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Squirrel King

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Date: 23/10/19
Time: 7:45am -9:40 am

Dark had been a little concerned when RJ and CJ told him about the naked man who had appeared in their backyard. He hadn't been pleased when the Twin's told him they had thrown a shoe at him. Not long after, Dark had spotted the giant fluffy red, white and brown squirrel sitting in the extremely large oak tree. 

Dark had no idea where it had come from but guessed they were meant to get a new ego in the near future. King had no idea why he kept turning into a human. It happened almost every time he went to the human-nest to gather food. The few times it hadn't happened he had been in the big oak tree.  

King had no idea why he kept turning into a human. It happened almost every time he went near the huge human-nest. The few times it hadn’t happened he had been sitting in the big oak tree. He would often watch the four human inside and wonder who they were. They looked almost identical. He only ever stayed long enough to collect the nuts and flowers the big oak tree produced.

He would often watch the four humans inside and who they were. They looked almost identical. He only ever stayed long enough to collect the nuts and flowers the big oak tree produced. Hoping he wouldn't turn into a human or be seen by one of the four humans inside the Human-Nest, particularly the ones with the camera. 

When he had first come across the huge strange smelling Human-Nest they had tried to interview him. Then had thrown a shoe at him the next he went to the Human-Nest. He had been shocked at how many nuts, flowers and fruits the big oak tree produced. He knew it wasn't a normal tree. 

There was plenty of food for him and his subjects. The trees in his forest weren't producing as much food as they had in the past. He had come across the cabin in the woods, he knew a human lived there. He was unlike other humans King had seen and observed over the many years he had been alive. He respected the environment even though he used a lot of parchment.

He never left rubbish in the woods on the few rare occasions he did leave his cabin. There was something the human that drew King to him. he hadn't ben able to get close enough to tell if he was good or not. He got the chance one day when the man came out of his cabin with a rectangle of bound paper. 

The human ended up sitting under King's tree, he waited until the Human was engrossed in his reading before jumping to a nearby tree and quietly making his way over to the human. The first thing he noticed when he got close enough was he looked like a younger version of the humans he had seen in the Human-Nest.

He smelled like parchment and ink and coffee and nuts and... something else comforting. King quickly scampered up a nearby tree when he finally noticed him. he had gold/brown eyes, his hair looked like toasted almonds or the acorns some human ate during winter. King had no idea why he followed the human back to his cabin, but he did.

He was different from the other humans and could be trusted. King was surprised when a wooden box filled with nuts, fruits, flowers, veggies, berries, cereal, bits of cheese, mushroom, birdseed and some leaves. It was a large box and was close enough to King’s tree (which happened to be close to the cabin) that he no longer had to go to the manor in order to get nuts and flowers.

The nuts, fruits, veggies and cereal in the box would change every few days and figured the human was trying to figure out what he liked and didn’t like. Maybe this winter wouldn’t be so hard.

It was a large box and was close enough to King’s tree which happened to be close to the cabin. The wooden box was big enough even he could have a share of the food the human left out for him and his subjects. He subjected were nervous about eating from the feeder worrying the planning on catching them, but King reassured them the human wasn’t going to hurt them.

The humans had come out to refill the feeder while King was eating some of the nuts and mushrooms. King had been so startled he nearly fell off the branch, but the human had stopped him from falling. King knew he should run but he didn’t. There was nothing to be scared of. This human wouldn’t hurt him like the other human’s head. He leaned into the hands petting him, chittering a bit when the human stopped.

After that, the human would leave the window near the wooden box open. King would often hear him talking to himself and couldn’t help but listen in. He was a really good storyteller. There were times where he would get frustrated and throw things, it had frightened King the first time it had happened and had fallen of the feeder and hurt himself.

The human soon appeared, he still smelled like frustration but that soon faded into worrying when he saw King curled up on the ground. He had carefully picked King up and check him over apologizing all the while for frightening him. King stared at the human wondering why he was apologizing. It was perfectly normal to get upset and frustrated. He would heal soon enough.

King was shocked when the human pulled out a pen and wrote something on wrist and King felt better. It made him feel warm and safe. The human smiled and gently pet King, he frowned when King pawed at the writing on his arm and stared up at him. King sighed when the human didn’t seem to understand, he picked up the pen then nudged the Human’s hand wishing he could communicate with him.

He seemed to understand what King was asking and seemed a little amused but not annoyed.

“I have the ability to make whatever I write possible. I’m sorry for scaring you. A scene in a book I’m writing isn’t working at the moment,” The human replied sighing and running a hand through his hair. King stared up at him, smiled and stole his pen. The human got up and chased him, trying to get the pen back. King couldn’t help but laugh as the human chased him around.

He let himself be caught when the frustrated scent faded.

“You little rascal. Give me back. I can’t write without it,” The human scowled when he finally caught King who looked very smug. It took Arthur a few seconds to realise he no longer felt so frustrated. He stared at the giant fluffy red and brown squirrel wondering if he had done that on purpose. There was something usual about this squirrel.

For one he was far bigger than the other squirrel and seemed to understand what Arthur was saying. Arthur had no idea why he felt the need to put out food for the squirrels. There was something special about the giant red fluffy squirrel. Arthur had taken to write outside finding he was able to focus more when he was outside with Prince, as he had come to call the giant red squirrel.

He didn’t seem to mind the name. Whenever he was frustrated Prince would steal his pen and Arthur would chase him around until he caught him and got his pen back. Prince would sometimes sit on his shoulder, seeming to read what he was writing. Arthur had taken to reading out loud and pointing to the words, repeating the sentences until he was certain Prince understood what he was saying.

Soon enough the red squirrel began taking his pen and would scratch out a world and point to another word. Arthur both amused and frustrated. One day Arthur had to get more paper from inside and Prince had followed him into the cabin. There was a ‘POOF’ sound followed by the thud, when Arthur turned around he saw a naked brown-haired man wearing a cap and some sort of crown made out of leaves.

He had a fluffy red and brown tail. He started to panic seemly not noticing Arthur was staring at him. Once Arthur had gotten over his momentary shock, he wrote some clothes into existence for the squirrel turned human. This wasn’t the strangest thing he had seen.

“Oh god not again,”

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Date: 23/10/19
Time: 10:17 am – 4:36 pm

"Oh god, not again," King yelled, jerking when he suddenly found himself wearing a loose-fitting shirt and pants with a hole for his tail. He stared up the human who seemed shocked. King couldn't stop himself from panicking hoping the human wouldn't be upset at him or throw anything thing at him as the two at the huge human-nest had. Humans were unpredictable like that.

"Calm down. It’s alright," Arthur tried to reassure the clearly very panicked squirrel turned human. King stared up at the human shocked. He had actually understood him. He wasn't used to humans being so calm about it. The first time he had changed one of the people in the human-home had thrown a shoe at him. He had been careful after that when he went to the human-home to get nuts from the big tree.

"You… you're not freaked out by this?" King asked staring up at the human who laughed and pulled King to his feet, King stumbled not expecting the human to be so strong. He didn't look that strong. King stepped when he realized he was staring down at the human. He hadn't thought he would be taller than him but apparently, he was. The human had streaks of gold in his hair.

“I already told you I have the ability to make anything I write possible. This isn’t the strangest thing I’ve seen,” Arthur replied, tilting his head to look up at the man, he was taller than Arthur thought he would be. He looked uncertain and nervous; his nose kept twitch. Arthur had to force himself not to stare at the squirrel turned human’s tail. He knew from the many times he had petted the squirrel his fur was very soft.

Arthur felt his fingers twitch. He really wanted to touch.

“How isn’t this the strangest thing you’ve ever seen? What’s your name?” King asked staring at his human, his tail curling around his bare feet. He wriggled his toes on the cool wooden floor, his fur tickling his feet. He was a little amused when he saw his human’s fingers twitch and knew he wanted to pet his tail. It was something he did whenever he got the chance. King didn’t mind, he found it rather relaxing.

King was confused when saw his human blush and look down, clearly embarrassed about something. King tilted his head and purred slightly knowing the sound calmed his human. Arthur opened his mouth to answer when there was a loud roar from outside and he paled a little and turned to look out the window with a fascinated look on his face.

“Any creatures I write about happen to come to life. So no, seeing you turn into a human is not strange. My name is Arthur Cordelian,” Arthur answered glancing out the window. King stared at him, he had always wondered where the magical, mythical and supernatural creatures that lived in the forest come from. Despite how dangerous some of them were King knew they would never hurt him or his subjects.

“Ah, that would explain the creature then. I’m the King of the Squirrel. Do you know why I keep turning into a human? It happens whenever I go near the giant human-nest,” King replied, stumbling toward into Arthur when he tried to walk not used to standing upright. Arthur smiled and pulling him over to a chair next to the desk littered with paper.

“I don’t know. What human-nest?” Arthur questioned watching in amusement as King curled up on the chair, wrapping his cap around his legs. Despite being a human he still acted very much like a squirrel it was more than a little amusing. Arthur had no idea how he would react if something were to happen to King. He cared about the Squirrel even though he had only known him for a little 7 months.

“The human-nest outside the forest. The one with the huge oak tree next to the human-nest. I used to get most of my chitter, chitter from there beside you put out that box, the forest isn’t producing as much chitter, chitter as it used to,” King answered hoping his human would be able to understand him. He didn’t know the human world for the food he gathered.

“You mean the Manor outside the forest. Human’s call it a house. I’ve noticed the tree aren’t producing as much fruit and nuts as they did 20 years ago,” Arthur commented grinning at the interested look on King’s face. Arthur started to King how to balance without falling over and hold the spell for longer when he wasn’t in the cabin.

It took a long time, but Arthur never got irritated or annoyed with King. In return King taught him a little about the forest, Arthur did his best to help the forest using his powers. It was slow going at first, but the forest eventually started to recover. Arthur tried not to throw things when he was frustrated but he sometimes forgot and threw something startling King or one of the many squirrels who eat from the box feeder outside his window.

They had become more comfortable with being seen after he helped King manage his transformation into a human. It took them a while to get used to King being a human but soon become comfortable with him. Arthur was shocked when King told him that around 300 Squirrel’s lived in and around the forest which was connected to the forests in the human world.

King’s tree existed in all the forests around the world. It was the biggest. He could if he wanted to travel to the human world and would on occasion to observe humans and to gather food. Arthur found King’s method of transportation interesting thus he wasn’t surprised when he found out King was the Guardian of the Forest and had nature magic.

His magic had gotten stronger after Arthur used his powers to help the forest. He hadn't felt this good in years. Arthur had gotten into the habit of writing clothes into existence whenever he heard the familiar ‘POOF’ sound that came when King shifted into a human. It happened at random times.

One particularly memorable occasion included King changing while he was eating from the feeding box and he fell out of the tree. It was quite memorable. Arthur wouldn’t let him live it down. King had been showing Arthur the quickest way through the forest as a squirrel and accidentally wandered to close to the huge Human-nest. Resulting in the human with the pink hair pointing a gun at Arthur.

King had no been pleased about that. No one hurt his human while he was around.

“Who are you and what you doing on our property?”

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Date: 24/10/19
Time: 9:10 am – 4:50 pm

"Who are you and what are you going on our property?" The pink-haired man holding the gun demanded. Arthur stared at William. He looked older and had a moustache and coloured hair but he still William Barnum. There was something not quite ... right him. Like something was missing or not completely there but Arthur had no idea what it was. He was brought out his thought when he felt King curl around his shoulder.

His tail covering Arthur throat as he chittered at William. 

Arthur had to stop himself from smiling at how protective King was of him. He had asked the squirrel why he was so protective of him. The King of the Squirrel's had look embarrassed and had changed the subject by asking what he was writing about, clearly not wanting to talk about it.  

"Will, who is it?" A familiar voice yelled from inside, Arthur stared as Damien walked up behind William. He looked like Damien ... not at the same time. He seemed startled to see Arthur though he wasn't sure why. Arthur opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. He never thought he would see Damien, William or Mark after they stopped coming to see him and stopped replying to the messages he sent them through the enchanted parchment. 

"I... I'm Arthur Cordelian. I live in a cabin in the forest. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," Arthur answered, staring at Damien and William, slowly petting King, trying to get him to calm down. William had lowered his gun but hadn't yet put it away. Arthur made sure to keep his hands in William sight at all times. William stared at Arthur, he felt like he should know who Arthur was but ... did. 

He could vaguely remember sitting around a campfire with Damien, Mark and Arthur laughing at something the Arthur was telling them as they eat smores and being tied to a chair by Arthur and being hit repeatedly with a metal bat and yet not feeling panicked or any pain from the hits. He tightened his hold on his gun wondering where the memories were coming from. 

Introducing "Prince" to Dark, Wilford and The Jim's officially wasn't fun. It was also their introduction to The Author. The Jim's had thrown a heavy shoe at King making him fall and hit his head and were alarmed when they found themselves to the wall. The previously unassuming new ego suddenly looked far more threatening and looked like he was possibly contemplating how to kill them as the giant fluffy squirrel scrambled up his body, curling around Arthur, burying his face in Arthur's neck.

"What the fuck is that thing?" One of the Jim's yelled The Author didn't care which one it was as he comforted King who just shivered and curled tighter around his neck. Dark wanted to say something but knew better and stayed quite. He knew very well what the Author was like when he was upset, angry or frustrated. The Jim's had been giving him and Wilford hell since they arrived, they were much like toddlers who got into everything and wouldn't bloody listen to anything Dark said. 

"This, you brats, is Prince, my companion," The Author snapped glaring at the Jim's. He knew the Jim's had thrown a shoe at King when he had accidentally walked onto the manor grounds for the first time. King had been wary about being inside the human-nest, things had been okay for the first week.

Arthur had taken to carrying a bag of nuts, fruits, flowers and mushrooms so King could eat due King not touch any of food Dark provided for him. 

"So what? What are you going to do about it? Kill us?" The other Jim yelled but gasped when he was pushed against the wall, hard. The Author looked like he was definitely planning on killing them. It was then they realised they may have made a mistake by throwing a heavy shoe at him and trying to poison the food Dark provided for the stupid squirrel but he refused to eat it.

The vermin was irritating and was almost always with Arthur.

"Kill you? No, but you'll wish I had by the time I'm done," The Author promised, glaring at them before releasing the Jim's and stalking out of the kitchen and back to the library underneath the Manor. The Jim's hugged each other, shaken. The Author was far scarier than Dark which was saying something as the older was quite terrifying when he wanted to be.

They turned to Dark wondering why he hadn't done anything to stop the Author from hurting them.

"Who was that and why didn't you do anything," The Jim's demanded, Dark said he would look after when they arrived outside the Manor scared and confused but he hadn't done anything to stop Arthur from hurting them. They were going to have bruises. Wilford turned to Dark wondering why he hadn't stepped in. 

Dark looked like he wanted to be anywhere but being the same room as Arthur and Wilford wasn't sure why. He had been started and scared but knew The Author wasn't going to hurt him and wasn't sure why. He had never met Arthur before this time.

"That was The Author. There wasn't anything I could do. He is very possessive of those he considered his and doesn't take kindly to them being hurt. He won't kill you but you will very much wish he had killed you by the time he's done," Dark explained, shivering a little. He hadn't The Author that made since the Evan's Twins locked him outside.

In the middle of a snowstorm, in the middle of winter, at 3 am and dumped water on him. He had threatened to tie him to The Chair in his cabin and beat them up with his metal bat. Dark knew Arthur had never actually killed anyone but was more capable of it. He didn't because hiding a body was hard and caused a lot of paperwork and asking unwanted questions. 

Arthur much prefered to stick to blackmail, he somehow knew things about them. It's had been incredibly creepy when they had first met him. 

In the Library

As soon as the door to the library was closed and Arthur had put King on the ground he turned into a human and curled into a little ball. His chest was black, blue and yellow as were his arms and the side of his face a long and deep cut was on his face. Arthur knew all that damage couldn't have been caused when The Jim's threw the shoe at King.

He could feel the Author reactions to King's injuries, his aura spreading around the room. Arthur had noticed how clingy King had been over the last week, being very reluctant to leave Arthur's side for any reason outside the library or the room Arthur had been giving upstairs with the other egos. 

“King, are you alright, what happened?”

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Date: 25/10/19 – 26/10/19
Time: 3:56 pm – 2:35 am

“King, are you alright? What happened?” Arthur demanded alarmed when King groaned and curled into a tighter ball. Arthur kneeled next to him not knowing what to do. He knew he used his powers to heal King’s injuries but that would take a lot of given how bad the injuries were, the cut on the side of King’s head was bleeding sluggishly.

"The twins pushed me, threw things at me and poisoned the food Dark provided for me last week," King gasped when Arthur pressed against the bleeding cut on his head a little too hard. King looked up at his human when he heard Arthur growl. Black ink seemed to drip from his back as what little light there was in the room disappeared as his aura spread through the room.

The Author was mad.

Arthur carefully picked up King and took him over to the bed in the corner and cleaned him up, concerned when King whimpered. It seemed his injuries were far more serious then they looked. It took several, long hours with plenty of breaks for Arthur to fix his friend. The twins would pay, they would regret hurting King. 

King knew the Twins were going to learn the hard way why upsetting someone who could create an entire universe with very little effort was a bad idea. Arthur had told King that The Author was his powers as a person. The Author was incredibly kind a caring when he wasn't frustrated about not being able to write a scene. 

The Author had told him about the three boys who used to him with his stories.

King remembered the boys very well. They come into the forest almost every week and would stay for two or three days at a time before going home. He had wondered where they were going and was concerned when he saw one of the boys exist the cabin with cuts and bruises, the next time they come to the forest he followed them to the cabin. 

He always wondered what they did while inside the cabin, he knew the human never hurt the children, no matter how much they screamed and begged him not to hurt them. They were in no danger. King loved to listening to Arthur's stories about Damien, William, Mark and Matthew. 

He knew his human missed the children; Arthur had come to care a lot about them in the 20 years they had visited. 

Dark looked up when he felt ... something familiar spreading through the manor. It reached his office. It looked like an inky shadow, but Dark knew it was really The Author. He did not look pleased as he stepped into Dark's office not saying a word. His glowing gold eyes promised pain and Dark winced knowing the Jim's were going to be learning a very painful lesson. 

Over the next 6 months, nothing to go right for The Jim's. Their camera would stop working at inconvenient times, they wouldn't be able to find something important only find it later, sitting on their beds. Their food would taste metallic and leave a bad taste in their mouths. They had to cancel some of their interviews as they were unable to leave the manor.

Dark was alarmed when he woke up on the ceiling. He had fallen and landed hard on the ground, a soft bed lying not far away. Dark knew The Author would never hurt him on purpose and knew the bed had been moved. It didn't take long to figure out who was responsible. The Jim's had been nothing but trouble since they had moved in two years ago.

The Jim's and the camera crew and those who worked in the stupid learned to fear Arthur's inky black aura that would leave stains on anything it touched. Anyone who complained or made a vague threat about Prince found everything that could go wrong did go wrong at the worst possible time.

It stopped as soon as they apologised, they were just stressed and didn't mean it. 

The day one of the aids made the mistake of voice his opinion that was 'creepy and always stayed in the library, likely planning to murder them' was the day everyone in the manor found that Prince was just as protective of Arthur as Arthur was of him. Arthur was the first one to greet Dr Iplier when he arrived at the manor. 

Arthur was perfectly charming and nice which freaked the Jim's, Wilford and the camera crew out. Arthur had a magnetic sort of personality that drew people to him and made them want to please him. It was terrifying. They had found The Author was Arthur's aura as a physical person and was a perfectly normal, kind and caring person as long as he wasn't upset, frustrated or angry.

"Hello Dr Iplier, welcome. Ignore the two idiots," Arthur greeted when he walked outside after hearing screaming to find the Jim's were being chased by some of King's subjects who had moved into the big oak tree. The newest ego looked rather startled and maybe a little concerned as one of the squirrel's bit one of the Jim's making them scream. 

"Hel...lo. Thank you, is that normal? What's your name?" Dr Iplier asked pointing to the Jim's. One of them had been knocked to the ground, half a dozen squirrel's proceded to swarm him, biting and scratching. Arthur stared at them wondering what they done to anger King's subjects.

The squirrel's rarely attacked anyone until they had done something serious. 

"Not usually, but The Jim's aren't exactly on their good side at the moment. Prince, please control your subjects. I don't want to have to fix their injuries again. I'm Arthur Cordelian," Arthur replied, whistling sharply. Dr Iplier watched as a giant and very fluffy red, black, brown and white squirrel... appeared from somewhere. 

He jumped into Arthur's shoulder and chittered loudly. The squirrel's stopped, one of them chittered something in return before they reluctantly left the Jim's alone. Arthur had somehow become the temporary Doctor due to him being able to get rid of any injuries they have easily.

He had to fix the injuries the Jim's somehow sustained but not often as they at least had the presence of mind to know it would take longer for their injuries to heal if they went to Arthur

Dr Iplier was soon introduced to Prince and the other egos. His office was upstairs. He was told they had known he was coming for a while as the manor suddenly had a medical office and an extra room it didn't have three weeks ago. He was fascinated by the relationship Arthur had with Prince. If the squirrel wasn't with Arthur than he was in the library or the oak tree outside the manor.

He had heard Arthur talking to himself at night but passed it off as him speaking to Prince or writing a story. He had found everyone had their own space inside the manor. Dark had his office, Arthur had his library, Wilford and the Jim's shared the stupid. He couldn't help but wonder who the huge oak tree and room next to Arthur's was for. 

King was outside in the oak tree when he suddenly turned into a human and fell out of said tree. The Jim's were about to throw a shoe at him like they had the first time but stopped when they saw the look on Arthur's face. They watched with Dark as Arthur carefully helped the man to his feet and check him over for injuries. He was wearing a simple shirt, pants and a cloak made of leaves.

"Ow, why does that keep happening?" King muttered, ignoring the Jim's, Dark, Wilford and Dr Iplier as he let Arthur pull him to his feet and check him over. He leaned against Arthur a little. He always felt tingly and dizzy after shifting. This time was ... different. There was no dizziness and he was actually able to stand without looking like an idiot. 

King comforted the concerned squirrel that jumped onto his shoulder before turning his attention to the other egos had exited the house while Arthur was quitely fussing over him and making sure he was alright. He smiled at his human and reassured him he was perfectly fine and not at all hurt. 

“Who are you?”

Chapter Text

Date: 29/10/19 – 30/10/19
Time: 8:38 pm – 12:24 am

“Who are you?” The Jim’s demanded before King could say anything else. He closed his eyes briefly before smiling at them, knowing he had to act like he had no idea who they were for the time being. His grin got wider when one of the squirrel’s chittered, informing him, the Jim’s had been throwing things at them and had tried to poison their food again.

“I’m the King of the Squirrels. Why were you throwing things at my subjects and been putting poison in their food?” King questioned; the easy smile plastered on his face. Had the Jim’s not been laughing they would have realised the smile didn’t reach his eyes. He had always wanted to know why the Jim’s threw things at his subjects but had never been able to ask.

“Because it’s fun and they stole our food,” The Jim’s answered, King stared at them, trying to keep the smile on his face but it was hard. Very hard. His squirrels never stole anything from human’s until they were sure the humans were done with it. The Jim’s must have left their food sitting out and it got stolen or they have been doing it because it was fun.

“Next time don’t leave your food attended. Hi Arthur, had anymore process with the scene?” King stated and turned to Arthur and followed him to the Manor leaving the Jim’s, Dark, Will and Dr Iplier to stare after him. It sounded like King already knew and seemed comfortable around him if not a little nervous and jittery.

Over the following weeks, they noticed how close Arthur and King were. King would often look at Arthur before doing something. Sometimes Prince would be with Arthur, but King wouldn’t. He was either in the treehouse (it appeared shortly after King appeared)  in his room or with Arthur. There was always a squirrel with King. They thought he was a little delusional. There was no way he could be The King of the Squirrels.

“… wasn’t my fault, they … OW … Arthur do you have to be so rough…” King yelped. Dark, Will and Dr Iplier were walking to the kitchen and had to pass Arthur room when they heard King yelped and cursed. It wasn’t something they heard often. King never cursed, at least they didn’t think he cursed, he hadn’t been around long enough to notice.

“Oh, stop it. I’m not pressing that hard. You need to be more careful. What the hell were you doing?” Arthur snapped, completely ignoring the yelps and cursing coming from King. Dark and Will shared a concerned look wondering what on earth was going on and what was causing him to curse and yelp. It was at a painful pitch. That really shouldn’t have been possible.

“They threw a shoe at me. Again. They did it on purpose. One of the younger squirrel’s is learning to … and needed a little help … got stuck near the top … hit me and I fell,” King yelped loudly getting Dark, Will and Dr Iplier attention. They shared a concerned look wondering what was going on. They hadn’t known King had fallen out of the tree again. He seemed to be doing that a lot.

Arthur sounded frustrated Dark knew very well what happened when Arthur got frustrated. It usually resulted in someone ended up in bruises. Dr Iplier Will and Dark went to the kitchen not wanting to be caught eavesdropping, they couldn’t help but stare when King walked into the kitchen with a red cloak, a large bruise covering the right side of his face.

He had numerous cuts and scratches covering his arms, face and what was visible of his legs. He also appeared to be limping. There was a black bandage wrapped around the top of King’s left arm. King was picking at the bandage but stopped when Arthur glared at him.

“If you want it to heal properly then stop picking at it. One of your subjects decided to make a nest in my parchment. Again. I thought you already spoke to them about them,” Arthur commented, hitting the back of King’s head when he started to pick on the bandages. Arthur pulled the yogurt and fruit out of the fridge and grinned when King made a strange sound.

“I already did. Apparently, your parchment makes good nesting materials. Don’t ask why because I don’t know. Have you tried to lock the do – didn’t work did it,” King asked cutting himself off when he saw the look on Arthur was giving and had to stop himself from laughing. His lips kept twitching as he tried not to smile.

“Locking the door never stopped you. Can you at least ask them not to use parchment. I don’t want to have to rewrite that scene again. It was a nightmare. Here. Don’t eat too quickly, you’ll choke, again. I already told you its not going to disappear. Take your time,” Arthur ranted placing the bowl of fruit and yogurt in front of King. King grinned sheepishly and went to open his mouth but closed it and swallowed.

“What can I say. It was interesting. I can ask. I don’t think they like getting ink in their fur. Apparently, it tastes bad… not that I … shut up. I know it won’t, old habits die hard. It’s been so long. It’s been forever since I had fresh fruit and you know it,” King replied, blushing when Arthur tilted his head back, one eyebrow raised with a knowing smirk on his face.

Dark and Will shared a concerned look. Arthur and King were unusually close. They had noticed how King would silently ask Arthur for permission for things and let him pick what King was going to eat. It was generally fruit and yogurt, maybe or nuts and grain cereal. The argument they had witnessed earlier was confusing.

They knew there was something they were missing but didn’t know what it was. The sad look on Arthur’s face at the mention of King not getting to eat fresh fruit all that often was curious. Dark and Will were pulled from their thoughts when King made a strange sound in his chest. It sounded a little like a cat purring but different.

Arthur relaxed; his eyes went half-lidded. King grinned and grabbed Arthur’s hand and tugged him into his seat. Arthur stumbled a little but sat down, Arthur blinked when King stopped. He glared at King though didn’t seem as annoyed as he looked. King grinned like he knew exactly what he was doing, over the next two weeks they noticed more concerning signs.

Dark and Will knew they needed to talk to King, but they never seemed to have the time. Something always comes up. It was like something was stopping them from asking. They learned some interesting things about Arthur with King around. Arthur did not share with anyone except Prince and King. The first time Dr Iplier accidentally took something from his plat was the first time they learnt just how … protective Arthur was.

Dark couldn’t ever remember Arthur being like that with Damien, Will and Mark. He was always happier to share his food. King had just watched with a tired look on his face, picked up Arthur’s coffee cup, took a sip, pulled a face and added something in a brown box and took a sip with a satisfied look on his face and a smug smile on his face that only got wider until Arthur noticed.

“King! Good god. What are you? 2-years- old. Stop putting nut milk in my coffee and stop stealing my food you brat,” Arthur huffed clearly annoyed, he didn’t function well without coffee as they had found out. King didn’t seem at all concerned just drinking more of the coffee before putting it down, ignoring the glare Arthur was giving him.

“Eat more often and I might stop. You don’t hate it and yet you still drink it,” King replied sounding far too smug, Arthur rolled his eyes at King when he stole some toast from Arthur’s face. Dark watched the two of them banter. King had relaxed in the last three weeks, Dark figured he had just been nervous and had stuck to Arthur because he only knew Arthur.

They had noticed King would horde nuts. There were piles hidden all over the Manor. King would sometimes fall, instead of getting up again, he would scamper around like a squirrel. He was also very good at impersonating the squirrels. They had heard him back and chitter in the middle of the sentences, stop then Arthur would say a word, or two times and King would repeat it.

All egos present the day Arthur got shot would never be able to forget King’s high-pitched scream. It echoed through the forest as Arthur and King had gone to get something from Arthur’s home. Arthur would sometimes go back to his cabin in the woods to get things and to ‘get away from the insanity’ that was present inside the Manor.

When King come back, he had something with him. He looked like Arthur but not. He didn’t have eyes or didn’t appear to have eyes. Somewhat bloody bandages were wrapped around his head. The blank look on King’s face was the worst thing about it. He was always smiling and happy. He was always expressing some sort of emotion.

Dr Iplier checked the Host. He still had eyes, but something had happened making them bleed constantly. King took Host to Arthur’s room and then disappeared for three weeks. Prince was always with Host. If Host didn’t eat his food, then Prince would. It took months for thing to return to normal, King rarely left his room.

The Google’s and Bing had no idea why King was so upset until Wilford showed them the videos The Jim’s had taken. The day they knew things had turned to normal when they walked into the kitchen to find Host with an outraged look on his face as a very smug King drinking from Arthur’s coffee cup. Things soon relaxed. It took them a little longer to get used to having the Host around.

King and Prince didn’t like the android or Ed to begin with, but they soon relaxed around them. Prince, however, would not tolerate Ed wearing his gun inside the manor. He was the same as Wilford. They had to have their guns put away. King was tense and weary if either of them had their guns. He seemed to sense it. Even their guns weren’t visible.

They figured whatever had happened with Arthur had included a gun, Prince loved Bim though refused to go anywhere near him if he was covered in an excessive amount of glitter. The one-time Prince had made the mistake of jumping on Bim when he was covered in glitter got all over Prince. He looked very pretty but was a very unhappy giant squirrel.

Prince ran off and King appeared also covered in glitter looking none too pleased and like he was contemplating murdering someone. Every bit of him was covered in glitter. Host covered his mouth before cleaning King up and giving him new clothes. King and Prince were unusually good at judging a person’s character as they found out when Derek, Reynolds and Eric arrived.

They noticed after around a week that King and Prince always made an effort to be between Eric and his son. Eric had been nervous about the giant, fluffy, black, red, brown and white squirrel but he soon found himself relaxing tell him what his father did, the next day Derek was attacked by the squirrel and by Prince when he tried to touch Eric.

“Ah, it seems you met Prince,”

Chapter Text

Date: 31/10/19 – 01/11/10
Time: 7:04 pm – 1:40 pm

“Ah, it seems you’ve met Prince” Wilford commented when Eric walked into the kitchen with Prince sitting on his shoulder, not doing a thing to stop the swarm of squirrel’s from attacking Derek. They bit scratched and clawed at him. The only other time the Squirrel’s had attacked someone was after they got tired of the Jim’s throwing things at them. There was something different this time, more vicious somehow, the look in their eyes was frankly terrifying. Dark knew he would have to speak to King about controlling his “subjects” better.

The egos present in the kitchen (Dark, Wilford, Dr Iplier, Reynolds, Bim and Ed) were shocked when Prince bit Derek when he tried to touch Eric, something he had never done in the past. No matter how much he disliked someone he would never bite them. Prince glared as Derek held his hand and back away from Eric. Prince nuzzled the side of Eric faced and fixed his hair.

There was something vaguely threatening about the look in Prince’s eyes as he glared at Derek, chittering something and jumping off Eric’s shoulder, one of the smaller red, brown and white squirrels took his place. Dark knew Prince had gone back to the treehouse, most likely to get King and tell him what was going on. True to form, King 15 minutes later dressed in his normal outfit but there was something … different about the way he held himself. Derek glared at him.

“That rodent bit me after the others vermin, bit, scratched and clawed at me. You need to get better control over them,” Derek snapped, glaring at an unconcerned King which was unusual, normally King would have panicked at hearing one of his squirrel’s had attacked someone other than the Jim’s. It had happened in the past. He had been frantic and they hadn’t really known why.

King stared at him for a few seconds with a blank look on his face, then it cleared and he smirked making him look like Arthur as he got fruit and yogurt from the fridge, ruffling Eric’s hair as he walked by. Eric started at him with a dazed look on his face and all the tension bleed from his body. They had noticed King seemed to be able to relax people, they weren’t sure why but it felt like they were in the middle of the forest on a warm day.

“His name is Prince. They are squirrels, not vermin. I’m sure they had a reason. They never attack anyone without a reason. Maybe next time you should keep your hands to yourself and might not bite you,” King answered coldly, shocking everyone. King was one of the friendliest egos and the sudden change in his personality was a shock. The look he was giving Derek was not in any friendly. His eyes had seemly to glow a greenish-gold colour. That only ever happened when he was angry which wasn’t often.

For a split second Dark was certain he was looking at Arthur. King was not pleased with Derek. He would not let that horrid human hurt someone as innocent and king as Eric. He had known something wasn’t right with the newest egos as soon as they arrived. It wasn’t until King had gone past Eric’s room on his way to the library as Prince did he find out just how correct that feeling was.

He pushed open Eric’s door and was shocked when he saw Eric curled up at the foot of his bed covered in scratches and bruises, his lip was bleeding, he looked absolutely terrified when Prince pushed the door open but relax when he saw it wasn’t his father. Prince pushed the door closed and made his way over to Eric, noticing how bare the room was. There should have been at least something in the room despite Eric and his father having arrived a week ago.

“Ha…hello. What are you doing here?” Eric asked, holding his hand out, his voice raspy and quite. Prince nudged Eric’s hand and hopped closer as Eric giggled, he gently licked the cuts on Eric’s arm ignoring Eric’s shocked gasp when the cuts started to heal and he started to relax a bit. Prince slowly licked the cuts and scratched. He rested his hands against Eric’s chest as he licked the younger egos face. He giggled but didn’t turn his head away.

Prince pawed at Eric’s prosthetics, they looked like they were duct tape than anything else. It was a marical they hadn’t fallen apart. He looked up at Eric, gently nudging Eric’s hand, the younger ego sighed and started to tell him how he had lost his legs and what his father was doing to him. Prince listened, comforting Eric when he needed it and trying not to show much Eric’s story was affecting him.

How could anyone do that to a child? Eric had done nothing wrong and yet Derek still beat him up. Prince had helped many fathers who had lost their mates and were only left with one kit. He made sure to watch them carefully and made sure they had plenty of help and support. He did not condone abuse or cannibalism which sometimes happened after death. The squirrel responsible was exiled from the group. Others may allow it but he didn’t. There was no reason for it.

There was more than enough room for everyone. King made sure there was always a squirrel with Eric after then. Host his Host was a little concerned when Prince didn’t come to the library to get him like he normally did.   Derek only tried to hurt his son once after Prince bit him. The day the other egos found out what Derek was doing to his son was terrifying… for Derek.

Wilford, Dark, Bim and The Google’s were shocked when King walked into the meeting room while they tortured Derek to make sure Host ate something. He uncaringly walked right over Derek, ‘accidentally’ stepping on the horrible human. Seemly not at all bothered when he heard something crack and Derek screamed. He just handed Host his lunch and stared down at Derek with a bank look. It was frankly terrifying.

“What makes you think I’m going to stop them from torturing you. I have never and will never condone child abuse. Neither does Arthur, too bad he’s not here. He’d love to meet you, you’d make the perfect main character for one of his stories. Oh well, maybe next time. This will do for the moment,” King replied coldly when Derek started pleaded for his help, Dark, Bim, Wilford, Host and The Google’s watched as King glowed a forest green colour and Derek screamed.

The look in King’s eyes was frankly terrifying before he turned and walked out of the room. None of them could look at King the same way after that.

“What…the hell… was that?” Bim questioned, he had always thought King was a little nutty but otherwise find. Host opened his mouth to answer but closed it again. He had never seen King react like that. It was honestly terrifying. He felt like Arthur, it was almost like the Author was standing over Derek for a split second. If Eric had told King what had happened, then his and the squirrels’ protective attitudes made sense.

“The Host isn’t sure. King does not condone child abuse and a few other things. I have only seen him that upset a handful of times, those memories belong to Arthur,” Host replied, he seemed to be in shock, not that Dark could really blame him, that had been terrifying. Derek was a whimpering mess on the floor and King hadn’t even touched him. They were wearier around the ‘weaker’ egos after that. There was a chance that something … unpleasant could happen if they were to snap.

It took Eric months to recover from what his father did to him but he eventually got there. He knew the other egos had done something to them and King had something to do with it but he didn’t know what. He would still occasionally flinch when someone went to touch him. It took him a while to get used to eating three meals a day, as they found out Derek had been starving him.

The Google’s made Eric new prosthetics when Eric nearly cracked his skull open when his prosthetic broke, or he would have if King hadn’t caught him. Despite the fact, King hadn’t actually been in the kitchen. They hadn’t thought much of it and went on with their day. They had been concerned when they found King teaching Eric how to climb the oak tree after he got stuck.

King was unnaturally good at climbing despite who often he seemed to fall out of trees. Not once did Eric fall. Bim had no idea why he felt so drawn to the obviously nutty ego. Being around him was relaxing and he was easy to get along with. He was afraid King would be angry and disgusted that he was a cannibal but was surprised that King was okay with it, only requesting that he clean up before he comes home.

King had been in a relationship with Bim for almost 8 months when the entire manor was woken up by the very loud and shrill screeching from one of the squirrel’s. King was up and out of the room he shared with Bim faster than Bim could process being that he was still half asleep. By the time he and the other egos got outside King and who they assumed was Prince ran into the forest.

When King finally reappeared he looked furious. He was covered in twigs, leaves, dirt and blood that was leaking down his arms, face and chest. His shirt had been torn up and used as bandages for an injured squirrel. Another squirrel was following him looking sullen but Prince was nowhere to be seen. Host already had a first aid kit ready for King. He seemed alarmed when he saw King. The squirrel that followed King stayed by the kitchen door as King fixed the injured squirrel not saying anything to anyone.

“Wha-what happened King?” The Jim’s asked yawning, shrinking back when King turned and glared at them, his eyes were a brighten greenish-gold, The Jim’s yelped when King’s aura slammed them into the wall next to the kitchen counter much like Arthur had done when the Jim’s had hurt Prince and he had found out. They weren’t sure what was more terrifying, King or Arthur.

“Squirrels, you idiots are cannibals when there’s not enough food or shelter. I know you’ve been poisoning the food Dark provides for them for years. I did warn you. Thankfully I was able to get there in time to stop a chain reaction. Leave my subjects alone,”

Chapter Text

Date: 01/11/19 – 28/11/19
Time: 8:30 pm – 10:22 pm

"Squirrels, you idiot, are cannibals when there's not enough food or shelter. I know you've been poisoning the food Dark's providing. Thankfully I was able to stop a chain reaction. Leave my subject's alone," King growled, glaring at the Jim's, he looked like he was close to murdering them. Bim was certain King had claws but wasn't sure if he was seeing things due to being so tired.

Bim stared at King. It made sense why King was so okay with him being a cannibal. There was a large scratch mark on the side of King's face, blood dripping down his face from the scratch marks.

"Wha-what do you mean you were able to stop a chain reaction?" The Jim's questioned, finally having realised just how badly they had fucked up. The only other time they had seen King this upset was when Derek had attacked Eric, that had been terrifying and not something they ever wanted to repeat again.

"It means you, idiots, that it'll start a chain reaction of cannibalism. As soon as the first squirrel kills it starts a chain reaction, one I won't be able to stop," King growled, the Jim's shrunk behind Bim, wanting to get away from the clearly angry ego. Bim felt the need to defend the Jim's. They didn't know any better but ... couldn't. Something was stopping him. Even though the Jim's hadn't known, Bim knew they should have known.

"How did you get so scratched up?" Dr Iplier questioned, concerned about the amount of blood dripping down King's face, arms and chest from the deep scratches, wanting very much to get them clean up to prevent any infections. King opened his mouth to reply when Host darted into the kitchen looked beyond panicked. King winced, the blind ego looked horrible, there was half-dried blood on his face mixed with tears.

"Stopping a group of squirrels from attacking and eating each other is a lot harder than you think it is. Host calm down, I'm fine. Just a little beaten. What did you see in your vision?" King answered grabbing some paper towel and cleaning Host's face carefully, stopping when Host grabbed his face and made King look at him. The height difference was a little comical given King had to look down at Host.

Host didn't say anything, King shivered when he felt Host's aura wash over him. It took him a while to get used to, it felt like Arthur's but different, but King wasn't sure how. He stayed still while Host checked him over trying not to fidget even though he wanted. It always tickled and made him want to fidget, he wasn't quite sure why Arthur always found it amusing.

Dr Iplier wanted to say something to Host about not touching King's injuries but found himself unable to. He had always found King's closeness to Arthur and Host strange. It was unnatural and the Author was dangerous as was the Host even though he didn't look like he was dangerous he was, just in a different way, that was no less terrifying. 

Arthur had been perfectly charming and very magnetic, you wanted to be around him and you wanted to please him even though a part of you was screaming at you run...

Much like the feeling Dr Iplier would sometimes get around Dark. It was disconcerting. He had yet to completely figure out the demon or any of the other inhabitance of the house. He never felt able to fully relax, something was always happening. It was absolute chaos. It had taken him a while to get used to that chaos. At the time it felt like he was the only sane one.

"Host, what did you see?" Dark questioned concerned, Host never bleed that heavily unless he had an intense vision, he always had a roll of bandages with him in case his eyes started to bleed due to him overworking his 'sight' and having to rest his eyes for a little while or he had a vision and his eyes started to bleed. Host turned to look at Dark with his dead eyes. Dark shivered. Host didn't answer just turned back to King.

"Host, I'm fine. You know I'm more resilient to damage. I've been alive for too long. These aren't the worst injuries I've gotten," King reassured, pressing his forehead to Host's trying to reassure him that was truly alright. He was a little concerned when he felt Host shaking and figured he didn't want to say anything because he didn't want the other egos to find out King was actually a squirrel with the ability to turn into a human.

Host shook his head silently and grabbed King's hand and started to pull him out of the room though not before King chittered something at the two squirrels and allowed Host to drag him upstairs. Bim stared after his boyfriend and the radio show host wondering what was going on, he hoped King would explain later. He had always found Host a little creepy. He hadn't been around when The Author was alive.

He had seen the videos the Jim's had of him and knew what he had done to the Jim's.

The Author was not a man you wanted to piss off. Even in the videos, Bim could tell it was hard for people to not do what The Author wanted even if they themselves didn't want to do what he was asking they did it anyway. Why Bim wasn't sure and he wasn't game enough to ask. He had been a little jealous of Host and King's relationship as Host seemed to be the only person King was truly comfortable around.

He had calmed down after King explained that he had known Host and the Author for a long time. They had helped him a great deal. There were times where Host needed his help with his stories. King was more than happy to help as he did for Arthur. Bim never questioned King on his relationship with the Author or what it was like because the squirrel-like ego always looked so sad whenever The Author was mentioned.

He would then spend a lot of time with Host. Wilford and Dark shared a worried look, they had never seen Host that panicked before, whatever he had seen must have truly shaken him. They knew King and Host weren't telling them something but had decided to let them decided when to tell them what was going on rather than forcing them into telling.


"Okay, what did you see?" King questioned after Host pushed him into his room and locked the door and used his powers to ensure no one could get in though it didn't seem to be a conscious thing. He was panicking. King grunted when Host pushed him into the bed and crawled on making it obvious, he wanted to cuddle which wasn't something that had happened since Host had first appeared after Arthur had been shot.

"You weren't able to stop them. You ended up getting seriously injured and only just making it back to the manor before you fainted. The Jim's didn't get punished. You just barely survived after being in a coma for almost 4 months, the forest started to die. There was nothing any of us could do. You had transformed back into Prince. That's how they found out what you could do," Host rambled, tears starting to drip down his face

“The Author and Arthur .... weren't … pleased... they were scared, and everything went to hell. Please don't die?" Host pleaded; tears dripped down his face as he stared up at King with pale gold eyes. King pulled him into a tight hug. His chest felt tight. There was a POOF and Prince was curled up in Host's arms as the blind ego cried into his fur.

King knew there was more to the vision that Host wasn't telling him, but  King knew Host would tell him everything later when he had calmed down and convinced himself and his aura that King was safe and alive, if a little beaten. They stayed like that for the better part of an hour, King chittering softly to his human, become more and more concerned the longer he continued to cry. 

Whatever else he had seen in that vision must have terrified him which wasn't at all easy. Host had seen a  lot of things and wasn't shaken easily so for this to affect him so much. It must have been horrible. King turned into a human again curling tighter around his human, trying to make him feel safe and reassure him that everything was going to be okay.

He tensed a little when he felt Host's aura wrap around him but soon relaxed. He knew it would take time for his human to calm down. He had learned that with Arthur when he had a particularly bad vision, it would leave him sobbing and shaking for hours. He would never tell King what was in those visions even though King knew he had written them down in a blood-stained notebook, he never asked.

Arthur would tell him when he felt ready. He knew some of the things that Arthur had seen and what little he knew horrified. He had figured that Arthur kept seeing visions of three different people, horrible things happening to each of them. He wasn't sure how anyone let alone an enhanced human who was tougher to kill could survive having heavy studio lights fall on them.

Not once but twice, breaking almost every bone in their body.

This person (the Red One as Arthur called him) had been hurt some ... someone, who Arthur could never tell but they hated this person enough to try and kill them. The visions about the other two were downright disturbing and involved the Green One being tortured by some priests. They cut out the two tattoo he had almost to the bone and filled the 'holes' with oil, salt and something else before setting it on fire.

The visions about the last person were horrible, some involved him being whipped, having oil, salt and hot water thrown on him or involved him being beaten up by ...  someone. Arthur could never see who it was that was hurting Rain. Sometimes there were other people in the visions such as the Candy one. He was so hurt and sad and angry after everything he had been through. he had been tortured as well.

Arthur never told him what happened in those vision, but King thought it was probably best he didn't know as Arthur was often a horrible wreck after those visions. King didn't know why the visions about the Candy One and the Red One hit Arthur harder than the ones about Rain or the Green One.

He later cames to understand exactly why Arthur has effected so much his visions about The Candy One and the Red One and after hearing about their lives.

King had come to dread those visions. Arthur was always so violent afterwards, speaking in a language King didn't know but felt like he should know. It was frankly terrifying as this sort of violence was different from the one that came out when he was frustrated. This was desperate violence. There was nothing he could do which frustrated him even more.

He wanted to help but couldn't. King had asked if there was anything, they could do to help them, and  Arthur had told him there wasn't for these things had already happened and that he sometimes saw visions of things that had happened in the past and they were always the worst because there was nothing he could do about them.

Host hugged King, burying his head in King's shoulder, tighter trying to convince himself that King was perfectly safe and very much alive, but he couldn't. He couldn't stop seeing a bloody and beaten Prince dragging himself into the kitchen, then turned into a human and fell into a coma, that was how Dark and Wilford found out that King was actually a squirrel.

They had been alarmed and called Dr Iplier but didn't say anything about King actually being a squirrel.

They questioned him later. Host shuddered as he remembered the questions, they asked him in the vision. They were horrible. He and Arthur had never hurt King, they had nothing to do with King turning into a human. It was just something that happened, and they didn't understand it. He knew Wilford and Dark hadn't believed him. He knew they had thought King was dependent on Arthur do the way King often acted.

It had taken King a long time to get used to being human and he hadn't been sure how to act. When it was just him and Arthur, he could act like himself and didn't have to pretend to be a human, but he had when he was around the other egos and would often ask Arthur for permission to do things. He had no idea how to act around them and was very much like a child even though Host he wasn't.

Host had explained to Wilford and Dark that King only acted that way because he wasn't used to being a human and was still learning. He was sure what to do or how to act and was very much like a child even though he wasn't and had been around for a very long time. Far longer than Host or even Arthur.

They had never asked. Wilford and Dark had been a bit more understanding but had still demanded to know why they hadn't told them.

Host honestly had no idea. It had never been something had really come up. It had been mentioned briefly but he hadn't wanted them to know. He would tell them when he was ready. Host shivered when he remembered the forest starting to die, the oak tree outside the manor looked horrible, it had lost all of its leaves. They only rarely saw the squirrel that used to live in it.

King finally wake up  after 4 months and being so weak was unable to hold his human shape and Host had to explain what was going on, the egos finally understood that King really was the King of the Squirrel's and it wasn't just a lie, the Jim's had gone so pale Host had thought they might faint. They had likely realised anytime they hurt Prince, they were actually hurting King.

They had apologised but Host had just stared at them and hugged King tighter, willing his powers to work and help him get better. That's when Author appeared, he put healed, King. Everyone had been terrified. The Author hadn't been ... pleased with The Jim's as it was there fault this had happened in the first place.

He had tortured them and made it clear that if King didn’t survive them he would kill them, painfully and slowly as he knew they had been poisoning King’s tree which he was connected to given he was the Guardian of the Forest. Them poisoning the tree had only made King’s chance to survive even less likely then it was if they hadn’t.

Thankfully for the Jim’s King had survived but he was very weak for months and spent a lot of time with Host, he stopped pretending he was completely human even though before he hadn’t acted quite human. He didn’t have the energy to keep up the act anymore. It was so obvious they were wondering how they didn’t see it before.

After the Accident, King wouldn't leave him alone. Host had gotten used to King sleeping next to him after that. He wasn't coping well, with the loss of His Human very well. Host had stared at him for a good 10 minutes after he had narrated that thought. King had panicked and tried to explain himself. It was hilarious, in a sad sort of way and really cute.

Host didn't mind that King thought of him and Arthur as 'His Humans'. It had taken King a long time to get used to Host but he managed. He spent most of that time as a squirrel. Any time he wasn't a squirrel he was touching Host in some way. He missed Arthur a great deal. Host's heart had melted when King had called him 'Dad' when he was close to falling asleep.

He pretty much was King's father. He had taught him how to act like a human.

King had been incredibly embarrassed the next day when he realised what he had said but had been relieved when Host told him he honestly didn't mind. Host wished he could heal King like Arthur was able to but that wasn't something he could do without the use of a pen and paper. He didn't know the full extent of his powers and if that was something he could actually do.

He knew he could still control people with his words, but he didn't know if he could still heal King. It wasn't something he was willing to try at the moment. He would try later, hopefully, it would work and King would be perfectly fine. He wanted to strangle the Jim's. He had come so close to losing his son because of them.

Host paused and realised he thought of King as his son, even though King was older than him, he acted, at least when he was human, very much like a child, and had relied on Arthur and Host to help him learn how to act like a human, it was perfect yet, he still maintained some of his squirrel tendencies but he was getting better. He knew King wouldn't mind, given the ego already called him "father".

"Dad, I’m safe. I’ve had worse injuries than this in the past. I’m not going to die, please calm down," King tried to reassure again, he blushed a bit at calling Host ‘Dad’. It wasn’t something he did unless he was incredibly tried but he knew it was something Host needed at the moment to reassure him that everything was truly alright and that King was okay.

It took Host a few weeks to fully get over his frightening vision. He didn’t eventually end up telling King what had happened in the vision and he had been horrified and was more than glad that hadn’t happened. That was not the way he had imagined the egos finding out that he was a squirrel with the ability to turn into a human.

The other egos were much more… weary around King and his Squirrel’s after that. Dark had punished the Jim’s by taking away their equipment and ground them for a month, giving their spots to either Bim or Wilford and were tasked with researching Cannibalism in Squirrels. They quickly realised how much danger they had put King in and how lucky he was to get off with so few injuries.

Squirrels, as it turned out, could do a lot of damage if they wanted.

King was surprised to find Yancy, one of the newest Egos after A Heist With Markiplier come out was Eric’s oldest brother and had only gone to jail because Derek had threatened to shoot Eric in the head to ‘encourage’ Yancy to give him money, when Yancy told Derek he would ‘Think about it’ he shot Eric in the head and called the police blaming Yancy for attempted murder as the shot thankfully, hadn’t killed Eric.

It made King wish he had insisted Dark, Host, Bim, The Googles and Ed had taken longer in killing Derek. Though then again, the nice thing about the fan’s hating Derek so much was that he was bound to come back and they could kill him again which gave King the idea to start a list of the different ways they wanted to murder Derek. It was rather long at this point.

“Eric, why do youse have a giant, fluffy squirrel on your shoulder?”

Chapter Text

Date: 29/11/19 – 31/12/19
Time: 4:32 pm – 6:56 pm

“Eric, why do you youse have a giant fluffy squirrel on youse shoulder?” Yancy questioned when Eric walked into the kitchen with Prince on his shoulder. Prince jumped off his shoulder and landed on the table and scampered over to Yancy. Eric was surprised to see his big brother up so early, then remembered his time at Happy Trails Penitentiary, the prisoners were often forced to get up early to eat.

Yancy was still getting used to being on parole and not having a set routine, not having to ask permission to for things or there being the risk of him being thrown in solitary for breaking a rule. Eric had noticed his brother seemed to fear Dark, never looking the entity in the eye and would do as he was told without question.

Eric knew Dark wasn’t used to immediate obedience from anyone in the Manor other than Beta and his brothers. Yes, the egos did what Dark wanted but only when they wanted to and because they respected him. Yancy had been at the manor for a week and had to get to relax around Dark like Illinois had.

Eric reassured Yancy that Dark was nothing like Warden Murder-Slaughter, true he might be intimidating but he would never hurt any of them on purpose. Yancy was still weary and couldn’t help but wonder what Murder-Slaughter had been like. He hadn’t told his little brother anything about his time at Happy Trails State Penitentiary.

"This is Prince. He's Host's companion. You'll see him around the Manor," Eric answered absentmindedly as he watched Prince nudge Yancy's hand. He knew from King that squirrel often sniffed someone's fingers and their wrist to get that person’s scent. Eric had been surprised when Prince appeared at the end of his bed.

He had no idea how the squirrel had even gotten into his room given that the door was closed but he knew from the other egos that closing and locking their door and windows did nothing to stop any of the squirrels that lived at the manor from getting in. He had heard Host complaining to King about telling the squirrels to stop using his parchment as nesting materials.

By the other egos reactions, this was a long-standing problem.

Yancy stared at Prince, not sure what to do. He had met King and had thought he acted very much like a squirrel if they were able to turn into humans but that wasn't possible. At least Yancy didn't, think they could anyway. Prince nudged Yancy's hand. Eric had to stop himself from laughing at the unsure look on his brother's face. Like he had no idea what to do or say.

His brother had always been nervous around small things. Whether it be animals or children. Eric had asked him once and was surprised when Yancy told him he had to be careful as he easy hurt them if he wasn't careful. It had made sense to his three-year-old self. Yancy was so big and strong of course he had to be careful.

Now, it didn't make that much sense but if he was stronger then a normal human, like Mark was, then it made sense. He had seen his brother toss a man who appeared to be stronger than him across a room with ease.

"Relax, he's not going to break nor is going to bite you. Unless you say something mean about Host. He’s mostly harmless," Eric tried to reassure but knew he hadn't done a very good job when he saw the disbelieving look Yancy was giving him. Yancy looked from his brother to the giant squirrel. There was nothing even remotely harmless about him.

For one, those claws look sharp enough to slice skin, but he didn't look upset, just curious. Yancy lifted his hand slowly, trying not to flinch when Prince nuzzled his hand, his fur was so soft. Yancy found himself unconsciously stroking him, finding tension he didn't know he had slipped from him like water when Prince made a strange sound in his chest.

Eric grinned when he saw Yancy relax. Prince had that effect on everyone. King sniffed the new human’s hand, gently nudging it and purring a little when he started to pet his fur. He looked so unsure about everything. Yancy smelled like motor oil, smoke, Eric, sort of dusty like the library but not and something spicy and warm, likely caused by the gel he used in his hair.

King shifted closer when he was sure Yancy had relaxed, leaning against his chest and sniffing at his neck. Yancy smelled like some of the winged creatures in the forest surrounding the manor, it was faded but still there under the smell of an old injury and linger pain it caused. Yancy tensed when Prince buried his head in his neck but soon relaxed.

Yancy knew he shouldn’t have gone exploring. It never ended well. He ended up slipping, ending up in a part of the manor he didn’t recognise. It looked like it hadn’t been used in a long time, all the rooms were dusty. He couldn’t help but smile when he found the piano. His fingers twitched. He really wanted to play it but didn’t want to get into trouble.

He went to step towards the piano when he felt himself falling and he was suddenly in a very dark and cold room. It was small. He couldn’t stretch his arms out fully. He could feel himself starting to panic, he knew he was safe, there was nothing to worry about. Despite knowing that he still panicked. In the beginning The Warden had locked him in the small cells in solitary before had been given his chair.

King purred as he buried himself further into Host’s bedding. It was nice and warm. He groaned when he felt something tug at him. He sat up looking around the room. He had always known there was something strange about the manor. It seemed to have a personality of its own. He sighed and transform when he saw a black tendril that could have been Dark’s aura, but King knew it wasn’t.

He followed the show to and unused part of the manor, it was a part of the manor that hadn’t been touched for at least 100 years. It was likely he had stepped into another universe, one where the manor had been abandoned but hadn’t become worn down, but he knew he wasn’t in another universe. He frowned when the shadow leads him to a closed door.

He could hear a faint thumping and realised someone was trapped inside. He jumped up and tried to pull the door open only to find the door was locked. He jumped down and tried to find the key. It was sitting on top of the big oak desk in the middle of the room, he was careful to not mess up the neat sacks of paperwork as he grabbed the key and went to unlock the door.

He briefly transformed back to a human and wrote a quick note too whoever owned the office so they would know where the key was if they ever needed to lock the door again. He was shocked when Yancy stumbled out, how on earth had he gotten here. Yancy stumbled out of the cupboard, flinching a little when Prince started to groom his hair.

Yancy stood on shaky legs, Prince lead him out of the room, they soon made their way back to the familiar part of the manor completely forgetting to shut the closet door to the office they were in. When it’s owner come back he was confused until he saw the letter on his desk and couldn’t help but smile

“Really Tenebrae. He’s been through enough don’t you think. It’s a little too soon to visit them. We’ll go soon though”

With Yancy and Prince

Eric was surprised when he saw Yancy walking into the kitchen, Prince sitting on his shoulder. They had been missing for several hours. Host started to laugh as soon as they walked into the room startling all the egos. It was rare for Host to laugh at anything. They always found it creepy when he did because he would never tell them what he found so funny though Prince and King seemed to understand.

“The two of you have been missing for several hours. I have no idea why he led you there but at least your safe and didn’t run into anyone. Prince could you get King for me, I’ve run out of parchment again,” Host answered, Dark stared at the radio show Host wondering what he was talking. Prince nodded, jumped off Yancy’s shoulder and ran out of the manor.

King walked into the kitchen 10 minutes, working leaves out of his hair. He wasn’t wearing his cap or crown, it was strange seeing him without their of those things. The squirrel on his shoulder jumped on Yancy’s shoulder and made herself at home on the ex-cons shoulder. Yancy carefully pets the squirrel.

“You need to stop writing so much. I thought the parchment would have last you a little bit longer this time. Retta behave yourself,” King stated, Host just grinned and shrugged, the egos stared at the two wondering what was going on. This was the first time Host had asked King to get him more parchment since he arrived at the manor. At least to Dark’s knowledge anyway.

King kissed the side of his adopted father’s head, excepting the bag Host gave him and leave the manor, he couldn’t help the large grin stretching across his face as soon entered the forest. It had been such a long time since Host had ‘run out of parchment’. He followed the familiar path to the cabin and pushed opened the door and felt himself being transported to the human world.

“King? What are you doing here?”