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we should sit in silence while we think of what to say

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this was turning out to be the worst morning ever.

kaminari had woken up to the blaring of his alarm rather unceremoniously. he’d groggily opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling until the screeching of his alarm became too much for him. swinging his legs off the side of his bed, a wicked ache shot through his entire body, tearing an exhausted groan from deep in his throat. he’d spent almost all afternoon yesterday roughhousing with ojiro and sero, and he was pretty sure that purple-blue splotches dotted his entire back from being slammed down on the mats of the school gym so many times.

he ached his way through getting ready, really wanting to just lay back down and sleep the hurt off. every shift felt like his bones were cracking under his skin and he could already feel a sour sulk coming on. once he’d gotten dressed and brushed his teeth, he made a weak effort to fix his hair, staring at his dead-eyed reflection in the mirror for a lot longer than he meant to.

when he finally left the bathroom, he carefully navigated his way across his room to collect his things before leaving. he stepped over piles of clothes and stray shoes, only for his foot to crunch down on a piece of paper. kaminari grimaced as he slowly withdrew his foot from the paper, leaning down—not without a pained groan and a scream from his back joints—to see what the paper was.

oh god, ugh, shit. it was math homework that was due today. shit. he’d forgotten to do it, which wasn’t anything new, but this just added more kindling to his fire of morning irritation. exasperated, he snatched the paper up from the floor and held it in a tight grip, fingers curling into the paper so much so that the wrinkles neared rips. math was his fourth period, so, theoretically, he could attempt to finish the assignment during his other periods, but that would just stress him out.

he thought he felt a headache coming on.

after what felt like hours, he left his dorm room, backpack slung over his shoulders. when he walked, the inside of his bag brushed against his back and sending nudges of ache across his back and down into every joint. his whole body moved like a creaky piece of metal. even the thinly carpeted floor of the dorm hall looked like an appealing place to lay down and nap.

he made his way to the end of the hall. he pushed the elevator call button to go down and waited, eyelids heavy, body achy. that headache was really starting to throb behind his eyes. he probably should’ve drunk some water before he left his room. at least he had time to eat something before heading to class.

the elevator arrived, the doors gliding open and revealing a mostly empty elevator, save from a lone figure in the back-right corner—bakugou. kaminari shuffled into the elevator, giving bakugou the slightest tilt of his head as a greeting.

“g’morning,” he mumbled, leaning against the wall. he felt bakugou’s eyes on him. the doors slid closed and the elevator began its steady descent to the first floor.

“you look like shit,” bakugou noted after a beat. kaminari couldn’t help but let out an amused breath through his nose.

“feel like it too,” he replied. the elevator floor was basically begging for him to lay down on it. he should’ve faked sick so he wouldn’t have to go to class. he technically still could fake sick, but he’d already gotten ready. it would be a waste.

“what did y—” the entire elevator shaft shook violently, interrupting bakugou and causing the both of them to stumble and try to brace themselves on the wall rail. a terrible metallic screech tore through the air, the lights momentarily flickered, and the elevator ground to a stuttering halt.

there was a heavy silence. kaminari’s eyes darted to the display over the buttons. it showed a big, blue two, and under it, the button for the first floor was still lit up. he looked around, starting to feel a little unraveled.

“what just happened,” he said, his voice cracking on the last word. bakugou crossed in front of him to stand in front of the wall of buttons. he heard bakugou begin pressing some of the buttons. nothing was happening. “bakugou?? bakugou, what’s going on?”

bakugou pressed one last button as he was walking away from the buttons, and it was the emergency button, the one that glowed red. kaminari stammered something nonsensical, watching bakugou sit on the floor and take off his backpack.

“oh my god, why did you—oh my god, um, oh god,” was all kaminari could say, his body heating up uncomfortably.

bakugou pulled out his phone from his back pocket, radiating indifference. “sit your ass down. we’re gonna be here for a while.”

“a while??” kaminari spluttered, eyes wide as saucers. it felt like the walls were starting to close in on them. “are we stuck??”

bakugou gave him a squinty-eyed look. “yes, dumbass, we’re stuck. we have to wait for them to fix the problem, but we have to be patient. there’s nothing we can do.”

“how are you so calm right now!” kaminari almost shrilled, beginning to pace back and forth. bakugou watched him.

“sit the fuck down, sparky. you’re going to pace a hole through the fucking floor.” kaminari could feel his heart jumping anxiously in his chest. oh fuck, oh god, he was stuck in an elevator, oh fuck— “jesus christ, kaminari, fucking calm down! you freaking out won’t make this pass any faster.” there was something so authoritative in bakugou’s tone that kaminari couldn’t help but plop down hard onto the floor across from bakugou, a move he immediately regretted when his back—god, his back… and his bones— rippled with aches and he hissed out a breathy groan.

he curled his knees up to his chest and buried his face in the space between his knees, closing his eyes. this really was turning out to be the worst morning ever. his headache was throbbing full force behind his eyes now. would bakugou make fun of him if he stretched out on the ground to take a nap? he probably would. he definitely would.

it was quiet for several minutes. kaminari was literally on the verge of falling asleep just like this, knees brought up to his chest. the only thing keeping him from falling all the way asleep was the constant ache of his back. his body did not like this position in any way. why had he thought that roughhousing with ojiro and sero had been a good idea? there had been one point in which ojiro had thrown him down onto the floormats so hard that he hadn’t been sure he was going to be able to get up again.

he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to be able to get up from this knees-to-chest position if he sat there next to the wall for any longer. the floor seemed radically comfortable all of a sudden, scratchy carpet and all. he slowly began to uncurl himself from the ball he’d put himself in and began to stretch out on the floor just as slowly, his whole body screaming at him.

“what the fuck are you doing,” bakugou monotoned as kaminari splayed out on the floor. kaminari notably didn’t respond, closing his eyes and pulling his arms close to his body. he was never going to roughhouse again. all he wanted to do was sleep forever and, at this point, he really didn’t care if he was sleeping on the grimy, dirty, thin carpet of the dorm elevator. he heard bakugou let out an unimpressed “wooooow” from the other side of the elevator.

kaminari was so close to telling bakugou to fuck off. so. close.

he actually managed to fall asleep right there on the floor, completely out for at least forty-five minutes. when he woke up, bakugou was still sitting on the floor across from him, tapping away on his phone. the lights overhead were blinding. the carpet fibers were digging into kaminari’s cheek. when he sat up, carefully, slowly, he could feel the temporary imprints of the carpet on his face. he blinked tiredly at his surroundings, his hair wild and sticking to his face.

“where are we,” he slurred sleepily, squinting at everything around him. bakugou only spared him the shortest of glances as he looked around. he winced when he moved. his body still ached.

his stomach growled loudly, snapping him awake. he blinked at everything again, everything coming into focus. oh god, fuck, yeah, they were still in the stupid elevator. he was hungry. he was really hungry. he hadn’t had the chance to eat anything before getting trapped in the elevator. there was a beat of nothing, then his stomach growled again, causing bakugou to look up from his phone.

kaminari felt bakugou watching him as he scooted over to where his backpack was, his muscles and bones still sore. he began the task of unzipping his backpack, the noise echoing throughout the small space of the elevator. he reached inside of his backpack and extracted several plastic baggies of pretzel sticks and cheese crackers, the plastic rustling obscenely.

“where the fuck did you get those from,” bakugou said suddenly, causing kaminari’s head to jerk up to look at him. he put the bags in his lap to reach deeper in his backpack to pull out three bags of fruit snacks. bakugou ogled him and the snacks suspiciously.

“the kitchen,” kaminari answered simply, pushing his backpack aside and opening a bag of cheese crackers. “i’m always hungry in class and in my room so i bag a bunch of the snacks and keep them in my room to eat there or to take with me to class.” he looked down at the armada of snacks in his lap. “but i think i might be overdoing it a little.”

“yeah, no shit.” it was silent for a moment, save for kaminari’s crunching. kaminari popped a small handful of crackers in his mouth, made eye contact with bakugou, and slowed his chewing, shifting the food to the side of his mouth so he could speak.

“what, you want some?” he teased, raising his eyebrows playfully. bakugou made a rather distasteful face but didn’t decline kaminari’s offer. kaminari couldn’t help but notice how he kept eyeing the way he rustled around in the bag of cheese crackers before shoving a ton in his mouth. “come here, you goose.”

bakugou didn’t move for a second. after a long beat, he got up, shucking off his school blazer and ambling over to the other side of the elevator to plop down next to kaminari. kaminari wiped his crumby hands on his pants before gesturing at each of his baggies.

“so, pretzels, crackers, or gummies?” he asked, dramatically sweeping his hand over the snacks in his lap. bakugou scowled at him, then the snacks, then his hand shot out to snatch a bag of fruit snacks from kaminari’s lap. kaminari watched bakugou rip the bag open with way too much force and put at least half the bag in his mouth. he snorted with amusement, going back to eating his crackers. “you’re welcome.” bakugou only cast him a side glance, eating the gummies with unnecessary vigor. he was so pointlessly aggressive that it was nearly hilarious.

they sat there eating kaminari’s snacks for what felt like forever, until the rumbling in kaminari’s stomach dissipated. bakugou ate all of kaminari’s fruit snacks, which was mildly annoying since kaminari didn’t get to have any. despite this, it was kind of amusing to watch bakugou sort out each fruit shape in the palm of his hand before eating the gummies by shape group. it was oddly endearing, kaminari realized.

“the fuck are you looking at?” bakugou growled, stuffing about seven pretzel sticks in his mouth. there was little to no fire to the words.

“nothing, nothing. you’re just goofy,” kaminari hummed idly, reaching over to dig his hand in the bag of pretzels bakugou had in his lap. bakugou batted his hand away. kaminari stifled a stupid laugh and yanked the pretzels off of bakugou’s lap. bakugou tched loudly, brow furrowing, and punched kaminari’s shoulder. it wasn’t particularly a light punch—as light as it could possibly get with bakugou anyway—and it made kaminari’s full-body ache so much worse.

he groaned without meaning to, face contorting. “dude, oh my god, that hurts,” he whined, clutching his shoulder with his opposite hand. he was suddenly all too aware of the throbbing coursing through all his muscles. bakugou stared at him, bemused.

“i didn’t even hit you that hard.” kaminari shot bakugou a nasty look.

“yeah, but i’m super achy right now. ojiro, sero, and i were doing hand-to-hand combat training yesterday afternoon and i got my ass handed to me repeatedly. they beat the crap out of me, and everything still hurts.” bakugou kind of smirked and kaminari wanted to smack him. bakugou flicked him on the wrist. kaminari hissed and jerked away. “stop that.”

“everywhere hurts?” bakugou asked, sounding relatively patronizing. kaminari narrowed his eyes at him, still cradling his shoulder. he watched bakugou pull a stick of lip balm out of nowhere and start applying it religiously.


bakugou cocked his head a tiny bit. the look on his face was calculating. “where does it hurt the most?” kaminari huffed, focusing his attention on closing the plastic baggie of pretzel sticks and shoving them back in his backpack.

“like i said. everywhere. everything.” bakugou rolled his eyes.

“where does it hurt the most, dipshit?” he repeated. kaminari made yet another nasty face at bakugou. his shoulder was crying, as was his whole body. he guessed that his back was hurting the most though, since he had been blasted into the floormats so many times. this morning when he’d been getting ready for class, he’d caught sight of the side of his back in the mirror. it’d made him gasp quietly. ugly yellow-blue bruises were splotched over what he could see of his back, and when he’d touched them, they’d been ridiculously tender.

“my back,” he carped, already wincing at the memory of the stupid soreness of his bruises. “my back hurts so bad.” bakugou’s gaze evaluated him again. kaminari felt a light dusting of heat on his ears.

there was a short silence, then bakugou said, “turn around.”

kaminari spluttered uselessly. “what??” bakugou looked at him like he was super fucking dense.

“turn the fuck around, pikachu. what the fuck is so confusing about that?”

“why do you want me to turn around??”

bakugou threw his hands up, exasperated. “do you want me to fucking help you or not?” annoyed, kaminari turned around a bit too forcefully, making his whole body ache again. he crossed his arms over his chest. bakugou tutted.

“take off your blazer, dumbass.” kaminari didn’t even try to argue this time, peeling off his blazer and setting it down next to him. god, bakugou was probably going to pummel him into a pulp or something. what could bakugou possibly do to make him stop hurting all over? he might as well just put him out of his misery while they were both ahead. he crossed his arms over his chest again, already starting to sulk. bakugou shifted behind him.

he felt bakugou’s hands slide up his back, something he wasn’t expecting at all. it made him jolt, his eyes widening. he was just about to say something when bakugou’s hands slipped up to the dips of his shoulders and pressed lightly, his palms and fingers comfortably warm. the pressure wasn’t unpleasant, but then bakugou’s hands started to traverse the plane of kaminari’s back through his shirt, rolling his palms and working his fingers, and holy fuck, it felt so good. kaminari couldn’t help but moan out loud, the noise torn from his mouth.

“oh my gooood,” he groaned, sucking in a breath. “oh my god…” bakugou’s hands were nimble and strong and warm. kaminari felt like he was about to pass out. “bakugou, oh my fucking god, that feels so good.” it was like all his muscles were relaxing as bakugou massaged over them and he physically could not stop himself from saying “oh my god.” even the applied pressure on his bruises felt good. bakugou’s hands felt so good on his back. everything just felt so good.

this continued on for several more minutes. kaminari wasn’t able to shut himself up the entire time. when bakugou finished—not without giving kaminari’s shoulders a soft squeeze before slipping back down his back—kaminari was completely gone. his back ached in a good way now, the heat from bakugou’s palms still lingering. he was definitely going to mess up his back more from now on.

“where the hell did you learn to do that,” kaminari blurted happily, stretching and actually not feeling like he was dying when he did so. his bruises were still a little tender, but not nearly as much as before. bakugou was quiet behind him for a second.

“i dunno,” he finally mumbled. there was a really long pause. kaminari turned back around to rest his back against the wall. it didn’t feel like hell this time around. with shock and a pang to the chest, kaminari discovered that bakugou’s cheeks were colored a sweet shade of pale pink.

“do you give other people massages?”

bakugou looked down at a crumb on the floor. “no.” another pause. “but i’m about to never fucking give you another massage. you made that shit sound so fucking pornographic.” he felt himself flush rather vibrantly. bakugou’s eyes raised just in time to catch kaminari tucking hair behind his ear, a nervous tic of his.

“sorry. it’s just… you’re really good at it. it felt reeeally good, like insanely good.”

they looked at each other for a moment. the longer the gazes lasted, the hotter kaminari’s ears got. bakugou’s lips had parted. kaminari wasn’t sure why he’d noticed that.

“get up,” bakugou said then, something sparking in his eyes. it made kaminari’s insides go funny.


“get up,” he repeated. something in bakugou’s tone had him standing up, bakugou following suit. they stood there looking at each other for what felt like hours. bakugou took a step towards him. kaminari felt strangely warm. bakugou’s hands lifted and lingered in the air, then everything happened in the span of about five milliseconds.

kaminari’s back hit the wall hard when bakugou pushed him up against it, and it should’ve hurt, but it didn’t. he was too focused on the way bakugou’s pupils dilated when he looked at him. did they always do that? he felt his stomach flip. it made him feel woozy.

they were close. kaminari could feel bakugou’s breath on his cheeks, and for a moment, they just stared at each other. kaminari’s head tilted as his gaze drifted down bakugou’s face, taking in every scar and curve. he heard bakugou inhale sharply when his eyes land on his mouth. his lips looked soft, a little shiny from the lip balm he’d put on earlier. he usually used cherry lip balm—did bakugou taste like cherries? kaminari felt like his knees were going to give out.

kaminari’s face radiated with heat, his stomach doing acrobatics. bakugou’s hand rested on the wall by his shoulder. bakugou looked awestruck, his pupils still managing to continue dilating the longer he looked at kaminari. all of kaminari’s insides squirmed. he didn’t know where to put his hands.

“can i kiss you?” bakugou asked then, his voice quiet, having lost all its edge. kaminari felt like he’d been slapped, eyes widening, heart pounding. bakugou wanted to kiss him. bakugou wanted to kiss him. he couldn’t stop his hands from fidgeting. he didn’t trust himself to not say something stupid if he opened his mouth, so he just nodded, his body heating up everywhere.

bakugou blinked at him, almost like he hadn’t been expecting kaminari to actually say yes, but managed to quickly recover, his cheeks a blinding shade of red. he looked so pretty and kaminari wanted to run his fingers through his hair and brush over his eyebrows with his thumbs and holy fuck bakugou was leaning down to meet him, eyes lidded.

their noses brushed against each other and kaminari couldn’t help but droop his eyelids, softly exhaling. his hands fisted into the bottom of his shirt. bakugou kept dipping in and pulling back miniscule amounts, just barely letting their noses or lips graze each other, and it was driving kaminari crazy. his mind filled with a buzz. he wanted to kiss this boy so bad.

he couldn’t stop himself. his hands flew out and curled into the front of bakugou’s shirt. he tugged him so close that their chests met and their mouths collided, bakugou having to brace himself with his palms against the wall. kaminari closed his eyes. he could see universes swirling behind his eyelids. bakugou’s mouth was so gentle and searching and it was turning kaminari into goop where he stood.

bakugou inhaled deeply, his hands coming to cup kaminari’s cheeks, his fingers threading into his hair. kaminari could feel the heat of bakugou’s body against his and it felt like a fire. he wrapped his arms around bakugou, resting his palms on the plane of bakugou’s back. he could feel his lips being covered in bakugou’s lip balm. the kiss tasted like artificial cherries and it was the best thing he had ever tasted.

his nails dug into bakugou’s shirt as the kiss deepened. the world was spinning. bakugou’s teeth were on his bottom lip and he was pretty sure that his tongue had touched bakugou’s tongue. his chest was starting to constrict, but he didn’t want to stop. he didn’t want to stop. he wanted to kiss bakugou forever.

bakugou was the one that broke away, his cheeks a blazing pink. he searched kaminari’s face, lip balm smeared, and when kaminari raked his teeth across his bottom lip without thinking, bakugou’s eyes snapped right to his mouth. god, he loved the way bakugou looked at him. bakugou looked at him like he’d never seen anything more beautiful in his life. he was pretty sure he was giving bakugou the exact same expression.

bakugou dove back in to kiss him again, pressing kaminari’s body up against the wall. kaminari’s hands fisted the back of bakugou’s shirt so tightly that he could’ve ripped it if he held on any tighter. he couldn’t feel his legs. everything had gone numb.

the kiss became so insistent that kaminari’s heart was threatening to beat right out of his chest. bakugou’s hands left kaminari’s cheeks in a breath of a moment, flying down to pull the bottom of kaminari’s shirt out of his pants. kaminari didn’t even have time to process this, feeling bakugou’s hands wiggle under his shirt and brush over the skin of his waist, and he almost collapsed right there. he couldn’t remember where he was.

bakugou broke the kiss a second time to press eager kisses to the corner of kaminari’s mouth, the line of his jaw. he kissed a spot just under kaminari’s jaw so desperately, but simultaneously so tenderly, that kaminari let out a breathy gasp of bakugou’s name, both stunned and wildly in love with bakugou’s mouth.

“bakugou,” kaminari managed to say, sounding winded. his mind had turned to mush in his skull. “oh—bakugou… god, don’t…”

instantly, bakugou stepped back, taking his hands from under kaminari’s shirt and looking so bashful that kaminari felt like he’d been shot straight through the chest.

bakugou mumbled a “fuck, sorry,” at the same time kaminari stupidly said, “why’d you stop?” and they both just looked at each other for a beat.

“you… you said…” bakugou started, blinking at kaminari. it took a second to understand what bakugou was talking about. he ran his hands through his hair, his face thoroughly flushed.

“oh! oh, um, i…” he fumbled for words, stomach doing flip after flip. “i… sorry, i actually… um, i didn’t mean it, i… i was just really, um, into it.” he watched bakugou turn even redder, if that was even possible.

“oh,” was all he said, looking both incredibly embarrassed and insanely pleased with himself. kaminari wanted to kiss him again. he was probably giving bakugou a very accurate imitation of the heart eyes emoticon ashido always used, and at this point he didn’t even mind. bakugou looked down at the floor between them for a second, then his gaze trailed back up to kaminari, eyes roving over his body from his shoes to his head. kaminari was about to start fanning himself.

there was a moment’s hesitation, then bakugou stepped back into kaminari’s space, putting his hands on his waist. kaminari’s hands had started to shake, bakugou beginning to ease kaminari’s head into a tilt by leaning in close. bakugou kissed him a third time, taking in a sharp breath when their lips touched. kaminari had to wrap his arms around bakugou’s neck, burying his fingers into his hair, as to not fall over. he would probably be on the ground if bakugou’s body hadn’t been pressing him against the wall.

bakugou’s such a good kisser, was the only thing kaminari’s brain managed to come up with, the rest of his thoughts evaporating into nothing. his heartbeat was thrumming hard in his chest. bakugou’s hands were so, so warm on kaminari’s skin.

they both pulled back after a long moment. kaminari watched bakugou’s eyes open lazily, his red eyes piercing, his pupils blown wide. kaminari felt so out of it.

“bro…” he murmured, his hands running through bakugou’s hair. bakugou made a face, his nose scrunching up. he flicked kaminari’s side lightly.

“don’t fuckin’ call me bro after i kiss you on the mouth.”

kaminari flushed vibrantly, but laughed anyway, his eyes squinting into moons. “sorry, it’s just… it’s just a habit.” one of bakugou’s hands came up to his face. there was a beat of nothing, then bakugou lightly touched kaminari’s bottom lip with the pad of his thumb. it was such a sappy gesture. kaminari was pudding in bakugou’s arms.

“i know,” bakugou said softly, his voice nearly a whisper. he pressed his thumb against kaminari’s lip and pulled it down slightly, letting his teeth peek out. kaminari watched bakugou stare at his mouth for a second, then tilted his head to nip at the tip of bakugou’s thumb playfully, a smile threatening to reveal itself. bakugou jerked his hand back, his mouth stuck in a small grin disguised as a very convincing pout.

they smiled at each other stupidly for a while. kaminari was completely and entirely enamored. he tugged bakugou down a couple inches to kiss him again, both of their mouths in giddy little smiles. bakugou put his hands back on his face, cupping his cheeks and fiddling with the backs of his earrings, and deepened the kiss until kaminari quite literally felt like he wasn’t real anymore. his whole body ached. their hearts were beating in tandem.

kaminari exhaled heavily into bakugou’s mouth, his teeth grazing bakugou’s bottom lip. bakugou’s fingers tickled the nape of kaminari’s neck. kaminari thought that he just might be in love with the way bakugou kissed him. how was he so good? who had he kissed before? bakugou’s tongue slipped its way into kaminari’s mouth and kaminari’s mind filled with a loud, screaming buzz.

the whole elevator shaft shuddered violently, everything shaking and screeching around them. they tore away from each other, kaminari letting out a little yelp and holding onto bakugou tighter. bakugou’s arms flew to kaminari’s waist, pulling their bodies close together like he was trying to shield kaminari from the chaos around them. if the situation hadn’t been so abrupt and mildly terrifying, kaminari would’ve found it cute.

the convulsive shaking stopped as suddenly as it started, leaving both bakugou and kaminari breathless and wide-eyed. they were holding onto each other for dear life. kaminari could feel bakugou’s slamming heartbeat through his shirt and against his chest.

there was a beat of nothing. kaminari opened his mouth to say something snarky and flirty when a loud ding sounded through the elevator. they stared at each other blankly, lips parted and cheeks flushed red. before kaminari had the chance to say anything, the elevator doors glided open to reveal the ground floor of the dorms.

“what?” kaminari mused softly, completely thrown for a loop. one minute he was making out with one of his best friends, and the next minute, after more than an hour and a half, the elevator started working again. things were just starting to get exciting in here. he was just starting to like it in this elevator.

there was a quiet shuffling outside, the elevator doors still ajar. voices sounded outside, and kaminari snapped his gaze back to bakugou’s face, alarmed to a certain extent. bakugou looked incredibly impassive, apparently not caring about whether someone saw them all tangled up in each other’s arms.

“are you going to let go of me?” kaminari whispered, making bakugou slide his eyes lazily over to him. he watched bakugou’s gaze dip briefly to his mouth and his stomach flipped.

“no,” bakugou murmured, lips quirking up at the corners. kaminari basically swooned, shifting to clutch bakugou’s face between his hands and pulling bakugou into a hard kiss. bakugou melted against him—something that had kaminari over the goddamn moon—and shoved his hands back up kaminari’s shirt, fingers roving over kaminari’s skin and sending goosebumps rippling across the surface.

the two of them didn’t hear the voices coming closer and closer to the mouth of the elevator until a monotonous, but inquisitive, drone of “boys?” rang out about seven feet away from them. bakugou pulled away and turned his head to flatly stare at whoever was at the mouth of the elevator. kaminari’s face reddened even more intensely, seeing both aizawa and midnight standing at the entrance of the elevator. aizawa blinked at them slowly, tired eyes taking in the disaster of a scene laid out before him: school blazers thrown carelessly to the floor, plastic baggies littered everywhere, and two flushed-faced boys pressed against a wall.

midnight just looked pleasantly amused, eyebrows raised and arms akimbo.

“everything’s okay in here, right,” was all aizawa said. “you two have been stuck in this elevator for almost an hour and a half now. we only just managed to get everything back up again.”

bakugou trailed his fingers around kaminari’s navel idly. it made kaminari shiver. “y-yeah, we’re… we’re fine, we’re great, we’re totally fine,” kaminari blabbered. he heard bakugou snort softly at his words and he was tempted to kick one of his shins. aizawa shrugged with one shoulder. it looked like midnight was trying to hide a smile.

“alright. get to class soon, okay? i had to get someone to sub in for homeroom period because of this.” aizawa was already turning away by the time he’d finished speaking. “clean up this mess before you leave too.” he clipped away, footsteps echoing down the hall. midnight turned to follow him, but not without gazing at the both of them with a vibrant spark in her eyes. kaminari felt himself flush wickedly, very embarrassed for being caught like this, and buried his face in bakugou’s shoulder. bakugou tutted quietly in his ear, slipping his hands to the small of his back.

shortly after aizawa and midnight left, the elevator doors glided closed, leaving bakugou and kaminari alone once again.

“i can’t believe they walked in on us kissing,” kaminari bemoaned, somewhere in between embarrassed and humiliated. his face felt like a radiator. he felt bakugou nip at the shell of his ear and all his insides squirmed.

“you’re so fuckin’…” bakugou started, voice just below a whisper.

kaminari raised his head to look at bakugou. the blush on his cheeks looked so good on him. “i’m what?” bakugou’s front teeth found his bottom lip and kaminari had to fight to keep his eyes from zooming in on the movement. bakugou scoffed a little, looking down at their feet.

“you’re just… you’re fucking cute, that’s all.”

kaminari was pretty sure steam shot out of his ears. he put his hands on either side of his face and squeezed his eyes closed. “god, bakugou!” he exclaimed, stupidly pleased. he opened his eyes, probably looking like hearts had replaced his pupils. “god… you’re… you’re cute too, bakugou.” bakugou tched, but it was obvious he loved what kaminari was saying. “you’re so cute when you blush…” bakugou looked back up at him, then pressed a brief kiss to kaminari’s mouth.

“if you ever tell anyone about calling me cute, i’ll beat your ass,” he mumbled against kaminari’s lips. kaminari couldn’t help but smile, giving bakugou a kiss.

“sure you will,” he mumbled right back, making bakugou vengefully dig his teeth into kaminari’s lip, but not hard enough to hurt. it sent a ripple of laughter through kaminari and he had to pull back to giggle dumbly, putting his hand on his forehead. bakugou bumped their noses together affectionately, starting to laugh too. had he ever heard bakugou’s laugh before? it was like gravel and salt and the rush of a river and it made kaminari’s heart soar.

they didn’t go to class for another half hour. this morning was turning out to be not so bad after all.