every single thing about Yang. This wasn’t just a matter of physical attraction or even romantic attraction. It ran so much deeper. Her baby was completely head over heels for every single part of Yang. It was very sweet.

“She’s the sweetest, strongest, kindest and most loving person I’ve ever met. I felt so safe with her. Like I found my home, you know?” Kali did know. There was no doubting it now. They had to get Blake back to her. Fortunately, Ghira had some connections that they could use to find out where Yang was.

As Blake continued to ramble on about her partner, Kali didn’t even bother trying to hide her smile. Blake had found somebody who was truly everything that a partner should be. She just needed to be brave enough to take the risk.

If these past couple of weeks had taught her anything, it was that Kali still knew her daughter aftertastes all this time. And she knew that her daughter was the very definition of bravery.

Kali truly believed that her daughter would get the fairytale ending that she and Yang both deserved.


Chapter Text

“Why do you have an envelope with my mother’s handwriting on it?”

Blake had turned around from setting her bags down in their shared room to see Yang holding an envelope with very familiar handwriting on it. Blake was confused, to say the least.

“Uh. She gave it to me?” Blake narrowed her eyes. She had nearly died at least three times in the past few days. She wanted to rest. She was far from in the mood for whatever nonsense her mother had cooked up. “She just came up to me after she said goodbye to you, gave it to me and told me to read it when I had some down time and gave me a hug. I’m just as confused as you are.” Blake frowned as she tried to figure out what her mother was planning.

“… Oh shit!” A sudden horrifying thought caused her to dive for her bag and look for a certain letter. When she came up empty, she knew where it was. “Why would you do this to me, mum!” Blake hissed at the ceiling.

“I’m going to guess that you know what’s in the letter, then.” Yang smiled nervously at her.

“… Unfortunately.” Blake said stiffly as she glowered at the letter in her friend’s hand. Yang caught her stare and smiled gently at her before walking over, placing the letter in Blake’s hand and resuming her seat. Blake blinked in confusion. “Why…?”

“I’m not going to make you uncomfortable. Yeah, I’m curious. But your comfort is more important than some stupid letter.” Blake stared at her partner, and she quickly became lost in shades of lilac. If this is what drowning felt like, then she was more than happy to dive in.

“-ake. Blake!” Blake shook herself out of it. This wasn’t the first time she had been distracted by Yang. The girl was too gorgeous for her own good. But now was not the time.

“S-sorry. What did you say?” Yang gave her a small smile.

“I said; are you okay?” Blake nodded. She looked down at the letter. Usually, her mother was right about these things. Even if Blake did feel slightly betrayed. She bit her lip thoughtfully and let out a pained groan.

“Mum claims that the Belladonna are stubborn. But the Forrests are just as bad.” Blake grumbled. “But she usually knows what she’s doing. So here…” Blake handed Yang the letter, voice dropping to a pleading whisper. “Just please, please wait until I’m in the bathroom. I can’t be in the room when you do.” Her ears had pinned to the sides anxiously.

“Are you sure, Blake?”

“No. But you deserve to see it. Plus I trust my mother, as infuriating as she may be. More importantly; I trust you. So… read it.” Yang nodded and gestured with her head for Blake to use the bathroom first. Blake gave her a grateful smile and grabbed her night clothes and headed to go shower. She tried to focus on her breathing and wash routine but nothing could prepare her for the sight that met her when she came out half an hour later.


When Blake exited the bathroom in sweats and a T-shirt, she didn’t know what she was expecting to see. But Yang sitting on her bed, staring down at the letter with tears silently streaming down her face was not it. And it tore through Blake’s soul, hurting far more than his blade ever could.

“… Y-Yang?” She called out hesitantly, holding her elbow self-consciously.

“… You loved me?” The crack in Yang’s voice chipped at Blake’s heart. She stepped forward and spoke.

“Of course I did. How could I not?” Blake croaked out. “And I still do.” She dropped her head, gritting her teeth. She waited for the rejection. Waited for Yamg to tell that she’s been hurt to badly. But then, she heard footsteps walk over to her and a pair of hands framed her jaw, gently guiding her to look up. Both of them were shedding tears now.

“I love you too.” The two stared at each other before Blake snapped. She pushed Yang’s hands down and grabbed the front of her jacket, pulling her down and grasping the back of her neck firmly before kissing her. Yang let of a muffled noise of surprises before she pulled Blake closer by her waist, tilting her head to get a more comfortable angle for the both of them.

They brought to a halt when a sob tore it’s way out of Blake’s throat. Yang pulled back immediately and pulled Blake into a hug, stroking her hair and cooing into her ear as Blake sobbed into her shoulder.

“I’m here, baby, I’m here.” Blake let out a pained whimper.

“How can you want me after what I did?!” She felt Yang freeze before pushing her away to look at her, framing her face so gently. Far more gentle than how he had ever touched her.

“If course I want you, baby. We all make mistakes, Blake. That doesn’t make us less worthy.” The endearment slipped out as easily as her lungs breathed.

“But-“ “Blake. I know you. I know that you don’t think highly of yourself and that hurts more than I can explain. You are so much more worthy than whatever he taught you. I want to love you. To make you feel safe. I want to make you happy. Because you deserve the world, Blake Belladonna.” Blake let out a small sob and turned to nuzzle one of the palms framing her face. “But I’m not going to pressure you. If you don’t want this? That’s okay. You can say no. I would never force you into something, Blake.” And staring into those beautiful eyes she had come to love? Blake knew Yang would keep her word. The choice was easy.

“If I deserve the world, then you deserve so much more. The universe, if I could give it. I don’t deserve you. But Gods, do I want this.” She pressed a kiss to the wrist of Yang’s prosthetic.

“Bold of you to assume you’re not already my entire universe.” Yang said, half laugh and half sob. Blake gasped and stared at in shock.

“You can’t just say shit like that and expect me not to kiss you.” Yang leaned forward.

“Then perhaps you should shut me up. Because I will make it my mission to ensure that you know how fucking amazing you are.” Blake stared at her for a second before grabbing wrapping her arms around Yang’s neck and firmly pulling her into a kiss. It was messy and clumsy because both girls were crying. But it was safety. It was love. It was two splintered souls finding their missing piece. And it was theirs.

They eventually surfaced for air but before Blake could catch her breath, Yang kissed her again, softer this time.

“I love you. So much.” She mumbled against Blake’s lips. Blake pulled back and gazed at her.

“I love you too, Yang Xiao Long. More than you’ll ever know.” The girls stared at each other for a moment before Yang let out a sobbing laugh and lifted Blake up into her arms, spinning them around effortlessly. Blake dissolves into giggles and held on for dear life. When they came to a stop, so too did her laughter. She couldn’t help it. The way Yang snorted in between her laughs was too adorable and she couldn’t help but gaze at her in awe.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Yang giggled out, ducking her head bashfully and tucking her hair behind her ear.

“This is so not fair. You cannot be the most gorgeous, kindhearted and strong person I’ve ever met and also be this cute. Its illegal.”

“Oh yeah? Says who?”

“Says me.”

“What are you gonna do about it?”

“Not kiss you, that’s for sure.”

Yang let out a laugh, gently wiping Blake’s tears away. Blake hummed and gently kissed her partner’s fingers as they passed by her mouth. Yang bit her lip and giggled. God, she was so beautiful and cute and amazing that it almost physically hurt. Blake surged forward, pressing their lips together again.

“What was that about not kissing me?”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, ma’am.” Yang quickly pressed back into her. Blake rolled her eyes and smiled into the kiss. She still didn’t feel like she deserved this. But she wasn’t going to run from it. Never gain. They chose each other back in the Emerald Forest and they were choosing each other once more. They had both already suffered through so much pain. She wasn’t going to put them through more.

But the universe wouldn’t have the same grace. Fate still had some rocks to hurl their way. But nevermore would they suffer alone.

Chapter Text

“Yang Xiao Long.”

Blake flinched at her father’s booming tone of voice. Adam had been dead for a while but some days, his ghost came back to haunt her.

“Sir. Pleasure to see you again.” Yang dropped into the formal bow that was typically used by suitors when speaking to their beloved’s parents. Ghira grinned.

“At least this one has respect.” He clasped Yang’s arm, a small frown forming as he gazed at the gold metal. “Thank you. For everything.” Blake watched as her girlfriend glared up at her father boldly.

“With all due respect, sir. Don’t thank me. I love her. I’d do it a thousand times again if it let her safe.” Ghira stepped back in surprise.

“Blake said you had a strong character. I’m glad to see she was right.”

“Eh, she has to be right. She’s the leader of the faunus militia now, soooo.” Blake stood up tall and smirked as her parents looked at her and finally noticed the armour she was wearing.

“Haha! That’s our girl!” Ghira laughed happily. “She gets that from me!” Kali rolled her eyes before walking over to Yang and held her prosthetic.

“Welcome to our home, Yang. Blake certainly didn’t underestimate your beauty, did you sweetheart?”

“Of course not.” Blake grinned at her mother cheekily. “Look at the literal Goddess I’ve been blessed with. I have to do her justice.” Ghira and Kali glanced at each other in surprise.

“Blake.” Yang warned with an exasperated sigh. “I love you, baby, but can you save the flirting for later?”

Blake sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes at her parents.

“See how my woman deprives me of the love and affection I crave?” She grinned as her parents laughed. “Come on. Let’s go inside. We’ll tell you the whole story.”


“So the guy’s got Blake pinned and I come in, pick him up by the back of the neck and throw him through the wall. Next thing I know, I hear Blake say “And that’s why I’m going to marry you.” Blake bit back a smirk as she watched her parents react to Yang’s retelling of events. “She then throws a little black box at me before pistol whipping some other guy and running off! I open it and there’s this ring!” Yang showed off her bee shaped engagement ring happily.

“Blake proposed in the middle of battle?” Ghira said distantly. “Blake, your mother and I love you but surely it would have been better to romance the poor girl first?” He muttered, tiredly rubbing his face.

“Nah. It was perfect.” Yang sighed leaning into Blake and kissing her cheek. Blake quirked an eyebrow at her parents.

“She literally can deadlift a Goliath. A battlefield proposal was perfect.” Blake shrugged. Her father stared at her wearily.

“My little girl is engaged, is the leader of a faunus based militia and is becoming a public speaker for faunus rights. Forgive your old father for being a little slow, Blake.” Ghira grinned. “Even if we are proud of you.”

“Oh, look at our little kitten! All grown up!” Kali cooed. Blake growled at her mother.

“Mother, please.” She quickly held up a finger to silence Yang. “Call me kitten, Sunflower, and you’ll be sleeping on the beach.” Yang gave a snorting giggle and kissed said finger.

“I promise, baby.” Ghira and Kali shared a fond smile. This was the daughter that they remembered. Cheeky and full of life. “But you wouldn’t really do that to me, would you? You wouldn’t make me sleep all on my own? Out in the cold?” Oh no. She was using that voice. The one that made Blake melt each and every time. Blake tried to resist. She really did. But that God forsaken pout was her weakness. The way her eyes glimmered, how she started pawing at Blake’s arm. The tremble of her bottom lip. Blake sighed.

“You are so lucky you’re cute.” She mumbled as she pressed a quick kiss to said trembling lip. She turned to her parents. “See what I have to deal with?” Ghira let out an amused laugh.

“I like this one! She knows how deal with your attitude, Blake.” Blake rolled her eyes.

“Nope. Nobody can deal with Blake or control her. I wouldn’t want to.” Ghira gave a pleased grin. Apparently Yang had just passed another test. Judging by her smile, Yang was more than aware of this.

“Oh, by the way, Mum?” Blake quickly crossed over to Kali, pressing an affectionate kiss to the top of her head and sitting back with Yang. “Thank you for meddling with my love life. I think.” Blake glared playfully at her mother.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. But it worked out, didn’t it?” Both she and Ghira exchanged a smile as their daughter rolled her eyes again and cuddled up to her intended. Seeing them like this, neither Belladonna could see them without the other. Kali thoroughly adored Yang already and she could see that Ghira respected the girl. Their daughter deserved this and so much more.

“Miss Xiao Long.” Ghira called. “I don’t think I need to warn you to refrain from hurting my little girl?”

“Okay, one: Blake can take care of herself so you’re the least of my worries. The woman basically leads an army now.” Yang snorted. “Secondly, if I ever did hurt her? You have my permission to completely and utterly beat me to a pulp. Blake deserves to be loved and safe and I could never forgive myself if I took that away, Mr. Belladonna. Hell, I’ll even write a letter and give you written permission.” The two stared at each other for a moment before Ghira let out a booming laugh.

“Good answer, child. Good answer. And Yang?” Blake nearly choked on her tea. Her father never used first names. “Since you’re going to be marrying my daughter, I suppose you may call me Dad.” Ghira grumbled playfully. Yang smiled softly and gave a grateful smile and nod. She knew how much that meant coming from him.

“And you can call me “Mum.” Kali piped up excitedly. Blake smiled sadly when she saw Yang freeze. It had been a long time since she had a mother figure. And considering how maternal Kali was, it was going to be overwhelming for the poor woman.

“Um. Thank you. Uh, excuse me.” Yang quickly left the room.

“She’s fine. It’s just a bit overwhelming, to have you both accept her so readily.” Blake wiped her eyes, it always hurt to see Yang’s pain, and the reverse was true too.

“Blake. We love her already. She’s everything that you said.” Kali smiled reassuringly.

“She’s good for you. And you for her, I bet.” Ghira rumbled happily. His daughter was getting her happily ever after. What more could a parent want?

“We’re good for each other.” Blake smiled to herself, happily toying with her ring. “I’m going to go check on her.”

“What’s that phrase the kids use, Kali? Whipped?” Blake spun around to stare at her father.


“Oh she’s been whipped from the start, dear. This is nothing new.”

“Mum! You’re just as bad as each other!”

Blake quickly left the room and her amused parents’ laughter behind and headed for the balcony. She had developed a sense for locating her partner. Today was no different. As she came outside, she walked up behind Yang and hugged her from behind, nuzzling just behind her ear with an over exaggerated groan.

“My parents will be the death of me.”

“They’re just happy for you, baby.” Blake frowned at the gravely tone of her love’s voice and spun her around. Her heart broke at the tears that fell and she was quick to kiss each one away. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why that got to me.”

“No need to apologise. Want me to tell them to dial it back?”

“No. It’s not bad. Just been a while since I could call somebody mum and feel like they actually cared, ya know? She’s really sweet.” Blake hummed lightly, curling her arms around Yang’s neck as the other woman pulled her close.

“Yeah. I get it.”

“You always do.” Yang leaned forward, kissing Blake as she let out a pleased hum before pulling back and nuzzling her neck. “Are you happy?”

“Happiness became mine the moment I realised that lilac was my favourite colour.”

“You romantic sap.” Yang giggled and Blake immediately started attacking her face with kisses in retaliation.

“Blake!… That tickles!” Blake smirked.

“Not my fault you’re so delicious when you laugh.” Yang snorted and kept trying to catch Blake’s lips with her own but Blake kept just out of reach.

“Ugh. You’re awful.”

“And you’re perfect.” Her ears flicked as she faintly heard her mother squeal in delight. “And we’re going to have to be careful while we’re here. My mother has incredible hearing.” Yang snorted.

“Yes, ma’am.” She murmured as she effortlessly dipped Blake and kissed her gently, earning the laugh that she had been after. Blake playfully smacked Yang’s shoulder as she was let back up, rolling her eyes before burying her face into her beloved’s neck. “I love you so much, Blake.” Yang whispered as she started to lead them in a gentle, slow dance. Something that was very common with them both.

“I love you too, Yang.” Blake murmured, tears pricking her eyes. She still got tears eyed each time Yang told her that she loved her. And like every time before, Yang cooed soft, loving reassurances into her ear, knowing exactly how it affected her. She always knew what to do, what to say whenever Blake needed her. She hummed into Yang’s neck, content.

The war was far from over. But they had a month of respite to prepare. She could catch up with her parents, spend time with her fiancé and eventually the rest of their team would show up and she could show them around. Then they’d have to train both the human troops and faunus. She and Ruby would be working hand in hand with the help of their partners for that. But for now? They could rest.

It hardly seemed real. She was in her early twenties. She already had a much larger family. She was engaged. And after the war? Maybe they could talk about kids. But for now… she was happy to simply dance with her woman and softly sing to each other.

“I can’t help falling in love with you..”

Chapter Text

Blake grew up outside of the Kingdoms. She had fought numerous Grimm. She had fought and survived her a monster. But this? This was whole new battlefield. And it was terrifying.

“So. You’re Blake. Give me one good reason not to throw you out of my home.” Why did they need to come to Patch? Yeah, sure, they needed all the huntsmen they could get. But Tai Yang Xiao Long looked like he wanted to rip her head off. No. She had to do this. For Yang. She took a deep breath and spoke.

“Yes sir. I know what you’re thinking but it’s probably best if you save your breath. I guarantee that everything that you think about me has already gone through my head.” Tai quirked an eyebrow and crossed his arms. She could hear Yang shift uncomfortably in the background but she didn’t intervene. Blake had told her to stand back, after all. “I left her when she needed me. I hurt her. She deserved better. She still does. And Gods know that I don’t deserve her. She should hate me…. But the thing is… she chose me. She loves and trusts me and I’m not going to abuse that knowledge. I love her so much that it hurts. And I’m not leaving her.” Blake walked up to Tai and glared up at him challengingly. “So you can hate me all you want, Mr. Xiao Long but I’m not leaving.”

“What if I decide to fight you, kid?”

“Then I’ll win.”

“A little arrogant, aren’t cha?”

“No. I just refuse to be chased away from the woman that I am absolutely crazy for. I will fight any battle I need to for her. I can’t afford to lose. Not when it comes to her.” The two glared at each other for a moment before Tai grinned down at her. Blake blinked in confusion for a moment before the older man suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up and spinning her around with a laugh.

“Welcome to the family, Blake!”

“… come again?!” Blake was completely thrown off. Shouldn’t he want to hit her?

“Look. I can tell that you regret your actions. And I trust my kid enough to know that she wouldn’t forgive you if you weren’t worth her time. Plus, I have to respect the fact that you straight up challenged me to a fight to prove yourself!” Blake snorted.

“I assure you that there’s nothing “straight” about me.” She grinned when she heard Yang smack her head on the wall. Tai gave a hearty laugh, winding her slightly when he thumped her on the back playfully.

“Yang, I love my new daughter-in-law already!”

“Okay, that’s it. We’re going to my room!” Yang quickly dragged her upstairs.

“Blake. I love you but please refrain from making your stupid “straight” jokes for five minutes.” Blake snickered cheekily.

“You’re just as bad.”

“Shut your pretty mouth.” Yang growled playfully as she shut the door and flopped onto her bed.

“Shut me up yourself, coward.” Yang reached up and pulled her down on top of her, pressing her lips to Blake’s firmly.

“You’re trouble.” Blake merely smirked down at her and nuzzled her nose affectionately before laying her head down on Yang’s shoulder, both girls soon drifted off to sleep.


An hour later, Blake woke up. She smiled at the sight of a still sleeping Yang. How on earth was she dating the most gorgeous person in existence? Blake sighed dreamily, brushing Yang’s hair back from her face and placing a feather light kiss to her lips. Yang hummed happily and blinked up at her.

“Go back to sleep, baby. I just need to grab some water.” Yang pouted for a minute before letting Blake go. Blake stood up and stretched, gazing admiringly at her girlfriend for a moment before heading to the kitchen.

“Hey, Blake.” Blake jumped into a defensive position, regretting not bringing her weapon downstairs with her. Tai held his hands up placatingly at her. “Just me, kid.” The man was sitting at the table polishing his weapons. Knuckle dusters? Blake blinked in surprise and sat down with her water. He seemed like he wanted to talk.

“Sorry. I guess I’m on edge being back in Vale.” Tai hummed thoughtfully.

“I bet. I’m glad you’re up. I wanted to talk to you. Nothing bad but there’s something I want you to see.” Tai passed her a notebook. Blake swallowed thickly. It was Yang’s. She recognised the hand writing. “I’m not showing you this to hurt you. But I need you to understand what your leaving did to her. And why it can’t happen again. I’m not saying that you have to stay forever. But please talk to her if you do.” He gazed at her sadly. “I respect you, Blake. And I can sympathise with you. I get it. All I ask is that you don’t repeat team STRQ’s mistakes.” Blake nodded and shakily took the book and stood up.

“I’m going upstairs.” Blake left and sat down next to Yang, causing her girlfriend to wake up.

“Blake? What’s tha-“ Yang paused and flinched when she saw the notebook. “Shit. Dad gave that to you, didn’t he?”

“He thinks I need to read it.”

“Are you?”

“Only with your permission.” Blake murmured. She would never betray Yang’s trust.

“You let me read yours. It’s only fair if you read mine. But please understand that I was in a dark place, Blake. Whatever you read? Please know that I know better now.” Yang stood up. “I’ll be in the back yard.”

It took an hour to get through. By the end, Blake was sobbing quietly to herself. She could feel Yang’s pain as though it were her own. What had she done to this poor girl?!

She ran outside and upon spotting Yang, grabbed her by her waist and spun her around.

“Bla-mmph!” She quickly silenced her with a firm kiss, holding her as close as she could and trying to pour every ounce of love and adoration she had into her. She pulled back only to take a breath and pressed back against her girlfriend. Blake didn’t stop as she started to speak.

“I love you so much… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, baby… I never wanted to hurt you… I’m sorry.” She sobbed out in between each kiss until Yang gently pushed her away and held her jaw in her hands as she continued to let out small, gasping sobs.

“Blake. I know, babe. I know. God, I shouldn’t have let you read it. Please don’t cry.” Yang begged as her own tears fell. “I know how you feel. I know why you left. You don’t owe me a thing.” Blake gasped as Yang pressed soft kisses along her jaw and down to her mouth as she talked. “You were scared… you thought you were doing the right thing… but you’re here now… and you love me… and that’s all that matters.” Yang punctuated her words by gently kissing Blake, pulling her close as the other woman kissed back, clinging to Yang desperately.

“Your feelings do matter to me. You matter to me and I’m never leaving. You’re my choice. You’ll always be my choice.” Blake whispered against her lips.

“Careful. Almost sounds like you’re proposing to me right now.” Blake laughed weakly.

“Trust me. You’ll know when I actually do propose.” She felt Yang smile.

“When? You planning on making a wife out of me? How forward of you!” Blake lowered her head to gently nip at her girlfriend’s neck playfully, earning a surprised squeal.

“Yes, you brat. Don’t even think about proposing.” She felt, more than heard, Yang laugh.

“This argument again?”

“I made the first move so I get to propose!”

“I totally made the first move! I told you I love you first!”

“Technically I did.”

“After I asked you!”

“And I kissed you first.”


“And payed for our first date.”

“Okay But-“

“And do I need to remind you of who made the other first move?” Yang immediately sputtered and went red.

“Excuse me for being respectful!”

“Or maybe you were nervous because I’m… wait… what did you call it that night? “Your first everything?” Hmm?” Blake smirked up at Yang before kissing her neck. Yang flushed.

“Well you are!” She defended herself. Blake giggled, tiredly leaning against Yang. “Tired, baby?” Blake nodded. “Panic attacks are the worst.” Yang mumbled against her temple. Blake sighed and nuzzled into Yang’s neck, trying to rid herself of the lingering thoughts of doubt and self-loathing that persisted.

“Yang!” Blake yelped as she was suddenly swept up bridal style. “What are you-“

“I’m carrying you to bed. We will then cuddle and be grossly cute. And then we can both fall asleep cuddling the woman we love.” Blake snorted, an light giggle making its way out of her.

“I think Weiss just got the chills. You know how she suffers when it comes to us.”

“Oh she can deal with it, babe. I’m more worried about spending time with the most amazing woman in the world.”

“How do you always know just what to say, Sunflower?” Blake cooed.

“I don’t. I just do my best to make you feel as loved and safe as you deserve.” Blake teared up again as they made their way inside and to bed. She truly was lucky.

As they laid side by side, wrapped up around each other as much as possible, Blake whispered sweet nothings into Yang’s ear in between kisses, peppering her girlfriend’s face until she started snorting helplessly. Yang deserved to feel loved and safe. Treasured and adored. And Blake was going to make it her mission to ensure that Yang never forgot that.

Perhaps she could get Ruby and Weiss to distract Yang while she went into town. And maybe Tai would be willing to go with her. He could help her with her objective.

Blake was a gentlewoman, after all. And in her culture, it was common practice to ask your beloved’s parents not only for their blessing but also for advice when it came to a ring.

Chapter Text

Yang had to admit that the Cotta-Arcs had a beautiful garden. It was calming to sit out here. Away from everyone. But it did nothing to take her mind off of Blake Belladonna.

Yang let out a shuddering breath. She could still see the absolutely wounded expression on Blake’s face as she turned her back on her. She hated to think about how Blake had looked when she had talked over her. Dismissed what she had to say and left her in an empty barn in a place where they had no clue what was going on. She had then ignored Blake completely. Yes, Yang knew it was because of the Apathy. But watching the woman she cared for so deeply about to die, unable to do anything and unable to care? It made her chest hurt to think about. Especially when she thought about Blake opening up to her. Talking about Adam and how he treated her. She knew she wasn’t at fault. It was the Grimm. But it still hurt.

“Yang?” Oh hell. Speak of the devil. Yang blinked back her tears before turning around with a small nervous smile. They hadn’t been alone since the barn. This was sure to be awkward.

“Hey, Blake. Is something wrong?” Why the fuck did she sound like an android? The fact that Blake’s ears pulled back anxiously did little to make her feel better.

“No. I was just hoping we could talk? About our part of the plan? I wanted to go over some things with you.” She sounded so tired. “If- if that’s okay, that is.” Blake added quickly, ears pinning. Was she scared of saying the wrong thing again? The idea that Blake felt like she had to walk on eggshells around Yang hurt more than she could describe.

“Yeah. Come sit down.” Blake blinked in surprise, a small shy smile forming as she sat on the ground, back against the veranda, on Yang’s left. Blake seemed to realise how close she was and quickly scooted away, trying to keep a respectful distance and turned on the spot to face Yang, placing her scroll in between them. Yang mirrored her, heart breaking at the thought of Blake second guessing herself and all of her interactions.

“Okay. Um. So as Weiss said, we can afford to get a couple more hours of sleep since the others have to hike out on foot and we’ll have bumblebee. Which will be helpful considering that I’m going to have to hack into the tower. But there are a couple back roads to choose from so I thought that we should plan it out ahead of time?” Blake pulled up a map of the forest. She then cocked her head curiously at Yang. Yang swallowed. Did she have to be so cute right now? It made things so much more difficult.

“Uh. Yeah. Sounds great, Blake. I mean of course it does. You know what you’re doing.” Yang rubbed her neck nervously as Blake quirked an eyebrow at her and leaned her chin on a palm.

“Being an ex terrorist does have its benefits. Like stealing an airship.” Blake paused, frowning. “Not the first vehicle I’ve stolen but I can’t say I’m happy about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…” Blake crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. “That I joined this team to get away from that lifestyle. And here I am getting dragged straight back in. By Vomit Boy of all people.” She snorted.

“He made forged transcripts, Blake.”

“No. He got a hold of forged transcripts. That’s child’s play back in the White Fang. A new recruit could do it in their sleep.” Yang felt her lips twitch.

“Yeah. But not all of us are badass ninjas from the White Fang, Blake. Give the guy a break.” Blake rolled her eyes.

“Fine. But only because you’re the one asking.” There was a pause. Blake shifted uncomfortably. Yang looked away. Once, jokes like that would have been easy. But now? There was a degree of awkwardness between them. Walls that remained. A caged, golden heart that was scared of the shadows. The two coughed awkwardly and continued to plan their route.


“Are you sure Bumblebee will be okay with this terrain?” Yang glared at her teammate.

“Excuse you. Bumblebee can go on any terrain. I made sure to update her before I left. Give me a little more credit, Blake!” Blake flinched lightly and Yang mentally winced.

“Right. Sorry.” Blake wasn’t a meek and mild person. The quickness she pulled back with was pretty indicative of how nervous she was of messing up. Yang had to talk to her. This wasn’t okay. “Are we all set, then?”

“Yup.” Yang sighed. “Blake?”


“How are you holding up? After… everything?” Blake sighed heavily, almost seeming to deflate.

“Fine, I guess. I just never want to see an Apathy again.” Blake shivered, right hand clutching her elbow tightly, a pained expression in her eyes. Yang hesitated for a moment before reaching out and gently prying her hand away and holding it between her own. Blake stared at her in shock before cocking her head in confusion. “Y-Yang?”

“I hated them too. I hate how they made me behave. How they made me feel.” Blake squeezed her hand.

“It wasn’t your fault. Yang, those things are responsible for what happened. Not you.”

“I know. But you almost died and I couldn’t care. I couldn’t! It was like you didn’t matter! And your last memory of me would’ve been me being mad at you! I don’t want that, Blake!” Yang was shaking now. It was difficult to breath and her vision was swimming.

“Yang? Yang. I need you to breath. Focus on me. Copy my breathing.” She closed her eyes and tried. She could feel a firm pressure around her shoulders and her head was resting against a warm chest. She could follow Blake’s breathing as long as she felt it. Eventually, she was able to calm down. When she did, she realised that Blake was holding her to her chest, gently cupping her head and making an odd humming noise. It almost sounded like a purr. When Blake realised she was back, she gently pushed Yang up and gently wiped her face. Yang had to actively resist the urge to nuzzle into her touch, it was so soothing.

“Panic attacks are the worst.” Yang laughed at that.

“Amen to that.” She rasped. Blake frowned and sat back on her heels.

“I know you care. And I never took your… frustration personally. I’m not…” Blake scrunched up her nose in distaste. “I’m not the best when it comes to communication. But I want you to know that I’m here for you.” Blake sighed and shook her head. It obviously wasn’t what she wanted to say.

“It’s going to take me some time, Blake. But I want to try. I don’t want to lose you.” Yang whispered. She couldn’t entirely trust Blake just yet. She was still scared. But she was going to reach out and try. They weren’t going to get anywhere if it was only one of them was trying. That wasn’t a healthy dynamic. Yang swallowed thickly. That brought up something else she needed Blake to understand. “But I need you to stop trying to make it up to me. I don’t want you to feel obligated or like you owe me something. That’s not healthy.” Blake flinched.

“Then what do you want, Yang?” Oh that was a dangerous question. Yang wasn’t ready to share the answer with Blake. Not when Blake was everything she wanted.

“Right now?” Blake nodded and the sight of Blake bracing herself hurt. What had this girl gone through to make her so apprehensive of others? “Right now… I just want my partner back. My best friend.” There was so much more she wanted. But that could wait until they had both healed to be discussed.

“Me too.” Blake whispered, sounding unsure of herself. Yang smiled anxiously.

“Then we both need to try. Not one more than the other. Deal?” Blake looked up into her eyes. Blake must have seen something she liked because she smiled shyly and nodded. Yang let out a sigh of relief.

“Great. Because I am not dealing with the kids on my own. You have no idea what it’s like looking after these brats on my own.” Yang teased, gently resting the waters.

“You are a brat so I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Yang blinked in surprise before she laughed softly.

“At least I’m not a dork like you.”

“I thought I was a lost cause?” Yang narrowed her eyes playfully.

“Oh go back to reading your lovely book as soon as I leave.” Blake’s eyes lit up, an amused giggle falling from her lips. Yang soon joined in. But she stopped when she noticed Blake’s awe filled stare.


“Nothings. It’s just… good to hear you laugh again.”

“Hey, I’ve laughed!” Blake smiled sadly at her.

“Not like this.” She murmured softly. ‘Not with me’ was the hidden message. Yang looked away. It was strange to think that simply joking around with her made Blake so happy. That making Yang laugh made her light up. She really did miss Yang, didn’t she?

“Well. I’m not going anywhere. So you’re probably going to hear it more.” An olive branch was being extended and, judging from Blake’s answering smile, was being taken.

“I intend to.”

“Stubborn.” Yang teased softly. Too soft. Tried to dial it back and failed. Blake merely tilted her head at Yang and smiled gently.

“Somebody very special once told me that I’m not one to back down from a challenge.” Blake picked up her scroll and stood up, brushing off her jacket and looking down at Yang with a soft and contemplative expression. “And I think I just discovered my most important challenge yet.” Yang’s jaw dropped and she stared in awe. Blake shook her head with a shy smile. “Goodnight, Yang.” She murmured as she bent down to place a gentle kiss to the top of Yang’s head and walked inside.

Yang sat where she was for a little while longer. She had always admired her partner’s drive and passion. Her dedication and devotion to whatever cause she deemed worthy to fight for. But never had Yang ever expected to become that cause.

Chapter Text

Yang had thought she knew fear. She had nearly died to Beowulfs when she was a child. Had nearly been killed by that Gelato chick. Neo. Whatever her name was. She had seen the woman she loved nearly be killed multiple times. But this was taking the cake. Seeing Blake’s body be thrown into a wall by the Grimm, almost as though she were a rag doll, stole Yang’s breath. But something else stopped her heart.


“Blake? Blake!”


“Ma’am, please! Stay back!”


“Wait! She’s my partner! Is she-“ Yang was interrupted by the sound of a long, monotonous beep. Her blood ran cold.


“Shit! Paddles! She’s flatlining!”


Immediately, she fell to her knees. Please, God, no! Not Blake. Not now. Not when they still had so much to talk about! Not when she hadn’t even gotten a chance to tell her!


“God, don’t take her from me, please! I can’t lose her!”




Blake awoke to a resounding pain in her head. Gods, what happened? It felt like a Goliath landed on her. Her vision cleared and she gazed around her small hospital room. Asinine posters about the healing magic of positivity beamed down at her. And a weight shifted on her lap. Wait. What?!


“Yang?” Blake whispered hoarsely, throat sore from misuse. Her partner was sat in a chair, laying her torso across Blake’s legs. Blake felt her heart break at the pained look on her partner’s face. She let out a shaky sigh and gently trace her fingers over Yang’s jaw. The brawler blinked her eyes open sleepily and smiled at Blake. Her smile fell as she processed the situation and stood up, quickly engulfing Blake in a tight hug, letting out heartbroken sobs into her shoulder as Blake did her best to hold Yang and rub her back.


“I’m okay. You’re okay. We’re fine. Breath for me, baby.” Blake murmured, the endearment slipping out naturally. “Copy my breathing.” Yang eventually managed to calm down, but she refused to leave Blake’s side, gently curling up next to her, resting her head on Blake’s chest. Right where her heart was.


“Can I stay here? Please? I need to hear that you’re okay.” Yang asked, voice raspy. She sounded so hurt and so small that Blake couldn’t refuse.


“I’m here, Yang. I’m okay.” Blake cooed into her friend’s hair, gently running a hand up and down her arm. Yang, however, let out a dark, mirthless laugh that made Blake frown in concern.


“I saw it, you know. I saw your heart stop and it felt like mine would too.” Blake felt like she had been winded. Just how long had she been out? “When I saw them bring out the paddles, I felt like my very soul was ripping in two, Blake. It hurt so bad. I can’t lose you, baby. I can’t!” Yang broke off with a sob, turning her face into Blake’s chest. Blake, despite her physical pain, pulled Yang into her more firmly, tears of her own falling.


“I’m sorry, Yang. I’m so sorry!”


“Don’t say that! It’s not your fault. But I don’t want something to happen and not have told you that I..” Yang hesitated for a moment. “That I love you, Blake.” Blake gasped. She knew that Yang cared for her deeply. But she had no clue to what extent. She didn’t feel like she deserved it. But Yang sure as hell deserved to know how much she was adored.


“I love you too, Yang.” She felt Yang freeze before she leaned up to look down at Blake with a hopeful expression. “I do. And I know I don’t deser-“ Blake was cut off by Yang kissing her gently before pulling back and resting her head on Blake’s, tears spilling down her cheeks and a happy smile on her face.


“What you deserve is to feel loved and safe, Blake. Even if you can’t see it yet.” Blake felt tears prick her eyes again.


“Gods. What did I do to deserve you?” Yang smiled lovingly down at her.


“Exist.” She still had tears rolling down her cheeks. Blake reaches up to brush them away.


“Those are happy tears, right?”


“Yes, you dork. They’re happy tears.” Blake let out a shaky breath and gently cupped Yang’s and brought her back down. She felt Yang smile against her and giggled lightly as Yang’s hand accidentally grazed a ticklish spot on her stomach. She gently pushed Yang away, who promptly laid down on her chest again.


“Are you really going to just lay there and listen to my heart? Blake murmured softly, rolling her eyes fondly, smile larger than she knew what to do with.


“It’s reassuring.”


“How long was I out?” Blake asked after a moment, tracing patterns into the small of Yang’s back.


“… a week.” Blake blinked in surprise before groaning.


“Shit. That explains why my joints feel like they’re dustier than Weiss’s hand to hand combat skills.” She delighted in the snorting giggle that followed. How could one woman be so perfect?


“Uh, Blake?”


“Hmm?” She hummed distractedly.


“Are we, like, a thing or..?” Blake sighed softly.


“Yang. I don’t go around kissing all of my friends.”


“No?” Her partner sounded vaguely amused.


“Oh actually… that does remind me. I have Ruby lined up at dinner and Weiss in an hour. Then I’ve got Jaune, Ren and Nora somewhere in between.” Blake deadpanned, smirking when she heard an amused snort come from Yang.


“Yeah, sure, Bee. Just so you know, I’m definitely a one person kinda girl.” Blake laughed.


“Me too. Preferably yours.” Yang leaned up to narrow her eyes at her.


“Oh, that was smooth.” Yang pretended to fan herself. “I might swoon.” Blake scoffed playfully, rolling her eyes.


“Nerd.” Blake whispered as she nuzzled their noses together. Yang immediately softened, reaching up to gently play with Blake’s hair.


“I want to be your person too, baby. As long as you’ll have me.” Blake chuckled low in her throat.


“How does forever sound?” She murmured, watching as Yang bit her lip, trying to hide her smile.


“Perfect. It sounds perfect.” Yang whispered back. Blake hummed happily.


“Then come here.” And Yang was only to happy to oblige.


Chapter Text

Blake let out a weary sigh as she rolled onto her back. Her team was asleep in their dorm but sleep seemed to be alluding her. She had thought she was the only one awake until a hesitant voice quietly called out to her.

“Blake?” Blake gasped in surprise for a moment before answering.

“Y-yes, Yang?” She stuttered, heart rate still increased. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” She rolled onto her other side to look at Yang, who was fiddling with her hair nervously, an apologetic wince on her face. “You’re still awake. Can’t sleep either, huh?”

“… Unfortunately. I think it’s just hard to shut off after everything that’s happened.” She spoke quietly.

“I was about to go for a walk. Clear my head, you know?” Yang murmured. “Did you, maybe, want to join me? We could keep each other company?” Blake bit her lip, a fond smile fighting back.

“That… that sounds nice, actually.”



Blake got out of bed, as did Yang, and both girls quietly got dressed. Before they slipped out, Blake paused.

“Blake?” Yang called softly, a concerned crease in her brow. Blake smiled reassuringly at her before grabbing a pen and paper from the desk and scribbling a quick note and putting it where the others could see it.

“They might worry. Figured it’d be best to leave a note.” Blake flushed at the small, fond smile that Yang gave her. “Lead the way.” 

And with that, Yang led them to a balcony and leaned against the railing. Blake came and stood on her left, mirroring her posture.


Blake and Yang shared an awkward laugh. 

“How’s it feel to be back with team RWBY? Getting dragged into all of our melodrama?” Yang teased lightly, playfully bumping Blake’s shoulder. Blake turned away to hide her smile, biting her lip.

“Oh please. Have you met me? I live for the melodrama.” Blake teased back. “Why do you think I stick around?” Yang shifted uncomfortably, an unsure expression on her face.

“But that’s not the only reason, right?” She asked, looking down into the courtyard. Blake sighed softly. 

“No, of course not. I have… many reasons to stick around.” She murmured, swallowing anxiously.

“Yeah? Like what?” Yang’s voice cracked lightly and Blake’s heart along with it. She couldn’t tell her just yet. But she could open up somewhat.

“Hmm. Let’s see. There’s the fact that you’re a bunch of dorks. Or the fact that we work well together.” She smiled sadly as Yang frowned. “Or the fact that you girls are the most important people in the world to me.” Yang stood up straight and stared at her in surprise. 

“We are?” She whispered, sounding more than a little awestruck.

“Of course you are. You’re my team. My friends. My home.” Blake’s voice broke slightly. She took a shaky breath and continued. “I feel safe. I never knew that I could trust anybody like I do this team and I love you girls more than I thought was possible. I missed you all so much. Especially you.” Good start. Let her know that she was important but don’t give away how important she was just yet. They still had a lot of healing to do, after all. 

“Oh.” Yang breathed. When Blake turned to face her, Yang had tears spilling down her cheeks.

“I-I’m sor-sorry. I know I don’t have the right to-“ Blake’s instinctual apology was cut off when her partner pulled her into a hug.

“Don’t apologise. Please don’t apologise, Blake.” Yang whispered into her ear. “You have every right to feel that way. And I think I speak for the team when I say that we love you too.” Blake felt tears of her own fall as she desperately clung to her partner, burying her face in Yang’s neck. “I missed you too, you know. And I’m so, so glad that you’re back.” Blake made a small, distressed noise in her throat and pressed closer to Yang, relishing in the way her friend reciprocated. The two remained like that for while, as quiet tears were shed and old bonds that were once torn began to heal.

Blake pushed away gently, one hand coming up to wipe her eyes with an embarrassed laugh while the other curled against Yang’s collar bone. Yang’s hands shifted to rest on her waist, rubbing soothing circles into her skin. 

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to start a whole…” Blake scrunched up her face and gesticulated with her hand helplessly. “Thing.” She ended lamely, giving Yang a watery smile.

“Don’t be. It’s nice. Seeing this side of you more often.” Yang murmured, gently butting her head against Blake’s, sending the shorter woman an affectionate slow blink. Blake smiled shyly, still flustered after all this time that Yang not only readily accepted the way faunus show affection but also incorporated it it seamlessly into her own interactions with Blake. It honestly always has had a tendency to make Blake melt and this time was no exception.

“What do you mean by “this side?” Blake whispered, almost afraid to speak louder for fear of breaking whatever spell Yang had cast on her. 

“The soft side. The one who’s not afraid to care about her friends and let them care about her. The side that’s probably the biggest softy I’ve ever met.” Yang murmured, ending on a gentle tease. “You’ve gone soft on me, Belladonna.” Blake ducked her head, brow pinching.

“Maybe I want to be soft. Maybe I’m done pretending to be all hard edge and poison. Maybe I’m an just big sap when it come to  those I care about. Around those I trust. Is that such a bad thing?” She hated how he still influenced her. Brought all of her insecurities to light, reminding her that feelings were weak. But then she felt a gentle pressure under her chin, guiding, without force, her to meet Yang’s eyes. Eyes that held such care and hope and trust as Yang smiled sweetly at her.

“It’s not a bad thing. I’m glad you feel comfortable with us. With me.” She spoke gently, reaching up to tuck a strand of hair behind Blake’s ear oh so gently. Blake instinctively leaned into the touch as Yang trailed her fingers along her jaw before cupping it and stroking her cheek. 

“Thank you.” Blake let out a contented hum before nuzzling into the prosthetic palm, placing a soft kiss against it. Yang let out a small laugh, turning away shyly. ‘By the Gods, did she have to be so cute?’ Blake wondered to herself. 

“No need to thank me. I care about you.” Yang whispered. “So much, Blake. I want to be here for each other. We’re partners. And you’re my…” Yang hesitated for a minute.  You’re my best friend so... please don’t hesitate to lean on me.” She requested, a strained expression on her face.

“Of course. But I want you to lean on me too.” Blake mumbled gently into Yang’s palm before turning her head to look at her properly. “We can’t afford to be divided here.” Yang smiled weakly and nodded. “We’re a team. And we’ll get our answers as a team. But as somebody very wise once told me, what good are we if we destroy ourselves in the process?” Yang let out a snort.

“They sound super smart, whoever they are.” She murmured, playing coy as she stepped back and leaned on the railing while facing Blake.

“Hmm. You could say that.” Blake mirrored her.

“Bet they’re an amazing fighter. Probably a good teammate and partner as well.” Despite the tear stains on her cheeks, Yang was smirking playfully at her and oh Gods help her, she had missed that smirk.

“That’s… fairly accurate.” Blake laughed weakly, heart feeling far too big for her chest.

“Probably super gorgeous too, am I right?”

Blake let out a shaky laugh and lightly smacked Yang’s shoulder as the blonde woman giggled cheekily, helpless snorts erupting from her as they always did when Yang was severely amused. Blake had to pause and just stare at her. Gods, she loved that laugh. It was her favourite sound. She felt tears prick her eyes as she sniffed and turned to cover her eyes for a moment. She felt gentle hands guide her around to face Yang, holding her hands gently.

“Blake? What’s wro-“ “Gods, I missed this. Talking with you. Making fun of each other. I missed making you laugh. I missed you.” Blake choked out. Yang made a small noise of alarm before resting their foreheads together again.

“I know what you mean.” She cooed gently, cupping Blake’s jaw and pulling her close enough to gently press her lips to Blake’s forehead, placing a lingering kiss there. “But we’re here now. We’re going to be okay. You know that right?” She mumbled against Blake’s skin. Blake gave a small nod, gently placing her hands on Yang’s waist. Yang pulled her in for another hug, playing with her hair soothingly. Blake immediately nuzzled into her neck, pressing close. Yang let out a small sigh. “We really need to get you a new jacket. You feel like an icicle. Or should I say a Blakesicle.” Blake groaned as Yang chuckled into her temple. 

“Somehow, I even missed your stupid puns.” She laughed gently. “But I’ll be fine until we get to a store.” She sighed as nuzzled deeper into Yang’s neck, quite content to stay where she was.


“Hmm?” She mumbled sleepily. Yang was so warm.

“We should probably head to bed.”


“You gonna move?”


She heard Yang let out an amused sigh.

“Alrighty then.” Yang stepped back and Blake had to both stop herself from stumbling and bite her lip to stop the displeased whine that threatened to escape as she blinked up sleepily at her friend. Yang smiled softly at her as she took off her jacket and draped it over Blake. Blake attempted to refuse but it was futile when arguing with a space heater. Eventually she placed her arms through the sleeves with a tired pout as Yang gave a victorious grin.

“There, happy?”

“Yep.” Yang paused to observe her for a moment as Blake leaned into her side, gently curling her arm over Blake’s shoulders. “I forgot how grumpy you got when you’re tired or cold.”

“Hush.” Blake grumbled as she buried her face in Yang’s shoulder. Her very well built, broad shoulder. Blake flushed as she processed her own train of thought. Yep. Leaving that train at station because she didn’t have time to unload and unpack all of the baggage on it right then.

“Alright, c’mon. Let’s get back to bed before the kids wake up.” Blake remained where she was. She was quite content to stay. M

“But we should talk. About everything. I owe you an explanation.” She mumbled sleepily. Yang sighed gently.

“You don’t owe me anything. That’s not how this works, Blake. It can wait until we’re both ready. Now up you get. You’ll be more comfy in bed.” Blake nuzzled closer to her instinctively. “Right. Hard way it is.” Blake let out a surprised yelp as she was suddenly and effortlessly lifted up bridle style and carried back to their room.

“This is so unnecessary!” She squeaked. Yep. She was definitely blushing. And judging by the smirk on Yang’s face, she had noticed.

“Says the woman who refused to leave my side.”

“You’re warm.” Blake argued weakly as she hid in Yang’s neck. Yang snorted.

“You’re too cute.” She mumbled against Blake’s head, nuzzling her hair lightly. Blake flushed even more before allowing her eyes to close. 

Later, she would faintly recall Yang placing her in bed, jacket still on. She would distantly remember a tender kiss placed against her cheek and a blanket being pulled around her shoulders.

In the morning, Yang would greet her with a tender smile and a lingering placement of her hand on Blake’s shoulder as she woke her up that left Blake feeling more flushed than it should. Ruby would eagerly check in on her, like the good friend, teammate and leader that she was. Weiss, however, would merely glance at the jacket she wore and issue her a knowing smirk.

Gods. How obvious was she being? 

Chapter Text

“You know, you’re really beautiful with long hair. Why would you cut it?”

“Don’t you think that jacket looks a little too… masculine on you, my love?”

“Women don’t dress like that, Blake.”

Blake growled as she clutched her head with one hand, leaning heaving on the sink with the other. She had left the rest of her group in the mess hall and headed back to their room under the guise of needing some time to herself. Blake wasn’t naïve. She knew that Yang saw through it. Her partner had always had a knack for crawling under her skin and seeing her scars. And yet… she didn’t run from them. She was incredible.

And now Blake was standing in team RWBY’s bathroom, staring at her reflection with disgust as his words ran through her head. He had taken her and moulded her to fit him. Her soul, her body and mind. She wasn’t his missing piece like he oh so often claimed. He had taken a piece meant for another and cut her to fit his. Could she even still fit with her originally intended piece? Would she even want her?

Blake let out a dark, gasping laugh. Yang. Yang was her piece. She knew it was Yang. But how could she be Yang’s if she had been so thoroughly cut down? Would Yang even want somebody so broken? Blake sneered at her reflection.

“You’re still letting him control you, Belladonna.” She muttered. “Cut him off!” Wait. Cut him off? 

She glanced at her back were Gambol Shroud rested. She shakily pulled her from the sheath and held the broken blade in her hands. He had broken her in so many ways. It figures that he would break one more part of her before he died. Thankfully, they would be getting their weapons repaired by Atlas’s best. But first, maybe there was one more job for Gambol to do. A final farewell.

“You kept me blind for so many years.” She murmured quietly. “Controlled me. All thanks to my youth and infatuation. But I now see you for who you are. You’re the boy who lost his way and strayed into shadows. You’re the monster that emerged.” Her voice was slowly growing stronger, determination flooding her chest as warm as molten gold. “And you tried to take me with you.” She slowly gathered her hair in one hand.

“But I’m not alone. I made a vow and with her help, protected our own. And I will continue to protect it with her. For as long  as she’ll have me.” Blake inhaled deeply. “I’m not yours. I never was and I never will be, Adam.” She flinched at his name before letting out a frustrated noise in her throat. 

“But I won’t be controlled. Not by you and not by anyone else.” She lifted her hair and placed Gambol’s broken blade under it, just below her chin. “Goodbye, Adam.” And with that, she sliced through her hair. It fell around her face and she felt… lighter than she had in years. She looked down at the hair in her hand and let it fall into a nearby bin. She returned her gaze to her reflection and, for the first time in years, smiled genuinely at herself.

This was the girl she remembered. The fireball. The optimistic, stubborn and hardheaded girl that got into fights with humans that insulted her mother’s ears. The girl who waved signs and demanded she be heard. This was Blake Belladonna. And for the first time in very long time, Blake liked her. She let out a laugh as tears spilled down her cheeks and reached out a hand and placed it against her reflection’s. “Welcome back, Blake.” She whispered.

“Wow.” Blake spun around to face the door to see Yang leaning against it, hand covering her mouth, eyes wide with awe and tears threatening to spill. “You’re just so… wow.” Blake’s wars pinned to her head.

“How long have you been standing there?! How much did you hear?!” Blake felt her cheeks heat up, embarrassment kicking in. 

“Just the end bit, I swear.” Yang played with her hair nervously, an apologetic smile on her face. “I came back to check on you and I accidentally overheard you talking. “I’m really sorry.” She murmured softly, keeping eye contact. Blake felt her breath hitch. 

“I believe you.” Blake mumbled, hugging her torso protectively. “What part did you hear from?”

“Um. The control bit.” Blake sighed in relief. At least that was all. At least she didn’t hear the “as long as she’ll have me” part.


“I am so sorry, Blake. I should have just walked away when I heard you talking but you sounded upset and it sorta made me freeze.” Blake bit her lip. 

“It’s fine. You didn’t hear much. And I know you’re genuinely sorry. Just try not to do it again.”

“Yeah, of course, Blake. I promise.” Yang tilted her head and smiled tenderly at her. Blake fidgeted anxiously. “Needed to get rid of some excess weight?” Yang asked softly, a hidden question in her words. Blake gave a gentle huff of laughter. Yang, intelligent, kind hearted Yang. Of course she knew what was going on.

“You could say that, yeah.” Blake said tiredly. “Does… it look okay?”

“Is it okay if I..” Yang asked, gesturing to Blake. 

“Yes.” Yang smiled gratefully and walked over to her, gently reaching up run her hand through the ends of Blake’s hair. Blake instinctively leaned into her touch, making Yang smile back at her shyly.

“It looks great. I mean, you might need a touch up here or there. But I can help you if you want.” Blake nodded shyly as Yang’s hand rested against her jaw, thumb caressing her cheek. “Um. You know…” Yang hesitated for a moment, head ducking self-consciously. “You look really beautiful with short hair. Not that you didn’t before!” Yang was quick to add, sounding slightly panicked. “But you seem more like you. And you’re beautiful so…” Yang trailed off awkwardly, stepping back to clasp her hands behind her head in an attempt to appear nonchalant. Blake wasn’t fooled.

“That- Yang, that really means a lot to me.” Blake said softly, eyes filling with tears. He had always told her that she had to be a certain way to be beautiful. To be worthy. And here Yang was, telling her that she was beautiful just because she was herself. Blake bit her lip thoughtfully. “Thank you.” She murmured, stepping forward and into her tiptoes to press a kiss to Yang’s cheek before wrapping her arms around Yang’s neck and pulling her into a hug. Yang gave a soft, fond huff, wrapping Blake up in her arms and pulling her close.

“Of course, Blake. I am so, so proud of you. You deserve to know these things. Just as much as you deserve to feel safe and loved.”

“I think he made me forget that love exists.” Blake croaked out, burying her face in Yang’s neck.

“It exists. I promise. Love and hope is what we hold onto. It exists. Even when you can’t see it. In the small moments of support we show each other. In the way that we fight to stop human rights from being stripped from people. And in the way we hold each other up when we’re weak.” Blake pulled back to stare at he partner.

“I know it exists. I found it in you.” Blake breathed. Yang’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment. But then, she was pressing their heads together, noses brushes.

“I think I found it in you, too.”

It was as close as they were going to get at that moment Blake wanted to kiss Yang. But now wasn’t the right time. They both needed to heal. To get used to being together again. But they would be okay. They would heal. They had found love when all seemed lost and won. They weren’t going to lose it. They were going to take their time and treasure it. Protect it. 

Yang was her piece. And Blake was hers. They wanted each other. And no amount of cuts could change that. They would always fit together.

Chapter Text

“Hey, gorgeous. You got a ride home?” Blake ignored the man shouting from his car and continued walking back to school. “Aw, c’mon, sweetheart, at least give us a smile!” Blake gritted her teeth and refrained from informing the gentleman that she could break his neck with her legs.”What, you too good for me or something? You stuck up bitches are all-“ he was suddenly cut off by the sound of a motor bike revving behind his car. Blake rolled her eyes fondly. She knew that engine anywhere.

“Actually, she is too good for you.”

“How the fuck would you know?!”

“Let’s see. She could probably choke you out with her legs and you’d thank her for it, she slices through Grimm like butter, is extremely intelligent when she applies herself.” Yang shot Blake a pointed look. Blake merely shrugged. School wasn’t her forte. “She’s compassionate. She’s passionate. And you know what else?” Asked Yang, grinning as she got off of her bike and leaned on the guy’s window. “She’s got more abs than you so stop overcompensating. You’ll never come close to being on her level so fuck off.” The man snarled at her and sped off. Yang gave Blake an apologetic wince.

“Sorry. I know you can look after yourself and that you definitely didn’t need me to step in. I just hate guys like that.” Blake rolled her eyes.

“It’s fine. It was actually pretty amusing getting to watch you take him down. But you can make up to me by giving me a ride back home.”

“Of course.” Yang smiled happily at her before her eyes lit up. She held out her elbow to Blake and bowed her head. “Your chariot await, m’lady.” Blake snorted before giggling lightly at her partner. “How dare you laugh! I am the epitome of a gentlewoman! I am class! I am grace!” Yang flailed, pretending to trip. It was designed to make Blake laugh and it worked. It took a couple minutes for Blake to calm down.

“What?” She asked, tucking her hair behind her ear shyly as she noticed Yang staring at her. Wait. Why was she shy? Was her heart beating faster? Had it been that long since she laughed this hard? Did laughing even have this effect on other people? Wait. Yang was smiling at her. Why was her stomach flipping? What was happening? Maybe this is what true friendship felt like. That had to be it. She was overwhelmed because her beautiful friend made her laugh like she hadn’t in ages.

“You have a really pretty laugh.” Yang said softly before walking over to her bike. “Hop on, Belladonna. I promise I won’t bite.” Her grin turned cheeky as she added, with a matching wink, “unless you ask nicely.”

Blake huffed and climbed on behind her, muttering about incorrigible partners as she did so. Yang laughed and started Bumblebee, driving them back to Beacon. Blake briefly wondered what she had gotten herself into when she chose Yang.

But honestly? She couldn’t bring herself to believe that it was a mistake. Yang was definitely worth it.



Chapter Text

“Do you think they saw us?”

“No, but they’re about to!”

“Fuck! What do we do, Blake?!”

Blake looked at her partner and closed her eyes right.

“I have an idea but I need you to trust me.”


Blake stared at her partner for a moment and nodded. Just as the sounds of the Atlas White Fang came around the corner, Blake pushed Yang onto a nearby bench and sat in her lap, cupping her face and kissing her. Yang froze for a moment before her hands rested on Blake’s waist, running up her sides and down her back.

“Shit, man. It’s just a couple of kids. Let’s go.”

Blake smirked as her plan worked. She felt Yang tilt her head and pull her closer in an attempt to deepen the kiss and quirked an eyebrow. Well, that was interesting. Blake pulled back and breathlessly rested her head against Yang’s.

“Either you should have been an actress or you’ve been keeping something from me.” Blake teased, huffing lightly.

“I mean, there is the minor detail that I’m crazy about you, Blake.” Yang grinned nervously. “I’m guessing the feelings mutual?” Blake chuckled.

“Let’s find out.”

Chapter Text

“Yang. This can’t continue. We’re not even meant to be friends! Angels and Demons are not meant to do this!”

“Funny. You were singing a different tune last night!”

Blake growled, staring the beautiful angel in front of her down. This couldn’t go on. Angels and Demons were forbidden from falling for each other.

“Yang-“ “I love you!” Blake fell into stunned silence.

“And maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I’ve doomed my soul to breaking. But I know who I’m meant for. The question is; is she meant for me?” Yang was waiting for an answer. And Blake gave it to her, throwing all Angel and Demon rules to side and jumping into her arms, legs wrapping around the Angel’s waist. Blake’s lips met Yang’s desperately. Yang quickly pressed her against the wall to support her weight. Blake could hear her master snarling in her ear. She ignored him And pulled back.

“They’re going to come after us.”

“Then we’ll keep running. I’ve always wanted an adventure. You’re worth falling for.”

Chapter Text

“There’s a joke to be made about two women hiding in a closet.”

Yang bit back a groan and let her head thump against Blake’s shoulder. Blake was currently leaning against the wall of said closet with Yang pressed up against her because apparently, some members of the White Fang have an immense amount of dislike for the girl who took down Adam Taurus.

“Blake. Why.”

She bit her lip to stop smiling at the snicker that was almost gremlin like. Blake was such a dork. She stood up and glared at her partner playfully.

“We are hiding from the enemy. Behave.” She whispered. Blake smirked up at her.

“What if I don’t feel like it? Do I strike you as the kind of girl to do what she’s told?” Blake murmured, purposely brushing her nose against Yang’s.

“Hush. You’re going to get us in trouble.” Yang breathed out shakily. Blake’s smirk widened.

“Make me.” Yang let out a small, frustrated growl and pushed closer against Blake, hands on either side of her head as she kissed her. Blake’s hands rested on her waist, thumbs stroking her sides. It was slow and soft, full of a very mutual love.

When they pulled apart, both girls found themselves unable to open their eyes. When Yang finally blinked hers open, Blake’s were still closed, a very contented smile on her face. When her eyes opened, Yang smiled at her.

“You know… you don’t have to be such a little shit to get me to kiss you.” Blake laughed softly, the sound music to Yang’s ears.

“Aw, but where’s the fun in that?”

Chapter Text

“Blake.” Yang sighed softly. “What are you doing?” Yang has been minding her own business, simply running through maintenance on her arm when she felt a pair of well toned arms wrap around her shoulders while a very familiar, very ducking cold nose nuzzled into her neck. Yang and Blake had only been dating for a week at this point and Yang was already realising something about her girlfriend; she was clingy and needy. Really clingy and needy. Yang had a Velcro girlfriend. Yang loved it. She shook her head and continued to work, opting to let Blake cuddle her while she did so. But she should have known that one does not simply just ignore Blake Belladonna.

“I missed you.” Blake mumbled sleepily. Yang snorted.

“What is there to miss? We’ve been asleep, princess.” She smirked at the annoyed huff that emanated from behind her.

“Not a princess.” Blake grumbled. “I always miss you. You’re my sunshine, my Sunflower. Everything’s more dull without you. Even my dreams.” Yang had to put every once of focus into not turning around. She really needed to get these checks done but Blake was definitely making it difficult.

I, uh— hey!” Yang cut herself off when Blake started to place soft, chaste and affectionate kisses along her neck and behind her jaw. Okay, now it was really difficult to focus. She tried to focus but an affectionate Blake was not easily deterred. “B-Blake.” She sighed and shook her head, leaning forward and out of Blake’s embrace and shaking her off. “I appreciate it, Blake, but I’m a little busy, right now.” She immediately winced at how short she sounded. She hadn’t intended to speak so abruptly.

“Right. Sorry. I- I don’t mean-“ Blake cut herself off with a sigh, muttering a final apology before walking away. Yang, however, was quicker. She turned in her seat and grabbed Blake’s wrist and stood up, pulling her into a hug. Blake stiffened for a moment before melting in Yang’s arms.

“Don’t apologise. I’m sorry for being short. I shouldn’t let what I’m doing affect how I treat you. I’m sorry.” She made sure to pull back and look Blake in the eyes, recalling their conversation after she was framed. Blake shook her head, an embarrassed flush on her face.

“No, this is on me, Yang. I-I shouldn’t force my presence on you like that. I know I tend to be..” Blake winced. “Clingy. But when I’m too much, please tell me. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” Yang frowned at that.

“What do you mean when?”

“Nobody likes a clinger, Yang. It’s overbearing and too much and annoying and-“ Blake’s breathing hitched, a familiar glint of pain entering her eyes. Yang knew what it meant at this point. Blake may be one of the most capable people she knew, but she had her insecurities just like anyone else. Insecurities that Adam had aggravated and made worse. Adam had obviously taught Blake that any show of affection on her part was overbearing and not okay. “I promise I’ll dial it down.” There was almost a fearful energy about Blake. God, the amount of scars that fucking asshole gave this incredible young woman. Well. At least she could heal. Slowly and surely, with a lot of bumps in the road. But she would heal.

“Blake. I don’t want you to dial it down. I want you to express how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling cuddly, be cuddly with me. Be affectionate if you need to. We both need to get better at voicing our needs so let’s promise to work on that. Okay?” Yang murmured gently. Blake nodded before hesitantly kissing Yang’s cheek. Yang smiled softly, gently kissing her nose.

“Now, I need to work on my arm. You’re more than welcome to sit with me. You can even snuggle up as close as your dorky little heart desires. But hold off on the distracting kisses for now, yeah?” Blake blushed deeply, nodding. “Although, I can’t say that I blame you. I am pretty hot, after all. You can’t keep your hands or your lips off of me.” She teased, delighted when she got the dorkiest snicker from her girlfriend.

And with that, Yang went back to work on her arm. Blake was still wrapped around her shoulders, just with less kisses distracting her.

“Just so you… kissing is more than okay, Blake.” Yang mumbled around a screw driver as she shifted wires. “I liked it. But maybe when I’m not working on my arm.” Blake let out an affirming hum.

The conversation wasn’t over yet. They still had plenty to discuss. Like what was okay and when and what wasn’t. They both needed to comfortable in this relationship. And both would continue to work hard at it. It was going to take work, communication, patience and understanding. But they were up for it. What they had was too special, too rare, too theirs to give up on. It was new and a little scary. But it was filled with the love, hope and care that both girls had lacked for so many years. It was worth the hard work.


Chapter Text

The dorm room that they had been placed into had a bathroom with a double sink and two shower stalls, allowing for quicker efficiency, as Weiss had called it. Or, as Blake had called it, for the sake of being anal retentive.

Yang let out a soft sigh as she and Blake waited for their turn in the bathroom. She couldn’t wait to get changed and relax. She glanced at her partner who was sitting on the desk, examining her broken blade.

“Blake?” She called gently. “You okay?”

“I… really don’t know, Yang. I feel kind of numb?” Blake sighed wearily. “I just want to rest.” Yang made a soft, sympathetic noise in her throat as Ruby and Weiss came out.

“Bathroom’s free for team Bumbleby!” Ruby exclaimed before climbing up to her bunk and flopping down on unceremoniously. Yang watched as a small, fond smile crossed Blake’s face.

“Oh? I couldn’t tell.” Blake said, a tired, albeit cheeky smirk on her face. It was very endearing.

“Hush your up.” Ruby grumbled before throwing her pillow at Blake. Blake caught it and threw it back, earning a slight grunt of surprise. “Gah!” Blake rolled her eyes and walked into the bathroom, followed shortly by Yang. It wasn’t long before Yang was in her boy shorts and tank top and heading over to join Blake at the sink to brush her teeth. A glance at Blake revealed two things; the first being her yukata. It suited her as well as it did on orientation night. And secondly? That Blake was short. She had gotten so used to Blake constantly being in her heels, that she had forgotten that she was a good few inches shorter than Yang. Yang bit her lip for a moment and proceeded to brush her teeth.

Blake, who was brushing her own teeth, quirked an eyebrow at her partner before rolling her eyes and leaning forward to spit in her basin.

“I will put toothpaste in your hair if you don’t stop being smug.” Blake quipped playfully, raising a tired eyebrow before continuing to brush her teeth. Yang, who knew that the threat was empty, leaned over her own basin to spit.

“What are you talking about? I’m not doing a thing!” Yang said, thoroughly (and playfully) insulted. She returned to brushing her own teeth as Blake spat again.

“I can practically feel you mentally teasing me.” Blake grumbled before finishing up her teeth. Yang narrowed her eyes.

“I would never tease you about anything.” She spat the last of the toothpaste out before talking, a smirk plastered on her face as she turned to face Blake. “Especially not about how vertically challenged you are.”

“Excuse me?” Blake gasped, playfully outraged. “I’m only a few inches shorter than you! You’re just as much of a short ass as I am!” Blake stared up at her stubbornly. The two had a small staring contest before they both let out amused giggles.

“Gods. I don’t know how you do it, Yang.” Blake murmured, shyly tucking her hair behind her ear, giggle dying away. When Yang cocked her head curiously at her adorable partner, Blake cleared her throat and continued. “Even when I feel the absolute worst that I’ve ever felt, you somehow know just what to do to cheer me up.” Blake reached up and gently tugged on Yang’s shoulder to pull her down while raising up on her tiptoes and placed a quick peck to the corner of Yang’s mouth shyly, lingering for a moment. “Thank you, Sunflower.” Blake murmured against her skin before pulling back turning to grab her toiletries and walked around Yang and into their room, ducking her head and hiding behind her hair shyly. But it didn’t stop Yang from seeing the smile that Blake bit her lip in an attempt to stop.

Yang raised her hand to her the side of her mouth and looked into the mirror. What she saw reflected back at made her realise why they call it “lovestruck.”

Cupid hadn’t hit her with an arrow. He was firing a whole goddamn armada at her.

Chapter Text


“Blake!” The sounds of Yang’s yell, combined with a lot of explosions and Grimm being torn apart met Blake’s ears as she fell to her knees. Pain flooded her abdomen, close to her left hip, and she let out a dark chuckle. How many times did she have to sustain an injury there?

“Blake!” An instant later, she felt the strong arms of her partner lowering her onto her back, pressing her bomber jacket against her wound as Blake started to shake. “Don’t you dare die on me!”

“I’ll be fine… don’t be… ugh! Don’t be so dramatic, Xiao Long.” Blake rasped as she stared up at her crying partner.

“Shhh. Save your energy, Blake. Jaune will be here soon.” Blake gently cupped Yang’s jaw weakly.

“I’m not leaving. I promised I wouldn’t leave, didn’t I?” Blake was terrified. Her stomach was killing her and there was a chance she might break her promise. But she needed Yang to know it wasn’t on purpose. “I don’t want to leave. Please know that!” There was a desperate note to her voice, her breathing becoming more ragged as she kept losing blood.

“I know you don’t.” Blake smiled through her tears and pain. Yang trusted her. Good. That meant she might believe Blake’s next words more easily.

“Yang?” Blake whimpered, pain leaking into her voice. Yang gave a small, questioning hum through her quiet sobs. “I love you. I love you so fucking much. Don’t forget that.” Blake slurred as the darkness crept in. The last thing she remembered, was somebody yelling her name.


“Blake will live, thanks to your friend. But she needs to take it easy while she finishes healing. Make sure she rests.”

“Stop fucking talking before I grab Gambol Shroud!” Blake growled, voice raspy from misuse. Her head was like murder and whoever was talking had a voice like nails on a chalkboard. There was a gasp of shock and she opened her eyes to see Yang staring at her, tears spilling down her face before she slowly walked over and sat on Blake’s bed and simply rested her forehead against Blake’s without another word.

“I’ll give you two a moment.”

Yang let out a choked sobbed and kissed Blake’s forehead. Then her nose. Followed by her cheeks. Finally, Yang gave up on holding back and started kissing every inch of Blake’s face that she could reach. Blake had to weakly bat at her to stop and when she did, Yang let out a frustrated growl.

“Can you please, for five minutes, not give me a fucking heart attack?!” She whispered tearfully. Blake shrugged.

“It’s not my fault the universe has it in for me.” Yang let out a disbelieving laugh.

“God, even when you’ve nearly been killed, you can still find time to be a little shit.” She breathed affectionately.

“It’s what makes me special.” Blake rasped out. Yang snorted.

“How did I fall for such a bastard woman?” She murmured, adoration filling her words instead of offence.

“Firstly, rude. Secondly, what do you mean “fall for?!” Blake frowned, confusion coating her voice. Yang blinked at her before looking to the heavens, an exasperated expression on her face.

“You oblivious dork!” She laughed before leaning down to kiss Blake firmly. Blake gasped in surprise before quickly melting into it, tilting her head and grabbing Yang’s biceps. When both girls came up for air, Yang huffed indignantly.

“I love you.” Blake gasped, tears filling her eyes.

“I love you too, Yang.”

“I know.”

“How the fuck..?”

“You told me before you blacked out. That’s a little cliché, don’t you think?” Yang laughed through her own tears. “The brave hero tells the fair maiden of their never ending love just before they die?” She teased gently, tears still spilling.

“You’re such an ass!” Blake groaned. Yang kissed her softly, slowly.

“How about now?” Yang murmured against her lips.

“You’re as much of an ass as I am a bastard woman.” Blake teased back, breathless.

“Then I guess we have a lot of convincing to do.” Yang whispered, kissing Blake again. It was far too quick for Blake to return and she let out a disappointed whine as Yang sat up. “But first, you need to get a once over by the doctor.” Blake huffed. “Then we need to see the occupational therapist to get you some crutches.” Blake narrowed her eyes, ears pinning. “And then we need to pick up pain meds for you. Oh, and Blake? You’ve been put on bed rest. No running around or playing hero.” Yang added. “You’ve earned a break. Please, take it easy.”


“For me?” Yang pouted at her. Blake sighed wearily.

“Only if you’ll stay with me.”

“You know… I’m pretty sure cuddles and kisses are a mandatory part of your healing plan so I think I have to.” Blake gave a raspy chuckle.

“Says what doctor?”


“Of what?!”

“Doctor of love, baby.” Yang said with a flirty wink. Blake, however, began giggling helplessly.

“Hehehe— ah, fuck! Don’t make me laugh!” She begged as a sharp pain struck her.

“Hey, I was being serious!”

“That’s makes it worse, you cheese fest.”

“Maybe I’ll leave, then. Weiss can be your nurse instead.” Blake gave a gentle laugh before pulling Yang down for a light kiss.

“Maybe I can convince you to stay?” Yang rolled her eyes and gently kissed her.

“I think that can arranged.” Blake smiled against her and hummed into the kiss. They kept it soft and gentle, worried about aggravating Blake’s injuries. When they pulled away, Blake invited her partner into the bed with her. Yang carefully adjusted their positions to keep most of Blake’s weight off of her side, gently cuddling her to her chest.

“I love you, Blake.” She mumbled into Blake’s hair, nuzzling the base of one of her ears.

“I love you too, Yang. So much.” Blake cooed as she pressed into Yang’s neck. They would be okay. With time, love and patience.

Chapter Text

“Excuse me?” Blake pouted, wide eyed and ears pinned. It was a hell of a struggle not to giggle as she imagined Yang biting her lip as she rolled her eyes at Blake. “Are we forgetting something Yang.” She didn’t even need to look up from her book to know that her partner was struggling between being difficult and giving into the “pouty Blake face” as Blake tilted her cheek towards Yang expectantly.

Somehow, despite the fact that they had only been in Atlas for a week, the two girls had fallen into a routine of sorts. Whenever Blake walked into or out of a room that Yang was occupying, she’d place a kiss to Yang’s forehead. The blush in her friend’s face each time was definitely worth the embarrassment of the first time she had given Yang a brief kiss. In an act of vengeance, Yang had developed her own routine, taking to kissing Blake’s cheek. But unbeknownst to her, Blake had a slight tendency to be… well, Blake hated to use the word clingy but… at this point she very rarely, if ever, allowed Yang to come or go without a kiss.

“You’re so needy.” Yang muttered, playfully annoyed as she came over and placed a lingering kiss to Blake’s cheek, smiling briefly against her skin. But despite her smile and playful tone, Blake suddenly found it hard to focus on her book. Insecurities and self-doubt kicked in and she found it hard to process the words that she was reading. “Hey.” A gentle hand gently guided her to look into Yang’s eyes. “I’m kidding. I really don’t mind this, Blake.” Yang murmured softly, headbutting Blake affectionately. “It’s actually… really nice.” She added, gently kissing Blake’s nose and snorting in amusement when Blake’s nose crinkled up. “Now scoot. I want to spend some quality time with my best girl.” Blake blushed terribly and shifted, hiding her face in Yang’s neck. Affectionate gestures and words were still overwhelming to her. Something that Yang understood without words and simply held Blake, quietly soothing all of her scars that were caused by Adam.

Routine affection was something she was still getting used to. But she already thrives off of it.

Chapter Text

“… Blake? What’s happening here, buddy?” Yang cooed gently, trying very hard not to surprise her partner. Blake was on the roof, leaning against a wall of the stair case. With a very suspicious bottle in hand.

“I might be drunk.” Blake swayed a little. “Okay . I’m definitely drunk.” Yang pinched her nose. Please don’t let this become a pattern. She thought to herself as she gently pried the bottle from Blake’s hand. God, she was drinking fireball? Not even Qrow could handle that stuff.

“Blake. Why are you drinking?”

Blake hesitated before smacking her head against the wall, earning a grimace from Yang.

“Didn’t want to feel.” Yang felt her heart break.

“Why didn’t you want to feel?” Yang asked gently. “What was it that you didn’t want to feel, Blake?”

“Ight now?” Blake slurred. “hurts. I don’ want to hurt anymore, Yang. I’m tired of hurting.” Yang watched in horror as her partner started to cry. “I’ve been hurtin for a long, long time. I want it to stop.” Yang pulled Blake into a hug as the other girl sobbed into her neck.

“It’s okay. It’s okay, I’ve got you. You’re safe with me.” She murmured softly. Blake nodded.

“Yeah. You’re safe. I don’t hurt as much with you.” Yang felt touched tears sting her eyes. “You make me happy. I forget what’s like to be happy.” Blake mumbled, words getting a little mixed up. “You make me remember. Tha’s why I love you.” Yang pulled back.

“Wait, What?” Blake nodded, an odd determined light in her unfocused gaze. Before Yang knew what was happening, Blake turned them so that Yang was pressed to the wall and kissing her. Yang returned it for a moment before she gently pushed Blake away, her heart twisting at the hurt expression on her partner’s face as Blake instantly jumped away, her voice taking on a tone of panic as apologies fell from her mouth. Yang was only able to make sense of a few of them it was enough to piece together what was going on inside Blake’s head. She had taken Yang pushing her away for disinterest or even disgust, appearing almost… fearful that Yang would hate her. It tore through Yang’s soul in a way that she didn’t think was possible.

“Blake, no. No, no, no. That’s not what I mean.” She gently cupped Blake’s face, gently soothing her as she flinched. What had that monster done to her?! “I love you too. But we should both be sober for a… um… talk of this sorta thing, you know?” Yang spoke gently and clearly, doing her best to soothe any heartache she had accidentally caused. She wiped away tears and rested their foreheads together.

“You… really love me?” The disbelief in her voice hurt. “Even though I hurt you?” Yang gently brushed more tears that fell.

“Of course I do, Blake.” She cooed as Blake stumbled into her, alcohol starting to take affect. “Let’s get you to bed. We can talk later.”

“Promise? Don’ let me forget this.” Yang smiled softly.

“I promise” And with that, she gently carried a very drunk, very cuddly Blake back to their dorm room. Ruby and Weiss soared them a concerned, sleepy glance from their bunks but soon returned to sleep after reassurances from Yang. Once Blake was safe in her bunk, Yang crawled up to hers and soon fell asleep, thoughts of tomorrow’s conversation dancing in her head.


Chapter Text

“Blake! I need your help! Neon’s trying to hit on me!” Blake sighed. When she had decided to use Atlas’s library, she was not expecting this.

“Just tell her no. She tries anything, you’re more than capable of throwing her across the kingdom.”

“No! Please! You’re my partner! Partners back each other up so start backing!” Yang was leaning her hands on the arms of Blake’s armchair, hovering in front of her face. Blake quirked an eyebrow as Neon came into the room. She shrugged. Might as well kill two birds with one stone.

She reached out and grabbed Yang’s waist and pulled her into her lap and quickly muffled Yang’s uncharacteristic surprised squeal with a soft kiss. Yang rested her hands on Blake’s shoulder and melted into her. Blake smiles and opened her eyes to make eye contact with Neon. Blake pulled back only to trail kisses down Yang’s neck while making eye contact with Neon before winking cockily at her and trailing back up to Yang’s lips. She delighted in the slight squeaks that escaped her partner as she more or less made it very clear that Yang was taken. Blake pulled back to glower at Yang.

“Don’t play these games, Yang. If you want a kiss, just say it, you dork.” Yang grinned down at her.

“Sorry?” Blake let out a giggle before shifting their position so that she and Yang were both sitting in the armchair, firmly pressed into each other’s spaces and legs entangled.

“Just come here and read with me.” She murmured affectionately. Yang smiled softly and wrapped her arm around Blake’s shoulder, nuzzling into her hair.

She loved this woman.

Chapter Text

It was over. The war, after years of watching their friends fall to Salem’s forces, was over. Blake watched as Yang turned to her and both women acted as one. Despite the fact that Grimm were falling all around them as they died, both girls immediately wrapped their arms around each other, messy desperate and terrified kisses being shared between sweet reassurances.

“God, we’re okay. It’s over, it’s fucking over, Blake! God, I love you so much.” Yang gasped out between sobs as Blake pressed her lips to her jaw.

“I know, baby.” Blake sobbed back, holding onto her girlfriend for dear life.

“We are so taking a vacation.” Yang murmured into her neck, burying her face there and inhaling deeply. Blake let out a half sob, half laugh.

“I have a better idea, Yang.” Yang pulled back to rest their foreheads together, tears still spilling down her cheeks.

“What’s that, baby?” Blake gave her girlfriend a tired, nervous grin, still crying relieved tears of her own.

“How about a honeymoon?” She whispered.

“I- wait. What?! Are you seriously proposing to me right now?!” Blake nodded, chest painfully tight as Yang stared at her for moment before new tears sprang to her eyes and she suddenly lifted Blake up and spun around. “Yes! Of course, I will!” Blake laughed and she cried as they came to a stop. Yang let out a watery laugh before kissing Blake as if it were the last time. And again. And again. Both of them murmuring “I love you” in between each kiss.

Blake once told Ruby that life wasn’t like a fairytale. And maybe life itself wasn’t. But she still got her perfect ending with the woman she loved. 

She couldn’t wait to open their new story together.

Chapter Text

“You’re un-fucking-believable, Xiao Long!” Blake growled as she stormed into the bathroom, Yang following quickly.

“What do you mean?!”

“I mean I expect this from Weiss but not you!” Blake hissed, grabbing the first aid kit. “I don’t need you to defend my honour. I don’t need you getting into a fight and getting hurt because of a racist prick!” She grabbed Yang’s chin and started to patch her up.

“I couldn’t let him-“ “Yang! I am more than capable of defending myself.”

“Look, I just want to-“ again Blake interrupted her, this time much softer, sounding far more closer to heartbroken than she wanted to.

“Protect me?” She whispered. Her ears were pinned, eyes tearing up. The memory of Yang pulling away from her and turning her back on her still stung. Especially since it confirmed that she still didn’t understand relationships as much as she should. Yang remained silent. “I don’t want you to protect me, Yang! The last time you did that, I had to watch the most important person in the world get cut down! If something happened to you because of me…”

“… what do you mean most important person?” Blake inhaled sharply. Yang was smart. She was so smart! How could she be this dense. Blake bit her cheek as she cleaned Yang’s split lip, trying very hard not to kiss her then and there.

“What do you think it means?” She asked quietly, voice low and dangerous.


“… that I’m your partner…” Blake’s left eye twitched. How many more Gods damned hints did she have to drop?! “Oh! I know!” Blake stared at her friend dryly. What was she doing? “Your best friend?” Yang had narrowed her eyes at Blake. Apparently, Yang knew what she was doing and was being purposefully difficult here. “Your gal pal, hmm? I don’t know, Blake. Forgive this poor, dumb blonde. Have mercy on my singular brain cell and give it to me straight, wou-“

Blake had had enough. She let out a frustrated, pissed off noise from her throat and crashed her lips into Yang’s, pressing her into the counter and leaning over her, hands on either side of her hips while Yang’s arms snakes around her neck. When she pulled back, Yang attempted to follow with a whine but Blake gently pushed her away.

“Don’t ever call yourself a dumb blonde again. I hate hearing you talk like that.” She whispered breathlessly. “Even if you are as dense as a rock.”

“Oh I knew. I just wanted to hear you say it.”


“Yeah. Look, I’m sorry. I just… you deserve so much better than to be treated like that and I let that asshole get to me. I should have let you handle it.”


“Forgive me?”

“I don’t know. I think I’m still a little mad. You might have to convince me.” Yang smirked at that.

“Mission accepted.”

Chapter Text

“Can’t sleep either?”

Blake sighed wearily, looking up from the common room’s kitchenette to give her partner a tired smile. Yang smiled softly back as she leaned against the door frame, a concerned crease between her brows that Blake was very tempted to kiss away.

“No. I’m sorry if I worried you.” Blake murmured, looking down into her tea. “I just needed to get out of the room for a bit.” She heard Yang step forward.

“Care for some company?”

“Only if it’s you.”

Yang laughed softly, walking around the counter to lean against it like Blake was.

“Cute.” She mumbled, playfully nudging Blake’s shoulder with her own. “Real cute.” Blake hummed softly, instinctively leaning into Yang’s side as she curled her hands around her tea mug. Both girls were content to sit there, the kitchenette’s radio playing in the background. That is until Blake stood up with a delighted gasp.

“Uh. Um. Sorry. I just… really love this song.” She explained with an embarrassed laugh to a mildly alarmed Yang. Yang blinked for a moment before cocking her head.

“Then dance with me.” Blake’s jaw went slack but she still allowed Yang to lead her to middle of the floor and guide her into position, wrapping her left arm around Yang’s neck while the other was cradled in Yang’s left hand. She felt Yang’s arm firmly wrap around her waist, bring her close as she guided them through a simple slow dance. Blake was very aware of how strong Yang was. And how beautiful. She swallowed thickly as she gazed up into her partner’s gorgeous lilac eyes and begged herself not to fall.

“Bmblb, huh? I always knew you were a romantic sap.” Yang teased gently. Blake huffed, a blush working its way up her neck.

“Yes. Well. Maybe I just needed a gorgeous girl like you to bring that side out.” She murmured gently, brushing her nose against Yang’s jaw. She heard Yang’s sharp intake of breath and bit back a smile. She wasn’t the only one affected, apparently.

“Smooth one.”

“I try.”

The two girls fell into a comfortable silence until Blake’s favourite part kicked up. She was helpless to the urge to quietly sing along.

“Baby, can’t you see? You could be with me. We could live inside a garden of ecstasy.” She gently crooned. Yang’s express shifted into one of awe. Blake decided to take a leap of faith and keep singing. “You could be my queen. I could be your dream.”

“Our lives like a fantasy. Maybe set me free. Let me be your bumblebee.” She wasn’t expecting Yang to join in on the last part. Nor was she expecting Yang to gently, almost painfully softly, kiss her. Blake let out a small squeak of surprise but before she could return it, Yang pulled back.

“Was that okay?” Yang asked in a whisper, concern colouring her face. Blake stared for a moment before speaking.

“Gods. I love you.” She whispered back before pulling Yang down forcefully to kiss her firmly, humming happily when Yang’s arms tightened around her waist to pull her closer as the music played on.

“Like a purr-die beat

You are oh, so sweet

Every day is sunny

Feels so alive

Tastes like honey

Take me back to the hive”

She could definitely get used to this.


Chapter Text

“Yang? Mind if I join you?” Yang looked up from her spot on the common room couch and smiled softly at the sight of a nervous Blake.

“Of course you can.” Blake smiled gratefully and sat on Yang’s left, immediately tracing over to curl her hands around Yang’s left and fiddle with her fingers. Blake leaned her head on Yang’s shoulder and gave a small, content hum. Yang bit her lip and buried her nose in Blake’s hair. She was too cute.

“I missed you.” Yang murmured, gently pulling away to look at her friend. Blake’s ear pinned anxiously.

“I missed you too.” She whispered, ducking her head shamefully. “I know I don’t have any right to say that but-“ Yang leaned forward, pressing a gentle kiss to Blake’s lips. Blake froze before cupping Yang’s jaw, tilting her head to get a better angle. Yang rested her hands on Blake’s waist, gently running her right thumb along her scar tenderly. Yang pulled back for only a second before Blake pulled her back. Yang complied, gently pressing back into Blake. As her hands started to wander along her partner’s ribs, Blake let a soft whine, curling her arms around Yang’s neck. Yang pushed forward, laying Blake on her back and carefully kept her weight off her. Blake’s hands entangled in her hair gently, while Yang’s run along her ribs and abs. Yang gently bit on Blake’s bottom lip and deepened the kiss when she gasped. Blake pulled her closer, encouraging her to lay on her more firmly. Yang obliged.

But when she slipped her hands under Blake’s shirt, Blake made an uncomfortable noise in her throat and mumbled a request to stop against Yang’s lips. Yang was quick to pull away and looked at her partner with concern. She looked more than a little distressed.

“I- I’m sorry! I can’t- I’m not-“ Yang felt her heart break.

“Blake.” She cooed gently, sitting up and guiding Blake to do the same. “I’m not mad. I’m not going to push you. Whatever you’re ready for? That’s what I’m willing to take. If your not? Then that’s okay. You can say no. You can say stop. I will always listen to you.” Blake sniffed.

“I don’t deserve you.”

“You deserve what makes you happy. What makes you feel safe and loved and respected.” Blake bit her lip shyly before talking.

“You do.” Yang felt her heart soar.

“Then you’ve got me.” She mumbled thickly as she kissed Blake’s cheek sweetly. “Is cuddling okay?”

“Yeah.” Yang laid on her back and watched as Blake laid on top of her. She curled her arms around Blake’s waist as Blake rested her hands on Yangs shoulders. Before she laid down, however, Blake stared down at her, pensive.

“Is it okay if I kiss you, Yang?” Blake asked nervously. Yang paused for a moment before talking.

“I want to, Blake. But only if you do too.” Blake answered by firmly kissing Yang, gently biting her bottom lip before pulling back.

“I’m okay with kissing. Just…” she flushed terribly. “Can we keep hands over clothes?” She mumbled, looking down. Yang sighed and gently guided Blake’s head back up.

“Please don’t feel embarrassed or bad about giving me boundaries. I want to know these things, Blake. I need to know what is and isn’t okay. I want to to feel safe with me.” Blake’s eyes, much to Yang’s heartache, welled up with tears and she buried her head in Yang’s collar. Yang gently soothed her, whispering words of adoration and reassurance. 

Adam gave Blake a skewed perception of what love was. What it looked and felt like. What was expected of her.

Yang would spend as much time as it requires to show Blake what it looked like. Remind her that it’s love. That it’s patience and understanding. That it’s respect. That Blake deserved to have her boundaries respected. 

Chapter Text

“I’m beginning to understand why Weiss complains about you.” Yang glared at The Invincible Girl as she giggled behind her hand. “I’m sorry!”

“I don’t think you are.” Yang grumbled growing a chip at her friend. “I came here to talk to my dear friend about my suffering and she mocks it!”

“Yang, hon. The only people suffering are those of us who are forced to listen to you ramble on for hours about Blake.”

“I do not ramble!” Pyrrha deadpanned at her.

“Her eyes are like the molten gold that warms your heart. Her ears are so endearingly expressive. She scrunches up her nose when she reads. She snickers like a gremlin and it’s perfect.” Yang felt her entire body heat up with embarrassment. “She’s so beautiful that even the night sky pales in comparison. She’s an amazing fighter. She’s the dorkiest nerd you know. She’s so compassionate that you swoon a little. Her passion and feisty personality are unfairly attractive.”

“Okay, okay, I get it, Nikos’. Goddamn.” Yang hissed viciously. 

“Oh, Yang. You are so very doomed.”

“Tell me about!” Yang let out a whine and collapses against the common room couch. “I’ve got bad for that ninja woman.” She grumbled.

“You should tell her.”

“Are you kidding me?! We’re teammates, do you have any idea how wrong that could go?!” Yang yelled, jumping up and pacing. “She’s my partner. My best friend. I’d rather move on than make a move and risk losing her. I don’t even know if she’s into women!”

“Considering the fact that I’ve caught her staring at my abs, I think she might be.” Yang snorted.

“You’re Pyrrha Nikos’. Literally everyone at Beacon has the hots for you.” Pyrrha scoffed at that. “We’re all Pyrrha-sexual here.”

“Yes, very funny, Yang. But seriously?” Yang glanced over at her friend as she stood up and came to rest her hand on Yang’s shoulders. “I can tell that she adores you. And in ten, twenty years, could you look back on these years and not feel regret if you didn’t take the chance? Or would you always wonder what could have been?”

“Thanks, Pyrrha.” She murmured as she pulled her taller friend into a hug. “But you really need to take your own advice.” 

Yang spent the remainder of the afternoon avoiding a very annoyed Pyrrha. Besides, she had a job to do.


Yang took a deep breath. She shouldn’t be so nervous. Blake had been receptive to her jokes and flirts. Never appeared too uncomfortable. Surely things would go well? And if they didn’t, Blake wouldn’t let it ruin their friendship. Would she?

Yang was rounding the corner, holding a bouquet of sunflowers when she heard laughter. Laughter that she instantly recognised, bringing a smile to her face. But then she spoke and her heart sunk.

“Sun! You are such a dork.” Wait. What? 

“Yeah, But you like me.” Sun teased. Breath, Yang.

“I certainly do.” Oh. She sounded so affectionate. Like Sun was the world. Yang felt her eyes well up.

“Huh. I woulda thought you liked Yang. You two seem pretty close.” She should stop eavesdropping. It wasn’t going to end well. But it was impossible to turn away.

“Of course I don’t like Yang!” Blake scoffed, sounding offended. Yang gasped and bit her lip.

“Wait. Did you hear something? It came from over here.” Yang immediately ran. Figures that the girl who was always left behind would finally run. 

“Wha- Yang?! Shit! Gotta go, Sun.” She heard Blake take pursuit and kept running. “Yang! Wait.” Yang didn’t. Eventually, she managed to lose Blake when she ran into the gardens. Or so she thought until a sudden shadow landed in front of her, earning a yelp of shock. 

“Yang! Gods, woman… You’re faster… than I thought..” Blake panted, leaning on her knees. 

“Save it, Blake. Look, if I annoy you that much, then tell me! You don’t have to pretend to be my friend, alright? I’m a big girl. I can handle my partner not liking me.” Yang hissed, ignoring the sharp pain in her chest. She should have known. People don’t chose her. Why would they? The moment they see that she’s more than a dumb, blonde stereotype, they leave her. She’s worthless if she’s not fun. She’s nothing if she shows an inkling o f emotional intelligence. Why the fuck would anyone want her?

“… this is why you shouldn’t eavesdrop on people. You don’t get the whole conversation.” Blake muttered to herself before speaking up. “I’m sorry, Yang. It was never my intention to hurt you. But I need you to listen. Okay?” Yang was still fighting back tears so she simply nodded. “When I told Sun that I liked him, I meant it as a friend. Platonically. Understand?”

“So you don’t even like me as a friend. Got it.” Yang whispered. Blake let out a soft sigh.

“That’s not what I was trying to imply. But I guess it’s kind of true.” Yang flinched and ducked her head, hiding behind her hair. “I like you as so much more.” Yang snapped her gaze to Blake, who was holding her arm insecurely, a furious blush on her cheeks. “And I know it’s not mutual. I mean… how could you? You’re basically the sun and all I do is cast shadows everywhere I go.” Yang darted forward and kissed Blake quickly before darting back, leaving a very shocked partner standing there.

“It’s more mutual than you think.” Blake blinked her for a moment before smiling shyly. 

“Really?” Yang nodded.

“I was actually gonna tell you before. I, Uh, got you these? Sorry they’re a little busted.” She laughed awkwardly, sniffling a little. Blake took the flowers before letting out a giggle.

“What’s so funny?” Yang asked, feeling a little hurt.

“Nothing. It’s just… in my head, I associate you with sunflowers so it’s a little amusing that my own personal sunflower brought me even more sunflowers!” Yang blinked at that before laughing along with her friend.

“I guess we’re both kinda oblivious.” Yang mumbled, as Blake reached over to wipe a stray tear away with a concerned frown. 

“Hmm. I should have listened to Sun and told you sooner.”

“Oh God. Sun knows?!”

“Everyone knows.”

“How?!” Blake started stumbling over her word and blushing darker than Ruby’s cloak. She was an adorable mess. “Blake?”

“… I may or may not have subjected our friends to my ramblings.” Yang felt her cheeks heat up.

“Oh… glad to hear I’m not the only one.” Yang mumbled. Blake hummed, gently resting her free hand on Yang’s shoulder. Yang swallowed nervously. “Can I kiss you?”

Blake nodded and leaned up, catching Yang’s lips with her own, arms wrapping around her neck. Yang instinctively wrapped her own arms around Blake’s waist. Yang sighed into the kiss as Blake stroked the back of her neck and deepened it, gently tugging at Yang’s bottom lip as she slowly pulled away.

“Wow.” Blake mumbled.

“Yeah.” Yang whispered back. “I think I love you, Blake.” She immediately winced. “Sorry, I didn’t me-“ “Don’t apologise.” Blake cut her off.

“Because I think I love you too, Yang.” Yang let out a watery laugh and head butted Blake softly.

“Then I guess we should find out.”


Chapter Text

Yang smiled softly as she walked over to Blake, who was sitting at the edge of the academy’s roof, her feet dangling over the edge.

“Hey, stranger.” She called gently. “Mind if I join you?” She added quietly.

“Of course I don’t. Not if it’s you.” Blake murmured. She promptly stiffened, a blush forming on her cheeks. Yang giggled lightly, a blush of her own forming as she sat on Blake’s right.

“So. This whole trip’s been a thing.” Yang said leaning back on her hands. She glanced over as Blake snorted.

“That’s putting it mildly.” Blake sighed heavily, shaking her head with a tired smile.

“Are you doing okay?” Yang asked with a concerned frown.

“Of course.” Blake said far too quickly, ears pinning.

“Look, Blake.” Yang said softly, sitting up and running her hand through her hair anxiously. “I know that things have been… kinda weird as we all get used to being a team again. To being partners again. But I want you know that I’m here for you. You can talk to me. I won’t think less of for not being okay.” Yang finished softly, resting her hand on top of Blake’s.

“I know.” Blake whispered. “I just- it’s hard. Letting go of his influence once and for all.” Blake took a shaky breathy. “He’s been in my life since I was a young girl. I’ve heard his voice for so long that it’s hard to ignore it. Even when he’s gone. And I hate it.” Blake’s voice became strained her her fingers wrapped around Yang’s hand. “I hate how I let him get to me. I hate how he tricked me for so long and used my own cause against me. I was a little girl!” Blake’s voice broke as she buried her head in Yang’s shoulder. Yang was quick to hold her. “I just wanted a happy ending. I wanted to help my people. And he twisted it into his blood lust fueled mission!” Blake let out a sob and Yang felt her heart break and her blood boil.

“Blake. You didn’t let him do anything. This is on him, not you.” Yang murmured into black hair and pinned cat ears. “You’re allowed to hurt. You’re allowed to be mad. And you definitely don’t have to forgive him.” Yang held Blake tightly.

“He always tried to make me look like the bad guy.” Blake mumbled into her collar. “Made me feel so worthless.” Yang felt Blake’s breathing hitch slightly. “He’d always bring me gifts to try and get me to forgive him. But I didn’t want material belongings. I wanted my heart back!” As the sobs racked her partner’s body, Yang did her best to keep her own back. It hurt to see Blake like this.

“Blake?” Yang called as Blake calmed down. Blake sat up and wiped her face, eyes averted.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to break down on you. Again.” Blake muttered.

“Don’t apologise. I get it. I know it’s not easy for you to let somebody in.” Yang murmured, gently holding Blake’s hand. “I’m honoured that you trust me.” She watched as a small, shy and drained smile made its home on Blake’s face, an appreciative glimmer in her eyes. “I, uh, just so you know, Blake. I feel the same way with you. When I’m confused about literally everything that’s going on around us, the one thing I can count on is that I can count on you.” She finished, gently bringing Blake’s hand up to her lips and placing a gentle kiss to the back of it.

“Yang.” Blake breathed softly. Her eyes welled up and she reached over to pull Yang into a tight hug. Yang was more than ready to return it.

“We’ve got each other, Blake. We’ll be okay.”

Chapter Text

“Are you ready for our dance?”

Yang jumped at the sound of her partner’s voice and turned to face her. To say the least, Blake looked beautiful in her black dress. But more importantly, she looked far more rested than she had in a while. Yang smiled at Blake and let out a soft laugh as she leaned against her podium…

…And missed it entirely and fell onto the ground. The result snort of amusement only put a little salt into her wounded pride as she bounced back up and coughed into her hand.

“Shut up.” She laughed before grinning at Blake. “It’s your fault.” She added cheekily.

“How is it my fault!” Blake said with faux offence. The smile in her face gave her away, though.

“Because you’re so pretty that you made fall for you.” Yang said with a playful wink. “Wait. Is Sun gonna beat me up for that?” She asked thoughtfully, gaze shifting over to the punch table where Sun was talking with Ruby.

“I think you’ll be fine, Yang.” Blake laughed. “But if it did come down to it… we both know who’d win.” Blake said with a smirk as she came around the podium to stand next to Yang and lean her hip against it. Without falling.

“Oh?” Yang said with a grin. “Does that mean that you’re giving me permission to fight for your hand?” Yang melted at the giggle that escaped Blake lips.

“Please don’t. We’ve already gotten into enough trouble this semester.” Blake said, reaching over to playfully shove Yang.

“Says the girl who ditches class on a regular basis.” Yang muttered. She grinned at the narrowed gaze that Blake shot her. “Now. I believe that I promised you a dance. So go dance with Sun so I can have my turn.”

“Yang.” Blake murmured softly, a fond smile on her face as she shook her head. “I’m dancing with you first.”

“Me?” Yang parroted, her eyes widened in surprise as Blake rolled her own.

“Yes, you. Now come on.” Blake huffed impatiently and grabbed Yang’s hand to lead her into the dance floor. As they got into position, Yang couldn’t chase one particular thought away.

Holding Blake in her arms felt right.

Chapter Text

“Do you really think I ever loved you? That I ever cared about you?”

Yang felt her heart rip in two. Blake was sitting on a small stone wall smirking at her. She couldn’t make out the background but it looked like… Beacon? What the hell?! Why was she back here!

“Oh my goodness. You really believed it. Incredible.” Blake laughed coldly as she stood up and walked over to Yang. “You really are just a stupid, blonde stereotype. Aren’t you? How could I ever care about you?!”

Yang couldn’t move. She couldn’t talk. She was trapped.

“You’re nothing to me. Which is sad.” Blake sighed as she walked around her slowly. “I chose you, you know. What a fucking mistake that turned out to be.” Yang wanted to run. She wanted to scream. But all she could do was stand there and silently cry.

“Don’t take it personally. I just prefer people who are actually strong. But you? You’re weak. You’re pathetic. Why do you think that everyone leaves you? First your birth mother, then Summer. Eventually Ruby left to go save the world. And I finally realised that I was wasting my time.”

“Until you can return the time that I wasted on you, I want nothing to do with you.” Blake snarled as stopped in front of Yang. “Gods. Wake up, Yang.”


Yang woke up with a gasp, left arm shaking. Looking around, she saw that she was in team RWBY’s Atlas dorm. Which meant that that was just a nightmare. A cruel, cruel nightmare.

But no matter how much she tried to reassure herself that it wasn’t true, the words of her nightmare kept coming back. There was only one way to stop them. She needed Blake.

With that thought in mind, she quietly dropped down and kneeled in the floor beside Blake’s bed. She hated to wake her after everything that she’s gone through. But Yang needed this. And so, she placed her hand on Blake’s shoulder and gently shook her.

“Blake? Please, wake up.” Yang hated how weak and hurt and broken she sounded. She hated being vulnerable.

“Yang? Oh my Gods, Yang! What’s wrong?!” Blake whispered in the dark.

“Do you hate me?” Yang croaked out. She watched Blake’s eyes widen before a heartbroken expression crossed her face. Blake lifted up her blanket and moved closer to the wall, inviting Yang in quietly. Yang, hurt and vulnerable, took it.

As soon as she was next to her, Yang felt Blake pull her close, cupping the back of her head and guiding her to her shoulder. Yang instantly wrapped her arms around her partner tightly, burying her face into her collar and letting not only the tears fall but also the details of her dream. As she sobbed into Blake’s shoulder, she felt her arms tighten around her protectively, gently rubbing her back and cooing soft reassurances. After some time, Yang was only letting out the occasional whimper.

“Yang.” Blake spoke up, voice soft and full of care.. “That was just a nightmare. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Yang, please look at me.” Blake begged.

Yang complied hesitantly. When she did, she saw that Blake had tears of her own running down her face. Yang felt her breath hitch. Blake was looking at her so tenderly.

“I care about you so much. More than I thought was possible. I admire so much about you. You’re so intelligent in so many ways. You have every single kind of strength that matters.” Blake gently cupped her jaw, thumb stroking her skin and wiping away tears. “You’re the strongest person that I know. You are not weak. People don’t leave because of you. They leave because of their own problems. And those who don’t come back are missing out on an incredible, kind and extraordinary woman.” Blake whispered as she slowly went through and disproved each thing that the nightmare version of her had said. “I did choose you. But that was not a mistake!” Blake’s voice broke as her emotions spiked.

“Yang Xiao Long…” Blake brought her head closer and rested their foreheads together. “You are best choice that I’ve ever made. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And I’ll keep choosing you. Over and over again.” She pressed her lips to Yang’s nose. “I love you.”

Yang let out a small gasp and stared at her. Blake maintained eye contact. And Yang knew that it was the truth. Yang found herself unable to speak.

But a drained yawn spoke for her.

“You should try to get some sleep.” Blake murmured, gently stroking Yang’s cheek. Yang closed her eyes and leaned into it. Her heart still ached from the nightmare but Blake had chased her shadows away. Yang believed her. She trusted her.

“… is it okay if I stay?” Yang rasped, throat sore from crying. Blake blinked in surprise before holding out her arms and allowing Yang to press close to her. Yang nuzzled into her chest and wrapped her arms around Blake’s waist. “‘Night Blake.” She mumbled sleepily.

“Goodnight, sweetheart.”

The two still had a lot to talk about. But with the trust they had earned and the bond they fought for being so strong, Yang knew that they would be okay. Even if it took some time.

They had each other, after all.

Chapter Text

“… and behind that door was another door. But this one was made of cotton.”

Yang felt her eye twitched. She and Blake were waiting for Ruby and Weiss to return back to their Atlas dorm with food. Somehow, she and Blake had ended up swapping tired jokes until she asked Blake about the best joke she had heard. She had been telling it for twenty minutes so far. Yang adored Blake. But what even was this?!

“And when he opened that door, he saw… another door.” Blake smiled cheekily at her her. God help Yang but she was a softy for that smile. “But this one was made of water.”

“How the hell can a door be made out of water?!” Yang yelled as she flailed her arms. This was ridiculous.

“He opened that door…” As Blake continued, Yang let out a groan and rested her head on Blake’s shoulder. “And finally came to the end.” Yang shot up and immediately gave Blake her full attention. If she was going to sit through this long of a joke, you can damn well bet that she’s listening to the punchline.

“What was it?” Yang asked curiously. She always did love a good story.

“It was beautiful. So beautiful that it brought him to his knees.” Blake whispered as she leaned into closer to Yang, who immediately mirrored her., was enthralled. “But I can’t tell you because you’re not a monk.”

Yang blinked. Blake blinked back.

“What the actual fuck?!” Yang shouted as Blake leaned back with the most gremlin like laugh that she had ever heard. “That’s it?! I don’t even get a conclusion?!”

“Nope.” Blake giggled. Yang narrowed her eyes at her and tackled her to the bed. Blake let out a surprised squeal before looking up at her and falling into another giggle fit. Yang tried to scowl at her but failed very quickly. Seeing Blake so happy and amused made her heart melt. She couldn’t even pretend to be mad at her so she opted for using her as a pillow

“You’re a little shit. You know that?” Yang murmured softly, affectionately.

“I know.” Blake snickered at her.

“That was the worst joke I’ve ever heard. Could you at least make something up for me?” Yang asked, pouting up at her friend.

“I don’t know. Maybe he saw you. Explains why he fell to his knees in worship.” Blake said smoothly.

“Wait… Oh my God! Blake!” Yang shot up and covered her face with her hands. She certainly wasn’t expecting that. “Holy shit. That was so smooth.”

Before Blake could respond, they heard the telltale argument of Ruby and Weiss. Blake shot her a smirk and a wink before getting up to help them.

God. Blake was going to be the death of her.

Chapter Text

Blake giggled as Yang ran her hand over her shoulder and down her arm. Her touch was so feather light that it tickled.

They had been laying in Blake’s bed simply taking comfort in each others’ company after a long day when Yang had started run her hand along Blake’s bicep. She had then decided, apparently, that she wanted to carefully trace her fingers over Blake’s skin. Blake certainly wasn’t going to complain. If her girlfriend wanted to run her hand along Blake’s arms then who was she to stop her? Besides. She liked it. Yang’s movements were sweet and gentle. Loving.

“Can I say something really stupid, baby?” Yang murmured softly as she nuzzled Blake’s nose. Blake found herself smiling at the endearment. She didn’t think it would ever stop making her feel so giddy.

“Of course, sweetheart.” She whispered back, kissing Yang’s nose. Yang smiled gratefully. Blake blinked slowly back at her.

“This might sound so creepy but I want your skin. It’s so pretty.” Yang mumbled, averting her gaze.

Blake snickered. “That is the weirdest complement I’ve ever received. But it’s kind of sweet. Well.” Blake said, smirking at her girlfriend. “As long as you don’t plan on skinning me.”

“No! That’s not what I meant!” Yang stared at her horrified. “I meant that I wish my skin was like yours!” Yang huffed.

“Aw, that’s sweet.” Blake cooed sweetly as Yang grumbled before a smile formed on her face as she bent down to press a kiss to Blake’s shoulder. “But I like your skin the way it is, Yang. I love your freckles.” She felt Yang smile against her shoulder. “Do you know why?”

“Why?” Yang asked, an amused smile on her face. An amused smile that was wiped off as Blake rolled her onto her back and laid on top of her.

“It means I get to do this.” Blake murmured before proceeding to kiss each one of Yang’s freckles. She made her way along her face and down her jaw, down her neck. She kept her kisses feather light in order to get a certain reaction from Yang. One that she got immediately as the most delicious giggles and snorts came from her partner.

Blake didn’t think that she could adore this girl any more than she already did. But Yang had a habit of proving her wrong.



Chapter Text

Blake adjusted her dress and smirked as she caught Yang’s eyes. The woman wasn’t subtle at all. Blake laughed to her self quietly as Yang turned away with an embarrassed huff.

Originally, when they had been assigned as dance partners for this competition, she had been very hesitant. She had never danced with a woman before, after all. But she had quickly learned that she liked it. She liked it a lot. Especially with Yang. She was strong and powerful and Blake could feel it in every movement and touch. Each time that Yang threw her around her body and dipped her, Blake could sense the power beneath her skin. And yet… there was a gentleness to her. She never left marks like her ex-partner did. She always took care to make sure that Blake felt comfortable and safe with the steps. She was a sweetheart. And Blake loved every single thing about her. Hopefully, after they finish this competition, she could make Yang aware of these feelings. Although, she suspected that Yang already knew.

Blake briefly did once over on her outfit. A black crop top with a tasteful cut out design across the chest and mini skirt to match. She felt, for lack of a better phrase, hot. But she felt like she paled in comparison to Yang who wore long white trousers and a white button down shirt that had the top three buttons undone.

“My eyes are up here, gorgeous.” Yang murmured as she came up to stand on Blake’s right, leaning down to speak into her ear. Blake felt a shiver run down her spine. Turning to her partner, she noticed Yang’s lips twist into a self-satisfied smirk. She noticed.

“Just focus on the dance and not my ass this time.” Blake smirked back. This was their dynamic. They had left the Gal Pal station a while ago. All that was left was for a move to be made.

“You ready for this?” Yang asked, expression shifting to concern. “I know that Adam’s going to be here. Will you be okay?”

“I’ll be fine.” Blake sighed before her own expression changed. Hers, however became sharp and determined. “I’ll be even better when we win this thing and kick his ass” Blake growled.

“Damn.” Yang breathed. “You’re kind of hot when you’re feisty.” She laughed.

“Oh baby.” Blake grinned wickedly at her partner. “You have no idea.”

“Can we have a round of applause for our reining champion Adam Taurus and his new partner Cinder Fall!”

Blake narrowed her eyes and curled her lip. Adam has worked her to the bone when they were together. He had no respect for what she felt okay with and expected far too much of her. This was her time to prove to everyone that she didn’t need him.

“Now y’all are in for some drama folks. Because next we have Adam’s ex-partner Blake Belladonna and her new partner Yang Xiao Long!”

Blake smirked when the applause came. They remembered her. They knew what she was capable of. And they knew that she was going to give them a show.

“Blake, how does it feel to be back?” The announcer asked excitedly as she walked up wrapped around Yang’s arm.

“It feels amazing. Especially since I now have a partner who has… well. Let’s call it… stamina, shall we?” She chuckled. She knew exactly what she was doing with that comment. And as expected, the audience lost their minds. When she glanced at Adam, his smug expression fell into a snarl. Blake merely smirked.

“Oh, ouch! The Panther strikes!” The announcer snickered, thoroughly enjoying the drama. “And what about you, Yang? You’re pretty new to the competing scene. How’s it feel to be dancing with Blake “Panther” Belladonna?”

“Pretty great man. I’m pumped!” Yang grinned.

“Think you can win?”

“Sure thing, buddy. After all…” Blake watched a dangerous smile curl Yang’s lips. “Girls do it better. In more ways than one.”

The crowd ate it up. The two women shared a look, identical smirks covering their faces before they moved into position.

As the music started, Blake lifted her arms and curled them above her head as her hips dipped and rotated. She turned around, hips rolling as she swayed. As the music built up, Yang prowled towards her, eyes locked on hers and intense, body held strong and powerful. Blake kept swaying and shifting her hips as Yang walked around her, hand trailing around her body slowly as she came up behind Blake and grabbed her hands, slowly lowering them out to the sides as they started moving in perfect synch. As Blake slowly lowered herself to the floor and back up, Yang crossed her arms and pulled her close, leading her into a series of steps forward.

When the music reached the crescendo, Yang spun Blake around and dipped her back, pressing their hips together and rolling her upper body in a circle before pulling her up. The two exchanged steps in between each other’s thighs, hands roaming over ribs and down backs.

When the finale came up, Blake ripped away from Yang and pushed Yang’s shoulders back. She lowered her self to the floor, hips swaying all the while, keeping her hands on Yang’s body at all times. As she came up, Blake trailed her hands up Yang’s abs and pressed against her open collar. As planned, she abruptly ripped her partner’s shirt open and pushed it behind her shoulders, revealing a completely black sports bra. Yang even had the audacity to throw in a cheeky wink to Adam and Blake was sure she heard an outraged scream of “What does she even see in her!”

Yang kept shifting her hips as Blake stalked around her. After all, she had earned the nickname “Panther” for a reason. She had a certain style of walking that created a certain air of danger for the audience. It was always a hit.

When she arrived at Yang’s back, she wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her into a dip, her own skirt riding up slightly. As the music came to its last beat, they pressed close together and moved their mouths near each other until there was nearly no space in between and paused.

The crowd erupted into applause and the two girls stood up. Blake let out a delighted giggle and threw herself into Yang’s arms who wasted no time in picking her up and spinning her around.

Eventually though, their celebration had to be cut short. As they waited for the votes to be counted, Blake playfully glared at Yang.

“You could close your shirt. I was careful not to break the buttons.” She scolded with a smirk.

“Nah. This way, Adam can see how much he’s been upgraded.” Yang said with a wink. But before Blake could speak, the announcer’s voice cut through.

“And the winners are… Blake Belladonna And Yang Xiao Long! Get up here!”

Blake had to try very hard not to cry. Adam has always told her that it all him. But this was physical proof that that was a lie. After they collected their awards and gave a small thank you to everyone, Adam came up to them with what was supposed to be a charming smile.

“Congratulations, Blake. You’ve improved. I’m very proud of you.” Adam said. Blake felt her stomach churn in disgust. “Perhaps we could catch up?” His eyes were looking at her like she was a prime steak. She hated it. So she decided to make a point.

“Abso-fucking-lately not.” And to send the point home, she grabbed Yang and pulled her down into a deep kiss. She heard Adam let out strangled noise before he was pushed out of the way by a swarm of photographers. Good. She thought as Yang sighed into her mouth. Let this be their front page news.

She would definitely keep the cut out.


Chapter Text

“Hey Blake. Can I ask you something, love?”

“Yes, Yang?” Blake sighed, ears pinning. Her best friend was incredibly smart. She had the highest grades of their year and was probably going to be go to uni to learn to build advanced prosthetics and change the world while Blake would still be going to protest rallies and setting fires. But dear God. The girl could have her dumbass moments. Then again, so could Blake. Honestly, Yang carried their singular brain cell most of the time, considering that Blake spent most of her time in detention for being combative with teachers. Maybe Yang had every right to be a dumbass every so often.

“Have you ever heard of a werewolf?” Oh boy. Blake felt her ears straighten out of surprise. Funnily enough, that was probably the straightest thing about her.

“You mean the supernatural creature that turns from human to wolf creature and is often depicted as terrorising neighbourhoods all across the world? Nope. Never heard of it, mate.” Blake deadpanned, smirking when her friend growled playfully and pulled into a gentle headlock. Yang was always so gentle with her, even when they were roughhousing. Despite the fact that she could snap her like a twig.

“You smartass.” Yang giggled. Blake tried very hard to nuzzle into her. It was a struggle considering that she was crazy about the blonde woman in a manner that was very much not platonic. “You know, if you put that much effort into your studies, you wouldn’t be so behind.” Blake pulled out of Yang’s arms and walked backwards, facing her.

“I have more important things to do. Locks to pick. Fires to set. You know, the usual.” Blake smirked at her favourite nerd’s exasperation. What could she say? Rebellion was her thing. “Why did you want to know if I knew what a werewolf was?”

“Because, my most precious Bumblebee.” Blake groaned, ears rotating in embarrassment and cheeks heating up at that god forsaken nickname. She’s been calling her that since they were in kindy. “I am a werewolf.” Yang threw out her arms in a tada pose. Well. She certainly had the muscles for it. Blake bit her bottom lip, eyes trailing over very well toned biceps before she spun around, cheeks aflame.

“You’re so lame.”

“I’m being serious! That’s why my eyes change colours when I’m pissed! Why I’m so strong. Blake!”

“You must have some sort of weird genetic thing going on with your eyes. And you work out twice a day. Of course you’re going to be built like a brick shit house.”

“Oh, God’s sake, love. Let me prove it to you!” Yang laughed.

“Feel free, Darl’.” Blake smirked at the half laugh, half frustrated shout that emanated from behind her. This was going to be fun.