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MQIMH; The Second Coming (Rockstars x reader stories p2)

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“I’m terrified.”
“Me too.”

They sat together in (Y/N)’s room. It was 5 o'clock in the evening, and they were having a chat, telling each other about their April break exploits.
(Y/N) had fucked all of the guys. She had a lot of fun and even tried acid with Syd Barret. She couldn’t tell if she had hallucinated half of the night's events, or if they had been real.
“I had a crazy trip. At one point I was screwing Syd and Jimmy came into the room, and I confessed to him while Syd and I were doing it. Just like, right in front of him! He didn’t even care.” When she said it out loud, she found herself seeing how ridiculous the story was. There was absolutely no was that it happened. It must have been the drugs.
“That’s absolutely insane,(Y/N). I don’t really remember a lot from that night! But what I do know is that David and I are through. That guy was a total douche.” They both laughed.
“So what are you planning on doing? Don’t you want Jimmy to be your boyfriend?” (F/N) asked.
“Well… I definitely feel something. But it’s not as strong as it used to be, y’know? I don’t think I’m ready for a serious relationship yet. Not to mention I have to figure out what to do with John and Roger. Oh, and Krist is in the picture too. And Jim. Oh god, it’s too much.” She slumped in her seat.
“Well, it’s good that summer is just around the corner! The boys are going into the city for some record deal meetings, and they invited me to come with! I’m so excited.”(F/N) grinned.
“Oh wow! That sounds like a lot of fun. Just getting away from town for a while would be amazing.”(Y/N) leaned back and sighed.
“Do you want to come with us? It’ll be like a little vacation!”(F/N) suggested.
“Sure! When do we leave?”(Y/N) said with excitement.

“Road Trip!” (F/N) yelled out the window, from the passenger seat of Kurt’s Scooby-Doo van. The sun was setting, creating a warm glow on the summer sky as the gang of misfits sped down the road into the city. There was a buzz of excitement around the group.
“Turn up Lou Reed!!” She screamed as Kurt slapped her hand away from the radio.
“If it’s any louder, it’ll blow out my speakers! I just got them fixed, asshole!” He yelled over Lou Reed’s soft voice. (F/N) smiled at him endearingly.


While it was a party up in front, it was business in the back. (Y/N) was sitting between Dave and Krist, staring intently at a large map and chewing the cap of her highlighter. She was marking up the route but unfortunately had gotten a bit mixed up and couldn’t figure out what they had to do next. Krist was grumbling about having to sit in the back and staring out the window. Dave was looking over (Y/N)’s shoulder, looking very confused. Maps weren’t his strong suit, I guess.
“I think you go onto the next exit, Kurt.” (Y/N) peeked over the large map into the rearview mirror.
“Yes, ma’am.” He immediately changed lanes.
“Um, Kurt?” (Y/N) looked nervous. “I’m not sure where we are even going. Like this map doesn’t even make sense? I think I marked something wrong somewhere.”
“Let me see!” (F/N) grabbed the map, Kurt peeping at it occasionally.
“That’s weird… Is this in a different language?” (F/N) squinted.
“You’re holding it upside-down, (F/N).” (Y/N) snatched it back. Kurt snorted.
“Let’s just keep doing what you think is the right way, we’ll get there eventually!” Dave smiled at (Y/N).
“At least you have faith in me,” (Y/N) mumbled under her breath.
“I want the passenger seat!” Krist whined.
“I already called shotgun! You know how it works.” (F/N) stuck her tongue out at him. Krist looked very offended.


The van sped faster down highways and dusty roads, getting closer to the big city. Soon the sun was completely gone, and the only light came from the headlights of the cars around them. Dave had fallen asleep in his seat, snoring softly. Lou Reed was still playing full blast, though it had been a few hours. Kurt was on his seventh five-hour-energy, and Krist was still Kristing. So basically everything was the same.
The highway tapered off into what looked to be a small town. It looked strange, seeing barely any cars on the road after the many busy highways they had been on that day.
Kurt rapidly slowed the van to just above the 40mph speed limit. Suddenly, red and blue lights appeared as a police car darted out of a hiding spot at a nearby narrow street.
“Fucking asshole! What the hell?!” Kurt cursed as he pulled over, heat radiating off him. Dave jerked awake with a loud snore and mumbled sleepily.
“Okay guys, whatever you do, DON’T say that we have weed anywhere in this car. Or alcohol. Or anything else. In fact, there’s nothing in this car, it’s a void.” Kurt whispered to the occupants of the backseat. “The car is a construct.”
“You could pretend to be our mom? Driving us home from a soccer game?” Dave sleepily offered.
“No, it’s okay guys! I got this one!” (F/N) smiled.
“You’re going to ‘get this one’ by not speaking, because if you open your mouth you will for sure fuck it up somehow.” Krist narrowed his eyes.
“You’d get one hell of a fine if I wasn’t here, Krusty!” (F/N) sighed. Looking through the rearview, she tore off her shirt quickly. Everyone in the car instantly began screaming.
“WHOA WHOA WHOA, PUT IT BACK ON!” Dave reeled back in his seat.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?@!” Krist screamed.
“(F/N)...” (Y/N) held her head in her hands.
“Trust me you guys, I’ve seen this all the time! If you show an officer your boobs and cry he’ll let you off the hook.” She said, shimmying her pants off.
“DON’T KEEP GOING, WHAT THE HELL?!” Krist tried desperately to throw his body further into the van, but his body was just too large.
“Quick, Kurt, switch places with me!” She whispered frantically.
“No, you nutcase. I’m taking this one.”
The officer approached the van and tapped the window.
“License and registration, please.” He said in a gruff voice. It was a large, beefy man with a handlebar mustache.
“Yessir.” Kurt handed him the documents. The policeman looked through them and nodded.
“Where are you guys headed off to in such a hurry?”
“Mommy’s driving us home from soccer!” Dave yelled.
“God, Dave! Shut the up! You’re fucking everything up!” A very emotional Krist said from under the seat.
“You think this is fun and games, do you? You think this is funny?” The officer said sternly.
“No, no. I’m sorry, sir. He just woke up. We’re headed to the big city. We’ve got a show to play.” Kurt reasoned with the officer.
“I’m just screwin’ with you son. I see the likes of you drivin’ through here quite a bit. Usually drunk as a skunk. You lot seem pretty level-headed to me.” He crossed his hairy arms.
“What might your name be, pretty lady?” The policeman glanced further into the car. Kurt had been shielding that area with his body up until this point.
“(F/N)!” She smiled.
“You best put some clothes on, missy! Aren’t you cold?” He asked.
“Uh oh… Maybe a little.” She frowned. The man laughed.
“There ya have it! How much?” He smiled. (F/N) thought for a moment.
“Um… Thirty dollars?-”
“ZERO. She means ZERO because she is not a hooker, isn’t that right?” Kurt strained through clenched teeth.
“My mistake, fellas. Anyway, better get back on duty. Catchin’ crime, you know how it goes.” He tipped his hat. “Have a good night, y’all.”


As the officer walked back, Kurt stared at (F/N) with a grimace on his face.
“What? I was just trying to help!” She crossed her arms.
“See what I mean?! She opens her mouth and fucks it up!” Krist flung his arms up.
The sleepy gang kept on driving through the night. Eventually, Kurt’s hourly Five-Hour-Energy was having no effect and they had to stop. With a strained effort, they were able to find a shitty motel with a few other cars.
“Let’s see… It says walk-ins welcome… And it looks dingy…Perfect. let’s do it!” Kurt rubbed his eyes as he parked.
Krist hopped out of the car to get a room while everyone else got settled in.
“Wait!” He turned around to see (Y/N) running after him. “I’ll come with you! What if you get mugged?”
“Alright, sure.”


The twiggy old owner, Donald, happily gave them a room key. He looked to be in his late sixties, with cowboy boots, a tucked-in plaid shirt, and blue jeans pulled up to just about his armpits by suspenders.
“So glad you kids aren’t trying to make it to the big city at this hour. Driving while so tired is horrible! My brother’s kid got into an accident that way. He’s not dead, just got into an accident.” Donald was happy to talk.
“Yeah, we’re glad we aren’t driving either. We have a show to play tomorrow, so we have to stay alive until then at least.” Krist said.
“Oh, that’s wonderful! You know, my grandson’s playing somewhere tomorrow, too!” Donald said cheerfully.
“Nice! What’s his name? We’ll say hello.” Krist feigned interest.
“His name is Sid! Well, his full is John Ritchie. We just call him Sid!” Donald smiled. “He’s got a really smooth stage persona, you’ll recognize him right away! He goes by Sid Vicious when he’s with his band.” He laughed.
“My grandson’s just the coolest, huh?”


Donald took out his wallet and proudly showed Krist and (Y/N) a little photograph. Donald’s grandson was playing his guitar fiercely on a dimly-lit stage. He looked absolutely demonic. It made (Y/N) wonder how such a scary boy could be related to such a bright and happy old man.
“We’ll be sure to say hello if we see him, Donald. He looks like quite the little punker.” (Y/N) smiled.
“Actually, while you’re here,” Donald scuttled around in his office, looking for something.
“I’m quite glad I ran into you lot! I have something I need to give Sid. I’m just so swamped with the motel lately, that I haven’t had the time to drive up and hand it to him in person. I’m afraid it could get stolen too. Could you please hand this over to him?” Donald held a box towards the pair. Krist and (Y/N) eyed each other.
“It would mean the world to me! I love my Sid. He’ll be playing at the Ghostbar tomorrow, I’m pretty sure. Would you be able to do me this favor?” Donald looked hopeful.
“Wait, Ghostbar? That’s on 31 East Street, right?” Krist asked.
“I believe so!” Donald replied.
“Well, we’d be happy to give your grandson this package. We’re playing at the same show tomorrow.” Krist smiled back. (Y/N) had never seen an old man look so happy.


Krist and (Y/N) returned to their room, absolutely glowing. They had just made someone's night! No, Day! Or even week! Donald had even told them that they could use the pool, which seemed to be usually closed at this time of night.
“Sweet!” Kurt immediately stripped down to his boxers and sprinted out the door. Realizing he didn’t actually know where the pool was, he popped back into the room.
“Come on, let’s all go.” (Y/N) led the way.
The pool was a beautiful, crystal blue. Water evaporated from it quickly in thick waves of steam, adding some sort of magical element to it. Kurt scooped up (F/N), who had been unsuspectingly looking at the starlit sky, and tossed her into the pool. She screamed and he jumped in after. Dave followed, laughing hysterically.
Krist sat down on a lawn chair in the corner, looking at the sky. He looked a little upset. (Y/N) knew what she had to do.
“Hey, is everything okay? I noticed you were a little grumpy in the car today. You’re not your usual self!” (Y/N) sat down next to him.
“Yeah, I’m okay. I guess I'm just… Nervous? Which doesn’t make sense because usually, I don’t get stressed about gigs. But this one… I don’t know. I’m not making sense.” He looked down.
“That’s not true! I understand. Krist, this is a big deal! You guys are finally playing in the city, and your band is a step closer to being recognized professionally. You guys aren’t just a high school band anymore. This transition means a lot to your guys’ music.” (Y/N) put a hand on Krist’s shoulder.
“And we’re all rooting for you. We all want to support you guys.” she looked over at the pool, where Kurt and (F/N) were making out like a fucking meteorite was going to hit the earth and they were all going to die. Dave was in the corner looking very scared. She gagged.
“Some… more than others. But you get my point.” Krist smiled.
“Oh, you’re right. Fuck it.” Krist stood up and stretched. Suddenly, a loud yell erupted from his body and he charged at the pool, doing a massive cannonball into the water. He completely soaked Kurt and (F/N) in the process. Soon the pool devolved into a splash fight that even (Y/N) couldn’t resist hopping in for.
What was ironic, was that one of the best memories was made that night without any weed, coke or alcohol. Who knew?



“Remember to shower, guys!” (F/N) said as she pushed open the door to their little motel room. “You know, to wash the chlorine off.”
A bunch of tired and soaked teens stumbled in after her. Krist flopped onto the bed. Next to the window.
“Krist, no! You’re getting the bed wet, get off!” (F/N) gasped.
“S’free cunsh… S’not your bed…” He mumbled sleepily.


(Y/N) looked around and yawned. There was a couch, which Dave was taking up entirely with his body and snoring loudly. There were only two beds, however. She tried to do the math in her head.
“So what could we possibly do here… We could have Krist be in the wet bed, Kurt in the other and (F/N) and I on the floor. Or, we could do Krist on the floor, me in the wet bed, Kurt and (F/N) together in the other one. We could also do me and (F/N) in the normal bed and have Krist and Kurt share the wet bed and be miserable. OR, one of them could sleep on the floor. Then there’s another possibility of (F/N) being in the wet bed, Krist and Kurt in the dry bed and me on the floor. Or also, Krist and I in the wet bed, Kurt and (F/N) in the dry bed, so no one is on the floor.” She muttered.


Kurt came out of the bathroom, looking just as greasy as he did when he walked in.
“Hey greaseball, your on bed duty. You get to decide where you sleep.” (Y/N) pointed at him while grabbing her toothbrush and heading off to the bathroom.
“Floor?” he asked.
“No, absolutely not. You’re either with Krist, who smells like chlorinated wet dog, or (F/N) who doesn’t but you guys probably won’t get much sleep. Pick your poison, I guess.”
“Okay cool, love dogs but I like coochie more.” Kurt rolled onto the dry bed. Krist let out a loud fart in protest.


When (Y/N) emerged from the bathroon (bathroom made to look like a saloon), everyone had settled in and there was peace. She walked over to Krist, who had dried a bit.
“Come on, roll over you big dummy.”
“Y” He said, scooching over a tiny amount.
(Y/N) sighed heavily, laying down next to him.
“You’re lil’ spoon now!” He giggled.
“Yeah, captain obvious. Now be a good big spoon and sleep. You have a show to play tomorrow!” She said, closing her eyes.
Krist snarfed or something??? And they both went into a peaceful slumber.

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The next morning was rough for everyone. Not only did (Y/N) and Krist wake up smelling terrible, they were also grossly… moisty. Dave was well-rested, though he complained about being a bit stiff from the couch. (F/N) and Kurt were obviously having a manic episode all night or something.
They were shown out by Donald, who charged them a much smaller amount than if Krist and (Y/N) hadn't gotten on his good side.

“Goodbye, youngins! I hope your concert goes smooth as butter!” He called after their van, pulling up his jeans (which were already at his armpits). Everyone waved back at him.

After stopping for gas every 30 minutes because Kurt was paranoid, they finally arrived in the city. At noon, the city was bustling with energy and jaywalkers were running at the van left and right.

“I’m walkin’ here!” Someone yelled.
“Watch it, hippie!” Another man shouted as Kurt had to swerve to avoid him.
“I fucking hate this.” He grumbled, pulling his hood up.
“Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon! At least I think that’s what the map says?” (Y/N) reassured.

Upon arriving at the Ghostbar and parallel parking with a bit of difficulty, the group made their way into the club. They were scheduled to come in early to rehearse a bit and get ready for their performance that night.

“Our hotel thing is the building next door, isn’t that neat?” Krist smiled.
“I’m just glad we have a place to sleep. Not thrilled about the cockroach infestation, though.” Dave commented.
Suddenly, their path to the backstage room was interrupted by a brooding young man! He was wearing all black and had short, messy, dark hair.
“Are you Nirvana?” He asked in a monotone voice.
“W- yeah, that’s us. Why, what’s it gotta do with you?” Krist stood a bit behind Kurt and crossed his arms, attempting to look badass.
“I own this place, you moron.” The young man looked at Krist through his hair, still maintaining his monotonous drawl.
“What, really? You look a little-”
“I look like I’m five, I know. You’d think artists would be less likely to judge someone based on their looks, from all the hidden meanings you all put in your shit.” He sighed dramatically. “(unknown) Pleasure to meet you, I’m Ian Curtis. Your dreams are a lie.” He held his hand out and Kurt shook it.
“I like your eyeliner.” Kurt complimented.
“Thanks, I did it myself,” Ian replied, the tiniest bit upbeat. “I’ll show you the backstage area so you don’t get lost. You know, ‘cause this place is so huge.” He rolled his eyes.

As the group followed Ian, (Y/N) was able to get a better look. He was wearing a dark gray button-up shirt and smooth looking dress pants. He looked and acted emo, to be completely honest.

“What is this kid doing, running a bar?” She thought.
Ian led the gang through the dining area and into a hall filled with doors. Each door had a chalkboard with names written on it. They seemed to be band names. A couple of names stood out, like “Dead Kennedys”, “Black Flag”, “Sex Pistols”, “TOOL” and “GG”. (Y/N) wondered what “GG” meant.
They eventually reached a door with “Nirvana” written on its chalkboard. Ian unlocked the door and let everyone inside.

“There’s a dressing table, you guys can put your bags over there, and ring me up if you need anything brought to you. The phone’s right there.” He pointed it out.

Ian soon shuffled off and the group was left to their own devices. Kurt began smoking and practicing a few chord progressions, while Dave and Krist discussed financial details. (Y/N) sat, as bored as can be.

“Want to go check this place out?” She asked (F/N), standing suddenly.
“Sure!” (F/N) replied. Both girls made their way out of the dressing room.

Outside, bands had started arriving and preparing. A group of young men was rehearsing on stage, while some stage crew people did mic checks.

“I guess this is kind of an alternative club, a lot of these bands are punk rock or metal or something,” (Y/N) commented, watching the enthusiastic performance and catching the glimpse of a man with a mangled beard and a tattoo that read “Life Sucks Scum Fuck” on his upper arm
“Yeah, and Ian didn’t seem like your average club owner,” (F/N) added.
“He does seem kind of strange. Why don’t we go out and find something to eat. I’m starving!” (Y/N) patted her tummy.
“I could definitely use some food right now.” (F/N) smiled.
As they both approached the side exit of the bar, a boy with spiky black hair and a leather jacket kicked the door open.
“Ey, wankers! Watch where you’re goin’!” He shouted.
“Fuck off, asshole!” (Y/N) shouted defensively.
“How about you watch where you’re swinging your fat fucking legs!” (F/N) snarled.
“Oh shit, you’re broads. Nice to see you got some mouths on ya. I’m Sid.” He shook their hands. Both girls were stunned.
“Sorry ‘bout that. I just got into a little scuffle with the drummer, he said I owed him a- never mind actually.”
“Oh, he probably owes him weed or something.” (Y/N) whispered to (F/N). She nodded.
“So why are you birds here so early? We ain’t performing ‘till around midnight I reckon.” Sid leaned against the door and lit a cigarette.
“Bold of you to think we’re here for you, dude. We’re supporting our boys, Nirvana.” (Y/N) crossed her arms.
“Nirvana? Sounds like some hippie trash, yeah? Just you wait ‘till you hear us. We’ll have your underwear so wet it’ll be like you took a little swim. We’re called the Sex Pistols, cause we’re hot.” Sid smiled arrogantly.
“Don’t think you’ll be getting any new groupies any time soon, you prick.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “Come on (F/N), let’s ditch this dumbass.” She said, pulling the girl away, who was already making bedroom eyes and smiling at Sid.
They stumbled out into the back alley of the club, which was dimly lit and filled with trash.
“What is with you and dudes who are either disheveled or treat you terribly. Or both.” (Y/N) huffed, leading (F/N) through the alley and into a street filled with stores.
“He was kind of hot!” (F/N) laughed.
“Ok, stupid.” (Y/N) laughed back.
“Oh look, they have a Sweetgreen! Let’s go there.” (F/N) pointed at a shop.

Soon the girls were in line, waiting to order. Suddenly, someone tapped on (Y/N)'s shoulder from behind.

“(Y/N)?” She turned around.
“Krist?! You wanted a salad?” She said, surprised.
“Well, I didn’t. I just figured it would be easier on Kurt’s stomach. And healthier.” He smiled.
“That’s so thoughtful of you!” (Y/N) smiled, making Krist blush.
“He won’t eat it. He only likes mac and cheese or some other junk.” (F/N) said.
“I’ll make him eat it. He needs some kind of vegetables.” Krist crossed his arms.
“Alright, Don’t say I didn’t warn you when he starts screaming in pain when you force-feed him that.” She shrugged. Krist looked burnt out.
“Oh, don’t worry, Krist. I’ll help you.” (Y/N) touched his arm affectionately. He blushed harder.
“T-that would be so cool of you!” He managed to breathe out.
“Yeah, I’m just a pretty cool person.” She smiled slyly at him.
“(Y/N), I think Krist likes you!” (F/N) whispered to her excitedly.
“Wow, you really think?” (Y/N) said sarcastically.
“Yeah! Didn’t you see him blushing super hard? He’s so into you!” (F/N) whispered excitedly.
“So, uh… (Y/N), are you going to the concert?” Krist brought (Y/N)'s attention back to him.
“Well, I’m here with you guys so…?” (Y/N) raised an eyebrow.
“Uh… I- I mean will you watch us? You guys can go backstage and stuff.” Krist was stuttering a lot!
“Yeah, of course! Why?” She asked.
“No reason! Just wondering.” He hugged his torso and tapped his foot, waiting to order. (Y/N) shrugged and turned back to (F/N).
“That was weird.” She mumbled.

After getting the salads, everyone made their way back to the Ghostbar. (Y/N) devoured her meal on the way.
In the bar, bands were quickly getting ready for their performances. Some were doing makeup, others warming up their vocals. Krist noticed the girls weren’t following him and turned.

“We’ll be out here, don’t worry! We’re just gonna finish eating and scope out the competition.” (Y/N) smiled at him. Krist smiled back and nodded, walking off. He was a bit stiff in his movements.
“What’s gotten into him lately?” (Y/N) sighed.
“Dunno,” (F/N) mumbled through a mouthful of salad.

Meanwhile, a new band appeared on stage for mic checks. (Y/N) looked up to see the familiar face of the Sid Vicious, the guy who had hit on them earlier. At least she thought he had hit on them? It wasn’t very clear.
Sid took a sideways glance at the girls, smirked, and said something to the frontman of his band. (Y/N)'s curiosity turned into annoyance when she saw him jump off the stage and strutt over to them. He stopped in front of (F/N), who was chowing down on her salad still.

“Hey babe, my boss needs to see you.” He crossed his arms, trying to look cool.
“Okay!” (F/N) didn’t question the strange invitation and stood. “Where is he?”
“He’s on the second floor, just follow me.” He offered her his arm like a gentleman. l
“You absolute arm candy, you.” Sid cooed as they walked away.
There’s something weird about that whole thing… I should investigate. (F/N) could be in trouble for like the millionth time.” (Y/N) frowned and snuck after the pair.

Sid and (F/N) stopped at a door on the upper level of the bar. They went inside, and (Y/N) managed to put her ear to the door unnoticed. Eventually, she became impatient and cracked the door some more, in hopes of seeing what was occurring. And see, she did.
David Bowie, the motherfucking antichrist, was sitting in an armchair, speaking to (F/N) while Sid reclined on a dingy sofa in the corner. David was speaking in a hushed tone.

“I know you don’t love me. It's very clear to me.” (Y/N) couldn’t tell if she heard the beginning, middle or end of a sentence. She crept forward.
“You love that dingy, poor, unwashed, filthy, uncultured, hobo looking, Kurt Cobain.” David shuddered. “But you listen to me,”
“I will stop at nothing. You’ve done something to me, I can’t let him have you. I always get what I want, and you’re a smart girl. You know what I want. I need you submitting body, mind, and soul, but on your own accord. That’s part of the fun. You remember our agreement, don’t you?” He rose from his seat.
“Oh, look at that, are you crying? I know, I know, I’m sorry.” He embraced her, sobs echoing throughout the room. “What a sadistic monster I am. Yes, let it out. You will come to understand why this was all necessary. But you know that it is hopeless to fight back, my dear. The game is mine, I deal the cards.” He stroked her hair. After running his hand through it, he brought it to his nose and inhaled the scent while closing his eyes.
“I will break you entirely… You won’t feel a thing, my sweet.” He muttered just audibly enough for (Y/N) to hear from where she stood. She felt a chill run down her spine. Quickly turning, she slowly put her back to the door.
“Ay Dios Mio… What the fuck did I just see?” (Y/N) held a hand up to her mouth to stifle a gasp. Quietly, she crept her way down the steps to avoid detection.

“I… I need to tell Kurt. I have to.” She rushed to the room Nirvana was in. As she opened the door, she was greeted by a heated argument between Krist and Kurt. Although, it didn’t seem to be about anything serious.
“(Y/N), thank god you’re here! You can tell Kurt his T-shirts are fucking dumb!” Krist angrily shouted.
“They’re great, alright! I made them myself!” Kurt shouted back. He held up the three shirts for (Y/N) to see.
“You know those stupid shirts that couples wear that say ‘my dick smells like chapstick’ and ‘I’m the reason it smells like chapstick’? Well, I made my own ones, and they’re pretty fucking sick.”
The three shirts were white with writing scrawled on in black marker. One was “My dick is like chapstick”, the second “I’m the chapstick”, and the third “I stink”. (Y/N) let out a laugh.
“I want Krist to wear the one that says ‘I stin-” Kurt suddenly dry-heaved.
“For fucks’ sake, I got you a salad.” Krist put his head in his hands. (F/N) walked in at the worst possible moment. The shirts splayed out on three chairs as if on display. Dave freaking out because he was afraid of vomit, (Y/N) pressed against the back wall to avoid any spillage, Kurt on his hands and knees due to gastric distress, and Krist sadly watching it all unfold.
“Oh come on, you all know Kurt needs to have his pre-performance puke?! How are you just standing there.” She immediately got a bucket from underneath a desk, giving it to him.
“Let’s go to the bathroom, it doesn’t seem like we’re welcome here. Come on, baby steps.” She put her hand on his back to guide him.
“I think I’m gonna have fucking diarrhea,” He croaked in a raspy voice.
“It’s okay, we’ll think about that when we get there. Just focus on getting to the toilet, sweetie.” (F/N) reassured him.
Krist, Dave and (Y/N) all watched in utter confusion and shock as the bathroom door closed in front of them.
“If that’s not true love, I don’t know what the fuck is.” Krist shook his head and cracked open a can of beer.

When the bathroom door finally opened, a ghostly pale Kurt and his lady emerged. However, he looked slightly better than before.

“Aw, are you all puked out now?” Krist said in a baby voice.
“Fuck off. And yes.” Kurt replied, wiping his mouth.
“The show’s gonna start soon.” Krist stood up, drinking the last bit of beer. He looked at (Y/N).
“Want to come meet some of the other bands with me?” He asked.
“Well, uh… I mean I’d love too, but… there’s kind of... Some important… Hey, why don’t we have (F/N) go with you instead! Fun family bonding time! Shoo, go play.” She pushed the confused pair out of the room.
“Wait, wha-” (Y/N) cut him off by slamming the door shut behind them.
“Sorry, guys! It had to be done.” She sighed. It would have been amazing to spend some one-on-one time with Krist, but there was quite a big issue at hand.
“What’d you do that for?” Kurt huffed, annoyed from losing his lady-love.
“Hey Dave! I heard they’re handing out free corndogs over at the bar. And, they’re unlimited!” (Y/N) enticed Dave. He sprinted out of the room without a word.
“Kurt, we need to talk. It’s serious.” She said, turning back to him.
“Uh oh… Is this about my stomach issues? ‘Cause Krist already rips on me for it.”
“No, no. It’s about (F/N).” His bleary eyes widened.
“What about her?”
“Well, it started when this weirdo from one of the bands came up to us and said his boss wanted to see her. She agreed without hesitation, as usual,” (Y/N) started.
“Fuck, of course she would. The one time I’m not there to get rid of these creeps, they flock to her like flies. I’m so damn stupid, I couldn’t save her a second time…” Kurt knelt to the ground, voice cracking.
“No- Kurt, You’re assuming the worst right off the bat. Don’t worry, she’s got me, okay? I wouldn’t just stand by, you know me.” She patted his shoulder. Kurt nodded in agreement.
“Then what is it?”
“Well, you didn’t let me finish. I snuck after them, and they went up to this room. I was able to listen in and then get a look inside. Kurt, David’s back! And something is up. He kept talking about some kind of agreement? He smelled her hair, too? I knew something was up the second I saw him standing there.” She told him frantically.
“I’ll fucking KILL that son of a gun… I’ll string his insides out on a clothesline for everyone to see.” Kurt growled.
“No, you listen to me. That’s not the way to be thinking. (F/N) clearly doesn’t want to be with him, she’s not completely brain dead. There has to be something else here, like money. Think about it, he’s filthy rich. He mentioned an agreement, it must be some kind of contract! This may be a reach, but what if she signed something that doesn’t allow them to break up? I’m not an expert on the law, but David could definitely pull something like that off. He probably has tons of amazing lawyers on call.” She reasoned. Kurt looked pale.
“He could have hidden some clauses in a document 30 pages long. It’s like those terms of service agreements that are lengthy because they don’t want the customer discovering that they are totally invading their privacy. Of course, I’m only making assumptions based on what I heard, but. Anyway, We need some kind of plan and we need to find out more information.” (Y/N) sat down on the floor across from Kurt, criss-cross applesauce.
“Here’s our plan: We fucking beat the life out of this dude,” Kurt grumbled.
“No, no. Very not smart idea. As I said before, David is super rich. He’ll make sure you get locked up for life if you do that! We’ve got to stay one step ahead of him at all times, so we can outsmart him. Two heads are better than one, after all.” (Y/N) smiled.
“Okay, let’s do it.” Kurt agreed.
“But first, you’ve gotta perform.”

Krist took a seat on a stool in the far corner of the bar. This evening had not been going as planned. He had wanted to chat with (Y/N) and get to know her, then after getting comfortable enough with each other, ask her on a date. Unfortunately, the object of his affections had other ideas and now he was stuck with (F/N).
She sat on his right, dangling her feet from the stool. He was annoyed by her to no end. The way she spoke, her high-pitched laugh, the way she checked her nails every five minutes to see if any had chipped. Not to mention, she had Kurt bending to her every wish. He hated to see his homie so whipped, especially by such a gold-digging skank. Life without her was so different.
She and Kurt met at school. They were juniors and she was a tiny freshman. She ended up having a painting class with Kurt, and they became fast friends. As soon as she entered the picture, Krist and Kurt’s friendship was put on pause and there was suddenly no more bro time. He was either driving her somewhere, smoking pot with her, or just laying around doing nothing. The band practices were the only place where the girl wasn’t involved, and that was because of their then strict “no people allowed to hear until we’re absolutely completely done with a song” policy. But even that got broken a million times in the coming years. The only thing Krist appreciated about (F/N) was that he had met (Y/N) through her.
But now he was forced to be with the thing that had caused a rift between him and his best friend’s relationship? He sank further into the stool.

“Wow, they were really good!” (F/N) commented happily as a band called “Dead Kennedys” finished their practice on stage.
“Whatever,” Krist grumbled almost inaudibly.
“What?” (F/N) asked.
“No, you definitely said something.”
“Are you sure you’re not hearing things?” Krist asked with fake concern. She picked up on it.
“What’s with your attitude?” She confronted him.
“What’s with yours?”
“Nothing, I’m just asking why you’re Oscar the fucking grouch!”
“Oh my god.” Krist groaned.
“Why? What is your problem?” (F/N) was getting frustrated.
“Let it go, it’s not like either of us wanted to be in this situation,” Krist said.
“What the absolute fuck do you mean. Just because you didn’t get to ask my friend out at this specific moment doesn’t mean you get to take it out on me!” (F/N) narrowed her eyes.
“I’m not- How the hell did you know that?!” He asked, shocked.
“You’re not great at being subtle, Krist.”
“Fuck off.”
“Seriously, though.” (F/N) turned to face him. “There’s no one here to stop you from saying what you really think. It’s so obvious that you have something against me. What did I do?” She asked.
There was a brief pause.
“I don’t think Kurt should be with you.”
She was taken aback.
“You aren’t good for him.”
“Since when do you get to decide that?” She squinted.
“Since I’ve been his best friend for years.” He replied.
“I don’t understand, why am I the bad one here?”
“You literally offered to sell yourself to a cop yesterday!”
“I was just trying to get us out of a fine! We could have lost a lot of money, man!”
“What fine? Seriously, tell me what he said about us getting a fine.”
“Not important. So the reason you’ve hated me all this time is that you think I’m not good enough for your boyfriend?” Krist had to restrain a scream.
“You’re such a cheap skank! Whatever friendship Kurt and I had is gone, thanks to you. I don’t even understand what he sees in you.” Krist said angrily.
“You know nothing about me, what I’ve been through. You never even got to know me.” She looked down.

They sat in silence as a half-naked man screamed on stage. Krist’s anger somewhat subsided, and he thought about what she had said.

(Y/N) emerged from the room, Kurt alongside her. They both strutted forwards with confidence in every step.
“I wonder how (F/N) and Krist are doing?” (Y/N) asked Kurt. He shrugged.

As she turned her head back, she suddenly stumbled into a tall body that was blocking her way.
“Oh hey, babes.” Sid Vicious stood with his back turned to the pair, smoking in the middle of the hall. He turned around.
“What are you doing.” (Y/N) honestly did not understand what he was up to.
“Where’s your hot friend?” He exhaled some smoke to the side.
“What’s that gotta do with you?” (Y/N) crossed her arms.
“Cause I’m gonna shag her later, yea? We’re gonna get off tonight, right? Gonna get my leg over with her, gonna bonk, you know? Gonna pull later, ride that bird like it’s my job, yea?”
“Yeah, okay, I got it, thank you.” (Y/N) abruptly cut him off before he could say any more.
“Who’s he going on about?” Kurt mentioned apathetically. (Y/N) realized she had to play her cards very safe to avoid a scrap in this narrow hallway. Looking out for number one!
“Oh, just a friend I met here.”
“The one I’m gonna fuck-”
“Yeah, Sid, we all got it. We know.”
“Just makin’ sure.”
“Come on Kurt, let’s go find Krist and (F/N).” (Y/N) pulled him past the obnoxious punker.
“Tell her my knob’s waiting when you find her!” He yelled after them.
“Wait…” Kurt furrowed his brows.
“Wow, would you look at that! Dave just ate fifteen corndogs!” (Y/N) yelled and pulled him harder.

Chapter Text

(Y/N) pulled Kurt along with her into the bar, looking for Krist and (F/N). They looked throughout the bar, finding the remote area where the unhappy pair was sitting.
“You guys look absolutely thrilled!” (Y/N) said, looking at (F/N).
“We had a great time catching up. Krist had a lot of thoughts to share.” (F/N) flashed him a fake smile.
“I’m glad you guys had a good time. Krist was a bit cranky in the car, I don’t know if you noticed.” Kurt ruffled his buddy’s hair. He whined in protest.
“Oh, I totally didn’t! I wonder why?” (F/N) tilted her head with fake concern. (Y/N) was a bit confused, but said nothing.


Soon, the lights of the bar shut off and the stage began to glow. The first performance was a band called Dead Kennedys, an aggressive punk band. The crowd as thrilled with their energy and even yelled for an encore. Meanwhile, the gang got ready in their room.
“I’m so glad you guys are wearing the shirts I made.” Kurt beamed.
“Of course, what are best friends for!” Krist glared at (F/N). It seemed to be a competition of who could please Kurt the most, at this point.
After hyping themselves up a bit, they emerged from the room and walked backstage. At this point, a new band called Black Flag was singing, the crowd moshing with intensity.

“That seems like a tough act to follow. I’m a bit nervous…” Dave ran a hand through his hair.
“Don’t say that in front of Kurt! You know how he gets…” Krist put a hand on Dave’s shoulder.
“I can fucking hear you guys,” Kurt said bluntly, lighting a cigarette.
“You guys are gonna do awesome. I’m gonna go to the audience with (F/N), you guys need to focus. Good luck!”
“Bye, Kurt.” (F/N) quickly pecked him on the cheek. She suddenly blushed and whispered something quickly in his ear before (Y/N) could pull her away with her. Kurt’s nervous, pale expression turned into a devious smirk.
“Break a leg, Krist!” (F/N) blew Krist a kiss. The tall man tried his best to suppress his rage.
When (Y/N) and (F/N) finally shoved their way to the front, The band was nearly done. (Y/N) decided to use the time while they were waiting to discuss important matters with (F/N). Of course, how could a serious discussion happen without Keith Morris screaming a few feet away?


“I know about David and the contract.” (Y/N) went straight to the point.
“What? How did you even find out about that?” (F/N) looked shocked.
“I’m sorry, (F/N). I eavesdropped on you guys when Sid took you to that sketchy room. I got really worried and just happened to overhear…” (Y/N) looked apologetic.
“No, you were right to be worried. I’m usually in some kind of trouble.” (F/N) shrugged. “Anyway, how much did you hear?”
“I couldn’t make out some of it, but I heard the important parts.” She replied.
“Well then, you know how much trouble I’m in. I can’t believe David is doing this to me. That’s just not what love is.” (F/N) said, exasperated.
“Kurt and I talked and we’re gonna get you out of it. Do you know where the contract is? Is it like a physical thing?” (Y/N) asked.
“Yes, he carries it around with him like it's his prized possession.” (F/N) frowned. “He’s got one in this little locked box, he put it in there after showing it to me.” She recalled.
“Knowing him, there’s probably more than one copy. If you want to beat a Bowie, you’ve gotta think like a Bowie.” (Y/N) thought out loud. “But how do we find it?”
“I don’t know…” (F/N) lent against the stage.
As Black Flag made their way off the stage, Nirvana came bouncing in almost immediately. They were sure to deliver a high energy performance. The crowd cheered as they saw the matching shirts, and moshed along to the intro to Nirvana’s newest song; Blandest. The girls hollered as loud as they could, gassing up the boys as much as possible.
“Do you mind? I’m pretty sure they can hear you. You’re right in front of the stage, you almost pushed me over to get here.” A man with extremely curly hair and nice eyeliner looked a little upset.
“Fuck off, those are my BOYS,” (Y/N) yelled before turning around. “You can- oh! Hello…” She said as she saw the man’s face.
“Hey, pretty lady.” He smiled at her.
“Hey. You’re fine as hell.” (Y/N) was pretty dazed.
“(Y/N), you just met him!” (F/N) sighed.
“I’m just letting him know he’s hot, alright? Can a girl not do that?” (Y/N) threw her arms up in the air.
“The name’s Marc. Nice to meet you, darling.” He laughed. “I’m sorry, did I hear something about my friend? His name is David Bowie.” Marc said.
“Oh, yeah. We’re just having a bit of trouble with him.” (Y/N) replied.
“I bet I can help. We’ve been mates for quite some time, trust me when I say that I know that man through and through.” Marc said with a kind smile. (F/N) looked hesitant, but (Y/N) was confident that she could trust this man with her life.
“So what happened, is that your friend got her drunk and forced her-”
“To sign a contract? That’s right, I actually heard him talking about it. He never told me, but I have an idea of what went on. I’m so sorry for all this trouble,” Marc looked down.
“What do we do?” (Y/N) looked worried.
“I know for a fact that he has exactly two copies, I overheard him discussing it with his lawyer. He handed me this letter earlier and told me to give it to a man in a navy blue suit. Do you think I should open it?” Marc pulled it out. “It might give you guys a clue on where it could be!”
“Yes! I love drama.” (Y/N) watched intently as Marc opened the envelope, a note falling by her feet. As she looked closer, she saw what it was. The second contract.
“No. Fucking. Way.” (Y/N) picked up the crisp paper. “It looks like it’s the original copy too.” She pointed at (F/N)'s sloppy signature.
“He must really trust you, Marc.” She said.
“I’m just glad I could help you. He’s a great guy, he’s a bit out of his mind.” He replied.
“Now, that we have this copy, we’ve got to get to the other one. Any ideas, Marc?” (Y/N) gave him a flirty smile. He blushed.
“Well, I could help you go up to that room and crack open the box,” Marc said. “(F/N) should probably stay here, because he’ll be watching her like a hawk when he gets back. I’m not entirely sure where he ran off too, but he sure was in a rush.” He added.
“Okay, sounds like a plan.” (F/N) said. The girls nodded at each other.
“That’s right, we can use (F/N) as a distraction while we both go get the contract. We just need to wait and make sure David is here.” (Y/N) said.
“Alright, keep an eye out.” Marc began scanning the bar.


Nirvana had an amazing performance, with kurt leaping into the drumset afterward. There were some whispers of what a tough act that would be to follow. They left the stage, krist blowing a kiss and Dave curtsying.
The next person to step on stage was a man wearing a jockstrap and a leather jacket along with his band. He didn’t waste any time doing crowd work.
“Are there any girls out there that like to suck cock? Any girls who like to suck cock raise your hands.” He yelled into the mic. (F/N) and (Y/N) looked at each other, but no hands went up.
“Come on gals. This is- Oh, no. We don’t care about the guys. Cause then I’d be raising my hand too.” He said as a boy in the back raised his hand.
“No, hold on, don’t play yet.” He instructed the guitarist. “Come on! You’re all fuckin’ lying, we know you suck cock once in a while. Alright, alright. Well, the guys just know who to take home tonight. I mean, really! I saw a kid here saying ‘Oh, GG’s an ignorant motherfucker.’ Alright, I’m ignorant. But I like to fuck, I like to drink, I like to suck cock who gives a FUCK!” He screamed.
The band began a fast-paced song as everyone got into the groove and moshed. Meanwhile, (F/N) and (Y/N) decided to go backstage to congratulate the boys on their outstanding performance.
“Hang on, I see David! He’s further back, but I see his orange hair!” Mac shouted over GG Alin burping into the mic. He put a hand on (Y/N)'s shoulder to stop her.
“Oh, there he is! Now’s our chance! He’s invested in a conversation with that guy.” (Y/N) pointed to another man in a suit. “(F/N), stay right here by the stage. We’ll be fast, I promise. We can congratulate the boys later.” (F/N) nodded, a bit of fear in her eyes.
(Y/N) and Marc quickly made their way to the staircase, trying hard to not be seen by David. It seemed to be easy, however, since he was consumed in the conversation with the man in a suit. Marc grabbed (Y/N)'s hand to prevent them from getting separated in the thrashing mass of bodies.
They rushed up the stairs and finally reached the second level of the bar; a balcony that surrounded the interior, so that someone standing there could look at the stage from a higher angle. There were a few couples making out, and some record label representatives strolling about, but for the most part, the area was empty.


“That’s the door, let’s go!” Marc pulled (Y/N) into the room farthest away from the stairs. He peeked in slowly, making sure no one was inside. He made a motion with his hand for her to come in, then put his finger to his lips.
“We’ve got to be quiet! Come on, I think I might know where it is.” He crept towards the desk.
Opening a few drawers, he found a small metal box with a lock.
“This is it!” He said enthusiastically.
“Great, now we just have to unlock it.” (Y/N) sighed.
So they began trying different combinations. They tried David’s birthday, (F/N)'s birthday, their own birthdays, just a bunch of birthdays because they honestly had no clue.
“So what exactly are you and your friend doing here? Are you from around here?” He asked casually while (Y/N) was wandering around the room.
“No, we’re from a small town. We came in because our friends were performing at this bar. They’re Nirvana.” (Y/N) explained.
“Oh, that’s pretty groovy. I’m in a band too! Well, it’s my side thing. I work at a dispensary. But I hope we can really make it big one day. We all moved here for that.” He smiled. “Nirvana was definitely one of my favorites tonight. Let them know I can hook them up with anything they need if they come back to the city.”
“Thanks, Marc, that’s really sweet.” (Y/N) smiled back. She hopped onto the desk, now closer to him.
“Let me try this combination… Can I have your number?” He slipped nonchalantly.
“Sure!” She told him her phone number. Marc blushed and seemed a bit flustered, but was happy she didn’t decline.
“Ugh, nothing’s working. I guess I’ll just have to break into it.” (Y/N) searched for something she could use as a hammer. She finally found a cast iron skillet in the back of a closet.
“Alright, stand back.” She prepared to swing. Marc caught her arm. Walking closer, he held up her chin.
“I never thought a woman holding a frying pan like that could turn me on like you just did.” He whispered.
“You aren’t joking?”
“No. And every time I look into your eyes, I find myself falling deeper into them.” He said, getting closer.
“That’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me…” (Y/N) closer her eyes as Marc kissed her.
After making out for a couple of minutes, (Y/N) pulled away.
“Okay, Marc. Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m going to smash this stupid box, and we’ll get the contract, burn it, spread the ashes over this desk and then you’ll fuck me over them.” She said bluntly.
“Oh! I- Of course! I want to do nothing but that!” Marc blushed intensely at her forwardness.
(Y/N) swung the skillet down with as much force as she could muster. The box immediately dented. Two more swings and the lock was in shambles, and the top hanging on by a single hinge.
Sure enough, the second contract was inside. They both smiled at each other, (Y/N) pulling out the paper and her lighter. She held the fire to the paper, it catching fire quickly.
“This is the end of David’s big, fat, smelly hands holding my friend hostage,” (Y/N) whispered as black bits of the paper fell onto the desk. Marc spread them around, making sure they were fine dust. When the paper was done burning and the ashes were smeared a good amount, the pair looked at each other.
“I know I’ve just met you, but I feel like I’ve known you my whole life…” Marc spoke sweetly as (Y/N) put her arms around his neck. They wasted no time getting down and dirty on the nasty desk.
The pair quickly began to hear a bit of commotion coming from the main stage area of the bar. More than was normal.
“Should we go see what it is?” (Y/N) whispered to Marc.
“Let’s check it out. We can always pick up where we left off.” He wiggled his eyebrows. (Y/N) shoved his playfully as they walked to the door.

(F/N) stood terrified, watching (Y/N) and Marc walk briskly towards the staircase. Leaning her on her elbows against the stage, she sighed nervously. GG Alin’s yelling and the aggressive dancing around her did not help with her stress.
“I hope they can get the contract out before David finds them…” She whispered.
“What was that, babes?” Someone rubbed up behind her.
“Hey, what the fuck?!” She spun around to face him. It was none other than Sid Vicious.
“Oh, don’t act like you don’t like it, you slag.” He smiled.
“I mean, I’m just not in the mood now. A lot of stuff is happening.” (F/N) frowned.
“Oh yeah? Like what?” Sid faked concern.
“It’s none of your business, that’s what!” (F/N) yelled over GG.
“Well alright then, can’t argue with a girl that’s so forward. You reckon we could have a shag later, though?” He asked.
“Yeah, sure. Why not?” She shrugged.
“That’s the spirit.” He smiled suggestively, leaning one arm on the stage while awfully close to her.
“What’s going on here?” A stern voice interrupted the pairs foul-mouthed conversation. (F/N)'s eyes widened. David Bowie stood in front of them, glaring at Sid.
“What do you want, you nob?” Sid sneered at him.
“What are you doing with her?”
“What’s it got to do with you? Just having a chat with this bird.”
“I thought I told you to stay away from her? Was I not clear enough?” David narrowed his eyes.
“Don’t remember, don’t care. Why’s this one off-limits, anyway?” Sid lit a cigarette. “Is her snatch made of gold or some shit?”
“She’s mine, Sid. We spoke about this.” David growled. Sid snorted in response.
“That’s funny.” He put her arm around (F/N)'s waist. “How about that shag we were talkin’ about?”
“I mean it’s better than dealing with David’s shit right now…” (F/N) thought as she complied, completely forgetting about the “distracting David” plan her friends had come up with.
As Sid led her away, he was suddenly shoved forwards. He turned around to cuss the person out but was met with a punch to the face from David.
“Don’t touch her, you piece of shit!” David yelled.
“Oh, you’re asking for it, pretty boy!” Sid wiped the blood from his nose.


They began swinging at each other, the fighting only enhanced by the music and moshers. (F/N) stood frozen, covering her mouth in shock. A couple bystanders got involved, some throwing in their own punches and kicks while others tried to unsuccessfully hold the fighters back. People were shouting, some kid began yelling “No bev?!” for no apparent reason, and it was getting bad. It looked like Sid was winning, which was unsurprising because while spindly, he was quite a tough guy. There was a group of people beating the shit out of each other and all (F/N) could do was watch.
All hell broke loose when GG Alin (loving all the chaos) decided to take a dump on stage. People screamed as he squatted and put the microphone up to his ass. (F/N) saw Dave briefly peek from around the corner to see what all the fuss was about, and quickly duck back to wherever he came from when a piece of GG’s shit sailed over the crowd. More shrieks echoed throughout the bar, people running for their lives and others rooted on the spot. The brawlers were still going, not holding back a single bit.


“It feels good, you fucking pussies!” GG screamed into the mic, the band not even batting an eye at what was happening.
Looking up, (F/N) saw (Y/N) and Marc peering over the balcony with a horrified look on their faces.
“Come on, get out of there! What are you waiting for?” (Y/N) mouthed to (F/N), motioning for her to hurry towards the exit. Nodding, (F/N) quickly made a break for it as GG threw himself into the fight, beating people over the head with his mic. She suddenly tripped, feeling herself getting pulled into the swarming mass of fighters. Someone was pulling her foot! She screamed, trying to wrench free. She suddenly felt (Y/N) and Marc grab hold of her arms and pull, causing her to lose one of her heels.
“We’ve gotta go, we’ve gotta go!” (Y/N) screeched tugging her towards the exit.
“It seems we’ve overstayed our welcome!” Marc shouted.
“WHAT ABOUT KURT?!” (F/N) wailed, mascara streaming down her cheeks.
“Are you shitting me? You’re going to get your shit rocked if you go back there!” (Y/N) tried to reason with her, but (F/N) was in hysterics. She threw off her other heel and sprinted to the backstage area.
“Come on (Y/N), we’ve got to leave! The man will come any minute!” Marc was worried.
“Well we can’t just leave (F/N)!”
“What do we do?”
“Let’s just wait outside, I’m sure she’ll be fine.”
They turned and ran past Ian, who stood at the main entrance holding the door open.
“Thank you, have a pleasant evening. Thank you for coming, have a pleasant evening, come again,” He spoke in his monotone voice at any horrified guest who ran out the door.
A couple of minutes passed while (Y/N) waited anxiously for (F/N) to emerge. Finally, the girl burst out of the bar, right heel in one hand, Kurt’s hand in the other. She was bruised, had a mystery stain on the hip of her dress and was missing an eyelash, but overall was completely unharmed. Behind them, Krist and Dave walked with utterly confused expressions.
“Oh, thank god!” (Y/N) ran and hugged her friends. “You’re all okay.”
“What the fuck happened in there?” Kurt asked.
“Hurricane Bowie.” (F/N) replied, shaking her head.
“David did that?”
“Yeah, he just started beating the shit out of Sid. He was so angry…” (F/N) recalled. “And then GG pooped on the stage and started throwing it, and it like hit someone’s face and splattered, and I tried to run but someone grabbed my foot and, oh god-” She covered her face with her hands.
“It’s okay (F/N), you are safe now.” (Y/N) patted her head. “The contract has been burned! And the other one,” She took out the envelope. “Will be burned right now!”
She set it ablaze with her lighter, and (F/N) and Kurt cheered.
“You never have to see that fucking bastard ever again.” Kurt embraced (F/N) as she cried.
“What do you say, gang? Let’s go home.” (Y/N) smiled. Everyone nodded in agreement.
“What about me, darling?” Marc spoke up from beside (Y/N).
“Oh, right. Do you want to come with us?” She asked. “We live like 2 hours away if we drive fast but 4 if we go the limit.”
“Sure, why not! You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve laid my eyes upon.” He smiled.
“Uh… Why’s the dwarf talking to you like that (Y/N)?” Krist scratched his head.
“Who are you calling a dwarf?!” Marc was taken aback.
“Are you stupid or something? You’re the dwarf.” Krist laughed. “And now your new name is dopey.”
Marc turned red.
“Krist, be nice. It’s okay, Marc. He doesn’t bite. He’s just a little grouchy.” (Y/N) patted Krist’s cheek.
“Oh, before I forget. Did you give Sid that package Donald wanted us to give him?” (Y/N) asked.
“I forgot! Damn it. Let me see if it’s in here.” Krist rummaged through a large suitcase he had carried out with him when they were fleeing.
“Here it is!” He held up the slightly crumpled box. It looked like Kurt had scrawled “Sit on it, fuckface” on one of the sides.
“Hang on, I’ll go give it to him.”
“Krist, I don’t know if that’s a great idea-” (Y/N) started.
“HEY SID!” Krist hollered through the open door.
“FUCK OFF!” Sid’s muffled voice came through the door.
“CATCH!” Krist threw the box with all his might, and it zoomed through the door like a baseball during a home run. There were a few crashes heard from inside.
“I think I hit the bartender. Oops!” Krist shrugged.
Dave left to get the car while the rest of the gang waited on the sidewalk. Soon, the police pulled up and began taking people out of the bar. Sid was one of the first, and he struggled as they pushed him into the car. The second to come out in handcuffs was David, who caught sight of (F/N) almost immediately.
“There you are my dear! I know what you did… You destroyed the agreements!” He yelled. (F/N) froze up again.
“I just want you to know, we aren’t over! You won’t forget about me! I’ll find you again, and again, and again. We aren’t in Wonderland anymore, Alice! Total paranoia is total AWARENESS! I love you, honey-sugar pie!” He screamed as he was put in the other car.
“Et tu, Brute?!” He yelled at Marc as the door was slammed shut.
Safe to say, everyone was shaken up after that.


Thanking Ian for the short stay and promising to come back to play another show, they packed up the car and started on the road back home. There weren’t enough seats, so (F/N) courageously volunteered herself to sit in Kurt’s lap as he drove the car. Krist got the passenger seat, Dave the seat behind Kurt, (Y/N) and Marc beside him sucking face. Luckily the radio was turned up.

Chapter Text

Darkness falls across the land

The midnight hour is close at hand

Creatures crawl in search of blood

To terrorize y'alls neighborhood…


It had been a few months since the gang traveled to the Big City. They had hoped to escape the constant drama that was always present in their lives, but it unfortunately made its way into the city with them. Yet Nirvana managed to get a couple of interviews for record labels, and everyone did generally have a good time. 

Halloweek was now upon everyone, and the (now senior) girls found it as an excuse to dress as slutty as possible. They began discussing everyone’s costume plans while getting ready.

“I wonder what everyone is dressing up as!” (F/N) exclaimed, packing eyeshadow on her eyelid.

“I heard Roger is going as a zombie doctor! Whew…” (Y/N) fanned herself. “He’s gonna look so hot!”

“He does have a nice six-pack, I’ll give him that.” (F/N) agreed.

“Okay, he just texted me that he’s 5 minutes away. Are you all done?” (Y/N) grabbed her bag.


“Alright, let’s do this!”


(Y/N) stepped outside. It was freezing! Good thing the party wasn’t outside. She quickly ran and hopped in the passenger seat of Roger’s car. (F/N) hopped in the back.

“Hello, ladies.” Roger smiled. “(Y/N), you look gorgeous. Are you making a political statement?” He asked. 

“Yea, I’m sexy Donald Trump!” (Y/N) smiled.

“Never thought I’d want to fuck the Donald…” 

“So, where’s the party?” (F/N) asked.

“It’s two towns over. They were having a Halloween concert and my mates decided to go, so naturally, I’m going. They’ll have to let me in with a girl on each arm!” He laughed.

“I’m not going on your arm, you asshat.” (F/N) crossed her arms.

“Suit yourself! Good luck getting in without my hunk body.” Roger flexed while holding the wheel.

They finally reached a large, yet old and musty looking house. Music could be heard blasting and some people were on the lawn hanging out. It didn’t look too crazy. 

“Let’s go get in.” Roger pulled (Y/N) out of the car, leaving (F/N) to fend for herself. They approached the door, and Roger knocked on it hesitantly. A short king opened it.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Roger and (Y/N). We’re here for the show.” 

“Cool, where’s your ticket?”

“We need tickets?” Roger and (Y/N) looked at each other, panicked.

“It’s okay, they’re with me.” A muffled voice came from behind them. It was a large barney costume. When the man inside took off the head, it revealed a mess of blonde hair and a scruffy smile. (F/N), as always, clinging onto his arm.

“Look who I found!” (F/N) giggled.

“Hey, you’re the bloke I played for not long ago!” Roger clapped Kurt’s barney arm.

“Uh, yeah… What’s up?” Kurt seemed to not remember. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We thought it would be fun to go to a Halloween party outside of town. Y’know, meet some new people… Get some new dick…” (Y/N) explained. Roger looked a bit surprised.

“You guys’ costumes are sick. Love yours, man.” Kurt said to Roger as they entered the house. He walked a bit away from the group before turning around.

“Normally I’d say Playboy is demeaning and misogynistic, but how could I say no to that?!” Kurt looked (F/N) up and down, cigarette casually hanging from his mouth. (F/N)'s eyes went wide with embarrassment. He flashed a smile before mouthing “Meet me backstage later” and disappearing into the swarming people.

Roger turned to (Y/N).

“Well, it was lucky for us that Kurt was here…” He laughed awkwardly. 

“Yeah, or we would have been stuck outside and have come all the way here for nothing.” (Y/N) looked annoyed.

“Well, uh…” Roger was sweating nervously, zombie makeup melting off slightly. “Why don’t I get you something to drink!” He disappeared into the crowd along with Kurt.

“What a jackass. He can’t even own up to his mistakes.” (F/N) flipped her hair arrogantly.

“He’s not that bad! He’s awesome in bed. And an intern at the UCC, so he’s not the worst person to fall for.” (Y/N) stayed positive. “What can we do around here that’s fun. We don’t really know anyone here…” She changed the subject. As if on cue, Jimmy crashed into (Y/N).

“Whoa! (Y/N)?! Crazy to meet you here, huh?!” He stuttered out. He looked incredibly frantic.

“Jimmy? What the shit are you doing here?” (Y/N) was baffled. A tall man stormed out from the place Jimmy had ran out from. It was impossible to mistake his leather jacket and flowing hair for anyone else. 

“This dickhead was spying on you! He was watching you from the second you came in here. I kept an eye on him for you.” Jim spit out. Jimmy looked absolutely embarrassed. 

“I didn’t mean anything by it! I just wanted to make sure it was really you, I doubted that you’d come all the way out here just for a Halloween concert party thing…” Jimmy explained quickly.

“Oh. Well, yeah. It’s me!” (Y/N) helped him up. She turned to Jim. “You’ve really gotta stop jumping to conclusions like this, Jim. That’s really not cool. I see you haven’t changed much after all this time.” 

Jim put a hand over his heart. “I’m just lookin’ out for you, doll! I don’t mean anything by it.” 

“Good, because I’m sure Jimmy was being pretty harmless.” (Y/N) crossed her arms. (F/N) was behind her, ready to back her up and staring daggers at Jim.

“By the way, I like your costume! You’re way prettier than all the girls here!” Jimmy complimented (Y/N) sincerely. 

“Yeah! I was going to say that too! You look stunning, (Y/N).” Jim glared at Jimmy.

“I’m a zombie!” Jimmy said happily.

“I’M A ZOMBIE TOO,” Jim said through ground teeth.

“Jim, I don’t see any makeup on you… Or any features that at all look like a zombie’s.” (Y/N) squinted. 

“I don’t know what to tell you. I’m a zombie.” Jim shrugged, lifting up his bangs. Sure enough, he had “ZOMBIE” Scrawled poorly on his forehead.

“Okay, I can’t argue with that.” (Y/N) sighed.

“(Y/N), do you want a drink? Come get something with me!” Jimmy invited.

“No, she’s coming with me! Right, (Y/N)? I dated her for six months, which is longer than you ever could considering you’ve never even had se-” (Y/N) slapped a hand over his mouth before he could finish. 

“Don’t. You. Dare.” She furrowed her brows. Jim smiled under her hand.

“You’re hot when you get mad.” 

“For fuck’s sake.”

As the discourse showed no signs of stopping, (F/N) slunk away into the shadows of the party.



(F/N) had made her way to the punch bowl to get herself a drink. Seeing the mystery red liquid, she shuddered. Remembering the night Jimmy got drugged was enough to turn her away from the bowl. She grabbed a can of beer and made a beeline for the empty couch in the back of the room.

She was suddenly not in the party mood. Her bunny tail seemed to lose its fluff and ears drooped as she sat with her drink. She listened to the band on stage with a bored expression, eventually escaping into her own thoughts.

“Sometimes I feel invisible…” She frowned, leaning back into the cushions of the couch.

She began to feel someone staring at her. Scanning the area lazily with just her eyes, her gaze stopped on a rather tall man with wavy blonde hair, a bit of a goatee, and a maroon bathrobe watching her from over his shoulder. Despite it being clear that she caught him looking, the guy maintained eye contact while smiling slightly and giving her a nod.

“Ugh, what a creep.” She blushed, crossing her legs. It wasn’t long before she felt the couch dip beside her.

“Hey.” She turned to see the man sitting in a wide-legged position, leaning on the back of the couch with a beer in his hand. 

“I saw you starin’ at me. I’m Layne.” He introduced himself.

“You’re the one who was staring at me! It creeped me out.” (F/N) was slightly buzzed and rather forward from the beer.

“Oh!” Layne laughed. “I didn’t mean it like that. I just didn’t expect to see such a pretty girl alone here.” He fidgeted nervously. “Also, you’re like my other half.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! Are you proposing to me or something?” (F/N) looked confused.

“Wha- no! It’s our costumes, I’m Hugh Hefner and you’re a playboy bunny,” Layne explained awkwardly. “See?” He pointed to his bathrobe and pulled out a smoking pipe.

“Oh! Yeah, I get it.” (F/N) laughed.

“I lost my hat somewhere, I honestly don’t know where it went.” Layne shrugged.

“Anyway, I never got your name?” (F/N) barely noticed as he moved a bit closer to her.

“I’m (F/N).” She replied.

“Pretty name for a pretty lady, huh? It’s like a flower!” He smiled. 

“So what are you doing here? Just having a good time or…?” She asked slowly.

“My band’s playing, we’re called ‘Alice In Chains’”. I think we’re going up at some point in the middle.” He said.

“Oh cool! What kind of music do you play?” (F/N) began to get interested.

“Mostly grunge…” Layne admitted hesitantly. “I’m not sure if chicks like you dig that though, its mostly the rockers that score with girls.” He laughed.

“Well, I like grunge! And I like rock too, I can get down to anything, really.” (F/N) said enthusiastically

“Oh, I like the sound of that, sweetheart…” Layne’s voice got at least two octaves lower.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” She yelped, covering her mouth.

“I know, I’m just playin’ with you. Are you from around here?” He drank some of his beer.

“No, I’m from two towns over. We’re pretty big on music and stuff, we have concerts a lot.”

“Is it (hometown), by any chance?” He asked.

“It is!”

“Sweet, my friend’s band is from there. Ever heard of Nirvana?”

“No way! They’re some of my best friends! They’re performing tonight, too.” (F/N) said excitedly. “And I did it with the Kurt a bunch.” She added shyly.

“Oh, so you weren’t kidding about all that getting down, huh? You’re so funny, pretending to be shy and shit. Don’t worry, I like them experienced…” Layne teased. His leg brushed up against hers as he was manspreading to the point where most of the couch was taken up by him. (F/N) could only squeak in response.

“Aw, sorry. I’m such a dick.” He laughed. “I just can’t help myself.”


(F/N) found herself in a better mood the more time she spent with Layne. He seemed like a genuine guy who was laid-back and sweet. It had been a while since she met someone who made her laugh so hard.

“I was standing in the checkout line, and this dude just keeps ripping ass! In his Mickey Mouse costume!” Layne was eagerly retelling a crazy story. “And the icing on the fucking cake is that there was a kid behind him, and he started gagging because it smelled so bad!” 

As they both laughed hysterically, (F/N) (somewhat buzzed from the beer) slowly slumped into Layne and proceeded to lay across his lap. He froze, not knowing what to do. Noticing him tense, (F/N) let out a snort.

“You sure talk a lot to then not do anything when I’m right in your lap.” She laughed playfully. “I’ll just chill here to get back at you for earlier.” 

“Well, uh… I mean I’m not complaining, but-”

“Oh god, do you have a boner?” (F/N) faked a gasp.

“What, no- sorry, I-” he stuttered.

“Relax, I’m just playin’ with you, big guy.” She decided to plant her ass on his groin. 

“Jeez...” He exhaled sharply. “You can’t just do tha-”


“Am I interrupting something?” (Y/N) stood in front of the pair with a can of beer in her hand and two tall boys gawking from behind her.

“Nope!” (F/N) replied.

“Are you seriously grinding on some random guy you just met?” (Y/N) sighed. “You literally just criticized my choice in guys.”

“This isn’t a random guy, though! It’s Layne!” (F/N) whined.

“Who the hell is that?!” 

“Nice to meet you, ma’am.” Layne held out his hand for (Y/N) to shake. “May I please have permission for your daughter to sit on my dick?” (F/N) almost fell from laughing.

“What- no! And nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N). Not her mom, I just keep her from doing dumb shit.” She shook his hand.

“Don’t worry, ma’am! (F/N)'s in good hands.” Layne saluted her.

“Alright, don’t do anything with her. She’s kind of drunk, I think.” (Y/N) waved a hand in front of (F/N)'s face, who was sleepily leaning her head on the man’s shoulder at this point.

“I’ll be right back.” (Y/N) set her beer down next to the couch. “ You two. Watch them like hawks until I come back.” She ordered Jimmy and Jim, who eagerly nodded.

“What’s their deal?” Layne asked (F/N).

“In love with her…” She mumbled into the crook of his neck.

“Oh…” He understood. Meanwhile, Jim and Jimmy were staring at the two with very wide eyes like crackheads.



(Y/N) made her way to the bathroom through the sea of people. There weren't many signs, being that it was someone’s house, so finding one proved to be pretty difficult. After wandering for a bit, she found a closed door that looked like it could be a bathroom.

“Should I really risk it? You never know what’s behind a door at a party.” She thought. After a couple internal battles, (Y/N) decided she had nothing to lose. She pushed it open.

“Whoa!” A familiar curly-haired boy stood surprised in front of her. 

“Marc? What are you doing here?” (Y/N) questioned. “And why do you have a pumpkin?” 

“I was just carving it in here away from all the commotion! I wanted to make a bong, but then I realized it was too heavy so I’m getting all the pulp out to make pumpkin pie.” Marc held up the pumpkin.

“You know, it’s sad because that’s the most normal thing that happened today.” (Y/N) shuffled in and sat on the toilet. 

“That’s just wacky. I’m here with one of my friends, he used to live nearby and we came back to reunite with old friends. I didn’t think I’d see you here!” Marc smiled.

“Me neither. I’m glad we ran into each other, though.” She smiled back.

“Do you maybe want to go to my band’s van? We drove it here and it’s really bangin’.” Marc asked hopefully.

“Sounds like fun!” She replied. 


Marc took hold of her hand and pulled her through the party. They walked past the stage, where Kurt was hollering into the mic. Krist gave Marc the stink eye, but (Y/N) blew him a kiss which made him turn red and look away. They then passed the couch, where (F/N) was passed out on Layne and the other two boys were still watching them intently. Marc and (Y/N) snuck by unnoticed.

The van was a soft purple color and a Volkswagen, much like Kelso’s from That 70’s Show. Inside were fairy lights, incense, candles and lots of pillows. A portable record player was off to one side, with some 70s psychedelic rock playing quietly. Marc jumped into the back and offered (Y/N) his hand. She took it and they were soon jamming to some music. 

“Would you like some? It’s lemon haze.” Marc handed (Y/N) a joint.

“Sure!” She said as he lit it for her. She started feeling the effects quickly, movements getting slow and sluggish.

“I’m so glad I met you, Marc. I feel like I can actually have a conversation with you.” She leaned on his shoulder.

“I know what you mean. I feel the same way about you…” He whispered as they looked at the stars.

“Do you think there are aliens up there?” She pointed at the night sky.

“Definitely. Look at how many little specks are up there. I’d be surprised if little purple people weren’t walking around somewhere.” He said.

“I think so too…”

“And maybe they’ll invent interplanetary travel. We could visit those aliens, and they would think we’re the coolest people around since we’re the only humans they’ve ever seen. You’d be my planet queen…” Marc leaned closer to (Y/N).

“Sure, planet King,” (Y/N) said, closing the gap and kissing him. The two wasted no time regaining the passion they had for each other the nights in the summer.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you,” Marc admitted. “Not a day has passed where I haven’t remembered our time together. It’s inspired me to write so many songs…” 

“Really? I’ve never had a guy write a song about me…” (Y/N) whispered softly.

“Here, I’ll play you something right now.’ Marc picked up a guitar that was laying around in the van. He strummed it gently and began picking words.

“The planet queen… perchance to dream… She used my head like an exploder… The planet queen…” He sang softly. (Y/N) was amazed and entranced.

He sang a few verses on the fly, and it sounded pretty good! (Y/N) couldn’t contain her excitement.

“That was awesome, Marc! You’re really talented, I’m serious. That sounded like a song that could get popular!” (Y/N) gushed.

“Hey, thanks doll. Means a lot coming from you. You hang around with lots of musicians.” He leaned back into the pillows, getting closer to where she was.

“Huh, I totally do! I didn’t even really notice…” (Y/N) said thoughtfully as Marc kissed her neck. “Do you have protection, by the way?” She asked.

“Of course, baby!” He pulled a condom out of his pocket.

“Perfect. Carry on!”



(F/N) suddenly snorted awake. She was still on the couch, still in Layne’s lap, with Jim and Jimmy still staring at them. Noticing that Nirvana was no longer on stage, she quickly sat up.

“Oh no! I totally slept through that! And Kurt told me to meet him backstage earlier. How the fuck did I fall asleep?!” She felt around for her bunny ears. Upon finding them, she threw them on into her messy hair.

She looked around to Layne, who was asleep as well, sprawled out on the couch, sunglasses obscuring his eyes. 

“Ugh, fuck. I’ve gotta wake him up.” She straddled him and took hold of his shoulders.

“Wake up, Mistah Layne! You’ve gotta get up! Wakeupwakeupwakeup!” She shook him gently. He woke up with a snort.

“Wha- who the fuck- Oh hello…” He smiled.

“Good morning! Come on, we have to go see Kurt.” She pulled him up.

“We have to go eat corn?” He mumbled, still half asleep.

“Motherfuck- close enough,” (F/N) replied.

The two shoved their way to a basement entrance area behind the stage, Jim and Jimmy still left at the couch. They had no way of knowing if that was “backstage”, so they shrugged and descended anyway. 

The basement was just as lively as the party upstairs, only with people being productive. Some were rehearsing on instruments, some smoking or drinking like it was their job, and others networking. (F/N) spotted Kurt with his bandmates in the far corner of the room and motioned for Layne to come with her. She managed to push her way to him.

“Hey! I drank like one sip of the beer and passed out on the couch. I heard you performing, though! It sounded great, as usual.” She smiled at him. “And also, this is Layne! He says he knows you!” She stepped back to let the boys see each other.

“Oh! hey, Layne! Haven’t seen you for a while, how’ve you been?” Kurt shook Layne’s hand.

“Really good, brother! Outstanding performance. Let’s see if it can top ours!” He smiled, but it was impossible to see what he was actually thinking due to the sunglasses.

“We’ll see!” Kurt said as their grip on their handshake didn’t loosen. “And how exactly did you meet (F/N)?”

“Funny story actually- I saw this hot mama sittin’ all by herself and I had to go keep her company,” Layne put his arm around (F/N)'s waist and pulled her to him. 

“Oh, did you?” Kurt narrowed his eyes almost unnoticeably. (F/N) began to get stressed from the strange tension.

“Kurt, where the fuck did you go?” A deep-voiced girl with choppy bleached hair appeared beside the group.

“I- Oh, thanks.” He took a can of beer from the girl.

“What the fuck are you doing, talking to this skank?” She pointed at (F/N). “And this blind dude?” She pointed at Layne.

“Who are you calling a skank?!” (F/N) put her hand on her hip.

“What the hell?! I’m not blind?!” Layne pushed his sunglasses up on his forehead, looking confused.

“Oh yeah, this is Courtney, you guys. We met by the keg over there.” Kurt introduced.

“Ok, cool… Anyway. Kurt, can you drive me home later? I lost my ride.” (F/N) asked.

“What, is he like your boyfriend or something?” Courtney sneered, hanging off Kurt’s shoulder.

“Well, I mean. No, not officially, I guess-” 

“That’s what I thought. I couldn’t ever imagine Kurt with a dumb bitch like you.” Courtney laughed.

“Jeez, Kurt. Why’re you hanging out with her?” (F/N) shot Kurt a confused look.

“Don’t worry, she’s joking. She’s always this vulgar.”

“Kurt, you’ve known her for like 20 minutes, tops.”

“I mean, I feel like it doesn’t really matter how long you know someone for. You could know them for years, and then find them fucking your worst enemy.” He glared at Layne.

“What, you think I fucked her?” Layne almost dropped his glasses.

“You didn’t have to rub it in my face for a second time, Staley.” Kurt’s voice was laced with venom.

“Slut.” Courtney mouthed at (F/N).

“You can’t be serious. What’s gotten into you? Why would you ever think that?” (F/N) was in utter shock.

Courtney whispered something in Kurt’s ear and he nodded.

“Alright, it was nice seeing you guys. Hope you have fun screwing each other in hell.” He pushed through the crowd and out of the basement, Courtney still on his arm. Krist and dave stared in shock as the pair left. (F/N) was visibly uncomfortable. When they saw her lip quiver, they abandoned their drinks and went to her side.

“Hey, you’re, uh- you’re not a skank! Or whatever that bitch called you! You’re a very modest lady.” Krist attempted to console her.

“Yeah, and I’m pretty sure Kurt’s not in his right mind. He did some pretty hard drugs before the performance and forgot how to act.” Dave reassured her.

“No, she’s right! Just look at me!” (F/N)'s eyes welled up with tears. “Look at my costume! Look at it!” She sobbed.

“Don’t mind if I do-”

“Shut up Layne, you’re not helping. You asshole.” Dave whispered aggressively. 

“I really don’t know how to deal with a crying female, I read online you’re supposed to give her chocolate and wait it out in a safe place? I don’t have either on hand so we’re pretty much fucked, though.” Krist was freaking out.

“Do you want my beer? Will that make you feel better?” Dave offered.

“NO! This whole thing happened because I got drunk and fell asleep!” She sobbed.

“Alright, that’s enough. Come on Barbie, let’s get you some fresh air.” Layne put an arm around (F/N)'s shoulders and led her away.

“Holy fucking shit.” Krist slumped down into the corner while running a hand through his hair.

“Holy fucking shit is right. Everything just got a billion times worse.” Dave sat down next to him.

“Where’s (Y/N) anyway? We could have totally used some of her female wisdom just now.” Krist asked.

“Beats me, man. I don’t know where anyone is these days.”



Layne led the crying girl into the alleyway between the partying house and the neighboring one. It was divided by an old chain-link fence, which had large holes every couple feet. (F/N) sat on the steps that led out to the alley and put her head in her hands.

“This sucks.” She sighed, collecting herself. 

“Yeah, I mean we never had more than a friendly rivalry. I did steal his girlfriend once, but I didn’t even know she was taken, I swear. That was a total accident.” Layne lit a cigarette. “Something was definitely up with him. And that Courtney chick was a total bitch.” He puffed out a cloud of smoke.

“Yeah, she was so nasty! I don’t think a girl has ever gotten on my nerves like that.” (F/N) leaned on her knees.

“She was just jealous cause you were prettier than her.” Layne laughed hoarsely.

“Aw, you don’t need to bring her down to make me feel better.” (F/N) sighed.

“Just tellin’ it like it is.” He shrugged.

“Ugh. You’d think you couldn’t get your whole night ruined in such a short amount of time.” She furrowed her brows.

“There’s still time to make it better!” Layne smiled, cigarette hanging in the corner of his mouth. “My band goes on in like an hour. We could thumb wrestle, I could show you some constellations, smoke a joint, or find something to eat. What do you want to do?”

“Why not just do all of it?” (F/N)'s face lit up with a smile.

“All that in an hour?” He asked.

“Yeah, totally! We just have to do it fast.” She held out her hand.

“One, two, three, four. I declare a thumb war!” They both began trying to pin each other’s thumbs. 

“No fair, your thumbs are really fat!”

“Genetic advantage!”



(Y/N) laid on Marc’s chest while he smoked a joint. The sex had definitely good and she felt a little sleepy. 

“Do you want to stay here for a while? We aren’t in a rush or anything.” Marc ran a hand through her hair. 

“Yeah, that would be nice.” (Y/N) closed her eyes. Yet when she closed them, she saw a person. Every time she blinked, the image of someone kept appearing. Them

laughing, smiling, looking back at (Y/N) while holding her hand. They kept coming like pages of pictures from a photo album. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t see who the figure was. Eventually, (Y/N) couldn’t take it anymore and sat up.

“What’s wrong?” Marc asked, sitting up as well.

“I keep-” She caught herself, looking at Marc. 

“He probably wouldn’t get it. I don’t know.” She thought.

“I have a really bad headache. Like super bad. I think I’m gonna go in and freshen up. Then head home for the night.” She smiled sadly.

“Are you sure? I could take you home!” He suggested.

“No, it’s really okay! You have to stay with your band. Don’t worry about me, Marc.” She kissed his cheek. 

“I’ll see you later.” She waved as she jumped out of the wagon. 


The party was only getting more wild, as someone had now ripped the faucet head from the sink, and water was spraying everywhere in the kitchen. The fridge had been thoroughly ransacked, pillows were missing from the couch and someone was hanging from a ceiling lamp in the living room like Eddie Vedder. (Y/N) made her way to the bathroom and shoved the door open for the second time that day.

Some dude was doing coke off the sink while behind him a pair were eating each other’s faces on the toilet. (Y/N) was not finding a different bathroom.

“Get the fuck out! Get out! Assholes, find somewhere else to do this shit!” She roared as they scampered out like rats. 


Shutting the door, she stared at herself in the mirror. The light in the room was dim from the one working lightbulb above the mirror. Splashing some water on her face, she looked into her eyes. She was so tired, emotionally exhausted. Not to mention high as hell. 

“What the hell is happening to me?” She gently rubbed her eyes, conscious of her makeup. Seeing the figure again, she stumbled back against the wall and groaned.

“What the hell?!”

There was a sudden rapid knock on the door. 


“Uh, can you open up, please? I really have to piss. Please?” A familiar voice called from the other side.

“Go away!” (Y/N) yelled, head in her hands. 


“Who the fuck is that?”

“Open the door, damn it!”

(Y/N) slowly cracked the door open. 


“Can I please take a whizz? I drank too much.” He pleaded.

“Alright, get in.” (Y/N) let him in and closed the door. “If I keep it open those kids will come back and start being nasty again.”

She sat on the ground while Krist did his business.

“Are you okay? I haven’t seen you this whole time?” He asked.

“I’m alright. I just needed to freshen up.” (Y/N) sighed.

“Oh, okay.” He continued pissing.

“Who am I kidding? I’m not fine. I’m really fucking not.” She stood up to look at herself in the mirror.

“I’m so tired. And drained. I thought that sleeping with people would replace being with someone, but it’s really made things worse. People can’t do casual sex, for some reason? If I sleep with someone, they immediately assume I’m in love with them. That’s such bullshit! I haven’t loved anyone since Jim! I feel like every guy has been a rebound since that, and it was like a fucking year ago! What is wrong with me?” (Y/N) voice got louder to the point where she was screaming at herself in the mirror.

“I NEED ANOTHER JOINT!” She yelled, slamming her fist into the mirror, shattering and cracking it.

“Fuck, (Y/N)! Come here.” Krist zipped his pants and grabbed her hand, inspecting it.

“Every time I close my eyes, I see someone!” (Y/N) was on the verge of tears. “And they’re laughing and smiling at me, but I don’t know who it is, I feel like I'm going crazy and-” The moment her hand made contact with Krist’s, she saw who the person was. 

“Oh my god.” She looked up at him.


“Thank you!” She hugged his torso. He gently patted her on the back.

“You’re welcome, you crazy. Give me your hand, so I can see how bad you’re bleeding.” He asked politely. (Y/N) slowly gave him her hand.

“Dang, Em. You really cut it deep. I think you might need stitches. Here let’s wash it off first. I’ll find some gauze or something to put pressure on it.” Krist turned on the sink. When she was all cleaned up, he grabbed a towel and wrapped her hand in it.

“We have to go to the hospital. I’ll take you, I just need the keys- Oh. Nevermind, he’s gone.” He whispered.

“What do you mean?” (Y/N) asked.

“A lot happened. I’ll tell you as soon as we find a ride. Do you know anyone who might have a car?” He looked into her eyes.

“Yes, but I really don’t want to drive with anyone. I don’t want to talk to anyone right now. I need my bed.” (Y/N) wiped a tear from her face.

“Oh no. Uh, Krist, she’s crying! Setup man!” He quietly spoke to himself as (Y/N) started hiccuping.

“Fuck, man! You’re farmin’ it, you’re farmin’ bro!” Krist whispered to himself frantically.

“Okay. Don’t worry, (Y/N). We’ll get you a ride and you can just sit in the back and not talk. It will be fine.” He led her out of the bathroom as she calmed down, clinging to his side.


As she walked, the room spun and faces became distorted. She hid her face in Krist’s arm and stopped walking. Smelling her fear, Krist stopped as well and leaned close to her ear to talk over the noise.

“Do you think you can walk the rest of the way?”

(Y/N) shook her head no.

“Alright, I’m gonna pick you up. Is that okay?” He asked.

(Y/N) shook her head yes. Krist carried her out of the door like baby.


They reached the front lawn where numerous cars were parked. Funny enough, more were parked on the actual lawn than the street in front. Many had doors swung open or were left at a strange angle. Krist set (Y/N) down on the porch.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

He took a lap around the cars before finding one and getting in. (Y/N) heard it start, and before long Krist had returned.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.” He led her to an old Vista Cruiser.


They hopped in and Krist immediately took off, trying to find the nearest hospital. By this point, (Y/N) had realized she was bleeding quite badly, the towel had begun to feel heavy.

“Sorry about this, Krist. I didn’t mean to freak out on you like that.” She said.

“Hey, don’t worry. I know the feeling, sometimes you just need to punch something really hard. Or break something.” He smiled reassuringly.

“I really appreciate that. You’re seriously one of a kind.” (Y/N) smiled back. He blushed. “So what happened with Kurt? Where’d he go?” 

“Well, it’s kind of a long story...”

“I’m listening.”

“I wasn’t really there for what happened, I was talking to Dave. But Kurt met this girl, Courtney earlier at the party. We didn’t see him for a while, but when he came back he was kind of different. I didn’t really think anything of it until he got mad at (F/N) and left with Courtney.” Krist recounted.

“What? He got mad at (F/N)?” (Y/N) was shocked.

“Yeah, he thought that… Uh.” Krist seemed a little uncomfortable. “He thought Layne fucked her. I really wasn’t there for it though, I just heard parts of that confrontation. (F/N) came up to Kurt with Layne and congratulated him, then Layne shook hands with him. You know how that dude is, he’s got a mouth on him. So he said something about (F/N), and Kurt got pissed. I mean, you could really see he was mad. Courtney came around and called (F/N) a whore or something, and then Kurt cussed Layne out and they left. That’s what I saw, anyway.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. Is (F/N) okay?”

“Hell if I know. Layne took her outside.”

“Krist! Ugh!” (Y/N) groaned, towel flying off her bleeding hand. “God damn it! Turn this car around!”

“I’m not going to do that, you need stitches and we’re almost to the hospital.”

“Why would you let that random guy walk away with her?! Do you want a repeat of Bowie?” (Y/N) asked.

“Relax, Em. Layne’s a good dude, he wouldn’t do something like that. We’ve known him for a while, he helped us start up our band. Kurt just has a little rivalry going with him. It got a little worse when Layne stole his girlfriend.” (Y/N)'s eyes widened. “By accident. It was an accident.” Krist corrected himself.

“Alright, I trust you. But when we get back, we’re finding (F/N) and getting out of that party.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Krist said, pulling into the Emergency room parking lot.

“That’s the second time someone called me that today.” (Y/N) grumbled, getting out of the car.

The emergency room was a bit empty, which was good for (Y/N) and her nasty cut. Dressing her in a hospital gown and sitting her on one of the beds, a nurse examined her injury and went to get supplies for a suture.

“Never thought I’d end up here today.” (Y/N) sighed.

“Me neither. But I’m glad you’re okay.” Krist smiled.

“Thanks, Krist. You really helped me out.” She smiled.

“Uh, you know. I was thinking… I know you told me how you were in love with Jim and nothing has really felt real since that… But I wanted to-”

The nurse abruptly pulled open the curtain with a doctor beside her.

“Alright sweetie, this will be quick. Luckily, it’s not too bad and we’ll just use a couple stitches. Hold still.” The doctor got to work, and soon the wound was closed. 

After a long process of calling her mom and getting the insurance information, she was finally discharged and the pair walked out of the hospital.

“Whew. So glad that’s over.”

“Yeah.” Krist put his hands in his pockets. “Can I ask you something?” He looked at her as they stood in the parking lot.

“What’s up?”

“I was trying to tell you earlier, but it was a bad time. I know you’re having some… uh… Issues in the love department. But I was wondering if you would like to go on a date…? Or just like hang out? Whatever you like…” Krist was very nervous.

“Oh! I never knew you felt that way, Krist...” (Y/N) blushed.

“Uh, it’s okay if you don’t want to. I just thought I’d ask.” He looked away.

“Man, I didn’t say no! I’d love to. I really would. You’re the first guy to actually ask me on a date and not be an asshole about it. You’re also really sweet. Like, all the time.” (Y/N) smiled up at him.

“So it’s a yes, then?” Krist lit up.


“It’s a date.” He laughed.

“It is!” She laughed back.

“Oh my god, it’s a date!” Krist lifted (Y/N) up and spun her around. Realizing she just got stitches, he set her down.

“Whoops! Sorry, don’t want to open up one of those. Got a little excited there.” He laughed nervously.

“Come on, big guy. Let’s get back to the party.” (Y/N) said happily, jumping into the cruiser.



“That one looks like a finger…” (F/N) pointed up at the sky. They both began laughing uncontrollably. 

“Look at that one! That’s the big Dipper. Oh, wait. That was a plane, nevermind” Layne pointed to a different corner.

By this point they had smoked a joint, stole some snacks from one of the cabinets, and thumb wrestled. Layne could see that (F/N) regained her spirits. She gazed at the sky in awe, as if she’d never seen anything like it.

“I’ve never been stargazing,” (F/N) grinned at him.

“First time for everything.” He replied. “Do you see those two?” He pointed out a “V” shape and another in the form of a claw.

“That’s Perseus and Andromeda. They were immortalized in the stars.”

“Really? Why?” (F/N) asked, looking up.

“Well,” Layne cleared his throat. “A long time ago, Perseus was sailing home after killing Medusa. He passed this cliff, and he saw the most bangin’ chick he’d ever seen in his life. There was a sea monster that was about to eat her, so he killed it and they got married. Then when they died, their love was so strong that they became stars.” 

“Oh, that’s beautiful…” (F/N) looked impressed. “Can you imagine being a star? Like in the sky? You’d probably be looking down on all this and laughing because it’s so small.” She said slowly.

“You’d probably get lonely too,” Layne frowned.

“Oh, no! You’re right. If you ever get to be a star, will you take me up there with you? So you won’t get lonely?” (F/N) said worriedly.

“Of course. I wouldn’t mind lookin’ at you until the end of time.”

(F/N) blushed.

“Aw, shit. I’ve got a call.” He flipped open his phone. “Yo. Oh, alright. Cool.”

“Who was it?” (F/N) asked.

“Mike. We’re going on in like 10 minutes. Do you wanna do anything else? Are you all cheered up?” He rolled onto his side to face her.

“Well… We could do one more thing…” She smiled. Layne’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah, c’ mere baby-”

“Shots! Let’s go!” She said, grabbing his hand and pulling him up.

“Oh, that’s nice too. Let’s do that!” 



(Y/N) re-entered the party with a bandaged hand, but a swelling heart. She held Krist’s hand tightly as she looked across the sea of heads, scanning for her friend. 

“Krist, if you see her let me know. You’re super tall, so you’ll be a big help.” He nodded. 

They spotted a pair of bunny ears in the kitchen and quickly made their way over. The sink was still destroyed, water was spraying everywhere and it was generally a mess. However, a couple of people were having a blast despite the catastrophe. (F/N) had just done three shots of tequila, Layne holding his in one hand and bracing himself on the table with the other. They were both soaked from the nasty sink water.

“What the hell happened to you guys?!” (Y/N) said from behind the counter that divided the kitchen from the rest of the house.

“(Y/N)! Here, drink this one with me.” (F/N) handed her a shot.

“Girl, where is your salt and lime.”


“Where’s the salt and lime? The stuff that you’re supposed to drink it with so it doesn’t give you third-degree burns.” (Y/N) said. “For fuck’s sake. Have you lost your damn mind? Cause I’ll help you find it,”

(F/N) took another shot while (Y/N) was schooling her.

“I just- You just. Drink. Drink it,” (F/N) held the shot up to (Y/N)'s lips.

“Okay, okay damn. Relax.” She drank it as she held up her hands.

“Alright, (F/N). No more for you. You’ve had a rough night.” (Y/N) cut her off.

“At least let me finish these!” (F/N) pointed to the six remaining drinks.

“Oh my god, no. Krist, help me put these away.”

That strategy didn’t really work because (F/N) drank all of them in the span of ten seconds. Meanwhile, Layne was still recovering from his last shot. (Y/N) and Krist exchanged a concerned look.

“Oh shitt, they’re starting,” Layne heard the first couple chords play and sprinted to the stage, jumping onto it and grabbing the mic.

“Wait, no! Y- you- you forgot one more!” (F/N) yelled after him. She bolted past her friends and dove into the crowd.

“(F/N)!” (Y/N) dove in after her.

“(Y/N)!” Krist followed suit.

After a few minutes of trying to find (F/N), (Y/N) was spent. She made a motion for Krist to lift her up. When she was on his shoulders, she was almost hitting the ceiling and could see everything. 

She was first stunned by Layne’s voice. That man had some pipes! The audience seemed to enjoy it too, moshing to their heart’s content. She finally spotted (F/N), swimming through the crowd while carrying a full shot glass above her head. By the time the first song was finished, (F/N) was right at Layne’s feet.

“Alright, we have a couple more songs for you all tonight, I hope you all en- Oh, shit, thank you hotstuff!” He took the shot from (F/N) and drank it on stage.

“That shit really hits,” He hit his chest. “Moving on, this one’s called ‘Bleed the Freak’.” 

“Okay, Krist. I’ve got her. Let’s get over there and grab her, then we can go.” (Y/N) pointed at (F/N). He nodded.

“Shoot, come on, honey. Get on up here.” (Y/N) froze as she heard Layne talking to (F/N). 

“I can’t do this.” (Y/N) left as (F/N) somehow managed to awkwardly climb up on the stage. Krist stood utterly baffled by the two, who were drunkenly dancing around. The crowd seemed to love it, though?


“These stand for me, name your God and bleed the freak,” echoed through the house as (Y/N) sat at the kitchen table with her head in her hands, a bottle of tequila in the other. Krist sat beside her in deep thought.

“She’s blackout drunk. And I’m about to be too. How am I supposed to leave without her? This party has been such a fucking disaster. The only good thing that happened was you asking me out.” (Y/N) grumbled. “And that didn’t even happen here, it was at the hospital.”

“I’m flattered, but I’m bummed that you didn’t have a good time.” Krist rubbed her back. “Let’s just wait for Alice in Chains to be done. I’m pretty sure Layne has a car anyway, so we can ask him for a ride.” 

(Y/N) nodded in response.

“Plus, It’d be a shame to put an end to that. Their onstage chemistry is really good. And kind of funny.” He pointed at the pair who was now embracing and drunk slow-dancing while Layne sang a sad song. (F/N)'s headband was halfway off her head.

“Yeah, you’re right.” (Y/N) laughed. “Want some?” She pointed the tequila bottle towards him.

“Sure, why not.”

They took turns drinking and watching the shitshow on stage, eventually getting drowsy. The last thing (Y/N) heard before totally passing out was Layne yelling:

“Thank you NASHVILLE! It’s been real you guys,”

“This is (town, probably not Nashville), ding dong!”

“Yeah fuckin’ right,” Layne dropped the mic, just as (Y/N) dropped her head on the table.



(F/N) nearly fell off the stage trying to get to where (Y/N) was sitting. She looked back at Layne, who was somehow upside-down, coming off the stage. She laughed, helping him get up.

“Who said you could have such a nice voice?” (F/N) hiccuped.

“The man upstairS.” Layne boasted with confidence.

Getting closer to the kitchen table, they saw (Y/N) and Krist laying face-down with an upturned bottle of tequila on the edge of it.

“They drank all of it?!” (F/N) pouted as she looked through the mouth of the bottle, seeing if any was left.

“I think y-you’ve had enough, young lady!” Layne took the bottle and threw it somewhere into the crowd.

“Yeah, you’re right. I can’t feel my legs,” (F/N) laughed so hard no noise came out.

Suddenly, (Y/N) stirred on the table.

“Desisgnatued… Druevevr,” She mumbled.

“No, oh my god! She’s right, Layne! Who’s the designated driver?” (F/N) said, panicked.

“It’s no problem, I’ll drive.” Layne was incredibly sober all of a sudden.

“Wh- how’d you do that?!” (F/N) slurred.

“Beats me sugar, but it’s saved me more than once.” He was back to his drunk self.

“Oh. Okay!” 

As we all already know, (F/N) never questions anything ever.

“How are we going to get Krist’s giant body in your car?!” (F/N) tried to heave the giant’s body off the chair.

“Let’s do it one step at a time. I’ll grab the feet, you grab his head. We can just drag him on the ground cause he’s too heavy.”

As they dragged Krist’s body into the car, they got weird looks from some of the people.

“Nothing to see here,” (F/N) grunted. “He just passed out, he’s not dead…”

“Quit mind-fuckin’ her, jackass!” Layne hollered at someone by the door.

“Wha- I wasn’t!”


“You’re scary when you get mad...” He pouted.

Somehow they managed to drag and stuff Krist into the back of Layne’s black mustang. They did the same with (Y/N), which was a lot easier as she was a great deal lighter than the giant man. Layne collapsed in the driver’s seat, and (F/N) in the passengers. 

“Alright, let’s get these fuckers home.” He started the car.

Layne drove incredibly well for someone who had consumed the amount of alcohol that he did. He stopped at every red light, put on his blinker, and didn’t swerve into the other side of the road. 

“Let’s drop off (Y/N) first. I’m sure her mom is worried.” (F/N) suggested.


They drove for a little bit, some glam rock playing on the radio. Finally, they pulled into (Y/N)'s driveway.

“Alright, here’s the plan. I’m gonna carry (Y/N) out and put her on the doorstep like Harry Potter. Then I ring the doorbell and you pull up, I hop back in here, and you drive away super fast. Sounds good?” (F/N) put together.

“Gotcha. Let’s do it.”

(F/N) pulled (Y/N)'s body out of the car and gently laid her down on the front steps in a sleeping position. She counted to three, rang the doorbell, and bolted towards the car.

Unfortunately, the second she opened the door and put one foot in, Layne stepped on the gas a bit. She clung onto the door, but managed to get her legs into the car. Just as Layne gassed out of the lot with (F/N) screaming, (Y/N)'s mom stepped outside.

“Sorry, (Y/N)'s mom!” (F/N) yelled as they sped down the street. (Y/N)'s mom rubbed her temples and sighed.

Krist was a quick drop off, as they rolled him in a blanket in his garage and left him next to a toolset.

Layne finally pulled into a gas station.

“Do you want anything?”

“Hm… chocl- uh…” (F/N) struggled to say the word.

“Alright, just come with me.”

They checked out some gas station hotdogs in silence before Layne spoke.

“Do you want to… run away?” He turned to look at her.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I don’t know. We can just leave. No one will notice I’m gone. It sucks here. Everything’s rotting.” He shuddered.

“Where would we go?” 

“Somewhere far away. We’ll figure it out.” He said, grabbing a few snacks.

“Okay, can I change though?”

“You sure? I don’t mind you like this, honeypie.”

“You’ll mind when I get a yeast infection from this thong.”

“Aw, shit, I didn’t think about that.”



Chapter Text

(Y/N) woke up with a splitting headache. Her entire body felt like it was destroyed and bulldozed into a dump. Her mom sat next to her on the bed.

“Good morning, sweetie. Are you okay? Drink some water.” She handed her a cup.
“I’m okay. I feel pretty terrible, but…” She recalled the events of the night before. It was all fuzzy, but there was one clear memory. Krist asking her out. She smiled, and all the pain seemed to go away a bit, excitement taking its place.
“Oh my gosh! Krist asked me out last night, mom!” She said excitedly.
“Aw, that’s so sweet, (Y/N)! I’m glad you had fun. And I’m glad you weren’t alone, too. (F/N) dropped you off last night.”
“She did?” The memories came flooding back. Looking for (F/N), (F/N) dancing on the stage, (F/N) doing shots…
“(F/N) must be fucking dead from the amount of alcohol she drank last night.” (Y/N) thought, horrified. “She and Kurt had a fight too, apparently… Oh my god.”
“I’ll let you rest. Come down if you need anything!” Her mom kissed her head.
“Thanks!” (Y/N) replied as she continued thinking.
“I wonder if she’s asleep? What time is it?” (Y/N) checked the time. “Jeez! It’s three in the afternoon?! I should probably call (F/N) and we can talk about what exactly happened last night.”

(Y/N) picked up her phone and dialed (F/N)'s number. At first, she got no answer. The second time, however, someone picked up.

“Hello?” A sleepy male voice answered. It was familiar…
“Uh, is (F/N) there?” (Y/N) asked. She heard some shuffling and some muffled voices.
“It’s for you.”
“Hello?” (F/N) was on the line.
“Hey! Uh, who was that?”
“Layne,” (F/N) yawned.

(Y/N) put the voice to the face together.

“Oh! I remember him now. You guys… Um. You hooked up, or…?”
“No, we just… uh… It’s complicated, but the short answer is that we didn’t.”
“What’s the long answer, then?” (Y/N) decided to pry.
“So… um… You’re gonna have to sit down for this one, (Y/N).” (Y/N) could hear the tension in (F/N)'s voice.
“Well, I’m laying down, so consider me set.”
“I’m in a hotel room in Vegas.”
“Did you hear me?”
“Yes, I heard you. (F/N), why the absolute FUCK are you in Vegas?”
“Uh… Would you be mad if I said no reason?”
“Would you be mad if I said I don’t know?”
“AM I DREAMING? Is this hell where I wake up super hungover and my best friend is in Vegas with some dude she met the other night? Am I dead?!” (Y/N) shouted.
“I mean, I’m okay. That’s what matters, right?”
“(F/N), do you remember anything from last night?”
“No, not really.”
“Then you’re not okay and you need to come home right. Now.”
The phone shuffled around some more.
“Don’t worry, she’s in good hands!” Layne’s smooth voice came through the speaker. (Y/N) would have complimented him on it if she wasn’t utterly pissed.
“Yeah, right. You were staring at her like a piece of meat all last night, Staley.”
“I mean, she still came with me. I’m not gonna do anything to her.” Layne sighed.
“I don’t know that! Bring her back!” (Y/N) was running out of things to say.
“(F/N), do you want to go back?” He held the phone up to (F/N)'s mouth.
“She says she doesn’t want to go back.”
“Alright. Fine. How long do you plan on being there?” She asked.
“I don’t know… I don’t know what I’m doing.”
“(F/N)… Is this because of Kurt?” (Y/N) sat up.
“I don’t really know.”
“I think you do. I think you’re just running away from your problems.”
“Maybe. Maybe it’s better that I don’t see him for now.”
“I understand. You didn’t have to go to Vegas to not see Kurt, though.” (Y/N) pointed out.
“Yeah, I know. I think we were just so drunk that it seemed like a good idea.”
“Whatever. Sort yourself out and come home. Vegas is no place for you. Anyway, I was calling to tell you that Krist asked me out.” She said.
She heard a gasp from the other end.
“Oh, no way! I always saw how he looked at you… I’m not his biggest fan, but I’m glad you guys are happy.” (Y/N) could hear (F/N) smiling through the phone.
“We tried to get you home last night, but you were so drunk…” (Y/N) laughed a little.
“Ugh, that’s embarrassing. What did I do?”
“Well, for starters you did like 20 shots. Then you and Layne danced around on stage, I think he threw a bottle at someone?”
“Oh god.”
“Well besides that, I had a mental breakdown in the bathroom and split my hand open because I punched the mirror.”
“Relax, I’m fine. Krist hijacked someone’s car and drove me to the hospital.” (Y/N) smiled, knowing (F/N) was feeling just as worried as she was about the whole Vegas thing.
“He hijacked a car?!”
“Yeah, I was bleeding out!”
“I guess it was an emergency.”
“Yes it was. Unlike how it was NOT an emergency for you to fly to Nevada for no reason.”
“I said sorry! Did I? I don’t remember. But I am sorry. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay. I know everyone’s on edge ever since the whole David thing happened, but I trust Layne. He flirts with me, but-” She paused, whispering. “He gets really nervous if anything gets physical, even accidentally. It’s kind of sweet.”
“You’ve known him-”
“Remember Marc?”
“I didn’t go to Vegas with him!”
“Yeah, but you still fucked him in his van while I passed out on ‘the random guy’ we all love to hate!” (F/N) said.
“How did you know that?!”
“Everyone could totally see you guys through the living room window, and it didn’t help that his van was bright purple.”
“Oh. My. God.” (Y/N) felt blood rush to her cheeks.
“It’s okay, it happens. Anyway, I’ll come back when I’m ready. When are you going on that date with Krist?”
“I’m waiting for him to let me know. I could totally go today, after I make an angry phone call to Kurt.”
“I don’t know if that’ll do anything…” (F/N)'s voice felt heavy at the mention of him.
“I bet it will. I can get some answers.”
“That does seem nice. But you should probably wait to tell me until I get back. I’m taking care of myself this time.”
“Alright, sure. I’m gonna go eat breakfast. I’ll call you again later to see how you are. Don’t get into trouble, you two.”
“You got it!” She heard Layne yell.
“Yep. Talk to you later.”
And just like that, the line was dead.
“Fucking WHAT IS GOING ON?!” (Y/N) screamed into her pillow. “This isn’t normal!”

“Come on, it’s noon. We have to get up.” (F/N) nudged Layne with her foot.
“This bed’s so comfy, though…”
“I know, but we have to figure out what we’re doing.”

She got up and stretched. Walking into the bathroom, she yelped and jumped back. A puddle of orangish-yellow vomit sat in the middle of the floor.

“God damn it, you couldn’t have made it an inch further to the toilet bowl?” (F/N) groaned. She looked into it for a moment, seeing Kurt’s reflection. Her heart fluttered. She abruptly stopped and threw a couple of towels over it.

She turned on the sink and began to wash her hands. Something hard and metallic rubbed against her skin, and she looked down at her hands.

“What is that?” She looked at the ring on her wedding finger.
“Layne? Where’d this ring come from?” She looked out of the bathroom to see him reading a magazine.
“What ring?”
“This one.” She pointed at her hand.
“Beats me. Maybe you swiped it off some rich lady.”
“Why do you have one?” She noticed the one on his hand.
“Oh, that’s weird.”

(F/N) felt her heartbeat rising. She looked around the room and found a stack of paper on the TV table. There were some documents along with photos. (F/N) smiling. (F/N) in a weird chapel. Layne in a weird chapel. Them laughing at the altar while Elvis was behind them. Them crying at the altar while Elvis was still behind them. Layne puking at the altar while poor Elvis made a disgusted face.
She looked through the documents with shaking hands.

“This certifies that (F/N) (last name) and Layne Thomas Staley on October 31st, 1993 have taken vows and have been joined in a sacred commitment of holy matrimony…” She whispered.

Her heart jumped.


“Hey (Y/N), It’s Krist. I just wanted to call and ask if you were okay after last night. I don’t remember much after the hospital, I must have blacked out. You’ll never guess where I woke up- But uh, call me back and let me know how you’re doing!” The dial tone beeped as Krist hung up.

(Y/N) listened to the message Krist left on her phone. She had been in the bathroom and missed the call.

“Aw, that’s sweet. He was concerned about me!” (Y/N)'s heart swelled. “I should probably call Kurt and chew him out, too.” She thought.

Picking up her phone, she dialed Krist first. Priorities.

“Hey (Y/N)!” He answered.
“Hey, Krist. Thanks for checking up on me. I don’t feel great, but I’ve had worse so it’s not completely terrible.” She smiled.
“That’s good to hear. What are you up to today? Resting I hope?”
“Yeah, definitely. I’m going to be making some angry calls.” She sighed.
“What? To who?”
“Kurt, probably.”
“I mean, I’m all for it. The stunt he pulled yesterday was not cool. And I may not be the biggest fan of (F/N), but she certainly didn’t deserve that.” He frowned.
“Yeah. On the topic of (F/N), I called her this morning to see how she was. I really don’t even know how to phrase this, Krist.”
“Why, what happened?”
“She’s in Vegas. With Layne.”
“What the fuck? How? It’s been like 5 hours?!” Krist sputtered.
“I don’t know the logistics of how they even ended up there. She said she needed time away for a while. I’m still super worried, Krist. What if something happens to her?” She shared her anxieties.
“Well, I’m not gonna tell you that she’ll be fine, because you never know. But she’s not alone. And trust me, Layne’s just a big talker.”
“I know, I’ve been told that. But I still don’t really know what to think. She needs someone to look out for her, especially after these last couple months where both Kurt and I have tried our darndest to keep her out of trouble.”
“I’m really glad you care about her, (Y/N). But sometimes you just need to let something fizzle out. You know?”
“Yeah, I get that there’s really not much I can do.”
“Unfortunately.” Krist sighed.
“Anyway, I’m gonna call Kurt. I’ll talk to you later. Feel free to come by, if you want!” (Y/N) said before they said their goodbyes.

She took a deep breath and dialed Kurt’s number.
The first couple of rings, no one picked up. The third time, however…

“Hi.” Kurt’s voice was raspy from the other end.
“Why the fuck did you do that?” (Y/N) jumped right in.
“You know about what happened?”
“Of course I do. I’m her fucking best friend.”
Kurt strained to come up with something to say.
“A lot happened.” He finally managed to get out. “I wasn’t myself.”
“Well that’s good to know. Because you know what happened after your tantrum? She drank enough tequila to kill two elephants, and then Layne swept in like King mother-fucking Kong and took her to Vegas.”
“Yeah, I know! And good luck trying to get her back now. She’s fucking out of her mind! An emotionally vulnerable girl in the party capital of the United States?! What could possibly go wrong?!” (Y/N) ranted.
“Fuck…” She heard Kurt shuffling around.
“You’re not going after her, man. We need to let the dust settle after last night.” (Y/N) huffed. Taking a deep breath in an attempt to control her anger, she decided to get Kurt’s side of the story.
“What exactly happened? Why did you get so mad at her?” She asked. Kurt was silent for a minute.
“Layne was there, he was kind of hitting on her. She didn’t refuse it, so I just… assumed the worst. And I didn’t see her when we did our set, so I just put two and two together… It didn’t help that he’s a smooth motherfucker and he hurt me in the past.”
“Do you realize now that they did not fuck?”
“I think I always knew that. I just got angry from the h- yeah. I got mad.”

(Y/N) massaged her temples.

“She’s going to be away for a while, from what I can tell. She’s done a lot for you, Kurt. I don’t know why you’d pull a dick move like that.” She heard him whimper from the other line.
“Yeah, I know you feel bad. But you’re a big boy and you can own up to it. If she sees you’re a man about it, she’ll most likely forgive you. But for now, you should give her space. I think it really messed her up. She’s like more… erratic.”
“Fuck, man…” Kurt’s voice trembled.
“Well, I don’t know what to tell you.”
“Can you… Can you let me know if she calls again? And tell me how she is?” Kurt pleaded.
“That’s bold of you, asking me for a favor after dumping my best friend like that.”
“I… I know. I’ll do anything. Just tell me if she’s okay.”
“Alright, Kurt. I’ll see what I can do.” (Y/N) felt bad for the guy, but he had to have some kind of repercussions.
“Thank you so much,” He gasped as if he had been holding his breath.
“Okay, Kurt. Stay out of trouble and do some self-reflection, or something. Talk to you later.”
“Thanks, (Y/N).”

(F/N) was sitting on the bed, staring at the wall. Layne reread the certificate for probably the 20th time, sinking lower into the ground with each word.

“Holy matrimony?” She whispered.
“Layne, we’re fucking married. I’m your wife,” The words felt extremely invasive and foreign on her tongue.
“Damn, you’re saying that like you’re married to some fat old fuck.”
“Okay, you’re right. There are worse possibilities. But I know nothing about you, and what will my parents think? I mean sure they don’t care what I do, but they would have something to say about this!” (F/N) laid back on the bed.
“I don’t know how to get out of this one. I don’t have enough cash to get divorced.” Layne laid down beside her.
“Can’t we get it annulled?”
“We would have to prove we were drunk, but there weren’t any witnesses to testify and Elvis is probably long gone by now. It’s tricky like that.”
“We should probably get enough money for a divorce, then.” (F/N) thought out loud.
“Listen, my mom’s got an apartment up in Tacoma, it was her vacation place a while back when I was little. She just never sold it. We can probably just live there while we figure out what to do.”
“Alright, it’s better than staying here in Vegas anyway. How can everyone in neighboring rooms be so obnoxious all the damn time?!” She groaned, shoving her head under a pillow.
“Aw, don’t the beautiful sounds of sweaty 50-year-olds screwing each other’s brains out just turn you on?” Layne grinned as (F/N) threw a pillow at him.
“They just won’t shut the fuck up!” (F/N) covered her ears.
“Why don’t we show them how it’s done, sugar…” She felt his breath on her neck.
“Layne!” She squeaked. “Not right now!”
“Oh, Mrs. Staley didn’t say no altogether!” He laughed.
“Not in this hotel, that’s for sure.” She said, walking back into the bathroom. “I’m taking a shower and then we can leave.”
“Oh, hey! Wait up, then. I’m coming too,” Layne fumbled with his belt.
“You can shower after!”
“Don’t you want to save water?!” Layne gasped dramatically.
“Quit being such a horndog!” (F/N) threw a bottle of shampoo at him.
“What? Can a guy and his wife not do it in the comfort of their own home?”
“Later, Layne!”
“Alright, alright. Have it your way.” He let out a laugh.

(F/N) got under the cold stream of water, which woke her up as soon as she touched it. The shower was always a good place to think and get in your own head. She wondered how Kurt was, what he was doing, where he was.

“Maybe this is good for me. I’ve been stuck on that guy for a while, and the whole David thing didn’t work out at all. I think I need a break or something.” She thought while lathering up her legs with the nice hotel soap. “Mm, that smells nice. I’ve gotta remember to take this with me.”
“Anyway, it’s too bad I’m married. I’m married, oh my god. Marriage is weird, who even invented it? (Y/N) is gonna lose her mind. I don’t know what to do, should I tell her? No! Are you an idiot? She’s already stressed. But I just need to tell someone. Ugh. I’ll tell her when the time is right.” She looked at the ring on her hand that was covered in soap suds. It glinted and caught the light whenever she turned it.
“It’s kind of pretty, I like it…” She admired it. “I wonder where it came from?”

She stepped out of the bathroom, a cloud of vapor emerging behind her. She rummaged through her suitcase, looking for something to wear. She had packed pretty well, although there were some strange items strewn about. A whole carrot, chew toy (which was especially strange since she didn’t have a dog), and a scented candle were all things she discovered floating around. They were tossed, aside from the scented candle because it smelled very nice.
She finally found a large t-shirt and a pair of booty shorts. It was a good outfit for a day of presumably running around and figuring out where to go.

“How was your shower?” Layne asked politely. He was stretched out on the bed, drumming along to some song on the radio.
“It was nice,” she turned her back to him while she got dressed, missing the shade of pink Layne turned as he shifted his gaze to the ceiling.
“Did you figure out how we're getting to that city?” She asked.
“Not really. I’ll see if anyone’s in the area.”
“You know people around here?”
“No, but some people live up in Washington.” He reached for his phone and stood up. “Maybe they’ll give us a lift.”
His phone began ringing.
“Shit, It’s Jerry!” He looked surprised, sitting back down onto the edge of the bed. “Hello?”
(F/N) laid down on the edge beside him, listening.
“Layne, man, where are you? I’ve been at your place for like an hour and your front door’s locked!”
“Yeah, I’m not there, Jerry. I’m in Vegas.”
“The fuck are you in Vegas for, dude?”
“Uhm… Not really any reason in particular.” He swallowed. (F/N) sat up and pouted.
“What, don’t want to tell him about me?” She crossed her arms.
“No, baby, it’s not like that,” He said loud enough for Jerry to overheard.
“You’re shitting me! Are you there with a chick?!” Layne held the phone a bit further from his ear to prevent a ruptured eardrum.
“Yeah, it’s (F/N),” He admitted.
“Who the fuck is that?!”
“Go on, tell him!” (F/N) ushered. Layne looked like a lost puppy.
“Okay- so here’s what… Here’s what happened, man. I- we like- I’m… We’re kind of-”
“You what, Layne.” Jerry sounded pretty pissed.
“I got married last night, Jerry! That’s what!” Layne yelled into the speaker.
“Congratulations, how the fuck did you get a bitch to marry?!” Jerry yelled back.
“Alcohol!” The two were having a screaming match at this point.
“Wow. Alright, well. We have band practice in an hour, but I’ll tell them you’re on your honeymoon.” Jerry began to laugh.
“Oh yeah? Just wait ‘till you see her! We’ll see who’s laughing then!” Layne yelled. He ended the call and flopped on the bed. (F/N) sighed and laid down on his chest.
“I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s worried about all this,” She smiled softly at him.
“I didn’t mean to yell like that, sorry.” Layne apologized.
“It’s okay. Jerry’s probably worried about you.” (F/N) reassured.
“Yeah, right. He just wanted to raid my pantry and got pissed cause I wasn’t home.” He huffed.
“I think he’s nervous that you’re far away. You can tell by his voice.”
“How do you know…?”
“Anytime I do anything, (Y/N) sounds just like that.” She smiled.
“She probably cares about you a whole lot. Did you tell her we’re…”
“No, not yet. I’m scared.” (F/N) admitted.
“Don’t worry, it’s gonna be okay. I’ll make sure everything works out.” Layne rubbed her back.
“Thanks.” She closed her eyes.

Soon they were ready to leave. Paying for the stay and getting weird looks from all the nicely dressed middle-aged people at the hotel (and the receptionist), they briskly walked out of the building.

“Jeez, we probably look like junkies,” Layne grumbled. He was still shirtless.

They wandered outside for a while until they came across an auto parts lot. It looked incredibly dirty, the sign itself was rusted and falling apart.

“Wanna go in? Maybe we’ll get lucky and find a wheel we can roll ourselves on.” Layne suggested.
“Sure, why not.”

They walked around in the maze of gutted cars until they found a small shack in the middle of the lot.

“Yo, is anyone home?” Layne yelled as they walked through the door. Suddenly, a small man appeared behind the counter.
“Hey! What can I get ya?”
“Hey. I know it’s a stupid question, but do you happen to have, like, a car? A working one? We’ll buy it off you.”
“Why, yes! Happen to have one with a dent in the side, she’s pretty old, too. Was planning to take the whole engine out. But that’s a strange request! Why’d you come to my parts shop?”
“We just need a car, we’re… moving. Listen, how much will you take for it?”
“Probably around couple thousand.” He said thoughtfully. “But From where are you movin’? I’ve never seen you ‘round these parts before!” The man asked eagerly.
“Oh, sir,” (F/N) saw an opening. “It’s been such a hard road for us. We’ve just gotten married, you see?” She held up her and Layne’s hand.
“We saved up for years for this wedding, we don’t have much as it is! We had it a few days ago. But what happened was, someone robbed our rooms while the ceremony happened! They stole every last thing that could have had any value. So now we’re stranded in the middle of this state with nothing but some clothes. We’re in no shape to buy a new car, so we thought we’d try our luck here.” (F/N) let a tear roll down her cheek.
“You poor things!” The man gasped. It seemed like he loved a good story. “My daughter just got married last week! To imagine, if that had happened to her!” He clutched his heart. “And that explains why you two look like you haven’t slept in days!”
“Yep, that’s exactly why,” Layne said.
“I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you the car for free, I don’t need it anyway. I have more than enough parts in this lot, it wouldn’t hurt to give something to someone who so desperately needs it.” He waddled out of view before getting some keys.
“Here, take them. She’s yours.” He placed them on the table. Layne was too stunned to touch them.
“Thank you so, so much mister. We won’t forget your kindness. Jesus will not forget your kindness. You are a truly blessed man.” She choked on her words.
“Come on, baby. We’re going home.” She gripped Layne’s arm as they walked out the door.
“What lovely people. What lovely people!” They heard the man say joyfully.

They walked in silence until they found a rusty car with quite a noticeable dent on the left side. (F/N) handed Layne the keys.

“Start her up!”
Turning the ignition, he looked at her.
“You’re insane.” He smiled.
“So are you, you went along with it!”
“Let’s get out of here.” He reversed out of the lot at a concerning speed, and tore off down the highway.
“We have enough money for gas and food along the way.” He rolled down the windows. “Fuck you, Las Vegas! You all thought we did meth, you idiots! Look at us now!” He yelled out the window. (F/N) laughed.

They drove until they saw an exit with a rest stop, gas station, and a Walmart. Layne decided that it would be a good idea to get some snacks, so they took it.
The car rattled to a stop in the parking lot. Layne had parked completely out of the lines, but it seemed to be quite a desolate area so it didn’t matter anyway. The sun was slowly beginning to roll over to the horizon, which produced a glowing golden hour. Bright orange, yellow and pink hues shone over the dusty lot. (F/N) sat down on the hood of the car to take it in, Layne following suit. His eyes slowly drifted from the sky to the girl. He admired her shining hair, the way the sun’s light enhanced the flush on her cheeks, her green eyes… Were they green? Or gray? Maybe even blue? No, they were definitely green-

“What, did I do something?” (F/N)'s voice returned him back to reality. Had he been staring at her this whole time?
“Oh, uh. No, nope. Just checkin’ you out.” He mentally slapped himself. Why did he always have to fuck up a moment like this.
“As if you already haven’t done enough of that,” (F/N) huffed and turned away.
“No, fuck. That just came out,” He tried to make a recovery. (F/N) looked up at him, confused.
“Uh… I just thought you looked really beautiful in the light… That’s all,” He confessed. A blush dusted (F/N)'s cheeks.
“Oh! Oh… That’s really sweet.” She smiled.
“See, that’s- You keep doing that, it just makes me… I don’t know.” For once, Layne couldn’t think of anything to say.
“Doing what, smiling?”
“Well, sort of yeah. It makes me nervous. But in a good way, if that makes any sense.” He was thoroughly embarrassed by this point. “It makes me want to write songs about you.”
“Really?” (F/N) smiled.

They looked at each other for a minute before (F/N) put her hand on his.

“You haven’t taken yours off,” She glanced at his finger.
“You haven’t either.” He regained his composure. Leaning in, he connected his lips with hers, half expecting her to push him away. He tensed, feeling her arms lift. No shove came, however. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck and fell into the kiss. As the warmth of the sun began to fade away, an unusually chilly wind swept across his torso.
“Like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you…” The thought briefly flashed through his mind. He gently pulled her closer.

(Y/N) snacked on her fries while waiting for her date to return from the bathroom. Sitting back, she casually took in the friendly atmosphere of her local Five Guys. The workers made milkshakes and steam from the cooking burgers rose up and created a pleasing aroma in the restaurant. Someone saying her name broke her trance.

“(Y/N)?” She turned around.
“Oh, hey Roger!” She smiled at him.
“I didn’t realize you’d be here! I’m on my lunch break. Why didn’t you let me know you were coming?” He asked.
“So, I’m kind of in the middle of a-”
The scrape of Krist’s chair interrupted her.
“What’d I miss?” He eyed Roger.
“Are you on a date?” Roger walked up to their table.
“Uh… Yep! Roger, this is Krist.” (Y/N) tried to ease the tension.
“Is that who you were with in that van during the party?” Roger made a snide comment.
“What?! No! Are you kidding- no, that was not Krist.”
“What van?” Krist asked curiously, chewing one of his fries. (Y/N) sighed with discomfort.
“How many others, (Y/N)?” Roger looked hurt.
“I like to have sex, Roger. That’s just how I am. We aren’t exclusive, you know. I’m allowed to explore.” (Y/N) reasoned.
“I realize, it’s just… I thought we had something special…” Roger said.
“Listen to me. I care a lot about you, but you understand we aren’t exactly compatible. You’re a man who is committed to a career, you have goals and ambitions that were set before I ever entered the picture. I don’t expect you to drop all of that for me.” (Y/N) explained.
“Krist is someone who is perfect for me. And I can’t explain that, we just work. He’s been there for me more times than I can count, and I’ve done the same for him. So I’d appreciate it if you didn’t belittle my choice.” She finished.
“I’m not- I’m not belittling your choice! I’m- I’m-” Roger stuttered.
“You totally are, man.” Krist leaned out from behind (Y/N), mouth full of burger. Roger was getting angry.
“Krist, don’t fuel his anger!” (Y/N) tried to quietly hush Krist.
“No, mate. We’re going to solve this man to man, with our strength!” Roger threw off his jacket and approached him. Krist, feeling the aggression and intent to harm immediately stood up. His 6’7 frame towered over Roger, who was buff but short.
“Listen, man. I don’t want no trouble. I just wanna eat my burger.” Krist still had his food in hand. (Y/N) tried to make herself as small as possible.
“You’re fighting me, now!” Roger yelled. The five guys employees were already calling security.
“Jeez, what’s your problem? You’re scaring her.” Krist pointed at (Y/N), ticked off. Roger let out a scream and charged at Krist’s legs.

Thinking quickly, Krist jumped out of the way just as Roger was about to make contact. The angry man struck the chair Krist had been sitting on head-on. He stumbled, dazed at first. He soon recovered and ran at Krist a second time, but this time Krist was standing in front of the cashier counter. He jumped back over it as Roger propelled himself forward, unable to stop himself as he straight-up hit a wall.
This was not enough to stop Roger, as his anger had gotten the best of him. He began to climb the counter, but Krist had already gotten ahold of the tomatoes. He threw one after the other, hitting Roger in the face each time and splattering him with red juice. Roger was screaming while the employees were laughing from a safe distance.
When security finally arrived, Krist had overturned the entire kitchen area. He had thrown every known burger ingredient at Roger; mustard, ketchup, pickles, lettuce (heads), raw patties, a couple cooked ones, cheese. By the end of the storm, he was smiling. He had too much fun.

“You bloody asshat! You coward!” Roger was dragged away by the officers.
“You’re the asshole!” (Y/N) yelled back at him.
The cops took Krist’s and (Y/N) statements, before they were banned from the specific Five Guys location for causing a disturbance. They walked out, Krist with his hands in his pockets and (Y/N) utterly confused.
“What just happened?” Krist said once they got in his car.
“My hero!” (Y/N) attacked him with a big hug.
“Aw! It was fun anyway, I liked having a one way foodfight.” He hugged her back.
“Can we go home?”
“Your house or mine?” He asked.
“Yours. To snuggle.”
“Okay, sure!” He started his car.

Krist and (Y/N) snuggled together on the couch while Bojack Horseman played in the background. They both needed to calm down after the strange incident during their date.
“How many guys have you been with before me? I’m just wondering.” Krist said quietly
“Well… I told you at the party that I fucked a lot because I felt like something was missing. So quite a bit. The most recent was Marc.” (Y/N) replied.
“Yeah, I figured. Was it at the party?”
“Mhm. But that wasn’t the only time. There was also Roger, John, Paul… Jim, Syd…”
“Sid Vicious?!”
“No, Barrett.”
“That’s still surprising. I always thought he was too busy vaping to fuck.”
“He vaped while we did it.” (Y/N) said with a blank face. Krist burst out laughing.
“Anyone else I should watch out for?” He pulled (Y/N) close, smiling.
“Maybe Jim… He’s a little off the deep end. He beat up a guy who tried to kill me once, which I appreciate.”
“Who… Who tried to kill you?” Krist looked at her, concerned.
“This man named Ted Bundy. He was my uber driver, but he… He…” (Y/N) struggled to get out. It seemed like she repressed the memory.
“He went past my house and stopped at a cornfield, then Jimmy’s car happened to break down in the same place and I ended up running away while they were talking.” She said after a deep breath.
“Oh my god. That’s terrifying.” Krist rubbed her back. “I’m glad you trust me enough to tell me.”
“Thanks for listening.” (Y/N) smiled up at him. He kissed the top of her head.

After peacefully laying and sleepily watching TV, (Y/N) got a phone call. She looked at the caller ID, and immediately scrambled to pick it up.

“What’s up, (F/N)?”
“Heyyy!” (Y/N) flinched.
“Yikes… She seems a little out of it.” She whispered to Krist, covering the speaker.
“What are you up to?” (Y/N) asked.
“Guess what?! We’re going to Washington!” (F/N) said excitedly.
“You’re- how?!”
“We lied and got a car for free!” (F/N) giggled into the phone.
“What the fuck. What do you even plan on doing when you get there?” she asked. When there were some muffled noises on the other end, Krist and (Y/N) eyed each other.
“I’ve got an apartment in Tacoma, we’re gonna stay there for a bit. The hotel was pretty expensive, so we’re down on cash.” Layne’s voice came through the phone.
“Are you guys driving up from Nevada?!” Krist asked.
“Yeah, there wasn’t any other option really. And we’re not hitchhiking. I got mugged doing that.” Layne replied.
“Well. I’m glad you’re not completely throwing (F/N) into danger.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “What are you guys up to? Why’d you call me?”
“We’re at a rest stop for tonight. It’s like a 20-hour drive.” (F/N) said. “I wanted to tell you good night!” She laughed.
“Wait, you’re sleeping in the car?” (Y/N) asked.
“Yeah! it’s kind of cold, but-” She let out a small gasp.
“C’mere, I’ll warm you right up, baby.” Layne growled.
“Sh! Layne…” (F/N) whined. “Anyway, what are you guys doing? You and Krist are together? Isn’t it like 11 at night over there?”
“Yeah, it’s like 12,” (Y/N) responded.
“Oh! Am I interrupting something?” (Y/N) could hear the suggestiveness in (F/N)'s voice.
“For fuck’s sake, no. We’re just cuddling. Layne, what the fuck did you do to (F/N)?” (Y/N) asked.
“Nothing, I swear! I bought her an energy drink and now she’s crashing or something.” He explained. “I don’t have anything on me, unfortunately. When we get to Tacoma I’ll get a dealer or something.”
“Good night, (Y/N)! Have fun with Krist!” (F/N) said before the call was ended.
“Oh my god!” (Y/N) groaned into Krist’s chest. “I really can’t believe how far away she is.”
“They really are far away. Oh, speaking of them,” Krist sat up a bit.
“My friend Jerry talked to me earlier today, he’s Layne’s best friend and he’s real worried about him like you are about (F/N). He said he was flying over there in like a week to check up on him. I let him know you’re the friend of the chick Layne’s with, and he agreed to have you come with him. Do you want to go? I’ll come too, if you want.” He asked.
“Oh my gosh, that would be awesome! I’d love for you to come with me too.” (Y/N) smiled.
“Totally! It’ll be like a little vacation. But maybe with some babysitting.” Krist laughed.
“I’m excited anyway.” (Y/N) leaned up and kissed Krist on the nose. He blushed.
“Do you mind if I stay the night? I’m too tired to go home.” (Y/N) closed her eyes. “I’m not trying to fuck, I just don’t want to leave.”
“Oh! Not at all, let’s go to bed.” He patted her head. He tossed her one of his large shirts which fell just above (Y/N)'s calf, and they headed upstairs.

(Y/N) slept incredibly peacefully the whole night.

After driving for more than ten hours, (F/N) and Layne were itching for some sort of physical activity to stretch their muscles. They drove into Tacoma, tired yet restless.

Layne eventually pulled into a lot next to a tall apartment building. They sat in the car staring at it in a brief silence.
“Fucking finally.” Layne stretched.
“I feel like I haven’t moved in days,” (F/N) groaned as she opened the door. She almost fell out as energy drink cans and chip bags spilled out of the car. Layne stumbled out as well.
“We just have to get into the place, now. There should be a spare key under the doormat.” Layne said as they walked through the sliding doors.

The complex was nice, but obviously a bit worn out. Some of the walls were cracked and needed restoration, the elevator squeaked when they walked into it, and Layne had to punch the buttons aggressively with his fist until the selected one lit up. Not to mention the receptionist, like everyone, stared at the pair like they had just killed someone.
They reached the apartment and as soon as Layne kicked the door open, (F/N) ran in and flopped on the loveseat in the living room.

“This feels like heaven after that shitty car…” She breathed.
“Anything would.” Layne shut the door and went to sit beside her. He finally took off his sunglasses after probably 2 days. He rubbed his eyes, adjusting them to the light.
“I forgot what nice eyes you have!” (F/N) crawled towards him on all fours and cupped his cheek. Layne wasn’t able to make eye contact.

It was raining outside and generally a gloomy atmosphere in the city. After deciding that they were too exhausted to go grocery shopping or anything important, (F/N) went to check out the bedroom.
It was decently sized, holding a mattress, a window, a closet and a bedside table. The only light in the room was a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. The mattress had a few knit blankets thrown over top of it, and the floor was made of creaky old wood. It wasn’t exactly the most luxurious place, but it was certainly functional.

“I know it’s not much, but we’ll have to make do.” (F/N) spun around to see Layne leaning against the doorframe.
“Yeah, it’s not terrible. It’s kind of cozy.” (F/N) opened the window and sat down on the mattress.
“I’m glad you’re not bummed.” Layne smiled with relief as he stood looking out the window.
“Ugh…” (F/N) laid on her stomach. “It feels like I slipped a disk or something…” She sat back up, trying to massage her lower back.
“You need help with that?”
“That would be nice, yeah.”
“Alright, lay back down. I crack backs like it’s my job,” He slowly pushed on the exact painful spot.
“So you know Jerry?” He asked. (F/N) wasn’t able to say anything since she was biting her lip.
“He wants to come down and stay with us. We might even be able to figure something out for the band over here, I had offers before I left, from a few labels.”
“Mmhmm?” (F/N) squeaked.
“I know, relax. Layne will take good care of you…” He pushed on it harder, eventually eliciting a satisfying crack.
“What’d I tell you?!” He laid down beside her.
“Thanks, Layne.” She laughed.
“So what about it? You up for having Jerry come stay in that spare room for a bit? He says he told Krist, who’s gonna ask that friend of yours if she wants to come too.”
“Oh! That would be great!” She smiled excitedly. “I miss her! But…” She looked down at her hand on his chest.
“I’m scared she’ll like… disown me or something, if she finds out.” She sighed.
“I’m sure she won’t. I mean, I’m the total package, right?” He laughed sadly. “No job, barely any money, highschool dropout, drug addict.”
“I’m not much better, Layne. And you’re more than those things.” She said. “This is our mess and we’re gonna clean it up together.”
“How I ever landed a girl like you, I’ll never know.” They watched the rain beat against the window screen, some slipping in and pooling on the ground.
“And you also smell really nice. Even though we haven’t showered.” He laughed.
“Really? It’s that fancy hotel soap.” She smelled her arm. “You, on the other hand, smell like fucking energy drink and sweat. Which is probably the manliest thing ever.” She looked at him.
“That’s a compliment, right? That’s definitely a compliment.” He decided. “Uh… Speaking of the hotel and stuff,” (F/N) heard his heartbeat rise from her usual position on his chest.
“I know you’re probably real spent from the ride here, but… You wanna ride my dick for a bit?” He asked smoothly.
“It’s hard to say no when you ask so nicely,” (F/N) decided it would be a good idea to straddle Layne. Again. “But we’re going to bed right after. I could barely walk to the apartment.”
“When we’re done, you won’t be able to walk at all.” He single-handedly rolled her onto the other side of the mattress while undoing his belt.


Chapter Text

It had been a couple of weeks of adjustment for (Y/N), with (F/N) gone and all the strange developments. She missed her friend, but every time she would get a call from her, she seemed genuinely happy. It was as if her voice was glowing. Then again, (Y/N) never truly knew what went on there. Luckily she was going over there soon.
What (F/N) had shared with her was that she and Layne lived in a small apartment with barely any furniture in a bad part of town. She worked as a nurses assistant, which was dirty and low-paying. Despite these many negative aspects, (F/N) seemed pretty satisfied.
She had also shared that Layne was pushing for his band to move into the area as well. According to him, the record labels supported their style of music better and were generally more solid than the shifty ones back home. He had landed a couple of gigs outside of the band, but other than that he frequently stayed home and tinkered with a guitar. He was waiting for everyone to make their way over to Tacoma.
Meanwhile, back at home, (Y/N) was doing pretty great. Krist and her had been hanging out frequently and had gotten to know each other extremely well. There were no further strange incidents like the one with Roger at Five Guys. And safe to say, they were both excited to go on an adventure together to somewhere so far away.
Currently, she was packing her things for the trip. She threw a couple outfits into her suitcase, some shoes and other necessities.

“Are you all packed, sweetie?” Her mom peered into her room.
“Yeah, I’m basically done. Why?”
“I know you forgot something!” Her mom approached her and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. “A kiss for the road! I hope you have a good break, (Y/N). Tell (F/N) I say hello. I really hope she’s doing alright,”
“Me too. I’ll let her know you said that.” (Y/N) hugged her mom.

She went downstairs to watch a bit of TV before Krist dropped by to pick her up. In the middle of her show, someone called her.

“Hello?” She picked up.
“Hey.” Kurt’s gravelly voice came from the other end.
“Oh, Hi! What’s up?” (Y/N) had been updating him on (F/N)'s whereabouts, just like he had asked.
“Krist told me that you two are going to Tacoma,” Kurt said. He seemed tired.
“Yeah, I’m waiting for Krist to pick me up now. Why?”
“Can you… When you see her… Can you describe her to me? Please?” It sounded like all the air was leaving his body at once.
“What exactly do you mean?” (Y/N) questioned.
“I want you to describe her… So I can envision her right here. In front of my being. So close I can touch…” He muttered.
“No problem, Kurt. I’m bringing my camera and I’ll take some pictures for you, how does that sound?” (Y/N) tried to ease his anxiousness.
“That’s such a good idea,” He responded.
“Right? Anyway, I’ll be sure to give you a call when I get there. Meanwhile, don’t do anything stupid! Krist and I won’t be around for a while so you have to look out for yourself.” (Y/N) reassured him.
“Alright. Bye Kurt!” She ended the call.

Minutes later, she heard the beep of Krist’s car. She soon lugged the suitcase out of her house and tossed into the trunk. Krist came out of the car to talk to (Y/N)'s mom.

“Hi, Ms. (last name)! Sorry for stealing your daughter away like this, but you know the situation.” Krist shook her hand.
“Don’t worry about it, Krist. You’re a nice young man.” She smiled up at him.
“I appreciate it. We’ve gotta get going, though. Jerry is gonna be at the airport in 20 minutes.” He hopped back into the car along with (Y/N), who waved goodbye to her mom as they pulled out of the lot and drove away.
The road to the airport was perfectly clear, almost no traffic. After finding a spot in the garage, they made their way into the main lobby.
“Now we just have to find Jerry…” Krist scanned over all the people. He finally pointed to someone and grabbed (Y/N)'s hand to follow him.

A man with amazingly long blonde hair soon emerged from the mass of people. He waved at Krist, who waved back.

“Hey, man! Good to see you.” Jerry clapped his shoulder.
“Good to see you too!” Krist smiled back.
“Is this your girl? Nice to finally meet you. Jerry,” He shook hands with (Y/N). She nodded at him.
“Let’s go. Our flight is in, like, 30 minutes. We can catch up when we’re done running around.” They took off to their terminal and reached their flight area as they were boarding.
“This airport is huge! They could have made it a little easier.” Krist huffed, leaning his hands on his knees.

They finally began to board the plane. Just as (Y/N) was about to take her first step into it, a voice called her name.
“(Y/N)!” She turned around and gasped.

“(Y/N), baby! Please don’t go! Not with him!” The man pleaded.
“Isn’t that the dude who drugged Jimmy way back at the band battle at Kurt's? And then fought Roger in the parking lot while we carried out Jimmy’s limp body?” Krist made a disgusted face.
“Yep, that’s Jim.” (Y/N) watched as Jim ran up to the entrance.
“(Y/N), I’ll do anything! I can’t lose you like this!” He got down on his knees. A few people were staring.
“Jeez, calm down. It’s not forever,” (Y/N) shrugged.
“I know, but… Still! You’re with him, and not me. It should be me.” He got up and came chest to chest with Krist.
“So this is the Jim you told me about, huh?” Krist smiled as he looked down.
“You realize I’m not just going on a vacation, right?” (Y/N) pushed on Jim’s shoulder.
“What could you possibly be doing, doll. I’m not dumb, don’t try and fool me.” He smiled amusedly.
“Don’t be a dickhead.” (Y/N) looked away, not wanting to talk about one of the main sources for her emotional turmoil.
“Come on, man. Her friend’s on the other side of the country, living on her own with a dude. I mean, he’s not a dude, It’s my bro. But still. Have some decency.” Krist side hugged (Y/N).
“Oh shit, I didn’t know. Sorry.” This was news for Jim. “Anyway, how long until you come back? I want to see you, my darling…”
“I’m dating Krist, Jim. Remember when I said we broke up? Well, we’re still broken up.” She said. “We have to go on the flight now. Bye, Jim!”
She waved as they walked further into the plane cabin. She could hear Jim’s frustrated yells.
“No! I’ll come for you, baby! I’m not letting you go! I’ll fly over there next chance I get! (Y/N)!”
“Damn, he really can’t take no for an answer.” Krist rolled his eyes.
“I know. I just want to go to sleep,” (Y/N) groaned.

The flight was a red-eye, so by the time they took off it was around 11pm. (Y/N) fell asleep on Krist’s shoulder as he and Jerry talked about music tingz.

(F/N) hummed to herself as she cooked some eggs in The Kitchen. It was her day off after working an exhausting 12-hour shift. She had slept for a while, gotten restless and decided to make some breakfast.
Her makeup was smudged from when she hadn’t taken it off from the day before, and her hair was a messy mix of dried hairspray and tangles. All she had on was underwear and a short, silk bathrobe she had found somewhere. On top of this, she felt like ass.
She suddenly felt someone hug her from behind, making her drop the spatula out of fear.

“Shit! Sorry, didn’t mean to freak ya out.” Layne said hoarsely.
“It’s okay, I just didn’t know you were awake.” She bent down to pick up the spatula, but felt something poke against her butt.
“What, you got morning wood?” She continued frying the eggs as he put his head on her shoulder.
“Eh, what can you do. It’s got your name on it, though.”
“Sure. Do you want one?” She turned off the burner and slid the eggs onto a plate.
“Yeah, definitely. Did you have time for breakfast yesterday?” He asked as she prepared a slice of bread with cream cheese.
“Um… Not really, no...” She said sheepishly. He raised his eyebrows.
“I was late! You heard me trying to find my scrubs, I know you woke up.” She poured a bit of sriracha on the egg toast.
“I don’t know how you get through the day without breakfast. I need to start getting up just to cook you something.” He said through a mouthful of toast.
“No way, you’re not getting up at 5 am. I can grab a protein bar at work if I really need to.” She began to eat her own food. “I appreciate the thought, though. Very considerate.”

She stood on her toes and kissed his cheek.

“Do you wanna watch something? I know we have like 3 channels but we can make fun of the newscasters.” He dropped himself on the couch and flipped through the channels.
“You’re funny,” (F/N) curled up next to him. The heat in the apartments was either broken or hadn’t been turned on, so the only source of warmth were blankets and each other.

She felt a sudden funny feeling in her stomach, and slid off the couch.

“Where you going, bunny?” Layne set his plate down.
“bathroom, I’ll be right back.”

After peeing, she felt much better. She looked at herself in the mirror as she washed her hands.

“What a fucking mess…” She touched her hair, which looked like something out of a shitty 80s hair metal band. As she attempted to fix it, she felt an intense cramp in her abdomen.
“Motherfuck…” She gripped the counter with her hands, knuckles turning white. The pain pulsated with her heartbeat, making her nauseous. She turned on the sink trying to mask the noise of her heavy breathing.
“Go away… Go away… Jesus Christ… Go away…” She splashed some water on her face. When it didn’t fade away, she began frantically searching the medicine cabinets for something- anything to help.
Eventually, the nausea got bad enough that she shuffled over to the bowl and stuck her head in. Her breakfast was out in less than a minute.
“Fuck…” She spit into the bowl, flushing the contents. Wiping her mouth, she turned off the bathroom lights and walked out.
“Layne… Where did you put it?” She asked.
“No, babe. You told me you’re quitting.”
“I need one more, and then I’m done. My stomach hurt really bad.” She snuggled back into his side.
“Being cute is not going to make me give it back. We quit, remember?” He stroked her head gently.
“I know, but… It hurt so bad, I puked,” Tears rolled down (F/N)'s cheeks.
“Fuck, shit… Fucking hell.” Layne hugged her head to his chest. “I’m making you second breakfast.” He rocked her back and forth as she cried quietly.
“I shouldn’t have let you go in there by yourself. I’m so stupid. I should have known better, fuck,”
“I thought you were sick of watching me go potty…” (F/N) laughed through the tears.
“At least I know you’re not fucking dead…” He kissed her head. “Anyway. come on, you’re getting a real treat from Layne.”

He began making some waffle things while (F/N) sat on the old wooden table.

“This is something my mom used to make, it’s cinnamon waffles. She’d butter them up real nice, and put a whole lot of sugar-cinnamon on em. And I’d drench them with syrup and call it a day,” He said as a delicious smell filled the air.
“Am I a chef, or what?” He looked back at (F/N), who was sneaking into the alcohol cabinet.
“Can I not take my eyes off you for one second?” He sighed as she pouted.
“Alright, fine. You can have one, honeypie. Just because I’m nice.” He said as he finished the waffles.
“I don’t think we have any syrup,” (F/N) said as she poured herself a glass of vodka. “Should we go out and get some?”
“No, we should just stay in today.” He handed her a plate.
“Thank you, it smells really good.” (F/N) smiled.
“Did I tell you how nice you look?”
“Ha ha. Very funny,” She said as she bit into her food.
“I’m not joking, you look kinda radiant,” Layne sat back on the couch. “Even with the Nikki Sixx ‘do”
“Aw, thanks. You’re very sweet,” (F/N) gave him a smooch and they continued watching a low-quality news report.

At around 6 am, they heard a knock on the door. The glass of Vodka had done (F/N) some good and lifted her spirits a bit, but seemingly not enough. She managed to tear herself away from Layne’s side and went to open it, glass in hand.
“I told you Chris, we don’t want anything. Fucking go away, man.” She aggressively opened the door, ready to cuss “chris” out.

(Y/N) stood frozen with wide eyes, like a deer in the headlights. She took in what was in front of her.

(F/N), In her underwear and a bathrobe hanging off her shoulders, a glass of something that was probably not water, intense raccoon eyes and smudged lipstick, rats nest on her head, and an intense scowl on her face. She looked so much like a crackwhore, it was difficult to recognize her.

“(Y/N)?!” She breathed.
“BITCH.” (Y/N) dropped her suitcase and tackled her into a hug.
“Oh my god! I totally forgot- I mean I definitely remembered you guys were coming! Come on in!” (F/N) waved the two men in with (Y/N) still hanging off her.
“Oh my fucking god, I’ve gotta change,” (F/N) scrambled, trying to get to the bedroom.
“Don’t worry about it, sugar.” Layne walked out of the living room with a cigarette. His face lit up immediately when he saw Jerry.
“Blanche!” Jerry said loudly as he went in for a hug.
“Satan Hoof!” Layne patted his back affectionately.
“Damn, man. I missed you. Why’d you have to pull somethin’ like that on me?” Jerry gripped Layne’s face in his hands. Meanwhile, Krist awkwardly took off his shoes at the entrance.
“Don’t worry about that Krist, our floor is nasty.” (F/N) waved him away, (Y/N) still not letting go. “Come on, take a seat. Can I get you anything? We have vodka, Mike’s hard lemonade, I think there might be some gummy bears somewhere…” she began to look through the kitchen.

Eventually, everyone settled down and gathered in the living room. Unfortunately, the couch was a little small so the space was given to the guests while (F/N) got everyone something to drink.

“I’m so glad you guys are all in one piece. I feel like a mom worried about her kids!” (Y/N) clutched her heart.
“I’m glad to see you all too! How was the flight?” (F/N) handed everyone a glass of something. No one really knew what it was.
“It was as good as flights get, fell asleep for a couple hours,” Jerry stretched. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Mrs. Staley. Glad to see Blanche wasn’t lyin’ about you.”
“Nice to meet you too, Jerry!” (F/N) shook his hand gently.
“Damn, dude!” He mouthed at Layne as she turned to put away the bottle, looking her up and down. Layne looked a little ticked.
“Mrs. Staley? Oh, that’s a good one.” (Y/N) laughed. “Can you imagine if (F/N) got married? I feel like we’re mentally twelve.” She smiled at Krist. He swallowed nervously. The room went quiet.
“What? What happened?” (Y/N) looked around. (F/N) eyed Layne nervously.
“(F/N). What’s going on?” (Y/N) stood from the couch.
“Um… Nothing, really. I’m just tired…” (F/N) brushed her hair out of her face. (Y/N) caught sight of something glinting on her finger.
“Give me your hand.”
“What? Why?”
“Just give it to me!”
“Why not? Are you hiding something?” (Y/N)'s voice got progressively louder.
“Just show her, babe.” Layne groaned.
“BABE?!” (Y/N) shrieked as (F/N) looked away and held her hand up for her to see. A golden band sat on her wedding finger, shining cheerfully.
“You’re. Shitting me. I fucking can’t believe I wasn’t even the maid of honor!” (Y/N) yelled.
“That’s what you’re mad about?!” (F/N) held her face in her hands.
“I mean, I’m mad about a number of things! But I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” (Y/N) paced back and forth. She walked up to Layne and slapped him. Hard.
“Ow, fucking bitch!” He held his cheek, which now had a large red handprint.
“I can’t believe you took my best friend across the country and married her! You asshole!” She yelled. (F/N) positioned herself between the two.
“Don’t fight! It’s not his fault, not completely!” (F/N) tried to reduce the conflict.
“What’s next?! You got her fucking pregnant?!” (Y/N) spun around and threw her hands into the air.
“No, nothing like that!” (F/N) exclaimed.

Eventually, (Y/N) was able to breathe again.

“So you’re married. You’re fucking married?” Layne and (F/N) nodded.
“When did this happen?” (Y/N) interrogated.
“We got drunk in Vegas, and I don’t really remember. We have pictures of Elvis as the pastor, and we have all the documents.” Layne explained hesitantly.
“And you’re going to get it annulled, right?” (Y/N) was on the brink of a breakdown.
“That’s the thing…” (F/N) and Layne looked at each other. “There’s no legal way we could. To prove we were drunk we would need a witness, but Elvis is long gone with our money.”
“Divorce?!” (Y/N) said through clenched teeth.
“We don’t have enough, We can barely pay rent and for… other things.” (F/N) sighed. “And I work full time.”

(Y/N) sat down on the floor, defeated.

“Here comes the bride, all dressed in white-” She began singing.
“God damn it, you broke her!” Krist knelt down and began rubbing her back. (F/N) leaned onto Layne for support.
“What else have you not told me?!” (Y/N) rubbed her temples.
“That’s really all, I swear!” (F/N) said quickly. “We’re doing alright. Sure, money’s tight. But we’re getting through it, right?”
“It’s not so bad.” Layne smiled reassuringly.

Once (Y/N) had calmed down, they all sat around the kitchen table. Jerry and Krist played snakes and ladders in the corner while (Y/N) talked to (F/N) and Layne.
“Where do you work?” She asked, sipping her mystery drink.
“Tacoma general.”
“How’s that?”
“Back-breaking. I worked three twelve-hour shifts in a row last week.” She sighed.
“What are you up to, Layne?” (Y/N) questioned further.
“Working on music. I’ve done a few side gigs, but I’m talking to some labels now and they’re pretty interested. I’m trying to get the whole band out here.” He explained. (Y/N) gave him a glare.
“Oh, don’t give him that! He works hard too. When I come home, he usually hasn’t left the room to even eat, all he does is write music.” (F/N) praised.
“Well, what are you going to do? About this whole… Married thing, I mean.” (Y/N) asked.
“We can’t do anything about it now, we’re not exactly in great shape financially,” Layne scratched his bare shoulder. “Truth be told, I don’t mind living with her at all. She always gets worried about me and shit. It’s nice to have someone who cares about you like that.”
“Well fuck my fucking life. That’s so sweet.” (Y/N) chugged her mystery drink. She looked at Krist, who was having an absolute ball making his figurine slide down one of the snakes on the board. “I know what that feels like…” She mumbled quietly.
“It’s hard to find someone who you really work well with. I’m just lucky I saw her at that halloween party, or I think I’d probably be dead in a ditch somewhere.” He casually put his hand over hers.
“What have you been doing, (Y/N)? Has everything gone well with Krist?” (F/N) asked excitedly.
“You’ll never believe what happened. You can guess, but this shit is just another level of insane.” (Y/N) shook her head.
“Uh oh, did something go wrong?”
“Alright, hear this. Krist and I went on a date to Five Guys, because we were really hungry. I forgot that Roger worked, like, right next to there. So his ass shows up and he saw me on my date.” (F/N) gasped.
“Oh, no.”
“He said that he thought we had something special and didn’t listen to me, so Krist told him to calm down. He, of course, got really pissed and tried to headbutt him. Krist jumped out of the way like three times, and ended up behind the counter at one point. He started chucking tomatoes and cheese at him, and Roger kept trying to get over the counter but he kept getting hit in the face with food. It was honestly really funny to watch.”

(F/N) couldn’t contain her laughter.

“Wow. What a dumbass, he thought he could fight that beanstalk.”
“The cops came and took him away, cause he wouldn’t stop screaming. He was really pissed! Krist and I just went home and snuggled. That was actually the night you called me and told me you were on your way here!” (Y/N) explained.
“Oh, that drive destroyed me. It took me so long to recover,” (F/N) rubbed her back out of habit.
“Me dickin’ you down with my fat cock probably didn’t help, either!” Layne hit the table with his fist laughing. “Oh, I mean my love and attention. That definitely helped her, who is my beautiful little ray of sunshine.” He cleared his throat, looking at (Y/N) awkwardly.
“So what does everyone want to do today?” (F/N) asked the group. “It’s my day off today!”
“What’s there to do around here?” (Y/N) asked.
“There’s a nice little park by the river, why don’t we take a drive and have a nice walk?” (F/N) offered. Everyone seemed to be in agreement.

Everyone threw on jackets, even Layne put on a shirt and leather jacket. (F/N) fixed her makeup and hair in the bathroom while (Y/N) sat on the toilet and waited for her.

“So any other drama? I’m really glad you and Krist are happy together. He seems to be getting along great with the guys,” (F/N) pointed out.
“Well, there was the little incident at the airport…” (Y/N) mentioned.
“Spill,” (F/N) said while applying mascara.
“Jim found me there, somehow, and he tried to convince me not to go. He literally got down on his knees and begged for me not to leave. He thought I was going on a vacation with Krist.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“How the fuck did he find you?!” (F/N) was surprised.
“Absolutely no idea. He said he’ll come here and get me, too. Honestly don’t know how to feel about that. I’m flattered he loves me so much but… I’m dating someone.” She said hesitantly.
“Why are all these guys such self-centered assholes?” (F/N) said with frustration. “They never consider how the girl feels, they always try to push their thoughts onto her.”
“I don’t know. And they’re always the nicest at first.” (Y/N) shrugged.

When (F/N) was finally finished, everyone left the apartment. Layne didn’t even bother locking it.
The pair led the guests over to a parking lot. It was a small dirt space enclosed by a chain-link fence and contained around 50 cars. Layne led them to a beat-up 80s Toyota. Someone had spray-painted “kill cops” On the right side, and on the left was the huge dent.

“Ain’t she a beaut?” Layne hopped into the driver’s seat.
“She’s something, alright,” Jerry said as everyone got in.
The car sputtered to a start and they began driving down to the park. Layne cranked the radio all the way up.
“Sorry, it's freezing, the a/c doesn’t work.” He yelled over some rock group. Krist wrapped his arm around (Y/N) and pulled her close. They could practically see their breath in the car.
“You’re listening to KGRG-FM rock-and-roll radio! We’ve got some exciting news for you listeners out there today! The first snowfall of the year here in Washington is expected here in Tacoma! It’s predicted to come around at 12 pm, but it might come sooner! Hope you’re all excited for a little Christmas magic, everyone!” The radio announcer said excitedly.
“Oh my gosh! We can make a snowman!” (F/N) looked out the window as Layne pulled up to a curb beside the park.

Layne and (F/N) led everyone down to a large pier that overlooked the massive river.

“Look, that’s Mount Rainier! It’s an active volcano,” (F/N) pointed to a large mountain in the distance. (Y/N) held Krist’s hand tightly.
“It’s so beautiful out here!” She said, looking around.
“Is that a ferry?” Jerry looked out at a boat approaching the shore.
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can put your car onto it and they’ll get you to an island somewhere in the river,” Layne replied.

Everyone laughed and joked around while they strolled about, (Y/N) even snapping some pictures. Eventually, it began to snow.
(Y/N) spun around, letting the snowflakes fall on her tongue. There was barely any wind, so the snow fell straight to the ground. She laughed as Krist picked her up and put her on his shoulders.
Their other three friends walked just in front. Jerry joked around with Layne, whose arm was around (F/N)'s shoulders. The atmosphere was incredibly light and cheerful. (Y/N) watched as Layne moved a loose strand of (F/N)'s hair behind her ear.

“He seems to like her,” She said quietly, braiding Krist’s hair.
“Yeah, it’s kind of funny. I’ve never really seen Layne look at someone like that.” Krist smiled as he leaned into (Y/N)'s touch.
“You’re a big softie too,” (Y/N) pet his hair. “You’re like a big puppy.”
“Woof!” He laughed as more snowflakes fell on his nose.

(Y/N) continued snapping photos. Jerry lit a cigarette while leaning on the side rail. Layne waltzed badly with (F/N) in the snowfall, occasionally dipping her. It all came together in a candid shot.
Eventually, it began to get dark, and everyone headed back to the car. The girls walked a bit in front to have some girl time.

“You and Krist are so cute. I saw you on his shoulders back there!” (F/N) whispered.
“He’s just really sweet. We haven’t even done anything… like, sexual. He’s just like that!”
“You haven’t?!” (F/N) looked surprised. “Who are you and what did you do with (Y/N)?!”
“I’m right here, I swear! We just haven’t needed to. I haven’t felt any pressure, I just think it’ll happen naturally.” (Y/N) blushed.
“(Y/N), that’s so romantic, I might just die!” (F/N) fanned herself. “I’m so jealous!”
“We snuggled at his house a bunch, and now I have a bunch of his T-shirts. I honestly don’t know what else I could possibly need.”
“And Krist seems to be having a good time, too. I’m so glad you guys came!” She looked at Jerry who was having some quality bro time with his boy. “I hope Jerry stays. It would mean a lot to Layne.”
“I hope it all works out for you guys,” (Y/N) said quietly.
“Hey, chicks! Let’s go to Metmart and get some quality shit!” Layne yelled.
“Sounds good!” (F/N) yelled back.
“What the hell is Metmart?” (Y/N) asked.
“Only the best grocery store you’ll ever be in,” (F/N) replied as they hopped into the car.

The store had an amazing selection of foods, from obscure Indian sauces to freshly baked french pastries. It all cost a pretty penny, however.
“What are you guys in the mood for?” (F/N) asked, throwing a couple of Luna bars into the basket.

“Well… I’m not sure.” Layne looked around. “What’s something fancy that doesn’t use too many ingredients?”
“How about Lasagna?” Krist suggested.
“Oh, that’s a great idea, actually! Let’s do it.” (F/N) began heading towards the pasta.
The gang followed (F/N) as she got some lasagna noodles, beef, marinara sauce, oregano, ricotta and parmesan cheese, mozzarella, and parsley.
“This is gonna be more than we usually spend on food, but it’s gonna be worth it.” They all waited for her to finish at the self-checkout. She checked the price and winced.
“Here, use my card,” Layne handed her his credit card, seeing her stress.
“Thanks…” She whispered as the transaction was completed.

(F/N) chopped some parsley in the kitchen while everyone else sat around in the living room. Jerry opened a pack of beer for everyone, and Layne fiddled with his guitar, strumming a slow song. (Y/N) sat in Krist’s lap, sipping her beer.

“Been writing a lot lately, I think you’ll like some of it.” Layne played a few chords.
“Yeah? Hit me.” Jerry replied. As Layne began jamming, (Y/N) stood from Krist’s lap and approached (F/N) in the kitchen.
“Do you need any help in here? I can’t believe you’re cooking us an entire dinner.” (Y/N) sat up on the kitchen counter with her beer.
“Could you help grate the parmesan cheese? It’ll just help things go faster.” (F/N) said, not pausing her chopping.
“Sure thing!” (Y/N) began grating the cheese. There was a brief silence before (Y/N) spoke.
“So, uh… Any news from Kurt…? You two still not on good terms?” She asked slowly.
“Nothing new, we haven’t talked or anything,” (F/N) said, visibly uncomfortable. “I worry about him sometimes, and I forgive him for what happened. There’s no sense in holding grudges, you know?”
“Yeah, I understand.”
“There’s a part of me that wants to go back to how things were, where we all just hung out and were as carefree as we could get in that environment. But after some thought, I’ve realized I- we can never have that again.” She sighed, sliding the parsley into a bowl for later use.
“What do you mean?” (Y/N) asked.
“Everything that has happened up to this point has changed so much. If I go back, it still won’t be the same. I’ll be looking at everything with a different perspective,” (F/N) began laying out the lasagna noodles into a pan.
“I can’t run away from the consequences to what I’ve done. I can’t go back and pretend nothing happened. It would just eat away at me forever. So I’m doing what I have to do now, in the present. I hope Kurt understands that, even if he doesn’t really know what went on.” She finished while pouring some sauce over the dish.
“I see what you’re saying…” (Y/N) nodded. “Kurt really misses you though, and I don’t think he’s doing great. He calls me and asks about you sometimes,”
“I- I’d rather not talk about it. I wish he would take care of himself more. I can’t babysit him, it’s not the same anymore…” (F/N) turned away, trying to compose herself.
“I know. I feel really bad, though.” (Y/N) gave her the cheese.
“I feel bad too. If you talk to him, tell him what I said. About taking care of himself, I mean.”

(F/N) finished making the lasagna and put on some oven mitts.

“Wait! Let me get a picture,” (Y/N) grabbed her camera. (F/N) posed with the lasagna before sliding it into the oven.
“I hope it comes out alright!” She said nervously, setting a timer.

Sometime after, the food was done. Everyone gathered around the table to eat as (F/N) took the Lasagna pan out of the oven.

“looks good, sweetheart.” Layne casually slapped her ass as she bent over. She immediately straightened out, almost dropping the tray.
“Layne! It’s hot!” She whined, setting it down to cut it.
“So are you, sugar.” He hugged her waist while kissing her temple, grasping a beer can in the other hand.
“You look real cute in that apron.” He burped.

She blushed as she tried to focus on cutting the lasagna into neat squares.

“I don’t know if anyone’s said anything about the actual food, but It smells delicious!” (Y/N) made a face at Layne while (F/N)'s back was turned. He stuck his tongue out at her.
“Aw, thanks! I’ve only made this a couple other times, so don’t be too harsh, guys.” She began handing everyone plates of lasagna.
“Alright, let’s all say grace or whatever,” Layne said as they all joined hands.
“Bless us, O Lord, and these, this lasagna which we are about to absolutely destroy, fuck it I forgot the rest. Amen brothers.” Everyone laughed at Layne’s outburst. They all dug in.
“Oh, this is really good! It’s hot, though. Be careful.” Jerry bit into his chunk.
“Thanks for the dinner, (F/N). I know we’ve had some conflicts in the past, but I appreciate you welcoming me into your home.” Krist smiled, raising his beer in a toast.
“Thanks, Krist. I guess you’re not so bad.” She teased, setting down her own plate.
“Speaking of home, how exactly did you get this place? I mean, you guys aren’t exactly rolling in dough.” (Y/N) asked.
“My mom had this as a vacation place when we would come here with my dad. She signed over the rent to us, so we’re paying for it now.” Layne explained through a mouthful of food.
“Oh, that was pretty lucky.” (Y/N) continued chewing her food.

Everyone was soon happy and well-fed. Jerry and Layne volunteered for clean-up duty while (F/N) dealt with the leftovers. Krist kissed (Y/N) on the cheek.

“I’m gonna call it a night, guys. Where should I sleep?” He asked.
“You guys can take the guest room, there’s a mattress and some blankets, it should be big enough for you two.” (F/N) said, scraping the leftover lasagna into a container. “Jerry, you can have the couch. We’ll give you some blankets too.”
“Sounds good!” Krist went to check it out.
“I think I’ll go too. I’m super jet-lagged.” (Y/N) yawned.

Everyone retired to their beds, ready for sleep after a day full of energy. (F/N) and Layne were the only ones left in the kitchen.

“I think that went well.” (F/N) smiled, wiping some of the wet dishes.
“Look at you, you’re so proud of yourself!” Layne lifted his sunglasses onto his forehead.
“I’m just glad everyone was happy and there wasn’t any altercations for once.” (F/N) blushed under his gaze. It was different when he had the sunglasses on, she couldn’t see his true expression. It was like he was letting his guard down by taking them off.
“You made a bomb-ass fuckin’ dinner. Thanks.” He kissed her cheek.
“You’re welcome. I’m glad you liked it,” She said. “I’d like to try and make a cake or something next time.”
“I’d eat the fuck out of anything you make.” He began kissing her neck.
“Layne, we’re in the kitchen!” She tried to whisper.
“So? No one’s here. Krist and (Y/N) are probably hee-heeing in the guest room and Jerry’s wackin’ off on the couch…”
“Are you sure..?” She breathed.
“You want me to run a train on you on this kitchen counter? You probably do, you dirty girl…” (F/N) leaned against it as Layne began to take off his belt.
“I just wanted some water…” Krist stood frozen in his tracks in the entrance to the kitchen. His expression was one of pure shock.
“Go and get some, why are you just standing there?” Layne continued to take off his pants.
“That’s where food goes!” Krist pointed at the counter.
“What’s your point?” Layne was in boxers.
“Your jizz is gonna be in my pancakes tomorrow?!” Krist whispered aggressively, trying not to wake up the whole neighborhood.
“I’m jizzing in her, not the counter, you fuckin’ idiot!” Layne whisper-yelled back.
“Well, you know! Sometimes a little leaks out and- What the fuck am I doing,” Krist stormed over to the fridge and got a water bottle. “You two are disgusting, I’m out.”

He stomped out of the kitchen. They heard him shut the door to the guest room loudly.

“Anyway, I’m-”
“No, that really just killed the mood.” (F/N) took off her apron.
“Come on, you’re just gonna leave me standing here with my pants around my ankles?” He groaned.
“Can you blame me if I don’t want Abe Lincoln seeing my pussy?!”
“Well, if it makes you feel any better, he’s probably not coming back here.” Layne shrugged.
“Alright, fine. Don’t go too hard, though. I’m really full.”
“You’re about to be full of somethin’ else, babe- Ow! You know I’m just joking, I’ll be nice, I promise.” He laughed.

Chapter Text

“Where’s the bleach? I need to bleach my eyes.” Krist stumbled into the guest room. (Y/N) had been reading a rolling stones magazine while dozing off.
“Why, what’s wrong?” She flipped the page.
“Uh… Just fucking-” He struggled to describe his predicament. (Y/N) looked at him.
“I’m on my way to get a goddamn drink from the kitchen, you know, the place we were all having dinner at less than 30 minutes ago?” He flopped down on the bed. “And Layne is just bangin’ (F/N), with his weiner out, just-” He gagged.
“Oh god.” (Y/N) eyes widened as she turned back to the magazine.
“And here’s the kicker, he doesn’t even stop! He just looks at me- no! He has the audacity to ask me why I’m standing there like an idiot! While he’s getting his dick wet in the kitchen!” Krist was frustrated.
“Aw, don’t worry about it. He was probably just kidding around with you.” (Y/N) put away the magazine and tried to console Krist.
“He looked dead serious!” Krist groaned.
“It’s okay, Krist. Maybe he just couldn’t wait long enough! I mean, it is their house,” She rubbed circles on his chest.
“He could at least have had the decency to stop and let me get my water! And like, not made eye contact!” Krist shuddered. “I feel so dirty…”
“At least they’re having a good time!” (Y/N) tried to find a positive. She moved closer and hugged him, leaning her head on his shoulder.
“Let’s go to bed and forget about it.” She offered.
“I can’t get the fucking image out of my brain…” Krist whimpered.
“Shhh… It’s gonna be okay.” (Y/N) turned off the light and curled up next to him, stroking his hair. Eventually, they got warm and comfortable, and fell asleep.

(Y/N) woke up at around 1 am during the night. There was light leaking in through the crack beneath the door, and it was shining directly into her eyes. Krist, meanwhile, was sleeping very soundly. Getting curious as to what it could be, she slowly crept out of bed and opened her door.
The door to the bathroom was ajar, and she could see there was someone inside. Why had they not bothered to close the door? (Y/N) was confused. She peeked in, squinting from the bright bathroom lights.
(F/N) was on the floor, hunched over the toilet bowl. It was a little scary to see, since she hadn’t been expecting it at all. (Y/N) quickly came in and closed the door.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” She whispered, careful to not wake anyone up.
“Mhm.” (F/N) spit into the toilet before dry-heaving.
“Yeah, so you’re clearly not. Did you drink too much, or something? I saw you drink like a beer, and that’s it… Was there more?” (Y/N) rubbed her back.
“No, no. That’s all I drank. I’m just having some abdominal pain…” She gripped the bowl as another wave of nausea hit her.
“Okay, let’s get you some Advil or something to relive it.” (Y/N) began searching through the medicine cabinet. After tossing out some random allergy medications, she discovered an old birth control pill case.
“Oh, is this yours?” She threw it on the ground while continuing to search.
“No, stopped taking it after I started gaining weight a month ago,” (F/N) spit into the bowl again. (Y/N)'s eyes widened.
“What do you mean, you stopped taking it?”
“Oh, it’s fine. I keep track of my periods and Layne pulls out, usually.”
“It’s not really a big deal. Plenty of people do it that way.”
(Y/N) shook her head in disbelief.
“We’re getting you a pregnancy test.”
“What?! You seriously think…” (F/N) let out a tired laugh. “No, this is because of… Something else…”
“What could it possibly be?” (Y/N) asked.
“I-” (F/N) hesitated. “It’s nothing. Nevermind.”
“Okay, well. You’re taking the test.”
“Will that get you to let go of this whole pregnant thing?” (F/N) asked.
“Yes.” (Y/N) looked at her with a blank face.
“Okay, fine. I just need to get the keys.”

(F/N) was able to sneak into her bedroom and get the car keys undetected. The girls threw on their jackets and went out to the beat-up Toyota. (F/N) started the car.
“I can’t believe you straight up stopped taking it.”

“Not everyone can get the IUD, okay! It really didn’t work for me.” (F/N) made a sharp turn into a convenience store parking lot.
“I know, but you should use condoms at the very least.”
“But then it feels weird and… rubbery” (F/N) shuddered. (Y/N) shook her head in disbelief.
“I’m telling you, I’m not pregnant, damn it!”
“Fuck off, you’re peeing on a stick.”

They got a couple tests, a bag of Funyuns and a push-pop (per (F/N)'s request). After receiving a weird look from the clerk, they headed home.
2 am on the clock. (F/N) peed on one of the tests. She sat on the toilet, jiggling her leg impatiently while (Y/N) paced back and forth.

“I’m not pregnant.”
“How do you know that?”
“I’m just not.” (F/N) snapped.
“I can’t argue with you.” (Y/N) rubbed her eyes. “Let me see it,”
(F/N) handed her the test.
It had one line.
“See? I told you.” (F/N) crossed her arms.
“You have to take the second one.” (Y/N) unwrapped the other one in the box.
“I wanna sleep!” (F/N) whined.
“You will, as soon as we take this one.”
So (F/N) peed on the second one. After a bit, (Y/N) took it to look at the result.
“One line again.” She put it down on the counter.
“I told you! There’s no way I’m pregnant.” (F/N) huffed.
“Alright, at least now we’re sure.” (Y/N) washed her hands. “You’re taking birth control again first thing tomorrow. I’m gonna go back to bed now, it’s super late.”

(Y/N) closed the bathroom door behind her. (F/N) sat on the toilet for a few minutes, staring off into space. Sliding off, she spent a while rummaging through the medicine cabinet again.

“Where the fuck did he put it? Sneaky bastard… None of this would have happened if he didn’t hide it…” She sighed. She stood up, ready to go back to bed.
“I should probably toss these before I get any more questions…” She picked up the tests. Her gaze fell onto the second test.
It had developed a second blue line. She heard a loud ringing in her ears.
“That’s not right.” She put it in her pocket, blood running cold. She threw the second one away.
“It’s not right.” She tiredly assured herself before going back to bed.
She crawled back into her spot under the blankets. Layne instantly pulled his arms around her.
“Where did you go?” He mumbled sleepily.
“I had to pee…”
“I missed you.” He kissed her shoulder.
“Me too…”

(Y/N) woke up late into the morning. Krist was still snoring beside her, he seemed to have slept through the whole night without waking up a single time.
She carefully slid out of bed to not awaken him, and crept out of the room towards the kitchen. She smelled something delicious being cooked, and heard some hushed voices speaking. Slowly coming in, she saw Layne making something in the frying pan while Jerry sat reading a magazine and (F/N) peeked over his shoulder.

“Good morning! Layne’s making scrambled eggs.” (F/N) smiled to her in greeting.
“Smells really good!” (Y/N) replied. Layne continued jamming at the stove, drumming along to the song in his head with the spatula.
“Oh, I actually wanted to talk to you guys. Why’d you guys… uh… Do that? Krist didn’t want to see! He was just minding his own business!” (Y/N) stood up for him.
“What are you talking about- Oh! Is this about me plowin’ her in here?” Layne popped a piece of scrambled egg in his mouth.
“What else could it be, dude?” (Y/N) crossed her arms.
“It’s my house, I’ll fuck where I want.” Layne continued scrambling the eggs.
“Fair, but wait until everyone’s asleep at least. Krist doesn’t want to see that.”
“What, has he never seen a dick before?” Layne laughed, handing her a plate.
“Just watch it, Staley.” (Y/N) glared up at him.
They both turned back with their plates of breakfast, ready to set the table. (Y/N) made eye contact with (F/N), who was in the middle of doing a line next to Jerry.
“Wha-?!” Layne almost dropped one of the plates he was holding. “No!”
“Really?” (Y/N) stared at her with a blank face.
“Oh, what?! It’s all fun and games until (F/N) starts taking her medication on the kitchen counter!” She said aggressively.
“That’s cocaine, (F/N), not medicine.” (Y/N) sighed.
“It makes me feel better!” She yelled.
“Fucking- Give me that shit, come on-” Layne physically restrained her while he got Jerry to snatch the rest. (F/N) mumbled something incoherent.
“Shh…” Layne leaned in and whispered something in her ear. (F/N) collapsed in his arms, crying. He held her, turning back to Jerry and muttering something to him. (Y/N) felt like she was going crazy.
“What just happened? Where are you going?” She asked Jerry, who hurriedly left the kitchen. (F/N) was still bawling in Layne’s arms.
“I can’t do it…” She gasped.
“Come on, I made eggs!” Layne gestured at the table.
“Okay… Okay.” She took a few deep breaths. (Y/N) was stunned. Layne had maneuvered the situation as if it had happened before.
“So, like… Does that happen often?” She asked, sitting down.
“Uh, no… Sorry you had to see that.” (F/N) wiped a few tears away, composing herself.
“You might want to consider going to like… A detox center?” (Y/N) suggested, eating her eggs.
“I’m not addicted! It’s not like that!” (F/N) snapped, stabbing her food. “I just need a little bit sometimes.”
“You should still probably go, it won’t hurt you,” (Y/N) shrugged.
“It’s not like I’m dependent on it, I’m fine. Layne’s just helping me stay away from it, that’s all.” (F/N)'s tone suddenly became lighter.
“Hm.” (Y/N) raised her eyebrows, but said nothing.
“Good morning, guys.” Krist stretched as he walked in the kitchen. “Breakfast smells good.”
“Thanks!” Layne smiled.
Krist took a bite.
“Funny. I think my jizz is in that one from last night,” Layne pointed at Krist’s eggs. The tall man made an annoyed face.
“Gross, man.”
“I’m just playin’ with ya. Don’t beat yourself up over last night. The missus forgives you, right honey?” He pinched (F/N)'s cheek.
“Sorry, Krist. Wasn’t really thinking about anyone else at that point,” She admitted shyly. Krist nodded understandingly.
“It’s okay. It happens.”
“He probably enjoyed the view. Didn’t you, big man?” Layne wiggled his eyebrows, leaning back in his seat. Krist blushed.
“Oh, quit making him uncomfortable! You’re such a bully.” (Y/N) kicked Layne under the table.
“Ow!- I’m just trying to make light of the situation,” Layne rubbed his leg.
“Anyway, you slept well!” (Y/N) turned her attention to Krist.
“Yeah, I did. Thanks for keeping me company, Em.” Krist seemed to be in a good mood.
“What’s the plan today you guys? Are we going somewhere?” (Y/N) asked, chewing her breakfast.
“Oh, shit!” (F/N) said, checking the time. She jumped up and tossed her plate in the sink. “I have to get ready for work. I’ve got another long shift today.”
“Honeypie, you didn’t even finish!” Layne whined as she dashed off to change.
“What are we going to do if she’s got work?” (Y/N) asked.
“I guess we’ll just hang around. I wanna work on some music with Jerry, so you guys can watch or something.” Layne suggested. (Y/N) nodded.
“Maybe we can go shop down the street too. I saw some nice stores when we pulled in!” She suggested. Everyone’s head suddenly snapped to the phone, which rang loudly, disturbing the peaceful morning.
“I’ll get it,” Layne slid out of his seat to grab the phone.
“Yo.” He paused. “Oh, it’s for (F/N). Babe!” He yelled into the hallway.
(F/N) ran up in her scrubs and grabbed the phone.
“Hello?” (Y/N) watched her face go from eager to disappointed in a heartbeat.
“Oh, that’s okay. Thanks for letting me know!” She said as she hung up.
“What, what’s wrong?” (Y/N) asked with concern.
“They just cut back on my hours. They’re overstaffed.” (F/N) sighed, slumping against the wall.
“Don’t worry. At least you’ve got some free time.” (Y/N) tried to comfort her.
“I guess so. I might have to get a second job. Maybe a waitress down at Russel’s?” She began looking through the magazines on the counter.
“No, you’re not working at Russel’s. I don’t want you to come home feeling violated from all the drunk dudes gawking at you.” Layne sat back down and lit a cigarette.
“Thanks for looking out for me, but we’ve gotta put food on the table somehow.” She leaned against his back.
“Listen, if the boys and I ever make it big, you won’t ever have to work a day for the rest of your life. And we’ll get a nice house, with heat. And maybe a dog or something.” He tried to lighten the mood.
“Oh, thanks, Layne! You’re the best!” (F/N) hugged him tightly.
“You know, now that you’ve got the day off, we should do something fun. Want to go shopping with me and Krist? That always makes you feel better.” (Y/N) suggested.
“That’s a great idea! You’re both so awesome. I’m gonna change and we can go. I can’t buy anything, though!” As she turned her back, (Y/N) and Layne made faces at each other. The phone rang again, and (F/N) dashed to it.
“Hello?” She twirled the cord hopefully. “Oh… Alright. It’s for you, Layne.”
“Who’s this?” He held the phone with his shoulder as he collected everyone's plates. “Oh, hey mom! What’s up?”
They talked for a good while before the call waxbcs ended. He excitedly looked at everyone.
“My mom just invited us to this evening party up in Seattle! She said there’ll be record execs there! Like, from the big Seattle grunge labels!” He shared.
“When is it?” Jerry asked from the couch.
“In a couple days. We can go talk to them, dude!” He smiled. “Also, my mom wants to meet you,” He informed (F/N).
“Oh god, now i’m nervous.”
“Don’t worry, she’ll love you.” He beamed. “We should probably take off our rings, though. I don’t want her to freak out at me.”
“Is it a formal event? Because then we’ll need something to wear.” (Y/N) asked,
“Oh, yeah. It is. Why don’t you guys look for something while you go shop today?” Layne suggested. “Here, take my card. Get something hot.” He handed (F/N) his credit card.
“Let’s go check some places out.” (Y/N) pulled (F/N) out of the apartment, Krist following not far behind.

They walked down the block, looking into the windows of each store. There were many small boutiques filled with cute clothes, but none of them had what the girls were looking for. Finally, a beautiful display caught (Y/N)'s eye.

“Wow, look at that huge wedding gown! It looks like it belongs to a princess!” (Y/N) gasped, pointing at the giant sparkling dress behind the glass.
“Wow, it’s so gorgeous! But it looks like a wedding store... Do you still want to try here?” (F/N) asked.
“We should definitely at least give it a shot,” (Y/N) pulled the door open.
The three were greeted by an array of multicolored dresses of all styles, sizes, and lengths. (Y/N)'s eyes lit up as she excitedly scanned the racks.
“Let’s get lookin’!” She said.
“Well, I’ll just kind of hover. I think this place is a bit out of my budget.”
“Aw, alright. When I’m done looking, we can go somewhere else.” (Y/N) compromised.
She walked around, pulling out dresses to see which she liked the most. Krist trailed behind her, looking a bit lost.
How can you find anything in here? There’s so many…” He pushed past a couple of large dresses.
“I just know what I like, so I sort through all the stuff I wouldn’t wear right off the bat! For example,” (Y/N) pulled out a bright pink frilly dress. “This will never be seen on my body. Like, ever.”
“Oh, okay. I get it!” Krist smiled. (Y/N) continued shuffling through the gowns. Grabbing a couple more, she saw Krist doing the same.
“Would you like to try some on as well?” She asked.
“Sure, why not.” He turned around, holding a burgundy dress.
“That’s a nice one! Good eye.”
“I was thinking you could try it on. Cause, you know. It would look nice on you.” He said shyly, thrusting the dress into her hands.
“Oh! Thanks, Krist. That’s so sweet!” She side-hugged him since it was a little difficult to do much else with all the gowns in her arms.

Hearing a gasp from the other side of the store, she spun around to face the source.

“(F/N)?” She called.
“(Y/N), I just found the prettiest thing-”
“Come to the fitting room and try it on, then! I found a bunch for me, too!” She motioned for Krist to come with her.

Krist sat down on the large ottoman in the middle of the fitting room as (Y/N) went to change. Before long, she was able to put the first dress on and walked out to see it in the mirror. It was a simple red dress with long sleeves and short skirt.

“Oh my god, wow!” Both Krist and (F/N) smiled as she walked out.
“That looks so good on you!” (F/N) said excitedly. “Do you think you’ll get it?”
“Thanks for gassing me up, you guys.” (Y/N) smiled, spinning around in the mirror. “I want to see how the rest look, then we can decide.”
“Okay, sounds good. I’ll wait ‘till you’re done, I want to see all of them.” (F/N) sat down next to Krist.

(Y/N) tried on the next few, which all fit well and had their own unique flare. Unfortunately, none were really wowing her, despite her friends loving each one more than the next. Her eyes finally fell on the dress Krist had gotten her.

“This one is really beautiful, but I don’t know… I’ll try her on and see how I feel.” She decided, slipping it on and walking out of the room.
“What do you guys think-” (F/N) jumped up before (Y/N) could finish.
“(Y/N). I’m gonna cry. This is the one.” She teared up.
“You think so?” (Y/N) smiled, looking at herself in the mirror.
“Yes. A thousand times, yes!” (F/N) dabbed at her eyes with Krist’s jacket. Krist didn’t mind, as he was awestruck.
“What did I tell you?! You look gorgeous…” He whispered.
“Awww, you guys!” (Y/N) hugged both of them. “I really do think this is the one. It feels like it was literally made for me.”
“I can’t believe it! This feels like a TV show. You look like you’re going to be on a red carpet!” (F/N) fanned herself.
“I’m gonna go change and pay for it. Are you gonna try yours on?” She asked, walking back to the stall.
“Oh, yeah! I completely forgot!” (F/N) snatched up her dress, walking into one of the stalls. “I’ll be right out.”
(Y/N) returned to the main area of the fitting room with her chosen gown in hand. Krist was still a bit speechless.
“Thank you so much for suggesting this one. I couldn’t have found it without you,” She gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“I can’t wait to see you in it again!” He smiled as she laughed.

Their heads turned as they heard (F/N) step out of her stall. She beamed as she stood in a sparkling, sheer orange gown.

“Tah-dah!” She posed.
(Y/N) and Krist looked at each, seemingly on the same wavelength.
“I couldn’t bring myself to walk past it… it was just too sparkly…” (F/N) admitted, kicking her leg out from the large slit on the side.
“Oh my god, (F/N). You can’t let Layne see you in that.” (Y/N) pushed her back into her changing stall. “He can’t control himself as it is.”
“Does it look alright?” (F/N)'s muffled voice came from behind the curtain.
“Yeah, it’s more than alright! Is that even a question?” (Y/N) yelled back. “Let’s hurry up and go pay for this stuff! I’m excited to get my baby,” She looked at her red dress.

The girls went to the register and bought their outfits. (F/N) was happy that the cost of her dress didn’t end up setting her back a ton, and (Y/N) was satisfied with how much hers ended up being as well. The trio left the store pleased.
As they made their way back down the street, (Y/N) kept turning around to look behind her. She felt a pair of eyes on the back of her head, but each time she spun around to catch who it was, there never seemed to be anyone there. She became increasingly paranoid.

“Why don’t we stop by Russel’s? Just to finish off the night.” (F/N) suggested.
“Sure,” (Y/N) agreed. Krist opened his mouth, but was interrupted by his phone ringing.
“Hello?” He answered.
“Hey! Get down here, Krist, big man! Layne duck-taped himself to the ceiling!” The girls heard Jerry yelling through the speaker.
“I’m on my way!” Krist began jogging to the apartment. “Sorry, Em! It’s an emergency! Call me and I’ll come walk you guys back!”
“Boys.” (Y/N) sighed.
“I definitely need a drink after that,” (F/N) pulled (Y/N) into the bar. As they passed a dark alleyway, (Y/N) could have sworn she saw someone watching her beside the dumpster.

“I’m here! I’m here, I came as fast as I could.” Krist panted as he stood in the apartment.
“Hey, man! Glad you could make it!” Jerry held a large pair of scissors. “We’ve gotta get him down. We did it too tight and now he can’t move.”
“This seemed like a better idea in my head,” Layne said thoughtfully as his glasses finally succumbed to gravity and fell onto the carpet.
“Alright, give me the scissors.”
Krist cut the tape around Layne’s body, which eventually resulted in him falling to the floor. He didn’t stick the landing.
“Motherfuck…” He wheezed.
“That was sick, Blanche.” Jerry helped Layne to his feet. “I got you some piss water to make you feel better!”
“Thanks,” Layne downed half the can.
“So how was the outing with the ladies?” Jerry asked Krist, cleaning up the mess of tape on the ground.
“It was pretty good! They found some dresses they liked and now they’re at the bar.” Krist replied.
“Oh yeah?” Layne drank the rest of his beer.
“Yeah. You guys want to play some video games?”
“I have Doom and Mortal Kombat II,” Layne plugged in his PlayStation as they hopped onto the couch.
After taking turns duking it out as Sub-Zero and Raiden (which lasted a couple of hours), Krist paused the game.
“I’m gonna give (Y/N) a call, It’s getting kind of late and I don’t want them walking home alone.”
“Good idea.” Layne fiddled with his controller. Krist dialed (Y/N)'s number.
“What’s up?” He heard her voice.
“Hey Em. I was just wondering how you guys were.”
“We’re doing okay…” (Y/N) said apprehensively.
“You sound like something’s wrong.” Krist sat up.
“No, no. It’s nothing like that. (F/N)'s just having a bit of a rough night.” (Y/N) replied. Krist heard sobbing through the phone.
“Oh. Okay then.” He said awkwardly. “Do you mind me asking why…?”
“Something about marriage, um… there was some stuff about Kurt in there, Babies were mentioned at some point...” (Y/N) trailed off. Krist glanced at Layne, who was anxiously listening to the call.
“Alright, well. Let me know when you’re leaving. It’s dangerous this time of night.” They exchanged goodbyes.
“I feel real bad, man.” Layne hung his head.
“For what?” Krist grabbed his controller.
“For everything I put her through. I feel like I took everything away from her.” He said sadly. “I’m just not good enough for her.”
“Hey, you can’t think like that! Sure, you got real hammered and made some bad decisions. And sure, you moved across the continent. But who hasn’t, right? I’m saying you’ve gotta get through the tough times to get to the good ones. It doesn’t go any other way, brother.” Jerry patted Layne’s back.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Layne nodded, regaining his spirits. “I should do something nice for her.”
“I’ve got an idea, maybe not fuck her in the kitchen. That definitely says ‘I love and respect you’ in a whole other way!” Krist suggested sarcastically.
“I’ve got an even better idea. Let’s go,” Layne threw on his jacket enthusiastically.

“Another one, please!” (F/N) waved her hand to get another glass.
“No, miss. You’ve had seven already.” The bartender cut her off.
“Ugh. Happens every time.” (F/N) slumped.
“Come on, it’s okay! Think about all those gorgeous dresses we saw today? Wasn’t it amazing how many there were?” (Y/N) tried to steer the conversation in a positive direction.
“Yeah, they were pretty. Remember that one on display, the wedding gown? Oh, god.” A tear rolled down her cheek. “I’ll never get to have a beautiful wedding dress! I’ll never get to walk down the aisle looking like fucking Cinderella! I fucked everything up,” She dropped her head on the table.
“Your life is far from over. You’ll get through everything, believe me.” (Y/N) comforted her.
“I just don’t know. You never know how it’s gonna turn out, you know?” (F/N) said quietly. “I wonder how Kurt’s doing, I miss him so much. One time, he got kicked out of his mom’s house and we just laughed about it and went out for nuggets. I hope he’s okay.”
“God damn it. He’s probably making music or something, completely fine,” (Y/N) lied.
“You think so?” (F/N) looked hopeful.
“Yeah, totally. I think he understands how you feel and he’s definitely not trying to solve his frustrations with drugs.”
“That’s good to hear, at least. I feel like a failure. All I do is come here and get drunk after work. You know what happened to me last week?”
(Y/N) looked at her in anticipation.
“I got peed on! Then, an old lady came in with an ‘altered mental status’ who shit all over herself. I had to hold her asshole open while the doctor performed a rectal exam. I had my face in an old lady’s ass, (Y/N)! It was degrading!” (F/N) vented.
“That’s so unbelievably disgusting. I think I just lost all my appetite.” (Y/N) pushed her drink away.
“At least I made a really good lasagna yesterday. I can do one thing right after all.” (F/N) huffed, putting her head in her arms on the bar.

After a few more drinks, (Y/N) decided it was probably a good time to return now that (F/N) was calmer and a little tipsier. She called Krist, who gladly agreed to come get them.
She managed to get (F/N) away from the bar and outside to wait for Krist. Looking around, (Y/N) saw the shadow of a tall man standing beside the lamp post on the other side of the street. Before she could look back and check if he was really there, heard Krist rounding the corner, boys in tow. The man had disappeared.

“Sorry for making you wait!” Krist ran over. “We went to the wrong bar by accident.” He apologized.
“It’s okay, I’m glad you’re here,” (Y/N) reassured him.
“Uh, here! These are for you,” Layne stepped forward and handed (F/N) a bouquet of flowers.
“For me?” (F/N)'s eyes lit up.
“Yeah! They’re Lilies. Cause, you know…” He trailed off as she looked up at him. “I don’t fuckin’ know, damn it. I thought it would be cute.”
“Oh my gosh! This is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me!” (F/N) tackled him with a hug.
“The florist lady told me pink Lilies represent admiration and infatuation, so I-”
“That’s beautiful, Layne. They’re beautiful! What made you give me these?” She asked, smelling the flowers.
“Well… There’s no one specific reason, I guess. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. And I heard you were having a rough night, so I wanted to make it better.” He said nervously.
“You’re such a sweetheart!” (F/N) blushed. Layne threw an arm around her as they began to walk back.
“Wow. That was a surprise.” (Y/N) walked with (F/N) while the boys were immersed in their own conversation.
“I know, right?!” (F/N) clutched the flowers happily. “He usually just eats me out or something as a ‘thank you’!”
“Oh! Wonderful.” (Y/N) sarcasm had no bounds.
“I’ve never gotten a bouquet like this before! Remember when Jim would send you those huge rose ones, hoping you’d take him back? I was so jealous! He may have been super creepy and gross, but he definitely did have a romantic side.” (F/N) recalled.
“Oh god, of course I remember. That whole situation was such a mess.” (Y/N) shuddered.

Suddenly, the feeling of being watched washed back over her. This time it was much stronger and only made her feel paranoid. She turned around, once again not seeing anything. She was beginning to feel frustrated.

“You okay?” (F/N) asked, seeing her discomfort.
“Yeah, I just keep getting this feeling like theres someone watching me…” She frowned.
“Uh oh. Well, we’re almost home. Don’t worry, you’re safe with us. Krist will probably not hesitate to beat someone up for you.” (F/N) reassured her. (Y/N) felt a bit relieved.

Everyone relaxed in their usual places upon getting to the house. Layne on the couch with a guitar, (F/N) on the other side doing her nails, Jerry looking over some magazines, and Krist and (Y/N) playing video games on the floor. (Y/N) heard her phone ring and paused the game to answer.

“Hey mom! What’s up?”
“Hey, sweetie! How is everything?” Her mom asked.
“Really good. We got invited to a formal event in Seattle in a couple of days.”
“That’s awesome, honey! I’ve got something to ask of you,” She paused. “Grandpa Ozzy actually lives in Spokane, and I wanted to ask if you could visit him?”
“Mom, grandpa Ozzy is insane! He told the ocean to ‘Go to Alaska’ when we went on vacation two years ago!”
“I know, sweetie. But he’s very lonely ever since he moved up there, and he doesn’t want to come visit because he doesn’t like planes. It would mean a lot to him if you paid him a visit.”
“Alright, fine. But I’m bringing my friends.”
“That’s fine, honey. Grandpa cares about you very much.”
“I care about grandpa too.”
“Good. I’m gonna do some laundry. You have fun over there, and don’t get into too much trouble! I love you!”
“Love you too, mom!” She said as the call ended.
“Oh boy, we have to visit my crazy grandpa.” She turned to (F/N), who was taking her pedicure very seriously. So focused, she didn’t even pause to blink.
“That’s kind of exciting! I’ve never met him.” (F/N) smiled.
“He’s the best, but also kind of the worst.” (Y/N) huffed.
After a while of everyone hanging out, (Y/N) decided to go to bed.
“I’m going to sleep. Want to come?” She asked Krist.
“Sure!” Krist stood and stretched.

The room was illuminated by a small lamp on the floor and the moonlight from the window. (Y/N) fell onto the mattress and got comfortable as Krist rolled up beside her.

“Today was pretty good. I’m super excited about the formal.” She started.
“Me too! You looked really beautiful in that dress, Em. It took my breath away.” Krist admitted.
“That’s so sweet, Krist. You make me feel like a million bucks.” (Y/N) traced shapes on his chest.
“You deserve it.” He smiled.
“I’m really glad you came with me. I think I would have gone insane if I were here with anyone else.” (Y/N) said, dozing off.
“I’m glad I came with you too.” She felt Krist pull a blanket over them before falling asleep.

(F/N) fixed the flower vase on the battered wooden coffee table in the living room, sitting on her knees. She leaned back, admiring the lilies.

“You like them, right? You weren’t just saying it to be nice?” Layne put his guitar aside. He looked a little nervous.
“How could I not? They're so pretty!!” (F/N) continued to fuss over them.
“Just like you.” Layne sat behind her and pulled her into a hug.
“I just didn't know if it was the right time, or if it was too much, or too little. Oh shit, i should have gotten roses, fuck!” Layne put his head in his hands.
“You're not about to beat yourself up over getting me the wrong flowers. Roses are kind of cheese. These are way more thoughtful! You really cheered me up.” Lily smiled.
“That’s all that's important to me.” He sighed.

(F/N) decided it would be a good idea to playfully shove Layne, hoping to brighten the mood. She laughed as he gave her a small shove back, and the exchange went on for a minute before she full-on began wrestling him on the floor. Unfortunately, the size matchup wasn’t at all fair and Layne soon did a WWE move, throwing her onto the couch.
“You broke the couch, you asshole!” She managed to get out through her hysterical laughter.

“It's a piece of shit anyway!” He crawled on top of her and completely collapsed, knocking the wind out of her lungs.
“Layne!” she whined.
“I’m not moving.” He grumbled, closing his eyes.
“Should I sleep on the floor, or what?” Jerry asked, beer in hand.
“Five more minutes…” Layne replied sleepily.
“Come on, your lady love probably can’t breathe.” Jerry poured a few drops of beer on the man’s bare torso. Layne winced at the coldness.
“Fuckin’ shit, man. Dick… piss…” He managed to say through a sleepy haze.
He stumbled towards the bedroom.
“Sorry, Jerry. I really hope you’re enjoying your stay.” (F/N) got up and smiled at him, dusting off her miniskirt.
“It’s alright. Everything’s been great, honey. Don’t worry.” He smiled, putting a hand in his pocket.
“We want to make you feel at home! Especially Layne. He really wants you to stay. It would be really helpful for your band.” (F/N) said.
“I know, I’ve been thinking about it. If everything goes good in Seattle this weekend, I’m gonna move out here for sure.” He nodded.
“Oh my god! That’s really good news!” (F/N) said excitedly.
“I appreciate you lookin’ out for my buddy.” Jerry put a hand on her shoulder. “Now listen. If he’s ever bad to you, don’t hesitate to let me know. Okay?”
(F/N) nodded.
“No need to worry, Jerry. He’s-”
“Or if you need anything at all, sweetness. Don’t be afraid to call. I don’t bite.” He continued, grip on her shoulder not loosening. “It’s a little selfish of ol’ Blanche, keeping such a pretty thing to himself…”
his hand slowly traveled to her face, cupping her cheek. (F/N) slowly backed away, mind racing of civil ways to escape the situation.
“Thanks, Jerry. I appreciate it, I really do.” She looked behind her. “You know, I should check on Layne? He probably didn’t make it into bed and passed out on the floor again. He’s so silly…” She giggled.
“Alright, sweetness. Just know this seat is always open for you.” Jerry patted the one next to him on the couch. (F/N) only nodded and scurried off to the bedroom.

She quietly closed the door shut, leaning her back against it and taking a breath for a moment.

“What’s wrong?” In the dim light of the room, she saw Layne sitting by the window, smoking.
“I thought you were asleep…” She tilted her head.
“I just couldn’t. It felt weird without you.” He blew a cloud out the window.
“Oh, stop.” (F/N) smiled as she sat beside him, leaning her head on his shoulder.
“What’s wrong?” Layne asked again.
(F/N) debated telling him what Jerry had said.
“I’m nervous,” She finally admitted, deciding against it.
“Meeting your mom. I feel like she’ll have something to say about me.” She admitted.
“My mama’s always been nice, she’ll like you.” Layne laughed, ashing his cigarette out the screenless window and onto the streets below.
“How do you know?” She asked.
“She’d be stupid not to after the dinner you made yesterday,” He teased. “And you’ve got a cute ass-”
“Come on, be serious!” She swatted his hand away. “I’m just worried she’ll have a problem with me. I mean, we aren’t really in an ideal situation…”
“She doesn’t have to know about it.” Layne took her hand in his. “Here, just take it off and put it somewhere.”
He slid the ring off her finger, then his and placed them on the windowsill.
“I feel kind of naked without it…” (F/N) rubbed her hand.
“Mhm,” Layne had to restrain himself from making an inappropriate joke.

There was a comfortable silence while he finished his cigarette and (F/N) began to drift off while curled up beside him. She suddenly spoke.

“Layne, have I ever told you about David Bowie?”
“No, who’s that?”
“My rich ex who got arrested.”
“Oh fuckin’ boy…”

Safe to say Layne was too angry to sleep for the rest of the night.

Chapter Text

“(Y/N), where did my other eyelash go?!” (F/N) yelled from the bathroom.
“How the fuck should I know, you’re the only one with them in this house!” (Y/N) yelled back. She had been done for an hour now and was waiting for (F/N) to help with her dress. (F/N) was taking a fuckton of time as usual.

“Okay, no puking. It will ruin your lipstick.” (F/N) sternly told herself in the mirror.
“(Y/N)! I’m done. Come here!” She called. She couldn’t wait for Krist to see the big reveal. They had locked him in the guest bedroom, just so he wouldn’t be able to even peek.

(Y/N) walked into the bathroom, hair curled, face beat, and brows snatched. All she needed was her gown to complete her look.

“Are you ready to transform into a princess?” (F/N) held up the dress.
“Of course, is that even a question?” (Y/N) replied.

The dress was slipped on quickly and (Y/N) stood in the mirror, adjusting it until it was perfect.

“Oh my god. What the fuck?! It looks so good! It’s not fair.” (F/N) groaned.
“I’m excited for Krist to see. I wonder what he’ll say?” (Y/N) smoothed her hair.
“Me too, I’m just picturing his face,” (F/N) made a shocked face into the mirror. (Y/N) laughed.
“Okay, okay. Let’s go show him!” (F/N) ran out and knocked on the guest bedroom door.
“Krist! She’s ready, I’m gonna open the door!” she pushed it open, revealing his 6’7 frame standing on the other side. (Y/N) walked out of the bathroom and stood in the hallway. When Krist’s eyes caught sight of her, he immediately blushed and averted his gaze.
“Y-you look r-really beautiful, (Y/N),” He stuttered.
“Thanks! You look mighty handsome yourself,” She curtsied, making Krist blush harder. He began to say something, but his voice cracked and he had to clear his throat. When trying again a second time, nothing came out, which made him even more
“Aw, what’s the matter, Krist big man? Frog in your throat?” (F/N) teased as she slipped back into the bathroom to give the couple some privacy.
“Oh, shut up. He’s just embarrassed.” (Y/N) patted his arm.
“I’m not! I’m just… You just caught me off guard.” He tried to regain his composure.
“Anyway, do you know how to dance properly?” (Y/N) asked. “Because I don’t.”
“My mom made me take a couple ballroom dance lessons as a kid, I remember how to waltz somewhat. Here, I’ll show you.”
Krist took (Y/N) by the waist with one arm and held her hand in the other.
“You’re going to step forward with your left foot first, then with your right, like this.” He repeated the action.
“Now you bring your Left to your right, and step back with your right. Then you just repeat it, like you’re in a box!” He explained as they waltzed in the hallway.
“Oh, I get it! I thought it would be a lot harder.” (Y/N) pointed out.
“Yeah, well sometimes I have to do this!” Krist suddenly dipped (Y/N), their faces getting close together.
“Oh!” (Y/N) gasped from the sudden movement.
“Then we go back up!” He brought her back to her feet.
“Please do that again when we dance for real,” (Y/N) fixed her hair, flustered.
“Yeah, of course! No problem, yeah.” Krist blushed once again.
“(Y/N)?” She heard (F/N)'s voice from the bathroom
“What is it?”
“Can you help me zip this? I think the zipper is stuck…” (Y/N) heard a bit of fear in her voice.
“Sure, I’ll be right there.”

(Y/N) entered the bathroom to find (F/N), standing awkwardly half-naked.

“I just need you to pull it up,” (F/N) pointed to the unzipped portion.
“Alright, hold your breath!” (Y/N) yanked up.

It was on sooner than later, and (F/N) straightened it out in the mirror. The dress was definitely something else, the glitter making it have a dewy appearance as if she had just walked out of the ocean.

“Oh wow, this is actually the perfectdress for you,” (Y/N) admired the crystals.
“I’m glad you like it! I just hope it’s not too… flashy? I want to say, ‘I’m a self-respecting woman!’ and not ‘Hi, I’m Kandi, lap dances are twenty dollars!’, you know?” (F/N) spun in the mirror.
“You look very sophisticated, (F/N). Don’t worry.” (Y/N) reassured her.
“Really? Thank you!” (F/N) squealed with excitement.
“Do you know where Layne is, by any chance? Just curious.” (Y/N) asked casually.
“Probably in the kitchen with Jerry, why?”
“No reason.” (Y/N) opened the bathroom door. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Krist asked (Y/N) as she closed the door slowly behind her.
“To the kitchen, so I can kick Layne in the balls before he gets to (F/N).” (Y/N) said casually.
“Oh, okay. I’ll be here!” Krist leaned back against the wall. (Y/N) nodded.
“I could also tell him to start the car, that way we’ll have time to just leave the house and go straight to Seattle with no funny business.” (Y/N) thought to herself, strutting into the kitchen where Layne and Jerry were already doing shots.
“Layne! Come on, you should start the car. We’re going soon.”
“Is everyone ready?” He asked, putting down his shot glass.
“Yes! Come on.” She pulled him out by the arm, Jerry not far behind.
“Easy, easy. What’s the rush?” He asked, fixing his suit.
“It takes like thirty minutes to drive to Seattle. We need to go now if we want to make it.” (Y/N) tried to coax him further down the hallway. He seemed to be strangely stubborn.
“Can I at least finish my shots? God damn!”
“No, you can have more at the party!”

When the bathroom door opened and (F/N) stepped out with a clueless look on her face, (Y/N) knew it was game over. She threw her hands into the air like an angry italian grandma.

“What’s all the yelling?” (F/N) asked.
“You sweet little angel…” Layne lowered his sunglasses. “You should have run…”
“Oh! Your suit looks great! Did you have it tailored or something?” (F/N) examined his sleeve when he walked up to her and put his hands on her hips.
“Can you please have some decency, just this once, and maybe don’t fuck her in the hallway? In front of everyone?” (Y/N) massaged her temples as Krist shook his head with disbelief.
“Huh?” Layne stopped unbuckling his belt.
“Let’s go to Seattle, Layne!” (Y/N) yelled, roughly opening the front door.
“Alright, alright. I was just playin’ with you guys.” He laughed, twirling his car keys.
“Not funny.” (Y/N) pouted.
They all piled into the elevator, where Layne slammed his fist against the buttons until the first floor lit up. They watched the floor number change as they went down.
“Road head?” Layne broke the silence.
“Layne!” (Y/N) and Krist yelled with frustration as the doors opened.

The Toyota sputtered to a stop beside a parking meter. Everyone piled out of the car, buzzing with excitement.

“How long are we gonna be here you think?” Layne asked Jerry.
“I don’t know, try five hours?” Jerry shrugged, handing his friend some quarters.

The event itself was in a city hall type building, which was large and looked it was influenced by greek architecture. The floor was made of polished marble and beautiful pillars stretched into the sky of a ceiling. It was massive.
The group showed their tickets and went past security, arriving in the ballroom where people were dancing and eating food. Krist, getting into the festive spirit, twirled (Y/N) before putting an arm around her waist. Layne laughed.

“Way to go, man. Quit embarrassing yourself!”
“I’d like to see you try.” krist teased in response. Layne only grunted and crossed his arms. (F/N) tugged on his sleeve, getting his attention.
“I’m gonna go to the bathroom, there’s something in my eye.” She said, slipping away. Layne looked as if he was about to go after her, but decided against it. He turned to Krist instead, who was slowly dancing with (Y/N).
“Uh, listen. Can you teach me… How to do that? Chicks dig that, right?” He asked nervously.
“Didn’t you just make fun of me?” Krist replied, nose in the air.
“Aw, don’t be like that, man. Could you just show me how? I want her to have a good time. The only moves I can do are moshing and the macarena.” Layne pleaded.
“Alright, alright. Get Jerry, so you learn with a partner.” Krist instructed.

By the time (F/N) returned from the bathroom, Jerry and Layne were tango-ing dramatically on the dance floor. Krist was trying to put as much distance as possible between the two clowns. Eventually, Layne saw the girl waiting for him to finish goofing and got a little red. He dropped Jerry’s arms and went over to her.

“Sorry…” He fixed his crooked sunglasses. “We were just fooling around.”
“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have taken so long. What do you want to do?” She asked, smiling up at him.
“Why don’t we go find my mama,” he suggested. (F/N) immediately grimaced.
“Do you want to eat first, or..?”
“You’re not getting out of this one! Nice try, sweetcheeks.” He laughed. “She’s over there, I think-”

He took (F/N)'s hand gently and began to pull her. Seeing no way out, she turned to her last resort.

“Layne…” She ran a hand up his bicep. He froze.
“You look really good in that suit…” She smiled.
“Y-yeah?” He breathed.
“Mhm.” She nodded. “You big handsome. I can’t keep my hands off you…”
“Come on, sugar. Don’t play with me like that,” Layne was trying his hardest to think with his brain and not his no-no zone.
“I’m not playing! I’m just telling you what I want.” She wound her arms around his neck.
“Fuck this, I’m doing you in the back seat. Let’s go-” he was about to turn around and head the other way when he abruptly stopped. He groaned, propping his glasses up on his forehead.
“I’m not a complete idiot, damn it! I know what you’re doing.” He said, having a mental conflict.
“Can you blame me for being nervous as shit? She’s going to have something to say to me, I just know it!” (F/N) looked scared. Layne’s legs became jell-o.
“Aw, no. She’s not scary, it’s okay.” He tried to comfort her. “If she says anything mean to you, I’ll fuckin’ tear her shit up like the day I was born, okay? Seriously, I’m there. Nothing will happen.”
“Okay. Thanks, I feel better.” (F/N) clutched his arm.
“You don’t have to resort to bribing me with sex. It’s really hard to resist so it’s not a fair play.” He joked. “Plus, I don’t want to make you feel like that’s the only way out. That’s straight-up usery.”

(F/N) nodded, too nervous to reply.

Layne approached a middle-aged lady with curly blonde hair and a black dress. She had an infectious smile and a glass of champagne in her hand. When she caught sight of her son, her eyes lit up and she gave him a big hug. (F/N) awkwardly stood by his side, smiling politely.

“Oh, sweetie! Look at how handsome you are! Did you get taller?” She laughed, looking at her son.
“Maybe an inch, yeah.” He replied.
“You look a little skinny, honey. Have you been eating enough? Getting enough sleep?” She asked with concern.
“Yeah, mom, I’m fine. We’re doing good.” He looked over at (F/N).
Layne’s mom turned to face her.
“Oh, hello! I’m Nancy, Layne’s mom. You must be the tramp my son ran away with! How wide did you spread your legs to get my son to agree to this?” She smiled widely. (F/N) gripped Layne’s arm harder as the man’s eyebrows shot upwards with surprise.

Krist dipped (Y/N) on the dancefloor as the music swelled. As her body got closer to the floor, she held onto Krist to not fall. The two stared into each other's eyes as Krist pulled them back up.
Without much thought, Krist leaned in and kissed (Y/N). At first, she was surprised but didn’t push him away. She cupped his face, reciprocating.
However, before long she felt eyes on her again. The feeling of being watched persisted and (Y/N) had to end the kiss.

“Did I do something wrong?” Krist asked, embarrassed.
“No, no! That was really sweet, Krist. I’m glad it happened,” (Y/N) smiled up at him. He regained his composure. “I just feel a little weird…”
“What’s wrong?” He asked as they walked off the floor and to a side area.
“Nothing, I’m probably just tired.” (Y/N) shrugged. She just wanted to have a good time.
“I actually wanted to ask you something while we’re here,” Krist let out an awkward laugh. “I’ve had a really good time with you this past couple of months, I was wondering if you’d be my girlfriend?” He asked, scratching his arm nervously.

(Y/N) remained in thought for a moment.

“You’re a great guy, Krist.” She began.
“Oh,” His face fell. “That’s a no…”
“No, not at all. I actually really like you. A lot.” (Y/N) explained hurriedly. “These past months have been awesome for me too, I feel like I’ve finally met a guy who gets me and who I can just be myself around. It’s just, I feel like I have some unfinished business with some certain people. If I don’t take care of it now, I feel like it’s gonna weigh on me.”
“Are you talking about someone specific?” Krist asked.
“Yes and no. I need some time to think about what I really want. So for now, the answer is I can’t. But know that I really like you. More than friends.”
Krist nodded.
“Well at least I know how you’re feeling right now. I won’t rush you into anything. But just know I’d really like to be with you one day. Officially, I mean.”
“Thanks, Krist.” (Y/N) looked at the ground. “I’m gonna get some fresh air. On the balcony.”
“Alright, I’ll just be in the bathroom… You know… Peeing…” Krist’s voice cracked a little. (Y/N) waved as she walked away.

When she got to the balcony, she leaned on the stone railing and sighed. The moon was full, a large glowing disk in the sky. In truth, (Y/N) didn’t know what she wanted. The problem was, during the kiss she had thought of Jim. She hadn’t meant to, his face just rose out of her subconsciousness.

“I think I’m still in love with him…” She thought, sighing and admiring the moon.
The feeling suddenly grew unbelievably strong to the point where it became unbearable. (Y/N) turned to go back inside when she heard rustling by the balcony.
“Is someone there?” She asked, clutching her hands to her chest.
As if on cue, a large figure in a tuxedo and a masquerade mask crashed feet away from where she stood. (Y/N) let out a screech. The man dusted himself off and approached her.
“Darling, I knew you would be waiting for me!” The man got closer.
“What the fuck?! Who are you?” (Y/N) backed away.
“Don’t be silly, I told you I’d come for you.” He said, slipping off his mask.
“Jim?! How the fuck did you know where I was?!” (Y/N) yelled.
“Love!” He replied with excitement.
“That totally isn’t how it works!”
“Nevertheless, I’ve found you, doll. I want to talk to you.” He said courteously.
“Well, alright. What’s up?”
“I can’t stop thinking of you, (Y/N). I’ve tried everything. You’re the only girl I’ve ever fallen for like this.” He began.
“Flattery won’t get you anywhere,” (Y/N) said, rolling her eyes.
“I realize this, but please. Hear me out. I’m begging you.” Jim explained further. “Ever since you left, it feels as if a piece of me is gone. You did something to me, it changed me, made me a better man. Without you, it’s hard to find the motivation to keep going. Trust me, I’ve been trying and trying to get over you. Nothing has worked.”
Jim looked down.
“I Wouldn’t have tracked you down like this if I hadn’t known that deep in your heart you feel the same. I know we have a connection. We can’t let go of it. Please, baby. Give me another chance.” Jim opened his arms.
“I know how you feel Jim. You’re not wrong about me feeling the same. I do still have feelings for you.” (Y/N) sighed with defeat. Jim smiled.
“I knew you’d come around, baby! I knew you would! You’re my sweet little girl!” He lifted (Y/N) and hugged her.
“Okay, okay. Calm down. I’m giving you another chance.” (Y/N) looked him in the eyes. “But listen, you blow this one, you’re done.”
“I couldn’t ever screw up if it meant I’d lose you for good!” Jim smiled, hugging (Y/N) again.
“So, what do you want to do? Now that you’re here, I mean.” (Y/N) asked. “ Did you… climb up here to the balcony?”
“I had no option, security wouldn’t let me in without a ticket.” Jim shrugged. “Let’s go to the bar. I haven’t had anything to drink in three days. I’ve just been living off puddles and a smoothie some homeless man named “Filthyjeans Joe” gave to me.

He put an arm around her shoulders and led her back inside.

(F/N) stood frozen in place, unable to move or speak.

“She doesn’t like me… She doesn’t like me… She doesn’t like me…” Repeated in her head. After a moment of awkward silence Layne cleared his throat.
“Ma, It wasn’t her fault. Come on,” He narrowed his eyes.
“You wouldn’t have been in this mess had you never met each other. She is not a good match for you, honey. Demri, on the other hand-”

Layne’s jaw tensed, and (F/N) felt him go cold to the touch.

“Don’t.” He said quietly.
“You remember her, don’t you? You two were so good together.” Nancy ignored him.
“Don’t talk about her.” Layne looked like his soul was leaving his body.
“I liked her much more than this one.” His mom looked him in the eye.
“Control yourself, sweetie.” Nancy hit is arm gently. “What are you making a fuss for?”
“Don’t compare her to Demri. Ever.” Layne seethed.
“Sweetie, I don’t have time for your lady problems. I only wanted to meet this one to tell her how awful she is.” Layne’s mom shrugged.
“Ma, it was my fault. I got drunk and dragged her out of Vegas. I’m the one who ma-” He stopped himself. “I’m the one who was irresponsible with the money. She has fought tooth and nail to get us where we are right now. Don't disrespect her like that.” Layne growled. It was genuinely frightening to see him this mad.
“At least you own up to your mistakes.” His mom nodded. “When are you coming back home, honey?”
“I’m not, Ma. I’m never going back there.”
“What have you done to my son?!” Nancy gasped.
“For fuck’s sake, Ma! She works twelve hours a day to support my shit! It’s me you should be yellin’ at! Yell at me!” (F/N) could see Layne’s pupils dilating with pure rage.
“Alright, well. Call me when you get home, okay? Listen, if you really like this broad, then fine. It’s out of my control. Just be careful, sweetie. I want what’s best for you.” She placed her champagne glass back on the bar.
“Anyway, I’ve gotta run. I’ve got a meeting in an hour.” She kissed Layne on the cheek. “Bye! It was nice meeting you!”

She was gone as quickly as they had saw her.

“I guess it could have gone worse…?” (F/N) sighed.
“‘I want what’s best for you’. Yeah, right.” Layne mocked his mother. He ran a hand through his hair, trying to stay calm.
“I’m real sorry. I’m not very good to you, huh?” He slumped down at the bar.
“You stood up for me just like you promised. That means a lot.” (F/N) smiled and sat beside him. “Keeping promises is important.”
“You’re such a cutie pie. I’m sorry my mom was such a raging bitch to you.” Layne sat up.
“It’s okay. It’s not like I have to see her everyday.” (F/N) closed her eyes. “Is Demri your ex…?”
“Yeah. She was pretty horrible. I’ll tell you about her someday.” He looked at his hands. “Okay, I’m gonna find Jerry and we’ll go talk to some record execs. You stay right here. I’ll come back in a bit.”
“Alright. Good luck!” (F/N) gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Layne took a deep breath and hopped off his chair, leaving (F/N) alone at the bar. She looked around, seeing people having fun and drinking. Down on the other side of the bar, she saw a pair of familiar faces.

“Jim and (Y/N)? What the hell is Jim doing here?” She made a disgusted face. “What a fucking creepy stalker. I’m gonna go over there and give him a piece of my mind.”
“G’day sheila! Noticed you were hangin’ alone. Would you like a drink?” A boy with shaggy blonde hair interrupted her angry thoughts. (F/N)'s eyes lit up.
“Kurt…?” She said, a tiny bit tipsy from the drink she was holding.
“Uh… no, im Daniel. My boys and I flew in from down under, we’re hoping to get some gigs over here. Ever heard of Silverchair?”
“Oh, no way! I’ve seen you guys in a couple magazines over here!” (F/N) grinned.
“So you’re a fan then?” He said, smiling proudly. “I'll sign somethin’ for you, if you’d like…”
“Oh, I don’t think I have anything on me right now…” (F/N) patted herself as if she had pockets.
“Sheila, you don’t need anything but yourself for that,” he laughed. (F/N) raised an eyebrow, confused. He cleared his throat and continued the conversation.
“So what’s your name? Didn’t catch it earlier.” He asked.
“It’s (F/N).”
“Sweet. Listen, (F/N). I’ve got some nose candy in the room they gave us upstairs, you wanna-?” He suggested.
“Oh, no thanks. I’m trying to quit.” (F/N) sipped her drink.
“Damn, sheila. That's rough! I actually have a little something that might help with gettin’ over it.” He said.
“Really?” (F/N) looked up hopefully.
“It’s a little pincushion medicine. Nothing too special. A couple times will make you feel much better.”

(F/N) looked thoughtful.

“That sounds helpful. I just don’t want to get hooked onto something new, you know?”
“No, don’t worry. I only do it sometimes, it’s much better than that snow shit.” Daniel reassured.
“If it’s gonna do what you say it does, then sure..” (F/N) stood from her chair confidently. Daniel looked pleased.
“Nice! Alright, let’s get to it, sheila.”

He led her away from the bar and into the darkness of the backrooms.
“God, I missed you, (Y/N) baby.” Jim was on his fifth beer. (Y/N) had a small glass of champagne and was eyeing him, surprised by his sudden sloppy drinking.
“I’ve missed you too! Have you been writing music and stuff for the band?” She asked.
“Sure have,” he laughed loudly. “It’s been mostly about you, cause you haven’t left my thoughts since I last saw you.”
“That’s sweet, but…” (Y/N) trailed off. She was flattered, but this was starting to seem like an obsession and not love.
“You know, the pub across the street is having happy hour. You wanna ditch this place and head over?”
“I think you’ve had enough for tonight, jim…” she said.
“How should you know, doll? I know how much I can handle, I’m a man!” He yelled, flexing.
“Alright, yeah, let’s get out of here.” (Y/N) pulled jim away from the bar and led him towards the exit. She was not about to have him ruining her friends’ chances at an official record deal.

The pub across the street was called “The nasty knickers”. (Y/N) sighed and pulled up her dress, wading through the puddles after Jim and into the gross pub. Jim was immediately all over (Y/N), at the actual bar area, no less.

“I need you right now,” he threw his jacket off onto the ground.
“Come on, there’s people around.” She rolled her eyes.
“That’s never stopped us before!” Jim kissed her face sloppily.
“Can I get you anything?” The bartender asked, obviously annoyed at the horny couple before him.
“Yeah, I'll have the-” jim burped loudly. “Whiskey please?”

The bartender nodded and went to get him a glass.

“(Y/N)… (Y/N). I miss your vaganya.” Jim slumped onto her.
“I mean, I miss your dick, so…”
“Really?!” Jim said excitedly. “Okay, doll. Here’s what… here’s what we’re gonna do… each other, in the bathroom, come on-”

He grabbed her and yanked her into the dark hallway.

(F/N) sat in the dim windowless room, feeling somewhat sick. The plastic bowl beside her was filled with her own vomit, and she itched her arms.

“You told me it would help….” she said, voice breaking
“Just wait, sheila. Just wait a little,” Daniel was in a corner with one of his friends, putting a tourniquet around their arm.

After a while of feeling extremely nauseous, unable to move, and disoriented, a massive wave of euphoria washed over her. She was warm, safe, floating in a pool of ecstasy.

“Oh, no. Nevermind.” She mumbled, standing up.
“Hey, where you goin’? We were just getting started!” Daniel said, making no effort to move at all. It seemed he was also feeling it.
“I have to go back, I said id be by the bar…” she seemed to float out of the room.
“Hey, ill… ill walk you back,” daniel followed her as he walked behind her. His hand loosely brushed her shoulder, and instantly (F/N) heard her name being barked out. She looked around to see who it was.

Layne walked up to her, aggression evident in his eyes behind his sunglasses.

“Who the fuck is that wet noodle?” Daniel laughed softly.
“What the hell did he just call me?” (F/N) saw Layne’s eye twitch.
“Sorry, I had to get something. This is Daniel, he’s the singer for Silverchair.” (F/N)'s eyes were practically rolling back into her head. Layne was pissed.
“And who are you?” Daniel smiled arrogantly.
“I don’t care who he is and that what band he sings for. Why are you all over my wife, dickhole?” Layne growled.
“Yeah, she’s your wife. Right” Daniel laughed. “I don’t see a ring!”
“Thats none of your business. Greasy motherfucker.” Layne grabbed (F/N), who limply slumped into him.
“Whatever. She was into me.” Daniel shrugged.
“Get the fuck out of my sight,” Layne shoved past him, pulling (F/N) after him.

“Look at me,” Layne stopped outside of the event hall, cold rain pouring down on both of them. He lifted his sunglasses as (F/N) slowly lifted her eyes from the ground, looking up at him lazily.
“Youre fucking kidding me.” Layne stared at her pupils, which looked like tiny dots compared to the surrounding green irises.
“I love you…” (F/N) clutched his jacket.
“You don’t mean that.” He shook his head sadly. “You don’t mean it…”
“I’m…” (F/N) shuddered.
“We gotta get out of here. We’re going home.” Layne looked around. “Fuck, shit. Jerry’s not done. Fuck,”
He spotted the bar across the street.
“Okay. We’ll just wait up in here. You’re not going anywhere, you hear me?” He pulled her into the pub.

He slid into a booth, seating (F/N) next to him.. Rubbing his eyes, he looked at the girl beside him who was only half present.

“Why’d you do it?” He leaned on the table with his elbows.
“Do what?” (F/N) smiled.
“No… don’t look at me like that…” layne broke down. “You sweet little angel, how could you do this to me…”

He embraced her tightly, and she felt wet drops roll down her back.

“Soft… soft...” she repeated slowly while smiling peacefully, curling her arms around him. His chest heaving was his only response.
“Please, not after Demri...” He said as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Jim stumbled out of the toilet, (Y/N) just behind him, fixing her hair.
He was extremely drunk, and had almost peed himself before they got into the dingy bathroom. He also couldn’t get hard for a solid ten minutes.

“Yeah, im the man…” he mumbled, taking a stray glass of beer from one of the tables.
“Sure, right. I didn’t even come.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“Hey! Watch it. That's my drink.” A large man stood from one of the booths. Before Jim could yell out a retort, (Y/N) grabbed the glass and handed it to the man.
“Sorry! He’s a little out of it.” She said hurriedly, pushing jim towards the bar again.
“Emmma, I can walk, thank you very much.” He slurred. “Another whiskey!”
He yelled at the bartender who was inches away from his face.
“Sir, im going to have to cut you off. It’s clear you’ve had too much.”
“Fuck you, you fatass! Give me another one!” Jim roared in his face.
“Jim, stop seriously.” (Y/N) swatted at his arm.
“No, this man refuses to serve me! Ill fucking kill you!” He screamed. (Y/N) was genuinely terrified. The rest of the bar was quiet, everyone watching the ongoing shouting match.
“Hey, you’re drunk! Shut up!” A soft voice spoke up from the back of the pub.
(Y/N) turned around to see a blonde girl in a glittery orange dress. She had a small frown on her lips and was swaying a bit on the spot.
“(Y/N)?” Was all (Y/N) heard before jim jumped in front of her and started screaming in the girls face.
“What did you just say to me?!”
“You’re drunk, go home! No one here asked for you to throw a tantrum, you moron!”
“You’ve got a big mouth on you, cunt! How hard does your boyfriend have to fuck it for you to shut up?!” Jim yelled, pointing at Layne who had jumped up and was trying to pull (F/N) away.
“Don’t talk to her like that, you loud motherfucker. I’ll kick your ass!” Layne pointed a finger in Jim’s face.
“Get your finger out of my face! It’s not my fault your bitch doesn’t know her
place!” Jim growled.
“And where the fuck is that?” (F/N) yelled back.
“On your goddamn knees, woman! Whores like you-”

He was interrupted by (F/N) punching him in the jaw so hard that (Y/N) heard a crack. After his back hit the bar from the force, he got back on his feet.
(Y/N) watched in slow motion as Jim reeled back and spit in her face, then move his fist towards her head.

“Oh, fuck.” (Y/N) heard herself screaming. She saw Layne’s face contort into one of pure anguish as Jim’s clenched fist connected with (F/N)'s temple. The girl didn’t even make a sound, only crumpled to the floor with a thud.

What happened in the next couple of minutes was a blur. Layne had let out the loudest scream known to man and was instantly on Jim. He somehow managed to grab his head by the hair and began slamming it into the bar area, yelling some incoherent string of swear words and (F/N)'s name. (Y/N) was frozen, not realizing how close to the actual line of fire she was. Jim’s arm was flailing with poor attempts to land a punch on Layne, and ended up hitting her in the nose.

“You owe me a nose job, you son of a bitch!” (Y/N) clutched her face as she retreated to where (F/N) was sprawled out. She was clearly awake at this point, yet was not able to stand up.
“Are you okay? Oh my god,” (Y/N) yelled over the chaos, trying to find a napkin to stop the bleeding in her nose. She found a couple, stuffing one in her nostril and dabbed at (F/N)'s bloody temple.
“Yeah, God is right. Why’d he hit me?” (F/N) said slowly.
“I’m sorry, he’s drunk.” (Y/N) sighed, turning to see Layne roundhouse kicking Jim in the face. “He sure looks spindly but he’s really laying it down on Jim… And Jim isn’t easy to take down, trust me.”
“He’s just angry,” (F/N) said gently. “I’ll make him a warm cup of cocoa and he’ll calm right down.”
“How the fuck are you gonna make that, we’re in a trashy pub in the middle of Seattle.” (Y/N) groaned.

Jerry soon ran in, security in tow. They pulled hurricane Layne off a very drunk Jim, who had two black eyes and a missing tooth. He ended up grabbing a large pitcher of ice water from the other side of the bar and flinging it at Layne, which not only succeeded in soaking him but unleashed an absolute beast. (Y/N) turned her head away, not wanting to look as Layne tried to strangle Jim with his bare hands. Five minutes later, the guards had dragged him outside in hopes of calming him down. Jim was wheeled on a gurney.

“(Y/N)…” He gurgled as he passed by her.
“Fuck this.” (Y/N) stood suddenly and walked out of the pub, tears brimming in her eyes. “It always has to backfire, doesn’t it?’

She walked past the guards, one of which was talking to Layne while the other tried his best to restrain him. Jerry was attempting to talk his friend out of jumping into the ambulance and beating Jim up further.
Even when someone called out to her, she didn’t turn and began running. She ran through the dimly lit streets, the rain hitting her face and mixing with her tears. Eventually, she reached four rows of freight train rails. She sat on the second track.

“What am I doing…” She began breathing harder, feeling her anxiety increase.
“Why can’t I do anything right? What the hell is wrong with me? I just messed everything up.” She cried into her hands.
“I want to go home. But I feel like I don’t belong there, either. I don’t want to go back to the bar… I don’t want to go back to (F/N)'s place… I just… I…” She continued to sob. (Y/N) cried for a good while until she noticed it stopped raining.

She looked up to see the moon shining over her head, bathing her in a sea of bright light. It made her feel calm and the tears on her cheeks even began to dry.
It had never occurred to her just how lonely she was. Away from home, her best friend caught up with a stranger, no stable relationship. The inability to make a choice was eating away at her. She wanted to do the right thing, but what even was it? Which option would illicit the right outcome?
Looking at the moon, she came to terms with wherever her life was headed. She vowed to welcome any twists and turns, no matter how different they were. She needed to welcome change instead of resisting it. But change had to come from within first.

“(Y/N)!” A voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

She turned, only met with a loud ringing in her ears as she saw the silhouette of a tall man running towards her.

“Wha-?” Was all she could whisper before the body slammed into hers, sending her flying back onto the other track.

The train’s horn echoed as it flew past her, the conductor cussing and screaming from the driver’s compartment. (Y/N) was too stunned to move.

“(Y/N)! What the fuck, Em! Are you trying to die?!” Krist screamed over the loud grinding of the train's wheels.
“I didn’t even notice…?” She looked around. She could have sworn it came out of nowhere.
“Are you okay? Why are you all the way out here?” Krist asked, sitting her onto the tracks.
“Jim knocked (F/N) out…” (Y/N) sighed.
“Jim? How the fuck did he get here?” He was dumbfounded.
“Beats me! I was at the bar with him and he got drunk, then (F/N) was there… I remember she punched him, they were screaming, he spat in her face and then hit her right in the temple. And Layne kicked the ever-loving shit out of him.” (Y/N) summed up.
“I-” Krist started. “Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.”

He shook his head.

“Come on, we’re going home. We can talk about everything tomorrow. Now is not the time.” He led her away from the tracks, last car of the train still visible though it was long gone by that point.



“She got hit in the head! What the fuck do you mean, ‘she’s fine’!?” Layne spoke aggressively to the EMT, who had returned (F/N) to him after a quick check-up.
“Sir, she is showing no signs of a concussion or a serious head injury. I can assure you, she will be fine. Maybe she’ll have some rough bruising, at most.” The EMT gave Layne a nod before hopping into the ambulance to get Jim to a hospital.
“Fuck you!” Was all Layne could shout as they drove away. He let out a frustrated groan.
“You’re a pretty man… I’m gonna snuggle you so good when we get home,” He looked down to see (F/N) hanging off his shoulder, absolutely enamored by his earring.
“You can’t be serious. You’re telling me this isn’t the cause of head trauma?” Layne asked Jerry.
“She’s probably just drunk, man. Cool it.” Jerry snapped his fingers in (F/N)'s face.
“Quit it,” Layne growled, slapping Jerry’s hand away.
“Come on, man. Let’s go home. We’re done with what we came here for.” Jerry nodded his head towards the car and walked away towards it.
Layne ran a hand through his hair.
“You done?” He couldn’t help but smile as (F/N) slid off his sunglasses and put them on.
“C’mere, honey-sugarpie! Lemme get a piece of that ass!” (F/N) deepened her voice and made a dry-humping motion, mocking Layne.
“Alright, that’s just mean. Let’s go home, sweetheart.” He tried his best to stay serious.
“So soon?” (F/N) frowned.
“There’s a number of things I can take in a night, but I’m pretty much at my limit. Come on.” He tried to usher her towards the car.
“Dance?” (F/N) held her hands up for Layne to take.
“What, right here?” He asked. She nodded in response.
“I can’t say no to you, damn it.” Layne took her hands.

The next couple minutes, he spent teaching (F/N) the footwork for the dance taught to him by Krist. Grabbing her by the waist, he focused on getting the steps right and not to step on the lady’s feet. (F/N) was blissed out, following along while leaning her head on his chest. When he dipped her (per Krist’s advice) she gasped, clutching his suit.

“I meant what I said,” (F/N) whispered, looking up at him.
“You said a lot of stuff tonight,” Layne replied with a blank look, pulling her back up.
“I meant loving you. I love you,” She put her head back on his chest.

Layne only cleared his throat.

“Do you love me too?” She whispered.
“Don’t say that to me, (F/N).” Layne mumbled. “You don’t know what that shit does to me.”
“I do…” She trailed off, slumping into him sleepily. He picked her up and carried her off to the car.
“And yes. The answer is yes.” Layne whispered almost inaudibly as he set her in the passenger seat.


Krist emerged from one of the side streets with (Y/N) not far behind him, her dress muddy at the bottom and mascara running down her face from crying.

“Hey, man! I found her! Let’s go.” Krist shouted just as Layne was walking around to the driver's side.
“Get in, fucker! We need to go before anything else happens! Tonight’s been a magnet for chaos!” Jerry yelled through the open backseat window, throwing a beer can out of it.

Krist hopped in with (Y/N), who soon fell asleep on his shoulder which made him even more flustered. He let it be, not wanting to wake her up.
The ride home was not very pleasant. Everyone could feel the tension between (F/N), who was blown out to shit, and Layne, who was gripping the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. No one really knew what had happened between the two. Jerry was nervously drinking his fifth beer while looking out the window, trying to avoid any conflict. Krist nervously tapped his leg while humming.
Eventually, they arrived back at the apartment and everyone silently went to their respective sleeping places.

“We should just go to bed. I’m beat.” Krist flopped onto the bed and closed his eyes.
“Me too. I’m sorry about the mess, it got a little crazy.” (Y/N) crawled in, pulling the blankets over her.
“It always does. We’ll figure everything out in the morning.” He replied. (Y/N) was left feeling anxious, although she didn’t know why...

Meanwhile, in the next room, Layne was waiting for (F/N) to get out of the bathroom. He laid back on the bed, putting his hands behind his head and letting out a breath. The evening had been incredibly rough, but he had finally made it into his bed. Or mattress. He was too tired to even fuck or make any moves like he normally would. It was a bit disappointing, since he had planned to make love to her on this night.
Kicking off his shoes, he looked over to the small drawer on (F/N)'s side of the bed.

“Doesn’t she have a vibrator in here or something?” He rolled over and opened it up, digging through the contents.
“Might as well give her a good one while she’s high,” He smiled sleepily.
He spotted a thin, white, long object and pulled it out.
“Score,” He laughed, proud of himself.
He froze as he saw the two lines on the other side of the plastic stick.

(F/N) returned from the bathroom dressed in her pjs, floating into the bedroom. She was greeted by Layne sitting with the pregnancy test she had hidden a while earlier in his hand, staring at the door and waiting for her to come back. Processing the situation, she stopped in her tracks.

“So, when were you planning on telling me?” Layne’s voice was cold and smooth, almost too calm.