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His Unrequited Love.

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**I have edited and slightly rewrote 'His Unrequited Love.'. There will be plot changes.**

Josephine Jesus

Josephine is the daughter of Jeremiah Jesus and the older sister of Isiah Jesus. Josephine was an unruly child. She played all types of pranks on the people of Small Heath and got herself in quite a lot of trouble with her best friend, John Shelby. She was carefree and living her best life until her dad had gotten enough.

The Jesus Residence

          "Josephine Jesus. Come here now," her father boasted from inside their living room.

          Josephine cringed. He had never yelled at her that way. She got off her bed and proceeded into the living room.

          "Yes, father," she said giving him her best puppy dog eyes in hopes he would take it easy on her for whatever she did that caused him to act in such a manner.

          "What did you do today?" asked her father as he stared deep into her very soul as if he could tell in an instant if she was lying. It was times like this were Josephine hoped that the floor would open up and swallow her whole.

          "I hung out with John for the majority of the day then I came home and took a nap," Josephine replied. She purposefully left out the details of her and John stealing out of the farmer's market, going to the Garrison and getting blind drunk, and passing out on her bed.

          Her dad's eye began to twitch and his breath became uneven. Josephine took a step backward getting more frightened by the second. Her dad was beginning to think he was going mad. He prayed to God that she would find some type of order within herself and act like a true lady because she more acted like a teenage boy. It was times like this where he wished that her mother was still alive.

          "I didn't want to have to do this but it seems like nothing else is working. I am sending you off to a boarding school in Newcastle," he said warily, pinching the bridge of his nose. He never in a million years wanted to send his daughter off to some school over 3 hours away.

          Josephine, on the other hand, could not believe her ears. She knew she was a handful and a bit of a pain in the ass but she didn't think that she was bad enough to get shipped away from her home and everything she knew.

         "Father, no! I promise I'll be better, please just don't send me off to Newcastle, please," she begged with her hands clasped together so tight that her knuckles turned white. She had a few tears coming down her eyes and that's why broke her father's heart but he could not give in for this was the best thing he could do for her.

          "I'm so sorry baby but this will be good for you, your clothes are already packed and your train will be here in half an hour," he said looking at the ground, disappointed and heart-broken. She couldn't believe he had everything thought out, he must have been planning this for a long time. She couldn't fight him on this and she knew that.

          She nodded at him and went to her room and retrieved her already packed clothes in her closet and laid them on the bed. She retrieved some paper and a pen and proceeded to write a note to her best friend John and her little brother. When she was done she placed the note for John in her window ledge where they would exchange notes when she was grounded and she slid her little brother's note under his door because he was undoubtedly knocked out cold.

          She went to get her bags off her bed and went to the train station with her father. They said their tear-filled goodbyes and she left her city behind.