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Meteor City

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A couple had two sons early in life, but they were selfish people and in time their two sons grew corrupt and committed unspeakable acts of evil. Their mother had cursed god and wept for many days. She wished to have another son, one that would humble and kind. She wished him to be fair haired and beautiful, she wished him to be someone that her husband would be proud of.

After many years of trying for another child, the man and woman, now much older found themselves blessed with the knowledge of the woman's pregnancy. Light with happiness, they believed that God had forgiven them and granted the woman's wish.

The truth of the matter was far less pleasant. God had turned and sneered, cursing back at the woman for her greed and presumptuousness. Good could not come from evil, all that could come from sin was something much colder and darker.

He would give the woman another child, but certainly not the one she asked for, no, he would bless her with a daughter of dark hair, she'd be beautiful and horrifying. She'd be a true monster in a world of mortal men who lived to step on each other. The child the couple would rear would bare the eyes of a demon and the power of God himself. Her darkness would shadow the world and rain hate down upon the impure.

He smiled in spite of himself, she would be the perfect creation.

When the time came for the woman to give birth, she had been brimming with pleasant expectations of her child in between bursts of pain. She knew her child would be special. With a final cry of pain, the newborn was pulled from her body.

The doctor who held the infant gasped in shock. The child looked up at him with wide bloody orange eyes daring him to snap away in fright. Had that been the only abnormality, the doctor would have been able to hold his composure but… it wasn't. This infant girl, had a mouth full of sharp triangular teeth like that of a wolf and her tiny hands and feet were adorned by sharp black claws, her skin was pigmentless and accented further by a mop of black hair.

"It's a monster!"

He threw the child down and wrapped his hands about the thing's neck. He had to kill it! He had to! The father of the girl grasps his wife's cold hand. The strain of giving birth had been too much on the old crone, she did not survive. His wife died bringing that damned monster into world. Oh and a monster it was but simply letting it just die. He could not allow that.

He took his child Into his arms, shaking as he walked and left the hospital. He'd care for this child because she was all he had. He looks down at the girl. She was surreal and demonic, but she is not his daughter. But still, he must…

"Your name is Cain."

Cain had all sorts of abnormalities; she was intelligent as a child, but she never ate anything and she spoke often in a language the old man did not understand. He regarded it as the language of demons, it proved to him, her true nature. But Cain had long since left childhood behind. She was perfect, beautiful even but that did not make her any less demonic.

Cain never once called the man father, never once showed him any amount of respect or pity. She never showed him weakness either. She was cold most of the time, it was like she lived in a different world where no one could reach her. He accepted that, but then when she wasn't cold, she was feral. She bared her fangs and clawed, she howled into the night and she'd leave him for days. He wished that she'd never return, that she'd leave him be in peace.

She always came back. Turning the eyes of a beast on him. When she returned, she'd be covered in blood. The man knew she killed, just as she killed her own mother.

Sometimes, the elderly man wondered if he be blamed for her actions, always suspecting to be found out. But that never happened, he knew why, though he wished he did not… Cain, she ate them all. He could still hear that horrible crunching sound, he could still see the blood smearing Cain's face as the girl's teeth tore apart the throat of a corpse.

Cain was a monster - a monster that he had a part in bringing into the world. She was his burden to bare.

He waited for death to come for him or for Cain to grow into adolescence, whichever came first. He held out as much as he could. And finally, after years of madness, Cain turned seventeen, an adult by his standard.

On the eve of her birthday, he sat before her.

"I'm a tired old man, I can not endure your existence any longer. I do not know where I go from here but I am satisfied in knowing it will be far, far away from your cursed existence. So, my daughter, take me just like you took my love away from me."

She sat silent for a moment, "I understand."

The look she gave him was unexpected. He did not think she was capable of such a thing. She smiled at him before she turned those sharp teeth on him. She devoured him, ripped him into pieces, crushed his bones and swallowed. Cain sat back, a mess of blood and gore. On that night, for the first time in her life, she cried. She but she did not sob, she did not let slip even the slightest whimper. For…

"Monsters do not cry."

She stood and washed the blood from herself, and dressed in a fresh set of dark clothing that once belonged to an older brother she had never met. Cain left long black hair down and pulled on a thick dark cloak to cover her features. Then, she set the house ablaze. She'd make a life for herself elsewhere.

Cain walked for many days and nights. She didn't not tire, did not fatigue, she did not feel pain. Not because she was numb from trauma but because she is a demon. Cain is not held back by mortality, for she is not a human.

Cain was drawn to a city, she had not been in one before but she knew what it was. She felt a collecting of people possessing strong energy, she felt their bloodlust, and it drew her to them like a moth to a flame. She moved with such grace that it seemed like she glided across the ground. Her cloak made her even more mysterious, but no one took notice, because she moved faster than could be seen. Those she passed shivered as at a sudden breeze.

Finally she came upon a restaurant, the hunter exams? Cain didn't really know what that was, she just knew that her prey was there. She moves a door aside and walks in, a man there greets her.

"You must be here for the hunter exams, please follow me this way."

Saying nothing she follows him to a small room. He turns and shuts the door behind her. Cain is startled when the room starts moving downwards. It takes a few moments before it stops. Doors opposite from the ones she entered the room through, open. She steps out into a sort of cave. There are many interesting humans here, she observes. A different man comes to her.

"Number 406, just in time. Here's your number tag, keep it on your chest at all times." He hands her the tag, she cautiously takes it and attaches it to the front of her cloak, pulling the hood closer to her face.

"Wow I thought we were the last ones." A boy perhaps a bit younger than her says, smiling and scratching the back of his head. Cain ignores him, he is irrelevant. She still stands near him but makes no movement to indicate she heard him. Yet another person comes to greet her. How annoying.

"I'm Tonpa, somewhat of a veteran of the hunter exams."

Cain ignores him, but he continues anyways. This human must not have a sense of danger.

"Here, you must be thirsty." He says offering her a drink. She is not paranoid in amusing it to be poison. Cain finds his actions to be offensive, she moves faster than the others pick up on. She smashes her fist into Tonpa's face, his body flies into a wall and he does not get up. Cain used more force than necessary, he died the second her hand made impact. The only indication she was his attacker is that she stands a few feet away from where she was moments ago.

Lots of eyes turn on her. A chubby boy with a computer hyperventilates as he looks at what's left of Tonpa's head. Cain doesn't really understand restraint.

"Did you see that? Who attacked him?"

"I think it was that masked guy over there, Tonpa was talking to him and then suddenly he was smashed into that wall over there."

Some of the other people speculate. Cain moves forward, others back away from her, she regards a man with pink hair. He is giving her a look that she has not seen directed at her before. How odd.

A ringer goes off and a door raises, shaking the cavern. A strange stick-like man stands before them.

"I apologize for the wait. The entry period for hunter applicants has ended. The hunter exam will now begin."

The people around her smirk and the person continues.

"A word of caution, if you are short on luck or ability, you could very easily end up seriously injured or dead. Those who accept the risks follow me. I'm Satoz and I'll be taking you to the second phase of the exam. Follow me, all 406 applicants."

He turns and moves in long paces. Cain follows closely behind him. Satoz moves faster as time passes and many give up. This isn't much for her, she shrugs to herself, she's a demon. He regards her, impressed with her endurance. "406, what is your name?"

"I am Cain." She responds, she imagines that her voice is what makes him flinch. She's not used to this language, it feels uncomfortable in her mouth. The examiner isn't the only one that takes notice. An odd person with a purple face, the man with the pink hair and the two that hung around the idiot from earlier-a blonde and a guy with a suitcase. "If I may ask, what made you decide to take the hunter exams?"

"I felt something interesting. I followed it and ended up here." She responds.

"Really?" The guy with the briefcase asks.

She already said it once, she needn't reaffirm it. She supposes this boy is what the humans refer to, as slow. She does not respond further. They run on for a bit more. Cain zones out. Though she does take notice of the blond boy who is now much further behind her, he's sweaty but she thinks he smells nice.

They come to an opening and step outside. Satoz stills and waits for everyone to arrive that was able to keep up. As they wait the blond walks up to her.

"Your Cain, right? I'm Kurapika. You're really fast, you don't seem to tired at all. Though I guess I couldn't tell even if you were, with that cloak.."

"I'm not, my body is able to remain in motion over vast periods of time." She speaks slowly, trying to keep her accent minimum. She does not know why she does not wish this person to dislike her. She doesn't say more and he doesn't press.

Some drama occurs about Satoz not being the real examiner. The pink haired man throws some cards at him. Cain observes his face, his eyes, she likes them. They are gold and they show her an expression that she is not familiar with - but she knows, in time he too will become frightened of her.

They continue on running. The boy, Kurapika is separated from the group by the man with golden eyes and pink hair. Cain watches two of his friends go after him. She knows that Kurapika's chances of survival are low, even though his comrades have left to aid him. Cain stops still. She doesn't know what possesses her to do it, maybe it's because she thinks he's good prey or because he talked to her… like a person.

She takes off in the directed she smells him in. She passes the other three who kept after the blond boy. They don't seem to notice her. Kurapika is crouched on the ground when she finds him, he's injured and sharp cards are carelessly tossed in the boy's direction. She won't let her prey become damaged any further.

Long metal tails shoot out from under her cloak and slice the cards apart. She stands in front of Kurapika and faces his attacker.

"Ah you again. I looked forward to fighting you. I got all hard thinking about it…The way you squished that guy, oh yes, it's so good… I can't hold back." He moans and gropes the front of this pants. A typical human would be a combination of disgusted and afraid, Cain? Cain was confused.

"I do not understand what you want of me."

"I want to feel your body spasm around my hard dick as the last breath of life leave your body, ah mm.."

Cain hasn't had an interest in mating before. She's a beast whose only purpose is to kill… She has not done that sort of thing. She regards this, vulgar human. He in not unappealing, perhaps he would allow her to eat him. In a way he is treating her as a person, as an object of lust, yes but not as a demon monster.

She turns to Kurapika, "Your companions are headed this way, they are coming from that direction. However, the examiner is in this direction. Go to them and then head that way." She urges.

"I can't leave you.."

"If you don't, I'll show you something scary." She growls. "As for you, I want to rip you apart." She grins, not that the man can tell. "Ooh you'll be so powerful in a few years, ah and that attitude mm!" The pink haired man moan as he grips himself through his pants.

Cain thinks it's best to ignore this kind of human, she is already strong. She assumes the odd man to be stupid, heh or maybe just fucked up. She turns to the stubborn male behind her. She lifts him into her arms, carrying him bridal style. "Hey, put me down! I'm fine, I can walk on my own… ah… you're a woman..?" Kurapika squirms, accidentally brushing his hip against Cain's chest. He struggles more in embarrassment. The last of the Kurtas is being rescued by a woman and being held like some weak princess.

"You're damaged. You'll slow me down." She picks up her pace and runs in the direction of the examiner, going fast but not too fast. Cain has never been one for putting forth more than minimum effort. All the same she catches them up to the examiner in no time, cradling the boy close to her form.

Cain, that's a man's name and she wears a cloak. How could he have known she was a woman? Kurapika flushes in embarrassment. She's probably around his age too. Ugh he can't think about that. The whole thing has already been too humiliating. Still he can't help the flutter of gratitude and something else he can not place. She holds him like he is something precious. Kurapika feels very confused. She's mysterious and it bothers him that he has no idea what she looks like.