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Every Saturday Afternoon

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Every Saturday, between the hours of 10am-6pm, Bakugou Katsuki leaves the school dorms. Nobody in class 1-A questioned it in the beginning. However, when it started to happen every single week they became suspicious.

"Maybe he is seeing a secret lover?!" Ashido has once screeched out during one Saturday when Bakugou had left the dorms.
"Bakugou and a secret lover?" Kaminari laughed, banging his hand dramatically on the table.

"Think about it guys! Bakugou leaves the dorms for 8 hours every Saturday, and we already know he isn't seeing his parents because Kirishima overheard one of their phone calls, and Mrs Bakugou was screaming how Bakugou hadn't gone to see here EVEN ONCE!'

"Yeah it was crazy man!" Kirishima exclaimed. "When you hear Bakugous' mother screaming, it isn't hard to see where he gets it from!"

"I'm just saying though guys! If Bakugou did have a 'lover' why would he hide it? It's not like we hide our relationships around here." Sero said, pointing over to Uraraka and Tsuyu, who were cuddling on the sofa, happy in each others embrace.

"Yeah but come on dude! This is Bakugou, when does he tell anyone anything?" Kirishima said, sighing at the situation.

The group of 4 huffed in annoyance of having no clue about the situation, laying on the dinning room table in thought.

"What's this about Bakugou having a secret lover?" The monotone voice of Todoroki over. Todoroki sipped his cup of tea, pulling out a chair and sitting himself down with the group.

"Well I think Bakugou has a secret lover! But nobody else believes me!" Mina whined, raising her arms up in defeat.

"But we all think it is total wack!" Kaminari spoke, taking a bite out of a sugared doughnut. Todoroki hummed in understanding, taking another sip of his tea.

"I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but on Saturdays Bakugou is less... Bakugou...?" Todoroki grabbed his drink with his right hand to cool it down a little, taking another sip before continuing. "Any other day Bakugou would scream about us not doing the cleaning, leaving a mess behind, or generally doing anything, but on a Saturday he just walks by and goes to him room."

The Bakusquad all smiled at the information given to them. Of course everyone had noticed. One time on a Sunday, Kaminari accidentally spilled milk all over the kitchen counter and Bakugou threw a fit. Screeching and shouting about the mess. But once on a Saturday, Uraraka accidentally knocked over her glass of orange juice, and Bakugou payed little to no mind. Just tutted and walked away.

"You have a point Todoroki." Sero said as Momo walked into the room.

"What's going on here?" Momo smiled as she created her own custom tea bags, turning on the kettle to heat up the water.

"We are talking about Bakugou having a secret lover!" Mina cheered, and the others nodded in agreement.

Momo giggled at the pink girls enthusiasm. Pouring water into her teacup.
"I see! Well I mean it wouldn't be impossible, but Bakugou doesn't really seem like the type to fuss over meeting a girl at the same time every week."

Mina deflated back into her seat, and just as she did the clock on the wall struck 6 PM.

As if on a schedule, the front door of the dorm screeched open, and shuffling could be heard. The group remained quiet to see who had entered, but it was nobody other than Bakugou, who had a slight blush on his face, startling the group. They all stared as the angry blonde tore off his coat and hung it up on his peg, switching his shoes for slippers by the door.

Bakugou made his way towards the elevator, which just so happened to be past the dining table. The group held their breaths, but continued to stare as the blonde made his route, hoping he wouldn't notice their curiosity. Bakugou walked past them without saying a word, so the group released a sigh of relief. However, the sigh was sucked back in as Bakugou glared right at them as he pressed the button for the elevator. Ashido let out an eep and grabbed onto Kirishimas arm, who also took in a big gulp. Bakugou continued to watch them for some time, until the elevator dinged at its arrival. Bakugou let out a tch at his 'friends' behavior, but turned around and got into the elevator without saying one word.

The curious people held their breaths until the elevator hummed as it rose, all of them re-releasing their sighs of relief.

"I wasn't the only one who saw it right?" Momo whispered in shock, a hand covering her mouth.

"Bakugou was...." Kirishima stared at the elevator.

"BLUSHING!" Mina screeched and jump out of her chair, laughing happily. "It's official! Next Saturday we are following Bakugou!"

and follow Bakugou next saturday they did.

Throughout the whole week the Bakusquad kept a close eye on Bakugou to see if he did anything strange. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, from Monday-Thursday Bakugou was his usual angry self. But they noticed he calmed down just a touch on Fridays and Sundays. They also took note of the fact that during free time, Bakugou was texting a lot on his phone. It was on the Wednesday evening that Kirishima had tried looking at the blondes phone to see who he was texting, only to get an explosion to the face and the threat of 'EVER TRY LOOK AT MY PHONE AGAIN SHITTY HAIR AND I WILL BLAST YOU OFF TO FUCKING SPACE', so they didn't try again.

They get more excited as the school week drew to a close and Saturday approached.

However, once Friday evening came upon them, the realized one important thing. Aizawa. It was okay for students to leave the dorms during the weekend, however they had to let their form teacher know, just in case something happened while they were out, and so the security systems don't accidentally active. So this is how the Bakusquad found themselves quivering with fear outside their teachers office.

"Well..." Kaminari gulped, staring at the door as if it was a villain. "Whose gonna knock on the door?"

Everyone else backed away from the door to the other side of the hallway, leaving Kaminari in front of the dragons dens door alone.

"Welp, I guess it is me then..."

The other 3 stared in awe as the electric hero raised his hand to knock on the door. But just before impact, the door swung open with a bang! Causing Kaminari to scream and run to the others, hiding behind Sero. The group of 4 huddled in the corner with fear, waiting for Aizawa to come out his office and glare at them, telling them to go back to the dorms. But instead they were met with the loud voice of their other teacher, Present Mic.

"I'll see you later Shota! I'll see you at the usual time outsi- oh!" Present Mic stopped in tracks at the sight of the Class 1-A students quivering outside the office. He let out a laugh which led to Aizawa to come out his office to see the commotion. The group got even more scared as Present Mic patted the angry looking Aizawa on the shoulder, giving a wave as he left his co-worker to deal with his students.

Aizawa didn't say anything for a moments time. Just simply glared at his students, before waving towards his office walking inside. The group saw that as an okay to enter, so the cautiously walked inside, shutting the door quietly. The Bakusquad gathered themselves around their teachers desk, who sat slouched in his chair, looking as if he was just about to head to sleep.

"Well?" Aizawa spoke, his voice clearly full of annoyance. Aizawa had just finished speaking with his husband, Yamada Hizashi, also known as Present Mic. It wasn't common knowledge among the students, but it wasn't as if they hid their relationship.

"U-uh..." Sero stuttered nervously, rubbing his hands along his elbows.

"SENSEI!" Mina shouted, bowing her head. "Please! Allow us to leave school tomorrow!"

The insomniac looking teacher sighed, pulling out a piece of paper, and a pencil from behind his ear.

"Why exactly do you want to leave?"

"Well.." Mina twiddled with her thumbs and shuffled her feet. How exactly did they explain this....?

"You see Sensei, we want to follow Bakubro as we wanna know where he goes!" Kirishima said. The other 3 looked at him shocked, surprised at the fact that he had literally just straight out told their teacher they were planning on following a student. That student being the resident angry boy at that. Aizawas face remained tired, no signs of a reaction. He let out a long huff of annoyance, and wrote down some notes on the sheet.

"I'll allow it...."

The 4 friends jumped up happily and high fived, glad that their teacher had agreed. Now they can finally find out where Bakugou is g-

"However." The 4 friends stopped their celebration and straightened themselves back out. They weren't through the clear yet. "When you return you are to come speak with me... I too am curious to know were problem child goes..."

The Bakusquads jaws all dropped to the floor. So Aizawa didn't know the location of where Bakugou was going either?

"Thank you Sensei!" They all said in unison, bowing their heads. They thanked their teacher once more as they made their leave back towards the dorms.

"I'm so excited!" Mina jumped around, wrapping her arms around Kirishima.

"We can finally follow Bakubro!" Kirishima fist pumped.

"I wonder what she is like!" Sero exclaimed.

"Is nobody going to question the face that Present Mic is on first name basis with Aizawa-Sensei?" Kaminari asked. The group came to a halt for a second, as if they were about to question the subject. But after a shrug of multiple shoulders they continued. They could finally find out the truth!


Usually on a Saturday, the Bakusquad (minus Bakugou) woke up around 12pm, as they would usually be up until around 3am goofing off. But today was different. The group all went to sleep super early, then woke up at 8:30AM, giving them an hour and a half to get ready before Bakugou left the dorms at 10AM on the dot.

By 9:55AM, the Bakusquad were ready to go. They stood in the kitchen casually, waiting for Bakugou to make his way down to the common room area. They didn't have to wait long, as Bakugou came out the elevator at exactly 9:58, changing into his trainers at the entrance and made his leave.

As soon as the door was shut, the Bakusquad ran over to the door, changed into their own shoes and put on beanies and shades for comedy effect, and ran out the door, slamming it with excitement. They managed to catch up to Bakugou as he flashed his student ID at the school gate, making his exit from school grounds. The squad waited a few seconds after Bakugou left, before rushing over to the gate and flashing their own IDs granting them exit.

They followed Bakugou all the way down the street, and if he just so happened to look in their direction they would hid behind something or try blend in with a crowd of people. They ended up following the blonde all the way to the train station, just a 7 minute walk from U.A. They entered the train station, standing at the opposite end of the platform to Bakugou. They waited for about 10 minutes, until a train pulled up to the platform reading 'Musutafu south' on the front.

So this is where Bakugou always goes?

Bakugou got onto the second carriage, while the group got onto the third, just so Bakugou wouldn't realize he was being followed.
They huddled around the door separating the carriages, peeking through the window to look at the blonde every once and a while to see when he would get off the train.

"So far nothing has happened..." Mina said discouraged, taking her shades off for a few seconds to wipe them clean.

They group nodded solemnly, but they mustn't give up! Bakugou must be meeting his 'secret lover' in the southern side of Musutafu, which is rumored to be the area in which Bakugou came from, so it would make the most sense.

They stayed on the train for about 15 minutes. Watching the busy center city of Musutafu, transform into a more homely, calm area where families lived. They finally followed Bakugou off the train into a quiet part of Musutafu. The only sounds coming from homes, or playing children.

Now they were confused. Why would Bakugou come to a QUIET place of the places to go? Surely Bakugou would prefer more loud places?

While on the train they had thought up the person they though Bakugou would like. A girl, preferably tall with a decent quirk, fit with big blue eyes maybe?

Because this area was so quiet and mostly full of houses, it was harder to stay hidden. So they had to keep quite a distance back on the opposite side of the road to avoid being caught. They walked past lots and lots of houses, until they cleared out a bit, and Bakugou walked into a small park area.

There was nobody in the park area, apart from a boy who looked around the same age as them, with fluffy green hair, looking down at his phone.

They saw Bakugou pull his phone out of his pocket, and send a quick text to somebody. The other boys in the parks face lit up excitedly, as he pocked his phone and jumped up from the bench.

And that is when it happened.

The green haired boy ran from the bench excitedly towards Bakugou, shouting "Kacchan!" at Bakugou.

The grimace on the blondes face turned to a grin as he opened his arms wide as the greenette ran towards him.

Wait is this...?

The blonde was shoved to the floor with an 'oof' as the greenette jumped into his arms, wrapping his own around the ruby eyed boys shoulders.

The group watched in awe at the action, as Bakugou was literally straddled in broad day light by the green boy, whose grin was as bright enough to challenge All Mights.

Bakugou let out a tch which was followed by a "Stupid Deku...", as the green haired boy giggled, and slotted his lips with the boy he was sitting on into a kiss.
The four people watching completely fell to their knees in surprise.


Bakugou Katsuki the resident angry boy.




with a greenette boy.

They were all at a loss for words as Bakugou caressed the hair of the boy on top of him, continuing to kiss him slowly. Bakugou had never looked so innocent, so at peace in his whole life, so the Bakusquad couldn't help but be so shocked.

For one, Bakugou had never hinted at being into guys. Not that it was a problem at all! They would support Bakugou no matter what! But he never said anything. Not that he ever showed any interest in girls either. Everyone in 1-A knew that Bakugou had rejected many girls in the past, but had never known why. But now they know. Bakugou rejected them because he was gay.

Kirishima felt a sense of pride watching one of his best friends be with a person he clearly cares for and loves deeply. It brought a tear to his eye to see someone who was willing and happy to put up with the angry blonde, clearly not wanting to choose anyone else. The sweet moment finally came to an end as the two on the floor stopped their session, the green haired boy getting off the blonde, and offering a hand to pull him up. An audible tch came from Bakugou, but he laced his fingers with the other, and pulling himself up, brushing the dust off his jacket.

The two kissed sweetly one more time, before wrapping each other into an embrace. The Bakusquad felt bad for intruding on their private moment, but it was just so romantic that they couldn't walk away. However, peace was cut short when the green eyes boy looked over Bakugou's shoulder, and saw 4 people with beanies and shades peeping on the two. He quickly pushed Bakugou away, which caused him to curse to himself quietly, but he looked confused as to why he was pushed away. The greenettes face was over come with a blush as he pointed over to the group.


The group prepared to run from the soon to be war zone, but Bakugou turned around to see where his boyfriend was pointing, and spotted the group, making them stop in their tracks with fear. The blonde haired boy looked angrier than ever, but there was an emotion which was hidden by the anger. But they couldn't tell....

Ruby eyes were darker than ever, and the grimace on Bakugous face was so deep, it looked like it had been permanently scarred on.

"Y-YOU IDIOTS!" Bakugou screamed across the park, was that a stutter? "IM GOING TO BLAST YOU ALL INTO THE FUCKING SUN!" Bakugou prepared to launch himself at his 'friends' and the 'friends' prepared to run from death, but they were interrupted when the green haired boy grabbed onto the angry blondes shoulder.
"KACCHAN! Don't hurt them please! They're your friends! I-I'm sure they have a good explanation for being here!" The greenette held onto the blondes hand and looked at him, pleading him not to hurt the others. "For me Kacchan... please... I'll go talk to them okay?"

The blonde looked at the greenette with anger, but it eventually ebbed away and the anger was replaced with a Bakugou signature scowl, who angrily huffed and kicked the floor, telling him to 'go talk to those motherfuckers if you want'.

The greenette smiled lightly and kissed the blonde on the cheek, who pouted angrily. The smaller boy giggled and walked over to the group.

"I'm sorry Kirishima-Kun, Ashido-chan, Kaminari-Kun and Sero-Kun, I apologize for Kacchans behaviour...." The green haired boy bowed in their direction, causing them all to gasp. How was this Angel of a boy with Bakugou of all people?

"Wait.. you know our names....?" Sero started off, the other three nodded in confusion, confused about how the green haired boy knew who they were.

"You mean you don't know mine?" The greenette gasped, and then looked over to Katsuki, who was still glaring. "Kacchan! You promised you would tell your friends about us! N-now I'm embarrassed...."

"S'not their business." Bakugou huffed, looking away in another direction. The greenette sighed, but continued to smile, looking back to the group.

"I'm sorry for not introducing myself then! I'm Midoriya Izuku! It is nice to meet you!" The greenette said quickly, bowing to the squad. Never mind. This boy wasn't an angel. He was a sunshine sent from the gods!

"Midoriya.. Midoriya.... where have I heard that name before....?" Kirishima said, tapping his chin in thought.

"OH! YOU'RE MIDORIYA IZUKU! ALL MIGHTS SON!" Ashido gasped pointing at the boy who blushed and covered his face. The others all gasped. There were many rumors that the great hero All Might had a son, but All Might tried to keep it separate from his hero life, only telling names but that is it. So Bakugou was dating All Mights son?!

"O-oh yes I am... well I am his step-son, but he is more of a father to me than my real father..." Midoriya blushed at the thought of his step father, who he cared for dearly. The day he was saved by All Might himself, he could never be more thankful. But then when he met his mother and they ended up getting along really well, Midoriya could never be thankful for such a loving and supportive family.

"So how did you end up dating our Bakubro?" Kirishima asked, grinning at the innocent small boy.

"W-well" Midoriya stuttered, twiddling with his thumbs nervously. "We was always childhood friends.... and I used to get made fun of for being quirkless.... B-but Bakugou would always fight off all the bullies for me! We became friends and he told me all about how he wanted to be a hero.... and I was so happy... so proud... I confessed my attraction to him before he left for UA, and it was mutual so we went from there and now here we are...."

"Awwwwww so adorable!" Ashido gushed at the love story, making Izuku giggle.

"So you are quirkless...?" Kaminari asked... a wave of sympathy coming from his voice.

"YOU MAKING FUN OF MY BOYFRIEND PIKACHU?" Bakugou butted in, huffing and puffing his way over to the group, wrapping his arms protectively around his boyfriend.

"No of course not! I just wondered, I've never met a quirkless person before..." Kaminari waved his hands frantically, stepping back slightly from the blonde. The other 3 looked at the greenette with sympathy, his face falling a little.

"No Kacchan it's fine. Yes it is true, I have no quirk.... B-but I promise I'm just like anyone else! You won't become quirkless just because you stand near me, I promise! I hope that doesn't change your view on me...."

It became clear to the Bakusquad that this sunshine child had had some hurtful words thrown at him as a child. Which is probably one of the reasons Bakugou hid the boy from the others and was so protective. Was he worried that they would make fun of Izuku?

"Not at all! Quirk or not, everyone is accepted into the Bakusquad!" Mina made a thumbs up with her hand, and the others grinned and nodded. Midoriya began to tear up at the declaration, and nodded thankful for them accepting him. It was then at that moment that Kirashima noticed a badge worn by the greenette and gasped in awe.

"Woah dude! Isn't that that super prestigious medical schools logo?"

"Yeah so what Shitty Hair? He goes to a medical school, big deal." Bakugou huffed, holding onto his boyfriend even harder.

"Kacchan!" Midoriya scolded his boyfriend, hitting him on the hand lightly. "I'm sure he didn't mean it in a bad way."

"No way! That school is for like super smart people! Everyone who goes there usually ends up being a private doctor for some big prohero!" Kirishima explained, remembering hearing about the school in middle school.

"Yeah, and he is going to be MY private doctor when I become number 1!" Katsuki grinned, kissing his boyfriend slightly on the cheek, to prove his point.

"Of course Kacchan!"

"Awwwww But Izu-chan..... I wanted you to look after me!" Ashido wined, jumping up and down like a child.

"Back off shitty eyes, he's mine.!" Bakugou growled possessively, earning another glare from Midoriya.

"We shall see..." Midoriya muttered, looking at the floor. "Anyways, Kacchan my mother is expecting us so we better get going!" Midoriya reminded the blonde, looking at the time on his phone. The blonde huffed but nodded, unwrapping himself from his boyfriend, but reclaimed his hand for his own.

"I apologize for only getting to see you guys for such a short time and in a bit of a weird circumstance, but it was nice meeting you!" Midoriya smiled one of his 10000 watt smiles at the group. At least now they know why his smile was as bright as All Mights.

"Bye Midobro! I'm sure we will see you another time!" Kirishima grinned, and the others nodded. After Ashido gave the greenette a quick hug, the couple made their leave, exiting the park and walking out of view.

The Bakusquad stood in the park and grinned at each other. Their resident angry boy had found someone to keep him level headed, they may be a guy, but it makes no difference to them. The greenette was an angel sent from the gods above, and they couldn't be more happy for their friend.

They decided to stop following Bakugou for the day, and made their way back to UA, not telling anyone what happened when they got back. It seemed only fit for Bakugou to tell them himself if he wanted. When Bakugou arrived back to the dorms at 6PM on the dot with a blush on his face once again, this time when he passed the group he gave them a knowing look, but didn't say anything.

They group wondered if after today if Bakugou would tell the rest of the class about Midoriya. But they didn't have to wait long, as the next Saturday, Bakugou didn't leave the dorm. This time at 10AM on the dot, a knock was heard at the dorm door. Everyone was in the common room curious as to who had arrived, but Bakugou pushed his way to the front, opening the door to reveal the greenette himself, who immediately wrapped himself around his Blonde boyfriend.

So after that Saturday, everyone knew about Izuku, and everyone adored him! They accepted him into the class straight away, loving his bubbly and loving personality. Nobody minded that he was quirkless, most of the class praised him for being so brave for living without a quirk like the other 80% of the world.

After that the greenette made a visit to the dorm every other Saturday. Outsiders weren't usually allowed inside the UA grounds, but as he was All Mights son he got special permission.

When everyone took a shine to Izuku, Bakugou was extra possessive. Always having his arms tight around his boyfriend, to let everyone know that he was his and nobody else's. But Midoriya didn't mind. He was just so happy that he got to be with his boyfriend a lot more now, after class 1-A accepted him into their group.

And that is the story of how Midoriya became an honorary Class 1-A student.