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Lady of the Night

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Lady of the night

Erotic fanfiction


The hot steam waves around in the girl’s showers as the cheerleader squad takes their after-practice shower. Their uniforms gently and carefully place on hangers in their lockers, though the sign at the entrance clearly said “girls only” it didn’t stop on a particular ghost.

Better yet a teenage half-ghost boy to be precise, Daniel Fenton had his jaw open ajar as he watches with insane detail at the wet young female bodies. His neon green eyes ogle at the cheerleaders as they shower.

The faint smell of shampoo and soap along with the steamy water made his manhood hard, though his eyes chose one particular girl among all of the cheerleaders. Paulina Sanchez, the captain of the team.

Her caramel skin and black hair make Danny as he was often called by his closest friend drool like a puppy, the girl was just as old as him and unlike the rest of the team she was much more developed than the average the teen.

Her breasts were large and so were her hips. Her main attraction was the rear, her perfect bubble butt, Daniel could stare at it for hours without getting bored. Paulina suddenly gave a slight yelp as she could swear to have seen a face in the steam.

“Fucking retard”- mentally curse the boy for getting too close.

The cheerleader drops the soap from the sudden impression, shaking her head to the sides and laughing the fright away she turns around and bends over to pick up her soap. Danny’s green eyes widen in delight as he saw her perfect pink “rose” in full display.

He would give anything in the world to have a taste of that flower, but for now, he could only pleasure himself with his hand while looking at the object of his affection. The tan cheerleader had the decency of keeping her face towards the shower.

The boy could see her perfect and round butt as he jerks his phallus up and down as he imagines penetrating her womanhood, he fires his load over Paulina but the girl didn’t notice the warm cum over her back as the water quickly washed it away.

Breathing heavy Danny looks at Paulina as she finishes her shower, there was a pang of certain guilt over his action. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the first time he did this; thanks to his ghost abilities he could peep at the girls during their showers without the risk of being caught.

Paulina and her team walked out wearing their towels around the bodies, though he already did his deed and there was no further reason to stay any longer Danny chose to follow the girls to the lockers. The girls pull out white and pink panties, some with cute bear designs.

But the cheerleader captain opens her sports bag and pulled out a thin black thong, a G-string for that matter. Too adult for any of the girls in the locker room to use but Danny was more than pleased to see her slide the string in between her buttocks.

Danny couldn’t help but lick his lips as Paulina soon adds her pants and blouse. His show was over and so he had to leave.


The sight of Paulina’s nude form dances around his head as he flew back home, using a nearby alley he transforms back into his human form. Danny didn’t feel particularly proud of having use Paulina as mere fap material.

After dinner Danny repeated his self-pleasuring session with a few creep photos he took of Paulina during her practice and at the shower, the boy took special pride over his ability to turn anything he touches invisible and intangible.

He could spy on any number of girls he so please but chose to use his power for the greater good and not just his personal perversions, the cold breath he exhales order him to raise up to the call of battle. Leaving the comfort of his bed at nearly two in the morning Daniel leaps out of his bedroom window into the darkness of night.

Only a pair of octopus-like ghost roams the skies who ran away the moment they the legendary Halfa in front of him, Phantom as Danny had nicknamed his alter ego couldn’t let the ghosts escape for them wreak panic another day.

Despite both creatures flying away at top speed, Phantom caught up fairly fast. Knowing there was no escape they attack him using their tentacles as whips, but after merely ten minutes of combat both ghosts end up with their tentacles wrap in knot.

Praising himself perhaps a little too much for his success, Danny seals his triumph by locking the ghosts inside the Fenton thermos. It still surprises the boy how the device work in the first place, even more, why a thermos.

“That was quite easy, the chase lasted longer than those guys.”- mocked Danny.

He knew that things would have ended up differently if he had fought against Skulker or Ember. But still patted his own shoulder as landed on a nearby roof to better understand his location and figure out a way back home.

All around were buildings and shops he hadn’t seen before; it was a part of Amity Park he seldom visits, especially at night. Large red neon signs announcing bars and other establishments of ill reputation scatter around the street, among them one caught his eye more than the others.

“Girls, girls, and girls. XXX shows”- read out loud the boy.

Phantom was more than sure he had flown over this street before during the day but never once stop to read the billboards or take a hard look at the buildings. Hotels and strip clubs but above all women in lecherous clothing’s.

Going invisible he flew down to the ground level to better see the girls, the skirts they wore were so short he could see their underwear, some other paraded with their breasts exposed. Danny was utterly mesmerized by the sights.

Daniel wasn’t stupid as he knew exactly what these women did for a living, he could feel his pants tighten as he ogles at the women. A man in a long raincoat walks up to a blonde girl who wore a shorter version of a miniskirt and purple top with the word “slut” written. Her breasts were bigger than that of Paulina but not so much her ass.

“How much babe?”- asked the man.

“Hundred bucks for an hour”- replied the hooker.

Danny’s heartbeat hard as he flew back home at top speed, he knew there was enough money in his wallet and piggy bank to pay for the hooker, his new Call of Honor game would have to wait a little longer as this was far more important.

“Thirty, sixty, eighty-five and a hundred. Yes, I got enough”- almost yelled the boy.

Not caring for his father’s faulty anti-ghost shield, Danny flew back to hooker lane. He didn’t care who took his virginity so long she was busty and hot, in a car, it would have taken him over thirty minutes to arrive but thanks to his flight ability it was a five-minute trip.

Phantom carefully chose his girl using his invisibility to brose the street, in the end, he went for a blonde girl just like the one he saw previously. The girl wasn’t as busty as other but was nonetheless pretty, the red lipstick made even more attractive.

The boy couldn’t help but fantasied with striping her light blue skirt and skin-tight blouse. Once again using an alley to return to his human form he came out with trembling steps, using the man with raincoat as an example he walks over to the girl.

“H-ho-how m-mu-much?” muttered the boy as he blushes deeply.

The girl looks at him for a moment before pulling her eyes away, Danny muster up all his courage and asks one more time. The prostitute looks at him again and leans in closer to him, her eyes scan him up and down.

“Grow so hair down here and we’ll talk”- said the woman as she gropes his crotch.

Danny couldn’t believe he was rejected like that in front of everyone, the hookers laugh loud and rude at him as some pedestrians add their own giggles. The boy tells her about having money but she still refuses to say she didn’t want to deal with cops.

It was then Danny recall how prostitution was illegal in the country including his hometown, the streetwalkers were too selective on their customers, even the slightest hint of them been policeman was enough for the girls to walk away.

Naturally, they assumed Danny was perhaps a bait for them, considering his small size and build there was no way he could be a cop. The boy turns around defeated and humiliated, it was an answer he was expecting but it was too direct.

“I’ll do it”- suddenly said a voice to his right.

A morbidly obese woman who clearly had seen better years offer to take his V-card but Danny shook his head in denial. He was much to embarrass to continue asking, he was sure there would be on willing to accept his money but his boner had disappeared.


Back in the alleyway he turned invisible and took flight ready to go back home, but as he reaches the top floor of the hotel, he noticed an open window. The blonde prostitute he saw earlier was walking inside with the raincoat man.

Danny had seen porn before but he hadn’t seen it perform live. Not many if any had his powers, though he constantly used them for the better of the people right now he wanted to see a live-action show, gently he sat on the drawer.

“Pay up”- said the woman.

Not a minute after she had the money in her hand, she began to unrobed herself before lying down on the bed. Danny couldn’t take of his eye from her crotch, he desperately wanted to be the one sharing a bed with her.

“What’s your name girl?”- asked the man.

“Dora”- replied the young prostitute.

Despite having her naked in the bed, her John didn’t remove anything making the girl close her legs and despite his horniness Danny notice the fear in the woman’s eyes. Therefore, he turns over the man as he got ready to show him a world of pain.

“The name’s Vlad Master’s and I own a rather elegant brothel; I want you to work for me.”- suddenly offered Vlad as he handed over a business card.

“I don’t know, it sounds dangerous. I’m just doing this to pay for law school.”- replied Dora.

Dora knew brothels were dangerous more so than working the streets if the police caught her there than there would be no way for her to bullshit her way out. So long she wasn’t with a client at the moment of her arrest she could be let go the following day.

“Think about it, no more standing in the cold street or hiding from your friends if they ever come here”- added the man as he sat down on the chair.

Vlad’s brothel hires only the best girls in town, hand pick by the owner himself. Dora met with his criteria; her young voluptuous body was perfect for his business; her naturally large breast and luscious lips were to die for.

“I’m starting a new venture, you see many of my patrons can’t come to my establishment due to fear of the police and so my girls go to them now. You don’t have to be at the brothel.” – continued Vlad.

Danny had never put so much attention to someone before, not even at school when his teacher mister Lancer gave out his class. But now he was taking mental notes of every word Vlad Masters spoke with great detail.

“Yeah, but if I show up and it’s a cop then you ditch on me”- said the girl.

“Oh no my dear, I take good care of my girls besides only people who got my card can hire my girls. I like to play it safe”- replied Vlad.

Strip clubs were ok and so were bars but prostitution wasn't allowed even though it was on sale in the street at full view of everyone. Danny saw the girl get dress as she declines the offer given by Vlad, she stated her whoring was temporary.

“I’ll leave my card here in case you change your mind”- added Vlad.

Vlad left first and Dora follow shortly after but not without looking at the business card for more than a few minutes, she was considering working for Vlad. Escorts made a lot more than streetwalkers but she didn’t want to tangle with him.

“If you’re not taking it then I am”- whispered Phantom.


The days carried out as normal, a few brave ghosts dare challenge him for control of the city only to get acquainted with the interior of the Fenton thermos, yet Phantom found himself distracted by the card in his wallet.

It was far too tempting to leave on the side, though the moment he came back to his bedroom the first thing he did was to check the card for the fiftieth time. “Vlad’s house of pleasure” read the card as a handwritten phone number was put on the back.

More important than the number itself was an e-mail address. He knew that if he looked online, he was bound to find any number of hookers but this was the surest he could think about, the owner was trying to get new talent for his brothel.

Once Friday afternoon came by Daniel sat down on in front of his computer pondering the idea of contacting Vlad and see if he could help him get laid, no longer did spying on teenagers was enough. Now that he knew there was the possibility for him to have a real woman.

As he opens his e-mail account, he came to realize a new problem had arisen, money. A streetwalker charges up to a hundred dollars for an hour but this wasn’t some cheap slut on the road but an escort service that cost a lot more.

From under his bed, he took out all his savings hoping to have enough to hire one if he even managed to trick Vlad into sending him a girl. The boy with raven locks gazes upon his life savings, all six hundred dollars, it took him months to gather that much money on his own.

Thinking with the head in between his legs, the boy rush to his computer believing the cash he had was enough to get him an all-night service, with trembling fingers he types the address and asks for the rates and the girls available. Scores of minutes pass by and no reply came back.

“Maybe he knows I’m a kid…”- whispered Danny as his mom calls him for dinner.

Defeated once more he shuts down his computer and heads down to the dinner table where his sister was already getting her dinner. The idea of asking her to pop his cherry cross his mind though he grosses himself out the moment he pictures her naked.

Jazz talked about having made ace another of her test while Danny couldn’t get past his B+ which slightly bothered him more out of competition than anything else. Once dinner was done, Danny excuse himself as he returns to his room.

Much to his surprise, there was an e-mail notification on his computer, his heart started to beat harder as he opens the mail. It was from none other than Vlad Master who had sent him a portfolio with his girls.

Danny instantly locks his bedroom door and closes his windows before open the file. Common sense told him to run the file on his anti-virus but the boy was much too eager to listen and so he opens it up revealing a few dozen ladies.

Blondes, brunets, and redheads to choose from, Vlad was so sure only his selected clientele had access to his cards and didn’t care to do a background check. One by one Danny brose the files looking for the perfect girl.

A young tan woman with ebony hair caught his eyes instantly, her beautiful face and hypnotic eyes were too much to resist. He clicks on her file and began reading all the services she offered, the rates were higher than he thought.

“Desiree…$300 for one hour and $500 for the whole evening… damn 1200 for 24 hours?”- said Danny.

Danny began writing a reply to Vlad asking for Desiree, he wanted her for the whole evening and how should he pay. Vlad took his sweet time to answered back but told him he needed to give a down payment and an address.

The boy barely had enough money to hire Desiree but told Vlad he would do a money transfer as he didn’t want to use his “credit” card, Danny was begging Vlad wouldn’t see through his lies but soon instructions on where to send the money came in.

He only needed to pay half to guarantee the service and the rest was to be given to the girl. Danny’s heart was beating so hard he might as well have a heart attack but told Vlad he would send the money in the morning all he needed was to get the rest.


It was very rare for him to be standing in a bank line, even more when he told the cashier he was sending in money. Danny began to sweat cold as she looks at him almost as if she knew for what the money was being used for.

The sound of his receipt being printed made him relax so much he almost passed out on the spot, all he needed now was a hotel room. Danny in his ghostly form cruise around the city searching for the perfect place to have his first time, he couldn’t afford anything too expensive otherwise questions would be asked.

“The pig pen”- whispered the boy.

The place seems clean and at the same time dirty, it was a small three-story hotel with some old feeling to it. The desk clerk seems to have seen better day given his grumpy look, filling himself with the same courage he uses to fight off the ghost, Danny headed over to the front desk.

“Hi. I-I need a r-room for t-two”- stammered the boy as he mentally facepalms himself.

“… Sure kid, one night? That’s thirty bucks”- said the clerk as Danny put the money on the counter.

“My aunt is coming later”- added the boy.

“Whatever you say”- replied the man not caring if what Danny said was true.

The wallpaper was old and decrepit, the stairs creak with each step he took but Danny didn’t care in the least. It seems there weren’t many guests staying in the hotel as he headed to the first floor, the room wasn’t as bad as he expected, clean sheets on the bed and it seems to have vacuum recently.

A large and comfy bed, an old television from the 90s on the corner and a small bathroom. Feeling more relax he put his backpack on the bed and sent an email to Vlad telling him the money was sent and the place where he was staying.

The deal was simple, Desiree would arrive at two o’clock and service him until midnight, Danny had even convinced his parents to let him stay out late as he uses the excuse of seeing a horror marathon with Sam at the know movie theater, both Maddie and Jack would be out of town on ghost-related errands and Jazz was having a sleepover party.

There were almost two hours before Desiree arrived, therefore, he considers in watching a movie to relax, but the only available channel was pornographic which didn’t help him calm his nerves down in the lease.

His excitement was so much he had to fight off the urges to masturbate by taking a long cold shower. His watch read one-thirty and once again the excitement was rising up and his penis stood firm as he counted the minutes.

Danny cover himself in cheap cologne wore the newest underwear he had for he didn’t want to give a bad impression. The boy walked around the room waiting for Desiree to arrive, just a few minutes before the due time he heard loud steps echoing in the hallway.

He stood quietly near the door waiting for the knock. Danny could feel an emptiness at the pit of his stomach upon seeing a small shadow under the slit of the door, a gentle knock came upon and Danny hastily moves to open.

Hiding behind the door he let Desiree enter, as he closes the door Danny lay witness to the same woman from the email, though in her pictures she wore a very small red bikini and here she came dress in tight leather pants, a white top with a leather jacket and stiletto high heels.

Desiree was taller than what Danny initially expected but nonetheless, she was exactly as her picture show her. The tan woman looks straight at Danny as she lowers her sunglasses and drops her sports bag to the side.

“The fuck?”- said the woman.


“For fuck’s sake, is this a joke”- said Desiree as she took out her phone ready to Vlad.

“No! Wait please. I have the rest of the money!”- yelled out Danny as he shows the cash.

Desiree looks straight at Danny’s pleading eyes; she knew it wasn’t a prank as she took the money. Clearly, the boy went through a lot of problems to get to meet with her, it was fairly obvious Vlad didn’t know the client was a minor but her perverted side kicked in.

“Anyone knows we’re here?” - asked the tan woman.

“Just the clerk but I told him you’re my aunt”- replied Danny without wasting time.

Desiree gazes over Danny, he was young and cute, she had the money in her hands already and a “deal is a deal” according to her boss Vlad. Going against reason she accepted to service Danny.

“So, what do you have in mind kid?”- asked Desiree in a kinder voice as she took Daniel in her arms.

His small and frail body felt so different from the mend she normally worked with; she could feel his heartbeats echoing unto her chest through her breast. She couldn’t help but giggle as Danny tried to touch her butt. Danny instantly pulled his hands away the moment Desiree gave a slight gasp.

“Don’t worry kid you can touch all you want. By the way how old are you?”- asked Desiree casually as she opens her bag.

“… I’m twenty-one”- replied Danny as he caresses her ass.

Desiree rested her bag over the drawer as she pulled out condoms and lubricants which she places over the side, Danny’s little fingers made their way under her blouse, she could feel how he trembled.

“And your real age?”- asked again the woman.

“………Fourteen”. Replied the boy as he pulls his hand away.

“I see”- said Desiree as she locks lips with the boy.

Her tongue danced around his mouth savoring the toothpaste he used to make sure his breath was mint. She unbuckled her pants without breaking the kiss as she guided his hands back to her ass the moment her pants were below her hips.

Never had he felt such softness in his entire life, her perfume made him feel bold and daring therefore Danny explore her privates with his hands as his tongue got more acquainted with the inside of her mouth. His left-hand caress her lower cheeks while his right hand was much braver for it headed to a forbidden place.

Desiree gave out a soft and erotic moan as Danny’s fingers found her vagina hidden under her panties, it was warm and humid. There was nothing he could use to compare that feeling, while Danny cuddles her bare crotch, she gently bites down on his lower lip.

“How much do you know about a woman’s body?”- asked Desiree as the feeling of teaching a boy so young the ways of the bed were clouding her mind.

Danny had seen many naked girls in his computer and while peeping at the showers but this was the first time an older woman was exposing herself to him by her free will. His pants tighten so much it started to hurt as Desiree toss her jacket and blouse over to the drawer.

“Not much”- replied the boy realizing how little he actually knew.

Desiree peeled her leather pants away and tossed them to the floor, only her bra and panties remain. The tan woman smiled as she noticed Danny’s little bulge in his pants, the boy froze up as she took hold of his manhood.

“I’ll teach you”- whispered Desiree as she unbuckled his pants.

In matter of seconds, the boy was sitting naked on the bed, there just too many first times going around. Never had he imagine not even in his wildest dreams to be nude in a hotel room with a naked tan beauty. Her breasts were by far bigger than Paulina’s and her body was near perfection, compare to Desiree, Paulina was just a little brat with tiny lemons for breast.

Desiree crawls over the bed as she laid over her back, with a soft wave of her finger she summoned Danny to her. As the boy came closer, she opens her legs wide and far showing the jewel he touching earlier, movies and photos couldn’t do justice to the real thing.


“You do know what that is? What you pay for?”- asked Desiree in a playful voice.

“Yeah… I-it’s a vagi… vagin…”- tried to answer Danny as he fought the urges to touch his member.

“Silly geese, let’s use grown-up words. Take a closer look, that’s called a pussy, P.U.S.S.Y.”- said Desiree as she spread herself wider.

Danny’s face came as close as he could letting her scent penetrated his nose. His eyes watch every detail of her jewel, each lip, and the canal, despite not having any experience he knew by instinct what to do.

“Look at this little bean, it called a clit. Give it a little kiss, go on lick it”- ordered Desiree.

The boy did as order and gently kiss her clit before licking her entire vagina like a starving dog, Danny didn’t mind the salty flavor all he wanted to continue eating her out. Desiree giggles in between moans as Danny was literally licking her like a dog, going up and down.

Despite loving the flavor his tongue couldn’t go on forever and his neck sore lightly. His tan lover pulled him up to her making sure her nipples touch his childish chest, Danny wonders if the time for sex had come and tried to pierce her entrance with his penis.

“That’s my belly button silly.” Said Desiree as she kisses him, “let me return the favor baby”-

A soft, warm and wet sensation embrace his member, he could swear Desiree’s tongue was wrapped around his shaft. Danny wasn’t as big as her regular clients so she could take all of his penis without choking or gagging.

His cum started to pile up and without warning, he fires his full load unto her mouth. He never fires so much semen in one single go but despite not seeing it he firmly believes to have filled a whole bucket, his proudful look disappears the moment he saw Desiree’s eyes.

Her mouth was full of his seed but rather than being angry at him she swallows her baby making juice. Desiree winks at him while asking if he was ready for the main course, Danny saw her walk over to the drawer as she picks up the condom strip.

Danny gulps down as he got hard all over again just by seeing her perfect round ass. Desiree ripped the package with teeth and soon her soft hands roll the rubber down his phallus as Danny played with her nipples.

“Seems like a waste”- suddenly said Desiree.

“What do you mean?”- asked sheepishly the boy as he fears she didn’t want to continue.

“It’s your first time and I haven’t had a gu… a man like you in a long while”- added the woman making Danny blush.

Desiree look at the boy before taking her phone out and viewing her calendar, Danny sheepishly asked if she was having second thoughts about this. She replied by kissing him once more as she lay on the bed with her legs spread wide open.

“It’s my safe day… I already took a birth control pill this morning. Wanna do it without the condom?”- asked the tan woman.

“Yes!!”- yelled out Danny

Without wasting a single second, he peels off the condom not caring if it broke along the way, there was strange feeling to seeing the boy so eager to have her, all her other clients just saw a mere hole to fuck but Danny saw a woman.

Though Danny was the one having the many “first times,” Desiree too felt as if this was her first time as well. It was nonetheless, the very first time in her twenty-four years of age that she felt so desired, so wanted. The boy didn’t want to fuck her, he wanted to make love to her.

“Don’t forget kid… I’m a whore, a lot of cocks have been in there. Are you sure?”- said Desiree.

“Yes, I’m sure”- answered Danny firmly.


His small bare cock touch Desiree’s vagina, the warm love fluid tainted his young virginal member. Even Desiree’s heart was beating like the first she had sex, slowly Danny’s penis pierces her womanhood with ease.

It was soft and tight at the same time, so hot he could feel his penis burning up but despite the heat, he didn’t want to pull out. He could feel her fold peeling down his phimosis exposing his head to the vagina.

Their hips touch each other as Danny bury his face on her large and soft breast, the heat he was feeling inside of Desiree and her delicious fragrance was numbing his mind, gently he pushes back his hips as slow as he can but the friction was too strong.

Danny couldn’t hold his semen down not even for a single second as he found himself unloading all his seed inside of Desiree, but the woman wraps her legs around his waist. The hot liquid filled her insides as she moans loud and long.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it”- said Danny as he tried to pull out of her.

“Relax kid, everyone’s like that the first time”- answered Desiree.

Without parting from each other she hugs him tightly as kisses him deeply, even sucking on his tongue. Both lovers kiss and stroke each other until Danny could get hard again. Desiree put Danny on his back as she began to ride him.

Her breast bounces in front of his eyes making him even more excited but he couldn’t last for more than a few minutes. Danny begged to let him do her “Doggystyle” once he was hard again, Desiree chuckle lightly as she commented on, he had been seeing too many porn movies.

But did as asked and bend over, Danny couldn’t get hard again so soon but Desiree instructed him to rub himself against her. The soft and warm buttocks of Desiree were mesmerizing but her anus caught his attention.

“Hey can I put in your anus?”- kindly asked Danny hoping she would say yes.

“Fine but take the lube and spread on your dick and my asshole… it’s been a while since anyone was in there”- replied Desiree.

Danny put as much lubricant as he could on his penis and her anus. She was tighter than before, as Desiree said no one was there in a long time, he could barely describe it, the entrance was tight and firm but the inside was soft and warm.

Each stroke felt unbelievable, his blue eyes observe with morbid detail as he penetrated her over and over. But couldn’t beat his record so far and since she didn’t mind have his seed inside, Danny let go and fill her rear.

In between kissing, touching and the eventual intercourse it had reached eleven-thirty pm. Danny wanted to continue but was completely spent. His tank was empty and his penis was red slightly swollen and worse yet extremely sensitive.

“That was unbelievable, thank you so much”- said Danny in between breaths.

“I really worked up a sweat. Let’s take a shower”- replied Desiree.


The hot water made Danny have a tingly sensation on his penis the moment he touches the bathwater, even though she had done her job Desiree continue touching his genitals in a kind manner while letting him rest on her breast.

“It’s already passed midnight; are you ok staying longer?”- asked Danny not really wanting to let her go.

“You’re my only client for the day. Did you pay the room for the whole night?”- asked Desiree in return.

“Yeah”- answered the boy.

“Good, let’s stay the night”- added the tan women.

Desiree didn’t bother in getting dressed or wearing any nightgowns and insisted on Danny doing the same, even in the comfort of his home Danny never slept naked. Now he gazes over the sight of the beautiful woman in bed. The sudden sound of the television being turn on broke his trance.

“Let me order a pizza”- said Danny. Again, it was the first time he saw a naked woman eat on the bed while watching a porn movie. It was strange and exciting mix of feeling all going on at the same time.

“Danny, I don’t do this at all but here’s my number. Let’s go on a date sometime, maybe we can fuck again.”- said Desiree as she winks at him.

The boy with raven locks lay on top of his onetime lover letting their genitals kiss each other as they fall asleep.

Chapter Text

Lady of the night
Chapter two

Danny was lying down on his bed while he held on to his erect penis, it was the third time he had pleasure himself to a picture of Desiree, the woman to whom he gave his virginity to. That night was one to remember and one he wouldn’t forget.

Her warmth and delicious yet erotic fragrance still lingers within his nose despite having been a whole week since that night, as a parting gift Desiree let him take several pictures of her in various positions, king among them was one where Desiree lay over her back with her legs spread wide as his seed drip out of her.

It was proof Danny was now a “man,” but after feeling her and knowing the pleasures of sex there was no way for his hand to please him in the same way, Danny wanted to feel her again. The boy unleashed his load over his chest.

Breathing deeply, he scrolls the pictures, each one of them of Desiree in a different position. Danny wonders if she did that with all her clients or it was a special service just for him, soon he comes across a number in his contact list.

“I can’t believe she actually gave me her number”- whispered the boy.

True to her word she gave him her personal cellphone number, though the boy hadn’t mustered the courage to call her so far. It wasn’t as if he could just ask her on a date out of the blue, he needed a reason or better yet money.

His wallet was especially thin these days, the boy had broken his piggy bank once he discovered there was a woman willing to sleep with him in return for money. Danny turns his gaze over to the night clock over his desk.

It was barely eleven pm, and though he wasn’t exactly tired, Danny knew there was nothing better than a good night’s rest. His days consisted of fighting ghosts and stopping petty criminals, so having a decent sleep was often welcome.

Danny rolled under his sheets as he ready himself for a night dreaming of Desiree, the woman had taken over his dreams and Danny often fantasized about having her again. The only issue was the money, she wouldn’t sleep with him if there wasn’t money involved.

The boy dreamt of Desiree taking his manhood unto her mouth, passing her tongue all around while her hands caress his legs. He didn’t care if his sheets got wet with her love juices, Desiree wiggles his semen around her tongue before swallowing it.

Daniel relaxes on the bed as she mounts him, putting his penis unto her female entrance. Slowly the woman lets her full body weight pierce her letting a loud and lustful moan echo within the room, she was so hot her pussy burns his cock.

“Oh Danny, I love you… I ring!!”- Danny jumps out of the bed as his phone was ringing.

It was still dark and knew it wasn’t his alarm waking him for school, the moment he takes the phone in his hands he notices it wasn’t a call but a text, though he was enticed of cussing the caller for waking him up at two in the morning.

Danny felt butterflies in his stomach the moment he realized it was none other than Desiree herself texting him, the boy had assumed the number was fake but didn’t call back as to not break the illusion she was interested in him.

“I hope I didn’t wake you up.”- Read the text Desiree send.

“No, I was studying”- lied Danny as he didn’t want to cut the conversation short.

“Can I call you now?”- replied the woman.

It was nothing more than a casual conversation and yet Danny was already hard as a rock, to just think Desiree would be the first to call him was beyond unbelievable, the idea that perhaps she was interested in him as more than a client started to grow.

Knowing his house had walls as thin as paper, he flew to the OP-Center his father spent far too much money as he told Desiree she could call. After a few seconds the phone began to ring and with a shaking hand he answers.

“Hello babe. Hope I’m not calling too late”- said the woman.

Danny muttered his “hello” but got a few giggles from Desiree as she sweetly “reprimanded” him for not calling sooner. She half moan about how rude it was to let a woman be the first call, the boy gulps down as he apologizes and offers to make it up.

“I was hoping you say that, wanna go on a date tomorrow?”- asked Desiree.

Danny couldn’t believe Desiree was asking him out on a date for Saturday night, it was a simple movie date but he was more than eager to say yes despite the short notice. Danny was a geek and Desiree the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen, not even Paulina could compare to her.

It felt like a dream, so much he even pinched himself in the cheek just to make sure he wasn’t in fact dreaming. It couldn’t get more real than this, the place they were meeting at was a movie theater at downtown, Danny wasn’t sure where it was but he wasn’t about to plead ignorance on her.

“Sure thing, eleven pm sharp.”- said Danny.

The town hero hung up as he takes in the whole situation, there was no way for an adult woman to be interested in him, though a bit of arrogance came about as he wonders if he was so good in bed that she wanted his D again. Not even the cold of night brushing against his bare skin could make his erection go away. It was a dream come true.


Desiree lay down on the bed as she looks at Danny’s profile picture, his baby blue eyes were mesmerizing and had a cute face but that wasn’t enough to actually draw out her attention, Desiree didn’t call him out of a desire of making a romantic relationship with him.

She had other less decent reasons to arrange a date with Danny. The woman puts her phone over the nightstand as she gives a brief glance to the eviction notice, the woman had fallen behind on her rent.

Desiree really likes the apartment she was living in; the place was small but comfortable in a decent part of Amity Park. The apartment wasn’t expensive but wasn’t cheap either, normally she could afford it without a problem but Vlad got greedy.

Her boss started to hire more and more girls even though there weren’t enough rooms for them to serviced the clients, such a number of prostitutes also raise the risk of drawing police attention, even worse was the fact she had to pay for the room she services her clients.

With such unfair competition Desiree barely got one client per night, though today was a relatively good night as she got two clients but had to cut her price in half as younger and prettier girls offer themselves at the same rates she did.

“Can’t believe that new bitch Dora took my regulars.”- grumbled the woman as she pulls her bedsheets.

There was no point in staying the whole night at the brothel, there were too many girls already there and she didn’t stand out in the midst of the barbie like girls all over. By this time most men were drunk and often got violent.

She didn’t fancy coming home with a bruised eye and ripped lip, at least Vlad made sure to have such men taken care of. To him the girls were his merchandize and damaged goods were bad for business, her previous boss didn’t give a rat’s ass for her but needed his girls looking their best.

Desiree needed a steady income outside the brothel, her rich regulars were often arrogant and complete assholes. And the sweeter ones were already swayed away by the younger girls, even the website didn’t land her enough clients.

“I really hope you’re as loaded as I think you are brat”- whispered Desiree as he looks to Danny’s profile photo.

She only let him have one single day to think the date over, she didn’t want him thinking too deeply about it. The last thing Desiree wanted was for Danny to have second thoughts, hence why she called him at two in the morning.

Desiree woke up at around one in the afternoon, after a quick shower and a small meal she needed to get ready for her date. The woman called Vlad saying she wasn’t going to the brothel; the man didn’t care if she did go as there were many other girls he was more interested in.

Saturdays were the days she was supposed to make the most income but now there were twice as many girls during the weekends and she knew there was no point in going, she had a bigger fish to fry at the moment.

“Let’s see… what’s gonna get that brat horny.”- Said the woman as she opens her closet.

Her wardrobe was filled with all kinds of short dresses and erotic underwear, miniskirts and tight shorts were her favorite. Desiree needed something to draw Danny’s attention, she wasn’t planning on sleeping with the boy.

But she needed to make sure the option was open and have him ask for her pussy. The woman chose a short blue mini skirt and black tank top along some high stiletto heels and a bright green G-string, she was sure this would catch his eyes.

Her purse carried her work gear namely condoms and lubricants, among some birth control pill but wonder if she should buy fancier condoms for Danny, all she needed to do now was wait until it was time for her date with Danny.


The boy looks at himself in the bathroom mirror, there was no way he could tell his parents about going out on a date with a hooker he met online, more important than his parents were the fifty dollars in his wallet he got as an allowance.

“It’s not gonna be enough”- whispered the boy.

He was sure the woman was only being nice with him but if he wanted to have sex again then he needed to pay for her time, even if he got a “friends” discount he was too short on money. The movie was her treat or so he thought but just in case he should bring in some cash.

“But what about the after-show?”- questioned the boy.

If there was the chance of having sex then he needed a hotel room, condoms, and her fee. But Danny didn’t have that kind of paper on him, he could ask his parents for it, as he debated on how to ask for over five hundred dollars his mother called him over.

“Danny, sweetheart can you get me some milk from the store”- said his mother.

“Sure… can I keep the change?”- asked the boy upon seeing the twenty-dollar bill.

Maddie told him he could keep it as she assumed he was saving up for another videogame, Danny walks down the street thinking about a way to make money in such a short time, he only had until ten pm to come up with the cash.

“She’s not gonna want to do it for free, this is a friendly outgoing”- said Danny as he enters the store.

After buying the milk he would have the grand total of fifty-five dollars, it was enough to get him a hotel room at the Pig Pen but what was the point of staying there if he and Desiree weren’t going to do anything else.

“I can’t mow anyone’s lawn and get that kind of scratch so quick… maybe I should ask Sam… no! I can’t”- said the boy as he walks out the store.

Danny was so deep in thoughts he didn’t even notice the whole transaction; it was as if he was in automatic mode. Take the milk and pay for it, walk out, repeat. The unmistakable sounds of gunfire broke his trance.

Not even half a block away from the shop did a man ran out shooting at the store owners, but the owner fire back as he dials for the police while the pedestrians ran for their lives, Danny’s inner hero kicks in and he slips into the alleyway.

Armed burglaries were much more common than ghosts’ attacks and far easier to stop. The ghost boy flew after the thief as he tried to elude capture by running down the alleys and hiding behind a large dumpster, once the burglar felt safe, he took out his loot.

“That’s not nice.”- whispered Phantom before slamming him against the wall.

The man was left unconscious on the floor as the money fell out of the bag, there were hundreds of bills scattered around the floor. Danny’s eyes wander over the fifty- and hundred-dollar bills, with a quick scan he fails to see any person around.

“Surely no one’s going to notice one or two…… or six bills missing”- said Danny as he kneels down.

His greedy hand takes hold of a whole wad of cash, he was sure the man had stolen from elsewhere as there was much more than what the store could have. Lust took over his thoughts as he imagines putting Desiree on the bed.

“Stealing from a thief isn’t a crime… and it’s for a noble cause.”- whispered Danny as he vanishes into thin air.


Danny felt sick and guilty as he stares at the money over his desk, he only intended on taking just a pinch. Enough to pay Desiree in case she offers her services or at least enough to treat her to some snacks at the shop.

“So that’s how two thousand dollars look like”- whispered Danny.

The boy couldn’t help but look at the cash, it was more than triple of Desiree’s rates, Danny wonders if he could ask her for the twenty-four-hour deal. His first time cost him nearly six hundred dollars and got to fuck her to his heart’s content.

The evening was running much too slow for Danny’s liking but once the clock strikes nine pm he told his parents about going to bed, it wasn’t so strange as he normally went to sleep at ten o’clock, Danny rushed into his bedroom and pulled out his best clothes.

He already had a bath and just needed to add some cologne. Danny chose a more night get-up for his date with Desiree, black jeans and a navy-blue polo shirt with a red hoodie was his chosen attire. The boy thought he looks sharp.

Once the clock announces ten-thirty Danny locks his door and flew out the window. The movie theater comes into view soon enough and he had more than enough time to spare, landing at a dark corner Danny return to his human form and made sure he was looking his best.

With a brush of his hand, he made sure the money was still there. His phone rang and a text came through saying Desiree was waiting for him at the entrance, the boy expected more people at the theater but there was only a handful of visitors.

It was the last feature, the movies weren’t blockbusters and to make things worse the theater was much smaller than the one at the mall downtown, but Danny didn’t care for the movie or the installations, all he cares for was for Desiree.

The woman was waiting for him at the entrance, she looks stunning in her blue mini skirt and black top all cover under a black leather coat. The couple chose a cheesy horror movie and headed over to the shop for popcorn and sodas.

The moment they enter the cinema Desiree took off her coat and grab the popcorn while Danny held the sodas, he did notice there were only three more people inside. The chairs were filthy and the floor felt sticky but Desiree told him to follow her to the back so they could better see the movie.

Danny couldn’t help but stay a few steps behind as he wanted to see under her short miniskirt, but the cinema was faintly illuminated and therefore couldn’t see anything. Nevertheless, he did enjoy watching her wiggle her butt all the way to the back.

“Time to show my charms.”- mentally said the tan woman.

As Danny came closer, he couldn’t help but stand in sheer awe as Desiree sat with her legs open, she didn’t spread herself in a “vulgar” manner, it was more like a manly way of sitting. Danny could see her green underwear as she casually relaxes on the chair.

“Come on Danny, sit down.”- asked Desiree as she put the popcorn in between her legs.

The whole room went dark as the movie started; Danny wasn't used to seeing such an old film. It was an 80s horror movie, the kind with blond teenagers running around in their undies while a masked killer stalks them.

“It’s much more interesting than I thought.”- whispered Danny as his hand searches for more popcorn.

The boy did feel something warm but it wasn’t popcorn, slowly moving his head over to Desiree he noticed the woman had moved forward to release some tension from her back. His hand was touching Desiree’s crotch, the soft fabric of her underwear and warm pussy ran through his fingers as their eyes met forcing Danny to pull his hand away while apologizing.

“Fuck! I screw up.”- cursed under his breath.

“Relax… here.” Said the woman as she pulls his hand under her thong.

Danny had touched her crotch before and seen every inch of her body but to touch an adult woman in a public place was something he hadn’t imagine doing, he could feel how her womanhood began to moisturize as she hand feed him the popcorn.

Once the snacks were gone, Desiree moves her hands over to his zipper and pulls out his young cock from his pants. Danny blushes like a tomato while Desiree began to slowly jerk him off, she was surprised at how hard he could get.

All her clients were somewhat soft at this point and some others needed a special pill to perform but not Danny, he was firm like an iron rod. Desiree let the popcorn cup fall to the floor spilling all the leftovers as Danny penetrated her cunt with his fingers.

“Desiree, can we have sex?”- asked Danny raising his voice below a whisper.

“No can-do honey”- whispered Desiree to his ear.

Danny felt his heart skip a beat upon hearing her refusal, the boy was ready to be turned down but it still hurt a lot to actually hear it from Desiree’s mouth. But he couldn’t understand why she was jerking him off and letting him touch her privates if she didn’t want to sleep with him.

The woman held her hand over his own hand preventing his fingers from exiting out of her as he asks why they couldn’t do it if they were already touching each other’s privates, the woman calmly explain this was a nothing more than a friendly get together and she was only jerking him off like a good friend.

The world of adults was much more complex than what he thought, Sam would beat him black and green if he ever touched in between her legs and hadn’t seen others in school touch each other like they were doing right now.

“Only really close friends do this, besides what you’re touching is my money maker. I can’t just let you use it for free.” Said Desiree as she continues to slowly jerk him off.

“I got money…”- whispered the boy drowning in lust.

He couldn’t see it but Desiree was smiling long and wide, her hopes were paid off. The boy did have loads of cash as she had hoped for and he was ripe for picking, with a kiss on his cheek she moves her head towards his crotch and swallows his penis completely.

Danny’s flavor and the popcorn both mix inside her mouth but she didn’t mind in the least as she actually enjoy the flavor, Desiree pass her tongue around his dick as she asks in between slurps if he wanted to go to a motel she knew about, unlike before they couldn’t go to the same hotel for it would raise suspicions.

The boy was lasting longer than before but Desiree hears him agree to her request as he lifts her skirt and lets him finger her ass. Out of nowhere the lights were turned on but Desiree continues sucking on Danny for a full minute letting him cum inside her mouth.

“Come on babe.”- said Desiree as she got up and adjusted her skirt.

Danny wonders how they would find a motel at midnight, there were no buses and was scared to call for a cab. Desiree put her arm over his shoulder as she pulls him closer to her, the boy noticed they were walking to the parking lot.

There was only a handful of cars and no one in sight, slowly he puts his hand over her hip as Desiree turns her gaze over to him. The boy expected her to tell him not to touch her in public but instead she smiles as she holds his hand.

“You know, you can touch under my skirt.”- said Desiree as she guides his hand straight to her love holes.

Danny felt as if he was dreaming, not only was he having a date with an adult, he was touching her private parts in a parking lot. The ecstasy was so strong he felt as if he were about to cum in his pants, but his trance didn’t last for too long as they stood in front of a car.

It was an old four-door black sedan; the car had seen far better days as the paint was running off and the seats were so worn out they were tearing up. His mother had told him over a hundred times never to board a stranger’s car but Desiree wasn’t a stranger.

“We’re doing it here?”- asked Danny as he looks to the backseat.

“Of course not, we’re going to a motel out of town.”- replied the woman.

Desiree didn’t trust Danny enough to take him to her house and save up on the motel fee, the boy could run his mouth with his friends and she could have a bunch of kids knocking at her doorsteps, it was something she couldn’t have, her freedom was worth more than a few bucks.

The woman parks the car at the roadside in between a few motels, without turning the lights on she gets ready to renegotiate her rates with the boy as she puts her hand over his leg. This time she didn’t need to pay Vlad any commission, it was all her earnings.

The woman needed to make sure the boy was trapped in her charms and wouldn’t look elsewhere for sexual pleasures, if he wanted, he could contact with any number of whores from the website and some were even better looking than her.

“Danny you don’t need to use the site anymore, just call me and I’ll come over.” Said Desiree making sure Danny wouldn’t look elsewhere.

The boy agrees by nodding his head though he soon glues his eyes to her breast, Desiree took notice of this and pulled her top down exposing her breast to the boy’s eyes. Danny didn’t avert his eyes and instead grab her tits as she climbs on his lap.

“I can do all kinds of things, I’ll suck you dry and do roleplay, for the right price we can stay naked all day long and go at it like rabbits”- whispered Desiree.

“We can do anal again?”- sheepishly asked the boy.

“Yes, we can. You can shove your cock up my tight little asshole, I can even dress up like those cartoon girls you like so much.”- moaned the woman more than speaking.

Desiree lowered her prices just a little so she wouldn’t scare Danny away, but it didn’t matter since Vlad wasn’t getting anything from this deal. The boy was young and naïve therefore wouldn’t try anything sick or degrading, best of all she could manipulate him to her leisure.

“I’m gonna need some cash upfront… for the room… let’s say… three hundred.”- Said the tan woman as she rubs her crotch to his harden boy dick.

Danny couldn’t utter the necessary words to but gave her the cash, long had he forgotten it was stolen money. It didn’t matter anymore so long he could get his dick wet again; Desiree whispered to his ear about staying the whole night while making squeal like a girl.

The boy watches his tan lover walk around the corner and into the motel’s reception to ask for a room, the boy, of course, keeps hidden inside the car as he didn’t want to be seen and have someone call the cops on Desiree.

His eyes scan the car’s interior, the stereo was missing and there was a musky smell he couldn’t recognize, there was an open condom wrapper at his feet which made him feel slightly jealous, but force himself to be reminded that Desiree is a prostitute.

Danny also notices some strange stains on the backseat and a few more open wrappers, feeling curious he began to check the car. The glove box had a few gold color condom strips and an open lube tube, which made him wonder if she uses the car for work or leisure.

“Got us a nice room Danny”- said Desiree as she opens the door.

Danny’s heartbeat loud as Desiree drove into the motel straight to the farthest room, as the couple steps out the car Danny notices the trees in the back and the pale moon above, a few rooms had their lights on but he couldn’t hear anything.

“I heard a lot about this place… I always wanted to fuck here”- casually accepted Desiree as they enter the room making Danny blush.

The woman had heard from other whores in Vlad’s brothel about the “King motel,” the place was at a hundred dollars the night but heard it was fancy. Pink walls and heart shape bed with a huge mirror to the side, large television and a jacuzzi.

Danny looks over to the shower as there was only a glass wall to divide the bathroom and the bedroom, Danny began to understand this motel was specially made for having sex, everything within screams sex in there, the portraits of naked women on the walls and red hearts over the bed.

“This place is soundproof, so we can be as loud as we want and won’t bother anyone.”- said Desiree as she puts her purse on the nightstand.

Danny walks over to her and holds the woman by her wide hips, Desiree doesn’t doubt in French kissing him. It felt like an eternity since the last time he kissed Desiree, her warm tongue wrestle with his as her hands made their way to his crotch.

“First things go first”- said Desiree as she asked for her money.

Danny quickly hands her a thousand dollars making the woman open her eyes in shock as she didn’t expect him to whip out so much money like it were his pocket change, she was ready to negotiate her fee but once the money was in her hands, Desiree stores it in her purse as she realized she hit the jackpot with Danny, with a large smile she mentally readies herself to service the boy.

“What do you want to do?”- asked Desiree as she tossed her coat over the chair.

“I don’t know.” Replied Danny.

The boy sincerely thought sex was as natural as breathing but couldn’t think of anything to do aside from just sticking his cock inside of her, Desiree giggled for a moment as she began to undress, it took mere seconds for her to be only in her thong and high heels.

“Let me teach you then”- said the woman.

There was a certain excitement about teaching Danny the correct way to pleasure a woman, Desiree sat on the bed but pulled her legs up as she peels off the thong before tossing it on the floor and spreading her legs.

Danny once more gets to see the most hidden place a woman has, with a wiggle of her finger Desiree invites Danny to have a closer look. The fragrance of her wet pussy pierces through his nose like a knife making him stick his tongue out.

“Last time you were a little sloppy”- said Desiree.

The woman instructed Danny to start by licking her clit and working his tongue around the folds of her vagina, the boy’s tongue dances around and even worked its way into her canal, he loved the salty flavor of her love juices.

“I wonder how this hole taste like?”- whispered the boy as he redirects his tongue to Desiree’s anus.

Danny’s tongue began to caress her asshole, after ten good minutes of licking Desiree ordered Danny to stop as it was time to have sex. The boy was already rock hard and more than ready to penetrate her.

But the moment Danny was about to stick his penis inside of Desiree, she stops him. The boy was bewildered by feeling her hand on his chest and a finger wiggling a no, they already had agreed to have sex and he already paid her. There wasn’t a reason to stop now.

“Last time was a special service but we’re having a lesson now, you need to learn how to use a condom”- said the woman.

Danny understood what she meant by that, the boy had to be careful and learn some restraint otherwise he could get his future girlfriend pregnant, he was more than sure he wasn’t ready to be a father just yet.

Desiree undressed Danny and left him naked over the bed as she headed over to her purse, the woman looks at the extra sensitive condoms she bought earlier that day just for this night. Desiree knew it was a waste to have protected sex with the boy but didn’t fancy getting pregnant either.

The woman rolls down the condom on Danny as she notices it became nearly invisible on his phallus, unlike her cheap rubbers which seem like literal rubber, these were so thin she felt it might break but the brand was well known for its durability.

“Let me be on top”- said Danny the moment Desiree climb over the bed.

“Someone’s a little confident tonight”- replied the woman as she lays over the bed and spreads herself wide open.

Danny instantly remembers the boiling hot interior of Desiree’s vagina the moment he enters her, even though it had been only a mere week it felt as if centuries had passed since the last time he felt this heat around his member.

The meaty folds embrace his penis in a tight hug, Danny could feel her almost as if the condom didn’t exist at all. For a moment he wondered if the sensation would be much lesser due to the condom but it felt just as good as he remembers.

Desiree moans loud and hard as she knew her voice wouldn’t leave the room, but was afraid she sounded too fake. Nevertheless, Danny didn’t seem to mind as he kept on ramming his hips unto her own while hugging tightly.

“Come on baby… bite my tits.”- ordered the woman.

Danny obeyed the instruction as he gently took her nipple into his mouth though more than biting, he was sucking on her like a baby which made Desiree giggle in between moans, each hump brought him closer to climax.

Even though he did his very best to hold it in, there was no denying his semen was piling up inside of phallus- Desiree was holding tightly to her ankles but her pussy suddenly tightens so hard Danny felt she was about to chop his dick off.

“I’m cumming!!”- screamed Danny as Desiree squirmed on the bed.

No matter how many times he jerked off in his room, it never felt remotely similar to this. His entire body was tired but filled with ecstasy, his legs and hips tremble in delight as he pulls out of Desiree who was breathing heavily.

It was one of the very few and rare occasions in which she actually reached an orgasm, most of her clients only use her like a piece of meat and saw her like little less than that but Danny was different, perhaps due to his young age.

Danny refuse to separate from Desiree as he continues hugging the woman while kissing her breasts, she felt somewhat guilty for wanting to turn the boy into her personal piggy bank, he saw her as much more than a hole.

Desiree wasn't used to cuddling after sex, it made her feel uncomfortable but knew the night was young and Danny would want to continue once he could get hard again. After several minutes of hugging and kissing Danny found himself ready to start again.

“I show you how to put a condom on. So, show me if you learned how”- said Desiree.

The boy cracks a wrapper open and slides the contents on his member which made the woman give him a slight smile, Desiree turns over on her stomach showing her perfectly round ass which made Danny gulp down hard.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to do anal?”- said Desiree as she opens her buttocks.


The feeling was so different from her pussy, it was tight at the base but soft and welcoming in the inside, Danny loves the sensation she gave him as he grinds his hips. Her fake moans and exaggerated movements made Danny come close to near orgasm.

Desiree made sure to squeeze as hard as she could making the boy moan like a girl. Surprisingly, the youngster was lasting much longer than before, Desiree took great pride in making her clients cum after only twenty minutes it was a trick she learned during her times in the street.

Before working with Vlad, she had worked the streets and needed to finish her clients as quickly as she could if she wanted to take in more clients. Nevertheless, needed to make sure her Johns had a good time otherwise they wouldn’t come to see her again.

Desiree didn’t like to take it up the ass for it left her sore but that wasn’t a problem with Danny as he wasn’t big enough to make her uncomfortable. After nearly thirty minutes and two orgasms she made obvious to Danny, she felt the condom fill up.

Covered in sweat both lovers look at each other before Desiree rests her head over his young chest, the woman wasn’t used to giving this kind of lover like service but the boy was sweet as honey and kinder than any man she had been with.

Desiree knew better than to make their business relationship into something else. Danny’s phone began to ring making Desiree wonder if his family found out he was out of the house, but the boy told her it was his alarm clock.

“When did we fell asleep?”- questioned the woman.

The alarm was set to go off at six am, she had booked the room until midday but knew Danny couldn’t stay so long as he had escaped from his house just to meet with her. After a quick shower and a make-out session, she offers to drive him near his house.

“Don’t worry. I can make it on my own……… so can I see you again?”- said and asked the boy with a sugary voice.

His innocent almost lovestruck eyes made her feel even more guilty about using the boy for her benefit but she needed the money, at least those thousand dollars she got from Danny and what she made during the week would get the landlord off her back for a time.

“How about this, we can meet up here every weekend and I’ll give you my pussy for half the price.”- said Desiree though she had considered in offering to take him to her home, but it was too risky and she likes the motel room.

“Sure thing!”- replied the boy with a huge smile.

The woman knew she couldn’t ask for a grand all the time, the boy would sooner or later seek other girls from the brothel or online once his confidence grew, but if she lowered her price then he wouldn’t go elsewhere.

There was the idea of perhaps becoming his actual girlfriend and leave the whoring for good but kicks the idea straight out of her head as she looks at the boy, he was too young and it would draw unwanted attention, for now it was for the best to keep it as business only.

“Let me be clear about this. I’m willing to fuck with you for a price but anything other than regular sex cost extra, and don’t tell anyone about us.”- explained Desiree.

She didn’t want to let Danny believe he could do anything he wanted with her; Desiree needed to make sure he didn’t view her as a girlfriend. The last thing she needed was a jealous teen stalking her every move.

It would be unbelievably awkward and potentially dangerous if Danny barge in on her while servicing a client, but couldn’t deny the idea of a steady income if she made the boy lust for her body. Desiree was sure the boy had money otherwise he wouldn’t give her so much cash without a second thought.

The boy had an undeniable fascination towards Desiree, her persona and kind demeanor entice the boy as much as did her erotic body. Danny had never seen a woman like her before, her large breast and wide hips but also sweet as her caramel skin.

Before parting, the woman hugs Danny tightly as she locks lips with him all while Danny fondles her butt, even lifting her skirt to better enjoy her flesh as he drowns in her delicious fragrance. Desiree wanted to take Danny back home or at least close but that was risky and the boy told her to enjoy the room until check-out time.

“Here Danny, and call me anytime you feel horny.”- said Desiree as she lifts her skirt. “See you next Saturday.”

The boy with raven locks blushes as Desiree pulls down her green thong and hands it over to him. The warm fabric makes his heartbeat hard as it heats up his hands, Danny wanted to take her again but his manhood had enough fun for one night and he was already running out of time.

With his parting gift in hand and a kiss with too much tongue, the boy exits the room after making sure no one would see him. Perhaps it was for the best if they left separately, it felt strange to let the boy go home on his own as it was still dark outside.

The moment she took a glimpse out the window she couldn’t see Danny anywhere, she couldn’t help but wonder if he stopped a taxi so quickly. Desiree should still be able to see him walking to the road but he was gone already.

“That was a fun night… I guess it’s ok to let loose every now and again…. But I didn’t expect to actually enjoy it.”- Said Desiree as she lays eyes over the five used condoms over the nightstand.

Chapter Text

Lady of the night

Chapter three: Well spent money.


The bright booming lights and laser beam effects scattered around the nightclub as Desiree watches her friend Penelope Strong dance on the stage, her legs ran up the long tube as she soon turns her rear and shakes in rhythm to the music.

There was a time in which Desiree wanted to be a stripper as her friend but lack the sense of rhythm and loathed the lustful gazes she earns from the patrons. It was especially hard for her since she had to stand on the corners during cold nights, waiting for a client to pick her up in the often cold and sometimes rainy nights.

“And that was the lovely Spectra everybody!”- yelled out the D.J.

Desiree got up from her seat as she headed down to the hallway towards the dressing room, a large dark skin muscular bouncer stops Desiree from entering the dressing as he stated only the strippers could enter, she looks at him and kindly asks if she could wait for her friend.

“Sure babe. How about we get to know each other later.”- said the bouncer as he lifted her chin.

“She’s busy.”- suddenly said Spectra as she walks out of the dressing room.

“You know the boss doesn’t like it that you leave from the front.”- replied the bouncer.

Penelope looks at him with a stern face as she rudely explains how she was fire for not sucking her fat boss dick, Desiree only looks down as she had done such acts almost every night for the last three years. She wasn’t particularly proud but it paid her rent and put food on the table.

Both women turn their backs to the bouncer as they head past the tables filled with drunkards and some random semi or fully nude girl dancing above. The smoke of cigars and the loud music echo the clubs as Spectra turns over to see her workplace one last time.

After exiting her former workplace, a young girl with strangely dye green hair came up to them, buffing and whizzing for air, Desiree looks at the young girl as she instantly recognized her as Spectra’s closest friend.

“What’s up Kitty?”- said Spectra as she turns over to see her young friend.

The green-haired girl loathed her name and force others to call by her nickname, Kitty. It was given to her by her biker boyfriend Johnny 13; Kitty was dress in her street’s clothes rather than her lingerie she often worked in.

“Guess what? I quit too, can’t stay alone with that pig”- replied the green-haired girl as she zips up her red leather jacket.

Laughing their way down the street the trio of girls’ head down to their favorite bar to drink there night away. Under obnoxious music, they drank cheap beer and ate poorly made spicy chicken wings at their local bar.

Desiree looks over to Kitty as she devoured the wings while watering them down beer, Spectra too join in the unhealthy amount of drinking as she berates her former boss and his hideous advances toward her.

The man wanted to sleep with her no matter what, but Spectra never “open” up even after having some of her pay withheld and eventually being threatened with being fired. Nevertheless, Spectra was disgusted by him and though she respected Desiree’s work she wasn’t a hooker.

The redhead wasn’t about to open her legs to her obese and abusive former boss, Kitty too dislikes the man though he never took an interest in her. The moment she heard Spectra quit and finished her last night so did Kitty.

“So, tell me Des. Who you seeing?”- casually asked the redhead.

The question took by her surprise as the tan woman chock on her beer, even the younger green-haired girl wanted to know why she was so happy lately, constantly watching her phone and parading a long smile on her face.

“Who? Me? No one!”- yelped the woman as she whipped the beer from the side of her mouth.

Spectra wasn’t easily deceived as she insisted on knowing why Desiree was so happy recently, the tan woman wasn’t in her best mood after work but a mere glance to her phone and she was sparkling with joy.

The redhead managed to sneak a quick peek and saw though for a brief a picture of Desiree and an unknown black-haired male or at least she assumed was a male, Penelope was more than sure her best friend was seeing someone.

Beer bottles gathered up by dozens as the girls celebrated Penelope and Kitty unemployment, neither the redhead or the green-haired girl care to seek employment elsewhere for the moment as they wanted to celebrate the fact they were free from their boss’s grip.

Kitty was already pass out drunk on the table as Penelope insisted on wanting to know who Desiree’s secret man was, but it took several more beers to make the woman talk. Desiree under normal circumstances wouldn’t have said anything.

“He and I aren’t exactly hic a couple, he’s more like my sugar daddy… yeah hic.”- replied Desiree.

Deep down in her drunken heart, she knew there was no way she could tell her friends about Danny, but couldn’t lie to her friends, though before she could say who Danny really was a couple of men came up to them along with Kitty’s boyfriend.

“Kitty asked me to pick her up but I didn’t think she was already this drunk”- said Johnny 13 as he and his friends sat down.

The men sat at the table and order more drinks but the waitress told it was already three in the morning and were closing up but could buy and take them home, Johnny offered to give them a ride before taking Kitty home.

Spectra was much more interested in having more than being driven home by one of the bikers, Desiree on the hand simply flag down a taxi as she waves her goodbyes. The woman was drunk but not enough to pass out.


The apartment building was in complete silence, not loud tenants staying up with loud music though there was the blue glimmer of a television coming out from the bottom of her next-door neighbor, as Desiree walks into her home she tosses her purse to the side.

Her day at the brothel was boring at best, only three clients in the entire day. Vlad had pushed her from night shift to evening and had to share rooms with the newbies, it was the most embarrassing thing in the world for her to be demoted in a brothel though things could be much, much worse.

She was lucky to have not ended up in some human trafficking ring and be pump drugs on a daily basis. There were too many horror stories around this industry to make her feel at ease, but the possibility of working the streets again was growing.

“I should call that brat again. Gonna need some extra cash if this keeps up.” -whispered Desiree as she headed over to the bedroom.

Desiree peels off her tight dress and tosses on the closest chair she saw before crashing on the bed, she had lousy sex for money and lousy beer to drown the feelings of emptiness her work left her, at least she could go home afterward.

Her door creak open making the tan woman turn around seeing Danny completely nude, the boy had a bottle of champagne in his left hand while his right carried a couple of wine glasses. She had seen the boy naked twice already.

Desiree’s eyes wander down to his crotch, there wasn’t much to see when he was soft but when hard he was still not much. The tan woman had been penetrated by so many men and despite his lack of techniques Danny wasn’t on the bottom of the list.

The woman didn’t understand why he was in her bedroom at the four in the morning but didn’t mind, perhaps she was too drunk to care or wanted to have more meaningful sex before going to sleep, there was no denying she did like the warmth he provided her.

“What are you doing here?”- quietly asked Desiree as Danny climb on her bed after putting the bottle on the nightstand.

“I thought you missed me”- replied Danny.

The tan woman could feel her crotch getting wet, she refuses to accept a mere child was making her arouse but couldn’t draw the strength to push him again. Gently Danny peels of her luscious underwear away as she unconsciously opens her legs.

Danny’s meat rod was hard and ready for action, he knew what had to be done and Desiree was more than willing. With a mighty thrust he pierces her deeper than any of her clients that evening, she couldn’t help but release a loud moan as she wraps her legs around Danny’s waist.

Her inner folds held tightly to Danny as he pulls away before entering her again. Desiree’s breath became heavier and her moans louder but she couldn’t care in the least if her noisy neighbors heard now.

“Desiree… marry m…” – a sudden and very loud honking from a truck awoke the woman.

The sun was bright outside and the dreadful sounds of traffic broke into her bedroom making her hangover worsen by the second, the clock on her cellphone told her it was already two in the afternoon since she had a day off which was frequent Desiree just sat on her bed.

She was still in her underwear lying over her bedsheets, with a quick glance over to the nightstand she notices there wasn’t any bottle. Half asleep she stumbled over to the bathroom quietly calling for Danny, but couldn’t find him anywhere.

“I can’t fucking believe it… I had a wet dream… the fuck? I’m not a teenage girl.”- whispered Desiree as she looks at her lock door.


Far away from Desiree’s home a trio of teenagers were standing in front of a car dealership. Sam berated the abomination that proudly stood in between two models, the goth commented perhaps a little too dramatically about the vehicle being sold.

“This is a walking environmental nightmare!!!”- yelled the goth before turning over to her best friend. - “say Danny why do you fly around and scare some people”-

But the boy kept on looking at the dark skin model as she shows the environmental nightmare Sam was speaking about to some potential buyers, her long ebony hair flays to the sides as walks around the car, Danny couldn’t help but mentally remove her tight silver shorts and glimmering top.

“Hey dude, did ya hear me?”- suddenly asked Sam as she waves her hand in front of him.

Danny broke out of his lustful trance as he asks what she wanted; the goth looks at him as she comments if he was alright. Sam had taken notice of his constant mind absent state, it wasn’t a novelty but it had turn frequent.

His ice-cold breath escape from his lips announcing the presence of a ghost, Sam and Tucker both saw their friend rush into a nearby bush. The goth was actually hoping the fight would move over to the dealership but her hopes were in vain as the boy and his ghost fiends soon disappeared.

Neither of them could see the ghostly foe but knew it was a nothing more than a bottom feeder, the really dangerous ones hardly ever hid. Skulker always made announce himself as the ghost zone’s greatest hunter and Ember McLain like the attention.

Tucker told Sam they should wait for their friend at the Nasty Burger since there wasn’t anything they could do at the moment; they knew their friend was strong but not invincible as he often called for back-up.

“Have you notice Danny’s a little distracted… more than usual”- said Sam.

“Yeah… he used to talk all the time about Paulina but the other day he hardly even noticed her at the cafeteria.”- replied Tucker.

Sam was starting to worry about his recent behavior, always staring at the cash register or at the armor cars which came to pick up the cash to take it to the bank, Tucker jokingly commented that perhaps his ghost side was flourishing.

“I don’t think so but he did say something about how easy it would be for him to rob a bank.”- whispered the goth.

“You know the other day I saw him walking out from the corrupto grande bank acting all weird but he disappeared like literally.” – added Tucker.

Sam was no fool and knew there was something strange going on with her friend, Danny always uses his powers for good but wondered if her constant nagging was getting on his nerves and wanted to try someone radical.

“But robbing a bank is not like him… I hope”- thought Sam as they saw Danny walk in through the door.

He still wore the same white polo shirt with a red dot in the middle and his heavily used jeans, his sneakers were just as wore out so Sam wonders if his family was going through a hard time but then recall Jazz using a brand-new laptop.

The redhead was tutoring Sam for the upcoming exams and if her family was having a hard time then she wouldn’t but such an expensive laptop, neither Maddie or Jack ever show favoritism over any of their kids or so she thought.

Nevertheless, the idea still lingers in her head.


Danny sniff Desiree’s thong for perhaps the hundred time since he got it, the scent was already long gone but just holding on to it was more than enough to make him hard as a rock. His hand was nowhere near the feeling the woman gave out.

Her delicious fragrance and warmth were mind-numbing, he wanted her again but used up all his money. There was still that lingering doubt in his heart for using stolen money to buy nightly pleasures but Desiree was worth it.

Her wide hips and large breasts, that voluptuous and curvy body of her. Desiree was worth up to the last cent he stole from the thief but the right thing was to return the remaining money to their rightful owner.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have returned the cash or bought Jazz that computer.”- said Danny.

Feeling guilty for having taken the money he only returns what he knew to belong to the store and use the rest on a gift for his sister Jazz, he already spent enough on himself. After washing the cum off his hands, he headed over to his bed.

Unable to gain any rest he opted to go out patrolling hopeful some random ghost would help distract himself, Danny wanted to go sightseeing at the red lights district but without money it was pointless, therefore he landed on a random rooftop.

“I got all you need.”- said a raspy voice down at the alley.

Danny turned invisible and landed next to him wanting to know what he “got,” the man was dress in classic gangland clothes, such as baggy pants and a lot of jewelry. Phantom knew he was trouble but unlike with the ghosts he couldn’t just pummel him down.

“I got weed, grass, horse, Hawaiian ice you name it and I got it”- added the man with sunglasses despite the night.

Phantom smile wickedly long as he saw the exchange between the drug dealer and his addict client, the man suddenly got a call from his boss asking him or rather ordering him to back to the hideout as there was matter that needed addressing.

The ghost boy followed through the skies as the dealer drove to his hideout. The place as expected was complete and utter garbage, a broken-down car in the driveway and the two-story house was dire need of a serious paint job.

“Maybe I should call the cops on them.”- Wondered Danny as he phases into the house.

Strange lab devices were scattered around the rooms along with marihuana plants, it was amazing no one had already called in the police but the more he looks the more disgusted he was. The upper floor was no better but was also used to house the dealers.

Phantom could hear the voice of men talking in the room further down, as he made his way he notices a door left ajar. With a quick glance he noticed they were three women all buck naked with syringes in their arms.

“Fucking addicts”- whispered the boy.

Though disgusted he knew they still needed help. Normally he would be a blushing mess if he saw three naked girls but thanks to Desiree he was more than used to see naked women in the flesh, it help they were malnourish and an eyesore.

Standing behind the open-door Phantom saw a half a dozen men and some bags on the table. Danny didn’t know what they were but didn’t care.


Desiree was sitting on Spectra’s living while her redheaded friend was walking around and talking on the phone, it had been several days since she left the nightclub. The redhead was more than sure she would already get a work offer.

Penelope had only worked at the strip club to pay her psychiatrist education and had done her residency but expected to be hired on the spot. Yet no clinic or hospital was picking up and she wasn’t well known enough to get her own clinic or the money for it.

“In a surprising turn of events, an anonymous good citizen tips off the police about a drug dent.”- Desiree watched the news with more interest than normal.

The newscaster commented on how the police arrested six drug dealers though oddly enough all six were heavily beaten up and even tied up before the police arrived at the scene. So far no one had come forward to claim any sort of responsibility.

“I guess there is some justice in the world.”- said Desiree while chuckling.

There was no denying she was afraid the police would someday break through her door and arrest her for not only prostitution but sleeping with a minor, yet that day had not come and she needed the money Danny provided.

Her performance with the boy was more than perfect and she knew she glue him to her. Nevertheless, Danny hadn’t called her at all and feared his parents had found out, perhaps he was lockup in his bedroom while his parents hired a private investigator to find her.

“You’re exaggerating Des.”- whispered the woman as she changed the channel to some cheesy soap opera.

The tan woman couldn’t shake off the feeling of impending doom, she was sure Danny would be bombarding her with messages and asking her to meet up and repeat that night, yet he hadn’t called so far which made Desiree worry.

“I can’t believe it, bastards say I don’t have enough experience… for a fucking clinic.”- protested Penelope as she crashes on the couch next to Desiree.

The redhead rebuked her would-be employers for she had been promised a position at Amity Park hospital but a sudden change in management left out of the deal, Penelope watches cuddles unto her best friend as she replies by hugging her.

“I’m sure a hospital will hire you”- said Desiree assuring her friend.

“If I knew they would back down I would have tolerated that shithole a little longer.”- Replied the redhead.

Desiree laughs as she told her friend that a least she wasn’t selling her ass for bread, yet Penelope move her head away making the tan woman twist her mouth as she gently moves Penelope’s head back so they could be face to face.

“I didn’t fuck the guy but I did promise to let him do me if he got me in”- added Penelope with a defeated look on her face.

“Rule number one about whoring, never give service before payment.”- said Desiree as she assured her friend nothing was lost.

Both girls watch the soap opera until it was dark at that moment Desiree told her friend about going home, the woman climbs aboard her car as she wondered if she should text Danny and offer her tushie again.

The woman didn’t want to seem clingy but fear Danny might have contacted someone else from the sight, men or half men always wanted more than what they could chew. Worse yet was the idea of losing Danny to the new girl Dora.

The blonde hair whore was a cock magnet as she got up to fifteen clients in a single night, some degenerates would even make a line waiting their turn while Desiree’s pussy was stuff with cobwebs by the lack of Johns.

Once inside the house she ran a bath while she considers the next course of action, Desiree wanted to call Danny but was afraid his parents took possession of his phone and were waiting for her to call, things had to be taken with baby steps.

Desiree peels off her clothes and climbs inside the bathtub as she observes Danny’s profile picture on her contact list, the boy was sweet as honey and complete gentleman with her. If only he were a few years older than she wouldn’t mind dating properly and not be playing this hide and seek game.

Her phone suddenly started to ring as Desiree notice it was a call from none other than Danny, her heart actually skips a beat as she answers the call. His melodic voice made her lousy day at the brothel much better.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”- said Danny.

Desiree licks her lips as she seductively told him she was just taking a bath; the boy muttered his words as he asked if he should call later on though Desiree told him to make her a video call as she wanted to see his pretty face.

After a few minutes came to the call she wanted, by then Desiree was out of the tube and ready to show something very nice. Danny blushed as his lover answer the call though rather than seeing Desiree’s face he saw her pussy.

The loud gasp Danny did bring out a giggle from Desiree as she moves the phone from her crotch to her face, both look at each other with a daze. Desiree dip herself inside the bath as continue with her conversation with Danny. She wanted the boy’s money but making love with Danny was recomforting to say the least.

He was so very different from the often smelly and older men she commonly service. Danny was soft and sweet, more interested in pleasuring her rather than just sticking his small cock into her, Danny couldn’t help but try to get a peek at her floating breast.

“I bet you missed these babies”- said Desiree as she squeezes her breast.

Danny nodded in agreement as he fantasied about sharing that bath with her, Desiree knew how to turn men on. She knew exactly what buttons to press and for how long, with Danny it was much easier than she expected.

“Show me”- suddenly said the woman. “Show me your hard-on”-

With a shaking which was notable in the phone, Danny unbuckles his pants and show her his small yet very hard penis. Before he could react, she took a picture of his adolescent member, the boy wanted to see her again and make love once more.

“Are you busy this Friday?”- asked Danny almost whispering.

“Sure baby… where and when do you want to fuck.”- replied Desiree.

Hearing an adult woman curse in such a seductive manner was still something so new for him, under more normal circumstance he should freak out but it only made him more arouse, Danny couldn’t help but pleasure himself as he spoke with Desiree.

“There’s this place near Lake Eerie. I book a cabin for us during the weekend and if you want, we can stay there and… you know do stuff.”- whispered Danny.

“Stuff? You mean fuck like rabbits.”- answered the woman as she licks her lips. “But three days is kinda expensive… I can’t stay out of… my workplace for too long”-

For a moment Desiree refuse to acknowledge the brothel she works at, she wasn’t there by force and hardly made enough money after all the new girls came in but if Danny could pay her then she could take the weekend off.

Desiree knew not to ask for too much as it could scare the boy, perhaps three thousand was reasonable but could lower her price a lot more since he was already paying for the place, normally she would never go somewhere so far but she trusted the boy.

“I’ll pay you five thousand”- suddenly said Danny.

The woman nearly drops her phone in the tub, as much as she hated putting a price tag on herself, she was well aware she wasn’t worth that kind of scratch. But kept her mouth shut as she agrees to meet him at Lake Eerie.


Once Friday morning came Desiree looks over her bag. She was nervous to say the least, never had anyone requested her for so long or offer to pay that ridiculous amount of money, it was a strange mix of fear and flattery.

“I’m sure he won’t do any hiking so boots are off… let’s see… bikinis … check… condoms… check… birth control… check.”- inspected Desiree her belongings.

A normal camping trip didn’t include any of what she was preparing for but this wasn’t a camping trip to the lake but a sex trip to the lake. She was absolutely sure Danny was a rich kid otherwise he couldn’t afford the cabin and her for the whole weekend.

“Wow… this is kinda hot… three whole days of fucking… it's nothing new but fuck I’m so turned on.” -whispered the woman as she picks up two sports bags.

Following Danny’s instructions, she reaches the cabin in question. She was kinda surprised as came she close to the place, it wasn’t new but well kept, Danny was sitting on the porch wearing his white polo shirt and blue jeans.

“Why did I think he was going to be naked”- commented Desiree to herself.

Danny didn’t hesitate to hug her tightly as he offers to carry her bags into the house, Desiree loves how much of a gentleman Danny was. There was plenty of space between the cabins, so much she could hardly see the other cabins.

“Don’t worry we’re alone.”- casually commented Danny as he lay her bags on the couch.

The cabin was much nicer than she thought, clean floors and almost new furniture, a beautiful fireplace. It lacked electronics but that was to be expected as they were in the wilderness, Desiree was tempted to explore the house but sat on the couch.

“I can see you’re ready to start fucking.” -said Desiree as she opens her legs pulling her skirt up.

“Yes… um… let me show the house…”- replied Danny making Desiree raise an eyebrow. “can you… get… naked…”-

The request got her by surprise but soon reminded herself Danny was still a child and this was the most hardcore he could go. Slowly she peels off her blouse and tossed her skirt to the side, Danny’s heart beat hard and loud as she pulled off her bra.

To walk around the house with a naked woman must be some sort of fantasy Danny had or so thought Desiree as she takes hold of the string she calls underwear, the look of expectation in Danny’s eyes were more than enough to make her wet.

“You still have my little gift?”- kindly asked the tan woman.

“Yes… it's my lucky charm.”- replied Danny as he saw his woman take her thong off.

Danny started his grand tour of the cabin though Desiree made sure he fingered her through the living room and the kitchen, the backdoor pool caught her eye the most as it was surrounded by a tall wooden fence.

“The bedroom is upstairs…”- said Danny no longer able to hold his erection.

“Then let’s break the bed in… be a sweetheart and bring my bags.”- said the woman.

Before following her command, Danny gazes at her wiggling butt as she made her way upstairs. The woman found the bedroom fairly quick as there were two rooms though only one had a bed and closet, the window overviews the lake and its creepy fog.


The bed squeak louder than either of them had anticipated but it didn’t matter at all since they were completely alone and so Desiree let loose, her moans were loud and erotic, but unlike before they weren’t fake at all.

She enjoys what little cock Danny had to offer her; it didn’t reach deep inside of her like she was used to but kept his rhythm for much longer this time, long enough for her to reach an orgasm. The woman could feel the condom filling up inside of her as she stretches her legs straight out.

It was a very rare time in which she didn’t have to fake an orgasm but despite his age and size, Danny managed to make Desiree reach an orgasm. Thinking fast he rushes over to the bag and pulled the whole condom box.

“Come on Danny. Fuck my tight little asshole.” – begged Desiree as she lifted her ass up high while spreading herself.

The boy didn’t doubt a single second to penetrate her ass with his boyish cock, even with the condom he could feel her insides. Desiree moans and groans as Danny pierces her with his meat rod as hard as he could.

Both forbidden lovers continue with their carnal passion until it was too dark to see. Danny wobbles his legs towards the lights but not before slipping on one of the many use condoms he tossed on the floor, his blue eyes move over to his lover.

Desiree lay over the bed with her legs wide open as she was whizzing for air, not even her most enduring clients could last this long. It wasn’t normal for anyone to carry on for hours much less a fourteen-year-old boy.

“Wow, I could get used to a fuck like that”- said Desiree making Danny smile.

While Danny wobbled his way down to the kitchen where he left some sandwiches and soda cans, Desiree watches her redden crotch in sheer amazement, she was more than impressed by how good he got in such little time.

“It’s a fucken waste to use a condom but that much cum he’ll definitely get me pregnant.”- whispered the woman as she tossed the condom into the trash bin.

As she about to throw away the last condom she looks at it, her pussy juice was covering it while the inside contains Danny’s cum. Going against common sense, she ripped the rubber open and drank the fluid.

“I hope you like turkey sandwiches.”- Said Danny as he walks back inside carrying the food and drinks.

Desiree blushes redder than a tomato as she took the meal and drinks before heading back to bed with Danny. With the light turn off both lovers hug in a tight and warm embrace as they fell asleep, but even though Desiree slept like a baby, Danny was still wide awake.

“What’s wrong with me… I beat up those dealers and stole most of their money…”- mentally stated Danny as he buried his face unto Desiree’s breast.

To be continued.

Chapter Text

Lady of the night

Chapter 04: The camping trip

The gentle and warm morning winds woke Desiree from her slumber, her black eyes glance over the bedroom. The wooden walls and the bright outdoors made a perfect morning, it was odd to sleep in a room with no curtains.

Though her closest neighbor was quite far and no house was in sight let Desiree relax, beside her was her young lover. Danny Fenton was holding tightly to her breast as he remains in dreamland, his right leg wrapped around her hips.

Desiree still wasn’t used to the idea of selling herself to a kid, the innocence in his eyes as they have sex was too enticing for her. There was no amount of excuses she could employ if someone saw them lying down naked.

“No point in staying in bed”- whispered Desiree as she gently pushed Danny to his side.

The clothes she wore the previous day were still downstairs but her sports bag was resting on the room’s corner. Desiree still couldn’t believe she agreed to spend a whole weekend with Danny, she was more than sure he would want to fuck her brains out once he waked.

If Danny had opened his eyes, he would have been treated to the sight of Desiree bending over trying to touch her feet as she stretches her legs. after some light stretching, she headed over to the window to see the morning in the woods.

From there she could see the green forest and blue lake just a few hundred meters away, on the other side of the lake was another cabin and a third was even farther to the right, even though the sight was wonderful she was more interested in the pool below.

It was the first time she had been hired for a whole weekend and wasn’t so sure as to what to bring over. Treating it as a normal camping she packed a towel, a pair of hiking boots just in case, a pair of shorts that seem more like underwear as they run up her ass.

Within her bag were costumes in case Danny wanted to do some role-playing and obviously a large number of contraceptives, along lingerie of all kind which mostly consisted of thongs and G-strings, she wanted to bring over her knee-high boots but was already taking too much space in her bag, therefore, had to settle with her high-heels.

Desiree wasn’t sure what Danny like to do in bed or what kind of silly and childish fantasies he had in mind but it couldn’t be any worse than what regulars like to do. So far Danny only wanted to stick his dick inside of her and the most hardcore he could think of was doing anal.

“What a hassle to put on any of this stuff”- said the woman as she looks over the costumes and shorts.

She wanted to spend the morning in the pool before Danny woke up and ask for more sex, the boy was like a machine never stops. There was a certain satisfaction to be so desired by someone, most of her clients would just “poke” and leave.

Yet Danny wanted more than just sex, he wanted to cuddle and kiss her even after finishing, he wanted to see her naked all the time. With a smirk on her face, she only took the towel and walks out of the bedroom completely naked.

The cabin was much better than she initially expected, Danny didn’t let her get a good look after the very quick tour. The wood was new looking and though the lack of electronics was an issue they did have electricity.

Desiree saw the fireplace as she imagines herself making love to Danny next to the warm flames. Moving from the living room she moves over to the kitchen to fix herself some light breakfast, with another turkey sandwich like last night.

The tan woman looks out the glass door as she eats her meal while glancing over to the pool, she had never swum in one before. The sky was clear with soft winds and a powerful sun above it almost demanded her to take a dip in the water.

“What’s with the tall fence it’s not like there any neighbors around.”- said Desiree as if she were speaking to someone.

On her way out of the living room she took hold of her purse and pulled out the cellphone, Desiree stops for a brief moment as looks out the glass window. But the sense of been naked in broad daylight was too great to ignore.

Desiree’s heart beat loudly as she steps out to the backyard where the pool is, the water was clear and knew Danny had filled it up before she arrived. There wasn’t much to see beyond the pool as there was no point in having a garden.

To the right of the cabin just a few steps away from the door was a brick grill, a table and a couple of lounge chairs. Desiree walks over to the table and leaves her purse on top of it before heading to the pool she took glance grill.

“Maybe I can convince Danny to make a barbeque or something.”- said Desiree as she took a selfie which she promptly sent over to her friend Penelope followed by the text, “living the life.”

Leaving the phone over the table she directed her attention to the pool and notice it wasn’t too large or deep but was more than enough for a whole family to swim around without any problems, the water was cold but not enough to impede her from entering.

It was a shame Desiree didn’t know how to swim so she remains near the edge but often put her head under the water, her body rapidly grew used to the cold water. The woman put both her arms over the edge of the pool as she saw her breast float making her giggle.

“Danny would love to see this.”- casually said the woman.

Relaxing in the pool she recalls how much money she was making by simply opening her legs for Danny, the boy was young and very easy to please but had a lot of stamina though it helps greatly he’s good looking and didn’t go for any strange fetishes.

As the minutes grew longer Desiree continues to relax on the pool until her phone suddenly rang, she knew it was Penelope texting her back. in a single movement Desiree climb out from the pool and headed over to the table as she dries herself with the towel.

Penelope was as expected very jealous, though Desiree did wonder why her friend was awake so early. It meant she was out partying out all night and probably just got home or more likely was at some random guy’s house gulping down some “Day after” pills.

With the phone in her hand she lay over her belly on the pool lounge chair texting to her friend, Desiree was still nervous about staying a whole weekend with Danny but the boy didn’t bring any of his friends over.

There was the possibility he hid cameras around the cabin to show to his friend yet for a reason she couldn’t point out was sure Danny wouldn’t do that even if he had the chance, sure enough, Desiree had let him take pictures of her in erotic positions.

“Maybe he already showed them off to his rich friends… Maybe I’ll start fucking rich brats, they seem to pay better.”- thought the woman.


Danny woke up alone but could still feel the faint warmness on Desiree’s side of the bed, her bag was still on the bedroom corner but she was nowhere in sight. Drifting from the bed to the window he could see the lake Eerie and the dark woods.

More important than the gorgeous sight before him was the unbelievable sight of a nude Desiree being gently caressed by the sun rays and the winds filled with pine aroma, the only time Danny had ever seen a naked woman in the backyard was in his porn movies, and yet a tan beauty was resting on the yard.

With a deep gulp and filled with more lust than brains Danny steps out from the bedroom leaving his clothes behind, never had he venture around his own house naked, and now he was walking down the stairs of a cabin he rented completely naked to be with a hooker.

“G-G-Good m-mo-morning” – stammered Danny as he walks into the backyard. His eyes were instantly glued to Desiree’s bubble butt and thick legs.

“Good morning sweety”- replied Desiree.

Slowly Desiree got up from her chair putting her high heels on before heading over to Danny as he froze upon his spot. The boy suddenly felt her soft and tender lips lock on his mouth as her tongue force its way inside.

Almost in an unconscious move, Danny wraps his arms around Desiree's waist as their tongues wrestle with each other, her warm and aroma were mind-numbing. Danny loves not only seeing Desiree naked but also to touch her.

“Seems your little buddy is also up and ready to play”- said Desiree as she felt his small erection touching her thighs.

Normally Desiree would just kneel down to perform the fellatio but given Danny’s smaller size she was forced to sit down, though did so while exposing as much of her butt as possible. The woman had much practice and could swallow Danny whole.

“Danny, baby. There’s not much in the kitchen to eat”- suddenly said Desiree in between slurps.

“I’ll go buy something… ahh! Just tell… ohh! Me… mmm! What you… want? – tried to say Danny as he hugs his sides not knowing if he should take hold of Desiree’s head.

“We can fuck without a condom.” Added Desiree in a sing-along voice.

“Yes, anything you want!”- yelled out the boy in a very girlish voice.

Danny couldn’t hold it in anymore and unleash all his milk unto her mouth, from the countless times she had swallow semen it was only with Danny that she actually enjoys it. Danny had an innocent flavor if she had to describe it.

“There’s a small town nearby, I’ll drive.”- said Desiree as she walks into the cabin.

The boy was quite surprised by how casual Desiree was about being naked in the presence of a minor, she even gave him fellatio in broad daylight and in the open, she didn’t mind covering her privates as they went up the stairs.

Danny nearly trips on the stairs as he glues his eyes to her love holes, though his tan lover only giggles at his clumsiness. He wasn’t expecting to leave the cabin at all and so he didn’t bring many clothes, there was no denying it was a blunder on his side for not bringing proper food for the weekend.

With a smirk drawn on Desiree’s face, she walks over to Danny pressing her breast over his shoulders as she gently passes her hands over to his hips forcing his pants down on the ground, Danny gasps as he felt her lips touching his neck.

“Danny… can you wear this.”- whispered Desiree as she shows him the thong she wore the previous day.

“But that’s your… underwear…”- replied Danny as he blushes like a tomato.

“It’ll be fun babe… here let me help you”- added the woman.

His eyes widen as Desiree lifts his legs and slides up the string all the way to his crotch and between his buttocks, never had he wore something so scandalous in his entire fourteen years living on earth. It was a strange sensation to have as it felt like the wedgies Dash gave though it felt naughty.

“Looking good babe.”- said Desiree as she ogles at Danny.

It was now that she noticed how Danny really look like, though they had been naked countless times it was always with one of them on top of the other. Desiree had seen many men naked during her work but the boy was well tone for his age.

While the boy struggles to adjust himself to the new underwear, Desiree too wasn’t expecting to leave the cabin and so she had brought only lingerie and a lot of birth control. A few costumes for her to play around with Danny but didn’t feel like walking out the door dress like a genie.

“It feels really wie…”- Danny stops midsentence as he sees his tan lover fully dressed.

If she could be called dress that is, the woman wore a tight yellow top without her bra which let her nipples expose and didn’t do much to cover the lower part of her breasts, very small denim shorts which ran up her buttocks and a bright pink thong. Danny couldn’t help but blush as gaze upon Desiree’s choice for clothes, with a wink and wiggling her finger she “orders” Danny to follow her out the door and into the car.

“Wow, I didn’t think he be so obedient… mental note… never underestimate the power of the pussy.”- mentally said Desiree as she drives to the nearest town.


Covering her eyes with a pair of sunglasses both enter into the first grocery shop they come across, it was now that Desiree realized what stupid idea she had by wearing something so scandalous while walking around with a kid.

Avoiding the shock expression of the women in the shop, Desiree took hold of a shopping cart while Danny threw daggers at any boy who looks over to Desiree, it was still early and being Saturday meant most kids would still be at home.

“Thank goodness we’re not in Amity”- both mentally agree at the same time.

A boy a few years younger than Danny couldn’t stop looking at the exotic beauty making both feel very uncomfortable, though Desiree didn’t show it at all as she was more than used to such looks but it did worry her some random mom would come asking even more uncomfortable questions.

“You didn’t tell me what you wanted to eat”- said Danny.

Though before she could answer her heart skip a beat the moment she felt Danny’s hand grabbing her left buttock, though Desiree wanted to tell him not be so obvious there was a moment of insanity within her. She knew it was wrong but it also felt so good.

“How bout a barbecue.”- teased Desiree.

Despite the drooling done by the clerk, Danny and Desiree took several pounds of meat which would have made Sam cuss Danny out the shop. Walking down the aisles Danny notice there was an alarming lack of cameras and guards.

The place was screaming to be rob but perhaps due to the small size of the town crime rates were so low such precautions were unnecessary. Despite the implied security, Danny presses himself closer to his woman.

“I got an idea.”- whispered Danny.

The grocery was akin to a warehouse as most things in the display were poorly arranged leaving several blind spots for shoppers, Danny had pushed Desiree into one of these blind spots compose of many mattresses.

“Wait for me in there”- ordered the boy as he pushed Desiree into a mattress made-up hallway.

With a few seconds came rushing the same young boy who was ogling at Desiree making Danny grin at him, the boy had been following them ever since he laid eyes over the tan woman. Danny would have been a very lousy crimefighter if he hadn’t noticed the kid following them.

“I… I’m sorry…”- whimpered the boy as he knew he was discovered.

“Don’t cry. What’s your name?” – said Danny as he noticed the boy was about to cry.

The last thing he needed was to cause a commotion, given how Desiree was dress both could get into some serious trouble. There was no way he was going to ruin the weekend he planned out with Desiree for some random brat.

“I’m Timmy… me and my parents are going back to Dimmesdale. Don’t tell on me.” – implored the boy with puppy eyes.

“Let me show you something real fun.”- said Danny as he took Timmy by the hand.

Desiree’s eyes open wide as she saw Danny and Timmy walk towards her, she more or less had an idea of what Danny had planned though she had never agreed to a threesome with some random guy they found in a shop, worse yet the guy was even younger than Danny.

“What’s goin…”- Danny lock lips with Desiree impeding her from formulating her question.

Timmy’s mouth was left ajar as he saw how Danny unbuckled her shorts and put his hand between her legs, Desiree could only follow Danny’s lead as he was now in charge. Breaking the kiss, Danny turns her around and drops her shorts.

“Come closer.” – said Danny as he spread Desiree’s cheeks exposing her pussy and her asshole.

The woman had done several perverted things but being exposed to yet another kid was already reaching dangerous levels, her heart nearly stops as he felt a wet yet familiar tongue working its way inside her anus, even so, she turns around.

Timmy was watching closely as Danny eat Desiree’s ass in front of him, the woman could hear the steps of the shoppers just on the other side of the mattress wall, she knew things could get very ugly and despite being the adult she couldn’t do anything to stop.

“I don’t think she likes it”- said Timmy.

“Des?”- whispered Danny.

“…I do like it a lot but this is kinda scary, so let’s stop.” – replied Desiree.

She didn’t know what bothers her more the fact she was being eaten out in a grocery store or that she was dripping wet, the sudden sound of a zipper being open made her flinch as she turns over to Danny who had pulled out his harden penis.

“No way!”- mentally screamed the woman as she bends herself even more.

Part of her wanted to do it there and then but another part of her didn’t want to, though bite the mattress hard as to not make any sounds, she felt something much smaller than Danny’s penis. Fearing it was this Timmy kid she turns to brush him off but sees Danny fingering her.

“Listen kid, you know you hit the jackpot once you can get your pee-pee hard like this and stick inside a woman like her.”- said Danny very proud.

Desiree knew Danny was proud about sleeping with her but to think he was so desperate to brag about that he did so to a mere kid younger than him the moment the first opportunity arises, she blushes a little as he caresses her anus while singing her praises.

It was the first time someone was so willing, even desperate to say just how incredible she is, as a person and a lover. All her clients so far just saw a hole to poke but Danny saw a woman he wanted to show off no matter what.

“Can I do it too?”- asked Timmy.

“Sure, but not with her, she’s mine.”- replied Danny as he let Desiree stand straight. “Des, can you give him your undies as a souvenir?”-

“Fuck it, here brat”- said the woman as he handed over her thong.

Both look at each other before leaving Timmy in the mattress made hallway, the boy looks down at his crotch only to see a small tent building up in his pants. His heart was pounding loud and hard as a strange dingily sensation ran up his arms.

“Timmy are you ok?”- asked a pink color mattress.

“I know what my next wish is gonna be”- said Timmy as he hid the underwear in his cap.

Danny had a scared expression on the face as he constantly looks back expecting a patrol car to catch up to them, he feared Timmy told his mom about what he had seen but no one came after them, it was just the empty road.

“We are so not doing that again. That was scary”- commented Danny as he regains his sanity.

“Just for that, we’re fucking with double condoms… man I really like that thong.”- Desiree said very sternly.

Danny knew he screws up badly and needed to make up for it, they were still having sex as per their contract but he was actually looking forward to having sex without a condom, the only time they had done it without a condom was during their first time.

“I’m really, really sorry Desiree. I’ll buy you the whole Victoria secret set if like.”- proposed Danny as Desiree park the car.

“Really? Maybe we can do without a condom after all.”- replied Desiree.

She knew the boy was going to make such an offer if she was just a little stern, it was just as the fishing lessons she got from her father, let go a little, pull back, tired him out and go in for the reel, Desiree was about to reel him in now.

Danny was already paying her large amounts of cash but if she had to choose between living as a hooker in some brothel or being Danny’s lover, the answer was fairly obvious, she needed to make him addicted to her.

Having solved the crisis he had started Danny carried the shopping to the backyard while asking Desiree to relax on by the pool as he got the grill ready to cook, the first thing he threw in was burgers and some sausages.

It was already two in the evening and while he didn’t know much about cooking, he more or less knew how to make a few hotdogs and simple burgers. Though he was more interested in having sex with Desiree again.

“What’s cooking doc?”- said Desiree.

As Danny turns around, he sees the tan woman buck naked taking in the sun, modesty didn’t fit in their relationship anymore as she kept her legs slightly open showing Danny the goods he paid for, blushing madly he brings some burgers over to her along with a plate with cooked sausages.

Desiree ate with delight as a couple of sandwiches weren’t enough to sit her stomach, especially after servicing Danny for hours, what the boy lack in a penis he more than made up with endurance and stamina.

“Desiree… do you want to go skinny dipping on the lake?”- asked Danny with childish glee.

“It’s kinda late and I don’t know how to swim, how about we go tomorrow.”- Replied Desiree.

Danny agrees with her as he just trying to make conversation during the meal. The boy was no chef but made decent burgers for lunch, as he brought over lunch to the table, he looks over at Desiree and gulps down as he puts the plates down.

“Can I ask for something really creepy”- asked Danny. “I saw it on tv the other day”-

“Sure, what is?”- replied Desiree.

“Can I use you a plate?”- asked Danny as looks over to the tan woman.

Desiree laughs out loud as she climbs over the table lying over her belly as to better eat her own lunch while Danny puts his meal over her back, thankfully the bread avoided her from feeling the hot meat on her skin.

The boy spreads her buttocks to better place his hotdog on her ass, she could feel the bread touching her anus while the warm grease drip down on her vagina. It felt strange to do this but more so when Danny began to spill ketchup on her butt to lick it off.

“Hey Danny. Let’s go to the living room and fuck.”- said Desiree.


Since she arrived at the cabin, she wanted to have sex near the fireplace and over the bear rug as it felt so romantic. Just because she’s a whore it didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy her time with her favorite client, though she would have preferred to be on her back with Danny on top of her.

Instead, she was on all four staring at the flames while Danny rams her ass hard, the boy loves seeing the little waves her butt made each time he hit her ass with his hips. Desiree moans were loud as she squeezes her vagina as hard as she could.

Danny was by now used to a condom but having Desiree without one was the most incredible thing ever, he could feel each of her vaginal folds wrapping around his penis while her love juices drench the floor.

“Let’s change position.”- said Desiree as she gets on her back.

Resting his entire body over hers, Danny continues swaying his hips making her moan as her feet dangle in the air with each powerful thrust. Both lovers had lost track of time but didn’t care so long they could continue.

“Des! I’m gonna cum.” – yelped Danny as Desiree wraps her legs and arms around him.

“Inside! Do it inside”- ordered the woman to his ear.

Unlike before Danny could hold for up to thirty minutes per lovemaking session now, unlike most of Desiree’s clients who couldn’t even reach ten minutes with her. Danny would pump her for thirty minutes or more if he could before he fires his load.

Normally she would never let a client ejaculated inside of her even with birth control pills but Danny was different, not only did he paid her a lot of money and was willing to buy her whatever she wanted, Desiree genuinely likes him.

He was sweet and tender, obedient but also adventurous, most important of all was that he took great pride in making her cum each time they had sex. It wasn’t a “Me-me- me” situation as she normally dealt with in her job. If it weren’t for the fact she was getting paid she would pass this as a weekend with a lover.

Both were covered in sweat and though Danny had gone soft and slide out of her. Desiree sits on his lap while wrapping her arms around his shoulders and begins to kiss him, though rather than kissing it was more as if they were licking each other’s tongues.

Danny didn’t hesitate to hold her butt with one hand while the other played with her backdoor. Danny’s eyes were closing as he was too tired to continue but refuse to let go, he didn’t care the woman was heavier than him.

“Babe let’s go take a bath and head to bed, we can fuck all day tomorrow, don’t forget, you’re still growing.” Said Desiree.

Even after making love so many times, his legs still wobble after each session with her. Though before entering the bathroom his phone began to ring forcing Danny to answer the call while Desiree continues to get the tub ready.

As she walks to the bathroom cum drips down from her pussy staining the floor, he would most likely have to pay for the bear rug but knew all too well it was well worth it. On the other side was his mother asking if he was doing alright.

“Yes, mom. I’m not being a bother to mister Foley.” -answered Danny.

After a few minutes the called ended and Danny was on his way over to the bathroom to meet with Desiree, upon entering the first thing he saw was the woman resting in the hot water, with a wink she invited him in.

“I think we were a little too rough on little Danny here, let me kiss to make it feel better.”- said Desiree as she took hold of Danny’s penis.

It was red and slightly swollen but very sensitive at the moment, Desiree gently kissed his penis and licks it a couple of times but the boy can’t get hard again. It didn’t matter as all they wanted was to hug each other in the tub.


After a quick and light dinner of leftover, Danny headed over to his room as Desiree brushed her teeth. The boy tucks himself under the sheets with only his nightlamp as the only source of light, his eyes were glued to the window and the bright moon high above.

The door openly quietly as Desiree walks inside, the boy had forgotten they would share the bed during the night. Though they had literally slept next to each other this was the first time they would do so willingly.

All the other times they just pass out due to tiredness. His heart was beating very loud and fear Desiree would hear him, the woman looks at him strangely as he was wearing his pajamas while she was still naked.

“Silly geese, take those off.” Said Desiree as she pulls his pants down and throws them to the floor.

Danny was blushing madly as he saw the tan woman walk over to the window shutting it close to avoid any mosquitos from entering, along with the curtains, with a few steps Desiree was climbing over the bed and resting her head over his shoulder.

The moment he turns off the lights the whole room was pitch black, despite already having sex with Desiree his penis was getting hard all over again. Her soft hand took hold of him as she kisses him in the neck.

“Danny you wanna have lover’s sex?”- asked Desiree.

“What the difference?”- asked the boy.

Desiree pulls him over her as she covers both under the bedsheet, she could feel his boyhood rubbing against her female entrance as it got wet neither of them cares if the bedsheets got stain.

“Like this, nice and slow under the sheets”- added the woman as Danny enter her fleshy cave.

To be continued