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One Last Time

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Kaminari looked blankly at his classmate, who hadn’t even noticed he was staring at him.

“Say that again?  You’ve never dated anyone before?  We’re halfway through our third year of high school and you haven’t had a single relationship?  I’m calling bullshit, man.”

Shinsou looked up from his textbook, “Call it whatever you want.  I don’t have any experience in that subject. It just never came up.”

Still unable to wrap his head around the concept, considering his situation was quite the opposite, Kaminari grasped Shinsou’s shoulder.  “We gotta fix that, bro. I cannot in good conscience let a friend make it all the way through high school without getting laid at least once.  So what’s your type?”


Kaminari nodded, “Yeah, you know, what kind of girls attract your interest?  Or is it guys that do it for you?”

Palming his forehead in his hand, Shinsou looked even more exhausted than before.  “I honestly have no idea how to answer that, Kaminari. When I said that it never came up, that’s what I meant.  I was never attracted to anyone, of either sex. Don’t worry about it, because it doesn’t bother me. It’s time to go to our practical quirk training class.”

Nodding in agreement, Kaminari gathered his things into his bag.  He considered himself a free spirit, never wanting to be held down by any one person.  Relationships he did have didn’t last long because of that way of thinking, although it gave him a lot of experience with reading someone’s interests and desires.  But Shinsou intrigued him. His inexperience with dating made him want to change that and show him the world that he knew.

In the showers after their quirk training class, Kaminari saw Shinsou drying himself off alone.  Watching the young man’s toned arms flex as he tied the towel around his slim waist, Kaminari found it hard to believe no one else had recognized such beauty and pursued him before.

“Yo, Shinsou!  You really are making a lot of progress on using the capture cloth like Mr. Aizawa, huh?  That was so amazing!  You're going to be a great hero some day!”

The blush that invaded Shinsou’s face as he heard Kaminari’s words didn’t go unnoticed.  Shinsou’s arm reflexively reaching between his legs for a moment before getting jerked back didn’t miss Kaminari’s watchful eye either.  The electric blonde smiled as he figured out just how to break Shinsou down.

“Hey Shinsou, I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are,” Kaminari said as he approached Shinsou, who retreated further into the empty shower stalls to evade him.

“Kaminari, wait, y-you don’t need to get that close!”  Shinsou turned away, but Kaminari continued to pursue him.  Seeing the normally cool, calm Shinsou break down into this stuttering, flustered mess turned Kaminari on.  He wanted to push him even further. 

Standing behind him, Kaminari hooked his arm lightly around his torso as he whispered into his ear.  “Do you like being praised, Shinsou? Did we find out what excites you? Why don’t you show me just how good a boy you can be for me.”

Sliding his hand from his stomach down to the towel, he felt Shinsou was fully aroused.  Jackpot. 

“Kaminari…” Shinsou said breathlessly.

“Give me a reason to be proud of you, baby.”  Palming his hand down the length of the tented towel, Kaminari just as much felt as heard Shinsou slip over the edge.

“Good boy.”


Their shower ‘dates’ became a regular thing.  Kaminari would build Shinsou up with kind words and then tear him down with his body.  He gradually got more physical. The towel barrier was lost eventually and with that, Shinsou’s innocence as Kaminari grew further enamored with him. 

Despite their physical intimacy, Kaminari hadn’t confessed his feelings to Shinsou.  After playing the field for so long, never able to make a relationship last, Kaminari was scared to make them official.  He had been sad over losing partners in the past, but he always bounced back. But if he asked Shinsou out and eventually lost him too, Kaminari didn’t feel he’d be able to recover at all.

“Kaminari, did you hear me?”  Shinsou waved his hand in front of Kaminari’s face impatiently.

Snapping out of his daze, Kaminari looked into those violet eyes and blushed, “Ahh, sorry man, kinda went too far into my own head there.  What’d you say?”

“I was asking what you’re supposed to expect on a first date.  Since you're the dating expert, I thought I’d ask you.”

“D-Date?  You want to go on a date?”  Kaminari’s mind rushed with ideas of places he’d like to go with Shinsou.

“Midoriya asked me out and I told him I’d go.  But he didn’t explain what we’d be doing, so I thought I’d find out from you.”

Kaminari felt his stomach churn, a wave of nausea that he had barely been able to suppress.  He had to look away before Shinsou could see his eyes flood. It took everything he had to keep a steady voice to answer his crush.

“Uhm, that depends.  If it were me taking you out, I’d want to take you somewhere cool, so we could have fun and enjoy each other’s company.  But… It’s not me, so I couldn’t really say. Knowing Midoriya, he’ll treat you really good. I should go though, I’ll s-see you around.” 

Kaminari had never wanted to crawl into a hole and die as much as he did at that moment.  How could he have been so stupid to think that no one else would be attracted to Shinsou? He’d wasted his chance to ask him out, and now it was too late.


The start of a new week brought the two to another after-class shower.  Kaminari had considered just skipping it but their exercises had left him dirty and drained physically.  Steaming hot water washing away everything that clung to him sounded incredible to him. He saw Shinsou on his way in, and unable to avoid him, decided to keep up appearances.

“Hey Shinsou!  How did the date go?”

“He got us tickets for the planetarium exhibit.  We spent most of the night looking out at the stars.  When we got back to the dorm, he said he’d like to go out again sometime.  I told him I’d like that.”

Gritting his teeth, Kaminari nodded his head, “Sounds like he really likes you.  I’m happy for you, Shin. You deserve a good guy that’ll treat you right.” Kaminari ducked away from him and quickly slipped into the shower, turning the hot water up until steam filled the stall.  He hissed as he felt the sting of the heat, but at least his tears were easily camouflaged.

Arms wrapped around his stomach as he felt cold air rush in from the curtain being opened.  Letting out a short cry of surprise, he turned around to find Shinsou looking at him expectantly.

“What is it?”

Shinsou was the one that looked confused now, “Don’t you have something you want to say to me?  Something you want to do?” He stared at Kaminari, like a cat that had been fed once and had come back expecting more.

“But… But what about Midoriya?”

“What about him?” Shinsou said with a quizzical look in his eye. 

Kaminari realized with his lack of dating experience that Shinsou didn’t understand the concept of cheating.  All he knew was that he could come to Kaminari to be praised and touched, not even realizing that his boyfriend could provide these same needs to him.

But seeing the hunger and want in Shinsou’s eyes, his need to hear kind words and encouragement from somebody threw Kaminari’s whole sense of right and wrong out the window.  Silently begging for Midoriya’s forgiveness, he pulled Shinsou into the shower stall, the running water kept his whisper from getting through to the other young man.

“One last time…”