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Sense Memory

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"You're a madman." 


Pennywise mocked as It held Mike up off the  ground tightly in It's spider legs, It's mouth full of razor sharp teeth opening up. Mike was struggling to free himself but he did not look all that scared of the child eating clown. Richie grabbed a large rock from the ground near his feet. 


"Hey,  Fuckface!" He yelled,  distracting Spider Clown, "Wanna play truth or dare? Here's a truth!  You're a sloppy bitch! Yeah, that's right! Let's dance! Yippee-ki-yay,  motherfuc…" The deadlights hit Richie full force, rendering him useless and unconscious as they lifted and suspended him high up in the air. The rock fell from his limp fingers,  his eyes rolled back in his skull and his mouth went slack. A trickle of blood came out of his nose and dripped up towards the ceiling. It smeared across the lenses of his glasses.


Eddie gasped from where he remained hidden in the shadows of the cave. He had to do something. That sick fucker had Richie floating in mid-air like he did that one time with Beverly. He couldn't let him down again. He wouldn't, not like with SpiderStan. His hand tightened on the spear-like fence post that Bev had given him. 


"This kills monsters…" He gripped it tight. "If you believe it does. If you believe it does." He repeated, his words a prayer, his fear slowly trickling away. His voice was getting stronger and his belief strengthened. "If you believe it does. If you believe it does! Beep beep,  motherfucker!" He roared as he flung the post like a javelin straight at Pennywise. The clown spider gasped as the post went into his mouth, piercing him. Growling in pain, It fell back and was further skewered by pointy rocks. It groaned and writhed. 


Eddie felt exhilarated. He had done it!  It was possible he killed the clown!  


"Holy shit!" Eddie cheered,  both excited and shocked. Still unconscious,  Richie tumbled to the ground with a thump. Eddie ran to Richie's side. He knelt down beside him, almost straddling the bigger man. He patted his friend on the stomach,  trying to rouse him. "Rich! Ah! Rich! Hey, Rich! Wake up! Hey! Yeah! Yeah! There he is, buddy! Hey, Richie, listen! I think I got him, man! I think I killed IT! I did! I think I killed IT for real…" He chattered like an excited chipmunk, not seeing the imminent danger behind him. 


 Wide-eyed, Richie suddenly sat straight up, surged forward and grabbed Eddie without warning, tossing him to the side. One of Pennywise's Inspector Gadget spider appendages flew past them, sending Richie flying. He was flung head-first into a giant rock. He crumpled to the ground again,  completely motionless. Eddie heard Beverly echo his anguished scream from across the cave. He scuttled towards Richie, not daring to turn his back on Pennywise again. 


Mike and Bill were right behind him. Both looked horrified and angry and helpless. They all reached Richie's side in seconds.. Eddie couldn't tell if he was even breathing, at first. 


"Nonononono…" Bill chanted. "R-Rich, c-come on,  man. N-not again." His hands hovered over his friend,  almost afraid to touch him. 


"Mike,  can you turn him over?" Eddie asked,  tears spilling down his cheeks. Mike gently turned Richie over. Blood dripped from his head. "I'll stay with him,  the rest of you go get that fucker!" Eddie wrestled off his jacket and pulled off his T-shirt. He put the jacket back on and zipped it up. He began dabbing at the blood pouring from a gash on Richie's forehead. "Rich…" He sniffled,  "I can't lose you, please wake up, please."


He heard yells from his friends and looked over to see them screaming stuff at Pennywise. He was just a clown, a mimic,  a weak old lady, a headless boy, etc. The clown kept saying he was the eater of worlds but he sounded scared. He was definitely shrinking. 


"You're just a dumb,  motherfucking clown!" Eddie shouted, turning away from Richie so he didn't hurt his ears. He turned back,  Richie's glasses had been thrown off when he hit the rock. Eddie frantically searched for them and found them a few feet away. He frowned as he realized they were slightly cracked and bloody. He put them in a zippered pocket of his jacket for safe keeping. 


He stroked Richie's cheek gingerly,  trying to soothe himself as well as his friend. 


"It'll be okay,  Rich. We'll get you out of here. I'll take good care of you. You'll see. I pinky swear on my mom's name." He whispered, as if they were ten years old again and still making pinky promises. 


He heard someone behind them and saw Mike and Ben running towards them. He didn't see a spider or a clown. 


"Come on,  Eddie! We got It,  we killed It! Let's go! This place is caving in! Mike and I've got Richie. I need you to go ahead of us. Come on!" Ben shouted.  Trusting them to help Richie, Eddie scrambled up and hurried forward. Mike and Ben hefted Richie up and carried him as carefully as they could through the tunnels and openings. 


The house was quickly collapsing, the sounds around them, deafening. Eddie and Beverly clasped hands as they began to run after Bill. They dodged falling debris and rocks. Tiny rock shards cut them,  leaving stinging welts. Behind them, Ben and Mike were mostly silent but Eddie could still feel them back there. He was worried about Richie. Being jostled, between two large muscled men, with a severe head injury couldn't be very good for his recovery. 


Bill burst through the door and ran off the porch into the yard,  spinning around to make sure the others were still behind him. Eddie and Beverly were right on his heels. Eddie nearly tripped over his own feet but Bill caught him easily. Mike and Ben weren't moving as quickly as the others due to cradling Richie between them. He flopped like a ragdoll as the two men leapt off the porch. Bill ran forward and helped them move Richie to safer ground away from any flying objects. 


"Oh,  Richie…" Eddie whimpered as he hovered over his best friend. Richie was paler now,  the bright blood and dark bruising way more apparent in the morning sunlight. His handsome face was lax but his chest still rose and fell visibly. 


"We need to get him to the Derry Home Hospital!" Ben said,  voice shaky and tearful. "He hit his head pretty hard!" He scrubbed a hand through his short dark hair,  fretfully. Beverly pulled him into a tight hug, both of them shooting sad looks at the silent, still Richie. 


Eddie dug into his jacket pocket and pulled out his cell phone in it's waterproof case. He dialed 911. He rapidly explained that his friend had been injured by falling debris and was told that an ambulance was on its way. 


Ben and Bill took off back to the Inn to pack a small bag for Richie. Bill would drive himself  to the hospital with the bag. Ben would get his car and pick up Beverly and Mike. Eddie would ride along with Richie in the back of the ambulance. 


The ambulance had already come and gone when Ben came back to get Beverly and Mike. Bev was standing by the side of the road, her arms wrapped around her, staring at the sad remains of the house. Mike was standing next to her,  a comforting hand on her shoulder. 


They perked up when they saw Ben and both hurried to get in the car. Beverly let Mike have shotgun and Ben drove to the Derry Home Hospital. Mike turned back one last time to look at the ruins of the house where It had lived. Puffs of grayish dust still swirled in the early morning air.