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Zombie Apocalypse: Pokemon

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A couple of minutes later...

"Oh, Yamcha," Bulma sang as she distracted Yamcha.

"Bulma?" Yamcha said, looking at other directions, not seeing Bulma.

"Gotcha!" Bulma yelled as she shot Yamcha's right leg.

"Damn it!" Yamcha yelled as he fell.

Yamcha armed himself, but Bulma shot his left arm, causing him to unintentionally drop his weapon. Next, Bulma confronted Yamcha eye to eye, with both Bulma and Yamcha glaring at one another.

"How do you want to die, Yamcha? A bullet to the head? Or a zombie attack?" Bulma asked calmly.

"Fuck you, Bulma..." Yamcha didn't reply to Bulma's question.

"Fuck me? It's too late for that, Yamcha," Bulma said.

Suddenly, many helicopters descended, distracting both Yamcha and Bulma. Then, lots and lots of Team Rocket grunts, and Archer (Pokemon), exited their helicopters. The Team Rocket invasion had finally gotten started, but how long would it last?

"Damn it, more Rockets..." Yamcha said.

"Umm... help me, guys! Yamcha here had tried to kill me!" Bulma said, trying to stay alive.

"Sorry, lady, but us Rockets aren't here to side with strangers," Archer said.

"WHAT!? I'M NOT KIDDING HERE!" Bulma said, acting like her younger self.

"Do I have to repeat myself?" Archer asked as he frightened Bulma with his Handgun aiming towards her forehead.

"Why are all you Rockets here?" Yamcha asked.

"Our Madame Boss' son was tragically murdered by a target of hers, a vengeful-minded individual. Giovanni's death shall be avenged!" Archer replied. "But first, you and the woman will be disposed permanently."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" a Rocket screamed very loud as two zombies bit and attacked him from behind.

Archer and the other distracted Rockets took care of the zombies, but shortly after that, more zombies appeared before attacking several Rockets. Bulma fled for her life, delaying her main mission from now. Yamcha headed to a nearby home as he gunned both a few Rockets and zombies.

"Damn it, they're swarming rapidly!" Archer yelled as extra zombies made their appearance.

Between Sunyshore City and Veilstone City...

"The bloody fuck...!?" Emily said as she and several others noticed a couple of helicopters coming down. "EVERYBODY STOP!"

They did, then they exited their vehicles.

"I see someone wearing a Rocket uniform! Take action!" Ash said.

Gary became the first to take action as he hurled a Molotov Cocktail towards one of the helicopters, and it exploded. Everybody else attacked the helicopters and Rockets, but the Rockets responded with Grenades and other dangerous weapons. Emily and her group avoided getting hurt, but Sidney got shot in the shoulder.

"Motherfuckers!" Sidney yelled.

A lot of Rockets left their helicopters, but more than dozens of zombies showed up at the wrong time. Four zombies attacked several Rockets as more Rockets made their appearance. Emily murdered two Rockets in close range as Nonon sliced a zombie in half. A Rocket shot Ash's upper leg left, but Jeanne retaliated for Ash, murdering the Rocket in a very gruesome manner.

"Get the fuck off me!" Ryo said as he shoved a nearby zombie off him. A very close one.

Speaking of which, Elio cheated death as he barely avoided a bullet to the head from a Rocket, and the same bullet hit another Rocket instead. The zombies' numbers increased as Chibiusa and Mamoru double-teamed the several extra Rockets. A bitten Rocket killed a zombie, the same one that bit him, but afterwards, Owen murdered him with a 12-Guage Shotgun bullet to the face.

"MY ARM!" Mamoru screamed in pain as a zombie bit his arm.

"DADDY!" Chibiusa cried in shock as Hanzo murdered the same zombie that bit Mamoru.

Noticing three zombies trying to attack her Mako-chan from behind, Nonon wasted the zombies. Without fear, Runa killed some Rockets and zombies nearby, a bullet to the skull. Four Rockets and ten zombies remain, but Emily, Ash, Hanzo, and Jeanne took care of them in a hurry.


"Fuckin' Rockets! Those losers couldn't get the job done!" Ash said as Chibiusa started crying on Mamoru. Then, Ash and the others noticed the crying. "What's wrong, Chibiusa?"

"D-D-Daddy's been bitten..." Chibiusa replied, shedding more tears.

"Don't cry, my daughter..." Mamoru said as patted Chibiusa's back.

"B-B-But I-"

"Keep fighting, Chibiusa... You can do it without me around..." Mamoru said.

"Y-Y-Yes, daddy..." Chibiusa agreed.

"Chibiusa..." Mamoru said.

"W-What is it, daddy...?" Chibiusa asked.

"Mercy kill me... I don't want to die a zombie..." Mamoru replied.

"I-I understand, daddy..." Chibiusa agreed.

"I love you, Chibiusa... Now, hurry..." Mamoru said as he released himself off Chibiusa.

"Good-bye, daddy..." Chibiusa said.


"I am terribly sorry for your loss, Chibiusa. Mamoru was a great friend," Emily said.

"D-Daddy was the only one that took care of me and loved me... He's in a better place..." Chibiusa said.

In heaven...

"Welcome to heaven, Mamoru," Rosalina said as she met Mamoru near the entrance.

"Oh, thank God I'm not in hell!" Mamoru said in relief.

"Mamoru, I'll send you somewhere special in a few seconds. Get ready!" Rosalina said.

"Okay," Mamoru said.

In a large home...

"Oh, you've gotta be fuckn' kidding me!" Mamoru said in frustration as he unexpectedly encountered Hilbert having a harem moment with Usagi, Rei (Sailor Moon), Kayura, Linda, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Setsuna, Hotaru, Michiru, and Haruka, with the latter twelve being half-naked.

"Hi, loser!" Usagi teased.

"I'm out of here..." Mamoru said as he left the place.

End of Chapter 17