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Aoyama was obsessed with Izuku. He admired him, more than he knew how to deal with. 


His courage, kindness, strength. 


His smile. His laughter. Everything about him amazed and intrigued Aoyama.


But Izuku didn't see him. Not in the way Aoyama wanted him to. 


No, he saw Uraraka instead.


Aoyama supposes it's partly his own fault for egging her on. But it still hurts.

It feels like needles and thorns piercing his heart, every time he smiles at her.

Aoyama wants to be the one he smiles at.

Aoyama wants to be the one in his arms.

The one who gets his affection and care.


But he lost his chance. He had so many years to admit his crush, but he never did. Out of fear.


Now Izuku's getting married.


Aoyama has to stand by and watch him fall more in love with Uraraka each day, while wishing so desperately he could be in her place.


He'd gone on many dates with different people, trying to fall in love with someone else so it wouldn't hurt so much to see Izuku.

But none of them were good enough. He never felt anything for them. 

But Izuku... Izuku was perfect. Aoyama felt his cheeks flush and his heart beat faster from a mere glance.


Aoyama didn't want to be held by anyone else but Izuku. He didn't want to be kissed by anyone else but Izuku. He only wanted to be loved by Izuku.

Over the years Aoyama had grown more popular, more people had fallen for him. But he could never return their feelings. None of them, even the most 'attractive' never made his heart thump loudly in his chest like when he was around Izuku. None of them made him laugh, made him smile. Only Izuku.


Watching Uraraka walk down the aisle was just too much for Aoyama to take. Watching her say "I do" and having Izuku respond with the same words. Watching them kiss, slip the rings onto their fingers.

Aoyama could tell by the look in Izuku's eyes that it really was too late.


So he ran. And ran. Until he was outside, the cold, harsh wind blasting his face and causing him to shiver. His sparkly suit disheveled and tie blown away in the wind.


 Aoyama collapsed to the ground of the parking lot, painted fingernails scraping at the concrete. 

Something wet hit his hand and that's when he noticed he was crying. Hot tears streaming rapidly down his cheeks, blurring his vision.

He choked out a sob, shakily getting to his feet and sprinting across the parking lot. 

Legs trembling, Aoyama collapsed once again onto a bench, shoulders hunched as he sobbed into his hands, bringing his knees up to his chest.

A sick feeling of dread crept up his throat, clawing at his heart, strangling him. He choked and coughed, sobbing violently, his wails of despair echoing through the area.

Aoyama drew in a shaky breath, lifting his head from his knees to look up at the stars, tears glistening in the moonlight.

"W-Why..." He whispered up at the stars, voice hoarse and scratchy from such violent sobbing. "Why couldn't he l-love me instead..."


Of course Aoyama got no response, the area around him dead silent aside from the faint sound of music from a party in the building the wedding was held.

Wiping tears from his eyes, Aoyama pulled his phone out of his pocket to notice several text messages from his friends. A few from Kirishima, Kaminari, Ashido, and even Bakugou.

But the messages that really caught his eye were the ones from Izuku. 7 messages, asking where he'd gone and if he was alright, why he'd run out so suddenly. And 2 missed calls...


"Fuck... Fuck, FUCK, FUCK! GODDAMMIT!!" Aoyama screamed suddenly, overwhelmed with emotion. In his rush of anger and agony, he threw his phone at a tree nearby, watching it shatter on impact.

"WHY?! WHY...! WHY...." His angered screams turned to sobs, his hand clenching into a fist. He whimpered, trying to stop his sobbing, wiping a stream of hot tears from his cheek.

"Shit..." He curled up into a ball, crying into his arms.


It took Aoyama an hour and a half to stop crying, to work up the motivation to move. He felt nothing. Emotionless, almost. Though sadness was still faintly there.


Stumbling, Aoyama stood from the bench, wiping his eyes one more time. He sniffled, walking back towards the building the wedding party was being held in. 

He walked around to the back of the building, where a ladder rested up against the side, reaching all the way up to the roof. Smiling sadly, Aoyama took hold of the ladder and began climbing, his stomach sick with anxiety.


The roof had a nice view of the night sky. The wind had calmed down, only a slight breeze now. It was... Relaxing.


Aoyama took a deep breath of the chilly air, walking slowly over to the edge. Sitting down, he swung his legs over the side and turned his body, looking down at the ground. It was quite high up.

"H-Hah." He sighed shakily, wiping away some tears that threatened to escape. No. He was done crying, he was done suffering. He wasn't going to deal with this anymore. He couldn't.


He could hear the music from the party below him. He could hear the joyful laughter of all his friends. 


His friends he wasn't going to see again. 


"I'm sorry, everyone... I'm so s-sorry." Aoyama whispered, taking one last look up at the night sky and the beautiful moon before standing up, violet eyes no longer twinkling. 


He shuffled his feet forward until the front of his shoes were off the edge, his breathing speeding up with anxiety.


 He couldn't back down now. He couldn't change his mind. He'd have nothing to go back to, no comforting embrace to wash away his worries and fears.


Only the sight of the love of his life married to another person.


He couldn't bear to see that.


So with a burst of bravery, Aoyama took one last deep breath before stepping off the edge.


Fear instantly flooded his senses, eyes wide with panic. He was falling, and fast. Wind blowing his blond hair in front of his eyes, blocking his view of the beautiful night sky. He regretted this. He regretted it already, no, there was still so much he could live for, he could be a hero...! 


"No, no, I don't wanna die, not anymore, no, please-! D-Dammit, wait, maybe I can--"




Aoyama didn't have time to finish his thought or sentence before his skull hit the concrete ground with a sickening crack.

Blood poured out of his new wounds, broken bones in several places. Arms and legs twisted in directions they never should be.


It was too late.


In a split second, Aoyama had ended his life. Ended everything. His future, all the possibilities. He could've been a hero.


But it was too late.



Aoyama Yuuga stopped twinkling.