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Always and Forever

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Izuku found the ring box at the bottom of Katsuki’s drawer. He was looking for his favorite pair of Ground Zero boxers and sometimes their laundry got mixed so it was only logical to fish around his boyfriend’s clothes. Of course Izuku could have just left it there and forget ever seeing it. But the curious side of him that is always thirsty for knowledge won out. Quickly checking his surroundings and finding the coast clear, a scarred hand cautiously reached out to pick it up the black velvet box. With a soft click he opened it with his other hand. Breath hitching, he saw a black band with ruby and emerald encrusted jewels. It was absolutely gorgeous. Izuku’s heart hammered against his chest as if he just fought a difficult villain. He picked up the ring and read the engraving.


Always and Forever


Katsuki couldn’t possibly-?


“Oi Nerd, where you at?” A familiar voice rang through their apartment. Izuku must have lost track of time and forgot that Katsuki got out of work an hour earlier today. The green haired hero tossed the box back into the drawer as if burned and closed the drawer without finesse. He thinks he might have even cracked it with the force he closed it  with. In a blink of an eye he activated his quirk and jumped to the other side of the bedroom as if rummaging through his closet.


“Hey I’ve been hollerin’ for you for the past minute and you didn’t answer. What’s going on?” Katsuki asked, eyes squinting in suspicion, brows furrowed. Izuku meeped, body involuntarily flinching at his boyfriend’s intense gaze.


Ah, sorry I was looking for my boxers.”


Nice save Izuku.’


“In your closet?” 


Izuku you dumbass’


The symbol of peace shrugged. 


“You know sometimes I just toss my clothes everywhere...especially after last night.” He added with a deeper tone to throw Katsuki off his trail. It seemed to work because the suspicious look was gone in an instant and was replaced with a feral grin. 


“Ain’t that the truth. How ‘bout we take off those boxers you have on right now and recreate last night so you can have a better chance of finding ‘em.” Izuku shivered at the sultry tone. Katsuki was in front of him before he knew it, picking him up and tossing him on their bed which was no easy feat. Izuku had seriously bulked up after UA, and although Katsuki has leaner muscles his strength was still blinding...and a huge turn on. With his tongue battling for dominance and mind fogged with lust, he temporarily forgot about the tiny box in Katsuki’s underwear drawer.



That is until the next morning. Izuku was woken up by Katsuki peppering him with kisses and serving him breakfast in bed.

“Eat up Nerd, I made your favorite so you can have energy for today. Our day is booked with what I call Best anniversary date ever that can never be trumped except by me.”

Izuku looked up to see Katsuki’s smug smile, arms crossed over his impressive chest, eyes glittering with fondness.



There was no denying it. Katsuki was going to go through all stops to try and properly woo Izuku in order to propose.

‘I have to stop it. I’m not ready y-,’

“Oi Deku you okay? I just made your favorite and you haven’t even touched your meal. You not hungry or something? You know I don’t usually make this sugary crap so I kinda expected you to rip into it.” A small frown bordering a pout made its way to Katsuki’s face. Izuku would find it endearing if he wasn’t internally panicking. He looked down to see what could possibly be the most perfectly French Toast to ever exist. However his stomach twisted in knots from the nerves.

“Ah, thank you Kacchan. But to be honest I’m not feeling too well right now.” He dared to steal a glance at his boyfriend only to see him deflate a little.

“Oh. Okay, I’ll take your plate then. I’ll put it in the microwave in case you want it later. I can also bring you some medicine to help your stomache.” Izuku instantly felt terrible, seeing his boyfriend’s perfect posture droop a bit as he took the tray that held the perfect French toast and a tiny vase with a small arrangement of wild flowers. When Katsuki came back with a pill and a glass of water Izuku asked, hoping to salvage some part of the day that Katsuki planned diligently. Maybe if Izuku changed a few things Katsuki will forget about proposing until later.

“So what did you have planned for today?” Red eyes widened and then looked away from green. The blond’s face turned an interesting shade of pink that Izuku hasn’t seen since Katuki asked him out three years ago.

“Well the plan was to go hiking. Do you think you’ll be up for it?” Katsuki asked, eyes looking up from underneath his blond lashes, izuku caught the small hope in his tone.

Hiking. Secluded form everyone. Very romantic and perfect place for Kacchan to propose. NOPE.

“I’m not sure, I don’t want to risk getting dehydrated if I do end up um...puking.” Izuku saw Katsuki open his mouth perhaps to suggest something and he drove his point home.

“Plus I injured my hand on patrol yesterday, so I’d rather not exacerbated it.” Katsuki’s mouth hung open comically for a few seconds before screeching.


“It’s not that serious! Plus you did most of the work so my hand was just fine.” Izuku reasoned, guilt eating away at the elaborate lies he kept spewing out. Katsuki seemed to have bought it and sat next to Izuku on the bed.

“Which hand.”


“Which hand did you hurt dumb Deku.” Katsuki elaborated after Izuku’s confusion.

“Oh, my left.” Once again he saw Katsuki’s frown reappear, only deeper.

“When do you think it will be better?”

“Um...I’m not sure, a month?” Wow okay maybe that was stretch but Izuku wasn’t sure when he-

“I see, well in the meantime we’ll use your other hand.” Katsuki decided with such finality, his smirking returning tenfold. Izuku sighed. How can he forget that he es the most stubborn and hardworking man as a boyfriend? There was no way he was giving up that easily.

“In that case get dressed Nerd, we are going to the hero museum.” Now normally Izuku would feel out about this and be ready in 2 minutes flat. But museums are also somewhat private and also have reputations of being proposed in.

“H-how about we go see a movie instead?” Katsuki’s smug look dropped once again.

“HAAAH?! What do you mean? I thought you liked lo this nerdy hero shit?”

“Well yeah but-“

Crap Izuku think of something quick!

“I go to that museum a lot during my lunch hour I’m kinda bored of it.” Izuku hated what he was doing. He knows Katsuki was trying his best out of the “worst” situations and was running out of options. His confidence was wavering. He assumed it’s not easy to keep up a bravado of planning the “best anniversary date ever” if your boyfriend kept rejecting everything.

Katsuki’s jaw clicked closed in response before finally relenting to Izuku’s suggestion.

“Yeah okay. We can go to the movies.” He said glumly. His eyes discreetly falling to his drawer.

“I’m gonna go shower.” Izuku mumbled, leaving behind a dejected Katsuki.


The movies had been a great idea. With all the loud kids and noisy popcorn chewers it was easily one of the most unromantic places to pop the question.



“That movie was great! I’d definitely watch it again.” Izuku chirped. Katsuki on the other hand didn’t seem to share his enthusiasm. He just stayed silent, hands stuffed in the pockets of his jeans (the ones that make his ass look fantastic) as he walked beside Izuku.


“Hey Deku, how’s your stomach feeling?” 


Oh man Izuku totally forgot about that cover.


“Well I’m feeling-,” and in that instant his stomache growled. So much for trying to get out of lunch or dinner. 


“Hungry.” Katsuki finished for him. A smirk making its way to his handsome face.


“How about we pick up food from your favorite restaurant and we can have a picnic at the park. You know the ones where all the cherry blossoms are at?” 




“Nah, it’s kinda muggy outside. How about we go to that ramen shop down the road?” Without even giving Katsuki time to answer he grabbed his hand and dragged him to the location. He peeked back only to regret doing so. Katsuki’s frown was deepening, eyes losing some of its fire that he had in the morning, all the while he kept his free hand on the breast pocket of his utility jacket. 


‘I promise Kacchan this is for the best.’



After lunch they went to an arcade and with every passing minute Izuku Can tell that Katsuki was becoming more upset. He didn’t even care that he lost his top score to some douchbag with the abbreviated letters “ICY” or that he lost to Izuku in just about every game. Izuku hates seeing him like this, and the worst part was that it was all his fault. 


“Yo Mai are you going to the cherry blossom festival today?” One of the teenagers shouted to one of the girls over the loud machines. The girl giggled in response and shyly looked away. Izuku immediately lost interest in the conversation and turned to Katsuki. Only to see the fire returning to his eyes.


Oh no.


“We’re going.”



“No buts! We did everything you wanted to do and I want to take you somewhere nice! You love festivals so don’t gimme any of your shitty excuses.” With that said Katsuki grabbed his hand and they walked out of the arcade. The sun was already starting to set and Katsuki’s determined face was illuminated by the last rays of sun. It was radiating and ethereal all at once. But Izuku has to put a stop to it. He pulled his hand back from Katsuki, causing the other man to look at him in bafflement. 


“Kacchan I’m tired, let’s just go home.” Katsuki’s brows furrowed and his determined face pinched into a combination of confusion and anger.


“What the hell has been your deal today Deku?! You’ve shitting on all of my ideas. I feel like everything that I’m doing is a mistake! It’s almost as if you don’t want-,” he cut himself off. His previous flustered state gave way to eerie silence. A faraway look entered Katsuki’s eyes. The silence stretched for an uncomfortable minute until Katsuki finally spoke.


“You...knew.” He whispered breathlessly. Izuku froze, unable to say anything.


“You knew what I was planning on doing today and you...,”katsuki’s voice cracked at the end. One of his large, trembling hands reached into his pocket to pull out the same box that had thrown Izuku off kilter. His blank expression shifted into a devastated grimace. 


“You don’t want to marry me.” Izuku felt his heart break. It wasn’t suppose to go like this. Tears streamed down Izuku’s eyes at Katsuki’s defeated form. Eyes lifeless as he stared at his fist that had turned white with how tightly he was holding onto the box.

“I was so sure that you wanted this too. I thought that you were an idiot to fall in love with me, but I was so damn luckily that you did. But I guess I was the real fucking  idiot here.” Katsuki’s hand holding the box shook, tears finally falling. 


Izuku, unable to take it anymore closed the gap between the and Hugged him tightly, face burying in his neck. 


“I’m so sorry Kacchan, I’m the idiot here!” He sniffed loudly. I was the one who intentionally ruined everything because I didn’t want you to propose.” He felt Katsuki shudder and start to push away but Izuku held on firmly. 


“I didn’t want you to propose because I wanted to be the one to do it!” Izumi felt the blond freeze, his hand finally coming to rest on Izuku’s shoulder blades.


“What?” Something akin to hope was laced in that one word And Izuku be damned if he shattered that once again.


“You were the one that was asked me out. You were to one that asked me to move in with you. I wanted to be the one to ask you instead. But of course you beat me to it. Your ring is still being made, that’s why I needed more time. It’s not because I don’t love you Katsuki, I love you so much it hurts. And I’m sorry for hurting you.” He carded his scarred hand on Katsuki’s blond locks lovingly, soothing and cooing at his boyfriend as he continued to cry softly. After a few minutes Katsuki finally pulled away and rubbed away his tears with his sleeves. His fiery red eyes angry and ready for a fight. Izuku was more than ready to take whatever his boyfriend had to throw at him after what he just did.


“You’re the fuckin’ worst!”


“I know.”


“What you did was stupid!“


“I know.”


“I don’t even know why I love you with all this dumb shit you pulled!”


“I don’t know either.”


“You lied to me!”


“I’m so sorry, I promise never to do that again.” Katsuki’s lips thinned. His ruby colored eyes searched Izuku’s, almost like he could see through him.




At that Izuku was speechless. He wasn’t sure what Katsuki meant.


“Yes I’ll marry you, you idiot.” He clarified, a small twitch of the lips breaking through his serious demeanor. Warmth flooded izuku’s being, unable to believe that Katsuki, the boy he has been in love with since he was four years old agreed to marry him. Izuku cried more ugly tears and swooped down to steal a kiss from his fiancé. After they broke apart Katsuki looked up at him with mirth in his eyes. 


“It better be a badass ring Deku.” Izuku laughed and pecked Katsuki again lightly on the lips.


“Of course Kacchan, anything you want. Always and forever.”