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Zombie Apocalypse: Pokemon

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Ash's next destination? Pewter City. Pewter City was smaller than Viridian City, but it was famous for its museum, and the crimes weren't as high as Viridian's. One of the few Pewter natives Ash had known was Brock (Pokemon), a professional doctor that was older than Ash. Ash and Misty had befriended Brock a decade and several years ago, and like both Ash and Misty, Brock had a personality, although he had some sexual tendencies.

Ash's last visit in Pewter City was October 2, 2019. During Ash's state of depression, he had unintentionally argued with Brock during a phone conversation, after Brock had told Ash to hang out with him at Pewter's Club, to check out some new ladies. Ash and Brock hadn't spoken to each other since then, but right now, Ash was hoping that he'd reconcile with Brock.

Pewter City...

"I'm finally here. I hope Brock's okay," Ash said as he drove to Brock's house.

When Ash got here, he saw the door closed and the windows unbroken, much to his surprise. Ash mass-murdered eleven nearby zombies before knocking on the door. No response. Not really wanting to do this, Ash broke the left window with the butt of the AK-47 before entering the home.

"Brock!? And Suzie (Pokemon)!?" Ash said, seeing both corpses of Brock and Suzie.

Brock's profile: Age: 42, Height: 5'8, Weight: 141, Size: Normal-sized and a bit muscular, Birthplace: Pewter City, Kanto, Universe: Pokemon, Attire and appearance: brown shirt, green jacket, spiky brown hair, red sneakers, closed eyes, and a golden watch. Status: Deceased.

"This looks like a goddamn murder-suicide to me... And I know why..." Ash said.

Ash had known Suzie, too; Suzie had befriended Ash and Misty in the past, back when Suzie and Brock were lovers. On February 14, 2004, Suzie had confessed to Brock that she cheated on him with Zane (Pokemon), leaving Brock very heartbroken. Brock had moved on a few days later, but since then, Suzie had acted like a super bitch towards Brock, always bragging about Zane being the better man, among other things. Suzie had also falsely-accussed Brock of doing bad things to her, but her constant lies had led her to prison for two months. Early in the morning, moments before the zombie apocalypse had come to life, Suzie had confronted Brock here, continued to brag about her giant lottery ticket prize from October 27, 2019, a few days before Misty's death, and confirmed that she had already paid ten different females over five-hundred Yen to falsely accuse Brock of raping them, a promise she had already made during the lottery ticket prize day. Having enough of Suzie, Brock had killed her before taking his own life.

"Brock didn't have to kill her and herself... Damn, man..." Ash said. Then, he realized that Suzie's Apple iPhone was ringing.

Ash answered it.

"Where are you, Suzie?" Zane asked as Ash sat on Brock's blue and nice-looking couch. Zane had to exit his own home because of zombies.

"Suzie's dead," Ash said.

"Ash!? Is that your voice!?" Zane exclaimed.

"No shit," Ash replied.

"Is my Suzie really dead!?" Zane asked as he and a couple of others fend off seven zombies.

"Brock had murdered the dumb bitch before killing himself!" Ash confirmed.


"You idiotic son of a bitch! You had allowed Suzie to fuck with Brock a lot! Hell, she had even served a goddamn two-month prison sentence because you didn't stop her like a real man! What kind of man would constantly enable their woman to constantly harass another man, an innocent one!? Had you stopped her, she'd help you fight off against zombies right now!" Ash ranted.

"Damn... you're right... Listen, Ash, I need your hel-"

"Go fuck yourself, Zane!" Ash rejected Zane's help before hanging up and grabbing Brock's Handgun. Then, moments later, more zombies gang-attacked Zane, screaming an agony. "Oh, shit! Brock has a fam- Oh, that's right. They're in another universe, their six-month vacation. Hope they're okay! The next place I should go is... Cerulean. Those old skank bitches had already better be dead."

Cerulean City...

Ash had lots and lots of memories in this beautiful city. Minus the great memories and Misty's tragic death, Ash had bad memories here, mostly due to Daisy, Lily, and Violet disapproving, harassing, threatening, and taunting him.

Ash gunned down some zombies blocking his way, then he parked the motorcycle next to Daisy's aquarium before getting off the motorcycle and knocking the door. Daisy's large aquarium, Aqua Haven, looked so lovely and amazing. It was like a legitimate aquarium. Four years before Misty was born, Misty's parents, billionaires, had enough Yen to create their own aquarium, and it was finalized three years later. Four months after Misty's sixteenth birthday, Misty's parents had died in a car accident, and Daisy, due to her being the oldest, owned the rights to the aquarium. Throughout Aqua Haven's history, only one person was banned for life, and that person was Ash, for obvious reasons.

"IS ANYONE INSIDE!?" Ash yelled, then the door opened.

"Ash, it's you, and you're armed! Get in here!" Daisy said.

"My permanent ban's been lifted, huh?! Whatever!" Ash said, then he went in.

Daisy closed and locked the door afterwards.

Daisy's profile: Age: 41, Height: 5'8, Weight: 111, Size: Skinny, Birthplace: Cerulean City, Kanto, Universe: Pokemon, Attire and appearance: Shiny red heels, fairly-long blonde hair, red dress, makeup on face, red lipstick, gluteoplasty a.k.a buttock augmentation, large breast implants, $2,000 platinum earrings, and a $15,000 aqua necklace. Status: Alive

"Are Lily and Violet dead!?" Ash asked.

"I'm afraid so..." Daisy replied. Daisy, Lily, and Violet had went to the mall, Northland Mall, to go shopping, but that had come to an end thanks to zombies, with Violet, Lily, and many others getting attacked and killed by the undead.

"Good fuckin' riddance!" Ash said.

"Ash, we didn't mean to treat you li-"

"Fuck off, bitch! You're better off joining those cunts in hell!" Ash said.

"Let me go with you, Ash!" Daisy cried as she grabbed both of Ash's hands.

"Fuck no!" Ash rejected Daisy.

"But I'm the only one left, Ash! Lily and Violet are gone and my other relatives are gone!" Daisy cried again.

"Your other relatives are gone, too, you say!? Good! Those motherfuckers, along with you, Lily, and Violet, had blocked me from attending Misty's funeral!" Ash said.

"That was a mistake, Ash! I'm sorry!" Daisy cried more as she shedded tears.

"Saying sorry isn't going to save your own ass, bitch!" Ash said as he freed himself from Daisy in a rough manner.

"I'll do anything for you!" Daisy cried once more.

"NO!" Ash screamed.

"I'll suck your dick and let you fuck my tight pussy all day and night!" Daisy said out of desperation.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Ash screamed louder than ever, and Daisy stopped sobbing. "You and the rest of your piece of shit family will NEVER be forgiven! You, Lily, and Violet had always treated Misty like shit, your own little sister! Misty had done nice things for the three of you, but you bitches still treated her like an inhuman! I had never done anything wrong against you bitches, but you bitches had treated me the same way! There's no such thing as a perfect person, but the three of you aren't close to the level of a decent human or even a criminal that commits minor crimes! You're worse than that type of criminal! You're on the same level as Team Rocket and a group of losers on the internet!" Ash ranted.

"I-I-I..." Daisy stammered as she shedded tears again.

"I'm not going to waste a bullet on your pathetic ass. I hope you die," Ash said, then he left Daisy all alone before getting back on the motorcycle and driving south.

Daisy went on her knees, covering her face, crying more, regretting her actions against both Ash and Misty. Ash was 100% right about Daisy, Lily, and Violet. If Misty's sisters had acted like decent human beings instead of mean bitches, Ash would've accepted Daisy as a tag survivor. Two minutes later, Daisy went outside, getting ready to commit suicide. Near a group of zombies, she went on her knees again, spread her arms, and said, "I don't deserve to live anymore...", before getting eaten and killed gruesomely by the zombies.

Saffron City...

Saffron City was undoubtedly the biggest city in Kanto, and its nature attracted a lot of tourists from the Pokemon universe and other universes. But its high crime rate was a different story, courtesy of Team Rocket. Ash and Misty had spend vacations here sixteen times. Even Rosalina had come here for a visit, although she was disguised as a generic female human during that visit. The three main reasons why Ash had wanted to come back here was to collect food, water, and more weapons.

"I've been driving a lot, and this motorcycle isn't nearly low on gas!" Ash said as he headed straight to Seiyu, a giant supermarket.


Saffron was one of the few Kanto cities to have Seiyu, the others being Celedon, Viridian, and Vermillion. Anyway, Ash started a killing spree with two of his Handguns, murdering each and every visible zombie. Afterwards, Ash went to the employees only area, trying to see if there were any survivors. Ash searched everywhere in that area, but couldn't find any survivors. Then, he investigated the men's restroom. Still nothing. Ash needed to investigate one more place, the women's restroom. Ash had never went into the women's restroom before, but today was his first time.

Women's restroom...

"Is anyone here!?" Ash said.

"Are you bloody bitten!?" someone with a strong British accent asked.

"I ain't infected! Now, show yourself!" Ash replied.

"That means I'm fuckin' finally free, then!" the same British woman said as she removed herself from the vent above.

"What's your name?" Ash asked.

"Emily (Overwatch)," Emily replied. Her overall personality was very interesting. Very independent, critical towards certain behavior and topics, very adventurous and exploring, anti-religious, brash and cruel to a certain extent, hatred towards jobless people and other groups of people, no love for stuff with a high amount of suger, and not afraid of being herself.

Emily's profile: Age: 38, Height: 5'5, Weight: 103, Size: Skinny, Birthplace: King's Row, Universe: Overwatch, Attire and Appearance: Freckles on face, chest, shoulders, and ass, fairly long red hair, brown shoes, red shirt, and blue pants.

"Where the fuck are you from, and how long have you been here?" Ash asked.

"Bloody King's Row, in my own universe. Last week, I had come here for a recommended three-week vacation," Emily replied. "Everything had went fine, until the fuckin' zombies showed up! Goddamn bloody motherfuckers! But they're not the worst part! I cannot return to my own goddamn universe! And my family at King's Row have confirmed that zombies are takin' over that universe as well! They haven't called back since!"

"I've already noticed that I cannot leave this universe, but what caused the zombie outbreak around our universes?" Ash asked.

"I do not bloody know, but we'll have to kill non-stop and survive until the zombie apocalypse is somewhat over!" Emily said, then her phone rang. She looked at her phone to see who was calling her. "Ugh... It's her..."

"Who?" Ash asked.

"My bitch of an ex-girlfriend," Emily replied.

"So, you're a dyke, then," Ash said as Emily answered the call.

"What do you bloody want, Lena (Overwatch)!?" Emily asked.

"Where are ya, Emily!?" Tracer asked as she and others gunned down and murdered plenty of zombies. "These bloody zombies are goin' crazy!"

"I'm stuck in another universe! It's filled with zombies, too!" Emily replied.

"BLOODY HELL, THEY'RE ON ME! HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!" Tracer said as the zombies gang-attacked her. Then, she died.

"Fuckin' Lena's dead," Emily said as she hung up. "I suggest we fly to Sinnoh later."

"Why? Have you been to that region before? What do you know about it?" Ash asked.

"Its Hearthome City has some of the best weapons ever, lots of them," Emily replied.

"I hope to God that they're still there!" Ash said.

"Let's go to my hotel room and rest there for a while. But first, let's grab some water, food, and weapons!" Emily said.

"That's why I'm here, but having extra help doesn't hurt," Ash said.

Silph Tower's fifth floor/Emily's room...

"That was bloody fun. Now, let's eat!" Emily said, after she and Ash entered her hotel room. Previously, Ash and Emily, with her own AK-47, had murdered a combined total of forty-six zombies, in and outside the hotel; Emily had killed more than Ash.

"You had done great, Emily!" Ash complimented as he and Emily sat next to each other.

"What's your bloody name?" Emily asked as she opened a package of lettuce.

"Ash," Ash replied as he unwrapped a giant Nestle Crunch bar. "Wanna piece of this bar?"

"Don't bloody ask me that again, asshole! I fuckin' hate shit with high sugar grams! Nestle Crunch has 23 grams!" Emily replied rudely.

"Goddamn, bitch," Ash said.

"Do you have a job?" Emily asked as she and Ash began eating.

"I used to work at a Pallet job called Thrist, a milk factory. Eighteen years, $12.50 Yen an hour, ten hours total, six days a week," Ash said.

"Used to? Had you quit or gotten fired before the zombie outbreak?" Emily asked.

"My girl had died in her birthplace, and life wasn't the same..." Ash replied before telling Emily the whole story.

"Damn... I hate to hear that... Personally, I make harsh remarks towards lazy fucks that don't work. But in your case, it's not your fault. You're lucky that you haven't died from drinking too much, though. Don't do that shit again. Drinking too much alcohol isn't healthy at all," Emily said.

"I know," Ash said, still eating the same Nestle Crunch. "Do you drink or smoke?"

"I rarely drink. I don't smoke at all," Emily replied as she ate something different, three Radishs.

"Your job?" Ash asked.

"A janitor, at a hospital. Twenty-years, $13.00 an hour, twelve hours total, six days a week," Emily replied.

"Damn, that's a lot more!" Ash said.

"Yeah, it is. After the year 2057, in my universe, some people, like my ex-girlfriend, had wanted to work slightly less compared to me because the universe had opened more safer, shorter, and low-risk jobs, and because of that, many visitors had migrated the universe. Right now, it's 2077, but zombies are ruining it right now," Emily said.

"I think my girl and I had visited your universe before," Ash said.

"What place had you guys visited?" Emily asked.

"Hanamura," Ash replied.

"Definitely my universe, but Hanamura's a shit hole, with many crimes being committed there," Emily said.

"I never knew that!" Ash said. "What kind of work had your ex done?"

"Piloting, and I mean a safer version of it," Emily replied.

"Why did you guys break up? Did you catch her munching on another carpet or something?" Ash asked.

"No, she thought that our relationship was getting stale," Emily replied.

"That's it? That reason sounds shitty," Ash said.

"I had caught people cheating on their spouses in different universes, but that wasn't the only thing! I had seen other crazy shit as well. I'm an adventurer, after all!" Emily said.

"Which means you like to get out more!" Ash said.

"You're damn right. I'll share the stories to you the next day. But first, let's sleep for eight hours and thirty minutes, and then go to Sinnoh," Emily said.

"Alright," Ash said.

Eight hours later/Late at night...

"Wake your bloody ass up, mate!" Emily said as she kicked Ash in the gut. "It's time to leave!"

"I'm right with you," Ash strongly agreed as he got up. "Damn, that's the first time I've had a great sleep since forever."

"Shut up and come on! I'll control the helicopter, by the way!" Emily said.

"Shit, wait a second! I just remembered something! One of my friends and his harem of six women had moved to Hearthome City three months ago!" Ash said as he followed Emily.

"If they're still alive, they can tag with us!" Emily said.

End of Chapter 2