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He pulled up once again in his mom's car into the asphalt carpark which Passione and Vento Aureo occupied. This time, it seemed actually busy as there were quite a few cars. There were even a few expensive-looking ones, which he assumed belonged to Vento Aureo employees.

Doppio had told his mom he was at Trish's again, and to further his alibi, he's actually going to Trish's house right after for a sleepover. He knew he'd have to figure out another lie eventually, but Doppio was never the creative type and so he'd milk this Trish lie for as long as he could.

He got out of the car quickly, duffle bag over his shoulder, eager to figure out just what the fuck he doing today. He was told by Formaggio that he was filming another vanilla shoot, but also told him to come a couple of hours earlier to 'learn the ropes', whatever that meant.

So at 12:00 he entered the Passione filming studio for the second time. Just like the first time he saw the place, Doppio was hit by the odd juxtaposition of different sets inhabiting the warehouse-type building. Besides the doors were a series of black faux-leather seats, where a certain obnoxious man sat. It was Melone.

He greeted Doppio loudly and patted the seat beside him, gesturing for him to sit down. Doppio saw that he had no other choice as he looked around the room, seeing the few others occupied with camera work. He assumed they were the technicians. He obliged as he sat his bare-ass thighs on the cool seat. He was wearing booty shorts, not because it was hot, or anything close to warm but because still wasn't sure if there was some kind of 'slutty dress code' type of thing. The other actors he had met did seem to wear pretty revealing clothes, along with some... Unique design choices such as Melone's purple atrocity. well, it probably didn't matter what he wore.

"So, how are you feeling? Is this starting to feel normal yet?" Melone asked, leaning into Doppio, perhaps a bit too closely.

"Uh getting there," Doppio answered honestly.

"Molto bene! I'm not actually filming anything today, instead, I am here to give you a bit of a short course in the business, 100% free of charge."

"Wow, uhh. Thank you." Doppio said.

"Non c'é problema. Anything for my babies."

Doppio had no idea what Melone meant by that, but hopefully, Melone's lessons would provide helpful.

"If you guys are going to be chatting, I hope you find somewhere else too as we will be filming in 15 minutes." Came a deep voice. Doppio looked up away from Melone and saw Prosciutto, the very guy he was supposed to fuck a few days ago.

"Oh where are the two?" Asked Melone.

"Sorbet and Gelato? Probably out the back smoking. Please don't distract them. They need to be in set soon."

"I won't, I won't," Melone said as he stood up. "I'm just going to introduce them to Doppio. Its good to have a friendly work environment."

Prosciutto looked annoyed as he moved out the way. Melone left with Doppio in tow and made his way around the various half furnished rooms and finally out into the back of the property.

It was just a fenced-off area of mostly concrete but with a few small potted flowers. Leaning against the brick wall were two men. One had short blond hair that hung loosely and the other wore his black hair in upward smooth spikes.

"Hey." The blond-haired man greeted casually, as he blew out a cloud of smoke.

"This is the new guy I told you about, Doppy!" Melone said cheerfully as he patted Doppio's back. Doppio could feel his face heat up with embarrassment and annoyance. For fuck's sake, this guy was obnoxious.

"Do not call me Doppy!" He snapped glaring at Melone.

"Fine, fine," Melone said as he held up his hands. "Well anyways... This is Sorbet and Gelato."

Doppio had no idea which was which, but he really didn't care. He forced a smile as he shook the two men's hands. The four of them stood in awkward silence for a while until the black-haired man's watch quietly beeped. "We have go." He said curtly as they headed inside.

As quickly as they arrived, Melone turned around with the younger one behind him and lead Doppio inside to another room inside. It had a folded up table leaning against the wall and several chairs stacked upon each other.

"Okay, so as for my amazing course, first I want to talk to you about your rights and what's expected of you. Uhhh it does sound a bit lame, but your still a kid and I want to make sure this is a healthy work environment for you." Melone started with a sincere expression.

"This job really isn't for everyone... And there's a lot of ups and downs, accidents happen, etcetera, so I just want you to know that you can always back out at any time or refuse to do something."

Doppio nodded as they both sat down near the wall. He knew all this.

"It's good to have a list of sex acts you're willing to perform as well as blacklisted ones that you can just hand to producers if you don't really want to talk about it. We can go through them together if you'd like." He explained as he sat a lilac laptop on his lap.

Where the fuck did he get that? Doppio thought as Melone began to open some documents like he didn't totally just summon a laptop out of hammerspace.

"What's your name?" Melone hummed.

"Vinegar Doppio." He had answered, slightly confused.

"Your porn name." The lavender haired man reworded.

Oh. Shit. How hadn't Doppio thought of that? He fried his brain trying to quickly look for a not too tacky name to no avail.

"Well... What would you call me?"

Melone let out a small laugh. "Hun, no. Just make one up for yourself."

Doppio thought. Melone waited expectingly.

Doppio figured he'd regret it later, but he could always change it if he so wanted to, so he blurted out. "Doppio. Just Doppio is fine."

"Are you sure...?" Melone asked, with a concerned look. Doppio nodded enthusiastically to try and hide his uncertainty.

"Okay... Let's move on with the 'want, will, won't chart."

Doppio nodded.

"Okay," Melone began as he looked at Doppio with an intrigued expression. Doppio really hoped he didn't seem like an awkward mess, but he didn't think the odds were in his favor.

"Is there anything you're looking to do in this field? Like a particular sub-genre like BDSM or water play?"

Doppio fidgeted with the hem of his salmon-colored T-shirt as he gave the question a quick thought. Doppio was pretty vanilla himself but was totally open to other kinds of sex acts.

Doppio shook his head slowly and said, "There isn't anything I really want to do, I guess, but I'll try anything at least once." Doppio looked into his lap and bit his lip. He was so open about sexuality at school and with his peers, so why was it so hard to talk about here...? Doppio was just hoping he could get used to it.

"I guess that brings us to 'will'. You'll almost anyways be told the details of the next shooting, so you can adjust something's or decline, or whatever, but it's good for the company to have a file with this kinda stuff anyway..." Melons explained. It made sense to Doppio.

"I mean, I'll try the normal stuff..." He replied. Melone kept silent so Doppio continued. "I'll try BDSM, probably threesome's, orgies. Stuff like that. No hard BDSM. "


"Uhh," doppio contemplated. He obviously knew what it was but he wasn't so sure about actually doing it. Well, it wasn't the worst thing in the world, so he concluded he'd at least give it a try if he must.

Melone was typing away, a little too enthusiastically (which mildly concerned Doppio) as he filled out the word document.

"I'm assuming you'll do anal, blowjobs, unprotected and photoshoots, right?"

"Oh yeah, that's fine."

"And Formaggio did tell you how often you'll need to get tested right?"


"Molto bene. You can just email him PDFs of the documents or hand them to him in the office. He'll add them to your history file."

Doppio nodded. He at least felt better knowing that everyone he'd be working with would be clean.

"Are you interested in working with any uhh, outside clients?" Melone asked with a somewhat aloof tone.

"Uh?" Doppio blinked.

"Basically, prostitution," Melone said bluntly. "I don't really recommend it as it is illegal and somewhat dangerous, but Passione has connections that can ease you out of a situation if it goes dirty."

That... sounded pretty sketchy. Doppio shook his head quickly and blurted out a quick no. Melone smiled as he added the information to the table.

"Good. You're too young for that. Now, let's talk about what you won't do. Anything that comes to your mind straight away?"

"I won't do scat, hardcore S&M, asphyxiation play with plastics, sounding, blood play..." Doppio stated. He had already made of his own list in his head of all the things he wouldn't do.

They'd continue to discuss various types of sex acts and kinks until they had an extensive list to email to Formaggio. Melone sat his purple laptop (that Doppio was kind of jealous of tbh) on a stack of chairs.

"Do you do yoga?" He asked.

Doppio answered with a no.

"It can make you more flexible and improve your balance, which is good for posing for shoots. It will also help you look a little more toned. Pilates is even better. We're gonna do some today, as a warm-up."

Doppio had to hold in a groan. That sounded boring as fuck.

"Come on. We'll start with an easy one." Melone said as he dropped to his stomach. Doppio hesitantly copied and lowered his body into the brown carpet.

"Let's start with something easy, like the downward dog."

They did yoga and pilates for a good hour, or so as Melone taught Doppio all kinds of positions to stretch his body. He also showed him some sexy poses for photoshoots and filming. Overall it was actually pretty fun, Doppio managed to get used to Melone's overbearing personality.

"It's about time for you to get prepared for your shoot," Melone noted as he was checking his laptop's login screen. "Risotto will be your partner today. The punk-looking guy you met on your first day."

That guy... Doppio remembered him clearly. He was a bit of an asshole... But well built.

"I'll go get ready then," Doppio said as he picked up his bag.


Doppio came out of the bathroom 15 minutes later after preparing his ass and applying a light foundation to his face. He entered set 5, (the half-done room Melone gave him directions too) and was met with the faces of the other employees. He saw Prosciutto there talking with a different green-haired man that last time. There was another team member Doppio hadn't seen before who was wearing casual clothes with a beanie all in a similar brown shade.

Risotto was also there, topless and lazily stroking his dick waiting for something to happen. His relaxed demeanor kind of intimidated Doppio. Doppio walked up to Prosciutto to tell him he was ready and was told to sit on the bed next to Risotto. Which he did. Awkwardly.

Risotto looked at Doppio with a slight frown and greeted him curtly to which Doppio stammered back with a quick "Hello."

"Doppio, you just need to drop to your knees and suck his dick first." Prosciutto said. "Get in position and I'll tell you when we start rolling."

Doppio lowered to the floor in front of Risotto and looked up at him with a faint smile. He was his co-star, he had to play nice. The man above just watched with the same stone look.

"Azione." Came Prosciutto's deep voice.

Doppio looked up at Risotto once more and then looked at his dick, sticking out the band of his grey briefs. He carefully freed his member and began to jerk him slowly. He removed his hand to spit on it for some added lubricant as he continued to pump Risotto.

He brought his glistering glossed lips to the man's cock and wrapped them around the head. It was fairly tasteless, except for the distinct taste of skin. Doppio could feel it getting harder in his mouth as he ran his tongue around the tip of the head. He bobbed his head in a steady rhythm, swallowing Risotto's deeper and deeper with every motion.

He pulled away, panting as he continued to jerk the man with his hand. Risotto let out a soft moan as Doppio started to suck his dick again, raking his teeth along the top of his length lightly.

Then he was sucking Risotto off faster and firmer, greedily attempting to take his whole length in his mouth. He let out a choked moan as he pulled back avoiding gagging on his length.

"Move your ass towards the camera a bit more." Came Prosciutto's voice, reminding Doppio of exactly where he was and what he was going.

Doppio shifted a little and arched his back before taking out Risotto's sloppy cock. He quickly looked at the director who gave him a thumbs up and went back to Risotto's dick.

Doppio let out a shallow groan as Risotto was finally at his full length. Doppio was slightly surprised at how much of a turn on it was to hear his own sloppy sounds. Risotto kept panting quietly and started to lightly thrust into Doppio's mouth.

Prosciutto cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the two actors. "It's time to bareback."

Doppio brought himself up onto the bed again.

"Get on all fours and stick your check down with your butt up."

Doppio did as he was told and let his elbows rest beside his head.

"Move a little to the left and arch your back more." Grunted Prosciutto.

Doppio couldn't quite see what the camera crew was going from his new position but he heard some murdering between the two cameramen. He was starting to feel self-consciousness again, with his ass and balls incomplete view of the camera. His face was already incredibly flushed. He bit his lip and waited. After he heard a few mechanical clicks, Prosciutto then threw a condom at Risotto, who simply grunted in reply.

In only a few seconds, Doppio could feel cold gel being smothered onto his ass. He whimpered quietly at the sensation. He could feel Risotto begin to massage his ass, slipping a finger into the ring of flesh. Doppio let out a small squeak. Risotto added another finger. And another.

He was stretching Doppio with scissoring motions at an incredibly hurried pace. Before Doppio could get used to the feeling he retracted his hand and pressed something else against Doppio's slicked asshole. It was firm and rubbery and it sent shivers up Doppio's spine.

The man pushed his cock in quickly until it was half-buried. The size stretched Doppio well, not too big but still that of a porn actor's. He began to move in deeper, barely rubbing past Doppio's prostate. The boy moaned and bit his lip once more.

"Back down." Prosciutto reminded. Doppio complied and arched his back further along with letting his chest touch the white sheets. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it didn't matter too much to Doppio. It could be worse.

It was then when Doppio had noticed that Risotto hadn't applied enough lube, as his ass began to sting a little. He let out a sharp gasp when Risotto's cock hit at his sweet spot. Risotto hummed from behind him and angled his dick to further assault Doppio's prostate.

From the pain from Risotto's cock rubbing his entrance and the ecstasy that came from his sweet spot, Doppio was reduced to a blubbering mess under the older man.

Fuck, it felt good. Not as good as with the boss, but still enough to make Doppio's brain blank. Soon enough, his bouncing dick began to erupt with lust and threw his cum all over the sheets under him.

"Cum in five minutes." Prosciutto said to Risotto. Risotto buried himself into Doppio's depths, each thrust making an audible 'slab' as their bodies collided. Their carnal fucking elicited excited moans from both of them, with Doppio's body being abused and overstimulated and Risotto close to climax.

Doppio had no conception of time, it was as if at that moment all he knew was how to get fucked and so when Risotto pulled out of his used asshole, he let out a last fulfilled moan and looked behind him. The silver-haired man had finished in the condom and was already showing off his spent dick to the camera. Doppio stayed in position, not really knowing what to do until he heard Prosciutto he was done.

He sat up, unused to feeling so empty. Like last time, Risotto threw a towel at him, this time landing on his lap.

"There's water in the fridge in the kitchen next door. You're so flushed, It's hot though." Said Prosciutto with a smug look on his face. Doppio felt his face heat up even more and so he buried it in the towel, which elicited a chuckle from the director.




Doppio shifted his weight from foot to foot as he pressed the expensive-looking doorbell yet again. This always happens. Trish always has her music up to max.

He brought out his shitty home-brand phone and sent a quick and rather crude text to Trish. Something along the lines of, 'Move your ass. I'm outside.'

The weather was getting colder lately but not enough to make Doppio think about wearing something that'd cover more than 50%, to which he was regretting as the breeze cooled his skin.

He heard footsteps approaching and the sound of the metal doorknob rattle before he was greeted with his best friends' damp, flushed face. She had her hair loosely wrapped up in a towel with some of her pink hair sticking out.

"I heard you ringing the doorbell. I was getting dressed." She said, pointing to her mismatched outfit consisting of a green T-shirt and black ill-fitting boxers. "You made me throw on something ugly."

"You're welcome," Doppio replied as he moved past Trish and entered her luxurious home. He heard Trish mutter something from behind him. He took his shoes off and sat them next to the shoe rack in the same neat manner Trish would.

Doppio didn't know much about Trish's family, she'd hardly ever mention them and when Doppio came over, Trish was always home alone. She had told him her mother had died when she was 12, and she had to live with her father that shed never met. Trish still seemed a little salty about the whole ordeal, but she loved the perks of being a rich kid. Something which she'd brag about to Doppio often.

He entered the rich and luxurious and sat on the beige chaise lounge, setting his bag on the floor. He was pretty sure that the luxurious red and brown furniture was worth more than his life, which was pretty fucking intimidating.

Trish followed behind him and said. "I'm going to change into something that won't make me vomit. Snacks are in the kitchen." She walked past with proud strides like a princess in her palace.

Doppio was fine without any snacks, in fact, his stomach felt slightly queasy. He felt like an imposter like he was someone else entirely. He knew he was using Trish. He was using her as a cover for his dirty deeds. He wasn't sure he could tell her about his new work. He probably wouldn't. It'd be a hassle to maintain his lies, but surely it's better than people finding out so soon.

"So what do you want to do?" Trish's girly voice chirped. Doppio's visibly jumped as she spoke. He was lost in contemplation and so he didn't notice her presence.

"I-i'm not really sure." He said.

Trish put her hands on her hips. "You were the one who ever so desperately wanted to come over tonight. You made me cancel my date with Yukako, and for what?"

"You're dating Yukako?"

"No not that type of date- ugh." She waved her arms in frustration. "Don't tell me you didn't come here for a reason. You seemed troubled when you texted me."

"Oh." Shit, think fast.

"I wanna play board games." He looked up her, trying his best to look innocent and dumb. Trish wasn't buying it.

"Fine, keep your secrets." Trish sassed. "But if anything is bothering you or you need help, you can tell me." She added, her voice turning soft. Doppio nodded.

"So, Monopoly?"