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Adventures of a Convenience Store Manager

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Rizumu glared down at the newsstand. She narrowed her eyes at the front page of the front page as if it had personally offended her.

The article in question wasn’t necessarily bad. It’s wasn't talking about a villain attack, thank goodness for that. Nor was it talking about some new and upcoming hero. No, it was about something much worse.

UA Announces the Establishment of a New Dorm System

Outrageous! Absolutely astounding! They announce this with no warning whatsoever that they were suddenly having a dorm system for the students.

Rizumu wrinkled her nose. Dorms would definitely be a good thing, for the school at least. With how often those poor kids get attacked by villains nowadays it would provide better protection for them.

Still, how could they manage to make an entire dorm system without anyone knowing until the students were practically living in it!

Rizumu snatched a copy of the article adding it to her basket before stalking over to the register.

After purchasing the article along with some instant ramen, cocoa powder, and far more whipped cream than any one person should have at one time, she left the store leaving behind a traumatized cashier and probably a few customers as well with the terrifying look she had in her eye.

Ignoring the random people that for some strange reason jumped out of her way whenever she got close, Rizumu strode forward eyes locked forward as she headed towards her destination.

Luckily her trek was free from any rogue hero fights. Meaning the only obstacle in her way was traffic which she passed like a breeze Until she stood triumphantly in front of her destination. A convenience store.

Now some of you may be wondering; Rizumu why in the world would you go to a convenience store? Weren’t you just at a grocery store? Those are all valid questions of course, and the answer to them is quite simple. See this particular convenience store was very special. The reason for that being at this specific store, Sairen Rizumu was the manager.

Rizumu trudged into the convenience store, noting the fact that Taida was preparing for the end of his shift. Knowing this that means the new hire Akihito Erika should be in the break room with Boulder. Perfect everyone was here.

Bursting into the break room, she quickly set down her groceries before whirling around and looking at her employees

. Akihito looked like a deer in headlights, especially since her pale skin and hair, which reminded Rizumu of fiber optics, were glowing a bright blue after being surprised by her entrance.

Boulder, who was quite a large and intimidating man, glanced up from his work, unfazed by Rizumu’s dramatic entrance, looked towards her questioningly wondering what had gotten her all worked up this time.

Taida, who looked like a sloth and liked to take things at his own pace, finally walked into the break room, also sending a questioning gaze her way.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I have gathered you all here.” Rizumu started. Waited for them all to nod in reply. “Good because it has begun,” she stated grimly.

Getting nothing but blank stares from the others, Rizumu sighed and grabbed the article she had bought out of one of her grocery bags. She proceeded to toss it on the table for the others to read.




UA Announces the Establishment of a New Dorm System

After the many horrendous villain attacks that have plagued UA since the beginning of the school year including the devastating USJ attack to the recent Kamino ward incident. it was recently announced that a new dorm system has been established.

All hero students are required to room in these dorms to help protect them against future threats. While students in the general, support, business and management departments do not share this same requirement but should they choose to they can also gain residence in one of the recently developed dorm rooms.

With how quickly these dorms were constructed some may wonder about the quality of these dorm buildings…. Read more on page A1



After reading the beginning of the article Boulder looked up at Rizumu. Knowing exactly what this meant for the store a strange series of emotions passed through his eyes before eventually settling on acceptance for the chaos to come.

“Why is there a problem with UA making dorms?” Akihito questioned. “I mean I already read about this a few days ago and I don’t see a problem.”

Rizumu tsked in response taking a moment to think of how to respond.

“Well you see as you probably know this store is placed right next to UA,” she started. “Due to this tiny fact during specific times of the school year we tend to get a lot of student traffic which has been dubbed The UA Rush Hour™️.”

“I still don’t see the problem?” Akihito said still not connecting the dots.

“Well The UA Rush Hour™️ is pretty much the physical embodiment of chaos for the store and it usually happens around finals during the school year. The last The UA Rush Hour™️ ended with the slushie machine somehow ending up on fire, and half the store covered in slime.” Rizumu stated a serious expression on her face.

Akihito’s eyes widened in shock expression almost pleading that Rizumu was just pulling a prank on the new kid. Rizumi’s expression remained unchanged and looking at Boulder or Taida revealed the same results.

“Please tell me it won’t be that bad since their going to be here all year round.” Akihito pleaded.
“I have worked here for six years and can almost guarantee that the chances are around 98% it’s going to be that bad.” Rizumu responded.

A series of vivid expressions passed across the young girl’s face her body flashing a multitude of different colors before eventually settling on a dark gray light while her face had turned into one of begrudging acceptance.

A weird sound that sounded like a mix between a squeak and a groan emitted from where Taida had just finished the article, his small sloth-like face also twisting into one of sad acceptance, having been a victim of the last The UA Rush Hour™️ and thus was not excited for what was to come.

“Now that all know the stakes of what might come I expect all of you to be prepared for the worst.” Rizumu announced clapping her hands together. “Now if you excuse me I have whipped cream I need to refrigerate.”