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“The only silver lining in this shameful debacle is that I have no doubt my son will give birth to a titan.”

Those had been his father’s final words when Shouto was returned to his family, and the medical examiner informed Endeavor that his son was a month pregnant. Due to a villain’s quirk, the fourteen year old had been lost in a bizarre parallel plane of existence- limbo they said, with none other than All Might, who had been attempting to rescue him from ambitious ransomers. And because the draw of the cards for him consistently handed him down shit luck, the crown omega had gone into heat whilst in limbo and triggered the Pro-Heroes’ rut. 

Yet his father was not about to let his investment in his greatest creation go to waste. The trajectory of Shouto’s life would not be altered by the sudden pregnancy. To that end, their son would be raised as Endeavor’s fifth child rather than Shouto’s first. Begotten of an affair, but legally considered a legitimate offspring.  

When he’d delivered Seiya at their family house, Shouto cried for hours afterwards, refusing to let the doctor or the midwives take the boy from his arms. In the end his father had begrudgingly allowed All Might to be informed of the babies birth and the alpha had rushed over. Only then did Shouto allow his son to be held by someone else, the boy’s true father.

Now Seiya was used to being held by others, the five month old was regularly in the arms of either of the two nannies his father employed to watch him while Shouto was doing schoolwork. It had taken a great deal of convincing, but he’d persuaded his father to let continue his current course of education at home with instructors. But he knew once he heard back from Yuuei about this application his father would no longer be so generous.

“I am here!”

Shouto’s heart still skipped a beat whenever he heard that tell tale proclamation from his alpha’s booming voice. Seiya was asleep in his arms, he pressed a kiss to his forehead as he walked to the front entryway.

For such a young baby, he had a thick head of hair which was often unruly. It was predominantly blonde like Toshinori’s, except for one long streak of red which ran down the center of his hair. He was odd eyed like Shouto, his left eye an aquamarine blue, while his right was a more intense electric blue hue. 

“Toshinori,” Shouto said in greeting, looking over the alpha. He was dressed in casual clothing but still looked so commanding and powerful as he stepped into the house, all the energy seeming to gravitate to his large form. The nanny who had answered the door promptly left them alone.

Toshinori knelt in front of him, leaning forward to give Shouto a kiss on the cheek. “I apologize for not visiting in so long, young Todoroki.”

“It’s okay. Here,” Shouto said, handing Seiya to the alpha, who delicately took him into his arms. Toshinori was so gentle with him always.

He loved how the alpha was so open with his feelings, refusing to hide them behind a mask like Endeavor. Toshinori’s eyes were full of adoration as he looked at their son. “Such a strong boy,” He remarked.

“I was just about to put him down for a nap,” Shouto said, inclining his head towards the hallway. “This way.”

They walked in comfortable silence to the nursery. Once inside, he stood beside Toshinori as he rocked their son for a few minutes, before carefully placing him in his crib.

“I have news for you Shouto,” Toshinori said with pride once they were back in the hallway.

Shouto nodded. “We can talk in my room.” It was just a few doors down.

Inside his room, Toshinori cupped Shouto’s cheek, thumb stroking over his scar. “You got into Yuuei through recommendations, with flying colors!” He said, the pride still showing in his voice and eyes.

Shouto breathed in and out in a long exhale. Not that he wasn’t expecting this outcome, not that he wasn’t happy to be entering the top hero school in the country. But part of him also felt a particular sadness, because he knew this meant his extended time with Seiya was coming to an end. “Thank you,” He said, quiet. “That’s wonderful.”

Toshinori’s brow furrowed with concern. Although not unused to Shouto’s aloof manner, he’d clearly been expecting a more enthusiastic response. He started to speak, but then stopped himself, only to say. “Your shirt is wet.” With a faint blush.

Shouto cursed, looking down at his chest where the damp darkening of the fabric signaled he needed to pump again. “One of the joys of being a crown omega.” Shouto remarked dryly as he walked over to his closet, removing his shirt and bra. “Even though I’m not feeding him this way, I can’t stop producing milk.”

He heard Toshinori make a curious noise. “If I may ask, why aren’t you breastfeeding Seiya?”

Shouto kept his back to Toshinori as he spoke. “Endeavor doesn’t want me to breastfeed him.” He told the alpha. “Says that will make it harder to treat him like a brother instead of a son.”

Footsteps were coming up behind him and he couldn’t help but sigh when the towering alpha’s warm body was pressed flush against his back. Toshinori put his hands on Shouto’s shoulders. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

It did, and not just physically either. He nodded silently.

Slowly his body was turned, so that he was facing Toshinori, whose expression was gentle. “Come here.” The alpha beckoned, leading Shouto over to his bed. He was laid back on the sheets with a touch that felt almost reverent, Toshinori’s hands caressing his bare chest and stomach as he knelt over him.

His fingers circled Shouto’s areola, then rubbed his puffy brown nipples.

Shouto released a pained grunt. “They’re tender.” He informed Toshinori.

His alpha hummed in response, and began applying gentle pressure to his breasts, moving his fingers in slow circles. Shouto bit his lip, whimpering as his pain slowly began to bleed out. Then Toshinori’s lips covered his left nipple, and he gave a slow, soft suck, releasing a moan when milk hit his tongue. Shouto gave a gasp, a shudder running through his body. 

After a moment Toshinori drew away. “Tastes sweet,” He told Shouto, licking his lips. “Like honey.” He put his lips on Shouto’s right nipple then.

His alpha continued to massage his breasts, kneading the soft flesh carefully as he drank from him. It was arousing to see the powerful alpha’s eyes closed, expression full of bliss, his tongue circling Shouto’s nipple in soft strokes.

Shouto whined, his back arching upwards. “Alpha…” His sigh became a moan as Toshinori suckled a little harder. “Feels good.”

Between his legs he was wet, soaking the underwear that his hard cock was pressed up against. Shouto squirmed and Toshinori pulled away to begin removing both of their pants and briefs.  His cock sprang up, wet with precome.

Toshinori stroked him, thumb swiping over the head of his cock. He only had to pump him a few times before Shouto was coming with a low moan of “ Ohh , fuck.”, spilling into his alpha’s fist. A gasp left him as he felt the vibrations of Toshinori’s growl against his nipple. When he at last pulled away, Shouto took his face in his hands, drawing him up for a passionate kiss. And he could taste the sweetness of his milk in his alpha’s mouth alongside the flavor that was uniquely Toshinori’s.

“Fuck me,” Shouto said when they pulled away, “I need you to fuck me.”

Two fingers pushed past the lips of his cunt, seeking out his wet heat. Shouto’s toes curled as they entered him, gathering up his slick until a thin rope of it stuck to Toshinori’s hand as he pulled it away, moving his fingers down to Shouto’s rim. They circled the tight pucker, pressing in slowly, carefully.

Shouto licked his lips, rocking his hips. Even though this wasn’t the first time Toshinori had taken him in this hole, he was still tight like a vice. Crown omegas were renowned for their hyperfertility. When in the frenzy of their cycles, neither Shouto nor Toshinori had concerned themselves with fucking only in ways that would not result in pregnancy, now they were both thinking with clearer heads. Though he so wanted his alpha’s big cock to stretch out his cunt.

Toshinori knew his body intimately. Like a fine instrument, the alpha knew exactly where to stroke his fingers to make Shouto sing for him. At the first brush of those pads against his sweet spot the omega shuddered, his mouth dropping open in a needy whimper.

Toshinori leaned over him, body so completely draping over Shouto’s smaller frame. He mouthed at Shouto’s sensitive scent gland, tongue stroking over the mating mark. Pleasure made the omega’s head feel like it was spinning. 

“Ahh,” Shouto gasped as Toshinori’s fingers spread apart inside of him, feeling his muscles start to relax from the pleasure.

Toshinori kissed his neck, “That’s it baby,” He said. “Open up for me…”

Shouto let out a soft mewl, panting as he moved his hips in time with Toshinori’s thrusts. By the time his alpha deemed him open enough he was a mess of stimulation. Toshinori laid a hand over his cunt and with his other he guided his cock over Shouto’s hole.

At first he teased him, rubbing the head over that pink pucker. Then he was suddenly pressing inside. Shouto felt his clit throb underneath Toshinori’s hand at the same time that thick cock breached him. “So big, alpha, it’s so big.” He whined, throwing his head back as it pushed deeper and deeper. Stretching the tightness of his ass, making Shouto’s body yield to him.

“You’re so tight baby,” Toshinori groaned, his cock jerking once he was fully seated inside of his mate. “Such a good omega for me.”

The praise made Shouto feel hot all over, his body quivering. Toshinori’s thrusts were unhurried, and he panted with each snap of the alpha’s hips driving him inside. Large hands grasped his hips, tilting them slightly to change the angle a little and Oh, oh yes .

The thick head of Toshinori’s cock rubbed over his prostate. “Oh god,” Shouto cried, “T-there!”

“Right there baby?” Toshinori asked, aiming for that same spot again.

Eyes wet, Shouto nodded. “Mhm, oh fuck . You’re gonna make me come.”

Those words seemed to egg his alpha on. Toshinori’s thrusts became faster and he kept on that spot. Shouto’s body shook suddenly as he came again. “Toshinori!” He sobbed, rolling his hips.

He could feel his slick gushing from his pussy, running down to where his alpha was pushing into him. But there was another wetness coming from his chest and when Shouto looked at himself in confusion, his eyes widened. His breasts were leaking.

His face flooded with heat. Shouto threw an arm over his eyes, too embarrassed to look at his chest, at the streams of milk spraying from his breasts as Toshinori fucked him deeply, hitting his sweet spot over and over. 

But his alpha was having none of that. “No, no,” Toshinori growled, surprisingly gentle as he moved Shouto’s arm aside. “Look at yourself baby,” His booming voice dropped lower, into a purr that sent shivers down the omega’s spine, “Look at how beautiful you are.”

Shouto whimpered, helpless to do anything but follow the tender command in Toshinori’s voice. He gasped. His pert breasts were cupped in the alpha’s big hands, looking even smaller than they were in contrast. White trails of milk wet Toshinori’s fingers and every time his cock brushed over there, yes, right there , jets of milk would spray from Shouto’s nipples. A moan spilled from his lips, his cock and clit both throbbing at once.

“Please,” Shouto whined, “Alpha, p-please, more .”

Toshinori moaned, one of his hands leaving Shouto’s breast and sliding down to between his thighs. He stroked two fingers over Shouto’s cunt, then pushed them inside.

Shouto grabbed Toshinori’s other hand, moving it to cover his mouth as he cried out. He couldn’t get too loud. But god, it was so good. Those thick fingers thrusting in and out of his pussy, scissoring and stroking against the wet walls inside of himself. 

His alpha pressed two fingers against his lips and he sucked them in greedily. Shouto’s lashes fluttered at the audible slick, squelching sound of Toshinori’s fingers working him. The fires of pleasure grew in his body, hotter and hotter until it was sweltering. And he could see his alpha was just as undone as he was, sweat rolling off his muscular frame, groans leaving his mouth.

“You’re so good baby,” Toshinori panted, “So soft and hot for me, I could stay in you forever.”

Shouto moaned around the fingers in his mouth, his tongue lathing the thick digits with a shameless level of want.

“Are you close baby?” There it was again, that low purr that drove Shouto absolutely wild. He nodded and Toshinori’s smile widened. “I want you to come for me,” The alpha said, crooking his fingers upwards, snapping his hips forward harder. “Come for me Shouto.”

Shouto’s eyes rolled back, his hips bucking frantically as his orgasm hit. Slick squirt from his cunt, wetting Toshinori all the way up his forearm as he continued finger-fuck Shouto hard and fast.  He rode out his high with loud cries muffled against the palm over his mouth. A sob ripped from his lips as he felt his alpha’s knot begin to swell inside of him, stretching out his rim. His cunt quivered and pulsed, a few more streams of come shooting from his cock. 

Toshinori’s hand left his mouth. “Oh alpha, so good.” Shouto whimpered, another sob leaving him when the come began to pump from his alpha’s cock. “It’s so full .”

Toshinori’s hands ran over his face, then down his body in a slow caress that made Shouto purr in contentment. His eyes were so affectionate as he looked down at the omega, then they widened and suddenly the alpha’s body was no longer large and muscular, but gaunt.

“Sorry,” Toshinori said hastily, looking sheepish.

“It’s fine.” Shouto said with a soft smile. “I keep telling you, you don’t have to look the other way for me to want you. You’re my mate, no matter what your body looks like.”

His words were genuine. It saddened him to know Toshinori felt such shame and insecurity about himself when he looked this way. To Shouto’s eyes he was still beautiful and he wished his alpha could look through them to see that for himself.

Toshinori bent down, giving him a sweet, tender kiss. “When I told you you’d gotten into Yuuei, you didn’t look happy.” He said with concern. “Why?”

Shouto swallowed. “I am happy,” He clarified. “I’ve always wanted to be a hero. I still do, but I’m afraid...being away from Seiya so much will make him feel less and less like my son.”

“He’s always going to be your son Shouto.”

“Not if my father has any say in it.”

“Your father doesn’t have any say in this. You do. I do. I didn’t relinquish my parental rights,” Toshinori reminded him gently. “Seiya is here because you are here with him. I know it didn’t always seem this way,” His fingers gently stroked Shouto’s cheek, “And that was because of my cowardice, but you do have options Shouto. If this farce is not what you want for yourself, for our son, then you don’t have to go along with it.”

Shouto made a noise, soft but pained. “What I want isn’t going to happen.” He looked away. “I want my alpha, my mate. Not just in secret. Not just when my father isn’t here...” His words trailed off at the impasse they’d stood at ever since getting out of limbo. 

While Toshinori could petition for a legal right to court Shouto given the circumstances of their mating bond, such arrangements remained controversial when one of the bonded was underage. In addition to being the reigning symbol of peace, Toshinori was set to begin his first tenure as a teacher at Yuuei. The last thing he needed was an inevitable scandal that public knowledge of his relationship with Shouto would bring. 

Toshinori was silent for a while. “I’m sorry.” He offered, and would have went on had Shouto not pressed a hand over his lips.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Shouto whispered. “Will you just hold me, please?” Toshinori’s knot had gone down, allowing them to change positions.

His alpha sighed and he knew this discussion wasn’t over, but for now he would comfort him. Toshinori moved to lie on his back, and Shouto laid over him, a soft noise of contentment leaving his lips when his alpha’s arms wrapped around him. 

When they were like this it was easier to imagine they were truly together. A family. For now, that was enough for Shouto.

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To date Shouto had broken every prisoner Shigaraki had gifted him with. It was the slowest art, tearing down the mind, laying siege to another’s will, stripping another down to the marrow and then recrafting them into perfection.  A challenge he would rise to meet again and again. And no one was more challenging to break that Katsuki Bakugou. Which only made his surrender, after eight months in the bunker, all the sweeter. 

When he’d first gotten his hands on Bakugou, Shouto had caressed his face with his leather gloved hands. “I need your mind, your heart, your soul. Surrender everything to me.”

Bakugou had treated him to a headbutt. “Fuck you.” He’d spat and Shouto had smiled wide, full of teeth. He liked the boy’s bravado and quick, cutting tongue. When he truly belonged to him, he’d make certain the blonde didn’t lose those charming qualities. 

Over the months he repeated one question to Bakugou at the start of each of their sessions: “Now, pretty boy, do you love me?”

When at last those crimson eyes met his in a piercing, shattered stare and the words “Yes, asshole.” left Bakugou’s lips without a trace of any real contempt or mockery, Shouto had relished in his triumph. It was his most exquisite victory. 

And it was with equal pleasure that he now watched Bakugou snap the neck of a cartel member who had just got finished calling Shouto a “little faggot.”

With one firm swing his flaming katana severed the head of one of the other men who’d been attending this meeting with them. “Kill them Katsuki,” Shouto sighed as the remaining cartel members rushed towards them. “For me.”

He did and it was glorious .

“Goddamit,” Tomura cursed, “Could you show some fucking restraint for once and wait to kill people until after we’re finished using them?”

Bakugou’s lips twisted into a sneer. “Or maybe people should learn to watch their fucking mouths.”

Tomura ran a hand over his face, hissing in annoyance. “Control your fucking dog Shouto.” He grumbled as he turned to leave the room.

Shouto’s brow rose. “Careful with your tone brother, or I’ll let him bite you.” He was teasing, but it was spoken so coldly only Tomura could truly tell that. Once he was gone, Shouto turned to Bakugou. “As much as I enjoy watching you in action, he does have a point Katsuki.”

Huffing, Bakugou crossed his arms. “When I apologize to him I’ll be sure to throw in a package of chapstick to sweeten the sentiment.” But he was looking at him sheepishly, embarrassed to have behaved in a way Shouto disapproved of. 

Shouto smirked as his fingers trailed down Bakugou’s cheek to rest under his chin. “You’re such a mean little bitch. What on earth should I do with you?”

Bakugou raised his head high, “Whatever you want.” His tone was bratty, but his eyes were full of hunger.

Turning away from the other boy, Shouto began to walk away “Come.” He ordered, and did not need to look back to know Bakugou was following him.

Once they were back in Shouto’s room, Bakugou stood in front of the door rather than venture in further. Waiting for a command. Rather than giving him one Shouto shoved him up against the door and gripped the lower half of the blonde’s face with his hand.

He watched Bakugou’s mouth part, his breathing quickening. Shouto ran a thumb over the boys bottom lip and a pink tongue darted out, swiping at the black leather glove he was wearing.

Shouto made a little huffing laugh, giving Bakugou’s cheek a stinging smack. “You’ve always been fixated with these, and my pants and boots.” His smile was wicked. “You like leather Katsuki?”

“Tch, so what if I do?” Bakugou breathed out, but his voice was too raspy to sound properly defiant. “Mas-”

Shouto cut him off by slipping two fingers into the boy’s mouth. “Shhh.” He hushed him, pressing the pads of the gloves on a tongue which he knew was warm and soft, though currently he could not feel it. But that was made up for by the delicious shudder that ran through Bakugou as he thrust them back and forth. 

As he pushed them back further, eliciting a wet gagging noise, Shouto slotted his left knee between Bakugou’s legs. He wasn’t the only one wearing leather pants and he knew how tightly fitted they were on the blonde because he’d purposely gotten them a size too small. Against his knee he could clearly feel the other boy’s growing hardness. Such a good boy. It didn’t take much to make his blood run hot down below. 

All at once Shouto pulled away, stepping back with a smirk at the plaintive whine Bakugou let out before he could stop himself. “I want to see just how far this fixation goes.” Shouto said. “Strip and lie on your back on the bed, legs spread wide.”

As always, Bakugou was swift in following his commands. For how tempestuous he was with other members of the League, with Shouto he was so eager to please and preen. While Bakugou got situated on the bed, Shouto was opening a tube of lube and slicking up the glove on his left hand.

Satisfied with the amount he’d applied, Shouto moved over to the bed, settling between Bakugou’s legs. “You’re not going to touch yourself.” Shouto informed him. “And you’re not going to come unless I allow it.” There was a curt nod signalling the acceptance of his terms. Not that there was any room for debating them. If Bakugou wanted satisfaction, then he would proceed on Shouto’s terms or not at all. They both understood this.

“Hm,” Shouto hummed, trailing his index finger from Bakugou’s sternum down to his pelvis and further, until he reached that sweet rosy pucker. Foreplay wasn’t really on his mind, he was a busy person. So instead of starting with a single finger, he opts for two. 

A part of himself, buried deep in a black pit, curls with fulfilment at the sharp edge of pain he could hear in Bakugou’s gasp. There’s no complaint from the naked boy though, in fact they both know he enjoys the burn. That’s very apparent by the way his hips jerk forward, chasing Shouto’s retreating fingers. So shameless.

“Slut.” Shouto said and felt Bakugou clench around his fingers, a pretty, embarrassed flush tinting the cheeks on his pretty face. He really was a lovely boy. 

He pumped his fingers smoothly, in and out, only occasionally grazing Bakugou’s prostate. It's quite a different experience, a detached one, not being able to actually feel the inside of him. But it's doing something for Shouto regardless. He’s fully clothed and in control while Bakugou trembles, naked and vulnerable beneath him. Slowly coming undone with just two fingers fucking into him.

Its when he finally draws a moan for the boy that Shouto added a third finger, watching as his rim clenched at first before softening. Yielding. Bakugou’s head was thrown back, the line of neck shamelessly wanton and he was rocking with each thrust. Shouto’s glove gleamed under the rooms lighting, slicked and shining. 

Now he presses against Bakugou’s sweet spot more frequently, watching his dick twitch and leak a steady stream of precome from where it curves up against his abdomen. Bakugou’s balls drew up when he hit that spot with a harder amount of pressure. And he’s moaning constantly now, filling the room with the sounds of his pleasure. Shouto added a fourth finger.

Bakugou’s hips bucked, almost violently. “Master,” He gasped, panting. “ Fuuuck …”

Yes, that was what he wanted to hear. The honorific Bakugou addressed him with. The one word that symbolized his complete domination over the older boy. Spoken in a husky, desperate tone. Shouto worked him faster, harder, eager to get his whole hand inside of him.

A soft whine fell from Bakugou’s lips. He was getting overwhelmed. “Can’t…” He tried to say.

“You can. You’re taking it so well,” Shouto said, voice breathy. “A little more for me pet…”

He really was, the muscles inside of him continuing to give inch by inch, his flushed hole fluttering as finally, finally Shouto was able to ease his thumb inside of him. Bakugou’s mouth went slack, his eyes rolling back. “H-holy fuck.”

While his hands weren’t particularly large, it still looked obscene to see Bakugou’s hole stretched out around his wrist. The older boy’s entire body was quivering, wet with sweat. How he had managed not to come was a feat of willpower Shouto would have to reward him for later. For now he curled his hand into a fist inside of Bakugou, pumping steadily. And he could feel that bump against his knuckles, where they ran over that special spot inside of him that made him cry out.

“Mm Katsuki, you’re squeezing me so hard.” Shouto said in a low tone. “I think I should put my fist up your ass more often, hm?”

There was no comprehensible response, just a stream of moans getting increasingly higher in pitch. God, Bakugou looked so fucked out beneath him, absolutely wrecked. His dick appeared painfully hard. Shouto felt his own pulsing inside of his pants.

He pumped his hand one, two more times before deciding to have mercy on the blonde. Shouto smiled. “You may come now.” And the sentence had barely left his lips before Bakugou was clenching around him like a vice, coming violently with a hoarse cry of “ Fuck! ”, streaks of white shooting from his dick out to spray over his stomach and chest.

Shouto let out a long breath, a shudder running through his body. He didn’t climax himself, but the high he was feeling was so good he didn’t feel the need to.

Carefully he began to ease his hand out of Bakugou in a slow pace. When it was all the way out his hole was left gaping, puffy and open. Shame he didn’t have a plug to keep him that way. A mistake he would rectify later.

Shouto slowly removed his glove, one finger at a time. It was tempting to still wear it, maybe even shake someone’s hand with it if he was feeling particularly petty but he was tired of having them on. He laid them down beside Bakugou, whose chest was still heaving as he panted up at the ceiling. “Have these cleaned before I come back.”

Bakugou grunted. “T-thanks.” He said quietly as Shouto headed for the door.

“Thank you Master ,” Shouto corrected, looking at him expectantly.

“Thank you Master.” It was cute, how shyly those words were said. Shouto’s eyes were not loving as they gazed at Bakugou, but he could admit, at least to himself, that they did hold fondness. For the boy who belonged to him. And he would always take care of his belongings.

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They said nothing could truly flourish underground. Shouto knew this to be incorrect.

He’d been seven years old when he was first brought to the underground base. The Boss had arranged for Shouto to be retrieved and trained to be presented as a gift to a member of the organization he held in favor. So he was cut down, battered again and again, growing stronger and more powerful each time he recovered. His father’s treatment had paled in comparison to what he was now meant to endure. But endure he did. Endured and evolved. They sharpened him into a superior weapon.

He was no longer Todoroki Shouto, youngest son of the hero Endeavor. No, he’d shed that skin years ago to emerge a wraith, a demon. The blood-soaked blade of the yakuza. The living shadow of Chisaki Kai.

A shadow doesn’t speak. When he was at last fully indoctrinated into the Eight Precepts, Shouto took a vow of silence. In order to demonstrate his commitment to such an oath, he had cut his larynx to make the effects permanent. He was capable of producing a small range of sounds, but not words. 

Upon returning from a meeting with an organization called the League of Villains, he walked through the halls of the Precepts’ base behind Kai until they reached his master’s quarters. Turning towards him, Kai eyed the spotting of blood on Shouto’s face mask with distaste. His pair of wakizashi were equally stained. One of their members had attempted to use some sort of capture quirk on Kai. Shouto had taken his arm for the effort.

“Clean yourself,” Kai ordered him in a flat tone as they stepped inside. “Then return to me.”

Shouto did as instructed, depositing his clothing and blades into a crate to be cleaned by himself later. He undid the braid his white and black hair was fashioned into. Then he spent the next 45 minutes washing himself, the allotted time his master dictated he would always adhere to in order to ensure he was thoroughly clean. 

Emerging nude from the restroom, he found Kai had removed his mask, though he was otherwise still clothed. In his hands he held a chastity cage. “Come.” He ordered. To the uninformed his tone was bored, but Shouto knew better.

Standing before his master, Shouto stayed perfectly still as his cock was fitted into the cage, the lock of which was inserted through his urethra. Around the length of his member it was filled with sharp nails that would prick him should become hard. An uncomfortable device, but then his pleasure was not a primary concern of his master. And the pain...the pain was quite enjoyable. 

Once it was on him Kai regarded him silently for a moment. His gloved fingers stroked down the long, smooth expanse of Shouto’s torso to his pelvis. He routinely burned all his body hair away, as Kai preferred him without it.

Kai ran the back of his knuckles over Shouto’s cheek. “My lovely Yōkai.” He said, voice quiet. “Get on your hands and knees in front of the mirror. Keep your head held up.”

Shouto did as he was told, body on edge with anticipation. Because his head was held up, he could watch as Kai retrieved a long wooden paddle, leisurely making his way over to him.

Warm-ups were not something his master engaged in. When the first blow landed on the back of Shouto’s left thigh it was savagely hard, making his face twist up in pain. His mouth dropped open at the second strike, which hit his backside. The noises he made were fragile, whispery, broken pieces of sound torn from his lips with each and every hit. 

As the minutes passed his skin became burning hot from the assault. He felt the places where he was beginning to swell and bruise particularly bad as they caused him to release soft, faint cries. 

Shouto was in torment but it was utterly thrilling. He had begun to cry, fat tears spilling out and slicking his skin. The loud smack of the wood against his flesh rang in his ears.

He gasped as a blow was aimed to his right hip rather than his thighs or backside. More tears spilled from his eyes, rolling cold down his heated cheeks. Another hit to the same spot drew a strangled sob from his lips. His breathing grew shakier and shakier as Kai kept on that spot a couple more times before switching to his left hip.

It was a struggle to keep his head held up, but Shouto managed. Though the reflection in the mirror he could see his master’s face. Kai’s golden eyes were alight with pleasure. “You suffer beautifully.” He remarked. “You always have.”

The paddle was dropped onto the floor, its clatter rang like a war drum. “Get up.” Kai told him, and his voice was thick. Which made pride stir in Shouto, having brought out noticeable pleasure in his master. Shakily, he stood up, still facing the mirror.

The head of Kai’s cock pressed against his ass, spreading him until it sat against his entrance. And as usual, there was no preamble or warning given before it was pushing past his rim. Stretching him open, wider and wider. As he pushed inside of Shouto, Kai’s fingers dug into the sensitive bruises blooming on his hips.

“Ahh,” Shouto moaned, startling himself by how audible the sound was. His body rocked forward and his hands came up to brace himself against the mirror.

Behind him he heard Kai release a pleasured sigh. “So tight for me.” He groaned, and Shouto jerked when his ass was given a stinging smack, the heat of his tender, bruised skin growing hotter. 

The pace his master set was violent and unrelenting, shoving Shouto back and forth against the mirror hard. More breathy noises left him, raspy gasps and soft moans. Kai’s hips smacked against his wounded flesh, lighting his nerves up with the pain. It hurt. A lot. He couldn’t get enough of it. 

A hand left his hip. Sweeping Shouto’s hair aside, Kai’s lips touched the brand on the nape of his neck. Which was the kanji of his master’s name. A shockingly soft action that soon devolved into a harsh bite, making him inhale sharply. “Mine.” Kai growled when he pulled away.

Shouto stared at their reflection in the mirror as he panted. He looked near-ruined, his expression loose and wanton, heat painting his cheeks while the tears continued to stream from his eyes. And behind him Kai was beautiful , his brows knit and he was staring right back at him intensely. The weight of his gaze was almost crushing.

In the cage, Shouto’s cock wept profusely and the needles were pressed firmly against his hardness. He could feel himself cresting on the edge of a dry climax, fire burning in his belly. But he couldn’t. Not without permission.

He gasped when he felt Kai’s now bare hand touch his throat, fingers laid against the scar there. And then that strange sensation of an old wound being healed. Now his noises were more pronounced, louder. It shocked him to hear his actual voice so clearly. 

“I know what you want.” Kai said, panting. “Beg me for it.”

Shouto whimpered, trying to remember exactly how to move his mouth to form words. “ K-Kai …” He relished in the moan his master gave when his name was voiced. “Ah...puh-please…” 

The fingers on his neck dug deeper into his skin. “Say it.” Kai pressed him.

It took a few deep swallows, but finally Shouto was able to force out. “Please, please let me come.”

A husky laugh fell from Kai’s lips. “Good boy.” He said. “But no. Not this time.”

Shouto made a broken sob, tremors running through his body. It was overwhelming, the mingled pain and pleasure, and the struggle to be obedient and deny himself an orgasm. As Kai continued to fuck him, he tried to focus all his energy on holding back second after second, minute after minute. 

The torment went on and on and on. Forever it felt like. He was weeping heavily, so consumed by his painful need he nearly didn’t notice when Kai at last came inside of him with a quiet moan. Shouto’s legs quivered and it was hard to keep himself held up. But he clenched around his master’s cock while the man ground into him. 

A sudden spark of pain blossomed in his neck and he could feel his larynx being severed again, taking him back to his muted state. Kai was breathing hard as he pulled out of him. He spun Shouto around, pressing him up against the mirror.

Kai’s tongue ran up his cheek, catching the salty tears that fell from his eyes. He did this several times and Shouto couldn’t help but sigh a little.

“Go clean yourself up,” Kai said when he pulled away. “You may rest afterwards.”

Though his master’s voice was never kind, Shouto recognized the small bit of mercy he was being afforded in being allowed to sleep away his arousal. It made his dead heart stir with something that could be the ghost of what they called love. With a nod, he did as he was bid.

Chapter Text

For Natsuo’s graduation, he’d already informed Shouto as to what his little brother could do for him to celebrate. It wasn’t really a surprise, they hadn’t fucked in almost a year and no matter who else his older brother found to plow into the sheets, he couldn’t quite quit Shouto. Once you’ve had a taste of some really good absinthe, that's all you’ll really want to drink again, Natsuo told him. Apparently that was an appropriate analogy for their relationship. 

Because this was such a special occasion, Shouto had agreed to something he was nearly always against. Full on cross-dressing, not just wearing women’s lingerie.

That’s how he found himself in a white front zip pencil dress with a plunging neckline. All things considered, it wasn’t as racy an outfit as Shouto would have thought his brother would pick for him, the dress stopped just above his knees. The lingerie he wore underneath had included a corset, which gave his waist a pleasing amount of curvature that made his hips appear fuller than they actually were. Shouto had chosen to wear a blonde wig rather the usual black one he used to put on, and while he did apply makeup to cover his scar and give his face a soft, smokey look, he did not put in contacts. His lips were painted a very deep shade of red that matched the open toe heels he wore. 

In the name of applying absolute commitment to this gift, he’d spent weeks perfecting how to walk in his current shoes. When he’d first began he was a mess of awkward, shaky limbs. Now he had confidence in his saunter. 

As he approached Natsuo post ceremony, he could admit it felt good to turn more than a few heads this way. Shouto wasn’t sure if anyone was actually buying that he was a woman, given the flatness of his chest, but he was eye-catching regardless. Standing in front of the gift their father had gotten him- a flashy white Maserati convertible, Natsuo wasn’t looking at anyone but him.

“Congratulations.” Shouto said.

Natsuo’s lips were parted and for a few seconds he just stared at him like Shouto was the hottest thing since sliced bread. When he finally began to speak he was interrupted by Toshiro, who came over and threw an arm across his shoulder.

“Fucking hell,” Toshiro proclaimed as he looked Shouto up and down.  “You look crazy good.” He patted Natsuo’s chest. “I’m almost pissed I won’t be there to record whatever nasty business you two are about to get up to.”

Natsuo grunted, “Deal with it Tosh.” Then he moved away from his former roomate, slipping an arm around Shouto’s waist to lead him over to the passenger side of the car. “Let’s get out of here.” His tone was urgent. And he actually opened the door for Shouto to step in the car like an exemplary gentleman. 

On the drive to Natsuo’s penthouse, his brother asked, “Can you believe Dad could have a goddamn car delivered here but couldn’t bother to show up himself?”

Beside him Shouto shrugged. “He just would have been an ass. You didn’t miss out on anything important.”

“That’s rich, considering he could attend yours.” Natsuo said, and there was more than a little jealousy in his voice.

“He was there to preen for the press, to try and improve his image and keep people believing the audio tapes are just a big conspiracy.” Shouto corrected in annoyance. Oh wasn’t it such a big deal that his former abusive father had attended his graduation? What an honour. “It had nothing to do with me.”

“Maybe, but he was there at least.”

Shouto rolled his eyes. “Poor me. Papa gave me a Maserati but not a hug.” He put his hands up. “I’m trying to be understanding, I really am, but you’re making it hard. You don’t want his attention Natsuo-nii. Trust me. Because there is no love in it. There never has been. Only selfishness.”

“Whatever.” Natsuo replied with bitterness and Shouto had to hold his tongue. He was supposed to be giving his older brother a gift, so he would need to be a little less of a bitch lest he totally killed the mood. But it wasn’t like his ire was not justified. His brother ought to know better than to bring up Endeavor around him.

To change the topic into something more enjoyable, he reached across the seat and pressed his hand down against Natsuo’s crotch, he was already hard enough for there to be a noticeable bulge in the area.

Natsuo gasped, and the car swerved a little. “Shit, Shouto! Don’t just do that without saying anything!”

“But Natsuo-nii,” Shouto said in a low purr, “You’re going to be a surgeon, you should be good at working under…” He squeezed his brother’s dick again. “Pressure.”

“Fuck,” His brother swore, but made no further protests. Shouto grinned, his irritation falling away. Thank goodness Natsuo had opened his robe up, so now he had direct access to the buttons of his suit trousers. Unbuckling his seatbelt, Shouto leaned over until his head was level with Natsuo’s now exposed dick.

Pressing a wet kiss to its tip, he flicked his tongue against the slit and very slowly took the whole head into his mouth. Giving it deep, long sucks while his tongue stroked back and forth.

Above him, he heard his brother swear again. A hand was placed on his head. “God, you can’t even wait until we’re at my place.” He said, voice rough. “Just too thirsty for it. Little slut.”

Shouto’s response was to tighten his lips and suck inwards hard, pressing his brother’s sensitive cockhead against his teeth. Natsuo’s hips stuttered and then Shouto was sinking his mouth down further, taking the length of brother’s dick down his throat. He could feel his lipstick starting to give as he bobbed his head up and down, his spit slicking up the red. 

He moaned when the little bit of pubic hair that was exposed tickled his skin. Okay, maybe he had missed his brother. Or at least the heavy weight of his dick filling his mouth, the cold, slightly salty taste of his precome. Natsuo leaked a lot of it when he was aroused and Shouto always swallowed it down greedily.

“Fuck Shou,” Natsuo groaned, fingers clenching in the blonde tresses as the wet sounds of Shouto deepthroating him filled the car. Thankfully he had the hood up to give them a little privacy. “S-stop.” He said suddenly and Shouto had half a mind to ignore him but he noticed then that the car was no longer moving. They must be at the penthouse apartment.

He pulled off of Natsuo’s dick, admiring his work. His brother was fully hard and leaking, smudges of red running from the head all down his dick, shiny with spit.

“Have fun tucking that back in.” Shouto remarked before being cut off by Natsuo pulling him into a rough, deep kiss. Used to he didn’t care for kissing, but it was something he was slowly learning to enjoy. Aizawa was big about kissing. He and Natsuo kissed differently. His brother seemed to be trying to seize every bit of wetness and flavor in his mouth.

They pulled away but Natsuo was still holding his face, thumb rubbing over his lips. Shouto sucked it into his mouth. Their eyes met. Natsuo’s gaze was at once hungry and...affectionate. His brother no longer looked at him like he was an insect during sex. Or much at all really. Shouto would be lying if he didn’t say he kind of missed that but he supposed it was good Natsuo had finally made up his mind about how he felt about him. Growth.

“You look so fucking sexy,” Natsuo growled.

Shouto nipped his brother’s thumb. “So take me to your room and mess me up.”

As soon as they made it into the elevator, Natsuo was on him again, kissing and biting his lips. And Shouto couldn’t help but laugh as they stumbled to his floor, his brother having to put the security keycode in three times before he got it right.

Once inside his room, Natsuo pulled Shouto in close, groping his backside as he kissed his neck. Shouto pulled off his brother’s robe and suit jacket, unbuttoning his shirt hastily. The zipper of his dress was tugged down, down until it opened up, revealing the lingerie he wore underneath. It was an elaborate pattern of black lace, straps and stockings, a matching corset, and a rather useless flimsy bralette which left his puffy nipples exposed.

Natsuo paused when he saw the dual golden loops hanging from Shouto’s nipples. “These are new.” His brother remarked.

Shouto gasped as he tugged on the ring in his right nipple with his teeth. “Y-yeah.”

A moan left him as his brother bit down on the nub. “Any others I should know about?” Natsuo said before switching his attention to the left one.

“Just the old ones,” Shouto said, sticking out his tongue to show Natsuo the snakebite piercings and his brother’s hand wandered between his legs, past his dick, to feel out the ring in his perineum. 

He was walked backwards, the heels still on, until he bumped up against what felt like a window. Natsuo pushed three fingers past Shouto’s lips, fucking them in and out of his mouth. At first shallowly, but then he pressed deeper, drawing wet gags from him. Spit soaked the fingers in his mouth, the sounds of them thrusting grossly audible in the best way. Every so often Natsuo would pull his fingers out and smear the spit over Shouto’s face. Over and over, until he knew he looked absolutely sloppy. His lipstick smeared all down to his chin, face wet with ruined makeup and spit.

Natsuo grabbed his hips and turned him around roughly, so that Shouto was pressed up against the mirror. There was another complex just across the street from this one. Anyone could go to their window and see him. That really went straight to his dick, which was hard and weeping into the lace thong he wore.

A large hand struck his backside hard, making him jolt. Shouto didn’t have time to respond with more than a surprised gasp before he was hit again, and again. Heat bloomed across his ass, the soft pale skin no doubt darkening into a shade of red and deeper still when Natsuo made his hits even more forceful. 

“Mm, harder sir, please.” Shouto whimpered because he was oh so close already.

Behind him Natsuo laughed, “Ready to come for me already?”

“Yes sir, I need to.”

A hit came, viciously hard, Natsuo’s hand coated in a few layers of ice. With a cry Shouto came into his panties, the wetness seeping through the thin fabric to drip onto the floor. 

“Look at you, getting off against the window like a cheap whore.” Natsuo said and he kept hitting him, not easing up in the slightest. Shouto let this go on for several more minutes, until his thighs shook and his dick was even more painfully hard

Shouto turned his head to look at Natsuo over his shoulder. “Fuck me. Fuck me right now.”

He whined when his brother stepped away, but he was only gone for a couple seconds before he was back, ripping open a package of what was likely lube.

“No,” Shouto insisted, turning halfway. “No lube. Just spit on it.”

Natsuo made a face, but it wasn’t a disapproving one. “You sure?”

“Mhm.” Shouto said, turning back around.

“You’re so nasty.” Natsuo said, breathless.

Shouto heard him spit several times and slick himself up. Then his dick was pushing into his pucker, nowhere near wet enough to make the penetration anything other than painful. And that was exactly how he wanted it. Shouto whimpered, trembled and moaned at the burning stretch, his muscles tightening rather than relaxing.

Natsuo was moaning too, “ Fuck I’ve missed you Shou.” He gasped when he was all the way inside. “You’ve always got the tightest ass.” And he smacked Shouto’s backside again before he started to rut into him.

His brother wasn’t lying, it was obvious from the brutal enthusiasm with which he fucked him how much he’d been looking forward to this. Like he was going to plow the memory of any other dick right out of Shouto’s head. It hurt like hell. His body was shoved back and forth against the window. When Natsuo found that sweet spot inside of him, he let his appreciation show in a shameless cry. 

“Oh Natsuo-nii,” Shouto panted. “Fuck me good, just like that.”

Behind him he heard Natsuo groan. Gosh he really was a such a slut for praise. “It’s good baby?” His brother asked. “Am I hitting your spot right?”

While part of him wanted to roll his eyes, instead Shouto keened, “Yes, oh fuck, yes.” He rolled his hips in a tight circle, clenching down on his brother’s dick with the motion.

Shouto’s gaze was out of focus for a moment. When it came back he found himself staring at the apartments across the street. His eyes widened. There was a guy on a floor the same level of theirs, standing at his window, watching them. While it wasn’t enough to make him come again, his dick throbbed regardless.

“Harder,” Shouto said. “Harder sir.”

His demand was obliged, Natsuo fucking him now with enough force to have his body shoved up flush against the window. Shouto squeezed his eyes shut and screamed with each thrust, mouth open wide. It felt like he’d collapse if not for his brother’s hands on his hips, thumbs hooked into his garter belt. This was beginning to feel like a gift as much for himself as for his brother. He hadn’t gotten so savagely railed in a while.

When he came again he smacked his palm against the glass several times. Tears were smudging its surface. Natsuo gave a few more hard thrusts before he came too with a loud moan, his cold come shooting thick inside of him. His brother wrapped an arm around his waist and leaned forward, nuzzling into his hair. What a sap. Shouto allowed this.

“Bedroom?” Natsuo panted after a moment.

Shouto’s brow rose. He was still hard of course, so there was no question there, but, “You ready to go again that fast?”

He felt the puff of breath as Natsuo laughed. “I might have...taken something to reduce my refractory time.”

“How thoughtful,” Shouto said, smiling despite himself. He nodded. “Yeah, bedroom. The heels are coming off though.”

Chapter Text

When he’d first seen Shouto’s dual hair colors, their father had boasted that finally he’d produced a child who was a perfect union of his and Rei’s powers. A masterpiece.

If only they had known back then what Shouto really was. Maybe things would have turned out differently. Maybe he wouldn’t be listening to the media referring to his baby brother as a walking plague. 

The funeral for USJ freshman Mineta Minoru was an unsurprisingly somber event. All his classmates and teachers were in attendance. While Touya wasn’t at all familiar with the boy, he went there to support his guardian Aizawa Shouta. The man had taken him in when his grandmother had passed, Touya’s last surviving relative. Apart from Shouto of course, whom they now suspected was likely the annihilator of the Todoroki family.

When it had happened, he had been twelve and Shouto just six. Touya was only spared because he’d been spending the weekend with a friend. He could still vividly remember the sight of his families dismembered hands, all that remained of them apart from ash. It was assumed to be the case of a villain attack and an abduction. The truth proved far worse.

“I’m going to Tenko’s,” Touya had informed Aizawa after the ceremony. 

Because of the heavy bandages, you couldn’t make out any of the details of Aizawa’s face apart from his eyes, which narrowed. “I’ve been told you still haven’t gone down to the precinct as requested. I expect that done before tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Touya said, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Fine.”

The USJ incident, as it was being called, was a sophisticated attack. Somehow the League had prior knowledge of the student’s quirks. 

“Kurogiri,” Shouto had said, calm and quiet to the subordinate who looked like a living shadow. “Split them up in the order I’d designated.”

They had divided the students into separate groups, putting them in terrains that gave their quirks a disadvantage. By the end of it, Aizawa wasn’t the only one injured though he had it the worst.

Touya hadn’t tried to keep his and Shouto’s blood relation a secret. When the Pro’s had shown him the footage of his brother, clad all in black, his hair now half white and half grey with a prominent scar on the left side of his face he’d known right away exactly who he was looking at. That didn’t mean he was ready to be subjected to heavy scrutiny from the police about it. Which wasn’t very hero-like of him, but he was still reeling. 

Touya took the buses to the district where Tenko lived. Back when they were both attending Yuuei he used to meet Tenko every weekend at cheap hotels. It was something Touya always looked forward to. Tenko knew how to handle his wry, at times viciously sarcastic nature. He knew how to make him feel better.

On the fourth floor Touya knocked three times. The door opened. Tenko looked neither excited nor unhappy to see him. Touya labored into the room without being invited in. He frowned at the bandages wrapped around Tenko’s neck. “I see you’ve been at it again.”

Even though he was now out on his own, no longer under his tyrannical father, Tenko still dealt with the effects of his long term abuse. Manifesting most obviously in his tendency to scratch his skin raw. The contrasts between the temperature on the left and right side of his body already meant that he was prone to dry skin, making it easier for him to scratch himself until he bled. 

“Spare me the lecture,” Tenko said. “You’ve only been clean for two months. I don’t think you’re in any position to criticize my habits .”

Ahh, it was just like Tenko to throw his not so distant past history of substance abuse in his face when he was feeling defensive. He was a petty bitch like that. But it was honestly part of his charm. Touya told him as much and Tenko rolled his eyes.

“Alright krusty krab, I’ll let it go for now.” Touya groused, stepping into Tenko’s space. Because he hadn’t come here to talk anyway.

He ran his fingers through Tenko’s raven hair, it was softer than usual, he must have showered not too long ago. As he leaned down Tenko tilted his head up. “You might have wasted a trip.” And at Touya’s arched brow he went on. “It’s that time of the month.”

Oh. This did not sway Touya in the slightest. “I don’t see a problem, unless you’re not okay with that.”

Tenko made a face, mostly of surprise. “You’re not fucking with me?”

“Nope,” Touya said, biting on Tenko’s bottom lip. “In fact, I really think you should sit on my face.”

Whatever response Tenko was going to give got swallowed up in Touya kissing him roughly. Those thin lips were slightly chapped, but it always felt strangely good to feel their rougher texture against his own. And Tenko’s mouth was always hotter inside than anyone else's he’d been with.

In Tenko’s bedroom, Touya stripped down while the other man laid some towels out on his bed. He stretched out lazily on top of them.

Climbing over Touya’s body, Tenko’s voice was more than a little smug. “You’re really eager for this huh?”

As Tenko knelt above him Touya had a perfect view of that raven hair of his cunt, the pink protruding lips of his sex and a teasing peek at his dick. When Tenko began to lower himself down all Touya thought was: hell yes he was eager for this. Who wouldn’t be?

Tenko smoothed a hand through his hair before gripping hard. “I’ll choke you if you bite me.”

There was a beat where Touya could have formed a retort but he was far more concerned with having his mouth full of Tenko’s cunt than being a smartass. 

For a moment Touya found himself wishing Tomura’s hair was a lighter color, blonde or white. So he could see his blood staining more than skin as he used his tongue to part wet tufts of hair, pushing them aside on a singular hunt. 

Tenko’s flavor was strong on Touya’s tongue, the blood slightly metallic with a hint of saltiness from his slick. Thick, but good. He pulled those lush, long lips framing Tenko’s sex into his mouth, giving them a deep suck. Once, twice, Touya might not have let them go anytime soon had nails not scraped along his scalp in warning.

They sprung back in place, wetter, swollen to a rosy color. He moaned, his tongue earnest on the younger man, licking at his folds. Touya’s face was a mess. Thin ropes of spit clung to his lips when he’d pull back, blood smearing along his mouth. His dick was in no better state, wetting his stomach.

The only signs of pleasure Tenko showed were subtle shifts in his breathing pattern. He didn’t so much as gasp with the first flick of Touya’s tongue over his dick. Instead his breaths deepened when his folds were licked in fast strokes, stuttered just so with the slow pulse of Touya sucking on his fat little dick.

Feeling bolder, Touya ran his teeth over Tenko’s mound, all the way down over his dick, keeping the pressure light. It was hotter than it should be, how he didn’t know whether Tenko was going to grip his throat or order him to do it again. What Touya got was the sting of his hair being yanked and Tenko shoving his face up further into his cunt. He moaned, swirling his tongue around that swollen dick, rubbing his lips against those wet folds. More blood and slick smeared across his face, dripping down his chin.

It was when Touya took Tenko’s dick between his lips and began sucking in long, deep pulses that the grip in his hair tightened further. Tenko began rocking his hips persistently, his breath noticeably quickening. And as satisfying as it was to feel those hairy thighs quiver around his face, the firmness of an ass bumping against his chin Touya wanted more. He wanted to make Tenko moan without being able to stop himself.

Because he refused to play fair, Touya reached one of his hands around and pressed a finger past Tenko’s rim.

“Oh!” Tenko moaned, his dick throbbing in Touya’s mouth. “You’re such an ass.” He gasped, but he was grinding down on Touya’s face harder regardless. “ Fuck.

Touya’s free hand reached up, fingers tracing the line of scarring on Tenko’s chest, running his nails over the tissue he knew was sensitive. Sure enough he was rewarded with another moan and he only had to suck on Tenko a little bit harder before the younger man was coming onto his face, rocking back and forth with breathy gasps.

With one last long lick, Touya let Tenko lift himself up off of him, smirking.

“If you keep that shit-eating grin on your face too long it’ll stay that way.” Tenko huffed.

Touya hummed, licking his lips. “Hmm, noted. Which hole do I get to fuck?”

Tenko thought on that for a minute. “The front one, I heard it helps with cramps.”

The grin was right back on Touya’s face as Tenko laid down on his back. “Well, I’m always happy to help.”

Tenko tended to be pretty quiet during sex, so Touya always wanted to take him in a position that allowed him to see the younger man’s face. The way it softened with pleasure and need was lovely, those crimson eyes of his begging when his voice would not.

He fucked Tenko hard into the mattress, rubbing on his dick persistently until the younger man came several times. It was hot to look down at where they were connected, to see the red mingled with white on his dick as he thrust in and out. Touya ended up coming harder than he had in a while.

“Looks like you murdered someone with that…” Tenko remarked as he pulled his dick out.

Touya’s lips twitched. “In a manner of speaking, that’s exactly what I did to your cunt.”

“Shut up.”




Great sex having eased away his nerves and reservations, Touya ended up leaving Tenko’s apartment in the evening to head for the police precinct. The fastest way to get there was taking the tunnels.

He was minding his own business when someone sat down very, very close to him. Touya turned to tell them to fuck off as cordially as a professional hero could but he froze. Because he was looking right at his baby brother, the hood of his coat obscuring his looks a little.

“Nii-san,” Shouto said in greeting and he had three fingers of his right hand laid on Touya’s knee. “This felt overdue.” When Touya stiffened, he said, “I wouldn’t get too riled up if I were you. All I have to do is touch you with all of my fingers and it’s the end for you.”

Touya could try igniting his flames quickly, but there was no guarantee Shouto would react to it by pulling his hand away. In addition to that, the train was not exactly sparsely populated. There were way too many civilians for him to risk engaging in a battle.

Shouto’s tone was eerily serene as he went on. “It’s been so long. You look good.”

Touya was still reeling from the fact that his long lost brother was now right beside him, threatening his life no less. But he managed to grit out the only thing he could think to ask. “Our family, did you kill them?”

Shouto’s stare was piercing. “I did. It was an accident. Well, not father. I did that on purpose.” His lips quirked minutely before returning into a bland expression. 

Touya swallowed hard. “What happened to you? Who is making you do these things?”

“I’m not a puppet Nii-san. No one is controlling me, though Sensei has given me wonderful guidance since saving me.”

Touya’s rough laugh was one of bitter disbelief, “A guy kidnaps you, mutilates your face, and you think he saved you?”

His brother tilted his head. “Sensei didn’t give me this scar. Our mother did.”

“You’re lying.” Touya spat. Their mother’s mental health might have been declining before her death, but for her to get that bad-

“It’s true. She called the left side of my face unbearable. She held me down and poured boiling water over me.” As he breathed in deeply, Shouto’s eyes fluttered shut. Like he was reliving the memory. “The night our mother gave me this scar was the night my quirk activated.” He sighed as the train began to slow down. “I can’t give you the whole story right now, but I wanted to see you. To let you know, there’s a place for you in my new family.”

Touya recoiled. “Forget it.”

“You’re upset,” Shouto observed, “So I’ll give you time to actually think it over.” And then he leaned in very close, soft lips touching Touya’s cheek. The train came to a stop. “Bye for now.” He said, moving away, into the crowds of people exiting. 

Touya wasn’t sure why, but for whatever reason he didn’t try to follow him.

Chapter Text

His cover was officially blown.

Smoke rose in large plums from the Yuuei dorms, a fire spreading rapidly through the facility. It was the weekend, just about everyone was gone. Except for two individuals making their way a safe distance from the blaze. Well, only one of them was truly present.

Shouto laid Midoriya’s battered body in the grass carefully. For whatever reason, the other boy had returned to the dorms and spotted him. Followed him. Caught him hacking into Aizawa’s computer. Shouto had been forced to take action. This was a scenario he’d prepared for, had been instructed how to handle. He took advantage of Midoriya’s soft heart, his willingness to believe that anyone could be saved. A fatal flaw that led him to drop his guard as he tried to appeal to his friend.

Shouto made no such mistake. 

The instructions had been very clear; incapacite Midoriya, but keep him alive so that his quirk could be taken. So Shouto had been very particular about where he struck Midoriya. While he would more than likely survive his injuries, he would be reduced to a comatose state. Indefinitely. He’d just taken down the biggest threat to All For One’s goals. Victory tasted bittersweet in his mouth. Like honey with the stingers left inside. But he’d been in deep cover for over a year now. It was natural to feel some lingering...attachment.

Even though the building was burning, outside footage had caught him. It was feasible that he could attempt to convince everyone he and Midoriya had arrived together and had been attacked by the traitor inside in dorms, with only one of them leaving unscathed. But that felt like a longshot to Shouto, and he’d made a judgement call. As he walked away from Midoriya, with a burner phone he alerted the authorities to the blaze so the boy would be recovered as soon as possible. Torching the phone afterwards. 

With his other phone he sent a text to his liaison: Extraction needed. 




Shouto had changed out of his Yuuei uniform before he met up with his liaison, who had arranged for a driver to take him to a safehouse. Taking the clothing off he felt serpentine, shedding his cover persona and all the lies he’d wrapped himself in. At times it had been difficult to distinguish himself from Todoroki Shouto, hero prodigy in the making. There probably were parts of that facade that were authentic, the best lies were intermingled with some truths. 

He walked through the industrial apartment with his head held high, impassive and unafraid. At the top of the stairs that led to floor he was told to go to, he recognized the reptilian man who went by Spinner.

“This is an awful place for such a pretty face kid.” Spinner remarked.

“You don’t have to worry. Because I am here.” Shouto said the code phrase calmly. 

At first Spinner looked taken aback, no doubt he’d recognized Shouto immediately. Then his lips curled in amusement. “Well who’d of fucking thought…” He jerked his head towards the hallway. “Follow me.”

All eyes were on Shouto when he entered the room, though at first no one spoke. He got the feeling the heavy silence was supposed to unnerve him. It didn’t. Eventually the blonde in the school girl’s uniform let out a squeal of excitement. “Oh my gosh,” She exclaimed happily, “It’s the pretty one!” In a flash she was at his side, tugging on his jacket sleeve. “I’m Toga! Let’s be friends!”

“Sure.” Shouto said, because he got the feeling the best course of action with this one was to be agreeable. He was mostly focused on the ringleader of this whole organization, who was seated on a couch.

Shigaraki’s gaze was sharply assessing. “It takes a particular kind of individual to deceive his fellow classmates and put one in a coma. What’s your deal? Why am I only just now learning your identity?”

“Curiosity killed the cat. You’re not getting my life story.” Shouto said, voice flat. Beside Shigaraki, Dabi snorted. “I was recruited by All For One before entering Yuuei. Specific instructions were given for only him and his liaison to know my identity.”

Shigaraki stood from the couch and moved towards him, circling him like a vulture. “And no conflicting feelings? No sense of loyalty to those you lived and trained with?”

Shouto huffed. “Absolutely none. I made my choice a long time ago. I’m exactly where I belong.”

“We’ll see,” Shigaraki replied cryptically. “We’ll see.” His gaze trailed up and down Shouto’s form, not losing its intensity.

He didn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes. Shouto’s attention was diverted to Dabi. If the scarred man wasn’t aware he knew exactly who he was, he was about to be. “Those are some real fish hook eyes you’ve got.” He said, echoing a remark only Touya would be familiar with. “Bet you could lure anyone in.”

Dabi strode over to him, putting a hand on the back of his neck whilst the other members of the League looked on in bewilderment. “I want to talk to the newbie in private.” Was all the explanation he gave before leading Shouto from the room. 



Once in his room, Touya leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. He shook his head. “Can’t believe you never said a word…”

Shouto shrugged. “To be fair, neither did you. And besides, if you truly thought I was the enemy it makes the cover more effective.”

“How did you even know it was me?”

“Observations and logical deductions.” Shouto said. “Honestly, when you attacked Endeavor with the Nomu that pretty much sealed the deal. It was the hate you showed. A level that can’t be anything other than intimate. Personal. I know because I feel it too.” He moved closer to his brother, and his hand stroked the purple tissue of his neck down to his chest. Licking his lips, he looked up at him. “My only regret is that I won’t get to slit his throat during dinner and finish my meal while he bleeds out.” Shouto leaned in closer, pressing his face into his brother’s neck. “I’ve missed you…”

Touya’s hands settled on his hips. “Remember the first time we fucked?”

“On his desk,” Shouto said with a small smile. “While the maids were cleaning the adjoining room. You had to hold your hand over my mouth.” He shuddered at the memory.

“Sometimes,” Touya pressed a kiss to the top of his head. “I dream we fuck there again, while his corpse is burning on the floor.”

He was walking them towards the bed. Shouto turned so that Touya was seated on the edge and he was in his lap. “Touya,” He murmured, chasing his brother’s lips. Their kiss was heated, and he tugged on Dabi’s lower lip before licking into his mouth. It really had been too long.

“Fuck, you’ve gotten even prettier.” Touya said when they pulled apart, Shouto urgently getting rid of his jacket and loose shirt.

There was something hard in his brother’s pocket rubbing against his thigh. Slipping his hand down inside, he drew out what turned out to be a switchblade. He sat back a little, flicking it open while Touya watched him avidly. Shouto’s tongue trailed up the sharp blade, pressing down at the tip to knick himself. He touched his bottom lip, leaving a red stain there. 

“You’ve always been a little freak.” His brother said. And with a growl, Touya crushed their mouths together again.

When they broke away, the knife was now in his brother’s hand. Shouto shuddered as the blade ran over the skin right above his right nipple, just enough to slice the tender flesh open. Touya pressed his mouth to the wound, sucking up the blood flow before biting down hard.

“Nii-san,” Shouto sighed, hands in his brother’s raven hair.

“Dabi,” A low voice called from the entryway. Shouto startled a little, turning to see none other than Shigaraki strolling in like he belonged here. When had he even come in. “You didn’t tell me you had such a pretty brother.” 

A partially gloved hand ran up the span of Shouto’s back, making him inhale sharply. If he was phased by their new guest his brother didn’t show it. In fact he moved to take Shouto’s pebbled nipple in his mouth, biting down hard.

Shouto gave a gasp, which turned into a moan when his ear was bitten. He ought to feel annoyed by Shigaraki’s presumptuousness but...he was intrigued. Curious. 

What had he just said about curiosity? Well nevermind that.

“He’s too pretty for you to keep him to yourself.” Shigaraki said, the bare fingers of his left hand stroking Shouto’s neck.

Pulling back, Touya nodded in agreement. “Can’t blame me for trying, can you, Tomura?” And Shouto was quick to connect the dots. The two of them were fucking. 

Shouto raised an eyebrow. “This some kind of initiation fuck?” He asked no one in particular. “Do all your members get sexed in?”

“Hell no,” Touya snorted. “But you’ve always been special, haven’t you baby brother?”

He didn’t reply, because both Shigaraki’s hands were on his chest, rolling his nipples between long fingers and Touya was taking off his shirt and seeing the extent of his scarring and his lean body had Shouto breathless. He ran his hands all over the contrasting skin, reverent. Their lips met again, Shigaraki bit his neck, making him moan into the kiss. Yeah, they were definitely going to do this.

Eventually all of their clothing was shed and lube was gratefully retrieved. Touya laid back lazily on the bed, Shouto between his legs, mouth full of his brother’s dick. He was shamelessly eager about it, pushing out wet gurgles and slurps as he bobbed his head up and down. One of Shigaraki’s hands settled on his head, pressing him down further and further until he had all of his brother’s dick in his throat. He only choked a little.

“Damn,” Shigaraki remarked, voice more than a little raspy. “You taught him how to take it like a proper whore huh?”

Touya laughed, breathy, “What can I say? I expect the best.” He pumped his hips up and down, fucking into Shouto’s mouth. Shouto let out little whines and moans with each thrust, his own dick pressing hard into the mattress.

Two slicked up, gloved fingers circled his hole and he lifted his hips up. When they pushed in Shouto did gag around Touya’s dick and his brother cursed before pulling out of his mouth. “C’mere,” Dabi said, pulling Shouto forward until he was up on his knees.

His brother mirrored his position and he heard Shigaraki get on the bed too, all without ever taking his fingers out of him. Touya kissed Shigaraki over Shouto’s shoulder and his brother wrapped a hand around his dick, stroking him had.

Burying his face in his brother’s neck, Shouto whimpered as they somehow were able to sync up the movements of their hands. He panted, torn between rocking back on the fingers in his ass or rolling his hips forward into his brother’s fist. “Oh,” He trembled, “More, please, more…”

“Still insatiable,” Touya said, kissing his forehead. “Think you can take us both baby?”

Shouto gasped, cut off from answering by Shigaraki’s fingers pressing on his sweet spot. “You...ahh yes … k-know I like a challenge…”

He felt his brother reach down between his legs, and then his fingers were pushing in alongside Shigaraki’s, drawing a rough moan from Shouto. He rolled his hips, reveling in the increased stretch and the burn that came with it. It was so good. Again they managed to get their hands to work in unison and soon he was a quivering mess, dick leaking into his brother’s hand.

“Ha-ahh, I’m gonna…” Shouto’s words broke off into a cry as his neck was bitten by both of them while their fingers grazed his prostate, easily pushing him over the edge. He whined as he came all over Touya’s fist, leaning against his body to keep himself upright.

After giving him a moment to catch his breath, his brother moved them again. Touya laid back down into the sheets with Shouto straddled on top of him, hands on his waist to brace himself. Shigaraki pulled his fingers out of him and he guided his hips until he was positioned right above his brother’s dick. Shouto sank down with a long sigh. He really had missed this. Not that he’d exactly been celibate when he was at Yuuei but there really was nothing compared to his brother’s thick dick spreading him open. “Touya…” He whispered, laying down and his brother wrapped his arms around him.

Shigaraki’s fingers were at his rim again, pressing in with a surprising amount of care. It hurt of course, but now that the idea of them both fucking him at once had been put into Shouto’s head he was absolutely hungry for it. So he rode that pain, rocking his hips slowly, breathing in and out slow and deep, trying to relax into it. Shigaraki’s other hand was rubbing his back and that surprised him too. He hadn’t pegged him for a tender person.

“You okay baby?” Touya whispered into his ear with unmasked concern. Shouto nodded, licking his lips. 

They worked him like that for several minutes, pushing out soft, needy noises from him. At some point Shigaraki leaned over him and he must have been silently communicating with his brother because Shouto felt Touya nod. And then the weight of another body settled on top of his own, and the head of another’s dick was pushing against his rim. Very slowly, little by little, the pressure increased, his hole stretching further open. 

“Fuck, fuck fuck ,” Shouto whined, feeling tears spill from his eyes. It was overwhelming, all consuming. Almost too much. But when he felt Shigaraki pause he shook his head frantically. “K-keep going. I want it.”

“Fuck baby,” Touya breathed out beneath him. “You’re doing so good. Just keep taking it, just like that…”

When the head of Shigaraki’s dick was finally inside of him Shouto cried out, his entire body wracked with little tremors. Shigaraki’s dick was longer than Touya’s, and thankfully much more slender. But it was still so full . He felt pushed to his limit and then tumbling right beyond it. They both started to move and the noise he made was almost embarrassing. 

“Oh, oh god, please please please,” Shouto whimpered, the tears still running from his eyes.

On top of him Shigaraki groaned, “Fuck he feels amazing,” he said, pressing a kiss on the back of Shouto’s shoulder. The praise made his dick pulse.

“Yeah,” Touya moaned in agreement. “Do you like it Shou? Like being fucked open by two dicks?”

At this point Shouto was beyond comprehensible speech. “Mmm,” Was the only sound he could manage to make. It was indescribably good, he felt like he’d burst from the pleasure and then the heads of their dicks pushed up against his sweet spot and he actually wailed, not even realizing how close he’d been. He came hard, the wetness pumping out onto his and Touya’s stomachs. 

Shouto’s eyes rolled back, his mouth dropping open as they both ground into him, their voices rising alongside his own. When they came, he felt absolutely drenched inside and the feeling of their come leaking out of his hole was almost enough to make him hard all over again. Shigaraki kissed his neck while Touya pressed their mouths together.

They were careful about pulling out of him, but he still gasped with it, trembling. Shouto stayed laid on top of his brother, Shigaraki half on top of him. The weight wasn’t uncomfortable. It was actually kind of grounding.

Shouto was panting for several minutes but eventually he asked, “So, am I officially indoctrinated?”

He could feel his brother’s chest rumble with his chuckle. “Yeah, I think you’re one of us. Right Tomura?”

Shigaraki made a soft grunting noise, “Sure.”

Chapter Text

Fuck you.

Those were the words that first appeared on the inside of Tomura’s left wrist when he turned six, alongside the scar of a human handprint over his heart. Apparently those would be the first words the person he was soul bound to would say to him. Looking at the raised flesh of those words on his skin had made him want to cry, to cut them off. Convinced that this meant his bonded would be a cruel person, likely no better than his father.

Now that he himself had more than a small taste in cruelty, a meanness inside of himself laid right next to his heart, he was far less concerned about the nature of his prospective bonded. In fact as the years progressed, he thought less and less about the fact that somewhere out there was a person his soul was tied to. He had more important concerns.

Like his most recent strategy for the game he was playing with the pros: taking one of their pawns and making them his own.

He’d come up with the idea after rewatching the Sports Festival following his attack with the Nomu’s, but found himself conflicted as to who their target would be. The Bakugou brat had a violent streak and a mean temperament, in theory he could be a promising addition to the League. But how much of an impact would that actually have, should he turn? He was a virtual nobody from a run of the mill family. Tomura quickly realized he needed to take someone with real status. And after again rewatching the final fight of the Sport’s Festival he realized the person he was looking for was right in front of him. 

Todoroki Shouto, dual quirk prodigy, youngest son of the Number Two hero. Now there was someone with prestige. Making him a villain would be tantamount to corrupting royalty. 

His mind was settled. Once they found out where the summer training camp would be held they were going to take Endeavor’s son. 




Shigaraki watched as Todoroki blinked several times, adjusting to the lighting and also subtly scanning the room. A pointless endeavor given he was strapped to a chair and they had him flanked on all sides. 

“We aren’t here to hurt you.” Shigaraki assured him. “Though for the time being, we do need to keep you like this as a preventative measure. I’m sure you’d do the same if the situation was reversed.”

Todoroki blinked at him, his jaw clenching slightly. “Fuck you.”

At those words Shigaraki felt a bizarre, fluttering sensation in his heart. The scar over his chest became very warm.

What the fuck?

No way.

“Open his shirt.” Shigaraki said, without really thinking it over.

Toga bounced on her feet. “Ooooh I wanna do it!!” Even though no one gave her permission, she interpreted the lack of refusal as just that and flicked open one of her knives. Deftly, she began slicing away the fabric of Todoroki’s t-shirt. 

For his part, Todoroki tried to appear stoic, but there was a small spark of fear in his eyes as Shigaraki neared him, reaching out.

“Don’t touch me.” Todoroki hissed, trying to lean back and away from the touch.

“Quiet.” Shigaraki snapped as he brought his hand up to the scar. Carefully he laid his palm over it, making sure to keep from placing all his fingers on the mark. Even without using all of them, he knew just by looking and feeling that it fit perfectly. Still he sought further confirmation, forcefully turning over Todoroki’s palm. And there it was, written in the flesh: Welcome .

He heard Toga inhale sharply, “Oh my gosh, boss!! It’s your bonded!!” She giggled. He shot her a withering glare, and found Dabi was looking at him strangely. 

Todoroki had paled, and was looking at him with wide eyes. Shigaraki could relate to his silent expression of “what the hell”. Of all the people in the fucking world…

He needed a drink before he did anything else. 




They nearly lost their guest when the Pro’s tracked them to the bar. One of those brats at the camp must have put a tracker on one of them. Shigaraki mentally scolded himself for being so careless. And he felt guilt over leaving Sensei behind. But he wasn’t distressed, not like he would have been had it happened years ago. Sensei had been training for such a scenario for a long time. He had faith in Tomura and more importantly he had faith in himself.

He walked the halls of the bunker towards the room where they were keeping Todoroki. Shigaraki still had the same goals for the boy, turn him over to their cause. The fact that they were soul bound wasn’t going to change that. At all. 

Part of him though was...intrigued. Romantic love wasn’t something Tomura let occupy his mind at all. The kid was more than a little easy on the eyes but? How could this kid possibly be a match for him on the most intimate level? It made no sense.

Entering the room, he found Dabi and Twice had yet to free Todoroki from being bound up against the wall. That was fine, it’d make things easier. The kid was awake and watching him like a hawk as he came closer.

Shigaraki reached out, this time towards Todoroki’s face, who turned his head away sharply. This time however he made no verbal protests. Not that Tomura would have heeded them anyway.

“You’re not much of a talker,” Shigaraki said. “I get the impression that anything I ask you is going to be met with that stupid blank look on your face. Luckily for me, now I don’t have to ask.” He laid his palm over the soul scar on Todoroki’s chest.  He’d come prepared this time, wearing gloves. “I can just...look inside your head.”

“No,” Todoroki protested vehemently, squirming against the restraints in a pointless attempt to stop him. “Don’t- He cut himself off with a groan, his eyes shutting tightly. Like he was trying to keep Tomura out through sheer mental prowess. Again pointless. He was already inside, his eyes falling shut as well.

It was strange, like watching old video footage being played in a simultaneous compilation. What Shigaraki felt most profoundly was pain . Mental and physical. The images were flashing almost too quickly for him to process them but with some sharper focus, he was able to slow it down and isolate certain individual memories. They were...not pleasant. 

“I’m seeing some deep seated Daddy issues.” Tomura remarked, but it didn’t hold the amount of mockery he’d intended it to. His voice too soft, too...kind. That disturbed him enough to say nothing further. Instead he opened one of his eyes. 

Todoroki’s face was contorted into an expression that looked deeply painful. “Get out. ” He said through gritted teeth. “Stop it!” There were tears rolling down his cheeks. 

Tomura ignored him, picking more memories. There was a woman, slender and delicate looking. White hair. Mother most likely. Strangely he felt a potent combination of sadness, fear, and anger surrounding the memories of her.

"Mommy…” A very young Todoroki spoke into a phone he was clutching so tightly his knuckles were white. There were heavy bandages wrapped around the left side of his face. “Mommy, I miss you...I want you to come home.”


“It’s okay, I’m not mad at you!” Todoroki’s voice became shakier, “I forgive you...just please, don’t stop being my Mommy!”


“Please say something Mommy. Anything.”


A young girl came and took the phone out of Todoroki’s hands. The boy collapsed into deep sobs.

Tomura would have picked another memory, but then he was hit by a sensation that made him jerk away violently. Like someone had taken a chisel and cracked his skull wide open. It hurt .

When he opened his eyes he found Todoroki staring right at him. Gone were the tears. 

“You,” Todoroki said, his eyes narrowing. “You’re still scared. You’re afraid you’ll never be as powerful as All For One.”

That little shit, looked into his mind. “How dare you?” Shigaraki snarled.

“Turnabout is fair play.” Todoroki spat. 

Tomura took a few deep breaths to relax himself, fighting off the urge to dig at his neck. It had only lasted a few seconds. There’s no way Todoroki could have seen that much. But he’d seen enough to throw one of Shigaraki’s fears right in his face.

Stepping back forward, he wrapped a hand around the boy’s throat. “ Never do that again.” He said.

Todoroki looked at him, maddeningly unafraid. “Then stay out of my head.”

Shigaraki lowered his hand, jaw tight. There really was more to this brat than met the eye. Oddly, he found himself encouraged by what he had seen. The perfect amount of raw material he could shape into a monster.

And if he had to break him a bit to do it? That was fine. He preferred people who were pieced together with the visible shards of their former selves. With scars. And now he knew Todoroki was not going to make this easy by any means.

He was thrilled by the challenge.

Chapter Text

As he opened the door to his boyfriend’s dorm room, part of Shinsou still couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen. He’d first brought up the fantasy to Shouto as a joke, in part to feel out his partner’s reaction to the idea. And he’d never imagined the soft-spoken student would be not only into the idea, but more than ready to make it a reality sooner rather than later.

Shinsou had told Shouto he’d do it sometime this week, but not the specific day. That was part of the thrill for Shouto, going to sleep not knowing if tonight would be the night. Well, he’d managed to wait three whole weekdays before he just couldn’t wait any longer.

Catching sight of Shouto’s sleeping form, a fond smile touched his lips. He really was very...sweet looking when he slept in a way that was not readily visible when he was awake and more guarded with his expressions. Of course, he was always beautiful to Shinsou, but he treasured these moments when he was trusted enough to see the younger boy in a vulnerable state. Laid on his side, bangs falling over his eyes, lips slightly parted.

Shinsou knelt down beside him and very carefully pulled back his blanket. He was already half-hard, it was almost laughable how excited he was. But then again, this was something he’d been dreaming about for years. Because of that, he was going to take his time.

He shifted so that he was lying down close beside Shouto. Shinsou ran his fingers through those red and white locks, brushing the soft bangs aside to tuck behind Shouto’s left ear. And he pressed a gentle kiss just above his boyfriend’s brow. Then his cheek before pressing their lips together.

It was different, kissing someone who was asleep. Shouto’s plush lips were only slightly parted so he could only get his tongue in so much but at the same time it was good. Really good. He nibbled a little on his lower lip and felt Shouto inhale a little sharper than he had before. When he kissed the younger boy’s neck he felt him shudder, the area one of his particular sensitive spots. Shinsou sucked a couple dark marks onto the pale skin before drawing away.

Shinsou sat back up, tugging off his sweatpants. His dick was fully hard now, just from some kissing and anticipation. But wasn’t it just like Shouto to get him hotblooded so easily? 

This next part he needed to be careful about. Shinsou cupped his boyfriend’s jaw, placing his thumb in Shouto’s mouth and very gingerly added some pressure to coax him into opening his lips further. It took a couple tries, Shouto grimacing the first time and licking his lips, but on the third try his mouth finally fell open just enough for him. 

Shinsou breathed in deeply, taking his dick into his hand. He dragged the head over Shouto’s lower lip, enjoying the sensation of the slightly wet skin. But it quickly wasn’t enough and he slowly guided the head into his boyfriend’s mouth, groaning softly. Shouto’s mouth was hotter than other people’s, apparently this was the case even when he was asleep.

“Oh fuck ,” Shinsou cursed. It was so wet and soft and loose in a way that turned him on like nothing ever had before. Shouto’s mouth was lax, pliant, his tongue only occasionally responding to the short thrusts. He kept the movements short and slow, not wanting to choke his boyfriend though part of him did wonder how deeply he might be able to take him in his sleep.

Shinsou put a hand on the back of Shouto’s head. “You’re so perfect like this.” He breathed out as he continued to thrust shallowly into that heated mouth. Experimentally, he angled his thrusts more upwards so that he was pushing up against Shouto’s cheek. Making it poke out. His dick throbbed at the sight and he cursed again before going back to the original position he was thrusting in.

The drag of his dick over an idle tongue, that slight pressure of Shouto’s teeth grazing over his skin, it was so fucking good. And he knew he had to stop now or this would all be over very quickly.

Shinsou pulled out, moaning at the little bit of spit that clung to the head of his dick. Shouto made a little “hmm” noise and swallowed, licking his lips again. His brow was furrowed.

Lying back down Shinsou peppered his face with little kisses. Maybe too many because he felt Shouto starting to shift, to stir.

That was okay though, he could fix that. Shinsou kissed his cheek. “You waking up baby?”

“...Shin?” Shouto murmured in reply, eyes still closed and then said no more, Shinsou having activated his quirk.

He ran a hand through the younger boy’s hair. “Shh, go back to sleep baby.” Shinsou gently ordered. “Don’t wake up until your alarm goes off.”

“Hmmph,” Was all Shouto responded with as he moved so that he was now laying on his stomach with his head to the side. Shinsou rubbed his back, waiting until his breathing evened out again. Then he crawled over him, pressing a kiss to Shouto’s back.

Shinsou began to pull Shouto sweatpants down. Which was easy, considering they were actually a pair of his own so they were oversized for his boyfriend’s more slender frame. He took them off, tossing them to the side. Then he lifted each of Shouto’s legs a little, just enough to spread them wider apart.

Shinsou maneuvered himself until he was lying between them. He kissed the curve of Shouto’s ass, running his tongue over the skin. Biting lightly. Then he spread him open, spitting on that rosy pucker.

This was something he always loved doing. Shouto just responded so wantonly to getting eaten out, all breathy gasps and pleading moans, his body moving shamelessly. And even now, in his sleep, at the first touch of Shinsou’s tongue to his hole his body quivered.

Shinsou let the tip of his tongue circle around the furl slowly, only adding the lightest amount of pressure. He gave him a long, suckling kiss. Once, twice, before pushing his tongue inside.

Ooh ,” He heard Shouto moan. Shinsou lifted himself back up to see if he’d woken up again, but his breathing was still rhythmic and smooth. Still asleep.

He moans in his sleep.

“That’s so hot Shou,” Shinsou whispered, “ Fuck.

He started licking him out in earnest, curling his tongue inside that tightness, sucking on the outside rim. With each motion Shouto let out little whimpers and soft moans. When Shinsou ducked down and licked from his balls up over his perineum and back to his hole he swore his boyfriend actually gasped. His quirk was likely the only thing keeping Shouto asleep.

By now his dick was painfully hard, making a wet spot on Shouto’s bed from where it was pressed into the sheets. He desperately needed to come and so regrettably, he pulled away from his boyfriend’s ass and reached over to his sweats, retrieving a bottle of lubricant.

Shouto told him he periodically burned his leg hair away because found the split coloring which mirrored the head on his hair awkward. As a result his thighs were unbelievably smooth and while he had some muscle build up in that area he’d not lost all his softness either. They were like his pert backside, keeping the last remnants of his baby fat. Shinsou rubbed the lube over them, massaging it into the skin until it was all slick and shiny.

He moved Shouto’s legs again, pushing them close together. Part of him really, really wanted to try fucking him properly like this but he was positive it’d wake him up. So he’d fuck his thighs instead. 

Shinsou poured a generous amount onto his dick, just make sure the friction wouldn’t be a problem. He took one of the spare pillows he’d given Shouto and carefully lifted his boyfriend’s hips up, placing it under him. Then he settled behind him and pushed his dick between Shouto’s thighs.

They really were the perfect balance between softness and firmness. And the friction was just enough work him in a comfortable way. Shinsou groaned as he started to pump his hips quickly. His hands settled on the plush skin of Shouto’s ass, kneading the flesh between his fingers.

“Shou,” Shinsou panted, feeling his dick drag over his boyfriend’s, “God, Shou, it’s so good…”

Shouto was making little moaning noises too and Shinsou’s thrusts were rocking his body forward slightly. He was probably fucking him too hard, but it was okay because he was almost there-

It was when he spread Shouto’s ass open and his little hole clenched that Shinsou lost it. He pulled his dick out and came all over his boyfriend’s backside and thighs, streaking the pale skin with lines of white. Shinsou shuddered, pumping himself through his orgasm until he grew too sensitive.

“Fuck.” He sighed, running his hands up and down Shouto’s skin, over the mess. And he noticed that his boyfriend was hard and leaking.

When he took the pillow away Shouto began to move, trying to roll over. Shinsou guided his body through the motion gently, until he was settled onto his back. His dick flushed and heavy.

Shinsou licked his lips, knowing exactly how he was going to take care of him. He moved back between Shouto’s legs and lowered himself, taking the head of his boyfriend’s dick past his lips. A slow suck, a flick of his tongue over the slit and...

“Ah,” Shouto whimpered, hips rocking forward. “ Mmm …”  It was so hot to see his body react on pure unconscious instinct, on need. No holding himself back, no overthinking, he just rolled his hips back and forth, fucking into Shinsou’s mouth. If he hadn’t just come it’d be enough to make him hard all over again.

Shouto didn’t last long. All he had to do was roll his balls in his hand and moan around him once and his boyfriend was filling his mouth with come, gasping softly. Shinsou swallowed it down hungrily.  

He let Shouto’s dick fall out of his mouth once it went soft, kissing his bare hip. Shouto’s features had relaxed again and he was actually starting to do those cute little quiet snores. 

Shinsou’s heart felt full to the point of bursting, watching him sleep. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. How trusted   he was. This was amazing. 

There was a wide, goofy smile on his face as he dressed himself enough to go get a wet cloth to clean Shouto up with. When it was done, and he settled up against his boyfriend for the night, the smile never left his face.

Chapter Text

It was an antiquated tradition practiced by families of noble birth, which had since largely fallen out of practice in the modern era. A male omega’s first heat was to be shared with the oldest female alpha of the household should one be available. Because the sexual organs of male omegas and female alphas mirrored one anothers, it was thought that they were two halves of a unified spirit in another life. The joining of these two halves would provide an ancestral and spiritual blessing for future bonds the omega made. It was an important rite of passage.

Rei’s family was always staunchly traditional. It was part of what made marrying into the Todoroki family on the surface appear like an ideal match, for they were a family set in the old ways as well. So of course, when Shouto’s secondary gender presented itself, there was no question she would end up sharing his first heat when it came. Shouto was the only one of their children Enji carried himself, it always felt consequently like he had a stronger bond with their son than her. She had looked forward to how such an event would bring them closer together.

A moment of madness, of terror and pain ripped that away from her. Or so she had thought.

Rei had been shocked when the nurses had informed her that Shouto, now 15, was in preheat, and that he had requested for them to share his first cycle in one of the special heat quarters in the hospital. She’s only seen him once before. Even though her condition had improved dramatically over the years she still couldn’t believe there’s a chance for her to be a part of her youngest son’s life ever again. After ...what she did to him.

She stood outside the second entry to the hospital’s heat quarters, dressed in a robe. From here Rei had a clear view of her son.

Shouto was also clad only in a silk robe. He had one of her pillows squished between his thighs and he was rocking back and forth, moaning softly.

The sight made something possessive stir in her. Shouto’s grown so much. Into a truly beautiful boy, his features soft and lovely. A sharp contrast from his father. And there he was, using a pillow she regularly slept on for pleasure. She was about to share an inexperience with him that would always be hers alone, not Enji’s. But it was more than that. If she could make this special for him, maybe she would be on the path to earning his forgiveness for what she’d done.

Then the second door opened, allowing Rei to enter the room. So engrossed was he in his need, Shouto didn’t acknowledge her at first. Not until she moved to stand in front of him, brushing his bangs aside. 

Shouto jerked, eyes opening wide to look at her. “Mama-” He began to say, his cheeks flushing.

Rei put a finger over his lips. “Shh, it’s alright. Go ahead.”

Her son’s face was deeply red, but the smell of his arousal was heavy in the room. Still, he hesitated, so Rei takes his face in her hands and presses their lips together. Very softly and he slowly relaxed, a quiet noise leaving his lips. Shouto’s mouth opened a little, enough for her to slip her tongue inside of him. She felt him shiver.

Without breaking the kiss, Rei pulls off both of their robes. Gently, she put a hand on Shouto’s shoulder, pressing him down into the bed. Their bare bodies were flush up against each others and it’s with curious hands that her son touches her skin. His shyness is sweet to her. So unlike his father, who was the most dominant omega she’d ever encountered. On their wedding night Enji tore her dress to ribbons and manhandled her roughly. He would prove to be no different during his heats.

But Shouto’s touches were the complete opposite. Careful, questioning and he appeared more than content to allow Rei to lead them. Her cock was hard from his gentle submissiveness. 

“Mama…” Shouto said. “Please…”

Rei hummed softly, reassuring. “It’s alright baby, I’ll take care of you.” Like I always should have done .

She kissed down his neck, licking over that sensitive scent gland. Shouto moaned as she moved further down, until she was situated between his legs. Her son’s cock laid fully hard against his abdomen, the foreskin pulled back from the tip. Rei kissed its slit before continuing on.

He had a pretty pussy, the lips of his sex were full, laid out in almost a heart-shape. His clit was obscured by a heavy clitoral hood. She pulled back the hood hiding that pink bud, rubbing it with her fingertips. It was swollen from her son’s earlier play. He must have already made himself come. Shouto’s breath hitched, his hips stuttering.

“The pillows feel good, don’t they?” She smiled as her son blushed. “I know something that feels even better though…”

Rei took a hold of Shouto’s legs, moving them so that they were splayed wide, knees bent. She positioned herself on top of him, making sure their bodies were lined up right for this. She knows he’ll love it as much as she does.

And then she ground down. At the first brush of their clits against one another’s she moaned while Shouto gasped. Rei moved her hips back and forth slowly, grinding their sexes together. It felt amazing, the perfect combination of pleasant friction and slipperiness, as it didn’t take long for them both to get very wet. Her clit pushed against her son’s, slipping past the hood to rub on that swollen bud. Every motion had them both panting, the lips of their sexes almost sticking together from the amount of slick dripping from them.

“Oh, fuck,” Shouto whimpered, rocking his hips upwards in time with her motions. The hair around their sexes had turned slick and sticky. Her clit slipped past his lips, grazing the inside of his cunt and he moaned deeply. 

Rei leaned down and kissed his forehead. “There you go baby, just like that.” She cooed, rubbing Shouto’s belly. “Such a good boy for me.” 

Shouto’s lashes fluttered shut. “Please Mama...I…” 

“I know baby,” Rei sighed

Their movements sped up, the wet heat building between them, both their cocks leaking. She could feel him throb each time their clits touched and knew he was as close as she was. To tip them both over, Rei took both of their cocks into her soft hand and pumped them hard, the sound slick and wanton.

“Mama!” Shouto cried, his hips moving sporadically as he came into her hand, the ribbons of white painting her fist and his stomach. It was joined by her own come as her climax was right on the heels of his. She rode it out, grinding down against his cunt even harder, loving the way he gasped and quivered.

Rei pressed their lips together again, kissing him sweetly as little tremors continued to rock through his body. She cupped his cheek, looking into his eyes. And there were so many things she wanted to tell him. I’m sorry, I love you, I’ll never hurt you again I swear it and I can’t believe you still wanted to share this moment with me, I don’t deserve you ...

Shouto nodded, seeming to understand. His eyes were so soft.

When she pulled back, it was with a loving smile that was met with a shy one from her son. He didn’t want to let her go though, his hands trying to keep her held flush against him.

“Present for me baby.” She told him, moving to the edge of the bed.

Shouto bit his bottom lip, “Okay.” He said quietly, adorably shy. He got onto his hands and knees and turned himself around, pressing his upper body down into the bed while keeping his backside up.

Enji would never take this position with her. She’d only dared propose it once and was met with a refusal that bordered on violent. But her boy, her sweet boy obliged her without hesitation.

His thighs were trembling and his breathing was equally shaky as she moved up behind him. Rei tapped the head of her cock against his clit several times, each one met with a whine that grew increasingly desperate. Taking mercy on him, she rubbed her cock over the plush lips of his sex before pushing inside slowly, carefully.

“Ohh God,” Shouto moaned, wetness pushing out from his pussy, which clenched around her in waves.

Rei’s head fell back, a long purr falling from her mouth. She licked her lips, hands on her son’s hips as she began to thrust in and out of him. Slow at first, wanting to savor the feel of him. But she quickly began to speed up, until the smack of her skin against his was audible.

Rei reached down, wrapping a hand around Shouto’s neck and pulling him up so that all of her body was pressed against his. 

Shouto was trembling against her. “Alpha. Ah ! Alpha…” His voice was so sweet and beckoning.

Rei’s cock twitched at her son addressing her as “Alpha”, something else Enji would never do. “Say that again baby.” She urged him.

“Alpha, please,” Shouto sobbed. “Harder…”

She kept her hand around her neck and she snapped her hips forward harder and harder, rocking her son’s body with the motions. Shouto keened and squeezed around her and he was so wet, he was soaking , his wetness running down her thighs. Rei was in no better state, she could feel her own cunt clench and drip slick, herself running right up to the edge.

“Oh Shou,” Rei moaned, her knot beginning to swell. She reached around between her son’s legs and rubbed his clit with hard, quick pressure. “Come with me Shou.”

Shouto cried out, “Fuck!” And fell forward, convulsing with high pitched keens, grinding forward against her hand. He whined as Rei’s knot reached its fullness and her come spilled into his body

Her son laid down fully into the bed, and she was still on top of him. Rei turned them onto their side, kissing Shouto’s shoulder, petting his stomach. She felt him purr, content and a warm smile touched her lips. 

“You feel good,” Shouto murmured, soft.

Rei pressed another kiss to his shoulder. “So do you.”

Her son relaxed further against her. After a moment he said. “I have some...things I want to try.” She could practically hear the blush in his voice. “From the informational videos we saw in class…”

Rei hummed gently. “We can try whatever you want.”

This was only the beginning of their time together, a brief rest while they waited for her knot to subside. Rei’s arousal was still high, even more so as she thought of all the things she could teach her boy. This would be an experience neither of them would forget.

Chapter Text

Shouto sighed softly with each drag of the switchblade against his skin. It was getting so he did the cutting less and less himself, instead allowing Touya to write on his skin. Such an intense intimate act, he couldn’t get enough of it.

They tended to meet at Touya’s territory more often than not. Campus security was a hassle and now that their father had done an about face, and decided he wanted to atone for all he’d subjected his family to Shouto found the only thing that kept him from seeing the man when he was at home was if he was at work. 

Endeavor, as always, was focusing the bulk of his efforts on him. Trying to get Shouto to love him. Fuyumi even said he was seeing a psychiatrist to treat him of his “urges”.  That was all well and good, he supposed but honestly? He just wanted to be left alone.

“What did you write this time?” Shouto asked when the cutting stopped and Touya began licking up the blood. He’d been working on the back of Shouto’s calves.

Touya bit down on the fresh wound, making him gasp quietly. “Vanish. That’s what you told me you wished we could do sometimes. Just disappear together.”

“Hmm,” Shouto hummed, then reached for his soulmate. “C’mere. Kiss me.”

His brother huffed, playfully, and crawled up his body. And he kissed him deeply. Shouto touched the scar tissue on the lower half of his face, gently raking his nails over it. He loved their texture, they were beautiful to him. Touya told him he’d lost all sensory feelings on those areas of his body but Shouto still kissed and touched them frequently.

“It’s your birthday,” Shouto murmured when they parted, “You never told me what you wanted.” His tone was almost shy. He felt so...delicate for some reason right now. But that was okay, he knew he was safe with his soulmate.

Touya’s fingers ran through his hair, then over his face. “Let me read you.” When Shouto hesitated to answer, Touya’s voice became softer, “It will be okay Shou-chan, trust me. Alright?”

Taking a hold of his hand, Touya kissed each of Shouto’s fingertips tenderly, making him shudder at the gentleness. Already his eyes were wet. “...Okay.” He whispered, quiet. 

Honestly, Shouto couldn’t explain what it was about this that left him feeling so exposed and vulnerable. The first time Touya had tried to read him, he’d cried, his heart flooding with such emotions he thought he might drown in them.

Touya kissed from wrist down to his bicep, “Hollow” he read softly. Shouto’s breath hitched and he rolled onto his back.

Underneath his right collarbone, “Pure” Touya said, pressing a kiss over the word. Above his nipple, “Own”. The center of his chest, “Terror”. 

With each word that was spoken, lips met the raised scars. Shouto felt like he was being read like a prayer. It felt...purifying. Tears rolled down his cheeks. His trembling hands settled in Touya’s hair.

“You’re so fucking beautiful Shou-chan,” Touya sighed before continuing. “Hide.” He did not read every word etched into Shouto’s skin, just the ones that appeared to catch his eye. “Sour. Mercy. Filth.”

Shouto made a soft noise, his body trembling as his brother continued down his thighs and legs. “Blind. Deep,” By the time Touya reached his right foot, he was actually weeping. “Grace.” His brother whispered and then he moved back up, cupping his face.

“It’s okay,” Touya said, kissing his forehead, “You’re alright. I’ve got you…”

Shouto wrapped his arms around his brother’s neck and pressed his face into his skin. He cried for several minutes until he finally calmed down a little. He wanted to feel...held in a different way now. And he began kissing his brother’s wet neck, along his jawline before finally reaching his lips. “Take me again.” He urged him.

Because they’d just fucked not very long ago, his body was still relatively relaxed, pliant. There was some soreness when Touya pushed inside of him, but Shouto welcomed the pain. Something about it grounded him in the moment, kept him from feeling like he was slowly disconnecting from his own body. 

He wrapped his legs around Touya’s waist, shifting his hips to let him go deeper. Shouto’s toes curled when his brother’s dick pressed over his sweet spot, a low moan falling from his lips.

“Fuck,” Touya cursed as he clenched around him, “I don’t know how I ever went so long without fucking you. You’re so good Shou. And you’re all mine,” As if to punctuate that last statement, he bit down on Shouto’s neck.

Shouto gasped, arching up with a needy whine, “Yes, yes, yes.” He agreed, “ Touya .”

His brother caught a hold of both of his hands, threading their fingers together. Touya leaned down so that their foreheads touched. Their eyes met, “I love you,” He said.

Shouto whimpered, squeezing around him harder. “Again, please Nii-san, again.”

Touya thrust harder, deeper, drawing rough moans from both of them. His brother’s eyes usually were so dull in appearance, but right now they were positively alive. Electric as they stared into his. “I love you, baby brother.” He repeated with a smirk.

“T-Touya,” Shouto whined, the sound high and breathy. Touya crushed their lips together, drinking in his moans as he came onto both of their stomachs. His brother fucked him through the high, making his body quiver from the excess stimulation. Shouto’s dick pulsed when Touya came inside of him, his seed hot and filling. 

He tightened his legs around Touya’s waist when his brother moved to pull out, “Not yet.” Shouto insisted.

He could feel the vibration of Touya chuckling against him. “You’re such a fucking softie.”

Shouto huffed, “Is that a complaint?”

“No,” Touya replied, nuzzling into his neck, “It’s not.”

Chapter Text

Overall, Shouto found the individuals Tomura had recruited for the League’s Vanguard Action Squad to be largely...underwhelming. A mismatched group of social misfits and petty criminals. And almost all of them were just so starstruck by Stain’s self righteous ass. It was irksome.

There was at least one individual among them who was at least pleasant to look at and in addition wasn’t a Stain fanboy. Muscular. A large, appealingly overly muscled multiple murderer who walked tall with a cocksure attitude that matched his stature. Shouto allowed his gaze to trail over the blonde’s biceps and forearms which were crossed over his chest. Their definition was so visible it was as if the A-ranked villain was perpetually flexing. And then there was that long scar on the left side of the man’s face, and his metal prosthetic eye. The Carnal Murderer was what the press dubbed him and Shouto would be lying if he said he wasn’t tempted to take a large bite out of the new member.

Muscular’s personality was arrogant and barbarous. A man accustomed to getting what he wanted through force. To being the most formidable in the room. That much became very apparent when, after Tomura explained that Shouto would be leading their planned attack on the Summer Camp Muscular eyed him up and down in disbelief. “We’re supposed to take orders from him ?”

Shouto quirked his brow at the blonde, “You take issue with this?” Despite his cold tone, he didn’t actually want Muscular to back off. When an apex predator comes across another in their territory a challenge was inevitable. And he was so looking forward to bringing this behemoth to heel. 

“You look like you should be studying for a highschool final right alongside the brats we’re taking out.” Muscular scoffed as he stood back, “You’re so... little ,” and again he gave Shouto a once over, a longer one than necessary.  Shouto easily recognized the energy in his eye. Lust, be it bloodlust, a desire for sex or a little bit of both. Lust and a challenge.

“Come closer.” Shouto beckoned as Muscular was on the other side of the table. Everyone else was silent, watching as Muscular complied, but in such a manner that made it clear he believed he was humoring Shouto rather than respectfully following orders. “Closer.” His tone became more enticing when the blonde was in front of him. The man was so tall he couldn’t reach the part of him he wanted on his own.

It truly showed how non-threatening Muscular believed he was that he again complied, leaning down with a smirk until Shouto could grasp the back of his neck and pull him into a kiss.

As soon as their lips touched and his tongue was pushing into the larger man’s mouth, Shouto activated his right side. This was a move he’d thought up, but had previously lacked the opportunity to practice. From his mouth a rapid rush of cold spread into Muscular’s body, dropping his body temperature dramatically within seconds. Shouto kept on kissing him, tightening his hold on the man’s weakening body when he tried to pull away. Frostbite was a bitch, and Muscular’s quirk could not protect him from Shouto’s ice when it was introduced in this manner. Instead the blonde’s knees buckled, and he dropped down onto them. Shaking and only getting colder by the second.

With one last lick to icy lips, he drew back. You could see the chill of his breath in the air. Muscular’s skin was frosted over and quickly turning a lethal shade of pale blue. Shouto smirked,“Big men are so much fun.” He remarked.

Tomura made an impatient noise, apparently having reached his limit with this sideshow. “Your point’s been made Shouto. We need him alive.”

“Fine.” Shouto said, using his left hand to warm Muscular back up, tilting the man’s chin up. The villain was pretty groggy, but still conscious enough to answer him when he asked, “Do we still have a problem?” Muscular shook his head.

“Quite a display.” Compress commented after clearing his throat.

Toga giggled, her face flushed with excitement, “Oh wow Shou-chan you’re such a Queen B!”

Shouto rolled his tongue in his mouth, “I’m hungry,” He told Tomura. “I’m getting food.” He felt the intensity of a stare on him as he turned and left, and couldn’t help but grin. Oh he was going to eat well tonight, for certain. 


Shouto looked up with hooded eyes from where he’d situated himself. “Show me your blood.” He told Muscular before sinking his teeth into the villain’s plush pecs. If the blonde used his quirk, it would prevent him from biting deep enough to draw out that lovely red. He didn’t and Shouto’s tongue licked up the warm wetness from the wound.

Muscular made a noise, part grunt and part groan, “You really are a bitch, huh?” His voice was husky.

Shouto moved up further, taking ahold of the man’s jaw, “You seem pretty into it.” He replied and ran his teeth over the scar on the left side of his face, not quite biting just a bit of pressure.

Indeed this was about the fourth time he’d bitten the man. Couldn’t be helped really, all that solid muscle on display, he really was just asking to be devoured and Shouto was very hungry.

“Fuck you’re so tiny,” Muscular remarked with a growl as his hands roughly ran over Shouto’s bare body. His lithe frame couldn’t even begin to drape the much larger man’s. Which made the fact that he was settled on top of him, having his way, all the more thrilling. 

But Muscular was anything but passive. His hands were gripping and squeezing every bit of Shouto’s flesh they could reach, sure to leave finger shaped bruises on his fair skin. And when they kissed, he bit Shouto’s tongue, drawing a rough moan from him. Normally he’d slap anyone who tried such a move with him, but he was feeling...indulgent. Or just too turned on to care. So he kept his lips parted and bled into Muscluar’s mouth, his tongue spreading the red around the man’s cavern. 

“I wanna fuck you so bad,” Muscular admitted as Shouto moved himself down lower, until their dicks were pressed against one another’s. 

Shouto huffed out a laugh, “Not in a million years.” There’s only one person he’d even consider bottoming for and Muscular was and never would be them. So he rolled his hips, grinding his hardness over the other man’s. 

Shouto wouldn’t say his dick was small by any means, but compared to Muscular’s? Practically David and Goliath. But that just made it even hotter. He couldn’t get enough of the fact that no matter which way he rocked his hips he’d always right up against that fat dick.

Precum leaked from the head, slicking up their skin. The friction was rough, only a little wet, but it was a good kind of burn, the kind that made his body shudder. “Fuck yes,” Shouto raked his nails over Muscular’s abs, nibbled at the bite marks he’d left on the man’s chest. 

He was just so hard , all over, the firmness of him was really doing something for Shouto and he almost wished he’d opted to fuck the man’s thighs instead. But that quickly fled his mind as Muscular pushed his hips up, making the pressure on both their dicks increase. The man was gripping Shouto’s ass tightly.

“Come on,” Muscular growled, digging his fingers in deeper. “ Come on,” Shouto laid his head on the blonde’s pecs and panted hard, soft moans falling from his lips. A sheen of sweat was coating both their bodies and it was so hot, seeing all that bulk beneath him slick and shining in his bedroom light. Yes, yes yes , Shouto thought, feeling all of the tension in his body coil up and reaching its peak.

One of Muscular’s fingertips grazed over his hole, not pressing down at all, just surprisingly feather-light pressure that shocked Shouto’s nerves enough that he threw his head back and came hard. He gyrated his hips faster, harder, riding out the high, gasping when he felt Muscular’s dick pulse and spurt cum onto both of their bodies. Shouto’s lashes fluttered, his mouth dropping open and he couldn’t stop grinding on top of the other man, even when it got to the point that the friction was painful.

After a few minutes he finally stopped, shuddering as he sat up, a smirk on his face. Muscular was panting as well as he stared up at him, hands still on his ass. Shouto was about to ask how soon the man would need before he could go at it again when there was a knock on the door.

“Shouto,” Kurogiri called, ever-cordial. “Shigaraki needs to speak to you.”

Of course he did. Shouto sighed, moving off Muscular to get some clothes on so he was presentable. As he put his hair back up into a ponytail he glanced at the blonde who was still sprawled out on his bed, “I expect you gone by the time I’m back.” Shouto informed him.

Though his tone was curt, all Muscular did in response was stretch and grin. “You’re a cold bitch,” He sat up, “But I like that. We should do this again.”

Shouto walked over to him, tilting his chin up, “Do your job well tomorrow night and I’ll consider it.” He gave Muscular’s cheek a light slap before heading for the door.

Chapter Text

In this kind of club the air was always thick, heavy with sex and smoke. Sometimes blood, depending on where you stood. Tended to sting Aizawa’s eyes, but honestly that was a part of the ambiance. Along with the moans that sometimes filtered through the music when a live show was on. Crisp sound of a whip cracking through the air. Some would say it was like stepping into another world entirely. Leather bars were just like that, and if you didn’t have a taste for the scene initially you probably never would.

While by no means new to the lifestyle, Aizawa did not frequent clubs like this often. Too picky, Nemuri had commented once about him. In his mind however this was not without good reason. For every skilled top into BDSM, their were usually five others that were downright shitty. If Aizawa was going to indulge in this then, well, he wanted to be damn sure he found someone worth his time.

Which was why he’d been here for over an hour, turning down numerous offers. On the right side of his back pocket he’d placed a black hankerchief, which was code for identifying himself as a bottom into heavy S&M. In his opinion that preference tended to attract a great deal more of sub-par tops than others.

As the minutes ticked by, he found himself growing more and more restless. Honestly, he was about to call it a night when his eyes were drawn to a figure at the bar. To a long, pale expanse of smooth skin and well defined muscles on display from the backless black tank top the man was wearing. Matching leather pants and high boots, and from what he could see gloves as well. It wasn’t an elaborate outfit, but it was definitely eye-catching. The man’s head turned to the side. He had black hair tied up in a high bun, with several loose strands framing his face. 

And he was young. Probably was just barely over eighteen, but there was a poise and confidence in his stance and manner that made his undoubtedly young age less relevant to Aizawa. It didn’t come off as him attempting to over-compensate. This clearly wasn’t the man’s first time in the scene either. In his left back pocket was a black hankerchief. Seeing it, Aizawa felt his tentative interest ratchet up dramatically. Black worn on the left side meant he was looking at a top into heavy S&M.

With no one else having caught his attention like the man at the bar, Aizawa moved through the crowd towards him.

Now that he was up close to the man he was, really pretty frankly. Beautiful even, and who wouldn’t want a beautiful man bending him over his knee? Aizawa had always had a fixation with the pretty ones, the ones everyone assumed to be a bottom, turning out to be dominant and mean . Two eyes of contrasting colors met his, and the large scar on the left side of the man’s face looked more complementary to his looks that detracting from them.

“Shouta,” Aizawa said, having held eye contact long enough to make his interest clear.

The man’s eyes ran over his form, sharply assessing with a level of intensity in his gaze that made Aizawa want to stand up straighter. “Shougo.” Was the name he was given in turn. “How hard are you looking to go tonight?”

No beating around the bush. No flirtatious bullshit. Aizawa could appreciate that. “ Very hard. Start to finish.”

Shougo wet his lips, tilting his head, “RACK or SSC?”

“RACK,” Aizawa said and watched Shougo’s eyes light up, though only a little. Still restrained, but interested. Not over-eager. Good. That was part of the reason he didn’t do this often, the difficulty he had finding someone who his gut told him knew what they were about and also possessed a level of discipline needed so the experience wouldn’t be unsatisfactory or worse. 

Nemuri was usually good for this, but sometimes he craved a man. A Daddy. Usually Aizawa would be reluctant to do this with someone so young, but he felt an instinctive pull to the young man beside him. Moth to a flame. 

Without breaking their eye contact, Shougo took a slow swig of the whisky bottle in his hand. “I go very hard.” Setting the bottle down, he reached for Aizawa, slow enough that he could move away if he wanted. He didn’t. A gloved hand ran through the back of his hair and it was with a pleasantly surprised sharp intake of breath that Aizawa felt the pricking of little needles over his scalp. Shougo was wearing a vampire glove. “And very long,” Shougo went on, “Are you a good boy Shouta? Can you keep up and,” A clench and Aizawa’s hair was being fisted hard enough to burn, “Behave?”

The words were a challenge and a temptation all at once. Aizawa felt the churning of arousal through his body. “Absolutely,” He murmured and for the first time in their exchange, Shougo smirked. With his hand in Aizawa’s hair he pulled the taller man in close and he didn’t kiss him so much bite his lip with teasing pressure and a lick when he began to pull away.

“Then tonight, I’m your Daddy.” Shougo said, his hand moving from Aizawa’s hair to his back pocket. “Let’s go somewhere private.”




When they had gotten to the room, the first thing Shougo did was surprise, and turn on Aizawa further with a display of his flexibility. He’d lifted up his left leg so the heel of his boot dug into Aizawa’s shoulder. “Down.” He’d said, with sharpness in his tone, guiding Aizawa down to his knees with his foot. An action that made the older man almost desperate to please. And they hadn’t even done anything yet.

He was surprised he wasn’t ordered to strip. Instead Shougo shoved the back of his shoulder roughly so that Aizawa went further down onto his hands and knees. Leaning over the length of the older man’s back, he ran his hand over it, the needles on his glove giving the move a prickling sensation Aizawa could feel through his thin black tank top. 

“You’re in very good shape boy.” Shougo commented before biting down on Aizawa’s shoulder, drawing a breathy gasp from him. His pants were unzipped and yanked down to the back of his knees. He had foregone underwear. Shougo cupped his balls with his hand and squeezed, the needles along the fingers and thumb of his glove piercing the sensitive area. Aizawa’s body jerked at the same time a moan left his lips. “Mmm, I can already tell you’ll be a good little slut for me.” Was the praise he recieved.

Shougo took something off the wall behind him then made his way to Aizawa’s front. In his hands was a long wooden paddle with rows of metal studs on it.

“I’m using this on you,” Shougo said. “Unless you have any objections?” He arched his right brow.

It was almost embarrassing, how quickly the response of “No Daddy.” left Aizawa’s lips.

“Excellent.” Shougo said, walking back behind him.

Anticipation fell heavy on Aizawa, and his dick was almost fully hard as it hung between his legs. When the hit came, it was without any forewarning and hard enough to rock him forward. Absolutely no warming up, which was exactly what he had wanted. It was right at the area where his ass met his thigh and the pain from the studs digging into his flesh was sharp and permeated deep. A soft moan fell from his lips, he didn’t have time to so much as catch his breath before he was being hit again in the same area. And again, and again. Shougo didn’t move until Aizawa was throbbing from the soreness. Then he switched to his other side and started in.

When the hits started falling on the curve of his ass, where the skin was more supple, they became much harder. Aizawa panted and groaned, his fingernails scraping on the flooring. Precum dripped from his dick, spotting the ground. Another hit, the top of the paddle grazing his balls. “Daddy!” He gasped, jerking forwards, his voice strained with need. For more . Shougo hit him again,“Ah, f-fuck !”

“Use your words boy,” Shougo replied with a lovely mocking touch of malice. A meanness in his voice.

Aizawa swallowed, breathing in hard, “There,” He managed, “hit me there again. Please.”

Shougo laughed, “My little boy is such a good pain whore.” He did hit Aizawa there again, but this time more of the paddle struck his balls, the studs pushing in. And he couldn’t hold it in, didn’t want to, he cried out, shooting cum onto the floor. Don’t stop, don’t stop, God ….

Despite his orgasm Shougo didn’t stop. Aizawa lost track of how long the paddling went on, drunk on the heady sensations, the piercing of pleasure and pain flaring through his nerves. He was bleeding, he could feel the slick trails running down the back of his legs. He was bruised, aching and hard all over again.

All at once, the paddling stopped. A whine caught in Aizawa’s throat but then his hair was being fisted, yanked so that he sat up on his knees. The movement made pain burn through his backside. He didn’t care.

Shougo’s lips were parted, his breathing heavier and his eyes alluring in their darkness. “Open.” He ordered and Aizawa did, readily accepting the spit that was dropped into his mouth. A few stinging slaps hit his cheek, before he was being dragged over to the couch.

Shougo pulled him up, then shoved his body onto the couch, Aizawa’s face pressing into the leather cushions. You could smell traces of seed on the fabric, but that only made it hotter. His pants were thrown the rest of the way off and then he was being pinned down, bent over with his ass up and his wrists held being his back by gloved hand Shougo wore that didn’t have needles.

“I should really take a picture,” Shougo mused, “You’ve got such a pert, soft ass, all ripe and ready for me.” The suggestion should probably have raised alarm in Aizawa. Instead he moaned. “Bounces just right.” 

His left cheek was smacked with the vampire glove. Already sporting bleeding wounds, the feeling of them being pushed into by all those thin needles had Aizawa near sobbing into the cushions. Shougo kept hitting him, just as hard as he’d been paddling him. His body shook with each slap, thighs trembling, low and desperate noises falling from his mouth. It was amazing, but he wanted more, “Fuck me Daddy,” Aizawa whined, too far gone for any semblance of shame.

“Good boys ask nicely.” Shougo replied.

Aizawa turned his face in the cushions. Painfully hard, his dick dripped with a need that was mirrored in his voice. “Fuck me Daddy, please.”

Shougo hummed, and the hand holding Aizawa’s wrists fell away. He heard some movement, felt the couch dip again, then his ass was being spread with two bare hands. Shougo spat onto his hole and he must have slicked up his hands too because two of his fingers pushed through Aizawa’s rim smoothly, making his breath hitch. 

As with everything else he’d done so far, Shougo did not start soft. No, he pumped and pressed his fingers in hard, finding that spot inside Aizawa that made him shudder and moan and laying into it hard. When he added a third finger he twisted his hand so his fingers were going in upwards. They laid against Aizawa’s sweet spot and pushed in hard, all of the pressure right on that bundle of nerves instead of just grazing it. “Fuck!” Aizawa cried, actual tears streaking his cheeks now as his dick once again sprayed cum, white streaking the black leather. 

Shougo worked him through the orgasm relentlessly, worked him until he was whining from the over-stimulation, “Oh yes, you’re ready for my dick now.” The younger man said. “Keep that ass up for me.”

Even though he’d just cum twice, more than usual, and his nerves were on fire, Aizawa pushed his ass back eagerly. The head of Shougo’s dick laid against his hole, started pushing in and fuck , he was thicker than Aizawa had anticipated. Much thicker and not lacking in length, filling him up in all the right ways. He felt cold leather brush up against his thighs, and it made him hot to realize that Shougo wasn’t even going to undress for this. 

Shougo’s hands clutched the meat of his ass, squeezing the soft, battered skin. “A good boy with a nice tight ass.” He breathed out, pulling back before snapping his hips forward so forcefully it took Aizawa’s breath away. And then he was being rutted into without kindness, without concern. Used like a fuckhole that could just take and take anything. 

And take it he did, panting and pushing back shamelessly, thrilling the sound of his skin slapping against Shougo’s pelvis. At the harsh moans the younger man was letting out, which were almost overwhelmed by Aizawa’s whines and sobs as his prostate was battered again and again. It had been a while since he’d cum more than once in one go, let alone three times. Nevertheless he was hard again, and he found himself begging for it, “Please Daddy, fuck me harder. Ah, c-cum in me please-”

Shougo made a noise that could almost be described as a growl, bearing down on Aizawa and fucking him harder like he wanted, needed. He hadn’t been kidding when he said he went long. The minutes went by and he just kept going and going, even as Aizawa squeezed his eyes shut and his body quaked almost violently from a third, dry orgasm. Even as his moans turned to sniffles and pained cries, overwhelmed by the stimulation.

“So good for me,” Shougo panted, slapping Aizawa’s ass. “Squeeze me harder, yeah, like that. Daddy’s gonna cum in you. Fill you right up-”

“Please”, Aizawa said, making his muscles clench. “I want it, give me it. Please, please, please…

Heat, a rush of wet heat pumping into his insides. Making him slick and sloppy and so hot. Aizawa’s eyes rolled back, sobs caught in his throat as he was filled up. Shougo fucked into him for a few more minutes, riding out his climax before he finally stopped, pulling out of Aizawa. Fucked out as he was, the older man nevertheless ached from the loss, as his body slumped down onto the couch.

He shut his eyes for a few minutes, but a light slap to his cheek made him open them. “Hey,” Shougo said, “Don’t pass out on me, you really don’t want to fall asleep here. I’m gonna clean you off and put some ointment on you, alright?”

His tone was matter-of-fact but not unkind. Honestly Aizawa was pleasantly surprised he wasn’t being left to clean himself up. There was a flare of desire in him, to ask for Shougo’s number. He hadn’t been fucked this good in a while. But Aizawa stopped himself from acting on it. He’d come here to satisfy a craving, not start a relationship of any kind. Still, as Shougo’s hands carefully spread the ointment on his backside, he couldn’t help hoping this would not be the last time they ran into each other.




Aizawa ran out of the building they were housing the Summer Camp students in, frantic. How the hell had the League managed to take them by surprise again?

There was no time to dwell on that question though. He needed to focus on getting his students to safety, looking for the threat-

“Long time no see babe.” A soft voice called close to him. Very close. Aizawa’s eyes widened as he turned, not just because he’d been snuck up on but because he knew that voice. And he knew those eyes that stared at him, that smirk, though Shougo’s hair was different now.

What the-

Aizawa’s vision exploded into a burst of orange flames.

Chapter Text

“Why are you dressed like that?” Tomuar asked with no small amount of annoyance. “We’re going to the yakuza base, not a fetish bar.”

An understandable question, Shouto supposed as he looked himself over. Leather was a material he wore quite a lot, but he rarely slipped into the sleeveless black latex catsuit and black bondage harness. Was it a little excessive to pair that with latex boots and gloves that ran up to his elbows of the same material? Who cared? Lust was a game for him where he always put his best foot forward. Now, Shouto knew when he was desired and had seen that very spark of interest in the crime capo’s eyes along with such a heavy amount of disdain it really had taken every ounce of self control he had not to bend that man over his knee on their first meeting. 

Death and dismemberment aside, it was a rather promising initial encounter. Things would be, appetizingly tense in this follow-up no doubt. He couldn’t wait.

Shouto tilted his head, with an expression that he knew was frustratingly deadpan, “My intuition told me this was a more than appropriate get-up.”

It was impressive how Tomura could convey such exasperation with 90% of his face hidden behind his father’s hand. “Just keep yourself under control.”

“I’m a master when it comes to control Onii-san.” Shouto said, and did not suppress his smirk as they headed out. 




Because it was rarely any fun to do these kinds of negotiations with Tomura what followed was a conversation seasoned with a heavy amount of thinly veiled threats and metaphorical dick-measuring. Shouto got a moderate amount of eye-fucking whenever Chisaki looked his way before things got...testy.

Tomura had reached into his coat to take out the weapon they’d taken out of Compress and Chisaki’s two trigger-happy goons had promptly sprung into action. Shouto, who had his arms thrown over the back of the couch rolled his eyes and subtly touched the barrel of the gun pressed against the back of Tomura’s head.

“Boys,” Shouto sighed, as the metal began to melt from the heat he was generating, “Let’s all be civil and well behaved, yes?” His lips quirked for a brief moment when Chisaki looked at him again. “Maybe consider keeping your dogs on a shorter leash?”

Those pretty golden eyes narrowed slightly before Chisaki spoke,“Chrono, Mimic, stand down.”

Wow, even their names were obnoxious. 

The rest of the meeting went off without a hitch, though it was clear Tomura and Chisaki’s mutual loathing of one another hadn’t dissipated in the least. Tomura agreed to lend the yakuza boss Himiko and Twice, but was less ready when Chisaki gestured towards Shouto and said, “Him as well.”

From the corner of his eye, Shouto watched Tomura’s eye narrow. “No. Twice and Toga should be more than enough.”

Shouto dipped into the exchange before Chisaki could reply. “I don’t mind.” He said casually, “I think it could be fun”

Tomura and him made eye contact, silently communicating with one another. And in the end his brother huffed, “Whatever.”

When it was all said and done and Tomura was ready to leave, Shouto did not move off of the couch. “You go ahead,” He told his brother, not taking his eyes off Chisaki.“I’ll catch up.”

He nearly smiled at the distaste in his brother’s voice when he replied, “Don’t take forever. I don’t want to be here all day.” 

Tomura left, leaving Shouto alone with Chisaki and his underlings. The yakuza bosses stooges looked ready to argue but their leader held up a hand. “Leave us.” He ordered and begrudgingly, they did as they were told.

Shouto waited until the door was closed before he spoke. “You’re really going to have to make more of an effort if you want this little alliance to be successful.”

“I don’t need to do anything,” Chisaki responded haughtily, rising from his seat. Likely to put emphasis on their height difference. “You should be honored I’m even giving your organization the time of day.” He looked Shouto over with cold judgement. “It’s full of filth from top to bottom…”

Shouto hummed, rising from his seat, “A little filth could do wonders for you.” 

“You’re vulgar.” Chisaki said with a heavy amount of judgement.“Your entire outfit is tasteless and obscene.”

Stepping into the man’s space, Shouto ran his eyes over him. “Mmm you say that, but I can practically see your mouth watering underneath that medieval piece of cosplay you’ve got strapped to your face.”

The laugh Chisaki huffed out was mocking and full of superiority, “You wish.”

A cruel grin spread on Shouto’s face, “Wishes are for the meek. I prefer to give action to my desires.”

He moved first, intending to slap the yakuza boss. Chisaki blocked the blow and tried to hit him in retaliation but Shouto was quick, knocking one hand and then other away before he was successful in backhanding the taller man. His hit knocked that ridiculous mask askew, made those golden eyes narrow with burning offense and something far less upstanding. 

With a chuckle, Shouto quirked his eyebrows in challenge. Your move , he clearly conveyed. Best to give this man the illusion that he has the chance to take control of the situation.

It’s telling that despite being struck, Chisaki doesn’t remove his gloves before he lashes out at Shouto. The man was fast, but he proved to be faster, grabbing his arm in a lock. With his other arm the yakuza boss swung towards him but Shouto released him, bending backwards to avoid the blow. He spun on his heels, punched Chisaki again before kicking him hard in the abdomen. The proud yakuza boss collided with the wall and went down onto his knees.

Shouto rushed forwards, pinning Chisaki to the wall by pressing his leg against the crime lord’s chest.

“That was fun.” He said, “Interesting form of foreplay.” Lazily, Shouto reached for the long leather rod that hung from the harness around his hip. Chisaki’s eyes tracked the movement and though he stiffened, he made no great effort to move away. Not even when Shouto tore off the straps of that stupid beak, letting it fall to the floor. Oh no, his breath quickened instead. “You have a pretty mouth.” Shouto went on, and honestly he did. Lips pink and pouty. “Seems a shame to cover it up.” He took the rod that was in his hand and placed the tip underneath Chisaki’s jaw.

Whenever this neat torture weapon Shouto had constructed came into contact with the human body, it sent a powerful surge through the victim’s nerves, causing extreme pain. A person’s mouth was full of sensitive nerves, it was no surprise when Chisaki reacted by gasping out in pain, his body shaking as Shouto held the rod in place for a moment before moving it away. 

Lowering his leg, Shouto nudged his foot in between the crime lord’s thighs and oh, there it was. An unmistakable bulge.

He smirked. “A person’s first reaction to pain is always their most honest.”

“Piss off.” Chisaki spat as his chest heaved.

“Hmm, no.” Shouto said, pushing the rod into Chisaki’s neck and that earned him an actual whine . Slut. “I have a better idea.” He put the rod back in his harness, cupping the man’s chin. “ Surrender to me,” Shouto said with emphasis. “We both know that’s what you want. I can assure you, it will be a pleasurable experience.”

Despite his erection clearly broadcasting his interest, Chisaki clung to his pride. “You don’t know a damn thing about me.” His expression was venomous. Too bad Shouto had already de-fanged him.

“I know everything I need to.” Shouto replied, hand clutching short brown hair, yanking it back while at the same time pushing two of his fingers past the crime lord’s lips. Chisaki ground his hardness right against Shouto’s boot and it was kind of funny how he was trying to still look hateful as he took the slim fingers into his mouth. 

Those plump lips closed around the latex and sucked, golden eyes trying to burn a hole into Shouto with their glare. He knocked that look clean off the man’s face when he abruptly shoved his fingers in further, reaching for Chisaki’s throat. Chisaki gagged and shuddered. That was very easy. So easy it was clear what it meant.

Shouto gave a mean little laugh as he rocked back on his heels. “I fucking knew it. I called it the first moment I saw you. Just one look and I knew, now there was a mouth that has never had a dick in it.” Removing his fingers from Chisaki’s mouth made the boss forget himself, and he did chase after them for a moment. Shouto ran his wet hand over the front of his pants, grazing over the zipper. These weren’t the kind of pants that did anything to hide his own hardness. It was clear and full, practically bursting to get out of the latex confines.  “First time for everything. Your tongue is sharp, let’s put it good use, yeah?” He licked his lips. “Satisfy me and I’ll give your ass the fucking it deserves.”

Chiskai didn’t need further prodding. He unzipped Shouto’s pants and deftly pulled out his dick, taking it past his lips. Just the head however, and he was uncertain in his motions, his tongue clumsy over the slit. 

Shouto was having none of that, he rocked his hips, driving himself in further. Chisaki’s hands came up to grip his thighs, probably to stop him. But Shouto remained insistent; his dick a thick, heavy weight in Chisaki’s mouth. Obviously unused to such an invasion, the yakuza boss coughed around the fullness, gagging when its head nudged his throat. Shouto sighed, but granted him a short mercy, pulling back to allow Chisaki a moment to gasp for breath before he stuffed his mouth full once more.  “You’re terrible at this.” Shouto tsked. “But don’t worry, I’ll make a grade-A cocksucker out of you yet.”

He put one hand in Chisaki’s hair and gripped his jaw with the other. “Breathe through your nose.” Shouto ordered, slowly moving the crime lord’s head down his length. “Good.” He said when his command was obeyed. 

At a leisurely pace he rocked Chisaki’s head back and forth on his dick for a few minutes. He could feel the bubbling of spit leaking out from those sweet lips, dripping down onto his latex and the floor. And Chisaki was making little muffled whimpers and stuffed moans as he switched to holding him in place, fucking into that hot mouth. “Relax your throat.” Shouto went on as he thrust in deep, back into that tight throat. It took several tries, Chisaki letting out pretty coughs and gagging noises, trying to pull away only to be kept firmly in place. Finally he relented, jaw loosening, that tight makeshift sleeve for Shouto’s dick easing open.

“Oh that’s perfect,” Shouto moaned, fucking into him faster, “First time sucking dick and you’re already taking it down your throat. What a good bitch.” He took his hand away from Chisaki’s jaw to rest on his neck and fuck yes , he could feel himself inside of him when he pushed in deeper. 

Wet gurgles and slurps filled the room. Tears stung Chisaki’s eyes, rolling undisturbed down his face and his jaw was likely aching from the strain. Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

All at once Shouto stepped back. Chisaki succumbed to need, leaning forward for a moment to try and take the Shouto’s dick back into his mouth. Then he remembered himself, flushed a pretty shade of red with shame. In vain he tried to recoil from Shouto’s touch but his hold on his jaw was firm. Shouto rubbed his thumb over the fresh tears falling from Chisaki’s eyes while his other hand stroked at his dick. Chisaki kept struggling under his grip, but again he wasn’t making a full effort. Conflicted over what he wanted. Until the fat, leaking crown of Shouto’s dick drew closer to his face and he pressed his lips together tight only to gasp as the first white streaks of Shouto’s cum spurt onto his mouth and neck.

Chisaki’s expression turned to outright disgust, his gloved hands wiping away the mess on his face. “I’ll fucking kill you.” He hissed. “You bitch .”

“If you say so.” Shouto said,  pressing his boot down on the man’s groin and like a trigger Chisaki’s body jolted and he was cumming in his pants with a loud moan. “You could kill me. Or I could give you that fucking your tightwad ass desperately needs.” He gestured towards his dick which was very much still hard. 

Chisaki eyed it, biting his bottom lip. Really the conflict was starting to get annoying for Shouto. After a moment he made an impatient noise. “Am I doing this dry and raw or…”

He didn’t miss the way the capo’s eyes widened at the suggesting. God he really was a starving bottom and more than a little of a pain whore. But to Shouto’s minor disappointment, Chisaki moved away to the desk, retrieving what turned out to be a condom and a bottle of lubricant. 

He wasted no time putting the condom on, slicking himself with a generous amount of lubricant. Really Shouto was pretty damn eager to get in that ass he knew had to be very tight given the only thing being shoved up it on a regular basis was likely the stick in Chisaki’s ass.

Speaking of Chisaki, he’d apparently settled on not killing him and had in fact removed his pants. He was making for the couch but Shouto intercepted him, knocking him down onto the ground.

“I don’t think so,” Shouto said firmly. “Nasty little bitches get fucked on the floor.”

He manhandled Chisaki until the man was bent over, ass up and just for added emphasis Shouto pressed his boot down on the back of the capo’s neck. He heard Chisaki swear at the pressure, but there was no hiding how his asshole clenched. Hungry for it. Shouto would give him what he was too proud to beg for.

He pushed past that rim ungently, and just kept going deeper and deeper. Chisaki cursed and his hole spasmed and his noises were pained but Shouto frankly didn’t given a shit. It felt too good, getting swallowed up in that tight heat, he kept going until he was fully inside of the capo. Then with a hand clutching a narrow hip, he began to move.

Shouto rutted into him, his pace hard and fast, rocking that body from its force. All the while his foot was still on Chisaki’s neck. More curses fell from the man’s lips, his breathing stuttered and ragged. Gradually the noises became less pained and more wanton, dripping with pleasure as Shouto changed the angle, removing his foot. He’d found the capo’s hot spot, and he laid into it mercilessly, hitting that bundle of nerves again and again. 

A smile twisted his lips and Chisaki’s cries turned to sobs, his hips rocking backwards to met Shouto’s thrusts. Shameless for it.

“I knew you needed this. I bet one dick isn’t even enough. Maybe I should call my brother in,” Shouto purred. “He can have your pretty mouth while I fuck you. His dirty dick would fuck your throat raw.” Chisaki tightened around him and whined like a whore and Shouto was momentarily tempted to follow through on his suggestion. “We’ll fill you up with cum from both ends like the good little cocksleeve you are.” He laughed. “Fuck condoms. I know you want to be filthy. Deep down, you’re waiting for someone to come along and make you their dumpster. Have you dripping with cum.”

His huskily spoken words work like a charm on Chisaki, who covered his mouth to muffle his shout as he shuddered and came again. Shouto kept pounding into the capo, his grip on those slender hips bruising. Riding him harshly, until Chisaki’s sobs became wetter and wetter. “Fuck, you even make pretty noises. You were made for this.” Oh Shouto wished he could see his face now. It was probably beautiful.

When he finally started to reach his high, Shouto pulled out, chuckling at the whine it drew from Chisaki. How his hole clenched and unclenched from the loss, as if in invitation for him to go back in. He had other ideas though. Rolling off the condom, Shouto stroked his wet dick, eyes focused on the capo’s trembling body. It didn’t take long for him to cum, painting that backside with white all over, the fluid running down from Chisaki’s hole to his taint and oh he liked that. Very much, as he rocked forward with a loud moan, a dry orgasm tearing through him.

Shouto tucked himself back into his pants, zipping up. Chisaki was breathing hard, still in position. A dark bruise was forming on the back of his neck.

“I look forward to working with you.” Shouto said as he made for the door, “We’re going to get along great.”

Chapter Text

An old Japanese myth says that if two star-crossed lovers commit dual suicide, they get reincarnated as twins.         


A soul split in two, that was how Shouto and Geten viewed themselves as children. A single heart beating in twin chests, always in unison. Always connected. Mother even said that when Shouto was birthed, his right hand reached out and clutched Geten’s foot. And when one looked inside their bodies, it was obvious they were a matching reflection. For Geten was a mirror twin, his internal anatomy a reversed asymmetry of Shouto’s. Half of their singular heart held on the left side of one's body, and the other on the right side.

They had always been pretty much inseparable since birth, and Geten and Shouto only became closer when their quirks manifested. Both of them were moved to an entire different wing of the estate, rarely permitted to interact with anyone but each other, their mother, and of course Father.

Endeavor trained them separately, Shouto in the morning and Geten at night. Although he believed Shouto’s power and potential eclipsed Geten’s, he still found the elder twin’s ice powers promising. If Shouto was going to be the new Number One, then Geten would rise to stand right behind him as Number Two. He would have raised two Titans. 

The road to becoming a modern god was harsh and painful. Isolated from their siblings, forbidden to attend school, they became the center of one another’s worlds. Two boys who knew and understood what the other was going through. Each other’s shelter in the storm.

“One day Shouto-kun, we will be the strongest fighters alive,” Geten promised his brother once, kissing away his tears. “One day no one on this Earth will be able to hurt us.”




It started innocently enough, Shouto always reaching for Geten’s hand when they were together. The elder twin pulling the younger into tight, comforting hugs without needing to be asked. At night they would take turns sneaking into one another’s rooms, cuddling together for sleep, always mindful of the injuries they both sported.

Kissing came after Shouto’s burning. After Mother was sent away.

“Can I kiss you Shou?” Geten asked one night after they had both been bathed. There were still bandages around his little brother’s head. He was having nightmares almost every night.

Shouto sniffled, looking up at his brother with questioning eyes. “Why?”

“Touya-nii told me that kissing is something you do with someone you love.” Geten explained, his pretty eyes glowing in the darkness. “To tell them you love them without words. To make them feel better.” He took Shouto’s hand in his own. “I love you, more than anyone else. So I want to make you feel better.”

Shouto only thought on Geten’s words for a moment, his chest feeling warm at being told he was loved. “Okay Onii-san, you can kiss me.”

His brother licked his lips, holding Shouto’s face in his small hands as he leaned forward and pressed their mouths together. He gasped at the chill of his brother’s lips, but it felt good , what they were doing. Shouto thought his heart was swelling up. He opened his eyes and saw that Geten’s were open as well, watching him. They were so pale, his Onii-san’s eyes, and his long white lashes and hair. Snow Prince, Mother used to call him.

They kissed for a long time, then breathed against one another’s mouths. Shouto’s face was hot when Geten finally pulled away. “I liked that.” He admitted shyly, nuzzling against his brother’s body.

They kissed every day after that, always in private so that Father wouldn’t know. Soft kisses. Long kisses. Wet kisses. Shouto remembered the first time they’d done adult kissing, when they were in the onsen together. Nine years old. 

He remembered how Geten’s tongue had been the only warm part of his mouth, how he’d licked into Shouto’s wet heat, making his body feel hot. When two people loved each other a lot, they would taste each other. Touch skin to skin. As they kissed Geten held Shouto’s body so close to his the younger twin felt that they might melt into each other. Finally be joined in a way that could never be separated.

Touching their bare bodies at night had been Shouto’s idea. He and Geten had been watching a movie with Natsuo one night and their elder brother had fallen asleep on the couch. Another movie had come on then, and Shouto watched with wonder how the two adults kissed, then took off each other’s clothes, pressed against naked skin, put their mouths on each other and then one was inside the other. It made his heart pound and heat rise between his legs.

“Did they do that because they love each other?” He asked Geten quietly.

Geten looked at him. “Uh-huh.”

Shouto licked his lips. “I...wanna do that with you Onii-san.”

Neither of them knew what they were doing when they first started. Their kisses were shy on each other’s skin, touches nervous and light. Geten licked Shouto’s nipples, making him squeak, throb between his legs. While he did that Shouto put his hand on his brother’s private area, felt it growing harder and harder. 

“Onii-san,” He breathed out, rubbing his brother’s member gently. 

The sound Geten made caused his heart to skip a beat. “Again Shou,” His brother whispered, putting his own hand between Shouto’s thighs to mirror the touch. “Do it again.”

Shouto shuddered, doing as he was asked. They rubbed each other, kissing open-mouthed and messy, soft noises falling from their lips. “Hah-ah,” Shouto whimpered, his skin feeling hotter and hotter. “Onii-san, I-”

His words cut off into soft sobs, a wet and sticky heat blooming between his legs. He felt Geten’s body shake on top of his and then that same wetness coated Shouto’s hand. Afterwards they stared at each other, breathless.

“I love you Onii-san.” Shouto whispered eventually. And Geten had kissed him sweetly. “Love you too.”




Shouto panted, his hair falling over his eyes as his back arched. “Onii-san, it feels...feels…” Geten pushed in again slowly and then he couldn’t do anything but moan.

They were twelve, and part of him couldn’t believe it had taken so long for them to come to this point. One of his hands was locked with his brother’s, his legs wrapped around slim hips. He’d never felt anything like this before, and he never wanted to feel it with anyone else but Geten. Onii-san. His other half. His love.

“Shou,” Geten panted, running his free hand down Shouto’s body. “So good Shou.” The words made him whimper and squeeze around his brother’s cock.

Their father was out on patrol tonight and they were the only people who slept in this part of the house. So Shouto didn’t try to muffle his gasps and his cries, the way he spoke his brother’s name like a prayer.

“Kiss me,” Shouto urged, feeling the heat in his belly coiling to the breaking point.

Geten bent down and kissed him, all hunger and heat. “I’m gonna cum.” He moaned, pressing kisses along the length of Shouto’s neck.

“M-me too,” Shouto gasped, a whine building in his throat. “Onii-san, please -”

The bedroom door was thrown open suddenly and everything was consumed by a flaming rage.



“Who did that to you?”

Saito, another recruit in the Liberation Army, startled, as if he’d forgotten he was not alone. He looked towards his mechanical arm, the fingers clenching. As he shook his head his chuckle was rough. “My father did.”

Surprised, Geten opened his mouth, almost giving voice to the question of “how could he?” before he stopped himself. For he knew better than anyone else that parents could be lacking in care, in heart. In that moment he could almost taste the smoke burning his lungs, could almost see flames rising from the ground, higher and higher. An ambulance rolling down the road. So far away his screams likely sounded no different than the wind. The scar around his neck itched. He swallowed. “Do you hate him?” Was what he asked instead.

“Not as much as I hate myself for lacking the strength to stop him.” Saito said frankly. “I still feel the ache from its loss, sometimes. They call it a phantom limb.”

Geten thought of the moment Re-Destro told him what he had always known but never wanted to accept. That there would never be a place for him with his blood family again. With Shouto. Not while they walked such different paths. It was a loss that sometimes plagued him as if he’d carved a hole in himself and left behind a chunk of his heart with Shouto on that night. Whenever his heartbeat pounded he would be reminded that he was no longer fully whole. A phantom ache

It shouldn’t matter. All that mattered was growing stronger. Power was life. He told himself that again and again.

And yet the ache remained.




Shouto didn’t like winter, associating the chill and the pure white snow with Geten. He always had nightmares on and off during the season. Memories of his brother’s screams, flashing of the ambulance lights in his eyes. Even after three years they still brought him to the point of tears

He’d decided to spend the weekend in the dorms. The less he was at home the better. It wasn’t right. Touya got a room with a butsudan dedicated to him. But everyone acted like Geten had never even existed. Shouto was the only one devoted to keeping a place in his heart for his twin. And he knew his brother was out there in the world somewhere, in his bones he knew it. Geten would never leave him like that, to truly face the world alone. 

After taking a cold shower, he waded up to his dorm room. A peculiar chill enveloped him as he stepped inside and he stiffened as he saw the likely source once the light was on. A hooded figure beside his bed.

Immediately, Shouto readied himself to attack. But just as he was about to unleash his ice, the figure turned and lowered their hood. Their eyes, they were glowing.

Shouto’s breath caught in his throat, “Onii-san?” It sounded like a question but he knew, he knew exactly who was in front of him. Those beautiful, almost haunting pale eyes, long white lashes and cascades of hair could only belong to one person.

Geten smiled as he came towards him ,“I watched you at the Sports Festival,” He said, “You should have come in first. Your strength and skills were superior. But you allowed your doubt to hold you back.” Geten brushed a strand of Shouto’s hair aside.”Hesitation is death Shouto-kun.”

Shouto barely paid heed to the light scolding, too overcome from having his other half right in front of him. At the scar around Geten’s throat, from where their father had burned him as he strangled him. Carefully he touched the area, “Where did you go?” And his voice was very small.

Geten took ahold of his hand, pressing a kiss to his palm. “Later.” He said, the words heavy as he walked them over to Shouto’s bed.

“I missed you.” Shouto whispered, eyes wet. He wanted to say a thousand other things.

Geten kissed him though, and the words fled his mind. Replaced by soft, cold lips moving against his own, a tongue in his mouth. “I missed you too.” His brother murmured.

As they laid on the bed, Geten moved between the spread of his legs, running a hand down Shouto’s face. Hungry for him, Shouto turned his head and caught a thumb in his mouth, suckling hard. Salt on skin and the chill of his brother’s body had Shouto’s form shuddering. 

Geten was moaning too, hastily unbuttoning his parka and removing clothes as Shouto stripped himself down as well. His movements were quick, eager, a match for the swelling torrent of Shouto’s need. He released Geten’s thumb and surged up, capturing his brother’s lips again.

Geten raked his nails down to Shouto’s chest with a moan, squeezing the parts of him that held softness rather than lean muscle At once Geten’s hand went to his peaked nipples, twisting both the plump nubs between his thumb. Whimpering, Shouto’s lashes fluttered. He bucked in Geten’s hold, reaching down to cup at his brother’s cock.

“Want you, Onii-san.” Shouto breathed, squeezing his love’s hardness. It’s thickness and weight in his hand only stirred his need further. He wrapped his legs around Geten’s waist, pulling him flush against his form. Shouto gyrated slowly, rubbing his himself against Geten. “Fuck me.” He panted, stroking his own cock hard.

Geten said his name roughly, bearing down on his body, pressing him into the bedding. He bit his way up Shouto’s throat to his lips, sucking the bottom one between his teeth, his hands carding through his red and white hair. Underneath him Shouto was full of need, writhing up against Geten’s body, scratching at his chest and back. He wanted to sink into his skin. 

Geten dipped his head down to suck deep bruises into Shouto’s chest, moaning when he began to suckle Shouto’s nipples. Shouto panted, rocking his hips up, grinding his length against the beautiful sinew of lean muscle, and pale skin of Geten’s stomach. His cock smeared pre-cum over both their flesh. 

It felt so good, but it wasn’t enough.  He needed to feel his brother spreading him open, moving inside of him. Shouto hooked his legs around Geten’s waist once more and rolled them until he was on top, straddling him. 

Geten’s smile was smug, “You need me?”

Yes .” Shouto moaned, “I need-”

His brother pressed his fingers on Shouto’s lips, silencing his pleas for the moment. With a soft moan he sucked the slender fingers into his mouth, wetting them heavily. A shudder ran through him when they drew away, reaching around him to press against his hole. With care they pushed past his rim, pumping smoothly.

Shouto trembled and whimpered as he was opened up. His tongue felt heavy in his mouth, his need thick enough to choke on. Beads of sweat were rolling down his skin and he was hot, so hot, but he didn’t care. Nothing mattered save for stretching himself around Geten’s cock.

Eventually he couldn’t wait any longer. He took it in hand, lining it up with his softened hole. It was looser now from being fingered yet as soon as he lowered himself down enough for Geten’s crown to penetrate him, his rim gripped him tightly as though his own body feared it might be deprived shortly. Shouto breathed in slow and deep, until he relaxed enough for the rest of Geten’s length to slide in smoothly. 

Shouto moaned as his passage swallowed the thick cock, then cried out when its crown dragged over his sweet spot. He convulsed, not realizing how close he’d been, clear streaks of his cum spurting onto Geten’s stomach. There was no more he could do then roll his hips and gasp, riding the waves of his orgasm.

“So good,” Shouto panted. “So good Onii-san.”

Geten had his hands on Shouto’s hips, his mouth open and his eyes at half mast. Shouto moaned, lifting his hips up and down to bounce in Geten’s lap, pushing his length in deeper, squeezing as he rose. 

Shouto tossed his head back, his hair flying about his face as he panted and moaned. Blunt nails dragged down his chest again, catching on the rosy nub of his nipple. He arched into the sting, while sweat rolled down his flushed skin. His movements changed; back and forth he rocked, grinding on the cock stuffing him full. So thick, it filled him perfectly. 

Geten was panting, his eyes open and intense as he fucked up into him. Long red scratches from his nails running down Shouto’s body. The milky white complexion of his skin shining from a sheen of sweat. Geten was bare, beautiful and he was his

“Shou,” Geten breathed, squeezing Shouto’s hips hard enough to bruise.

“Ah- oh ,” Shouto gasped, licking his lips. “Too hot-”

Shouto looked at Geten through his lashes and the tresses sticking to his face. Strands clung to his neck, slick and hot.

His ass was struck hard when he shifted from rocking his hips to bouncing, driving Geten’s cock deeper. Enough for its head to push repeatedly on that spot inside Shouto’s body that left him shaking with  pleasure. 

Their flesh made a lewd, wet slap as Geten pounded his hips up, fucking Shouto at a breathless pace. Shouto whined, blissful, reached behind himself to cup Geten’s balls, rolling them in his hand. 

That was enough to draw a deep groan from Geten, to have him shove his hips up and shoot his cum into Shouto. So much his body could not contain it, it streamed out from his rim to wet both their skin. Shouto sobbed, lowering himself down onto Geten’s chest. Hands tangled in his hair, holding him in place as he wept and shook apart once more, all of him filled with his love. 

In the aftermath, they laid together. Like they used to years ago, as close as their bodies would allow. Geten spoke with pride about how strong he’d become, about the army that had taken him in. Their objective sounded frightening, frankly, but his brother sounded so happy talking about that.

Shouto’s smile was wistful, “You deserved that. I’m happy for you.”

Tentatively, Geten touched the scar tissue around Shouto’s left eye. “I wanted to save you, you know, like I had been saved.” And there it was a rapid flow of emotions his brother couldn’t quite conceal. Wistfulness. Uncertainty. Pain. “I used to beg Re-Destro, over and over for us to get you. To bring you home. Denying me that, it’s the one thing I’ve never forgiven him for. His only crime in my eyes.” 

Tears fell from Shouto’s eyes, “Onii-san-” He started, but his brother cut him off with a deep kiss.

Koishii ,” Geten’s voice was low and soft, “Come with me.”

Shouto bit his bottom lip, conflicted. A large part of him wanted nothing more than to be with his brother now. But...“Onii-san, life should be about more than the pursuit of power.”

Geten’s gaze was full of love. “With you at my side, it will be.” He touched Shouto’s lips. “A single heart, beating in twin chests…”

“A soul split in two,” Shouto finished, knowing in his heart what he wanted. With a kiss, he gave himself over to his brother.

Chapter Text

Dark Reverie, that was what the girl had said her quirk was, full of apprehension. Apparently it attached itself to a “host” and then immersed the surrounding individuals in the host’s subconscious. Exposing their most painful memories and nightmare. She had broken down explaining that her quirk had caused her mother to harm herself. Aizawa would be lying if he didn’t say he was surprised that Todoroki was the one who went over and comforted her. Not that it was unusual for his star student to catch him off-guard with his actions. There always was a heavy air of mystery surrounding Todoroki.

In any case, the child had unintentionally activated her quirk, attaching to Todoroki as a host. And Aizawa, Toshinori and the rest of Class 1-A found themselves hurled into his mind.

What they saw was Todoroki stumbling through the halls of what Aizawa assumed to be his house. He had one hand wrapped around his abdomen and his face was tight with pain. A few times he fell down. Once he actually screamed. 

Don’t look , Aizawa wanted to tell his students, but the words were stuck in his throat.

Shouto ended up in a bedroom, hastily removing his sweats and undergarments. He rocked forward with another pained cry. There was a cellphone in his hand and he started to use it, but then abruptly laid it aside. 

“Is he…” Kirishima said uneasily as Shouto’s head fell back and he screamed again.

Since the Sports Festival, it was known among the faculty and students that Shouto was transgender. But nowhere in his medical history was there any inclination that he’d been pregnant before. Even so, it was unmistakable what was happening in the memory.

“I can’t watch.” Tsuyu said quietly. Several of his other student’s echoed the sentiment.

Aizawa did not look away.

The labor was intensive, obviously extremely painful, but eventually the cries of newborn could be heard.

When he got a good look at the child, Aizawa felt his stomach drop. The babies’ hair was flaming red. It was a girl.

A flood of emotions washed through the onlookers. Pain. Anxiety. What could be felt most potently though, was terror. Shouto looked at his baby in absolute terror. “No…” They heard him whisper. “No, no, no…”

As he passed the afterbirth, the baby girl’s squalling grew louder. After severing the umbilical cord, Shouto laid her down on the bed. Then his trembling hands fisted his own hair, pulling it violently. “What am I supposed to do?” He asked, and to Aizawa he sounded every bit like a small, frightened child.

For several minutes Shouto sat with his crying child, rocking himself back and forth. After a moment he tilted his head back, face looking up at the ceiling. His expression was one of anguish. “I have to,” He said, as though to convince himself, “I have to.” And then he looked down at the baby girl.

“I’m sorry.” Shouto whispered, putting his right hand on the child’s forehead. “I can’t let him have you. I’m so sorry…” A chill rose in the air, and Aizawa knew immediately what the boy was doing. Lowering the infant’s body temperature, to the point of death. Several of his students gasped, as the babies cries began to quiet down while Shouto’s weeping only grew more intense. “I’m sorry.” He repeated, heaving a sob when the room went silent.

“Oh my God,” Momo whispered, voice thick with tears. Someone else wretched.

Shouto checked the baby for a pulse. Then he promptly leaned over to the side and threw up. He buried his face in his hands and screamed. Once, twice. Eventually, his hands went for his cell phone.

“H-help,” Shouto choked out when his call was answered. “Natsuo-nii, I need help.”

The scene shifted slightly. A young man with white hair and an athletic build came into view. It must have been Shouto’s brother. His face was grim as he gathered up all the ruined sheets and bedding, stuffing it into garbage bags.

“I didn’t know.” Shouto kept sobbing. “I didn’t know I was…”

His older brother went to him immediately. Natsuo pressed their foreheads together, “Shhh,” He murmured. “You don’t have to explain Shou. I’ll take care of this.”

Shouto sniffled, barely able to look at the small blanketed bundle that was set aside. “What’s going to happen to her?” He asked.

“My roommate is interning at a mortuary. They have a crematorium.” Natsuo explained. “It’s going to be alright…” 

Everyone among Aizawa was silent, shell-shocked as the memory faded away. But no sooner had it vanished then another emerged in its place. Shouto didn’t look any older than he was in the previous memory. He looked every bit as vulnerable and scared as he stood in front of Natsuo.

“You’re in medical school.” Shouto pressed. “There has to be someone you can find to help me.”

Natsuo made a frustrated noise. “I can’t believe this is happening again.” He sighed, looking at Shouto. “You just turned turned fourteen a month ago, it's only been five months since you gave birth-”

Shouto looked at his brother with wide eyes, “Do you think I wanted this to happen again? I didn’t ask for him to touch me Natsuo! I didn’t want it!”

“That’s not what I’m saying Shou. Not at all.” Natsuo tried to calm his brother, holding up his hands.

“I’m sorry I waited. I thought if he hurt me like he usually does, that would be enough to end it.” Shouto lifted up his shirts, showing a dark, disturbing canvas of mottled black and purple bruising across his abdomen as well as a notable outward curve to his stomach. “It wasn’t enough. In a couple weeks, I’ll be at three months. I need to get it out of me now .” 

When the older boy did not respond, Shouto grabbed his arm. For a boy whose range of facial expressions were typically very reserved, in this memory Shouto was openly desperate, tearful. Scared. “Natsuo-nii, please. I don’t know who else to ask. I can’t have his baby again. I would rather die.”

That last declaration was enough to stir a response from Natsuo, “Don’t say that Shou.” He said, hands on Shouto’s trembling shoulders. “It’s going to be okay. I’ll get you what you need, alright?”

The images melted, faded away into the ground. In their place arose what looked to be a cheap hotel room. Shouto was lying down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling with empty eyes.

Natsuo appeared, and sat down beside him. He held up a small bag of pills. “This is mifepristone and misoprostol. You’re going to take three of each at the same time, that should be enough to induce an abortion.” Shouto grabbed the bag and proceeded to dry swallow all the pills.

As he lay back down, he said, “I’m a monster.” In a quivering voice, full of defeat.

Aizawa heard someone sob.”Todoroki…” Midoriya whispered, sounding heartbroken.  He himself hid a sniffle behind his hand. Behind, Toshinori put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey,” Natsuo said, lying down beside his brother, “You are not a monster. He is, not you.” He ran a hand through Shouto’s hair. “Everything you have done, you did to survive. There’s nothing monstrous about that.”

Shouto’s gaze remained fixed on the ceiling. Tears fell. “I killed my baby Natsuo-nii.”

“No,” Natsuo insisted, turning Shouto’s head so they were looking at each other. “You saved her. We both know what he would have done to her.”

Shouto did not appear convinced in that assessment, but he did not argue further. “I’m tired.” He said instead. “I’m so tired.”

The memory blurred, then regained its clarity. Shouto was crying out on the bed, his breathing coming out in sobs. Natsuo sat behind him, uttering soft, encouraging words. The process went on for a while, before Shouto’s body slumped back against his brother’s. His gaze was far away.

“How?” Aizawa found himself uttering as this memory faded as well. Though the identity of the babies’ father wasn’t explicitly revealed, there was no doubt in his mind who it was. How could he have missed this? He’d worked with abused children before. If anyone should have recognized the signs-

Toshinori’s hand squeezed his shoulder. “Don’t think about that.” He told him quietly. “Think about how we can help him.”

What they saw next looked like a dream. Shouto was walking alone in the darkness, crying softly. There was the gentle patter of footsteps, and then a child ran up beside him. A little girl with flaming red hair.

“Daddy!” She said, reaching for him. Shouto flinched away. The child’s pleasant expression did not waiver, her hand remained outstretched. “Come and see Daddy!”

Shouto swallowed hard, wiping his eyes. Then he took the girl’s hand and allowed her to lead him off.

The sense of unease that had permeated this entire experience intensified. Shouto stood in front of a door. The little girl was gone. Harsh moans, creaking, and pained gasps could be heard. Shouto reached for the doorknob.

Don’t look. ” Aizawa ordered his students, in a tone that demanded nothing less than absolute obedience. He looked over all of them, and found that they had either turned away or were covering their eyes.

He was glad he’d done that. None of them needed to see the sight that greeted them on the other side of the door. Hell, even he wanted to look away, a visceral nausea washing over him. But another part of him felt like he needed to see.

Endeavor’s hulking form was curled over Shouto’s, his thrusts so hard they rocked the bed back and forth violently. And Shouto’s eyes were full of tears, the noises falling from his lips weak and pained. He looked so small.

The Shouto who had opened the door watched all of this, covering his mouth with his hand. What happened next seemed to take both him and Aizawa and Toshinori by surprise.

On the bed the other Shouto produced a knife. In one swift movement he drove the blade into Endeavor’s neck, ripping across his flesh. When Endeavor recoiled, Shouto yanked the knife out and stabbed him again, this time in his left eye. Blood spurt from the wounds, coating Shouto and the sheets. The boy pushed Endeavor’s shoulder, rolling their bodies over until he was straddled on top of his father.

Shouto held down his father’s wrists as he continued to bleed and cough. His eyes were full a chilling sort of rage. The other Shouto made a soft noise as his father’s movements suddenly stopped. But that wasn’t the end of it. 

On the bed Shouto moved back. Then he took the knife and severed his father’s cock. He held it up, as if examining it, and though his lips curled in distaste, he still sunk his teeth into the dismembered flesh, tearing a chunk of it away.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He told his mirror image, chewing and swallowing.“We both want him dead. The only difference between us is that I’m being proactive about it.” He hummed. “How many times did we fantasize about just biting it off? This’ll have to do instead.” And he tore off another chunk of skin.

The other Shouto looked away.

Dark Shouto leaned back, his expression frank. Aizawa wouldn’t call it cruel, but it wasn’t comforting either. “Look, you have to accept that no one is going to save you. Not now, not ever.” Shaking his head, he moved off the bed, touched the other Shouto’s cheek, smearing blood across pale skin. “Kill him and you set yourself free.”

Shouto took several shuddering breaths and the face he made had Aizawa feeling like his heart would collapse. “I can’t…” Shouto sobbed eventually.

Dark Shouto tsked, pity in his eyes. He wrapped his arms around Shouto, pulling him in close. “Then you are lost.” He whispered into his hair.

All at once, the dream and the world around them shattered.




As he woke up, Shouto felt the urge to run and hide. Immediately his heart was pounding, fear coiling in his belly. What had happened to him? Something must have. This was not an unfamiliar feeling for him and nothing good ever came from it-

“Young Todoroki.” All Might was in the room with him. The was the infirmary. But Shouto didn’t feel hurt. Not physically at least.

“Shouto.” He was quirk to correct, swallowing hard as he sat up. All Might wasn’t the only person there. Aizawa was too. They looked serious, but also nervous. This did nothing to settle Shouto. With trepidation he asked, “What’s going on?”

All Might came and sat beside him. It took every bit of willpower within Shouto not to shrink away. His teacher seemed to be at a loss for words as he looked at him, with a heavy amount of sorrow in his gaze.

Why would he be sad? Shouto thought, then paused.


Oh no…

That girl, the one with the reverie quirk. He’d been talking to her. That was the last thing he remembered. As he looked at his teachers, he felt himself pale. Because it was like they were saying hundreds of things with their eyes alone. Oh no…

“What did you see?” Shouto asked, voice a trembling whisper.

He flinched when Aizawa rose from his seat. “Enough.” His homeroom teacher cryptically informed him. “Enough to know you should never go back to Endeavor.”

Oh God, Shouto ran a hand through his own hair, fisting it hard. Thinking back on what the girl had said about her quirk, he realized that the two people in this room weren’t the only ones who had seen things. Everyone in his class had. Oh God, how was he supposed to face any of them again? They knew, they all knew-

“Shouto,” All Might said, gentle but firm. When Shouto looked at him, he went on, “Breathe. Slow. In and out. Just breathe.”

Though he did as he was told, Shouto turned his face away. Ashamed at the tears falling from his eyes. “What are you going to do to me?” He whimpered. It was all over now, his future, his dreams. They knew he was a murderer.

A hand touched his shoulder, rubbing it gently. “We’re going to help you.” Aizawa said, with such kindness in his voice Shouto looked at him in shock. “We’re going to keep you safe.”



Shouto stared at the two men. Aizawa’s words sounded like a promise, not a feeble dream. He wanted to believe them. So much. “You promise?” He asked, like a child. Like someone who had been wounded again and again.

“We promise.” All Might assured him, pulling him into a hug. Shouto buried his face into his teacher’s shoulder and wept. In relief. In hope.

Chapter Text

All things considered, Natsuo’s done a damn good job of keeping a secret. The raw hatred he felt for Endeavor was genuine, regardless of the fact that he knew his brother was still among the living. How could it not be? Touya may be at peace with his physical appearance, but Natsuo would never forgive that self-absorbed bastard for pushing his big brother so hard he’d left himself irreversibly scarred. He still felt guilty, that he wasn’t strong enough to help him back then, selfish though those feelings may be. In any case, Natsuo had found a new way to make amends. 

Working as a night doctor was quite an experience and great downlow field training. Being trained as a trauma surgeon, Natsuo was highly in demand and working with a wide variety of anatomies. If anyone of authority knew what he was doing, let alone his father, he’d be rowing up shit creek without a paddle. But honestly? That illicit element, that danger, was pretty damn appealing. 

And this way, he felt valued by one of the most important people in his life. Not that he’d ever doubted the strength of their bond but it was different now, being the one Touya turned to when he needed medical attention. The one he trusted to take care of him.

Which was what Natsuo was on his way to do now, though he was running late. He only allowed himself to do so in Touya’s case if he knew his brother wasn’t in danger. In this case, he was going to check on the sutures he’d placed in a gash along Touya’s lower abdomen. He’d taken some blows in some sort of altercation, Natsuo was only really keyed in on any information that would be medically relevant. And he’d long since learned not to pry for more.

Or to express his disapproval for the low-end apartment complex Touya lived in at a less than savory district of the city. Though Natsuo couldn’t help but remark more than once that if Touya was going to live a life a crime he really ought to get into the sort of crime that pays . His brother had taken that suggestion and slice of judgement in stride, with little more than his trademark sarcasm in response. This was where he belonged, he’d asserted and Natsuo could begrudgingly admit that his brother didn’t look out of place at all in the environment.

Natsuo entered the apartment with the key Touya had given him and was about to announce his presence, since the front room was empty, when a soft whine echoed in the air, immediately followed by a low moaned out, “ Touya …” That made Natsuo’s stomach clench and his heartbeat skip.

He recognized the voice, though he’d preferred to not dwell on memories of hearing it in this kind of context before (and certainly never thought about hearing it like this, with him being the cause, either. Oh no.). Really the possibilities were narrow as hell, because Touya only allowed Natsuo to call him by his real name because they were family. So there was really no question who Natsuo was hearing, whimpering and whining and sounding oh so desperate, as he crept down the short hallway to stand in front of the bedroom door that was still partially open.

They were down on Touya’s bed (his brother still had no bed frame, leaving his mattress and box-springs on the floor). His older brother looked to be naked apart from the loose, tattered t-shirt he wore as he sat up. And he had Shouto lying down on his stomach in the sheets, with his legs held up in Touya’s lap, so that their baby brother’s ass was pretty much up in Touya’s face. 

Which was just….Natsuo couldn’t see in detail what Touya was doing to Shouto from the angle he was at but you didn’t need a great imagination to get an idea. Just the sounds , wet sucking and slurps and the fact that Touya had his face pretty much buried in Shouto gave him a clear enough picture. And if Natsuo had been shamefully half-hard just from realizing who was having sex with Touya, now he was completely stiff in his pants. And rooted to his spot outside the door, watching them.

“You’re so damn wet Shou,” Touya breathed as he pulled back slightly and fuck , Natsuo could see how soaked the lower half of his brother’s face was. It made his cock twitch.

Shouto’s body trembled at the statement, “Please,” He panted, “Niisan please, I need to- fuck .”

Touya’s grin was devilish before he sunk his teeth into the plush curve of Shouto’s ass, making their baby brother cry out. “Yeah? You want me to make you cum again baby?”

“Yes,” Shouto practically sobbed, his hand curling in the sheets, “Yes, yes-oh!”

Touya had cupped Shouto’s knees with his hands and was pushing them up and down, so that his tongue ran over their baby brother’s cunt back and forth. Natsuo had never seen anyone get eaten out that way, it looked really fucking sexy. It sounded even better.

“Hah-ah,” Shouto moaned, his legs shaking in Touya’s grip, “Big brother, I’m gonna-” The rest of his words were cut off by a cry and then he was sobbing softly, cumming on Touya’s tongue.

Natsuo had to shoot his hand down and squeeze himself hard before he came in his pants like a horny teenager. He couldn’t fully stifle his groan, and while Shouto seemed way too gone to notice the sound, it did not escape Touya’s attention. As he stopped moving their baby brother’s legs, he locked eyes with Natsuo, flashing him that wicked grin that used to always get his blood rushing.

(Did he have some...inappropriate feelings for his big brother growing up? Was he enamored with him in a way that was a little beyond what a little brother feels for their older sibling? Honestly, yes. And really, given the house he grew up in it wasn’t much of a surprise to him that his first crush was on Touya) 

“Mmm, your pussys still quivering for me,” Touya said, voice husky as he sat Shouto down, moving their baby brother so he was sprawled out on his back. “Must have been a while since someone ate this cunt good . I bet our old man is shit at it.”

Why oh why did those words, Touya giving voice to the biggest, most amoral secret of the Todoroki household, make Natsuo feel hot all over with the smug lure in them? Of course Endeavor didn’t know how to fuck Shouto properly, the man only cared about himself and no doubt that selfishness extended to sex.

Only Shouto’s big brother could give him what he deserved. What he needed .

Natsuo had never wanted anything or anyone more than he wanted to throw the bedroom door the rest of the way open, stride over to that bed and bury his face between Shouto’s pale thighs-

“You’re such a slut baby,” Touya teased with fondness and oh, he was sliding his fingers into Shouto’s cunt and Natsuo could hear the filthy, wet squelch of their motions, “Have you soaked up cum from every man in our family, hm?” Shouto whimpered instead of answering and Touya’s grin grew, “Have you let Natsuo-nii fuck you raw?”

Natsuo couldn’t see Shouto’s face, but he heard his breathing stutter at the question. Saw his thighs tremble. “N-no…” He finally gasped out, rocking his hips in rhythm with Touya’s fingers.

Touya clicked his tongue, “Do you want him to?” His voice was a purr and at first Shouto gave no further response than a plaintive whine. Touya growled, his other hand smacking down hard on Shouto’s thigh, drawing a moan from him. “ Answer me .”

Natsuo heard Shouto sniffle, imagined his eyes glassy wet with tears and felt his cock throb. “Uh-huh,” Shouto panted, his back arching. Touya raised an eyebrow, expectant, “I want Natsuo to fuck me.” Shouto breathed out.

It was taking every ounce of willpower Natsuo had not to burst into that room. Luckily for him, Touya had mercy on him.

“Good boy,” Touya purred, rubbing Shouto’s stomach, “And you’re in luck because we have a guest, and I think he wants that just as much as you do.” Their baby brother made a confused noise, Touya turned his gaze towards Natsuo, “Come in little brother. Watching is fun, but playing is even better.”

It was probably embarrassing, how quickly Natsuo threw open the door and stepped inside. He really should have been more conflicted about all this. More guilt-ridden but fuck it, guilt was the furthest thing on his mind as he moved towards his brothers, the medical bag dropped to the floor for now.

“Natsuo,” Shouto’s voice was shaking, his eyes wide and face flushed despite the fact that he’d just confessed he wanted his other brother to fuck him. To erase any lingering questions of if he wanted to be here, doing this, Natsuo knelt down took his baby brother’s lips in a harsh, hungry kiss.

He’d thought about doing this so many times before, enough that any disgust he might have felt was long gone. Shouto’s mouth was hot , but his tongue startlingly cool and he arched up into the kiss, responding beautifully. They moaned into each other’s mouths and Natsuo let his hands wander.

He loved the little patches of hair at the center of Shouto’s chest and around both of his nipples. His tits were small, just a little more than a mouthful, with a sweet curve to their shape and they were so soft in contrast with the more muscular definition of his abdomen and arms. Natsuo rolled Shouto’s nipple between his finger and thumb and his brother shuddered.

“Goddamn,” Touya breathed and Natsuo looked to him, saw how the lining of his staples made it seem like his smile stretched for miles. “You’re a natural Natsuo, just look how wet you’re making him.”

Natsuo pulled away from Shouto’s lips, wanting-needing to see. He followed the faint trail of hair down his belly to his bush and holy shit . Natsuo found his gaze stuck on their baby brother’s clit. It looked like it was almost twice the size of his thumb, so prominent he could clearly see it through the tufts of Shouto’s pubic hair and it was throbbing.

“You wanna suck it,” Touya slyly remarked. Shouto’s stomach dipped as Natsuo nodded. “Well go ahead.”

Not needing any further prompting, Natsuo took that swollen bud between his lips. He sucked in long, deep pulses, savoring the heavy, slightly salty taste.

“Onii-san!” Shouto cried, his body jerking upwards, hands tangling in Natsuo’s hair, “T-too much, ah, I can’t-”

His voice was so pretty, so needy. Natsuo groaned, suckling harder and Shouto’s back arched up.

“Just like that,” Touya encouraged him, fucking his fingers faster into Shouto’s cunt. “Don’t let him lie to you, our baby brother loves when you make him cum so many times it hurts.” His other hand moved below the one finger-fucking Shouto. 

Suddenly Shouto’s clit pulsed in Natsuo’s mouth, “Touya!” He sobbed and Natsuo didn’t understand what had happened until Touya chuckled, “I know you like having this hole fucked just as much as the other, dirty boy. You’re gonna let Natsuo pound your ass like a good slut.”

Natsuo moaned around Shouto’s clit and the vibrations sent his baby brother over the edge, the bud in his mouth throbbing. Shouto moaned loudly, nails scraping against Natsuo’s scalp as he convulsed. He heard Touya groan, both his hands still fucking into their baby brother, spreading him open.

“Fuck me,” Shouto begged, “Touya, Natsuo, fuck me now .”

Touya laughed again, and Natsuo found himself struck by how soft his older brother’s gaze was as he looked at Shouto. “So spoiled.” But he pulled his hands away and laid himself down on the bed. “Get on top of me baby.” Touya urged.

Shouto’s entire body was a long sinew of sweat soaked skin as he crawled on top of Touya, bending down to kiss him, open mouthed and messy. He reached down between their bodies, taking their big brother’s cock in hand and guiding it towards his cunt. Natsuo’s breath hitched and he watched, mesmerized as Touya’s cock sank into Shouto’s pussy, the rivulets of slick gushing out from their baby brother’s sex to run down his length.

Otouto,” Touya said, breaking Natsuo out of his trance, “What the hell are you waiting for?” His tone was more of a tease than impatient.

Natsuo stripped himself so eagerly he nearly tripped getting out of his pants. Luckily he narrowly avoided that embarrassment and settled on the bed between Touya’s out-spread legs. There was lube in the sheets, which made him wonder if Touya was originally going to be the one to fuck Shouto’s ass and his cock throbbed at the thought as he picked the bottle up, slicking himself generously before pushing his crown against Shouto’s rim. Natsuo leaned over his baby brother’s back and kissed his shoulder, careful to push in slowly, not wanting to hurt him.

“Oh my god,” Natsuo breathed out as he got further inside his brothers tight heat.

Shouto moaned softly, “Natsuo-nii,” He panted, looking at Natsuo from over his shoulder as he pushed back against him harder, “You’re so big.” His words broke off into a whine, lashes fluttering.

He bottomed out, his cock twitching inside his baby brother. And that appeared to be Touya’s cue, because Natsuo felt Shouto’s body move and then their little brother gasped, whimpering. Unable to wait any longer, he pulled back then snapped his hips forward. Natsuo’s pace was slow but hard.

Between them Shouto’s body was shaking almost violently, his noises high and desperate, voice cracking with pleasure. Natsuo felt his balls rub over the underside of Touya’s cock and moaned, reaching out to grip Shouto’s shoulders as he fucked into him faster.

The slap of their skin was loud and obscene, but easily drowned out by their baby brother’s sobs.

From over his shoulder, Natsuo could see Touya grinning. “You’re such a little slut, taking both of your brother’s cocks.” Shouto only whined in response. Touya’s smirk grew. “Does it feel good baby?”

Another whine and Natsuo couldn’t help himself, He brought his hand down hard on Shouto’s ass, earning him a gasp and his cock a good squeeze.

“Yes,” Shouto finally answered, voice wrecked, “oh fuck me.”

“You’re close again,” Touya observed, sounding smug. One of his hands moved between their bodies. He must have started rubbing Shouto’s clit from the way their baby brother practically wailed. “Gonna cum again baby? Cum on your big brother’s cocks?”

A few feverish nods were given and then Shouto’s entire body clenched down on them, squeezing Natsuo’s dick so hard it made his eyes roll but that was nothing compared to feeling the hot surge of his baby brother’s juices on his balls as he cried out, squirting around Touya’s cock.

“Fuck,” Shouto sobbed, a high and pretty sound, “Fuck, fuck , God big brothers-”

Natsuo couldn’t take it. Shouto came so hard and so long , and he was still tightening around his cock when his orgasm rocked through him. With a harsh groan Natsuo filled him up and heard Touya moan in such a way that told him his older brother had cum too.

He slumped over on top of Shouto, pressing more kisses along his back. They were all panting heavily, the air thick with the smell of sex. There were...questions on his mind but they seemed less important than enjoying the heat and softness of his baby brother’s skin.

“Don’t fall asleep on me,” Shouto demanded, his words now surprisingly steady. “Either of you. I want you to fuck me again in a little bit.”

Touya laughed, the sound genuine and so light it made Natsuo’s heart flutter. He smiled against Shouto’s back, “Anything for you baby brother.”

Chapter Text

Shouto was led into an underground room, flanked by two individuals who looked like they were better suited for a Western medieval convention than a Japanese crime syndicate. With him he carried a thin folder and a much heavier briefcase. To avoid looking recognizable on any outside surveillance, he had put on a decent looking wig and, with far more difficulty, swallowed down his nausea and donned one of his mother’s kimonos. Snow white with the image of a tiger prowling through the mountains. It would have been nice to say that his choice of wardrobe was a first, but that was far from the truth. 

He loved to force Shouto into such attire on a regular basis. To have his son and heir also play the role of his little wife. That was what made it so hard to walk as if he wasn’t wrapped in chains and shackles when he was dressed like this. 

Shouto told himself that soon those days would be over. He was making certain of that right now. That dark promise eased his discomfort, but only a little.

On a long black sofa sat a man with golden, catlike eyes. Dressed in a sharp, fitted black suit. His eyes were the eyes of a predator, stony and unfeeling. Like the others, he wore a long plague mask, though his only covered the lower half of his face.

Not for the first time since coming here, Shouto had to quickly stamp down the urge to press a hand over his lower abdomen protectively. Of course, given the way a traditional kimono was structured, there was no way his pregnancy was apparent to the naked eye. So long as he kept his body language restrained, they wouldn’t know any more than they needed to.

“Mr. Chisaki,” Shouto greeted, bowing stiffly before sitting on the opposing sofa.

Chisaki’s posture was languid, deceptively easy. His eyes remained sharp as they regarded Shouto. “A princess comes underground.” He remarked, with a mild flourish of his hand. “I must admit, I’m surprised someone of your status would seek us out…”

They knew who he was, that much went without saying. Shouto hadn’t bothered to obscure his appearance beyond his hair and keeping his head bowed to avoid outside surveillance cameras. “Your organization might not be as influential as it once was, but that does not make you any less reputable or ineffective.” Shouto said, ready to get down to business. Ignoring Chisaki’s misgendering of him. “I’ve heard a great deal about you. You’re the only people I believe are capable of doing what I’m asking of you.”

Chisaki tapped his fingers together. “And what is it you’re asking of us?”

Shouto paused to open his folder, sliding a photograph across the table. On it was a man who needed no introduction. A man of which the world would be a better place without his presence in it. Chisaki’s eyes seemed to glimmer, but there was little other response that he could observe. Still, the fact that he was not immediately dismissing Shouto was promising. It meant his father’s reputation did not intimidate the man.

“Todoroki Enji, the flame hero Endeavor.” Shouto said, voice flat and lacking emotion,“I want you to kill him. My father has a substantial life insurance policy, the largest sum of which will be given should he die in the line of duty. I know that in the event of his death, I will be the primary recipient of his wealth and assets.” Another pause, to let the idea that the yakuza stood to gain far more than they could possibly lose should they do this for him sink in. Then Shouto slowly, deliberately took the briefcase off his lap and set it on the table, using his thumb print to unlock it. Inside were rows of currency. Over five years worth of accumulated money.

Chisaki leaned forward slightly, looking over the amount. It was clear he now had the man’s full attention.

“That’s forty percent of your payment,” Shouto informed him. “You’ll receive the remaining sixty after the job is done. I will wire a transfer to be deposited into an offshore account of your choosing.” 

Chisaki made a show of considering but Shouto knew, he was going to take this job. He’d done his homework, the yakuza regularly took on contracts these days as a primary source of income. What was laid out on the table was a small fortune and combined with the total amount Shouto was prepared to pay he had no doubt he could ask Chisaki to kill anyone and the man would rise to the occasion.

But there was only one man’s blood he wanted spilled. 

“I accept your contract,” Chisaki said, voice still soft and polite. “What’s the time frame for it?”

“It must be done before the month is over.” Shouto insisted. Before he was far along enough for his father to finally notice. At two and a half months, the outward curvature of his belly was still subtle and he had not gained enough weight yet for Endeavor to subject him to one of his invasive physical examinations. But the clock was ticking.

Chisaki did not appear dissuaded by the short allowance of time he was being given. “And so it will be done.” He took off one of his gloves and held his hand out. When Shouto placed his own within the bosses grasp, he stiffened when he felt Chisaki’s thumb rub over his skin. “Softer than silk.” The man mused. 

When he released him, Shouto was quick to stand and take his leave. But before he left the room, he swallowed his discomfort and made one final request. “Before you kill him, please tell him Shouto sends his regards.”




In the common area dorms of U.A. campus, Shouto watched his father die on the television. Attacked by a group of masked men (different from the masks Shouto had seen them in), Japan’s new Number One hero’s reign came to an abrupt and violent end.

Before the ringleader made Endeavor’s head explode, he had knelt down beside his ear. The words were impossible to hear, if you could even tell he was speaking. But Shouto heard them like a war cry. Like vengeance. Like justice.

Shouto sends his regards.

A nation was plunged into a state of mourning.

Shouto breathed in the taste of true freedom. Tears fell from his eyes, mistaken for grief by his teachers and classmates. There was no grief, no regret. Only liberation.



Shouto played the role well, a young son so shell-shocked with grief it left him emotionally frozen, his affect stifled and cold. Natsuo, Fuyumi and his teachers and classmates were not surprised that this was how he behaved in the wake of his father’s death. Retreating back to the behavior he exhibited when he first came to U.A.

In a private study of the Todoroki house, Shouto went over all the legal documents and readings of his father’s will and testament. Dressed in a man’s black kimono with black hakama trousers. A traditional outfit for those in mourning. Legally Shouto was the inheritor of his father’s estate, a sizable sum of his wealth and the CEO incumbent of Endeavor Hero Agency when he came of age and completed his studies.

The first thing he did was ensure his mother’s release from the psychiatric facility. Natsuo and Fuyumi would be bringing her home tomorrow.

Once the lawyers had departed, Shouto moved out to the garden, studying a lilac bush his mother had planted. Blue lilacs, a symbol of happiness and tranquility. Now looking at them wouldn’t feel like staring at a lie.

A small smile touched his lips.

Shouto no kimi ,” That distinctive, poised voice called out from behind him. Shouto turned sharply, rising to his feet with wariness. And there he stood, Chisaki Kai, with two of his subordinates. 

Shouto breathed in, not allowing his eyes to betray his apprehension,“You’ve already received the rest of your payment.”

Chisaki conceded the point with a slight nod. “I have.” He began to walk towards Shouto.

“Then what do you want?” Shouto asked, with a hardness in his tone.

“To see you again,” Chisaki said, now right in front of him. He removed the glove on his right hand. “I must confess, the thought of you has not left my mind.” Long fingers trailed down the curve of Shouto’s cheek. “Some gems in this world are truly rare…”

Shouto moved to the side, retreating from that touch. “You should not be here.” He said firmly. “I want you to leave.”

Despite his words, Chisaki’s hand followed his motions and he held his fingers underneath Shouto’s chin. He wasn’t going to listen, Shouto realized. He was-

“A man of honor would heed those words.” A low voice called out from the darkness, a warning in its otherwise easy tone. Instantly Shouto felt himself relaxing a bit, as out of the shadows emerged Dabi. Touya . Coming up to stand behind him. His scent was smoky with traces of spice. “Is the yakuza not still a noble organization?” His brother challenged.

Chisaki regarded Dabi in silence for a long moment, which left Shouto holding his breath. Then he stepped away, bowing slightly. “May we meet again Shouto no kimi.” And then he and his men were walking away.

Shouto waited until he was certain they were gone before turning to face his brother. “Thank you.” He said softly.

Dabi looked at him with narrow eyes. “I told you.” He said, “I told you I would take care of Endeavor. Shouto, you can’t just get in bed with the yakuza and then walk away-”

“Nevermind that,” Shouto cut him off, taking Dabi’s face in his hands. “All that matters is that you’re still here. That I still have you.” He stroked his fingers over scarred cheeks in a gentle, loving motion. “I know this isn’t how you wanted to do things. But Niisan, I couldn’t risk it,” He said firmly. “I lost you once Touya, I will not lose you again.” He took his brother’s hand and laid it over his belly. “We both need you.” His eyes became wet, tears on the edge of falling. “It’s a boy.” He whispered. “It’s your boy.”

Dabi sighed, in such a way that told Shouto this matter was certainly not settled. But he allowed Shouto to pull him into a long, deep kiss and the hand he kept pressed over the swell of his stomach was warm. Protective. “I will not let anything happen to you.” Dabi swore. “Either of you. I’m going to keep you safe.”

“I know,” Shouto whispered, a smile forming on his lips as he pulled his brother into another kiss. “Welcome home Touya.”

Chapter Text

People said they were sorry, a lot. It must have been so hard, they’d say, not having been born blind. Having memories of when you used to be able to see the world through your eyes. Shouto hated the way they said that, like they were mourning some part of him. Like he’d died a little when the scalding hot water drove the sight out of his left eye and finished dying a year later after what the doctors said was months of stress more severe that they’d ever witnessed in such a young boy resulted in a disease of his optic nerve, taking  his right eye’s ability to see as well. 

It hadn’t been hard for Shouto to accept the loss of his vision honestly, apart from struggling to adjust. He’d felt as though he’d been living in darkness all his life. This felt like it had been coming for a long time. And part of him was grateful, now he would never have to look upon his father’s face again. And Mother...if they ever met again, he would not have to see the fear and disgust on her face as she gazed at his unbearable left side. He would not have to gaze at his own unbearable left side. All he had to do was to learn to rely on his other senses to navigate the world. 

The same acceptance could not be said for his father, who raged and roared and refused to give up on his greatest creation. Shouto would overcome this, Endeavor demanded nothing less from his heir. Training continued, longer, harder all the while his father also searched for someway to restore Shouto’s eyesight. In a world of superpowers, surely that would not be such a tall order, right?

At nine years old Shouto was taken to a man named Dr. Ujiko, a quirk specialist. Through the use of genetic fusion treatments, the doctor believed he would be able to ingrain Shouto with a quirk called Aura Vision. It would not truly restore his eyesight, but it would allow him to perceive living people and animals in shadow forms, surrounded by an individual colored hue known as an aura. The colors would shift depending on the emotions of the individual. Father also informed him he’d be getting a quirk to enhance his hearing capabilities.

Shouto didn’t believe he needed more quirks, but the decision was ultimately not up to him.

He spent six months in Dr. Ujiko’s private facility, in agony and exhaustion. But it worked, he got the Aura Vision and the Enhanced hearing quirk, and that was all that mattered to his father. 

“I couldn’t handle the idea that I might never see her again.” Shouto had explained to Midoriya after the Cavalry Battle. “And it was like, somewhere deep inside my head, I felt that if I couldn’t see her then I didn’t want to see anything anymore. And eventually, I didn’t.”

Ten times as good. That’s what his father told him, over and over. If Shouto was going to be a hero now, he had to be ten times as good as all the others, just to get half the respect that those who could see were automatically given. Just to get half. Half would never be enough, not for his Father. So instead, Shouto was a hundred times as good. 

But not for his Father, for himself.

On the national stage, he silenced all the speculation as to whether there was a place in Yuuei for a student of his “limitations”- let alone in the world of professional heroes, by taking first place in the Sport’s Festival. It didn’t feel like a big victory, doing something that so thoroughly pleased his father never would. But Shouto did feel some pride. If nothing else, he’d made Bakugou eat his words in his speech at the start of the festival. It was...gratifying render the hot-headed boy silent for once. 

Well, for a little while at least.  Shouto bypassed the reporters, figuring his father would do more than enough boasting to fill their ears and not wanting to be seen beside the man. To be flaunted like a prized bull. He’d made his way to the opposite end of the stadium the media was clarmoured outside of. Just to enjoy the silence, clear his head a bit. His respite was brief.

“Half ‘n Half,” Bakugou’s voice called out from his right, loud but not as aggressive as his usual tone was. Subdued.

Shouto turned his head, “Bakugou.” He replied, neutral. The other boy’s aura shone brightly, golden as always, and that meant his mood was not negative.

A beat. Bakugou’s silhouetted form moved closer to him, in his space. “You’re not terrible,” Bakugou remarked, like that was somehow a compliment, “Next time though, I’m handing you your ass.”

Good game, in so many words at least. Shouto huffed out a small laugh, amused. The glow of Bakugou’s aura intensified. It really was...quite a sight so to speak.

Without giving the action prior thought, Shouto reached out with both his hands, slowly enough that the other boy could have moved away to avoid contact. Bakugou didn’t though. Carefully, Shouto touched both sides of his face, fingers gliding over smooth skin. His classmate was handsome, he could feel as much. “You’re golden.” Shouto said.

In his hands, he felt Bakugou’s face twitch. A grimace maybe, but he didn’t pull away. “What the hell does that mean?” He asked instead, voice rough with an emotion Shouto couldn’t place.

“Your aura, the energy around you. It’s golden. All Might’s is that color, Midoriya’s too. You’re the only people I’ve met with it.” Shouto went on. “And I's the mark of a true hero's heart.” His lips quirked. “Even if they can be an asshole sometimes.”

It might have been his imagination, but Bakugou’s cheeks felt like they got hotter. Only for a moment, then the other boy jerked his head out of Shouto’s grasp. “You’re...really fucking weird.” Bakugou muttered, though his aura was still broadcasting a positive temperament. “I’m outta here, but just remember, we’re not finished. Not by a longshot.”

Shouto allowed a small smile to touch his lips. The expression felt strange. Out of place on his own face. “I look forward to it Bakugou.” The other boy huffed, and then walked away.

Shouto’s smile stayed in place for a moment before melting away. “Stop hiding.” He said, cautious and not exactly polite. “I can feel you watching me.”

A figure emerged from the darkness, tall and surrounded by a warm blue aura. “Good to see the tiger cub hasn’t lost his claws.” Their voice was a low drawl. Teasing.

Shouto froze at the description of himself. A familiar description. His brow furrowed.


Chapter Text

And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side

   Of my darling—my darling—my life and my bride,

   In her sepulchre there by the sea—

   In her tomb by the sounding sea.


Annabel Lee, Edgar Allan Poe

Shouto had always known his strength was long distance combat, though his father had trained him to be able to fight in close quarters. Up until now, however, he’d never really needed to utilize that training. Which was to say it was a major weakness. A weakness and...he felt right now that it was going to cost him everything.

Shouto laid down on the concrete, frozen, staring at twin red eyes hovering over his bleeding body. He could feel the blood rushing out of his stomach, soaking his clothing, pooling around the ground. But he couldn’t...he...couldn’t...

Stain dragged the knife upwards. Don’t pull it , Shouto’s mind shouted while a scream tore from his lips, Please don’t pull it-

A flash of white, a violent rush of wind. Then Stain was gone, being thrown backwards, away from Shouto. The knife was still in his stomach. 

What was happening around him began to fade in and out, like an old movie disrupted by static.



Midoriya, yeah that was Midoriya’s voice wailing at him.

Blue hair, wide eyes looking down a him. “Todoroki!” They cried, sobbing, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

“Oh,” Shouto said, blinking rapidly, “It really hurts…” 

More static...



Heat, too much heat. It made him cry out. There were flames in his glassy vision, it almost looked like the sky was on fire. The heat was coming from his stomach. His father was trying to cauterize the wound, to stop the rapid bleeding.

“D-dad?,” Shouto stuttered, the syllables of his words pushed out between gasps, “I-it hurts…”

Stop talking ,” Endeavor said, and Shouto had never heard him speak in that tone of voice before. Gentle. And afraid. “I’m getting you to a hospital, you’re going to be alright.”

Again, static…

Sirens, a glaring light shining overhead.

“Stay awake,” his father was urging him, “Stay awake Shouto, please -”

Shouto’s head rolled to the side, vision growing fuzzier by the second. He saw the form of his father, but couldn’t make out his features from the blinding white light in the ambulance. But he tried to do what he was asked. Hold onto that shadowy shape of the man he’d lived in fear and hatred of. It was almost funny. His father was the last person Shouto would want with him as he was fighting for his life. Yet here he was. Holding his hand, speaking to him softly, running his other hand through Shouto’s hair.

I can’t... believe the only time it’s ever felt like you love me... is as I’m dying

The hand in his hair froze. Had he said that out loud? Drops of wetness hit Shouto’s face. His eyelids felt like stones had been placed atop them. Lower and lower they dropped. Then eventually, the world went dark.




Ujiko quietly opened the door to the hospital morgue, knowing his target would be in there. An opportunity such as this rarely came along, All For One was wise to seize it.

And what a sight greeted him. The great Flame Hero was bent over the body of his youngest son, their foreheads touching as his large form trembled through sobs. Right then and there, Ujiko knew this mission All For One had sent him on would be a success. To the world at large, Endeavor was a man unmoved by those around him. This loss was so powerful it had stripped him bare. 

Heartbreak, love, was the most powerful motivator of all.

Ujiko allowed the door to close, and the noise finally alerted Endeavor to the fact that he was not alone. “Leave me.” He said, voice rough. 

“I don’t believe you want that Endeavor.” Ujiko said, stepping forward. “Not when you hear what I have to say.”

Endeavor stood up, but his eyes were still firmly fixed on his son. His hand ran through red and white tresses. “There is nothing you could possibly say to me that would matter right now.”

“Don’t be so quick to dismiss me.” Ujiko countered. “I didn’t come here to give you condolences. I came to offer you a second chance. A chance to have your boy again.”

That got him the hero’s full attention. Endeavor looked towards him sharply, but there was a spark of hope in his eyes. “What are you talking about?”

“This world is full of people with extraordinary powers.” Ujiko explained. “My employer has inherited one of the rarest and most miraculous quirks of all: the ability to resurrect the dead.” He paused, giving Endeavor time to truly absorb his words. To let that spark of hope transform into a fire. “Your son was a rare gem. My employer believes that to lose him forever would be more than a tragedy. He’s offering you another option. The question is what would you do to have your son back?”

Endeavor didn’t hesitate to answer. “Anything.”

No concern for who his employer was. How he even knew about his son’s death when the media had no idea what had happened. Because all of that meant nothing compared to what was being offered to him.

Ujiko had to keep himself from grinning. He pushed his glasses up. “My employer wants you to become our double agent.” He said. “In return for bringing back your son, you will give us information on the movements of other Pro Heroes, events at Yuuei. Anything we ask,  you will give us.” There was a flash of hesitation in Endeavor’s eyes, before they fell back on his son. “Is that truly too high of a price to pay to get back what you’ve lost? We will ask for nothing of your son, we will never try to harm him. Only you will be in our service.” He held out his hand. “You must decide now Endeavor. If the resurrection is not done within three days following death, it cannot be done at all.”

Just as he’d anticipated, news of the time constraint spurred Endeavor into making a decision. He took Ujiko’s hand in his own, giving it a firm shake. “I accept your terms.”

“Excellent. I will take your son’s body and deliver it to my employer. And there is one more thing,” Ujiko said. “I will need all the information on the hospital the Hero Killer is currently receiving treatment in and I will need you to work with me so that we may retrieve him before he his transported to Tartarus.”

Endeavor’s brow furrowed. “Why?”

“Death and life are entwined. In order to raise someone from the dead, you must sacrifice the life of another.” Ujiko tilted his head, “Who better to lay at the feet of Death than the man who killed your son? Help me bring him to my employer alive and you’ll get your boy back.”

When it came to ending the life of his son’s murderer, Endeavor did not give it a moment’s thought. “Fine, I’ll get you your information within the hour. I want this done tonight .”

Now Ujiko allowed his smile to form. “Excellent. I promise you Endeavor, you won’t regret this.”



“I must inform you,” The stout Doctor had told Enji once they were inside his facility. “It’s quite...unorthodox, the way this will work. My employer has already done his part,” He gestured towards Shouto who remained very much pale and lifeless on a single bed in the room. There was however an incandescent, white glow surrounding his son’s body. “The rest falls on you…”

Enji felt his flames sparking and was barely able to keep himself from erupting them fully. “Just tell me what I have to do.” He snapped.

The Doctor gave a curt nod, “You have to lie with him, as he is now. Through your union, he will return to life.”

Enji frowned, “I thought you required the Hero Killer to bring my son back.”

Again the Doctor nodded, “I do, he is the third and final stage in your son’s resurrection. But this second part- your part, is just as critical.”

“Leave us then.” Enji said, seeing no cause to argue further. A better man, a better father, might have struggled morally with being asked to  perform such an act on their own child. He was better than many men in several aspects of his life. This was not one of them.

Now alone with his son, Enji did not hesitate to go to him. How many times had he stood in the bedroom of his youngest son, watching the gentle rise and fall of his body as he slept? Taking note of the tears that would at times fall from the boys eyes and roll down his smooth cheeks. Yearning, always yearning, but only going so far as to run his fingers through Shouto’s hair and caress his face. No more, no less.

Never once did he feel appalled by being drawn into Shouto’s orbit. For him there was no progression of fighting the attraction. Only a slow, delicate surrender. Enji had always known Shouto was special, his greatest creation. The presentation of his quirk was merely a testament to a truth he’d always known: they were inextricably bound to one another. 

This, what he was about to do, was little more than him voicing that truth through his flesh.

Despite the light emanating from his body, Shouto’s skin was cold to touch. The fatal wound he’d sustained from the Hero Killer was gone, the only marks upon his body were subtle scars Enji had given him during training. And of course, Rei’s lasting impression on his face. 

Gently, he swept the soft red tresses aside, revealing its full extent. Shouto used to flinch whenever his facial scar was touched, even in his sleep. “My son,” Endeavor murmured, leaning down, “My perfect boy…” His lips pressed tenderly above Shouto’s left brow, then above his closed eye, down his cheek. This was the kindest he’d ever been to anyone he shared a bed with. Even before things got...truly rough with Rei, while Endeavor was not harsh with her during sex he was hasty and detached. Eager to be done, to get to the end result. Another child, another possible heir. 

His lips trailed along the soft curve of Shouto’s jawline while one of his hands idly stroked through his son’s hair. The other swept over the canvas of his bare body, slow, reverent. This close he could see the way the fullness of his lashes kissed his cheekbones. How his lips were fuller at the bottom but no less inviting. Lips he covered with his own. “Shouto,” Enji whispered, “Shouto, Shouto…,” Spoken like a benediction. Laced with the grief carried by the nameless collections of parents who lose their child. And something far less pure.

Shouto’s lips felt like they grew warmer from his kiss, their bluish hue fading away. Encouraged, Enji kissed down the lining of his son’s neck, his hands moving to divest himself of his hero outfit. Which was still stained with blood.

When he was fully undressed, he climbed over his son’s body. Endeavor’s mouth left kisses down Shouto’s sternum, stopping just above his navel. He was so soft, even with the muscle definition Enji had worked into him for years. Taking his son’s thighs in his hands, he spread them out, lifting them up. He didn’t even need to work himself up, he was fully hard against the white bedsheets.

Enji ran the back of his knuckles down Shouto’s cheek as he began to push inside of him. He kissed him again, groaning at the cold tightness that enveloped him. He took ahold of his son’s wrist, pressing a kiss to his palm. As he moved inside his boy, the light surrounding Shouto began to increase.

Enji kept moving, allowing soft grunts and moans to fall from his lips. Even like this, Shouto felt incredible, better than anyone he’d ever been with. Perfect. Gradually the coldness around his cock began to shift, the temperature rising.

With his face pressed into his son’s neck, their bodies flush against one another’s, Enji felt the instant that the small body beneath him began to stir, to move . Shouto came back to him with a loud gasp, his body arching up.

Enji raised his head, found his son looking at him with hooded eyes. He didn’t appear to be fully aware of what was going on, confusion and pleasure warring on his features. “My boy,” Enji proclaimed, taking those parted lips in his own once more. “My Shouto…” Shouto quivered, panting against his mouth.

“Ahh,” Shouto breathed out, shuddering when Enji’s cock pressed against that spot inside of him that made his head fall back, a euphoric moan falling from his lips, “Da...oh, Dad.” Spoken in a breathy, soft voice.

Enji moaned again, sucking bruises along his son’s throat. He felt himself growing lightheaded, near drunk on this this this . Giving his son life in a way no one else ever would. Having him, the most important person, his creation, his flesh and blood…

His love, writhing beneath him. Open and vulnerable, beautiful, and clinging to Enji rather that fleeing from his touch. One of Shouto’s hands touched the back of Enji’s neck, pulling him into another deep kiss. “More,” Shouto whispered, “More, more, please…” And when he kissed Enji again, it felt like he drew out all the air in his body. The room seemed to spin, all his senses dizzy, his vision growing hazy as he continued to fuck his son.

Enji felt himself growing hotter and hotter the closer he got to cumming. Shouto’s legs wrapped around his hips, encouraging him to go deeper and deeper still. His son looked like an angel beneath him, glowing brighter and brighter until he eclipsed everything else in Enji’s vision. In his world.

He watched Shouto’s eyes roll back, the long arch of his body looked like poetry as he came around Enji, who shuddered and groaned, filling his son up. It felt like something was seeping from his eyes and nose, like his heart was pounding too fast. But it didn’t matter. Shouto, all that mattered was Shouto and giving him more, more, only more.

Enji collapsed into ecstasy.

Chapter Text

Todoroki Enji has four bullet shaped scars on his back. They’re the closest thing to love marks Shouto will ever give him. 

Some children long to be held by their father, to be given kisses and tender touches. Shouto cannot remember ever having been one of them. As a small boy, he remembers being terrified of his parent’s room, where he so often heard his mother crying. If ever Shouto had a nightmare, instead of seeking her out, he would simply turn on his back and stare up at the ceiling, emptying his mind until he fell asleep. 

Endeavor is a figure he’s always fled from, never approached of his own volition. Because even then, no older than five, even then he knew there was a monster in their house. He heard Touya’s screams, saw his bandages, quietly watched his mother cover the black and purple bruises on her face with makeup.

Sometimes he dreamed of a hero saving them. All Might, anyone really. He prayed that when he got his quirk, it would be strong enough that he’d be able to stop his father from hurting his family.

It's on a winter night that Shouto, no older than five, first tries to be a hero. He remembers seeing it in Touya’s room, hidden away in his closet or held in his oldest brother’s trembling hands. “Not yet,” Touya would mutter, “Not yet. Soon…” Shouto knows what a gun is. He knows not many people use them anymore but that back before quirks, police used to use them to stop bad people.

When he hears his mother screaming, and Touya’s voice yelling and frantically begging for Endeavor to stop, stop STOP , something in Shouto breaks open. His room is right beside his oldest brother’s. Within moments he’s inside Touya’s closet, he’s moving objects aside and he’s pulling out a gun that feels too big for his hands. It’s heavy too. He wonders if all guns are.

Another scream, the sound of something crashing into the wall. Shouto sprints down the hallway, patters as quietly down the stairs as he can manage. In the dim lighting of the living room, his father looks like he is literally made out of darkness, a shadowy beast looming over the cowering form of his mother. He’s talking too, his voice is low and dangerous. Shouto can’t hear the words, can’t hear anything beyond his own heart pounding so hard it might burst out of his body. Touya lays in a heap on the ground not far from them. He isn’t moving.

None of them have noticed he’s there.

The gun feels like it gets even heavier as he raises it, but Shouto bears the weight. It’s what a hero would do, after all. Anything to stop a monster. To save people. He pulls the trigger once, and then he just can’t stop. Boom, boom, boom. Four times and then the gun is empty.

Silence, heavier than the gun in his trembling hands, so heavy it feels like it could crush him. Endeavor falls down onto one knee, blood leaking from mismatched holes over his back. His hulking shoulders rise and fall, he turns around-

“Shouto, run!” Mother’s scream hurts his ears to hear, shreds something inside of Shouto to ribbons.

Pound, pound pound , his heart goes. Endeavor is coming towards him, fast, too fast. Why isn’t he on the ground? This isn’t how it’s supposed to go-

It's cold suddenly, freezing cold. Shouto blinks, and then he’s on the ground, the gun knocked free from the impact. Father’s eyes are colder than the room, his hand is around Shouto’s throat. He’s yelling at him, the words go unheard by him. His heart is louder. The hand around his neck is hot, too hot-

Shouto screams, feels a burst of cold erupt from the right side of his body, and scorching heat from his left. Father’s hand falls away, his eyes widening. And then, slowly, he smiles. 

“Finally.” Endeavor breathes out. The joy on his face is more terrifying than anything Shouto has ever seen before. It feels like the promise of a punishment. Like a curse. 

His memory of the immediate aftermath blurs. Father leaves, goes to a doctor or someone else. One thing remains vivid, the way his mother looked at him as she gathered Touya in her arms. At the time, all Shouto saw in her eyes was a sadness that seemed to swallow the whole room. But now he knows, he realizes what else was in her gaze. A harsh, heartbreaking truth. 

He was damned, his fate sealed.

Shouto remembers that look in her eyes the day his training starts. He remembers it when he’s eleven, as he’s pressing his fingers down on a burn along his inner thigh, while he clumsily strokes his cock with his other hand. Pain is the only thing that makes him feel like this. The only way he gets release.

He remembers it when he’s thirteen and the doors to his room slide open in the dead of night, his father’s heavy footsteps are like the sound of a body dropping to the ground. Coming closer, closer, too close...

“My Shouto. My masterpiece,” Endeavor breathes against the back of his head, while his thrusts rock Shouto back and forth violently. It hurts, his father’s cock is burning hot inside of him. Like he wants to brand him from the inside out, leave a mark that no one will see but that Shouto will always know , will always feel is there. An invisible collar and chain. It hurts, and he’s wet and needing as his father grips his hardness.

Tomorrow morning Shouto will be going to Yuuei to start the entrance process. Everything in his life has led up to this moment.

This is everything he’s his father’s wanted.

Shouto can’t get his mother’s eyes out of his head. Not when his father cums inside of him for the third time. Not while he lies naked on the desk afterwards, curled up and shuddering violently, his father’s hand running through his hair in a fake display of tenderness that makes him want to vomit. “Do your best tomorrow.” Endeavor tells him. “I expect nothing less.”

Shouto swallows, nods numbly. His head feels like it’s splitting open, skull too full of pain, shame and rage to be contained inside his body.

He thinks about the night his quirk manifested. If only he’d raised his hands higher, aimed the gun at Endeavor’s head. Truly stained his hands with his father's blood the way his soul lies battered and ruined on Endeavor's hands now. What would his fate be like then?

It doesn't matter in the end. This is his life, his own personal chamber of hell on Earth.

Todoroki Enji has four bullet shaped scars on his back. They’re the closest thing to love marks Shouto will ever give him.

Chapter Text

Shouto had never met any of his mother’s friends before. At most, he’d occasionally heard her talking to them over the phone, always hidden away. Father didn’t like it when she spoke to her friends as far as he could tell.

As he’d laid on the couch, sobbing from the unbearable pain on the left side of his face that the ice his mother had made did nothing to ease away, he distantly heard his mother sobbing over the phone. Asking someone named Motome for help. Right now, Mother had insisted, they all had to get out right now or Enji would kill her when he found out-

After the call, Fuyumi, Touya, and Natsuo were all woken up by his mother, who had calmed down enough to tell them to get some bags and pack clothes. Shouto, who had curled up and screamed when Mother reached for him, couldn’t do it himself. Touya made a bag for him instead.

When Motome showed up, it was with several other men in suits. She had long pale blue hair and sunglasses on that matched her pretty black dress. She’d given Mother a hug, and told them all to get in one of the three vehicles waiting outside. By that time Shouto had become so exhausted, all he did was flinch a little when Mother picked him up.

Then like a fairytale, Shouto and his family were driven away from the world above into a hidden fortress underground.

Motome turned out to be the only daughter of a man who insisted Mother and the rest of them call him by his first name, Sadamu. He was in charge of everything that went on underground and as long as they stayed with him, he would keep them safe. And he took Mother’s hand in his and pressed a long kiss to her knuckles. As if she were royalty.




Shouto still remembered one physician Sadamu had examine him to remarking that it his “abnormalities” were uniquely suited given the nature of his quirks, even suggesting that the half and half duality of his body makeup might have played a role in his physical development. XY Intersex, they’d called him. Technically, he had the chromosomes of a boy but the lower half of his anatomy was ambiguous, fitting neither what the medical community would describe as male or female. It still shocked him that Endeavor hadn’t taken him to some doctor to be chopped up at the first sight of him, but apparently he’d been warned that any form of such surgery would likely have an adverse effect on Shouto’s quirk development. 

When it was all said and done, Shouto’s prowess mattered more to his father than what was going on between his legs. 

“You could have asked Fuyumi to do this you know.” Shouto remarked into his earpiece as he waded through the crowd attendants. The long black evening dress he wore clung to every inch of his frame, its plunging neckline and slit down the right side giving his skin a minor amount of breathing room. She really was better suited for getting dolled up like this, certainly one ought to put a dress made to show off cleavage on someone who actually had tits. 

“Your sister is not one for bloodsport.” Chisaki replied, which was true. Even with all of his family now having key roles in Shie Hassaikai, his sister preferred to work in a way that negated her directly getting her hands dirty. If push came to shove, she could cut a man’s throat, but she wouldn’t be happy about it.

It was Touya and Shouto who regularly drenched their hands in blood. And Mother did her fair share, though one of the benefits of being the oyabun’s paramore was there were always followers willing to do the dirty work for her. Certainly Chisaki wouldn’t dare ask her to do this. In the yakuza kingdom, his mother sat firmly in the role of Queen and you do not call on the Queen, she calls on you.

As he moved past his first target who was lounging at the bar, Shouto deftly slipped the poisoned ice cube he’d formed into the man’s shot glass without anyone taking notice. Easy enough. 

He’s on the move, looking for his next target. Lingering glances fall on him as he weaves through the crowd. Nine years had passed since the night they all left the house. The disappearance of the Todoroki family, while still a mystery, was no longer headline news. Beyond dying his hair all black and using a number of aliases, Shouto’s made no other effort to obscure his identity. 

This is the kind of party where no one in their right mind would even consider alerting authorities as everything happening inside the building was various degrees of illegal. If you find yourself in need of medical attention, well, it sucks to be you.

The next person they’ve been hired to kill Shouto found reclining in a chair off to himself. Approaching him from behind, Shouto leaned over the back of his chair, lips next to the inebriated man’s ear. “Goodnight.” He whispered, while he shoved a long, thin shard of ice through the man’s right ear into his brain. He did it so carefully, to anyone who might have seen it looked like he just caressed the man’s ear while he was talking to him. His task complete, Shouto took his leave.

Chisaki and the others met up with him outside not long after. Shouto was reclining against a street post, enjoying the night air. Being underground so much was stifling. He’d torn the slit of his dress up higher and in doing such exposed the combat knife strapped to his stockings. Shame he didn’t get to use it tonight. “Took you long enough.” He remarked in a flat tone though in truth he was in no hurry to head back to base. He gestured towards the ever-present mask covering the lower half of Chisaki’s face. “Tell me that shit at least comes off during sex.”

“Charming as ever Shouto no kimi,” Chisaki said, his tone equally lacking in any discernible emotion. He eyed the smoke filtering around them with a heavy amount of distaste. “We should go.”

Shouto rolled his eyes. “I want to go somewhere else.” He insisted. “I’m all dressed up, you might as well take me to a club or something.”

“You know your mother forbids that.”

Oh Shouto knew that very well. Mother thought if he was stuck underground for the majority of his time, eventually he’d be forced to interact with her more. It wasn’t that their relationship was terrible, not in his mind at least. But they had both become very different people in the last nine years. Shouto kept to himself mostly, he didn’t play well with others unless he was the one calling the shots. He forgave Mother for mutilating him, but he never forgot. It was always in the forefront of his mind whenever he was around her, that she had within herself the capability to harm him. 

They were simply better suited to be apart more often than they were together. 

“Your brother would not be pleased either.” Chisaki went on, walking ahead of him.

Shouto’s jaw clenched for a moment. That was true too, Touya didn’t even like that he and Shouto were in the same line of “work” but that was one battle he decided to bypass. So it was just peachy if Shouto gutted a man, but dancing at a club? Not a suitable activity for his baby brother.

“If you two weren’t fucking you wouldn’t care.” Shouto tossed out, resigned to the fact that his trip outdoors was officially over. 

In the back of limosine, Shouto turned his back to Chisaki, “Unzip me please. I want out of this dress.” And he honestly did, but more than that, he wanted to get something more enjoyable out of this evening than two tame kills.

He couldn’t see Chisaki’s reaction, but he felt the zipper along the back of his dress being lowered, and then a warm palm splayed over his bared skin. Over the images of a tora and karashishi that were inked onto his back, his irezumi. 

“They say that when the Fu Lion’s are cubs their mother’s throw them off cliffs, and only the strongest survive to grow and flourish.” Chisaki remarked, his fingertips following the outline of fangs and open jaws.

Shouto turned in his seat to face the man, sliding his dress the rest of the way off. There was a change of clothes hanging beside him near the window, but he made no move to reach for it. “They sound like shit mothers.” He replied, slowly raising his left foot and sliding it into Chisaki’s lap. It was taken in a firm grip, the man’s hand running up the length of his stockings.

This was him testing the waters. Shouto had no idea what the actual nature of Chisaki and Touya’s relationship was. If they just fucked around from time to time or were going steady. Certainly the way Chisaki was acting gave no indication he was in a committed relationship. There was definite interest in his eyes. It encouraged Shouto to go further. 

Hoping this would look as good as it did in his head, he lifted his foot up higher, toes curling over the top of Chisaki’s face mask. Tugging on it. “You should get rid of that.” Shouto suggested. 

Chisaki caught his foot, his brow arched. “Open your legs and I will, little prince.”

Shouto sucked in a deep, admittedly nervous breath. There weren’t many people who had seen all of him and it would be a lie to say he hadn’t worried that his lower anatomy might be a dealbreaker for anyone he wanted to sleep with. Or worse, something they looked at like a science exhibit. But he’d been riding on bratty bravado up until this point and now he was being called on his bluff.

No way in hell was he backing down.

Shouto spread his legs out, baring everything he had. He’d neglected to put on the panties that came with the stockings and garter belt so nothing was being left to the imagination. His cock was small and fat, only slightly curved given how short it was. Then there was his slit underneath it, open just enough to show his wet insides. Flanked on both sides by thick, puffy mounds. Separated labioscrotal testits, the doctor called them. He hoped they looked sexier than their name.

Chisaki’s hand was still running along his leg, grazing at his thighs. He didn’t look disgusted, or like he was gawking at Shouto, but it was hard to read his expression beyond that. In fact Shouto was on the verge of shutting his legs tightly when Chisaki moved, parting the partition separating the back of the limo from the driver. “Take the longest route.” He told the man and when he turned around, he pulled his mask off.

Shouto felt his breath quicken as Chisaki knelt in front of where he was seated. “Hold your legs open for me.” Chisaki ordered. He obeyed without a second thought.

Chisaki dripped a long line of spit down on Shouto’s cock, spreading the wetness around with his fingers, and he gasped when a fingertip grazed over the slit of his crown. His cock actually throbbed at the attention, and he felt his cheeks flush hotley, anticipation heavy on his breath the closer Chisaki brought his face to where he needed it. At the first touch of soft lips over his little hardness his whole body shuddered, a soft “Fuck…” falling out of his mouth in a moan.

Shouto’s lashes fluttered as he was suckled on, pulses of pleasure running through his body. But he kept his eyes open, wanting to see. Chisaki’s tongue swirled around the head of his cock, sliding over his slit. There wasn’t a lot for him to work with, so he was able to lick over him everywhere. Toes curling, Shouto didn’t try to muffle his whimpers and soft moans. When his cock fell out of Chisaki’s lips he whined but then the man’s mouth was moving lower, his long, soft tongue slipping past Shouto’s little slit and getting inside of him and protesting was the last thing on his mind.

“Oh fuck,” Shouto panted, rocking his hips forward gently. “Feels good, K-Kai-”

Chisaki moaned at the use of his first name, the vibrations drawing a sob from Shouto. He was getting so hot and he could feel the wetness rushing out of his cunt, mixing with Chisaki’s spit and running down his skin. Chisaki fucked his tongue in and out of him, while he stroked Shouto’s cock with two fingers. It made his stomach quiver, his breathing coming out in gasps.

“Ahh, I-i think I’m gonna,” Shouto gasped suddenly, feeling a finger being slipped inside of him. He cried out and clenched down around Chisaki, cumming with breathy moans. His cock shot little streams of white over Chisaki’s face. He clenched again at the sight.

After a moment Chisaki pulled back, licking his lips. He wiped the cum off his face with his fingers, then brought them up to Shouto’s mouth. Shyly he parted his lips, tasting himself while he was fingered with Chisaki’s other hand. “Your cunt is tiny.” Chisaki observed, with a lustful kind of amusement that made Shouto tighten around him. “Is the little prince sure he’s ready to take a cock?”

As if to answer him Shouto’s pussy gushed, wetting Chisaki’s hand further. “Please,” Shouto said shakily, a little embarrassed by his bodies’ reaction, “Please fuck me.”

Chisaki took ahold of his chin, catching his lips in a hard kiss. There was a slightly spicy taste in his mouth that Shouto couldn’t get enough of, licking into it eagerly. He felt Chisaki’s cock fall over his, the thickness of it making him gasp. He wasn’t going to just slide in easily, no, he was going to really stretch him out.

He moaned at the thought, “Inside,” Shouto pled, feeling hot all over. “Inside please …”  Chisaki chuckled, his fingers still working, spreading inside of him a little longer before pulling away. Shouto felt himself clench at the sudden emptiness. But not a moment later the head of Chisaki’s cock pressed up against his slit and pushed inside-

“F-fuck!” Shouto whimpered, the stretch burning and making his eyes water. But his pussy gushed again, slicking Chisaki up further and while it hurt it also felt really, really, “It’s too big,” He whined, “I can’t-oh!” A soft cry fell from his lips, Shouto not even realizing he was that close again until he was there, cumming on Chisaki’s cock with only the head inside of him. 

Above him Chisaki moaned, petting his thighs, “Good boy,” He praised, “Just keep cumming on me like that.” His thumb rubbed over Shouto’s cock, drawing his high out longer as he pushed further into his cunt.

Shouto’s head fell against the leather seat, his eyes rolling back when Chisaki was finally half way inside of him. That seemed to be enough for the man, who hooked his thumbs through Shouto’s garters and pulled his hips back before shoving back forward.

Shouto’s voice cracked, his back arching as he was fucked, bounced back and forth on the seat. “Kai,” He keened softly, staring up into the man’s golden eyes, “Kai yes, fuck me.”

He couldn’t get enough of the hunger, the darkness in Chisaki’s eyes. The way they swept over his body greedily, drinking the sight of him in. His moans were rough and throaty, and his thrusts kept getting harder the longer he fucked him.

A thumb pressed against his mouth, Shouto sucked it past his lips, “If your mother and brother could see you now little prince,” Chisaki practically purred, “Fucked open and dripping like a good whore.” Shouto moaned shamelessly around the thumb in his mouth. Chisaki pulled his hand away, slapped his cheek lightly. He started rubbing Shouto’s cock again with hard pressure.

“I want,” Shouto tilted his head back, wetting his lips, “I want you to…”

“What little prince?” Chisaki pressed and fuck, Shouto could feel his cock leaking precome inside of him, throbbing against his walls, “What do you want?”

Shouto shuddered, “I want you to, to cum inside me,” It was more a desperate plea than a command but that didn’t seem to matter to Chisaki, who moaned and kissed him again with biting pressure, his fingers still working over Shouto’s cock. 

Inside his cunt, he felt Chisaki swell, bigger, almost too big for him to handle and then all at once his cock twitched and he was spurting his cum inside of Shouto. It was so warm, and made him feel so full , Shouto trembled and sobbed into Chisaki’s mouth, shaking apart from another climax.

They were still kissing as Chisaki went soft inside of him, “Perfect,” Chisaki breathed. Any other time those words would make him roll his eyes in discomfort. But this time? He wanted to throw Chisaki down on the limousine floor, sit on his cock and show him how perfect he could be-

“Chisaki-sama,” Chronostasis called from the other side of the partition, “We’ve been driving around the entrance for a while now, are we clear to go inside?”

Shouto bit his bottom lip, looking at Chisaki from under his lashes. When their eyes met, the older man smirked, loosening his tie. “Drive back to where we started and take a route to a different entrance.”

Chapter Text

Some opportunities were so immeasurable they tempted All For One to believe in fate. How else could he describe the information he’d received telling him that the Number Two hero and his wife, after struggling with fertility issues following her third pregnancy, were considering IVF treatments as well as a surrogate to carry their next child to term? Truly it was as if the fates had aligned to work in his favor. He seized the moment without hesitation.

Setoka was a woman constructed from All For One’s body, much like how Athena came into being by bursting from Zeus’ skull. Genetically she had no maternal DNA, he was her sire and her carrier. And it was within her that he passed on a quirk which had fascinated him but he seldom had the chance to utilize: Setoka had the physiology and abilities of a parasite. 

Ujiko’s connections allowed them to introduce Setoka as an ideal surrogate to the Todoroki’s, and it was not long before they had decided she would carry their fourth child.

They had no idea of one aspect of Setoka’s quirk; her ability to form a mixture between existing organic creations. Once the fertilized embryo was implanted into Setoka, All For One lay with her and through her quirk his DNA parasitically fused with that of the Todoroki child’s. The son that was born was as much a creation of his flesh and blood as Endeavor’s and Number Two hero was none the wiser. 

A partial symbiotic link existed between All For One and his son, allowing him to see the world through the eyes and mind of Todoroki Shouto. For now, this ability was seldom used. In time however, it would become crucial. All For One knew very well what path Endeavor would set for his youngest son, the path of a Pro Hero. When the time came, being able to look through Shouto’s eyes would be an invaluable method of gaining information.

For now however, All For One focused on cultivating a mental link with his child. Becoming a voice in Shouto’s head that the boy could turn to for refuge and comfort, easily dismissed as a child’s imaginary companion.




Shirohiko had been Shouto’s only friend for as long as he could remember, the only person making his life a little less painful and harsh. Maybe that was bad, considering he wasn’t even an actual person, just a voice in Shouto’s head. But he was as real and important to him as a living, breathing person. Because he was a spirit, like a guardian to him. And sometimes when he was alone, tearful and lonely, Shouto really could see his friend. He was a boy just a little bit older than him, with white hair and eyes that always seemed to be smiling. When he was with Shirohiko, it was the only time Shouto smiled.

“It’s his fault, you know?” Shirohiko said gently as Shouto laid in bed, his body in too much pain for him to sleep.

Shouto sniffled, trying not to cry. His head was still bandaged and it felt weird to cry against them. “Who?”

“All Might’s,” Shirohiko said, coming to sit beside him, “He’s the reason your father is the way he is. Isn’t he always saying that’s who you have to surpass?”

Shirohiko was right about that last part but...Shouto worried his bottom lip. But All Might is a great hero ...” He whispered, though his voice was trembling.

Shirohiko sighed, petting his hair, “If he’s so great, why hasn’t he saved you and your family? Why is he the cause of all your father’s hate, all your pain, your mother’s pain, instead of being the one who frees you?”

Tears slipped down Shouto’s cheek, “I...I don’t know…”

"But you do Shouchan, in your heart you know that you shouldn’t love All Might. You should hate him. I know it scares you to accept that, but it's okay to hate him,” Shirohiko’s voice was so gentle and warm as he spoke. He gestured towards Shouto’s numerous bandages, “Because all of this? Is happening because of him. He’s cursed you, and your mother and your brother.”

Shouto sobbed quietly, feeling like his heart was sinking in his body. Sometimes, he did get angry at All Might, seeing him on TV smiling and saving people all the while he was being beaten by his father because of the Number One hero. One time before...when he was in so much pain he could barely breathe, he wished the man was dead. The thought had made him afraid, so afraid. But everything his friend was saying was true, all of this was happening because of All Might…

Shirohiko laid down on top of him, kissing his wet cheek, “It’s okay Shouchan. It’s okay to hate him. You do, don’t you?”

Slowly Shouto nodded. “W-what do I do?” He whimpered.

Another kiss was pressed into his hair. “Never forget it,” Shirohiko told him, “And never forgive him for it.”




Shouto stared at himself in the mirror, lips curled into a slight frown as he finished putting on his uniform. Today was his first official day of class at Yuuei. He’d got in on outstanding recommendations, passing the entrance process with flying colors. Yeah, he should probably be excited. He wasn’t.

This was the path his father had chosen for him, not himself. Still, since he had no other choice but to walk it, Shouto was going to be the best of the best.

“How do I look?” Shouto asked the seemingly empty room. Only it wasn’t empty and he was not alone. Shirohiko stood behind him, a smile on his face. He’d grown up right alongside Shouto, into a handsome young adult. Did all spirits do that? He liked to imagine his friend was the same age as Touya, though his feelings for Shirohiko were far from brotherly.

You look… ” Shirohiko took ahold of Shouto’s chin, turning him so that they were facing each other. “ Lovely… ” He finished, bending down and pressing their mouths together in a long kiss.

Shouto held the kiss for a long moment, sighing in relaxation. “Can’t believe I’ll have to see his fucking face every day for the next three years…” He muttered darkly. All Might had actually tried to touch him while congratulating him after the entrance process and Shouto had swiftly moved away, snarling a warning of “ Don’t. ” In a venomous tone that took the man aback.

Shirohiko’s smile was sympathetic, “ But you won’t be alone at least Shouchan, remember? You’re special. ” He cupped Shouto’s cheek, “ I will never leave you.

A genuine smile touched Shouto’s lips. “I know,” He said softly, pressing a kiss to Shirohiko’s palm, “Thank you.”

Chapter Text

Fuyumi was eight years old when she got her baby brother and her first son all in one.

She gave birth to Shouto in the bathtub, her breathing coming out in ragged sobs, the once clear water filling with red red red. Mother was there, holding her tight, whispering words of encouragement and reassurance that somehow just made the process even more painful. Please be a girl , she’d thought, please be a girl, it can’t be a boy. It wasn’t until her mother held the child and sobbed at the sight of them that Fuyumi realized she’d been chanting her plea out loud.

She had a son.

“No,” Fuyumi had groaned, dizzy with pain and terror, “No, get it away! Get it away from me!”

She remembered as the water was drained, her blood and body fluids running down, that it felt like her soul was being ran out too. Fuyumi could barely breathe from how hard she was crying. And she couldn’t move, it hurt too much. Touya had carried her to his bedroom on his back, despite his broken wrist.
Fuyumi had a son.

She couldn’t stand the sight of him.

There was some relief when Mother and him , let her know that they would be raising Shouto as theirs. All she would ever have to be to him was his older sister. Still Fuyumi felt like she’d been hollowed out, her heart empty and her body now totally tainted. For months afterwards she was in a daze, she couldn’t even enjoy that he’d decided to stop...using her for fear of getting her pregnant again. Whenever Shouto cried, she wanted to scream. Whenever she saw him in Mother’s arms she wanted to sew her eyes shut. 

All she could see was him. Father. Her father. Her nightmare. The left side of his face…

She remembered praying Shouto would die, he was so small when she had him. Born premature. But he lived, he lived and it felt like she died a little each passing day.

He’ll hurt you , she’d shout in her head at night, he’ll hurt you just like Father…

One night it was all too much, Fuyumi crept into Shouto’s nursery, pillow in hand. She stood over his crib, watching him sleep, holding the pillow just above his head. He was so small…

Fuyumi held the pillow above his head for a long time, her hands getting shakier and shakier. She couldn’t do it, she realized. She’d be just as much a monster as Father if she killed a helpless baby. Falling to the floor, she’d curled up into herself, sobbing until she fell asleep there.

When Shouto got his quirk it felt like a gift to Fuyumi. Like she was being rewarded for not taking his life. Father moved Shouto to an entirely different wing of the house, he didn’t want anyone but Mother interacting with him. That was more than fine with Fuyumi.

She felt free, lighter. Father rarely came into her room anymore, focused on training Shouto. She even got to spend more time with Touya now that he wasn't being trained.

She felt free, lighter.

Then one day, she was collecting laundry around the house and taking it outside to be dried. As she passed the dojo, Fuyumi heard Shouto scream. Once. Twice. Then their father was yelling at him. Get up! Stop pretending you’re so frail. You’re going to do better Shouto! You’re going to be the best or you’ll be nothing !

Fuyumi couldn’t stop shaking, she dropped the basket and ran away. And didn’t feel lighter anymore. The price of her peace was pounds of flesh taken out of….her 

Mom got worse and worse, thinning out and growing paler, her eyes getting more lost. Shouto’s screams echoed in Fuyumi’s mind like the cries of a ghost. She barely was in the same room as him and yet she saw him everywhere. In the bandages and empty tubes of burn ointment in the bathroom trash, in the soiled bed sheets Touya would wash, the ruined clothes that were thrown out.

It’s not my fault , Fuyumi told herself, it wasn’t her fault. And there was nothing she could do for him. Not then and not now.

Losing Mother, and then Touya changed everything.

Natsuo was put in charge of watching Shouto when Father wasn’t home. Fuyumi tended to do her best to always be doing something else somewhere else when that happened. “Something’s changed. There’s really something wrong with him,” Natsuo told her once, “He won’t speak anymore. I can’t get him to say a word-”

“Why are you telling me this?” Fuyumi asked tiredly. The way Natsuo looked at her made her want to yell and cry at the same time.

“He’s our family Yumi.” Natsuo said. “I know it’s hard, but he’s our family .”

Fuyumi shook her head, “Stop it Nat.”


“No! You stop talking to me like you can ever understand what it’s like, being in the same house as him !” Fuyumi had cried, clutching her head, “Mom’s gone, Touya’s gone, because of him! I may never see them again, but I have to see him every day!”

Natsuo had looked at her sadly, then his eyes glanced over to the left. They widened, “Oh no,” He whispered, moving away from her, “Shou…”

Fuyumi turned her head. And there standing in the entryway was Shouto, face still bandaged but the right side, the right side was wet with tears. “I-i’m s-ssorry…” Was all he was able to say before Natsuo picked his shaking body up and hurried out of the room.

She’d stared at the empty space Shouto had been standing in, and then fell to her knees and sobbed.




“I can’t go,” Natsuo sighed, the letter of acceptance still in his hand.

Fuyumi made a face. “Nat, you’ve always wanted to be a surgeon. Ever since you were little. And you’ve always wanted to get out of this house. Now you’re telling me you can’t ?”

Natsuo had folded his arms and pinched the bridge of his nose. “You don’t understand Yumi. I can’t leave Shouto alone with...him.”

Fuyumi swallowed, but didn’t flinch. She was getting better when it came to Shouto, though she still mostly kept her distance. “What do you mean?” She asked hesitantly, part of her not wanting to, “Nat, you’ve never been able to protect him before. What makes you think you can now?”

The heartbreaking look Natsuo gave her did make her flinch. “You don’t understand Yumi,” he stressed and it took him a long moment to say more. “Dad’s not just hurting Shouto physically anymore.” He paused again, as if considering whether he should say more or not, “He’s assaulting him, sexually, and it's been going on for a while. I can’t leave him to deal with that alone…” Natsuo’s expression crumbled, and he buried his face in his hands as he cried. “I can’t...I can’t help him...just like I couldn’t help you…”

Fuyumi felt like all the air in the room had vanished. Her heart pounded in her chest, ready to burst out of her body. Father was...for a while, that’s what Natsuo had said. She felt sick, realizing that it had been years since Father had come into her room. Had he...replaced her with Shouto even back then?

It made a sick sort of sense. Shouto was always special to Father. And he’d never have to worry about getting him pregnant-

Fuyumi ran over to the trashcan and threw up.



The house had always been quiet, Father hating it when they’d make too much noise. But in the wake of Natsuo leaving for college, it felt like Fuyumi was wandering the halls of a ghost house.

She couldn’t get that moment out of her head. When she’d stood outside Natsuo’s bedroom while he and Shouto talked. “Just go Nat.” Shouto had said, quiet and calm. “Leave here and don’t look back. I’ll survive, I always do.”

She’d heard Natsuo sob, “Shou…” Like his heart was being torn to shreds. And then Shouto was comforting him instead of the other way around. “It’ll be alright…”

A lie. It broke Fuyumi’s heart, the way Shouto had said that. In a way that was just enough to make Natsuo believe that maybe he meant it, but she could hear the resignation in his tone. How he was already in the process of letting Natsuo go, knowing that he would be facing Father alone now.

She had cried for hours afterwards, wondering how on Earth Shouto had managed to be brave in spite of it all.

Wondering how she could have ever left him to find that strength alone. It wasn’t his fault. She knew that now. No more than her’s. Neither of them had asked for any of this.

Natsuo left for college. Fuyumi was given the option to live in a dorm for her schooling as well.

She chose to stay.

Now she stood outside the doorway of her mother’s room. It was late, so late and she was exhausted. She didn’t care. From the other side of the door, she heard the soft sounds of crying. Father must have come to Shouto’s room earlier in the night. Shouto only sought refuge in their mother’s bed if it was particularly bad.

How sad that they measured pain on a scale of typical to bad.

“Shouto,” She said, low and soft. Announcing her presence so that he wouldn’t think it was him, coming into the room. “I’m coming inside, okay?”


After Mother left, Shouto stopped talking for two whole years. Silence was his safe haven.

(It had been her’s once too)

Because she wasn’t being told to leave, Fuyumi opened the door and stepped inside. Shouto was curled up on the sheets. It looked like he was still naked. Like he’d stumbled out of his room in a daze, a blind search to be somewhere- anywhere else.

There was so much Fuyumi wanted to say. But it was like there were no words she could use. Instead she went over to the bed, sat down carefully. “Can I hold you?” She asked Shouto.

Silence. Fuyumi held her breath. Shouto’s body trembled on the bed. Then with a sniffle, he nodded.

Fuyumi gathered him up in her arms, laying his head on her shoulder. A lifetime of apologies were stuck in her throat like thorns. But that wasn’t what Shouto needed right now. He needed comfort. A safe haven. Fuyumi could give him that.

That’s what mother’s do after all.

Chapter Text

Most children’s quirks manifested around 5 or 6. Shouto was six going on seven, and still his quirk his father was convinced he possessed had not revealed itself. Endeavor was furious at the delay, there was no excuse for it he raged. He knew Shouto had greatness inside of him, he knew it. If nature was slow to take its course, well then, he would do what needed to be done to speed up the process.

Preliminary training, Father called it. Hand to hand combat, every day in the hopes that it would activate Shouto’s quirk. 

Left battered, bruised and terrified, Shouto found himself actively praying for his quirk to come out. Every morning and every night. The wounds piled up. He became intimately familiar with the taste of his own blood in his mouth, with the spectrum shades of purple and black that would blossom on his skin in the wake of his father’s fist. And still his quirk had yet to reveal itself.

As the months went by, Father seemed to just get angrier and angrier by the lack of progress. His wrath was felt by Shouto, by Touya and most often by Mother. She might as well have been barren, Father yelled, she’d birthed him nothing but a string of failures.

On the night of Shouto’s seventh birthday, it all came to a head.

He doesn’t remember how it started, anything and everything seemed to tip his father over into a rage at that point. In the end the beginning didn’t matter. What mattered was the moment Shouto ran into the kitchen and saw his mother slumped down on the floor, her head bleeding and her blinking slow. Touya was in the hospital being treated for severe burns. There was no one there to help his Mom. Father stood over her, his fist raised-

Stop it Dad !” Shouto yelled, like he never had before. Not even in training when he was pleading for mercy. He yelled with all the strength in his body. And it was with shock that he watched his Father freeze, look at him, then slowly lower his fist. It was shaking, like he really didn’t want to do it but couldn’t stop it.

They stood in silence for a moment, Shouto’s mind spun. He thought of the comic books Natsuo used to let him read. X-Men. There was a hero called Nathaniel Grey that could control people’s minds. Was that...what he just did?

“Get away from her.” Shouto ordered Endeavor, just to test it out, his voice shaky and unsure. And to his amazement, his father did what he said and took several steps by back.

Shouto’s heart raced, trying to think of what to do now. He had no idea how long Endeavor would do what he said. But he knew the power definitely didn’t last forever and when it stopped, Father would be just as angry if not more at him. There would be more blood on the floor. Shouto’s blood, his mother’s too-

His gaze fell onto the kitchen island, where his mother had been cutting up slices of cake with a long knife. The silver of the blade seemed to glimmer at him.

It gave him an idea. A terrible idea. For a terrible father.

“Pick up the knife,” Shouto waited for Father to do as he was told him before continuing. Now there was no uncertainty in his voice, “Stab yourself, for every time you’ve ever hurt Mom. For every time you’ve ever hurt Touya, stab yourself. Don’t stop until you’ve done it for every single time.”

Mother was trembling, trying to sit up, “, don’t-”

It was too little, too late.

Shouto remembered how it felt, watching the knife plunge into his Father’s stomach, the way he grunted and grimaced. At first it felt like his heart had froze, but then, as Endeavor stabbed himself again and again...something changed. It started to feel good , seeing the source of all his families’ pain finally being the one who was hurting. He deserves it , Shouto told himself, he deserves it .

By the time his father fell to the ground there was a pool of blood on the kitchen floor that reached Shouto’s barefeet, staining them with red. It was coming out of Endeavor’s mouth too, it was all over him. Still he kept plunging the knife in himself and yanking it out. Over and over. Until he could no longer hold it. Shouto remembered the look in his eyes, wide. Terrified and helpless.

Then they fell shut and his father wasn’t moving at all anymore.

The silence that followed seem to last hours. Endeavor’s blood was warm where it spread around Shouto’s feet.

“What did you do?” Mother whispered, “Oh God Shouto, what did you do?”

Shouto blinked, feeling strangely calm. At peace. He looked at his Mother, “I killed the monster.”

Something was bubbling up in his chest, a fluttery feeling. As he looked over his father’s dead body, Shouto gave several short huffs before the sound he was trying to let loose finally swam up his throat.

He laughed .




They were afraid of him.

Fuyumi, Natsuo, Touya...Mother. All of them constantly looked at Shouto with visible wariness.  

That made it a little hard to enjoy life without Endeavor, who the cops said died by suicide. Now Shouto didn’t have to be cloistered up in the house all the time. Now he could actually go to school and be around other kids!

School turned out to be the perfect place to test out his powers.

Shouto didn’t want to use his mind control on his family, but he was curious to find out more about how it worked. He focused his attention on bullies in the school, kids he saw picking on and tormenting other kids. Hurting them. They were terrible, just like Father, and they deserved to hurt for it.

“Punch the wall until your hand breaks.” He told a boy he’d seen punch a much smaller kid in the stomach.

“Cut off the tip of your tongue.” He told a girl he noticed was always making fun of and teasing a shy younger student.

Each time they did what he told them to. And Shouto found that all he had to do was tell them to forget that he’d ever talked to them afterwards and he got away with it. No one ever came to him.

He also found that his power usually worked one of two ways: sometimes the person needed to talk to him before he’d be able to control their mind, and sometimes when he was upset enough all he had to do was say it like it was a command. Like how army people give orders. Hard and sure. He got better and better at it. 

The length of time he had the person under his control varied depending on which method he used to control them. It ranged from ten to fifteen minutes. Shouto found you could do a lot of damage in ten to fifteen minutes.

Sometimes he didn’t use his powers to hurt people, but to make them like him. Instead of a command, he gave them a suggestion. “You want to be my friend.” Shouto told a girl in his class, she was very pretty, always wore her long dark hair in a ponytail and she had a cool quirk where she could create anything using her body. He didn’t know how to make friends any other way, he’d never really been around other kids his age before. And he only wanted a couple friends.

All the incidents of students harming themselves eventually caught the school administrator’s attention. It was just happening too much to be a coincidence. Quirk evaluators came to interview each of the students about their quirks, trying to see if someone was responsible.

Shouto was ready for them.

“I don’t have a quirk,” He told the two evaluators. And then, with confidence, “You know there’s no way I could have done this.”

It was so hard, so hard not to smile, when the men turned to each other, “There’s no way he could have done this.” One said, and the other nodded, “I know.”

Evaluations took place for over a month. No one was arrested. 




Mom was strange. Shouto thought that when Endeavor died, she would get better. She didn’t. She always seemed to be on edge, or sad, especially if he was with her. More than once, Shouto thought of giving her a suggestion. You’re happy now or something along those lines. But it felt wrong to do something like that to his family. None of them deserved to have their minds controlled. 

Late one night, Shouto got out of bed to get a glass of water. As he approached the kitchen, he heard his mother talking.

“It’s him. I know it’s him, he’s hurting people,” Mother sobbed into the phone, “I can’t take it Mom, he’s becoming just like his father...the left side of his face is unbearable to me…”

Shouto felt a pang in his chest. “Mom,” He said, shakily, “What are you saying?”

He’d never forget the look in his mother’s eyes when she turned around. Eyes wide with terror and then with hate, as she reached for the steaming tea kettle. As she pushed him down onto the ground.

Shouto was in shock, not believing what was happening. And because it all felt like a bad dream, it caused him to panic, “What are you doing Mom? Mom?!” He asked, no commands, no suggestions. It was like he couldn’t remember he had a quirk at all.

And then came the burning.

Shouto screamed .

“Ahh! Shouto!” Mom was yelling, picking him up and rushing him over to the couch. She had a ball of snow pressed onto the left side of Shouto’s face, “I’m sorry Shouto!!”

On the couch, Shouto thrashed and screamed in pain. Finally the words, “ Get away from me! ” Left his mouth. All at once, his Mother’s body was stepping back.

Shouto sat up, his eyes full of tears. He looked at his mother, shock and pain turning into something uglier. “You hurt me…” He whispered, “You hurt me!”

His mother’s entire body was shaking, tears rolling down her cheeks.

A coldness washed over Shouto. “Go get a knife.” He told her, watching as she did. “The left side of your face, cut it.”

Shouto watched, sniffling and crying still, as Mother brought the knife up to her face and dragged the blade across her cheek. She winced, hissing as more tears fell. 

Again .” Shouto commanded, and she did, making the cuts on her face criss-crossed.

Watching his Mother’s blood run down her face, mixing with her tears, it didn’t feel the same way as it did when he had punished his father. It felt like he was bleeding too. He couldn’t take it, he couldn’t look at her anymore-

“Give me all the money in your purse.” Shouto said, voice thick and trembling. When his mother did, very quietly he told her, “Go to the bathroom and take care of your cuts.”

While she did that, Shouto got himself dressed, shoved the money in his pockets and ran out of the house.




Shouto wandered around the city streets in a daze, no idea of where he was going or what he would do now. All he knew was that he couldn’t go back to that house. Ever. 

He ended up in a mall. It was open 24 hours and it was better than staying outside all night.

Aimlessly he wandered about, until eventually he walked into an arcade. There weren’t too many people there at this time. But he saw a boy, with pale blue hair and gloves on his hands playing one of the games. With little else to do, Shouto waded closer to him though he kept a good amount of distance, watching him play. 

It looked like the boy was around the same age as Natsuo. There was something different about him, it kept Shouto’s attention.

He wasn’t prepared for the boy to whip his head around after a while, red eyes staring right into Shouto’s. He looked different too, all those lines around his eyes. Like someone haunted. Like someone not right.

“Who the hell are you?” The boy asked, his voice slightly raspy. “Why the hell are you watching me?”

Shouto stepped forward, licking his lips. Now that the boy got a better look at his face, his eyes widened, “What happened to your face?”

He’d left the house in such a hurry, Shouto had not taken care of the burn Mother gave him at all. Presently it was extremely painful, making tears fall in gentle streams down his face. It throbbed and it stung. He couldn’t imagine how bad it must look. “I’m Shouto.” He said. “ Tell me your name.

The boy paused. “I’m Tomura.” He said.

“You want to be my friend. ” Shouto suggested. “You want to invite me to spend the night at your house.”

Shouto opened his mouth to say more, but stopped when he felt someone else approaching. Turning around, he saw a tall man dressed in a suit. He looked like living black smoke, his eyes long yellow slits. It was strange and...really cool.

“Tomura,” The man said, voice low and polite. He looked to Shouto, tilting his head. “Who is this?”

“It’s Shouto,” Tomura said easily, “He’s my friend. I want him to spend the night at our house.”

Shouto felt himself stiffen as the man regarded him for a very long moment. “Very well.” He said eventually, eyeing Shouto’s face, “You could certainly stand to get that burn looked at Shouto.”

A soft smile spread on Shouto’s face, “Thank you.” He said, allowing himself to be led off by the man with Tomura at his side.

Chapter Text

Half a day in the straightjacket, with it only coming off when he went to the bathroom or got to eat. That was Shouto’s punishment every time the asylum staff caught him cutting himself. He wondered why they hadn’t tried any other ones, considering he always went right back to finding something- anything sharp enough to break open his skin immediately afterwards.

Only a small part of him felt guilty, knowing he was being difficult. Probably one of the most difficult patients the Yuuei Youth Mental Asylum had ever had. Shouto had been in this hospital for two years and he hasn’t spoken a single word in that period of time. Of course, he’d stopped speaking long before coming here. Before the incident .

Shouto could still smell his tutor’s burning flesh, anytime he was given food that had meat in it he pictured the way his skin had charred and blistered. He could still remember the way the man’s lips felt when they covered his own, how big his hand felt between Shouto’s legs. Just like Father, who made Shouto kiss him goodnight before sending him to his room after he was done with him, all the way up to age 13.

One kiss from his tutor had made his whole world explode into flames. The man did not survive the heat.

The cutting started when he was 11, haunted and desperate to feel in control of his body in some way. Damaging Endeavor’s greatest creation felt like the only way he could strike back. So the violence his father put upon him became intermixed with the violence Shouto inflicted onto himself. Now 15, he was covered in scars to an extreme degree. Yet it didn’t feel like it was enough. It never did.

He was calm as the nurses undid the straps of the jacket so he could have lunch. That wasn’t unusual, they kept him on a cup full of antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. Shouto only ever “lost it” whenever his father came to visit him. This occurred so frequently that the psychiatrist in charge of his case mandated that Endeavor could only visit him once a month.

Food tray in hand, Shouto took a seat alone at the table closest to the windows. He missed cold foods, they were his preference but just about everything outside of desert and fruit that the asylum fed them was hot. Rather than eating, Shouto picked absentmindedly at his food, feeling the urge to scratch the fresh scabs he’d developed from two nights ago.

A tray was dropped unceremoniously on the table but Shouto was so far in his head that he paid it no mind.

Until he was hit square in the face with a baby carrot. Shouto blinked, then looked up. Seated across from him was one of the newer patients. Bakugou Katsuki. Despite never actually being invited to share a table with Shouto, the blonde sat down with him every day. 

“Finally,” the other boy groused, “Looked like you were off in La La Land Half ‘n Half.” Bakugou pointed to Todoroki’s tray, “Ya need to eat. Honestly you’re a fucking twig.”

He wasn’t wrong, Shouto’s eating had been what was classified as disordered for years. He was well underweight, and had lost all the muscle mass his father had worked him into through aggressive workouts and testosterone steriods. While he was aware it was a problem, part of him didn’t mind. Because due in part to his poor eating habits, Shouto’s menstrual cycle was irregular. Sometimes not occurring for months. Bakugou was not so lucky.

“If ya don’t eat at least half of what’s on your tray I’ll seriously kick your ass.” Bakugou went on.

Shouto almost smiled. For all his volatile personality, Bakugou really was something of a Mother Hen with people he gave a damn about. He wondered where it came from, because based on what he’d seen of the blonde’s parents during visits, there was certainly not an abundance of love in Bakugou’s home. In fact Bakugou was here because he’d injured his father during a fight which had turned violent with his mother, though Shouto knew the blonde had merely been defending himself against two people who were aggressive in their refusal to accept him as their son. 

“Some teacher from Yuuei High is coming to talk to us today.” Bakugou said after Shouto finally caved to his demands and actually began eating his food. “Aizawa or whatever, hope he doesn’t try to do one of those damn inspirational speeches. It’s bullshit,” Shouto nodded in agreement. “They don’t even believe the shit they’re trying to sell you themselves.”

Bakugou looked at the quirk repellent bracelets all of them were forced to wear with distaste. He fiddled with it briefly, before receiving a warning from one of the nurses. “Tch, hags.”

Now Shouto actually did allow the barest hint of a smile to curve his lips. He wouldn’t say it was awful to be at the asylum, it was certainly better than being at his house. But he’d felt just as alone here as he did there. Until Bakugou showed up, and made him realize just how deep the loneliness he felt went. The blonde had eased part of it, and for that Shouto was extremely grateful.

Perhaps someday he’d get to thank him with words.




Shouto spaced out for the majority of Aizawa’s group talk, everything the man said sounded like static in his ears. But it was strange, because he got a sense that he and the underground Pro Hero were the only people present, when in fact they’d rounded up all the patients from abusive homes. Yet it was like Aizawa’s words were meant for him and him alone. It made him uncomfortable, and he was glad when the group session was over.

Bakugou was on the phone with someone named Midoriya right now. Shouto sat in the library near the window, drifting in and out of feeling present in his body.

“Todoroki Shouto?” A man’s voice called, soft yet with an underlying frankness. A no-nonsense kind of voice. Shouto turned his head and found him staring into the slightly bloodshot eyes of Aizawa Shouta.

Aizawa gestured towards the seat across from him, “May I sit here?” At once uncomfortable, yet intrigued, Shouto eventually nodded.

An odd silence sat between them, then Aizawa spoke again, “You’ve grown. I haven’t seen you since Rei first gave birth to you.” His lips quirked for a moment, a smile that went away as fast as it had appeared. “You...look just like her when she was your age.”

That got Shouto’s full attention, he finally met Aizawa’s eyes, wary. His jaw clenched.

“I read a little about your case,” Aizawa continued, “That you haven’t spoken in over four years.” He paused, “But it feels like you lost your voice long before that, doesn’t it?”

Shouto’s breath hitched, he found himself unconsciously leaning back into his chair.

“I’m going to take that as a yes.” Aizawa huffed, but his expression was sad. Yet not pitying. It was more...empathetic than that. “I didn’t speak for two years after the onset of my trauma. They tell you to watch out for strange adults in parks and malls.” He paused, it seemed like he was having a hard time talking about this at all. Shouto wondered why he was making such an effort for him of all people. “Nobody ever warns you that there could be a predator only a couple years older than you, living under the same roof as you. And when it feels like no one is hearing your pain, silence becomes less a prison and more of a comfort.”

Shouto felt himself trembling, not sure how to take what he was hearing. Aizawa’s hand over where his was laid on top of the table. “May I?” He asked and Shouto found himself nodding. A warm palm covered his. The warmth was a comfort.

“When I started to transition, things got so much worse. Your mother hired me an advocacy lawyer, she found a way to get me out of that house. So your mother, she’s always been my hero.” Aizawa sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose for a moment. “And I let her down.” He admitted softly. “I wasn’t there for her when she needed someone to help her.” He swallowed, shutting his eyes for a moment. Then he looked back at Shouto and they were full of determination. “I didn’t help her. But I want to help you Shouto,” Another brief, sad smile, “What kind of godfather would I be if I didn’t? Is it alright if I visit you?” At Shouto’s slow nod, his expression softened further. “I don’t expect you to talk to me. I don’t expect you to do anything. We can just sit in each other’s company. But Shouto, if you’re ever ready to talk, whenever that may be, I will be there to listen.”

One of Aizawa’s hands slowly moved towards Shouto’s face. They wiped away wetness. Tears. Shouto was crying. He looked away, ashamed. At the same time he gripped the hand Aizawa had over his own tightly. It was the only way he was able to say Thank you . When Aizawa squeezed it gently, he knew the man understood.

They sat at the table for a long time.

Chapter Text

It’s well past nightfall when Toshinori, fresh off a victory that almost feels hollow, leads his pack of samurai into more hostile territory. Because the number of pureblooded Okami has dwindled significantly for some time, he is the only true Okami surrounded by Wolf men, who were either humans turned to werewolves or the offspring of an Okami and a human. While Toshinori wears a heavy pelt that allows him to shift into his beast form, Wolf men’s pelts resided under their skin.

“You fought admirably.” Toshinori tells his second, Midoriya. A boy he turned into a Wolf man himself. His student ducks his head under the praise, but his eyes are just as soon darting around their surroundings, taking every detail in.

His fascination is not without cause. Of his men, only Toshinori has travelled through Todoroki lands. He has also fought alongside Todoroki Enji, their Pack Alpha, many times before. His pride is matched only by his might, and his contempt for all those around him. Toshinori knows the Todoroki’s are one of the last lines of pure Okami left in Japan. But they are an incredibly insular pack. It is said that all who occupy their territory can trace their lineage back at least nine generations and outsiders are shunned and often discouraged from settling on their lands. 

Looking to the mountains he can see the yamajirō that was built out of it. A mammoth yet elegant fortress, it’s comprised of three five story buildings and three smaller ones constructed out of a combination of mountain and ivory colored stone, white winter wood, and surrounded by a stone wall. There are numerous statues of wolves and the roof tiles appear to be made of some sort of translucent precious gem he’s unfamiliar with.

Altogether there is a strange, unearthly feeling surrounding the fortress. 

All tall woman with midnight dark hair and equally dark eyes, stands at the foot of the palace. Her kimono is draped and lined with a fur pelt. She is another Okami. “Welcome to Gekkō Castle.” She bows, her smile is pleased. As though she has been expecting them. “His Grace will see you now, we will attend to your horses.”

The woman leads them through the spacious corridors of the castle. Toshinori takes note of the heavy fragrance of incense that permeates the air. There is intrigue stirred in him as well. His Grace is not a title used to refer to Pack Alphas, but to omegas of a similar rank. Yet as far as Toshinori is aware, the Todoroki line contains nothing but alphas.

Fusumas are parted to enter a grand room with many pillows for seating. There is a boy seated above the main floor. A beautiful boy. Omega , Toshinori’s mind supplies, before he even catches the scent confirming it.

Split right down the center, he has two separate colors of hair: crimson on the left, right on the white. His hair looks to be a combination of a Hime katto and the chronage; the front worn down straight with its sides cut at his cheeks in fringes while the rest of his tresses are pulled back into a topknot. He is also odd-eyed, his right eye being grey and his left eye blue. There is a prominent scar surrounding his left eye. Altogether he makes for a very striking individual. Unlike anyone Toshinori has ever seen before. He has the sense that the boy sits far higher above them, up with the gods. All of the eyes in the room are firmly fixed on him.

The woman who led them in stretches her arm out towards the boy, “His Grace, Shouto of House Todoroki.”

Toshinori is so caught up in staring, it's not until Shouto arches one brow in expectation that he remembers himself and bows deeply. It cannot be helped, he has not laid eyes on an Okami omega in years. “Your Grace.” He greets with respect, “I had hoped for an audience with your father…”

“My father is not here.” Shouto informs him. His voice is a rich, pleasingly deep tenor.

Toshinori squares his shoulders, his nod is stiff, “I see.”

Shouto tilts his head, “Do not look so disappointed Toshinori. If it were my father here, he would surely have your head for stepping foot on his land without his leave. He’s been looking for an excuse to kill you.” The words are not a jest. He pauses, feeding the tension in the room, before finishing, “But I am not my father. You may take your rest here, and make the rest of the journey through our territory into yours. All I ask is that should I summon you, you come.”

A simple requirement, almost deceptively so. However Toshinori finds no cause to question the generosity and staring into Shouto’s eyes, he finds he does not want to. “Very well. I am grateful for your hospitality Your Grace.”

A subtle smile touches Shouto’s lips, “Not as grateful as I am for your arrival, Lord Toshinori.”




Toshinori lounges in the castle hot springs alone. At first he was joined by his men, but moments ago they were all summoned into a nearby room on Shouto’s orders. It was asked that Toshinori not accompany them. 

Is it a trap? For some reason Toshinori doubts it. There was spite in Shouto’s tone when he spoke of Enji, honesty throughout. And so he allows himself to relax, the water soothing the aches in his hulking frame, making sweat roll down over a litany of scars.

His men are not far, he can hear them conversing. Then all at once, they fall silent. Toshinori finds himself curious, rising from the spring and approaching the fusuama his men were led through. It’s material is so thin he can clearly see through it.

And what he sees makes his breath catch in his throat. It’s Shouto. Omega . Stepping into the room, clad in attire so revealing he may be more covered up in the nude.

Normally a kimono is a modest outfit, so Toshinori’s more than a little stuck by this obscene twist on the garment. Through the shear and lace he can see the boy has three nipples running down either side of his torso-six altogether, and that even the hair between his legs is that unusual bi-colored split. 

The air is lush with a fragrant spice and sweetness. Even from outside he can smell it. Toshinori has never smelled an aroma like it before. It makes his blood rush in a slow, building frenzy not unlike when he’s in the heat of battle. He breathes in deeply and feels as though he can taste that scent. A summer flower in the sharp, cold winter air.  

Shouto is slowly walking around them and though he looks nigh untouchable even now, Toshinori sees a few of his men reach tentative hands out and touch him. Not grab, just stroke over the delicate looking material he’s clad in. He does not object to the contact.

Something turns in his stomach, dark and deep. Possessive.


Surprisingly to Toshinori, Midoriya is the first to grab at Shouto, tearing at the kimono. The omega looks neither alarmed nor displeased by the action. And soon the rest of Toshinori’s men follow suit, clutching whatever piece of the garment they can reach and ripping it away. The scent of their near-frenzied lust is only overpowered by that tempting fragrance Toshinori now recognizes is coming from Shouto. 

Within moments the kimono is reduced to tatters of fabric. Shouto falls down onto a bed in the center of the room and his men follow suit. Their hands stroke over every inch of pale skin they can reach. Bakugou dips his head down and noses at the omega’s neck, at his scent gland. Shouto’s head tips back, his expression one of bliss at the onslaught of caresses.

The hunger building within Toshinori climbs higher and higher. Until it devours him. He throws the doors open, his towering frame entering the room. An aggressive scent rolling off of him in waves. The musk of a pure alpha and the hostile glances of his men soon recede into submission.

Leave.” Toshinori growls. An alpha’s command, all Wolf men cowl to it. This time is no different, but he doesn’t take his eyes off Shouto as his men filter out of the room.

Shouto rolls over onto his side. “I was wondering when you would come in.” He says with amusement.

Toshinori huffs, crossing the distance between them. “You’re in heat.” He says as he nears the bed.


He climbs on top of Shouto without hesitation. “You wanted me to come in.”

Shouto sighs as Toshinori’s hand runs over his pale throat, rough fingertips grazing his scent gland. “Yes, it is you that I need. You are not like them. You’re not a Wolf man, you’re a pure Okami. The same as I am.” 

Another growl rumbles in Toshinori’s throat, “You reek of those men.”

Shouto bites his bottom lip. Then he smiles. He spreads his legs and in the crimson lantern light, the wetness of his sex glows red like blood. “Cover me in yours then. Alpha , claim me…”

He does not need to beckon further. Toshinori seizes the omega’s mouth in a crushing kiss, his tongue sweeping into a warm cavern. Beneath him Shouto shudders, his nails raking over Toshinori’s chest. He can smell the moment the boy’s cunt gushes out more slick. It makes the lust inside him boil further.

But he is not going to rush this, no, he is going to savor this.

Toshinori’s hands run over Shouto’s chest and belly, stroking the tipped nubs of all those rosy nipples. The ones at the bottom are so soft and harden at the slightest brush. Shouto whimpers, a pretty, needy sound. Ducking his head down, Toshinori takes one of the top nipples past his lips, sucking it deeply. His fingers circle around two others, before pinching the peaked nubs hard, making Shouto’s breath hitch.

“Toshi…” Shouto whines, back arching up, “ Hah-ahh.. ” He moans softly when Toshinori presses his thumb down on the bottom nipples before covering one with his mouth. They’re so puffy and full, delicious on his tongue. He suckles each hard, groaning out in pleasure. When he bites down on one Shouto actually sobs, “F-fuck!”, his stomach quivering.

Toshinori moves, dipping his tongue in Shouto’s navel before venturing lower. He buries is nose in the soft hair laid over the omega’s little cock and his cunt, breathing in deeply. Sweetness and spice. He feels Shouto’s hardness throb against his chin, a bead of moisture falling from the tip. It makes him chuckle, lick his lips. Then he’s mouthing over the boy’s cock, wrapping his lips over the crown. 

Shouto gasps and his hips buck in surprise, “Yes, please -” His fingers tangle through Toshinori’s long hair, twisting the tresses in his grip.

Toshinori suckles him greedily, drinking in the pre-spending that weeps from Shouto’s slit. One of his hands moves lower, seeking out that little pink nub below Shouto’s cock. It’s wet and pulsing. Just one light circle of his fingertips over it and Shouto is crying out, holding Toshinori’s head in place as he fills his mouth with his release. Beautiful.

After swallowing down his seed, Toshinori lets Shouto’s cock fall from his mouth.

Almost shyly, Shouto reaches for him, his slim hand wrapping around Toshinori’s hardness. His fingers aren’t even close to touching. Shouto squeezes his hand before he can stop himself. It matters not, as Toshinori  moans and thrusts into his palm. His cock is fully erect in Shouto’s hand, thick and veiny, his foreskin drawn tightly beneath a wide crown. Thin, clear fluid beads at the tip then drips down onto Shouto’s knuckle. He almost draws his hand away to taste it.

“You’re not lacking in size.” Shouto comments, breathless more than teasing.

To his surprise rather than scolding him for his teasing tone the alpha surges forward. He grabs Shouto’s chin and kisses his mouth hard. Without thinking Shouto parts his lips, then gasps at the brief sting of teeth nipping him there. Toshinori’s passion is unmerciful, his tongue sweeps inside Shouto’s mouth and steals his breath. He does not pull away until Shouto’s lips are slick and swollen.

Even then Toshinori remains on top of him, keeps their faces very close together. Shouto has not relinquished his grip on Toshinori’s length and his hand is trembling slightly.

“Yes, but you can take it, can’t you Omega,” Toshinori asks, tongue flicking over Shouto’s lower lip. “Because…” He moves a hand down between their bodies, between Shouto’s pale thighs, “ I intend to stuff your ripe, pink cunt…” A greedy hand strokes over Shouto’s cock, coming to press on his sex, “Full of my cock. You’ll take it good for me, yes?”

Shouto can barely comprehend what happens next. All at once Toshinori’s plump fingers pet the petals of his sex and that combined with his words- the promise of the fat organ Shouto holds in his grasp spreading him open in a way nothing ever truly has before - causes him to cry out and clench up. He squeezes Toshinori’s cock and whimpers softly as the alpha continues to stroke him through his convulsions. Slick seeps out from him, wetting Toshinori’s hand and Shouto’s skin.

With a smile Toshinori sits up, laying his hand over the boy’s quivering sex, “Such a good omega.” He praises, feels further wetness soak his palm at those words, “And strong.” He leans down, lips against Shouto’s ear, “I’m going to breed you, fill you with my seed. You’ll give me such strong pups, won’t you?”

Shouto moans, rocking his hips to rub his cunt against Toshinori’s palm. “Yes, Alpha, please fuck me. Knot me, want your pups ooh fuck-”

Toshinori slaps his cunt, making him cry out, “On your belly.” He orders roughly, moving just enough for Shouto to be able to comply. He does so swiftly, and even tilts his hips up and arches his back. Presenting himself properly. The alpha in Toshinori growls approvingly.

Toshinori’s cock is flushed and hard, throbbing with his need. His crown pushes against Shouto’s opening, it looks so small and delicate in comparison. It clenches and he cannot wait any longer. He begins to push inside his omega, stretching him out wider and wider. Slick gushes from Shouto’s cunt and he’s panting, whimpering out, “So big, gods, so big Alpha…” squeezing around Toshinori’s cock constantly as if to pull his seed right out of him.

When he’s all the way inside of him, the puffy spread of Shouto’s sex around his cock looks obscene. And he can feel every tremble and pulse around his cock. Toshinori grips the soft, supple skin of his omega’s backside, “ Tight ,” He sighs, pleased as he slaps Shouto’s ass, drawing a yelp from the boy. He pulls his hips back then snaps them forward hard. Toshinori fucks him roughly, pushing in as deep as he can go, growls and groans falling from his lips. “You take it so well,” He tells Shouto, “You’re soaking for me boy. You want my come?”

Shouto nods feverishly, “I, ahh, need it. Need your come, please Alpha...nnh, fill me up. Put your pups in me…” With every word his cunt squeezes around Toshinori’s cock, pulling him further and further towards completion. He’s near drunk on those soft, slippery walls clenching around him. On the scent of their sex filling the air.

Toshinori reaches around Shouto, seeking out that little swollen nub again. He rubs at it in quick, hard circles and his omega’s voice cracks, his entire body tensing.

Alpha! ” Shouto sobs desperately, squeezing around Toshinori’s cock as his body shudders. The force of his pleasure makes him tighten around Toshinori like a vice and it’s too much, too good. He feels his knot swell and pushes into Shouto as deep as he can go, swelling larger and larger. Shouto shakes around him, then seems to fall apart again at the first spurt of come into his body, crying out softly. 

Again and again Toshinori’s seed spurts from his crown. He presses one of his large, heavy hands down low on Shouto’s belly, feels it round and push out from all his come. Toshinori lies down and moves them onto their sides, pressing himself flush up against Shouto’s back. A low, rumbling purr leaves his omega as he strokes his swollen belly.

Toshinori noses against Shouto’s scent gland. For now it is still unmarked, “I’ve never had a mate before.” He admits quietly. He kisses Shouto’s neck, “But I want you. I would do anything for you…”

Hearing the alpha’s words, Shouto lets his lips curve into a smile. It’s absolutely perfect. Come sunrise he’ll be well bred, full of Toshinori’s pups. And when he asks the mighty alpha, sweetly and softly, to kill Enji for him, he knows he will not be denied. 

Under the moonlight, he bids goodbye to the era of Enji, and waits with bated breath for his own ascension to truly begin.

Chapter Text

Woods was definitely not one that normally fooled around with people much younger than him. Especially teenagers, all he saw when he looked at them was the awkwardness and immaturity of that age group. In short, nothing sexy.

But something about Todoroki Shouto was just...different.

It was a cheap cliche line all perverts spouted- he’s so mature for his age . In reality that was never the case. Except for this time. Because Shouto carried himself with such self assurance and confidence, and with a raw, experienced kind of sexuality that took Woods by surprise.

When the beautiful boy had suggested they ditch this conference, well, Woods didn’t need a lot of convincing. In fact, he found himself showing off a bit, using his fingers to pick an office lock not far from where everyone else was doing that meet and greet song and dance.

“I like pain.” Shouto told him frankly as he stripped Woods out of the top layer of his suit. “You can hit me, choke me.” The nonchalant tone of his suggestion went straight to Woods’ cock.

Woods had taken a seat at the chair behind the office desk. “Strip.” He told Shouto, “Come to me baby.”

Shouto’s cheeks were slightly pink, his eyes focused on Woods’ face as he unbuttoned his white collared shirt. He was slower removing his pants, but no less efficient, folding them underneath his shirt. As he laid them on the floor, as he positioned himself on his hands and knees, his pale skin was glimmering in the amber lighting. He looked at Woods then, through his lashes, like they’d fucked a dozen times before and he knew well what pleased the older man. 

It was a debauched image, Endeavor’s prized son crawling to him on his knees, stripped bare at Woods’ command. The sheer control, the influence of his will itself was scorching, and Woods felt the hunger for sexual energy churning within himself. For his part Shouto did not really go out of his way to appear seductive, yet neither was he gawky. There was a natural sort of grace to his movements that lent itself to this rather sexual performance.

Woods’ trousers were unzipped with precision and confidence. His cock didn’t look much different from a normal person’s in shape, but like the rest of his limbs, it was smooth and wooden and leaking from the tip was not precum but amber sap. Shouto’s tongue flicked out to taste it, and it must have met his approval because he was taking the head in past his lips immediately afterwards.

He did not suck Woods’ off like someone who had never had a dick in their mouth before. No, he bobbed his head up and down, tongue licking along the length of Woods’ dick, pressing on the underside. When he had just the head inside his mouth Shouto hollowed cheeks, the tightness of his mouth pulling a groan from Woods.

“There you go baby,” He found himself saying, hands gripping white and red hair. “Ohh you’ve got a hot little mouth on you don’t you?” He thrust his hips forward, tentatively. Shouto didn’t gag at all, he took him into his throat like it was nothing. Fuck, that was hot. Woods couldn’t help himself, he thrust again, deeper this time.

With every push of his cock into the boy’s throat, Shouto moaned and that was accompanied by the wet gurgles and slurps as his spit began to build up. Woods took his throat roughly, allowing no time for adjustment or breathing room. Those odd eyes were slightly glassy as they stared up at his. He held his head down and pushed in deep again and again until he’d coaxed tears out of Shouto from the strain. God, he was really fucking sexy.

After a moment he pulled Shouto off his cock, lines of spit and sap clinging to the boy’s lips. Woods didn’t want to cum just yet. But there was one small problem. “I don’t have any lube.” He told Shouto.

Shouto wiped his mouth with his fingers then licked the mess off their tips. “Doesn’t matter,” He said in a husky tone, “I like when it hurts. Just fuck me.”

Woods lifted him up and slammed him down on the desk. He rose over the trembling body beneath him, catching a nipple in his mouth. He was not gentle here, and bit down savagely, thrilling in Shouto’s pained cry. His other nipple was given the same merciless treatment. There would be bruises on both. As there ought to be.

“You’re so good for me baby boy,” Woods said, as his fingertips dragged along a trail of tears from Shouto’s neck up his cheek. He slapped Shouto’s face, feeling his cute cock jerk in his grasp. 

He licked another line of tears, weaving through the strands of hair that had flown in Shouto’s face from the force of his blow. Shouto was panting, the pulse of his blood a furious hammer, and his cock a hot, pulsing length in Wood’s hand. 

Wood’s slapped Shouto again, delighting in the moan the boy did not keep back. He stroked Shouto’s belly, his gentleness at odds with the red he began to paint his inner thighs with as he slapped them in quick succession. Because his hands were wooden, it definitely hurt more than skin hitting skin. Their sting was slight compared to the pain Woods knew Shouto felt when he struck his cock, making its flesh shake and redden. An agony laced with ecstasy, echoed in the scream that tore from Shouto’s lips.

“Kamui!” He cried, tears streaming from his eyes.

Woods let go of his cock to shove four of his fingers into that panting mouth. “ Take it ,” He ordered, striking his cock again. The lewd noise his smacking drew was arousing, just as much as the choked moans Shouto was making with his mouth stuffed full of fingers. He knew the taste of himself was strange to many, the flavor of those wooden fingers was at once alien but hopefully pleasant. Woods nearly lost himself for a moment, slapping that pretty cock over and over, riding the intoxicating mix of pleasure and pain that was seizing the teen’s body. His mouth had opened slightly, his gaze dark as he looked upon Shouto’s hooded mismatched eyes and his tears. 

“Yes,” Woods told him. “Cry for me baby.”

After a moment Woods stopped his hand. “You ready for me baby?” Chuckling at Shouto’s eager nod, he took his dick in hand. His cock was so hard it hurt and he couldn’t wait any longer. 

Tear drops dripped from Shouto’s lashes, like the precum Woods drew when he pushed his cock inside that little hole of his in one long, relentless motion, feeling those velvet-like stretch and Shouto’s ass clench around him, sucking him in further. He knew it must be a little rough, possibly painful given his texture and the lack of proper prep, but that seemed to be doing something for Shouto. Indeed he was coming in spasms, sobbing, biting down on Wood’s fingers. Woods grunted, began to pull his hand away only to have Shouto crane his neck up, unwilling to let his fingers loose. 

It was hot and he gave the boy what he wanted, pushing his fingers down further, nudging the back of Shouto’s throat. Choking him, for both of their pleasure. He took his hole roughly, thrusting in as deep as their position allowed, bruising Shouto’s thighs further with each hard snap of his hips against them. His sap poured from his cock, soaking those inner walls and coating Woods’ dick. 

He yanked his fingers from Shouto’s mouth, clutching his chin. “You feel so good baby, you’re taking me beautifully.” He chuckled, feeling Shouto’s ass tighten in a short spasm at his praise.

Woods slowed his thrusts to a halt, an idea suddenly forming in his head. Ropes of sweet, sticky sap clung to his cock as he withdrew it slowly from Shouto’s hole. Woods’ vines were quick to fill the absent space he left behind, two of them sliding into Shouto’s pucker as Woods’ pressed his cock to his rim once more and shoved himself inside. 

The friction, the tug of Shouto’s rim against the veins lining his length, sent pleasure spiralling up Woods’ spine. With his other hand, he made another vine, which spiralled up the length of Shouto’s cock, the tip pushing in past his cockhead’s slit. He grinned as Shouto’s eyes rolled back and a hoarse cry sputtered from his swollen lips. Arching on the desk, his brow furrowed as he moaned, stuffed in his most perverse, intimate place. Woods fucked him slowly but deep, relishing every clench and  tremor of his hole. The vines in Shouto’s ass wove around one another repeatedly into a knot that grew larger and larger.

“F-fuck!” Shouto sobbed, biting his lip savagely. “Kamui, please, fuck -”

The larger his knot grew, the more Shouto’s entire body tightened around him. The knot was pushing right up against his prostate with a pressure that was surely more painful than pleasurable. But from the wanton noises Shouto was making, it didn’t matter. He sobbed and he arched his back and he moaned like a whore. Woods groaned, speeding up his thrusts, feeling his completion approaching but unwilling to spill his sap before Shouto had fallen apart completely. His vines were coated with sap that seeped from where his cock was spreading his rim. 

He wrapped his hands around Shouto’s throat as he drove himself even deeper, his vines expanding further and Shouto’s air cut off.  His gaze was fixed on that slack, reddened mouth and his vines and cock held captive by that hot, tight hole they took. Woods blinked sweat out of his eyes, squeezing that pale throat harder, his grip bruising. Shouto coughed weakly, face flushed a deep red, tears still spilling from his eyes but his expression was one of bliss as Woods’ knot grew so large his hole was stretched obscenely wide around them. Shouto came with a soundless cry, clamping down on Woods so tight he couldn’t fuck him through the waves of his release. So he held Shouto’s neck and savored each spasm, each spurt of cum that came out so forcefully it burst past the vine he had slipped into the boy’s cock.

Shouto gasped when his throat was released, chest heaving as he tried to pull in more air, all the while his body quivered. “I can’t,” He whimpered, so pretty as Woods’ knot grew larger still. “It’s too much. I can’t-”

Having cum during the teen's orgasm, Woods ran the tip of his finger over Shouto’s lips, “Alright, easy.” He told him, slowly withdrawing his cock and vines. He took them out all at once, just to see the rosy spread of Shouto’s hole gape as they came out. And his vines were drenched in cum and sap, dripping and Woods held them up for Shouto to see, chuckling when the teen shuddered and moaned at the sight. Shouto was covered in lines of white cum and amber sap. He’d probably still be dripping with it even after he cleaned up and got redressed and wasn’t that one of the hottest thoughts Woods had ever had.

He reached for some tissues only to be stopped. “I’d rather not.” Shouto said, his tone neutral as he moved off the desk, retrieving his clothes. Was he really going to put that suit back on without cleaning himself off at all? Walk around the conference with cum and sap drying and flaking on his skin?

Even though he’d just cum, Woods’ dick twitched with newfound interest.

“We should exchange numbers.” He suggested as he watched Shouto finish getting dressed. To say he wouldn’t mind fucking the teen again would be the understatement of the century.

Shouto hummed non-committedly, “I’ll think about it.” He said, and there was something in his gaze that made Woods stand up straighter when it fell on him, “We’re here for three days. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around.” And then he was opening the door and walking out of the room.

Maybe it was just in Woods’ head, but he felt a coldness left in Shouto’s wake.

Chapter Text

I’ll take care of you ,” Dabi had told him the night he’d whisked him away. Even then, no more than seven years old, he knew better than to trust the person standing before him. A lanky, haunting mess of near-dead scar tissue and staples, like if he strained too much he’d literally rip himself apart, was not Touya. His oldest brother was dead, Shouto had watched the EMT’s enter the dojo, saw them rolling his brother out covered in a white sheet then zipping him up in a black bag. Whatever this ghost, this demon was, he was not his family.

He’d tried to run that night, got a needle full of a sedative for his efforts. The second time he tried to run was when he got the brand on the back of his neck and throat, an imprint of Dabi’s hand holding him into submission like he was an animal. “ I don’t want to hurt you ,” Dabi said the fourth time, as he burned the soles of Shouto’s feet, keeping him from walking for weeks, “ You need to stop fighting me. You need to let me take care of you.

Everytime he said that it made Shouto want to throw up. The words felt cruel, hateful. If Dabi really wanted to take care of him he wouldn’t have ever started selling Shouto’s body to keep up with the rent at their shitty apartment. He would have found another way- any other way.

One time a client got upset with Shouto, slashed his arm open with a knife. His brother was there moments later, reducing the man to ash and taking all the money on his person. As he stitched Shouto’s wound closed, his touch was mockingly careful. Shouto tried not to dwell on the fact that Dabi must follow him whenever he’s with clients, always overlooking them like some fucked up guardian angel. A pimp and a saint all in one.

Probably just wanted to protect the only stable source of income he had. There never seemed to be a shortage of people who wanted to touch Shouto, dirty him up until he felt he was less clean than the grimy pavement of the streets outside those cheap motel rooms he’d rent to “ take care ” of paying customers. 

“You know, I love you Ototo,” Dabi said once, as he held him naked against his body, Shouto trembling even though the night air was searing hot.

That had made him so angry, he actually hit the man, pulled back and slapped him across the face. “ Don’t lie to me. ” Shouto had sneered, his teeth clenched so hard he thought they might crumble.

Dabi had wiped the blood off his split lip, running his wet finger over Shouto’s mouth, “I own you Shouto.” Was what he said.

Shouto remembered how the sobs that wracked his body made him lurch forward so violently it was like they were trying to claw out of his chest. He remembered how strange it felt when they began to shift, into throaty, manic laughter. He laughed and he cried and he laughed and he cried.

“Clean that shit up after you’re done, I know you’ll want to use it on me,” Shouto snapped at Dabi, who with a switchblade had sliced a long Cheshire grin into a man he’d lured into their apartment. It was so easy to get them to follow him, Shouto barely had to try at all. He went and laid down, paying little mind to the scene in front of him. That was the first time Dabi actually looked surprised by him. And he did as he was demanded, washing the blade diligently before eventually going to Shouto. He barely cut him, something else was on his mind by then.

“That was so hot Shou,” Dabi said as they stood in the motel room with a dead body. Shouto was beyond letting people hurt him without his permission or proper payment, he’d shoved his fingers in the client’s mouth and froze his head, before shattering it against the wall, cold chunks of brain matter littered the floor.

Shouto rolled his eyes, using the dead bastard’s finger to unlock his phone and transfer a hefty sum of money into their account. “I want soba.” He told Dabi, stepping over the corpse to head for the door.

It wasn’t the first time he’d killed a client, it likely wouldn’t be the last. Dabi put a hand on his lower back, steering him in the direction of the food stands. “Anything for you, baby brother.”

Later that night, Dabi fucked him so violently he made him bleed. And he tore the lining of his staples from how far his mouth opened as he moaned. Shouto remembered bouncing on top of his brother, digging his fingers into the torn, red tissue before sucking them into his mouth. “I love you Ototo,” Dabi panted afterwards, hand still on Shouto’s hips.

Shouto tilted his head to the side, his gaze darker than the shadows in the room. “That’s so pathetic.” He mused as he lit a cigarette. “That’s so fucking boring .” And he put the cigarette out on his brother’s nipple.




Now that they were part of the League of Villains, Shouto’s hooking days were officially over. That was fine, he supposed. He’d gotten out while he was young and still had his pretty boy looks and decent health, Dabi having always made it clear nicotine was the only drug Shouto was allowed to take and weaning him off that once they joined the League. He got to start training again, got better with his quirk each passing day. 

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. So the saying went, that was certainly apt for this situation.

Sex with Shigaraki experience. The kind of fuck where Shouto suffered, which got them both off. Sometimes he even pretended like he didn’t want it, just to make it more interesting. 

“S-stop,” Shouto whimpered pitifully as he was slammed into at a relentless pace, knocking into the wall more than once, “Tomura, please, it hurts -” Tears stained his cheeks, genuine because it did hurt. Even the push against his prostate was more painful than anything. He used to cry like this a lot when he first started selling himself, it took him a ridiculous amount of time to realize that it had the opposite of the desired effect. His sobs and pleas just made his clients fuck him even harder. Shigaraki was no exception and by this point, if someone touched Shouto softly he’d probably stab them.

His hair was yanked back painfully, the sting of his scalp making more tears fall. “You’re such a whiny little bitch,” Shigaraki panted but his dick was pulsing out precum into Shouto heavily, “Shut up and fucking take it .”

Shouto felt himself squeeze around the man’s dick. “You’re hurting me,” He wept, “You’re hurting me.” His cock was red and he was wet like a girl, dripping down onto the floor. His ass was slick with his own blood.

Shigaraki’s fingers dug into a bite mark he’d placed on Shouto’s hip, deepening the bruise there. “You love it.” He asserted and Shouto moaned softly in response, in agreement. His nipples were played with, twisted cruelly. Shamelessly he arched into the contact, weak little whimpers falling from his lips.

“Fuck,” Shigaraki cursed, the rhythm of his hips growing sloppy, “You’re so damn tight, shit-”

Shouto sobbed, knowing exactly how to tip the man over, “Wait! Please, please ,” He gasped, shuddering, “Please don’t cum in me, please -”

It worked like a charm, Shigaraki shoved him flush up against the wall and pounded him until he finally stilled, emptying himself inside Shouto’s hole. It was a lot of cum, fuck, Shouto moaned and shook apart, shooting his cum onto the wall. When Shigaraki pulled out, he dripped white and red onto the floor.

“That was fun,” Shouto commented dryly, as Shigaraki sat down on his rumpled bed. “You’re getting better.” Tomura no longer blew his load in under ten minutes. Given that he’d been a virgin the first time they fucked, it was understandable but no less annoying. Studying his reflection in the room’s mirror, Shouto ran his hands down his front, admiring his latest bruises. Almost perfect.

Shouto turned, caught Shigaraki staring at him, but he looked away quickly, his cheeks flushing. Pathetic, he had to keep from sneering at the lovestruck fool. “See you around,” Shouto tossed out, taking his leave naked as the day he was born. He’d been waiting in Shigaraki’s bed that way and honestly? He’d fucked every member of the League so it wasn’t like it was anything they hadn’t seen before.

There was only one person he wanted right now.

Opening the door to the adjoining room he found Dabi panting heavily. Shouto rolled his eyes, “You’d better be able to get hard again.” He said, making his way over to him.

Dabi’s brow quirked, “Did he fuck you good?” He asked.

“You tell me, I know you saw the whole thing through that peephole in the wall.” Shouto tutted. He figured out early in his hooking days that Dabi didn’t just figuratively watch over him while he was with clients, no he literally spied on him. That explained the hard-ons he’d be sporting when he killed some of them.

“He was decent,” Dabi asserted, grabbing Shouto by the hips and pulling him in close, “But we both know who fucks you the best, don’t we baby brother? That’s why you always come here afterwards, all that cum leaking out of you like the dumpster you are.”

Shouto smacked him, not as hard as he could but enough to make a point, “Jealousy makes you petty,” He arched his brow, putting his hand on top of Dabi’s head, “Do you want your treat or not?”

He pushed down and Dabi dropped to his knees on the floor without resistance. “Good boy,” Shouto praised, propping one of his legs up on the bed. Shigaraki’s cum and his own blood was still running down his thighs in streams but Dabi would handle that. “Eat up.” He sighed at the first touch of his brother’s tongue on his puffy rim. 

“I own you Touya.” Shouto breathed out as Dabi licked and licked and ate him like he was starving.

Dabi’s only response was a groan and he fucked his tongue in Shouto’s hole deeper, faster. Taking care of him like a good big brother.

Chapter Text

Shouto gazed at himself in the cracked full length mirror Touya bought him out of the back of some guy’s van. He had on a black and gold bondage harness over a black crop top, the straps of the harness criss crossing down his exposed midriff. He’d paired them black leggings that had fishnet cutouts going down the outside of the legs. 

Leaned against the door frame, Touya clicked his tongue, “I don’t see why you get all dressed up for this shit. Those nice clothes are gonna be ripped and bloody by the end of this.” He was teasing, knowing it wasn’t like they’d be wasting money regardless. Everything Shouto had on he’d stolen.

“It’s like putting on a costume,” Shouto explained as he turned towards his brother, “Don’t they do that in wrestling?” Touya groused out some kind of lazy response he didn’t catch, as he was already heading for the door.

Taking the trains to the location, Shouto admired the lack of heavy crowds, allowing him to stretch his feet out. Ever since he was twelve, five years from when he’d run away from his home and found shelter with Touya, he did this every Sunday. Not only was it a great way to train his quirks and combat skills, it also brought home no small amount of money every time he was victorious. Touya had fought him on doing this for a long time, Shouto asserting over and over that he could handle himself, their father had forced him to learn how to very early. As his wins racked up, so did Touya’s belief in him.

Underground quirk matches were, of course, illegal but incredibly popular. Whenever one was raided and shut down by the police another inevitably popped up in its place. Rules were simple: whoever got knocked out first was the loser. Quirks were of course encouraged to be used. Go wild. This particular organization they were going to even had a healer for those who wanted to leave in the same shaped they’d walked in. Betting of course, was controlled by the house.

Shouto could fight, really fight. Brutal, no holds barred. An all out bloodsport. It’s where he got his little nickname, Todo the Tiger. He thought it sounded ridiculous but it stuck.

This organization’s fights were held in the basement of a metal factory. There was a real slaughterhouse vibe to it, with the concrete floors and spider-cracked pillars and harsh lighting. The general ambiance of the place was dank and sordid. But Shouto had been living on the streets for nine years now with his brother. The grit of the place, the thickness of the air had long since stopped bothering him.

He was practically vibrating under his skin with anticipation when they got to the location. This was something he always looked forward to. A few familiar faces nodded their heads in recognition as he Touya entered the space.

Full house tonight, like always. People were addicted to this kind of sport, willing to turn up at an hour when any reasonable person would be asleep to get their fix. Approaching the ring, he caught sight of his opponent. A short-statured, muscular woman with golden brown skin, red eyes and a shaved head. She was also wearing a bondage harness and black cutoff shorts, with boots that looked like they didn’t have much life left in them.

They took their places. Shouto gave a predator’s smile, baring his teeth.

Time to have some fun.




Making friends had been a mistake. A serious fucking mistake, Bakugou was sure of that now. It was 2am and instead of being in bed like a normal person he was walking into a factory basement with Mina, Kirishima and Kaminari. This was the kind of place he normally wouldn’t be caught dead at, especially considering everything going on there was illegal. But Mina had begged for them to go see a match and admittedly he was a little curious about it. He’d certainly heard of underground quirk bouts before, but never understood why someone would choose to fight illegally when they could be getting paid on the books to fight people. Idiots.

And the names they’d given these morons were too much. Granted more than a few Pro-Heroes had names that made him cringe from severe secondhand embarrassment but still , Todo the Tiger? He huffed out a dry laugh, rolling his eyes. As soon as he caught sight of him entering the ring though, he wasn’t laughing anymore. 

Todo was fit, muscular but not in a broad, bulky kind of way. Leaner, limber. His hair was stark white, worn in a long braid, but his bangs were loose and framing his face. There was a prominent scar on the left side of his face Bakugou was sure came with one hell of a story and his eyes mismatched, blue and gray. His pouty lips were twisted in a smirk. He was...really fucking pretty.

There was a definite confidence in his swagger and it didn’t feel like a try-hard sort of thing. Kid walked like he knew he could make everyone in the room kneel at his feet. No overcompensating, no posturing. Just someone who knew they were hot shit. Bakugou watched him drop into a fighting stance, smirk taking an edge that was almost primal, pretty, crooked teeth being bared. 

No information was given about either of the fighter’s quirks, Bakugou supposed he’d find out soon enough. The buzzer sounded. The bald chick grimaced slightly, and from her knuckles burst out four long claws. Wolverine looking shit, only it made blood run down her hands. She lept and Todo, slashing towards his midsection. From his left arm Todo generated a burst of flames, causing her to recoil, barely avoiding a full on hit.

Pinky and the two other stooges were yelling in time, pumping their fists and getting into it. Watching the bout, Bakugou could admit he was beginning to see the appeal of this kind of thing. But he found himself distracted by the subtle flexing of the Todo’s muscles, the way his exposed abs would occasionally tighten, the light sheen of sweat that was beginning to form. Bakugou almost wanted to clock himself when he realized he was doing far more oggling than actually paying attention to the damn fight.

He figured out the bald woman’s quirk had something to do with being able to make extra bones in a variety of shapes. But when they grew out from her skin, they also wounded her. Puddles of blood were littering the arena floor. There definitely had to be a limit to how much she could use her quirk before she was in danger of passing out from blood loss alone. She was damn good though, landing a hit on Todo, splitting his lip and making a thin stream of blood run from his nose.

Todo rushed towards her with a surprising speed. Suddenly he dropped down, sliding on a sheet of ice between the woman’s legs, as he did that he also cut her calves with two daggers made of ice. Huh, so he could produce ice and fire. 

Bakugou felt his interest ratchet up further the more he watched. In contrast to the more wild, unhinged movements of the bald chick, Todo demonstrated a high level of control and calculation to his actions and counterstrikes. It was clear he was analyzing his opponent and his control of his quirk was so good it looked fucking professional. Something deep and hungry was building in Bakugou’s gut, making beads of sweat form on his body, his fingers twitch with the urge to light an explosion. To get in on that action. There weren’t many people at Yuuei that made him feel that way, like he was starving to fight them. To take a bite out of them.

Todo managed to knock the bald chick down, straddled her and unleashed a short flurry of punches. Just the sound of his fist smashing into his opponents skin was wet and intense. But the second she stopped moving, he lept off her, face splattered with blood. 

Bakugou wanted to fucking lick it off. 

“Holy shit,” Kaminari breathed out as they announced Todo as the winner, “That was...amazing, holy shit .”

Pinky and Shitty Hair said something, Bakugou honestly wasn’t paying attention. His eyes were fixed on Todo, who had left the arena and moved to stand in front of a tall, black haired guy who looked like some shitty haunted house prop, a lanky mass of scar tissue and staples. He handed Todo a water bottle, ruffling his hair like he was literally a cat or some shit. An ugly feeling twisted inside Bakugou at the easy intimacy the two were giving off. Was that his boyfriend or something?

Bakugou watched as Todo handed back the water bottle, heading alone to a side room. He found himself moving instinctively, ignoring the extras hollering that the next match was about to start. Who gave a damn? He’d seen all he needed to.




Shouto was always in a mood post-fighting, pulsing with adrenaline and raw hunger. Never truly satiated, he usually waded into the makeshift locker room the fighters used to either jerk himself off or find someone to do it for him. Once he’d mellowed out, he’d go back to Touya.

He sat on the bench, licking the blood on his upper lip away. His nose was still bleeding, but he didn’t mind. As he wrapped his bruised and bloody knuckles up, someone came in. 

Shouto turned his head, sizing his company up. A pretty, spikey-haired blonde teen with crimson eyes. Probably only a little older than him, he’d never seen the guy before but Shouto could be up for meeting new people. Especially when they were built like this guy, the thin black tank the blonde had on putting those well defined arms of his on display. 

The guy was just standing there, eyeing him with a heavy amount of intensity. Like he wasn’t sure what to do now that he was alone with him. Cocking his head to the side, Shouto wet his lips, “Hey.” He greeted, with a little bit of honey in his baritone voice.

The blonde’s jaw clenched, he took a few steps forward. “Fight me.” Was all he said and there was a pleasing, harsh rasp in his voice. It sounded more like Fuck me to Shouto’s ears.

Shouto huffed out a low laugh, rising to his feet. “If you wanna fight, all you’ve got to do is enter your name.” He said lazily, moving toward the guy. “I don’t do this shit for free.” Now he was right in the blonde’s space, not really up for extended foreplay. It was obvious what had brought the teen through that door. He’d give him what he came for. He was just too pretty to pass up. “Besides, I know something much better that we can do-” He didn’t finish the sentence. Just grabbed the back of the blonde’s neck and kissed him.

The teen froze, his lips only slightly parted. This did not deter Shouto, who tilted his head to the side, deepening the kiss and sliding his tongue past those slightly rough parted lips. The second their tongues touched he must have flipped some kind of switch in the guy’s head because oh he was moving now. Pushing his tongue into Shouto’s mouth like their mouths were fighting, obviously trying to gain control of the momentum. His moves were pretty sloppy and overly forceful, but the enthusiasm was appreciated. He bit Shouto’s bottom lip before actually licking the stream of blood slowly trickling from his nose onto his upper lip. 

Another rough laugh fell from Shouto’s lips. Oh, this was going to be fun.




Honestly, Bakugou had followed Todo into the room to challenge him to a fight.’d be a lie to say he didn’t have anything else in mind and he wasn’t a fan of lying to himself. But he’d never actually done something like this at all so his confidence in going about it was embarrassingly shot.

And then that Pretty bastard kissed him. Not a fucking amatuer kiss either, no shyness or hesitance. No fucking around. It had been unlike anything Bakugou had felt before. It wasn’t his first kiss but no one had ever kissed him like they wanted to consume him. And the taste, there was a sharp sweetness in Todo’s mouth and a tang of his blood. It was really fucking good. Bakugou felt like he’d been jolted by Kaminari’s quirk, his whole body a livewire. Fuck he wanted...he wanted-

He gave a grunt of surprise when he found himself shoved up against the wall and at some point Todo had stripped him of his belt and yanked his jeans down to his knees. “I’m Shouto,” The boy said with a grin, quirking his brow as he palmed Bakugou through his boxers.

Bakugou couldn’t stifle the groan those attentions drew from him, “Bah-Bakugou.” He breathed out. Everything was happening so damn fast, it was overwhelming but he was determined to keep up. Shouto pushed his boxers down and he kicked them off with his jeans.

“Fuck,” Shouto said as he eyed Bakugou’s erection, “You’re thick,” He licked his lips then looked back at his eyes, “Two questions: do you top and do you suck dick?”

A traitorous amount of heat flooded Bakugou’s face from his cheeks down to his neck. Say something dammit , he berated himself, don’t look like a dumbass- “Yeah,” He pushed out, voice rough, “Yes on both counts.” There was no way in hell he was letting it be known he’d never done this before. He was gonna fucking rock Shouto’s world-experience be damned-

“...Excellent,” Shouto said, and there was an annoying knowing lit in his voice that almost made Bakugou snap at him, “I’m gonna pick you up, put your legs on my shoulders and lock them around the back of my head-”

What the fuck?

“Wait-” Bakugou started, but Shouto was already moving him, gripping his hips and lifting him up, before turning him upside down. If anyone were to ever hear the fucking yelp he let out at that moment, he would absolutely murder them without remorse. 

Surprise aside it was really fucking hot, the display of Shouto’s strength alone. He wasn’t using the wall to hold Bakugou in place, no, just his own upper body power. “You smell amazing,” Shouto murmured and thank God he couldn’t see Bakugou’s face anymore. He took Bakugou’s dick into his mouth, holy shit his mouth was hot inside, to a degree that felt unnatural but indescribably good. This was definitely not the first time he’d sucked someone off too, he was swallowing him down into his throat like it was nothing.

Already feeling a little dizzy from the position he was in, Bakugou moaned at the wet heat working over his dick, tongue pressing along all his sensitive veins, slipping past his foreskin. The way his throat would contract around him, especially when Bakugou got his shit together and decided to reciprocate. After all his face was level with Shouto’s crotch. The teen hadn’t undressed himself at all but those torn leggings he was wearing were easy to lower.

Only half of the curtains matched the drapes. There was an odd bi-colored split to Shouto’s pubes. His thighs were so cut, yet lean as the rest of him. But he could see the built up definition of muscles there, an obvious indicator of strength. And what the hell, even the fuckers dick was pretty, long with a leftward curve. Bakugou took it in his fist, stroking him firmly. If the moan that vibrated around his dick was any indication, he was off to a good start. Licking his lips, Bakugou opened his mouth and took him inside.

Shouto’s dick tasted as good as his mouth, Bakugou let his tongue lath over him, taking in his texture. The tip ran over his slit, making Shouto shudder and wetness bleed from his crown. Good, yeah, he was doing good. It was not exactly easy given the position they were in but Bakugou never applied anything less than the best of himself to any task. He licked and sucked, ignoring the heavy buildup of spit that was soon pushing out from his lips. Some might have found it gross, the way it strung down and dripped onto his forehead and into his hair, but fuck them. It was hot and he felt himself twitching in Shouto’s mouth.

Eventually though Bakugou started to feel lightheaded in a way that was regrettably distracting. He smacked his palm on Shouto’s thigh, and immediately he was being moved, set back down on his feet. Vertigo made him lean against the wall to keep himself from falling like an idiot.

“God, you’re so fucking hot,” Shouto said, with a throatiness in his smooth voice that made Bakugou’s dick twitch. He was was pulling off his leggings and boots. He pulled Bakugou into a rough kiss, spinning him around and pushing him down onto the benches. “Gonna ride you so good baby-”

“Hey!” Bakugou panted as Shouto straddled him, “Shouldn’t you prep?”

The grin Shouto gave him was nothing short of wicked, “Oh I took care of that before I got here.” Just the thought of Shouto out in the arena fighting with his ass worked open, waiting for a cock to get inside him, made Bakugou’s dick throb. Shouto lowered himself down onto him, dragging a string of curses out of him. His hole was hot like his mouth and so fucking tight, squeezing around him so good he had to shut his eyes tight, bite his lip to force himself not to cum in two seconds like the virgin he was.

When he opened them he saw Shouto had his head tipped back, mouth open as he moaned softly, “Oh fuck, God your cock is so fat Bakugou,” He whimpered, hands settling on Bakugou’s abs, “You stretch me out so good, shit-” His hips rolled in tight circles, grinding himself on Bakugou’s dick. It felt so fucking good, holy shit-

“Fuck!” Bakugou gasped when Shouto lifted himself up, squeezing around the head of his dick before dropping himself back down. His movements are smooth and graceful in a way that was almost too sexy. Bakugou ran his hands over Shouto’s abs, nails raking down sweat slicked skin. Shouto’s making the prettiest noises he’s ever heard, soft keens and sweet whimpers. His ass kept clenching around around Bakugou’s dick like there was a rhythm he’s working with.

Then he stopped bouncing and went back to grinding on him, so hard Bakugou’s body rocked back and forth with the motions. Fuck, he’s strong, it was the hottest thing Bakugou had ever felt let alone seen. And Shouto was chanting out “So good, so good, oh fuck me-”  

Those words made  Bakugou realize that the other boy was pretty much doing all the work and that wouldn’t do. He planted  his feet firmly on the floor and when Shouto started bouncing again, Bakugou pushed his hips up to meet him, hoping he was not fucking things up-

He’s not, he’s really not. Shouto shuddered and cried out, “Ahh, yes, harder,” As a general principle Bakugou hated following orders but he found himself obeying without a second thought and honestly, why shouldn’t he? That soft, tight heat around his dick was was so good. 

He tilted his hips slightly and Shouto actually sobbed, “The-there!” He must have hit the sweet spot inside of him. Bakugou fucked up into him faster, loving the way Shouto’s cock bobbed and slapped against his stomach. He was dripping out precum onto Bakugou’s skin, “Bakugou,” His voice had risen in pitch, into a whine, “Hahh-ah, you’re gonna make me cum.”

He said it in such a needy way it went straight to Bakugou’s ego, his confidence skyrocketing, “Yeah?” He panted, his hands moving from Shouto’s hips to clutch the firm curve of his ass, “Do it then, I wanna feel you cum on my cock.” He punctuated his words with a hard slap to Shouto’s backside, praying the teen was into that sort of thing.

Damn, his instincts were good. Shouto rocked forward, mouth open in a wet cry as he shook and came apart, ropes of white splattering onto Bakugou’s chest. And his hole was squeezing his dick so hard it honestly hurt for a moment before Bakugou’s world whited out and he was cumming with a shout, emptying his load into the other boy. He felt it leaking out, running down over his balls, and his dick twitched even as it started to go soft.

They stayed like that for a moment, panting hard. Then Shouto lifted himself off of Bakugou with a husky laugh. Bakugou could only describe the lazy, relaxed vibe the other teen gave off as he retrieved his pants and boots as well fucked. If he were an idiot he’d be preening.

“You’re gonna go back to your boyfriend with my cum leaking out your ass?” He asked as Shouto pulled up his leggings.

Shouto’s brow furrowed for a moment, looked like confusion, then he tilted his head back with a very “ah-ha” expression. “He’s not my boyfriend.” He said, tossing Bakugou his boxers and jeans and a towel. It was stained with blood and cum, the very definition of unsanitary but for the moment he didn’t give a shit. Shouto leaned over him, taking Bakugou’s jaw in hand, “That was good,” He nearly purred and licked over Bakugou’s lips, “See you around.” He patted Bakugou’s cheek, then turned away, heading out of the room.

Still lying on the bench, Bakugou gave himself a moment to catch his breath. The whole experience was incredible and he wanted to fuck Shouto again right now like some kind of horndog. Fuck.

“Holy shit,” Pinky whistled when he rejoined her and the other two stooges, “ Get some Bakugou.” She said with a stupid grin on her face.

Since there were no mirrors in the locker room, Bakugou hadn’t exactly gotten a good look at himself. But now that he was paying mind to it, he was covered in red raised lines of scratch marks, his hair was probably fucked up too. Even as his face reddened, he found himself wishing there was a bitemark or two somewhere on his body too. “Shut the fuck up,” He groused out as Mina and Kaminari immediately started trying to pry him for details. “I’m not telling you perverts shit!”

And he didn’t. But the next time Mina suggested they go to another underground match, she didn’t have to work hard to convince Bakugou to tag along.