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If Found Please Do Return

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Great, I've lost them. 
Choi Soobin: Male and 20 years of age, has just lost his adorable pet rabbit in the busy streets of Gangnam.
Earlier in the day, he'd read somewhere rabbits loved to take walks, and he had decided to take it upon himself and walk Yongi. Of course, Soobin wasn't an idiot and walked his pet in his arms, but it was safe to assume the mistake was setting Yongi down on a park bench to tie his own shoe. Or even bringing the animal out in the first place.
"'Cuse me, sir, are you ok? why are you crying?" A boy, about his age, asked him, crouching down, handing him a pocket tissue.
Soobin nodded, touching his cheek. He hadn't even realized he'd been crying.
"Thanks, I'm ok. I'm... I'm just looking for something I lost." He gratefully took the tissue and wiped his eyes, laughing halfheartedly.
The boy shifted his bag from his left shoulder over to his right, smiling kindly.
"If you want, I could help you. I'm not doing anything right now," The boy offered.
Soobin contemplated his request, how could he explain that the lost item was his pet rabbit and that him 'walking' is what got him in the situation in the first place?
Soobin sucked up all his little fears and answered with the most normal face he could muster, "Yeah, I'd love that," Soobin stood up, wiping away invisible bits of dirt and gravel.
"What are we searching for anyway?" The boy scanned the park they were at for anything suspicious.
"Promise not to laugh?" Soobin asked awkwardly, his long fingers picking at the hem of his tan sweater.
The boy quirked an eyebrow and nodded slowly.
Soobin took a deep breath," I lost my pet rabbit when I was trying to walk it!" He whisper-shouted, his cheeks reddening.
The boy smirked, coughing to try to suppress his small laugh. Soobin glared, but there was no sting to it.
Soobin finally let out a sigh and pushed up his circular glasses.
"Come on, please I need help," Soobin said, slightly frustrated. The boy nodded and asked for a direction to search in, and Soobin gratefully obliged.
It had been five hours, and Yongi was nowhere to be found. Soobin bit his lip to fight off the unshed tears. He bent down to tie his sneaker again when a familiar voice called out to him. Soobin quickly wiped his face with his sleeve and readjusted his glasses.
"Hi, do you need-" Soobin gasped, there was the boy from earlier sprinting towards him with his precious Yongi in his arms.
Soobin ran over to meet them and pulled the rabbit into his arms, tears stinging his eyes.
"Oh my god, thank you so much!" He yelled, hugging his pet tightly. Yongi nuzzled his white, fluffy face against Soobin's sweater.
"It honestly was no issue! The little rascal was hidden in some bushes near the entrance. It's a good thing I heard 'im rustling the bushes, or I would have told you I didn't find him," the boy explained.
Soobin nodded enthusiastically and fished around for his cellphone, a blush coming to his face when the boy eyed his bunny patterned case with interest.
"W-we should, I mean I should take you out for a cup of coffee, as a thank you, is that ok?"
The boy looked at the horizon for a moment before turning back to him.
"I'd like that, let's meet here at 11 am, ok?" He asked, reaching for Soobin's phone to insert his number.
"Yeah, that's good. Thanks again," Soobin replied, fidgeting nervously.
"Nice helping you, Soobin-ssi," The boy waved goodbye and walked away.
Soobin sighed relieved, but then it hit him: He never got the name of the stranger. Soobin panicked for a moment before pulling out his phone to text the boy's number, but then he saw it, a new contact.
It read Yeonjun and was surrounded by a ridiculous amount of emojis.
Soobin snickered, walking out of the park, Yongi still secured in his arms.

He was looking forward to treating Yeonjun to a nice hot cup of joe.