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Shinsou's Friend

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It was the day before the culture festival and everyone was busy, students building and decorating while teachers watched and helped for safety - the teachers were unsure if the students should be allowed to use their quirks or not to help creating the festival, as some would cause trouble then others. They decided that quirks should be used and if it goes far, they would stop them.

Class 1-A were working on their band for the dance and stage they will be holding in the afternoon tomorrow, they had all sorts of equipment and had the whole theatre to themselves. They had been rehearsing all morning and decided they should take a break before continuing, they went to the cafeteria and ate some food before getting bottled water and going outside for some fresh air.

When they did they saw the other classes outside doing their themes for the festival, as well as some teachers helping them. Class 1-A decided to sit away from Class 1-B who were near the entrance to the school building - finding a nice spot of grass and laying down.

Midoriya glanced over at Class 1-B who caught his eyes and went back to work, he signed at the tension the two classes had. Truth be told it wasn’t any of Class 1-A’s fault, it was all Vlad and most of the students in the opposite class that made the rivalry between the classes. Midoriya and his classmates didn’t know of the rivalry until the Sports Festival, they never saw Class 1-B as their rivals, they had never seen any class in that view - Class 1-A always saw the other classes as...well classes - unlike Bakugou.

Midoriya looked away from them and glanced around the other classes when he saw a very familiar person, bushy purple hair and the stoic expression. Midoriya immediately stood up and made his way over to the class.

“Shinsou-kun!” Class 1-C turned and looked at the green haired boy as he ran to Shinsou, who turned back on his task and looked at him.

“Oh, Midoriya” he greeted as said boy stopped in front of him 

“Your taking part in the festival as well?” he asked curiously.

Shinsou nodded “Yeah, had no choice really”

“Ah” all students had to participate in the festival, if not they would have to do a public lecture - and none of them wanted to do that. “What are you and your class doing?”

“A haunted maze I think” Shinsou replied.

“Really? That’s so cool!”

Shinsou hummed, a neutral response “What’s your class doing”

“We’re doing a dance” Midoriya told him “We’ve got a band and a stage team for it as well”

“Wow” Shinsou chuckled “Looks like your class is going all out, should be fun”

“Yep” Midoriya agreed “You and your class should come and see it, I know mine will definitely come to yours”

“Hmmmm, if I have time I will. Got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow”

“You must have a big part in the festival Shinsou-kun”

Shinsou looked at him before turning away, but not before Midoriya managed to see a smile on his lips


Midoriya was happy that Shinsou was enjoying himself with the festival, after everything that’s happened letting yourself go and having fun was a good thing to do, Midoriya is happy that the teachers are letting them do this and taking part - they have to relax as well just as much as the students

Midoriya didn’t think much on Shinsou’s smile he managed to see, it was obvious by his body language that he was trying to hide it, Midoriya thought it was because he was a bit shy - as now he’s more included in his classmates and getting bigger roles - he’s not used to that.

.However now he wished he did think more of the almost hidden smile, as he couldn’t of prepared to his surprise on what he just saw.

It started minutes ago when he went to get some drinks for him and his friends, some had brought some while others forgot - Midoriya offered to go buy them some, and because of the short number, it would be easy for him to carry them by himself.

Walking into the cafeteria he noticed there was more then the average amount of people in the room, they must be on breaks or getting some food or drinks to take back with them, he thought as he went into the line at the counter. One again while glancing he saw the purple haired boy who was currently dressed in his classes theme.

Woah… Shinsou was wearing a black all in one with bandages around him, red and black splattered on his face - just looking at his costume made the young green haired boy feel a bit uneasy. 

Shinsou didn’t seem to notice him looking so Midoriya continued to watch, wondering on what his friend was doing. He watched in confusion as Shinsou wiped off the paint from his face and unwrap the bandages around him before picking up a bag and heading out of the cafeteria.

That’s weird Midoriya thought I thought Shinsou-kun was busy with the festival today? Is he already done?

“Can I help you?” Lost in thought the young boy jumped before shyly turning to the women behind the counter and ordering a couple bottled waters. After paying and leaving the line he saw Shinsou had come back, but dressed differently. He was dressed in a white shirt with three big purple lines in the middle with small black ones outlining them, a denim jacket over the top and black jeans along with black lace up boots.

Midoriya watched as Shinsou put his bag away near the wall and walk out once again, curiosity washed over Midoriya - he needed to get back to his friends but he also really wanted to know what Shinsou was doing.

They won’t mind if I’m a little late he decided as he walked out of the room and quietly followed Shinsou, Midoriya made sure to not get too close as he followed as he might be caught. When he saw Shinsou was going outside of the building Midoriya stopped and hid behind a pillar as he saw a figure making their way to the purple boy.

“Hitoshi-kun!” the young green haired hero watched in shock as a young girl (probably the same age as him) launched herself at Shinsou and hug him - he was even more shocked when Shinsou hugged her back.

“I’m so happy to see you” she said as they pulled back, giving him a kind smile.

“Same here” Shinsou commented “I’m glad you could make it, I was worried you wouldn’t be able too”

“I said I would come, do you really think I wouldn’t?” she pouted, Shinsou laughed and waved a hand.

Midoriya watched as the two converse, he took his time to see this girl Shinsou knew.

She had light blue hair that falls just below her shoulders and light skin, Midoriya could see that she had amber eyes - which is impressive from his distance. She wore a red cold shoulder top which was tucked into black high-waisted jeans along with black lace up boots - she also wore a black shoulder bag with golden designs he couldn’t make out.

Watching them more closely, he now noticed how close they stood to each other, he started to feel like he was intruding on something he shouldn't see (or know about).

“How long do we have before you have to go back?” she asked him, head tilted which if Midoriya wasn’t mistaken - made Shinsou’s go pink?

“30 minutes or so” he replied. The girl smiled at him one again and grabbed his hand before walking.

“Then we need to get moving! Come on” catching up to walk beside her, Midoriya saw her giggle again and Shinsou smiling at her.

Who was this girl that was so close to Shinsou? Midoriya has never seen Shinsou be close to anyone like this before - it made his mind spin.

He also noticed that Shinsou didn’t pull his hand out of hers, it’s not that Shinsou was not fond of touching, but he did little jumps or such whenever Kaminari slung an arm around him, or when Iida would pat his shoulder. 

Shinsou never flinched at that girls touch.

Turning back, he looked at the clock on the wall and realised he overstayed more then he meant to, and rushed back to the theatre hall he and his classmates were practising - and later perform.

The scene he just saw still on his mind, replaying.

It was minutes before the show would start and the girl with Shinsou was still on his mind, he tried to ignore it and focus on his part, he made a few mistakes which resulted in a scolding Aoyama - but the “dazzling” hero was still kind and patient. 

Taking a sip of his water, he wasn’t surprised when Aoyama came over to him (they were becoming closer), but his question however, did.


“N-No thanks Aoyama-kun” Midoriya waved his hand. “Why cheese?”

“You seem to me worried Midoriya-kun! Cheese is excellent to calm the nerves!” 

“I-I’m fine Aoyama-kun!” he smiled with hope that the shining hero was convinced, but by the look on Aoyama's face, he wasn’t.

“You cannot lie to me Midoriya-kun! I can see that you are worried! Your mind is somewhere else” Midoriya knew there was no use to deny Aoyama any more, but he couldn’t tell him what he saw, how could he? The fact that Shinsou didn’t say he was spending his free time with a girl meant that he didn’t want anyone to know - telling people what he saw would be even more of a violation of Shinsou’s personal life. 

“Do not worry! You’ll do great!”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow “Eh?”

“Our performance Midoriya-kun! It is obvious that you were not a good dancer when we started, but you have improved greatly! Eri-chan will love your dancing”

That’s right! Eri-chan is coming! Remembering that she would be in the crowd made him nervous, but Aoyama’s words had calmed him down a bit.

I need to focus on the performance for real now, for Eri-chan!

“Hah, thank you Aoyama-kun! I feel better now!” his smile was bright and real this time, and Aoyama knew this - smiling back and striking a pose that Misoriya would never understand.

“...May I still have some cheese?”


The performance was now done and everything went great, much to Class 1-A’s relief. After people left they took a very small break on drinking water and regaining their breath before cleaning up, when that was done they roamed around the campus - now enjoying their free day.

Outside Midoriya saw Mirio with Eri besides him, the young green haired hero ran to them, excited to hear their thoughts.

“It was perfect!” Mirio praised, giving Midoriya a thumbs-up “We enjoyed it very much! Didn’t we Eri-chan”

Eri nodded, looking at up Midoriya “At first I was scared because it was loud...but then people started to dance which was fun! That lady who sang has a nice voice, everyone was saying “waaah!” and...I said “waaah!” too…”

Tears brimmed at the corner of Midoriya’s eyes, he was so happy that Er had a good time and smiled, he wiped them away and smiled at her “I’m happy that you enjoyed it”

Eri smiled at him, that smiled looked so good on her - Midoriya hoped she would start to smile more.

“We’ve got other things to do at the festival, and we’ll enjoy them all”

Eri’s eyes sparkled, Midoriya led them to the many stalls that had been set up on the school grounds - they were packed with all sorts of food, toys and games. Midoriya laughed as Eri kept looking at them, she was too cute.

They had played a few games, hooking ducks, knocking cans over and many more. They went to a store that had Eri slightly bouncing on her feet - toffee apples. The three thanked the student and Midoriya held one in front of her.

“Here you go Eri-chan, a toffee apple, just like we talked about”

Eri smiled again as she gently took hold of the toffee apple, she bit into it and within a few seconds of chewing - made a bigger smile on her face.

“Waah! It’s sweeter then I thought” she commented as she took another bite. Midoriya and Mirio laughed at her excitement, they walked around some more - looking at what else there is when Eri stopped and pointed her finger out.

“Hito-nee!” Midoriya looked where she pointed and froze.

It was Shinsou.

With that girl by his side.

He watched as Shinsou turned when he heard the shout, eyes landing on Eri.

“Hito-nee!” Eri ran to him, Shinsou knelt down and held his arm out for her embrace, then curling them around her and standing up.

“Hey there Eri-chan” he smiled softly at her, eyes softening as she giggled. “What are you doing running about, aren’t you supposed to stay with Aizawa-sensei?”

“Miro-san and Deku-san are with me” she turned to them and waved her arm, signalling them to come over.

As they did all Midoriya could think about was what he saw earlier that day.

What should I do? Pretend that I didn’t see anything? Aoyama caught that earlier, and Shinsou-kun is very smart. I can’t avoid because that would be rude. What to do, what to do!

“Ah Hitoshi-san” Mirio greeted as he and Midoriya got over to them “It’s good to see you, especially at the festival! Are you enjoying yourself?”

Midoriya caught the small look he gave the girl and slightly smiled at the blonde “Yeah, it’s going alright”

“Perfect!” Mirio then turned to the girl besides “And what about you Zarya-chan? Are you enjoying yourself?”

Midoriya's eyes widen a little Her name is Zarya!

“Of course!” she smiled “It’s been fun so far, especially for a new experience. What about you? Have you been having a good time Eri-chan?”

Eri turned to her with a smile and nodded, a piece of toffee apple in her mouth “Ifs bewn fswn”

“Swallow your food then speak” Shinsou lightly scolded, she giggled but followed his words.

“It’s been fun! We watched Deku-san’s performance and I shouted “waah!”, then we did a few games, and now we have toffee apples!”

“That does sound like fun” the girl - Zarya, agreed, she then looked at Midoriya, who stiffened.

“Are you Deku-san?”

“Y-yes” his cheeks flushed from embarrassment “M-My name is Midoriya Izuku” he held a hand out to which Zarya shook.

“I’m Vang Zarya” she introduced herself, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Midoriya-san, I’ve heard so much about you”

“Y-You have?” How and where could she possibly know about him? The news maybe? But they showed his image and she didn’t seem to know who he was.

“Yes, but don’t worry, it’s all good stuff” she reassured him .

“O-Oh, thank you” he smiled sheepishly. Midoriya didn’t know what to do except stutter and try not to make a fool of himself, he didn’t want them to know what he had seen, plus he had no idea who this girl is - only her name which he found out seconds ago.

Maybe I could get to know more about her...

“I-I don’t want to sound rude” he started “but are you a student here? I haven’t seen you around before”

“Oh that’s not rude at all” she waved a hand at him “No I don’t go here, I actually don’t live in Japan”

“Eh?! Really?!” he didn’t expect that kind of answer “W-Where are you from?”


“Eh?!” She’s from England? Woah...this is my first time meeting a foreign person, I have to make sure I don’t do anything to make her angry or uncomfortable.


Wait! What are the customs in England?!

He broke out of his thoughts by Zarya’s laugh.

“Sorry sorry! You looked like you were thinking to hard on what to say to me as I’m a foreigner, right?”

“H-How did you know?” Is her quirk related to reading thoughts?!

“A lot of people have the same reaction as yours when I tell them where I’m from, please don’t feel pressured to do anything. I’m the one in your country after all”

Vang-san is so kind...and I’ve only met her for a couple of minutes…


“Mirio-san, could I have another one” Eri looked at him with her now finished her toffee apple in her hands.

“Of course Eri-chan!” Shinsou put Eri down as she walked with Mirio to the stand that sold the toffee apples, leaving Midoriya with Shinsou and Zarya.

Why am I left here?! Aaaah I’ve got no choice but to talk to them...

“Ano, Vang-san-”

“Oh Shinsou, there you are” a grumpy voice that Midoriya knows all too well said, he turned behind him to see his homeroom teaching, hands in pockets and looking at them with his emotionless face.

“Oh, Aizawa-sensei” Shinsou greeted with a nod, Zarya smiled brightly at the man.

“Aizawa-Oji!” she threw her arms around him who didn’t seem taken back, he didn’t look happy though.

“Thought I told you not to call me that around other people” he scolded, normally people would be cowering underneath his stare, but Zarya was the opposite.

“Whoops!” she grinned “Must of slipped out”

He narrowed his eyes at her but didn’t touch on the subject anymore, and turned to the purple haired boy “I was looking for you, surprisingly even with that colorful hair your hard to find”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”


“Daddy!” Eri was back with a toffee apple in her hand and rushed to Aizawa’s side, the teacher didn’t hesitate to pick her up, making her giggle “Daddy look what I got! A toffee apple!”

“That’s nice” he commented, his voice finding it’s warmth “Don’t eat too many ok, they rot your teeth”

“But Zary-nee eats sweets all the time and her teeth are don’t rot” Eri said innocently, but it made the older girl give a sheepish smile to Aizawa and Shinsou amused.

“That’s because Zarya is a grown up Eri-chan” he told her, Mirio chuckling at Eri being convinced and apologising.

Aizawa shook his head and turned back to the others “Well it looks like Eri-chan is doing well…”

Eri nodded and her eyes lit up “I like it here Daddy, it’s so much fun!”

As the group began to converse Midoriya head was full of questions. 

Vang-san called Aizawa-sensei Uncle, Er-chan called him Daddy, Eri-chan called Vang-san Zarya-nee...Just what is happening here?!

He didn’t know how long he was in his thoughts before the sound of Eri’s giggle pulled him out.

“I think it’s time for me to head back” Shinsou said as he looked at his watch “My shift starts soon”

Ah that’s right! Shinsou-kun is doing the Haunted House, I wonder if Vang-san is going…

Aizawa nodded “I think it’s about time we head back too” his eyes shifting to Eri, Mirio and Zarya. Midoriya didn’t have time to think what that meant as they were all saying goodbyes.

“Bye Deku-san! Thank for inviting me, I had lots of fun!” 

He smiled at her “I’m glad! Maybe you can come to other events we’ll make” Eri nodded rapidly which made him chuckle, Mario said his goodbyes as he ruffled the boys hair; Zarya also gave him a formal goodbye before turning back to Shinsou.

“I’ll see you later ok?” He said to her as they stood close once again, she smiled and nodded at him.

“I’ll have the fort and food all set up for when you come home”

Midoriya halted Did she just say home?!

“Your the best” he grinned before leaning down and brushed his lips against hers.

Midoriya watched the scene in shock, even when they pulled away.

“Bye again Midoriya-san!” she waved as she caught up to the others, leaving hi with Shinsou.

Shinsou turned to the green haired boy to see him in shock.

“Oh Midoriya, you ok?”




“Ok seriously what’s wron- and you fainted...great”