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Aka no Oni

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"Lady Aka-sama, may I say that outfit does not suit you at all." The flee demon Myoga remarks as he leaps onto Inuyasha's shoulder as the group travels through a pass in the Northern Mountains. "She's wearing it for my sake Myoga-san, isn't sister so nice?" Kagome says with a light smile on her face as she remarks from the other side of her sister, across to the demon.

"Is there a purpose to your appearance, Myoga?" The oni girl asks tonelessly as she stares ahead. "Yes my lady, I was traveling through this area and I thought it would be more safe to join with your group... This mountain range is currently under control of the Northern Wolf Demon Clan, but if that wasn't bad enough, that clan is currently feuding with a group of bird demons over this territory."

"Hm, that would make sense." Miroku slapped his fist against the flat palm of this other hand. "Keh, what would make sense, you stupid Hoshi, speak up!" Inuyasha snaps at the boy, turning his head over his shoulder, making the purple clad monk wince at the irked look on the other's face. "Ah... Well, Inuyasha... That wolf demon from earlier was in possession of jewel shards, the wolf demons are probably trying to gather them to strengthen their pack against the bird demons."

"In any case it seems like we're bound to get involved in the conflict." Sango nods her head agreeing with the monk from behind him riding atop the fire cat.

"The wolves are already closing in on us from all directions." Hoshiyomi informs the now school-uniformed-dressed girl. "Hey! How long have you known about that?!" Inuyasha barks out at the daiyoukai. "All us full demons can sense them, Inu-baka." Shippo taunts the half demon before eeping and launching himself onto Aka's hip and clinging to the woman like a baby koala as the silver haired half dog scratches at him.

"Momma, Inu-baka is trying to hurt me again!" The fox demon squeals, Aka sighs lightly before patting the kit's head and letting him remain attached to her hip.

A few moments later wolf howls fill the air and the furry beasts descend quickly upon the group, racing down the cliff sides. Aka doesn't have enough time to pass Shippo back to someone else so she holds him tightly against her chest and braces herself, knowing that she'll be the prime target of the incoming wolves. She turns back and shares a look with Inuyasha, Hiten, and Hoshiyomi. "Watch out for my sister and the humans until I return! We'll randevu somewhere near the bird's nest in a day!" Aka shouts as the boy clad in brown furs from before snatches her up in his arms and leaps away as her companions are once again pushed over a cliff ledge.

"No screamin' girl? And here I thought that was da' only thing you humans were good at." The wolf demon chuckles roughly as he manhandles the girl, jumping from cliff to cliff. Aka has to repress a scoff, she's really not so good at playing this sort of role. "Mm, should I pray to my lowly god as well?" She suggests sarcastically. The boy quirks a lip and chuckles lightly. "Yeah... Somethin' like that."

"Ya ain't to scared a me, are ya?" He remarks after letting out an awkward laugh, after all, he's the leader of a wolf pack, he doesn't know how to react to a human that so clearly isn't afraid of him.

"Why should I be? Don't you know that the scariest of all creatures are human?" Aka responds sullenly.

"And how's that?" He asks deciding to humor the girl, having previously never had a conversation for so long with a human. "We kill far more of our own than all of the demons in the world put together." She answers wisely.

"Suppose so.." He murmurs in consideration as he approaches the den. What a weird girl.

The wolf demon walks through a waterfall blocking the main entrance to the cave, the water splashes the girl and the concealed kit hiding under her skirt. The boy sets her down and starts barking out orders and wolves come forward and sniff and her knees, prodding the hidden fox with their snouts. The kitsune yips loudly and springs out from the girl's skirt suddenly as a more forward wolf bit down on his tail.

"Heh, I forgot about him, he latched onto the girl when I snatched er'. I don't care whatcha do with him, but if anyone touches the girl... The punishment will be severe." The wolf boy remarks. "But Kouga, let us eat her after yer done wit' her!" Two more wolf demons noisily complain.

Aka sneers at the wolves that surround Shippo, grabbing one by it's scruff and flinging it's heavy form which must weigh more than her against a cavern wall. Her action quickly captures the attention of everyone in the cave. "Touch my son again, and I swear I will tear out your throat!" She practically snarls at the lot, only becoming further enraged when two humanoid wolves advance on her in an attempt to restrain her.

Another step and in an instant she's smashing her fist into one's face and shoving the other away with a swift well aimed knee to the crotch. "I might just be a human, but the likes of you will never beat me in a fight. Especially not when it comes to my son!" She yells the last part, pressing her foot down on the chest of one of the wolves she knocked down. Her eye's bore into Kouga's angrily, and the boy knows she won't surrender. He's never met a woman with such resolve.

This woman is unlike anyone he's met before, and as a demon, he's been alive for around 750 years. She's nothing like that irresponsible little girl, Ayame he had once had an interest in. "Your name's Kagome, right?" He asks, approaching the angry female and clasping her hands in his own.

"No, Kagome is my sister. I'm Aka." The woman remarks. "Aka then... I'm gonna make you my woman. So how about it?" He smirks down at the girl, standing several inches taller than she.

"But hey! Kouga! Though we were gonna eat er', you ain't really gonna marry her are you?" A wolf demon cries out in shock at his leader's statement.

"But she's just a human!" Another cries out.

"Fools! She can see the jewel shards and is extremely loyal, she is much more useful that some demoness!" Kouga retorts back at them.

"No, you have me confused for my sister. I also have priestess powers but I am not the Shikon mike, she is... I switched places with her for her protection." The ogre girl informs him with a raised eyebrow. The boy's eyes widen slightly and he falters for a moment before shaking his head and then gathering her hands more firmly.

"If she's your sister then she'll also become pack once we mate. This only shows you're even more loyal. I'll still make you my woman." He nods.

Aka chuckles a bit, surprising him before adjusting the collar of Kagome's shirt, revealing three striped marks which were placed there as a symbol of her marriage to her demons. "Though I am already taken?" She asks, irritating the wolf boy. "So what! Ain't er' now anyways! I'll just cover it all up with my own marks." He snaps out at her. The girl nods her head in slight amusement before stepping forward and pressing her mouth to the boy's. This grip on her lessens in surprise and his face flushes as the woman presses her chest against his and slips a hand under his chin to grip his face.

The wolves yip and howl in excitement as they watch the display of their leader and the human woman.

Aka pulls back and grins at the look on the boy's face. "In love already?" She teases lightly before return back to a serious mode and reaching down to gather her kitsune in her arms. She gazes around appraising the demons surrounding her and the state of things. A lot of the wolves both humanoid and in animal form were dirty and/or injured. The cave itself may as well have been a pig pen, bones and filth was littered everywhere. It seemed no one cared to clean but leftover carcasses, and the armor and weapons they had looked to be low quality tools which had been stolen from humans then allowed to rust in old blood.

The only three things this pack had going for it were their numbers, clean water supply, and their leader. The wolves seemed to be poorly trained as well, having no real fighting skill and small youki's. They could only be lower to mid-range strength, all in all they had a lot of work. But still, it could and would be done. Her power grows as she added to her forces. This would now be her pack, she'd have enough members to start forming battalions and with the possession of this land she be able to set up a base here.

She circles around and gives her claims, "As the mate to your leader, this is now my pack to command. Starting today we will no longer be The Northern Wolf Clan we will be an independent nation!" Kouga looks at the woman in surprise, "I know of your struggles with the demon birds, today we will put an end to that! This is our land!" She yells loudly, wolves howl with her statements. She turns to Kouga, "I may not have any Shikon shards in my possession, but I don't need them, my own strength is enough. Ready your men, we'll face the birds at dawn." She orders him, not giving him much of a chance to say anything.

She'd have to get word to Totosai, her not so small list of required items seemed to growing, especially now that she had so many new followers. Demon grade weapons and armor for roughly 200 would take some time to procure. She may as well as the fire youkai to set up his forge here in the mountains. At least that was a problem for later, her current concern was with cleaning up the cave, once that was accomplished she could send her sister to procure furniture and clothing from neighboring villages or home.

Course then she'd have to start separating the wolves into units with some sort of command system, things we're too disorganized but at least wolves were good at following orders. Then with that then she'd have to have some sort of castle or village built above the cavern system and then finally she could start training. She'd have to find some teacher for Kagome and Shippo but with Hiten, Hoshiyomi, and Sango she'd at least have enough resources to train her wolves.

There was much to be done, it wasn't long before the sun began to fade out. The party was ready to make their attack, Kouga gathered her in his arms again since as a human, she couldn't scale the cliffs the same way they could even if she could keep pace. She had Sounga on her, but her own order from Totosai hadn't been completed yet so that was a source of some annoyance.

Aka had been looking forward to trying out Tetsaiga in battle, but unfortunately the sword was still going under repairs. Though it didn't matter much, with Sounga at her side she was practically invincible. She admired the feeling of the wolves at her back, this was what it felt like to lead an army into battle.

Arriving at the intended place she looks around to see if her group has arrived yet, clearly not. She jumps down from Kouga's back and passes the kid to one of Kouga's seconds, a wolf demon with a streak of white in the middle of his hair. "Watch him for me." She commands before unsheathing Sounga, throwing the crappy flimsy thing to another wolf demon with a mohawk.

As they step into plain view, the bird demons are on them. "Sounga!" The girl commands the sword in her hand, feeling a rush as the sword's power creeps into her body and her features shift. Tall obi horns sprout from the forehead and curve backwards. She charges ahead, cutting through the birds with ease. The wolves can hardly keep up, falling back to watch their new leader do battle.

Kouga watches the woman as she yells to her sword and transforms into a demon, she slashes on opponent down to the next, cutting through half of the enemy's forces in a few moments. He was mistaken, there's no way this woman is a human.

"Sister! The jewel shards are about 50ft up at the peak!" Kagome's voice rings out to warn her sister as she enters the clearing. "Try not to get blood on my clothing! You know how hard it is to get blood stains out of white shirts!" Kagome adds. Aka nods in seriousness before racing up the side of the cliff, something she had been unable to do only a few minutes ago.

Aka slashes at the rock wall, forcing the demon inside to come out as the structure collapses. The priestess from the ground notches an arrow and shots the bird down as Aka corners in towards her. The bird shrieks loudly as it's purified into dust. Inuyasha moves to retrieve the shards from the corpse for Kagome. Aka leaps down beside her sister.

"Hey! I told you not to get any blood on it, Akuma! The thing is completely soaked through! I'm never switching clothes with you again!" Kagome scolds her sister.

"Eh Aka, what are we going to do with wolf-boy? Want me to kill him?" Hiten asks her casually. "No, this is my pack now. We'll establish ourselves here." She answers. "Now gather the bodies and come, there is much to be done." Aka doesn't spare another glance as she turns and leads her group and the wolf pack back to the caves.