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Osomatsu looks pissed as shit .


He was practically stabbing his lunch with his chopsticks as he ate, staring down at his plate like he was planning to murder it. His eyes were dark, his scowl prominent, looking about ready to kill the next person who would talk .


Choromatsu-nii-san! Todomatsu yelled out - but completely silently - from the other side of the dining table, What the heck happened!?

Like hell I'd know!! Choromatsu yelled back in the exact same silent, telepathic tone, to the one next to him. Where was he before this? Does anyone know??

All I know was that he went out! Ichimatsu stated relatively loudly, same tone as the others. He went out of the house looking fine and when he came back he looked like this.. ! Jyuushimatsu, do you kn--

I dunno!! Jyuushimatsu replied truthfully, before the question was even asked. He looks like he went to hell and back!!


"Pardon my late appearance, brothers~!" Karamatsu exclaimed, flinging the door open before dancing about with flair in his actions. "But now I have arrived for the feast of the afternoon...!!"

He was greeted with stale, silent air.


"...Eh? Am I interrupting something?"

OF COURSE YOU ARE DAMNIT!! Choromatsu yelled, but still in the silent telepathic tone. Just look at Osomatsu-nii-san!!

Choromatsu-nii-san, I don't think he's hearing any of this right now!! Todomatsu exclaimed, noting that Karamatsu didn't react to anything they were conveying. W-What if he doesn't understand what's going on and does something stupid--!?


"Ah, Osomatsu..." Karamatsu walked over to the eldest brother sitting alone at one side of the dining table, the younger brothers on the other side simply staring in disbelief. "Some of your food has fallen off your plate and onto the table, it would seem."







"...Osomatsu? Hey, did you hear me--"

" I don't FUCKING CARE!! " Osomatsu growled , swinging his fist violently in the general direction of the other. Karamatsu reacted quickly, catching the arm that almost hit his face.

"That's dangerous, aniki," he stated bluntly, unfazed, still holding onto Osomatsu's arm. "If you did that too fast you could have hurt yourself."

Osomatsu shot up from his seat. "So what!? You think it matters t--!?"


A hand landed on the elder's forehead, interrupting him and making him freeze.

"....Figures," Karamatsu hummed, removing his hand soon after. "You're sick."


HE'S SICK!?? Is that why...!?


Holy shit, Kusomatsu...

Whoa!! Ballsy??


"'Like hell I'm sick," Osomatsu hissed, snatching his arm out of Karamatsu's grasp. "Go eat your damn lunch or something."

"Osomatsu, you should get some rest," Karamatsu stated.

"I said I'm bloody fine, so just leave me ALONE-- "


The hood of Osomatsu's hoodie was forcefully yanked backwards, making him release a startled sort of choked sound.

"'The HELL are you doing!?" Osomatsu yelled as he flailed to no avail. "Let me GO! "

"You need to rest."

"I said I'm not SICK--!! "

The sounds from the two eldest brothers faded off from the kitchen as they went up the stairs.


"...No, for real, what the heck happened there!?" Todomatsu exclaimed.

"More importantly, who the hell looks like they're going to murder someone when they're SICK??" Choromatsu yelled. "He seemed like he wanted to kill a guy in cold blood!! "

"Osomatsu-nii-san's bloody scary like that...." Ichimatsu mumbled, obviously failing at hiding his snicker.


"...Well, as long as it all works out!!" Jyuushimatsu exclaimed cheerfully.

"jyuushimatsu you're awfully optimistic about this"

"That's me!!" Jyuushimatsu grinned, facing his immediate older brother who had uttered that sentence. "Optimijyushimatsu!!"

"optimi what now "


"Hey, you guys wanna keep an eye on them?" Todomatsu asked, standing up with an enthusiastic bounce, hardly masquerading the fact that he really just wanted to spy on the eldest two. "Osomatsu-nii-san still looked like he could kill a guy, and Karamatsu-nii-san's the nearest person to him right now."

"i'm okay with kusomatsu dying"

"shut up ichimatsu-nii-san"



"This sounds like a bad idea..." Choromatsu stated.

"We're full of bad ideas!!" Jyuushimatsu cheerfully said. "Let's go spy on them!!"

"oi at least say we're just keeping an eye on them"

"We're spying!!!"



"...i said i'm n-not sick... " Osomatsu's hoarse voice croaked, just barely audible in the quiet bedroom, leaning his entire side into the couch's backrest where he sat.

"The thermometer suggested otherwise," Karamatsu stated, pushing his older brother back down into a lying position on the couch, before pulling the blanket over him again. "You won't get better if you don't rest."


"...why... the hell... should that even matter..?" Osomatsu heaved, covering his eyes and flushed face with the back of his arm. "I can die for all I care.... Maybe I don't deserve to get better. I'm fuckin'.... I'm n- not a good person ... I d-don't deserve shit ..."

"Deserving or not, I want you to get better, aniki," Karamatsu hummed in response to the elder's sickly ramblings, pressing the now-wet towel into Osomatsu's forehead. "You're my dear elder brother, Osomatsu. I want you to be okay."


"'rrre too fuckinn' niice, kara..." Osomatsu slurred, a clear sign that his illness was taking a toll on him. "...i d-don't.... deserrve y-yourr goddamnn k-kindnesss, y--" He coughed painfully a few times. "...shit, i'm s-sick as shit.... "

"Shh, shh, just get some rest, aniki," Karamatsu whispered, smoothing out Osomatsu's hair. "I'll be here if you need anything, alright?"






"....Of course, nii-san."




"choromatsu-nii-san why are they so cute"

"'like hell i'd know totty"

"I can't hear 'em!! Can I tell them to speak up??"

"jyuushimatsu we're literally spying"



"A-Ah, Osomatsu!" Karamatsu exclaimed, a little louder than he had intended, still sitting at the side of the sofa as he noticed his brother on the cushions beginning to stir. He put away his magazine. "Are you... How are... U-Um, do you feel any better?"

"....'uck, my 'ead's splittin'...."

"Oh, I grabbed some medicine from downstairs earlier, but you were still asleep," Karamatsu stated, fishing out some medicine from a plastic bag that had been at the foot of the couch. "You should take them before your head gets worse, I think."

"....dnn't... dun'need it..."


Karamatsu stilled, looking back to his brother. "I-- I think you do need it, Osomatsu," he commented, noting how the elder looked like he was in sheer agony due to his condition.

"...fu'... n', i..."

"Just-- Just take the meds, aniki."


The older brother eventually took the pills, though he required a lot of persuading.


Osomatsu was silent afterwards as he lay back down while Karamatsu kept the packets of pills back into the plastic. He seemed a little better, a few moments having passed, though he still looked sick.

"...Hey, Karamatsu."



"... i want to kill myself ."

Definitely still sick.


Karamatsu froze, halting all movements, not making a sound. This-- This was more than just a fever-induced statement .

Slowly, he took a deep, shaky breath, carefully considering his words. "...what do... you mean by that?" the younger finally asked.

"....i just ca... i can't do this anymore," Osomatsu stated, staring up at the ceiling where he lay, the back of his arm on his forehead.

"...can't do... what? "


"Y'know..." Osomatsu gestured vaguely at the air, closing his eyes in a form of exhaustion. "... this. Just..." He let his hand fall back down to the cushions of the couch. "...just life , i guess. Just-- Just existing. It's... It's a damn pain in the ass ..."



"I just don't want to fuckin' live anymore...." Osomatsu groaned, grabbing at his fringe and practically yanking it backwards. "I'm just-- I'm so fuckin' tired of this..."


"I rea-- I can't do this anymore, it's j-- I just can't... "

" Aniki-- "

"I wish I could just fuckin' die-- "


" Osomatsu ," the younger brother said, as firmly as he could manage, in order to stop Osomatsu from continuing. " Osomatsu , just-- Please , s-stop...."

Only then did the elder finally gather the strength to open his eyes again, to discover that Karamatsu, above him, now had a multitude of tears flowing down his face.

"I d-don't want you to die, n-nii-san...." Karamatsu cried, his droplets of water hitting Osomatsu's cheeks below. "Pl-- Please, I-- I don't want you to die...!! "


He seemed to have wanted to say more, but all that came out were intelligible wails. Karamatsu just bent down as he cried, his forehead hitting Osomatsu's collarbone.


"....karamatsu..." the elder breathed, reaching a hand up to comb through Karamatsu's hair, "'re too damn nice, kara... why do you care about some piece of shit like me? "

"B-Because you're my dear older brother, Osomatsu, y-- You're my only older brother, and I--" Karamatsu stopped abruptly to inhale sharply, "...i love you and I-I can't fathom losing you..." He gripped at his brother's red hoodie, pressing his weight into Osomatsu. "...p-please don't die...!"

"...i...i-i'll stay, kara, i'll... i'll s-stay..."


The younger finally calmed down after a while, his crying reducing to sniffles. Osomatsu wiped his tears away, as well as his own.

"...o-osomatsu, can y... can y-you promise me?"

"P...Promise what?"

"That you won't do a-anything dumb. That you'll-- That you'll stay ..."

"...i promise."