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“You want to pound me with your thick cock, huh?”

“Fuck... yes.”

“I know you want my sweet and tight little hole. Pumping your fat cock inside me until I can’t stand. Fuck, I want you to use me like a fuck toy, cum inside me whenever you feel necessary. When I’m asleep, when I’m working, when I’m eating just make me stop what I’m doing and use me as your own personal cock sleeve, Jotaro.”

Roughly palming the growing bulge, Jotaro narrowed his eyes until they were shut, losing himself in the abyss of darkness behind closed lids. He had to free himself of this sexual frustration that soaked his body in an agonizing mix of lust and contempt.

“Fuck, Rohan. Your mouth.” He hissed over the phone.

“You love my slutty mouth. Hmm... bet you love it more when it’s around that thick slab of meat too. Such a thick fat cock, and it’s all mine. I love talking about how fat your cock is. How it stretches me apart. So big and veiny... oh fuck I need it down my whore throat.”

He let out a low groan of affliction, letting his head press back into the pillow as he pumped the shaft. His thumb mimicked Roahan’s as he teased his own slit as the precum leaked out. This was so wrong, but he continued to let his hand mimic the pressure of the ass he won’t be able to ravish until next week. He was annoyed because he took pride in his self-control, but here he was, touching himself like a disgusting pervert.

“Can’t speak? You’re too busy thinking of breaking me to pieces? Using me as your own personal cock sleeve?”

It felt so good. Fuck it was so hot when Rohan spoke so vulgar like that. Jotaro again couldn’t even find himself to complete his sentences. He was melting at the manga artist’s words, and the sensation of his pulsing dick.

“Oh...” Rohan let out a sultry chuckle, his breath and soft moans indicating he too was indulging himself.

“Jotaro... fuck. I put too much lube- ah! I’m so wet you could just slide in. Oh god...”

“Rohan.” His voice cracked, it felt so good because the friction of his hand rubbing his slick precum coated cock fed into the flames that were roaring in his stomach.

“Yes, Jotaro... use me. Use me. Use my tight hole and fuck me until I cry. I’m your little cum dump. I just want your cock to break me in half. Spit on me. Face fuck me. Just ruin me with your huge cock. I’m your fucking slut!”

The capacity of his lungs couldn’t handle the panting Jotaro was forcing out. If he could get his hands on Rohan he would be making him eat the mattress by now. All he could think about was filling that tight ass with his fat dick, ramming it until he came over and over again.

He swiped his thumb at the head, feeling the pre-cum that was dribbling out. Jotaro groaned as if in pain. He tightened his grip on his cock, his thick fingers nicely wrapped all the way around the base of the fat shaft. He twitched in his hand, the head of his manhood swelling almost painfully.

“You’re thinking about using me aren’t you? My hot ass snug around your beautiful hard cock? Dumping your hot sweet load inside me? Hm? You want to breed me?”

“I’m gonna fucking die if you keep talking like that.”

“Don’t die until we cum first. I want to hear you go feral when you shoot your load. Fuck if only I were there. I’d savor the tip of your meat and suck every last drop of cum. God, I wouldn’t stop riding you until you wrecked my insides.”

The sound waves of his breath echoed within the walls of his room. Grunts of desperate reparations overwhelmed the room and he could not endure the disgusting noises of his vocalized pleasure. This is what Rohan loved to do.

In the retaining images flooding his head, this gorgeous boy was naked. Rohan would lower his head, full lips enveloping the swollen cockhead, wet tongue sliding forward to caress the underside of Jotaro’s shaft. His only wish is that he could feel Rohan’s humming on his thick fuck meat. Jotaro made a sound between a grunt and a growl. The artist would be sucking and slurping, up and down. That came to him naturally, his mouth and lips working Jotaro’s hard cock as if he’d had been doing it for years. Fuck he wished he was here.

Rohan let out a croaked cry, “I’m oozing with so much precum. I don’t know how much longer I can last.”

“Hold it. I don’t want to cum yet either.” He grunted in response, slowing down his stroking movements.

“Yes, sir.”

“God, I never thought I’d need you so much.”

“Hm. What me being your fuck toy? You using me for release whenever you need to? Of course you need me to make your cock happy. Your hand isn’t doing you any justice right now is it?”

“Damn it, Rohan.”

There as a soft groan emitting from the speaker of the phone.

“I miss your dick in me. This dildo is absolutely nothing compared to your fat cock. I miss you pounding me like I’m nothing more than your breeding whore.”

In his unholy mind, he relished the thought of dipping below the hipbones of a Rohan Kishibe. He would taste sweet, with a hint of bitterness that only appealed to Jotaro even more. Lapping his pink hole like an animal dying of thirst, he would feel the tightness around the joints of a single finger. Rohan would try his hardest to contain a moan because Jotaro, would be finger-fucking the artist’s hole, tongue working over the taint moderate passion. His cock ached at the thought.

“You’re driving me crazy over here. My cock’s aching for your tight ass.”

“Yeah? You miss feeling my hole squeezing your cock? Your hands bruising my hips as you fuck my brains out? I miss it too. I miss cummimg just from your big dick in my ass. Shit... I need more inside my tight little fuck hole.”

He could imagine how slick and tight Rohan was, how warm, how his puckered hole clenched around him, caressing him, massaging him, like hot, wet silk.

“You’re going to fill me with your seed, daddy.” Rohan hummed over the speaker, lewd wet sounds could be heard from Jotaro’s end. “Do you hear how wet my hole is? I need something bigger.”

Jotaro’s big cock felt so swollen. He was so close to just releasing, but continued to edge himself. He would stop stroking the second he felt the urge to release, then continue once he felt necessary. His large hand sliding sliding up and down the massive dick. He was too filled with lust to turn on the light to see his foot of thick meat being milked.

“Mmm... god, daddy.”

“I like when you call me that.”

“Hm? Daddy? You want me to keep calling you that? Gonna tear me in half, daddy? Fill my slutty little hole with that big fat cock? You want to treat me like your little fuck pig, hm? Oh my god, Jotaro... I can’t hold it.”

“I need to shoot inside you so bad.”

“Do it. Break me. Use me. I’m your cock sleeve to use for as long as you like.”

“I’m so close...” Jotaro managed to confess, his throat incredibly dry.

“If only I were there. I’d have my tongue sticking out for you. My hand stroking your cock, and my tongue licking your balls. Just how you like it. Mmm... your slit oozing so much cum and I’ll be the one to drink it all.”

“Fuck. I don’t want to cum just yet.”

“How long can you last when all you’re thinking about is me swallowing your cum until your eyes roll back into your head? Or how about filling my ass with your seed? You want to breed me, yeah? Come on then fill your little cum dumpster.”

“Oh fu— shit," He choked on his own words, his cock throbbing to release soon.

Rohan had him. It was only a matter of willpower.

“You’re gonna cum, daddy. You don’t need to hold on all the time. We’ve got the rest of the night ahead of us. Think about shooting your thick milk on my little tongue or my ass. I miss you pumping into me like your one and only slut. Give me what I want. Give me your delicious cock, fill my holes as you would. I’m yours to use in every conceivable way!”

“Holy shit!” Heaving breaths of lust, he couldn’t hold back the white herald of his orgasm any longer. “Oh— I’m cumming!”

“That’s what I want! Fill my whore body to the brink with your cum! Cum! Cum for me, daddy! Cum for your filthy cock slut! Oh god, I’m gonna cum too! OH GOD! CUMMING! DADDY! H’AH... H’AH!”

Jotaro came as a flood. A deluge of hot, sticky, salty cum. It shot out in thick hot streams, directly on his stomach. He groaned hoarsely, spurt after spurt after spurt hitting himself like bolt of lightning.

He was breathing hard, sweat glistening on his hard body. His cock falling limp, resting between his toned legs. The heat of his cum seared his hand and Rohan on the other end of the phone was catching his breath. There would be plenty of catching up to do next week.