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Class 2-A is chaotic neutral

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Iida Tenya has added Midoriya Izuku , Uraraka Ochako , Kirishima Eijirou , and 16 others to Class 2-A General Chat . [16:40]

Iida Tenya: Aizawa-sensei has finally allowed us to make a group chat again! Please don't mess this one up.

Midoriya Izuku: Iiiiiiiidaaaaaa you're no fun.

Iida Tenya: I assure you I'm plenty fun!

Midoriya Izuku: Hey Iida can we change our usernames?

Iida Tenya: You can change your own, but only I can change other people's. I learned my lesson from the last group chat.

Midoriya Izuku: Cool.

Midoriya Izuku has changed their username to Flight Risk .

Kaminari Denki: Oh new gc, cool.

Flight Risk: Nobody tell him.

Kaminari Denki: WHAT TEH FUK I CANT CHANGE USERNAMES???!?!?!?!?!

Flight Risk: The punctuation mark you're looking for is this -> ‽

Ashido Mina: Mido what have you wrought upon this cursed land.

Bakugou Katsuki: Zuchan, what the FUCK is that?

Flight Risk: It's the interrobang.

Flight Risk: Keigo showed it to me :)

Sero Hanta: Who is Keigo?

Flight Risk: My older half-brother. Nobody special.

Uraraka Ochako: I didn’t know you had an older brother!

Flight Risk: Tokoyami, Todoroki, Iida, Bakugou I can see y'all typing.

Flight Risk: I WILL withhold my parent's cooking for a week if y’all send what you've typed.

Ashido Mina: Ooh, what do they know?

Yaoyorozu Momo: I think everyone's at least a little bit curious as to the secret. I won't deny it.

Uraraka Ochako: This just in: Class mom wants to know.

Uraraka Ochako: That means you have to tell us.

Flight Risk: I do not.

Tokoyami Fumikage: I would, but Midoriya's dad makes the best apple pies and other apple things.

Tokoyami Fumikage: I will not go a week without them.

Satou Rikido: I can make some for you maybe?

Tokoyami Fumikage: You don't understand exactly how good they are.

Todoroki Shouto: I'd love to…

Todoroki Shouto: But Midoriya’s mom makes the best soba. I can’t live without it for a week.

Bakugou Katsuki: Same for me but with her spicy curry.

Iida Tenya: I have been entrusted with a secret by one of my friends! It wouldn’t make me a good friend if I talk about their secrets without their consent!

Ashido Mina has created the group chat Who tf is Keigo [16:50]

Ashido Mina has added Toru Hagakure , Yaoyorozu Momo , Uraraka Ochako and 2 others.

Ashido Mina : Alright let’s do some detective work.

Kaminari Denki has changed their username to Detective Pikachu .

Detective Pikachu: First step completed.

Yaoyorozu Momo: Alright, we need to gather intelligence.

Sero Hanta: Like what?

Uraraka Ochako: So we know that Tokoyami, Iida, Todoroki and Bakugou know it.

Uraraka Ochako: So what’s their common link? How would they know Mido well enough to know who Keigo is?

Ashido Mina has added Asui Tsuyu to the chat.

Ashido Mina has changed their username to AlienQueen .

AlienQueen: Read up, we need your deductive reasoning.

Asui Tsuyu has changed their username to Froppy .

Froppy: So here’s what I have deduced, tell me if I’m missing something.

Froppy: Bakugou and Iida are givens, as they both knew Mido before we all came to UA.

Froppy: Todoroki is also pretty easy to explain, given how close the two of them are…

Froppy: So I think the key to our understanding is how Tokoyami knows.

Yaoyorozu Momo has changed their username to Creationist .

Creationist: I agree! While Midoriya and Tokoyami are friends (especially when Tokoyami learned how to use Dark Shadow to fly in his internship with Hawks, I’ve seen them fly together at dusk.) they’re not that close.

Uraraka Ochako has changed their username to Floaty .

Sero Hanta has changed their username to Spoderman

Hagakure Toru has changed their username to Visible .

Visible: I’m gonna do some scouting! Maybe the two of them are closer than we think!

Froppy: Well….

AlienQueen: You have juicy intel, release it. NOW!

Froppy: They share a similar taste in music.

Floaty: Wait… WHAT???

Spodeman: I never thought about his music tastes before.

Creationist: Do you guys remember Whole Bird Man?

AlienQueen: I remember that now…

Visible: I think we’re on to something.

Floaty: Hold on, gimme a second.

Private Message between Floaty and Flight Risk [16:57]

Floaty: Is Tokoyami your boyfriend?

Flight Risk: Uraraka...

Flight Risk: We’re just friends.

Flight Risk: Plus Tokoyami already has one :)

Flight Risk: Share THAT with Mina, Tsu, Yaomomo, Sero, Toru and Kaminari.


Floaty: Oh, I forgot your crush on Todoroki.

Flight Risk: Uraraka SHUT.

Flight Risk: Deal with your crush first.

Flight Risk: Y’know, glass houses and stones and such.


Who tf is Keigo [17:04]

Floaty: Tokoyami and Mido are not dating. Apparently Tokoyami already has a date, although he won’t tell me who.

Floaty: also I think he knows about this chat...

Froppy: wholebirdman1.jpg

Froppy: wholebirdman2.jpg

Froppy: Apparently Mido and Hawks have a similar sense of humor.

Froppy: Or one told the other about it, and the other ran (or flew, in this case) with it.

Froppy: Also, how did he figure it out?

Floaty: Idk, he’s good at figuring things out.

AlienQueen: Well let’s split up for now.

Visible: Agreed.

Class 2-A General Chat [17:20]

Todoroki Shouto: Midoriya… I need a username….

SugarStrength: I can hear him muttering from here, Todoroki what have you done?

Druid: ^

Todoroki Shouto has changed their username to Red Hot Ice .

Visible: That was quick….

Red Hot Ice: It’s acceptable. I couldn’t think of anything else.

Bakugou Katsuki has changed their username to Explosive Boi .

Kirishima Eijirou has changed their username to Rocky Boi

Sero Hanta has changed their username to Tapey Boi

Explosive Boi: Of course you damn extras would copy me.

Rocky Boi: It’s cool though…

Explosive Boi: Tch.

AlienQueen: HE TYPES OUT “tch” IM SHRIEKING!!!!!!!!

PunkJack: He did that before.


Flight Risk: He’s done that ever since he was 8.


Flight Risk: My threat still stands.

Explosive Boi: I can make my own and even if I don’t I can survive for a week without it.

Explosive Boi: That might even be beneficial…

Rocky Boi: Why???

Explosive Boi: If you’ve ever eaten something that’s really spicy, you’ll feel it when it goes out as well.

Tail(s): I just logged on, what are we talking about?

AlienQueen: How Bakugou was going to spill a secret for all of us.

Flight Risk: How about no flying for a week on top of that?

Explosive Boi:

Explosive Boi: Worth it still.

Flight Risk: PM me.

Hexapus: Even I want to know what’s going on…

Private Message between Explosive Boi and Flight Risk . [17:29]

Flight Risk: Alright, what’s your silence worth?

Explosive Boi: Tell Todoroki your true feelings.

Explosive Boi: Also, why are you so insistent on hiding that your half-brother is the number 2 hero?

Flight Risk: I really don’t want them to know how complicated my family history is.

Flight Risk: Give me 3985895808 years for the first one.

Explosive Boi: Just don’t tell them the whole story.

Explosive Boi: They’re not going to think any different of you because of heroes in your family.

Explosive Boi: And if they do, fuck ‘em.

Explosive Boi: They’ll probably be angrier at you for thinking you needed to keep this a secret from them.

Flight Risk: Thanks Kacchan!!!

Explosive Boi: whatever. Go and tell them or I will.

Class 2-A general chat: [17:44]

Eternal Darkness: So that’s why I like apples.

AlienQueen: @Flight Risk do you like apples too?

Flight Risk: Dammit Tokoyami.

Flight Risk: Yeah I do, what of it?

Eternal Darkness: She thinks that all birds like apples.

Flight Risk: 1. I feel offended.

Flight Risk: 2. Keigo hates apples.


Explosive Boi:

Flight Risk has added Speed Birb to the chat.

Flight Risk: Fine. Kacchan has convinced me to do this.

Speed Birb: What is this izuku?

Flight Risk: My classmates.

Flight Risk: Don’t scar them please.

Speed Birb: I would never…

Flight Risk: I think you’re forgetting that I have some insider knowledge…

Speed Birb: Fuck.

AlienQueen: Who is this?

Flight Risk: Keigo, my half-brother.

Speed Birb: I’m also Hawks!




Rocky Boi:

Tapey Boi:




Detective Pikachu:

Red Hot Ice: So I was right…

Red Hot Ice: Midoriya, we need to talk…

Speed Birb: What does he mean he was right?

Floaty: It’s one of his theories.

Froppy: If that theory is correct I wonder about the others….

Hexapus: That’s a good point…

Floaty: After Todo and Mido have their “talk” we should bring up his other theories…

Rocky Boi: No, please don’t.

Explosive Boi: I agree with Kirishima, there are too many.

Speed Birb: The way Todoroki said “we need to talk” sounds like the way a married couple would say it.

Flight Risk: Ooookayy, that’s enough out of you.

Flight Risk has removed Speed Birb from Class 2-A General Chat

Human Sonic has changed the chat name to Midoriya bring back your brother

Flight Risk: Iiiiiiiiiida i trusted you……

AlienQueen: Anyone else notice how Midoriya only logged on to defend Todoroki.

Flight Risk: Nope. I’m not doing this. Bye all of you.

Visible: aaaaaaaaaaaaaand there he goes. Into the night like a slightly drunk bird of prey.

Flight Risk: I feel offended.

Eternal Darkness: What a mad banquet of darkness.

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Midoriya bring back your brother [17:53]

Flight Risk: Fine I’ll add him back.

Flight Risk: On one condition.

Froppy: What Is Your Command, O Younger Winged Hero?

Flight Risk: I get to add some other older brothers.

Detective Pikachu: Who?

Flight Risk: Todoroki and Iida’s

Human Sonic: yeah guys nevermind that.

Red Hot Ice: What Iida said.

AlienQueen: ShouldMidoaddbrothers.pol

AlienQueen: We’re putting it up for a vote!

AlienQueen: I set it up specifically so certain people couldn’t vote twice!

AlienQueen: *glares at Iida and Todoroki*

Flight Risk: I didn’t know you were that computer savvy….

AlienQueen: My older sister taught me how!

Hexapus: Could you access a classmate’s files?

AlienQueen: Most likely, yes!

AlienQueen: Also the poll’s done!

AlienQueen: By a vote of 9-1, It’s yes!

AlienQueen: Mido, add away!

Flight Risk: With pleasure

Flight Risk has added Speed Birb , GoingFast , and Ice Ice baby to Midoriya bring back your brother.

Flight Risk has changed the chat name to Class 2-A + Extras.

Red hot ice: Midoriya, did Bakugou take your phone?

Flight Risk: Considering i’m flying rn, tis unlikely.

Explosive Boi: That won’t stop me.

Speed Birb: Which Todosib are you @Ice Ice baby.

Ice Ice baby: Natsuo!

Red hot ice: oh no. Natsu no.

Ice Ice baby: Natsu YES.

Flight Risk: Both of you behave or i’ll kick you.

Red hot ice: Midoriya come back.

Flight Risk: Why?

Red hot ice: I want to fly away with you. I’m 90% sure Natsu’s coming here.

Ice Ice baby: :)

Speed Birb: I’m bringing him as we speak.

Flight Risk: Ya i’ll be on your balcony in 5. Be ready.

Red hot ice: Thank you.


Private Message between Ice Ice baby and Speed Birb . [18:00]

Ice Ice baby: Please tell me you see it.

Speed Birb: How could I not?

Ice Ice baby: We need help with this.

Speed Birb: What do you propose?

Ice Ice baby: Sho’s told me about his class.

Ice Ice baby: Just wait.


Ice Ice baby has created the chat ENDTHEPINING [18:03]

Ice Ice baby has added Speed Birb , AlienQueen , Froppy and 2 others to  ENDTHEPINING 

Ice Ice baby: I think the chat name speaks for itself.

Floaty: Yes, yes it does!

Creationist: So how do we solve it?

Speed Birb: I honestly don’t know. I’m not really the best when it comes to romance.

Ice Ice baby: That’s surprising. I would’ve thought people would be all over you.

Floaty: The only reason they aren’t is because he’s capable of flight.

Creationist: Hawks, have you seen tumblr?

Speed Birb: Unfortunately. I avoid everything tagged #wingkink now.

Speed Birb: It’s better that way.

Class 2-A+extras [18:14]


Flight Risk: YOU’LL GET CHAOTIC!!!!!!

Flight Risk has added Assiditea to Class 2-A+extras

Eternal Darkness: Who is that?

Flight Risk: Mina’s older sister.

AlienQueen: Mido, HOW DO YOU KNOW HER?????

Assiditea: Calm down, we’re in a computer repair gc together.

AlienQueen: Oh really….

Flight Risk: Mina I would never date your older sister.

Flight Risk: Plus I’m batting for the other team.

Explosive Boi: Why is Todoroki on fire?

Ice Ice baby: ? I’m not on fire ?


Explosive Boi: WHY IS HALF-N-HALF ON FIRE???

Flight Risk: Fine. You have a point.

Ice Ice baby: Read up.

Explosive Boi: ah. Thank u icicle.

Ice Ice baby: Should I be offended?

Rocky boi: Naw he gives everyone nicknames.

Private Chat between Creationist and Red hot ice [18:22]

Creationist: seriously Todo, you have it baaaaad.

Red hot ice: suddenly I can’t read.

Creationist: I’m serious Todo, literally everyone saw you light up like a torch when Mido said he was gay.

Red hot ice: Give me 3985895808 years.

Creationist: We’ll talk about this later, when I’m less tired.

Red hot ice: yes, later.

Private Chat between Floaty and Flight Risk [18:22]

Floaty: Seriously, you don’t see it?

Flight Risk: What if Todoroki doesn’t like me? What if he isn’t even attracted to guys? What if he says no? Our friendship will be ruined and everything will be all awkward.

Floaty: Imma stop you right there.

Floaty: When you came out to all of us, Todo literally went up in flames.

Flight Risk: I KNOW! His fire means that he’s angry! Maybe he hates me for being gay and we can’t even be friends even more.

Flight Risk: I’ll have to just avoid him forever now… 

Flight Risk: Taking off rn.

Floaty: Oh fuck this…

Floaty: Go to your dorm, i’ll handle it from here.

Flight Risk: Ok, I’ve returned back. Now what?

Floaty: Wait. Let me work my magic.

Flight Risk: That’s ominous.

Private Chat between Floaty and Red hot ice [18:28]

Floaty: Mido’s sad go comfort him.

Red hot ice:

Class 2-A + extras [18:28]

Explosive boi: Where the fuck is Half-n-half going where he needs to be so damn fast?

PunkJack: I think it’s more of a who.

Explosive boi: Ah.

Explosive boi: RUN FASTER HALF-N-HALF!!!!

Rocky boi: I don’t think I’m following?

Tail(s): Neither do I.

Tail(s): Well since everybody’s adding older siblings…

Tail(s) has added Tailmaster, Tailspin , and Tall Tails to Class 2-A+Extras

Flight Risk: Nope sorry Ojiro.

Flight Risk has removed Tailmaster , Tailspin and Tall Tails from Class 2-A+Extras

Flight Risk: Ask me later maybe i’ll say yetwkiahvkeki

Visible: Is he ok?

Red hot ice: He is now.

Visible: Why are you responding for him?

Red hot ice: Oh fuck.

Creationist: ?

Red hot ice: I forgot Midoriya had a fire quirk….

Flight Risk: Todoroki, you do NOT put people’s phones in ice.

Red hot ice: you shouldn’t be on your phone during cuddles.

Flight Risk: Fine, whatever.


Ice Ice baby: Please, make it stop.

Speed birb: I’m with you, it’s clear as day…

AlienQueen: We’ll think of something.

Who tf is Keigo? [18:36]

Detective Pikachu has changed the chat name to Intervention Squad.

Detective Pikachu: Let’s do dis bois.

AlienQueen: Ok so let’s plan this out.

Froppy: Hold off on that thought, I have an idea.

Private message between Froppy and Thin Might. [18:37]

Froppy: Hey All Might, I have an idea for friday’s heroics class activity.

Thin Might: What is it Young Tsuyu? I’m always open to new ideas!


Froppy: Like that in Ground Beta or something similar like that.

Thin Might: What a great idea Young Tsuyu.

All our classes are hell [18:38]

Thin Might: I am Here needing advice how to modify class plans!

Dead Tired: It’s been a year and your still a terrible teacher…..

Thin Might: Young Tsuyu had an idea!

Thin Might:

Sagittarius A: I think it’s good. It’s good education for search and rescue training as well as stealth, and situational awareness training. All important skills for well-rounded heroes!

Dead Tired: It’s your class, knock yourself out. Or don’t.

Eye of Sauron: Thirteen, you make quite a few good points, but I might add a strategy element as well to this. Will the students make teams or will they be alone? This can also be used to find villains holed up in places. It’s also psychological, because people might not be in their best mind when they’re one of a few people still searching. I approve of this.

Bulletbender: Don’t forget the way students use their quirks.

Eye of Sauron: Yes, that too! Anyway, I leave the lesson plans to your capable hands, All Might!

Bloodbender: I suggest, All Might, that you do the same exercise with my class on Saturday.

Sleepbender: Aww, someone’s protective of their class.

Bloodbender: I see the practical use in such an exercise.

Bloodbender: I actually think Aizawa’s more protective of his class.

Dead Tired: Lies. Lies and slander.

Crazy Nurse: The students in his class have visited me so often.

Concretebender: Oh, so you had to learn how to take care of wing injuries then?

Crazy Nurse: Nope, because his older brother visited me enough times that I already knew how.

Sleepbender: Still can’t decide which one of the Winged Brothers is worse.

Thin Might: Young Midoriya has an older brother?

Dead Tired: It’s Hawks.

Thin Might: What?

BADABOOM: All Might, everyone else “been knew” about it.

Thin Might:

Sagittarius A: How were you the Number 1 hero?

Dead Tired: I still have no idea. Seriously.

Class 2-A+Extras [18:56]

Tapey boi: Who’s cooking?

Hexapus: That would be Midoriya.

Floaty: Wait, didn’t he already eat?

Druid: It’s not for him.

Froppy: He speaks!

Druid: I’m actually better at speaking over text.

Druid: Because my quirk doesn’t really turn off.

Druid: So every time I speak I summon animals.

Eternal Darkness: Understandable.

Eternal Darkness: Dark Shadow is much similar in thintvjrvky

Human Sonic: Tokoyami was the last person I would expect keysmashing from.

Froppy: Iiiiida where ya been?

Human Sonic: I had other things to take care of.

Eternal Darkness: My deepest apologies, Dark Shadow attempted to steal my phone.

Eternal Darkness: Sometimes I hate this Quirk.

Grape Balls: Oh ho ho, what’s this I see?~

Human Sonic: Mineta! Please do not be inappropriate in this chat!

Grape Balls: Relax Iida.

Chapter Text

Class 2-A+Extras [3:27]

Detective Pikachu: Ectoplasm’s quirk is reverse vore.

Flight Risk: What the fuck Kaminari?

Flight Risk: On a related note, Midnight’s quirk is somnophilia.

Eternal Darkness: Cementoss’ quirk is earthbending.

Detective Pikachu: There’s a pro hero that’s a fucking washing machine.

Detective Pikachu: Their a top 10 hero too. The fuck.

Flight Risk: There’s like ten heroes with waterbending quirks.

Eternal Darkness: Endeavor is a firebender.

Flight Risk: There was that guy from the provisional license exam that was an airbender.

Flight Risk: Anyone else?

Eternal Darkness: Kamui Woods is an ent.

Detective Pikachu: Mt. Lady is giantess kink.

Flight Risk: There’s other firebenders, like Salamander and Azazael.

Detective Pikachu: Don’t forget about Best Jeanist.

Eternal Darkness: Ah yes, fashion model.

Flight Risk: Wearer of the jostume.

Detective Pikachu: anyone else?

Flight Risk: Gimme some time.

Class 2-A+Extras [7:34]

Sonic: I hope that staying up at 3am will not be a regular occurrence! Proper sleep is important to being our best!

Flight Risk: Well at least I have an excuse…

Sonic: Really?

Flight Risk: It’s part of my bird mutation where I have similar sleep to a bird.

Eternal Darkness: I have no excuse. I was just awake at that point.

Detective Pikachu: For the meme ig? Whatever, I had an intrusive thought about quirks.

Flight Risk: And because this was about quirks, I joined in.

Floaty: You guys should have a better sleep schedule.

Eternal Darkness: I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Flight Risk: But aren’t you dead inside?

Eternal Darkness: But I’m not dead outside.

Flight Risk: Oh please stop your emo brooding.

Eternal Darkness: Never.

PunkJack: What sort of fresh terror are you sharing?

Flight Risk: Well if it’s fresh terror that you want…

Flight Risk: screenshot01939.jpg

Flight Risk: screenshot010238.jpg

Flight Risk: Ok that’s all for now.


Red Hot ice: don’t click any links he sends. At all.

Flight Risk: I feel betrayed.

Speedy birb: Files/images/screenshots/dinner_time.jpg

Speedy birb: Files/images/screenshots/the_creature.jpg

Flight Risk: screenshot009485.jpg

Detective Pikachu: screenshot\my_drink.jpg

Visible: I can see why you are related.

Flight Risk: Eh, his cursed image game is weak.

PunkJack: Why do you guys have these in your phone?

Flight Risk: Plus ultra lol.

Human Sonic: Midoriya, that is an improper use of the school’s motto!

Flight Risk: How? I fail to see how I don’t embody the spirit of plus ultra.

Flight Risk: I have more.

Human Sonic: How many do you have?

Flight Risk: Around 200.

Speedy birb: I have 350. Get rekt.

Flight Risk: Yours are weak.

Speedy birb: Files/images/screenshots/Hello_kitty.jpg

Flight Risk: screenshot018484.jpg

Floaty: Mido could you stop sending the eye ones?

Flight Risk: So who wins?

Druid: None of you.

Human Sonic: I thought the number 2 hero would be a professional.

Human Sonic: It appears I expected too much, I’ll be sure to take this into account later.

Speedy birb: I think he was insulting me, but I can’t be sure…

Hexapus: Iida has mastered the art of politely insulting people.

Grape balls: Midoriya, why do you have those! They’re freaky!

Grape balls: Does that mean your freaky in bed as well? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Flight Risk: Come to my room tonight and find out :)

Tapey Boi: Why did Mineta just throw his phone and scream?

Rocky Boi: Read up.

Tapey Boi: Midoriya you’re a legend!

PunkJack: Why are you like this?

Flight Risk: I have chaotic energy.

AlienQueen: Where did you get it from.

Speedy Boi: Me.

AlienQueen: Wait, I see you on the news.

AlienQueen: You’re literally fighting villains right now.

Speedy Boi: Yes, and?

Detective Pikachu: Just focus on your fight.

Flight Risk: Mineta destroyed his phone when he threw it by the way.

Tapey Boi: Good.

Flight Risk: I got some of my chaotic energy from my brother, obviously.

Flight Risk: I blame Kacchan for the rest tbh.


Ice Ice baby: So what are you guys planning today?

Froppy: Well today’s heroics class is 1v1 duels.

Creationist: Without quirks, right?

Froppy: YES.

Ice Ice baby: Which means…

Floaty: They’ll be close to each other.

Creatonist: Yes!

Ice Ice baby: I like it. I’ll get moving on whatever I can.

Class 2-A+extras [12:20]

Visible: What was that explosion?

Explosive Boi: I didn’t do it!

Flight Risk: I didn’t do it!

Speed birb: I didn’t do it!

Detective Pikachu: I didn’t do it!

Hatsume Mei: I didn’t do it!

Monoma Neito: I didn’t do it!

Flight Risk: Hol’ up.

Flight Risk has kicked Hatsume Mei and Monoma Neito from Class 2-A+extras

Flight Risk: I’ll worry about who added them later.

Flight Risk: For now, let’s worry about the explosions.

Aizawa Shouta: Please head to the basement shelter. It’s a villain attack.

SugarStrength: Really? Another one?

Sparkles: Oui~ It seems like our class can’t stay out of the limelight.~

Class 2-A+extras [14:50]

Aizawa Shouta the attack on UA was carried out with mortars and unguided missiles affected by an accuracy quirk similar to Snipe’s. 

Aizawa Shouta: We are contacting the Number 12. Pro hero in America, Shielder, about placing a shield around UA. Classes for the remainder of the day are cancelled.

Aizawa Shouta: I’ve already received a call from someone’s parents about a transfer.

Tail(s): Who’s leaving?

Aizawa Shouta: Mineta Minoru. Apparently his parents don’t feel like UA is safe.

Tail(s): To be honest, I did have a conversation with my parents about it, but I’m still staying.

Aizawa Shouta: Well because we’re down a student, we need a replacement.

Aizawa Shouta: Midoriya, if you would.

Flight Risk has added Purrple dream to Class 2-A+extras .

Aizawa Shouta: Congratulations Shinsou, as of today you are being transferred to class 2-A. Pack up your stuff you’re moving.

Flight Risk: Oh by the way Mineta left a bunch of his stuff here.

Flight Risk: I have a blacklight… hold on….

Red Hot ice: Why did Midoriya just run into the showers?

Explosive boi: Ah fuck i figured it out.

Explosive boi: HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

Explosive boi: You need to pay the person that cleans Mineta’s room extremely well.

Aizawa Shouta: Why?

Explosive boi: I see why Zuchan ran into the shower. It looks like a fucking porno shoot.

Aizawa Shouta: Well thank goodness we have someone with a deep cleaning quirk on standby.

Red Hot ice: That may not be enough…

Purrple dream: What is this hellhole?

Eternal Darkness: Hellhole is an appropriate description.

Red Hot ice: Everybody here is an idiot.

Flight Risk: Really Todoroki? I feel offended.

Red Hot ice: Most* everybody here is an idiot.

Red Hot ice: There are exceptions.

Private Chat between Red Hot ice and Flight Risk [15:04]

Flight Risk: Thanks Todoroki! <3

Red Hot ice: 

Private Chat between Red Hot ice and Creationist . [15:04]

Red Hot ice: Help me please.

Red Hot ice: h e l p m e.

Creationist: I need context.

Red Hot ice: screenshot3294.jpg

Creationist: Send one back.

Red Hot ice: Where’s that symbol?

Creationist: ?

Red Hot ice: >3. 

Creationist: Todoroki, use the other carat.

Red Hot ice: No wait I got it.

Red Hot ice: Ɛ>

Creationist: Wait, what?

Private Chat between Red Hot ice and Flight Risk . [15:07]

Red Hot ice: Ɛ>

Flight Risk:

Class 2-A+extras [15:08]

Flight Risk: Alright someone corrupted Todoroki.

Detective Pikachu: I didn’t do it.

Speedy birb: Not me either.

Ice Ice baby: For once it wasn’t me.

Tapey Boi: Wasn't me.

Ice Ice baby: What did he do.

Flight Risk: I’d rather not say…

Class 2-A+extras [16:26]

Aizawa Shouta: We have located the source of the missile attacks, they’re from an organization that works with the League.

Flight Risk: Cool.

Why do we work here? [16:29]

Dead Tired: So have we reached out to Shielder yet?

Eye of Sauron: Shielder is in transport to UA currently. He’ll be here in about fifteen minutes.

Eye of Sauron: I’m adding him to the group chat.

Eye of Sauron has added Stephen Mercador-Bradford to Why do we work here?

Stephen Mercador-Bradford has changed their username to He Protec .

He Protec: So I’m going to put a shield around UA?

BADABOOM: Can you do it?

He Protec: Sure I can.

He Protec: Maybe have Recovery Girl on standby. I may pass out or get a nosebleed or loose too much fat or some other bad thing.

He Protec: I’ve honestly never tried to make a shield that big.

Crazy Nurse: Dearie, what exactly are your symptoms of quirk overuse?

He Protec: It’s like a buffet of side effects.

He Protec: I might get irreversible brain trauma. I might just have a light headache or muscle fatigue. Who knows?

He Protec: I blame one of my ancestors that had a wound redistribution quirk.

Dead Tired: I’ll be on standby, there’s no need to overwork yourself.

Eye of Sauron: Good call Aizawa.

Class 2-A+extras [16:46]

Flight Risk: What the fuck?


Aizawa Shouta: You’re on the other side?

Flight Risk: Yes indeed.

Aizawa Shouta: well try it now.

Flight Risk: Thank goodness, i’m in.

PunkJack: So is everyone inside?

PunkJack: From Class 2-A I mean.

Floaty: Think so.

Human Sonic: Everyone! Aizawa-sensei has called us to go just outside our dorm building!

Human Sonic: Apparently he wants us to see something else.

Class 2-A+extras [17:00]

Detective Pikachu: Holy shit this guy’s insane.

Rocky boi: He reminds me of that shield guy I fought at the Shie Hassaikai compound.

Red Hot ice: Yeah but he also has a shield surrounding all of UA.

Flight Risk: Keep in mind this guy’s only Number 12.

AlienQueen: What’s the Number 1 hero of America like? If number 12 can do all of that, image what the number one could do.

Flight Risk: Ferric Emperor? He’s the world’s most powerful metal manipulator. One of his special moves “Thermomagnetic Matter Beam” makes him shoot a highly concentrated beam of superheated metal.

Hexapus: That sounds terrifying.

Flight Risk: Apparently he can also move metal at Mach 14!


Floaty: I wonder if Mido sees that Todoroki is staring at him.

Speed birb: Nope.

Speed birb: There’s very few things that will break him out of his rant.

Froppy: We should just confront them.

Ice Ice baby: Why didn’t we think about trying the direct approach?

Creationist: Well let’s go.

Froppy: I'll do it. I have no fear.

Speed birb: You should. Hawks eat frogs.

AlienQueen: That doesn't sound right...

Froppy: Well I'm gonna do it anyways.

Chapter Text

Class 2-A+extras [17:17]

Froppy: Hey Midoriya, you like Todoroki right?

Flight Risk: Well of course I do, he’s my friend.

Froppy: but im saying, like more than friends?

Flight Risk:

Flight Risk has added Ready Player One to Class 2-A+extras .

Flight Risk has left Class 2-A+extras.

Creationist: ??

Explosive Boi: He does this when he feels cornered.

Creationist: What exactly is “this”?

Explosive Boi: Dropping smoke bombs, both literal and figurative. It’s fucking annoying.

Ready Player One: Midoriya, where did you add me now?

Ready Player One: Oh shit, is this really class 2-A?

Aizawa Shouta has added Flight Risk to Class 2-A+extras .

Aizawa Shouta: Problem child explain. Who is that?

Flight Risk: Shiggy.

Ready Player One: DO NOT CALL ME SHIGGY!!


Explosive Boi: Zuchan WHAT THE FUCK??

Aizawa Shouta: Problem child explain. Right fucking now.

Flight Risk: Ok apparently Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains, plays COD.

Ready Player One: Former.

Flight Risk: *Former leader of the League of Villains.

Aizawa Shouta: P R O B L E M C H I L D E X P L A I N .

Ready Player One: I left the League, after I discovered some files on All for One’s spare tablet.

Ready Player One: Plus the party became filled with Stain-worshipping trash.

Ready Player One: Plus we really didn’t get anything done.

Ready Player One: allourbasearebelongtoyou.doc

Ready Player One: Where they could be. 

Why do we work here? [17:24]

Dead Tired has changed the chat name to Midoriya is THE problem child .

Bloodbender: what happened now Aizawa?

Dead Tired: Apparently Midoriya has been in contact with Shigaraki.

Dead Tired: screenshot93495.jpg

Dead Tired: allourbasearebelongtoyou.doc.

Eye of Sauron: :)

Sleepbender: That’s Nezu’s knowing smile.

Dead Tired: You KNEW that he had been in contact with a notorious villain?

Eye of Sauron: I was helping him, actually.

Dead Tired: With what?

Eye of Sauron: Redemption.

Dead Tired: Are you being serious right now Nezu?

Eye of Sauron: I’m being completely serious.

Dead Tired: Explain this. Right now. Please…

Eye of Sauron: I’ll let All Might take this from here. It’s more personal for him.

Dead Tired: I’m gonna sit down and get coffee, this sounds like a long story.

Thin Might: Well Shigaraki Tomura isn’t his real name.

Dead Tired: Are you kidding me? What do you have to do with this?

Thin Might: His real name is Shimura Tenko.

Thin Might: Apparently he was my mentor’s grandson.

Thin Might: The two of us have had conversations, and the prevailing theory is that All for One gave Shigaraki his quirk, as well as used other quirks to mentally manipulate him.

Thin Might: When the quirk All for One gave him triggered, he accidentally killed his entire family.

Thin Might: We’ve been carefully going through his recovery since he left the League six months ago. It’s something that needs to be taken care of very well.

Dead Tired: 

Class 2-A+extras [17:40]

Ready Player One: So that’s the story of how Dabi burned his clothes off.

Assidic: Holy shit that’s amazing.

Flight Risk: Heh. That’s hilarious.

Ice Ice baby: got any pictures?

Ready Player One: Unfortunately not.

Ready Player One: Wish I did though.

Aizawa Shouta: Ok problem child we need to have a conversation.

Flight Risk: Why?

Aizawa Shouta: If you are to redeem villains, PLEASE TELL ME FIRST!!

Flight Risk: So that’s an open invitation to begin scooping up villains?

Aizawa Shouta: NO!

GoingFast: C’mon Shouta, Let the kid have his fun!

Aizawa Shouta: Tensei this isn’t our chat.

GoingFast: Shit.

Ready Player One: How did you find our base if you’re like this?

Flight Risk: I have three brain cells. Two are devoted to quirk analysis and the last is a villain finder.

Floaty: villain finder/villain magnet.

Flight Risk: wihbeshbt I’m not a villain magnet!

Red Hot ice: You totally are.

Flight Risk: Todoroki you too?

Ready Player One: You totally are.

Flight Risk: Oh fuck off. You can’t talk.

Flight Risk: You’ve been the one planning all the attacks.

Ready Player One:

AlienQueen: So Mido, how long have you been in contact with Shigaraki.

Flight Risk: I played online with him for a year before we realized who the other person was.

AlienQueen: When was that?

Ready Player One: It was during the mall incident.

Flight Risk: It was an awkward conversation.

Visible: I’d imagine that would be.

Rocky Boi: that face when your gaming partner is a villain and your a hero in training.

Ready Player One: We still played together afterwards.

Ready Player One: It was just very awkward.

Flight Risk: That was when I began to redeem him.

Hexapus: How did that happen?

Flight Risk: I’ll let him explain it.

Ready Player One: Y’know that guy I called “Sensei”?

Explosive Boi: Yeah. He acted like your father.

Ready Player One: Well apparently he gave me this damn quirk that ruined my life.

Ready Player One: So when one of his associates, a doctor, tried to reach me I told him to fuck off.

Ready Player One: Plus everyone else in the party became enamored with Stain.

Flight Risk: I think you mentioned this “doctor” guy to me. Could you tell me more about him?

Ready Player One: Short, kinda fat. Bald. Has a bushy mustache and eyebrows. Weird Green goggles. He told me his name was Daruma Ujiko.

Flight Risk: Oh fuck.

Speed Birb: Oh fuck.

Speed Birb: We’ve met him before.

Flight Risk: a dozen years ago, when they tested me for a quirk.

Flight Risk: Although I knew him as Dr. Tsubasa.

Speed Birb: Tsubasa Himitsu, that was his full name.

Ready Player One: Himitsu means “secrecy”, so I don’t think that’s his real name either.

Flight Risk: Well whatever helps.

Ready Player One: Hey Aizawa, you getting this?

Aizawa Shouta: You two should come with me. This is serious.

Aizawa Shouta: @everyone has anyone else heard the name Tsubasa Himitsu or Daruma Ujiko, or seen or heard of a doctor with the physical descriptions listed above?

Purrple Dream: Yeah. When I was at Deika Orphanage they told me the owner was “Tsubasa-san.”

Purrple Dream: Also the matron told me that whenever he came over, I was to lie and say that I was quirkless.

Sparkling: Oui! When I was five, my parents and I visited an office run by a “Tsubasa.” I can’t remember much, but I got my quirk soon after.

Detective Pikachu: I went to a summer camp run by that guy about eight years ago. It was a special “quirk-camp.”

Druid: My father runs a few orphanages that had been previously run by that guy. Apparently he had lost them in lawsuits.

Rocky Boi: I think my mother worked on that case! It was two years ago, right?

Druid: Yeah!

Izuku set down his phone when he read that. He had added Shigaraki to the group chat as a “smoke bomb” to avoid answering the questions about his crush, but they ended up gathering a significant amount of evidence to identify a hidden supervillain. He was thankful that the train of the chat had been derailed. Hell, It had not only been derailed, but it had completely left the track and was somewhere in forested wetlands.

He sat up from his resting position on his bed, and went over to his desk. He grabbed a new notebook and quickly labelled it “evidence.”

This was going to be his analysis of everything he had seen, in addition to what he had heard. He pulled open his laptop and typed in keywords, such as “Orphanages owned by Tsubasa Himitsu” and then “cases of abuse at _____ Orphanage.” as well as so-called “unusual” cases of quirk loss.

The sheer amount of information he had found was disturbing. He moved information onto his word processing app, as well as write down his own observations.

Two hours later, he had gathered 20 pages of direct sources and six pages of analysis in his evidence notebook. A text pinged on his phone, distracting from his analysis.

Decaymaster [20:21] 

I know what you did there.

Izuku sighs. Shiggy may have been a closet case his whole life, but that didn’t mean he was stupid. Of course he found out about the smoke bomb maneuver.

Greeninja [20:22]:

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Decaymaster [20:22]:

Look, I’m like the worst at romance.

But even I can see the obvious.

Greeninja [20:22]:

Obvious? What’s obvious?

Decaymaster [20:22]:

I’m gonna lock Todoroki in your room.

When your away.

The perfect gift for you.

Greeninja [20:23]:

You can’t even get into UA.


Decaymaster [20:23]:

I’ll find a way.

Chapter Text

Floaty has created the group chat Class Discussion [18:35]:

Floaty has added Human Sonic , Hexapus , Visible , and 15 others.

Creationist: What is the purpose of this chat?

Floaty: I just feel… uncomfortable about having a villain in our group chat, even if he’s being reformed.

Human Sonic: Just bring it up with him! I’m sure he’ll understand that it makes you uncomfortable!

Human Sonic: Also, why isn’t Midoriya in this chat?

Floaty: Well I’m not sure that he’s…

Creationist: You’re not sure that he won’t be unbiased?

Floaty: Yeah, like that!

Detective Pikachu: So what are we doing about it?

PunkJack: Nothing? I’m sure the teachers are taking care of it.

???????? has added Aizawa Shouta and Thin Might to Class Discussion [18:37]

Aizawa Shouta: While what Midoriya did was rash and inappropriate, talking about him behind his back is also inappropriate. 

Aizawa Shouta: It will be up to Shigaraki to talk about his past history.

Thin Might: This is a very delicate matter. Think of this as training for the side of heroics you don’t see in the media! Saving people from harm is only part of heroics!

Red Hot ice: An interesting take.

Aizawa Shouta has removed 20 people from Class Discussion.

Aizawa Shouta has deleted the group chat Class Discussion.

Class 2-A+Extras [18:50]

Floaty: So who added the two of them to the chat?

Human Sonic: Me! It occured to me that it was wrong for us to talk about Midoriya behind his back! I didn’t want to disturb him so I added the teachers!

Tail(s): How did you do that?

Human Sonic: My older brother taught me Masking!

Assidic: I know! Masking is so cool!

Explosive Boi: Hey four-eyes, you don’t seem like the type of person to know that type of thing.

Human Sonic: Doesn’t everyone?

Explosive Boi: Fuck no.

Speed birb: Well you should! Technology skills are essential for pro-heroes!

Aizawa Shouta: Can confirm. As an underground hero, I have trained myself in all sorts of computer skills. Not using all means available to go after an enemy is illogical.

GoingFast: Even for aboveground heroes, technology and cybersecurity skills are essential!

Aizawa Shouta: Alright. Homeroom class tomorrow is gonna be a cybersecurity lesson.

Aizawa Shouta: I can’t believe I didn’t think of this beforehand.

Rocky Boi: Protecting your identity is manly!

Hexapus: I guess?

SugarStrength: Cybersecurity is important.

AlienQueen: Yeah! You don’t want your birdder account hacked!

Explosive Boi: One of the extras from my old middle school had his account hacked.

Explosive Boi: Fucker’s password was “password”

Speedy brib: Oh shit, gotta change the password to my hero office computer.

Assidic: Please tell me you’re joking.

Speedy birb: uhhhh

Sparkles: You’re lucky that Midoriya is doing something else.

Eternal Darkness: I hear his mumbling. You’re safe.

Speedy birb: I was just kidding, you guys! 

Speedy birb: I’m not that dumb!

Eternal Darkness: *Presses “X” to doubt.*

Speedy birb: Betrayed by my own intern. I’m wounded.

Human Sonic: Tokoyami! Please do not insult Pro Heroes!

Speedy birb: Ehhh it’s fine.

Tapey Boi: I think Iida’s brain exploded. Seriously man, lighten up.

GoingFast: I’ve been trying to convince him to do that for a decade nowe

Purrple Dream: Lighten up Iida.

SugarStrength: Lighten up Iida.

Froppy: Lighten up Iida.

Floaty: Lighten up Iida.

Tail(s): Lighten up Iida.

Human Sonic: ijovruhvigurhh

Froppy: I think we broke him.

PunkJack: Good.

Creationist: Good.

AlienQueen: Good.

Froppy: Good.

Visible: Good.

Floaty: Good.

Eternal Darkness: How are guys the next generation of pro heroes?

Detective Pikachu: Honestly I don’t know.

Tapey Boi: We use this chat to purge our brain of idiotic ideas.

Tapey Boi: Which allows us to reserve smart ideas for heroism.

Pro Heroes Group Chat [19:04]

Endeavor: So I’ve heard some rumors….

AllFabricIsDenim: Rumors? I don’t take you for the type to indulge in rumors.

Land Whale: Well, spill the rumors.

Endeavor: I heard that UA is hosting a villain.

Eye of Sauron: Villain reform is a heroic act!

Endeavor: You didn’t answer my question.

Thin Might: It’s true! While the villain Shigaraki Tomura isn’t currently in UA custody, it’s only a matter of time.


Land Whale: Calm down Endeavor. There are other ways of dealing with villains besides locking them in jail.

AllFabricIsDenim: I’m all for villain reform, but I’m wondering how this situation came to be? It’s certainly very unusual.

Thin Might: Shigaraki hasn’t had the best past…

Thin Might: It’s complicated. I’ll just leave it at that.

Eye of Sauron: More details will come out later, this is a delicate matter.

AllFabricIsDenim: Understandable.

He protec: There’s already a villain reform program in the United States.

He protec: It was created by Ferric Emperor, Sun God Soory Dev, and Mystic Master twenty years ago.

He protec: It’s a part of a plan to stop villainy at the source.

Eye of Sauron: I should talk to you about this!

Thin Might: When the Top 3 heroes of America all support the same thing, there’s some merit to it.

He protec: All Might, you should be able to use your influence as the former Symbol of Peace to get this done.

He protec: It may be difficult, as people like easy and simple solutions.

He protec: Many people also don’t think villains deserve anything except prison.

He protec: Endeavor’s surprising popularity is because of this.

Speedy birb: I’ll go along with it.

Thinja: Same for me.

Class 2-A+Extras [20:24]

Flight Risk: Hey guys, I didn’t mean to make you unconfortable :’(

Floaty: Awwwww! We didn’t mean to make you sad :(

Flight Risk: I had some time to think about it.

Flight Risk: It was a rash decision on my part and I wasn’t thinking.

Creationist: No problem! We all accept your apology!

Ready Player One: I think he forgot about me being a villain.

Floaty: It’s understandable.

Eternal Darkness: You don’t really act like a villain anymore.

Ready Player One: Some details came out that I’d rather not discuss…

Eternal Darkness: Fair enough.

Ice Ice baby: So Midoriya, do you have any other villains you would like to add?

Flight Risk: ijfrwiohfufrkjp NO!

Red Hot ice: I have a theory…

Flight Risk: What is it?

Red Hot ice: Shigaraki is Hai Krgson’s secret love child.

Speedy birb: Who tf is that?

Red Hot ice: Hai Krgson was a famous celebrity twenty years ago that had a similar quirk.

Flight Risk: You’re wrong. It’s not up to me to say why but you’re wrong.


Izuwu has added Aizawa Shouta to [SECURE] Veritas.

Izuwu has set Aizawa Shouta’s username to Aizuwu.

Izuwu: I talked about this with All Might, and I really should’ve talked about this with you sooner.

Aizuwu: What?

Bakuwu: Let the nerd speak.

Izuwu: It’s about my quirk.

Izuwu: I got it from All Might.

Aizuwu: Problem child….

Aizuwu: Who knows?

Izuwu: Only the people in this chat, plus All for One.

Aizuwu: How does that supervillain know about this.

Toshuwu: So it all began with two brothers…

[SECURE] Veritas

Aizuwu: OK, that’s a lot to digest. But first...

Aizuwu: How sure are you about this chat’s security? This is online after all.

Toshuwu: This GC has existed ever since the first wielder passed One for All onto the second wielder, and the second told it to a few of their closest friends, so it’s about 175 years old.

Toshuwu: If there was any leak, it would’ve been discovered by now.

Izuwu: Ah, that explains the thirty or so inactive people in chat.

Izuwu: They’re dead.

Izuwu: Oh that also explains “Sakuwu: Last online 53704 days ago.”

Izuwu: I thought that was a joke or a glitch.

Aizuwu: Wait.

Aizuwu: So this is one of, if not the, oldest group chat on Arc, in which the most important secret of the world is concealed.


Izuwu: It’s a way to make light of serious business.

Aizuwu: Fair enough.

Shiguwu: This is how we deal with this secret.

Aizuwu: How do you know?

Shiguwu: All for One told me.

Shiguwu: That’s why your class was targeted. Sorry Aizawa.

Izuwu: Unfortunately because of security settings you can’t send images.

Aizuwu: So when did you add Shigaraki to the chat?

Toshuwu: two weeks ago.

Bakuwu: I think this is the most amount of people that have ever known at one time.

Sorahuwu: I blame Toshinori’s thick skull.

Chuwu: Seconded.

Bakuwu: Who’s Chuwu?

Izuwu: Recovery Girl.

Bakuwu: Well then I also blame All Might acting like a dumbass.

Izuwu: Kacchan!

Bakuwu: All I’ll add is thank goodness it got into his thick skull to introduce you to that Gran Torino guy.

Bakuwu: You’d’ve probably broken every bone in your body.

Izuwu: All I can say is thank goodness Full Cowl works on my wings.

Izuwu: With 15% Full Cowl, I’m faster than Keigo.

Izuwu: Imagine how fast I would be with 100%....

Bakuwu: Fuck I forgot how much of a speed demon you are.

Izuwu: Sped gud lel :)

Aizuwu: I want to leave already...

Izuwu: Too bad you can't :)

Class 2-A+extras . [7:23]

Flight Risk changed the chat name to Chaos Incarnate.

Flight Risk: I think this fits more.

Aizawa Shouta: Midoriya, meet me on the roof of UA in seven minutes.

Flight Risk: Oooh kaaay?

Izuku flew up to the UA roof at seven-thirty, just like Aizawa-sensei had requested. He wasn’t sure about what this meeting was about. It could have been that they finally discovered that he used One for All to fly to America to paint the “H” in the “Hollywood” sign blue during winter break. Or any of the other half-dozen relatively minor pranks that he’s done.

He flew as fast as he could to the roof (even using One for All to fly faster) so he didn’t have to think about what he was being in trouble for.

The Roof of UA doesn’t have much in the way of exposed air conditioners, heaters, or other machines on the rooftops. Which means when he landed on the rooftop he could see pretty much everything. And he didn’t see anyone. Huh.

“Problem child we have to talk.” Aizawa said suddenly. Izuku turned around, noticing the erasure hero (and his teacher) standing on the edge of the rooftop, capture weapon flitting into its usual position. How his teacher manages to control that thing, Izuku has no idea. Maybe a secondary quirk.

“What about Aizawa?” He answered casually. 

“It’s about… New information. Concerning One for All and Shigaraki Tomura. They’re connected, right?”

Damn, Aizawa’s smart. Well it’s not unexpected, so he might as well just lay it out.

“His real name is Shimura Tenko, the grandson of Shimura Nana, the seventh wielder of One for All and All Might’s mentor.”

“So you’re saying that Shigaraki is being redeemed because of personal reasons?”

Shit. That’s really what it looks like. Fuck.

“It’s just a coincidence. It could’ve been anybody that I played with. I don’t think things wouldn’t have changed if it had been Dabi or someone else that I gamed with.”

Thank goodness that he had rehearsed that ahead of time, otherwise he would’ve been a stuttering mess.

Aizawa simply grunted in response.

“Fine. If you want to go through the effort of redeeming villains, I’m going to throw you into an additional class that I teach. Underground Heroics. I’ll teach all sorts of things that you might use. I’m going to put you through hell, but it’ll be worth it.”

Huh. That’s not what he was expecting. Sure he could learn new skills!

“I accept!”

Chapter Text

Midoriya is THE problem child [7:04]

Bloodbender has changed the group chat’s name to Midoriya and Monoma are THE problem children .

Concretebender: What happened now Kan?

Bloodbender: Monoma copied Tokage and Kuroiro’s Quirks.

Bloodbender: And apparently he can now use two quirks at once…

Bloodbender: Because he scared so many people by having disembodied hands and fingers come out of shadows and other black objects.

Bloodbender: I hate this class now.

Bloodbender: Having someone in your class with a copying quirk is a constant struggle.

Dead Tired: Thank goodness he’s not in my class. I really don’t want him to have access to my student’s quirks.

BADABOOM: Especially Midoriya! The little listener’s quirk is quite… complex.

Somnophilia: Wings, fire, super strength, and the black whips. Quite the assortment.

Bloodbender: But Midoriya said that the black whips was just a new way to use his fire?

Eye of Sauron: Yes! Good on him for discovering unique ways to use fire!

Somnophilia: Endeavor can’t use his fire like that…

Eye of Sauron: No two fire quirks are the exact same.

Somnophilia: Ok, that makes sense.

Second-year Prank Squad [7:07]

Copy Jester: Mission Accomplished.

SplitLizard: Hell Yeah!

Flight Risk: And the best part is that it’ll be difficult for you to get into trouble because it’s expanding the use of your quirk.

Dark Portal: Indeed.

Visible: We should do something in 2-A!

SplitLizard: I agree, let’s do something.

Flight Risk: Kuroiro, can you bring things that are not yourself with your quirk?

Dark Portal: Hold on, let me test it out.

Flight Risk: Because if he can, I have an idea…

Splitlizard: No clowns, Midoriya.

Dark Portal: If they’re also black, I can transport objects up to the size of a chair.

Flight Risk: Aww Tokage, you ruin my plans.

Flight Risk: Actually new idea.

Flight Risk: Can you and Momoma occupy an object together?

Copy Jester: Indeed we can!

Splitlizard: I have an idea forming...

Visible: I think I see where you’re going.

Visible: Midoriya, see if you can get a flat, thin object from Yaomomo.

Flight Risk: I don’t know where you’re going, but I’ll go along with it.

Izuku confidently walked downstairs with a plan in mind. Even though it was early, he knew that she was awake, probably reading tea and studying. No wonder she had the highest grades in class. He didn’t care that much about grades, but somehow he was still third rank. 

“Hey Yaoyorozu, can you make something for me?” He asked, trying to be as innocent as possible. His reputation as a prankster and an agent of chaos made it suspicious when he asked for something. “I lost my bookmark and wanted to know if you could make me a replacement.”

That should be an innocent enough request, right?

“Oh of course! What color, design, or material do you want it?”

“If you could make it all matte black, stiff plastic, that would be amazing!”

Apparently she didn’t think about the implications of what he would use this bookmark for, or maybe she didn’t use half of her brain for prank ideas (Probably the latter. After their joint training, they got along better. Except Monoma, unless they’re planning pranks. The copycat had a real mind for pranks.)


Flight Risk: It’s a bookmark, is that big enough?

Dark Portal: Yeah that’s plenty big enough.

Copy Jester: Well maybe. Can I see an image?

Flight Risk: object-with-size-comparison.jpg

Copy Jester: Yeah that’s big enough.

Flight Risk: So what’s the plan?

Copy Jester: Me and Kuroiro will slip into the bookmark, which you will transport around to everybody in class 2-A’s rooms.

Copy Jester: When we are in the rooms, we’ll move everything three inches to the right.

Flight Risk: I love it!

Visible: I know! Such a good idea!

Flight Risk: Hagakure should be the one doing it.

Flight Risk: I convinced Hatsume to make a carrying case that’s invisible.

Flight Risk: Plus I’m not the best at stealth…

Visible: Hey don’t put yourself down.

Flight Risk: Ehhhh I have two large wings strapped to my back. S’not the best for stealth.

Copy Jester: Anyways, I’m so glad I can use two quirks now!

Visible: Imagine the combinations!

Copy Jester: I’m planning to use Shiozaki and Tetsutestu’s quirks in tandem.

Flight Risk: Steel vines…

Flight Risk: Make sure to eat spinach and drink a lot of water.

Flight Risk: Hey, I should share some of my quirk analysis notebooks.

Copy Jester: I’ll share some of my own.

Visible: Oh no there’s two of them…

Copy Jester: Hey, at least it’s useful for my quirk…

Visible: Understandable, have a great day.

Dark Portal: I’m ready

Copy Jester: Let’s do dis

Visible: Let’s wait. Not everyone is up.

Copy Jester: Me and Kuroiro should be able to slip away during Homeroom.

Flight Risk: No. during lunch break. Otherwise you’ll be noticed.

Visible: Yeah!

Visible: Plus Aizawa would kill me if I tried.

Copy Jester: Yeah, Kan’s much more lenient.

Second-year prank squad [12:04]

Visible: Ok are you guys here?

Copy Jester: Yes.

Dark Portal: Yes.

Visible: Alright let’s move out!

Chaos Incarnate [14:55]

Froppy: Alright it’s the 1v1 time.

Floaty: Without quirks.

Explosive Boi: I’ll fucking dominate.

Flight Risk: I can’t use my wings, fuckin hell.

Tail(s): Same hat.

Flight Risk: But whatever. I’ll be grounded IG.

Purrple Dream: Ojiro is still a great fighter without using his tail

Purrple Dream: He helped me with fighting training, because my quirk doesn’t really help for combat.

Purrple Dream: He kicked my ass for two hours a day twice a week for like seven months.

Explosive Boi: What the fuck?

Aizawa Shouta: He’s not lying, I was the one that approved it.

Detective Pikachu: Alright now I’m scared.

Tail(s): You should be :)

Flight Risk: Didn’t know Ojiro could be ominous.

Froppy: Alright let’s do dis!

Chaos Incarnate [15:17]

Froppy: Here it is bois.

Floaty: The fight we’re all waiting for.

Visible: Maybe we should talk somewhere else..


Creationist has added Explosive boi and Eternal Darkness to ENDTHEPINING .

Floaty: Ok bakugou I suspected, but Tokoyami?

Eternal Darkness: I can sense emotions and fears as a secondary part of my quirk. It’s not too powerful though.

Explosive boi: And I know Zuchan better than he knows himself. He’s fallen hard.

Froppy: So you’re hoping that they’ll realize on the battlefield?

Ice Ice baby: That’s the plan.

Katsuki had known Zuchan ever since they were in fucking diapers. Because of that, he knew how the dumb pigeon reacted to things, including how he expressed his fuckin’ feelings. And boy did his ‘Zuku have it bad.

He had first seen it during the sports festival when Zuchan broke his fucking body with One for All just to convince Half n half to use his full quirk, although he’s damn sure that it started earlier. Shit like the Hosu incident, summer camp, and their “rescue” operation probably pushed them closer together. Then came the dorm system, where they were put right next to each other Katsuki was SURE that Nezu knew that they were pining after each other, the animal principal seemed to know fucking everything that went on in this place.

Dammit, if this AND the thing they were planning tomorrow didn’t work, he would lock the two fuckers in a closet and keep them in there till they fuckin’ confessed. Although their plan for tomorrow was fucking foolproof. They even convinced All Might to go along with it! Now they just had to convince everybody else to do this shit.

Anyway, He had just wrapped up his fight with Emo Raven (He was fast, sure, but he wasn’t strong. He made a note to talk to him about that. Everybody should be their best, so he can prove exactly how much stronger he is.) and it was the TodoZuku fight they were all interested in.

“Next Match: Todoroki Shouto vs Midoriya Izuku” Aizawa called out in his traditional deadpan tone. Katsuki was damn sure that their teacher only had like three hours of sleep a day, especially because he apparently had a full patrol schedule as well as a teaching schedule. 

Eh, whatever Aizawa got into was his own fucking business. He had to watch this fight. The two contestants stood about fifty feet apart. The second that Aizawa did the opening noise, he saw Zuchan dart towards Icyhot with almost inhuman speed. He laughs as he sees people’s shocked expressions. He and Zuchan rained for years before applying for UA. While he had focused primarily on strength and power, Zuchan had gone for a fast and flexible fighting style. Even without his wings and without One for All, Zuchan was one of the fastest people in the class.

It showed during the opening moments of their fights, Zuchan expertly dodging Todoroki’s opening punch, and responding with a quick jab-kick.

Katsuki knew that this was going to take quite some time, especially because Zuchan likes drawing out fights for no fucking reason, so he went to the group chat to see the updates.


Explosive Boi: Alright you fucks this is gonna be a drawn-out fight.

AlienQueen: How are you sure?

Explosive Boi: Zuchan wants to show off fighting without his wings, especially because they’re a secondary part of his quirk.

Creationist: What even IS his quirk?

Explosive Boi: It’s registered as “Phoenix Lord”

Floaty: That’s such an amazing quirk name!

Froppy: And it fits so well!

Speedy birb: I laughed my ass off when he told me wanted that as his quirk name.

Ice Ice baby: So they’re still fighting?

Froppy: Yeah.

Floaty: It’s pretty cool tbh.

Creationist: They’re both pretty evenly matched.

Explosive Boi: Just wait five minutes.

AlienQueen: ?

Eternal Darkness: He did the same thing when fighting one of Hawks’ sidekicks, Tornado.

Explosive Boi: That’s when he goes serious.


Creationist: I see what you mean…

AlienQueen: Are you SURE he wasn’t using his quirk right there?

Speedy birb: My lil’ bro’s pretty fast even when he doesn’t use his quirk.

Explosive Boi: Heh. Told you all.

Ice Ice baby: Think it worked?

AlienQueen: Sqwrwjkvrjojojondgnbjrnlnrwejv

Speedy brib: Is keyboard smash good?

Creationist: Todoroki requested a flight back to his dorm.

Creationist: Exact quote “Me too tired to walk. Need flight.”

Ice Ice baby: Well they’ve flown before…

Creationist: They’re both shirtless.

Speedy birb: I count that as a win.

Ice Ice baby: ?

Speedy birb: Flying, especially in Zuku’s case, requires close contact…

Ice Ice baby: Ah. I see.

Creationist: They’re both blushing.

Speedy birb: Trust me, this isn’t enough.

Creationist: What makes you say that?

Explosive boi: He dated someone from our middle school. Takakuro, I think his name was.

Explosive boi: They were friends for a year before birdbrain jr. finally realized his feelings.

Explosive boi: So this is gonna be a fuckin’ long haul.

Floaty: Challenge Accepted!

Froppy: Seconded.

Choas Incarnate [16:29]

Explosive Boi: WHAT THE FUCK!!?!?!??!

Creationist: What are you talking about?


Purrple Dream: It appears as if everything in my room has been moved six centimeters closer to the door.

Hexapus: Same.

AlienQueen has created a Post.

Like this post if everything in your dorm was moved six centimeters closer to the door.

Tail(s): Interesting.

20 people have liked the post.

Explosive Boi: Ha ha, very funny. Who fucking did it.

Explosive Boi: I want to congratulate you :)

Rocky Boi: Why do I feel like that was sarcastic?

Explosive Boi: Whatever do you mean :)

Hexapus: I know who did it.

Explosive Boi: @everyone I give 1 minute before many-arms reveals you.

Explosive Boi: Alright, times up.

Hexapus: I heard Hagakure and Midoriya talking about a prank during lunch.

Hexapus: That’s when she left.

Flight Risk: I wasn’t directly involved! I swear!

Explosive Boi: Invisibitch?

Visible: I didn’t do it alone! I had some help.

Aizawa Shouta: Who?

Flight Risk: Kuroiro and Monoma.

Aizawa Shouta: How did you guys do it?

Explosive boi: Yeah, all of our dorms were locked.

Flight Risk: Well first Monoma copied Kuroiro’s quirk. 

Visible: Than the two of them slipped into a bookmark that Midoriya had gotten.

Flight Risk: Sorry Yaoyorozu. I really did need a bookmark though.

Creationist: I trusted you Midoriya!

Flight Risk: I DID need a bookmark though. 

Visible: I slipped it underneath the door!

Human Sonic: Aizawa! What is their punishment?

Aizawa Shouta: Punishment? Hagakure and Midoriya are getting extra credit.

Aizawa Shouta: I’m also going to talk to Vlad about doing the same for Monoma and Kuroiro.

Aizawa Shouta: I’m also going to talk to Nezu about dorm updates.

GoingFast: Shouta you broke my brother.

Aizawa Shouta: Good.


Chapter Text

Chaos Incarnate [2:26]

Detective Pikachu: Midoriya, I have an important question.

Purrple Dream: He’s busy.

Detective Pikachu: Doing what?

Purrple Dream: Making something, with Tokoyami.

Sparkles: I don’t want to know.

Detective Pikachu: Oh. Aoyama, are you a secret cryptid?

Sparkles: :)

Flight Risk: He goes around giving people cheese at 3am.

Detective Pikachu: Hey Midoriya, what are you making?

Flight Risk: Mothman statue.

Purrple Dream: ?

Flight Risk: You’ll see in the morning.

Flight Risk: This is also quirk training IG.

Flight Risk: Hey Kaminari, what was your question?

Detective Pikachu: I just wanted to know if you could use those whips for bondage.

Flight Risk: I refuse to answer that question.

Chaos Incarnate [5:37]

Human Sonic: Midoriya, what have you made?

Flight Risk: Mothman statue.


Froppy: Wait, what?

SugarStrength: I’m wondering how more than why.

PunkJack: Midoriya, how did you make this?

Flight Risk: Never ask me how, only ask me why.

PunkJack: Midoriya, WHY did you make a 6m mothman statue?

Flight Risk: All Hail.

AlienQueen: All Hail.

Floaty: All Hail.

Detective Pikachu: All Hail.

Tapey Boi: All Hail.

Ready Player One: All Hail.

Rocky Boi: All Hail.

Visible: All Hail.

Flight Risk: I made it for religious purposes.

Aizawa Shouta: Problem Child… What have you done?

Rocky Boi: He did the greatest thing.

Aizawa Shouta: Get rid of it. Please?

Flight Risk: Give me some time.

Aizawa Shouta: You have 2 hours.

We teach Problem Children [6:29]

Dead Tired: I don’t know why I haven’t expelled Midoriya yet.

Sagittarius A: What happened now?

Vlad the Impaler: I’m curious now.

Somnophilia: You need to tell.

Dead Tired: Midoriya built a Mothman statue.

Vlad the Impaler: That’s pretty normal. There’s usually at least one every year.

Dead Tired: It’s six meters tall. You can see it from pretty far away.

Thin Might: How did he build that?

Dead Tired: I don’t know. 

[SECURE] Veritas

Izuwu: It’s another quirk, some sort of earth manipulation quirk.

Toshuwu: Ah, the Third’s power, Stone Manipulation.

Aizuwu: How did you explain it to Tokoyami?

Izuwu: I already got the stone out, then we carved it, then I used it again to erase the stone. He didn’t question it.

Aizuwu: This is getting harder to explain…

Izuwu: We’ll find ways. There’s always a way to explain things. People will believe what they want to believe, whatever’s convenient.

Izuwu: I’m surprised people accepted my half-assed explanation for Blackwhip.

Aizuwu: What was your explanation?

Izuwu: “I concentrate the smoke generated from my fire into strong whip-like shapes.”

Bakuwu: Honestly, I feel like I was the only one to piece it together.

Izuwu: Not even Keigo suspected anything.

Aizuwu: Have you cleaned up your Mothman statue?

Izuwu: Yes.

Bakuwu: I helped. I had the opportunity to explode something, so I took it.

Chaos Incarnate [7:37]

AlienQueen: PLEASE tell me you managed to get pictures of the statue.

Flight Risk: Of course I took pictures, what do you take me for, someone that doesn’t appreciate my own work.

Flight Risk: Mothman.jpg

Hexapus: Why did you make that?

Explosive Boi: Because mothman’s cool.

Red Hot ice: :)

Flight Risk: I don’t know why, but that’s really ominous.

Human Sonic: Todoroki! That is an inappropriate use of your quirk!

Flight Risk: Todoroki, I love you so much right now that’s amazing.

Flight Risk: But let’s melt it before Aizawa sees it.

PunkJack: Maybe you shouldn’t discuss this in a chat where he can see it.

Flight Risk: OH SHIT!

Flight Risk: Well it’s gone now so…

Red Hot Ice: It was unfortunate that I had to melt it.

Explosive Boi: I got to explode stuff lol.

Flight Risk: Oh shit.

Flight Risk: @Aizawa Shouta I’m probably gonna be late for class.

Aizawa Shouta: Why?

Flight Risk: I gotta preen my feathers. It might be a while.

Aizawa Shouta: And you couldn’t have done this earlier why?

Flight Risk: Everything felt right until now. IDK how to explain it…

Aizawa Shouta: How long will it take?

Flight Risk: About an hour or so.

Red Hot ice: Can I help?

Private Message between Flight Risk and Red Hot ice .

Flight Risk: So uh… I don’t know how to explain this….

Red Hot ice: ?

Flight Risk: Taking care of my wings is… something rather intimate.

Red Hot ice: I don’t care, will it take less time if I help?

Flight Risk: Yeah, it should take about fifteen minutes if you help.

Red Hot ice: ?

Flight Risk: Doing it myself requires quite a bit of awkward stretching.

Flight Risk: Sometimes I wish I could detach my feathers like Keigo can…

Red Hot ice: I’m outside your room rn.


Visible: intimatetdzkmoment.jpg

Visible: Squeeeee!

Speedy birb: That’s…

Speedy birb: I think it’s happening.

Ice Ice baby: They’re both blushing like mad.

Speedy birb: Well when it comes to preening, the two of us only allow people we trust a lot to do it.

Speedy birb: So yeah.

Floaty: So this, after the flight, surely they get it now.

Explosive boi: Nope. It’s gonna take them fucking forever.

Froppy: Let’s hope not.

Creationist: Bakugou, it’s not like you’re any better..

Explosive boi: Hah?

Floaty: U + Kirishima.

Explosive boi:

Explosive boi has left the chat.

Creationist: Great. Now we can help him as well.

Floaty: I’m surprised they’re not together tbh.

Froppy: Like seriously, they’re pretty much attached to each other.

Ice Ice baby: Let’s focus on one thing at a time.

AlienQueen: Agreed.

Chaos Incarnate [12:22]

Hexapus: Lunch rush’s food feels off…

SugarStrength: He was sent off on a mission. Someone else is cooking for today.

Druid: ?

Eternal Darkness: What sort of mission would Lunch Rush be required for?

Sparkles: What even is his quirk? Making good food?

Rocky boi: How did he pass the entrance exam?

Aizawa Shouta: It was a disaster relief mission.

Aizawa Shouta: His Quirk is Chemical Manipulation, he’s actually quite powerful.

Aizawa Shouta: He passed by corroding the robots.

Red Hot ice: I have a theory…

AlienQueen: Lunch Rush is not my dad.

Assidic: Lunch Rush ain’t my pops.

Aizawa Shouta: Lunch Rush does have a daughter however, she’s in her second year at UA in general education learning to be a chef.

Red Hot ice: *puts away cork board with pictures hung up with push pins connected by colored yarn.* Well back to the drawing board.

Flight Risk: Who taught Todoroki how to do that?

Detective Pikachu: What?

Flight Risk: Asterisks.

Red Hot ice: Kaminari did it.

Detective Pikachu: Todoroki! You said that you would keep that a secret!

Red Hot ice: I could never keep a secret from Midoriya.

Human Sonic: Everyone! Put your phones away! Eating lunch is important!

Flight Risk: How about no?

Human Sonic: How about yes?

Human Sonic has frozen the chat for 38 minutes . (Until 13:00 )

“Iida, was that a meme? I would’ve never thought it would be in you?”

“I blame you and Kaminari for corrupting everyone. Apparently even I am not immune.”

Chaos Incarnate [14:02]

Flight Risk: alrighty guys, looks like All Might’s late. Did anybody snag what the lesson plans might be?

Human Sonic: Midoriya! That’s highly irresponsible!

Froppy: :)

Flight Risk: An unsettling smile… Do I really want to know?

Tapey Boi: I think she knows what’s happening.

Flight Risk: *Shudders*

Flight Risk: Last time she planned a lesson it was brutal, do you remember the Swimming Training that she did for our Student Planning Project?

Flight Risk: Which I still think that All Might did so he didn’t have to make 20 lesson plans.

Froppy: I'm surprised that some of you didn’t know how to swim.

Red Hot ice: I could’ve frozen the water.

Froppy: Aizawa was telling us about adapting to circumstances. You can’t rely on your quirk all the time.

Creationist: That lesson was great Tsu!

Flight Risk: Of course you would teach something you’re skilled at. Still, that was one of the hardest exercises I’ve done.

Purrple Dream: Why?

Flight Risk: I couldn’t really use my wings to swim. They actually made it harder.

Flight Risk: My lesson plans were on quirk analysis, unfortunately.

Detective Pikachu: Midoriya is sad he couldn’t teach people flight.

Flight Risk: Kaminari SHUT.

Human Sonic: Guys! All Might is explaining the lesson plan! Please got off of your phones!

Izuku turned off his phone and put it back into his pocket the moment Iida sent his message. He could still hear people chattering, but a single glare from their class president was enough to silence them.

All Might had asked for them to be summoned to the entryway to Ground Beta, and he was standing there, in a modified version of his hero costume designed to fit his emaciated state. A large box on a platform beside him. Chatter began again, about what it could possibly be, but the class president shut it down quickly.

“The rules of this game are simple.” Said All Might, appearing thankful that 2-A’s class president had been calming everyone down. “One person hides, and everyone else looks for the hider. When you find the hider, you hide with them. The goal of the game is to be the last person still hidden.

“You have full permission to use your quirks and you can hide anywhere except the main UA building or the dorms.”

Izuku took all of this in, his mind already going through efficient search patterns and techniques of spotting people.

“The Hider will be…” All Might began, rifling through the box “Young Midoriya!” He said, triumphantly holding a brown ball with elegant winged designs, intricate designs of blue and orange fire laced across it, as well as green-blue lightning and his Blackwhip represented by black lines traced across the entire thing. It was very detailed, and unmistakably him .

Well there go all of his plans. He has to find a hiding spot now…

“You have five minutes, go, now!”

He takes off immediately. He’ll find a good hiding spot later. Now it’s time for distance.

Chapter Text

Let it be known that stealth wasn’t one of Midoriya Izuku’s strengths. His giant rust-red wings make him instantly recognizable and they’re hard to hide. So whenever he hid, he was found pretty quickly. Also, it felt sort of uncomfortable. On the other hand, he loved seeking. His wings aren’t his only benefit of the mutation side of his quirk, his eyesight is excellent. He had gotten it measured at 20/9 or something crazy like that, so finding people was easy for him. It was also quite thrilling to seek out people.

Izuku didn’t like to think about the last part, how his quirk affects his mentality. It’s sort of terrifying of he's honest.

So despite his distaste for hiding, he was still determined to do his best. That's what UA is all about, pushing past limits. He activated Full Cowling at 8%, green lightning poured around his body and he took off even faster, wings pushing him forward. He only maintained Full Cowling for a few seconds, darting across miles of the UA campus, until he finally landed at the gates of USJ. Thankfully there wasn’t a lesson going on at the facility, as Thirteen was just walking out of it.

“Hey Thirteen! I’m going to hide in the USJ. Is that OK?” He called out as he walked to the door.

Thirteen merely opened the door in response. Was this planned ahead of time? That was a thought.

After getting into the massive dome he headed over to the conflagration zone. The flames were turned off for now, so it was just a cityscape. A cityscape, inside of a dome, inside of another dome, quite a few kilometers away from Ground Beta where they started.

So he probably wouldn’t be found for another hour. Time to mess with everyone else.

Flight Risk has added Tapey Boi , Floaty , Druid and 16 others to Unnamed chat [14:07]

Flight Risk has changed the chat name to Find the bird :) .

Flight Risk: This is a gc with just the class. I’ll give hints that won’t really help :)

Floaty: Then why did you make this chat?

Flight Risk: Maybe you can share information or mislead other people.

Flight Risk: Deception is part of the game btw.

Druid: :)

Tapey Boi: That smile is scary.

Flight Risk: This might be a chance for Koda to show off his strengths.

Druid: I can command birds to bring more birds to me, continuing the cycle.

Visible: How many birds do you have?

Druid: around 300 or so. I’m not entirely sure.

Eternal Darkness: How many can you have?

Druid: I don’t know. I’ve never had a hard limit before.

Flight Risk: That’s terrifying.

Rocky boi: I’m just imagining a horde of small animals swarming over me. Terrifying.


Creationist has added Druid to ENDTHEPINING .

AlienQueen: why did you add Koda?

Druid: I found Midoriya.

Froppy: Why aren’t you going after him?

Druid: Look at the chat name.

AlienQueen: So even you noticed?

Floaty: I think everyone except those two noticed.

Private Chat between Druid and Red Hot ice [14:28]

Druid: Midoriya is hiding in the conflagration zone, in the center.

Red Hot ice: Ok then.


Druid: mission success.

AlienQueen: Yay!

Izuku saw a bird come up near where he was, perched on a rooftop in the center of the conflagration zone, and then immediately fly off. Very unusual behavior for a bird, which means…

Out of everybody in class 2-A, Koda found him first. That had not been what he was expecting, but it was good to see that Koda was taking some of his advice in learning more complex instructions to give his birds, like using his creatures to get more creatures, or chaining instructions, like telling a bird to tell birds it meets to do something else as well. Massively powering up one of his classmate’s quirks just for the time it took to compile a book on instructions, which he gave to shinsou as well. 

But that meant that, despite his far-flung hiding spot, he had been found in about twenty minutes. He would’ve lasted maybe a few more minutes if he was indoors, but not many. Damn Koda’s a powerful searching hero.

He should really only be one of the few people that could find him in a reasonable time, this place isn’t really accessible or visible from the ground. Plus it’s quite a distance to travel. Only Iida or Kacchan could even come close to matching his speed. Maybe Todoroki could manage it, his progress in using ice and fire to propel himself has gotten pretty good. Using fire for propulsion wasn’t something he really had considered, his wings already moving him faster than cars travel in the cities.

Adding on the boost he got from One for All, and not even Keigo could keep up with him.

A half-hour later he heard the doors to the conflagration zone open. A benefit of his current position is he could see the entrance, but the people there couldn’t see him, he was too far away.

It was Todoroki.


He had been expecting Koda. After all, he was the one who had “found” him first with the birds. Maybe Todoroki had followed him, then went ahead of him. Yeah, that was probably it.

He then saw Todoroki start walking towards the center, avoiding looking in the side rooms. Does he know? Well, he’ll ask.

Private Message between Red Hot ice and Flight Risk [14:59]

Flight Risk: Hey do you know where I am?

Red Hot ice: Yes.

Flight Risk: how

Red Hot ice: :)

Flight Risk: I should’ve never taught you the power of smiley faces.

Red Hot ice: but you did :)

Flight Risk: i’ll see ya soon ig

Red Hot ice: Yes you will.

“Hey Todoroki.” A soft voice behind him said. Despite not hearing it often, Shouto immediately recognized it as the voice belonging to Koda.

“What is it, Koda? Did you want to team up to find Midoriya?” He replied, and he met it. As much as his father hated team-ups (“They dull your skills” the voice of his father yells.) they were quite useful. 

So yet another thing he was wrong about. 

Koda’s quirk allowed him to scout wide ranges of area, far more than pretty much everyone in the class, (with the possible exception of Midoriya, he never really said how fast he could really go.) and he could hunt down whatever villains they found.

One thing they’re team was missing was mobility. Koda’s quirk didn’t make him faster, and while he could move faster with his quirk, it was far too dangerous to carry a passenger. Thankfully Koda was surprisingly athletic, (They had been running constantly for about ten minutes now, and the taller teen showed no signs of being tired.) so they could just keep moving.

Suddenly Koda slowed down. He turned around to see what the problem was, to see that he was signing.

If we could take a break, that would be nice .

“Of course Koda, we can do that.” He wasn’t too tired, but if what Koda said, and what he knew about Midoriya was true, they would be searching far away.

And of all things, he saw the taller teen pull out his phone and type. It made sense that he would be more comfortable texting, because he explained that animals are attracted when he talks.

I know where Midoriya is, he’s on the roof of the tallest building in the conflagration zone of USJ. You head there, I’m gonna find people and throw them off of the trail.

A noble plan. Sure, he’ll go along with it, and that’s exactly what he says.

Until Koda leaves, and he realizes he’ll have to spend time alone with Midoriya. Not that he minds, after all he gets to observe his crush in secret.

One thing to thank his father for is learning how to not express inner emotions, otherwise he would definitely have been a blushing mess whenever he was near the shorter teen.

Huh, he really was shorter. Well, that’s when it comes to head-height. There’s a reason why he sits in the back (not that he’s complaining). His rust-red wings extend a few dozen centimeters above his head even when he’s walking, (and the tips of the largest feathers still brush the ground) so the wings block the view of people behind him. The wings make him look taller.

While he thinks he’s done a good job at keeping his feelings inside, he has a sneaking suspicion that he’s not as good as he thinks.

Especially with how Koda was acting.

Lost in his thoughts, he barely even notices when he walks into the USJ, Thirteen off repairing the landslide zone.

It took him only a moment to reorient himself and head for the conflagration zone.

Private Chat between Red Hot ice and Flight Risk [15:03]

Flight Risk: So you’re not going to tell me how you got here before Koda?

Red Hot ice: Well that’s who told me.

Red Hot ice: We teamed up together. After he found you, he left, apparently wanting to throw off the trail of other people.

Flight Risk: sounds fake but ok.

Red Hot ice: Hey this building is tall.

Flight Risk: The tallest, in fact.

Red Hot ice: fly me up please…

Flight Risk: The things I do for you…

Yes he was blushing.

Could you blame him? He had been preparing himself to say his true feelings all day. Three days of constant reinforcement from his “Squad” (sans Todoroki) and from Keigo finally convinced him to go along with it.

They could still be friends after this. It might be awkward but whatever. He had ice cream ready and him and Kacchan had a pact. If they were still single by the time they were 35, they would marry each other. Izuku still had no idea why he had agreed to that. Whatever, it seemed like a good idea.

He had gotten everything ready for after this exercise.

Then of course this threw everything into whack.

When Todoroki had asked him to fly him up, Izuku had replied casually, but this was anything but casual. Because, holy shit…

He did it anyway, grabbing him from the ground and hauling him up with powerful blasts from his wings, reaching the top of the roof in seconds, because he couldn’t really take anything else.

He deposited Todoroki on the roof, and then dove into his thoughts, careful not to mutter. It was an unfortunate habit he had inherited from his father.

“Hey Todoroki, I feel like I should tell you something.” He said, managing to barely keep his nervousness out of his voice.

What was weird was Todoroki immediately looked interested.

“You told me about your past, so it’s only appropriate that I do the same.” At the expression on Todoroki’s face, it was obvious he was already assuming the worst. “No, no! It’s not anything like that!

“When I said that Keigo was my brother, it was partially true. He’s actually my half-brother. I also have a younger half-sister, Izumi.”

He had to pause around a lump in his throat before he could continue, but he persevered. If Todoroki could reveal such secrets as quirk marriages, how he got his scar, and everything with his family, then he could mention how complex his family really is.

“Now the thing about Izumi and Keigo, is that they’re not actually related. They have completely different parents.” He added. Todoroki now looked less shocked and angry, and more confused. It definitely made him look softer, something he wanted to see more of… No! He had a story to tell.

“So you’ve met my current mother, right?” Todoroki nodded in assent. He had stayed over some days when Endeavor was away or when Endeavor allowed. “Well she’s neither me nor Keigo’s bio moms. That honor belongs to Takami Kiyome.” Todoroki’s eyes widened like saucers. Takami Kiyome used to be an influential politician in the Japanese Parliament, acting as an influential councillor of Tokyo prefecture for almost two dozen years, until she suddenly resigned sixteen years ago.

“She was quite the influential politician, until her career ended sixteen years ago. Well the reason why that happened was her son, who she had had with some one-night-stand that used condoms poked with holes and tampered with her morning-after pill while she was drunk, had just saved four lives in a car accident.

“Her kid would later become Hawks. She never wanted him, so when the Hero Commission came a-knocking seeing if they could make the kid a perfect hero. Fortunately they needed both parents' signatures, and her new husband, refused.

“This lead to a custody battle. Me being born in the middle of this made everything worse. Thankfully the judge knew his shit, and decided that my dad had our best interests in mind, so we no longer have contact with her.”

“Thankfully our new mom took a chance on a dad with two sons, so they married a year later, and Izumi was born a year later.”

Izuku waited for Todoroki’s response. What would he say?

His train of thought was cut off by something he hadn’t really expected.

Todoroki had hugged him. After a few moments of awkwardness, he returned it. Then they separated (too soon.)


“I’m sorry, did I do something wrong?” The bi-colored teen asked, looking sad.

Oh hell no. Not in this house.

“N-not at all! It was just surprising, that’s all!”

“Well people hug who they care about, right?”

“Y-you care about me?!” Oh no, Todoroki, you don’t know how cute you look right now.

“Of course.”

“Why is that?” Half of him regretted asking the question, because he was nervous about what the answer would be. The other half, having been generously fed by his friends, eagerly awaited the answer.

Whatever it may be.

“Because I love you.”

“Like as a friend or-”


“Well, I-i like you too.”

“Like, more than a friend.”


A weight he hadn’t even noticed lifted from his chest. He felt so light.

Dammit, that meant Uraraka was right.

But he could deal with it.

This was better.

Chapter Text

“Hey Todoroki?” 

“Shouto, you can call me Shouto.”

“Ok.” Izuku paused for a moment. “Well then you can call me Izuku.”

Shouto didn’t know how to continue the conversation after that, until he remembered that Mido-Izuku was asking him something.

“Izuku you were asking something?” Thank goodness his voice was steady enough to ask.

“Did you want to mess with our classmates?” M-Izuku said, a mischievous glint in his golden eyes. 

Shouto decided he liked when Izuku was planning something. Something about seeing his mind working at maximum capacity to do stupid pranks was… it was something he could get used to. Also, as much as he likes this class, sometimes they can be annoying. Getting to pull a prank WITH Izuku…

Could this be considered their first date?

“Of course.”

“So I presume you’ve been badgered by quite a few people about… this?”

Well he hadn’t been badgered that much, it had mainly been Yaomomo and sometimes Kaminari. It seemed Izuku had been bothered much more about it.

“Not really, but I get it.”

“So how about we keep this a secret, let them think we’re still not together.”

Oh, Izuku, you are a fiend.

I love it.

He couldn’t help but smile.

“Let’s do it.”

Find the bird :) [15:12]

Flight Risk: Well Todoroki found me first. Somehow.

Flight Risk: Aaand there’s Koda. Cool.

Druid: I got lost.

Flight Risk: OK cool. 

Floaty: I searched through most of Ground Beta, where are you?

Explosive Boi: He’s a sneaky fucker. Probably in some random fucking building somewhere.

Flight Risk: Just be thankful you didn’t have to look for Hagakure.

Visible: I could’ve been literally anywhere.

Flight Risk: I would have had to do something more creative.

Creationist: Midoriya, has anyone found you yet?

Flight Risk: Todoroki and Koda.

Flight Risk: All Might may have made the boundaries too big…

Human Sonic: I think I know where you are.

Eternal Darkness: Same.

Explosive Boi: Samw.

PunkJack: How do you guys know?

Human Sonic: I’ve known Midoriya about three years before UA, I know how he think.

Explosive Boi: same except ive known the dumb pigeon his entire life.

Eternal Darkness: I learned stealth tactics from Hawks.

Eternal Darkness: They’re so much alike it’s scary.

Flight Risk: I take offense to that.

Eternal Darkness: It true doe

Flight Risk: alright, no more flying lessons for you.

Eternal Darkness: Hawks would be happy to teach me.

Flight Risk: Fine. I’ll keep doing it so my brother doesn’t mess it up.

Tail(s): What just happened?

Eternal Darkness: A Discrete Business Transaction.

Flight Risk: A Discrete Business Transaction.

Floaty: Why was that typed at the same time.

Explosive Boi: They’re doing that freaky shit again.

Tapey Boi: Again?

Explosive Boi: They did it before, except it was a full conversation and Todoroki, Kaminari, Kirishima and Shinsou participated as well.

Rocky Boi: That required quite a bit of dedication.

Detective Pikachu: But it was hilarious lel

Purrple Dream: Where are you you dumb pigeon?

Flight Risk: Hawks is the dumb pigeon i’m the idiot pigeon.

Purrple Dream: Understandable, have a great day.

Purrple Dream: Where are you you idiot* pigeon.

Flight Risk: not telling you.

Purrple Dream: Sorry guys I tried.

Detective Pikachu: A valiant effort.

Red Hot ice: Truly your best attempt.

SugarStrength: Who taught Todoroki S A S S?

Red Hot ice: Bold of you to assume that I didn’t know it beforehand.

Rocky Boi: Where did sassyroki come from?

Red Hot ice has changed their username to Sassyroki .

Sassyroki: My new identity.

Detective Pikachu: Yeet yeet where u at Mido?

Flight Risk has changed Detective Pikachu ’s username to Pika Pika Bitches .

Human Sonic: Midoriya! That is an inappropriate username for Kaminari!

Pika Pika Bitches: I approve doe.

Find the Bird :) [15:47]

Explosive Boi: Fucking finally! I found the damn nerd. Of course you fucking hid where you did.

Druid: I applaud his spot. An excellent choice.

Sato’s so fancy: Where is it?

Explosive Boi: I’m not saying a fuckin’ thing.

Pika Pika Bitches: Fair enough.

Find the Bird :) [16:22]

Hexapus: Alright found him.

Hexapus: Damn that was difficult.

Find the Bird :) [17:00]

Flight Risk has added Thin Might to Find the Bird :) .

Thin Might: Everyone! The exercise is now over on the grounds of it taking too long.

Eternal Darkness has changed their username to Demon Master .

AlienQueen: So what happens to those of us who didn’t find Midoriya?

Thin Might: You fail the exercise.

Thin Might: Midoriya, if you would?

Flight Risk: I was hiding on the roof of the tallest building in the conflagration zone.

Detective Pikachu: Like in the USJ?

Flight Risk: Of course.

Flight Risk has deleted the chat Find the Bird :) .

Private chat between Flight Risk and Sassyroki . [17:12]

Sassyroki: So how are we doing this?

Flight Risk: Idk, let’s figure it out.

Flight Risk: Hold on.

Flight Risk has set Sassyroki ’s chat nickname to Shouto <3 .

Shouto <3 has set Flight Risk ’s chat nickname to Izuku Ɛ> .

Izuku Ɛ>: Shou, do you know how to make a normal heart?

Shouto <3: What do you mean?

Izuku Ɛ>: There’s a…

Izuku Ɛ>: Nevermind, I like it.

Shouto <3 has set Izuku Ɛ> ’s chat nickname to Izzy Ɛ>: .

Izzy Ɛ> has set Shouto <3 ’s chat nickname to Shou <3 .

Izzy Ɛ>: I like this too


Creationist: Agent Koda, report.

Druid: ?

Creationist: Y’know, the two of them.

Druid: I don’t think so, it didn’t look like it.

Floaty has changed their username to Zero Gravity .

Zero Gravity: Seriously?

Froppy: Just give them time. It’ll take a bit.

Ice Ice baby: Fuckin hell this’ll take forever.

Speedy birb: By the time they get together I’ll have grey hair.

AlienQueen: Truth.

Zero Gravity: Well we’re just gonna have to plan >:)

Meanwhile, back in his dorm room, Midoriya Izuku shuddered. Why he did, he had no idea. It was just a feeling of ominous dread, nothing unusual.

Visible: That’s a very ominous face…

Zero Gravity: I don’t know what you mean :)

Speedy birb: I’m the no.2 hero and even I shuddered.

Ice Ice baby: Isn’t she the one that’s usually bright and cheerful?

AlienQueen: yeah but she can be vicious.

AlienQueen: Example A: Last Year’s Sports Festival.

Chaos Incarnate [17:33]

Flight Risk: I want squid for some reason.

Flight Risk: And we have no squid.

Sassyroki: I have squid.

Flight Risk: Can I have some squid.

Sassyroki: Of course, Midoriya.

Flight Risk: Thanks :)

Private Chat between Izzy Ɛ> and Shou <3 . [17:33]

Izzy Ɛ>: Thanks <3.

Shou <3: This was perfect.

Izzy Ɛ>: Shou, do you like watching them suffer.

Shou <3: Of course >:)

Izzy Ɛ>: This is why I love you <3

Chaos Incarnate [17:33]

Creationist: Is this another Discrete Business Transaction?

Demon Master: It does radiate DBT energy indeed.

Pika Pika Bitches: How to get rid of 200 plastic flowers.

Pika Pika Bitches: Oh wait, this isn’t google.

Flight Risk: After I finish this squid I will dispose of them. Just wait.

Pika Pika Bitches: Ok.

Hexapus: Alright so who’s cooking.

Sato’s so fancy: Unless there’s a change in the plans, I thought I was.

Hexapus: Oh, right.



Ice Ice baby: I really don’t want to think about my younger brother fucking.

Speedy birb: Same.


Ice Ice baby: Well Shouto’s coming over so I’ll look through his phone.

Speedy birb: And I’ll look through Izuku’s phone, maybe Izumi would help me.

Creationist: Izumi?

Speedy birb: My younger sister. She’s thirteen.

Speedy birb: Benefit of being the youngest is she can get away with almost anything.

Visible: Midoriya doesn’t talk about his family much.

Zero Gravity: Todoroki doesn’t talk about his family much either.

Speedy birb: Our family situation is… complicated.

Ice Ice baby: Our family situation is… complicated.

Visible: Well it’s not our place to intrude.

Speedy birb: Damn right.

Chaos Incarnate [19:44]

Flight Risk: This food is good Sato!

Sato’s so fancy: Why thanks!

Pika Pika Bitches: Anyway, it’s movie night!

Sassyroki: I don’t have to go, right?

Creationist: Of course not! Do you not feel well or something?

Private Chat between Creationist and Sassyroki . [19:44]

Creationist: Were you rejected?

Sassyroki: No. I’m just tired.

Chaos Incarnate [19:45]

Pika Pika Bitches: Alright so Todoroki isn’t going, anyone else?

Explosive Boi: I have shit to do. I might be down later.

Pika Pika Bitches: Anyone else?

Pika Pika Bitches: Let’s do dis!

“Alright guys, the first movie we’re gonna watch is… Exchequer IX!” Kaminari called out dramatically.

There was quite a lot of disagreement. Sure they had been watching the Exchequer series for the past few months, but other people wanted to rewatch Espers of Another Era, and still others wanted to see a variety of movies.

“Everyone!” Iida called out. “We should have a vote on what we want to watch. I have a voting system that is perfect.”

So after MORE arguing, Iida finally managed to get a list of ten movies.

“Hold up your hand if you want to watch the movie. You can vote for multiple movies.”

Iida always had good ideas for how to organize things into rules.

After ten series of votes, the most votes were for continuing watching the Exchequer series. Even those who didn’t vote for it watched the movie intently. So intently, in fact, they didn’t notice Midoriya had slipped away.

To-Shou seemed off. He wouldn’t say what, but there was definitely something off. There was only one thing that Izuku knew that could get Shou in this type of state.

He had set up a special knock with Shou beforehand, and when he did it, the door immediately opened and he was gestured inside.

“What is it Shou?” He asked. At this point it could’ve been anything.

“My father called again. Apparently he found out about my… feelings.”

“What did he say?”

“Well what happened was he wanted to hook me up with a girl that had an earth manipulation quirk. Apparently he was already thinking about forcing another quirk marriage. I tried to refuse his… offer but he kept badgering me about it. There was only one way I thought of…”

“Don’t worry Shou, you’re not living with him anymore. There’s nothing he can really do.” He sat down behind his bicolored boyfriend and enveloped him in a hug, and moving his wings around him protectively.

“I’ll make sure of it.”

“Hey, did you want to watch something together, get your mind off of this?” He asked after a few minutes. Distracting Shou from this, at least for a day. Then it could be a serious conversation later.

“Yeah sure.”

“Did you want to see a disney movie?”

“I heard Mulan was good. I have never seen it before.”

Well then, that sealed the deal. He flew down to his balcony, grabbing the named DVD, and flew back up, and put the DVD in.

“So remember when you used to like Endeavor?” He was suddenly asked as the movie started.

“When was that? I don’t remember.” He replied, which earned him a small chuckle from Shou.

He saved that image in his mind. A precious sight, that deserves to be saved forever.

Chaos Incarnate [21:42]

Pika Pika Bitches: Alright Bois so what’s the next movie?

Explosive Boi: Death Blaze II.

Explosive Boi: The first Death Blaze fucking sucks.

Human Sonic: That movie is extremely inappropriate!

Explosive Boi: How would you know?

Human Sonic: I watched it obviously.


Human Sonic: Anyways! There’s a new animated movie called Seraph’s Light that just got it’s Japanese translation!

Pika Pika Bitches: Yell heah let’s fuckin’ gooooooo

Pika Pika Bitches: This is why we are learning English so we can watch movies earlier.

Purrple Dream: Indeed. That’s why I learned some english.

Pika Pika Bitches has changed Tail(s) ’s username to Fluffy Tail .

Pika Pika Bitches has changed PunkJack ’s username to Jacked .

Fluffy Tail: Why?

Pika Pika Bitches: Tail is fluffy. That’s all.

Fluffy Tail: There’s no way I can deny it, so… I accept.

Jacked: I hate this.

Jacked has changed their username to PunkJack .

Pika Pika Bitches: Fair.

Chaos Incarnate [22:45]

Zero Gravity: Hey guys where did Midoriya go?

Froppy: Where DID he go?

Fluffy Tail: How did he slip away? It’s not hard to see him.

Purrple Dream: Lemme text him.

Private Chat between Purrple Dream and Flight Risk. [22:45]

Purrple Dream: Where are you?

Purrple Dream: Midoriya?

Purrple Dream: Midoriya?

Flight Risk: What is it Shinsou?

Purrple Dream: Where u at?

Flight Risk: My room. It’s something personal.

Purrple Dream: k

Chaos Incarnate [22:55]

Purrple Dream: Midoriya had some personal stuff going on.

Ready Player One: That’s bullshit.

Froppy: Why do you think so?

Ready Player One: Actually, nevermind.

Ready Player One: Just move along.


Decaymaster [22:56]:

You’re not subtle, you know that?

Greeninja [22:58]:



Decaymaster [22:58]:



Chaos Incarnate [22:58]

Tapey Boi: So that happened.

Explosive Boi: Just watch you’re fucking movie.

Explosive Boi: Fuckin’ hell you’re loud.

Chapter Text

Chaos Incarnate [3:44]

Pika Pika Bitches: So is anyone awake?

Ready Player One: Yeah. I shouldn’t be though.

Pika Pika Bitches: But i’m still awaake.

Purrple Dream: Samw

Ready Player One: Y’all play Kangdeth Ka IV?

Pika Pika Bitches: Yell heah.

Pika Pika Bitches: 2Wq-G5x-PPq you can add me with that.

Ready Player One: You shouldn’t share that in this chat.

Pika Pika Bitches: dw whoever can add it idc.

Purrple Dream: Does that mean I can add you.

Pika Pika Bitches: Yeah sure.

Chaos Incarnate [7:37]

Flight Risk: Yoooo you guys played KKIV without me?

Ready Player One: You didn’t respond to messages.

Flight Risk: Fair.

Pika Pika Bitches: You’re usually awake at 3am but you weren’t.

Flight Risk: Sometimes I’m not awake at 3am. 

Sassyroki: Same.

Flight Risk: Wait, Todoroki, you’re sometimes awake at 3am?

Sassyroki: Yeah, but I like lurking too much.

Flight Risk: Fair.

Explosive Boi: heezus fucking vhrust notce it alrewdy.

Rocky Boi: ?


Sassyroki: I could say the same thing about you.

Pika Pika Bitches: wauw

Demon Master: Well he’s gotta live up to the name somehow...

Flight Risk: I had to laugh at your typos.

Explosive Boi: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Flight Risk: Nope sorry Kacchan.

Explosive Boi: Fucking fine. I’ve given up trying to convince him to do anything.

Flight Risk: I win again :)

Explosive Boi: 1v1 me you coward.

Flight Risk: Ok.

Demon Master: Hagakure are you online?

Visible: Of course :) I’m getting the camera.

Chaos Incarnate [8:05]

Flight Risk: We got two days of house arrest :(

Flight Risk: Who snitched?

Aizawa Shouta: You forget I’m in this chat.

Flight Risk: OH SHIT

Flight Risk: Next time I’ll PM Kacchan.

Aizawa Shouta: There will be no next time Problem Child.

Flight Risk: Theoretically, next time we’ll be less noticeable.

Pika Pika Bitches: Midoriya, you shoot fire and Bakugo has explosions, there’s no way for a fight between you two to be anything but subtle.

Pika Pika Bitches: So who won?

Human Sonic: Kaminari! We do not want to encourage them to fight!

Flight Risk: It was a tie, Aizawa stopped us before we could get serious :(

Flight Risk: Which makes the score 434-297-12. In my favor.

Creationist: So where do you fight that you can do it a total of 743 times?

Flight Risk: Well at UA the training rooms are open from 6-9pm on certain days.

Explosive Boi: We trained a Hawks’ agency before UA.

Flight Risk: Still think i traumatised an intern with my hell screech.

Speedy birb: Don’t forget sneaking into my agency at 2am.

Flight Risk: WAIT YOU KNEW?

Flight Risk: I thought I looped the cameras???

Speedy birb: Who taught you that again? It wasn’t dad.

Flight Risk: Dammit.

AlienQueen: I smell tea.

Demon Master: Scroll up.

AlienQueen: Ah, that’s why.

Human Sonic: Midoriya, Bakugou, breaking into a hero agency is a crime!

Speedy birb: Nah im cool with it.

Chaos Incarnate [8:19]

Flight Risk: Shiggy, what did you mail me?

Ready Player One: It’s not dangerous. The package was probably screened six ways from sunday.

Flight Risk: Ok fine.


Explosive Boi: Hah had Shiggy u legend.

Human Sonic: You’re older than us, why are you like this?

Speedy birb: Get used to receiving dildos.

Speedy birb: every week some jerkwad who thinks they’re “so funny” send them.

Speedy birb: I have quite the collection. Some of them are quite.. Large.

Speedy birb: Every hero I know of has gotten them.

Sassyroki: Are you telling me people have sent my father dildos?

Speedy birb: Definitely.

Speedy birb: There’s this one guy who’s quirk allows him to teleport objects to people.

Speedy birb: He could have very easily became a villain and send Endeavor bombs.

Speedy birb: Instead he sends 45-cm dildos.

Human Sonic: Brother, is this true?

Goingfast: What?

Speedy birb: People sending you dildos.

Goingfast: Yes.

Assidic: I’m gonna do it.

Flight Risk: Doing what?

Flight Risk: OH NO DON’T DO IT!!!

Human Sonic: What?

Assidic: @Aizawa Shouta .

Ready Player One: At least she’s a civilian.

Ready Player One: If she was a student she’d be dead.

Ice Ice baby: Still. I thought it but didn’t say it.

Aizawa Shouta: What?

Assidic: Read up.

Aizawa Shouta:

Aizawa Shouta: There’s a reason i’m an underground hero.

Private Chat between Flight Risk and Rocky Boi . [8:32]

Flight Risk: @Rocky Boi what was that?

Rocky Boi: You saw nothing.

Flight Risk: Kiri you forget that I have enhanced eyesight.

Rocky Boi:

Flight Risk: If you don’t want to talk about it then dont.

Flight Risk: But if you do, then talk to me.

Rocky Boi: It feels wrong over text.

Flight Risk: Come to my room then.

Rocky Boi: Won’t Todoroki get mad or jealous?

Flight Risk: Why?

Rocky Boi: Bakubro was right, you really are dense.

Izuku knew what he had seen. Sure he had only seen a few small sections, but it was unmistakable. Someone had sent him an anonymous love letter. He had already done due diligence, and helped Kiri out by burying the letter further in the trash, and then hauling said trash out to the dumpster for good measure.

He had became Kirishima’s friend a couple of months ago, after he had asked about some of the things that Kacchan liked. It wasn’t hard to guess why, Kirishima was crushing hard on an explosive blond.

So they started hanging out together. It had started when they told each other about their crushes, and it had evolved into a pretty nice friendship.

Although it was weird that Kiri would just throw out a love letter like that. Maybe it wasn’t from Kacchan, or maybe it wasn’t a love letter at all. He hadn’t seen enough of it to be sure.

There was a knock at his door, loud and powerful, something that could only come from Kiri. Still, he did double check, just to make sure that it really was him and not someone else, because apparently people liked to come to him for advice for everything from math to relationships. (Why they came to HIM for advice for that sort of thing was a mystery.) After checking the peephole (sure enough, it was Kiri) he let the red-haired teen in.

One of the things that Keigo had told him about was resolving situations. One of the less flashy aspects of heroics involved conflict resolution, something that he had studied effectively. Even the most minor aspects could mean the difference between someone that trusts him and someone that doesn’t. Kirishima came in and sat down on the bean bag chair he had gotten several months ago.

“So Kiri, what was in that letter?” He asked, after Kirishima had settled. With quite a few people, getting to the heart of the matter was essential. Kirishima was one of those people.

“I… I wrote it. It was my letter.” Kirishima replied, the usual strength in his voice sapped, leaving him sounding unnaturally weak. It didn’t sound like him, something that Izuku didn’t like to hear.

“Ok, why did you throw it out in the kitchen trash? You could just as easily have thrown it out in your room.” He asked. He had written love letters (several, all to Shou) and discarded them all. (Well actually he had burned them, but it’s the same effect.)

“I.. Sorta wanted to be caught by Bakubro with the letter.”

Oh. So it’s this type of deal. This reminded him of Sayuki from his middle school. There was a boy she liked, and her solution: buy a second phone and send all sorts of messages to it that explicitly show her feelings. She then wanted to wait until he needed to borrow a phone, and then she would give him this phone.

Naturally Izuku had pushed them together, and it seems like this situation was the same, with the added problem of it being a homosexual relationship.

Sure discrimination of that sort had mostly fallen by the wayside, replaced with a venghence by quirk discrimination, but people will take any chance to find an “other.”

“The problem that I see is you need to take a more active role. Make Kacchan notice you.” And he had a plan to do just that. He went to his dresser and pulled out a selection of normal clothes he had. “Here, wear these.”

Kirishima grabbed the clothes and went into the attached bathroom. Two minutes later and he walked out again. He had grabbed a t-shirt and shorts combo that was tighter than the usual clothes that Kirishima wore, leaving little to the imagination.

“Good. Kacchan will definitely notice you know.” Izuku said with a grin.

“Thanks Midobro!” Kirishima replied, confidence restored.

Now he’s waiting for a text from Kacchan about Kirishima.

Chapter Text

Awase stop welding random shit [3:33]

Free Building: Yooo insomnisquad?

Endless Knives: The fuck ya want Awase?

Free Building: Do crabs think fish are flying?

Endless Knives: What the fuck Awase?

Dark Portal: No, because crabs can also go on the land. So crabs may think fish are flying, but fish think crabs can swim.

Free building: Alright Kuroiro wins this round.

Dark Portal: Damn right I did.

At least we’re better than Class 2-A [8:04]

SolidAir: Monoma I didn’t expect you to help people in class 2-A.

Copy Jester: I’ll only do it if it’s a prank.

You spin me right round: Of fucking course.

Endless Knives: someone took my fucking whetstone.

Free Building: Why do you have a whetstone?


3-foot paperclip: Oh yeah, it the boulder outside I’ll go shrink it.

Dripdropflipflop: So why was it outside?

Endless Knives: I must’ve fucking dropped it as I went outside.

Endless Knives: Thanks for returning it.

Mobile Adonis: Anyways so can anyone tell me why there’s a pile of watermelons in the common room?

Discount Dragon: My father owns a watermelon farm, and sometimes he drops off a small amount of his spares.

Gluey: I don’t think “Spare” is a word that should describe watermelons.

SplitLizard: SMALL? There’s like thirty. What the fuck.

Discount Dragon: We may need to share them with quite a few people.

Slammin’ Fist: 5 people can have 1 watermelon, so we can have 4. Or maybe 8 for extras.

Slammin’ Fist: So let’s share these watermelons.

3-Foot Paperclip: I can shrink them for ease of transport.

At least we’re better than Class 2-A [8:37]

Discount Dragon: All of the watermelons have been delivered.

Spoopy Ghwost: I may have traumatized someone from class 2-A.

Copy Jester: Tell me m o r e.

Spoopy Ghwost: I floated the watermelons on the couch.

Spoopy Ghwost: Someone sat on them it was funny.

Spoopy Ghwost: They didn’t break so..

Copy Jester: Hahahhah Yanagi you legend.

Copy Jester has set Spoopy Ghwost ’s username to LEGend .

LEGend: I accept this, but why.

Copy Jester: idk lel.

Slammin’ Fist: My “monoma is being stupid” senses are tingling.

SplitLizard: Read up.

Slammin’ Fist: Ah, that’s why.

Slammin’ Fist: Monoma you need to cooperate with Class 2-A outside of pranks.

Copy Jester: No I don’t.

Slammin’ Fist: I have a karate chop with your name on it.

Copy Jester: OK fine.


Dripdropflipflop: There’s a produce section of the fridge. Look there.


Dripdropflipflop: No problem.

Beastman: Why did Testutetsu want spinach?

Dripdropflipflop: He’s probably making his weekly meals.

Dripdropflipflop: I recommend staying out of the kitchen, unless you want to be violently kicked out.

Free Building: Tetsutetsu can cook?

Dripdropflipflop: Yeah who did you think made that Mac-n-cheese?

Free Building: You?

Shazam!: Nope it was Tetsutetsu.

Shazam!: Honenuki is someone you don’t want to cook.

Holy vines: Last time we tried he burned rice.

Dripdropflipflop: I’ll have you know I’m taking cooking classes Shiozaki.

Holy vines: Trying to impress someone???

Dripdropflipflop: Shiozaki SHUT.

SplitLizard: What is this I hear?

SplitLizard: Does Honenuki have a crush?

Dripdropflipflop: Nope.

SolidAir: That’s a yes. Don’t try to deny it. Who’s the lucky girl?

Dripdropflipflop: I just want to be able to make something without burning it.

Mushrooms: Fair enough.

Endless Knives: Don’t just accept his explanation Komori.

Endless Knives has created the group chat Who’s Honenuki’s crush? [8:44]

Endless Knives has added Free Building, SplitLizard , Gluey and 2 others.

Endless Knives: Alright boys and girls we got a challenge here.

Gluey: We do know how mysterious Honenuki is, right? This is gonna be a challenge.

SplitLizard: Not really, Honenuki is leaving UA today.

SolidAir: Is anyone else leaving?

Copy Jester: Hold on let me and Tokage check.

Gluey: Kewl.

Free Building: Alright so we have a plan?

SolidAir: Indeed.

Who’s Honenuki’s crush? [9:05]

Gluey: Should we add anyone from class 2-A?

Copy Jester: O N E.

Gluey has added AlienQueen to Who’s Honenuki’s crush?

Free Building: Whomstve?

AlienQueen: Ashido Mina!

Free Building: Kewl.

Copy Jester: Why did you add her in particular?

AlienQueen: Well I do have extensive knowledge…

Gluey: Plus we’re dating :)


AlienQueen: Already done :)

Free Building: If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get together?

Gluey: It was… complicated.

AlienQueen: If it’s fine with you, we’d rather not say :)

Free Building: That’s perfectly fine. I won’t push.

SplitLizard: Alright so Midoriya, Todoroki, and Tokoyami are leaving from Class 2-A, and Kamakiri, Kuroiro, Honenuki and Rin are leaving from class 2-B.

SplitLizard: Although it doesn’t have to be someone that’s leaving.

Endless Knives: Hm. Interesting.

AlienQueen: Well let’s see.

[private] So many ways to be wicked {~9:00}

Azure Fire: Why do we have this again?

Azure Fire: Can’t the company track this shit?

StainStan: Relax! The company is based in Thailand. Japanese heroes would have to secure an international partnership to force them to release the data, which due to Thai laws is notoriously difficult. Plus, they’d have to gather a whole host of important information, which won’t really happen.

ß isn’t B it’s S: Don’t worry Dabi. This is pretty secure.

Twiceler: A shame Shigaraki left. Good riddance.

BloodyFun: Why did he leave the League anyway? I thought he was like the original member.

MarbleMagician: I overheard him muttering about “Stain worshipping trash.”

Azure Fire: Whatever. It’s a shame we lost him.

Azure Fire: Still, glad we picked Kaito and Charger up.

Mako Shark: Damn Right.

ß isn’t B it’s S: Yeah glad I found you guys as well.

StainStan: At least you two believe in Stain, so you’re cool.

ß isn’t B it’s S: Fuck yes. Current society is so fucked.

Mako Shark: ^

Private Chat between Azure Fire and ß isn’t B it’s S. [9:15]

Azure Fire: Ok cut the bullshit.

ß isn’t B it’s S: ?

Azure Fire: Kaito ain’t your real name, so what is it?

ß isn’t B it’s S: Dabi ain’t your real name, so what is it?

Azure Fire: Will it make you talk?

ß isn’t B it’s S: Of course.

Azure Fire: My real name is Todoroki Touya, I’m the son of Endeavor.

ß isn’t B it’s S: Alright, I’ll tell you.

Chapter Text

Private Chat between Explosive Boi and Flight Risk . [8:47]

Explosive Boi: Zuchan what have you done?

Flight Risk: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Explosive Boi: Have you seen Kiri?

Flight Risk: No. Should I have?

Explosive Boi: I KNOW that he doesn’t have clothes in that style.

Flight Risk: Why would I have normal shirts? My wings wouldn’t fit.

Explosive Boi: I know that, but it’s easier to believe then Kiri somehow getting a fashion sense, because damn does he look like a meal.

Flight Risk: He’s not a snack?

Explosive Boi: Oh you know why Zuchan.

Flight Risk has set Explosive Boi ’s chat username to Kacchan is Thirsty .

Kacchan is Thirsty: Well then.

Kacchan is Thirsty: Wait how did you do that?

Flight Risk: Look in the settings.

Kacchan is Thirsty: Ah I see.

Kacchan is Thirsty has set Flight Risk ’s chat username to Oblivious Nerd .

Oblivious Nerd: I have several questions.

Oblivious Nerd: Anyway go get your (hot) mans. Stop trying to deflect and distract.

Kacchan is Thirsty: Alright so who’s the thirsty one now?

Oblivious Nerd: Still you.

Oblivious Nerd: I don’t text you nearly everyday talking about how attractive Todoroki is.

Oblivious Nerd: Or how his costume makes him look fucking attractive.

Oblivious Nerd: Or how you want to run your hands through his hair.

Kacchan is Thirsty: I fucking get it.

Kacchan is Thirsty: Although you HAVE texted me about Half-n-Half’s “silky smooth hair.”

Oblivious Nerd: Alright I fucking get it.

Kacchan is Thirsty: Oh I’m not done :)

Kacchan is Thirsty: screenshot03887.jpg

Kacchan is Thirsty: screenshot03893.jpg

Oblivious Nerd: Ok Ok I get it.

Kacchan is Thirsty: Oh I'm STILL not done.

Oblivious Nerd: I get it! Fuckin, the name makes sense I guess.

Oblivious Nerd: Still...

Private Chat between Shou <3 and Izzy Ɛ>. [8:55]

Shou <3: Hey Izzy why was Kirishima in your room?

Izzy Ɛ>: I was helping him with his crush on Kacchan.

Shou <3: Ah. Understandable.

Shou <3: Wait. Why did he go to you for advice?

Izzy Ɛ>: Would you believe it if I said he’s more of a disaster then I was?

Shou <3: It’s sort of hard to believe.

Izzy Ɛ>: Shou you wound me.

Shou <3: You’ve told me about some of your past experiences. You are most certainly are one of the biggest disaster gays I know.

Izzy Ɛ>: But i’m your disaster gay, right?

Shou <3: Of course Ɛ>.

Izzy Ɛ>: <3.

Chaos Incarnate [9:04]

Visible: So does anyone have anything to do? I’m bored :(

Creationist: What are ppl doing right now?

Rocky boi: Well Class 2-B just dropped of some watermelons.

Fluffy Tail: How’d they get watermelons?

Rocky boi: No clue.

Rocky boi: This class has taught me to not question things.

Fluffy Tail: Fair enough.

Hexapus: Where’s Todoroki and Midoriya? I haven’t seen them today?

AlienQueen: Let’s investigate!

Ready Player One: Midoriya’s probably catching up on sleep.

AlienQueen: How would you know that?

Ready Player One: Idiot likes pulling all nighters Friday night playing games.

Ready Player One: So yeah.

Hexapus: That explains Midoriya, but what about Todoroki?

Creationist: He messaged me saying he was absorbed in watching videos of alien sightings.

Explosive Boi: Fuckin. I KNOW the pigeon is involved in this somehow. He says he’s not bit there’s no way...

Ready Player One: ?

Rocky Boi: Like what you see Bakubro ;)

Operation KiriBaku [9:10]

Creationist: Midoriya?

Flight Risk: What? Is this important?

Creationist: Bakugou has been all sorts of flustered for like twenty minutes. What did you do?

Flight Risk: I may or may not have bought some clothes that… let’s say they showed off what Kiri had to offer.

Creationist: I keep forgetting that your rich.

Flight Risk: But I’m not! I don’t live in a mansion like you or Todoroki.

Visible: But you’re still up there, right?

Flight Risk: I give up.

Flight Risk: Fine! Because of what Keigo and my parents do we have some money.

Froppy: Hey Midoriya, I was wondering something.

Flight Risk: What?

Froppy: We’ve met your parents before on Parent-Teacher conference day. Neither of them have wings. Why is that?

Izuku almost dropped his phone when he received the text from Tsuyu. Once again, he’s underestimated how perceptive and intelligent she can be sometimes. That plus her well-rounded quirk means she’s definitely going to be a great hero, but now? Now he was panicking.

This was worse then when, on the bus ride to the USJ almost a year ago, she had compared him to Hawks. (Which is where Shou probably got the idea of him being related to the winged hero came from.)

For how much of an open book he was with his emotions, people assumed he couldn’t keep secrets. But oh boy, could he. He had kept the secret of his brother for almost a year, after all. One for All, the link between All Might and All for One, Overhaul, Gurējaketto, Stain, Erthalam the pure, the Exarch incident, as well as his family , especially the…. rather unpleasant and complicated parts, were all secrets he hid from most people, if not all but a few. There was no single person that knew all of his secrets.

Admittedly, he held his family secrets closer than One for All. Because not even All Might and Aizawa know. Sure they have their suspicions, certainly, but it’s nothing concrete. Although Aizawa definitely was suspicious after the distinct lack of wings on their parents during the Parent-Teacher conference. Thankfully dad was prepared, and explained it away by saying “There were genes for wing-based quirks from either side. We just got lucky.”

The default response to that question.

So as much as he hated lying, he swallowed the lump in his throat and typed out the message.

Flight Risk: Both of my parents had ancestors with wings. We just got lucky ig.

Froppy: Ah ok, that makes sense.

Froppy: Both of my parents have more extreme mutations than I do. Genetics are weird when it comes to quirks. Sorry for the intrusive question.

That last part created a knot in his gut, his breath became lighter. The fact they so easily believed him…

He pushed away his feelings of guilt by slowly breathing. In and out. In and out.

After finally settling on a pretty good pace, he closed his eyes, continuing to breathe. A few minutes passed, and the knot in his stomach was replaced by a gurgling sound and a slight feeling of tiredness. As uncomfortable as he feels lying, properly explaining what was going on would require telling everyone what he had told Shou.

Wait! Shou’s in the KiriBaku chat also!

Izuku mentally swore as he quickly typed out a text.

Izzy Ɛ>: I don’t want to tell them just yet.

Surely he would understand. After all, nobody knows about HIS family situation. Except him.

The memory of the sports festival came to him, everything that Shou had told him. Later, over chats during winter break, their internship with Endeavor, them talking in secret.

The rush of memories left as soon as it had come, leaving him feeling quite tired. And also hungry. He decided to resolve the hunger first.

Izuku stumbled into the common area, somehow staying on his feet. Today already promised to be really stressful, and it wasn’t even halfway through the day yet!

At least his explanations about his parentage were accepted. For some reason.

“Hey Midoriya, are you okay?” Asked someone. Who was it he didn’t know right about now. Turning around to see who had talked he was faced with Kaminari.

“Yeah don’t worry Kaminari, M’just tired.” 

“Well then why are you down here? There’s no school just go back to sleep.”

“But what about food?”

“I’ll think of something. Now go.”

‘Kaminari learning about self care? More likely than you would think.’ The thought popped into his mind like a bubble. UA seemed to be good for Kaminari, he was becoming more responsible. He would be a better hero.

Wait, why is the ground so close?

Chaos Incarnate [9:44]

Sassyroki: Has anyone seen Midoriya lately?

AlienQueen: Why do you want to find him?

Sassyroki: Well the door to his room is open but he’s not in there.

Sassyroki: He’s not in the common rooms either.

Sassyroki: Oh wait nevermind i found him.

AlienQueen: ?

Pika Pika Bitches: Todoroki?

Ice Ice baby: Sup.

Sparkling: That joke was lame the first time you said it.

Ice Ice baby: I feel wounded.

Ice Ice baby: @Sassyroki Hey shouto, your classmates are attacking me.

Sassyroki: Good.

AlienQueen: Where have you been?

Sassyroki: Midoriya fell asleep on a carpet.

Sassyroki: I carried him to his room.

Sassyroki: he’s lighter than I expected.

Speedy birb: Part of the bird mutation our bones are slightly hollowed.

Speedy birb: we have to go to a specialist doctor, because most doctors assume that the bone hollowness and other measures our body takes to reduce weight are signs of illness.

Sassyroki: Ah ok then.

Pika Pika Bitches: Midoriya told me he came downstairs for food.

Sassyroki: Alright I’ll come downstairs and get him something.

Flight Risk: I would like chicken nuggets.

Purrple Dream: Midoriya fall asleep.

Demon Master: I just checked in his room lol he’s already asleep.

Sparkles: I think he woke up just to say he wanted chicken nuggets.

Demon Master: Hawks has done the same thing.

Ready Player One: Hmm. So you say siblings act the same sometimes?

Sato’s so fancy: What are you implying?

PunkJack: What are you implying Shigaraki?

Ready Player One: Oh. I’m just saying that the two Todorokis in this chat act pretty similar.

Ice Ice baby: I take offense to this.

Aizawa Shouta: Shigaraki will be visiting UA at 1300. Make sure to welcome him.

Tapey boi: You never told us this.

Creationist: Why would you do this?

Ready Player One: I wanted to tell you guys in advance but Eraserhead told me not to.

Ready Player One: He wanted to make it a surprise.

Aizawa Shouta: I told you that in confidence.

Ready Player One: C’mon, let me have my fun >:)

Hexapus: Why are you like this?

Ready Player One: What? You don’t like new me?

Ready Player One: I changed character classes and reallocated skills for this.

Froppy: You have a long road ahead of you, but good on you for changing.

Rocky boi: Yeah! This is a hard path for you to take, but it will be worth it in the end!

Pika Pika Bitches has created the group chat Party for Shiggy [10:06]

Pika Pika Bitches has added Froppy , AlienQueen , Hexapus and 16 others.

Froppy: I like this.

Human Sonic: We should add Aizawa-sensei to this chat!

Human Sonic has added Aizawa Shouta to Party for Shiggy .

Aizawa Shouta: Fine. I approve.

Aizawa Shouta: Is there things we need?

Human Sonic: I have compiled a list!

Aizawa Shouta: Iida, Todoroki, Yaoyorozu, Bakugou, Kirishima and Asui can go to the mall.

Aizawa Shouta: The rest of you problem children go decorate.

Aizawa Shouta: If you’re going to do this don’t half-ass this.

Human Sonic: We definitely won’t half-ass this!

Tapey boi: Iida was that a swear?

Human Sonic: I blame you all for corrupting me.

Human Sonic: Let’s get this bread!

Purrple Dream: Iida no!

Human Sonic: Iida yes!

Aizawa Shouta: Problem Children.

Human Sonic: No that’s Bakugou and Midoriya.

Aizawa Shouta: They are the Super Problem Children.

Aizawa Shouta: Giving me headaches every day.

Purrple Dream: Alright let’s get decorating.

Visible: Let’s keep this chat open for communication.

Explosive Boi: A surprisingly good idea.

Froppy: Bakugou where are you everyone else is outside.

Explosive Boi: I’m going there fuckin hell.

Greeninja [10:29]


I know you’re not talking about the two Todorokis in the class chat.

Decaymaster [10:30]

Fucking fine.

I forget how perceptive you are.

Ok, I was talking about Dabi.

Greeninja [10:30]

Todoroki and Dabi? Y’think they’re related?

Decaymaster [10:31]

Spending quite a bit of time with the two of them you do notice that there are quite a few similarities.

Such as the way they are both cold assholes with a fiery temper.

I could probably think of more, but I would have to meet your boyfriend.

Greeninja [10:32]

He… He’s not my boyfriend!

I’ll ask Todoroki about it tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Private Chat between Rocky Boi and Flight Risk [10:34]

Rocky Boi: Hey Midoriya are you awake?

Flight Risk: I am. Got some rest feelin’ better.

Rocky Boi: So Bakubro definitely noticed.

Flight Risk: Alright time to fluster him more.

Flight Risk: You’re gonna be paired with Kacchan during the shopping trip. I arranged it with Aizawa.

Flight Risk: So just be your sunshine self, and Kacchan can’t resist. :)

Rocky boi: Alright! This is why you’re so manly!

Flight Risk: Now that I think of it…

Flight Risk: There are some things you could do...

Party for Shiggy [10:42]

Flight Risk: Alright decoration squad, what we doin?

Hexapus: Maybe we should ask you. Out of all of us, you’re closest to him.

Sparkles: Yeah the rest of us have only known him for a few days.

Flight Risk: Well I do know he likes red and blue.

Purrple Dream: But like, what does he eat?

Flight Risk: He mentioned pickles about a month ago, but that’s literally the only time he talked about food.

Explosive Boi: Fucker’s so thin he probably has never had a good meal.

Flight Risk: It’s hard as a villain to get food, especially food that’s not canned or some shit like that.

Zero Gravity: But he’s been eating better now that he’s… wherever he is. I know all about living on a budget, so I can sort of empathize with him…

Zero Gravity: Is it wrong to empathize with villains?

Fluffy Tail: The way I see it, villains can be people too, so it’s not wrong.

Zero Gravity: Tee hee! You always know the right things to say Ojiro!

Pika Pika Bitches: Hey! Don’t break Ojiro!

Zero Gravity: Any particular reason ;)

Pika Pika Bitches: Well then I couldn’t pet his fluffy tail.

Fluffy Tail: Is this all I am to you Kaminari? A tail?

Pika Pika Bitches: 9hr37fvh8rhendvbhbtjn

PunkJack: Well now you broke Kaminari.

Fluffy Tail: Good.

Hexapus: Ojiro, a savage? WoW?

Tapey Boi: Hey Midoriya I was wondering

Tapey Boi: Where is Shigaraki currently staying?

Flight Risk: I’m not sure either. All I know is that there’s some special case.

Flight Risk: I think he might be moving in to UA.

Katsuki sighed as he turned off the chat notifications, damn extras blowing up his phone, trying very hard to not look at Kiri, who was currently…

Oh no.

Kiri was stretching down to grab something for the meal he had planned (The combined force of his mother and Auntie Inko had convinced him that no one could resist a good meal. Yamiyo had resisted. And that crusty fucker looked like he needed a good meal and maybe some chapstick.) Now it wouldn’t usually be a problem, because he usually wore loose clothes that hid the movements…

But what he was wearing now (Which that stupid birdbrain gave him, whatever he says to the contrary be damned. He knows the idiot pigeon too well.) gave little to the imagination. 

“Hey Bakubro, you’ve been standing there for quite a while. Y’feeling ok?” Kiri asked, getting up slowly, showing off every single muscle in a move which HAD to be deliberate. Just like how Yamiyo moved. “Bakubro?”

“What is it Crazy Hair?” Katsuki asked, barely managing to keep his conflicting emotions out of his voice, but it ended up coming out more flat than he had intended. Which of course Kiri immediately picked up on…

And then a splash of coolness.

He glanced down.

Kiri had his head in those hands of his… Katsuki could collapse right now and not move an inch, because Kiri was just that strong. Like Yamiyo.

“You’re feeling sort of warm, are you sure you’re feeling ok?” Kiri asked him, concern obvious in his voice, his face… too close… 

No, this is too much of a public place. Kiri deserves much better than a first kiss in a supermarket. This is too much like Yamiyo.

So he brushed Kiri’s hands away, “M’fine. I usually run hotter than most people because it makes my quirk more powerful. C’mon, let’s finish shopping.” He turned around, internally cursing. Dammit, he was probably going for it, and now it looked like he wasn’t interested.

Fuck it, maybe birdbrain could help him out.

Why is he comparing Kiri to Yamiyo?

Private Chat between Kacchan is Thirsty and Oblivious Nerd . [11:07]

Kacchan is Thirsty: I fucked up.

Oblivious Nerd: You’ve fucked up so many times I’ve lost count. Be more fuckin’ specific you little shit, or do you want me to assume you need my help to cremate a body?

Kacchan is Thirsty: I’ll yell at you later for that, but first, you can get your fire hot enough to do that?

Oblivious Nerd: Yeah. Although I need to use OfA and it’s still a bitch to do.

Oblivious Nerd: Now spill the deets. You tried to distract me but it didn’t work.

Kacchan is Thirsty: Kiri was probably trying to reach in for a kiss, but I turned away.

Oblivious Nerd: Kacchan, there’s nothing wrong with taking things slow.

Kacchan is Thirsty: I know but…

Kacchan is Thirsty:

Oblivious Nerd: You’re thinking about him aren’t you?

Oblivious Nerd: Stop it. Kiri’s not him.

Oblivious Nerd: It’s obvious that he cares about you.

Kacchan is Thirsty: You sure?

Oblivious Nerd: Yes I’m sure. You definitely tell Kiri about him.

Kacchan is Thirsty: Would he understand?

Oblivious Nerd: Of course.

Private Chat between Flight Risk and Rocky Boi . [11:11]

Rocky Boi: Hey Midobro.

Rocky Boi: I don’t think Bakubro is into me anymore…

Flight Risk: What makes you say that?

Rocky Boi: So I had done most of what you had recommended.

Rocky Boi: And I was getting ready for a kiss…

Rocky Boi: But then he turned away…

Flight Risk: Alright I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I think that it explains everything.

Flight Risk: As much as it seems that Kacchan is strong and powerful

Flight Risk: Hes…

Flight Risk: Had some… difficult times in the past.

Flight Risk: There was…

Flight Risk: I’ll let him tell you, it’s not my story to tell.

Flight Risk: All you need to do is… give him some time.

Flight Risk: and just.. Don’t give up.

Rocky Boi: Ok! I won’t give up!

Rocky Boi: Is it OK if I share some of my past?

Flight Risk: Sure.

Rocky Boi: until going to UA I was bullied for my non-flashy quirk.

Rocky Boi: But then I saw a video of Crimson Riot! The manly hero that does his best!

Rocky Boi: I actually dye my hair red and spike it up, to show how much I’ve changed.

Flight Risk: While I didn’t know about you’re… difficult past, I have “Been knew” about the hair-dye thing.

Rocky Boi: Really, how?

Flight Risk: Whelp. Time to share something embarrassing.

Flight Risk: images/gallerypics93004.lnk

Flight Risk: A 2-year-old picture of me with dyed hair.

Rocky Boi: Woah, Purple hair.

Rocky Boi: Wait, Is that a piercing?

Flight Risk: Yeah lol.

Flight Risk: I also have a tattoo of a fiery snake.

Rocky Boi: NO WAY REALLY!!!!!

Flight Risk: images/camerapics003845.lnk

Flight Risk: I got it in between first and second year. And have… conveniently covered it up for now.

Rocky Boi: Midobro, isn’t some of that stuff illegal?

Flight Risk: Probably yeah, I didn’t really check.

Rocky Boi: Midobro…

Flight Risk: Yeah yeah I should be decorating.

Rocky Boi: No, it’s not that…

“Aoyama, that is too much glitter.”

“Non, it’s the perfect amount. So magnifique.”

Izuku hated that he had been chosen to set up for the party. Or, more accurately, the people that had been chosen to help him. Thankfully the mall people were coming back, and he would have the class rep and vice rep able to calm people down. So about half of what he was doing was using Blackwhip and his wings to prevent people (Kaminari, Sero, Ashido, and to his utter disappointment, Uraraka.) from doing stupid things, and the other half was spent primarily using Blackwhip to set up decorations (“A great chance to practice using your quirks in conjunction with a productive task” Iida would yell if he wasn’t out shopping.)

Still, it was an excuse to get used to Blackwhip more. Out of his quirks, Blackwhip is the most temperamental, varying wildly based on his emotions and the adrenaline of combat, he has to keep an even head to use an optimal amount of it.

Huh. It’s sort of like how Tokoyami and Dark Shadow interact. Maybe he could ask Tokoyami about how he controls Dark Shadow. It wouldn’t be a suspicious question, because he always asks about quirks.

So restraining his anger at people’s stupidity in order to not let Blackwhip out of control was definitely something difficult.

At least the responsible people were out shopping.

Tenya was happy to be paired up with Todoroki. His fellow classmate was as efficient as he was in what he did, which allowed them to run through their list of what they needed for the party, as well as restocking a bunch of other things, per Tenya’s suggesting using this outing as an excuse to do the necessary weekly shopping in addition to party supplies, which included picking up meals. They were currently in the noodle aisle picking up the requested noodles. Looking down at the cart, he expected the usual. But what he wasn’t expecting was...

“Todoroki, you do not need this many packages of soba noodles.”  Tenya asked as he saw the piles of soba noodles in the cart.

Todoroki looked up and stared straight into Tenya’s eyes. “I was getting low.” He said in his normal deadpan tone. “This is what I eat most of the time.”


“Sometimes… Midoriya makes me something. He tells me that I can’t just eat cold soba all the time. He’s lying, of course, but the effort is still there.” Todoroki said, and Tenya noticed how soft Todoroki spoke, it was almost dreamy. Tenya knew exactly why that was the case, but unlike much of his more pushier classmates (He mentally glared at Uraraka, Ashido, Sero, Hagakure and to a lesser degree Asui and, to his shock, Yaoyorozu.) he wouldn’t actively get involved. Eventually they would realize how much of a connection they share and will get together.

They were the first group to get to the dorms, something that Iida regretted.

Because the first thing that he saw when he walked in was Midoriya using his smoke whips to manipulate decorations and also keep Kaminari away from the scissors.

“Midoriya, what’s going on here?” Tenya asked.

Midoriya turned around, wings drooping. “Class President, please keep them from killing each other. I’m gonna get a nap, yell at me if you want to slap a bitch."

At that exact point Yaoyorozu and Asui had came back.

“Sweet. Now the two of you can kick everybody’s asses into gear.” Midoriya added as he went back upstairs, Todoroki following after what he thought was a discrete amount of time. (It wasn’t but he was never going to tell him that.)

“Say, where is Kirishima and Bakugou?” He asked, realizing what was going on.

“Bakugou said he had something special to get, so he’s taking a bit longer.” Yaoyorozu responded.

Because of his strict outward personality, people often assumed he didn’t understand subtext. Sure it didn’t come to him easily, but Tensei had taught him enough. So he knew (or at least, heavily suspected) what was going on.

He wouldn’t say anything, of course. Forcing people together wasn’t something he thought he should do.

“Bakubro, why are we here?” Kiri asked him. 

Katsuki had brought the two of them into a private stall in a ramen place. Sure it was a bit more expensive than normal, but his family was pretty well-off. And it was worth it to not have the possibility of anyone overhearing.

“It’s about what happened at the store.” He finally says, after spending a few seconds thinking of what to say.

“I… Let’s get seated and we can talk about it!” Kiri exclaimed, leading him into the private room.

Once the doors closed (After they ordered what they wanted.) Katsuki prepared himself to talk, but Kirishima cut him off.

“Look. If I did something you didn’t like you should tell me Bakubro.”

“It’s not that… I didn’t like it but…”

“You remind me of someone?” Kirishima guessed.

He knew the conversation ahead would not be pleasant. There had been a reason that him and Zuchan didn’t talk much about their lives before UA. Because honestly, they fuckin sucked. Homophobic assholes ran their old school, openly encouraging their bullying. (Except, that is, when Zuchan was in the room.)

Fuck it. Kiri deserves an explanation. As much as his story hurt to tell, as much as he was laying bare, he KNEW, deep down, that Kiri would keep this a secret if he asked.

“Yes.” He said weakly. He hated how weak it sounded, but he couldn’t manage anything better. “You remind me of my old boyfriend Yamiyo. Big, strong, spiked-up hair, although his was more blue, as was his eyes.”

Kiri stayed silent, waiting for him to continue.

“The middle school I went to before UA was not the greatest. The principal was a homophobic asshole, and that trait was passed along to most of the staff, and from there it leaked to the rest of the students.”

Seeing Kiri about to have a question, he held up his hand to stop the question, and he continued. He would get this story out while he still had his confidence. “Yes Zuchan and I went to the same middle school. Yes he was different than everyone else. When he was in a room it was as if it was a normal school, because everyone knew that if he heard there was systemic homophobia, the place would be shut down.

“As for why we didn’t report it, he didn’t know. As for me, I thought I was straight, into girls. I convinced myself that I liked staring at boobs and butts. Damn.” He swore, realizing something. “Mineta would have fit right in. Hell, some girls were even into the attention.

“But then Zuchan told me that he was gay and had a boyfriend already. It shocked me, primarily because, while I had never openly hated gay people, a year and a half into this hellscape had warped my mind. I tried to talk him out of it, but I never did explain the whole homophobia thing to him.

“Well I had dated a few girls for a couple days, but none of them felt real. Then I talked to Takahashi Yamiyo for the first time. At first we were just friends, but I felt a special connection. I asked Zuchan about it, leaving out the fact it was on a guy. He told me it was a crush.

“Two days later, Takahashi said there was something he wanted to tell me. Turns out he was also gay and had a crush on me. That’s when we got together and went out on dates in secret. Zuchan knew, primarily because he was doing the same thing.

“It was alright for a couple of weeks, but then he asked for money. It wasn’t anything much, just a thousand yen to buy some snacks but-”

“But it got worse.” Kirishima finished, concern dancing along his face.

“You’ve had this happen to you?” He barely managed to ask. Becuase if he had..

“No, but I can guess.”

“Well yeah, it got worse, he-”

A knock on the door to the place stopped his conversation. Their food had arrived. 

After settling down, he resumed the story.

“After a while… he wanted more…” He trailed off

“If you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to.” Kirishima said after hearing what he had to say. :Actually, let’s talk about something different. Did you know that Midobro has a tattoo?”

Wait what? Zuchan never told me about this.

“You’re fuckin’ with me. There’s no way.”

Kirishima’s response was to show a picture. An arm, which was clearly his, with a fiery snake clearly visible.

“This is photoshopped, there’s no way. I’m fuckin’ calling him.”

And that’s exactly what he did. At the second dial tone he picked up.

“Hey Kacchan, what’s up?”

“Did ya get a fucking tat without tellin’ me?”

“Well yeah.”

“Those are fuckin’ permanent, ya know that right?”

“Yeah I know that. That’s why I got something simple.”

“You’re gonna regret it.” A thought popped into his mind. “Has half-n-half seen it?”

“Yeah. Now, go get your mans.”

And then the fucker hung up.

“Bakubroooo, let’s eat!” Kiri said.

Oh yeah, there’s food.

Chapter Text

Party for Shiggy [12:44]

Aizawa Shouta: Hey so Shigaraki will be getting here in about 15 minutes.

Aizawa Shouta: Make sure your preparations are done.

Flight Risk: I think everything’s done, right?

Human Sonic: I can’t think of anything else.

Flight Risk: OK everybody hide!

“Alright Shigaraki, we’re here at UA.”

Shigaraki Tomura had intended to go to UA before, he had entered inside at least twice, but this was the first time he had entered the school without the fear of being arrested lodged somewhere in the back of his brain.

He was still getting a police escort, and he was wearing anti-quirk handcuffs, but it was still hard to believe.

Well apparently that’s what happens when you meet Midoriya Izuku.

It had started six months ago, when he was playing CS:GO-14th generation at 2am. One of his teammates, his best in fact, had a very familiar voice.

After three more games, and adding him to his Discord chat, his suspicions were confirmed. An additional game, this time CoD IV- 12th generation set it stone.

He had no idea why he continued chatting in discord, or moved over to Line. Or why they started talking about ideology, and why he was a villain.

Six months later, he was happy that he did.

Because he left the League of Villains, found out about how much his Sensei had fucked up his life, and got himself on the path to redemption.

Still, despite six months of therapy, trials, and all sorts of nonsense that he still didn’t understand, people were still cautious and worried around him. He saw it in the eyes of the two police officers, they’re hands close to their stun guns, their tensed muscles. 

Oh, and the fact that Eraserhead was trailing after.

Still, he was well on the road to recovery, and he was almost done. When asked about his name, he still wanted to be called Shigaraki Tomura. Shimura Tenko was past him, it just didn’t feel right.

Also he got to annoy All Might.

Hey, he had to get his kicks somehow. He couldn’t just stop being a villain, but he could redirect it to just annoying the heroes.

As the door was opened to Heights Alliance, he walked in.

It was empty, dark. 

“What kind of glit-”

“SURPRISE!!!!!!” Yelled out the voice of nineteen enthusiastic voices (and the tired voice of one Shinsou Hitoshi.)

Tomura jumped a full ten feet in shock as the lights turned on to reveal twenty heroes-in-training, as well as a fully set-up party.

“Shinsou, c’mon. You can act more excited.”

“No. No I cannot.”

Stop. Brain reboot. Hold on. Tomura was trying to look at everything. The decorations were in blue and red, and there was quite a bit of food, with an angry-looking Bakugou Katsuki (that was normal) in the kitchen (wait, what?).

“Hey Crusty.” Bakugou yelled out. “You’re gonna eat some food or i’m gonna shove it down your throat.” The blond continued while waving a spatula.

Tomura looked around, hoping that they understood that he was asking “Is this normal?”

The vigorous nodding that he received was confirmation that his question was understood. But it wasn’t the answer he had wanted.

As he inhaled the mixed scents of the food he felt his stomach gurgle for the first time in… he didn’t know how long.

There was an awkward silence for a few more seconds before someone (He couldn’t see who) grabbed his hand and the party began in full swing.

*Time Skippity whippity because IDK what to write. Let’s just get to the interesting stuff.*

“Alight!” Ashido? Tomura’s kinda tired and he’s spending a lot of brain power trying to sort through his confusing storm of emotions. She has pink hair and horns, so she’s probably Ashido. Thank whoever made them so unique-looking. “It’s time to play Never have I ever!”

Tomura groaned, there are two ways this could go. One, everyone targets him. Two, some embarrassing secrets are gonna come out. Or the worst case scenario, both.

Fuck it, he may be able to ask some questions of his own.

“Let’s get this show on the fuckin’ road.” he said. “What are the rules?”

“Everything goes!” yelled out Midoriya. 

Oh goddamit Midoriya. Tomura looked over at Midoriya. The idiot pigeon had a sadistic grin. Well fuck it, he’ll go all out.

One by one, twenty hero students and one former villain sat down and the game began.

“As our guest I think Shigaraki should go first, and then we go in counterclockwise order. Is that agreeable?” Asked Iida.

Tomura and everyone else murmured agreements. The former villain was happy to see that this group had a leader among them, someone that brought up ideas and proposed solutions.

Tomura looked straight into Midoriya’s eyes, and then spoke. “Never have I ever flown or walked into a window or glass door.”

As much as he wanted to target Midoriya specifically, he should paint as wide strokes as possible.

Midoriya, Tokoyami, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, Aoyama, Ashido and surprisingly Bakugou and Todoroki all lowered a finger. He gave a grin, having gotten nine people.

Next up was Ashido, and he did not like the grin that was on her face.

“I’m going to start this off simple. Never have I ever kissed a guy.” She said happily.

If it hadn’t been for that one night when he got waaay too drunk….

He lowered one of his fingers as casually as possible, and hoped he didn’t notice. The rest of the girls, Kirishima, Bakugou, Midoriya and surprisingly (not to him, he knows what’s going on.) Todoroki.

Thankfully the class is too focused on getting it out of Todoroki who he had kissed they didn’t notice his finger…

“Hey Shiggy, don’t think you’re so slick.” Midoriya- of course it was Midoriya- called out with a look of victory on his face. Dammit. Now everybody was looking.

“I was fucking drunk, ok? That’s all I’m saying.” He said back quickly. No way was Midoriya going to drag it out of him.

Thankfully it got dropped.

The next person down the line was Midoriya. “Never have I ever…” Midoriya smiled smugly. “Lost my phone.”

A few people looked surprisedly in his direction, Tomura included, but Bakugou only nodded. “Yeah it’s true. One part of his bird mutation is sharper than normal eyes.”

He lowered another finger, along with everyone else.

“Wait Midoriya, so you’ve never left your phone in like the fridge or something?” Kaminari? He’s got a lighting bolt in his hair, so it’s probably Kaminari, asks.

“Nope. I learned to not leave my phone hanging around, because nine times out of ten Keigo or Izumi mess with it. Of course I do the same.”

Bakugou was next. “Never have I ever…” and he looks straight at Midoriya. This is going to be good. Tomura was curious about what he was going to say. “Used my quirk to jerk myself off.”

Tomura kept his finger raised. His quirk was something he definitely did NOT want anywhere near his dick. Even he wasn’t completely immune to his damned quirk. Bakugou was in a similar situation, probably.

Midoriya, Todoroki, Sero, Ojiro (Ojiro? Tomura does NOT want to know the story behind that one), Kaminari, Shoji, and Tokoyami all lowered a finger.

Tomura saw most of class 1-A looking around to each of them in turn for a story. He unfortunately knew (Because someone decided giving Midoriya the stupid overpowered fiery pigeon drinks) that when he activated One for All Full Cowl, it… enhanced certain features…

Also warm hands.

Nobody said anything, which seemed reasonable. They already looked pretty embarrassed.

“W-welll then.” Said the tape guy, still probably embarrassed from his admission. “Never have I ever… gotten lost in the woods.”

He almost didn’t lower a third finger, but then he remembered six years ago when Kurogiri messed up the coordinates of a transport (54 instead of 45), and he was lost in a mountain forest for two and a half hours before Sensei figured out what had happened.

So yeah, despite spending most of his time sheltered, one of the few times he went out he got lost in the middle of a forest.

One by one they went through them, from Kirishima who had never broken a bone (everybody stared intently at Midoriya at this one.) to Todoroki who had never seen a Star Wars movie (everyone resolved that there would be a Star Wars movie marathon as soon as they could. Tomura agreed. It was a shame that he hadn’t seen even a single one.)

Midoriya had been eliminated first, to Koda who shyly admitted to have never flown before. (When asked to clarify, he did include planes.)

Bakugou and Kirishima were eliminated together, after Uraraka admitted that she had never owned a smartphone. (To which Todoroki pulled out his own and muttered something about “putting it on my father’s credit card.”

If Todoroki was doing what Tomura thought he was… He could support this all the way. He may have hated Stain, but the hero killer did have some good points, especially about fake heroes, one of which was Endeavor. 

There might be something there. Well, it’s not his place to interfere.

He was eliminated after the second round of people had just began, when Sero said that he had never committed a crime. (He hated being eliminated for something that dumb, but at least he avoided Hagakure’s question.)

Eventually Todoroki was declared the winner, having very little in the way of experiences.

“Next!” Ashido called out. “It’s truth or dare.”

Tomura moved to get out of the circle, because oh fuck no he’s not going to embarrass himself more, but a strong arm on his shoulder stops him. It’s Midoriya, of course it’s fucking Midoriya.

“C’mon Shiggy. The way we play is you can skip if it makes you feel uncomfortable.” He sat back down. Fine. Just as long as he’s not the resident “Fat ugly kid” That people dare to kiss as a dare. He’ll draw the line there. “Although almost everything goes besides that, so be prepared.” He added with a wink.

Tomura had a suspicion that this would somehow end up worse than the various drunk members of the League playing, which ended up with an extremely plastered Dabi asking Spinner if he had a lizard dick and dying his hair pink.

Spinner’s revenge was hilarious. His follow-up dare to Dabi was for the scarred villain to keep his hair pink for a week. They had gone on a mission like that.

Iida, Bakugou, Sato, Yaoyorozu, Kota and Aoyama all make various excuses and go off to wherever.

“How do we decide who goes first?” Lighting boy asked. Tomura hoped it wouldn’t be him again, because he didn’t have a dare ready.

“Ooh!” Invisible girl exclaimed. “I have some good ones! Can I go first!” In his peripheral vision Tomura saw all the other girls nod.

An unusual sense of dread poured into him, something he had never experienced. He reluctantly stayed in the circle. Fine Midoriya, you win this round cheese.

“Shoji, truth or dare?” She asked almost immediately.

“Truth.” The masked hero student responded after what looked like a moment of hesitation.

“Can you use your quirk on the side limbs to make them into penises?”

Silence. ‘So I guess we’re STARTING with the dick questions’ thought Tomura as he watched Shoji nod “yes.”

Shoji paused for a moment before asking “Tokoyami, truth or dare.”

“Dare.” was the almost immediate response.

“Squawk like a bird at the end of every sentence.”

Tomura barely restrained his laughter. A few of the other people in the circle didn’t have his self-restraint and giggled.

“Why did I accept this?” the bird-headed hero student asked to nobody in particular, adding a very birdlike (and loud) squawk after a few seconds causing people to jolt in surprise.

“Alright, Shigaraki, Truth or dare? Squawk.”

What does he do? Fuck it, he’ll go with his first insctinct. “Truth. Lay it on me.”

“How old are you? Squawk.”

Ah. He never really answered that. Or nobody asked. Or something like that. Something along those veins.

“I’m only 20.”

“Really?” Asked Ashido incredulously. “I thought you were older than that!”

He didn’t look THAT old. Granted he had been actually taking care of his skin (apparently his quirk made him constantly dry and crusty. The preserved hand leaking who-knows-what onto his face was also probably a part of it.) and not having to worry about being arrested have made him less deathly skinny, but he still has a ways to go.

“Anyway anyway.” He said, not really wanting to talk more about his age. “Midoriya, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” The fiery pigeon responded. Good. He hadn’t thought of a dare (Well he had thought of one, but he didn’t know how Todoroki would react. He didn’t want a glacier to his face. Or worse, a fireball.)

“What’s the weirdest situation you used your quirk in?”

He saw Midoriya redden. Oh this ought to be good.

“Well I used my fire once too… how should I say this… one of my old middle school friends Sakyo could make small amounts of raw rubber, so I helped him make homemade dildos.”

Well, that’s NOT what he was expecting at all. And from the stunned silence from everyone else it wasn’t what nearly what they were expecting.

Eventually Bakugou was the one to break the silence with “What the fuck Zuchan? Is that why you hung out with Sakyo?”

“Yeah we split the profits fifty-fifty.” More silence. “Hey, I needed money somehow. And it was Sakyo’s idea in the first place. I won’t say why he did it, but it’s for a good cause I promise.” Midoriya continued.

“Alright Kacchan, truth or dare.”

“Dare. I ain’t no pussy.”

Midoriya smiled, grabbing what looked like an All Might onesie from who-knows-where. “Put this on and keep it on for the rest of the night.”

It took Bakugou only about a minute to change into it. It was the cheapest, most off-brand, crappiest All Might onesie on the market.

“This thing is fucking itchy.”

After people started to head up, the dares were getting more ridiculous. Someone had dared him to take off his shirt and pants along the line.

Currently Shinsou was tied up with Sero’s tape on the ceiling, and Midoriya was using Blackwhip to cover himself.

Which of course was the perfect moment for Eraserhead to walk in.

And then promptly walked out.

Chaos Incarnate [23:20]

Aizawa Shouta: Shigaraki there’s a spare room on the fourth floor.

Aizawa Shouta: I’m just going to leave.

Well shit this is going to be an awkward morning.


Chapter Text

Chaos Incarnate [6:37]

Aizawa Shouta: So you’re not in trouble for the party.

Aizawa Shouta: But still, try to contain yourself.

???????? has sent 15 images.

Chaos Incarnate [8:44]

Hexapus: Alright so what happened last night?


Hexapus: Nevermind.

Hexapus: I regret opening that image file.

Demon Master: So give me some of the highlights.

Hexapus: I’d rather not. Instead I’m getting some eye bleach.

Fluffy Tail: How bad can they be?

Fluffy Tail:

Fluffy Tail: I have one question. Who sent those pictures?

AlienQueen: So! I took a look at the pictures.

AlienQueen: Is it bad that Shigaraki is secretly hot?

AlienQueen: Like, he was hiding THAT body?

AlienQueen: and DAMN does he clean up good.

PunkJack: It’s definitely not what I was expecting.

Sato’s so Fancy: Why are you guys like this.

AlienQueen: Open up the images and find out :)

Sato’s so Fancy:

Sato’s so Fancy: If I weren’t straight…

Visible: Let’s not let Shigaraki’s unexpected abs distract you from the others.

Visible: I mean, we all knew Midoriya was ripped, but that back tho.

Hexapus: Be glad they’re asleep.

Sassyroki: I agree with Hagakure. I see Midoriya in a new light.

Fluffy Tail: Todoroki, did you save that second-to-last image where the only thing Midoriya is wearing is Blackwhip?

Sassyroki: No.

AlienQueen: That’s a yes.

AlienQueen: Anyway, let’s talk about Shigaraki’s body.

Pika Pika Bitches: Shigaraki has the Ultimate Twink body.

Froppy: Takes one to know one.

Pika Pika Bitches: I never said I wasn’t.

Zero Gravity: He KNEW he had this, look at what he was wearing before.

Zero Gravity: All the baggy clothing.

Sparkles: Why are we thirsting over Shigaraki?

Froppy: Look at the pictures.


Sparkles: I understand now. And I agree.

Ice Ice baby:  

Speedy birb: Damn didn’t know my lil’ bro was that ripped.

Purrple Dream: I was there in person. It was a sight.

Sassyroki: I can agree. I left when Sero tied up Shinsou and attached him to the ceiling.

Purrple Dream: Well you just missed Aizawa walking in, and then just about-faced and leaving.

Tapey Boi: Yeah that was hella awkward.

Purrple Dream: At least he didn’t activate his quirk in surprise. That would’ve made everything ten times worse.

Rocky Boi: Why?

Purrple Dream: Midoriya was dared to wear only his quirk. Well he made it work somehow.

Rocky boi: Oh. Midobro why?


Sparkles: So he really was wearing only his quirk?

Tapey Boi: Yep, that’s exactly what was going on.

Tapey Boi: The party was wild.

Aizawa Shouta: Sometimes I wish I would’ve expelled you all.

Assidic: Mina please tell me you were involved in making some of those pictures.

AlienQueen: Hell yeah! And I gave Shiggy his first kiss from a girl!

Assidic: Hell yeah! That’s my sister!

Chaos Incarnate [10:24]

Flight Risk: Hrrrn.

Flight Risk: Huh this chat is quiet.

Flight Risk: Let’s back read.

Explosive Boi: Famous last words.

Hexapus: Midoriya save yourself.

Visible: Oh fuck.

Flight Risk:

Flight Risk: @Ready Player One 

Flight Risk: If I’m suffering because of this then you should too.

Ready Player One: What?

Visible: Oh shit.

AlienQueen: Fuck.

Flight Risk: Back read the chat.

Ready Player One:

Ready Player One: Goddamn you guys are thirsty.

Ready Player One: I regret this.

Ready Player One: Why are you like this?

AlienQueen: Don’t question it.

Ready Player One: @Aizawa Shouta Thanks for the new place that’s far from them.

Aizawa Shouta: You’re welcome.

Ready Player One: Although I’m still not sure if you’re being sarcastic...

AlienQueen: Nope! We’re not!

AlienQueen: Now that you’re actually taking care of your skin…

Ready Player One: It’s a side effect of my quirk.

AlienQueen: Well I can recommend you some skin care tips if you want.

Sparkles: Oh! Even better! We’ll do it for you!

Visible: Self-Care is important!

Good Hair Day: Yes! Taking care of your body is important to living a happy and healthy life!

Ready Player One: Midoriya, save me from them.

Flight Risk: No.

Rocky Boi: Betrayal.

Aizawa Shouta: Anyways, this is a good time to announce the upcoming important activity.

Flight Risk: This is not a good time.

Aizawa Shouta: It’s going to be random teams of four people from class 1-A and 1-B. 

Aizawa Shouta: It’s in 6 days.

Aizawa Shouta: That’s all you’re getting.


Aizawa Shouta has created the group chat Team 7 . [10:33]

Aizawa Shouta has added Endless Knives , Copy Jester , Flight Risk and Visible to Team 7 .

Aizawa Shouta has left Team 7 .

Copy Jester: Hell yeah 3/4ths of the prank squad.

Endless Knives: Wait, what?

Copy Jester: Oh shit.

Endless Knives: Prank Squad?

Copy Jester: Midoriya help.

Flight Risk: Sorry Monoma we’re in the middle of something.

Copy Jester: ?

Visible: Shiggy needs a better skin care routine, so we’re providing.

Endless Knives: Please tell me that that’s not who I think it is…

Flight Risk: You’re on the money Kamakiri.

Copy Jester: Might I ask how?

Visible: All I know is that he’s in some sort of villain redemption program. It’s not the usual one, because there’s some “special circumstances” that I don’t know about.

Visible: But Midoriya knows!

Flight Risk: It’s not really my place to say, but what I can say is that it involves All for One, the villain All Might fought like eight months or so ago at Kamino ward.

Copy Jester: Ah of course.

Copy Jester: Now let’s talk about the upcoming exercise. All Kan-Sensei told us was we were in a group of 4 and it would take place six days from now.

Visible: That’s all we got as well.

Flight Risk: So the way I’m seeing it, we have a mysterious task in 6 days time.

Flight Risk: First task, acquire intel.

Private Chat between Flight Risk and Speedy Birb . [11:11]

Flight Risk: Hey Keigo, do you know what Aizawa-sensei’s “Mysterious Task” is?

Speedy Birb: Yes, But i’m not telling you.

Speedy Birb: Although I did mine third year, so I can’t really tell you anything.

Team 7 [11:15]

Flight Risk: Keigo knows, but he’s not saying shit.

Visible: My older sister wasn’t helpful either.

Flight Risk: You have an older sister?

Visible: Yeah, she’s three years older than me. She’s the underground hero Night Stalker. Her quirk is sort of similar to mine, but it affects her clothes as well. But she doesn’t have the light refraction ability that I have.

Visible: I know how much you like to analyze quirks so I asked her for some more info.

Flight Risk: anyone else?

Copy Jester: Alright so we need a plan.

Flight Risk: So I have an idea of how to go about this.

Endless Knives: Well get on with it.

Chaos Incarnate [12:04]

Aizawa Shouta: So apparently I have to tell you this. Nezu made me.

Flight Risk: That’s not ominous.

Aizawa Shouta: Well we found out where Dr. Tsubasa is getting some of his funding.

Sassyroki: Why do I feel like I don’t want to hear the answer.

Aizawa Shouta: He’s getting some of his funding from the Hero Commission. He receives annual funding of about 2.3 billion yen.

Aizawa Shouta: They’ve cut him off after we gave them the evidence, but there’s every indication that they didn’t follow the money that well.

Sassyroki: I knew something was fishy. My father complained about some “two-bit” doctor getting billions.

Sassyroki: I think it was him complaining about not getting a raise or something.

Aizawa Shouta: Remember that until recently he ran quite a few orphanages and quirk assessment centers.

Aizawa Shouta: So there’s plausible deniability there. Although the Child Development Commission would be a better organization to fund Tsubasa….

Aizawa Shouta: Thanks to Shigaraki’s statements about Daruma Ujiko and Tsubasa Himitsu are the same person, he got cut off.

Aizawa Shouta: Apparently Daruma Ujiko was already “Shadow-Wanted”

Sassyroki: Shadow-wanted?

Aizawa Shouta: It’s where someone is wanted, but it isn’t published publicly.

Flight Risk: Ah! Because if they did, small-time villains would flock to them, right?

Aizawa Shouta: Right on the money, Problem Child.

Aizawa Shouta: Although you should know that Midoriya. Didn’t you fight Erthalam the Pure?

Flight Risk: 

Explosive Boi: Wait, wasn’t Erthalam the Pure that one psycho that thought he ruled the world?

Explosive Boi: WHEN did you fight him Zuchan?

Flight Risk: Ummmm.

Sassyroki: Tell us Midoriya.

Flight Risk: OK fine!

Flight Risk: It was at the tail end of my internship in America.

Flight Risk: Don’t worry, Hypercane was the main fighter.

Explosive Boi: Hypercane?

Flight Risk: The son of Hurricane. His quirk’s more intense, but less range. Hence, hypercane.

Zero Gravity: Wasn’t Hurricane that one aerokinetic that defeated a villain from a mile away?

Flight Risk: Yup! Hypercane has a shorter range, but he’s much stronger than his mother.

Pika Pika Bitches: Where does Tornado fall into the picture?

Flight Risk: Tornado isn’t related to Hurricane. They just have a similar quirk.

Explosive Boi: Alright but what was Erthalam’s quirk.

Flight Risk: It was… complicated. His quirk allowed him to sap “true energy” from objects, making them dull grey and brittle. He can then project those objects as some sort of semisolid type thing.

Flight Risk: His official quirk registry was “Manifestation.”

Sassyroki: Why was it kept secret?

Flight Risk: Erthalam… sort of destroyed a bunch of mountains in a remote area.

Hexapus: I see. They didn’t want to reveal how powerful some villains were.

Flight Risk: Also they don’t want people to become a villain for fame.

Chapter Text

Chaos Incarnate [20:27]

Fluffy Tail: Hey Midoriya, what was that game?

Flight Risk: Oh that was We ❤️ Katamari.

Flight Risk has changed their username to Huey .

Huey: Anyone that plays should change their username to the cousin they use.

Ice Ice Baby has changed their username to Nutsuo .

Sparkles has changed their username to Dipp .

Explosive Boi has changed their username to Ace .

Visible has changed their username to Jungle .

Demon Master has changed their username to Kuro .

Human Sonic has changed their username to Nickel .

AlienQueen has changed their username to Beyond .

Animal Master has changed their username to Daisy .

Ready Player One has changed their username to Shikao .

Speedy birb has changed their username to June .

Froppy has changed their username to Odeon .

Huey: Well then. I think we should have ourselves a tournament.

Ace: How do we decide who wins?

Kuro: Why is this necessary?

June: Can’t wait to wreck all of you.

Nutsuo: Nope. I am the superior Katamari player.

Sassyroki: @Huey is Natsu’s name really a cousin? Because it’s very accurate.

Huey: Yes it is.

Sassyroki: I was just going to say that Natsu is a nut so his name fits.


Nutsuo: I feel like I should be offended. But you’re sort of right, so I’ll let it drop.

Huey: Anyways, I was just doing As Big As Possible 3.

Huey: My record is only 5m16cm4mm.

Huey: I’m working on making it better.

Sassyroki: It looks fun. Can I play?

Huey: Sure! Just let me finish this level. I’ll bring it to your room so we don’t have to disturb the rest of the class.

Sassyroki: OK then.


Good Hair Day: Does anyone else feel like we’re being pranked?

Odeon: What do you mean by that?

Nutsuo: That they’re already together?

Nutsuo: I mean, it’s possible…

Nutsuo: It’s also possible that they’re dense as bricks.

June: Izuku has no clue about romance.

Nutsuo: You’ve told me enough stories about you’re failed romances to make me think it’s a Midoriya thing.

June: I’m wounded, but you’re right.

Chaos Incarnate [20:35]

Shikao: Midoriya you only got 5m16cm4mm in AbaP3?

Shikao: I broke 5m75cm yesterday.

Huey: That’s because AbaP3 is like the only level you play.

Huey: You’re AbaP4 record is 13m56cm1mm. Like seriously? I did at least 4m better on my first try.


Beyond: Damn Mido layin donwn the SMAKK.

Nickel: I was expecting proper spelling, now I know I had set my expectations too high.

Beyond: I feel like I have been very politely insulted.

GoingFast: It’s a talent of Tenya’s, he does it quite often.

GoingFast has changed their username to Peso .

Peso: Almost forgot.

Nutsuo: Anyway Midoriya you promised a tournament?

Huey: Maybe later.

Huey: teaching Todoroki how to play… wait not you… what should we call you?

Nutsuo: Just Natsuo’s fine. M’not a fan of Todoroki anyways.

Huey: Fair enough.

Jungle: Wait how’re we going to do this tournament?

Beyond: We’ll play the two-player mode!

Beyond: Wait… Natsuo you’re far. How are you goung to do this?

Nutsuo: I got permission from Aizawa-sensei to stay the night. I’ll be there in 5.

Nutsuo: Hawk’s is coming with me. He’s my escort here.

Beyond: Cool.

Nickel: Please. We’re not doing another party. It’s a school night!

PunkJack: Iida it was you that brought up the idea of party. Now it’s in their heads.

Beyond: Hell yesh lets partaaaayyyyy!


Nickel: Brother what are you doing? Are you not participating in this tournament?

Peso: Eh, I’ll sit out this time.

Peso: Haven’t played in ten years, need to brush up on some of my rolling skills.

Fluffy Tail: That makes sense.

Fluffy Tail: hey what about your sister Ashido?

Assidic: I don’t play. I tried it, but it’s just not my type of game.

Ace: Barely acceptable.

Ace: Anyway Zuchan, once you’re done teaching Icyhot how to play I’m gonna finally beat you in the cousins level.

Ace: I don’t know how you stole it from me, I even have an advantage.

Peso: I haven’t played the cousins level in at least nine years, what advantage do you have?

Ace: Y’know how there’s that one tree? Yeah Ace and Dipp are little shits and rotate around the tree to fuck with you. Since I’m playing as Ace and you can’t roll yourself up, I only have to roll up one of those fuckers.

Dipp: Ah yes that level. Didn’t know that Dipp also did that until my dad logged on and played as Twinkle.

Shikao: Twinkle’s a good choice for that level, he’s hard to collect.

Foomin: why is there a cousin named Johnson.

Jungle: What makes it worse is that the King calls him “long”


Kuro: Anyway guys what’s your most hated level?

Shikao: Cowbear.

Shikao: Kurogiri banned me from playing Cowbear because I destroyed six fucking controllers playing that level.

Beyond: I second cowbear! Although I also hate the fire levels.

Kuro: I don’t like the firefly level personally.

Jungle: The fifty items only level is also fucking annoying.

Jungle: It’s like a slightly more forgiving Cowbear.

Shikao: I almost disintegrated another controller because I fucking ran into the tall grass with 4 items left.

Nutsuo: I don’t care for the racecar level. I don’t like the lack of control + you can’t reverse or dash.

Jungle: Well you’re like in a permanent state of dash…

Nutsuo: It’s like you collide with a car and *BOOM* you’re like in the ocean.

Ace: Fair enough.

Ace: I hate “Save the Pandas”

Ace: Because it’s all about the fucking high-ticket items.

Ace: That fall off way to fucking easily.

Dipp: I hate the saturn levels. I can never get it right.

Ace: HA! I fuckin got all three of them perfect!

Dipp: How?

Ace: Just estimation, luck and determination.

Ace: It helps to know about how many things you’ve picked up also.

Ace: Also I used to constantly undershoot it, so I go further than I think is right.

Kuro: I also hate the snowman level, too. It’s too boring.

Ace: Finally! Someone fucking said it.

June: As much as June is my favorite, I don’t really like the clouds level, it’s like an extremely exaggerated version of the game, ridiculously slow start but then you’re suddenly dominating.

Nutsuo: anyway, I’m here!

June: Yeet yeet I’m here as well!

Kuro: Why him Natsuo? Why not literally anyone else?

Nutsuo: Because he also plays the game?

Beyond: Well right now we only have 11.

Beyond: Not an optimal number for a tournament.

Jungle: There are 3 people from class 2-B I can add. Combine that with Midoriya and Todoroki and we have 16!

Beyond: Whomst?

Jungle has added Mushrooms , Living I-beam , and Discount Dragon to Chaos Incarnate .

Jungle: This is only temporary. We need you for a Katamari tournament.

Jungle: Do you guys mind?

Mushrooms has changed their username to Kinoko .

Living I-beam has changed their username to Macho .

Discount Dragon has changed their username to Miki .

Nutsuo: alright so that’s 14. Now you mentioned Shou and Midoriya?

Macho: Who are you?

Nutsuo: Todoroki Natsuo. Yes I’m his older brother. Just call me Natsuo I don’t care.

Beyond: We’ll start the tournament at 10pm! In the meantime, let’s party!

Shikao: Nope. Not doing this again.

Macho: I feel like we’re missing context here…

Zero Gravity: You absolutely are.

Rocky Boi: Yeah it was hilarious.

Shikao: dont you dare.

Miki: Does this have to do with the fact that Shigaraki has apparently being reformed and visited the 2-A dorms last night?

Shikao: Don’t You Dare.

Beyond: ...... Yes, yes it does.

Shikao: I never want to do that again.

Nickel: You didn’t have to do it if it made you uncomfortable!

Shikao: Yeah but I ain’t no pussy bitch.

Kinoko: Context?

Rocky Boi: later.

Zero Gravity: 

Zero Gravity: FINE!

Chaos Incarnate [21:54]

Sassyroki has changed their username to Signolo .

Huey: Todoroki learned pretty fast. It was quite surprising actually.

Nutsuo: What do you mean it’s surprising?

Signolo: This game seems fun.

Beyond: Alrighty bois let’s generate the tournament bracket!

Beyond: Tournament Bracket .

Beyond: So our first match: Todoroki versus Rin!

Chapter Text

Huey has created the chat The Rolling Skwad . [22:04]

Huey has added Signolo , Ace , June , Shikao and 12 others.

Shikao: Hey Midoriya you do have the 14th remastered generation of We ❤️ Katamari right?

Huey: Hell yeah. Otherwise the two-player mode isn’t worth playing.

June: Yup! 14.5 or bust!

Nickel: Well let’s see how well you’ve taught Todoroki. It would be a shame for him to lose so soon.

Kuro: Since when was Iida like this?

Peso: Tenya can sometimes get competitive.

Beyond: Ok guys the match is starting.

Izuku looked on as the competition began. Shou had started off in a more optimal spot for this map, because there was a large pile of carrots (maybe, or it was something else) close by. In the rules of the tournament they were starting off at 55cm5mm. 

His bicolored boyfriend was off to a good start, getting the carrots( so they WERE carrots, he was right.) and then rolling up some cartons.

Rin on the other hand wasn’t nearly as large, but he did know the course better, so he was currently heading between the larger objects and eventually becoming the first to 70cm, although Shou wasn’t far behind. 

He, of course, was eagerly cheering on his boyfriend, but at the same time he was looking at what his competition looked like. His first opponent was Aoyama. Aoyama he could probably beat easily. His dash skills were very good, probably some of the best here.

And it was managing your dashes that won competitions, believe it or not. The goal in this case was to get to 2m first. Izuku had initially suggested the roll-up competition, but with two people of equal skill, it would go on forever.

And it was a school day tomorrow, as Iida had reminded them.

So first to 2m it was.

Rin also was the first to break a meter, but Shou wasn’t far behind, getting to a meter about ten seconds later. For only playing for an hour and change, he was actually pretty good.

Thirty seconds later, when Rin started rolling up people, Izuku knew it was over. This particular map had a lot of people, and when you can roll up people it ends pretty quickly.

Sure enough, another half a minute passes, and Rin wins. Everyone cheered, even Izuku (hey, it was polite.)

Izzy Ɛ>: Don’t feel bad Shou, it was your first competitive match after all!

Shou <3: M’fine. I was tired anyways.

Izzy Ɛ>: Well have a good night <3.

Shou <3: You too Izzy. Ɛ>

Izuku had no idea why Shou didn’t know how to do a heart properly but it was so fucking adorable!

Oh right, a match.

Hopefully nobody noticed him silently squeeing.

Oh this match was interesting. Shigaraki versus Tokoyami. It was obvious that the two of them were very experienced, dashing at appropriate times, and maneuvering expertly around obstacles. Tokoyami was keeping up surprisingly well, actually managing to get to a meter ahead of the reformed villain.

But Shigaraki was the first person to get to people-rolling size, pulling ahead. And since they were playing on the same map, Shigaraki won, although by only a dozen seconds.

“Next up, Midoriya Izuku versus Aoyama Yuga!” Ashido announced cheerfully.

Izuku confidently walked up and grabbed the controller, quickly finding his favorite cousin, Huey. Why did he like Huey? He honestly has no clue. He looks cool?

Anyway, time to roll.

As soon as the match starts, he activates his dash. On this map there are certain areas that are good areas for picking up size quickly. He headed for the one closest to him, which was a collection of around thirty bottles, followed by notebooks and apples. 

The next thing he did was break into someone’s house (well it wasn’t technically breaking in, they opened the door for him. Well it opened automatically. Whatever, it’s the same.) and rolls through their house collecting their things.

He was so engrossed in going to his next rolling site, he didn’t notice exactly how far ahead he was (ahead by almost thirty cm.)

The conclusion happened pretty quickly after Izuku could roll up people.

The next match was Ashido versus Kacchan. Again another surprisingly close match. The only reason Kacchan actually won was because Ashido messed up a dash that was going to roll up a bunch of people.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Aizawa staring at them through the window like some sort of creep.

Apparently he knew about their little tournament, and didn’t want to stop it. Eh, they were probably going to pay for it later.

Why did Midoriya do that? [22:17]

Dead Tired: @Bloodbender Hey Kan, I have an idea.

Bloodbender: I’m all ears Aizawa. Although if this about the upcoming exercise we’ll have to discuss this with Nezu.

Dead Tired: No it’s to convince my class not to do random parties at 10pm on a school night.

Dead Tired: Some of your class is there too.

Dead Tired: As is…

Dead Tired: Why is Todoroki Natsuo and the Pro Hero Hawks here? Who approved that?

Eye of Sauron: :)

Dead Tired: WHY? You know you’ve already not in the Board’s good graces, and you’re doing things like this? If you keep this up your job could be at stake, and if you lose your job you lose a lot of the protections you get under the law.

Eye of Sauron: Trust me Aizawa, I know what I’m doing.

Dead Tired: I’m not saying I don’t trust you, but even with an intelligence quirk, there’s still things you don’t see.

Dead Tired: Please, talk to someone about your choices. It doesn’t even have to be me.

Eye of Sauron: Ok then.

Bloodbender: And you say I’m protective of my students.

Dead Tired: Why are you OK with this?

Bloodbender: I never said I wasn’t, I just…

Bloodbender: Nevermind. I give up.

Bloodbender: What was your idea?

Dead Tired: joint quirk training. For three hours.

Bloodbender: You’re cruel.

Bloodbender: While I like that our classes are getting closer together, they DID technically sneak out past curfew.

Bloodbender: I was going to say house arrest, but I like your idea.

Bloodbender: But maybe tack on endurance training.

Dead Tired: How much?


Bloodbender: Two hours?

Dead Tired: And you say I’m cruel?

Bloodbender: >:)

Izuku got a sudden, ominous feel of dread for no reason. He ignored it to focus on the upcoming competition, where Natsuo was facing off against Komori. The two of them were wildcards, nobody really knowing where they would be placed. They were pretty close in skill level to each other, switching first place between them constantly. It was Komori that rolled up the first person, but she was in a bad area for rolling up people, so Natsuo ended up winning.

Next was Asui. Izuku at first thought that Keigo would destroy her, but when she started with a dash/turn, followed by a reverse and a second dash, Izuku’s jaw dropped. And several other people’s dropped as well, watching the two of them play. Asui was good at Katamati. Izuku put her on the list of people to watch out for in the upcoming competition, because she really was pretty good. If he weren’t gay and in a relationship with Shou already….

The second to last of the final competition was Iida versus Tetsutetsu, another wildcard match. Izuku had no real basis for Iida’s gaming talent, and he had assumed that Tetsutetsu liked fighting games.

Well sometimes people are surprising.

And Tetsutetsu was pretty good at Katamari, relentlessly dashing at things. Sometimes (often) he collided and the dash stopped short, but he was doing enough to overcome Shinsou’s steady pace, and end up pulling the victory out be rolling up an egg carton. Yes, an egg carton was what had given Tetsutetsu the win. Maybe it would have gone a different way if Iida wasn’t as tired. He almost fell asleep in the common room.

The final match of the first round was Hagakure versus Shoji. Izuku didn’t know enough about the two classmates of his in the tournament to decide a victor of the competition. The reason why Izuku set the settings like he did was because the matches would be shorter, lasting about six minutes on average.

It ended up with Hagakure rolling up a police officer, which was enough to give her the win.

A short break (Ashido said 10 minutes, but it was just a nebulous break.) was called to separate the first matches from the second. Izuku used the time he had to write down a random idea for a super move that he had gotten. He wanted to try running flame down Blackwhip, it’s something that he should try. The whips themselves were pretty strong, so it should theoretically work.

Break over, now it was time for Shigaraki to face off against Rin. Izuku already knew where this was going. Sure Rin was definitely a skilled player, and was pretty decent, but he didn’t use dashes at all. And Izuku knew that skilled use of dashes would mean victory.

To Izuku’s surprise, Rin was first to a meter, but he lost precious seconds when he got stuck between a building and some sort of cart conga line.

Those few seconds were enough to give Shigaraki the win.

Now it was his match against… Kacchan.

“You’re going down Kacchan!” Izuku taunted.

“You’re wrong Zuchan, I’m gonna fucking win this match, and the entire fucking competiton.” Kacchan struck back almost immediately.

“Trying to impress Kirishima?” 

Izuku laughed as both Kacchan and Kirishima (who was watching along with Kaminari, Uraraka, Ojiro and Sero) blushed a healthy red. Despite that, the blond still fired back pretty quickly with “Trying to impress Half-n-Half?”

Izuku was secretly happy that Todoroki had gone to bed. Otherwise…

“Well then, let’s do this. If I recall correctly, it was 45-25 my favor?”

“No you idiot, it was 37-32 my way.”

“Let’s just play this level.”

“For once I agree with you.”

They continued this casual banter until they both reached a meter and 10cm. Then the silence came so fast people were shocked.

Izuku managed to win, although it was within a second.

Next match was Asui versus Natsuo. It was like a repeat of Rin versus Shigaraki, where Asui was just too good for Natsuo to keep up. Well he was faring significantly better than Rin, Asui is probably better than Shigaraki, as she was pulling off moves that even he had never seen before.

Asui won by a healthy margin, having almost a 20cm difference, still closer than Shigaraki versus Rin. 

The final match of the second round, Hagakure vs. Tetsutetsu ended up with the sole remaining student from class 2-B staying in the competition, his weird strategy keeping him in the game.

But Izuku doesn’t care about that. He has to compete against Shiggy now.

He started out in the more advantageous position, and used his dash skills to make the lead larger, getting to one meter and eventually people-rolling-up sie first, which allowed him to defeat Shigaraki.

Next Asui was facing Tetsutetsu.

Simply put, it was a slaughter. Asui won by almost half a meter, and even almost rolled up Tetsutetsu’s katamari.

Izuku knew that this was probably going to be one of his most difficult matches of Katamari that he had ever played. Once again, he had underestimated Asui’s skills.

And then it was the final match, Izuku was facing off against Asui.

They were in pretty equal areas, there wasn’t really a clear advantage. Izuku’s heart was pounding in his chest, his wings fluffing out defensively. His first task was to head for the nearby chickens, which he could currently roll up. After getting the chickens, he dashed into the city area to pick up the stacked paint cans as well as the fish trumpets. He got the paint cans but Asui got to the fish with the trumpets first. So he’s heading to the gym area, hoping to roll up enough things on the way to start rolling up the kids at the gym.

Asui got to the gym area first, and then promptly won.

Even though he lost, he still cheered for Asui’s victory. It was well won.

Chapter Text

Chaos Incarnate [2:42]

Pika Pika Bitches: Insomnisquad where u at?

Purrple Dream: They’re all asleep because of the Katamari Tournament.

Pika Pika Bitches: Oh.

Chaos Incarnate [6:30]

Aizawa Shouta: Surprise! @20 Users Go to ground eta for a surprise mission!

Aizawa Shouta: Attendance is mandatory!

Hanta stumbled out of bed when he saw the notification. Ground eta was about half a click away, so he had best get moving. Aizawa-sensei would probably have the person that arrived last run laps.

He ran through his morning routine a bit quicker than usual (and skipping a few steps like breakfast.)

Because of all of that (and liberal use of his quirk) he was fourth to arrive. Midoriya was already there (Of course he was, the guy was hella quick) and there was Kuroiro and The animal-like guy from Class 2-B (Shishida?) also there. Aizawa-sensei and the homeroom teacher from class 2-B, Vlad King were also there.

So it was some joint exercise with class 2-B then. Interesting.

One by one, everybody arrived over the course of the next ten minutes.

“Excellent. You all got here before 700 hours. No extra laps for any of you. Everyone start running, no quirks allowed.” Hanta saw Aizawa glare in Midoriya’s direction. “That includes those of you with mutation quirks.”

Hanta started off at a medium jog that he could maintain for quite some time. Midoriya, Bakugou, that one guy with the blade quirk Bakugou fought against, Kirishima, Tetsutetsu and surprisingly Uraraka dashed forward, trying to race each other. Hanta knew his limits, and because this was simply a warm-up he wouldn’t go as fast as he could.

And sure enough, after about forty-five minutes of jogging, he saw the insect-looking guy with the blade quirk wasn’t running nearly as fast as he had been, Uraraka had also slowed down as well. Hanta was continuing his pace, keeping it steady.

After another fifteen minutes, he saw the end of the track, where Bakugou, Midoriya, Kirishima, Tetsutetsu, the insect-looking guy (Kamakiri?), Uraraka, Shishida, Todoroki, Bondo and Monoma had already finished (Monoma? That was a surprise.)

“Congratulations Sero, you got 12th out of 40. Good job.” Aizawa told him. As Aizawa was speaking, Vlad King pointed at Midoriya, Bakugou, Kirishima and Todoroki, and they ran into Ground Eta, which was a water zone, similar to that of the flood zone at the USJ.

Dammit, that probably meant they were doing swimming next.

Ten minutes later he was sent off with Kamakiri, Bondo, and Monoma to Ground Eta, where indeed they were doing various swimming activities. In the training ground there were some aquatic heroes that he heard about from talking to Asui; Selkie and Sirius, as well as some other ones he didn’t recognize, but one had what looked like a fish mutation quirk.

It was Sirius who walked up to them first “Hey young heroes! Your first assignment is a swimming test! We would like to see how well of a swimmer you are.”

Hanta mentally thanked Asui for her relentless swimming lesson, and for Aizawa for adding no-quirk swimming to their training plan.

Sirius ran them through a quick test, there was a small side pool where they had to swim around three sides with whatever front stroke was personal preference, and then the last side with a backstroke. And then tread water for a minute.

“Ok!” Sirius called out cheerfully. “Now that we have confirmed your skill in swimming, it’s time for you to do the 1.5 Kilometer Swim!”

Hanta froze. He had to swim one and a half kilometers? Well Plus Ultra and good thing he had been pacing himself.

The first several hundred meters were relatively fine, it was actually almost boring. The repetitive strokes didn’t really drag on his endurance that much, and he plodded along at a decent pace. He had to play various songs in his head in order to have something to do.

After 750m, where he turned around at the marker and went back, that’s when the drag of the swim started to get to him, continuing pushing forward. He didn’t see the other people in his group of four until he had gone around, they were a handful of meters behind him. Every so often a hero (and underground hero with an air and water manipulation quirk) would pop buy to get a closer look on how they were doing.

The drag of exhaustion only got worse as he got closer to the end. But the fact he was almost done continued to spur him on.

Finally, after a long time, he got to the ladder at the edge of the large (Pool? Lake? Something else? Pool sounds right) pool. His limbs felt like lead and he felt like he could almost drop. But he did it!

After the swimming exercise, they were to change into their normal school uniforms and go to class.

Which is what they did.

Chaos Incarnate [9:46]

Tapey Boi: Hoshit that was exhausting.

Shigkao: What did you guys do? It sounded exhausting.

Sparkly Dipp: Running for about an hour and then swimming a kilometer and a half.

Shigkao: Sounds fun.

Frodeon: It was pretty fun for me.

PunkJack: Yeah that’s because even without your quirk you’re good at swimming.

Huey: I still don’t know why I need to swim, I can pretty much always fly.

Frodeon: What something happens to your wings?


Huey: Shit u rite.

Signolo: I can just freeze the water.

Frodeon: While nullification quirks are rare, there are still villains out there with those types of quirks.

Signolo: Fine. You make sense.

Frodeon: I know!

Pika Pika Bitches has changed their username to Pikachu’s Hoe

Huey: That fits you.

Blastace: @Aizawa Shouta Why did we do what we did?

Aizawa Shouta: Blame the people that had a party on a school night.

Blastace: DAMMIT.

Zero Gravity: Oh? So it was YOU that messed up my sleep.

Zero Gravity: Come here, I need to talk you you :)

Nickel has changed their username to Dime .

Nickel has changed Peso ’s username to Quarter .

Dime: Tensei let’s go.

Dime: We have speed quirks we’ll be fine.

Zero Gravity: Hold on let me talk to Hatsume.

Zero Gravity: She would be happy to help me out :)

Dime: oh fuck.

Huey: I was summoned by Iida swearing.

Good Hair Day:  I was summoned by Iida swearing.

Signolo:  I was summoned by Iida swearing.

Beyond:  I was summoned by Iida swearing.

Kuro has changed their username to Tokokuro .

Tokokuro:  I was summoned by Iida swearing.

Purrple Dream:  I was summoned by Iida swearing.

Huey:  It has been screenshotted.

Quarter: As much as I want to taunt my younger brother, we need to R U N.

Huey: Everyone who can fly should do so. Although that might not be enough to save me from the terror of the Hurricane Hatsume.

Blastace: Hurricane Hatsume! I love it!

Blastace: Next time I see her I’m calling her that.

Hatsu-mei has been added to Chaos Incarnate .

Hatsu-mei: At your own risk explodoboy.

Hatsu-mei: Also, Uraraka come by my shop, I'll hook you up.

Zero Gravity: TY!

Hatsu-mei has left Chaos Incarnate .


Blastace: Nevermind.

Pikachu’s Hoe: Hey Bakugou, why are you and Midoriya not dating?

Huey: W H A T?

Blastace and Huey have left Chaos Incarnate .

Dime: Kaminari! That is an inappropriate question to ask! @Aizawa Shouta .

Aizawa Shouta: Kaminari don’t ask questions like that.

Aizawa Shouta: Congratulations you have detention for three days.

Aizawa Shouta has added Blastace and Huey to Chaos Incarnate .

Aizawa Shouta has muted Pikachu’s Hoe for 72 hours.

Aizawa Shouta: You can type /Emergency to send a message through the mute, but misuse of this feature will get you in more trouble.

Huey: He’s not my type.

Blastace: Same.

Huey: Plus we grew up together.

Blastace: It would be like dating a brother. Ew.

Huey: So yeah.

Chaos Incarnate [12:22]

Signolo has changed their username to Signolo on fire .

Blastace: What why?

Signolo on fire: Just signolo didn’t fit. I need something more. What about you?

Huey: Ehh, I don’t care that much.

Signolo on fire has changed Huey ’s username to Flew-ey Huey .

Flew-ey Huey: Why?

Signolo on fire: I don’t know, it fits.

Private Chat between Izzy Ɛ> and Shou <3 . [12:36]

Shou <3: I picked it because it sounds cute :)

Chaos Incarnate [12:37]

Jungle: Hey Todoroki what did you do?

Signolo on fire: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jungle: Midoriya is currently on fire.

Signolo on fire: I did nothing.

Jungle: Suuuure. Like I believe you.

Flew-ey Huey: Hagakure! I thought I could trust you!

Beyond: Midoriya, you should know by now not to tell Hagakure embarrassing things.

Flew-ey Huey: Brb gonna jump into water somewhere.

Flew-ey Huey: Unlike SOME people I can’t cool myself down automatically.

Fluffy Tail: Won’t your clothes get wet?

Few-ey Huey: They’re fire-resistant, so that means they’re waterproof!

Signolo on fire: Midoriya.

Signolo on fire: Midoriya NO!

Signolo on fire: That’s not how that works.

Flew-ey Huey: I know that.

Flew-ey Huey: They weren’t fire-resistant either so they’ve got some pretty big burns.

Beyond: Midoriya why?

Chaos Incarnate [14:27]

Aizawa Shouta: @20 People Surprise! It’s time for hero training!

Aizawa Shouta: Do you remember your teams from last time? Because those are going to be relevant now! I’m sending you to a specific training ground now. Get your hero costumes on.

Chapter Text

Hanta made his way to the training ground he was assigned to, Training Ground Rho. It was another of the city zones, looking sort of like the one that they did the entrance exam in. 

Actually it was a zone where the entrance exam for the first-years took place, because there was still damage to buildings and rubble around. Kamakiri, Bondo, and Monoma arrived after a short time.

“So do you know why we are here?” Hanta asked. From what he had seen Vlad King liked his students a lot, so maybe they had more information.

“We didn’t get shit.” Kamakiri replied, his scythe like mandibles twitching slightly.

“Maybe this is training for the mystery exercise?” Suggested Monoma. “It seems like something our teachers would try, but out of everyone, only Kamakiri is in my group.”

“And Bondo’s in my group. So maybe it’s some form of joint training?” Hanta said aloud. They were in this area, with no information about what they were to do. Some information that Aizawa had told to him came to the forefront of his mind. At the end of first year Aizawa was teaching him about underground hero work, and one of the most important things in the industry was gathering information, using your sources, and thinking about what you know and expanding on it.

“Hey so can you guys message you’re group chat to see if other people are in the same scenario. I’ll do the same thing.”

The three Class 2-B students checked their group chat, while Hanta did the same.

The conclusion that they reached was that everyone was in the same boat, so no whoever was introducing them wasn’t late.

Now.. what to do?

“Well the first thing I think we should do is look for more information, and to do that we should get onto a rooftop.”

“That sounds reasonable. Let’s scale our way up…” Monoma trailed off, looking at all the buildings. “That one.” he finished, pointing at a tallish building about half a block away. “So how’re we doing this?”

They then set up a point. Hanta would take the lead, looking around before gesturing for them to advance, while Monoma, Kamakiri and Bondo would follow. Then Hanta and Monoma would scale the wall, he would use his tape and Monoma would use Kamakiri’s quirk. Kamakiri and Bondo would follow after a while, using their quirks to climb the tower.

When they ascended the tower, they didn’t see much of anything, only a just slightly wrecked fake town. From the building the path of the zero-pointer was clear, a streak of area that was broken way worse than everyone else.

Other than that, there was nothing that they could see.

Until Kamakiri apparently saw a black blur run from one building to the next, barely visible, about two blocks away. After a quick whispered conversation they decided that maybe they needed to catch the person that was running.

So this time they went through the building, down a staircase they found which revealed floor after floor of fake office space. Much of it was empty space, save for concrete pillars that held everything up.

“We should split up.” Monoma whispered as they reached the bottom floor. “Me and Kamakiri will try to run after this figure, while Sero and Bondo will go in a second direction. Can the two of you go around and use your quirks to create as many traps as you can?”

Hanta nodded, and Bondo did the same? It was hard to tell exactly if he was nodding because of the nonstandard shape of his head.

“Wait Monoma, if you can copy Bondo’s Quirk you can use his glue and if you can copy my quirk you can get the tape as well. You should try it.” He spoke aloud. Monoma couldn’t copy mutation-based quirks, but he could copy quirks that had secondary mutation-based elements (if the small, thin “blades” sticking out of Monoma’s mouth were any indication.)

“I’ll try it.” he finally said, touching the two people in question. Suddenly Monoma’s head got an orangish color and it had holes in it, but it still looked like a human face sort of. Pretty creepy looking.

Blades came flying out of Monoma’s arms, cutting the fancy-looking suit that he wore as his costume just above the elbows, revealing slightly larger elbows (somewhere in the middle of normal and Hanta’s elbows.)

“Well I’ll lay traps in addition to hunting for this mysterious figure then.” Monoma said as he extended some tape from his elbows. It was off-color and looked like it was dripping slightly. “Ok, good, I can combine these two. I’ve been working on my quirk so that I can do two at once, but some of the combinations aren’t compatible.”

After that, Monoma and Kamakiri left, running pretty much directly in the direction of the figure they saw. Hanta went a different way, shooting tape between buildings and Bondo spewed his glue and covered the tape with it. Apparently he used a slow-dry mixture this time, so it would stay sticky for quite some time.

There had been a set of four earpieces given to them at the start, so they would use that to communicate. (Once again, how Bondo used the earpiece was beyond Hanta’s knowledge, but he somehow used it.)

“Copycat, this is scotch. Me and Elmer’s have been laying it down for a while. Any luck? Over.” He asked into the earpiece. He kept his message intentionally vague, just in case of anyone listening in. “Laying it down” could mean very different things, but the only people who would know the correct one would be those in their conversation beforehand.

“Scotch, this is Copycat. Me and Slashley are in pursuit. We haven’t seen the figure again, but I think we’re getting closer, Over”

“Scotch this is Slashley. I haven’t seen shit. We’re the hammer and you’re the fucking anvil. Just do you’re fucking job.” a slight pause before “Over.”

“Alright, let’s check in every 5 minutes, Over.”

Hanta had no idea when or how he had became team leader, but he was successful so far.

Aizawa Shouta has created the group chat Team Traior [15:07]

Aizawa Shouta has added Flew-ey Huey , Signolo on fire , Dime , Purrple Dream and 6 others to Team Traitor . [15:07]

Aizawa Shouta: Team traitor is a twist to the mystery event. You are the secret Team 11. You’ll win only if the traitor team wins.

Flew-ey Huey: Is this because there’s still someone suspected of being a traitor to the League of Villains? So you’re going to compare normal behavior to behavior as a traitor and use our differences as a baseline to determine the different ways a traitor might act?

Aizawa Shouta: Yes. Exactly that. 

Aizawa Shouta: Shouldn’t you be doing something?

Flew-ey Huey: Combining flight and my smoke tendrils made capturing Midnight very easy.

Aizawa Shouta: Ok then.

Dime: So we’re going to act in the role of a traitor to our team?

Aizawa Shouta has left the chat.

Flew-ey Huey: Yeah basically. But think about it! You may need to do infiltration work as a hero. Unfortunately lying and deceit are skills that are necessary to learn. They’re not heroic skills, but they’re needed.

Dime: Ah I see. Thanks Midoriya.

“Scotch, Elmer’s, this is Copycat. We have located the target close to 20th street and currently on 14th road, heading towards 21st street, over.” Monoma’s voice came through the earpiece.

“Copycat, this is Scotch. I hear you loud and clear. Currently on the intersection of 24th street and 17th road, heading your way with Elmer’s, over.” Hanta quickly replied, pointing Bondo in the direction of 14th road. The two of them getting ready to use their quirks.

When they got to 14th road, they saw the figure that’s less than a block away, Monoma flinging tape which forced the figure to dodge. Hanta started to fling tape up on the walls and Bonod covered them with his glue, and then the two of them flung tape and glue in the direction of the figure.

The combined effects of four lines of tape plus glue caused the figure to miss a dodge and slip into a pile of glue. Hanta uses this to tape over the figure, keeping them on the ground.

They went up and unmasked them, revealing Present Mic.

Hanta didn’t know that Present Mic could move like that.

“Congratulations little listeners you managed to succeed in the Surprise Training Exercise! YEAAAHHHHHH!

With a use of his quirk, Present Mic freed himself from the tape and glue. 

“You guys can head back to the dorms now.”

Team Traitor [16:37]

Free Building: That shit was CRAZY. That was an exercise I would never forget.

Slammin’ Fist: yeah it was interesting.

Signolo on fire: So how’re we doing this?

Flew-ey Huey: We’re playing it subtle.

Flew-ey Huey: There’s no need to pull off some massive play.

Beastman: I agree. We’ll try not to attack each other unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Signolo on fire: I assumed that was a given.

Chapter Text

Chaos Incarnate [17:47]

Aizawa Shouta: I hope you all learned your lesson.

Flew-ey Huey: And what lesson is that?

Aizawa Shouta: 

Signolo on fire: No more Katamari tournament parties on sunday nights?

Dime: I think Aizawa-sensei means no parties AT ALL on sunday nights.

Aizawa Shouta: Do it again and the punishment will be worse.

[SECURE] Veritas

Toshuwu: Young Midoriya there’s something I think you should know.

Izuwu: What is it? Did All for One do something?

Toshuwu: No. It’s actually something good this time.

Izuwu: What is it?

Toshuwu: It’s time I tell you about the For All Fund.

Izuwu: For All Fund?

Toshuwu: Some of the past wielders of One for All have been quite wealthy, and instead of leaving their wealth to their progeny, they put it in the For All fund.

Toshuwu: And an advanced computer program created by Machine Heart called “Victoria” has been managing the fund for 175 years.

Toshuwu: It’s been diversifying and spreading out for that amount of time.

Izuwu: About how much wealth is tied up in these accounts?

Toshuwu: Approximately 1,752,700,000,000 yen.


Aizuwu: All Might, are you saying that you have access to that type of money?

Toshuwu: Oh heavens no, I haven’t touched a single yen.

Toshuwu: I made enough money from the government for being Symbol of Peace for so long, as well as royalties and payments from sponsored products and commercial appearances! In fact, when I die I will be adding my own wealth to the For All Fund!

Aizuwu: Then what’s the point of the For All Fund? Because the way I’m looking at it, it’s a way for the users of One for All to have an easy life.

Toshuwu: No! It’s not that! It’s a way for the users of One for All to ensure that they have the resources.

Aizuwu: That is simply too much money!

Toshuwu: I am inclined to agree! I would use it for charity but the past holders have very strictly dictated that it’s to go to the most recent holder of One for All for the purpose of countering All for One’s enterprises.

Aizuwu: But isn’t All for One imprisoned?

Toshuwu: The conditions of the wills state that All for One needs to be deceased and it confirmed that the quirk All for One has died with either him, or if All for One chooses a successor, they need to be dead as well.

Toshuwu: Originally they didn’t want him on death row, but I pulled some strings to get him onto death row and jump the line for several people ahead of him.

Toshuwu: He’ll be executed in two weeks.

Sorahuwu: We’re bringing in Shisugi Nijiso, a doctor with a quirk that allows them to give people a quick, easy, and painless death. Everything just stops.

Tsukuwu: How many people know about All for One’s upcoming death?

Sorahuwu: The people in this chat, Shisugi, and Karami Taro, the guard in charge of All for One. That’s pretty much it. The order was done on paper made with a quirk so it couldn’t be copied, it was then destroyed by someone with a molecular annihilation quirk. Sure it’s expensive, but it’s a pittance compared to the amount of money in the For All Fund.

Bakuwu: Are you telling me that Zuchan now has access to that sort of money?

Izuwu: Kacchan I can only use it to kill All for One.

Bakuwu: But after that bastard’s dead?

Izuwu: Probaby donate most of it? I don’t need that much money.

Nezuwu: May I have permission to take over these investments? I’m not so sure I trust Victoria.

Toshuwu: But Nezu, managing this money is a full-time job pretty much! You can’t do that and be principal! We’re still working on the case of Tsubasa Himitsu/Daruma Ujiko also!

Nezuwu: Trust me, I can do this. I need something to do other than fool around by inviting random people to the school.

Aizuwu: Yes, yes you do.

Chiyuwu: Anyways All Might come over to the infirmary. I have a new treatment for you. 

Toshuwu: You don’t need to do this for me!

Chiyuwu: Yes I do. Now shut up and get over here.

[SECURE] Pro Heroes Group Chat

Thinja: One of my contacts in America has given me some potentially very bad news.

Endeavor: Well what is it? I don’t have all day.

Thinja: Anyway. It’s from Static Fall.

Dead Tired: Oh no.

Thinja: Yeah anything from Static Fall means it’s pretty bad, but that’s not the worst part.

Dead Tired: What would that be?

Thinja: Static Fall heard it from Minos of Eklos. And the last time we heard from M of E was…

Dead Tired: Was the Exarch incident.

Predator: If Ferric Emperor hadn’t been there…

Allfabricisdenim: Even he almost died from quirk overuse.

Eye of Sauron: @Everyone I think everyone needs to hear this.

Ent from Isengard: What is it?

Eye of Sauron: Edgeshot received some sort of word from Minos of Eklos.

Ent from Isengard: Oh fuck.

Junebird: Oh fuck.

Hop to it!: Oh fuck that’s never good.

Thinja: Minos said that Doctor Stopwatch is heading to Japan.

He protec: FUCK.

Junebird: Who’s Doctor Stopwatch?

He protec: We don’t know his real name, but his quirk allows him to accelerate the aging of objects and people massively.

He protec: With the Nomu in consideration that’s bad enough, but it gets worse.

Junebird: How could it get worse?

He protec: Doctor Stopwatch has a.. Particular speciality not linked to his quirk.

He protec: He’s a cloning expert. He has massive skills in manipulating the genome and advanced CRISPR technology. He’s been able to make clones of people if he captures them.

Junebird: Oh fuck.

Eye of Sauron: So if he does arrive in Japan, we could potentially be expecting clones of the League. Permanent clones, not just the brittle clones from the villain Twice.

Endeavor: As well as clones of Shigaraki. Because from what you’ve said he’s been with them for well over a decade, and if that’s the case, It’s damn near certain that there’s some of his DNA around the area somewhere.

Endeavor: So you should probably keep Shigaraki at UA and beef up security. Because the effects of cloning Shigaraki would be more than his destructive quirk. It would turn the public favor against the villain redemption program, which is what the villains want.

Eye of Sauron: Well deduced Endeavor! Although I would also like to point out that there is also a high chance of their being clones of the Nomu, like the one that attacked you and Hawks and the one present at USJ. 

He protec: Wait, wasn’t the one at USJ the one that matched All Might? And the other Nomu that nearly matched Endeavor and Hawks together?

Eye of Sauron: Indeed.

Thinja: I suggest that maybe we should look for outside assistance. Something like this we maybe could have dealt with with All Might, but because All Might retired… and because Doctor Stopwatch is an American Villain it has become an international problem.

He protec: I agree.

He protec has began the vetting processes for Ferric Emperor and Force Defender .

Allfabricisdenim: the Number 1 and Number 2 American Heroes?

He protec: Ferric emperor is nearly as strong as All Might, and Force defender is only slightly weaker. Because of the capture of Silk Road, crime in America had fallen drastically. America can spare them for a couple of months.

Thinja: Have you talked to them about this?

He protec: yes I have.

Dead Tired: I’ll reach out to the Vigilante’s Alliance. Let’s see if we can find Daruma Ujiko before Doctor Stopwatch does.

[SECURE] Vigilante’s Alliance Group Chat

Eraserhead: So have you guys heard about Daruma Ujiko?

Black Ice: Yeah. From what I’ve heard that guy is some sort of villain doctor. I could contact Node if you want a new meeting if you want.

Eraserhead: No I don’t think this enough for a full meeting. 

Black Ice: Fair enough. All I know is that Daruma Ujiko’s base is buried somewhere underground on the island of Hokkaido.

Eraserhead: Why do you know that?

Black Ice: Because there were documents I managed to recover from the Nomu nest in Kamino Ward that detailed moving some “High-end” Nomu to “Tziko Base.” Tziko is the name that the old Omani villain Taku Taku Bin Sahled gave to Hokkaido. Bin Sahled had three quirks and was in contact with All for One about 100 years ago.

Strike!: Holy shit Kuro that’s a ton of information. Although I can say that the nuclear reactor from the Kazowa power plant had been stolen 34 years ago. 

Counter: So we should try to find suspicious sources of heat and steam, as well as nuclear waste.

Eraserhead: We know that Dr. Ujiko has access to a second teleporter thanks to Shigaraki Tomura.

Counter: Hold up. Shigaraki?

Black Ice: Why do you know that from Shigaraki?

Eraserhead: Blame Winged Problem Child.

Black Ice: Hawks?

Eraserhead: My student.

Gindangan: Oh there’s a story behind this. And I do want to know what it is.

Eraserhead: Well it’s classified. Sorry about that Gin.

Gindangan: It’s no problem! I completely understand.

Strike!: Fuck. Teleporters are annoying.

Counter: Strike, you are a teleporter.

Strike!: Yeah so what? Even as a teleporter fighting a teleporter is fucking annoying.

Black Ice: We’ll keep you in touch Eraserhead. And I do agree that Strike is annoying.

Strike!: I’d be offended if it weren’t true.


Black Ice: While teleporter are annoying so are Erasure-type quirks. No offence Eraserhead.

Eraserhead: None taken.

[SECURE] Mr. Ninja and his fantastic friends.

Thinja: If I could change the chat name I would.

Zapad’: C’mon, you don’t think we’re fantastic?


Joe Steele: Anyways, there’s something going on in Europe as well.

Mr. Sandman: Yeah I heard from Aurora about the Valadhara making moves.

Zapad’: Shit. What sort of moves are they making?

Mr. Sandman: Recruiting soldiers. Apparently they want to cause civil war in Zapadoslavia. The situation in the country is tenuous enough right now.

Thinja: I’ll reach out to kamenný gigant. He should know.

Zapad’: That may not be enough. The Valadhara are quite powerful.

Thinja: Well let’s hope it’s enough.

Tag You’re it: We will see.

Chapter Text

Chaos Incarnate [14:37]

Aizawa Shouta: Alright you heathens come to Training Ground Upsilon for a challenge of the mind.

Jungle: What? Training ground Upsilon? Where’s that?

Sparkley Dipp: Why do I feel like some of these zones just pop in and out of existence randomly?

Aizawa Shouta: It’s just your imagination. Most of these zones you are not allowed to go to unless it’s necessary.

Aizawa Shouta: Also Training Ground Upsilon is quite smaller than the rest.

Tooru was almost vibrating from excitement as they went down to Training Ground Upsilon. Well it was excitement partially, but it was also nervousness. But her classmates didn’t need to see that side of her!

Aizawa-sensei their raggedy homeroom teacher (Every time she saw him she wanted to give him a ticket to a spa. Seriously, self-care is important. Even though nobody could see it on her.) was at the gates to this mysterious training ground, as well as a man with alabaster-white skin, contrasted by his jet-black hair, which he wore in a simple short style and mustache, as well as red eyes with no irises or pupils to speak of. He was dressed in a suit that looked like he did, with a white suit and slacks, black shoes and shirt with a red tie. His hands were similarly decorated with crimson fingernails. All in all, a very creepy man.

“Hello, hero course students my name is Newspaper-san, and-” The man said in a deep, rumbling, almost demonic tone, before Tooru saw Mina raise her hand. “Excuse me, Newspaper-san, but is that your real name?” The pinkette asked, seeming interested in this for no reason.

“Well Mina-chan, the answer is easy! I chose the name Newspaper-san…” The pause (for  dramatic effect) was enhanced by his tone. Tooru (and everyone else) were on edge for what he was going to say. “Because I’m black, white, and red all over!” He finished, his almost demonic voice contrasting so sharply with his cheery tone that it gave all of them whiplash. A second after everyone realized his joke, and they all groaned, along with various exclamations, like a long “Whyyyyyyyyyy” from Kaminari, or her own stifled giggle.

It was Midoriya who spoke up next. “Newspa- no, what’s your real name. I refuse to indulge in your terrible jokes.” He got out, wings fluffing out in annoyance.

Tooru agreed with Midoriya on this, this guy’s joke was amusing, AND it taught them not to assume personalities based on appearance. Damn this guy was good.

“My real name is Akakuroi, sorry for the lame joke. Anyways, it’s time to talk about this exercise. I’m going to put you into a dream state where you will be fighting a mirror version of yourself. No actual damage will be suffered by you, and I cannot see the battles. If you wish to leave for any reason say ‘Showstopper’ and the effects of my quirk will end. Now these mirror versions will fight just as well as you, so you’ll have to think out of the box to defeat your copy.”

Oh. This was new. The entirety of the class was led to a room with 20 chairs in it. She was lead to chair number 16, or her seat number.

A few seconds afterwards, she closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, it revealed a region full of dense industrial factories, piping, and whirring gears and other things that made noise. All of this would make fighting the alternate version of herself much harder. 

Tooru crawled through a gap between two large pipes, constantly listening for the telltale sounds of a mirror image of herself. Aside from the mechanical noises of the area they’re in, she heard nothing.

Ten more minutes of this and she finally caught something. It was only a glimpse, but she saw the pouch that she wore as part of her costume. Reminded of that she dropped her own pouch, leaving her truly inJungle. 

Then she managed to sneak up behind her copy, tapping them on the shoulder, and when they turned around she activated Dazzle, blinding her copy and allowing her to win.

The next time she blinked, she was sitting in the chair, breathing heavily. She was escorted out by Akakuroi.

Chaos Incarnate [15:03]

Jungle: Hey guys! That exercise was sort of difficult right!

Shigkao: What were you guys doing?

Sparkley Dipp: We entered into a simulation where we had to fight a mirror image of ourselves.

Sparkley Dipp: I won by surpassing my limit!

Zero Gravity: I won by making a makeshift slingshot!

Sato’s so Fancy: I won by distracting my copy!

Jungle: There’s still a lot of people in the fight.

Fluffy Tail: I drew :(

Shigkao: I have no idea how I would defeat a mirror version of myself.

Nutsuo: I’m sure you’d think of something!

PunkJack: I just won by setting a trap!

Jungle: Awesome!

Chaos Incarnate [16:27]

Junebird: So it’s just Izuku and Todoroki left right?

Blastace: Yup. The fuckers are still going.

Hexafoomin: It doesn’t help that they’re endurance fighters.

Beyond: @Aizawa Shouta will you be cutting off this training exercise sometime soon?

Purrple Dream: Yeah good question.

Aizawa Shouta: Akakori’s quirk will run out after two and a half hours.

Aizawa Shouta: So we still have 45 minutes left.

Purrple Dream: So we’re probably going to have some time to go?

Aizawa Shouta: Yes.

Tokokuro: Knowing how stubborn the two of them were…..

Animal Master: :)

Tapey Boi: The first thing that Koda sent to the GC in quite some time was an ominous smiley face…

Rocky Boi: To be fair, they’re both crazy stubborn.

Beyond: Perfect example: Midoriya breaking both of his arms, a leg and a wing to get Todoroki to use his fire during the first sports festival.

Beyond: Speaking of which, when’s the next sports festival?

Purrple dream: It’s in about a month IIRC.

Beyond: Cool! I want to show off my new skills with acid!

Rocky Boi: Although maybe the first event shouldn’t be an obstacle course.

Rocky Boi: Because then Midoriya could just fly over it again.

Chaos Incarnate [17:17]

Signolo on fire: I timed out :(

Flew-ey Huey: Yeah same.

Blastace: Ha! I won!

Team Traitor [17:20]

Free Building: So does anyone have any info?

Purrple Dream: Nope nothing.

Purrple Dream: Midoriya do you have anything?

Flew-ey Huey: Nope. Keigo’s being quiet about it. Although he did say this is an exercise that he did do in his third year.

Dark Portal: Well we are all doing things ahead of time.

Kinoko: Do you think the mystery exercise we did yesterday has a part in it?

Hexafoomin: I think it’s going to be like the joint training exercise, but all at once.

Flew-ey Huey: Holy shit that’s going to be a clusterfuck.

Beastman: If it’s like the joint training exercise, there will be a “cell”. So how are we going to detain them?

Flew-ey Huey: Just use the one assigned to your usual teams. From @Aizawa Shouta.

Free Building: OK cool.

Free Building: Let’s not use this chat too much. People might get suspicious.

Flew-ey Huey: Good plan.