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Little Taeyeon always wanted to be a cop. Her parents laughed it off then. They couldn’t laugh anymore when she wheeled her suitcase out of her childhood house and headed for the Police Academy. No one understood her dream but herself and maybe that was how it was going to be until she proved everyone wrong.


But Taeyeon wasn’t so little anymore—


“You’re still small Taeyeon, like really, really tiny,” her best friend royally interrupts. She decides to ignore her and cleared her throat instead.


So anyways, as she was saying. The Taeyeon who everyone believed would not even survive one day at Police Academy—


“Oh please, I had to carry your tiny ass back to the dorms after the first day of drills.”


Another interruption by her one and only best friend whom she really wanted to strangle as of the moment.


“Not like you could but like, we should probably try it in bed next time,” she says while sending Taeyeon a knowing wink. It was one time, ONE TIME.




Unfortunately for Kim Taeyeon, the universe wasn’t on her side. When was it ever?


“Ohh unnie are you retelling your cop story? Can I do it? Can I?” Her childhood friend, Yoona, suddenly bursts out from Yuri’s room all doe-eyed and bright smiles. Taeyeon could only groan in annoyance.


“You know what, it’s ruined anyway. Good fucking morning to me.”


“It’s not like no one’s heard of the story by now anyway,” Yuri remarks from behind the kitchen island before turning to face the other girl approaching her. “Good morning, you,” she grins when Yoona inches closer and plants a kiss on her lips.


Taeyeon fake gags and produces the most realistic puking noises— she may or may not have felt real bile go up her throat then. Who cares if she was supposed to be a twenty-three year old woman. She’s allowed to express her disdain of anything remotely disgusting in her own home. Even if said home was shared with her annoying roommate Yuri.


“Well someone’s turning as bitter as my coffee this morning.”


Taeyeon ignores the jab and turns her focus back on her breakfast. Her cereal was turning soggy. She scowls while fishing for crunchier ones until she decidedly drinks from the tip of the bowl. It was practically mush anyway.


“Don’t worry babe,” at that, Taeyeon raised her eyebrow at the endearment also observing Yoona doing the same but kept quiet, “she just hasn’t gotten laid in months.”


“Hmm… maybe we should invite her again soon,” Yoona suggests teasingly.


Taeyeon drops her spoon on the cereal bowl. “And I’m out,” she decidedly slips away and into her room, making sure to lock her door. Wouldn’t want any weirdoes to try and take advantage of her, black belt or not.


She instead eyes the pristinely ironed navy blue collared uniform on her bed proudly. Her hand glides through the embroidery with her name etched intricately on it. It was finally the day she’d been waiting for. Her first day on the job as Police Officer Kim Taeyeon.



It’s been a week on the job but Taeyeon and Yuri were already able to ticket five offenders (awesome). Okay maybe they had to acquiesce one of them because apparently an offense for illegally feeding ducks wasn’t written in the law. Also maybe for the fact that he was underage.


But that’s fine (it’s not), Taeyeon was finally doing the job she’s always wanted to do. She hoped that was enough to make everything matter again.


“Okay I’ll be honest,” Yuri slumps on a nearby park bench, leaving her patrol bike to crash on the ground noisily, “I thought this job would have more car chases and explosions.”


“I don’t know,” Taeyeon offers a shrug, “maybe we’re just having a slow week.”


Yuri just gives her a look, seriously?


“We both know nothing ever happens in park duty Tae.”


Or they’ve been watching too much cop movies. Probably that.


“I mean…” Taeyeon struggles to find a silver lining, “these are pretty cool bikes….I guess?”


Her partner groans in frustration and slumps her head even further back. All Taeyeon could manage was an awkward pat on her best friend’s shoulder, sympathizing. If anything, she was just glad that of all people, Yuri was the other unfortunate soul assigned with her. It was like fate knew they couldn’t be separated.


Even so, park duty truly was the worst. From having to retrieve a frisbee to Yuri tossing said rescued plastic disc even further into the endless lake— Get your own fucking frisbee.


Assisting the elderly here, trying to subdue a furious Yuri who was so close to pushing off the same kid who kept feeding the damn ducks (duck lives matter).


But as much as possible, the partners tried their best to make the most out of their days. Trying to learn new gun tricks here and there— Those are unloaded right? You’re supposed to unload them first Yuri-ah.


Until one fateful day when Yuri spots a gang of one-percenters smoking what they guessed was something illegal. Not just that, they found real fucking drugs on them. Was this actually it? Were they finally going to bust a bunch of criminals? That would mean… no more park duty for these two badasses.


“I’m chasing someone! I’M FINALLY CHASING SOMEONE!” Yuri squeals into the thankfully not too populated recreational park as she races after her perp.


Taeyeon runs the opposite way trying to capture another one from the crew. She may or may not have needed to take a breather in between five hundred meters of running. Physical aspects were more of Yuri’s speed, Taeyeon on the other hand used her brain more.


She cuts through a shortcut, having been able to memorize every nook and cranny of the place in the whole week she was on duty. Maybe those soul searching walks helped her case after all.


The blonde cop spots the man she was after and grins in anticipation. He was running right into her path— just as planned. She raises her gun to try and scare the guy into halting but he was a stubborn one and kept closing in on Taeyeon.


“Stop or I’ll shoot!”


Spoiler, he doesn’t stop.


Even more, Taeyeon doesn’t— couldn’t shoot and gets shoved to the ground, her elbow meeting the rough concrete. This was not how she imagined her first bust would be like. She groaned still laying on her back. It was times like these when she started to double think the profession she shoved herself into.




Taeyeon hears her partner’s shouts across the clearing and suddenly she wasn’t dejected anymore. Low and behold, Yuri was holding one of the men down to his knees. The elated officer was happy dancing almost (definitely) inappropriately and Taeyeon jumped up to join in on the celebration.


This was a good day. Who cares if civilians were starting to stare at them weirdly? Kim Taeyeon was fucking happy and no one was going to rain down on her parade.



Taeyeon didn’t know what to expect when their chief assigned her and Yuri to a new station after their failed bust. They were forced to drop the charges when the very guilty as charged man argued that the officer who arrested him didn’t state him his Miranda Rights.


“How could you not know the Miranda Rights….”


“Oh yeah? Well… ahhh fuck you brain.”


Taeyeon sighs stopping at the red light and looks at her partner sitting sullenly on the passenger’s seat. She knew it wasn’t completely Yuri’s fault and that the younger girl was probably being too hard on herself as per usual. They were partners for a reason, so far as making a vow to only be with each other— a platonic marriage contract you could say.


“It’s not your fault. I lost my perp too.” She was disappointed with herself that was for sure. Not only did he get away, she got completely owned.


“I guess that’s why we’re really made for each other huh?” Yuri’s demeanor was slowly turning back to normal and that was enough to make Taeyeon smile.


Where Taeyeon lacked in anything remotely physical, Yuri would compensate. And of course where Yuri would sometimes be slower than the rest intellectually and in decision making (or a lack thereof), Taeyeon was there for her. That was their dynamic.


“Oh no what should we do about Yoona then? Do you think she’ll willingly accept this and let you go that easily?” The blonde teases remembering the morning earlier that week.


And just like Taeyeon guessed when she looked to her right, her partner’s cheeks were adorning the brightest shade of pink she’s ever seen. She tried to suppress her laughter but a chuckle still managed to bubble out.


“So are you finally serious with her?” Taeyeon asked softly not wanting to terrify the younger girl in case she wasn’t ready for The Talk just yet.


Her best friend and childhood friend have been sleeping with each other for quite some time now. Arguably, Taeyeon assumed Yuri would never settle with just one girl. She was a serial player who didn’t believe in commitment after all. But that fateful morning changed her perspective completely.


First, Yoona stayed over for breakfast, that never happened before. The tall girl would usually sneak out before Taeyeon even woke up. Second, they kissed right in front of Taeyeon’s cereal (the DisrespectTM). And the third deduction, Yuri called her baby, BABY!


For all the years Taeyeon’s known her best friend, she never ever uses nicknames or any terms of endearment. It ruined her bad girl reputation— Yuri’s words not hers. She even goes as far as wearing aviators every time she had the chance just to keep up the image. Or she would just be really hungover, that too.


“I don’t know Tae… I’ve never been in an exclusive committed relationship before.”


“You’re thinking about commitment,” Taeyeon spaces out and focuses on just that one word she never thought she would hear from the Kwon Yuri. “OH MY GOD! My best friend is finally growing up!”


“Sh-Shut up…” There was no fight in her words at all.


“Okay, okay.” Taeyeon wills herself to calm down and adds, “but if you ever hurt Yoona,” she puts on her serious tone, “expect me to use the shotgun hidden underneath our dining table.”


“I know. I don’t expect anything less.” The younger girl flashes her signature grin and Taeyeon returns a lopsided one.


The car slows down as Taeyeon reads the sign on the street. 21 Jumpstreet. Yuri hands her a pair of sunglasses before putting on her trusty aviators. Taeyeon thanks her and places them on too before the two dramatically get out of the car.


“We’re here,” she states before looking up at the church piers.


“I thought we were getting assigned to a sex den,” Yuri looks on with confusion fixed on her beautiful face. “They do sexual business in a church?!”


Taeyeon shrugs, their chief didn’t brief them much so she was as clueless as her partner. Without anything else they could do about the situation, they cautiously walk further inside the slightly rundown church.



“You two sons of bitches are going to college.”


For a moment, no one moved. The partners stayed put, gawking at their new captain. Taeyeon didn’t know who would win the staring contest until Yuri whoops loudly, breaking the stifling silence. Yuri didn’t understand the concept of timing but Taeyeon was thankful for it this time around.


“Like… an actual college?” She clears her throat.


“So you’re not sending us to become sex slaves?”


Sometimes Taeyeon was really tempted to plaster Yuri’s mouth shut, permanently. But it seems like their captain found her partner amusing. It was probably because of the sincere innocence seeping out of the tall lap dog-like girl.


“You’re cute Yuri and I’m sure you could make a fortune from that end of a business,” she eyes Yuri up and down with a sly smirk, “but no, you two are going to do something much less exploitive.”


Captain Kwon Boa explained how they were reviving an old undercover police program. She explicitly emphasized how they needed young, immature seeming officers, her eyes darting between Taeyeon and Yuri.


“Oh thank god! I thought this was going to be like that one cop movie where they go undercover as high school students. High school! ” Yuri glanced over to her partner, “though honestly Taeyeon could pass off as a teenager easily.”


Taeyeon chuckled. She didn’t feel any offense at the statement. Besides, her eternal babyface was more of an advantage for the two cops.


Whether it was tricking her ex to practically become her sugar mommy when Taeyeon was actually a good two years older than her. To getting out of trouble during their academy days because their mentors couldn’t handle the exploding cuteness of her puppy-dog eyes. To say her face hasn’t ever let her down to this day was an understatement.


Her attention was brought back to the captain as she briefed them about the new drug called H.S.F. circulating around a certain university. Apparently their labs have never seen it before and it was currently contained inside the campus. Their job was to infiltrate the dealers and find the supply, simple as that.


“Oh sweet!” Yuri jumps up in excitement once Boa handed them the folders containing their new identities, “we get to be married and you got my name! Kwon Taeyeon! Hah!”


“Wha—“ Taeyeon opens the folder and found the exact same thing written on her file, “no way, this is unacceptable. It’s Kim Yuri or bust!”


“Honey,” Yuri says in a sickeningly sweet voice, “know that many girls’ hearts are breaking right now and would kill to be in your place.”


“No fucking way, I demand a divorce!”


“Shut the fuck up!” Boa slams her hands on the desk effectively halting the squabbling, fictionally married couple. “You two are to be siblings who are offsprings of my distant relatives, got it?”


The two nod their heads swiftly, suddenly terrified of their captain’s outburst.


“Good, now get out of my office!”


Needless to say, they scurried out of the four walled office not attempting to test her patience anymore. How she even put up with the duo for that long no one would understand. The captain shakes her head, already foreseeing the headache the two would cause her in the future.


Yuri and Taeyeon were quite the pair.

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Even before Taeyeon was born, her parents had already planned her life ahead all the way down to a T. Being born into a medical family, everyone already assumed that she would walk down the same path. Not just that, she was envisioned to be the best of them all.


If she followed her family’s wishes, she’d probably still be at college by now, taking her pre-medicine course. Then who knows, after a few more grueling years, perhaps she’d finally be the first neurosurgeon in the household.


But that was far from who Taeyeon was and what she wanted to become.


Maybe it was the pressure of holding up the family name and legacy. Or, as she sometimes liked to joke, maybe she was adopted and wasn’t related to any of them by blood at all. That would have been an easier explanation to her perceived defiant life.


Yet here she was standing in front of the gate representing everything she hated about the academe. This was truly the worst joke life ever threw at her face.


Hell, to say that Taeyeon was nervous for college was an understatement. She was beyond that, she was fucking terrified. Her grip tightened on her carry-on as her feet moved on their own accord, bringing her past the university gates.


Only after three steps did she realize the absence of her best friend beside her. She turned around spotting Yuri still on the other side, obviously deep in thought.




The girl didn’t even spare her a glance. Taeyeon studied her for a while. There hasn’t been a good time to properly talk about the situation they were thrown at yet.


Yuri finally lets out a breath, “I’m the first person in my family to actually go to college,” she pondered out loud.


Taeyeon’s anxiety was replaced by something else, like a swelling sense of pride for the younger girl. She knew how much this meant for Yuri no matter how small it may seem.


She’s met Yuri’s family multiple times over the years to the point that they’ve accepted her as an official member. For the first time in her life, Taeyeon met a group of people who accepted her for what she was and not who they wanted her to become.


She walked towards Yuri, falling back to where she came from earlier, gently twining their hands loosely.


“Come on,” she flashed a bright grin before tugging on the limp hand, “let’s go.”


Yuri doesn’t budge and Taeyeon turned around again wondering what the holdup was this time.


“What’s wrong?”


The taller girl’s face was unreadable for a while until it shifted into an easy smile. “Nothing, I’m just glad I’m doing this with you.”


Thank you for being there for me. The unsaid message was clearly heard by Taeyeon.


“Someone’s unbelievably sappy in the morning,” she teased.


A whine came out of Yuri. “Can you stop being a jerk for just one second?”


Taeyeon snorts. “I don’t think that’s possible.”


The taller girl just chuckled and draped her arm over Taeyeon’s shoulder before they both resumed walking. She was right about one thing though, Taeyeon wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else either. Yuri made her brave like no one else did.


Their dorm room was surprisingly better than nice. It was spacious and the paint wasn’t chipping off to the point of utterly gone. The bathroom wasn’t made for the size of a single, tiny, five foot two girl either.


“Oh my god, Taeng this place is even better than our own apartment.”


Taeyeon could only nod in response, still taking in the new surroundings of what would become their home for the next few months. She was already starting to plan where to place their drafting board, secret compartments for their guns. Until she finally spots the one thing that could ruin the perfection of the room.


“Yul…” Taeyeon pointed to the other side of the room, “there’s only one bed.”


Yuri looked at the single bed. “And the problem is?” Cocking her eyebrow in question, “it’s not like this is the first time we’ve shared a bed.”


Well that was mostly true except she knew exactly what was going through Yuri’s mind right now.


“We share the bed in one condition,” Yuri listened intently, “no bringing home of girls and yes, that includes Yoona.”


“Wha—“ Yuri’s mouth went agape, “but—“


“No buts.” Taeyeon stood firm. “Don’t worry, she can visit. I love that girl too you know, just no staying over for nightly escapades.”


“Fine.” Her roommate relented. “But cuddling is allowed right?”


Taeyeon’s eye twitched. Yuri knew how much the older girl loved to cuddle. She sometimes did it unintentionally even. What can Taeyeon say, she craved companionship that much.


“Yes…” she muttered almost inaudibly but Yuri caught it anyway.


Taeyeon gets pulled into the bed unexpectedly, winding her out of breath. She tried to sit up but Yuri’s arms were locked around her, pinning her to the bed.


“Yah, Yuri-ah! What are you doing?!” She squirmed fretfully.


“Napping with my best friend, what else? “ Yuri replied complete with a yawn.


“We haven’t finished unpacking,” she tried to reason but it was useless when she felt the other girl’s arms loosen their grasp on her.


The damn girl actually fell asleep. Taeyeon clicked her tongue but didn’t get up from the bed anyway and instead positioned herself more comfortably next to the sleeping girl before closing her eyes as well.


Unpacking could wait, sleep was more important anyway.




Sometimes, Taeyeon tends to imagine what life would be like if she were born in a body like that of Yuri. That would instantly mean being much taller than five foot two— now that would be the dream. But in her current situation, she simply wanted to have the same stamina as her partner.


Try as she wanted, she still couldn’t get used to the constant workout Yuri forced on her once in a while. She cursed whatever wrongdoing she committed in her previous life to be reborn with such a weak physique— it must have been really grave.


Yuri slowed down and fell into step with the struggling blonde, “come on Tae, we’re not done running around the whole campus yet.”


Taeyeon cursed at the taller girl who hasn’t even broken a sweat yet considering they’ve been running for quite some time now. How amazing would it be if she was a Kwon Yuri but instead she was a Kim Taeyeon, the human paper.


She willed herself to keep up and it worked for a while but her mental drive could only do so much. She pushed Yuri to go on ahead without her, she’d try to catch up. Yuri reluctantly sped up and in a few seconds she was already meters away.


Just then, a girl riding her bike dashed nearby. It was almost a close call, she could’ve been hit but just as she thought she was out of trouble, she locked eyes with the rider and that did it.


Never has she seen a woman as beautiful as her. Call her cliché but it felt like time slowed down altogether as she kept her gaze on the girl pedaling her bike. She had the most striking eyes, chest-nut brown hair and cheekbones that made her look like a model from a magazine. No, she definitely beats any model out there.


Her ogling only lasted for two seconds and would have lasted longer until Taeyeon literally ran into a bench, crashing and breaking their connection. Taeyeon heard someone exclaim but she wasn’t too keen on it. She found herself lying on her back on the pathway. A groan, ugh not this again.


“Uhm hey,” Taeyeon heard as she felt someone approach her, “are you… are you okay?”


Taeyeon opened her eyes and instantly regretted it as she came face to face with the gorgeous girl earlier. Her pride was really taking a beating today. How does someone crash over a bench because she was distracted by beautiful women? Only you Kim Taeyeon, only you.


“Are you hurt anywhere?” The girl persisted asking, Taeyeon realizing she only groaned in reply earlier.


“Uhm, yeah, I mean no, I don’t think I’m hurt.” Physically anyway, but her ego? Very hurt.


She tried to slowly sit up, the other girl assisting her. Taeyeon tried not to blush at their proximity. The girl was really gentle with her and it didn’t help Taeyeon’s already quick-paced heartbeat.


“Double check on not being hurt,” the brunette said while giving Taeyeon a onceover.


“Huh—“ Taeyeon gets cut-off when she felt the painful stinging on her elbow and knees.


“Come on, I have a kit at my dorm. I’ll patch you up.”


Taeyeon was about to reject the offer but was quickly shut up by the other girl’s icy glare. She gulped, realizing she didn’t have any way out of this.


“I don’t think it’s that bad—“ Taeyeon only felt the pain when she tried to stand, “ow, ouch… okay maybe it does hurt a bit.”


“No shit, Sherlock,” she heard the girl chuckle.


They take their time to walk towards the dorms. Taeyeon convinced herself that she only needed a little help even when she was practically leaning her whole weight on the brunette girl whose name she learned was Jessica. Such a pretty name, Taeyeon kept flipping the word over her head.


Taeyeon realized they lived at the same dormitory building. Only difference was that Jessica lived a floor lower— I refuse to punish myself with stairs every day.


Once inside the room, Jessica sat Taeyeon down comfortably on her bed before dashing off to retrieve the first aid kit. Jessica casually mentioned her roommate was in theater practice when she caught Taeyeon staring at the empty but very pink bed opposite hers.


“So this is going to sting a bit…” It stung, a lot.


Taeyeon knew that normal saline was simply water but she couldn’t help whimpering as Jessica cleaned her wounds. Tears were forming in the corners of her eyes but she willed them back, biting on her lower lip. Until she felt a thumb touch her lips, releasing them from the harsh biting.


“You’re going to bruise your lips next if you keep doing that,” Jessica scolded while her thumb continued to sooth her swelling lips. Taeyeon could only look down, flustered.


It took only a few more steps to disinfect her wounds till Jessica finishes it off with pink bandaids. Taeyeon smiled at the neon pink patches, she didn’t expect Jessica to be the type of person to be caught with this color.


“Don’t look at me like that, my roommate gets hurt often and refuses to be treated by anything that isn’t pink,” Jessica defended.


That also explained the abundance of pink stuff around the room. Heck even the antiseptic bottle was pink. She never knew so many things were even sold in that color.


“So what’s your deal? You seem to know a whole lot about first aid,” Taeyeon asked curiously.


“I mean I should, I’m a pre-med student after all,” she shrugged in reply.


“I should have guessed, the Brunner & Suddarth books should have already tipped me off.”


Jessica chuckled, caught red-handed, “Guilty. What about you? I know med studes rarely leave their caves but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen you around campus before.”


“You mean you’ve never seen someone hurtle over a bench before?” Taeyeon felt proud when Jessica laughed at her dry attempt at joking. “I’m kidding, but yeah, I just transferred here yesterday.”


“Ahh, so that’s why you didn’t know a bench was in your way while running,” Jessica jested back.


“Oh my god you’re as bad as me with humor.”


“I even carry around a pun book just to try and improve.”


Conversing with Jessica was really easy. Which was a surprise for Taeyeon because she wasn’t the most sociable person out there. Yuri and Yoona would sometimes try to bring her out of her shell until they accepted that she just wasn’t that type of person.


But even with the awkward first meeting, Taeyeon found herself genuinely enjoying the other girl’s company. They were only interrupted when frantic knocking was heard from the door. Jessica opened it revealing a disheveled Yuri panting while supporting herself on the wall.


“Tae—“ a harsh inhale and exhale, “Taeyeon are you okay? I ran as fast as I could when you texted me you got hurt.”


“I’m fine Yuri-ah,” she tried to convince her as Yuri held her face turning it around trying to examine the extent of her injuries, “just a few scrapes and bruises.”


“Oh thank goodness,” she gets pulled into a hug as Yuri slowly stroked the back of her head, “but what the hell Tae? I leave you for one minute and you fall over a bench?!”


Taeyeon heard a barely stifled giggle from the side. She eyed Jessica as she covered her mouth trying to stop the bubbles of laughter coming out.


“Sorry, sorry. Don’t mind me, just realizing only now how strange this whole incident was.”


“Believe me, all kinds of bizarre things happen when you’re with this one,” Yuri points her thumb towards the blonde.


“Yah! That’s you, not me!”


Taeyeon was about to list down all the shit Yuri got her into because of her antics but Jessica cut her off.


“So… are you her girlfriend?”


“Oh what, me?” Yuri pointed to herself, once the brunette nodded, she erupted into boisterous laughter, “she wishes!” a slap to her shoulder, “ow!”


“What she means, is that no, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s my sister, we’re… sisters.”


Jessica looked at Taeyeon then to Yuri and back and forth a couple of times. She was probably trying to figure out how they shared the same genes when one was pale and short while the other was the complete opposite with long legs and tanned skin.


“Sisters, right, cool…”


It looked like Jessica was trying to properly digest the information. Yuri noticed the small but triumphant smile on the brunette’s face. Yuri could only smirk, seems like her Taeyeon has already caught someone’s attention.


“We should get going. Thank you again for helping this baby out.”


Jessica chuckled, “no problem, as long as she only gets into weird accidents when I’m around.”


“I’m still right here,” Taeyeon muttered, she felt her eyebrow twitch.


“We know,” Jessica and Yuri said at the same time.


Taeyeon was about to walk out on her own while muttering beneath her breath. But she could only go on so far while limping before she feels herself getting lifted on Yuri’s back. She was about to protest but it really hurt to walk right now. She could probably take another blow to her pride.


“Bye Taeyeon. See you around,” Jessica waved at their retreating form.


Taeyeon shyly waved back, “bye Jessica…”




Yuri tucked the small blonde onto their bed once they settled back into the room. Taeyeon was out like a light. Yuri chuckled, she was probably really exhausted though she can feel the weariness on her own body as well.


The worry about her best friend getting into an accident, no matter how small, would always get Yuri to forget any semblance of thought. All she could do was hope Taeyeon was okay as she ran off to wherever her partner was. Anything to be by her side.


“Sleep well Taeyeon-ah.”


Yuri was about to join the sleeping girl until she received a call from her other favorite person. Her smile broadened even more as she accepted the video call.


“Hey babe,” she didn’t know she could smile that much because of the other person on screen.


Yoona’s eyes narrowed but her smile stayed in place, “you’ve been calling me that a lot these days, are you developing feelings for me, Kwon Yuri?”


Yuri wasn’t expecting to be called out so soon, “uhm…uh…” she couldn’t even form any coherent words.


The younger girl seemed to notice, “I’m kidding unnie. It’s okay, you don’t have to answer that question right now.”


Yuri was so thankful for the other girl. How was she able to find such a patient and understanding girl? It was then that she knew, Yoona was the one for her.


“So how are you and Taeyeon-unnie doing? Settled into university life well, I hope?”


“You would not believe what happened today.”


“Oooohh spill.”


Yuri retold the story from the morning of their run to how she left Taeyeon unsupervised for just a few minutes and already got herself into trouble. The meeting with Jessica and how she helped Taeyeon while Yuri wasn’t around.


“My bet was that Taeng lost awareness of her surroundings after seeing Jessica for the first time.” Though Taeyeon didn’t explicitly explain every detail, she knew the older girl well enough to piece out what actually happened.


“Honestly, that’s very likely knowing unnie,” Yoona chuckled, “I bet this Jessica girl is stunning. Taeyeon-unnie does have great taste.”


That was true, every single one of Taeyeon’s exes were either models or actresses. The blonde could attract gorgeous women from a five hundred meter radius. Honestly, Yuri was impressed by her best friend.


“I’m also pretty sure Jessica is interested in Taeyeon.”


“No way, that fast?!”


“Yeap,” Yuri uttered with a pop, “even through my worried haze, I could feel the tension in the room when I arrived.”


She also revealed the little piece of information when Jessica found out they were sisters and not involved romantically. “You should have seen her face Yoong, she looked so relieved.”


“Wow, Taeyeon-unnie works fast. Now I want to meet this Jessica.”


“Soon babe,” the endearment just fell off her lips without much thought, “sorry, I—“


“Don’t apologize,” Yoona sent a reassuring smile, “I like it a lot.”


Well, now or never then. “Good, because I wanted to ask you out officially,” Yuri mustered up all her courage. “Will you go out on a date with me Yoona?”


Even through the slightly pixelated screen, Yoona’s blush could be clearly seen. Yuri thought a lot about her current relationship with the younger girl and after getting Taeyeon’s blessing, she decided it was time to make things exclusive.




That seemed to pull Yoona out of her trance, “YES!” She cleared her throat, “ I mean, yeah, cool, sure, no problem, yeah… it’s not like I wanted this for a long time now or whatever.”


Yuri cooed at her cuteness. “Good, because I plan to take you to a really great restaurant. The one you’ve always wanted to go to.”


Yoona’s eyes widened in surprise. “No way, but that place gets booked really quick. How will you be able to get us a reservation?”


“It’s a surprise.”


Actually, Yuri still had no idea how she was going to book the busiest restaurant in town, but for Yoona? She’d do anything.


She’s gone through even more difficult and trying times with Taeyeon already, that in itself was enough to give Yuri the push she needed. How could a food chain compare to all those times anyway.

Chapter Text

Yuri has come to a conclusion— college was not like how they portrayed it in movies. She thought it would be better (read: easier) than high school but apparently not? Whichever fantasy Yuri had of university life vanished and it was only her first week at school.


So this was why her older brother decided not to enroll. Other than the fact that they weren’t financially capable back then which forced her brother to jump into work right after graduating high school while Yuri took off to Police Academy.


And yet Yuri couldn’t hate her current situation just yet. She was still fulfilling a part of her dream after all. Yuri would finish this college thing even if circumstances revealed she wasn’t so fit for it.


But it became increasingly difficult to up her morale when she was lugging a still asleep Taeyeon, bridal style, around the hallways trying to reach their first class of the day. She dismissed the looks of shock and awe from other students milling around. Her focus was to not get another late mark if they didn’t want to get dropped out of class.


Yuri silently cursed a certain Kwon Boa for enrolling them in the earliest class possible. How did their captain not know how much of an anti-morning person Taeyeon was?


The partners finally rounded the last corner, only a short distance away from the classroom’s door. Yuri ran faster once she heard their professor taking attendance.


“Kwon Taeyeon,” Professor Kang called out. Hearing no response he repeated the name one last time before officially marking the student absent, “Kwon Taeyeon.”


“Here!” Yuri panted still carrying an unconscious Taeyeon. “We’re here, I mean she’s here. Kwon Taeyeon.” Even after a week, Yuri still hasn’t gotten used to sharing the same last name as her partner.


“And Kwon Yuri,” she added as an afterthought.


Their professor eyed them skeptically before dismissing the odd entrance and carried on. Yuri sighed in relief before moving towards their usual desk and ungraciously dropping Taeyeon on her own seat. The older girl automatically leaned her head on Yuri’s shoulder once she herself settled down.


Yuri tried to catch her breath when she hears a giggle from her opposite side. “It’s not funny Tiffany.”


“Oh but it is Yuri,” Tiffany says her name with a certain accent. “Congrats, you two weren’t late today. I think it’s safe to say you guys won’t be dropping out just yet.”


Yuri chuckled in response before glancing to Tiffany’s seatmate who was undoubtedly fast asleep just like her own friend. “I see Jessica made it to class as well.”


Tiffany groaned after giving her own best friend a fond eye roll. “I barely survived the beating and thrashing she decided to bring upon this morning when I was just doing what a good friend would do. HellSica is the worst!”


“They don’t deserve us.”




The quartet got acquainted during the first day of class when Tiffany similarly dragged in a groggy Jessica through the door, Yuri and Taeyeon already inside seated ahead of time. Yuri recognized Jessica right away. Her best friend would have done the same if she was actually awake to witness the same thing.


To Yuri’s surprise, Tiffany took the empty seat next to her also discharging a nearly knocked out Jessica beside. Yuri immediately introduced herself and her best friend. Once she mentioned the name Taeyeon, Tiffany’s eyes widened in recognition.


“Is she perhaps the same Taeyeon my dear roommate has been babbling about for the past few days?”


“So I was right! Jessica does have a thing for Taeyeon.”


“Oh my god!” Tiffany exclaimed in English.


And that was the start of a new camaraderie between Yuri and Tiffany. It helped that they both had similar complaints with their significant best friends, who by the way still have not realized they shared the same class. Jessica and Taeyeon have yet to wake up from their comas.


Yuri shook her head, she could imagine the amount of disbelief and fluster Taeyeon would bear once she finds out she’s been sitting in close proximity to her crush for nearly a week now. But Yuri couldn’t blame her friend for being the sleepyhead she was right now.


What with Taeyeon staying up every single night trying to piece every intel they’ve gathered so far— which by the way was close to non-existent. But that didn’t stop her partner from wracking her brain trying to connect the dots with the little info they had.


Taeyeon would make a really great detective one day.


Investigation aside, Yuri and Taeyeon also had to juggle their academic life. Meaning Yuri had to try her best in each class even when she understood zero things from every lecture. Thankfully, Taeyeon was always there to grind her every night with tutoring. Yuri would have failed three days in if it weren’t for her best friend.


Yuri sighed as she diligently took down notes. “Man, I thought college was full of partying and getting wasted, not books and boring professors,” she muttered softly, simply thinking out loud.


Apparently not as quiet as she thought as Tiffany leaned closer to her whispering, “It’s a mix of both Yuri-ah.” An eye smile was thrown her way. “But if you’re so interested about partying, the Zeta’s are throwing one tomorrow night. You and Taetae should come!”


Yuri snickered at Tiffany’s choice of nickname. Taeyeon would be so confused once she hears about this. She didn’t have to think twice before accepting Tiffany’s invitation. They needed to unwind after all and who knows? They might find the clues they’ve been looking for in that party.


Taeyeon would be so happy to hear about this.


“Uhm… a party you said?” Taeyeon asked, looking slightly unnerved.


Yuri’s spirit faltered, already sensing Taeyeon’s hesitancy with her plan. “What’s wrong? Don’t you wanna go?”


That seemed to have hit the bullseye as Taeyeon’s shoulders dropped. How could Yuri have forgotten how much Taeyeon avoided events like these. She only remember now how these made the older girl uncomfortable and now Yuri could only kick herself internally for forgetting such a critical aspect.


Some kind of best friend you are, she bitterly thought to herself.


Taeyeon seemed to have caught onto Yuri’s inner turmoil and gave out a resigned sigh. “I’ll go.”


Yuri snapped her head up in surprise, her eyes trying to read Taeyeon’s own brown ones. “Are you sure?”


Taeyeon nodded resolutely. “We’re not moving forward with our investigation at all. I think there’s a good chance we would find something in this party,” she shrugged.


Yuri lunged herself at her friend giving her a hug, letting them tumble over their seats.


“I promise I’ll stay with you the whole time Tae. I won’t leave you alone.”


Taeyeon smiled at her best friend’s reaction. “You better.”




Everyone who knew Kim Taeyeon knew her endurance was close to non-existent. Everyone except Kwon Yuri maybe.


“How do I always find myself in physically challenging situations like these whenever I’m with you?” She breathed out harshly, finding herself in a similar situation again like earlier this week.


“It’s just warm-up Taeng.”


The partners were out in the field running, again. Why? Because her ever athletic partner thought it would be fun to try out for the football team. It would have been fine by Taeyeon if Yuri didn’t actually drag the former with her by default— We’re partners Tae! A team, we have to stick together!


Taeyeon scoffed, she knew perfectly well that Yuri didn’t need her all the time. She didn’t understand the sudden clinginess of her best friend but her resolve melted when Yuri bribed her with lesser workout sessions if Taeyeon went to try-outs with her.


The deal seemed fine for Taeyeon. She didn’t need to join the team per se, just try out. And it’s not like the varsity team would recruit a scrawny girl like her anyways.


Why couldn’t Yuri be interested in a less rigorous sport? Something like chess maybe.


It was soon becoming obvious how Taeyeon didn’t belong here. Football was a sport of strength and agility, two things Taeyeon never associated with herself. Not to mention everyone else around her was a good five inches taller than her.


Who knew there were more giants aside from Yuri and Yoona?


Whereas Taeyeon fumbled around the field, getting knocked over right at the beginning of every huddle, Yuri on the other hand was a natural. The tall girl would zip from left to right with ease, pushing her opponents off easily as she protected the ball.


Taeyeon whistled in amazement as Yuri scored another touchdown. She ended up chuckling as the girl did her victory dance right after. Taeyeon was about to approach and congratulate her (more like try to stop her from further embarrassment) when someone else beat her to it.


Two girls, one towering over everyone else and the other pretty much as tall as Taeyeon, moved towards Yuri. The blonde couldn’t help but narrow her eyes watching the interaction from a short distance.


Taeyeon recognized the shorter one of the girls as the one who kept tackling her to the ground during practice making her even more cautious. She knew when someone was purposely playing with her. Taeyeon paused, removing her helmet and straining her ears to overhear a little bit of their conversation.


“Nice scoring you did there, nice moves too.” The taller girl complimented Yuri with a chuckle, the latter obviously happy to hear it.


“Thank you! You’re the team captain right?” Yuri pointed to the printed C on the right side of the other girl’s uniform, signifying her position.


“Yeap! Choi Sooyoung at your service. And you are?”


“Kwon Yuri!”


“I believe I’ve never seen you before, freshman?”


Yuri shakes her head, “transferee actually.”


“Ahh, that explains how I wasn’t able to witness talent like yours until now.”


The second girl nudged Sooyoung with her elbow, reminding them of her existence. “Oh and this here by the way is Hyoyeon, part of the team’s defensive end.”


A girl with short blue hair cleared her throat and moved forward. “Nice to meet you! I’m excited to watch you play in a real game. I think it’s safe to say you’re going to make the team,” she said in such a cheerful voice.


“For real?” Yuri’s eyes widened with a sparkling intensity.


Sooyoung simply nodded her head in response. Yuri’s first instinct was to scan the field until her gaze landed square on Taeyeon before waving her over to them.


“Taeng! I made the team!” Yuri squealed in delight, all too excited to even wait for Taeyeon to reach her.


Taeyeon gave a smile in return. How could she not when her best friend seemed really happy with the news.


Hyoyeon leaned into Sooyoung whispering, “she’s not part of the team too is she?”


“Be nice,” Sooyoung bumped Hyoyeon’s shoulder in warning. “I saw how you’ve been targeting her the whole game.” The athlete could only rub the back of her neck from getting caught.


Though wary of the two new girls, Taeyeon was about to walk over until she felt a force so powerful strike her right in the head. The last thing she heard was someone frantically calling out her name before everything turned black.


Jessica could say her life was pretty normal. She was a regular student despite handling the woes of walking the path of medicine. Aside from the cases she usually encountered during her hospital duties, she rarely had anything else going on.


She usually left the exciting extra-curricular activities to her roommate who dwelled in almost everything their college had to offer. That is until a week ago when some girl crashed into her life, literally speaking.


Little did Jessica know that was just the beginning of the strangest rollercoaster out to break her bland university routine. Just like now when for the second time in a week, frantic knocking was heard from her door. Scratch that, knocking and yelling.




The doctor-in-the-making wouldn’t be too surprised if the whole floor already knew of her name with how it was being yelled right now. Opening the door to a disheveled Yuri also didn’t fail to bring upon a sense of déjà vu.


“Yuri? What’s going on?”


The girl probably rushed here from wherever she came from as Jessica scanned her appearance taking note of the muddy football uniform Yuri didn’t bother to change from.


“TAEYEON!” Was all the tanned girl exclaimed in response, flailing her hands in the air not actually helping lift the confusion from the brunette.


“Calm down Yuri, what happened?"




The words didn’t register in Jessica’s mind until after a few seconds when her eyes finally noticed the presence of two other girls behind Yuri who were lifting a stretcher— a stretcher carrying an occupant whose eyes were shut and seemed to be moaning in pain. Her eyes widened in realization— she could recognize that baby-face anywhere.


“AND YOU DECIDED TO BRING HER HERE TO ME??” Jessica shrieked, trying to compose herself. “Yuri my dorm room isn’t the god damn hospital!”


The rational explanation didn’t seem to faze the girl. “I know. But you’re Jung Jessica, and I think you’re better than any doctor!”


“For god’s sake I’m not even in primary medicine yet!”


“BUT TAEYEON.” Yuri persisted and Jessica knew she couldn’t say no anymore.




Jessica moved aside as the two strangers hurriedly walked in and gently transferred Taeyeon onto her bed. Despite the commotion, Jessica willed herself into medic mode.


The words football and Taeyeon was enough of an explanation and Jessica could already guess what happened. She quickly checked the blonde’s head and found a big lump on top. Thankfully it was just swelling and nothing else.


“You’re lucky you have such a thick skull Taeyeon,” she muttered under her breath.


“Did you hear that Taeyeon? Your thick skull actually came to good use.”


Yuri said it almost close to tears as she clutched the injured girl’s limp hand like it was a life-and-death situation. The unconscious girl seemed to mumble incoherently and Yuri’s forlorn look flipped into a bright and hopeful one.


“You, giant, grab me an ice pack from the fridge,” Jessica pointed at the tall stranger. “And you, shortstop, grab more pillows from the other bed.”


She decided to ignore the blue haired girl mumbling how she played football not baseball and that she was so not a shortstop.


Jessica didn’t hesitate to boss everyone around as she continued to look for any other discrepancy. Grabbing her penlight from the drawer, she completed her trauma check and sighed in relief when she noted nothing else was in disarray.


“How is she doc?” Yuri asked her like this was one of those medical dramas.


Jessica rolled her eyes before replying. “Don’t call me that. And she’s going to be okay. Probably going to have a nasty headache once she wakes up though.”


“We’ve been through enough hangovers together. Taeyeon would be able to deal with that for sure.”


Jessica’s never thought of the day she’d ever hear having hangover experience would actually be an advantage. Well, a first for everything I guess.


“Damn, the midget’s a fighter.” Hyoyeon interrupted with a low whistle.


“Hyo, you’re a midget too.” Sooyoung retorted which lead Hyoyeon to release an indignant huff but obviously not denying anything. She wasn’t in the position to do so anyway.


Jessica honestly almost forgot about everyone else in the room. In just a few minutes, her world’s been turned upside down courtesy of a small girl who had a penchant for trouble— more like attracted trouble. She sighed for the nth time that day. She had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last.


What am I supposed to do with you Kim Taeyeon?

Chapter Text

“Hey, I got the files you requested— whoa, what the fuck happened to you?!”


Taeyeon continued to just sit there, unbothered by the other woman’s outburst. She was truthfully expecting it. How could she not when her head was currently wrapped with bandages and she was in the presence of her mother hen-like friend.


“It’s not as bad as it looks. Sit down, Soonkyu.” Taeyeon calmly drank from her black coffee.


“You cannot expect me to just sit down and ignore the elephant in the room, Taeyeon.”


Nothing could stop Soonkyu now, her hands were commandingly positioned on her hips looking like a really angry mom. When her friend started the doting, it never ended until she was satisfied. Taeyeon could only sigh as she diligently answered Soonkyu’s questions.


“How did you get hurt?”


“Yuri,” then she adds as afterthought, “football.”


“I swear to god that Kwon Yuri,” Soonkyu clucked her tongue, already connecting the dots like those two words were enough. “How bad is it? Did you go to the hospital?”


“Yuri brought me to a doctor.” That was a half-truth but Taeyeon wasn’t in the mood to breach the subject about a certain pre-med student. “Not too bad, just a mild concussion.”


Soonkyu didn’t seem convinced. Taeyeon lets out another sigh. “I can send you the x-rays if you’re still so worried. Nothing broken, I promise. The doctor even congratulated me on having a thick skull.”


Taeyeon wasn’t lying. Even after the first aid, Jessica wouldn’t relent until she agreed to go for further assessment from ‘actual licensed doctors’ (her exact words). But all Taeyeon could think about was how she trusted Jessica enough and that apparently Yuri said the same thing a while ago.


But Jessica was strictly stubborn, Taeyeon learned that the hard way. The blonde could only stare in fear and misplaced fascination as the almost-doctor grabbed a bunch of straps of white cloth from her drawer.


“Jessica, wh-what are those?” Taeyeon wasn’t oblivious, she knew what they were— her brother was a psychiatrist so she’s seen these things before and the fact that she’s probably used them a couple of times already— and yet she stuttered.


“Restraining straps,” she said matter-of-factly.


“What are you going to do with them?”


Jessica smiled sweetly and leaned forward to whisper into Taeyeon’s ear. “To tie you up of course.” The blonde could only gulp in dread as the brunette slowly raised Taeyeon’s arms above her head. “But probably not in the way you’re imagining right now.”


Her words were enough to render the injured girl motionless. And just like that, Jessica barked orders to everyone in the room to hold Taeyeon down as she skillfully tied her hands and legs until she was fully restrained and was placed back on that stupid stretcher carried by the two football players again. Then off to the hospital they went.


Taeyeon felt her spine tingle remembering the whole series of unfortunate events. What Jessica wants, Jessica gets. Taeyeon would never question that ever again.


“Okay, I’ll expect those x-rays later tonight then.” Soonkyu doesn’t yield and Taeyeon gingerly agreed to end the whole discussion.


“So back to these,” Soonkyu brought out three folders from her case and placed them on the table. “Taeyeon, you do know I’m like the best profiler in the force right?” The blonde just nods her head. “And you made me, the Lee Soonkyu, gather info on a bunch of college students.”


Taeyeon shrugs. “It’s for the investigation.”


“Well, as long as it’s for the case and not for you to have leverage to stalk your crush, then here you go.”


“Uhh yeah, of course.” A nervous laugh, goddamn it at self. “For the case, not at all because I’m interested in them or anything.”


Soonkyu’s face deadpans. “Seriously Kim Taeyeon? Who is it you like? Or don’t tell me it’s all of them.”


“Wha—“ Taeyeon erupts, “I HAVE A CRUSH ON ONLY ONE OF THEM.”


“Guessed so. This isn’t how you’re supposed to get to know your crush Taeng.” Soonkyu lectures then looks through the files before continuing, “so let me guess, it’s this brunette chick with the sharp eyes isn’t it? She looks exactly like your type.”


Taeyeon just curled into her seat and kept quiet without sparing any comment. Self-preservation mode was on. Unfortunately for her, Soonkyu doesn’t drop it that easily.


“Name, Jessica Sooyeon Jung, twenty years old, Korean-American citizenship, has a younger sister. Oohh this is interesting, bust size—“


“OKAY, STOP.” Taeyeon stood up with her hands on the table before her friend could reveal any more unwarranted statistics. “You’re right, this isn’t how I want to get to know her!” Her face was burning up like a red, hot, chili pepper.


“Thought so.” Soonkyu looked up from the material with that sickening ‘you know I’m right’ smile. Taeyeon doesn’t appreciate it one bit.


But her pride be damned, Soonkyu was right. She almost crossed a boundary mixing her professional and personal lives together. That concussion really did a number on her.


“Which is why I’ll keep this file with me for now. The other two is all yours.” Soonkyu hands the folders to Taeyeon. “So do you think they have anything to do with the drugs? That’s why you asked me for their files right?”


Taeyeon nods. “We don’t have anything solid just yet but I just don’t trust these two.”


It wasn’t quite a lead but Taeyeon believes she needs to keep a close eye on them. She opens the documents and begins to thoroughly study them while Soonkyu supplied her with other data she might need.


On their desk read the files of Choi Sooyoung and Kim Hyoyeon. Taeyeon started suspecting them when she found out the two girls were part of an infamous sorority— Zeta Tau Alpha. Which coincidentally threw parties left and right.


One of which was the last party Jang Wooyoung attended, their first deceased victim that brought the force into this case. The autopsies revealed a drug overdose from H.S.F. which the higher ups suspected were distributed at the party.


Unfortunately, they haven’t been successful in trying to acquire the drug. No one on campus seem to even know what H.S.F. was. Taeyeon was hoping that the party would give them more clues.


So Taeyeon’s suspicion wasn’t totally unfounded. Even if she did feel slightly jealous that Yuri seemed to have struck a friendship with the possibly guilty party. It was also reason enough why Taeyeon gathered information behind her partner’s back.


She felt remorseful, this wasn’t how partners were supposed to act. They were supposed to work together. Taeyeon sighs, feeling an impending headache. She’ll tell Yuri someday, just not today.






Taeyeon’s head felt like it was going to implode any time soon. She didn’t know if was because of the lack of sleep from reading the files Soonkyu provided her or because of the trepidation of having so many people around her.


College parties could be recounted in two simple words— crowd and alcohol. One of them Taeyeon wasn’t fond of. It was pretty obvious which was which.


While it seemed like Taeyeon didn’t fit this scene at all, Yuri on the other hand did much better. If she was being objective, it seemed like Yuri fit university life better than her.


The younger girl stood by her promise and stuck to Taeyeon’s side the whole time. But it wasn’t difficult to notice the pulsating excitement from her partner’s eyes so she tried to shoo her away but Yuri wouldn’t relent.


“Scout’s honor Taeng,” she said as she figuratively crossed her heart with her finger. “I promised to be your bodyguard and protect you from your social anxiety.”


“That wasn’t the promise Yul… and I don’t think it works that way.”


Yuri huffs. “Even so, a promise is a promise.”


Taeyeon was about to argue further but a loud, booming voice cut her off.


“Yuri!” Taeyeon swore she’s never heard anyone pronounce her best friend’s name like that, she thought as she eyed the newcomer who was swiftly heading their way.


“Tiffany! Hi!” Scratch that newcomer title, Yuri seemed to be well acquainted with the girl.


“Glad I finally found you,” the Tiffany girl paused and finally noticed the presence of the quiet blonde girl. “TaeTae!” She visibly beamed.




To say that Taeyeon was confused would be an understatement but Yuri didn’t seem to agree as she sat back down on the couch curling with boisterous laughter, not at all being helpful to her confusion.


The not-so-stranger then lit up in understanding. “Oh right sorry, I’m Tiffany, Jessi’s roommate and best friend. We would have met sooner but circumstances always seem to not be in our favor.” She said it all with a really pretty smile that seemed to keep growing.


Taeyeon didn’t know what to say so she remained quiet, still trying to understand the whole situation (TaeTae? Seriously, what the fuck?). Until she recalled the words roommate and Jessi— “As in Jessica Jung?” She questioned to which Tiffany eagerly nodded her head at.


A lightbulb figuratively lit up above the blonde’s head. “You’re Jessica’s pink monster of a roommate,” Taeyeon exclaimed out loud, pointing to the other girl.


Tiffany huffed at the term. “Now I know I have an affinity to pink more than the average person—“


“What do you mean more than the average? It’s an addiction, Steph.” Taeyeon knew that voice, she admittedly dreamt of it too.


Pink monster turned toward the newcomer with a scoff. “We’ve talked about this Jessi. If we’re discussing addictions, it’s your love for sleep!” Jessica simply snickers, like this was a completely normal occurrence. “And you can’t disagree with me when you’re the one late right now because you overslept!”


“What can I say,” Jessica shrugged, “if I learned anything from med school, it was to have eight hours of sleep everyday.”


“But you sleep for thirt—“ Tiffany was rapidly cut off by Jessica’s palm.


“Anyways, hi Yuri…” the shift in Jessica’s voice was audible, a little gentler, “hello Taeyeon. How’s your head?”


Taeyeon spluttered out her drink accidentally, she was definitely not ready to face Jessica yet after the whole concussion fiasco.


“Hi Jessica,” she squeaked then cleared her throat, god this was embarrassing. “I’m okay, I made sure to watch out for all those symptoms you told me about.” Taeyeon proudly announced, her mortified mood earlier vanishing once an equally pleased smile was drawn out from Jessica.


“Good girl,” Jessica patted Taeyeon’s head like a child but the latter didn’t mind it one bit even if she was now blushing because of the compliment.


Tiffany’s squeal from the side interrupts the moment, making the two girls remember they had company. Shit, was Yuri right? Was she actually whipped?


“You two are so cute!” Tiffany had a pretty eye smile, Taeyeon thought.


“Shut up, Steph. I see you’ve met Taeyeon and Yuri.”


“Oh, actually I already met them,” Tiffany admitted with a glint in her eye. “Like since the first day of school and all. Yuri and I have even bonded over our shared best friend problems already.”


Jessica narrowed her eyes at Tiffany while Taeyeon looked to her own best friend for an explanation.


“Ohh yeah, I may have forgotten to tell you…” The tanned girl averted her gaze. “We’vebeeninthesameclassasJessicaandTiffanyforthepastweek,” she blurted it all out in one breath.


“What did she say?” Jessica questioned, she hasn’t been in the presence of Kwon Yuri much but Taeyeon had years of familiarity that she could practically speak Yurinese by now— complete with a degree and all.




“Yuri said that we’ve been in the same class for a week now,” Tiffany beat her to it.


Taeyeon was impressed. She’s never met anyone else who could distinguish Yuri gibberish other than her. Even Yoona had slight difficulty translating sometimes. Until the sentence and the implication hit her like a freight train.


“We’ve been in the same class for a week now?!”


“Yeah… it’s pretty funny actually, well funny for me and Tiffany but not for you and Jessica because both of you sleep like the dead…” Yuri explained, sharing tidbits about everything Taeyeon missed.


“One time, me and Tiffany decided to sit you two side by side. You would have been ecstatic Tae! The cuddler in you automatically reached out for Jessica. You clung to her like a koala the entire period.”


A blush unsurprisingly consumed Taeyeon’s face but luckily she wasn’t alone. A glance to her side and she found that Jessica shared a similar rosy complexion. At least she wasn’t the only one mortified this time.


Tiffany suddenly clapped her hands together. “And that’s that. We’ll leave you two alone to talk more! See you guys later!” And with that, the eye-smile girl dragged a resisting Yuri along with her too.


“No! I can’t leave Tae alone!” Yuri fought back.


“She won’t be alone Yuri-ah, Jessica will watch her for you, won’t you Jessi?”


Jessica raised her eyebrow. “Uhh, yeah I guess?”


Yuri paused the struggling and looked like she was deep in thought. “Jessica is a doctor—


“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not a doctor yet.”


But Yuri wasn’t listening. “I trust her,” she gives a thumbs-up before walking away with Tiffany. “Just send me a telepathic message if you need me Taeng! Or just shout, that can work too, I have Taeyeon-sensitive ears. Have fun!”


They leave before Taeyeon could reprimand Yuri.


“Aish, that Kwon Yuri.”


“She’s a handful, isn’t she?”


“You have no idea,” Taeyeon sniggered.


“Yeah well I guess it’s just right that she is. You’re a handful too you know, you two are definitely blood-related.”


The back and forth was fun. Only then did Taeyeon realize that they were definitely alone— well as alone as you can be in a crowded frat party. But the blonde noticed she didn’t mind. There was a sense of comfortable companionship between her and Jessica that she happily reveled in.




Yuri was having a lot of fun, she couldn’t deny that. Though she knew it would have been even better if Taeyeon was with her. That girl brought out the best in Yuri, made her lose her inhibitions but also control her when it was needed. And for the fact that she just simply always had fun with the older girl.


But what could she do, she wanted her best friend to finally make progress with her crush. She remembered how hard it was for her to let go of Taeyeon whenever she dated in the past (call her protective or whatever) but she realized she had no problem whenever it came to Jessica.


Yuri never trusted any of Taeyeon’s exes, but she felt like she could with Jessica. Other than the fact that she was a doctor (she was in her eyes), Yuri knew the brunette was a good fit for Taeyeon even from the get go.


“They look good together, don’t they?” Tiffany pondered beside her, also eyeing the couple who haven’t even moved from the couch since they left them there. They were just that immersed with each other.


“I think Jessica’s good for her.” Yuri took a sip from her red solo cup, luckily she could hold her alcohol well unlike her partner.


“I’ve never seen Jessica smile this much with someone else other than me. She’s known as an Ice Princess for goodness’ sake.”


Yuri chuckled, not knowing this little tidbit till now. “Oddly, I can see the allure.”


“I wouldn’t even be worried if TaeTae would hurt Jessica in the future because that girl would murder your best friend before I could even have the chance to lay a finger.”


“I don’t know if that’s reassuring or not.” They both laugh out together.


Deep down, Yuri didn’t want either of them getting hurt. She wanted to protect them both and she’d do her best to do so.




“Heeeyyy, look who decided to grace us with their presence, Hyo. It’s the Kwon Yuri, newest quarter back of the team!”


“Sooyoung! Hyoyeon! I’ve been looking for you guys the whole night,” Yuri called out, excited to see her newest friends.


“Hi Tiffany,” Sooyoung also greeted her companion.


It was the first time Yuri’s seen Tiffany turn quiet. She didn’t even know it was possible for the megaphone-like girl.


“Sooyoung, Hyoyeon,” Tiffany returned with a curt smile.


Yuri’s also pretty sure she’s never seen the other girl give out such a dim smile. Hell, she even blesses any by-stander in the hallways with her megawatt smile.


“You guys know each other?”


“We share some classes together. We’re all in performing arts, just different majors.” Tiffany shortly explained with little to no enthusiasm, like she was broadcasting the daily weather.


“Yeah, I’m in acting while Hyo here is a dance major,” Sooyoung supplied.


“Oh that explains it.” Yuri could feel the tension but decided that whatever was going on with the trio wasn’t her business. “So where were you guys anyway?” She tries to divert the strained atmosphere.


“Sorry noob, we were busy,” Hyoyeon wriggled her eyebrows then laughed at Yuri’s astounded expression. “Not that kind of busy, perv.”


“But I’m not the pervert,” Yuri cries out. “It’s Taeyeon, I swear, not me!”


“Stop teasing our teammate Hyo.” Sooyoung regarded Yuri once again. “We were out getting more stuff for the party,” she gestured to the tray of sweet goodies on her arms.


“Ohh rice crispies! I love these!”


“Take as much as you want, we’ve got stocks of these.”


Yuri quickly took one and bit into the treat, groaning in pleasure afterwards. “These are good!”


“They’re home-baked by some of our members, they’ll be happy to know that.” A woman spoke up behind Hyoyeon.


“Chanmi,” Hyoyeon mechanically moved away to let the other woman pass.


“So you’re the prodigy football player I’ve been hearing about. You’ve made quite a name for yourself in just a week, impressive.”


“Ahh, I wouldn’t call myself a prodigy but I’m happy enough to have made the team. I only hope to be able to contribute as much,” she politely replied.


“Humble too. My, my, you’re quite the package huh?” Something about the woman unnerved Yuri.


Sooyoung seemed to notice it as well. “Chanmi,” she lowly warns.


“I’m sorry, I just wanted to finally meet you and see if you live up to the rumors. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.” But something about it makes Yuri think she wasn’t apologetic at all. “As you’ve heard from my girls, I’m Lee Chanmi, Zeta Tau Alpha’s president.”


“Oh, uhm, nice to meet you. Kwon Yuri.”


“I already knew that,” Chanmi chuckled and Yuri ducked her head, flustered. “I’ll leave you girls then, enjoy the party.” She quickly took her leave, moving on to greet other party-goers.


Yuri kept an eye on her until Sooyoung broke her concentration.


“So that’s Chanmi. I’m sorry you had to meet her this way. She can be kind of… intimidating.”


Tiffany snickered, “that’s putting it lightly,” she muttered quietly, only letting Yuri hear her words.


Yuri decidedly took another bite of the snack. She tended to do this when she was in deep thought. Everything in her gut was telling her to avoid Chanmi like she was bad news. Her gut was rarely wrong.


But for now, she decided to move the analysis to the back of her head. She was at a party after all. Better enjoy it while she could.


“Tiffany, you want some?” Yuri offered a bite to her friend. Her attempt at lightening up the mood was through food. You can never go wrong with that, right?


Tiffany shook her head, “maybe not now Yuri, I’ve had enough of those from the previous party.”


“Okay, more for me!” Yuri kept garbling the snack then remembered, “oh! Taeyeon loves these things too. Taeng!” She shouted from across the room but it was enough to catch the blonde’s attention.


And Yuri was dashing off to her best friend, offering the rice pops. Tiffany could only chuckle in amusement. She was about to join them back on the couch but turned to the football players before doing so.


“You guys should be more careful with these, you know. Don’t want another incident to happen, do you?”


Sooyoung smiled sadly, “you know we didn’t intend for it to end up that way, Tiffany.”


“I know that, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, Sooyoung. Remember that.” And with that, she walked away, leaving the two football players.




The night went on with not much interesting events. Except for the time Taeyeon was dared left and right. The already inebriated girl was game-on for almost anything. Yuri kind of forgot that her partner tended to be less reserved when drunk.


When Yuri got enough blackmail footage of a Taeyeon drinking straight from a keg upside-down, she reluctantly pulled her away before the blonde could request for a second barrel. Thank god for Jessica as well who forced fluids other than beer into Taeyeon— You are not dying of alcohol intoxication, Taeyeon. Not on my watch.


Tiffany on the other hand enjoyed watching their demise from the corner. Not at all trying to help out Yuri or her best friend— Why should I stop her? This is even more entertaining than our own theater productions.


After twelve glasses of water and a Vitamin B pill (courtesy of their resident doctor) later, Taeyeon was finally starting to sober up.


“Why is my shirt wet?” Taeyeon stared at her front.


“Oh Jessica shoved water to your face and said ‘drink or choke, you choose’, and you shouted choke. Seriously Tae, you should try harder next time to hide your fetishes. Don’t think I forgot about the whole Jessica tying you up and all.”


“Fucking hell, Kim Taeyeon,” she mumbled incoherently to herself.


Thankfully for Taeyeon, the two other girls were still out and about getting more water and other sources of food.


“Yoona would have a field day if she saw me like this.”


“She already did,” Yuri admitted. “I’ve been sending her live updates the whole night.” She laughed wholly at Taeyeon’s distressed face.


“Oh my god. OH MY GOD. Now she’s really going to lose all her respect for me!”


“Don’t be dramatic. If anything, Yoong’s proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone. She told me herself.”


“I’m glad then.” The older girl smiled in relief.


Yuri always found their unnie-dongsaeng relationship cute. Taeyeon adored the younger girl but what she didn’t realize was that Yoona equally thought the world of her too. Truly Yuri’s favorite girls in the world (along with her mom of course).


“By the way, you wouldn’t believe my luck. Remember my dilemma about that really high-end restaurant Yoona wanted to go to?” Taeyeon nodded and prompted her to carry on. “So apparently, Sooyoung’s dad is the head chef! She offered to help me get a booking!”


Yuri noticed Taeyeon slightly frown when she mentioned Sooyoung. She knew her partner didn’t trust her new teammates much. Taeyeon probably thought Yuri didn’t notice but she could read her almost like an open book.


So she happily revelled when Taeyeon grinned at her instead. “That’s good to hear. I’m sure Yoona would be excited for it.”


“I do hope so. I really don’t want to screw this up.”


“I know you. If it’s important to you, you never do things half-assed.”


Yuri shyly smiled at the compliment. “Here,” she handed another rice crispy, “I think you should get something else in your system other than vodka and beer.”


“I don’t think it’s a good idea to eat a lot of those, TaeTae.” Tiffany and Jessica were back.


“What, why? They’re really tasty.”


“Yeah but they’re filled with mad amounts of WHYPHY.”


“You mean wee-fee?” Taeyeon scowls, “but why would this contain the ethernet?”


“Not Wi-Fi as in the internet, Tae. WHYPHY as in the drug,” Jessica clarified. “Wait, how many have you eaten?” She now wore a worried expression.


Taeyeon and Yuri could only look at the brunette in horror as their answer.


“I’ve eaten five of these.”


“I’ve eaten six.”


“Uhm,” Tiffany tried to think of reassuring words but only came up with “expect a whole lot of tripping then?”


The police partners face each other dreadfully. Their telepathic communication wasn’t perfect but this time, they both had the same thought in mind— We are so fucked.

Chapter Text

The difference between getting drunk from getting high was that there was a high possibility you’d forget stuff when plastered but when you’re high as a kite? You still remember every single fuck up you did albeit with a really hazy mind.

Unfortunately for Kim Taeyeon, she was both drunk and high the previous night. Fucking hell.

Taeyeon tried to blink away the foggy memories that came to the forefront of her brain when she tried to recall last night. She had memory lapses, probably from her drunken blackout, but all the other things that her mind told her had happened…

“No way, those couldn’t have happened… could they?”

Horrific images flashed before her and although Taeyeon could imagine herself in the far future probably laughing about it—a sort of recollection of her stupid younger self— present Taeyeon could only curl into a small ball of mortification.

“Unfortunately for you, TaeTae, whatever you’re thinking truly did happen.” Tiffany chirped from the other side of the room, holding up a cup of what she guessed was something caffeinated.

“How are you still so cheery even in the morning?” Jessica sleepily rasped directly behind Taeyeon making the latter jump up from the bed in surprise.

“J-Jessica?!” All sorts of thoughts barraged Taeyeon, this time trying to find a reason as to how she woke up in the same bed as Jessica.

“Yes Taeyeon, that’s my name.”Taeyeon was too busy digging up rational explanations and missed the sarcastic ruse from the pre-med student.

Shirt? Check.

Bra? Check.

Taeyeon was tempted to look under the covers just to check for the one last article to disapprove her thoughts. Screwing it all, she simply threw caution to the wind and checked underneath. She finally let out a sigh of relief.

Pants? Check, check, check.

Tiffany abruptly let out boisterous laughter. “Oh TaeTae, what went into your mind just then?”

“N-Nothing!” Taeyeon could feel her cheeks burning.

“Oh, I don’t think it was just nothing,” Tiffany prompted accompanied with a sly smirk.

Taeyeon wanted the ground to swallow her whole. How does one cope with a fuzzy memory and the insufferable roommate of your crush?

“You’re teasing her too much, Steph. Poor girl is still obviously disoriented.”

Taeyeon felt thankful for Jessica’s existence. For being the beacon of light when she thought the end was before her. She was being dramatic but someone sue her, she just woke up next to the most beautiful person on the planet who also apparently saved Taeyeon’s ass from her evil, pink-obsessed, best friend. What else was she supposed to do?

Speaking of best friends—

“Where’s Yuri?”

“Out for her routine run and should be back in…” Tiffany checked her phone before continuing, “five seconds.”

Just like a prophecy, the JeTi dorm room opened and in strolled her best friend who shouldn’t look as good as she did right now. Yuri looked like, well…Yuri, sweaty but basking in the post-exercise afterglow. Seriously, was the getting wasted and high thing just a figment of Taeyeon’s imagination?

“Taengyeon!” Yuri happily called her with that annoyingly cute nickname before sitting herself on Taeyeon’s lap. “You’re finally awake! How’s your head?”

“Fuzzy and now I’m second-thinking the events of last night. Was last night just a fever dream? How come you still look dazzling while I look like… shit?”

“Nah, you’re just a light-weight, Taeng. We all know that.”

Yuri took notice of the growing pout on her best friend’s face. She decided it was time to end her suffering and retell the epic story of last night.


Taeyeon has never felt so terrified for her life until tonight. The two police officers ran towards the bathroom stalls for dear life after finding out they ingested huge amounts of WHYPHY infused edibles. In the privacy of toilet bowls and sewage water, Taeyeon witnessed her partner completely freak out.


“No!” Taeyeon took a hold of Yuri’s shoulders, trying to ground her back and pushing her in front of the toilet. “We just need to throw up!” She said as she stuck two fingers into her own mouth to try and stimulate her gag reflex.

Yuri followed suit and soon enough the girl’s bathroom was filled with sounds of gagging and coughing. Taeyeon didn’t know how to explain what they were doing if some poor soul unluckily stumbled upon them. It wasn’t a pretty sight to witness but they were desperate not to die of an overdose.

“You gotta throw up man!”

“I can’t!”

Another series of coughing.

“You have to! Just think of something gross.”

“You fucking think of something.”

“Okay uhm…” Taeyeon frantically wracked her brain for anything vile enough to make anyone want to puke. “Your grandma’s vagina, uh, uhhh… and there’s a dick in it…”

“Dude, what the fuck!”

“I’m trying, okay! I’m just trying my best!”

Yuri suddenly faced Taeyeon with a serious look. “Dude, let’s just… let’s just finger each other’s mouths.”

“What? No!”


“I don’t want you to finger my mouth.”

“Do you want to die?!”

Taeyeon felt repulsed but the thought of it already made bile almost come up her mouth. Maybe Yuri’s plan could actually work.

“Okay, fine!”

At her consent, Yuri hurriedly stuck her fingers into Taeyeon’s mouth and vice versa. It was awful, god was it awful. Taeyeon’s thoughts wonder into the reason why straight girls allowed guys to deep throat them when nothing about this felt pleasurable at all. TMI but yeah, thank god she’s a lesbian.

“What are you trying to do?! Finding my g-spot? Just stick it in!” Yuri complains and they resume the horrible experience of feeling each other’s throats.

Taeyeon was sure enough that she was going to deal with a hoarse throat for the next few days— theorizing they actually do survive. They go on for a few more tries until neither of them could take any more of the gag abuse.

“Why isn’t it working?” Frustration was imminent in Taeyeon’s voice. “Is it me?”

Yuri slumped into the corner of the stall, sobbing could be heard from the other girl. “I’m sorry, I just can’t sometimes.”

Taeyeon and Yuri decidedly leave the stalls and planned to move out of the house. If they were going to ride the high, they preferred not to be found dead in the foot of a toilet seat during the aftermath.

Jessica caught onto Taeyeon’s arm as they were exiting the sorority house. The blonde almost jumped at the sudden contact. Her nerves were starting to stifle her and that was when she knew the drug was starting to take effect.

“Hey, are you okay?” The ever-so-caring Jessica Jung asked with so much concern that Taeyeon felt it in her bones.

The drug’s influence included being hyper-aware of your surroundings, she remembered Boa mentioning it. Part of their briefing included the phases of H.S.F. and Taeyeon desperately tried recalling her captain’s lecture.

Phase 1: The Gigs
“Yeah, I’m—“ Taeyeon couldn’t stop the giggle from bubbling out. “I’m okay.” Another fit of giggles wracked the small girl’s body.

Taeyeon could also hear Yuri uncontrollably chortle from behind her. “Yeah, we’re—“ Yuri’s face contorts into a supposedly happy and laughing one but for the two girls who knew what was happening, nothing about it was actually joyful.

“Oh crap— Stephanie!” Jessica called back into the house as she started to realize what was going on.

Tiffany materializes right away and Taeyeon’s baked brain made it seemed like she appeared out of thin air. Whoa.

“What?! You don’t call me by my full name unless it’s urgent.”

“They’re already tripping.” Jessica points to the law enforcement duo who were now clutching their stomachs trying but failing to contain their fits of laughter.

“Shit, okay, okay.” Tiffany looked thoughtful, trying to come up with a plan before huffing, “what do we do?”

“Really, Steph? That’s your helpful input?”

“You’re the medical person here! What do you usually do?!”

“Yeah but you’re the one experienced with WHYPHY! What did you do then?” Jessica inquired.

“Uhm…” Tiffany squirmed in place. “Okay, TBH, I just went with it. Flew the high kite, y’know?”

“Whoa, Tiffany.” Taeyeon’s tongue wasn’t used to saying the letter F so it sounded a lot like ‘Tippany’ instead. “And you didn’t die?” Amazement was written all over the blonde girl’s face.

“Well, looks like we’re really going through with this.” Jessica concluded.

Phase 2: Tripping Major Ballsack
“Pany, that’s like… really, really amazing. Can I call you that? Pany?” Taeyeon’s pupils were now fully dilated.

“Sure, TaeTae. But it’s Fany, with an F.”

“F-Fa… Pany…”

Tiffany just chuckled. “That’s fine, it can work. It sounds cute coming from you. So from now on, only a special Kwon Taeyeon can call me that.”

Just like clockwork, Taeyeon’s cheeks flushed rosy pink. It wasn’t Taeyeon’s fault, what was she supposed to do when a pretty girl (even if insufferable) calls her cute? Die?

“That’s me! I’m Kwon Taeyeon! Yuri did you hear that?” Taeyeon nudged her friend. “Pany said I was special.”

“Ahem.” Jessica cleared her throat, she knew her best friend was a natural flirt but she didn’t appreciate it one bit right now. “I don’t know if you guys are coherent enough to comprehend this but the drug will probably take effect for a couple hours with how much you took in…”

Jessica continued to explain what was probably going to come before them in the next eight hours but Taeyeon and Yuri were too far gone to understand any of it. Yuri draped her arm over Taeyeon before resuming staring at Jessica.

“Bro…” Yuri whispered into Taeyeon’s ear thinking no one else could hear them.

“Yeah, bro?” Taeyeon leaned closer.

“Bro… your not-so-girlfriend is really hot. Not that I’m interested or anything,” Yuri quickly defended. “I’m just saying, you get me? Objectively speaking and all.”

“Dude, bro, I totally get it. She’s like a literal angel.” In Taeyeon’s WHYPHY induced vision, she could see and feel the yellow light glowing from behind Jessica. Actually it felt more like Jessica was glowing herself and if Taeyeon looked closer, she could see the white wings on her back too.

“I didn’t know angels existed man.”

Unknown to the pair, their companions could hear every single thing they were talking about. Tiffany simply patted her friend’s back and barked out laugher while Jessica stood frozen with red-tipped ears.

“Dude,” Yuri called for Taeyeon’s attention again. “You better make her yours before God takes her back or something.”

Yuri’s words struck Taeyeon hard and prompted something carnal from her. “No, no… She’s mine. God can’t take her back. I’ll be her Lucifer and steal her then.”

“Tae, I think you’re mistaking Lucifer for Hades.” Tiffany couldn’t help but interrupt.

“Lucifer or Hades, I’ll be whoever the fuck Jessica needs me to be.”

With that, it was like something snapped inside the blonde. Taeyeon suddenly walked back into the frat house with Yuri following suit. Tiffany and Jessica tried to catch up and relocate them but they were too fast while the crowd wasn’t dwindling down at all.

“Fuck, what do we do now?” Jessica asked out loud.

Tiffany searched around and spotted what she was looking for. “Wait here,” she instructed.

Jessica watched as Tiffany walked towards a group of partiers and forcefully yanked two girls away. She recognized them, they were the football players who diligently carried Taeyeon on a stretcher up till the hospital. Jessica decided to approach them and listened as Tiffany demanded for their help arguing that they instigated the whole YulTae WHYPHY fiasco in the first place.

The giant and shorty reluctantly agreed to help out and the foursome tried to come up with a plan. As they were huddled in the corner, the lights in the house suddenly went out. They could hear everyone else slightly panic until a sole spotlight shone in the middle of the foyer, pulling everyone else’s attention.

“Hello!” Static from a microphone rang painfully throughout the cramped room making Jessica cover her ears.

That voice, Jessica knew that husky voice. She looked up to the middle of the room and lo and behold, Yuri stood there trying to uncoil the microphone’s wire and in turn producing even more static.

“Well,” Sooyoung stated the obvious, “at least we found them.”

Phase 3: Over-Falsity of Confidence
“Ahhh shit, sorry about that!” Yuri enthusiastically held the microphone up. “You’re all probably wondering why we’re up here! Well my sister here, wanted to sing a special song for a special girl in her life! So without further ado, let’s give a round of applause for Kwon Taeyeon!”

“Oh my god, Jessi! Taeyeon’s going to serenade you! That’s so sweet!” Tiffany exclaimed while nudging her best friend teasingly before joining the chorus of loud cheers from other plastered college students.

As Taeyeon was about to start the song, Yuri suddenly grabbed the mic again. “Oh! And thank you to Zeta Tau Alpha for hosting our first YulTae concert!”

Tiffany narrowed her eyes as she saw Chanmi raise her glass of wine in acknowledgement. Well that explains how the two girls even got ahold of the musical equipment.

“I didn’t know we had a spotlight inside the house,” Hyoyeon thought out loud before adding, “and I’ve lived here for four years!”

Tiffany was about to shush the loud girl until the notes of a guitar instrumental started playing from the speakers. ‘Wow, Soo, it’s even surround-sound! ’ She heard Hyoyeon comment once again.

“Wait, this song sounds familiar.” Jessica finally spoke her first words in a long while.

Taeyeon cleared her throat nosily before starting the first lines of the song. “Hey girl, my first love story…

“Oh god, this couldn’t be—” Jessica sucked in a breath.

My angel, and my girl, my sunshine…

“—It is…” Jessica continued, deflated.

The group of four just stood there, watching as the performance unfolded before them. The crowd though, seemed to be enjoying the impromptu show very much— or they were just really drunk. Everyone cheered even more as Yuri started to dance along.

“How is Yuri even dancing to an acoustic version of Gee?” Hyoyeon questioned with a low whistle.

“At least she’s good. The midget’s voice is fantastic too. Who knew, huh?” Sooyoung answered, amused by Taeyeon singing so passionately and Yuri dancing sexily to a ballad.

After a few more impressively sung high notes and body waves, the duo finally bowed to end the show.

“Thank you, Madison Square Garden! You’re all fucking amazing!” The crowd erupted into cheers one more time at Taeyeon’s words.

Jessica had to admit, this Taeyeon was really funny to watch as long as she ignored the burning second-hand embarrassment that came along with it. Well, at least she got to witness this facet of the blonde girl’s characteristic early into their… whatever it is they got going on.

It was undeniable how Jessica was willingly drawn in by Taeyeon’s quirky personality. It was refreshing without all the ‘putting your best foot forward’ and all. Taeyeon was just... Taeyeon; unwaveringly so. Jessica wanted to know more.

Phase 4: Fuck Yeah Motherfucker!
“Guys…” Sooyoung spoke into the group. “I think this is our chance to pull them away before they run off on us again.”

As they all remembered their current obligation, they all ran towards the stage hoping to corner Yuri and Taeyeon. But at the sight of their friends chasing after them, the two intoxicated officers thought it was a new game of tag and ran off, again.

“Taeyeon! Run or else we lose!” Yuri yelled behind her expecting her partner to be struggling like usual but to her surprise, Taeyeon was running right beside her instead, actually keeping up with her pace.

“Kwon Yuri, that’s not how it works!” Tiffany tried to scream back, unable to keep up the run and switched to a brisk walk instead.

“Yuri! Yuri-ah!” Taeyeon called out.


“Yuri… I feel so good!”

The two were now out in the backyard still high from the chase and something else entirely.

“Taeng, I dare you to jump into the pool!”

“No! Kwon Yuri you do not tell your sister to jump into the pool like that!” Tiffany scolded as they finally caught up with the pair. Even the football players looked winded out.

“Whee!” Too late, Taeyeon already jumped in and created enough waves for the pool water to wet the rest of the group.


“So, do you want to know the rest?” Yuri tentatively asked her partner who was clearly in shock with the recap of their wild night.


Yuri gulped. “Uhm, we may or may not have wrestled for fun on the lawn afterwards. And then well…” She broke off, unable to continue.

“Yuri, what did I do?” Taeyeon prodded in fear, but she needed to know.

“You may want to look at your right arm, slightly above your elbow, TaeTae.” Tiffany continued on Yuri’s stead.

Taeyeon did as instructed and saw nothing out of the ordinary on her right arm.

“Oh, sorry. Your left arm, it was your left.” Tiffany quickly corrected.

This time, Taeyeon almost fainted at the sight of a word imprinted on her skin. “I-Is that a…IS THAT A FUCKING TATTOO?”

Jessica gently touched Taeyeon’s shoulder, hoping to comfort her. “We tried to stop you Tae, but you ran off again and when you finally came back, you already had the tattoo on you.”

Having a tattoo was totally fine with Taeyeon, she’s always wanted to have one at the exact same spot. But what made Taeyeon almost hyperventilate was the word—or rather the name— she decided to permanently stamp on her skin.

“Wow Jessi, they said to put a ring on it if you liked it, not make them mark your name like cowherd. Unless—“ Tiffany graciously divulged what everyone else couldn’t say out loud and directed a new question towards the blonde. “—Taeyeon, do you have an ex named Jessica?

“Wha— no! I don’t!”

“So this is the same Jessica we’re talking about right? Future doctor, my best friend, Jessica Jung?”

Seeing Taeyeon already on the verge of a meltdown, Yuri revealed the final tidbit. “It’s henna, Taeng. It’s not permanent.”

Taeyeon finally let out the breath she was holding, now able to breathe properly again while Tiffany laughed to her heart’s content in the corner. Taeyeon really, really could not stand her.

“Hey,” Jessica nudged Taeyeon’s shoulder. “You survived the night, that’s something don’t you think?”

Taeyeon finally smiled for the first time that morning. She wasn’t lying when she thought Jessica was truly an angel because she sure as hell acted like one— in Taeyeon’s case anyway.

Thank god for Jessica Jung.




The nerves only started to kick back in when Taeyeon’s two feet finally landed back on the concrete of 21st Jumpstreet. She thought she was ready for the case update today but apparently not.

“Hey guys, Captain,” Yuri nodded her head towards Boa who sat in front of every other personnel involved in the Jumpstreet Project. “So Taeyeon and I spent the whole night making this, it’s awesome, for sure,” she said while pushing their drafting board forward and sending the signal for Taeyeon’s turn.

Taeyeon cleared her throat before starting. “So our main suspect dealers are mostly members of the sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, headed by their main dealer, Lee Chanmi, the alpha of the house. Oh, and H.S.F. is locally called WHYPHY on campus. Uhm, yeah…” she broke off.

“Who put this together?” Boa questioned irritably, causing the two cops to ramble over each other about their info whether it was solid or just plain hunches. “Cut the bullshit,” the Captain had enough, “I want to know who’s the supplier.”

Taeyeon gulped but answered anyway, “we don’t know yet, uhm, that’s why there’s a question mark on their photo right here,” she pointed to the shadow image on the board.

“That’s not the way his or her face looks like,” Yuri quickly cleared up, “that’s just a question mark.”

Boa spoke over them again. “Infiltrate the dealers, find the supply. Simple,” she said in finality, not letting them say anymore and dismissed the briefing.

Taeyeon sighed as Yuri dismantled and carried their drafting board as they went down from the elevated platform. Their spirits were dejected and their fellow undercover officers decided it was the best time to shit on them.

“Sounds like you guys really cracked the whole case,” Victoria in the cheerleading outfit quipped with sarcasm. “Great job, you guys are on fire.”

“Tch, like you could do any better,” Yuri answered back with newfound confidence.

“We just brought down a group of wannabe thugs stripping down cars,” Amber in the second cheerleading outfit smirked. “Meanwhile you two were standing around popping each other’s assholes.”

Yuri turned red, “we weren’t popping each other’s assholes,” she mimicked with a tone of mockery. “What we’re doing, is getting shit done.”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact, I’m about to infiltrate a super high-tech drug manufacturing factory.”

Yuri whispered to Taeyeon, “you are?”

“Yeah…” Taeyeon whispered back.


So the super high-tech drug manufacturing factory was actually just their in-campus chemistry laboratory but no one else needed to know that except for Taeyeon.

Not much infiltrating was needed on the part of Taeyeon because the Chemistry Department was practically bare of students during break time. She was starting to get chills with how deserted the place looked.

She slid to a stop when she saw a shadow behind the glass door leading to the labs. Slowly, Taeyeon approached the door and tried to listen for any other movements. With a calming breath, she let her academy training kick in before forcefully opening the door open.

A quick scan of the room showed only one person who inhabited the space. It was a girl, who looked really surprised by Taeyeon’s presence but the latter didn’t let it bother her.

“What are you doing? How’d you get a key in here?” Taeyeon prodded while approaching the still shocked girl who didn’t move an inch from her seat.

“Uhm, I should be asking you the same thing,” Stranger Danger finally replied after a few moments.

“Well I asked first.” Immature comeback but whatever.

“Okay? Well because you kindly asked, I was testing the effect of the molecular level of Potassium Nitrate and its propensity to explode. And for your information, Ms. Kim lets me use the lab for practice and studying.”

“Oh,” Taeyeon didn’t know what to say anymore. “So you’re just a nerd? Not a drug manufacturer?”

The girl’s face contorted into a scowl. “So what if I’m a nerd? I’m just focused on my studies more than the average student. And why would you think I would concoct something as illegal as drugs?” Her eyes narrowed making Taeyeon take a hard swallow.

“Well… I don’t know. Just asking?”

“Yeah, well your questions make you sound like a lousy Narcotics Agent who just busted their cover, that’s for sure.”

“No! A Narc?!” Taeyeon chuckled uneasily. “How can I be a Narc? I’m not a Narc, ha-ha, you’re funny.” Beads of sweat slowly trickled down her forehead.

Chemistry girl just stared at her for five seconds before shrugging and getting back to work. Taeyeon rubbed the back of her neck before sitting in front of the girl’s desk where a limitless supply of beakers and test tubes lay.

“So what are you working on?” Taeyeon tried to start a conversation.

Her laboratory co-habitant just raised an eyebrow at her before speaking. “I just told you, testing the effect of the molecular level of Potassium Nitrate and its propensity to explode.” There was a mild hint of exasperation.

“Right, uhm… Sorry for calling you a nerd earlier.”

Taeyeon felt bad, thinking about how the girl was alone inside a laboratory during break time reminded her of her high school days when everyone shunned her just because she was smarter than most. She’s been called various names, nerd, loser, loner. She hated other people’s company because of it and instead spent most of her time inside the library, reading.

“It’s fine, I didn’t take it seriously.”

But Taeyeon didn’t think it was all fine. “I’m still sorry.”

“It’s okay, really.” The stranger finally shot her a smile that made Taeyeon sigh in relief.

“I’m Taeyeon by the way.”

“Juhyun, Seo Juhyun,” she curtly informed.

“Nice to meet you, Juhyun.” Taeyeon shot her a genuine smile. “Do you think I can help out with your experiment?” She didn’t know why she was so bent on making it up to the girl. Maybe because Juhyun reminded her a lot of her younger self.

“Sure, as long as you pay for any breakages later on. The equipment are quite expensive.”

“Wha— how sure are you I’m going to mess up?” Taeyeon was flabbergasted.

Juhyun simply chuckled. “I was just kidding.”

It felt nice, Taeyeon hasn’t made any new friends aside from Jessica and (begrudgingly) Tiffany since she started this whole college undercover thing. She almost forgot how nice it was to get to know new people. And she had a good feeling about this Juhyun girl, she just knew.




Sunkyu already made Taeyeon promise her to never have anything to do with football again ever since her not-so-little accident earlier. And yet here she was again on the field, running warm-up laps with Yuri and the rest of the team.

She tried her best to keep up but goddamn, running really wasn’t her thing and that was never going to change. When Taeyeon finally finished her last lap (she was the last to finish), she decided to approach the team captain to give her a piece of her mind.

“Why did you let me join the team, giant,” Taeyeon took on the nickname Jessica had called the team captain previously. “Yuri would have still joined the team even without you using me as bait, you know.”

Sooyoung paused drinking from her water bottle to face the shorter girl. “I know and no, I didn’t add you to the team to lure Yuri,” she said complete with air quotes. “You’re in the team because you’re actually pretty agile when you want to be.”

“Also, I witnessed you and Yuri wrestling each other like pros last night. You can definitely take down a person two times your size, don’t even deny it,” Sooyoung quickly added.


“Exactly,” Sooyoung wouldn’t relent. “And I think I can unlock your full potential.”

“But what if I don’t want to!” Taeyeon childishly bit back.

Sooyoung eyed her skeptically. “But do you really not want to?”

Her words triggered a flashback of Taeyeon’s past. Memories of her physical hardship in Police training, not being able to run a hundred meters without feeling like her legs were dying, getting pushed down by thugs and mean football players, being hit on the head by a football, getting easily won over and immobilized by Jessica (Taeyeon swears she’s a top though).

Taeyeon was spacing out before finally snapping out of it and catching Sooyoung’s wondering gaze. She thought about it again before sighing.

“Okay, fine! I’ll join your stupid team,” Taeyeon relented.

The taller girl just grinned shrewdly before draping her arm over Taeyeon and walking them over to the rest of the team. “Let’s get this karate kid bullshit going on!”

She didn’t want to admit it, but maybe Sooyoung wasn’t as bad as she thought. She knew how she needed to do a re-assessment again. It was now just a matter of acceptance on Taeyeon’s side.