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Meteor City

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A couple had two sons early in life, but they were selfish people and in time their two sons grew corrupt and committed unspeakable acts of evil. Their mother had cursed god and wept for many days. She wished to have another son, one that would humble and kind. She wished him to be fair haired and beautiful, she wished him to be someone that her husband would be proud of.

After many years of trying for another child, the man and woman, now much older found themselves blessed with the knowledge of the woman's pregnancy. Light with happiness, they believed that God had forgiven them and granted the woman's wish.

The truth of the matter was far less pleasant. God had turned and sneered, cursing back at the woman for her greed and presumptuousness. Good could not come from evil, all that could come from sin was something much colder and darker.

He would give the woman another child, but certainly not the one she asked for, no, he would bless her with a daughter of dark hair, she'd be beautiful and horrifying. She'd be a true monster in a world of mortal men who lived to step on each other. The child the couple would rear would bare the eyes of a demon and the power of God himself. Her darkness would shadow the world and rain hate down upon the impure.

He smiled in spite of himself, she would be the perfect creation.

When the time came for the woman to give birth, she had been brimming with pleasant expectations of her child in between bursts of pain. She knew her child would be special. With a final cry of pain, the newborn was pulled from her body.

The doctor who held the infant gasped in shock. The child looked up at him with wide bloody orange eyes daring him to snap away in fright. Had that been the only abnormality, the doctor would have been able to hold his composure but… it wasn't. This infant girl, had a mouth full of sharp triangular teeth like that of a wolf and her tiny hands and feet were adorned by sharp black claws, her skin was pigmentless and accented further by a mop of black hair.

"It's a monster!"

He threw the child down and wrapped his hands about the thing's neck. He had to kill it! He had to! The father of the girl grasps his wife's cold hand. The strain of giving birth had been too much on the old crone, she did not survive. His wife died bringing that damned monster into world. Oh and a monster it was but simply letting it just die. He could not allow that.

He took his child Into his arms, shaking as he walked and left the hospital. He'd care for this child because she was all he had. He looks down at the girl. She was surreal and demonic, but she is not his daughter. But still, he must…

"Your name is Cain."

Cain had all sorts of abnormalities; she was intelligent as a child, but she never ate anything and she spoke often in a language the old man did not understand. He regarded it as the language of demons, it proved to him, her true nature. But Cain had long since left childhood behind. She was perfect, beautiful even but that did not make her any less demonic.

Cain never once called the man father, never once showed him any amount of respect or pity. She never showed him weakness either. She was cold most of the time, it was like she lived in a different world where no one could reach her. He accepted that, but then when she wasn't cold, she was feral. She bared her fangs and clawed, she howled into the night and she'd leave him for days. He wished that she'd never return, that she'd leave him be in peace.

She always came back. Turning the eyes of a beast on him. When she returned, she'd be covered in blood. The man knew she killed, just as she killed her own mother.

Sometimes, the elderly man wondered if he be blamed for her actions, always suspecting to be found out. But that never happened, he knew why, though he wished he did not… Cain, she ate them all. He could still hear that horrible crunching sound, he could still see the blood smearing Cain's face as the girl's teeth tore apart the throat of a corpse.

Cain was a monster - a monster that he had a part in bringing into the world. She was his burden to bare.

He waited for death to come for him or for Cain to grow into adolescence, whichever came first. He held out as much as he could. And finally, after years of madness, Cain turned seventeen, an adult by his standard.

On the eve of her birthday, he sat before her.

"I'm a tired old man, I can not endure your existence any longer. I do not know where I go from here but I am satisfied in knowing it will be far, far away from your cursed existence. So, my daughter, take me just like you took my love away from me."

She sat silent for a moment, "I understand."

The look she gave him was unexpected. He did not think she was capable of such a thing. She smiled at him before she turned those sharp teeth on him. She devoured him, ripped him into pieces, crushed his bones and swallowed. Cain sat back, a mess of blood and gore. On that night, for the first time in her life, she cried. She but she did not sob, she did not let slip even the slightest whimper. For…

"Monsters do not cry."

She stood and washed the blood from herself, and dressed in a fresh set of dark clothing that once belonged to an older brother she had never met. Cain left long black hair down and pulled on a thick dark cloak to cover her features. Then, she set the house ablaze. She'd make a life for herself elsewhere.

Cain walked for many days and nights. She didn't not tire, did not fatigue, she did not feel pain. Not because she was numb from trauma but because she is a demon. Cain is not held back by mortality, for she is not a human.

Cain was drawn to a city, she had not been in one before but she knew what it was. She felt a collecting of people possessing strong energy, she felt their bloodlust, and it drew her to them like a moth to a flame. She moved with such grace that it seemed like she glided across the ground. Her cloak made her even more mysterious, but no one took notice, because she moved faster than could be seen. Those she passed shivered as at a sudden breeze.

Finally she came upon a restaurant, the hunter exams? Cain didn't really know what that was, she just knew that her prey was there. She moves a door aside and walks in, a man there greets her.

"You must be here for the hunter exams, please follow me this way."

Saying nothing she follows him to a small room. He turns and shuts the door behind her. Cain is startled when the room starts moving downwards. It takes a few moments before it stops. Doors opposite from the ones she entered the room through, open. She steps out into a sort of cave. There are many interesting humans here, she observes. A different man comes to her.

"Number 406, just in time. Here's your number tag, keep it on your chest at all times." He hands her the tag, she cautiously takes it and attaches it to the front of her cloak, pulling the hood closer to her face.

"Wow I thought we were the last ones." A boy perhaps a bit younger than her says, smiling and scratching the back of his head. Cain ignores him, he is irrelevant. She still stands near him but makes no movement to indicate she heard him. Yet another person comes to greet her. How annoying.

"I'm Tonpa, somewhat of a veteran of the hunter exams."

Cain ignores him, but he continues anyways. This human must not have a sense of danger.

"Here, you must be thirsty." He says offering her a drink. She is not paranoid in amusing it to be poison. Cain finds his actions to be offensive, she moves faster than the others pick up on. She smashes her fist into Tonpa's face, his body flies into a wall and he does not get up. Cain used more force than necessary, he died the second her hand made impact. The only indication she was his attacker is that she stands a few feet away from where she was moments ago.

Lots of eyes turn on her. A chubby boy with a computer hyperventilates as he looks at what's left of Tonpa's head. Cain doesn't really understand restraint.

"Did you see that? Who attacked him?"

"I think it was that masked guy over there, Tonpa was talking to him and then suddenly he was smashed into that wall over there."

Some of the other people speculate. Cain moves forward, others back away from her, she regards a man with pink hair. He is giving her a look that she has not seen directed at her before. How odd.

A ringer goes off and a door raises, shaking the cavern. A strange stick-like man stands before them.

"I apologize for the wait. The entry period for hunter applicants has ended. The hunter exam will now begin."

The people around her smirk and the person continues.

"A word of caution, if you are short on luck or ability, you could very easily end up seriously injured or dead. Those who accept the risks follow me. I'm Satoz and I'll be taking you to the second phase of the exam. Follow me, all 406 applicants."

He turns and moves in long paces. Cain follows closely behind him. Satoz moves faster as time passes and many give up. This isn't much for her, she shrugs to herself, she's a demon. He regards her, impressed with her endurance. "406, what is your name?"

"I am Cain." She responds, she imagines that her voice is what makes him flinch. She's not used to this language, it feels uncomfortable in her mouth. The examiner isn't the only one that takes notice. An odd person with a purple face, the man with the pink hair and the two that hung around the idiot from earlier-a blonde and a guy with a suitcase. "If I may ask, what made you decide to take the hunter exams?"

"I felt something interesting. I followed it and ended up here." She responds.

"Really?" The guy with the briefcase asks.

She already said it once, she needn't reaffirm it. She supposes this boy is what the humans refer to, as slow. She does not respond further. They run on for a bit more. Cain zones out. Though she does take notice of the blond boy who is now much further behind her, he's sweaty but she thinks he smells nice.

They come to an opening and step outside. Satoz stills and waits for everyone to arrive that was able to keep up. As they wait the blond walks up to her.

"Your Cain, right? I'm Kurapika. You're really fast, you don't seem to tired at all. Though I guess I couldn't tell even if you were, with that cloak.."

"I'm not, my body is able to remain in motion over vast periods of time." She speaks slowly, trying to keep her accent minimum. She does not know why she does not wish this person to dislike her. She doesn't say more and he doesn't press.

Some drama occurs about Satoz not being the real examiner. The pink haired man throws some cards at him. Cain observes his face, his eyes, she likes them. They are gold and they show her an expression that she is not familiar with - but she knows, in time he too will become frightened of her.

They continue on running. The boy, Kurapika is separated from the group by the man with golden eyes and pink hair. Cain watches two of his friends go after him. She knows that Kurapika's chances of survival are low, even though his comrades have left to aid him. Cain stops still. She doesn't know what possesses her to do it, maybe it's because she thinks he's good prey or because he talked to her… like a person.

She takes off in the directed she smells him in. She passes the other three who kept after the blond boy. They don't seem to notice her. Kurapika is crouched on the ground when she finds him, he's injured and sharp cards are carelessly tossed in the boy's direction. She won't let her prey become damaged any further.

Long metal tails shoot out from under her cloak and slice the cards apart. She stands in front of Kurapika and faces his attacker.

"Ah you again. I looked forward to fighting you. I got all hard thinking about it…The way you squished that guy, oh yes, it's so good… I can't hold back." He moans and gropes the front of this pants. A typical human would be a combination of disgusted and afraid, Cain? Cain was confused.

"I do not understand what you want of me."

"I want to feel your body spasm around my hard dick as the last breath of life leave your body, ah mm.."

Cain hasn't had an interest in mating before. She's a beast whose only purpose is to kill… She has not done that sort of thing. She regards this, vulgar human. He in not unappealing, perhaps he would allow her to eat him. In a way he is treating her as a person, as an object of lust, yes but not as a demon monster.

She turns to Kurapika, "Your companions are headed this way, they are coming from that direction. However, the examiner is in this direction. Go to them and then head that way." She urges.

"I can't leave you.."

"If you don't, I'll show you something scary." She growls. "As for you, I want to rip you apart." She grins, not that the man can tell. "Ooh you'll be so powerful in a few years, ah and that attitude mm!" The pink haired man moan as he grips himself through his pants.

Cain thinks it's best to ignore this kind of human, she is already strong. She assumes the odd man to be stupid, heh or maybe just fucked up. She turns to the stubborn male behind her. She lifts him into her arms, carrying him bridal style. "Hey, put me down! I'm fine, I can walk on my own… ah… you're a woman..?" Kurapika squirms, accidentally brushing his hip against Cain's chest. He struggles more in embarrassment. The last of the Kurtas is being rescued by a woman and being held like some weak princess.

"You're damaged. You'll slow me down." She picks up her pace and runs in the direction of the examiner, going fast but not too fast. Cain has never been one for putting forth more than minimum effort. All the same she catches them up to the examiner in no time, cradling the boy close to her form.

Cain, that's a man's name and she wears a cloak. How could he have known she was a woman? Kurapika flushes in embarrassment. She's probably around his age too. Ugh he can't think about that. The whole thing has already been too humiliating. Still he can't help the flutter of gratitude and something else he can not place. She holds him like he is something precious. Kurapika feels very confused. She's mysterious and it bothers him that he has no idea what she looks like.

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Everyone failed the second exam. A man who introduced himself as 'Netero', fell from the sky and the examiners made some sort of compromise. Cain didn't pay much attention to it. Then again she didn't care much either. She had long since discarded Kurapika and apparently any amount of entertainment with him. His friends took him. It irritated her, and the pink haired bastard was still intently looking at her. She wanted to put the hurt on something.

Time passes and everyone is herded onto an airship and transported to a different location. The multi-ponytailed lady tells them that they need only retrieve an egg from a cavern between two cliffs. Cain throws herself over the cliff side before she can finish, the quicker this is done the more time she'll have to look for something interesting, she dislikes when her time is wasted. She thinks perhaps the blond boy will praise her, yes she would enjoy that.

She dives in an arch, dodging webbing and grabbing onto a string that many eggs are bundled to. People scream after her. She smirks, she will provide him with these and she will be praised even more. Metal tails sprout from the base of her spine and stab through both sides of the cliff, it stops her motion and she hangs upside down for a few moments before launching herself upwards with a flick of her tails. She twists through the air, retracting her tails. She then flips into a crouch in front of Kurapika, she stands and holds the bundle out to him.

"You may praise me now." She grins at the boy, inclining her head. A gust of wind crosses her face, and she realizes her hood is down. The blonde gapes at her. She urges him to take the eggs, confused why he doesn't respond. Kurapika is so shocked he can't speak, he was right in his assumption that she was about his age but he couldn't have accounted for how beautiful she was. Her skin is the color of snow, and her eyes, they reminded him of his family. No they were not the glowing scarlet that belonged to a Kurta but a bloody-orange. These were the eyes of something ferocious and beyond human. Simply, she's surreal. She's perfect.

Kurapika blushes and openly gapes at her, he can't help himself. People murmur around them. He hears some comments. "Holy fuck she's hot!" And "Who would've thought that guy was actually a woman!" Echo around her. Cain's eyes remain focused on Kurapika.

"Hey Kurapika, I think she's giving them to you." Gon pipes up from his side. This woman has already embarrassed the last Kurta twice, he can't let her show him up again, no matter how attractive she is.

"I'll get some myself. I don't need your help, you insult my competence." He says stiffly, she must be looking down on him. But her reaction proves otherwise, her eyes widen before narrowing sharply into a glare, and her lip curls up into a sneer, exposing fang-like teeth. She pulls back her extended arm and shoves the eggs at the blue haired examiner. Her hand reaches up to pull up her hood again but she stops. Pausing before letting her hand fall to the front to the cloak, she pulls it closed.

Kurapika feels guilty, he knows he insulted her somehow. She just wanted to help him and he said those things to her. "I can't believe you turned down such a babe, I mean even if she is scary as hell, she's so sexy it makes up for it." Leorio says whistling at her back. "Turned her down? She didn't proposition anything, she was just belittling me." He defends.

"I think the scary lady wanted to be your friend, Kurapika." Gon adds. "Hey you're probably right, who'd be attracted to a boy who dresses in curtains?" Leorio chuckles.

"If that's all why'd she get so mad?" Killua comments.

"Her name and features are unusual, so it's likely she comes from a foreign land. Like, maybe you offended some custom of her people. Or maybe she was just interested in you…" Leorio says, giving his once-in-a-lifetime smart comment. Whatever the case, Kurapika feels bad about himself. He's supposed to be an honorable Kurta yet he just stepped all over a woman's feelings. Some hero he is.

"You coulda had it easy to, she would've passed the test for you. But whatever, I guess I'll have a go at her since you're not interested." Killua speaks putting on a mischievous face. Course it's then that the blue-haired examiner finally attempts to get things into order and explains the test, then demonstrates it herself. But her performance doesn't receive much interest, her thunder was stolen by a certain black haired girl with demonic eyes.

Kurapika and the rest of Gon's group complete the test successfully. He eats his egg, surprised at how delicious it is. His thoughts are returned to Cain. The girl didn't take a single egg for herself, she grabbed a bunch and offered them all to him. He glanced around, she stood close to the airship by herself. With her hood down he could see the emotions playing across her face. She bit her lip and glared at the ground. He realized looking at her that he had not been the only one humiliated. He watches Killua walk up to her. He doesn't know why it angers him.

"How old are you?" Killua asks. "Seventeen." She responds. "You're a bit older than me, I'm fourteen. Do you want to room with me tonight?" He gives her an innocent look. "You are not afraid of me?" She asks in earnest confusion.

"Afraid? I come from a family of assassins, I don't think you're the least bit scary. Actually, I think your really pretty." He smiles at her, doubting she'll take him seriously. No one ever does… "I'm a demon, perhaps I might eat you in your sleep." She nods in seriousness.

"Pft. What?" Killua laughs hard gripping his stomach. "Ha I don't mind, you can sleep right next to me. But I guess if that doesn't appeal to you much, Kurapika will be in the room." She nods eagerly, he's unsure of what she's so excited about. He bets his father would approve of this woman, he smirks, if he gets caught up in his family again he can use Cain as an excuse.

He continues on with small conversation, Cain listens but doesn't respond. Eventually it's time again for everyone to be hauled back onto the sky ship. Killua grips Cain's hand and drags her along with him as he looks for his friends.

"You brought her after all, I didn't think you were serious, she is a bit older than you." Leorio comments, laying himself onto the couch in a small room. Killua shrugs. "She's sleeping in here with us."

Kurapika sits on the floor in front of Leorio and watches the girl. She won't look at him and she still allows Killua to hold her hand. It really bothers him. "Do you like Killua?" Gon asks smiling at her, noticing she stays close to the boy.

Cain nods but pulls away and sits against the far corner on the room. Gon and Killua sit down in front of her. "What'd you say your name was again?"

"Cain." She answers. "So where are your from? What's your family like?" The white haired boy questions.

"I don't know, I have not conversed with people as I do you. I have no kin." She answers clenching her fists and narrowing her eyes. This doesn't not go unnoticed to Kurapika and the others in the room. "No family, why is that?" Gon asks, ignoring the rage curling into her features.

"Because I killed them." Her voice deepens and she almost growls. Killua's surprised, it's unfortunate he supposes but she really is perfect for him. Kurapika's eyes snap to her, she killed her family? Why would she do that? He'd give anything to had his back. "How could you do something like that?" He blurts out before he can help himself.

"I'm a demon. I've killed lots of people. Two more lives was insignificant." She mutters evenly, Killua smiles at her. "So.. how'd you do it?" Gon asks. "The woman was old, she died bringing me into this world… as for the man, I ate him." Kurapika is surprised again, he's got to stop making assumptions about this girl. What she said is disturbing but it also hints that she's lived a painful life. "Why did you help me earlier?" Kurapika asks.

"Is it not common practice to provide for a potential mate?" She speaks cryptically. "A mate? What? Heh so you were really trying to get in Kurapika's pants after all!" Leorio speaks loudly and laughs. Kurapika's face goes red, he can't believe this.

"Ne, Killua, what does she mean by that?" Gon asks.

"It means she wants to put his dick inside her and have lots of babies." Killua speaks sarcastically, patting Gon's head.

"Heh but don't worry about that, Kurapika turned her down harshly." Killua adds. Cain's expression remains blank.

"You don't want to.. is that what you wanted?" Kurapika hesitates. "I want you." She affirms. He stiffens, not sure how to respond or even deal with a situation like this. Then again the most beautiful woman he has ever seen just confirmed that she wants to have his children. He blushes again, "Why?" He asks.

"When I look at you my body gets hot and your blood smells rather appealing." She tilts her head. "What about me? Am I appealing to you?" Killua asks, he can't have Kurapika stealing Cain away. She nods but doesn't elaborate. Kurapika feels something unfurl in his stomach, jealousy.

"I know I'm sexy, don't you think so?" Leorio asks, grinning. "No. You remind me of my father."

"Ah… the one you ate?" He speaks deviously. "Perhaps." She smirks. Killua finds himself liking her more and more. Kurapika is somewhat relaxed. So both himself and Killua must fit into a type she likes. He wonders what it is, he doesn't share all the many similarities with the former. Then again, he was her first choice. Maybe she knew something about him? He could find out.

"What are you so drawn to?" He asks.

"A disposition to violence, delicious flesh, and generally light hair." She shrugs. Kurapika is surprised at the straight forward answer she gives. Killua laughs, by that standard his father would be her type.

"It's getting late, we should sleep." Kurapika argues. "Cain, lets sleep here." Killua says, tugging her arm down as he lays back onto the ground. She leans back with little resistance. Leorio tosses the two a pillow from the couch and Killua places it under her head before rolling himself over and placing his face into a voluptuous chest.

A cat-like smile crosses his face, surprised she doesn't seem to mind or know better. He reaches his hands up and roughly gropes her squishy mounds. He's pleased with how large they are, and also because no female would've ever allowed him to do this.

Leorio turns out the light and lays back down atop the couch, Kurapika lets his eyes adjust before they refocus on Cain.

Kurapika is pissed, he watches Killua lay almost completely on top of Cain, but then the boy takes it further and starts fondling her chest. Normally Kurapika would be disgusted at such a lewd woman but Cain hasn't been around people.

He knows that there is no way she understands the implication of Killua's actions. He stands and shoves the boy off of her. "What was that for!" Killua yells at him. Kurapika doesn't respond as he lays down next to her blocking her from Killua. Killua grunts before moving over to lay by Gon.

Kurapika rolls so his back is to her and he closes his eyes but is startled when she pushes her face between his neck and the crook of his shoulder. He blushes in the dark when he hears her sniffing his hair. But he can't stop the shudder that goes through his body when she pushes her chest against his back and curls her body around his. He just needs to remind himself that she doesn't understand. That's all.

Cain remembers the odd pink man from earlier… Maybe if she tries that then Kurapika will want her. She wraps her arms around him and rubs herself against his back, taking a whiff of his scent. He smells so good. She massages her hands down his chest finally settling over the front of his pants.

Kurapika gulps, nervousness rising in his chest. She doesn't know what she's doing. She doesn't mean it. He tries to relax, but then it happens.

Her fingers slip under the hem of his pants and slide down his abdomen. He can't stop the whine that passes his lips as she reaches her target. The girl wraps a hand around his length and strokes. "Nnh" The blond presses a hand over his mouth. If he tells her to stop the others might wake up and the situation would only become more embarrassing.

Pleased with his response, Cain assumes he must be enjoying it. She latches onto the side of his neck, sucking the sweet skin between her teeth hard enough to leave a mark. She slides her hand along his dick at a faster pace and glides her other hand down his hip. Cain loves his reaction, the boy's body shakes and becomes putty under her fingers. She wants more. Cain bites his neck leaving a perfect outline of her teeth and starts another hickey as she grinds her body into his back.

Kurapika groans, he can't think straight. It feels really good, and if she doesn't stop it he knows he'll finish soon. "Ah mm" He moans when she bites his neck, unconsciously thrusting into her hands. He quickly looks around the room to see if anyone noticed.

To his horror his eyes meet Killua's. The assassin looks at him with a raised eyebrow, as if to say 'and you thought I was taking advantage of her, hypocrite'. He blushes and looks away, "hah uh.." He moans again as he finishes in the girl's hand. Cain halts her movements and retracts her hands.

She sniffs her hand, what is this sticky stuff? She licks a bit off her fingers, it's irony a bit like the bloody meats she is most fond of eating. She cleans the rest off her hand before re-wrapping her arms around Kurapika's waist and pressing her face against his back. She closes her eyes and sleeps.

The blond is in shock, he can't believe what just happened. What is he going to do about this girl? It's obvious to him now that she is in fact interested in him, he'd be stupid to pretend otherwise. So where does that leave them? Up until this point, Kurapika's only goals were to take back the eyes of his clan and kill the spiders but if he gets involved with this women… then what?

Does he settle down with her and abandon his ambitions or does he hall her with him and see what they are to each other when the dust settles and he's done what he needs to do. Or the third option, does he end this thing, whatever it is before it can start? Kurapika weighs his choices. He could take her with, she is powerful, and if they do end up having a child he wouldn't be burdened by being the last of his clan anymore. He's not concerned about the danger because she's proven that she's far stronger than he is, even if it pains him to admit.

Kurapika glances back over at Killua, the boy is asleep now thankfully. He hopes that the white haired assassin doesn't bring up the earlier incident, that would be humiliating. Besides, Kurapika reasons, if he rejects Cain then it's likely she'll end up with Killua.

She's probably safer with him then the other, he shakes his head, if she gets together with Killua she'd be the next Zoldyck matriarch. Whatever the case, Kurapika likes her and she's expressed her interest in him. He's dealt with so much pain in his short life, maybe this is fate's apology… Maybe this is his chance at a little piece of happiness, no matter how brief it could be. He feels something lighten in his chest and closes his eyes.

Morning comes bright and early. The group is awoken by an intercom, "I apologize for the wait, we have almost reached our destination." Kurapika's body feels heavy, he looks down to find Cain looking up at him. His face flushed as he remembers the events of last night.

He looks away, "Do you mind getting of me? We need to get off the ship." He asks, not meeting her gaze. She leans forward and crushes her mouth against his, it's brief, mostly just a peck before she pulls back and separates their bodies.

Cain stands, straightening her shirt and running and hand through her hair. She follows the group out of the room and further, out of the ship. They stand atop a tower and are simply told to get to the bottom.

A man arrogantly attempts to climb down the side but is eaten by ugly flying creatures. Cain could simply jump to be bottom, her body would be unscathed, but that would be boring and she doubts the blond would accept her help. But perhaps she will try. "My body will not be affected by the impact if I jump over the side, if you hold onto me you should be fine." She speaks to Kurapika, she's anxious but her voice comes out sounding bored. The group turns to her in surprise. "What about the flying things?" Leorio asks.

"The speed of the fall should be enough to ward them off but if they attack I will neutralize them before they can land a hit." She says confidently. "I'll go my own way, but thanks." Kurapika waves off. Her expression gives away that she's upset. "This exam is part luck, a good hunter has to take advantage of his surroundings and utilize what he can… I think we should trust her." Gon speaks up. "Jumping over the side does seem like the most efficient and quick way to go about it." Killua agrees. "Yeah, cause we've got Cain we can take a different route than everyone else. None of the other examinees could survive something like that." Gon finishes.

Kurapika didn't think of it like that, there's another test after this one, he'll have more chances to prove himself. He nods, "Alright, so we just hold onto you?" Kurapika asks in defeat. "You'll want to make sure you're situated so that no part of your body will touch the ground. My body isn't large enough for you all to hold…" those same blade-like tails grow from the base of her spine, the tails gently wrap around Gon and Leorio, lifting them into the air behind her. Gon squeals, "This is so cool!"

Cain picks Kurapika up, bridal style. The boy blushes, not this again… Killua takes his own initiative and jumps onto her back, wrapping his legs around her waist and his arms around her neck. She walks to ledge, taking a moment to put force into her legs.

Part of her really felt like showing off. "Uh guys, I'm not sure about…" Leorio starts but yelps as she pushes off the building, the amount of force she uses creates a crater in the area she had been standing and it shakes the tower. The other participants stare in awe.

The woman dives downward at an amazing speed. Gon and Killua yell in the excitement. Kurapika pushes his face against her chest not wanting to watch as they approach the ground. Cain flips her body and she lands standing stick straight. The force of her body against the ground leaves an even larger crater and cracks run along the building. She sets Gon and Leorio down, Leorio hunches over and pukes.

"That was awesome!" Gon yells, running around. Killua hops down and gives her a smirk before running after his friend. Kurapika turns and moves to get down but she doesn't release him. "You can let me go now." He tells her.

"Maybe I don't feel like it, you'll run away from me if I do." She smirks. He blushes, "please.."

She shrugs, and sets him down. "Those at the bottom of the tower, move to the waiting room on the first floor and relax for the next 72 hours. Thank you and congratulations on being the first to pass the third exam." A voice speaks through an intercom.

Hisoka leers down over the side of the tower. That woman was much more than he estimated. She's in a different league altogether, he assumed that she was a similar class to the four she surrounds herself with, he was wrong. It irritates him, she won't struggle to power, she was born with it. A fight with her would be a one-sided massacre, especially with a body that strong. He didn't sense the use of any nen at all. He bites on one of his nails, she'd be near invincible with the use of nen. He'd have to shift his interest to someone else. He turns around, catching Illumi's eye as he passes. Oh? Perhaps she's not a total loss, that is, now that she's captured Illumi's interest.

The disguised assassin watched the girl his brother hangs around land unscathed from an impossible fall. Illumi has never had any interest in the opposite sex, he's always thought women to be a pathetic annoyance. But this one… She might be a match for his father in terms of raw strength. She'd be a good investment, his father would approve of her.

Chapter Text

Cain sleeps straight through the rest of the time. When the exam is announced over, the remaining contestants are led outside. Everyone is told to pick a card from a box. She walks up confidently and gets her card.

"The number on your card is your opponent. Bring me their badge and you'll pass." Purple Mohawk announces.

Now to get this overly quickly, "Which one of you unlucky fucks is number 80?" Cain growls, bearing her teeth. She watches a red haired woman flinch. "Hm, gotcha." She smirks, grabbing the woman's throat, there's a crunching sound as she crushes bones in the girl's neck.

Cain rips the badge from the corpse's shirt and returns it to the examiner. Her tails pull tags off of two random people nearby, she passes those along to the examiner as well. "Number 406, pass" He nods.

"Kura.." She starts, as she walks up to the boy with a big smile on her face.

"No. Don't help me this time." He responds and walks toward a thicket of trees. Her smile falters and she turns to the other three, Leorio and Gon give her an uncertain look like they're afraid of her.

"Why'd you kill her? You didn't have to." Gon asks her, she walks toward him and he takes a step back.

She gets it now. Her demeanor changes and her expression goes cold. "There is an obstacle blocking your path, do you bow your neck like coward and try to pussy your way out or do you rise to the challenge… and rip it apart with everything you have!" She ends in a yell, her face flushes with rage and those around her shrink back. She pulls a mask back over her features and turns.

"To bastards like you, I'll give you my back." She looks over her shoulder, "Get in my way and I'll crush you too." She growls and walks over to sit behind the examiner. Killua shrugs off the thick atmosphere and walks towards the angry female.

"I'm not afraid of you." She looks up and he smiles down at her. "I won't discard you like the Kurta either." He adds, his grin only widening. Sure his intentions aren't pure but he does genuinely like her. "I understand your nature, I won't judge you for it, we're actually a lot alike." He says crouching in front of her.

"I know I'm not your first choice but… how about becoming my woman?" He reaches a hand out to stroke her cheek, he watches to see if she'll draw back but she doesn't.

"I am a demon before I am a female." She responds. "All the same. I'm a killer before I am a man." His expression goes dark and his fingers flex against her face turning into claws. "I think we'd suit each other." He returns, reverting back to innocent Killua mode. "What do ya say?" He asks, letting her think it over.

"I… yes." She answers sitting back. He leans forward following her and places his lips against the corner of her mouth. "Now, if you excuse me… I have an obstacle to crush, but Cain, I'll come back for you when I'm done. Your are mine now, after all." The assassin says cheerfully before retreating to go look for his target. She chuckles a bit and turns her head to see the examiner as well as the pink haired man, watching her.

She inclines her head in acknowledgment. The man is odd but not unappealing, and he does not appear to fear her. He moves to seat himself cross legged in front of her.

"I'm Hisoka, I have a proposition for you."

Cain's eyes bore into his, well doesn't everyone today. "I'll share with you a few pieces of useful information and all I ask in return is that you grant me one small favor in the future." She shrugs, not seeing what the point is. "It regards your other male friend." He coos wiggling a clawed finger in front of her face. "I do not understand." She answers.

"Kurapika, his entire clan was killed by a certain group of people. I'll tell you their names and locations if you promise me a favor." He answers with a tight smile. "That is acceptable, write it down so I do not forget."

He nods and passes her a few cards, the information he offered is already printed neatly on them. "Pleasure doing business with you, ah and girly, if you ever tire of the younger Zoldyck and the older one… be sure to let me know." He chuckles and walks off. Cain slips the cards under her chest wrappings. What an odd human.

She waits quietly for the exam to finish.

It takes several days before the exam ends. Killua true to his word, walks straight to her after he gathered three badges. He stands close to her as they wait for the other to return.

Eventually seven more people arrive and the airship returns to take them to a new location.

Along the ride, Cain sits looking out a window, with Killua at her side. Kurapika approaches the two, "Cain, Leorio and I got here because of you." He continues, "So I sincerely thank you." He smiles at her and moves his arms away from his body, offering her a hug if she wants it.

Cain stands up and wraps her arms around his body, shoving her face in his neck. He allows her to hold onto him longer than necessary and he runs his hand through long silly strands that cascade down her back. Kurapika's eyes catch Killua's over her shoulder. "Hope you like sharing, Kurta." He mocks before standing and hugging Cain's back. The three of them stay like that for awhile.

Kurapika is upset, share her? He has to share her if he wants her? He's already decided, he's going to keep her. If that means dealing with Killua, then so be it.

The airship comes to a stop and the remaining contestants are once again loaded off. "We are in a hotel managed by the committee." A speak announces. "The last train will be in a form o duels." Netero continues, "The rules are very simple. One victory and you pass the exam. Those who win will be taken out of the matches and those who lose will continue on and have a few more chances to win."

"Well on that note, let the vs match begin. Hanzo vs Gon." He finishes. Hanzo throws Gon around and breaks his arm but Gon refuses to concede and Hanzo surrenders giving him the win. The boy limps over to the side with a big smile in spite of himself. The referee brings the boy a hunter's license and congratulates him.

The matches shake out so that: Hanzo, Gon, Illumi, Cain, Hisoka and Leorio pass. Killua is disqualified when his brother reveals himself and Killua kills his opponent, Pokkle. Everyone who passed receives a license and is escorted to a sitting room lined with rows of desks. Cain slips her license under her chest wrappings, it presses against the cards given to her by Hisoka.

Killua ran out after being disqualified. "I just want to be with Cain and Gon. I'm fed up with all the killing. I just want a normal life." He announced before he left. The girl wanted to stop him but she let him go. Illumi was satisfied with how things turned out.

Presently there's some debate. Gon yells at Illumi and breaks his arm. The others argue about whether or not Killua should and been disqualified, Cain finally decides to speak up. "You are returning home after this, yes?" She appears in front of Illumi. "That's right." He nods.

"Take me home with you." She continues. "Ah you can't say stuff like that to a man, sure he's a psychopath but still…" Leorio scratches the back of his head. "Ya know she comes from buttfuck-nowhere. It's up to us to educate her." He finishes, and Kurapika punches his arm - Well he does have a point. "You can come, but not the others." Illumi responds. Cain glances at Gon, "Go ahead and make sure Killua's alright. Let him know we're right behind you." He permits.

She nods and waits for Netero to finish his speech. She follows after the older assassin, Hisoka stops them before they leave the grounds surrounding the building. "Will it be okay? You revealed your lair so easily." The pink haired man says casually.

"Yes, it's not hidden plus it's actually famous." Illumi answers.

"When they arrive, they'll understand the difference between our world and theirs." He continues. "And what about this one? Whose world does she belong in?" His place wags his finger in Cain's direction.

"Isn't it obvious?" Illumi responds.

Hisoka shrugs, "What's your interest in her? You must like her a quite a bit considering you let her follow you like a puppy."

Illumi shrugs off the question, Hisoka glances at his friend's arm. "Oh this? Yes it's broken." He answers Hisoka's silent question. "How interesting." Hisoka smiles dreamily and a blush dances across his cheeks.

"I can fix it, if you like." Cain speaks, the two had almost forgotten of her presence. "Is that so?" Hisoka asks in Illumi's place. She nods, "I just said so, I needn't repeat myself." She says sharply. Illumi purses his lips in consideration, "Why not." He decides. She steps close to him, "Open your mouth." He does as instructed, expressionlessly. Hisoka groans in delight, lost in his own fantasies.

Illumi certainly does not expect anything perverted, especially not whatever Hisoka is thinking - That is until the girl fists a hand in the front of his shirt and pulls him to her, smashing their lips together. If possible his eyes would've widened. Cain works her tongue against Illumi's before she pulls back slightly and makes an exhaling noise like children do on a cold day to see their visible breath.

Illumi feels her nen flood his system. It makes him uncomfortable at first, he can feel aspects of her personality when her raw energy is exposed to him like this. There's so much agony and rage, Illumi shudders at how intense the waves of malice are. He releases his own nen to try and staple the off the fear that curls in the pit of his stomach. His energy reacts with hers and a pleasant sensation floods his body.

The pain in his arm lessens until it no longer hurts in the slightest, but she doesn't pull away. She presses herself closer to him and he feels all soreness and traces of fatigue leave his body.

Her energy recedes but she lingers, rubbing her chest against his and sliding her hands through his hair. Her eyes stare into his and she massages her tongue against his, moaning softly into his mouth. He doesn't know at what point he started to respond to her motions, but he only realizes now that his hands are gripping her hips and his tongue is dancing with hers.

Finally after several minutes of this she pulls back and wipes her swollen mouth with the back of her hand. "Ah..oooh." Hisoka moans in the background, Illumi turns to his friend and observes him emotionlessly. The pink haired man's hand jerks rapidly under his pants and his body spasms.

"Use someone else at material in the future."

Hisoka smiles, "I couldn't help myself. It was getting so good and all that killing intent, oh! It made my blood boil!" He gasps out.

"We'll go now." Illumi says, Cain nods and follows after him. He pulls a phone from his pocket and dials a number and he pulls it to his ear. "Milluki, I need a pick up. Yeah, it went as expected. How long? Okay." Illumi conversed with the person on the other end. "Let father know I will be bringing a guest." He adds before hanging up and replacing the phone in his pocket.

The two wait along a street and a car picks them up, the drive lasts for a solid twenty minutes before they arrive at a helicopter pad. She follows Illumi over to a copter and slides into a seat beside him. The pilot gives some kind of all clear before taking off. She slides slightly as the craft takes motion, bumping into Illumi. Cain doesn't pull back, she just remains against his side. He glances down at her.

Illumi is conflicted. He wants this girl to marry his younger brother and take over his mother's role in the Zoldyck family but at the same time, simply, he wants her for himself.

Cain sits peacefully as she watches the scenery change. They fly over a great body of water and several small towns. Eventually they come to a mountain side and the helicopter begins its descent, finally landing in front of a gigantic set of stone doors. "This is your home?" Illumi nods, "Yes." They get out and the helicopter begins its return. "Push open that gate, I want to see how many you are able to move."

She shrugs, and pushes with little resistance. She opens all of the gates and calmly walks past, waiting for Illumi. The old man who guards the gate watches in surprise as the woman accompanying Silva's oldest son pushes all of the gates open with ease. He'd only seen Master Zeno and Master Silva do that. She must be very powerful.

Illumi opens three gates and brushes past Cain. Impressive, indeed. She walks soundlessly beside him. He greets his mother as she approaches them. "I have returned, this is Cain, she is here for Killua."

Kikyo Zoldyck bites her lip, who is this girl? Cain he said, that is irrelevant. The girl herself is surreal with glowing eyes. She looks like a goddess, it irritates Kikyo. And she is here for her son? No she will not hand her favorite child over. "For Killua you say? Is she one of his so called friends?" She gripes at her oldest. "I am his woman." Cain answers for herself, smirking at the flabbergasted female wearing an odd eye covering and outfit. "Illumi! How could you bring this trash here!?" She screeches pointing a finger at Cain.

Cain growls low baring her sharp teeth at the obnoxious human. She smashes the woman against the ground and shoves her foot against Kikyo's face, pushing her weight onto the woman's features. "I have heard it is rude to treat the mother of your intended in this way, however I'll make an exception for you." Cains nen pulses and fills the clearing with dense killing intent. She kicks the woman's head and shoves a lid over her irritation, stepping back she turns to Illumi. "This way."

He steers her to a house larger than any she has ever seen. "Killua is being kept in the dungeon." He guides her inside and down a stone hallway. Illumi taps a finger against a door, "This one." And he turns, leaving her. Cain pushes the door open, Killua is strung up by shackles and bruised with whip marks. His head is lowered and he speaks, "Back for more Milluki?" He asks looking up, hope fills his chest when his eyes call upon the girl. "I apologize for the wait, I had some obstacles to crush." She teases. He pulls his arms loose from the chains and kicks off the ones on his feet, he walks to her smashing his face against her chest. "You came." He smiles and gets up onto his tiptoes and kisses her jaw. She snorts at his reaction, "You asked me to be yours. I took your sentiments seriously." She responds leaning down and catching his lips with hers. The movement is brief, he pulls away from her and tugs her out of the room.

"This is my room." Killua says as he opens a door for the girl. She looks around, empty chocolate robot boxes litter the entire room. Cain walks into the room and he closes the door behind them. She moves to his bed and shakes the sheets, knocking the discarded chocolate packages onto the floor. She flops onto her stomach and presses her face into his pillow.

It smells like Killua. She rolls over and looks up at said boy, he gives her a heated look and climbs onto of her. She knows a bit of this dance, oddly enough most she learned is from watching Hisoka. He's been such a poor influence on the girl. Her lips connect with the assassin's once more, the kiss is rough and he cuts his lip against her teeth. The blood that drips into her mouth puts her in a frenzy.

She scratches at his pants and he pulls her shirt over her head. She unties her chest wrappings and sets her license and cards carefully under Killua's pillow as to not lose them. The boy rips her pants from her, and soon they both press naked against each other.

He gently cups her left breast, squeezing before he lets go and trails his hands down her body, settling over her dripping sex. He rubs his fingers against her pleasure bud and she throws her head back letting out a throaty moan.

Killua smirks and slips two fingers into her tight cavern. God she's so wet. She spreads her legs apart wide to give him better access but he pulls his fingers from her body making her grunt in disappointment. Killua reaches down and gives his erection a few good strokes before pressing the tip to her soaked entrance.

She wiggles her hips trying to pull him closer. He meets her eyes and thrusts forward, burying himself fully inside of her. "Ah." She moans loudly, it hurts in a way that… feels so good. She shoves her hips onto his dick, loving the feeling of him. "Killua mm." She moans again as he starts a fast pace. She needs more. "Ah faster." Cain orders, "ha ah, anything… else?" He tries to speak. "H..harder." She gasps out.

Killua obliges her request, his length reaches deeper inside of her and her body shivers against his. She feels something pleasurable building in the pit of her stomach. "Ah yes! Mm...Killua…" Her slippery walls squeeze his cock creating even more friction as she hits her orgasm. He thrusts a couple more times before giving a final jerk of his hips and exploding against her cervix. He doesn't pull himself from her body. Instead her wraps his arms around her and lays all his weight onto of her. The two lay together and drift to sleep.

Illumi stands over Killua's bed and stares down at two naked bodies. His father sent him to retrieve Killua and the girl, they had not come out of Killua's room for two days and his father was not a patient man. Illumi trails a hand over the sleeping woman's face. She appeals to him, laying like this: Her hair is draped around the bed, creating a halo of black around her, and milky white skin is completely exposed.

Illumi slides the tips of his fingers down her neck finally settling between the breasts. He looks over at his brother and pulls back.

Killua watches Illumi through slitted angry eyes. Though even he can admit, it's odd that the older assassin touched Cain like that. Illumi is monotone and expressionless, if he has emotions, he is good at keeping them hidden.

"Father wishes to see the both of you. Mind you, he made the request two days ago." Illumi reasons moving to retreat and leave the room. "May I have some of your clothing?" Cain asks him, sitting up and not bothering to cover herself.

Illumi nods, "I'll return with something for you." She flashes him a toothy grin. "Killua, bath?" She asks the boy. He smiles, looking at her face, she really is beautiful. He slides out of bed, grasping her hand in his. Killua opens a door in his room which leads to a connecting bathroom.

Killua messes with a few nobs in the shower, before stepping in himself and pulling the curtain up to keep the water from splashing onto the bathroom tiles. Cain slides into the shower behind him. He reaches for a bottle and pours some soap into his hands, reaching for Cain.

When they are both clean, they step back into his room. Illumi left a neatly folded pile of clothing. She retrieves her black bandage wraps and loops them around her chest pulling them tight, resulting in a larger than socially acceptable amount of cleavage.

She pulls on the pair of black briefs that were left for her and a pair of long baggy green pants that hang low on her hips showing the waistband of male underwear and bunching around her ankles. Lastly she slides the green shirt over her shoulders leaving the front open like a jacket. She pulls her three possessions out from under Killua's pillow and glances around for the boy. "Ack, what is that?" He makes a face when he sees her outfit.

"What is what?" She asks in confusion. "Why are you wearing Illumi's clothing?" He explains. "I had only one outfit, it is no longer wearable. Your clothing would not fit me. I am taller, and… female." She responds. He shrugs, making a mental note to take something from his mother or take her to buy clothing, he does appreciate the view though. Killua chuckles to himself, her front is almost completely exposed aside from a thin black binding. "Come on, my father is waiting on us."

She nods and strolls casually along with him. He stops in front of a door, his posture becoming anxious as he slowly pushes the door open. Cain's eyes land on a stoic man with long white hair, he sits atop a large white cushion that drapes over the back of his seat.

Killua kneels down in front of him. Cain stands behind the boy and he tugs her arm, pleading her silently to sit as he is. She kneels down next to the younger assassin, staring at him in confusion. Why is he so worried? This person is not scary, he does not pose her any threat. Hm, though Cain is a demon after all… maybe because Killua is a human? She does not know..

"Killua my son, sit over here with me. I don't think we've ever had a father to son chat. I raised you to be an assassin as my father raised me, but I see now that we're different people. So it's okay, be honest with me, do you wish to go with your friends?" Silva asks in earnest patting the boy's head.

Killua's eyes fill with hope, "Yes." He smiles at the man. "Then you may go, but first… Introduce the friend that is here with you now. I've heard interesting things about her." Silva motions to Cain. "This is Cain, she's my ah, my girlfriend." Killua blushes not meeting his father's gaze. "Your girlfriend?" He observes the woman, "She's very attractive, and a bit older than you… Her features are foreign."

He comments, "And she is dressed in your brother's clothing." He scoffs. "I have a few questions for you."

"Who are you and what of your family? What area do you originate from? Tell me all there is to know about yourself." He nods for her to speak.

"I am a child born to an elderly pair, the woman died during my birthing and the man… he is no more. Out of respect, I do not speak of them as father and mother. It has been suggested that I have two elder brothers but they are involved in some sort of illegal activities and were disowned before my existence. I have never met them. The area I am from is called Meteor City, it does not appear on paper." She responds waiting for further questions.

"The man, your father, what happened to him? And what else do you know of your siblings?" He asks.

"My existence burdened him greatly, on the eve of my seventeenth he asked of me to end his suffering. They are likely infamous for something, I've heard them referred to as Fei and Crow. I share some similarities with them appearance wise, and my caretaker mention once that Fei spoke in the same demonic language that I do." She finishes, Killua stares at her in astonishment. He didn't know any of those things, then again he hadn't really asked but it made him wonder what else he didn't know about her. "Another language? Speak in it for me."

She makes a growling noise that turns into a hiss and guttural tones lace over words that flow in no particular rhythm. "Is that satisfactory?" She finishes and he nods, Killua shakes himself. That language was creepy even to him. "I was born with many sets of vocal cords. Genetically speaking, this language could only be spoken by someone sharing my bloodline. If you ever come into contact with a sibling of mine, you could identify them in this way." Killua looks at her in surprise, that's actually sort of amazing. Silva transitions into his next set of inquiries, "I've heard your strength is very impressive and that you possess incredible regenerative abilities that you can pass along through touch, what other things can you do?"

"I can alter my body composition, this allows me to do things like pass through objects and turn myself into other things. My energy leaks through my pores, I can kill someone with a simple touch or I can heal them or just hurt them a lot. I can absorb all energy based attacks and I have tails I alter to have similar properties to a sword. My senses are enhanced and I possess inhuman strength and speed.

I can do many kinds of external energy manipulation. Simply, I can do lots of things but I fight primarily by devouring my opponents or crushing them until they are unrecognizable." She finishes. Silva regards her with a nod, just as expected, she's exceptional. And unfortunately for his son that means she's way out of his league in every aspect.

He turns to the boy, "You like this girl a lot, don't you?"

"Yes I do." Killua blushes. "If you want to keep her then you're going to have to learn to share her. Sooner or later you won't be enough to satisfy her appetites." He speaks honestly, "Can you do that?" Killua stares at his father in surprise, it was enough to feel like second pick when he watched her with Kurapika but hearing it from his father put it into perspective.

He obviously meant more to her than Kurapika did, she ran after him when he left - ditching the blonde Kurta in the process. He knew Cain to be many times stronger than him, older than him, and more ruthless than him; but he didn't see how far the gap between them was.

He deluded himself to think she'd just settle. Killua wouldn't hold her down, he'd become strong and walk her path with her. He takes a minute to look at her, she's perfect in every way, Killua would never find a woman better than the one in front of him. There's no way he would give her up… "No matter what I'm going to be with her. Screw everything else, if I'm not enough for her then so be it, if she takes a second lover, then so be it. And if she takes third or a fourth, so fucking be it." Killua amends.