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Conspiracy Theories With Todoroki: This Week Starring Shinsou!

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"Alright class, Shinsou is here to learn what it's like in this class. Treat him with respect or else," Aizawa declared one morning, going immediately back to sleeping on the job. Shinsou glanced around the room, noting how long it took for each person to realize what the implications meant. Midoriya was the first to shoot up, eyes sparkling and face gleeful. Before he could say anything, another person surprisingly shot up, Todoroki's expression looked fierce as he stalked up to the front of the room, Shinsou gauging how long it'd take to open the classroom door.

"Shinsou. I heard a rumor from Monoma during one of his egotistical rants that you enjoyed conspiracy theories. Is this true?" Shinsou blinked in surprise, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Uhm, yes? Got a problem with it," Shinsou questioned cautiously.

Bakugo rolled his eyes with a snort, head resting on his fist, "Great, now there's two."

Midoriya lightly hit the boy's arm, "Kacchan, be nice!" Todoroki took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a second, opening them again to have a softer look.

"Come with me."

Before Shinsou could respond, the bell rang for the day and he way as was getting dragged away by a heterochrome teenager. They soon arrived to 1A's dorm building, Shinsou just trying to keep up with Todoroki's long strides. The purple one examined the common area as long as he could before he was practically thrown into a traditional-style room. Todoroki sat in silence, arms crossed in front of the only way out, other than the window.

"Uh," Shinsou started awkwardly, "The commons are the same?"

"Don't you think Midoriya has a awfully similar quirk to All Might," Todoroki asked, voice dead. Shinsou brightened and grinned.

"Yeah, and they hang out so much, I've seen them in the teacher's lounge together a few times!" Todoroki smiled (sort of grimaced happily, he still can't smile quite right,) getting into a fanboy stance.

"I know right? During training I'll see them talking a lot more than All Might talks to the rest of my classmates! They have to be related!"

"You think? Like father and son?"

"That's what I was thinking! Oh, I've also bee thinking about if Kaminari used his quirk on Midoriya what would happen, I was gonna ask soon. Do you want to join me?"

Shinsou thought for a minute, "Sure, I've got nothing else to do. Speaking of Midoriya, do you think Bakugo is related to him? I'm pretty sure Midoriya's father had a fire quirk, and so did Bakugo's, maybe cousins?"

Todoroki's nose shriveled, "That'd be gross, I think they're actually dating."

"Really? Huh, now that's the gossip I like to hear."


Later, about dinner time, a short knock on the door halted the deep conversation held between the two "scientists." Without either calling, the door opened, revealing Midoriya in jeans and a loose t-shirt. There was a neutral expression on his face, and he didn't seem bothered like how Todoroki discussed earlier.

"Is Shinsou still in here.." he broke off, eyes widening at the plethora of papers scattered on the floor and taped to the wall. He shook his head, "Nevermind. Hie-chan, are you staying for dinner?"

Todoroki narrowed his eyes as Shinsou smiled softly, answering his smaller friend, "Sounds fun, Izuku!"

The freckled boy grinned happily, "Great! Well, it's ready, make sure you guys wash your hands first! Don't be long, Kacchan and I cooked tonight!" Midoriya closed the door quietly behind him as he left. Todoroki crossed his arms with a scowl, staring down the other teen in the room when the knob clicked shut.

"What," Shinsou asked, eyebrows raised.

"Do you like Midoriya? He called you 'Hie-chan,' is there something else going on between you two I don't know about?"

Shinsou grinned evilly, standing up, "Maybe, you jealous?"

"Pfft, no.."


The next day, Todoroki grabbed Shinsou and approached their target. They were in the changing rooms, getting ready for their training session, whereas the two were already dressed. Midoriya was chatting with Kaminari as luck would have it, a confused look on his face. As they got closer, they could hear bits of the conversation.

"-and that's when I said, 'No, you cray cray! This be my waffle!'' Kaminari had a hand on his hip, a dopey smile stretching his cheeks and his eyes shut. Midoriya looked plain distressed.

"What does any of that have to do with Munchausen Syndrome and orphaned children?" Kaminari blanched as Todoroki got into Midoriya's personal space, pushing himself in his line of sight.

"Midoriya," the tall boy stated. Midoriya screeched, jumping back and slapping his friend's cheek in the process.

"Todoroki! What the frick," the green teen shouted. Bakugo snorted, a weird smile on his face.

"Still can't swear like a normal person."

Midoriya glared at him for a second, "Shut up Kacchan, you yelled at me last time and told mom!"

Bakugo laughed heartily, "And I will always treasure watching Auntie Inko punish you for the first time! And to think in the end she ended up just dropping it, man you cried the entire way back to UA!"

"Shut up, Kacchan! Or I'll tell mom about that," the successor said, face smug. Bakugo's smile dropped and he paled immediately.

"Please don't, I would literally die," he said in a tone no one in his class has heard before.

"Midoriya," Shinsou spoke up calmly, "We have something to ask of you."

Todoroki, rubbing his now-red mouth, agreed, "We need assistance." Kaminari shrugged and started to walk off, stopped by the purple coffee machine grabbing his costume's collar.

"Now now, we need you too." Kaminari gulped.


"You guys ready," Shinsou asked, pulling up his phone, assumingly to take a video for later examination.

"Ready," Midoriya answered, powering up his quirk, Kaminari doing the same, making sparks of electricity in his palm. Todoroki nodded and pulled out a notepad and a pencil.

Midoriya held out his hands as instructed, the weirdos leaning forward in anticipation. Kaminari's hands moved closer, the green bolts off the smaller boy's already drawing towards the yellow-haired kid.

"Woah," Kaminari grinned in awe and clasped hands with Midoriya. At first, the two lab rats didn't seem to have a reaction, then Kaminari screamed.

The combined light flared high, blinding the two on the sidelines. Kaminari quickly went dunce-mode and wandered off, but Midoriya stood there turning over his hands with a confused expression.

"Nothing happened to me, at least, I don't feel any different.." Then it caught up. He doubled over with a pained yell, dark bruises erupting over his limbs where he held his classmate's fingers. Bakugo jogged over, glancing over the crying teen rolling around on the ground.

He looked over at the theorists, frowning, "Oi, what did you extras do to him? I think you broke him," he said, gesturing to Midoriya, who cried louder at that. However, Todoroki was writing furiously on his notepad, nodding and chatting quietly with Shinsou, who was pointing here and there wildly. Bakugo deadpanned, moving his gaze back and forth, finally sighing in resignation and simply helping Midoriya up, dragging Kaminari with him to Recovery Girl.

Todoroki and Shinsou started to follow the walking bomb, moving slowly to continue their conversation in-depth. Bakugo may or may not have cooed softly at Midoriya and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Midoriya was in too much pain to really pay attention anyway.

"Oh, I just figured it out," Shinsou announced next to the nurse's office, Todoroki getting into his little stance.

"Tell me!"

"Midoriya's quirk uses electricity to augment his abilities, and when you add more electricity, it gets stronger!"

"That makes sense, since muscles generate electricity when you use them, so when Midoriya uses his quirk, it's just him using his muscles on overdrive and augmenting the output!"


The door banged open and out came a very pissed Recovery Girl, wrinkles creased into a mess of lines on her forehead. Looking past her, the "scientists" could see the still dunce-form Kaminari sitting on one of the hospital beds, an ankle cuff attached to the bed to assumingly keep the kid from wandering off again. Next to him was Midoriya, sitting up in the bed with a pained expression and bandages on his arms. His eyes were slightly red and puffy from crying, and surprisingly, Bakugo was seated in a chair by the wall, listening to the green teen chat.

"What on Earth did you boys do? I had to go back on my threat to stop healing poor Midoriya because he was so messed up! Tell me what happened right now!"

Both students sobered up, standing straight and dropping their excited grins. They listened in silence, letting the tension in the air get a bit thicker before Shinsou spoke up.

"Why can't Midoriya tell you, he's still conscious?"

Recovery Girl crossed her arms, "He may be awake, but he's still not lucid. At the moment he's tell Bakugo a story about smiling cats and tea parties of crazy people, so I need you to tell me."

It was Todoroki's turn to speak, "In our defense, we found something extraordinary about Midoriya's quirk."

"In our defense? I didn't say you were in trouble yet!"


The mint-themed savage paced his room, carefully avoiding the piles of diagrams and paragraphs littered about, face grim and quiet. Shinsou was in a similar state, sitting against a nearby shelf, examining his lap.

"I can't believe we got banned from experimenting," Todoroki finally said, collapsing next to the purple one, "Now how are we supposed to test our hypotheses?"

"Man, well, I guess we could use non-experimental measures, like just asking people questions instead of putting them in pain." Todoroki groaned and dropped his head into his hands.

"But that doesn't give us accurate results!" Shinsou put a hand to his chin, thinking for a moment. Then he brightened, eyes sparking as he turned to his new friend.

"I have an idea! We could dare people and get accurate data that way! Say we test the theory on Midoriya's relations to Bakugo, like if they're dating or cousins or something, we could dare one of them to do something to the other and gauge their reactions!"

Todoroki looked up, a grin forming on his face, "Genius!"


The next day in homeroom, the class was given free time to "connect" with Shinsou, but Todoroki scared off everyone else with a hiss, so they gathered into mini groups of people. Kirishima was currently being chased around by Mina and Sero with the threat of getting tapped up and burned, so Bakugo was alone at his desk. Midoriya had gone to where Iida and Uraraka sit, quietly chatting with his notebook hugged to his chest and a soft smile.

Todoroki did the same thing to Bakugo, getting in his face quickly, "Hey."

Bakugo jumped back and slapped the tall boy right where Midoriya had already, Shinsou laughing in the background, "What the fuck Half 'n' Half? Do you want to get hit or something? The hell you want anyway with Schrodinger anyway?"

Todoroki rubbed his face, "No, I don't wish to get hit, but we had a question for you," Shinsou was managing to catch his breath now, "We were wondering if there was a familial rule against dating Midoriya."

"Hah? Familial rule? What do you bastards mean by familial? And dating Midoriya?" The more that Bakugo thought out loud, the angrier he was starting to look, at the end of his spluttering he was almost vibrating in his seat.

Shinsou stepped forward, still wiping away tears, "Yeah, we wanted to see if we had a chance, so is there something in your family that says we don't?"

Bakugo reared up, eyes white, "We aren't related! The fuck, why would you even want to date the nerd?" At the commotion, the rest of the students in the room looked over with curious or surprised faces. The two who riled up the sandy blonde calmly watched Bakugo, wrote things down and walked away. Poor Bakugo was very confused and flustered, turning to his classmates with a red face, "The fuck you extras lookin' at?"

Midoriya squeaked and glanced at Uraraka and Iida, "What was that about? And why did Kacchan yell something about dating someone?"

Uraraka lowered her head like it was a secret, "I think they were talking about you, Midoriya." After a second of thought, Midoriya went pink, mentally deflating in front of his friends.


Shinsou pulled out his notepad and tore a piece off, attaching it carefully to their theory board, "Okay, so it's obvious now that Midoriya and Bakugo aren't related, but I still think there's a sort of relationship. Maybe rocky friends?"

Todoroki shoved his futon to the side to get a better view, nodding, "There is something there, but I'm not sure about 'rocky friends.' We could try to test what Bakugo would say or do in relation to affection?"

"Yeah, I think I like that idea," Shinsou replied, backing up a bit and putting a hand on his chin, "Let's change it and try to rile another reaction about Midoriya, but farther than asking a simple question." Todoroki turned, eyebrow raised.

"Do you want to die?"

"That's not the point, we're gonna test our boundaries with Midoriya and make sure Bakugo notices." Todoroki hummed in agreement.

"Let's do it. Although, I think you'd have a better chance at getting closer to him than me," the dual kid said hotly, "He seems to like you better."

Shinsou glanced over with surprise painted over his face, "I wouldn't worry too much if I were you, Midoriya is pretty friendly to practically everyone, I just happen to have a nickname. Uraraka and Iida don't have them, we'll do the same thing and go just as far as the other, how about that?"

"Fine," Todoroki said after a minute, eyes dark.

They whipped around when the door was opened without warning, a grinning Kirishima getting almost shoved in by a loud Kaminari and Mina, "Dinners ready! Bakugo and Midoriya cooked again!"

Todoroki quietly held up a thumbs up, Shinsou smiling softly, "Sweet, they're good chefs."

Kirishima chuckled through the rough-housing happening to him, "Yeah, I know right?"


Todoroki crouched behind the desk, eyes narrowed at Midoriya as Shinsou was talking to Bakugo, a dastardly grin on the caffeine vat. Bakugo was already looking angry and confused at the same time.

"So it's okay if we kiss Midoriya, right?"

"What. The. Fuck."

"Okay, thanks."

"Wait you little-"

Shinsou nodded to Todoroki, and they moved just like planned, walking quickly and avoiding a reaching Bakugo. Midoriya turned at hearing their strange footsteps, face contorting from surprise to fear in a span of seconds. Todoroki moved to the right, Shinsou to the left.

"Midoriya, who do you like more," the straight-faced boy said.


Shinsou tilted his chin up, "Who do you like more?"

Midoriya brightened, "I like you both! Why?"

Todoroki grimaced, the encroaching doom behind them getting closer in the form of explosions. The two theorists shared a nod, Todoroki leaning in first. Jaws dropped around the room, then Shinsou grabbed Midoriya's chin, moving his head to get better angle for himself. Midoriya was dumbfounded, sitting for a few seconds before he melted into a red puddle, collapsing in Iida's chest, who was just as dazed.

Bakugo walked even faster, "Oi!"




Bakugo stopped, Shinsou turning to his friend.


Todoroki nodded and they took off, disappearing for the rest of the day. Several minutes after they left, Bakugo wasn't under control anymore.

"I'm going to kill those fuckers," Bakugo shouted when he could finally speak, making rather large sparks for being indoors. Kirishima, who had already recovered from the shock, raised an eyebrow and started leaning on a desk.

"What's got your panties in a twist, you jealous?"

"Fuck off fucking Shitty Hair or I'll fuck you up," the bomb screamed as a response, turning away to sit at his desk more calmly, "I'm not jealous! I'm definitely not, not of those damn bastards!"

"Uh-huh-" Kirishima started to say, skeptical, before getting interrupted by his support getting drop-kicked out from under him. He turned to the culprit, choosing instead to chase off Mina. Iida carefully lifted Midoriya up under his armpits, gently setting him at his assigned seat, where Midoriya just conformed to his new position, still out of it.


"Judging from Bakugo's reactions, they are not related and Bakugo at least likes Midoriya," Shinsou stated, making gestures in the air. Todoroki closed his bedroom door and walked to stand in front of his friend.

"That makes sense, although I feel like if we try anything else we might get backlash from the class..." Todoroki shuddered, thinking about one of Kaminari's pranks. Shinsou nodded.

"I was thinking about Momo's quirk recently and I-" The door getting busted open interrupted the coffee-incarnate, "Wow, every time."

Bakugo stood in the door, obviously seething from his white eyes, "Deku told me to get you bastards for dinner, we're having meatloaf tonight," he said passive aggressively.

Todoroki raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms, "Meatloaf? That's weird, isn't that an American thing?"

Bakugo raised a finger and pointed menacingly at the two, "You'll eat whatever Deku makes, or you'll go hungry!"

Shinsou smirked, "Yeah, it's totally a thing."